MALEDICTION: Death to the Evildoers!

An eloquent rant from a commenter on the Truthseeker site, calling down fire and brimstone on the heads of the wicked ones of the world,  as we race toward Armageddon and the end days . . . 

July 10, 2021 
Sourced from Truthseeker

DRONE OPERATOR Michael Haas (pictured):
“You had to kill part of your conscience [to do this job].
Ever stepped on ants and never given it another thought?” (Guardian)

I love Ms. Darkmoon’s description of the drone pilots in her recent article I read on Truthseeker: “America: The Doom to Come”.   It was spot on!

I had someone actually trying to defend drone operators to me just this week, as one of their buddies was a drone operator for the Jew-S-A military and is now struggling to find a decent job in the real world. I laughed in the guy’s face and said , “There is no use trying to defend the indefensible. F**k that guy. He should probably commit suicide.”

In case you need reminding, here is Darkmoon’s description of the typical drone pilot:



LD:  “The heroic Drone Warrior, invincible in his omnipotence, kills people in distant Third World countries while relaxing in his shirt sleeves at his keyboard: wedding parties, villagers shopping in market squares, women in hospitals having their babies, schoolchildren in their playgrounds—he kills them all without a qualm of conscience. He doesn’t stab you to death in a dark alley with a Florentine dagger. He presses a button on his keyboard and—PHDOOM!—entire families vanish in a puff of smoke.

The ultimate Keyboard Coward.

But shushh! you mustn’t say so! That wouldn’t be “woke”, would it? That would be hate speech.  You can’t call this creep a coward. You’ve got to pretend this mass murderer is a bit like the Head Butcher in a slaughterhouse, doing a distasteful job that has to be done. A model citizen! He needs a pat on the back for keeping his nerve: relaxing in his spare time by collecting butterflies,  teaching Boy Scouts how to pull up their socks, and cooking vegan sausages for the homeless in Salvation Army soup kitchens.

This is America’s so-called  “war on terror”.

My God, who would have possibly thought the Pentagon would lie to us about all these things?

Umm, the answer to that is “Everyone knows the Pentagon is lying!” And anyone who isn’t mentally retarded, or otherwise suffering from catastrophic cognitive damage, knows this too.

The Pentagon is nothing but a collection of psychopaths, pathological liars, deranged lunatics, and depraved homosexuals.

The Pentagon is a F***ING DIGRACE!

Let us bow our heads and pray:

Dear Lord, we beseech thee, please offer us relief from such wickedness and darkness, and send upon the Pentagon a flaming asteroid from the cosmos; stout and sudden and without warning, to reduce that den of evil, fully occupied at the time, into a pile of smoldering ashes.

‘”Reduce that den of evil
into a pile of smoldering ashes!”

Please Lord, feel free to do the same to the US Capitol, with Congress in session of course, the Supreme Court, Parliament, the Bundestag, the French Parliament, the Bank of International Settlements, the UN, the WEF offices, the City of London, Wall Street, Tel Aviv.

Strike down every Rothschild with a plague of excruciating pain and crushing humiliation and have Klaus Schwab, Dick Cheney, Dov Zackheim, Tony Blair, Angela Merkel, George Soros, Boris Johnstein, Kamala Harris, Bibi Nuttyahoo, and Bill Gates, all simultaneously strangle each other to death on international broadcast.

And please, Lord, for the sake of all that is good and holy, destroy the satanic evil that is organized Jewry.


We humbly call upon thee, Lord,
to release humanity from such demonic wickedness!

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  1. Brilliant! I got a good laugh out of that article. Umbra Bellator certainly knows how to put words together. Quite an eloquent wordsmith.

    What does the name “Umbra Bellator” mean? Well, “Bellator” means “Warrior” and “Umbra” means “Shadow”. So the name means “Shadow Warrior”.

    “Shadow Warrior” is a good name for a covert operator or secret agent,
    one who fights against the Enemy under the protection of anonymity. However, “Umbra Bellator” is bogus Latin, because “Umbra” is a feminine noun and “Bellator” is a masculine noun, and you can’t stick two nouns of different gender together like this — anyway, not grammatically.

    But that’s OK. Because bogus Latin is constantly used in popular fiction, mostly in sword-and-sorcery books. It’s an accepted convention.

    Just saying…


      A : organized jewry is satanic ~ ” destroy the satanic evil that is organized jewry” ~

      B : Hitler was opposed to satanic organized jewry . Hitler wanted to destroy satanic organized jewry.

      C : Pope Pius XII was NOT opposed to satanic organized jewry. Pope Pius XII did NOT want to destroy satanic organized jewry. Pope Pius XII protected satanic organized jewry

      then LOGICALLY :

      Pope Pius XII was on the same side of SATAN so LOGICALLY he was an evil ANTI-Christ type pope. Hitler was NOT evil, for he wanted to destroy satanic organized jewry. Hitler was THE GOOD GUY, for Hitler wanted to put an end to satanic organized jewry.

      So Pius XII was EVIL NOT Hitler.

      Anyone wants to disagree, go ahead and disagree I don’t care. You just can’t say I’m not thinking logically. My argument is based on LOGIC and the conclusion is based on LOGIC. NOT bullsh*t BUT LOGIC. Those who appreciate LOGIC will appreciate this post.

      1. @ TROJ

        Yawn, yawn! Even if your comment is “logical”, which it is NOT, that does not make it a good comment. Because the comment is essentially tedious and boring. Because it has all the hallmarks of an obsessional and off-topic nitpicker.

        Who he hell wants to hear about Hitler and Pius Pius XII when the article is a light-hearted rant about evildoers and the end days? Do you have to drag in these long-dead historical figures?

        You expect to get a pat on the back for being off-topic and boring? Forget it!

        1. “Silent Reader” can be a bit of a pest.
          TROJ’s spot are seldom “boring”,
          though they can be wildly off-topic.
          Keep off the stallions, Joe!

          1. Funny, Silent Reader isn’t at all silent when ” I drag in” Hitler the “long dead historical figure”. I’m “off-topic” and I’m “boring”. All-of-a-sudden SilentReader isn’t silent anymore. All-of-a-sudden SilentReader is a “bit of a pest”, a total pest is a more accurate description of SR.

            One wishes one had a can of RAID handy to spray the pest SR down, to stop SR from buzzing around the room being noisy and being annoying and just simply put an end to SR once and for all.

            In May of this year, when Lasha “dragged in” Hitler “the long dead historical figure” in May of this year, Lasha put up two Darkmoon feature articles about Hitler ” the long dead historical figure” in May of this year, 2021, Silent Reader was silent and didn’t call Lasha “boring”. SR didn’t say she’s bringing up something from such a long time ago it’s Off-Topic by now, so much time has passed by since Hitler was alive, there’s no reason to “drag in a long dead historical figure” into our modern day concerns. SR didn’t say Hitler is “off-topic”. SR didn’t say “dragging in” Hitler to our modern day concerns is “boring”.

            May 23, 2021 :

            “Hitler’s Religious Views : Excerpts from ‘Hitler’s Table Talk'”

            published on truthseeker


            ~ and ~

            May 31, 2021

            “Hitler’s Duplicity Revealed : A Devout Christian In Public, but the Total Opposite Behind Closed Doors”


            And as Lasha/ADMIN present Darkmoon feature articles about Hitler on a very regular basis, my LOGICAL post about Hitler is NOT “wildly off topic”, it’s not even the least bit “Off Topic”, IT’S VERY MUCH ON-TOPIC.

            @ SR

            Go fly into Lasha’s office, fly in circles around Lasha’s head making your annoying buzzing pest noises around Lasha’s head, SR, see what Lasha does to you, she’ll take out the can of RAID spray and put an end to your buzzing annoyance with SUCH QUICK DISPATCH it’ll take your breath away in no time at all — and you’ll be Silent forever more.

            @ Madame :

            You better flutter away from SR, the sooner the better, Madame, for your sake, before you become collateral damage to THE RAID SRAY and sputter to the floor along with your buddy pest SR. To be vacuumed up and disposed of. lol…

        2. Yeah well, based on the premise : ” destroy the satanic evil that is organized jewry” it is Pope Pius XII who is THE DUPLICITOUS ONE of the WW2 time period, NOT HITLER. Ratti was also very duplicitous.

          Hitler OUTSHINES both popes of that time period. TREMENDOUSLY OUTSHINES the two popes of that time period.

          Hardly anyone now a days even knows who Pius XI & XII are, and the ones who do know about them these days, they couldn’t care less about either one of ’em [ like me for example ] , but everybody knows about HITLER. And everybody still talks about HITLER.

          HITLER greatly upset the world’s Matrix System status quo and that’s A LOT more than what you can say about Pius XI & XII, both of whom LERVED the world’s sh*t Matrix System status quo.

      2. Joe,
        be not deterred by negative commenters for life is never fair . a lot of times I enjoy reading your comments . More often than not , we are being screwed , as we say back home in Palestine :
        Life is like a zukkini one time in your hand , ten times up your ass . no? lol.

  2. There is power in prayer, especially group prayer. Prayer is focused thought, and since the universe is a computed simulation, a fractal holographic creative thing – and since our minds are hard wired into this thing, our thoughts are creative, meaning they are commands that the machine thing manifests. No shit, I kid you not.

    In other words the universe is pure consciousness, and because you are an individuated unit of consciousness, and because you have self awareness, you possess the key to control the projection, the physical, the projected energy made manifest as the physical realm. Unbelievable, right? The reason you do not know this obvious truth is because religion has denigrated you to slave status, kept you unaware of your true potential. Ye are gods, but don’t know it. The reason you do not know is because you are souls in amnesia, and those in power don’t want you to know.

    Thus if you link your minds into group prayer you can bring the nukes down on the evil ones. Group prayer is like a laser beam, where all the photons are aligned into a single beam. So if humans could get their heads out of their collective asses, and quit going to church and praying for Israel and Yahweh, they could organize themselves into a single consciousness FORCE and bring hell down on those who are projecting hell into this realm with their belief and prayers in evil Jewish text called the Holy Bible.

    Christians particularly, have been seduced by the “word”, and made agents of the text. Christians have been seduced by the Holy Bible, they are willing dupes of Jews and Israel, they are the foot soldiers for Christ, and thus go to war for Israel. Thus, if you try informing any Christian that Israel did 911, the wars were unjust and immoral, good luck because they will not listen nor will they accept that Israel did 911 and they are worshiping evil.

    Because the Jews know the Christians are idiots, they can easily work them over and fool them. If you doubt me, then go to your nearest church and try telling any member of the cult that Israel did 911 and see how they react. The same is true for the Holocaust story. Christians will defend Jews with their very lives for the simple reason they think they must in order to get into heaven, a Christian buys into the Gospel narrative of sin and judgment, and they think they must get redeemed by a Jewish soul savior. But their is no sin, and there is no separation from “god” because you are hard wired into the simulation as mentioned at the top of the post.

    Tom Campbell: Virtual Reality and Consciousness


    Oh Lord, I beseech thee to nuke Israel.

    Oh Lord of Lords, Yahweh, please kill all those who follow you, I pray.


    At some point, they realized their prayers were in vain, having deduced that God was really the devil, and earth was really hell.


    Earth is hell because those who have authority, those that work for “heaven” above, are using their consciousness power to subjugate all of us to their collective evil, church and state. It is simply of problem of retaking your personal authority back from those who fooled you to give it up when you were indoctrinated in catechism and in public school.

    No one has any authority over another, no person has one shred of authority over another, but on earth anti-Nature cults formed, these cults of authority, church and state, work like demons to subjugate all in the name of god. They say they have the right to rule because we voted for them, but they massively cheat on vote counting, so the claim is a ruse.

    1. There is power in prayer, especially group prayer. Prayer is focused thought, and since the universe is a computed simulation, a fractal holographic creative thing – and since our minds are hard wired into this thing, our thoughts are creative, meaning they are commands that the machine thing manifests. No shit, I kid you not.

      I’d appreciate your thoughts on hexes and curses. I am not altogether confident in my own views on this subject.

      For example, say I lay a hex or curse upon you: that you should experience a dreadful terminal disease as a result of my curse and come to a sticky end soon after. As you know, this often happens with voodoo curses. The cursed one starts having violent fits and can die within days.

      My own view, for what it’s worth, is that this would be more likely to happen among primitive superstitious folk in Africa and the West Indies (Haiti etc) than among civilized White races. We would be less likely to succumb to curses of this kind.

      Would a curse placed on the Professor of Physics at Harvard do him any harm if he just laughed it off?

      1. I hear there’s also a power in angst and the catharsis it produces.
        But this too could just be another urban legend..

      2. “Would a curse placed on the Professor of Physics at Harvard do him any harm if he just laughed it off? ”

        That is a good question and it makes sense that if you do not believe in the hex or curse then it’s power would be greatly diminished or not affect you at all. I have read in many places that what you believe you make real or diseases start in the mind. Your personal reality has a whole lot to do with what you think your reality is, and witness all the different peoples and how they exist in so many different ways.

        I am not a practitioner of magic but I understand why people do magic or cast spells positive or negative, either to get something they want or to ward off some evil they do not want. If I could, I would have all those claiming authority over me kill themselves, for I do not want to live where some people have the legal right to wax political power, like force me to pay taxes. I do not agree that I owe some government my money when they use it for evil. My life and my efforts are my own, and I do not consent to having my wages stolen by state theft called taxation.

        For those who are up on Libertarian philosophy, the problem with humans is that they like to use force against one another. That is an evil that plagues our specie, and that evil is the practice by the followers of Yahweh. Netanyahu’s nickname was Satanyahu because he is a bloody psychopath using the force of arms against innocent people that he falsely accused. Netanyahu is pure evil and is supported by tens of millions of Christian Evangelicals and the United States Congress. That should tell you the moral condition of Christians. They are not moral or just at all.

        It might be a good experiment to make a voodoo doll of some prick like Bill Gates or Anthony Fauci and see if one could make either or both die soon by pricking the doll with needles. Forget men who stare at goats (army experiment of using the mind for assassination) try patriots who stare at Fauci, Foxman, Gates, Biden, Kamala and her Jew husband, all the Jew media executives, all our Zionist members of Congress, all the Jews who own the commercial banks, all the Christian Evangelical pastors, etc.

        Like I always say, there are a whole lot of people that need killing. The problem is the sheep (Christians) are in churches saying prayers for the protection of our leaders. If the sheep had any sense they would be praying for heroes who put all the Zionist leaders and their lackeys into early graves.

        Every governor who locked down their state over this Covid hoax need 123 grains of justice injected behind their left ear if you know what I mean. Moral men do not put up with tyrants of any stripe.

    2. Why “Newking” the evil ones if the laser beam of directed “prayer” can turn darkness into light or vise versa. Decisions have to be made within. Being busy with pandemics, no sense politics, race & gender issues that long have gone out of hand like the rest of the fake human world, the “fear of existence” might become the switch of whom to nuuke next instead of directed positive/good thoughts and as usual darkness will “party” on like it usually does since millennia making much use out of mankind to further “the agenda” of a Godless human world/hell.

    3. Listen to this carefully. I may not agree with everything he writes, but still consider some of this please, think about it. This pathetic state of us can be changed though, as you probably already start to see.

      I am not sure this is approved from up there, but please research the world best ever chess player – who was so good he invented his own chess, because existing chess is a dumb game- Bobby Fischer’s solution to this problem, declared in radio interview in Budapest, Hungary (what a coincidence, right? 🙂 ):

      Random killings of unholy abominations without any cause or reason.
      Like when you walk out in the street at night, throat slit, walk further, nothing to see nothing happened. Or the same at workplace, coffee machine… method doesnt matter, reason not needed any more than you already have… and if you knew the whole truth…

    4. Keep blabbing on gnostic, all will bow to Christ Yehshua the Messiah. Those that oppose are the ones given over to their own reprobate intelligence. You clearly defined that type in your post. Get behind me Satan.

  3. From the Introduction:
    “….calling down fire and brimstone on the heads of the wicked ones of the world, as we race toward Armageddon and the end days . . . ”

    “Armageddon”??? NO WAY!!! NEVER!! (No nukes either.)

    Never A Megiddo
    The troops were forced to never tell
    For reasons no one could show.
    The battle was fierce, and many fell.
    Most knew they had faced Megiddo.

    Families knew their fate and would die,
    Believing the prophets did know—
    All trusted the sages would never lie.
    The fallen had just seen Meggido.

    With burning flesh and gnashing teeth
    Thousands went fast, thousands slow.
    No mercy was given, and no relief.
    But this was still not Megiddo.

    Being misled in death’s last breath,
    The truth was not theirs to know
    As they were taken in violent death.
    It was still not known as Megiddo.

    A lie was planted in a fearful quatrain.
    Out of control it began to grow.
    That fear in the mind must now remain
    For the powerful to push those below.

    The lie was invented for total control
    And if ever completed, it will go— (away; ended)
    The people would sound their victory toll.
    There can never, never be a Megiddo.

    1. Interesting that once was not enough. Obviously this subject was important enough for Pat to remind everyone here about his wonderful poetic skills. I know the man hates Jews as most on this site do but I am thankful however that Jews gave us yiddish. Many yiddish words sum things up and paint that perfect visual picture. When I think about the author of ” Never A Megiddo yiddish was never more appropriate. That would be Putz, Schmuck, Dumkoph and needless to say a real Farshtunkener. Of course he is a bit of a Hitsiger with a short fuse 🙂

      1. Dyslectic whining jew Ralan rises to the occasion once again, since I own him. He cannot resist my spell on him.

        Thanks for your immense ‘interest’ in my comments. You keep the stage lights shining on me.

        I really miss Harold Smith’s Glass-Factory warnings of TEOTWAWKI with nukes every week or so. 🙂

        1. @ PAT

          Told u folks, Pat’s a Hitsiger. Cannot have a reasonable conversation with this man. Insults 1 Intellect 0

          Nite Nite Patty boy, will be watching you 🙂

          1. Dyslexic whining jew Ralan whines even MORE…. today!!

            The dyslexic whining jew failed at starting a “reasonable conversation” by posting this OFF-TOPIC nasty-gram like ALL miserable jew trolls do:

            “Interesting that once was not enough. Obviously this subject was important enough for Pat to remind everyone here about his wonderful poetic skills. I know the man hates Jews as most on this site do but I am thankful however that Jews gave us yiddish. Many yiddish words sum things up and paint that perfect visual picture. When I think about the author of ” Never A Megiddo yiddish was never more appropriate. That would be Putz, Schmuck, Dumkoph and needless to say a real Farshtunkener. Of course he is a bit of a Hitsiger with a short fuse”

            There is proof that I own Ralan’s thoughts!! 🙂 🙂

      2. @Ralan

        Must admit that I’m no particular fan of the “Bagel Brigade” – or anyone else for that matter! – but, in this instance, I fully concur with your estimation of DM’s resident “philosopher-poet”… who seems to have rarely read a thing that, for our edification, he didn’t consider worthy of linking to 🙂

        1. @ The Realist

          Like I said, you can’t have an intelligent conversation with this man. Everyone is whining that disagrees with Patty boy. LD should write an article on neural networks.
          They function much like Pat. Once you distract him from what he googles he gets all confused and blows a circuit.
          Take it easy Pat you need another data set to calm you down 🙂

          1. I see you are still whining in a dyslexic off-key duet with your un-Realist partner. I own both of you. You are as snared as a monkey on my leash, sonny boy!! It is great advertising for me. 🙂

            Keep bringing the eyeballs to me like a well trained monkey with a tambourine should do. NO link needed to validate that story here. 🙂

    2. Never a Megiddo, NOT

      They roamed the plains both large and small
      Many vegetarian but not all.
      Some were short and some were tall they graced this planet we now call home
      A flash in the sky when the big rock fell with no place to go
      Holy Shit was Patty boy wrong as it was a fukin Megiddo 🙂

      1. Love me or hate me….. just don’t forget me! 🙂

        Dyslectic whining jew Ralan is MY monkey on a leash. I have very successfully trained him to follow me with his tambourine here. That is waaaay better than a ‘LIKE’ on Facebook, as he supports me with his constant wailing!!

        That’s FREE advertising for me. 💥 😜

    3. The battle of Meggido will not happen until AFTER the millennial reign. Have you not read Revelations? You invoked Meggido as a lie, even if a poem, it speaks falsities.

      1. M –

        “You invoked Meggido as a lie, even if a poem, it speaks falsities.”…. as did most of John’s rantings from halucinations in Revelations. AND as many poems do, even Kipling’s….. ‘THE WRATH OF THE AWAKENED SAXON’.

        The Saxons have been neutered. There is NO wrath to be delivered by them.


    Not to worry. “The Wheel of Justice turns ever so slow………….but it turns all the same, ………… and grinds……… exceedingly fine”

  5. There’s a good drone scene in one of the jason bourne movies, the one matt damon isn’t in…
    there’s no doubt about it, drone warfare is sanitary for the operators…
    they’re one degree of scummy above real pilots…
    All Speech is Prayer…
    We’re always focused on something, acting out that focus, bent with one impression or another…
    When we attempt to focus on something special, call it prayer, we’re purpousefully shaking off whatever current subconscious impression-connection is driving us…
    whatever preoccupational cloud we’re in is manifesting our results, usually to do the same things over and over…
    scientologists will tell you everybody’s hung up with negative unconscious drivers called ‘anagrams’…
    ptsd deals, whatever, to one degree of severity or another…
    and they ‘clear’ people of these mental hang-ups…
    i don’t know about you but i hear myself venting screamos several times a day…

      You say

      All Speech is Prayer…

      Do not stop there

      We can also add that all Speech, is Law, and prayer.
      All thought is Law and prayer. Human Beings, are the Image Of God, meaning Human Beings possess a Trinity Identity. There is the Logos, ( Me) there is the “I Am” and there is the “My Self “

      The Logos, is the seat of Reason.( The Cause) “The I am” is the Emotive Creative you. “My Self” is the individuated, or finished personality who is the embodiment of the other two.

      The “I am” is subservient to The Logos, the Cause. “My Self” is Spontaneous expression of the Logos plus the “I am”, and all is Law differentiated. So, always, the Logos, is the Supreme controller “The Father” who in fullness, is expressed by “My Self” who is “The Son”

      Logos is the personification of the Universal Conscious Law of the Intelligently Self-Controlling Cosmic Personality of “The Father In Heaven”. Logos sets us apart from the rest of the animal Kingdom. We are all, under Logos.

      So, when Logos is compromised, such as when one engages in wars, conflict, or decadence, and the wrong impressions are created by the “I am” and individuated by “My Self” the individual creates a condition of War between The Trinity Personality in Man. The reason is that , Logos, is God Himself. And even though Logos, may be compromised in the short term, Logos always seeks to individuate the Intelligent Being in all men/women. He always is calling us to be sensible, reasonable, loving, kind, sympathetic, etc. That, is what we actually are, as Children of God. It is our TRUE NATURE, to emulate Our Father In Heaven.

      So, psychosomatic illness emanate from a conflict between an individuated Anti-Logos “”My Self” and Logos. Healing can only come, by subjecting totally to Logos, accepting and acknowledging your “mistakes” which is the betrayal and revolt against Logos. That way Logos may help you to clean up the wrong “My Self” and individuate a more wholesome Logos Individual.

      Since we are all under Logos, all wars are Anti-Logos activities, and one should avoid them, otherwise Logos will not give you peace, which He promised all those who submit to Him. All people who kill people whether directly or remotely are setting themselves up for war within themselves which mature as PTSD.

      So, drone warfare CANNOT EVER BE “sanitary for the operators”

      1. Yes, speech is law.
        Speech, spoken words, can/will make enforceable binding legal contracts.
        Triple talaq has been a prevailing practice in Indian Islam that allows a husband to divorce his wife simply by saying three times in succession, “I divorce you.”

  6. A decent enough rant… ticking most of the boxes…

    though one that hardly qualifies for the Rant-a-Thon ‘Hall Of Fame’… for which a more visceral ‘foul-mouthed, gutter-language, spitting venom’ vocabulary/phraseology would be required… to more accurately reflect the scum-sucking, dirt-bag depravity of the intended targets.

      1. Well said, Sister!

        Who would wish to kiss a man
        who is always frothing at the mouth? 🙂

        1. Errrmmm… MB…

          .. I’m sure you’ve done a lot worse than….. Oh never mind!!!! 😂😂😂

      2. Of course Sister M… “Moderation in all things”…. that’s the key….

        …just as my dear-departed Aunt Prudence always tried to impress upon me

        …apart from, that is, when it came time for her to dispatch me on my weekly pilgrimage to the local liquor store…. with strict orders to scoop up any and all – or as many as I could carry without “looking too obvious” – bottles of sherry (purely for “medicinal purposes” of course) that were on sale for under 5 bucks 🙁

  7. Four years ago an 6 months a young child was murdered in Yemen . She was a nine year old American citizen Anwhar Awlaki (forgive the spelling) She was the deliberate victim of a buzz bomb ordered by the last President , Donald Trump. Eight years before another President, Obama sent another buzz bomb that killed this child’s father , also American citizen. This unprecedented violation actually caused the preemptive political controversy about murdering American citizen. which would soon be forgotten . American self righteous anger would invigorate a complaisant and reprobate congress to fabricate both Patriot Act and the Defense Authority Act, which officially abolished all law.
    One prays to divine strength to accomplish what is beyond their carnal power .
    Beware of what you pray for : everyone in congress or Washington is elected and than reelected and have approval or liberty from voters . The rain falls on the just and unjust , as the ash and brimstone may fall upon the indifferent , complacent American , who have enabled this evil. If their is justice , that will descend from heaven , Americans should pray it never comes.

  8. The drone operator is not the only guilty party. He carried out his orders by his superiors, who themselves were carrying out orders all the way up the Zionist command structure that terminates above the President with some financial billionaire overlord like Rothschild or Israeli politician. That drone operator is just the last cog in the big bloody war machine. When done killing for ZOG, that USAF hirling can leave his air conditioned trailer at the Nellis AFB tarmac and drive home to watch porn or go out on the town in Las Vegas and put some fresh greenbacks in the thong of some beautiful stripper, drink his thoughts away of the wedding party he smoked that day.

    That stripper may be a whore for that Jew owned casino, but so is the drone operator, so is that USAF commander, so is the contractor who made the weapon system, so are the stock holders of Lockheed, so are the USA politicians. THEY ARE ALL WHORE OF ISRAEL AND JEWS.

    Now those “terrorist” raghead Muslim Taliban who live in war torn squalor in the Afghanistan shithole “nation” are fighting for their very existence against the Israeli masterminds who are manipulating the Amerikan war machine which carries out their high tech wetwork in an imagined state of patriotism for god and country. The Muslim might go home and try to find something to eat, or beat then impregnate his woman who has a gaggle of kids in a mud and stone hut, spends her days cooking over a fire some disgusting gruel.

    The real patriots in this conflict scenario are the freedom fighters who have the courage to take on the marauding Zionist storm troopers, who are nothing but puppets of ZOG. CNN broadcasts the war tally, unnamed dead blown away by a Predator Drone firing a Hellfire missile. Those are the real names we have assigned to our weapon system. That should give you pause that we in Amerika are the Great Satan. We are the evil ones who wax terror on the world based on the lies, false flag deceptions.

    Amerika has hundreds of thousands of Christians churches, 32,000 different denominations, and almost not one of these churches or pastors will condemn what our military does for Israel. So why is that? How can Christianity be so comfortable living in the belly of the beast? Well I wrote many essays trying to explain why, I quoted Worldchanger who said the Christians and Jews are joined at the hip all the way up to the top of their heads meaning Christians and Jews operate as one entity and comprise what is called the “Great Satan”.


    “Three sides of the same coin” by John Kaminski republished with graphics:

    “The Christian cannot divest himself of the influence of the Jew without throwing out the dogma of the Bible. If you rally around Christianity you circle the wagons around the Jew.

    “The concept that God wants blood is at the bottom of the atonement and rests upon the most barbaric savagery.” (Robt. G. Ingersoll)

    “Where you have forgiveness of sins you will have sins in abundance.” (T. Paine.)”


    (Note – you can open this image up full size in two steps, first click on the + , then open image in new tab)

  9. Yes the Zion have control of us…
    They don’t want peace, they’re not interested in a few dozen UN Sanctions…
    They want to continue to steal land, expand their borders and keep the pentagon contract money flowing…
    And every politician and media hack who grovels for them is subversive to higher American principles…
    But unless war is de-systemicated as the primary methodology it will always be them or someone like them keeping the usa from realizing its full potential as a free nation and beacon to the world…
    We’re really being controlled by war itself…
    And I don’t mean rescue or peacekeeping operations…
    And it’s going to take one heck of a leap of consciousness, a major ‘mcwhapp’ to get humanity past itself on that…
    That will start with you…
    So what is war essentially?
    I know what it is, as far as the individual participant goes…
    And without him it ceases…

  10. Hi
    My tweet regarding the US now all worried about Cuba’s turmoil

    🇺🇲 killed people in 🇮🇶
    🇺🇲 Killed people in 🇯🇵
    🇺🇲Killed people in 🇦🇫
    🇺🇲Killed people in 🇨🇱
    🇺🇲Kills people in 🇵🇸
    🇺🇲Killed people in 🇰🇷
    🇺🇲 Killed people in 🇸🇻
    🇺🇲Killed people in 🇻🇳

    Has killed no one
    So stfu!
    (Got many likes 🤟👍, and amazingly… mostly Americans)..

    America is changing y’all !

  11. I believe our situation is far worse than we have imagined. I believe, based on the evidence, that human beings are not only artificial creations of space pirates Zacharia Sitchin calls the Anunnaki, that race illegally created us as slaves, they also tweaked our DNA so that we would have short lives. This created a big problem, we age quickly and makes it hard for us to exist, along with our lack of fangs, claws, and fur, we are forced to earn a living and work for money. A grand manipulation.

    Our progenitor race, used their own DNA to create us in their image and thus they are the original source of mankind’s evil tendencies. Our fathers in heaven are the evil ones, who according to Sitchin came to earth to mine gold because they had messed up their own planet’s atmosphere, and when tired of working for their own military empire they made us as worker slaves in south Africa gold mines and used our women for sexual liasons.

    Thus those who are most aggressive like them, those supremacist Jews are emulating them by running the world wide sex trafficking, which is especially bad in Russia and Israel, where Jews are linked up and do dirty work. Jews, who now control the western world, are like Yahweh, a name given to the super aggressive and egotisical Anunnaki warlords like Enlil and Marduk – so says Dr. Sasha Lessin who is the protege of Sitchin.

    These Anunnaki overlords, who we foolishly pray to as god, are imposters, they are not gods, they are space devils. The proof is how they illegally created us, how they illegally interferred in our natural evolution on earth, and how they made us slaves, treated us as worker bees or as sex slaves, then upon departing earth they tried to wipe us out with a great deluge (Bible Flood) for the simple reason they were done using us like toilet paper and now needed to wipe clean the crime scene of evidence.

    God never loved us, and such a claim is our great delusion, it is what we tell ourselves because the truth is far to horrible to bear.

    We should not exist, we were to be exterminated back in Noah’s time. But Noah was the favorite son of the chief scientist Enki, who saved Noah by giving him the blueprints to build a big boat (Ark). Enki had his own selfish interest in mind, he had not only created the first human Adam but he had successfully bred with Adam’s line and created the blond haired blue eyed race we know today.

    If you understand this story of the Anunnaki and how they created the different breeds, then the above mentioned Randy Weaver was correct in his view that white people are not supposed to crossbreed with the other races because whites are the most pure Anunnaki bloodline as they have the most Enki DNA. Thus the current Jewish strategy to get white women to cross breed with the more primitive races is an affront to the gods and their creation of man. I am sorry if you believe otherwise, you are wrong.

    I am not a racist but an intellectual that is truthful and knowledgeable about the human story, so for supermodel Heidi Klum to breed with the most black Seal and making mudbrid-lings is a great tragedy for white genetic line, and damn the ADL for promoting such degeneracy. Jews, you see with curly hair have African genes, they are mudlings themselves, so what they are trying to do as a tribal strategy is to degenerate whites and putting their own off-white line at the top of the food chain above the most Anunnaki like race – white people. This jealousy and hatred of us is visible on the Jewtube every day now.

    Furthermore our future is bleak, because the most popular holy book on the planet has a prophecy of our upcoming end times doom, as you can see in this chart of Revelations timeline.

    Such a revelation is not at all, it is long term predictive programming so we destroy ourselves off. There is no doubt that such a prophecy is telepathically fed to us by some alien group that wants us to toil and build the infrastructure on the planet then when we reach the peak of our progress the trumpets are blown, the vials unleashed, and humans waste themselves leaving the planet to the owners in space.

    The vaxx is the vial people, the vaxx is the end times death spell being unleashed on us right now. So that proves we are in the end times NOW and where we are on the timeline.

    Now if you doubt that we are just slaves of space empire terraforming the planet for free for them, just try to get a gorilla to dig a ditch. A gorilla, being a wild animal, a creation of God, will not dig a ditch, or take orders, or send it’s children to school, or go to war. Humans were created so they would do those things, they were given big brains and the ability to speak, and this manipulation caused us to leave the garden, our wild lives cut short by alien intervention, and become slaves of space pricks.

  12. If I were God, I’d have microwaved humanity when the Jews crucified Jesus Christ – and started over! NO ONE is innocent.

    1. Welcome back, Gilbert, missed you! 🙂
      If only because you don’t mince your words.

      1. Gilbert,

        You have made a very thought provoking comment.

        Your comment indicates that the war between good and evil still rages and that God has no choice but to stand aside and not interfere. He cannot intervene on behalf of the righteous by wiping out the evildoers. Because by doing so, he would be nullifying free will and making all sentient beings mere puppets.

        Consider, Gilbert: if God intervened on behalf of an innocent young child being raped and murdered by a serial killer, he would have to intervene every time a chicken crossed the road in front of a speeding automobile.

        He would have to enter every pet shop and set the birds free from their cages.

        Can’t be done, Gilbert! This is a living universe where the interplay of free will prevails to make life what it is. This is not a Punch and Judy puppet show. It’s a living drama full of suspense and surprise.

        God is a God of surprises. Maybe he is surprised himself by the turn of events. Perhaps he is always on tenterhooks, like the reader of a good thriller … turning the pages of time to see what happens next.

        Just saying…

        1. It is not intervention; it is VENGEANCE. God Himself declares He can be vengeful: “For it is the day of the Lord’s vengeance, and the year of recompenses for the controversy of Zion.” – Isaiah 34:8

          1. Sure, but this is only the Old Testament God who behaves like this, saying “Vengeance is mine.”

            This is not the God of the New Testament. Or of any other religion. This is Yahweh.

            I’ve just been reading Isaiah. One of the weirdest books in the Old Testament, don’t you think?

            1. Saki –

              I prefer to perceive a stout and manly God. (No one fears the other.)

            2. SAKI on July 14, 2021 at 12:06 am wrote: Sure, but this is only the Old Testament God who behaves like this, saying “Vengeance is mine.” This is not the God of the New Testament. Or of any other religion. This is Yahweh.

              Now if your speaking of the god of the Babylonian Talmud, then yes, the tribe’s god is vengeful. This website gives a good cultural perspective on G-d, He is the same old or new. It is short reading, may be a couple minutes time.


              Palestinian Pastor Dr. Munther Isaac wrote: And maybe my one of my biggest problem with Christian Zionism is that it is devoid of justice. Because what about the current military occupation to our land and our people? What about the many injustices and the discriminative laws of the State of Israel towards Palestinians? I mean it’s a state that says that the right for self-determination is exclusive to the Jewish people only. How can you as a Christian support that? What about the rights of refugees to return? Or about land when to confiscate land from Palestinian families, sometimes Palestinian Christian families, to build a Jewish settlement on that on that land? How can you be as a Christian okay with that, with that action?

              So this is an ideology that has many times ignored justice and even dismissed our rights as people who have been living here for hundreds if not thousands of years. But then I have to speak as a Christian. Does the Bible really teach that? Because when I read the Bible, and I look at the God of love the God of Christ who’s manifested in Jesus Christ. I have to question that ideology. Is God really a God who divides people based on race? Or who decided four thousand years ago that this particular people have an exclusive right to this land and they have an eternal possession and a divine right to assert the land and this is how we solve the conflict? This isn’t what I read. The scripture about Jesus Christ about the Christ who loves all people equally about even the Church in which there is no Jew or Gentile, and about the God of grace and mercy.

              The gospel of Jesus Christ has been discredited by these Christians who promote such ideologies.

              According to:

              Philippians 3:18-19 – For many walk, of whom I often told you, and now tell you even weeping, that they are enemies of the cross of Christ, whose end is destruction, whose god is their appetite, and whose glory is in their shame, who set their minds on earthly things.

              I believe that includes the Christian Zionists. They have their focus on earthly things, such as current day Hagar (Israel) instead of expanding the spiritual kingdom of Heaven (see below):

              Galatians 4:21-31 – 21 Tell me, you who want to be under law [Judaism], do you not listen to the law? 22 For it is written that Abraham had two sons, one by the bondwoman [Hagar, Genesis chapters 16 and 21] and one by the free woman [Sarah]. 23 But the son [Ishmael] by the bondwoman was born according to the flesh, and the son [Isaac] by the free woman through the promise.

              24 This is allegorically speaking, for these women are two covenants: one proceeding from Mount Sinai bearing children who are to be slaves; she [old covenant of Judaism] is Hagar. 25 Now this Hagar is Mount Sinai in Arabia and corresponds to the present Jerusalem, for she is in slavery with her children. 26 But the Jerusalem above [new covenant of Christianity] is free; she is our mother. […]

              30 But what does the Scripture say? “Cast out the bondwoman and her son [AD 70 destruction of Jerusalem], For the son of the bondwoman shall not be an heir with the son of the free woman.” 31 So then, brethren, we are not children of a bondwoman, but of the free woman.

              SAKI wrote: I’ve just been reading Isaiah. One of the weirdest books in the Old Testament, don’t you think?

              Read Isaiah 53, from what I understand, this chapter has been removed by the tribe. It speaks of the suffering of Christ centuries before. Then read Isaiah 58, it is about G-d’s expectations for His fast, not about religious ceremonies but helping others in need (like the Palestinians whom they created the poverty and pain of in stead of helping), which is largely ignored today. Exodus 22:21-22 – “You shall not wrong a stranger or oppress him, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt. You shall not afflict any widow or orphan.”

  13. Some say God works in strange ways, which I guess is supposed to be comforting somehow…
    We have the option of pleading ignorance and therefore are kept from condemning ourselves to atheism…
    It is the great mystery – where did humans come from?
    Without it, religion with all its various particulars would not exist as we know it…
    But, GMO Spacemen or not, the question, or questions would remain – how did it all get here, or if it didn’t get here, how could it always have been?
    Those of us who are past establishment religion know we can’t answer the basic question, solve the mystery upon which the entirety of religion is founded…
    We need more than a one word answer…
    But that’s probably the only answer there will ever be…
    Agnosticism isn’t good enough for some people, though it is the reasonable, and humble sort-of conclusion…
    There really is no strife between religions…
    There is political contamination of religion…

    1. “We need more than a one word answer”. No Bark, words are meaningless in DUALITY. Words mostly divide these days or are reversed on purpose, especially when “spoken” with forked tongues. In this nightmare of an upside down human world One will now need a lawyer to clarify the “ever changing legal meaning” of words spoken or written while connected in a whole sentence or used alone. Depending on the persons status & influence, the grace of the “CLAN of shadows’ sponsoring” and a filled bank account – in front of a unlawful minion court of corrupted human beings and fake laws – words will always be corrected in the direction of further purpose in division and control.
      In “Telepathy” no courts or lawyers, governments, Religions nor words are necessary as all that was ever thought, spoken or done will be freely available in an instant while never forgetting the big picture that has included ALL that are alive to think freely of universal “law”. No opportunity here to serve an opposition or to make a coin and rendered totally unfit for a human induced nightmare called SUSTAINABLE ECONOMIC HUMAN LIFE by a world government of thugs.

  14. Monkeypox in Dallas, no vaccine bc eradicated but in 2019 new vaccine, exactly in Dallas in this moment, accident, right? Do NOT eat this shit, avoid vaccines like the plague

    Unbelievable retards, just burn to HELL, fire up the ovens

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