Medical Massacre: Whistleblower Exposes Huge Death Toll in German Nursing Home After Senior Residents Forcibly Vaccinated

By Staff Reporters
2020 News
February 14, 2021

An edited abridgement by Lasha Darkmoon
with additional commentary and material from other sources.


§ —  “The Covid-19 Pandemic is a big delirium that has been instrumentalized by Big Pharma and politicians. It is fear organized for political and economic reasons.” — Prof. Christian Peronne, August 31, 2020 

§ — “This is utterly unfounded public hysteria driven by the media and politicians . It’s outrageous. This is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public.” — Dr Roger Hodkinson, November 13, 2020

—     §     —

For the first time, there is an eyewitness report of the coercive administration of the Covid-19 vaccine on care home residents in a Berlin nursing home. 

It comes from the Agaplesion Bethanien Havelgarten retirement home in Berlin-Spandau. There, after the first vaccination with the BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine Comirnaty, eight of 31 seniors, who suffered from dementia, but were otherwise in good physical condition before the vaccination, died within four weeks after receiving the vaccine.

The first death occurred after only six days. Five other seniors died approximately 14 days after vaccination.

The first symptoms of the disease had already appeared shortly after the vaccination was given. From information available to 2020News, the patients had not been duly informed about the risks of this vaccine. One reason for this gross negligence was that no detailed information about this particular mRNA vaccine had been provided to the authorities.

Attorney at Law Viviane Fischer and Attorney at Law Dr. Reiner Füllmich of the Corona Committee spoke in a video interview with the whistleblower about the closer circumstances of the vaccination, the symptoms that occurred, and the different nature of the deaths directly caused by the vaccination.

On January 3, 2021, 31 dementia patients, male as well as female in the ground floor protected area, had been vaccinated with Comirnaty. Relatives of another three seniors had actually objected to the vaccination, and two residents were already in terminal care. So no vaccination was given in their cases.

The residents of this particular ward, we are informed,  were “very active, self-defending dementia patients who were physically in good condition …  [they were] allowed to move around the ward all day without restriction.”

The day before the vaccination, all 31 vaccinated persons were in good health.  According to the whistleblower report, a few days earlier they had all been tested for  Coronavirus, and the results had been negative.

According to the whistleblower, the first vaccination event with Comirnaty took place on January 3, 2021 in this way. All the residents were gathered in the recreation room on the first floor. A vaccination team consisting of an aged vaccinator, three aides, and two federal soldiers in camouflage uniforms, came marching into the room and started performing the vaccinations. The carehome staff as well as the home physician assisted in the process. The role of the soldiers, who at no time moved away from the vaccine, has not been conclusively determined.

What the whistleblower was able to establish, however, was that the presence of the uniformed men greatly intimidated the seniors.

The group, which normally showed a “strong defensive behavior” [i.e. group solidarity] in the case of unfamiliar treatments, was now hardly recognizable.  They had been suddenly transformed into “lamblike” [and submissive] individuals, allowing themselves to be vaccinated — in the words of the report, “they had let the vaccination with Comirnaty pass over them”.

The whistleblower suspects that this could also be related to the fact that the elderly seniors, who still remembered their frightening  World War II experiences, “could not properly assess the role of the soldiers and possibly felt reminded of war-traumatic circumstances.”

During the first vaccination, the eyewitness reported,  “a resisting senior citizen was detained by a nurse under the watchful eyes of the German soldiers.”

A judicial decision for the detention, which as such represents a coercion and therefore requires in principle a judicial evaluation in the individual case, had not been issued.

According to the whistleblower’s account, “the administration of the second vaccination dose took place without warning”, wherever the person to be vaccinated happened to be at that time. For example, an elderly lady was lying unsuspectingly in her bed when the vaccinators marched into her room. 

She “began to resist the second dose,” the whistleblower reveals, but  “was restrained by two members of  the nursing staff in order to overcome her resistance – again without the necessary court order.”

The report by the whistleblower continues chillingly: “The swabbing for the PCR test, which some seniors tried to resist, is also regularly done with the use of physical force against the seniors resisting the unwanted treatment.”

—     §     —

Already on the [first] day of vaccination, four of the vaccinated seniors began to show unusual symptoms.

In the evening of that day they were fatigued and extremely tired. Some of them fell asleep at the table during dinner. A sharp drop in blood oxygen saturation was noted. In the course of further treatment, the leaden fatigue continued, with the oxygen saturation in the blood remaining insufficient. In some cases, gasping and breathlessness occurred, including fever, edema (swelling), skin rash, a yellow-gray discoloration of the skin, and a characteristic muscle tremor of the upper body and arms.

The seniors also showed a change in their demeanor.  They became markedly unresponsive, refusing to eat or drink. One vaccinated senior, who had previously been “in great shape” for her age and had suffered from no serious previous illnesses, died mysteriously just six days after her vaccination on January 9, 2021.

Deaths among other vaccinated seniors and senior citizens occurred on January 15, January 16, January 19 (2 deaths), January 20, February 2, and February 8, 2021.

The most recently deceased senior citizen was a former opera singer who had been playing the piano the day before vaccination. The old gentleman appeared to be in remarkably good shape, dynamic and alive. He danced, played music, and went jogging regularly. But then, after receiving his unsolicited vaccination,  he was suddenly dead.

—     §     —

The Agaplesion Bethanien Havelgarten senior citizens’ residential home was requested  on February 3, 2021 to comment on these alarming events by Attorney at Law Viviane Fischer, in the name and on behalf of two investigative journalists researching the topic.

No response to this request has yet been received.

Attorney at Law Viviane Fischer then filed a criminal complaint with the public prosecutor’s office on February 3, 2021, 12:04 a.m. The police were also informed, as well as Prof. Klaus Cichutek, head of the Paul Ehrlich Institute, which is responsible for recording vaccination side effects.  In addition, the health department was informed, as well as the office of the senate administration responsible for nursing homes.

Lawyer Fischer requested the public prosecutor’s office to secure the body of the last deceased old gentleman. She alerted the officials to the imminent death of the eighth Covid-19 victim, who was soon to succumb to the illness. Unfortunately, no file could be found in the registry at the public prosecutor’s office. Such a registration, the lawyer was told,  can  take up to six weeks.

On February 8, 2021, Attorney a Law Fischer therefore filed a criminal complaint via the Internet guard of the Berlin police.

After deaths in Norway following the Corona vaccination, the vaccination of very old, fragile people is no longer recommended in Norway. In other countries such as Germany, however, it continues remorselessly — with no end in sight.

On February 12, 2021, the public prosecutor informed attorney Viviane Fischer in writing:

“Your criminal complaint is already known here, but not yet recorded in our system, so I cannot provide you with any further information on this at present. However, within the scope of the permissible investigations, everything necessary will be arranged with the necessary acceleration.”

Original Source

LD:  This is not an isolated incident. Similar catastrophes are occurring all over the world, with many probably going  underreported or even being hushed up. Here is one from Spain:

“The Nuestra Señora del Rosario nursing home [in Andalusia] is reeling due to mass deaths after mRNA inoculations.

All residents and workers at the facility received the first dose of Pfizer mRNA in early January, according to Spain mainstream media outlet ABC de Sevilla.

Most residents became extremely ill shortly after the shots. It is believed many came down with COVID-19, despite being “vaccinated against it.”

The Andalusian Health Service reported that at least 46 residents have died since January.

The situation remains dire . . . ”

Spain: Second Pfizer Shots Halted After 46 Nursing Home Residents Die After the First Shot

Europe  today, America tomorrow.



§ — “[These are] grotesque, absurd and very dangerous measures … [and will have] a horrible impact on the world’s economy … [it is] self-destruction and collective suicide.” — Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi, in March 2020, in a letter sent to German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

§ — “The anti-corona measures have caused such devastating damage  to the world’s population’s health and economy  that the crimes committed by the World Health Organization  must be legally qualified as actual crimes against humanity.” — German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich, 1 October  2020, on behalf of  an international network of lawyers  planning the world’s biggest tort case ever.

LD: The four caption quotes made in this article, all by highly qualified medico-legal professionals, can be be found in this long  groundbreaking essay, among dozens of other quotes by world-renowned authorities alleging corruption and malfeasance on a monumental scale.     

32 thoughts to “Medical Massacre: Whistleblower Exposes Huge Death Toll in German Nursing Home After Senior Residents Forcibly Vaccinated”

  1. Now, the stakes I believe are going to start rising high. Just as many have come to understand how they are used as dogs to execute foreign policy for the Illuminati criminals, the rest of professionals will find themselves in the same dilemma, one a critical mass, realized that its either a pay-cheque and a ruined integrity of the Spirit Soul and Body, or they say adios to their career.

    The Deep State will need to have very effective tools with which to persuade more and more rational persons and professionals at that, to go against reason and be accomplices in murder. It will be a taught call. Military guys have been moulded into killing machines for the Deep State. They have committed gruesome crimes, which is never brought into the Light. But when the action is over, they have to live with their nightmares, leading to PTSD, crime, drug addiction, alcoholism and suicide.

    Now, the same this is happening in the so-called “White Collar” jobs. Even Economists such as John Perkins, reached a point where he really hated himself for what the Deep State made him do, and brew the whistle in his “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man”

    Guys, if you had any doubt, doubt no more. This war is Spiritual. It’s a War Against Reason. It War against The Lord of Reason, who is in everyone. And everyone will have to fight in his/her Conner. Either willingly accept to be a Demon and work for the Deep State, or expose it and suffer.

    As one of them was reported as stating; “ So, if we want to remain alive, we will have to kill and kill and kill. All day, every day….If we don’t kill, we will cease to exist.” Care to join the killing?

    1. I am deeply concerned at this devastating report. I had no idea things like this were going on. This is because, like most other older people, I am trustful and find it hard to believe that there should be a sinister plot to bump off as many people as possible, beginning with senior citizens like myself.

      I live in the U.K. in a small country district. In my village, every older resident has been contacted by the local medical centre to come and get their vaccine. For various reasons, I have been reluctant to go and get my jab. The result? Constant telephone calls and letters to my address demanding why I don’t show up and receive my jab submissively like everyone else of my age.

      They are now making it hot for me. Treating me like a leper. Suggesting that if I don’t get the jab, then my dentist would be informed and might wish to refuse to treat me for my persistent toothache.

      If I don’t say “Yes” to this unwanted vaccination, I pay an unbearable price: excruciating dental agony.

      And these people have the nerve to say this does not amount to “mandatory” vaccination! It’s my own “choice” to suffer with toothache. A totalitarian state is going out of its way to pretend it’s a benign, democratic state. I broke down in tears son after this, wondering what I had worked all my life for, and why I had bothered voting for these evil politicians who happen to be in power right now.

      “Leave me alone!” I am crying. “Don’t bully me! I an elderly lady in my seventies! I don’t want your rotten vaccine! Get off my back!”

      They smiles at me sweetly, making out I’m a weird old witch who deserves to be burnt to death at the stake for declining to cooperate with them.

      What am I to do?

      1. To make matters worse, I had some bad news from a gentleman even older than me, who telephoned me the other day out of the blue to ask after my health. This gent is a retired civil servant, a former work colleague of mine, and he is also a vaccine refusenik. He knows everyone in the village, unlike me, who am a bit of a recluse. I told him my troubles and he sympathised. He, too, had refused the vaccine offer, making himself unpopular with the local medical centre.

        What he told me next put the fear of God into me. He told me two things.

        Firstly, he knew a few other elderly vaccine refuseniks in the village who had turned down the vaccine and they were doing fine. They were fit and well and remained fit and well despite lockdown. All exercised daily in moderation and were careful about their diets.

        Secondly, he knew three other older folk who had accepted the vaccine obediently several weeks ago. One had died within a few days, the other were still suffering dreadful symptoms and could “pop their clogs at any moment”, to quote his own words.

        Far from protecting older people, he told me, this vaccine seems to be killing them off or damaging their health permanently. Hence, note this revelation in the article above:

        “After deaths in Norway following the Corona vaccination, the vaccination of very old, fragile people is no longer recommended in Norway. In other countries such as Germany, however, it continues remorselessly — with no end in sight.”

        Older people are targets, it seems. We are being culled from the population. We are useless mouths to feed and the Deep State has no need for us in the new sparsely populated Utopia they are planning.

        1. It does not bode well.

          This is the scariest quote from the article:

          “The most recently deceased senior citizen was a former opera singer who had been playing the piano the day before vaccination. The old gentleman appeared to be in remarkably good shape, dynamic and alive. He danced, played music, and went jogging regularly. But then, after receiving his unsolicited vaccination, he was suddenly dead.”

          “He was suddenly dead.”

          Yes, this is the way we all go. One day. Not with a bank but a whimper.

      2. You stick to your conscience and do what YOU want to do. I will never take the vaccine and I know it is killing people and I know that’s what they want it to do. This is truly a crime against humanity. Want to see the effects of the vaccine in the states:

      3. Alice,
        the reason countries, parliaments, health services, clinics, doctors are pushing the poison is money. The World Bank loaned 130 countries billions of dollars of “funny money” (fiat) to lockdown their people. Only Belarus declined as far as I know.

        Thee incessant phone calls are because there is money in it. No money no Jab.

        Try Listerine on the tooth. Get yourself a stock of anti biotics in case it becomes worse.

        Better toothache than becoming a genetically modified human abomination to God.

      4. I’m caring for my father who despite having dementia and being in his 90s keeps insisting the virus is man made to reduce the population. Like they used wars for in the old days. He hasn’t been vaccinated.

      5. I think you’re wise to avoid these experimental vaccines. Some of the documented short-term effects like tremors, fatigue, breathlessness and especially death are extremely disturbing and not worth the risk in my opinion.
        And even if you luckily survived the first couple of shots, the long-term effects remain unknown.

        However, your dental health is important.
        Hopefully,there’s some empathetic dentist where you live that will see you without a vaccine? Otherwise, there are online Dr apps that are easy to signup with on a cell phone that allow for tele visits with a Dr in the privacy of your home where you can request antibiotics and pain killers for your tooth if it becomes too unbearable and you’re unable to physically see someone.

        One more thing, I just wanted to share some news from an elderly friend of mine from California that I received the other day. He mentioned that a older neighbor of his was vaccinated last month and died a couple of weeks later. Maybe the timing of his death is coincidental, but maybe its not?
        My point, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s much more unreported deaths by these vaccines. Consequently, you’re smart to hold off getting them and I hope you can get immediate treatment for your tooth.

  2. @ Alice Payne
    I hear you Alice my wife and I are in the same boat. But I have a solution for your toothache, which is something called DMSO. You can buy it off Ebay. Dab it on the offending tooth and take a teaspoon by mouth. It tastes of garlic but mild.
    To find out more watch Amandha Vollmer at https://
    It works!

      1. Hi Alice I have very old remedy for your toothache Large shot of Whisky two tee spoons of sugar stir it well
        Warm-it in the microwave to a boil put it in your mouth, but don’t burn yourself let it cool down, keep it in your mouth on the side of your bad tooth for a couple of minutes spit it out and repeat it for at least three or four times with in 10/20 minutes you will see the benefits you can do repeat if you wish it will not do you any harm. Regards Martin.
        Keep awaaaaay from JAAAAAB. Bad News.

        1. @ Martin

          Thank you for your advice on how to help my nagging toothache. (If I can’t get to the dentist). I like your recipe! Just one question. Do I have to spit out the whisky after drenching my tooth in it? Would it make any difference if I drank the whisky? Seems a shame to waste it.

      2. Alice, have you tried clove oil? Common and cheap.
        Use Q-tips and dab it on. Not too much. Relief won’t take long.
        You really don’t want to rely on this long term but temporarily it’s the real thing (temporary) for tooth pain.

    1. DMSO is great. I have been using it for over 50 years. Greatest muscle pain relief also.
      Best source is feed stores at $8 for a pint.

  3. In Canada at the direction of our unelected Supreme Court, our national Senate is putting the finishing touches to Bill C-7, Canada’s new euthanasia laws which will extend assisted suicided beyond the normal consent requirements. Already, in our provinces over the last 3 decades provincial government social workers, sometimes dressing up in lab coats, with an hospital intern in tow, have been encouraging relatives to cease treatment for lives they no longer deem valuable.

    This is what happened to me with my ailing mother some 15 years ago, where my sister and I were being counselled in a small room in the hospital-ward hallway outside of my mother’s room by a lab-coated social worker and an alleged “intern respirologist” she brought with her in tow. My mother was suffering from pneumonia and they were asking for permission to take her off of the oxygen respirator and let her die, The social worker said she was totally unresponsive and was not recovering. While they were making their pitch, a senior respirologist with an assistant respirologist, came into the room, and said he heard my sister and I were there, and completely ignoring the social worker, he said, “I have been treating your mother and she is coming along fine. I checked her an hour ago and she is responding very well to the oxygen, and should she recover soon.” My mother did recover, and we got her out of there and soon thereafter into a nice nursing home.

    What we seeing our governments doing with the vaccinations is far more insidious than some government police to cease treatment for those they deem useless or a burden to the health-care dollar, With these vaccinations they know the risk to the very frail and the elderly is very very high and far greater than for any other segment of the population. It is now nothing more than mass murder of a designated and clearly-defined vulnerable part of our population, which is genocide. or doing is simply genocide of the elderly. Yes, the elderly an be a burden can be a financial burden as is any sick person, but they usually have something to live for, and because of the sick and the elderly, we learn that charity is always inconvenient, plus with the desire we have to live and prolong our lives we are always finding more and more solutions to aging and our various medial problems.

  4. This is it folks. 90% of the population will take the Jewish concocted poison. This is the great population reduction in practice. My medical doctor daughter agrees wholeheartedly with the 1000’s of anti-vax doctors. The vaccine is a sure way to premature death. Poisonous animal and foetal material, along with disease causing nanobots and other toxins will be injected into your bodies. The Jews and the politicians are having mock injections of water and saline. Time for the fight back.

  5. Like in ALL nations over the world society is determined by the attitude towards its children and the elderly. What One can see now is a insulting attitude towards old people similar to waste and old discarded material. A touch less Reality without love behind “safety screens, isolation and masks” and regulations that protect the coin and destroy the psyche of those that once helped to built the nation – is no Reality! It is a nightmare without end. The massacre itself is that Uselessness now begins with age and only officially ends with forced vaccinations – for all scared residents.
    German media including alternative sites are under total control. Truth is now politics. Politics launders taxpayer money and mighty corporations living the wet dream of never ending coin. The German majority does not argue about to take or not take the jab. “I want it now/first” is rather the mindset that has been programmed into ze Krauts Nationalbewusstsein. My heart goes out to ALL elderly over the globe that are in forced care of those who care so little – the politicians.

  6. Medical Massacre? That could never happen in the colony of OZ (according to the colony of OZ)!
    “Health Minister Greg Hunt said today was an important step in building public confidence in the vaccine before the nationwide roll out begins in earnest on Monday. Mr Hunt said Australia was “on track” to return to normal once everyone was vaccinated. PM Morrison and the first cohort to be vaccinated received the Pfizer jab, not the Astra Zeneca vaccine that most Australians will receive.”
    As elderly people in “retirement” homes are now withering behind screens separated from their families the “HONORABLE” leader of the best country on earth – Scotty from marketing – is fully dressed, propagandized and organized for the scientific mass event. A protective Union Jack face mask surrounded by the southern cross (Made in China), an Australian rugby shirt (Made in China), leading health officials (born and bred by Come On Wealth Science) and an Australian/Polish/Jewish “WW2” survivor of 86 years of age are telling the everyday Aussie: It’s all good as gold down under. Go an get a JAB! (or else)

  7. When the young mothers take their babies in for the ‘well baby visit’, they are given vaccines, that was the reason for the well baby visit program, invented by the big-pharma vaxx pushers… often times they are given ‘booster shots’ because a vaxx they got previously ‘isn’t working’…
    in the worst autism cases the mothers find their babies unresponsive the next day, no eye contact, because their systems have been overloaded with toxins, they’re out of it……
    they rush them back to the doctor’s office and are told that’s a ‘normal reaction’, he’ll get over it… if not, bring him back in…
    they think it’s normal to toxify a baby’s system to the point where he becomes autistic, and you better hope it’s temporary..
    geriatrics dying suddenly after the covid shot is ‘normal’ too…
    the employer-employee relationship is a lot like the scene between the common soldier and the officer, the employee does what he’s told…
    death is commonplace in hospitals and old folks homes…
    the staff are inured to it, and the management concentrates on the bottom line…
    where death, like disease, adds up to profits and humane doctors are no longer calling the shots, how slippery is that slope?
    most likely the thousands of old folks who died of this so-called virus were at some point in the process murdered… pulling the plug is common, part of the operational mentality…
    now the jackal pack, if not the machine police, is turning on gov cuomo…
    How far will they go?
    is it possible that the commercial media will ever get to the bottom of the covid crime?
    not without real investigative journalism, which would have to ask how much money was paid out to these facilities to promote covid as a/the cause of death?
    and why was any money paid out at all?

  8. So Kamala Harris points to the beneficence and caring attributes of her Democrats by taking the high moral ground and stating, over an over again, that “we follow the science”,
    The average MSM addicted moron thus thinks of her as a loving, honest woman who uses top class scientific research to back her conclusions.
    Tenpenny’s scientifically based arguments (in Kaminski’s notes) paint an entirely different picture as do the words of 1000’s of scientists and doctors.
    Who would you believe?
    Would you honestly believe the forked tongue, ever changing views of the gnarled, Jewish dwarf, Fauci? Would you believe the words of the lying sniffer, Biden?

  9. The website, “humans are free” does a good job of gathering the latest info regarding the Covid vaccines.
    such as the following:
    UK Government Shocking Report: Experimental mRNA Injections Caused 1716 Cases of Eye Disorders and Left 22 People Blind
    Yesterday we reported that the CDC had done another data dump into the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) database, showing that through February 4, 2021, there were 12,697 recorded adverse events, including 653 deaths following injections of the experimental COVID mRNA shots by Pfizer and Moderna.

    1. I am in hospital a lot. In there you need to look after yourself and assume nothing about the role of doctors. I refuse nearly all treatment and have made my selection from what is offered or threatened. Naturally, I was not responsive to a “kind” offer of treatment for cancer and AIDS and the embarrassed consultant soon withdrew the suggestion that I might have those problems.

    2. If the PTB would just order pentobarbital or similar drugs which put people to sleep nice and easy so that they just never wake up, it would be sooo much better than the tortuous death by covid vaccine.

      People who are terminally ill, suffering from multiple illnesses, whose lives are torment, are not offered the relief that a dying suffering pet is given. Vets can put pets to sleep and end their torment gently, but terminally ill people in horrible pain are not allowed this mercy.

      Death row inmates who are executed for the most horrendous crimes are put to sleep with the most gentle drugs available so that they go to sleep quickly and painlessly. Innocent terminally ill people who are suffering horribly aren’t allowed this mercy.

      The PTB could depopulate a huge percentage of people in morbid conditions by allowing them to voluntarily take drugs which put them to sleep permanently and peacefully. Instead the devilish PTB terrorize them with devilish drugs like covid vaccine.

      1. Dr. Kavorkian proposed this some years ago, but the holiers-than-he knocked him down for it. Since then, I have witnessed many instances where his procedures would have been a blessing…

  10. Yep Folks,
    The nefarious Zio vax-plan is in full-swing. Donaldo was driving his rig along I85 in Georgia, USSA today. He read an electronic sign over the interstate announcing….(Mass vaccination sites available). Aaaahhhh…yes. It appears that government at EVERY level is involved in the sinister plot. Yep. Vaccinations for the MASSES….goy (and unsuspecting Jewish) herd. Anyway. What is the end-game? Will the HERD March to it’s own death? Maybe so. Humans are indeed a unique species of creature…. unable to identify enemies and react accordingly. Even the lowly zebra or wildebeest quickly identifies the 🦁. It then flees or fights desperately for it’s life. But HUMANS seem to lack this basic instinct. Sad but true. Do HUMANS deserve to live? Donaldo doesn’t have the answer but will simply say that NATURE is unforgiving. LIFE is not a RIGHT….it has to be fought for. 🤨🤠

    (We have no idea why it went into Spam automatically).

    You and I be on the proverbial “slippery slope”, dear folks, trolls and other extraneous detritus of humanity included in this, Mon Santo’s round-up (!). Rawhide!

    Ofttimes, mention of a “slippery slope” accompanies articles counseling caution concerning hazardous forms of material and|or radiation; advising of risks, the odds of death and injury given exposure; and, almost always, accepting or assuming fait accompli the step or steps already taken toward or onto that “slippery slope”. In comparison to other virulent, ill-intentioned forces (e.g., 5G, food shortages, radioactivity in air and water, chemclouding, on and on), the COVID scamdemic seems like a gargantuan, skyscraper-tall water slide. The moment you set your bottom down, dangling legs onto the smooth, glistening metallic channel that dips steeply down farther than the eye can see, then push off, relevant questions reduce to very few: How far? How fast? What do I encounter at the end of this “ride”?

    Most of us – yes, I include myself – have worn a “surgical mask” on occasion during the past year or so. In the dialectic at that initiatory level, “facial diapers” pejoratively signal angry, reluctant compliance, subservience, submission. Some have silent graffiti giving voice to frustration – for instance, SCAM, HOAX – yet those wearing same have nonetheless covered their mouth and nose anyway. Having had to enter the “belly of the Beast” – the system of modern medicine [Big Med] – both on behalf of wife and myself, I have suffered the imposition of masking, the taking of temperature, and sing-song questions about signs and symptoms. When asked how I “feel”, I simply answer “Oppressed.”

    Along with masking came “social distancing”. A more direct, highly symbolic division among individual human beings seems difficult to imagine. Directing young men and women to different, gender-specific dormitories at least made hormonal sense “back in the day”. Whether fewer “unwanted pregnancies” resulted during the next four years of residence, I do not know. Enforcing the keeping of a prescribed distance away from other human beings, a daily ritual of constant separation, bespeaks diabolism.

    Then, as foreordained, described vividly through “predictive programming” over decades, we have tests for the “virus” and its inexorably inevitable mutant off-spring; we now have “inoculations” that do not work as “vaccines”, which, as no doubt do “chemtrails”, likely have a multiple aims and objectives, some obvious by inference, others dark secrets; we have systems for the management of information and the corralling of humans, implying the guiding of those with the Mark of the Beast to one open-air pen, those without to another, the latter leading to the slaughterhouse, both fast and hard and soft and slow kills permitted, kosher or, more likely, not.

    I find myself still perched at the starting gate, way up high, gazing down and over the labyrinthine twinings of the “slippery slope” of the COVID caper.

    A scientist, I see no evidence that the “virus” ever existed. STEP ONE toward and onto the “slippery slope”: Assume the virus is real, deadly, or, at least, potentially lethal to some.

    As a chemist, I see no evidence the PCR test returns meaningful results. I do observe the malicious, hate-driven political, economic, social, and mass psychological manipulation of numbers of COVID “cases”. STEP TWO nearing the “slippery slope”, take the official data and SPIN it for all it’s worth – one way or the other, keep people CON-fused, though kept apart.

    As an epidemiologist and risk analyst, I conclude, based on numbers of deaths over time and other indicators, comparing jurisdictions that do one thing or another in the name of public health and safety, The Power$ That Be (TP$TB) have deceived us superbly. Boxing metaphor – we be on the ropes and, unlike Cassius Clay, too far gone to play “rope-a-dope” with the Adversary. STEP THREE, comply, submit, get a “vaccination ID”, a “vaccine passport”, enjoy a “new normal” for as long as you can.

    After all’s said and done, one would appear still to have a relatively good chance that the second “shot” won’t kill outright. Enjoy your ride on the skyscraper-tall COVID water slide! Process trumps outcome.

  12. we’re hearing every day now though that the death and infection rate is going down and down…
    Probably some of the less imbecilic of the dems understand they could reopen the economy and grab the crest of trump’s growth wave, maybe not too late….
    They could declare victory on covid at the same time…
    But there’s probably an internecine struggle going on between factions, some wanting that and others wanting to make another trillion on the vaxx first, and maybe an endless supply of viruses in the future….
    Like with warfare, once those flows of money get established, thousands of string pullers pile in, and it’s very difficult to get them stopped again…
    The dems might look at newsom’s dilemma, what’s happening with cuomo and what’s going on with florida and realize their majority will probably not survive the next election, especially if some real republicans come forth with trump’s planks…. only more seriously…
    on the other hand, talk of recalls, switching the majority, getting back the senate on the midway election, none of that means much until the voter fraud and election tampering is completely cured all over the country…
    two major hoaxes – the election and covid…—500000-fake-covid-deaths.html

  13. It seems to me this pandemic and hysteria concocted by the pharma cult, Gates, Fauci and the Jewish run media is all part and parcel the end game, conscious or not, of central banking insanity. By removing gold money and replacing it with depreciating fiat paper money who’s value is held in contempt by the political class and central bankers has led to a mass insanity many times bigger than Tulip Mania or the South Sea Bubble.

    Take note, as investors scramble to beat the Fed’s monetization of everything scam, real estate went hyperbolic, Bitcoin surge from 0.0000000001 to above $56,000. Bitcoin is even more of a nothing than fiat, and at any time plunge back to zero if governments declare it illegal. Where I live in Southern Oregon house prices are insane, the cheapest dumpiest rotting structure sells for over half a million. If we lived in a society based on reality, the property would have a negative worth, the cost of demolition and removal would negate the value.

    Mass insanity to beat inflation has led to some incredible cultural effects. Those that speculate get rich, those who work hard, save are screwed. Thus those who are immoral become rich and powerful leading to a completely corrupted political process. Fauci and Gates are both con men, getting rich promoting a scam. In a sane society both would be locked up before they do more harm. Bill Gates brags he is going to make 20 to 1 on his money investing in vaccines, and Fauci just one a million dollar prize from Israel.

    Now that the end game is in play, the system broke, the money managers want to off senior citizens who drain their balance sheets. The Fed and government have so devalued the currency and pension funds that now their solution is to just get rid of the excess baggage. This is the end result of homosexual John Maynard Keynes inflation policies. A financial system base on the theories of a degenerate gay man have led to a tranny health czar in the Biden administration. Not a coincidence, but the logical ending of a flawed system of degenerate and flawed thinking.

    1. Conventional medicine that uses a SNAKE in its symbol is a total fraud. Hospitals are one of the most dangerous places on earth for you and your beloved ones to be. And don’t be surprised to realize some alternative medicines are indeed controlled opposition.

      We are witnessing the CLIMAX of medical corruption. I wish we could back to the (not so) good old days when CARCINOGENICS were the trendy word, now MUTAGENICS are the substances we have to deal with.

      The “GLOBAL ELITES” are really some kind of party of psychopaths. Psychopaths of the world, unite!

      At the present moment a question has to be asked – are the party of psychopaths the new face of human evolution? The answer is NO WAY! Psychopaths have their play in the survival of the human species, I give them that, but it’s not for them to run the show. This destructive force of nature is a threat not only to the rest of society but a danger to itself, a danger to LIFE. Everybody dies in the end so what is the point of psychopathic rule?

      I don’t like to say these things but MAYBE it’s just about time for normal people start to behave like PSYCHOPATS in order for LIFE to survive.

  14. If someone dies of heart failure, cancer, car accident, etc. following a positive PCR test they say he/she died of Covid-19. But if someone dies following a Covid-19 vaccine they say he/she died of heart failure, cancer, car accident or whatever killed them. Seems unfair.

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