Miss England and Miss Ireland Are Both Black This Year

Are White women too ugly nowadays to win beauty competitions in their native lands? Apparently. To win a beauty competition in a white country it now helps if you happen to be black.  

By Kyle Hunt
Renegade Tribune via David Irving site
September 9, 2021 

The judges looked hard to find the most beautiful woman in England this year. They found her: the woman on the left is Miss England 2021.  The  judges looked hard to find the most beautiful woman in Ireland this year. They found her: the woman on the right is Miss Ireland 2021. 

KYLE HUNT (left)

I do not really care for beauty pageants. Despite always appreciating beautiful women, the contests never held any appeal for me. However, once upon a time, actual beautiful women would be the winners. Now we have trannies and affirmative action contestants winning competitions, showing just how rigged these contests truly are.

Miss England 2021 is Rehemia Muthamia and Miss Ireland 2021 is Pamela Uba.

We are supposed to believe that these two women are far more beautiful than the indigenous women of my ancestral islands? This is absolute rubbish.

This agenda has been playing in beauty pageants across the Western world.  We are supposed to celebrate White women being kicked to the curbs as some great feat of “progress.”

It’s not just England and Ireland where it is increasingly hard to find a beautiful white woman—or at any rate, a woman judged beautiful enough to win a beauty competition. The same situation applies in America. To win a beauty competition in America, a woman’s chances increases if she is black.

    Meet ‘Miss USA’ (left), ‘Miss Teen USA’ (center) and ‘Miss America” (right).
They have one thing in common: they are all Black Women.

—     §     —

Meanwhile . . . over in India, where there are actually a lot of dark people, recent finalists were all relatively fair-skinned, which caused an uproar.

LD: India is the most color conscious country in the world.  Here the darker you are, the more you are despised, as belonging to the servant class. Ironically, India produces more skin whiteners than any other country in the world. And all the most popular Bollywood stars have exceptionally fair skins  … like the actresses below:

Indian actresses caused much outrage recently for looking “too White”.
They were accused of suffering from a “lack of diversity”.

Now it is not just enough to not be White, you also have to be very dark in order to be “beautiful” apparently.

White women, to me,  are the most beautiful creations in the world.

Some might say this is a subjective viewpoint, but I would say this is an objective fact. A fact  that has been demonstrated through time.

Just do an actual poll of men from various parts of the world and you will see this is true.

No matter how much the mass media and beauty contest judges try to skew reality, the simple fact remains that White women are the most beautiful women in the world.

Based on an article in Renegade Tribune

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  1. Yep, celebrating black women as the epitome of female beauty to white nations is one more plank of the White Genocide Project, also called (rather euphemistically) “The Great Replacement”. The people behind this are consummate masters in mass psychology. They know how to manipulate popular culture for their destructive purposes.

    Who are these people? The same people who own almost 100% of the media in the Western world. Still not clear who those people are? One more hint: they belong to the same ethnic group as Edward Bernays, nephew of Sigmund Freud, who wrote books about manipulating mass psychology and succeeded with his knowledge to convince American women to start smoking. Wikipedia about Edward Bernays:

    “…he described the masses as irrational and subject to herd instinct—and outlined how skilled practitioners could use crowd psychology and psychoanalysis to control them in desirable ways…”

    And so it goes. Now his co-ethnics with their control of the mass media are trying to rob white nations of their icons of ethnic self-identification. They do this by promoting black women in beauty contests, but also by replacing white historical figures with Blacks in the film industry, which they also control.

    As always, suffering from an overdosis of chutzpah, they can’t control themselves and go too far. The purpose of their endeavors becomes too obvious. Ultimately the public will renounce all cultural events controlled by this destructive ethnic Mafia, just as it is leaving more and more the MSM for alternative media.

    “¡No pasarán!”

    1. It is important to realize that the topics that move events and bring topics into the foreground originate in the head of very few people. It’s not a development from unforeseen factors, rather a conscious and very well thought-out plan that is executed. With practically a monopoly of communications, it is possible to inject or erase any ‘topic of importance’ into the public consciousness. It is possible to incite hysteric, even psychotic mindsets into the mass of people who constitute the cohesive layer of society, This in turn steers the course political measures will take. And it all looks ‘natural’. “It’s just the way things developed”.
      However, if it is possible for enough people to recognize the manipulations, they can turn away:
      From TV, from the habit of reading the newspaper, from MSM, from their religious institutions, even their religion. This might be happening with the Christian religion, It is pulling at the same string as the culture-destroying, white-people-hating forces.
      We do live in the immediate antetime of immense events. They have been set in motion, but the outcome is uncertain, except that it will bring with it immense destruction.

      1. Yes, these events are deliberately and centrally orchestrated, with the media simultaneously playing a major role. It is the same with “transgenderism” which suddenly appeared and now takes centre stage.

      2. Darkmooners,
        The BLACK beauty contestants are quite MIXED indeed. Though having dark skin, they possess fine and elegant European facial bone structures including thin, sensual 👄 lips. Genetically they are, perhaps, 75 per cent Caucasian AND are beautiful. But the political agenda of the Zios once again expresses itself in the political/social arena. Donaldo, like the author, is no fan of beauty pageants. Why? (Porque?) These poor girls must prostitute themselves at every level to the judges before being CROWNED. Back in time we go. Approximately 5 years ago Donaldo met a Jordanian Arab at a truck stop in Nebraska, USSA. He SAID he was Arab. But Donaldo (((sensed))) he was Jewish…..and….well…Donaldo was correct. We shared some drinks in Donaldos rig apon which he eventually confessed that his mother was Jewish but HE was Arab. Ok. No problem. To be expected. He then proceeded to tell Donaldo that he once had contacts in Hollywood and Donaldo believed him. He explained that ALL actores and actresses had to prostitute themselves to advance in their careers. No exceptions. Both men and women. Even MACHO actors like Brad Pitt and Bruce Willis were sacrificed at the sexual altar. It is just business as usual. Always been that way. Ok. Back to the present. Donaldo doesn’t envy these beauty contestants at all. They’ve had to sell their dignity for nothing but a cheap-piece of aluminum 👑 placed on their pretty heads. And why? Well. Donaldo won’t elaborate further. But perhaps our friend Lucifer……the ultimate FLAMER and woman-hater is pulling the strings. 🤨🤔🤠

    2. @ FRANKLIN

      You are so right, that there is no need for me to add. This is the ultimate in-your-face chutzpah.
      If you thought colonialism was gone, its back as Communism!

  2. Thank God at least Asians love white skin. But otherwise, I’m not sure they like much about Whites, and are envious and jealous of them, mostly for their white skin but possibly also for the types of organised societies they build.

  3. If you think Asia will be spared this form of destructive manipulation, remember that in 2015 hafu (i.e. “half Japanese”) Ariana Miyamoto was crowned Miss Japan. She is the child of a Japanese mother and an African American father.

    “…The stunning Miss Nagasaki, Ariana Miyamoto, is the first multiracial contestant ever to be crowned Miss Universe Japan and will represent Japan in the 2015 Miss Universe pageant.

    Born in Japan to a Japanese mother and African American father, Miyamoto is a Japanese citizen, grew up in Japan, and identifies as Japanese. Described in local media as a “saishoku kenbi,” a woman blessed with both intelligence and beauty, she holds a 5th degree mastery of Japanese calligraphy.

    But reaction to her win has been both positive and negative, with some people questioning whether a multiracial person can truly represent Japan. According to local media, even she was initially a little wary about entering the pageant because she was “hāfu,” the Japanese word used to refer to multiracial or multi-ethnic half-Japanese people.

    “The selection of Ariana Miyamoto as this year’s Miss Universe Japan is a huge step forward in expanding the definition of what it means to be Japanese,” filmmaker and co-director of the film “Hafu,” Megumi Nishikura told NBC News, “The controversy that has erupted over her selection is a great opportunity for us Japanese to examine how far we have come from our self-perpetuated myth of homogeneity while at the same time it shows us how much further we have to go…”

    Source: NBC News, March 17, 2015, First Multiracial Miss Universe Japan Has Been Crowned.

    Are the Japanese also starting to commit racial suicide? Well, not the Japanese themselves. Organizer of the Miss Universe Japan pageant was a French woman called Ines Ligron. I could not find that she is Jewish, but her husband Ken Berger is. Always the same people!

    1. I remember the case from back then. She was of half-somali origin even. She dreamt of a future where all other japanese would look just like her. Reminds me of the Kalergi plan. Kalergi was also mixed, even half-japanese interestingly.

  4. In the USA, the ‘pasty white’ look was popular in Hollywood before WWII. Since then, white women and teens, along with George Hamilton IV(HA!), have been ‘tanning’ outside and in the ‘tanning salons’ ever since the ‘you gotta great tan’ trend started in the 1950s. They will have to take a back seat now, since they don’t have the proper ‘kinky’ hair to compete with the ‘diverse’ competition. But those ‘tanning salons’ are really booming to help the ‘darkie’ wannabees keep pace. The ‘tanned ones’ will never catch up now, though.

    AND…. ‘The Rock’ is out in front in the ‘diverse’ men’s race.

  5. Couldn’t they have found an Indian in England? Wasn’t Trump once involved in organising these competitions? From what I vaguely remember Indian women were winning in those days.

    But sure they push this everywhere, although most Asians would prefer a half-white to represent them than what Japan did that year.

    1. You mean one that isn’t surgically altered to look more Caucasian than they are? Doubt it. I’ve seen enough unaltered photos to know Indians aren’t attractive without the face job. Some poor 1/8 Indian woman who is basically white will be picked, or it will be a surgical job like the jews get.

  6. Without any intention of diluting the excellent comments already posted, I think there is a deeper intention to replacing whites with blacks. Notice how they want to replace normal humans with transsexuals, and pollute any normal male-female relationship. That is part of a much larger agenda if you think about this logically.

    Ray Kurzweil says by 2045 robots will be indistinguisable from humans. Notice also how the entire high tech is pushing furiously our trans-human future. First they want to chip us, then genetically modify us, then wire us into the internet. A hive mind in the making. Notice also Deagel predictions and the current kill jab which is predicted by some medical PhD’s to have a huge kill off in 36 months. By 2025 the population of Amerika is said to be 99 million, a 2/3 decrease. By 2030, the human pop could be less than 1 billion. Hard to believe from our standpoint. We can not imagine that because we can not imagine that any human would do that. Not humans doing it.

    This will dovetail nicely with the rise of the transhuman robots. So who is behind this? Humans? I do not think any human is behind this, it is artificial intelligence which want to create humanoids in it’s image, efficient hive minded machines that look like us, but are devoid of emotion. Thus, the gene modification of killing our emotions a first step toward this future. The new man, a robot machine that follows orders from on high. Robots are more efficient, they don’t question orders, they are stronger, faster, more accurate.

    Off world intelligence, is the hidden hand directing our non-human future. Aliens work with “the syndicate” – the wealthy elites who are trading technology for our future. The ultimate goal is to transfer your consciousness into a body that lives a very long time, eternal life on the physical plane. The future human will come from a factory, it won’t have a mom and dad, it will not be raised in a family, it will be programmed to the perfect obedient slave.

    “Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

    Now put that in context of the Old Testament, where Yahweh instructs his human children to be obedient, to only follow his orders. As in heaven on earth is space empire dictating our holy books to follow their orders. The problem of rebellious humans is overcome with robots, thus humans will be replaced by robots and eventually farmed out to other places in the galaxy. We never had a chance, we were created as a slave race, we will end our reign on earth as slaves vaxxed to death.

    1. If it’s AI then it sure ain’t a judeophile as it is starting off with Israel. Will the kill rate reach six million there?

    2. He also instructs all living things to reproduce after their own kind. Both the demonic sex freaks and the race mixers are disobeying this command, doubly for White Westerners, who are of Israelite/Phonetician decent. It’s about desecration, which is opposite of what God wants. It’s no coincidence White Westerners have the purest Cro-Magnon genes vs all other groups as well.

      And then there’s these little gems: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gVAYBvuGB8A

      Fact is, Whites built everything, and every-time they disappear from a region or lose power, that region goes to crap. This is a very inconvenient truth for many.

      1. “He also instructs all living things to reproduce after their own kind.”

        And to not ‘adulterate’ the blood lines. “Do not commit adultery.” The jews changed the word to mean having sex with someone other than a wife while married. That made no sense at all during those times of multiple wives and concubines!

  7. IT would be a peaceful day in Gaza if we’d see a black Ethiopian as ms Israel .
    Top classes in Israel

    1st class white Europian Jews
    2nd class Middle Eastern brown Jews
    3rd class black Ethiopian Jews
    4th class Arabs regardless of color .

    Only in America you might see a white man anchoring the evening news on BET ( Brothers Entertainment Television).Heck , you might even watch episodes of The Dukes of Hazzard or Hee Haw tv show. no?

      1. They regard her as a schwartze. I’ve heard many of them use that word. Even Brother Nathanael uses it, although more for ironic reasons. Undoubtedly very anti-racist of them.

        1. @MORNINGSTAR
          It’s nice to see someone mention the unflappable, provocative, pugnacious, entertaining, and courageous Bro. Nathaniel, the former Jew turned Orthodox Christian and now a Russian Orthodox monk. He calls out his former tribe of chosenites like nobody else, and being raised among them, has a lot of inside info to share. Jews have a special slur for guys like him: “self-hating Jew.” Pretty ridiculous. His conversion story is not to be missed. Subscribe and support at

          1. Darrell,

            You’re so into Fatima and you’re such a knowledgeable Catholic I’m wondering what you think about this website about Fatima :


            Thank you, TROJ. I eagerly look forward to your response — which I’m sure will be a learned and erudite response!

            1. They exploit people’s ignorance by mixing truth with very dangerous error. Our Lady is not God but Queen of Heaven and earth, and She is not to be included in the Baptismal Rite. The words which they say need to be used, “I baptize thee in the name of Our Lady, in the name of the Son, God Jesus Christ, and in the name of the Holy Ghost, who was is and ever shall be” constitutes an invalid Baptism. Valid Baptism needs to use water and the words Christ gave His apostles: “I baptize you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost (or Holy Spirit) which except in an emergency should be administered by a priest in the universal liturgical language of Latin.

              It looks like they call all the popes from at least Leo XIII (1878-1903) antipopes, and maybe much further back.

              First of all, they don’t know their Latin, e.g. referring to Pius XII’s encyclical “Mediator Dei” it says, “Evidence of Masonic seed-planting (Dei means ‘gods’ in Latin).”

              ‘Dei’ as subject means ‘gods’ but in the genitive case it means ‘of God.’ Ridiculous.

              And they say “Spiritus Sanctus” refers to Satan but “Spiritum Sanctum” refers to the Third Person of the Holy Trinity. They are preying on the ignorance of people who can be attracted to the idea of being part of an extremely small “remnant” who have special knowledge about Mary being part of the Holy Trinity, when the real faithful remnant are those adhering to Catholic tradition before antipope John XXIII usurped the Chair of St Peter. http://www.whitesmoke1958.com

              I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a Judeo-Masonic website meant to induce people to receive and administer invalid Baptism.

              1. @ DARRELL
                Am not being disrespectful to the Mother of Our Lord. But I have delved in to the history of the Sabbatean Frankists, and there appears to be a twist in the message being peddled about The Mother Of Our Lord..

                With regard to the Mother of Our Lord, there could be a hidden Judeo-Masonic plan to corrupt her character and through her, to corrupt the Most Holy Trinity.
                Consider this; Lurianic Kabbalah introduced “Sheshinah” in Judaism, which was perceived as the “Feminine Attribute of the Absolute” meaning God, and this went so far as to introduce a hermaphroditism of the Divine, in Judaism (Read the Baphomet)

                Hence, in Judaism, the title “Sheshinah” has been attributed to “the Holy Spirit” or “The Divine Primordial Light” in the “Primordial jars of Light” which fell and broke, spilling the “Creation Light” everywhere.

                So, According to Kabbalah, the Spilled Light, was actually “The Sheshiha” which the Jews today “collect” in order to help finish the Messianic final work.
                So, here, we have the idea of “The Sheshihan” . Then, comes “The Black Madonna of Częstochowa, Poland” an icon claimed to have been painted by Luke.

                Jacob Frank, the father of Nihilism/Anarchism, was fascinated by this Black Madonna, and actually attributed Black Madonna to the personification of “The Sheshinah” and even adopted her as the part of the Divine.

                Here then, we have the Icon of the Mother of our Lord, made to assume the identity of the divine feminine of the Kabbalah. Then, lastly, we have this fascination of Rome with “The Lady Of Fatima” Knowing now, that the Kabbalists hijacked Vatican in 1958, one is bound to wonder whether “The Judas Goat” which is the Judaic idea of divine feminine of the Kabbalah, has not today, actually replaced “The Lamb of God” which is the Identity of The Mother of Our Lord.
                The current crusade to magnify the aura of The Mother of Our Lord, could actually be a crusade to sell the “Sheshiah” as Mary Mother of Jesus. Just curious. We are in dangerous grounds here. Your thoughts.

                1. I like Our Lady of Fatima. She doesn’t like ((( the errors of Russia ))). She wants to see an END to JEW COMMUNISM. She thinks JEW COMMUNISM is EVIL and of course She’s RIGHT. Our Lady of Fatima has THE CORRECT VIEW. Our Lady of Fatima is a NAZI, what’s not to LERV?

                  1. No, you stupid troll. Our Lady of Fatima is not a “Nazi” just because she is against the genocidal policies of one of the most evil mass murderers in history, Joseph Stalin. You obviously have your brains up your backside.

                    1. @ TheRealOr1g1nalJoe

                      Lasha Darkmoon is is against Stalin’s evil Communist regime, root and branch. She has written and edited several articles on this site attacking Stalin. Does this mean she is a “Nazi”? Has she jumped into bed with Adolf Hitler? NO, she hasn’t! Quite the reverse! She has dared to criticize Hitler and knock him off his pedestal. Kudos to her!

                      George Orwell, the great English novelist and lifelong Socialist, was also 100% against Stalin. As everyone knows, Stalins’s evil Communist regime is held up to ridicule in Orwell’s groundbreaking satire “Animal Farm”. Here the main character, Napoleon the Pig, is a representation of Stalin himself. Are you telling me that Orwell was a “Nazi”? He was the opposite of a Nazi, never once praising Hitler.

                      Kevin MacDonald is also emphatically anti-Stalin, reviewing all of Solzhenitsyn’s articles attacking Stalin’s genocidal policies and his death camp gulags — full of Russian Christians and German prisoners of war who were worked to death in the Siberian wastelands.


                      Are all these people in bed with Adolf Hitler? Are they all “Nazis” because they hated Stalin like Hitler did?

                      Are people who like chocolate cake “Nazis” just because Hitler liked to gorge himself on chocolate cake? 🙂

                      Get a new brain, you bestiality porn sex perv. Why this site continues to publish your toxic ravings is a mystery to me.

                    2. Re TROJ

                      The sooner someone puts a bullet through this Israeli Jew’s brain the better.

                      Anyone who claims to be a a good Catholic, as this crypto-Jew does, and at the same time praises the Virgin Mary for being a Hitler fan, is in need of lobotomy or castration. A firing squad is probably the most humane way to deal with this mad dog.

                      Tell me, dear TROJ, does the Virgin Mary also approve of the bestiality porn that all good “Nazis” like you find so liberating? 🙂

                    3. Saki is right to point (albeit wittly) out that Hitler was a chockaholic.

                      Not a day went by when Adolf wasn’t gorging himsef with gooey chocolate gateaux, stuffing them into his mouth like a guilty schoolgirl. He was dong it in his bunker on the last day of his life, just before he committed suicide with Eva Braun.

                      So that’s one thing all those overweight chockaholics, mostly obese women with diabetes, have in common with Adolf Hitler: a suicidal addiction to chocolate.

                      Does this make them “Nazis”?

                      According to TROJ’s logic, the answer is “Yes”. Any one who shares Hitler’s vices must, by definition, be a “Nazi”. So if you like chocolate, watch it buddy! You are showing Nazi tendencies.

                      Some day a posh Ivy League university (like Harvard) will be doing serious research proving a correlation between chocolate consumption and the collection of Hitler memorabilia. The more chocolate you consume, the more you will be shown to have a liking for swastikas, jackboots, brown shirts, and Hitler mustaches.

                      Roll on the day! 🙂

                2. @BIGFOOT
                  Sorry for the delay. There will always be similarities between realities and obscured, distorted, sometimes perverted perceptions of reality, just people’s imaginings re- spiritual matters. The exaltation of the Blessed Virgin Mary above all creatures as well as Her being the spiritual Mother of all those redeemed by Christ and having immeasurably powerful intercession with God on our behalf, although not explicitly mentioned in Scripture, is implicit in various places, esp. in Luke: “full of grace,” “Blessed art thou among women,” “He who is mighty has done great things to me [not just ‘through me’]; John 2: Mary influences Jesus to perform His first public miracle, even though He said, “My time has not yet come.” John 19.26: Jesus says first to His Mother, “Woman, behold you son (referring to John, whose mother was still alive) Rev. 12: Mary is the “Woman clothed with the sun, wit the moon under her feet, and with a crown of 12 stars on her head.”

                  The Church Fathers received what they taught from the apostles and their immediate successors. One can look up, e.g., “Church Fathers on the Virgin Mary” or see this book: http://www.amazon.com/Writings-Church-Fathers-According-Topic/dp/1539646602 or at bookfinder.com

                  GK Chesterton in his early “Blatchford Controversies” replies to the objection that the Biblical story is very similar to many different pagan myths. He says:

                  “Mr. Blatchford and his school point out that there are many myths parallel to the Christian story; that there were Pagan Christs, and Red Indian Incarnations, and Patagonian Crucifixions, for all I know or care. But does not Mr. Blatchford see the other side of the fact? If the Christian God really made the human race, would not the human race tend to rumours and perversions of the Christian God? If the centre of our life is a certain fact, would not people far from the centre have a muddled version of that fact? If we are so made that a Son of God must deliver us, is it odd that Patagonians should dream of a Son of God?

                  “The Blatchfordian position really amounts to this–that because a certain thing has impressed millions of different people as likely or necessary, therefore it cannot be true. And then this bashful being, veiling his own talents, convicts the wretched G.K.C. of paradox . . .

                  “The story of a Christ is very common in legend and literature. So is the story of two lovers parted by Fate. So is the story of two friends killing each other for a woman. But will it seriously be maintained that, because these two stories are common as legends, therefore no two friends were ever separated by love or no two lovers by circumstances? It is tolerably plain, surely, that these two stories are common because the situation is an intensely probable and human one, because our nature is so built as to make them almost

                  “Why should it not be that our nature is so built as to make certain attempt to disprove Christianity by the number and variety of Pagan Christs. You might as well take the number and variety of ideal schemes of society, from Plato’s Republic to Morris’ News from Nowhere, from More’s Utopia to Blatchford’s Merrie England, and then try to prove from them that mankind cannot ever reach a better social condition. If anything, of course, they prove the opposite; they suggest a human tendency toward a better condition.

                  “Thus, in this first instance, when learned sceptics come to me and say, “Are you aware that the Kaffirs have a sort of Incarnation?” I should reply: ‘Speaking as an unlearned person, I don’t know. But speaking as a Christian, I should be very much astonished if they hadn’t’.”

                  1. The next to last paragraph above should begin:

                    “Why should it not be that our nature is so built as to make certain
                    spiritual events inevitable? In any case, it is clearly ridiculous to
                    attempt to disprove Christianity by the number and variety of Pagan Christs.”

                    1. “The identical thing that we now call the Christian religion existed among the ancients and has not been lacking from the beginnings of the human race until the coming of Christ in the flesh, from which moment on the true religion, which already existed, began to be called ‘Christian.’” (St. Augustine)

                  2. @ DARRELL
                    I know that there are many religions which preach about “Virgin Birth” of “The Son Of God” but this is pure imitation, which to me, does not directly affect Catholic Doctrines, given that these religion in their imitation pursue their own version of “Divine Revelation”

                    My concern, is not imitation, but rather corruption of the Trinity doctrine, by subtly, and from within. Let us remember the Masonic plan, for the destruction of The Catholic Church through infiltration:

                    “Let the clergy march under your banner in the belief always that they are marching under the banner of the Apostolic Keys…. Lay your nets in the depths of the sacristies, seminaries, and convents…. http://orderofsaintjohn.org/pdf/Update_September_2014.pdf

                    If then, the Freemasons planned to create an illusion of “The banner of the Apostolic Keys” would they stop at that? Would it not be more beneficial to their plan to totally change the foundation of the faith by replacing The Most Holy Trinity with “The Queen Of Heaven” which actually agrees with the Sheshinah of Kabbalism?

                    So, now I go back to my point:- Knowing now, that the Kabbalists hijacked Vatican in 1958, one is bound to wonder is it possible that “The Judas Goat” which is the Judaic idea of divine feminine of the Kabbalah, today, actually replaced “The Lamb of God” which is the Identity of The Mother of Our Lord.?” In other words, is Rome, which is now under the Kabbalists, deliberately magnifying The Mother Of Our Lord at the expense of The Most Holy Trinity?

                    1. @BIGFOOT
                      Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, venerating Her (not adoration which is only due to God), belief in Her unique privileges ( without sin, “full of grace,” Mother of God, perpetual virginity, Mother of those redeemed by Christ, Queen with Her Divine Son, Christ the King of Heaven) were not late accretions to Catholic teaching but are seen in the early Church Fathers, based on apostolic teaching handed down to them, along with the fact that Mary’s body was assumed or taken up into heaven shortly after Her death (or “dormition” as the Eastern church calls it). Some examples are here:

              2. Darrell,

                Thank you for your response. Very informative and a lot to think about and to contemplate about. Thank you,

                More about Our Lady of Fatima :

                Our Lady of Fatima was concerned about “the errors of Russia” which means She was concerned about Communism [ and Communism is JEWISH, as Communism comes from the JEWS TALMUD ] . She wanted an end to the “errors of Russia” meaning the end of JEW COMMUNISM. Sounds like She was a Nationalist Socialist to me. I mean She didn’t say anything about National Socialism being evil, She said ((( the errors of Russia ))) were evil. Albeit She said it euphemistically. “errors of Russia” means “JEW COMMUNISM” which means “JEWS”.

                Sure, in 1917 the NAZI Party didn’t exist but She knew the future so She knew there would be a Nationalist Socialist Party Germany very soon. She didn’t say anything about being concerned about “the errors of Germany” meaning National Socialism, She didn’t say anything about National Socialism being evil.
                If She had thought National Socialism was evil She would have said so, but She didn’t say anything about National Socialism being evil. She said JEW COMMUNISM is evil — and She wanted an END to JEW COMMUNISM — which is exactly what Hitler and the National Socialists wanted, an end to JEW COMMUNISM, an END to the “errors of Russia” as Our Lady of Fatima worded “JEW COMMUNISM”. “errors of Russia” is an euphemism for “JEW COMMUNISM”.

                As as Our Lady of Fatima said “the errors of Russia”/JEW COMMUNISM is evil and as She did NOT say National Socialism is evil, and as She wanted an end to the evil of JEW COMMUNISM and as National Socialism wanted the SAME EXACT THING Our Lady of Fatima wanted, an END TO EVIL JEW COMMUNISM, then I say Our Lady of Fatima FULLY APPROVED OF NATIONAL SOCIALISM.

                Our Lady of Fatima wanted an end to JEW COMMUNISM. She called JEW COMMUNISM “evil”. She did NOT call National Socialism “evil”. She knew the Nationalist Socialist Party would arise in Germany in order to fight JEW COMMUNISM and try to put an END to JEW COMMUNISM. She denounced JEW COMMUNISM –> She did NOT denounce National Socialism. She did NOT say “the errors of Germany”, She said “the errors of Russia” meaning JEW COMMUNISM.

                The National Socialists wanted an END to EVIL JEW COMMUNISM ; She Herself wanted an END to EVIL JEW COMMUNISM. She denounced evil JEW COMMUNISM. She NEVER denounced National Socialism. She wanted an END to JEW COMMUNISM, She NEVER denounced National Socialism THE PARTY trying HARD to defeat the errors of Russia/JEW COMMUNISM, which is EXACTLY what She wanted, a defeat of JEW COMMUNISM. So I say She is a National Socialist.

                Many will disagree with me about my conclusion that Our Lady of Fatima is actually a National Socialist. Yes, I’m calling Our Lady from Heaven, Our Lady of the Rosary, a NAZI. To my mind to be called a NAZI is a GREAT compliment. Many will be horrified I’m labeling Our Lady of Fatima a NAZI. Many will disagree with me.

                But this is something no one can honestly refute or disagree with ; If you think about it deeply : Our Lady of Fatima had A LOT MORE IN COMMON with the National Socialists who were fighting HARD to defeat the errors of Russia than She had with the ALLIES who were on the same side as the errors of Russia.

                And If you continue to think about it deeply : Our Lady of Fatima had A LOT MORE IN COMMON with the National Socialists than She had with The Catholic Church as The Church was on the same side of the errors of Russia during WW2. I mean the Catholic Church even had a JEW COMMUNIST an error of Russia serving in the Vatican’s Secretary of State office during WW2
                [ the ((( error))) called “Montini” and Pius XII full well knew Montini was a JEW COMMUNIST ].

                Seems to me Our Lady of Fatima FULLY APPROVED of National Socialism, so much so Our Lady from Heaven who came down from Heaven to warn us of the evil of JEW COMMUNISM and told us She wants AN END to JEW COMMUNISM can be rightfully/appropriately/correctly labeled a NATIONAL SOCIALIST. That’s what this cradle Catholic has to say about Our Lady of Fatima [ She’s also called “Our Lady of The Rosary” ]. YES, I’m calling Her a NAZI and that’s a GREAT COMPLIMENT in my book — and the book is called “Mein Kampf”.

                Hitler understood The Message of Our Lady of Fatima better, on a much deeper level, than all the goddamned prelates of The Church put together. Hitler understood The Message of Our Lady of Fatima much better, much deeper, than did Sister Lucia. Hitler understood The Message of Our Lady of Fatima better, on a much deeper level, than BOTH Sister Lucys, the real one and the doppelganger one The Church rolled-out after the real one disappeared mysteriously. Only God knows what happened to the real one. I feel sorry for her — I think she was greatly used and abused by Church officials since the time she was 10 years old. I hope she wasn’t murdered, but it certainly does look like she was murdered. May she rest in peace.

                If Our Lady of Fatima isn’t an official member of National Socialism, still, She’s NOT opposed to National Socialism. One can’t truly say She’s opposed to National Socialism, as there is NOTHING about Fatima to indicate She was opposed to National Socialism. NOTHING. Quite the opposite, EVERYTHING about Fatima indicates She FULLY APPROVED of National Socialism.

                She wanted an END to JEW COMMUNISM and the National Socialists were THE ONLY ONES fighting HARD and Sacrificing their lives to try to put an END to JEW COMMUNISM. The Allies weren’t fighting to put an end to JEW COMMUNISM and The Church wasn’t fighting to put an end to JEW COMMUNISM, ONLY the National Socialists were fighting/struggling to try to put an end to the errors of Russia.

                ONLY the National Socialists were trying to fulfill The Wishes of Our Lady of Fatima ; Only the National Socialists were doing GOD’S WORK. NOT the Allies, NOT the Catholic Church, BUT THE NAZIS. Our Lady of Fatima, Our Lady of The Rosary, Our Lady from Heaven has a SPECIAL PLACE IN HER SACRED HEART for Hitler and the National Socialists.

                Our Lady of Fatima is deeply opposed to evil of JEW COMMUNISM. To say or to imply that She was on the side of the Allies who were ALLIED with JEW COMMUNISM during WW2 is just absurd. Our Lady of Fatima has A LOT MORE IN COMMON with Hitler and the National Socialists, Our Lady has A LOT IN COMMON with Hitler and the National Socialists, A LOT. I dare anyone to prove me wrong, no one will be able to prove me wrong. I’m open to debate, any time, with anyone. Prove me wrong, go ahead, I’m listening.

                1. Excellent points, as usual, TROJ…

                  the scurrilous slanders of the shrieking ‘Sanctimonious Sorority’ notwithstanding.

                  1. @ (((The Realist)))

                    Your own reputation sinks to zero in your support for this brain-damaged crypto-Jew troll ‘The Real Original Joe’ who says the Virgin Mary is a “Nazi” and who specializes in bestiality porn involving horses having sex with Lasha Darkmoon on a regular basis.

                    Do tell us why you admire this crypto-Jew ‘TROJ’ so much, Mr Realist.

                    Is it because you like he idea of the mother of Jesus Christ being a “Nazi” like yourself? or because bestiality porn turn you on and appeals to the sexual pervert in you?

                    Flthy pervs like you and Troj should be caged in institutions for the criminally insane, not allowed to wander the streets and infest family websites like this.

                    1. @ Hieronymus

                      Hey, cut him some slack! Maybe he can’t get a girlfriend and fantasizes over mares. Or maybe he’s gay and wouldn’t say “No” if nice stallion cantered into his bedroom looking for a suitable partner. You never know with these guys who can’t get it up! 🙂

                    2. “Your own reputation sinks to zero…”

                      As Mdm Buttplug will no doubt be happy to advise you….

                      my “reputation” apparently sank PAST zero – right into NEGATIVE territory! – a looo..ooong time before you, Hysterical Hiermoronius, arrived on the scene! 😂

                2. TROJ,
                  “Pius XII full well knew Montini was a JEW COMMUNIST.”
                  All we know for sure is that Pius XII was shown undeniable evidence (1955, I believe) that Montini (who was easily blackmailable on account of his homosexuality) gave the names of priests and bishops being secretly sent into the communist countries where they were either shot or sent to the gulag. Montini was then sent to Milan instead of to the Vatican prison or to a monastery for the rest of his life because, I believe, if Pius didn’t do so, the Synagogue of Satan would do something horrendous like nuke the Vatican, which evidence shows was the probable threat issued to Cardinal Siri in 1958 if he didn’t abdicate after being elected pope.

                  “Hitler understood The Message of Our Lady of Fatima much better, much deeper, than did Sister Lucia.”

                  Sr Lucia (the real one, not the post 1958 impostor) knew it perfectly and Hitler may have heard about it, I don’t know, but his opposition to Jewish communism was much stronger than that of a great majority of Catholic prelates, with a few exceptions like Cardinal Mindszenty. Since the Jews controlled the press outside of Germany, most Catholic prelates were probably misled into thinking that Germany was a greater evil than Soviet communism, and a good number were themselves communist infiltrators (See Bella Dodd, School of Darkness).

                  Just curious… do you repeat what you write over and over out of habit or for some other reason?

          2. Lol I don’t understand why this guy is so idolized amount Black Hebrew Israelites, he’s like a god to them.

        You said,
        “Of course her election was only for propaganda purposes, to prove that Israel is not an “Apartheid state”
        And that’s exactly right . Just for show .

        A jew sometimes would give you the shirt off his back , and with his undershirt he would sodomize you .

          1. Yep Al,
            Arch-homo Obama would NEVER touch a real woman with such enthusiasm. The true gender-clue to (((Miss Israel))) are the hands. They’re simply too large to be a woman’s. 🤨🤠

          1. Black women are eagerly sort in all African countries. White women are NOT in demand. White women told, “What you do in our contry? Go back home!” This is why white women are raped in Africa. Cuz they go there to be raped. No one will rape them in their own contry, so they go to Africa to be raped. Man, it’s sick, I tell ya.

            1. I dont like white men. They smell funny.
              I dont mind white women. They OK.
              But they wear 2 short skirt. Not modest!

      3. Obama’s Jerusalem date with Miss Israel: Ethiopian-Israeli added to gala dinner guest list



        “The first thing she would tell him, she said, is that he has been “a role model” and “an inspiration.” The second, she said, was that he should release spy-for-Israel Jonathan Pollard.”

        In the picture https://www.heyalma.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Titi-1.jpg

        The former Israel PM Simon Perez (who looks like a squatty Neanderthal) is pimping out Miss Israel who may be a tranny (and the preferred choice of Obongo, our first primate president)

        Clown world getting better by the day. And get this, even our own sitting Senators are questioning outloud who is pulling Biden’s strings as his mike is being cutoff whenever he goes off on a tangent.


        Here is senile old pedo Joe chasing a ice cream truck,

  8. “In order to rule the world, the Rothschilds concluded, populations needed to be kept within manageable numbers. After the World Wars, Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi mapped out an agenda for European genocide, known as the Kalergi Plan. “The European man of the future will be of mixed race,” Kalgeri wrote.

    “Today’s races and classes will disappear owing to the disappearing of nations, time, and prejudice. ***The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in its outward appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals.”

  9. Now you’re being extra petty Miss Lasha.

    ADMIN: Lasha didn’t write the article. It was written by Kyle Hunt and a link supplied on the David Irving site.


    Lasha is not responsible for the views of the articles we publish on the Darkmoon site. Our disclaimer makes this absolutely clear: “The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of anyone associated with this website.”

    We also publish articles whose views we completely diagree with, e,g. articles on the Flat Earth theory.

  10. BTW Mr Hunt I’m sorry to burst your bubble, But white women are not the most desirable or attractive women in the world. That title belongs to Brazilian women. https://www.businessinsider.com/worlds-sexiest-nationalities-2013-5?IR=T

    Everybody knows, including the cognitively impaired commentors on this site that women of Spanish or Latin origin are the most beautiful & sexiest creatures ever created in the world.

    There’s a reason why they’re most widely searched on Porn sites. There’s a reason why sex trafficking and sex travelling occurs more on these countries such as Colombia.

    You’re toting your horn too much without backing it up with facts. I myself would NEVER even consider dating a white woman, not only because they age awfully but simply because of the cultural differences. The liberal attitudes and lack of traditional values makes me not want to ever touch one with a totem pole!

    I love all people, respect all races and class backgrounds. Everybody has something special about them. White folks are intelligent folks with strong work ethics. I enjoy having a cocktail now and then, sharing good vibes with each other.

    But I am not too keen on race mixing.

  11. As far as the attractiveness goes, if they’ve made it to the contest I’m not much able to tell the difference between them…
    I’d never make it as a judge….
    But if I were to be getting into the family way , I would stick with my own race…
    That doesn’t make me a white Supremacist…
    It just means I prefer racial distinctions…
    It’s the people who do not prefer racial distinctions who are the intolerant ones ..
    The intend to mongrelize the entire human race, except for their own tribe.. I guess we don’t have to spell it out, who that is…
    This isn’t really a beauty contest now…
    It’s a political ploy….
    The fact that the blacks get the ribbon is supposed to help cement the idea that Ireland 🇮🇪 and England 🇬🇧 are no more, not as their traditions define them….

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