‘Many Mansions’ by XANADU

Tradotto in Italiano


Dove saran ora color che già sono andati?
In polvere e cenere saran? Col fumo saliti
Nell’aria sottil? – E allora chi amerà
La mia adorata quando per sempre sarò andato?
Quando non ci sarò chi la ricorderà
E la sua dolcezza festeggerà e canterà
Dei giorni dai cieli azzurri dell’estivo sol,
E chi terrà la sua mano e il suo anello porterà?

I lussuosi arazzi chi li tesserà,
I tanti fili che del magico dedalo
Del Destino, salvezza e nostri peccati chi li filerà,
E sconcerto con le sue Misteriose Vie porterà?

Dio benedica la mia amata, non lasciarla mai morir,
E nei tuoi molti palazzi falla giacer.

27 thoughts to “MOLTI PALAZZI [*TRANSLATION*]”

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    1. “Saint Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle; be our safeguard against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray; and do thou, O Prince of the heavenly host, by the power of God, cast into hell Satan and the other evil spirits who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.”

      And be our safeguard against the wickedness and snares of the devil’s human agents as well!

      1. Origin of the Prayer to St Michael the Archangel:

        While he never wrote about this, and apparently never spoke about it later in life in detail, on October 13, 1884 — precisely 33 years before the “Miracle of the Sun” by Our Lady of Fatima — Pope Leo XIII had just completed celebrating Mass when he collapsed, as though dead.  The Cardinals and others present immediately rushed to his aid. When he revived, Pope Leo described a traumatic vision he had of Jesus Christ in discussion with Satan:

        A guttural voice, the voice of Satan, boasting to Our Lord: “I can destroy your Church”
        A gentle voice, that of Jesus: “Go ahead and do so.”
        Satan: “I need more time and more power.”
        Jesus: “How much time? How much power?
        Satan: “75 years [some sources say 100 years], and a greater power over those who will give themselves over to my service.”
        Jesus: “You have the time, you will have the power. Do with them what you will.”

        Is it just coincidence that 74 years later, on October 28, 1958, John XXIII was “irregularly” elected pope two days after five minutes of white smoke from the Sistine Chapel chimney indicated that someone else had been elected, but no pope appeared to the throng eagerly awaiting him?

        After recovering from the experience, Pope Leo XIII composed a longer version of the prayer to St Michael than the one commonly prayed today. The short version was required for all priests to recite at the end of every Mass until Paul VI shamefully did away with it in 1964, I’m pretty sure at the behest of his judeo-masonic/communist handlers (and blackmailers: see We should say the prayer every day too for protection against both Satan and his human agents.

        Infiltrators within the Vatican sought for years to suppress the original long version of the prayer, successfully doing so in 1934, certainly because parts of it revealed their infiltration and plans, such as in this part of the original prayer:

        “These most crafty enemies have filled and inebriated with gall and bitterness the Church, the spouse of the Immaculate Lamb, and have laid impious hands on her most sacred possessions. In the Holy Place itself, where has been set up the See of the most holy Peter and the Chair of Truth for the light of the world, they have raised the throne of their abominable impiety, with the iniquitous design that when the Pastor has been struck, the sheep may be scattered.”

        Pope Leo was almost certainly aware of the opinions of Catholic scripture scholars, that in the latter days a pontiff would be driven out of Rome. But whether from the vision or his own expertise in biblical prophecy, the Pope apparently had specific knowledge of the devil’s strategy to bring down the Church by setting up a false pope in the place of the true Vicar of Christ. In fact, by his publication of the Prayer to St. Michael, Leo XIII seems to have been sending a clear warning to the Church of the impending attack on the papacy. The key passage above in the prayer strongly suggests that a false authority was already being set up to displace the true Vicar of Christ.

        The whole story behind the vision, prayer, suppression, and probable interpretation of it all can be seen in the article “Warnings from Heaven Suppressed,” third page, here:

        1. Very interesting, Darrell, thanks, will make use of these leads.
          People may count me nuts for seeming obsession with these matters but i don’t care, used to solitary pursuits of issues seen as crucial.
          Last night I watched “Hostage to the Devil“, a documentary on Malachi Martin who wrote the eponymous book that left imprint on most who have read it. He seems to have been a controversial figure but gut tells me he is for real, especially after seeing him live. Most of the commentators in the film seemed pretty shallow but the overall impression is of authenticity.

          It is strange and unsettling to be aware of this other world where the cosmic drama of conquest by darkness is played out in shadow and smoke while the brightly lit façade of blind materialism stumbles into abyss, unheeding and unconcerned.
          Talk about parallel (yet very interlaced) universes.

          To me, this blind arrogance is nothing short of miraculous—lemming101.
          The herd is reassured by its multitude, safety in numbers but my instinct is cat-like, spooked by crowds.

          1. @ Lobro
            @ Darrell

            Speaking of Malachi Martin’s “Hostage to the Devil”,
            you may find this 29-minute video of interest. This arrived in my inbox this morning from Berverly R,
            my devoutly Roman Catholic correspondent. It consists of an interview with a Catholic priest who has been an exorcist for the last 15 years.


              1. I didn’t know Lobro was a priest who performs exorcisms. I edited a book, “Begone Satan,” a case of diabolical possession and exorcism upon which the book “The Exorcist” and the subsequent film (1973; Director’s Cut 2000, which is better), were in part based. The movie is still rated as the scariest movie of all time. The book and movie were also partially based on another exorcism which took place in Silver Spring, Maryland and St Louis, Missouri in 1949 involving a 14 year old boy.

                One of the reviewers there of the book, “Begone Satan” is “Dr Sardonicus,” who said in 2007 that he thinks it’s all hogwash. I doubt if it’s the same “Sardonicus” who comments here at Darkmoon.

              2. Darrell,
                don’t take Sis Monica’s tongue-in-cheek too seriously.
                I have suffered my due share of “Dr Lobro Van Helsing, exorcist” barbs owing to this article written early on as my curiosity on the subject was piqued by Malachi Martin’s book.
                I am not a priest nor an expert on demonology nor even all that curious about it, only see it as part and parcel of satanic luggage attached to Jews, Judaism, Torah and all associated literature and their unfortunate effect on humanity—that is my interest, how to combat its insidious poison.
                I am by no means immersed into spiritualism, the uncanny, questions of afterlife and supernatural—I accept what is, what seems reasonable and evident and give due benefit of doubt where warranted, likewise for a dose of skepticism where not but am neither wagering nor hedging any bets beyond that.
                That said, I do have abiding interest in metaphysical as an extension of logical systems but that is a different issue altogether.

                Your honest trust does you credit, but it must always be tempered cum grano salis even when dealing with people at one time under vows—in fact, even those presently under vows as is the sad state of Roman faith.
                But what a good friend, Fr James Thanu, a former local bishop until transferred to Pattaya told me, even a lost priest is fully empowered by Jesus to administer sacrament as well as appoint exorcists as he sees fit—this is due to direct lineage to the original disciples of Christ.

                1. @ Darrell
                  @ Lobro

                  LOBRO: “Darrell, don’t take Sis Monica’s tongue-in-cheek too seriously. I have suffered my due share of “Dr Lobro Van Helsing, exorcist” barbs owing to this article written early on as my curiosity on the subject was piqued by Malachi Martin’s book.I am not a priest nor an expert on demonology…”

                  Yes, I can confirm this. The name “Dr Lobro van Helsing” was invented for Lobro by Lasha Darkmoon as a tongue-in-cheek pseudonym. She could have published the article by Lobro under his site name ‘Lobro’ but thought that “Dr Lobro van Helsing” sounded more impressive. It also tickled her sense of humor. She knew Lobro wouldn’t mind in the least, knowing that this was intended as no more than an ironical pen name alluding to the famous vampire slayer in Bram Stoker’s novel “Dracula”. In many ways, the name “Dr Lobro van Helsing” suits Lobro. He regards himself as a metaphorical vampire slayer.

                  I sincerely believe, as Lasha does, that if Lobro had chosen the Roman Catholic priesthood as a career ‒ instead of the secular role he chose to play in life — he would have had no problem branching out into the exorcism service. He would have gone to Rome and trained at the Vatican as a professional exorcist.

                  It’s not known how many trained exorcists the Catholic Church has. This is a highly specialized line, fraught with serious dangers that could either kill the aspirant priest or drive him into having a nervous breakdown. So trained exorcists are thin on the ground. (In Italy young priests are afraid of becoming exorcists.) Apart from training at the Vatican, courses are run in Sicily and Chicago.

                  See here:


          2. I’m glad and thankful to Lobro for giving me the opportunity to share info on Malachi Martin about which very few people know. It’s a game changer, some of it is scandalous, and all of it presents Martin as serving not just Jewish interests, but as being a key player in the plan to overthrow the papacy at the 1958 papal conclave — and not just in the manner he deceptively recounts in his book, “Windswept House.” My research has convinced me that Malachi Martin, himself a crypto Jew, was a double agent working for Jewish interests, while posing as a traditionalist Catholic. Those interested in the real and deceptively cunning Malachi Martin, and a philanderer to boot, and in the relationship between Martin and the overthrow of the legitimate Siri papacy can listen to Part 1 from about the 46 minute mark and Part 2  from about the 47 to the 52 minute mark and from about 56 to 58 min. in this unique series of interviews: — Martin turned “white as a ghost” when he unexpectedly heard Gary Giuffre explain to him how he knew about the overthrow of a legitimately elected pope at the 1958 conclave, and soon after that he sent Giuffre a thinly veiled death threat. You’ll be surprised at what you hear, and hopefully will even listen to the rest of the interviews. I have a collection of documents on this and related matters if anyone is interested in entering further into this dark and diabolically-inspired “conspiracy reality,” one that is of immeasurable importance not only for Catholics and the Catholic Church, whose visible structures have been taken over by the enemies of Christ and of the human race, but for every human being on this planet.

            1. @ Darrell

              Given your negative assessment of Malachi Martin as a sinister crypto-Jew, would it be correct to say that you would dismiss as unreliable (if not completely fictitious) the various case histories of demonic possession and exorcism that Malachi Martin presents in his bestselling book “Hostage to the Devil”?

              1. Not at all, Monica. Most of what Martin writes about is true, but there is enough cunning misdirection and distortion to make him a not totally reliable source of certain important information, one of them being what he says about the “irregular” papal conclaves of 1958, 1963, and the two in 1978. His book, “Windswept House” was intentionally written as preemptive damage control before Gary Giuffre could make the results of his research known. Again, it’s mostly true but he mixes enough falsehood to leave the reader ultimately in the dark about the seriousness of what actually happened. As the saying goes, “Bonum ex integra causa. Malum ex quocumque defectu.” A drop of poison vitiates the entire vat. Listen to the interviews. You’ll be glad you did, I assure you. Some info is found nowhere else.

                1. Thanks, Darrell. In other words, Martin is a reliable source of information on exorcism and demonic possession, but not on other important matters pertaining to the Papacy where you see him as a sinister crypto-Jewish infiltrator, hellbent on doing damage to Christianity. Would Martin have had anything to do with bringing about Vatican II and the subsequent schism within the Church?

                  1. Most of what I know about Martin is in the parts of the interviews with Gary Giuffre which I mentioned above, but what it says is a lot. I’m sure you’ll agree if you take the 10 min or so to listen to what Giuffre recounts, much of it first hand knowledge and personal communication with Martin, as well as with Robert Kaiser, whose wife Martin had an ongoing affair with. “De mortis nihil nisi bonum,” unless of course there is an overriding good that requires that otherwise scandalous facts be revealed. “It is better that scandal should arise than that the truth be kept hidden.” (Pope St Pius X)

                2. Thanks to all, I normally have a well honed nose for deception and misdirection but at times the edge is too fine even for me, especially when there seem to be hard facts in support of both sides of the story—how can that be?
                  Martin’s death is one such instance, a suspicious fall from a stool he stood up on in order to retrieve some book from the upper shelves, a day after a very difficult exorcism session with a 4-year old girl as described by his long-time driver.
                  I will keep my mind open to all possibilities because there are similar instances where I cannot come to a solid judgment of the situation, e.g., Atzmon, Makow and a few others where pluses and minuses seem closely balanced.

                  1. Malachi Martin left the priesthood and began “living in sin” with a woman years before his death. If he was trying to perform exorcisms during that time, he was doing something “above his pay grade” and much more spiritually dangerous than it would be for a legitimate priest authentically serving God, for whom such a spiritual ministry is already fraught with many great spiritual dangers, as Lobro’s article recounts.

            2. By the way, I FULLY believe in infiltration and subjugation of Vatican by Lucifer, a few prelates notwithstanding they are all as contaminated as the worst habitues of Epstein’s Pedo island, Marina Abramovic and the rest of the club.
              Pope Leo XIII’s experience of dialogue between Jesus and Lucifer rings totally true and in keeping with present reality.

              Wish i had Chesterton’s Father Brown by my side to help me figure these things out.

  3. That is weird! I have a funny feeling the Darkmoon site would be hacked/ shut down. Several years ago, I got a suspicious email from the same address as Darkmoon. I told Lasha about it. She just told me to ignore it. I am still trying to retrieve it from my inbox, but it is a very tedious job.

    I was surprised when I saw that one of the recent posts is closed for comments.

  4. I can understand the Italian (with some help from Xanadu’s original English), and it’s very musical when read aloud. The original Many Mansions is powerful and moving. Deep feeling and poetic talent are a creative combination!

    1. Yes, I agree. Gian Franco has done a splendid translation and demonstrates the beauty of the Italian language.

  5. From the Ramayana of Tulsidas . . .

    The devotees of Hari beheld the two brothers as their beloved deity, the fountain of all joy. The emotion of love and joy with which Sitå gazed on Lord Råma was ineffable.

    She felt the emotion in Her heart, but could not utter it; how, then, can a poet describe it ? In this way, everyone regarded the Lord of Ayodhyå according to the attitude of mind each had towards Him.

    Thus, shone in the assembly of kings, the two lovely princes of Ayodhyå, the one dark and the other fair one catching the eyes of the whole universe.

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