Moscow Celebrates Victory Day: How Stalin Defeated Hitler


By Finian Cunningham
@ Sputnik via ICH
May 09, 2021

The Russian people have every right to proudly proclaim victory over Nazi Germany and fascism in Europe. Every year, celebrations of Victory Day remain as vibrant as ever. And for good reason.


LD:  In six years, from 1933 to 1939, Hitler transformed Germany into the most powerful and dynamic country in Europe, going from triumph to triumph and proving virtually unstoppable. It took him another six years to destroy it. He was no match for the wily Stalin who almost singlehandedly, with his Red Army, put an end to all Hitler’s dreams of a Fourth Reich lasting another thousand years. [LD]     

This weekend marks the 76th anniversary of the Nazi defeat on May 9, 1945. Victory parades are held all across Russia with the most splendid display of honor in Moscow’s Red Square. What is rather telling is how commemorations in the United States and Britain have become relatively dimmed over time. Every year there seems to be less importance given to the anniversary. Why is that? In Western news media, there are even reminder articles about the history of Victory Day and why events are held to mark the occasion.

The contrast with the vibrant and dedicated celebrations in Russia is down to one main fact: it was the Russian people and the Soviet Red Army that were the main victors over the Nazi regime. It is crucial to reiterate that and to never lose sight of the historical truth because Western politicians and media would have us believe otherwise.

The Soviet Union’s allies during World War II, the US and Britain, played a role in defeating Nazi Germany, but that role was secondary in the achievement. Put in another way: essentially, the defeat of the Third Reich would not have happened without the Red Army hammering the eastern front all the way to Hitler’s Berlin bunker. Whereas the Western allies were more auxiliary in the victory.

It was the Hammer and Sickle that flew over the smoldering Reich Chancellery not the Stars and Stripes nor the Union Jack.

Berlin, May 1, 1945

LD:  The day before this picture was taken, on April 30, 1945, Hitler committed suicide in his Berlin bunker,  along with Eva Braun, his wife of one day. She swallowed cyanide. Accounts differ as to how Hitler died. Some claim he shot himself through the mouth or in the temple, given that the loud sound of a gunshot was heard just before. Others claim he took cyanide also. The most likely explanation is that he made use of both methods, taking cyanide first and then blew his brains out to make sure there was no chance of survival. Stalin later expressed regrets that Hitler had found the easy way out. He wanted Hitler to survive so that he could torture him to death slowly in the Lubyanka. [LD]      

FC :  “In short, it was the Soviet people who liberated Europe from Nazi tyranny and fascism. It was the Soviet people who largely brought an end to the infernal death camps. ”


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  1. I would like this title better…..
    “Jew Bankers Celebrate Victory Day: How Stalin Defeated Hitler”

    From what I can tell, the rise and fall of Hitler’s Germany was done by jew bankers, to destroy the tough German people and elevate the Russian jew system. Hitler was their ‘fall-guy’ for the events.

    US senator Prescott Bush, was a director and shareholder of companies that profited from their involvement with the financial backers of Nazi Germany. In 1942, Bush was charged with aiding Hitler with Union Banking Corp(UBC).

    Prescott Bush was one of seven directors of Union Banking Corp.

    It is laid out here:
    How Bush’s grandfather helped Hitler’s rise to power
    “Rumours of a link between the US first family and the Nazi war machine have circulated for decades. Now the Guardian can reveal how repercussions of events that culminated in action under the Trading with the Enemy Act.”

    1. Hey Pat.
      I agree wholeheartedly with your comment, so I place mine bellow yours in support.
      To Place Communism and liberation together is to me, Oxymoronic. It is a contradiction! This places the whole of this article as a communist agitprop designed to place Communism in a better light. Its an attempt to exhume and rehabilitate a freakish Frankenstein monster and pass him as a harmless Pussy-Meow.

      But according to Finian Cunningham I am wrong. Finian Cunningham is telling that just for a moment, we forget Cheka’s ecstatic sadism, carnival of mass murder, Fiendish torture, orgy of brutality and fantasy of purges. Forget the strangling of victims with their intestines. Forget the disembowelling of pregnant women. Forget the skinning of hands. Forget the rat trap that forced rats to eat their way through a living victim. Forget the forcing of victims to eat to eat other victims brains. Forget the boiling of victims. Forget the rivers of blood. Forget the more than 60 million in Russian dead, 90 million in China dead, 2 million in Cambodia…….forget all that!

      According to Finian Cunningham the Communists were the liberators, the saviors of the World………….the good guys. The Nazi were bad….bad…. bad guys. Stalin? Stalin was was “a gentleman”. A Hero, a Saviour! In fact, he never really invaded Poland in cohorts with Hitler. No. It was that bad Hitler! Though Stalin and Hitler were both financially sponsored by the same Wall Street Jewish financiers Cunningham says;

      “No, no, no! Do not go there! We are not talking about the Financiers of Totalitarianism. Communism is Communism and Nazism is Nazism-period. Beyond the rhetoric of ideological propaganda, it would be trespass. Nazi Tyranny Fascism =Bad. Communism = good”.

      Jeeze! How do some people live with themselves, with such freakish perspective?

      1. awesome response to an less than noble attempt to defend Stalin’s brutal regime..
        Solzhenitsyn s 200 years of Jews in Russia is a reference to the Jewish overthrow of Russia. via its Jewish representatives sent to Russia on a vessel owned byJewish banker J. P. Morgan. Stalin Trosky and Lenin were all Jews As were the majority of the members of their party.

    2. Pat,
      Correcto. The noble, rapist Bolshevik Russian army didn’t achieve anything but deliver decades of suffering to most of Europe as well as themselves. So why the celebrations? Oh well. It goes to show that Putin is just another lying, 2-faced politician who willfully distorts history to his own advantage. 🤔🤨🤠

      1. Yeah, sure. Putin’s a darn liar.
        And Trump and Biden never fail to tell the truth.

        Every American president is a paragon of virtue.
        (Unlike the lying, 2-faced Putin.)

        I had no idea Mexican truckers were such political geniuses! 🙂

        1. MB,
          Your pen-name is appropriate…….an insect. Your attention-span and intelligence is even less. Some people are so boring, unattentive and unworthy of attention. 🤨

          1. Donaldo,

            Wouldn’t you like a beautiful insect like a butterfly to share a park bench with you? Or would you prefer an ugly human being in a face mask? With a butterfly, no need for social distancing! 🙂

        2. Que grosera para ser una madame
          Lo está diciendo en plural no importa sea Putin, Bien quien sea, léase es solo otro.

  2. Put in another way: essentially, the defeat of the Third Reich would not have happened without the U.S. and Britain Lend-Lease.
    427,284 trucks
    13,303 combat vehicles
    35,170 motorcycles
    2,328 ordnance service vehicles
    2,670,371 tons of petroleum products
    4,478,116 tons of foodstuffs (canned meats, sugar, flour, salt, etc.)
    1,911 steam locomotives, 66 Diesel locomotives. 9,920 flat cars
    1,000 dump cars, 120 tank cars, 35 heavy machinery cars.
    3,000+ Hurricane aircraft
    5000 P-39 Airacobra aircraft
    5,218 tanks
    5,000+ anti-tank guns
    4,020 ambulances and trucks
    323 machinery trucks
    1,212 Universal Carriers (with another 1,348 from Canada )
    1,721 motorcycles
    (£1.15bn worth of aircraft engines)
    1,474 radar sets
    4,338 radio sets
    600 naval radar and sonar sets
    Hundreds of naval guns
    15 million pairs of boots
    The Banksters kept General Patton from taking Moscow and then had him killed and everyone knows it, or should.

    “I understand the situation. Their (the Soviet) supply system is inadequate to maintain them in a serious action such as I could put to them. They have chickens in the coop and cattle on the hoof — that’s their supply system. They could probably maintain themselves in the type of fighting I could give them for five days. After that it would make no difference how many million men they have, and if you wanted Moscow I could give it to you. They lived on the land coming down. There is insufficient left for them to maintain themselves going back. Let’s not give them time to build up their supplies. If we do, then . . . we have had a victory over the Germans and disarmed them, but we have failed in the liberation of Europe; we have lost the war!”

    We defeated the Wrong Enemy

      1. ADMIN:


        Don’t refer to Lasha again unless you can do so politely.

    1. HP,
      And lets not forget the $1 billion in war material that the US stored for Uncle Joe in Manchuria. This was to entice the great master and inventor of all things to declare war on Japan which HE did at about the time the war ended. Though it doesn’t amount to a hill of beans now, one $billion was a lot of money during the war to make the world safe for Bolshevik communism.
      Well guess what? All those armaments stored in Manchuria fell into the hands of Mao Zedong the great humanitarian an all around fine fellow and favorite of the commies infesting and infecting the US State Department at the time and ever since.
      Also it was Major Racy Jordon up in Montana during the war for Communism, who was curious, pried open some crates headed for Uncle Joe that contained all the means of constructing an A bomb.
      For some of the Germans the war didn’t end right on May 9, 1945. There were the 1 million plus “displaced” German men and boys that were cooling their heals in Gen. Ike’s rest camps. Also the thousands of Eastern Europeans who fought with the Germans, who were sent back into the loving arms Uncle Joe.
      And who can forget the “educators” from the East and “The Greatest Generation” TGG from the West who set up special indoor and outdoor classrooms to lovingly teach the Aryan Women of Germany, aged, lets say, eight to ninety, lessons in the victors definition of courtesy and manners. It is said that the Japanese women also got some good hard lessons from TGG.
      One of many of TGG after doing some educating, writing to his girl friend, fiancee, or wife, “I’ll be home for Christmas”.

      1. TJ, I never forget that and a whole lot more.
        It was the refugees who broke my father’s heart. Beyond the killing and destruction and freezing misery and personal loss it was the refugees in the cold night that hurt so much and he said so. We all shared that in our own way.

        Rascaldom, top to bottom ..

    2. MB,
      Donaldo sincerely apologises for his rude outburst. He had a long and excruciating day driving. You are a sweet flower and, yes, Donaldo would love to share a park bench with a lovely butterfly such as Madame. 😘

  3. Lying bastards. They even lie to themselves. If Uncle Sam had acted properly, there’d be no “cold war” among us – and Hitler’s statue would be venerated all over Europe. In the upcoming “WWIII”, I’m afraid Uncle Sam will be fooled, again.
    At this point, we are allowing a traitor to occupy our White House, populate our Congress, and guide us into another misguided effort. The “Russians” haven’t shed their Bolshevism, but there’s no courage left in Washington, D.C..

  4. “Infernal Death Camps” in this short statement Cunningham showed that he’s a big proponent for the fallacy of the authority of Holocaust industry and has no consideration for historical facts! Too bad that he didn’t point to an exact geographical locations of such atrocious human-meat processing establishments in his article?

    1. @ Kingranch

      There’s no reason why Cunningham should deny the Holocaust just because you do. You are in a minority, remember. What is acceptable in the mainstream should not be compulsory here.

      I have nothing against Holocaust denial and think it ought to be discussed freely in the mainstream media. But how can it be discussed and debated freely if people like you want its discussion banned?

      Why are you imposing your totalitarian views on this website by making Holocaust acceptance a taboo subject?

      1. It is called an evidence, Saki. Sure sounds like you’re a big fan of Billy Wilder whose works, obviously, are still polluting people’s brains today. Isn’t that right…SAKI?

        1. Saki talks sense. You respond with rudeness.
          Holocaust denial has never been compulsory on this site.
          And you are not going to make it compulsory.

          1. Saki and you, MB, are commenting like dyslexic people. There is no such thing as being obligated to deny facts unless…you’re a compulsive liar! However, said facts cannot be factual!

            Back to the topic, people need to stop propagating all the lies that were presented and established as “the truth” during Nuremberg War Trails in regards to the holohoax! Just ask yourselves – what kind of ‘truth’ needs a criminal law to protect it?

  5. The title should read..
    “The bad guys won the war, only now we found out”
    on another note, I wonder what would have been the fate of the children of Gaza had Germany won the war.
    Besides, the drunken Russians lost 25 million retards, how do you win a war by losing so many soldiers?
    I admire Germany; it took 4 superpowers to bring them down !!!
    And who is the superpower now? Whose economy is the best?
    Who makes the best cars? Medicines?

    1. And I say the bad guys won the war because Germany isn’t an invading, thieving, occupying, genocidal maniac country …
      Germany has never invaded, thieved, looted nor killed people in any country like ENGLAND, THE U.S., FRANCE AND RUSSIA HAVE!
      My GOD!
      Those 4 countries, who were the ones that attacked Germany are the four most criminal, Invading, colonizing countries in the history of mankind!
      And on top of it,

      and you still wonder why is the world so fkd up?

      1. Germany had colonies here: Burundi, Cameroon, Namibia, Rwanda, Tanzania and Togo.
        They left after ww1..
        Those people in those countries miss Germany !
        They are like “please come back Germany, please”
        Do you hear any Chechnyan, afghani, Iraqi, Algerian yelling that ?

    2. Sarita
      I’ll answer your question regarding the children of Gaza, and of Palestinians in general. Their lives would have improved IMMEASURABLY had Germany won the war. Something many supporters of present-day Palestine are so brainwashed about it beggars belief, so entrenched are the lies.

      P.S. The “wily” Stalin, as lasha put it, would have been anything but had German Intel not been so thoroughly compromised, which for all intents and purposes lost them the war. Hitler would have had HIS head on a platter… to speak.

  6. I’ll just quote one of the commenters to the “Source” document as it is appropriate—

    “Mr Cunningham has a poor grasp of history, in addition to not knowing that “The Union Jack” is only flown at the jackstaff of an RN warship – everywhere else, it is called the Union Flag.
    If his knowledge of history were better, he would also know that Hitler invaded Soviet territory not for reasons of aggression, but as a pre-emptive strike against Stalin’s massed forces which were assembled along Germany’s borders and all ready to invade themselves; and if Germany fell, then the rest of Europe would fall too, and in short order.
    He also repeats the lie about the so called death camps, which were clearly work camps.
    All told then, he would be better sticking with his day job as a car park attendant than concerning himself with historical discussions.”

    1. @ Ramm Stein
      @ Other Hitler supporters

      Almost everything you say in your above comment is false. For a start, Cunningham’s day job is not that of car park attendant.

      As for Hitler invading Russia “preemptively” to stop Stalin invading Germany first, the reverse is true. Your version of history is the Nazi propaganda version, the view put forward by the arch propagandist Goebbels. Hitler initiated the peace pact with the Stalin regime to buy himself time. When he was ready to move against Stalin, he did so without any moral scruples. Stalin was utterly surprised and taken aback. He suffered many initial setbacks as a result of not taking any precautionary measures against Hitler’s unexpected treachery.

      You know little about history, nor does your source, if you fail to understand that Hitler’s overriding aim was LEBENSRAUM IN THE EAST, i.e., he needed to expand German territory eastward into the Soviet Union. Not westward, where Germany was already entrenched.

      Operation Barbarossa, the code name for Hitler’s invasion of the Soviet Union, was to prove Hitler’s biggest mistake. Before that he was doing well, chalking up victory after victory. As soon as he broke his peace pact with Stalin, he laid the foundations for his own ruin.

      He lost for two good reasons: (1) He was so clueless that he had failed to provide his invading German troops with sufficient winter clothing against the harsh Russian winter. Tens of thousands of German soldiers died of hypothermia and froze to death in the snows. (2) Hitler also underestimated the invincibility of Stalin’s Red Army. Those Russians soldiers, many of Asiatic (Tatar) origin, knew how to fight and were used to the bitter cold Russian winters, whereas the German soldiers were not — especially in their skimpy uniforms and non-waterproof boots.

      These are the sober facts. Support Hitler as much as you want, you and your besotted Hitler cheerleaders. One thing you cannot change and it must stick in your craw like a fishbone: HITLER LOST. And he deserved to lose. Because the other side were not only stronger but cleverer.

      I can understand you chagrin. It cannot feel nice to back a losing horse.

      1. @ Ramm Stein et al

        Honesty forces me to admit, however, that Ramm Stein et al could be 100% correct and I myself could be 100% incorrect.

        I have just read these opening paragraphs in a new 7200-word article about this subject on the Unz Review that makes me think I could be presenting “the victor’s version of history”, and that this is possibly the distorted version. I will quote the opening paragraphs:

        On Sunday morning June 22, 1941, driven by his hatred of “Judeo-Bolshevism” and his insatiable greed for Lebensraum, Hitler treacherously broke his pact of non-aggression with Stalin and launched the invasion of the Soviet Union. Caught off guard and badly commanded, the Red Army was overwhelmed. But thanks to the heroic resistance of the Russian people, the USSR finally routed the Germans, at the cost of some twenty million dead. It was the beginning of the end for the Nazis.

        This is, in broad outline, the story of Operation Barbarossa as told by the victors.

        The vanquished, naturally, had a different version.

        At 4:30 am on the morning of the attack, the Russian ambassador in Berlin received a formal declaration of war, later read to an international news conference, justifying the attack by the “steadily increasing concentration of all available Russian armed forces along a broad front extending from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea.” It justified the attack as preemptive.

        Etc . . . Etc . . . Etc . . .

        1. Thank you for your honesty Saki,
          I am in no way a Hitler supporter, I am only saying that that war “WINNERS” have proven worse !

          And regarding your phrase “the victor’s version of history” it’s true because

          “Those who win the war, write history”

          1. @ Sarita

            I commend your obvious intelligence as I commend your courtesy. May I ask if you are of German or Indian ancestry? The name “Sarita” sounds vaguely Indian, like “Sita”. That’s the only reason I ask.

            1. Hi Saki,
              No it isn’t a German nor an Indian name even though they use it too…
              I am in South America

      2. I’d say that your ‘sober facts’ are your opinion. A great many of people in the Europe of the 1930s viewed the Bolshevik Empire as a grave danger. Its actions of aggression within its borders against its own people as as well as at and outside its borders -think of its various occupations of border countries and its war with Finland, as well as the Communist International’s agitation and subversion abroad supplied the reason for looking with alarm at this giant and unknown giant country in the east. An opinion that can be reduced to viewing the Soviet Union as a harmless, self-involved agricultural idyll that was just looking after its own rural needs is certainly equal to putting on blinders and sporting sunglasses used to observe solar eclipses.
        We’ll never know what would have happened if the German attack on the SU had not occurred and broken its colossal strength, but we do know that not long after the war’s end the western powers were adopting the former German estimation of the looming threat in the East and acting accordingly by building up a MAD response strategy (in other words, blow everything up). Communism was a self-proclaimed expansive ideology, National Socialism was not. The one and only reason why any German armies were crossing borders was the ill-conceived triggering of first a European, then a World War by primarily Britain over the German-Polish war which was actively stoked by the people in Downing Street 10, even if the reason were utterly ridiculous: Poland’s belief that the German city of Danzig was Polish and its chauvinistic behavior towards the Germans which had been incorporated into Poland after the First World War in “order to provide Poland with a sea access”. Once the war was on, it developed its own dynamics – which would not have come into play without the triggering of the war.

  7. “The Russian people have every right to proudly proclaim victory over Nazi Germany and fascism in Europe. Every year, celebrations of Victory Day remain as vibrant as ever. And for good reason.”

    Helluva opening statement either way you cut it.
    If only because it’s true.

    The Russian people can’t honestly predict the future but they can and do celebrate the glorious parts of their brutal and dark 20th century past and yes it is easy to understand why they drink so much. (stereotype not intended)

    I remember my father telling us boys about how when they first met the Russians at the river and in the streets of Berlin the Russian soldiers were delirious with joy at the end of the war. They would literally inflict pain upon the Americans with their physical celebrations. He said they were “down to wild men by then.” I clearly remember him saying that almost 60 years ago. His beautiful green eyes always shining, damp with a deep sadness. Still us boys pried the horrific past out of him like the little rascals we were(are).

    The lovey-dovey lasted about two weeks or a month? Then as if a switch were flipped, all of a sudden it’s don’t let the Russians catch you out on the streets unless you want big trouble, boy howdy. And yes there were casualties on both sides. (mum’s the word)

  8. I’m pretty sure SAKI is a female now…
    Females seem to need the holocaust..
    They want to believe it happened…
    Something about guilt, victim credentials, WTFK…
    The German military advised Adolf not to attack stalingrad, but to go for the oil fields instead..
    He never listened to them too much, because he was a double agent the whole time…
    Eventually some in the high command knew they had to get rid of him, and had the guts to do it…
    Too bad they failed…
    At least that’s the official story…
    The German military were out to defeat the communists, which was a good thing…
    They were betrayed…
    As for the parades in RED SQUARE 🟥 – that would be
    Rothschild Square…
    The Central Banker Bloodline that made communism and put Hitler in power….
    Those who repeat the Jew media narrative on ww2 haven’t yet graduated from the first grade on the subject…

    1. @ Barkingdeer

      I’m pretty sure SAKI is a female now…
      Females seem to need the holocaust..
      They want to believe it happened…

      Like so many others here, like Kingranch for example, you have failed to understand me. But I think you are intelligent enough to understand if I try to explain again. It so happens that I have always been a Holocaust denier. I have never been a Holocaust believer because of all the holes in the historical narrative, too numerous to name. This ought to please you and Kingranch. And it should win your praise.


      I don’t think this site should make Holocaust denial COMPULSORY.

      I am saying that Jews who believe in the authenticity of the Holocaust (like Seymour Zak, Ranlan, Donaldo Colina, etc etc) should be allowed to post their opinions here without being bullied and harassed and chased away by the Holocaust deniers. I am advocating FREE SPEECH, dear Barkingdeer. Surely you and Kingranch would welcome FREE AND OPEN DEBATE ON THE HOLOCAUST, instead of shutting it down completely?

      Or do you want to make this site a “safety zone” for Holocaust deniers only? With no one else permitted entry? With no one else allowed to voice a different opinion?

      Here is a simple question for you, BH, and it is addressed to all you valiant Holocaust deniers or revisionists: Do you want to make Holocaust denial COMPULSORY on this site? Yes or no?

      1. SAKI,
        I do not wish for this site to become anything other than a free speech zone. All pros and cons should be heard and equally acknowledged by the audience. With that said…all constructive criticism toward both sides of the argument should be encouraged also.

        1. @ Kingranch

          Good, then we agree! Let’s have free debate here. If the Holocaust deniers are free to speak their minds, why should the Holocaust believers be forced to hold their tongues? You diehard Holocaust deniers, it seems, are all for censorship and double standards. Fortunately, the Darkmoon site refuses to accommodate you fanatical extremists any longer. This site is here to reflect the views of those who own and run it. It’s not here to reflect the views of its commenters who have never contributed a single dime to its maintenance or upkeep.

          1. No! We do not agree! There will be a level debate as soon as I can get my Ground Penetrating Radar and a metal detector down to BabiYar (with proper permit to search the location from local authorities of course) without me risking 5 years in jail for just asking for such permit! Then we’ll talk as equals, SAKI. But for now…you’re nothing but yet another pro-Stalinist, pro-Zionist and pro-Edomite (fake jew) Israel Hazbara troll lurking around some internet forums…this one here included.

            1. KingRanch

              Saki has my full backing. And, I guarantee, Admin’s full backing too. This is because your entire comment is based on lies, misconceptions, and ad hominem abuse. You write:

              Then we’ll talk as equals, SAKI. But for now…you’re nothing but yet another pro-Stalinist, pro-Zionist and pro-Edomite (fake jew) Israel Hazbara troll lurking around some internet forums…this one here included.

              Firstly, you will never talk as “equals” to Saki, since Saki is effortlessly your intellectual superior. If you don’t believe me, ask Admin. Admin will tel you that they would rather have Saki posting as a commenter here, any day of the week, than you.

              Secondly, Saki is NOT a pro-Stalinist. On the contrary, he is an anti-Stalinist. Always has been. Ask Lobro if you don’t believe me. Ask Admin. The most ardent pro-Stalinist here is Lobro and Saki has been one of his fiercest critics. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

              Thirdly, Saki is NOT a “pro-Zionist” and “fake Jew Israel hasbara troll” for the simple reason he has always backed the Palestinians and doubted the Holocaust.

              If you are wrong about so many things, KingRanch, you are wrong about everything!

              Ask Admin what they think about of your lies and stupidity.

              1. @ Sardonicus

                You are correct in everything you say about Saki. He has our full support. Everything KingRanch has said about Saki is false.

          2. Saki,

            What are your pronouns? Let us know so we don’t offend you by using the wrong pronouns in your Majestic Presence. I don’t think any drag queen ever thought to do Golda Meir. Good choice, no other drag queens will try to compete with you, girl that is guaranteed! You truly are a one-of-a-kind drag queen, lol.

            Also, considering what a BIG MOUTH you got and how you love to do drag maybe you should do Ethel Merman , she had a BIG MOUTH and that’s your style, a REAL BIG MOUTH and plus you are so much better than everyone else that’s why ADMIN loves you so much. Plus, being the he-she that you are, you could sing BOTH parts with your, lol, REAL BIG MOUTH,


      2. Admin
        I responded to a direct question from Saki, but I don’t see it. Any explanations?

        ADMIN: Yes, one of our three monitors deleted your comment because we are here to keep order. We don’t like your bad manners, your constant temper tantrums, and your arrogant assumption that you are entitled to tell this site how to run its affairs.

        Nor will you be allowed to vent your spleen on Lasha Darkmoon any more by likening her to a “parrot”. You will not be allowed to use my highly sensitive and gifted niece — who is suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and bereavement pangs— as your punching bag and spitting bowl. Do you understand that? Don’t address Lasha at all if you cannot do this without foam on your lips and spittle running dowm your chin.

        You need to apologize to Lssha for your abusive behavior before I let you post on this site again. But I won’t post your apology if I feel it’s hollow and insincere. You have to mean it.

        That’s all I have to say to you.

        1. Why are you so thin-skinned? Lose the “rough and tumble” and you’ve lost your edge. I’d be willing to bet that lasha is made of tougher stuff than you, even if she DID read the comment section.

          1. @ Brownhawk

            Better to be “thin-skinned” than thick-skinned like you. Which is simply an excuse for your bad manners and bullying behaviour.

            Get off Lasha’s back! Stop dissing her! She is not a “parrot”. She is not your punching bag. She is not a receptacle you can spit into whenever you wish to clear your throat. Do you understand?

            Don’t mention Lasha’s name at all in future if you cannot do this without disrespect.

            1. Poor Brownhawk! He obviously has trouble getting it up! When a man starts losing his “manhood”, he starts attacking women indiscriminately. He starts referring to them as “bitches”, “old hags”, and “PARROTS”. He becomes a fully-fledged misogynist.

              Lasha doesn’t *write* dynamic articles, like the one today. No sir! She *”PARROTS”* other people’s ideas! Right, Brownhawk? Did that insult make you feel more of a “man”?

              Instead of attacking women like Lasha for your erectile deficiencies, maybe you ought to try viagra! 🙂

              1. Sally
                Admin seems to be OK with YOUR ad hominem attack. Otherwise…..

                Where’s the fair play that admin so prides themselves on?

                Hmmm, so what’s the opposite of “misogynist”?….”misterogynist”? 😆

              2. You shouldn’t say such bad things about Brownhawk. They are obviously untrue. He is probably just suffering from lockdown stress and the mental problems associated with Covid-19. That’s all. He is a gentleman, unlike the horrible Kingranch, who is not only stupid but also a real nasty piece of work.

                1. Madame

                  We’re all stressing over this “plandemic” hoax in our own way. Anyone who says it doesn’t apply to them is a liar.

            2. Ask HER if she thinks that’s what I’m doing! Who asked you to speak for her? She’s made of tougher stuff than you seem to think.

              What is it with you Brits, who exaggerate “bullying behavior”, and put an inordinate amount of importance to having “good manners”? How’s that worked out for you in the last, oh I don’t know, count the centuries since the Romans occupied your little island.

              1. @ Brownhawk

                Ask HER if she thinks that’s what I’m doing! Who asked you to speak for her? She’s made of tougher stuff than you seem to think.

                I can’t force my niece to take an interest in your personal problems. It’s up to her if she wishes to do so. She is either unaware of your comment or can’t be bothered wasting her time on you.

                1. Toby

                  Tsk tsk tsk.

                  Why don’t you let the lady speak for herself, if she’s of a mind to think if I’m wasting her time. Obviously you feel I’m wasting YOURS. So just say that and quit speculating about others

                  1. @ Brownhawk

                    Lasha is FREE to speak. Toby is not stopping her. Do you understand simple English, you boring little moron? If she doesn’t wish to engage with you in dialogue, it’s because she has no time to waste on attention seekers with psychological problems. This is her custom. She only speaks to people who know how how to address her politely and show kindness and understanding. She never bandies words with cantankerous thugs like you.

                    @ ADMIN

                    It’s high time you did something to get this tedious bore off your site. His endless whining and attention seeking antics are taxing everyone’s patience here.

                    THANK YOU!

                    1. BO
                      Be true to the name you’ve given yourself and remain in the background. I couldn’t care less about your pitiful attacks. Your posts amount to nothing more than malodorous distractions uttered by a useless idiot with less than nothing to offer


                      If you choose to delete this post, please do the right thing and do the same to B.O.’s if you’re really serious about eliminating all this unnecessary drivel between posters.

                    2. @ Brownhawk

                      Pipe down, you presumptuous little pipsqueak. We take no instructions from troublemakers like you. If you don’t like the way we run his site, go elsewhere.

                    3. Regarding Viagra
                      Pfizer has announced a 2 for 1 pack sale coming out soon 🔜
                      Viagra/Covid vaccine
                      19.99 u.s. dollars

                    4. The only pipsqueaks I see around here are you hypocritical assholes who pride yourselves on fair play while allowing obnoxious little trolls like “B.O.” to have their say. Pathetic, arrogant Brits

                    5. Please go away and leave this website alone. We’ve had enough of your hysterics and temper tantrums. Your next comment will be deleted.

                    6. @ Brownhawk

                      Brother Brownhawk, Background Observer (BO) has told the truth about you. That is a fact. And Admin has acted with remarkable fairness and patience in regard to you, giving you every chance to settle down and behave like a normal person. My honest advice to you now is to seek out medical attention. There has to be something seriously wrong with you to behave in this mentally unhinged way.

  9. Look at what’s going on in Palestine! Even rt has more reports about this every day than on the victory parade. I’m still waiting to see the latest on the Israel – Palestine conflict covered here, from the evictions in Jerusalem, attacks on Al Asqa Mosque, the rocket blitz on Israel, the IDF retaliation, anti-semitism accusations at those protesting Israeli actions, US support for latest Israeli aggression. Enough of these old wars. Who cares? Hitler or Stalin? They’re both dead as are their Nazism and communism.

    I know you probably will soon, but I guess I’m impatient.

    1. Point taken, Commentator Mike. Both Lasha and I agree with you 100 per cent that the current crisis situation in Israel/Palestine is of far greater importance than anything else going on right now. And certainly more to the point than raking over old coals about Hitler and Stalin and all the tricks they got up to so many decades ago.

      We will therefore take your advice and do our best to cover the current Israel/Pakestine situation ASAP. Meanwhile, if you happen to come across a particularly stunning article of reasonable length, either post the link here or email it to [email protected]. We can’t promise to publish all the articles sent to us thusly, given that we get 80-90 emails a week containing such links, but we always do our best to post the best material available.

      BTW, we have published numerous anti-Israel articles in the past, notably by Philip Giraldi.

      1. Thanks Sister Monica,

        Other than this site I only visit regularly and there’s nothing there yet, but I’m sure Philip Giraldi and some other UR authors will come around to it. For regular news I usually check rt. I see Al Jazeera is absolutely chockablock full of headline reports on this crisis.

        This is interesting:

        The Irish PM in the video is well worth listening to.

        Oops, Wiggins reported this too. So I second that, and the comments on saker’s blog are worth reading.

        1. The Irish have always been with Palestinians because they have a similar problem with the ones who actually gave away Palestine to the Jews.
          Notice how the Jew ambassador doesn’t seem to care because that’s how Jews are, arrogant, greedy, hateful, crafty …
          Believe me, they have it coming

        2. @ Commentator Mike

          Electrifying video. Many thanks to you and Wiggins for this find. Will definitely use ASAP. There’s another very short video on Bitchute we’d like to feature at the same time but we can’t find the link to it right now. It carries a stern warning by the Kuwaiti government to Israel, telling the Israelis to get out of Palestine and calling them “child killers”.

          I wish we could get a straightforward link to the Bitchute video.

          1. If you go through the comments on the Saker blog under that article, a certain Faisal links another speech by the same Irish MP, Richard Boyd Barrett, but it is longer, about 7 minutes. And just under it, in a brief 1 minute speech, the MP says “the Government must act now to expel the Israeli ambassador and impose sanctions on the rogue State of Israel”.


  10. SAKI
    ” If the Holocaust deniers are free to speak their minds, why should the Holocaust believers be forced to hold their tongues? You diehard Holocaust deniers, it seems, are all for censorship and double standards.”
    You’re overreacting a bit… I never indicated holocaust believers should be silenced…
    They should go soak their heads in a toilet, yeah, for being so naive, but that’s different…
    I’m willing to listen to their reasons for believing in it…
    But I think you’ll find their reasons are personal, all about prejudices and psycho-psychmyko stuff, have nothing to so with evidence…
    The truth is – none if us really know, and there’s more going on that we even imagine…
    And we all choose to believe whatever we like…
    We can dig up information to corroborate our beliefs, and there is plenty to read about that’s contrary to official narratives and popular beliefs about a lot of things…
    As the free media impacted the traditional MSM they jacked their worst tactics…
    The commercial media is about one big pander now…
    It’s leading to civil war…
    This is the new information age, but many do not want to hear it, because they think the beliefs they have are who they are… And they’re not interested in becoming someone else, afraid to leave their security circle…
    Maybe you chose to believe Hitler was what the Jews say he was, he murdered 6,000,000 Jews and that he killed himself in his bunker…
    But why?
    People have no logical reason to believe the official version, but some cling to it…
    Who’s Putin?
    Hard to say…
    Who’s Trump?
    Good question…
    I think they’re both big Freemasons and Jew Puppets…
    I haven’t heard either one of them speak out against the central bank…
    Neither one of them ever called for a Global Peace Conference…

    1. @ Barkingdeer

      TO SAKI: “You’re overreacting a bit… I never indicated holocaust believers should be silenced…
      They should go soak their heads in a toilet, yeah, for being so naive, but that’s different…
      I’m willing to listen to their reasons for believing in it…”

      No, you simply don’t get the point. Saki is ten times more intelligent than you. Because he gets the point and you don’t.

      If Holocaust deniers and Holocaust believers are to be treated alike, with both equally free to speak their mind on this site — AS YOU ADMIT! — why do you say that Holocaust believers “should soak their heads in the toilet for being naive”?

      Since you are in agreement that there should be no double standards, what would prevent Saki from saying “Holocaust deniers should go and soak their heads in the toilet for being so naive as to deny the Holocaust when 95% of the world believe in it.”

      What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

      1. Because you are basically an aggressive redneck lacking in good manners, you think rudeness will win you arguments. No, it won’t. Rudeness is simply rhetoric and piss in the wind. You won’t score any points by rudeness.

        1. Barkingdeer

          I enjoy reading most of your comments because, in spite of the fact that I don’t always agree with what you say, your opinions are usually expressed without rancour and bitterness. You are a far better poster than Brownhawk, Gilbert Huntly and Lobro who all seem to suffer from some serious psychological disorder, possibly brought on by ill health, medication, and drug and alcohol abuse.

          The underlying problem for these maladjusted people is usually depression.

  11. Victor Suvorov, a former KGB defector with access to documents demonstrates in his book, The Chief Culprit, how Stalin was responsible for starting WWII. David Irving wrote of Hitler constantly trying to make peace with England, with one offer so generous after seeing the English off from Dunkirk that Churchill kept it secret, What does that suggest?
    It’s true, of course, that the Red Army took the brunt of the war with Germany but it may be for that it was kept from rolling over Europe had it not been taken by surprise by Hitler who beat him to the punch. Suvorov”s book is reviewed at

  12. SARITA
    “The Irish have always been with Palestinians because they have a similar problem with the ones who actually gave away Palestine to the Jews.”
    Idi Amin had the same idea…
    “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”…
    Anyway, I’m not sure this current flare-up in occupied Palestine is just more of the same old stuff…
    A Big Part of Wokeism is the virtue signal on the Israeli issue…
    Things have changed…
    i heard Amy Goodman a couple of nights ago running what was really a pro Palestinian narrative on the latest developments, the rocket attacks, which are being done as a response to another big Zionista land grab…
    With regard to the same old symptoms, the Biden administration is AWOL on this one, for whatever that’s worth…
    The sameo sameo totally pro israeli spitlicking is no longer the agitpop throughout, no longer flies, not just on the college campus scene, but apparently not on the Biden plantation either…
    Still alive and well on FOX though…
    The Bidens seem kinda scarce on it, about like they are on the Southern border…
    Wokeness seems to have had a chilling affect on what’s always been the typical sycophancy before the SLC…
    Things appear to be getting complicated…
    It’s just my opinion, nothing hateful, merely an illustrative statement of my disagreement with the holohoaxers…
    They’re still free to say whatever they want, and I’d like to know why they believe it…
    I wonder – what do you think of the said ‘Holocaust’?
    Thank You…
    Would you mind telling me where you disagree with me?

    1. Of course it’s more of the same old stuff. It’s always been the same since day 1, the establishment of Israel: stealing land, kicking Palestinians out of their homes and killing them, until Gaza is now a large Warsaw ghetto launching its uprisings against the occupiers. But it’s no reason to be blasé and ignore it. I just wish the global protests were more massive and persistent. Here’s more of Roger Waters:

    2. Bark –
      “…. illustrative statement of my disagreement with the holohoaxers…”

      YOU DISAGREE!!??? You support the disgusting jew LIES!!?? Do you chant kol nidre!!?? That might not Bid Well for you or any regular Joe here.

      The holocaust lies allow and protect the jews from criticism when they lie, cheat, steal and murder…. and advance their phony ‘chosen’ status.

      “Holohoaxers” like me are tired of the special treatment given to those who ‘identify’ as jews, whether they are jews or not. The holocaust, which was not a holocaust by definition, therefore a lie on its face, is the jews’ platform for sympathy and $$$MILLIONS/BILLIONS in MONEY when none is due. The jews are the only group globally who can chant kol nidre at purim and ARE allowed to lie, and deny all oaths and contracts, with their rabbis’ approvals. The jews cannot be trusted, especially in business.

      AND, as you well know….. the TOP jews have admitted that they want to destroy the white race. They are disgusting.

  13. What is it about the Irish ?

    Why don’t we ask the Irish question?

    Why is it always nearly always ‘credentialised’ Jews and Irish that the UK TV news always bring on to “shit us” on something non-beneficial to ourselves and our way of life.

    Half of the Irish DNA comes from Northern Europe and the other half from semitic North Africa.

  14. PAT
    Calm down man, You got me wrong…
    I guess I got a little loose with my lexical semantics…
    The 6,000,000 holocaust is a hoax..
    I’m certain some Jews were killed, and robbed, but that was persecution against non-zionist jews by zionists, those who were in cahoots with the bolsheviks and Hitler against the German people…
    Therefore those who perpetrate the holocaust are holohoaxers…
    We who question it are holocaust deniers and truthers…
    That’s you and me both…

    1. Barkingdeer
      There could be some kind of compromise between you and the Holocaust believers ..
      You can hold a towel and stand by for when they are done
      soaking their heads in a toilet, just saying

  15. If they really get their minds right I’ll even dry them off…
    It really is a tall order though…
    The brainwashing and peer pressure must be monumental upon our jewish ✡ 🙄 brethren…
    I have known some though who denied it…
    It’s pretty rare…

  16. The vital question is who actually were (are) the nazi? Well, exactly the same as the bolsheviks like Lenin (Blank) or Trotsky (Bronstein) and all the commissars (ministers) of jewish USSR occupied Russia, NKVD, etc. they were jews following orders of the Nasi… the prince of Sanhedrin. The name of “Nasi” occurs 132 times in the hebrew Bible. The same etymology has word “Fuhrer”.

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