Must not Criticize Jews: Ukraine passes law banning ‘antisemitism’

Jewish Telegraph Agency
SEPTEMBER 23, 2021 

Linked from the David Irving website,  which comments dryly: “Lenin passed the same law in the 1920s!” In other words, the more you ban antisemitism, the more it will flourish and spread.  

(JTA) — Ukraine’s parliament has passed a law stating that “antisemitism and its manifestations are banned” in that country.

The law, which passed on Wednesday thanks to a majority of 283 lawmakers out of 450, is unusual in that it also proscribes antisemitic sentiment as illegal. Most countries with laws against antisemitism, such as Germany, France and the Netherlands, criminalize various expressions of antisemitic hatred but not the condition of harboring it.

The Law on Prevention and Counteraction to Anti-Semitism in Ukraine defines antisemitism as “a certain perception of Jews, expressed as hatred of Jews.” It lists examples of this, including Holocaust denial and “calling for, concealing or justifying the killing or harm of persons of Jewish origin.”

The law does not mention Israel rhetoric, but Ukraine is a cosignatory to the IHRA definition of antisemitism, which defines some anti-Israel speech as antisemitic. The bill also does not address the growing phenomenon in Ukraine of glorifying Nazi collaborators as national heroes. And it does not stipulate punishments for those found guilty of violating the law.

Six lawmakers voted against, 40 abstained and 33 were not present during voting, according to the website of the Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine parliament. President Volodymyr Zelensky, who is Jewish and was elected in 2019, needs to sign the law for it to become effective.


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  1. The house of Israel is weaker than the house of a spyder,so says God in the noble Quran.Consider this about the spyder , the female kills and eats the male after fertilizing ,then the offsprings eat the mother and when they are done with her , the brothers and sisters eat other . This is the house of Israel without an outside enemy . I would not be shocked if some Jews would attribute antisemitism to God himself .God also says in the noble Quran about the Jews , you would think they’re together , but their hearts are diverse .

    1. Hi Al,
      You said, “The house of Israel is weaker than the house of a spyder, so says God in the noble Quran.”

      I see no such statement in the Qur’aan. Here is a translation of what it actually says, “The likeness of those who take Auliya (protectors and helpers) other than Allah is as the likeness of a spider, who builds (for itself) a house, but verily, the frailest (weakest) of houses is the spider’s house; if they but knew.” (Ankabut: 41)

      This is just a general statement and not specific to the House of Israel. The metaphor that can be applied to anyone and the first audience was to people who put their trust and hopes in wood and stone images. If there is something I have missed, I will gladly accept.

      In today’s world, I would say the House of Israel is more like the spider, who spins the web that catches the nations of the world and slowly saps life out of them. It is super strong and getting stronger all the time. For years it has been on the macro level; now, more and more on the micro level……complete slavery.
      As Kamenski has said for years now, “We’re all Palestinians.”
      And, I would add, “Uighurs too.”

      1. @ SEEB

        I stand corrected about the ayah . Your input is spot on . I guess I was thinking about what Nasrallah of Lebanon said about Israel being (awhan) or weaker than the house of a spyder . And he was right .Thx for your comment .

  2. This is proof that Jews are organized and controlling the state for their benefit. If humans are anti-semitic it is for a reason. I have met Jews who instantly made me hate them, as they are obnoxious a-holes who care nothing about truth but only about maintaining the narrative. If the state passes laws protecting these a-holes then people will only hate them more – and if the crisis gets big enough – then people will be forced to vote for ultra-nationalists as a survival tactic.

      1. Anti-Semitism is when you realize your government is completely controlled by Jews who want your nation destroyed:

        Ron Klain Chief of Staff

        Janet Yellin Secretary of Treasury

        Alejandro Mayorkas Secretary of Homeland Security

        Tony Blinken Secretary of State

        Merrick Brian Garland Attorney General

        Jared Bernstein Council of Economic Advisers

        Rochelle Walensky Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

        Wendy Sherman Deputy Secretary of State

        Anne Neuberger Deputy National Security Adviser for Cybersecurity

        Jeffrey Zients COVID-19 Response Coordinator

        David Kessler Co-chair of the COVID-19 Advisory Board and Head of Operation Warp Speed

        David Cohen CIA Deputy Director

        Rachel Levine Deputy Health Secretary

        Jennifer Klein Co-chair Council on Gender Policy

        Jessica Rosenworcel Chair of the Federal Communications Commission

        Stephanie Pollack Deputy Administrator of the Federal Highway Administration

        Polly Trottenberg Deputy Secretary of Transportation

        Mira Resnick State Department Deputy Assistant Secretary for Regional Security

        Roberta Jacobson National Security Council “border czar”

        Gary Gensler Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chairman*

        Genine Macks Fidler National Council on the Humanities

        Chanan Weissman Director for Technology and Democracy at National Security Council

        Thomas Nides U.S. Ambassador to Israel [to be confirmed]

        Eric Garcetti U.S. Ambassador to India [to be confirmed]

        David Cohen U.S. Ambassador to Canada [to be confirmed]

        Mark Gitenstein U.S. Ambassador to the European Union [to be confirmed]

        Deborah Lipstadt Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism [to be confirmed]

        Jonathan Kaplan U.S. Ambassador to Singapore [to be confirmed]

        Marc Stanley U.S. Ambassador to Argentina [to be confirmed]

        Rahm Emanuel U.S. Ambassador to Japan [to be confirmed]

        Sharon Kleinbaum Commissioner of the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom

        Dan Shapiro Adviser on Iran

        1. @ Joe Talache

          Thank you for this invaluable list of names.

          It speaks volumes.

          Right now in the U.K. the Jews are demanding that anyone who dares to say that “Jews are behind pornography”, or that “Jews control Hollywood”, are guilty of spreading “vicious antisemitic lies” — and should be severely punished with imprisonment and fines.

          Is this not so, Lasha?

          1. @ SAKI

            Yes, this is absolutely correct.

            In yesterday’s Daily Mail (25 September, p. 46) there is an article bearing this headline: FIRED ETON TEACHER IN ANTI-SEMITISM STORM.

            Let me quote from the article:

            Dr E. Michael Jones, an American writer, refers to the ‘Jewish Gestapo’ in the 52-minute interview [on YouTube].

            Marie van der Zyl, president of the [Jewish] Board of Deputies, said here was no excuse for sharing the video, which contain “vicious falsehoods abut Jews”. She demanded that YouTube remove the interview from the [Eton] teacher’s channel… which has 9,300 subscribers.


            Miss van der Zyl said yesterday: “There can be no excuse for sharing this blatantly anti-Semitic video. We would call on YouTube to remove it so that these vicious falsehoods about Jews cannot be promulgated with impunity.”


            Is Dr Jones being maliciously defamed and demonized by the British Board of Deputies of Jews? Absolutely. Every single word spoken by Dr Jones is true. He has no reason whatever to lie when the evidence for his case is so overwhelming. Dr Jones cites in his defence an article that appeared in the prestigious Jewish Quarterly in 2004, published online in 2013, about the role of American Jews in the rise of the porn industry.

            Here a top Jewish academic is openly admitting in a high-prestige Jewish publication that Jews have always been very active in promoting pornography as a way of demoralising the goyim and undermining Christianity. Dr Jones simply pointed this out, quoting from the Jewish article, and he is now being attacked for spreading “vicious antisemitic falsehoods.”

            You can’t make this up, it’s so absurd. 🙂

            I have written extensively on this subject myself. Here is a key article of mine in full support of Dr Jones’ views on the Jewish role in the porn industry. This 2-part article was published in January 2013 on The Occidental Observer, the Truthseeker, and on several other websites including foreign language sites:


            1. ADMIN: Here is our resident Jewish troll, TheRealOriginal Joe, attacking Lasha for saying that Jews are behind pornography and for defending E. Michael Jones.

              By a curious coincidence, this American Jew living in Florida also happens to be the biggest promoter of pornography on this site, praising other jews (Melvin Poltnik) and delighting in the lowest obscenities. As you all know, he is into bestiality porn in a big way and has fantasized in several comments, all published on this website, about Lasha Darkmoon enjoying sex with the stallions in her stables.

              Please understand that Lasha, like most other people nowadays, doesn’t even own a horse! — let alone a stable full of “rampant stallions”.

              TheRealOriginalJoe (sneers) :

              Lasha used to have a spine, but that’s in the past.
              Now she is spineless. One can only speculate
              as to why she has caved-in to the jews.

              1. @ TROJ

                If you ever want your balls cut off, come to me.
                I’d be glad to turn you into a eunuch, you foul piece of dog shit.

              2. @ TROJ

                Lasha used to have a spine, but that’s in the past.
                Now she is spineless. One can only speculate
                as to why she has caved-in to the jews.

                You have ALREADY told us why Lasha has allegedly “caved in to the Jews”, you brain-dead moron, so there’s no need to say “one can only speculate”. You have told us here ad nauseam that Lasha is “taking the shekels” — without offering the slightest evidence.

                There is as much evidence for Lasha being on the payroll of the Jews (“taking the shekels”) as for her having regular sex with the “rampant stallions” in your sick imagination.

                I spit in your ugly face, you foul wanker.

                1. Me too.

                  I would gladly stamp on the bones of this sewer rat who has gained access to this website and apparently cannot be banned.

                  What the f**k is wrong with you Admin?
                  Can’t you pull the pug on this vicious troll?

    1. “Anti-Semitism is nothing but the antagonistic attitude produced in the non-Jew by the Jewish group. This is a normal social reaction. The Jewish group has thrived on oppression and on the antagonism it has forever met in the world… the root cause is their use of enemies they create in order to keep solidarity.” — Albert Einstein

      1. This is a good quote, but I’m not sure if it’s authentic.
        It doesn’t sound like something Einstein himself would say.
        You need to provide a good source reference.


          Anti-Semitism will be a psychological phenomenon as long as Jews come in contact with non-Jews—what harm can there be in that? Perhaps it is due to anti-Semitism that we survive as a race: at least that is what I believe.—Albert Einstein, English translation by A. Engel, The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein, Volume 7, Document 37, Princeton University Press, (2002), p. 159.

          Anti-Semitism is nothing but the antagonistic attitude produced in the non-Jew by the Jewish group. This is a normal social reaction. The Jewish group has thrived on oppression and on the antagonism it has forever met in the world … the root cause is their [Jews] use of enemies they create in order to keep solidarity. -Einstein, Collected Papers

          more at the top link

  3. How do you know who’s in charge?
    Who are you not allowed to criticize?
    And the more so when when the logic defining the circumstance is faulty…
    Denying the holocaust, or merely questioning the supposed official narrative on it has nothing to do with hating people simply because they’re Jewish…
    And it isn’t as if there haven’t been enough changes made to the holocaust story, like the great reduction in the number of people supposedly killed at Auschwitz, that more questions are not in order…
    But it might crack the Zionist power structure, if the Jewish people themselves could ever be made to see how brainwashed they are, that 90% of what they’ve been taught about their own history, like the rest of us, is lies…
    Too bad the sad fact is there are plenty of Jewish people at the common level who are perfectly willing to use the holocaust for industrial purposes, extorting supposed reparations money, never ending, out of countries like Poland and Germany, where their stooges are kept in power, and using it as the excuse to rob and exterminate the Palestinians…
    Saying the Jews control the media, and that they censor information about their power and their machinations is not a hateful statement…
    By now everybody can see that being a tool for special interests, owners first, is what commercial media is all about anyway, not just for Jews either…
    The media are the real problem, because the free press is kept under corporate control and the content will be censored according to the wishes of the owners…
    In other words – freedom of the press doesn’t exist under corporate ownership…
    You’re only going to get what they want you to hear, and any real journalists who think otherwise will soon be fired and blackballed…
    The alternative media is still relatively free, if not so famous, and it is having an effect on the existing power structure, which is why you’re seeing laws passed against antisemitism…
    Yet, there’s no doubt the vast majority of Americans still have no idea…
    Antisemitism is anything the Jewish power structure would rather the public were not allowed to talk about…
    Passing laws against it probably do more to harm the Zionist faction by exposing the reality of their control over the government, ZOG…
    But, if we’re coming to a period where the vaxx issue is negating individual freedom and protection from state power overreach, maybe to the extent we see in Australia, where children are being grabbed from their parents by police, then the Jews may be getting the antisemitism rules on the books ahead of the crisis…
    start at about 13 minutes, if you want to skip jones’ sales pitch…

    1. Bark –

      You should know that FOX’s owner, jew Murdock, has a plan working there….. or Carlson would be silenced.

      This critique appeases FOX’s nationalist base. AND….. It subtly, almost subconsciously, keeps fear of attacks from ADL alive and well also. Those FOX jews are REALLY tricky!! 🙂

      1. PAT
        Man I guess so…
        Still, it seems to me the FOX media part of the Jewish Zionist ✡ power structure has nothing to gain by cluing
        the generally brain dead public in on the ADL as some kind of aggressive censor, a major player in the ZOG faction…
        If it seeks to censor TC, still a milquetoaster, what else might it be up to?
        I’m not certain the wheels haven’t come a lot looser on the Zion Bandwagon….
        And the whole big stieny circus 🎪 might be all but broke, about to go out of business…..
        Everything cracks sooner or later….
        There’s no way the pre-web power structure survives as it was before….
        They may still be protected by their commercial media and a lot of jew infested public media outlets, but there’s nothing to be done about the net media….
        50/50 the plan to stay in control is the reset…
        Same odds on the big extermination as part of the plot…

        1. Bark –

          Those FOX NEWS claims will deepen the fear in “the generally brain dead public” about the ADL. It will paralyze them. I will keep them silent and at home.

          The jews are not going out of business. They are getting stronger. Pharma jews making $$$Trillions globally in vaccines & meds yet to come are an example.

  4. Ukraine’s ruling jews followed Russia’s ruling jews. Puny punk criminal gangster ‘Put-On’ criminalized antisemitism in Russia a few years ago. It will spread globally.

  5. LD wrote:
    “Jews have always been very active in promoting pornography as a way of demoralising the goyim and undermining Christianity.”

    I agree!

    Here is an utterly disgusting example in Alexandria, Virginia, close to DC, where the whole school board should have been dragged out on the lawn and horsewhipped for allowing this porn to be taught in public schools:
    (beware – X rated Twitter link)

  6. One of the big problems with officializing “anti-semitism” laws will be the inability of the normal sane people in calling out the completely insane policies of Jewish peoples put in positions of political power. This fear of being labeled an antisemenite squashes almost all resistance to the inept and destructive policies of Jews who only care about power and nothing about the truth. Then the political apparatus revolves around the single axis of the JEW narrative which are ALWAYS completely erroneous because they are based on JEW EGO and the quest for political power and not about science, logic, data, or reason. Jews believe they are right because they are Jews.

    So if a Jew believes in Global Warming then it must be true because HE the HEBREW is GOD and GOD can not be wrong. The Jew demonstrates ultra supremacist thinking and has no business setting political policy based on rationalism, the Jew is not rational, and thus should be excluded from the process of setting law.

    Global Warming is a case in point of how this one sided argument has led to the whole world fooling itself with tax credits to promote specific industries over economic and engineering reality. Woke idiots think unicorns and windmills will save us. (And like Covid, the crisis is imaginary). The Jew media has convinced the world that carbon dioxide is an existential threat when in fact it is a life gas. The EPA even fell for the hoax and labeled CO2 as a pollutant. Current CO2 levels are not a threat, if CO2 doubles or triples it is still not a threat – and in fact plants will grow twice as good.

    The idea that CO2 is a threat is complete junk science. The idea that CO2 going up by man is also junk science as CO2 was going up prior to the industrial revolution. This is well known by scientists involved in this study but they are universally excluded from the debate. It is the Jew media that is the real threat.

    This top down Jewish intellectual terror by not allowing any dissent of the Jew run media narrative is complete insanity, has led to the completely insane anti carbon dioxide policies. Now the world thinks it has to reduce CO2 to zero, which can only happen if all industry is shut down and every breathing thing killed. Anti-CO2 is anti-life. Without CO2 all life on planet earth would die instantly. CO2 levels are still close to rock bottom Ice Age concentrations, the current level of CO2 as measured at Mauna Loa at 415 ppm is barely above the ultra low levels below 200 ppm during peak ice age cooling. Below 240 plants stop growing, below 200 plants die. Even at today’s levels marijuana farmers pump their greenhouses to 3x to maximize plant growth – which means plants on earth are optimized to grow at much higher levels than today’s 415 ppm.

    The current destruction of the US Military with woke policies and the vaccine mandate IS BEING CAUSED BY JEWS IN THE MEDIA, JEWS IN MEDICINE, JEWS IN GOVERNMENT. Obviously it is JEWS who are CAUSING the CRISIS. Thus is is obvious that Jews must be removed from the state if the nation is to survive. Obviously faggots and trannies have no place in a modern army, only Jews would be so foolish as to implement such policies – and they are obviously doing it to harm nation states for the benefit of Jewry.

    The US Military is in an existential crisis caused by the Biden administration, and they are required to remove the Commander in Chief if he is so grossly incompetent that he is causing the destruction of rank and file troops from the vaccine mandate. Biden needs to be arrested for causing irreparable harm to the US Military order and readiness and health of the troops. I provide the affidavit proof below:

    Quoting: Affidavit of Lieutenant Colonel LTC Theresa Long MD

    “39. The subject matter of this Motion for a Preliminary Injunction and its devastating effects on members of the military compel me to conclude and conduct accordingly as follows:

    1. a) None of the ordered Emergency Use Covid 19 vaccines can or will provide better immunity than an infection-recovered person;

    2. b) All three of the EUA Covid 19 vaccines (Comirnaty is not available), in the age group and fitness level of my patients, are more risky, harmful and dangerous than having no vaccine at all, whether a person is Covid recovered or facing a Covid 19 infection;

    3. c) Direct evidence exists and suggests that all persons who have received a Covid 19 Vaccine are damaged in their cardiovascular system in an irreparable and irrevocable manner;

    4. d) Due to the Spike protein production that is engineered into the user’s genome, each such recipient of the Covid 19 Vaccines already has micro clots in their cardiovascular system that present a danger to their health and safety;

    5. e) That such micro clots over time will become bigger clots by the very nature of the shape and composition of the Spike proteins being produced and said proteins are found throughout the user’s body, including the brain;

    5. f) That at the initial stage of this damage the micro clots can only be discovered by a biopsy or Magnetic Resonance Image (“MRI”) scan;

    6. g) That due to the fact that there is no functional myocardial screening currently being conducted, it is my professional opinion that substantial foreseen risks currently exist, which require proper screening of all flight crews.

    7. h) That, by virtue of their occupations, said flight crews present extraordinary risks to themselves and others given the equipment they operate, munitions carried thereon and areas of operation in close proximity to populated areas.

    8. i) That, without any current screening procedures in place, including any Aero Message (flight surgeon notice) relating to this demonstrable and identifiable risk, I must and will therefore ground all active flight personnel who received the vaccinations until such time as the causation of these serious systemic health risks can be more fully and adequately assessed.

    9. j) That, based on the DOD’s own protocols and studies, the only two valuable methodologies to adequately assess this risk are through MRI imaging or cardio biopsy which must be carried-out.

    10. k) That, in accordance with the foregoing, I hereby recommend to the Secretary of Defense that all pilots, crew and flight personnel in the military service who required hospitalization from injection or received any Covid 19 vaccination be grounded similarly for further dispositive assessment.

    11. l) That this Court should grant an immediate injunction to stop the further harm to all military personnel to protect the health and safety of our active duty, reservists and National Guard troops”

    1. I have heard many times Jews are smart people, maybe even with the highest IQs. Well that must be bullshit because Jews believe like the rest of the Goyim that CO2 is a threat and that CO2 is controlling earth’s temperatures. Both are wrong, and are easily proved wrong, so that means Jews are just as stupid as the rest of us. The idea that a slight increase in a trace gas is an existential threat is laughable on the face of it, and this CO2, a minor trace gas measured in parts per million has been 10 times higher for most of earth’s 4.5 billion year lifespan. Yet they managed to convince nearly everyone that CO2 is Satan himself.

      Nothing makes a person more stupid than the Jew media and the false Jew media narratives that are pumped nonstop out the Jewtube – an electronic machine that spews Jew lies nonstop. If you watch and believe anything on the television you must be a special kind of stupid. Only an idiot is dumb enough to turn it on and believe what the whores are saying as truth itself, yet Jews watch TV and believe every word! They believe the holocaust literal also. These people are not smart at all, they are gullible pawns like the rest of us.

      Now if you have studied this Covid hoax, how the media just pumped the fear and got everyone to believe that the covids was the end of the world, and without lockdowns, masks, social distancing, quaccines we were all going to die! Fear! Fear! But they didn’t start with the medical emergency first, before the covid hoax they had the carbon dioxide hoax, and before that they had the 2009 banking bust hoax, and before that the 911 hoax, etc. etc. Endless hoaxes, school shootings every day, give us your guns Goyim!

      ALL THEY DO IS LIE, take your freedom, lie some more, blame you, tell more lies, say everyone is turning anti-Semitic. Well as stupid as Amerikans are, they are buying guns and ammo like never before, and that means they are not buying the official narrative but prepping for a very dark future. They got that one right, because you can never have too many guns, or “enough” ammo. Nearly every week Jews are dumping more third world toxic trash into your countries, so tell me, do you really have enough rounds, are you that good of a shot?

      What Jews are doing, especially in Amerika, is completely trashing the nation with BLM riots, antifa Commie uprisings, woke policies, tranny health directors, pronoun abuse, ruinacious deficit spendings, false narratives, demonization of white people, phony political clowns like Trump AND Biden, more restrictions, more threats, more draconian policies by the day. And it the center of this hell storm are Jews pulling the levers of power. And if you point out this obvious fact, well you are a dirty aunty semite.

      Antisemitism is only going to increase, because the Jew caused crisis is increasing. The two go together, the light follows the dark. Eventually the crisis is going to get so bad, you will not be able to stop people from openly criticizing the Jews, and the stage will be set for a return of A. H. So all those propaganda movies will fail, as reality will force people to see the truth, that Jews ruined the nation.

      1. The jews ruined the nation many years ago, and almost nobody can see it. Don’t think AH will return.
        It was tried twice in the last 200 odd years, and it failed because of the stupidity of the sheople. I mean Napoleon and Adolf.
        Probably the same “person”, but I don’t see it coming back for 200 years. Looks like we are heading for a new “dark age”.

    2. It would have been too obvious if they tried to restrict O2 consumption so they went for CO2 but the practical result is the same. Take for instance our vehicles, if the exhaust pipe is blocked the engine dies. In a permanent operational regime, on a classical sense, mass flow IN equals mass flow OUT.

      Some people don’t know that to breathe is to combust. Mitochondria are cellular components responsible for combustion which gives us energy. Only primitive anaerobic unicellular organisms don’t breathe. Also, only primitive organisms are asexual or “gender neutral” to use leftist nomenclature. Male vs. female love & hate relationship isn’t a curse but a blessing – a subject for another essay.

      If they want to restrict CO2 emissions they want you dead. You first Klaus Schwab, I’m right behind you! We are dealing with a cult of Malthusians and they are dead serious. Not that they believe in Malthus but they use his theory as ideological justification.

      Earth freezes every 26 thousand years, periodically, and there is nothing we can do about it.

  7. “The Jew cries out in pain while he is striking you.” (Old Polish Proverb)

    “An anti-semite used to mean someone who didn’t like Jews. Now it means someone whom the Jews don’t like.” (Joseph Sobran; he also called the US Congress “Israeli occupied territory”)

    1. “Antisemitism” is an amorphous term, never specifically defined, and means whatever a Jew wants it to mean, and thus the term is abused and weaponized and is meant to be the trump card and discussion stopper for any discussion relating to any Jew or anything Jewish, unless it’s abject and fawning praise.

      Even in 1922 Hilaire Belloc complained about the problem:

      “It was the instinctive policy with the mass of the Jewish nation, a deliberate policy with most of its leaders… to label as “Anti-Semitic” any discussion of the [Jews]…

      “If a man alluded to the presence of a Jewish financial power in any region…he was an Anti-Semite. If he interested himself in the peculiar character of Jewish philosophical discussions, especially in matters concerning religion, he was an Anti-Semite. If the emigrations of the Jewish masses from country to country, the vast modern invasion of the United States, for instance (which has been organized and controlled like an army on the march), interested him as an historian, he could not speak of it under pain of being called an Anti-Semite. If he exposed a financial swindler who happened to be a Jew, he was an Anti-Semite. If he exposed a group of Parliamentarians taking money from the Jews, he was an Anti-Semite. If he did no more than call a Jew a Jew, he was an Anti-Semite.” (The Jews, p 160-161) BTW, Belloc loved the Jews and had a Jewish secretary for most of his long writing career.

      1. TROJ
        Your losts are entertaining….
        Jew Troll or not…..
        And if you are and are pretending not to be, while the management villifies you as such, that probably means you both are jewish trolls and this is a troll site all along…
        Jews vilify Jews much more than anydoby, because they want them hated….
        And I wonder how my post went from being published at 4th a day or 2 ago to about 20th today….
        Did that many people 😳 hit the reply button?
        I doubt it….

  8. Anti-Semitism is a toss up and rigged coin game. Heads the Jews win, and tails…………….the Goy loose! The non-Jews can never win this game. Its stacked-up deck of cards

    Its a Hegelian tool which can never be ultimately eradicated because it is indispensable to for the Big Jews management of their lesser brethren.

    It also in a way affirms their conviction that they are Chosen. I.e they are hated because………they are chosen. They are hated, because Lord Yahweh game them The Torah, and not the Goy. So, in a way, Anti-Semitism validates “Jewishness” Without Anti-Semites it would not feel the same way to be a Jew. Anti-Semites make being Jewish feel important. There are billions of Anti-Semites, and only a few millions Jews. That must mean something important.

    So, if it does not exists, Anti-Semitism must be invented and provoked to instill fear in the lesser Jews so that they can run to their benefactors and protectors the Big Jews who provoked it in the first instance. Can’t make this stuff up!! They did not coin the word for nothing. Its a useful tool. A hammer to the Goy, and a stick to the lesser Jews .

    The Big Jews ensure that Jews, and gentiles must be kept perpetually in an antagonistic stance because that is the only way Messianic Judaism can achieve its aim.

    So, if you think that Anti-Semitism is abhorrent to the Jews, think again!

    1. BF –

      You expressed the trickery of the jews very well. You wrote what I could not…. in my explanation to ‘Bark’ earlier.

      Bark wrote this:

      September 26, 2021 at 6:30 am

      Things are changing in the media…
      This is interesting, no such thing would have come to pass a few years ago…

      I replied with this:
      September 26, 2021 at 12:56 pm

      Bark –

      You should know that FOX’s owner, jew Murdock, has a plan working there….. or Carlson would be silenced.

      This critique appeases FOX’s nationalist base. AND….. It subtly, almost subconsciously, keeps fear of attacks from ADL alive and well also. Those FOX jews are REALLY tricky!!

      Thanks, BF, for covering more bases than I did…. due to my palsy and lack of strength these days.

      THAT TOOL, ‘anti-semitism’, makes jews rich and powerful,….. while shielding them as the falsely proclaimed underdog, as you noted so very well…. yet ‘CHOSEN’ at the same time. They are magnificent illusionists!!

      1. Pat,

        Do you think Trump is really going to run for the presidency again? And if so, do you think he will win? And if he does win, do you think the election will be stolen from him again? Do the pharisees actually want Trump to be the president again? Thank you, TROJ. Thank you for your political brilliance!

        1. TROJ –

          I have no accurate answers to your questions. I can only write what I have seen.

          DJT showed his true colors when he bypassed the FDA approval for the vaccines. He put ALL humanity in danger…. for “YUGE” $$$BUCKS!!

          I now see him as a very dangerous, high paid, pandering, HUSTLER, which is just what jews need to mock us!!!

          See what he did on the 20th anniversary of 9-11……

          TRUMP PRAISES Vitor Belfort Double Salutes Trump after defeating Holyfield!!

          Vitor Belfort was visibly moved as the former President, Donald J Trump congratulated Belfort after his victory over boxing legend, Evander Holyfield at the Triller Fight Club event.
          And, Trump went on to say, “You are a great patriot.”


          The former president and his son, Donald Trump Jr., provided commentary for the four-fight telecast.

          Donald Trump Bragged About Raking In ‘Obscene’ Amount Of Money To Provide Commentary On Evander Holyfield-Vitor Belfort Fight!!

  9. Why do Jewish perverts like to watch pornography in reverse?
    Because they just Lerv the part when the hooker gives the money back, oh my..

    1. @ Hp


      If only they could reverse time for all future transactions in supermarkets. WOW! Just think of it. Not only do we get younger with every purchase, we get our money back every time! 🙂

      1. @ MB

        This is no laughing matter, Madame. Jewish theoretical physicist Richard Feynman won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1967 for proving that there could be universes in which time runs backwards. Here we grow younger and eventually disappear back into our mother’s womb — what pops OUT of the womb as a baby, finally pops IN again as a fetus! 🙂

        Talk about vanishing into thin air . . . like the Indian Rope trick.

        Feynman proved this was all possible with the most elegant mathematical equations. I believe this is all part of quantum physics and ties in with the Many (Parallel) Worlds Theory.

        1. It’s called THEORY for a reason. Mathematical equations cannot prove anything only physical experiments can. In a limited way they prove a model can accurately describe reality, that’s all.

          I know, philosophy sucks…

          On the other hand the Second Law of Thermodynamics says this fantastic scenario is impossible. Nevertheless, it’s a fertile ground for sci-fi stories. 🙂

          1. Hi NBTR!

            Thanks for your input. Yes, I agree with you that every theory needs to be tested by physical experiments and be subject to Popper’s Falsifiability Principle. (Unless I am out of date on Popper… which is more than possible?)

            As you say, this is “fertile ground for sci-fi stories.”

            Martin Amis wrote an entire novel inspired by Feynman’s views on the reversibility of time.

            Time’s Arrow: or The Nature of the Offence is a novel by Martin Amis. It was shortlisted for the Booker Prize in 1991. It is notable partly because the events occur in a reverse chronology, with time passing in reverse and the main character becoming younger and younger during the novel.


            It occurs to me that if most conspiracy theories were judged by Popper’s Falsifiability Principle, they would fail the test. But most conspiracy theorists don’t give a damn about Popper (or haven’t even heard of him) and prefer living in an exciting science fantasy world of flying saucers, alien abduction, Anunnaki, and Hitler still living in the hollow centre of the Earth. Not sure where exactly ….. but it’s either at the North Pole or South Pole in a subterranean city! 🙂

            1. “The Falsification Principle, proposed by Karl Popper, is a way of demarcating science from non-science. It suggests that for a theory to be considered scientific it must be able to be tested and conceivably proven false.”

              You are right, Saki, and this is basically a reaffirmation of the scientific method. We are watching nowadays the corruption of science, medicine is the latest example. Science has been pushed to the political terrain where it cannot survive unwounded.

              Einstein said something like this – hundreds of experiments can’t prove a theory right but just one experiment can prove it wrong.

              I would like to ask you a favor, if I may. Please, call me out if I get lost on conspiracy fantasyland. Mind is a labyrinth where we can easily lose sanity. 🙂

            2. Saki, have you never seen a ufo, day or night, (preferably day)?
              There are quite a few different common types. Four or five classics among them. Pilots, astronauts, physicists, etc., etc. have all seen them and said as much.

              The alien abduction, Anunnaki, and Hitler still living in the hollow centre of the Earth stuff are one thing and ufo a whole nother thing. You’re just joshing there..

              1. Homer, I am no authority on UFOs.You could be right and there could be something out there. I’m not saying there isn’t.

                What do you think of the cult movie, “THEY LIVE”? Does that resonate with you as an important movie? I enjoyed the movie myself, by the way. It had Orwellian overtones.

                By the very law of averages, most conspiracy theories have to be false, given that so many of these theories are mutually exclusive and cancel each other out.

                There are literally dozens of conspiracy theories involving Hitler, for example. They can’t possibly ALL be true. Most people believe — rightly, I think — that Hitler hated the Jews. There’s not a single statement in Mein Kampf, Table Talk, or his public speeches in which Hitler puts in a good word for the Jews. This is obviously one of the reasons that most virulent antisemites have a soft spot for Adolf ….. because he helps to reinforce their Jew hatred and keep it alive.

                And yet, there are other conspiracy theorists who will tell you Hitler was a crypto-Jew who secretly loved the Jews and lost WWII deliberately so that Jews could finally have a a home in Palestine. According to this daft theory, Hitler and Stalin were actually on the same side: both of them passionate Zionists working for international Jewry.The Jews got Palestine in 1948. Adolf died in his bunker in 1945, a glorious crypto-Jew martyr.

                Or maybe he didn’t die. The Jews smuggled him out to Argentina or any number of other addresses, including the hollow center of the earth. Anyway, apparently Eva Braun gave him a daughter and she is now alive and well in Germany. Her name: Angela Merkel! 🙂

                What an exciting mind world to live in! 🙂

                1. I’ve lost track of the number of people who have been identified as Jack the Ripper. I know a fervent anti-royalist who told me he had written a book unmasking Jack the Ripper as — wait fo it! — Queen Victoria in drag.

                  Last time I checked, he had received 24 rejections from publishers. He still keeps trying.

                  Poor Donald! He doesn’t stand a chance of acceptance. At his insistence, I cast a jaded eye over his 450-page manuscript at the White Hart Inn over a Ploughman’s lunch. It was full of atrocious typos and spelling mistakes. He kept referring to the Whitechapel serial killer as “Jack the Riper”. 🙂

                2. Saki, mind world is a great place to visit and I really wouldn’t mind living there but this morning when I stubbed my toe (X marks the exact hangnail sore spot) and dropped my bowl of oatmeal on the floor whilst ouch, ouch, ouching and hop, hop, hopping around, I couldn’t help but notice that my mind ‘gave me up’ at the speed of mind which I don’t have to tell you is pretty darn quick! Dammit!

                  So much for that theory.
                  (how many times)

                  1. @ Hp

                    Who is denying the reality of the physical world? Not me!

                    Plato also stubbed his toe. The Buddha also stubbed his toe. Shankara also stubbed his toe. Every philosopher and scientist, even the most abstruse of quantum physicists who have imagined imaginary worlds, have stubbed their toes. None of them have denied the existence of toes, the existence of pain, and the existence of the physical world.

                    And I certainly do not.

                    So idealism is compatible with realism.

                    Swedenborg, who described heaven and hell in great physical detail, was describing a physical world he had never visited and which most skeptics would say existed only in his imagination. His “idealism” certainly seems to clash with any realistic, commonsensical view of what the world actually is. And yet, you can be sure, Swedenborg stubbed his toe more than once! 🙂

                    Not sure if you understand what point I’m making. Apologies for expressing myself so badly.

                    1. Saki,

                      I haven’t got a clue what you’re saying.
                      But that’s OK with me. The Sphinx was equally inscrutable. 🙂

                    2. Saki, thanks. Yes, not an illusion. Real but temporary. If for an ant’s day or a day of Brahma.

                      I have it on the highest authority (rumor) that when it’s all said and done, when we wake up for real the dream will seem like it was barely two seconds long! Imagine that, lol!

                    3. God bless you, dear Homer! Your heart’s in the right place. 🙂

                      As for me, I am NOT in the right place mentally.
                      I am totally confused about everything.
                      I am capable of believing in contradictory things
                      on different days … even on the same day.

                      How nice it would be to KNOW for certain . ..
                      and not just to BELIEVE in the Great Maybe! 🙂

    1. @ TROJ

      Can you send us a picture of yourself, dear Joe?
      A genuine recent photo, not a fake.
      This is a friendly request.
      I’ve often wondered what you look like.
      Please do satisfy my curiosity.

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