NOTES & QUOTES (1): Heating Engineer’s First Job


“No man should marry until he has studied anatomy
and dissected at least on woman'”

Honoré de Balzac (1799-1850)

My first year of working as a self-employed heating engineer was in 1978. I placed an advert in the local paper advertising my services and received  a phone call just after the New Year from a lady saying her heating was not working. The pilot light had gone out on her boiler , which should be easy to fix.

I spent 20 minutes on the phone trying to talk Janet through how to light it, but in the end I gave in and said I would call round. The relighting took only two minutes, so when she asked me the cost I said there was no charge, but she should just call me if anything else needs attention.

While we were chatting, I mentioned the trouble I’d had trying to get a haircut over Christmas, and that in the end I’d ended up with a short back-and-sides.

Janet, being a hairdresser, suggested that when my hair had grown I should pay her a visit to have it styled. A few months later, I called at her salon to have my hair cut and styled.

We went out for a drink that evening and this year we celebrate 40 years of marriage.

— John Adey, Greatstone, Kent, England
(Daily Mail, January 12, 2021)

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  1. I love stories with a happy ending. Thanks for this heartwarming post.

    I get goosebumps!

    1. What’s the source of the original quote?
      I used to read lots of Balzac.
      It’s no good quoting a single sentence without references for a guy who easily wrote tens of thousands of pages of stuff.

      1. Finding a source for this quote on the internet is a thankless task, but you can try googling for it. The quote will be given, but not the source. I managed to track it down eventually to “The Physiology of Marriage” (1826).

      2. That’s what I thought. I’ve seen references to “Physiologie du Mariage” many times but never actually saw it in print, for sale in a bookstore or a collection of books. Something funny going on here.

  2. This charming little story melted my heart. Tears sprang to my eyes. Suddenly I had a brain wave.

    I made a firm decision to take up hairdressing as a career right away!
    And advertise in the local newspaper for an electrician to call round to my house and replace a light bulb. It should take him less than two minutes.

    Maybe he’ll then ask me to give him a haircut.

    Anything’s possible . . . ! 🙂

    1. I’d have thought a beer-bellied bricklayer – sporting butt-crack – would’ve been more up Butterfly’s street… ☺

  3. LD,

    Instead of looking for the quote, why don’t you go look for a lake in The Lake District of the U.K. and when you find yourself a lake in your U.K. Lake District, JUMP IN IT. As in go. jump. in. a. lake. b*tch.

    1. Yesterday, TROJ called Miss Lasha “a bitch” among other things.

      I was surprised no one raised any objection.
      I can only describe TROJ with two words: WHITE TRASH.
      I have known Lasha long before this website was founded.
      Lasha was the one who encouraged me to post on this site.
      I can testify that Lasha is a beacon of piety, faith, humility, courage, and gentleness.

      TROJ should be ashamed of himself for his filthy language and his intimidating tactics against those who hold different views from him

      1. MELY:
        I might have a post for you this evening.. must take off now.. BUSINESS to attend to

        Perhaps you’ll be around later… errrmmm… are you on the 6am to midnight commentator-shift today? tia

      2. Mahmoud El-Yousseph
        January 18, 2021 at 8:00 pm

        Agreed about Lasha 100%.
        I am unable to fathom the reason for TROJ’s strange outburst.

        1. @ LD

          What’s wrong with you, stupid b*tch?
          Why do u like to wander around in darkness?
          Mind explaining that to us?

    2. I can recommend Wastwater…
      it’s nice & deep.. with a stunning view of Scafell as one gurgles off into Eternity.

      A fitting end for any Femme Fatale worth her flippers

  4. My ADVICE on women:

    Bear your cross stoically… and just grin and bear them as best you can.

    But don’t even THINK about dissecting a woman – paricularly psychologically – or you’ll flee in horror… as if pursued by the vrry Hounds Of HELL.

    Thank You!

    1. Misogynist!
      What would you men do without women?
      Even Schopenhauer and Nietzsche had mothers! 🙂

        @ THE REALIST

        Misogynists will turn into “Queerios” without women.
        If you add milk to it, they will eat themselves up.

      2. The worlds greatest misogynists are…. ‘Drum Roll’!… WOMEN!!!

        Which should come as NO surprise since, as Schoppy pointed out, they are essentially in the same “business” of ensnaring some dolt.

        For those that have succeeded in that task, every other woman, that isn’t a horror-show or a hag, is seen as a THREAT… whereas those that are still on the “look out” see other women in that same position as mortal competitors.

        Do I think less of women for this? Of course not… it’s nature’s way…. and there are, after all, only so many “tasty male morsels” for these battalions of batty Black Widows to feed on!

        Thank You!

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