Off To a Diverse Start: Biden Doubles Down on Some Bad Policies and Appointments

The prize for the truly awful story of the week goes to the appointment
of AIPAC monster to head Pentagon planning for the Middle East.

The extension of the nuclear arms agreement between Russia and the United States and the decision to stop directly supporting the war on Yemen may have been the only good news items to come out of Washington last week. The really bad news came when President Joe Biden warned Russia that “the days of the United States rolling over in the face of Russia’s aggressive actions, interfering with our elections, cyber-attacks, poisoning its citizens, are over.” It was an empty threat full of innuendo that virtually guarantees four more years of Russiagate or something like it.

It was an odd statement considering that it has been Washington doing all of the provoking during the Donald Trump administration, much of it instigated by Democrats who are still looking for a scapegoat for the defeat of Hillary in 2016.

The mainstream media hasn’t been reporting many second-tier stories because of the still playing out double impeachment saga combined with the lingering debate over who actually won the election. Whether Trump personally incited a riot or something worse depends on one’s point of view, but what is really sad to watch is the efforts being made by a “woke” Democratic Party leadership and a frenzied media to destroy Trump’s life and businesses even though he is no longer in office, a revenge scenario that goes well beyond previous political vendettas. Worse still, the attempts being made to render White House employees and Trump supporters unemployable or even try to send them to jail based on convoluted interpretations of legislation reflects a level of vindictiveness not seen since the Catiline Conspiracy in Republican Rome.

Well, the incident on January 6th wasn’t exactly a replay of the storming of the Bastille, but as it is all we have it will have to make do. Were those folks wandering around inside the Capitol Building tourists who had gotten separated from their tour guide or were they confused citizens from the Dakotas who had a couple of stamps remaining on their hunting licenses allowing them to bag a Democrat or two? They would have been better advised to set up a couple of feeder bait sites under the Rotunda loaded with Benjamins and the Congress-critters would have arrived in droves. And that guy who stole Nancy Pelosi’s podium only had to announce that he was holding a Black Lives Matter meeting and good old Nancy would have arrived tout suite on her knees with an African kente cloth stole draped around her neck. Alas, we may never know the truth about what actually happened on that fateful day, but the speculation will keep us going for months more.

There is a definite paucity of actual fact-based news that might make sense to a third grader, particularly given the decline in American public education, which now only teaches about the holocaust and racism. Consequently, I have fallen into the habit of saving links to stories during the week and then deciding on the weekend which are worthy of special recognition for being particularly ridiculous.

There were some really absurd articles last week. A particularly fascinating story describes what is going on at the Pentagon, which is frantically sneaking more soldiers into Syria and canceling any reduction in force in Afghanistan until the situation stabilizes, a policy move by Biden that reverses one of the few good things that Trump initiated. Unfortunately, the withdrawal from Afghanistan should take another twenty years or so to finish.

But the really interesting development is the new mission of the U.S. Army, which will soon be halting training and other bellicose activity to ease the transition into a full-time military force dedicated to making sure that everyone observes diversity. It is a long overdue move that the entire nation can be proud of, plus the U.S. will as a result be made safer from the Chinese, Iranian and Russian threats. The tricky part is identifying those soldiers who think racist thoughts, even if they never perform a racist act, because they are guilty of not conforming to “woke world.” They will have to be identified by special trained psychologists before being dishonorably discharged and made unemployable as they are not fit to mix with decent people.

Paul Kersey reports some of the details, how the “Pentagon [has ordered] a ‘stand down’ in [the] next 60 Days” to identify and address the problem of extremists in the military. It should be observed that soldiers who kill civilians are not the extremists in question because killing is what soldiers are supposed to do. It is instead “white people in the U.S. Military who display an insufficient loyalty to Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Tolerance. [They] are [the] domestic enemy, and unworthy as individual[s] of defending our nation against the only threat our elite have united to defeat: that, of course, being whiteness.”

And for those apostatizing white supremacist civilians who don’t want to get left out when the diversity train rolls into their town, the Democratic Party is looking into setting up Truth Commissions to make sure that anyone who ever entertained a racist thought or used the “N” word will not be missed.

Make no mistake, an army that really knows what is important is surely great news. It will be an excellent return on the taxpayers’ trillion dollars annual investment, particularly as the Constitution was written by a bunch of slave holders and is no longer worth swearing an oath of allegiance to. But perhaps of more interest to foreign policy wonks is what is going on in some of the other Pentagon offices dedicated to finding new enemies so there will always be a supply of wars to fight after everyone in Afghanistan and Syria is exterminated.

As telling other nations how to behave backed up by the 101st Airborne division has become a wonderful indoor board game in this age of Coronavirus-19, my favorite article for the past week has to be the news that Honest Joe Biden has appointed yet another Zionist harpy to his team of war planners in an apparent attempt to keep Nuland, Sherman, Haines, Rice, Power and Neuberger company. Her name is Dana Stroul and she will be running the Pentagon’s Middle East Desk, making her the senior policy official focused on that region. Indications are that her eagle eye will be fixed on those major malefactors Iran and Syria.

Stroul has been whisked away from the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP), where she has been the Shelly and Michael Kassen Fellow in the Institute’s Beth and David Geduld Program on Arab Politics. WINEP is the think tank founded by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) in an attempt to demonstrate that hatred of all of Israel’s enemies in the Middle East is somehow an American vital interest, so it is perhaps odd to consider that the organization would even allow Arabs to have politics. Stroul had worked at the Pentagon and had also co-chaired the Syria Study Group set up by Congress prior to landing at WINEP.

Stroul, who believes that there is a threat to the U.S. from “Iranian nuclear ambitions and support for terrorist groups throughout the region,” also has had some interesting ideas about what should be done to Syria, some of which was laid out in a final report that was presented to Congress in September 2019 by the Syria Study Group.

The report states that “From the conflict’s beginning in 2011 as a peaceful domestic uprising, experts warned that President Bashar al-Assad’s brutal response was likely to have serious, negative impacts on U.S. interests. Given Syria’s central location in the Middle East, its ruling regime’s ties to terrorist groups and to Iran, and the incompatibility of Assad’s authoritarian rule with the aspirations of the Syrian people, many worried about the conflict spilling over Syria’s borders… The threats the conflict in Syria poses—of terrorism directed against the United States and its allies and partners; of an empowered Iran; of an aggrandized Russia; of large numbers of refugees, displaced persons, and other forms of humanitarian catastrophe; and of the erosion of international norms of war and the Western commitment to them—are sufficiently serious to merit a determined response from the United States. The United States and its allies retain tools to address those threats and the leverage to promote outcomes that are better for American interests than those that would prevail in the absence of U.S. engagement. The United States underestimated Russia’s ability to use Syria as an arena for regional influence. Russia’s intervention, beginning in 2015, accomplished its proximate aim—the preservation of the regime in defiance of U.S. calls for Assad to ‘go’—at a relatively low cost. Russia has enhanced its profile and prestige more broadly in the Middle East.”

One immediately notes the incoherence of the argument being made. To make U.S. presence in Syria palpable to the long-suffering American public, it is necessary to attempt to establish a threat against the United States even though in this case there is none. And the repeated citation of “interests” without credibly explaining what interests might compel invading and occupying a foreign country is completely lacking in any detail. Stroul also several times cites the heavy terrorist threat, ignoring the fact that the existing terrorists are being sustained by Israel and by the United States, while President Bashar al-Assad has the overwhelming support of most of the Syrian people. Reports are that Syrians are returning home after a refugee crisis caused by the United States and its allies. And we all know that the last refuge of a scoundrel is to play the Russian card, which Stroul does, as well as surfacing that perennial demon Iran. U.S. support of Israeli bombing attacks are also just fine in her opinion, even though they are a clear violation of the “international norms of war” that she pretends to defend.

Stroul inevitably supports U.S. retention and what she curiously refers to as “ownership” of the one third of Syria that is “resource rich.” That includes the Syrian oil producing region now occupied by U.S. troops as well as by what she euphemizes as “Syrian Democratic Forces.” She observes that it also includes the country’s best agricultural land, which, if denied to the government in Damascus, could be used as leverage to bring about regime change. Starving Syrians are not Stroul’s concern so she consequently opposes any form of international relief or reconstruction funding for the Syrian people and supports U.S. pressure on international lenders through the worldwide banking system to deny Damascus any money to rebuild.

So, the prize for the truly awful story of the week goes to the appointment of this monster daughter of AIPAC to head Pentagon planning for the Middle East, joining a sterling cast of characters at State Department and in the intelligence community. Also, if one includes the account of a diversified U.S. Army where soldiers will now be encouraged to snitch on each other over privately held views, one has to ask “Can it get any worse?” Judging from Joe Biden’s list of appointments so far, it will, yes it will.


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  1. Well, it is unavoidable that increased awareness amongst the masses, even if it is being hampered by the Deep State policy of Dumbing Down the masses and requiring the conformity to Political Correctness, will continue to increase cases of Cognitive Dissonance. March Hare is afoot, Watson!

    This will not only happen locally, but also globally. In the global arena, a case in point, is Russia, and China. The Establishment continues to portray Russia as “A Bad Guy” and meddler in U.S affair. And yet, Russian did not release a “Weapon Of Mass Destruction” China did. But what has the U.S done about it? Bark, bark, bark, and then silence. Russia never takes seriously American unending accusations of meddling. Why should they? As usual, Russia and China, continues to play their roles as “The Best Enemy Money Can Buy”

    Doesn’t not China own a substantial amount of America’s External Debt? Just imagine if China dumped America’s securities in the Market! These political noises means nothing. Not all wars goes military. But if the Deep State wants war, it will have it, with whomever, against whoever, for no reason.

    So, the Deep State got to have “An Enemy” to rally the dumb Masses against! That is why Russia boy, and China boy, will continue to be “The Official” “Bad Guys” while the Deep State continue to prepare to hammer Iran, and Syria just because it can. It will keep the rest of the Goy Nations in line.

    On the Party Line, The Republicans will officially be castrated; sorry guy. This issue of “Patriotism” and “Nationalism” will have to come to an end. The Official Party line, required by the deep state, is a fluid policy, amenable to sudden manipulation to whichever direction the Deep State wants the country to go. Hence its hatred for “Conservatism” of Republicans!

    As for the army, well, Private Armies such as Black Water together with Immigrants issued with Green Cards will replace the “Extremists” in the military and the police. I would not advise those who are a tad too white skin to consider a career in the military. It will be a revolving door for the white guys. Sorry.

    1. “The Best Enemy Money Can Buy” is quite correct!!

      All US financed:


      The American Chamber of Commerce is very active in Russia TODAY, and has over 500 member companies. Here are just a few:

      Goldman Sachs
      Coca Cola
      Estee Lauder
      Met Life

      QUICK LOOK…. (Feb 2021)
      SITE: (Jul 2020)

    2. @ Bigfoot

      The Establishment continues to portray Russia as “A Bad Guy” and meddler in U.S affair. And yet, Russian did not release a “Weapon Of Mass Destruction” China did.

      Or so you speculate, but just because SARS-CoV-2 was first detected in China in doesn’t mean that China is responsible for it.

      The U.S. “government” seems conspicuously uninterested in investigating and/or identifying the pathogen responsible for the “mysterious respiratory illness” that sickened five dozen people (killing three of them) at the Greenspring Retirement Community in Springfield, VA in June and July of 2019, and this is rather damning IMO.

      But what has the U.S done about it? Bark, bark, bark, and then silence.

      What would you expect “the U.S. (“government”)” to do about it? Participate in an independent international investigation into the origin of SARS-CoV-2 and implicate itself?

      1. Harod, its not that everything is straight forward and one is able to follow a specified pattern. The only pattern here is Hegelian Dialectics. You are right, that China may not have been the origin of Covid-19.

        We know that the United State Government shut down a (USAMRIID) an Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, in Fort Detrick, in Maryland in August 2019, and then went silent. They never mad eany report public. So, its possible that Covid-19, could very well have been exported to China from the U.S, and then blamed on China.
        We also know about “Event 201 Pandemic Exercise” October 18, 2019,at John Hopkins School For Public Health simulating what is now happening in the world, because of Covid-19 pandemic. A very curious coincidence. So, its very possible that this Covid thing is another 9/11 and that is why everybody is dragging feet because, it’s a Deep State operation which is deliberate being allowed to run its prescribed course.

        So, its likely that China did not started the covid, just as much as Bin Laden did not fly the planes in to the World Trade Centre. However, remember, that even if Bin Laden did it (Which was quite impossible) U.S funded his Mujahedin Libels back in the Eighties to help them harass Russia out of Afghanistan. But the U.S attacked Afghanistan still, and killed Bon Laden after they transformed Bin Laden to the bad guy. The U.S also funded Saddam Hussein, and later ousted and killed Him.

      2. @ Bigfoot

        So you agree with me that blaming China for SARS-CoV-2 without any evidence is wrong. Good.

        As I see it the so far unexplained (and studiously ignored) outbreak of the “mysterious respiratory illness” at the retirement facility in Springfield, VA in June and July of 2019 is the “smoking gun” of Covid-19; it’s the equivalent of the mysterious “collapse” of WTC7 on 09/11/2001.

    3. The US is responsible for COVID-19… especially DAVID CHIEN!!

      COVID-19 (SARS2) was PATENTED in the US in 2003…..
      So, the pharmas had over 15 years to work on vaccines – yielding many $$Billions, if not $$Trillions globally!!

      —Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome – SARS – coronavirus—
      An outbreak of a virulent respiratory virus, now known as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), was identified in Hong Kong, China and a growing number of countries around the world in 2003. The invention relates to nucleic acids and proteins from the SARS coronavirus. These nucleic acids and proteins can be used in the preparation and manufacture of vaccine formulations, diagnostic reagents, kits, etc. The invention also provides methods for treating SARS by administering small molecule antiviral compounds, as well as methods of identifying potent small molecules for the treatment of SARS.

      Patent US-2006257852-A1

      Date 2003/04/10

      This web page summarizes information in PubChem about patent US-2006257852-A1.

      This includes chemicals mentioned, as reported by PubChem contributors, as well as other content, such as title, abstract, and International Patent Classification (IPC) codes.

      From SARS to COVID-19: the Singapore journey….
      Ray Junhao Lin, Tau Hong Lee and David Chien Boon Lye

      -Medical Journal Australia-
      Published online: 6 April 2020

      (Notice David Chien(US) was listed as an INVENTOR of SARS in 2003.)

      Having experienced SARS in 2003, Singapore’s healthcare system had drawn upon this experience to enhance its pandemic preparedness response. The emergence of COVID-19 has now put these preparations to the test. We describe the evolution of Singapore’s outbreak response from the SARS crisis in 2003 to the current COVID-19 pandemic, focusing on public health measures as well as the clinical management and workflows at the National Center for Infectious Diseases, Singapore.

      Singapore is a densely populated city-state of 5.7 million and a global travel hub. These characteristics make it particularly susceptible to the importation of communicable diseases and consequent outbreaks. The 2003 severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) outbreak challenged the nation’s public health system and now, the emerging Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic is poised to present a greater challenge.

      Since December 2019, the virus responsible for COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, has spread to more than 150 countries and more than 200,000 cases have been reported (1). Singapore diagnosed its first case on 23 January 2020.

  2. This should be a warning shot for colder climates in the US and GLOBALLY!!

    “Off To a Diverse Start: Biden Doubles Down on Some Bad Policies and Appointments” is really bad, especially for Texas!!

    There are three independent sections to the US electrical power grid. Eastern US, Western US and Texas.

    Texas has its own power grid and it failed this week due to GREEN energy policies which “Biden Doubles Down on” to appease the radical communist leftists in Congress. Windmills and solar panels are not the answer for the Texas electric grid, and it showed this week in Texas.

    The biggest problem, while appeasing the GREENIES, was the lack of maintenance on natural gas wells and pumping stations….. causing the gas to freeze in the pipes…… preventing flow.

    Texas largely relies on natural gas for power. It wasn’t ready for the extreme cold.

    Texas largely relies on natural gas — especially during times of high demand — to power the state. Experts say natural gas infrastructure, from pumping it out of the ground to the plants in city centers, was unprepared for the plunging temperatures brought by the winter storm.

  3. The extension of the nuclear arms agreement between Russia and the United States and the decision to stop directly supporting the war on Yemen may have been the only good news items to come out of Washington last week.

    Given Biden’s anti-Russia rhetoric, the Russophobic interventionists he’s surrounded himself with, and the fact that there’s apparently no desire to renegotiate the INF treaty, the decision to extend the New START treaty might be nothing more than a tactical maneuver.

    Considering the absurd preconditions that team Trump imposed to prevent any agreement on the issue, it seems plausible (if not likely) that Trump’s handlers and Biden’s handlers were coordinating on a ploy to create the impression that Biden is going to be generally more reasonable than Trump on the issue of nuclear weapons.

    1. Both parties have to adapt their policies to a ‘bottom line’, some lines they cant cross specially in regards to Israel, china and Russia …
      Give Biden time he will show his true colours

      1. @ JOHANMALKUM

        I’m not sure exactly what your point is but it seems clear to me that both parties are in general agreement when it comes to imperial “foreign policy.” And from my perspective, Biden is already starting to show his “true colors.”

        As a practical matter I never saw how allowing the New START treaty to expire would confer any military advantage to the U.S. “government” with regard to its agenda for world domination and control. (If it ever does become an actual imperial hindrance at some point in the future why not just exit it then and blame Russia for it)? So I concluded that team Trump’s intent to let it expire was either a gamble to try to get other concessions from Russia (without losing anything if it failed) and/or a calculated act of political theater; i.e. a propaganda ploy intended to allow a future president (either Trump or Biden) to appear reasonable by extending the treaty at some point.

  4. With “the Russian weather” arriving to my beloved Texas, a rather curious thought “arrived” to me: instead of fighting my white American brothers and trying to cure that which cannot be cured, why don’t I concentrate on more constructive ideas. And here is what I came up with.

    (1) It is rather obvious that the ruling American elites – whatever you want to call them: deep state, deep shit, Jews, Anunnaki, or what have you – are hell bent on replacing white Americans with non-white immigrants. I presume, even my “best friends” here like TROJ, Pat, Yukon Jackass would agree with me on this.

    (2) It seems that white Americans are highly disoriented, with very few believing that this trend can be reversed and still fewer willing to mount a decisive resistance to this sinister plan of the elites.

    (3) If the above two points are correct, then would it make sense for Russia – which is predominantly white – to offer every white American (in particular, those who voted for Trump and considered by the elites as potential domestic terrorists) a speedy road to Russian citizenship?

    How many white Americans would be there to accept the offer? My guess would be: Not too many… at this juncture. But! With Texans getting used to the weather we have sent to the cowboys ( 🙂 ), and taking into account that the standard of living of white Americans will most likely go down precipitously in the coming months and years, I am reasonably sure that the amount of not too old Americans, willing to accept the offer, would skyrocket.

    Would such a demographic policy be beneficial or detrimental to Russia itself? My preliminary answer to that question is: It would definitely be beneficial to Russia provided that the population infusion be capped at the level of 25% of the current population of Russia, i.e. roughly up to 40 million people. Why? Well, because the offer would be taken up predominantly by physically fit, adventurous, vibrant individuals with a foresight of an intelligent man.

    The second generation of this healthy remnant of American population would fully absorb the Russian culture and they would be no different from Russians proper. I am quite sure that these people would never regret that their fathers have made that fateful decision at the right moment.

    1. The Germans couldn’t defeat the Russians — and the German military was a VERY FORMIDABLE military, whether you like Hitler or not, doesn’t matter, the German Third Reich military was a VERY FORMIDABLE military, the Germans couldn’t defeat the Russians. But modern day blacks and browns and white female SJWs of Amerikwa are going to defeat the Russians. And they’re going to defeat the Russians fighting a war in Russia, mother country of the Russians. In the homeland of the Russians, in Mother Russia Herself, the spoiled blacks and browns and the extremely spoiled white females of amerkwa are going to defeat the Russians, the blacks and browns and white female SJWs soldier “warriors” of amerikwa are going to take over Mother Russia and rule over the Russian people in Mother Russia Herself! ROFLMFAO!!!!!!

  5. Nobody prepped the natural gas grid for extreme cold temps, that’s the gist of it…
    But all you’re seeing on Fox is frozen windmills, so you shouldn’t get too jacked on alternative energy…
    And the rest of the MSM shows you no frozen windmills and tells you it’s a carbon fuel problem by nature…
    As usual the peasants are left with only half the story…
    Of course enough money has been made and spent in the whole energy sector to trick out every building in the country with it’s own solar array, inverter (or just go DC), and mega backup batteries…
    Or, everything for hydrogen homesteads….
    Meanwhile, the world stuck as it is with all it’s defining systemic flaws, is just not ready yet for the great leap forward with the ultimate ‘free energy’ known-little as antigravity, which is the key to weightless transport and perpetual motion….
    Actually, I’m ready for it, if the world in general is not. And it isn’t… But all the God Pod guys, who make 200 large every day, their political hacks, the queen, the City debt mongers, the Vessel of Snakes, the Ashkenazim, all the greedy little
    narrow-minded short-sighted super-rich and powerful cartel owners of the world will not go for it…
    So, if the geoengineering HAARP guys rob the arctic of its cold air in summer to keep the planet alive, and they manipulate the jet stream similarly now in the winter to punish the Texans now for running a straight election, exemplary, does that mean the arctic will be warmer next summer for having lost this much cold air now?

    You’re getting on the right track..
    We’re all brothers…
    Our fundamental differences do not equate to war…
    So what’s the problem then?
    The problem is repression…

  7. In europe we know what russia is:
    1- prostitution
    2- drug traffickers
    3- corruption at highest level
    (russian mob even in the u.s.)…
    4- military doing all kinds of shows everyday when we all know that the s-300, s- 400, s- 500 etc etc are WORTHLESS…
    5- Putin has killed more people than george w. Bush ( the Russian president for life takes 4th place after stalin, mao and hitler)…
    6- they never give up on their delusion of grandeur

  8. it may be some of these govs understand are realizing we’re in a war with the commiecrat globalists…


    1. True enough!! Shorter link……….

      Governor Greg Abbott Calls For Texas to Become a Second Amendment Sanctuary State

      KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) – In his State of the State address last week, Gov. Greg Abbott said, “Texas must be a Second Amendment sanctuary state.”

      Over the weekend, he reiterated this assertion on Twitter when he shared an article about a new federal gun bill proposed by U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Houston, and said, “This is an example why I want to make Texas a Second Amendment Sanctuary State.”

      “Really what we’re saying is that Texas will not expend any law enforcement resources to enforce federal gun laws,” said Emily Taylor, an independent program attorney at Texas LawShield.

      “It’s a middle finger to the federal government,” she said.

      1. Pat
        Sounds like an opening salvo for a virtual secession. And how unique is Texas? First comes the separation from Mexico to form a republic, then joining the U.S., and now coming back around full circle to separate AGAIN! So I guess this would make Gov. Abbott the modern-day Sam Houston.

        Remember the Alamo! 💥😡💥

      2. If you don’t secede at first, try try again!
        I think Sam Houston said that.
        Or maybe it was Eddie Hill..

  9. Biden could be another Jimmy Carter Iran mission fail. Obviously Biden’s staff is infighting as it took weeks until Uncle Joe accepted a phone call from Satan Yahoo. It is only matter of time till Israel does something and Iran policy blows up into another international crisis. With the Donald Trump Zionist lunatic dethroned, it is doubtful Pedo Joe and his Ho have the balls to take on Iran or do anything big to support Israel.

    Obama didn’t like Netanyahu and neither did Bill Clinton:

    “Who’s the f—- superpower here,” a frustrated Bill Clinton exploded to his aides after his first meeting with Netanyahu in 1996.

    Obama was set up to attack Iran – and didn’t then the Jewish Atlanta Journal called for his assassination:

    Atlanta Newspaper Editor Suggests Assassinating Obama to “Preserve Israel’s Existence”

    “Andrew Adler, who was the editor-in-chief for Georgia’s Atlanta Jewish Times, has resigned after claiming that if Iran obtained nuclear weapons, Israel should have the Israeli Intelligence Agency (Mossad) assassinate President Barack Obama.”

    So I am looking for a Jimmy Carter Iran fail wave repeat with Joe “mask mouth” Biden.

  10. Meanwhile, always entertaining Shaun Attwood: Maxwell Assaulted!.
    As I recall, though quite bright he ended up in crimes of embezzlement or some other “white collar” mischief and after serving time decided to go straight. His specialty as vlogger-researcher is crimes against children, especially the ones by Kahal, satanic sacrifices and so on, the dread Blood Libel of truth hysterically denied through mouthfuls of anointed matzos done medium rare, squirting adrenochrome of Christian toddlers.

    I enjoyed the way he presents the CRYING JEW antics of Maxwell’s (a good British name stolen by Mossad vermin) lawyer about personal Shoah (Sheol-in-gaol) of a Jewess denied Chosen prerogatives of luxurious parasitism. Yhwh must be gathering steam of wrath about mistreatment of his pet by cruel goyim.
    The educational value of this video is in context of (let me go down on knees as I intone the holy word, flashlight under chin):
    Because the ridiculous level of whining and dramatization shows how Jews are insanely sensitive and lustily scream in pain when exposed to any and all discomforts, no matter how mundane and ordinary they appear to the goyim.
    Every time Maxwell’s food wasn’t just right—and her prison privileges are way beyond ordinary according to Attwood who is intimate with such details—food tray wasn’t designed for her microwave (what!? she got microwave in her private cell!? and shower!?), it went down as another pogrom to be duly entered in Yad Vashem litany of atrocities, suffering Jewess martyred yet again, death by thousand bites and chews and grimaces of disgust—easy to see how 6,000,000 is arrived at, even though Germans were miles kinder to incarcerated Jews than the US penal system.
    A good primer on Jewish mindset and mentality of “Das Kvetsching“.
    Someday when pardoned by Biden she will be jubilantly welcomed at Tel Aviv airport by prancing rabbis, cheering crowds of Good Jews, bumping elbows with Netanyahu, another Rachel to Pollard’s equally tortured Samson, inducted into the pantheon of heroes of Judah, Leo Frank Hall of Fame, all traces and comments regarding factual history scrubbed clean and censored from Twitter, Wikipedia, Debunked By Fact-Checkers™.

  11. Some financial experts are wondering if stagflation is coming back, or that the first stages of stagflation have started. Jimmy Carter was the president during stagflation. He had a big crisis with Iran. Likewise a weak Democrat is at the helm and has appointed a plethora of limp wristed idiots to his inner circle, plus a gaggle of Zionuts. Then we have a huge financial crisis brewing, as the Covid lockdown is causing high employment and prices of lumber, oil, gasoline, and food are going up.

    Stagflation is persistent high inflation combined with high unemployment, during the 1970’s inflation cycled up as did interest rates. This was a major crisis to hit Amerika after the Vietnam War. Likewise after the Gulf Wars, the Fed has inflated the money supply and now the evils of money printing are starting to work their way into normal prices after causing hyperinflation in the stock and real estate markets.

    And treasury 10-30 year bond yields are going up from inflation fears. Plus we have a whopping ass crisis as business after business is switching to Bitcoin. Elon Musk is buying Bitcoin, and Apple is said to follow. There is a run on the dollar – just like in 1971 when Nixon had to close the gold exchange window. So what will the Fed do? Jack interest rates like Paul Volker? Probably not, spendthrift Biden and his liberal staff are going to keep printing money and keep passing it out. So we could easily be at the first stages of hyperinflation like Weimar Germany in 1920.

    The point I am trying to make is just like with the last 4 years of Trumpenstein, things are spiraling out of control and the Democrats are soon to be cast into a huge crisis – way bigger than what Nixon or Carter faced. Yet we know that Iran is on the front burner for Netanyahu, and Trump was dumped because he did not attack Iran.

    1. YJ –

      “….Weimar Germany in 1920.” had NO Bitcoin or any of the 2,000+ other cryptocurrencies as alternatives.

      Four months ago I bought 50,000 ‘Theta’ backed by Sony at $0.05. It has already hit $3.50+. My $2,000 has become over $175.000 in 4 months.

      Theta is expected to go to $500+ over the next 3 years. It is $3.64 right now:

      Backed by Sony Innovation Fund, Theta Labs and Littlstar partner to drive content to 100M+ PlayStation consoles worldwide….

      1. Would you send me 20.000 dollars? That’s pocket change for ya! I’ll let you stay 6 months in my bahamas apartment.
        I also need all the info on investment you’re a genius

    2. Bitcoin will be quite useless during a prolonged power outage. Reliance on ANYTHING dependent upon computers is certainly subject to too many circumstances to survive an assault.

      1. I agree, Gil! I’ll have mine cashed in and spent on big-boy toys and gone to Valhalla before any of that happens. I’ll just do that while people say it won’t work… 🙂

      2. Well, at least you’re not “relying” on it – just amusing yourself. 🤒
        (As for myself, I can’t think of any toys I need, or don’t already have.)
        (Well, there ARE a few expensive guns I’d like to obtain…)

  12. I am glad to see that there are an innumerable amount of well educated commenters just clicking away.

    Listen folks:::IT’S DA JEWS. ALWAYS DA JEWS. All this listing of the symptoms of BLM, Antifa……mean nothing.
    Until white Americans get their heads out of their posteriors and focus on Jews, nothing will change.

    1. Dex –

      Don’t know WHAT to do about “da’ Jews”! I imagine most of us on here are aware, but equally frustrated about any “remedy”. Also, there DO exist useful Jews who are very smart and resourceful – and kind. I believe I know a few (but maybe I’m fooled).
      Any suggestions??

      1. Really? Have you read the Talmud? Have you read Moses Maimonides? Noone who practices Judaism can be a good Jew. The Talnud says, and Jews are taught from childhood in their synagogues, It says, “Even the best of the Gentiles should be put to death”. How is someone with that belief going to be good to you?
        Jews are chameleons. They pretend to be conservative and talk on FoxNews or on fake Christian TV shows. But, they are only doing it in so far as it benefits them only.
        Google on Jewgle, The Real Case Against The Jews, by the Jew Marcus Eli Ravage. Then, have a think about it.

        1. @ Dex

          I object strenuously to your offensive comments, sir. You are bringing this moderate family-run site into disrepute by circulating these anti-Semitic canards. Bear in mind that hate speech like this will soon carry a prison sentence, possibly with hard labor in some FEMA camp.

          Everything you say about Jews can be said even more forcibly about non-Jews. How many Jews are serial killers? Very few, compared to the number of goyim serial killers. Jews commit crimes of fraud, crimes requiring ingenuity and chutzpah. These are non-violent crimes and so God forgives them the more easily. Gentiles commit the worst crimes, crimes involving bloodshed, cannibalism and torture. Who committed the atrocities at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq? It wasn’t Jews! It was White trash criminals like you. Admit it.

          You name says it all, sir: DEX. That rhymes with SEX. This is code for D (generate) SEX.

          D-SEX = DEX.

          I am surprised you don’t have “666” after your name. You should be shamed of yourself coming on this family site to corrupt innocent minds.

          1. Seymour Zak has a point. Hannibal Lecter was a White Man. He wasn’t a Jew. He wasn’t a Muslim. He wasn’t a Black. He wasn’t a Hispanic. He wasn’t an Asiatic. He was a White Caucasian.

            Get any book on serial killers and check it out. Most of these guys are White men. I am myself of Japanese origin. So I find this a bit of a problem. I mean, if I date a White guy, I wouldn’t feel safe, knowing he’s more likely to be a serial killer than if he’s some other colour. I like dating Japanese or Chinese guys. I like their slanty eyes and sleek black hair, and they smell nice too.

            Give me a Japanese boyfriend any day, a nice warrior type with a samurai sword hanging from his belt, and clicky little knee boots. I could eat sushi with him all night and drink raki! 🙂

            Apologies for this off-topic post. I got carried away.

      2. You are fooled, Gilbert!
        All Jews are “progeny of the devil.” Even your nice little drugstore-owning Jews practice money manipulation and have relatives in the elite banking and PC circles.
        Scratch any Jew and you will get a Zionist-Communist who hates your guts.
        Even the use of the epithet “Jew” signifies a person who is committed to the Talmud and the various branches of satanic Kabbalism. Jewry is Satanism.
        Recent studies have shown that Jews (Israelites and “Hebrew” so-called “Semites”) emanated from the Neanderthals of the high Caucasus Mountains. Carrying a high percentage of Neanderthal genes means they are naturally “dog eat dog” and aggressive and full of a superiority complex – hence Jewish Supremacism.
        Ugly, twisted, hooked nose, short statured Jews have actually been shown to match the skeletons of high Caucasus Neanderthals. Look at Adler, Nadler, Fauci, Soros and co. Ugly, tiny specimens. They are trying to improve their appearance by marrying blue eyed White women.
        Jews think they are much better than you, Gilbert.
        The fact that Jews now control White governments, the global money system, education, the mass media, medicine, etc, and are able to introduce a killer toxin, called a “vaccine”, shows their sheer POWER. They would say this is a POWER borne of their global superiority.
        Looking at the obese, ignorant, brainwashed Goyim masses, it is hard to argue with them.

      3. It seems that my reply did not make it. The gist of it was The Talmud. In that vile book of filth it states, “Even the best of the Gentiles should be put to death”.
        Read Marcus Eli Ravage’s A Real Case Against The Jews.
        The jews are the children of the ‘Devil’.

        1. @ Dex

          It seems that my reply did not make it.

          This is strange. I read your comment and saw nothing wrong in it. I could have sworn it had been posted. Best to save your comment in future and post it again if it disappears mysteriously. This is obviously a technical glitch.

  13. This time round the Jewish-Neanderthals are out of the protection offered by their hidden retreats in the high Caucasus Mountains and can be easily identified in White nations.
    They are the diabolical bastards that the criminal Biden has appointed to over half of his fraudulent administration, with the devils being placed in the most powerful, influence-wielding administrative positions.
    Why the hell the few intelligent Goyim remaining can’t do anything about this evil situation is beyond me. Where are the snipers and Goyim hit squads?
    Seeing the Goyim have been emasculated, maybe it will be up to the true Semite-Arab tribes of the Middle East to save the planet from the great Jewish evil. Remember Islamic sacred writings talk about the need to hunt out the evil Jews, and annihilate them from behind the “rocks and the trees.”
    Jesus said they would be thrown into the “burning lake of fire.”
    Perhaps Gilbert’s Winchester and his “excavator” offer a more immediate solution.

    1. My excavator is a John Deere 690, and can be used to dig REALLY DEEP mass graves. No stinkin’, rotten carcasses laying around…shot to pieces by a well-wielded Winchester. (Had my hands on a really nice, old Model 70, today, in .270 cal., which would make a great tool for the serious sniper.)
      Can’t have “too many” good rifles! 🙂

  14. We live in a dystopic era where all traditional rules and laws are being destroyed.
    Elite Jews have always broken the laws of their biblical YAHWEH. HENCE, HE TOLD THEM TO GET STUFFED AND ACCEPT the calamities that He would place upon them.
    Now they are marrying beautiful, blue eyed White women in order to improve upon their small-structured, fat, hook-nosed, stooping ugliness. Imagine a child created by George Soros and a Hollywood slut such as Sharon Stone?
    But they are casting Jewish Law aside as the whole Jewish thing relies upon matriarchal lineage, and these two-bit blondes and celebrity “beauties” are Goyim, not Jews. That spells the end of matriarchal lineage.
    Yahweh said “his chosen people” would violate his Law and went so far as to say “you are no longer my people.” As I have said, prophet Malachi, in the final book of the OT, spells out the evil of a “people” who had violated Yahweh’s plans for them.
    As a result, so called “Jews” remain in their same Yowie-cursed state and have no legitimate claims upon a “land of milk and honey” handed to them, in ancient times, by the great Yowie.
    They are satanic bastards, full of Babylonian wizardry and Zohar filth.
    The sad part is that Christian Zionists, Evangelists and the obese, dumbed down Goyim, LOVE Jews and their criminal state, Israel.

    1. Of The So-Called “Jews”
      Bilney, I hold the opinion, that “Jews” as in Sons of Judah” do not exist as of today. Allow me to explain at length. Those people who today call themselves “Jews” are pretenders. They are “The Synagogue Of Satan” A Humanism religion secretly pursuing “World Domination”

      This is what happened; Prophet Malachi prophesied that Judah would break the faith, and marry a foreigner, thus going against the warning of Lord Yahweh “Judah has broken faith. A detestable thing has been done i(n Israel) and in Jerusalem. Yes, Judah has profaned the sanctuary that Yahweh loves. He has married a daughter of an alien god. The man who does this, -whoever he be-may Yahweh cut him off from the tents of Jacob and from the company of those who present the offering to Yahweh Saboath.” Malachi 2:11-12.

      . Meaning that it was prophesied, that Judaism would be transformed into “Paganism” They did this first, by accepting Babylonians to become Jews; as recorded in the Book of Esther; “ Mordecai left the royal presence in a princely gown of violet and white, with a great golden crown and a cloak of fine linen and purple. The city of Susa shouted for joy. For the Jews there was light and gladness, joy and honour. In every province and in every city, wherever the king’s command and decree arrived, there was joy and gladness among the Jews, with feasting and holiday-making. Of the country’s population many became Jews, since now the Jews were feared.” Esther 8:15-17.

      Then later, when the Maccabian Dynasty wanted to crush its neighbor and assert itself, John Hyrcanus, a Hasmonean (Maccabean) leader allowed the Edomites into Judaism, according to Josephus
      “Hyrcanus took also Dora and Marissa, cities of Idumea, and subdued all the Idumeans; and permitted them to stay in that country, if they would circumcise their genitals, and make use of the laws of the Jews; and they were so desirous of living in the country of their forefathers, that they submitted to the use of circumcision, and of the rest of the Jewish ways of living; at which time therefore this befell them, that they were hereafter no other than Jews.”( Flavius Josephus “The Antiquity of the Jews Chapter 9 How, After The Death Of Antiochus, Hyrcanus Made An Expedition Against Syria, And Made A League With The Romans. Concerning The Death Of King Demetrius And Alexander)

      The religion which these Gentile Converts embraced, was not “Yahwehism” based on the five books of the Old Testament, but rather, “Commandments of Men” as Lord Yahweh Himself admitted; “Because this people approach me only with words, honor me only with lip service, while their hearts are far from me, and my religion as far as it is concerned is nothing but human commandments, a lesson memorized, very well, I shall have to go on being prodigal of prodigious prodigies with this people. The wisdom of their sages shall decay, the intelligence of its intelligent men shall be shrouded” Isaiah 29: 13-14
      The Idumean/Babylonian converts, became so strong and powerful in the fake Judaism, that by the time of Lord Jesus, an Idumean, Herod, was the King of Judah! And even the Pharisees themselves, majority were Idumeans! That, is why, they claims that they had never been enslaved by anybody! “ We are descendants of Abraham, and we have never been slaves to anyone, what do you mean “You will be free?” John 8: 31-36. And Jesus did not dispute their claim, because He knew, that they were not Jews, as He himself later confirms in the Book of Revelation! “I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the Synagogue of Satan.” Revelation 2:9

      These Edomite hijackers of Judaism are the one which are seen by Prophet Isaiah, being tramped on by Lord Yahweh! Remember this vision; “ Who is this coming from Edom, from Bozrah in garments stained in crimson, so richly clothed matching so full of strength? –Its I, who speaks of integrity, and I am powerful to save. –Why are your garments red, your clothes as if you have trodden the winepress? –I have trodden the wine press alone. Of the men of my people not one was with me. In my anger, I trod them down, I trampled them in my wrath. Their juice splattered my garments. And all my clothes are stained” Isaiah 63:1-3 Edomites, had become “Israel”
      Much, much later, these Babylonians/Edomite pretenders to Judaism emigrated to Khazar, where the Khazarian King, accepted Judaism, for political expediency, and allowed his people to becomes “Jews” so as to protect himself and his Kingdom, from the Islam influence from the South, and the Byzantine influence from the North. Khazar Kingdom was destroyed by Rus, who formed Russia in the 1050 AD. And these Mongoloid, Tarta proselytes which the remnants of the Babylonian Edomite proselytes, became the “Eastern European Jews”

      The created Zohar, a Book which reads into Old Testament prophesies about The Messiah and His conquest of the World, as being meant for “The Jews” This Messianic Idea of Judaism is the one which has been politicized into Zionism/Communism!

      1. “.. the Greeks referred to the Jews as Judeos, or Jah deos or Yadavas, meaning people of Ya or descendants of Yadu, one of the sons of Yayati.”
        Off the so-called Jews (aka) mum’s the word..

    2. They marry white women in order to luther their way into the corridors of power; they prefer the daughters of politicians

    “Where are the snipers and Goyim hit squads”?
    They’re not ready to give up their lives yet, which is what you had better be prepared to do…
    Talk is cheap buddy…
    Forcing the vaxx might be the catalyst…
    They’re not going to force the vaxx on people until they’ve narrowed the field…
    Right now they’re finding out who’s compliant, who are their prolecommiecrats…
    Many among them will be quite vicious against the free people, when the time comes..
    The mask issue is dividing and defining the masses, beween the believers and followers of the covid hoax and the free and independent people who make their own choices…
    It’s a trial program for gun confiscation, the deepstate globalists getting their chops own on how to go about it…… After all, you’re risking their lives by not wearing the mask… None of them actually know this, but they would rather believe in the coming communist state… It isn’t as if there is a lot of work for stupid people otherwise… That’s by design, of the Bidens and Newsoms, the Schumers and Pelosis… They think this chicom version is the ultimate welfare program, because so-far that’s about the what’s been indicated… It’s ‘guaranteed income’ and ‘equality’… You may not own the property you’ll be living on, but what difference does that make to these hordes of fkups who will never own any of their own anyway… First the landlord can’t get the courts to throw you out, then the state throws him out… That’s their dream…
    Money doesn’t matter, who will pay for it… There will be no more money… BTC…

  16. Nice legs in that picture, as (((diverse))) as legs get, i learned how to tell them apart from cockroach legs—wasn’t easy.
    Lucky sons of Noah who rolled the dice of destiny and joined these beauties, as they hang out with them today, so they shall hang out with them tomorrow.
    in the garden of just desserts where the mercy given is repaid with usurious interest—don’t fall into debt.

    1. To Seymour Zak

      I read your comment!!
      LOL..You ARE joking.
      The Jews are the epitomy of hate.
      Read the Talmud.

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