Oh What a Lovely New War! False Flagging in the Middle East?

Philip Giraldi
May 9, 2021

There has been virtually no American media coverage of last week’s arrival of a senior Israeli delegation in Washington to discuss Iran. The delegation included the head of the Israeli external intelligence service Mossad Yossi Cohen and Israel’s National Security Advisor Meir Ben-Shabbat. Their itinerary included briefings at the Pentagon and also with national security and State Department officials at the White House.

Lest there be any confusion about the “mission” of the delegation, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced unambiguously that his team would be explaining why Iran should not be trusted and that any agreement with it is “fundamentally flawed” in that it opens the door to a nuclear weapon for the Iranians when the deal enters its “sunset” phase after ten years.

Consequently, the Israelis pushed hard for maintaining U.S. non-participation in the multilateral Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) nuclear inspection program that was established in 2015 and which President Donald Trump chose to withdraw from. The secondary message from Jerusalem was that U.S. “extreme pressure” sanctions should remain in place and should, if anything, be made even more punitive.

The Israeli team produced “intelligence” to help make their case, but those of us experienced in the information provided by America’s “best friend” and “closest ally” Israel would probably agree that it tends to be highly politicized and often lacking any credible sourcing. In short, it is frequently little more than fabricated material that is only intended to influence gullible U.S. government officials.

The Israeli media has, unlike the U.S. media, closely followed the pushback against President Joe Biden’s apparent willingness to do what it takes to bring about re-entry into the non-proliferation arrangement, which is in the interest of the United States, Iran, and even Israel. Biden is reportedly now willing to cancel sanctions against the petroleum and banking sectors , which Iran has cited as a precondition for moving talks currently taking place in Austria forward. Nevertheless, there are certainly a number of high officials in Washington that favor retaining a hardline versus Iran along the lines the Israel is demanding in the belief that the pressure will make Iran concede on all points. They include the three most senior relevant officials at the State Department, all of whom are Jewish and Zionists, as well as many other appointees at the Pentagon and National Security Council.

To return to JCPOA, some in both Washington and Jerusalem are demanding that Iran also make additional concessions that go beyond the nuclear program, to include abandoning its ballistic missile program and ceasing its “interference” and alleged “terrorist support” outside its borders in the Middle East. Those demands are deal breakers for Iran and the intent is clearly maintain a high level of aggression directed against the Islamic Republic while also labeling the country as a “pariah.”

Former senior Israeli diplomat Dore Gold also has come out with another Israeli argument that is being replayed by its supporters in the U.S.: “…there is a real dilemma, because if you remove sanctions there is a huge windfall of funds that becomes available for terrorist activities in the Middle East and around the world.” Of course, the money belongs to Iran, having been frozen by the U.S., and how one defines terrorist is dependent on whom one is seeking to defame. Gold clearly has no problem with Israeli support of ISIS and al-Qaeda linked groups, and he is referring, of course, to Hezbollah, which successfully resisted the Israeli occupation of south Lebanon and which much of the world currently regards as a legitimate party of government.

There is also something of a secret, undeclared war going on between Iran and Israel on the high seas, where drone and limpet mining attacks on tankers and merchant vessels have been increasing. Israel also has been bombing alleged Iranian targets in Syria on a regular basis. Some high-level attacks, including a possible bombing at the Iranian nuclear research center at Natanz and the assassination of scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, both accomplished possibly with the assistance of the U.S., are designed to make it more difficult to resurrect the JCPOA.

Last week also saw a claim by pundits hostile to Iran and apparently also to former Secretary of State John Kerry, that Kerry had provided top secret information to Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif. Kerry allegedly revealed to the Iranian that Israel had attacked targets in Syria over two hundred times.

As it turned out, the Israeli Defense Ministry had already publicly revealed that fact while boasting about all it is doing against the enemy Iran.

The danger is, of course, that Israel is working hard to suck the United States into a war of its own choosing against Iran and it has a fifth column of allies in the United States that are willing to do its bidding by fair means or foul. Its leadership may be thinking that it is now or never to take the steps to initiate an armed conflict and that just might mean staging a false flag attack on a U.S. merchant or war ship, a diplomatic mission, or a vulnerable military base.

The Middle East region is certainly a target-rich environment for those seeking to identify American facilities and vessels, so it wouldn’t be that hard to set up something that could appear to be an Iranian act of aggression that Joe Biden would have to respond to. And he would find plenty of support both in Congress and in the media to do so. Even if the American counter-attack were strictly limited, the prime beneficiary would of course be Israel, which would have made the possibility of any U.S.-Iranian agreement go away forever.

As is frequently the case when Washington gets entangled with Israel’s perceived interests, this would not be good for the United States and would keep the American forces locked into the Middle East region for many years to come.

The question becomes, if Netanyahu pulls a trick and everyone knows or at least suspects that it is fraudulent, will Biden under pressure from the powerful Israel Lobby in the U.S. take the bait? It will be a true test of whether any president will be able to stand up to the Israelis and tell that country “hell no!”

It hasn’t happened yet, but hope springs eternal.


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  1. Pat,

    What’s the current situation on The Temple Mount in Jerusalem? What’s going on there? Thank you, TROJ.

  2. Pat,

    Andrew Anglin at DailyStormer may not be The Real Original Andrew Anglin. He may be a substitute for the real Andrew Anglin and may be a relative of, lol, of Putin. What say you, Pat, about the current Andrew Anglin? Is he the Real Original Andrew Anglin or an imposter and relative of, lol, Putin? [ The Noosphere never fails to entertain, ya’ gotta love it! ] Thank you, TROJ.

  3. “Oh What a Lovely New War! False Flagging in the Middle East?”

    The author wrote:
    “The danger is, of course, that Israel is working hard to suck the United States into a war of its own choosing against Iran and it has a fifth column of allies in the United States that are willing to do its bidding by fair means or foul. Its leadership MAY be thinking that it is now or never to take the steps to initiate an armed conflict and that just MIGHT mean staging a false flag attack on a U.S. merchant OR war ship, a diplomatic mission, OR a vulnerable military base.”

    Too many words such as “MAY’ and “MIGHT” and “OR” in this article to mean much to me.

  4. Darkmooners,
    Two brief points.
    1. Biden is a senile old pedo who’s only decision-making power is which unsuspecting child to fondle next.
    2. Israel’s naval capabilities are a HUGE secret. Does she even possess a destroyer? Would be interesting to know.

  5. If there’s anyone in this world who makes the NSA, NIA, NRO, DHS, DIA, DOJ, FIB, (cia), etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc. all start looking at each other a little bit funny, it’s the Israelis and Co. Pretty sure not even the President of the U.S. nor the Queen of England or the U.S. carny Congress can do that.

  6. Those willing to do violence hold the peaceful hostage..
    Thr only hope is the good policeman…
    That’s the force that’s lacking in the world, the legitimate authority figure with the power to quell violence and aggression and make everybody behave respectfully..
    It starts with secure borders…
    We were told the 🇺🇸 could not be the world’s policeman..
    Clearly, the world needs a policeman 👮‍♂️ 🙄 .
    If not us, then who?
    President Harding had the right idea 💡, which was to form the navies of the world into one intermingled seagoing security force, not just to stop piracy but to quell international aggression..
    That would be a good, very significant first step on the path of international cooperation for peace and security..
    Of course he was murdered, poisoned no-doubt by the same evildoers who always bomb the UN HQs every time they try to set up in a difficult area…
    And like JFK, they made it a point to smear him afterwards…
    Guess Who….
    There’s no way any decently motivated nation could refuse such an innovation…
    You hear only that the UN is totally worthless….
    But nothing about what should be done to supervise the planet, police the bad actors…
    Who are they?
    Xenophobc Religious Theocracies, with their ‘chosen’ credos and extremist views on ‘infidels’ are not exactly leading the world forward…

    1. Bark –

      Anything big enough to exact world discipline is big enough to invoke world tyranny.

  7. The bottom line is that ZOG Amerika will fight wars for Israel until it ceases to exist, and it will do so with full approval of the God Lobby led by that fat bastard Pastor John Hagee, Christians United for Israel and lover of everything Israel. So if love to see our boys dying in another war for Israel just thank all the idiots who believe in the Bible. Belief in Israel as an apple in God’s eye is a severe mental illness that afflicts most of the western world.

    todays headline: “Jerusalem Crisis Shows ‘International Anti-Semitism’ in Criticism of Israel”, fat bastard Rabbi liar John Hagee Says

    If Americans had any sense (which they don’t – just look at the Covid vaxx situation) they would nuke Israel immediately for 9-11-2001, USS Liberty, Lavon Affair, Jonathan Pollard spy deaths, bankruptcy for Middle East wars for Israel, etc. etc, and let us not forget the nation is own by the Jewish owned central bank, called the Federal Reserve, which is not Federal nor does it have any reserves.

    But will Amerikans ever come to their senses about Israel being an existential threat, that is the $66 trillion dollar question, and the answer is no, they can not, because Jews control the media, and Zionist Christians along with AIPAC dominate the discourse. So the truth be told, Amerika is already dead and doesn’t know it, the nation is like a drunken sailor stumbling around the wharf ready to fall in and drown – and never even know why. My advice is to flee Jew infested Amerika while you still can.

    The only thing that matters is that some patriotic airmen get some B-52s and load them up with Mk-82s and start pounding Israel into rubble like those Vietnam missions. Every square inch of Israhell needs to be completely demolished otherwise no Gentile is safe on this planet, and if you think otherwise you are wrong and simply don’t understand the threat organized Jewry represents. Jews are well on their way in creating a world police state run from Jerusalem, the holiest of cities, where hate is so thick you can cut it with a knife. The holy land, a place where insane death cultists are going to fight it out to the last Abrahamic believer, and don’t forget that Bible partriarch Abraham heard godly voices then went up the mountain to cut his oldest son’s throat!

    1. YJ,
      Don’t NUKE Israel. Just change it’s pathetic leadership…..yawn…..John Hagee and Bibi are yust 2 twin, fat, ass-clowns masquerading as championes of the Jewish people whom they pretend to love but $$$$ is their ONLY ❤️. It’s truly condescending. 🤨🤔🤠

  8. I would agree with Yukon Jack but I agreed with The Realist yesterday and my reply to The Realist is being CENSORED. I actually do agree with Yukon Jack except if I write a post about how I agree with him it will get CENSORED — like my reply to The Realist is being CENSORED.

  9. Well, it looks like it’s about to start; the Israelis are evicting the natives from their ancient homes in Jerusalem in order to consolidate the whole city….when asked, a rabbi said that Yahveh and Trump told them to just take the homes …
    When done with the evictions the Jews will go for the Aqsa mosque, destroy it and rebuild what they say was the so called Salomon temple in order to receive the “real Messiah’ because that one that came 2000 years ago was a sorcerer and a liar…
    Meanwhile, evangelists in America agree with the Jews, celebrate yet another mass killing in Gaza and agree with the killers of Jesus, their God.
    “They are the chosen, we are not, we are cockroaches” they whine as the paid pastor who taught them this stuff heals someone with chronic cancer on stage and has an old lady get up and walk off the wheelchair she has been sitting on for 40 years. His Mercedez waits outside …
    Crazy world and it looks like the message God sent with the pandemic wasn’t received by mankind …
    More pain to come

  10. There may be a way to solve the ME problem otherwise, short of massive high explosive bombing of one kind or another… Like it always is – the successful turn the circumstances to their own advantage… THe Jews are giving the world the opportunity to take charge for peace, and wouldn’t it be interesting if the chosen, who were supposed to lead the world into the next paradigm with their own special state, were the ones to bring it about as the result of corrective measures applied to them and their grossly nefarious doings…
    It’s infamous enough by now, the yahudi thing could be one big mainstay in the new awareness and consequent political movement to take the USA back from all the foreigners…

  11. I’m praying to g-d NO palestinian hamas vrockets land on ze patio furniture artfully displayed in ze backyard of ze foist lady mrs. sarah nutandyahoo in vorld-renowned jewrusalem it vould be a tragedy of enormous proportions if all that beautiful and classy patio furniture vould get blown up by ze crazed ILLEGITMATE sons of abraham good ole abe sired with ze fat whore hagar ze ishmaelmites because everybody knows whoever has ze most stolen patio furniture cluttering up one’s backyard is in ze end ZE WINNER!!!!

    [ LMFAO!!!!! ]

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