On Jews, Antisemitism, and Jewish Power Structures:Thomas Dalton Interviewed by the Occidental Observer

Jews, take warning! The sleeping beast has awoken. This groundbreaking denunciation of organized Jewry by Dr Thomas Dalton crosses all red lines. 


THE OCCIDENTAL OBSERVER notes: Dr. Thomas Dalton is an American academic known for his extensive commentaries on controversial topics. Today he joins the Occidental Observer for a stimulating Q&A where we discuss his views on Jews, Antisemitism, and Jewish power structures.


“Later, in my various travels, I encountered seemingly random individuals who, for some reason, just made my skin crawl.  They were utterly repulsive.  I had never met anyone like these people—who I later realized were Jews. ” — Dr Thomas Dalton, explaining his visceral hatred of the Jews from an early age.

(Slightly abridged) 

 LIPTON MATTHEWS (on behalf the Occidental Observer) :  You have written profusely on Jewish issues.  What sparked your interest in studying their influence?

THOMAS  DALTON :  For me personally, it goes way back, at least to my elementary school days.  I can recall writing a very early book report on Einstein, in which I mentioned in passing that he was a Jew—which of course, he was.  I don’t think I even knew what a Jew was; I never encountered any until college.  But my teacher was aghast:  I had outed a Jew!  She rebuked me in her little written comments, something to the effect that “that doesn’t matter, it’s not relevant, …”  I was shocked.  Here I was, a mere kid, writing what I read in some book somewhere—a true fact—and I was attacked for it.  There was a lesson in that, and it wasn’t the one the teacher intended.

More came in middle school.  I can recall one of the guys calling someone a “Schweinehund” (literally, a pig-dog), and the teacher jumping all over him because he used a “Nazi” word.  I was like, wow, what’s a Nazi?  More lessons.  Incidents like this got me interested in Nazism and Hitler, and I really became intrigued by the whole World War Two story; for me, the Germans were always the more interesting characters.  In high school, I wrote a major (and sympathetic) English paper on Hitler, and actually got a high grade for it; I can’t imagine that happening today.

Then into college, I lived in the student dormitory for my first two years.  I remember well the loud and obnoxious guys “from New York,” which, for a long time, prejudiced me against all New Yorkers.  Only later did I find out that the “guys from New York” were virtually all “Jews from New York”.  Then I recalled the anti-Semitic scrawlings and swastikas on the bathroom stalls, and it all made sense.

Later, in my various travels, I encountered seemingly random individuals who, for some reason, just made my skin crawl.  They were utterly repulsive.  I had never met anyone like these people—who I later realized were Jews.  Not long after, I started to notice their role in government, and in particular their over-representation.  Then the same in Hollywood, and more of the same in media.


Not long after that, I started thinking critically about the Holocaust.  I had never given it much thought, and basically accepted the orthodox view without much consideration.  This was in the “pre-indoctrination” era, so I basically never really covered it in school.  I studied technical subjects as an undergrad, and so, again, never had to address it.  But I knew something was wrong with the story, and eventually started digging into it.  The end result, several years later, was my book Debating the Holocaust.

About the same time, I got more active against Israeli crimes in the Middle East, and began to support BDS actions against Israel.  It was then that I started to feel the first real push-back against me personally.  Once again, more valuable lessons.

Basically, at some point, I began to realize that I was virtually surrounded:  Jews on all sides, at all levels of society, calling the shots—and this, even though they were a mere 2% of so of the US population (and less in the state where I lived).  Then I knew that it was a major problem that had to be addressed on multiple levels.

Matthews:  Some contend that Jews are overrepresented in major movements and industries due to higher intelligence and concentration in urban areas, but you dismiss this argument.  Why is that?

Dalton:  It’s true that Jews, as a group, score higher on IQ tests than the average White person.  If the White average is 100, I believe that Jews score about one standard-deviation above this, which means an average score of around 115.  This is a huge difference.  But an IQ of 115, in itself, is not that impressive.  So-called ‘genius’ level starts at about 140, and statistically, a higher percentage of Jews will be in this category than Whites.  But of course, they are still a small minority—around 2%, as I said—and so the total number of White geniuses is significantly higher than the corresponding number of Jews.

Still, when you encounter an ‘average Jew,’ he or she will likely seem quite intelligent.  I don’t dismiss any of this, and it does account for much of Jewish success.

But intelligence alone is not the sole measure of success, as we all know.  Jews also possess a number of stereotypical and distasteful characteristics, like aggression, assertiveness, selfishness, greed, ambition, and narcissism.  For most people, these traits would be vices; but for Jews, they work to their advantage. 

Jews also are more prone to mental illness than the population at large, probably due to centuries of in-breeding within a relatively tight gene pool.  And most importantly, they are highly clannish.  This is a strange concept to most American Whites, who are, generally speaking, individualists—that is, we tend to judge people as individuals, on their own merits.  But Jews will seek out and cooperate with other Jews, to the exclusion of non-Jews.  This tribal, in-group preference also accounts for much of their success.  They generally view Gentiles with distaste, distrust, and even disgust.  Literally for centuries, Jews have been known for their “hatred of mankind.”  And it shows.

In a sort of pathological twist, Jews actually enjoy this antipathy.  They actually seem to like being hated!  It keeps them close, compact, and unified.  It builds their in-group.  And it promotes the ‘victim mentality’ that they love to exploit.  So they get multiple benefits from being detested.  It’s sick.

But to close on your question, the overrepresentation comes from (a) above average intelligence and cleverness, (b) immoral treatment of others, meaning, a willingness to exploit and deceive with impunity, and (c) in-group synergies.  Again, this does not apply to every individual Jew, but it holds for Jews in general, and is particularly relevant for those at the top of the social hierarchy.

Matthews:  Your latest book, Eternal Stranger: Critical Views of Jews and Judaism through the Ages (2020), forcefully posits that, despite residing in Western civilization for centuries, Jews have remained as outsiders.  What explains this development?

Dalton:  That’s a long story, but in short, Jews have developed, over the centuries, the ability to manipulate and exploit people everywhere.  This is only possible if you dislike or detest the people you are working with.  Jews have learned how to profit by treating others as inferiors, and consequently the masses, in turn, treated the Jews as strangers, as outsiders, and as infiltrators.

On top of this, for centuries, when Europe was dominated by Christianity, Jews were also religious outsiders because they wouldn’t accept Jesus as Messiah.  But this aspect has faded in the past century, as the US and especially Europe grew less religious.

Jews furthermore have discovered that there is much profit to be made from exploiting people in distress—as when people are penniless, or hungry, or at war.  This again is a very old story, reaching back to Old Testament days.  More troubling, Jews also discovered that, by manipulating events to their liking, they could actually create distress—that is, they learned how to put people under pressure, to make them suffer, to make them needy, and to make them fear for their wellbeing and even their lives.  Under such conditions, Jews stand to make huge gains in wealth, influence, and power.  This has been true for centuries, and it’s still true today.

What is largely unknown—and the reason I wrote that book—is the fact that many of the most prominent and brilliant thinkers in history have recognized this malicious Jewish nature.  This is important because it shows that critics of the Jews are not just a handful of “neo-Nazis” or crackpot haters, but rather intelligent and insightful men of history.  And not just in recent times, but literally for millennia—reaching back at least to 300 BC.  In Eternal Strangers, I took the trouble to hunt down and verify the relevant anti-Jewish comments from dozens of perceptive critics.  All my quotations are confirmed and properly sourced.  It is a truly damning story, one with huge repercussions for the present day.

Matthews:  Kevin MacDonald has written widely on the involvement of Jews in movements hostile to the interests of the West.  What do you think motivates their activism?

Dalton:  It’s basically what I said above:  that Jews are eager to exploit and manipulate people for their own personal gain, and for the benefit of Jews generally.  They are attracted to the West because it is a source of productive wealth.  The West has also created potent science and technology, which the Jews desire; such things have a great potential for further manipulation and control.  And there is (or was) a kind of cultural greatness about the West that the cultureless Jews sought to appropriate.

But there is a deeper issue:  Jews see Westerners as their primary threat.  Ever since the days of the Roman Empire, it was the Westerners, the Europeans, the Whites, who have been their most dangerous opponents.  Being massively outnumbered, Jews have long realized that they would have to undermine the West on moral, religious, and ideological grounds.  In recent years, they have also undermined us on racial grounds, by promoting mass immigration from Africa, the Mid East, and Latin America.

I mean, just look at Hollywood, and the entertainment industry generally.  There is nothing more degrading than the endless stream of utter garbage produced by Hollywood Jews—unless we count the insipid filth that passes for popular music (hip-hop, especially; if you doubt me, check out the lyrics to the recent hit “WAP”).  One need not be a prude to see how corrupting it is to live in a society that promotes deviant sexuality, Internet porn, online gambling, recreational drug use, and moral offenses of the most diverse kind.  And there is a strong Jewish hand behind all these things.  For them, it’s a double win:  lots of money to be made, and lots of Westerners corrupted in the process.  It could hardly be better.

Matthews:  In Debating the Holocaust, you give a fair hearing to mainstream arguments and sobering critiques, yet despite the impartial tone, many consider it to be an anti-Semitic text.  Why are people hesitant to challenge orthodox assumptions of the Holocaust?

Dalton:  The Holocaust is the Achilles’ Heel of the global Jewish Lobby.  It is their central guilt tool.  It was the final justification for the creation of Israel.  It is the source of countless billions in ‘reparations’—well over $120 billion to date.  It allows them to promote their victimhood status throughout the West, and to exploit peoples’ sympathies.  It is the true “Big Lie” of the present day.  Consequently, undermining the standard Holocaust story is one of the most potent actions we can take today, to bring down Jewish power.

Interested readers will have to read my book, but in brief, there are many serious holes in the orthodox view.  Start with the fact that the supposed deaths of 6 million Jews, over about five and a half years, comes to nearly 3,000 deaths per day—every day, 24/7, rain or shine.  Amidst a global war.  It hardly seems plausible on the face of it.  Then we note that killing people is relatively easy, but disposing of their bodies is much, much harder.  Even a modern crematorium cannot reduce a human body to ash; large bones always remain.  Crude Nazi ovens could do much less—not to mention the “open-air fires” that are said to have consumed hundreds of thousands of bodies (almost 600,000 at Auschwitz alone).

The famed gas chambers could never have worked in the manner described.  They were illogical from the start:  cram hundreds of people into an enclosed room and then sprinkle cyanide pellets on their heads.  Right—and then what?  Now you’ve got hundreds of dead bodies intermixed with highly toxic pellets that continue to emit gas for hours.  Who’s going in to clean out the bodies?  Even Jewish inmates are no use dead.

And the supposed diesel exhaust chambers that were used at Treblinka, Sobibor, and Belzec are even more ridiculous.  For one, you can’t pump engine exhaust into an enclosed room; the engine will simply stall.  But more importantly, diesel exhaust gas has far too little carbon monoxide, and far too much oxygen, to kill people in any reasonable time.  Gasoline engines can do the job, but the orthodox sources are adamant:  the Germans used diesel engines.  This whole aspect is made even more absurd when we realize that some 2 million Jews allegedly died by diesel gas, as opposed to some 1 million by cyanide.  In the end, it appears that the actual overall Jewish death toll was something like 500,000—far less than the proclaimed 6 million.

These are only a few of many unresolved issues.  Again, interested readers should see my Debating book, or read my short version: Holocaust: An Introduction (2016).  Both can be found on my personal website (www.thomasdaltonphd.com), and at my primary publisher site, www.clemensandblair.com.

In view of all this, I am continually surprised that some in the dissident right and White nationalist movement don’t want to address the Holocaust.  They seem to think that, in essence, the Jews have won the ideological battle, and that any critic—any “Holocaust denier”—is automatically viewed as a nutjob.  (I find it odd that people who are routinely labeled as vicious anti-Semites are suddenly afraid of being called a “denier,” but such is life.)  More concretely, they worry about such things as false testimony, doctored evidence, outright fraud, and so on.  Sure, these exist.  But most of the revisionist case is based on fact, hard science, and elementary logic.  The basic case is quite clear and compelling.  You don’t need to have a PhD in science or math to follow the story.  My little book Introduction can be read by any college undergrad, and my Debating is not much harder.

Finally, we need only consider how much effort the global Jewish Lobby puts into squelching Holocaust revisionism.  They know how important the orthodox story is to their grip on power.  They pass laws, they burn books, they block websites, they fine and imprison people, all to stop the counter-story from getting out.  But they are losing.  Revisionism is winning the day.  The more that we can bring this to light, the better for everyone.

Matthews:  Can you identify broader trends of suppressing information critical of Jewish power structures, beyond the Holocaust?

Dalton:  Sure:  almost any exposure of Jewish influence, Jewish wealth, or Jewish power is suppressed.  Even ‘outing’ Jews is forbidden.  Even mentioning names like ‘Soros’ or ‘Rothschild’ in the wrong context is forbidden.  Any look at media figures, leading billionaires, Hollywood moguls, Big Tech luminaries, or top political donors is sure to include a massively disproportionate Jewish presence.  But this fact will never be mentioned—not by the left, not by the right, not by Democrats, not by Republicans, not by CNN, and not by Fox News.  I exposed some of this dominance in a recent TOO essay, “Confronting the Judeocracy.”  Note:  this is not even talking about “criticism,” but rather simply naming the Jews as Jews.  That fact alone is too much to swallow.

When you look at the Jewish role in political and financial corruption, ethically dubious industries, control of public opinion, foreign wars, and so on, you then get a situation that is utterly unmentionable—except by those of us with a bit of courage and some backbone.

One of my favorite examples is the Jewish role in warfare, both present-day and historically.  It has long been a cliché that “Jews caused all the wars in history,” but few have taken the time to confirm and document this situation.  I did it, and the result was my book The Jewish Hand in the World Wars (2019).  My focus there is on the two World Wars, but I also look at conflicts before and since.  Again, it was remarkable to me how much information is never discussed, never examined, never found in text books.  It is suppression by omission; this is their favored tactic.

Matthews:  Do non-Jewish leaders support the state of Israel to advance the goals of Zionism, or is doing so merely financially rewarding and not indicative of Gentiles genuflecting to Jewish powerbrokers?

Dalton:  We can never really know what induces so many Gentiles, of all races, to yield to Jewish temptation.  I suspect it is something like a ‘carrot-and-stick’ strategy:  the carrot is big money and fame, and the stick is unemployment and shame.  Probably very few influential Gentiles know or care much about Zionism; there are, of course, millions of so-called Christian Zionists, most White, but they seem to not hold positions of power.  Equally probable is that very few influential Gentiles have real affection or concern for Jews.  Most are probably uncomfortable with Jews at best, and secretly hate them at worst.  But they play along—for the money and fame, and for fear of losing their jobs.

Matthews:  How do we distinguish between “anti-Semitism” and legitimate explorations of Jewish Power?

Dalton:  The implication here is that anti-Semitism involves “illegitimate” explorations of Jewish power—a point that I would dispute.  All such examinations are legitimate, whatever the motive.  Jews have caused so much pain and suffering over the millennia that no exposé can be unwarranted or too harsh.

Matthews:  Your trenchant critiques of Jewish power structures are legendary, but what do you have to say about wokeness, Covid-19 hysteria, and the religion of anti-whiteness?

Dalton:  Huge issues here, for sure.  On the Covid-19 hysteria, things are still a bit too fluid and muddled to draw big conclusions.  Apart from the Jewess now running the CDC (Rochelle Walensky), there seems to be a minimal Jewish role here.  It wrote a recent piece on the uselessness of masks (“The emperor’s new mask”), and I suspect the vaccines are almost as bad.  Never before have we been able to vaccinate against a coronavirus, and I would guess that these recent ones will prove either marginally effective or short-lived.  Evidence is increasing that the virus itself was generated or manipulated in a Chinese lab, with potentially huge implications.

‘Wokeness’ is a hypersensitivity to all issues favored by Jews:  gender confusion, gay rights, interracial mixing, mass immigration, pity-mongering, and other generally politically-correct matters.  Jews push a woke culture because it serves their interests; a diverse, multiracial, multicultural, sexually-confused nation is one that can scarcely muster the strength to deal with the Jewish Question.

In particular, Jews like to portray themselves as great friends to Blacks, Hispanics, and other “oppressed” minorities.  In reality, Jews hold nothing but contempt for such people; we need only recall the leading Jewish role in the American slave trade.  Jews are expert at using and coopting minorities for their own ends.

And to your other point, they use minorities in a kind of war against Whites.  Holocaust-guilt seems to have reached the saturation point, so prominent Jews now have turned to racial-guilt in their battle against Whites.  Whites are guilty of “systemic racism,” and hence must continually feel bad about themselves and their race, and must continually atone for this original sin.  Again, it puts Whites on the defensive and minimizes any risk of a mass White Nationalism—or so they believe.  Some of us suspect that this Jewish strategy may backfire.  Time will tell.

But these and related issues are sure to resurface in the future.  Jewish potential for mischief is endless.  It takes a fair amount of reading and thinking to get a grip on this situation, and on the radical solutions that are likely necessary.  Again, I would point interested readers to my personal website (www.thomasdaltonphd.com), and to the Clemens & Blair publishing site, which handles many of my books (www.clemensandblair.com).  There are lots of good sources there, and many profitable leads to follow.  Thanks for the opportunity to chat.

Matthews:  Thank you!


Thomas Dalton, PhD, has authored or edited several books and articles on politics, history, and religion, with a special focus on National Socialism in Germany.  His works include a new translation series of Mein Kampf.  For all his writings, see his personal website www.thomasdaltonphd.com.

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  1. Devastating article! As LD points out correctly, it breaks all red lines and pulls no punches in its denunciation of the Jews. But why was it abridged? Has anything important been left out? And has it been toned down in any way so that it doesn’t offend the Jews too much?

      1. Only a few paragraphs at the beginning of the article, consisting of tedious semantic discussion, were deleted. Lasha decided, in the interests of brevity, to omit all this dry academic stuff and cut to the chase.

        The rest of the article is intact, word for word. Exactly as published on the Occidental Observer.

        If you’re interested, here are the deleted opening paragraphs. They are purely of academic interest and have no bearing on the main thrust of the article. Which is to tell you how bad the Jews are.


        MATTHEWS (Question): ‘Anti-Semitism’ is frequently employed as a derisive term to shame thinkers like yourself who adopt an unflinching approach to criticizing Jewish power structures. Do you think that this epithet is justified?

        DALTON (Answer): This all depends on what we mean by ‘anti-Semitism.’ Let’s look at a bit of history. The Semites were the people traditionally descended from Noah’s (of the ark) son Shem, who were described as ‘Shemites’ or Semites. Some nine generations after Shem came Abraham, traditional patriarch of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Abraham was said to live circa 2000 BC, which would put Shem at 4000 BC or earlier—although such genealogies have almost zero credence.

        Abraham supposedly had two sons: Ishmael (distant ancestor to the prophet Muhammad) and Isaac. Isaac in turn had two sons: Esau (progenitor of the Edomites) and Jacob (progenitor of the Israelites/Jews). A few generations after Jacob came Moses, who is said to have lived around 1500 BC. I would note that all this is from Jewish tradition, and it has no historical or anthropological foundation; in all likelihood, all these individuals (apart from Muhammad) are fictitious.

        Anyway, technically speaking, ‘Semites’ are a potentially huge group of people, including Jews and indigenous Arabs across the near Middle East. They all speak a ‘Semitic’ language, like Hebrew or Arabic. Arabic-speakers alone number over 300 million, and spread across much of the Middle East and North Africa. Today, though, the term is not frequently used, owing to its vagueness and lack of substantial basis.

        But of course, anti-Semite is widely used today, which is interesting. The term emerged in Germany in the 1860s and 1870s and was employed both by Jews (such as Steinschneider) and Gentiles (such as Wilhelm Marr). There, for whatever reason, ‘Semite’ came to mean ‘Jew’ alone, distinct from all the other descendants of Shem. By 1879 there was an “anti-Semitic League” in Germany, which meant formal opposition to Jewish influence and Jewish power.

        My dictionary has a very simple, one-line definition of anti-Semitism: “hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a religious or racial group.” This, I think, is not quite right. ‘Shemite,’ or ‘Semite,’ is a biological—and hence racial—term. Anti-Semitism thus opposes Jews as an ethnic group, rather than as a religion. In the nineteenth century, this distinction was relatively unimportant; at that time, all ethnic Jews were religious Jews, and vice versa. Today, of course, it is different: Many ethnic Jews are non-religious, and some (very few) Gentiles adhere to the Jewish religion. In the present day, the main concern is with ethnic Jews, regardless of their religion.

        As we know, Jews have appropriated the term ‘anti-Semitism’ to apply to anyone they view as a threat, for virtually any reason. An anti-Semite is thus an opponent or enemy of the Jewish people, as a collective. And since Jews get to determine who is an opponent, the term can mean anything they want it to mean.

        Speaking for myself, I oppose Jewish dominance and virtual rule in the Western nations—countries in which they are historic foreigners and infiltrators. I guess that makes me an anti-Semite; so be it. I also oppose “Jewish power structures” in Israel when they commit war crimes and crimes against humanity. So that makes me a double anti-Semite. So what? On this basis, any thinking, moral person ought to be an anti-Semite. We need to make that term a badge of honor.


        1. Darkmooners,
          Thomas Dalton is certainly entilted to his opinion. He should not be ostrisized for his views. Donaldo, however, is no advocate of stereotypes. The World…..and the Jewish community in particular, is complex. Sweeping generalizations are childish, simplistic and unacademic. Perhaps it would be more logical to scrutinize INDIVIDUALS and not an entire race. Some Darkmooners may proclaim, “Donaldo is bias and just defends other Jews!” But this isn’t the case. Donaldo is rational. He’s an open critic of people like Bibi, Nudelman and Bill Gates whom he views as fake imposters who only have their own self-financial interests in mind while spitting in the faces of common Jews and goy alike. Come on folks! Wake up and smell the ☕! What we’re witnessing is a class struggle…..not Jew vs goy. The ultra-rich have a GOD COMPLEX and view the rest of commoners (Jewish and goy) as expendible lab rats. Example…have ya taken the JAB? If ya did, ya probably got sick! Several of Donaldos family members (against his advice) took the JAB and immediately became ill. They recovered and are ok FOR NOW. But who knows about the long-term? How many Israelis took the JAB? Anyway, let’s all raise our ✋ s to Heaven and thank Billy Gates….the ultimate imposter. With friends, cough….cough….like Gates and his ilk, us common Jews and got alike, shouldn’t worry too much about hyper-sonic missiles from Russia, China or Iran. Anyway, enough from Donaldo. Gonna finish the tequila, 🍻, call his pal TROJ and see what the kid’s doing. He’s been strangely silent lately. Gotta check on the boy. 🤔🤨🤠

          1. Be careful, amigo. Remember : Don’t drink and drive! Arrive Alive!


            Always good advice : Always find yourself a taquiera or bar next to a motel and get yourself a motel room and then you can go out drinking this way you’re NOT driving around at night totally sloshed. You can stagger & stumble from the drinking establishment to your motel room next door and no one has to worry you’re going to run them over because you’re as, lol, as drunk as a skunk, as we say here North of the border.

            I’m “strangely” silent lately, because uncle is being MORE CENSORIOUS than usual with me– which is saying A LOT. I only appear, or seem, to be silent. I appear, or seem, to be silent — because that’s how uncle wants to it make it appear, or seem. Other than that, I’m doing fine, thanks for checking up on me. You’re the only one that does and I appreciate it! Vaya con Dios, amigo!

            1. TROJ,
              Why are you posting Donaldo when he’s only a few feet away grilling YOUR New York strip? Maybe administration Toby should permanently send you into spamblinka for your insolence. Anyway, apparently, some of Donaldos good deeds go unrewarded. 🤨🤔🤠

            2. TRO’G’ 🙂 –

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    1. @ Moise

      Me too! I thought I was entering an Astronomy website to do with with esoteric lunar phenomena (“Darkmoon”) and I now seem to find myself wandering through the corridors of a lunatic asylum.

      I note this Darkmoon creature writes pretty weird mystical poetry, but none of it is antisemitic in any way. It doesn’t even mention the Jews. Which I find disappointing, if not cunningly deceptive.

      I guess this is camouflage, intended to mislead the internet watchdogs into thinking this is a responsible and highly cultured Poetry website. This is not going to fool anyone. Least of all me.

      1. Broaden your interests, Solomon! Lasha doesn’t pretend to be a world-class poet; she simply throws it out for us to consider. She certainly has made me think about many things I would not have, otherwise, were it not for this website. 🤔

      2. Don’t worry Shekelgrabberberg and Solomon. As long as you don’t teach anyone how to be REALLY Jew-Wise like Mel taught me to be VERY Jew-Wise nothing bad will happen to you here at Darkmoon — where Jews get treated MUCH BETTER than NON-jews, trust me on that, I know what I’m talking about. The only Jew who wasn’t treated fairly is Mel, and that’s odd, as Mel was teaching us how to be VERY Jew-Wise. Jew Mel was a anomaly, so there’s really nothing for you two to worry about. Unless of course you’re not happy unless you’re worrying about something, which is jewish trait, very much so, so keep on worrying, don’t let me stop you from vorrying, I vouldn’t vant to make you two unhappy, lol…

        1. FYI, Mel was never “banned” from this site.
          Have YOU been banned just because you’re in Spamblinka?

  2. “Sister” Monica,

    You’re a wanna be Saint Joan of Arc, you warrior wahman u! You’re certainly one tough cookie Mother Superior! So I ask your opinion : The Supreme Court is going to review the law regarding Registering for The Draft. Right now it’s just young MEN who HAVE TO register for the draft and NOT young women. There is a very high chance the Supreme Court is going to rule the MEN ONLY draft as Unconstitutional — in which case then young women will also have to register for The Draft. And if they ever Revive The Draft – because there’s a war and Uncle Sam will need as many soldiers as possible to fight the war, the women will be going to war, and to the front, not just the rear supply lines but the front lines. Qua daughter of lilith that you are : What’s your opinion about women having to register for the draft, the possibility Uncle Sam may Revive The Draft, and the possibility of women fighting on the front lines if war breaks out?

    1. I have no opinion on this question, Troj. Those who wish to fight, let them fight. And those who don’t wish to fight, let them stay at home and become Keyboard Warriors on the Darkmoon site. 🙂

  3. Sister Monica
    Actually it was great you reposted these ‘OMITTED OPENING PARAGRAPHS’ because they are very instructive.
    The paragraphs definitely clarify that in a way Israel is killing their own people in Gaza. This makes them religiously racist because at some time the ancestors of the people of Gaza who were also Semite decided not to adopt the Jewish religion and remain gentiles until Christianity, and later Islam came about.
    This also shows that Palestinians have a legitimate claim to Palestine race wise. Jews cannot say:
    “our religion was here before islam and CHRISTIANITY therefore we own Palestine”
    because Palestinians are also the grandchildren of Noah.
    Thankyou very very much

  4. Pat,

    What’s the story with the video of Trump on stage with his pants on backwards? Can it possibly be real? I mean, does Trump really have his pants on backwards? Or, is it some kind of CGI video? What’s going on?

    1. I heard Trump was really wearing a diaper and THEY did something to him so they put his pants the wrong way(appearently he couldn’t dress himself) without him noticing it .looking at Trump with that diaper protruding ,you couldn’t tell if he was coming or going .

  5. My experience with Jews is that they are obsessed with money. As early as college, I fell for a beautiful Italian jewess in a nearby girls’ school. She was sexy, stupid, and a great equestrenne. She loved that I had a Mercedes convertible, but refused to go out with me when I came to get her in a new pickup truck. I dumped her on the spot! Good riddance!

    1. (I post this comment here simply because it is the newest article)

      It is heartbreaking to read so many comments against Jesus. And I do understand, trust me. After I started finding out the truth about (((them))), I did some research and came to the conclusion that Jesus was just another representation of the sun, being born on the 25th of December during the Yule/Saturnalia festival (by the way: He was likely born during the fall). So I simply became an atheist and pridefully boasted the non-existence of Jesus. But three months after this He showed up in my life and since then He has never left me.

      Some may say ‘He has never proven me to exist. He never told me’. First of all, the proof of God’s existence is His creation, in the same way that you know there is a painter because of the painting. But the big thing is: what if He did tell you, but you did not hear? What if He did show you, but you did not see? What if He is willing to reveal Himself to you, but you closed your eyes and ears not to see nor hear? Sin blinds our feeble minds and covers our hearts so that we would not know Him, nor be saved. To give a comparison, think about the amount of people who believe in everything that Big Brother (aka the media) tells them. I am confident to say that most of those who have found out the truth have asked themselves at least once “How can people be so blind?”. Sin does the same thing: it gets in your soul (i.e. the conscience and the mind) and rules your thinking so that you will not depart from it. That’s why people hate God with no reason whatsoever: because we love our sins and do not want to forsake them.

      We have all sinned and we all deserve the raft of God for rebelling against Him (Romans 3:9~18), but He loves us so much that He wants none to go to hell; and that’s why Jesus came. John 1 makes it pretty clear that Jesus, before coming here on earth as a man, was God. And, being God, He did not wake up one day and decided that coming on earth as a man could have been a fun thing to do; He had a reason to do so. That reason is the fact that every single human being who ever lived has not managed to live the perfect way God created us to live (we all sinned and rebelled). Jesus came and lived that life (Hebrews 4:15): He never sinned and acted exactly as God would have; indeed: who has seen Him, has seen the Father (John 14:5~10). He walked all the laws of God and fulfilled more than a hundred prophecies, written in the time period of over a millennium (Isaiah 53; Psalms 22;…). He was then rejected by His people and crucified, and He died. ‘If He was God, could He not save Himself?’ Of course He could, but he willingly chose to die because, in doing so, He took on Himself all the sin of the world and stuck it to a wooden cross, making it powerless (Galatians 3:13-14). He also drank the cup of the raft of God so that we would not have to take it (Luke 22:42). And then after three days He raised from the dead, defeating sin and death. So now, in Him, we have forgiveness of all our sins and a guaranteed sit in Heaven, not because of our goodness, but because of His. And He did not just forgive our sins: He took them away (John 1:29), He removed them, and I now am right and at peace with God thanks to Him (Colossians 1:21-22); there is no more sin above my head. So no: Christianity is not a nihilistic and sad way to see life, nor a boasting of death and sin; Christianity is a hymn to life: a life that we do not deserve and have done nothing to achieve, but that is given to us as a free gift through the death and resurrection of Jesus. We rejected Him, we insulted Him, and He died for us. That’s love (1 John 4:10). Love has been the point since the beginning. And when you start to know (literally) the love that God has for you, nothing else counts anymore.

      Why do you not give Him a try? You will never be sure of God’s non-existence as I am sure of his existence. Whoever is reading this, I tell you from the bottom of my spirit: do not close your eyes and ears and prepare the way for Him to reach your heart, for God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble. If you draw close to Him, He will draw close to you. You are playing with your eternity.

      If you want a proof of God’s existence, take a look at the symbol of the United Nations. I guess we can all agree that the UN has been established or at least is now controlled by (((them))), and we also know that (((they))) love to do things blatantly in our faces. Ask yourself what that symbol represents and do not opt for the easy solution “It’s a map of the world” (curiosity fact: it is also divided into 33 masonic sections!). It is a map of the world, but which map? It does not look much like we are used to see it, right…? I think is a very interesting research to step into, and that can bring light on many things. If you do not manage to come to a conclusion, I will be happy to provide hints or answers to you. Have a blessed day.

      PS: I was amazed and puzzled by a point made in another comment: ‘If God is almighty, why did He choose to speak to us through a book?’. The answer is simple: it is the best way. Why should God keep repeating Himself over and over to every single person, when He can provide a book in which His word is clear and declared? This way, you can not only have access to it anytime, but can also read it as many times as you want. Moreover, as a person interested in literature and poetry I can tell you that writing has a very powerful effect on the reader (for example: it is very different to hear a piece of poetry or to actually read it). Because what your eyes are fixed on is just symbols that make up words, the meaning of the text can be revealed directly to your heart without having to pass through your mind, for which God’s word is simply incomprehensible.

      In addition, God will speak to us not just through His written word, but also through many other different things, such as our lives; and sometimes even audibly.

      1. @ Nahum

        I’m sure you mean well by posting this extremely long off-topic comment here, but please don’t do this right at the beginning of a new thread in future.

        Wait until others have posted their relevant comments first. And then, if you wish, by all means post your off-topic commen at the end of the thread.

        Thank you for your cooperation.

    2. The last name of the beautiful Italian jewess you fell for, was her last name “Fallisi” by any chance? lol…

  6. TROJ,
    Go back to your room, please. Donaldo is grilling the steaks. When they’re done, he’ll knock on the door. Have a few 🍻, no problem. But abandone the computer for a few minutes. Donaldo will then share the steaks and loaded baked potatoes with you. 🤗🤠

  7. Once again, to give credit where credit is due, the quote attributed to Voltaire, i.e. “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize,” was in fact originally stated by by National Vanguard’s Kevin Alfred Strom. https://nationalvanguard.org/2017/01/voltaire-didnt-say-it/.

    “NatVan” is one of the very best pro-white websites currently in operation. Perhaps it should be said, “if you want to find out who rules over you, simply ask Kevin Alfred Strom. Here is another great paraphrasing – “To learn who rules over you, buy Mel Gibson a drink.”

    That said, I think Mr. Strom is on par with Voltaire in his efforts to enlighten the masses.

    1. Mr Stanton
      Mel Gibson is the most liked actor here in colombia!
      I was always worried ‘they’ will poison him after the movie LA PASIÓN DE CRISTO but I guess ‘they’ figured it would be very dangerous to cross that line.
      I guess ‘they’ know their limits except in poor Gaza

    2. Forgive the minor correction, but it is “To learn who rules over you, simply find out WHOM you are not allowed to criticize.” “Who” is subject, “whom” is object. To clarify, we wouldn’t say, “You are not allowed to criticize they.” We would say, “them.”

      Some readers may not know that it was a capital offense for many years in the Soviet Union to make any criticism of any Jew or of anything Jewish. Expect that to happen throughout the whole world before long, barring a miracle. That miracle is indeed possible, as Our Lady of Fatima revealed, if enough people pray the Rosary
      and seek her powerful intercession, for She has been exalted as Queen of Heaven and Earth by God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and the renewal of both the Catholic Church and of the world have been entrusted to her. This not myth but fact, and the Message of Fatima was authenticated by a predicted miracle witnessed by over 70,000 people, many of them skeptics.

      Fatima Documentary: youtube.com/watch?v=RxZBxEJz1v8&t=2s (28 min)
      Important supplemental information: Sr Lucia, Fr Augustin Fuentes, 1957 Interview: traditioninaction.org/HotTopics/g23ht_Interview.html

      1. Puny punk criminal thug ‘Put-On’ – the gangster chabadist – is clamping down on criticizing jews in Russia.

  8. The Jews today are probably 99% Zionist, whereas before WW2 the Zionists were only a few percent of world Jewry and were ostracized…
    Now Jewish people, and everybody else, are generally brainwashed from birth with all the Zionistianity…
    At this point separating Jewishness from Zionism would be a pretty tall order… Not Likely…
    But unless that happens and the Zionists are reduced to the same minority they were 100 years ago it’s not likely things will improve peacefully in the ME or we will ever off the ZOG in the USA…
    They’re in power in the USA because they concert to develop candidates for office from an early age, where the goyim generally don’t… The Zion make it their business to cultivate, to ‘infrastructure’ reps and you can bet a lot of these latest trillions in supposed covid aid packages and domestic projects are going to that purpose…
    They invented Hollywood before Zionism was much of a factor, because they were on the ball with the opportunity, where others were mostly not… You can’t blame them for that, and it’s understandable that they used their media power to aggrandize themselves, given their history of persecution by Catholicism and other typical political conflicts…
    Zionism co-opted Hollywood…
    They control the commercial media and they quickly infest all forms of community media…
    So since they’re in position to agitpop, which they do, it’s possible, and it wasn’t that long ago, that Zionism might not be as genuinely deep among them as the media indicates…
    But now the Zion are creating a massive racial conflict in the USA to divide and conquer and divert…
    I really don’t see all these negative personality defects in Jewish people in general, not where I live, and i strongly suspect anyone promoting the idea of Jews being genetically malignant of the ulterior motive of sowing prejudicial distain for nefarious political purposes…
    Zionism is the problem, the Zionist faction, which is also represented among some of the biblically oriented in other religious groups…. Yet we don’t accuse them of genetic flaws…
    Zionist want to remain in control of Judaism and they would rather the Jewish people believe the world is out to get them, out of mere bigotry, rather than get into any discussions about the legitimacy of their State or, much less, their plans for the continued expansion thereof…
    That supposed bigotry coupled with the holocaust tale of woe excuses the Zionists’ larcenous activities in Palestine, because “never again”…
    Anyone offering any criticism of the SLC is immediately characterized negatively as a mere bigot, which gets the Israelis off the hook for their crimes… Or it always has… That’s changing now though…
    There is apparently an anti-apartheid BDS Israel element alive inside this race based neo revolutionary contingent…
    It must seem a touchy situation…

    1. Barkingdeer wrote:
      “I really don’t see all these negative personality defects in Jewish people in general, not where I live”

      Interesting point, Barkingdeer. Before commenting on your quote I’m going to agree with you on genetics. The genetic issue is a decoy of something more malevolent, the process of circumcision in babies which is an obligation for Jews, a mitzvah. Sephardic Jews, or Hispanic Jews (Wikipedia), have a distinct gene pool compared to Ashkenazim, this later from the Russian Caucasus. Both of them present typical Jewish [malevolent] behavior, which excludes the genetic component as the key issue.


      Quotes from the Jewish Journal:
      “Dr. Fred Kogan, a prominent mohel in the Los Angeles area, is concerned about the increasing number of requests he is getting for this ritual. “People don’t want to circumcise during this big anti-circumcision movement and are looking for something to take its place,” he says. “People have been calling me now, saying, ‘We think it’s barbaric, horrific, and we don’t want to do this to our child.’”

      “In reality, there is no alternative to circumcision, Kogan maintains. “Circumcision is a cultural, physical sign,” he says. “It’s something you have to go through if you want to be part of the [J] team.”

      Satan, the deceiver, the father of all lies, is very good at deceiving. I’m not a psychologist but it seems pretty obvious the process of circumcision in babies affects the individual’s mind & soul. It’s so sinister it was calibrated to maximum effect – it has to be at 8 days old. Like Saruman producing his army of Orcs, no offense. Circumcision at the hospital for teenagers doesn’t count. In a certain way male-Jews are, indeed, victims.

      About your quote, Barkingdeer, it depends if these Jews were circumcised or not. Some, not all, circumcised Jews have “negative personality defects.” A good line of research for Jewish REAL academics is to psychologically compare uncircumcised Jews to circumcised Jews from the same ethnic group.

      A solution to the Jewish Question? End the practice of circumcision in babies! However, that’s a sensible point for the Jewish overlord. Without his army of Orcs he is toast. The dark side concentrates power, it’s intrinsic to its nature, we might expect the character of the evil overlord. The good news is concentration of power is intrinsic weakness of evil. If men of good will could obliterate the tip of the pyramid while (((THEY))) physically meet, evil would be extinct for a thousand years. We are one, just one, hypersonic missile from paradise.

  9. “I mentioned in passing that [Einstien] was a Jew—which of course, he was…. But my teacher was aghast: I had outed a Jew! She rebuked me….”

    The ever-popular and pugnacious Catholic Historian (and much more) Hilaire Belloc, who loved the Jews,* whose personal secretary for many years was a Jewess, wrote honestly about “The Jewish Problem,” and in his 1922 book, “The Jews” (updated version 1937) he wrote:

    “If a man alluded to the presence of a Jewish financial power in any region—for instance, in India—he was an anti-Semite. If he interested himself in the peculiar character of Jewish philosophical discussions, especially in matters concerning religion, he was an Anti-Semite. If the emigrations of the Jewish masses from country to country, the vast modern invasion of the United States, for instance (which has been organized and controlled like an army on the march), interested him as an historian, he could not speak of it under pain of being called an Anti-Semite. If he exposed a financial swindler who happened to be a Jew, he was an Anti-Semite. If he exposed a group of Parliamentarians taking money from the Jews, he was called an Anti-Semite. If he did no more than call a Jew a Jew, he was an Anti-Semite.” (p. 160)

    He, as well as his close friend, the great G.K. Chesterton are of course “anti-semitic” if you look them up on google or the ADL or SPLC websites. A non-Jew has no right to talk about anything Jewish, which includes calling a Jew a Jew, or even repeating what other Jews say, unless it can only be interpreted as favorable to the Jews.

    The last time an official organ of the Catholic Church said anything critical of the Jewish ideology and criminal Jewish behavior was in 1890 when the Jesuit publication Civilta’ Cattolica, with Pope Leo XIII’s blessing, had a series of articles entitled “The Jewish Question in Europe,” which studied the evils caused by Judeo-Masonry, especially since the French Revolution. http://www.catholicapologetics.info/apologetics/judaism/jewrope.htm

    *Jesus did in fact command us to love our enemies. We don’t have to like them, we sometimes may even need to kill them in self-defense, but we must love them, which means willing the good for them, the greatest good being their conversion and the salvation of their souls.

  10. Amen Brother Dalton —

    “Dalton: The Holocaust is the Achilles’ Heel of the global Jewish Lobby. It is their central guilt tool. It was the final justification for the creation of Israel. It is the source of countless billions in ‘reparations’—well over $120 billion to date. It allows them to promote their victimhood status throughout the West, and to exploit peoples’ sympathies. It is the true “Big Lie” of the present day. Consequently, undermining the standard Holocaust story is one of the most potent actions we can take today, to bring down Jewish power.“

  11. Dr Dalton says many important things, but he greatly compromises his own cause when he states: “Abraham supposedly had two sons: Ishmael (distant ancestor to the prophet Muhammad) and Isaac. Isaac in turn had two sons: Esau…and Jacob…. A few generations after Jacob came Moses…. I would note that all this is from Jewish tradition, and it has no historical or anthropological foundation; in all likelihood, all these individuals (apart from Muhammad) are fictitious.”

    He might as well say, like the growing number of foolish and benighted rebels against the moral law, including many falsely named “intellectuals,” that Jesus never existed either, and that the gospels have no historical value, since Jesus mentions both Abraham and Moses several times in the gospels (He also mentions the Great Flood in the time of Noah). The simplest refutation of this newfangled straw-grasping theory, ultimately designed to exculpate its adherents from the moral guilt they seek in vain to suppress, is that no one, not even the greatest enemies of Christ, the Jews and pagan Romans and modern Communists, and any others who could benefit from the “Jesus as Myth” theory, ever proposed it. Such an outlandish theory, defying all the principles of textual criticism, archeology, and consensus among the learned for the past 1900 years, just goes to show the extent to which the desperate wounded human soul will go to try to hide from its Divine Physician.

    The Church Christ founded upon the 12 apostles and their successors inherited the Old Testament, declared the Greek Septuagint version of the OT to be inspired by the Holy Spirit, and used it in the Sacred Liturgy from the beginning. Jesus quotes from it in the gospels over 75% of the time. Maybe the aversion to anything Jewish leads people like Dr Dalton and others who rightfully condemn the Jewish ideology and Jewish behavior to instinctively want to reject the OT writings and persons as myth, but in doing so they will ultimately undermine Christianity and Jesus Christ Himself, without whom there can only be continued and growing enslavement under the diabolically predatory behavior of organized, Talmudic Jewry. The truth is that the ultimate opposing forces in the world are those of the spirit of Christ and those of the spirit of Antichrist. Non datur tertium. “He who is not with me is against me,” Jesus said. And as the Fatima visionary Sr Lucia said in 1957 in her last interview before being “disappeared” by the enemies of Christ who had colonized the Vatican (www.sisterlucytruth.org), “[Our Lady] told me that the Devil is engaging in a battle with the Virgin, a decisive battle. It is a final battle where one party will be victorious and the other will suffer defeat. So, from now on, we are either with God or we are with the Devil; there is no middle ground.”

    We won’t overcome the Jewish spirit of antichrist with the defense and preservation of “whiteness” but only with Christ and His Most Holy Mother Mary, Queen of Heaven and Earth, who has been given by God the role of crushing the head of the ancient serpent and who will ultimately crush the diabolical Jewish power.

  12. Dr Dalton says a lot of stuff which is correct. However, when he says;

    “But to close on your question, the overrepresentation comes from (a) above average intelligence and cleverness, (b) immoral treatment of others, meaning, a willingness to exploit and deceive with impunity, and (c) in-group synergies. .”

    This assessment shows his limitation as regards the fundamental issues.

    How could Dr. Dalton fail to recognize the basis of Jewish power and their tendency to easily gravitate to positions of Global influence?

    Simply put, Jewish power over governments lie on their (or their powerful benefactors) control Global Credit System which we call “Money System” To fail to see the logical consequence of this “Power Of The Purse” is actually bewildering.

    Dr Dalton , also needs to delve deeper into the murky world of Jewish Mysticism of Kabbalah Messianicism. These are the two very effective tools used by the World Jewry that explain everything, even the lie of the so called “Jewish Intelligence”

    Failing to focus on these two issues, reduces any proposition to the answer to the “Jewish Question” to addressing symptoms instead of the disease itself.

    1. Absolutely right about the Money Power, Bigfoot!

      Bankers always tried to get rid of the gold standard, before that they debased the system. Debasement to the people, leverage to them. Only a small percentage of the money in circulation was backed by gold. A small percentage isn’t the ideal but much better than zero percentage. In 1971 Nixon “temporarily” finished the Bretton Woods monetary system. We the people are toast under this new system, many historical economical charts prove that beyond reasonable doubt.

      Concentration of wealth is getting more profound in a global scale, an abyss. The 50% poorer are getting a ridiculous fraction of the GDP in America. The people are getting poorer and decapitalized, all by design of the FED. The monetary system is a Ponzi scheme, a Madoff scheme that didn’t pop yet. Bankers are sucking up all the wealth in the world with financial tricks.

      Pat told me inflation is to put more money into circulation, not an increase in prices of goods and services, that’s a natural consequence of inflation. When the income of families doesn’t grow at the same rate of prices of goods and services families get poorer every year. Sooner or later poor families won’t be able to provide their basic needs like food, clothing and shelter. The yoke is tightening, the people are being canceled economically by “philanthropist” Jewish billionaires.

        The Jewish monopoly power of creating money out of thin air and led it to governments at an interest is the main problem which generates all others. This is the fundamental scam, which has been sustained and protected for the last 400 since the creation of Bank Of England in 1694. The Jewish power is merely hot-air, if it was not backed by this “monopoly power of the global pulse”. It would be NOTHING without it!

        Every kind of social, economic, political and religious gymnastics is used to distract the masses from recognizing this monstrosity of scam, which will ultimately lead to surrender all the wealth of the nations to the International Central Bankers, as the liquidators of Bankrupt nations! Whether its inflation, bears and bulls, booms and slumps, all these are economic chicaneries used by the Bankers to shift the wealth to the Bankers and the lieutenants, mainly the Jews, Freemasons, and members of the Secret Societies.

        And in order to do this without raising suspicions, they have bought the economists to explain away these shenanigans as “business cycles” And in order to make sure that the society is never aware that its being led to the guillotines, they create chaos, in order to craft their own order. That’s the meaning of “Order Our Of Chaos” They create class conflict, race conflicts, religious conflicts, political conflicts, gender conflicts, social conflicts, etc. This is a problem that needs to be address by focusing on its source. “The Monopoly of Global Credit System” owned and controlled by the Jewish Elite. That, is what shakes all government and keeps them, and everybody mum! (See No Evil, Hear No Evil Speak No Evil, of the controllers……….or else)

        1. FYI……
          A jew lawyer & professor wrote this description of the system of personal debt obligation with private property as collateral. It goes back to the 12th century, at least. This is where Pharisee-style usury was brought to European Banking in London.
          “The Common Law Mortgage and the Conditional Bond – Penn Law …”


          (Page 194 – Summary)

          “The conditional conveyance by way of security had been in use by the Jews for a long time prior to their settlement in England, and was used by them in England in their transactions with Christians. The technical device by which the conditional conveyance was effected was, in every detail, identical with the classical English mortgage in its original form, namely, two separate instruments were used and a third party was employed as a depositary.

          “A device similar in conception and design to the conditional conveyance was used by the Jews during the middle ages in England and elsewhere for the purpose of effecting conditional obligations. This device was in every respect identical with the common law conditional bond in the earlier stage of its development. Both of these devices were developed by the Jews for the purpose of evading a certain rule of Hebrew law which is similar to the rule against penalties in English law.

          “The Jews introduced the business of money-lending on a large scale in England, and with it the means by which this business was carried on. When Englishmen learned the business of money-lending from the Jew they adopted his methods and devices, outstanding examples of which are the conditional conveyance by way of security and the conditional bond which have survived to our own day.”

          1. @PAT
            The Medici family introduced the first model of a modern bank holding company, the stronghold upon which their European dominance of power lay on. By the time their banking dynasty began to crumble at the end of the 15th century, they had expanded their network to branches across Milan, Venice, Rome, London, Geneva, Lyon, Avignon, Barcelona, and Bruges.

            Each of its branches was a partnership, held under the central holding company in Florence. This helped them develop the innovations of letters of credit and bills of exchange, hold deposits, make loans and solidified their presence and trust across Europe, as global banks do today. The Medici’s lust for prosperity, power, and patronage forced them to innovate methods that facilitated the booming merchant class of the time, whilst staying on the right side of God. They invented the modern day banking system…..

            The Jews, the Jews, The jews. I expect you will suggest the Medici’s were Crypto Jews or something like that. Would this include the several family members which became pope? To a fool and his search engine !

            Oh the wheels on the bus go round and round…..


            1. The Medicis could very well have been a crypto Jew family — ditto for the Borgia family.
              ((( Pietro Pierleoni))) was a crypto JEW and he was The Pope [ Pope Anacletus II, 1130-1138 ], The jew is called by historians an, lol, an “ANTI-pope”.

            2. Poor little Dyslexic jew, Ralan…. you never learned the word, “Medicis”, needs no apostrophe to be plural in English.

              That proves your knowledge is garbage and that smelly truck is driving “round and round” in circles. 🙂

              AND….. your dyslexia has prevented you from reading that I wrote about events occurring in the 12th century, and you wrote about those in the 15th century, as if 15 comes before 12!!!

              You are in a stinky jew-garbage kol nidre tailspin…. about to crash. SEEK HELP SOON!! 🙂 🙂

              The Medicis were crypto-jews as some popes have been also.

    1. The inability to apologize is one of the primary symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD)


      There are quite a few people who suffer from NPD on this site, but some have it worse than others. Grandiose self-importance and paranoid sensitivity to criticism are additional symptoms of their disorder. You have to flatter and agree with everything they say, or else they turn nasty.

      Nothing shows more nobility of spirit than the ability to say “Sorry”. The inability to say this magic word is a sure sign of mental sickness.

      1. Pat, I still have that 1/2 matchbook cover and there’s still plenty of room left on it for any names of folks so pure they never tell a lie, regularly.

        One of the wickedest webs one will ever weave..

    2. If only they used their strength for “peace”.

      I guess their “peace” the total subjugation of the goyim.

  13. I’m afraid that Dalton’s a dope if he can’t see that “COVID!!!” – the biggest CON-JOB of all time – is undoubtedly a USUAL SUSPECTS production.

    Something smells fishy here… as if his outing of the HoloHoax – which is hanging on by a mere thread anyway – is cover for his accommodating an even bigger hoax – one with a global genocide agenda – by those same “usual suspects”

    1. “Something smells fishy here… as if his outing of the HoloHoax – which is hanging on by a mere thread anyway – is cover for his accommodating an even bigger hoax – one with a global genocide agenda – by those same “usual suspects” “

      Indeed. This is exactly what the (((elite))) want. A “soft genocide” of sorts. People are outliving the actuarial contracts for “retirement”, Social Security, insurance contracts, etc., not to mention their view of “useless eaters” and “carbon footprinters”. If you look at the mechanics of the Scamdemic you will see that it was built for ONE end point — Driving the populace, through fear and fake news, to take a “vaccine” that is of new technology and is not FDA approved to be safe and efficacious. Basically a Phase III trial and without liability for big Pharma. We are seeing a LOT of direct deaths and many injuries due to this jab. Many more than from previous jabs in the past that were WITHDRAWN from use with a fraction of the deaths and injuries. And the most interesting thing about this “vaccine”, which is actually an mRNA script, is it’s potential to set people up to a higher vulnerability to future coronavirus infection. The perfect binary poison. To “reset” the world economy and population explosion. As Roy Batty said in Blade Runner — Time To Die.

  14. Fantastic article, and great insights by Thomas Dalton, a courageous and highly intelligent scholar.

    However, as I have said before, it is utterly useless to pick on Jews, and expose their pernicious influence, without the role of their co-criminal cabal, Freemasonry.

    First, some basic facts: overwhelming majority of Masons in the upper echelons are white Europeans (English, Scots, French, German heritage … in short, WASP).

    Second, they work closely with the jewish cabal in implementing an anti-human agenda worldwide. It’s more than just some “material gain” for the Freemasonic collusion with the Jews. It’s best, and certainly less confusing, to view the current state of world affairs as a Judeo-Masonic enterprise, as opposed to a purely Jewish one.

  15. The defence of that maniac Hitler on this site is appalling.

    Forget the jews, and their fake holohoax.

    Over 8million Aryan Germans were killed as a direct result of Hitler’s lunacy. Five million soldiers and 3million civilians. The cream of the crop of German society.

    His entire purpose from 1939 onward was to annihilate the German nation, and he succeeded with gusto. You should study some history before you support that lowly thug and degenerate homosexual Hitler.

    1. Yo creo que el maníaco u homosexual eres tu hablar de es forma ofende a cualquier persona que No piense como tú ,pero gracias por tu comentario, ahora puedes seguir lavando el baño

  16. @ Hitler supporters

    Your persistent and foolish defence of the proven degenerate and utter lunatic Hitler reveals your own defective judgment, discernment, and ignorance of history.

    Hitler was a jew banker puppet used as a tool to exterminate the German people, nay not just the Germans but as many Aryan Europeans as possible, in an “all out total war”. It wasn’t enough for the jew cabal to try merely introduce socialism/communism in Germany in the 1930’s. They needed something far more catastrophic as their bloodlust was not satiated by the mass slaughter they unleashed in WWI. So, enter their lunatic and crazed lackey and back-side licker, Hitler, to complete the task, in Part II of the grotesque play.

    Anyone with an iota of common-sense and understanding will know that Hitler did everything possible to ensure that as many German soldiers get slaughtered in every campaign they were engaged in. The campaigns were all absolute disasters with Barbarossa taking the cake, despite what autistic fools with Hitler fetishes claim.

    The highly professional generals, almost all from Prussian high nobility, did everything to dissuade him from committing such crimes against the German people and the Wehrmacht, but to no avail. One by one, he sacked dozens, with figures like Hoepner, Rommel, Guderian, etc. He was not a disaster at all, if the goal was to create as much chaos, confusion and death in the first place.

    Your defence of that maniac makes you to a true enemy of European Civilization, and like the deviant Hitler, a lackey of the zionist cabal.

    1. Stalin had a very large Soviet army all prepared to roll into Germany. Before Stalin could invade Germany Hitler went on the offensive in order to keep the Soviets from attacking Germany. To keep the JEW COMMUNIST mass murdering Soviets OUT OF GERMANY. It was Hitler’s responsibility to PROTECT Germany from invaders. Hitler stopped the JEW COMMUNISTS from taking over Germany. If the JEW Communists had taken over Germany they would taken over the whole of Western Europe. Hitler saved Western Europe from JEW mass murder of White Europeans at the hands of JEWS and their mongrels. And not only White Germans but White Europeans in all the Western European nations would have been massacred in the millions, tens of millions, really. Probably even precious England would have been taken over by JEW COMMUNIST mass murderers.

      Hitler did not attack Russia, the Soviet Union, out of whim or out of hubris. He attacked the Soviet Union to STOP Stalin from invading Germany, which the Soviet army was right on the verge doing, the JEWS of Russia were all ready to invade Germany. Hitler STOPPED the JEW COMMUNIST invasion of Germany. What was Hitler supposed to do? Do nothing and let the Soviets invade Germany and let the jews of Russia massacre tens of millions of Germans?

      1. @ TROJ

        The opposite is true. You preach the Nazi version of events invented by Hitler and his Nazi henchmen to justify Hitler’s invasion of the Soviet Union. Hitler dod NOT invade the Soviet Union to prevent Stalin invading Germany first. The latest documentary evidence is that Stalin was not only deeply shocked at Hitler’s breaking of the Peace Pact but suffered serious losses of men and munitions by being taken totally unawares by Hitler. It took at least six months before Stalin had recovered from the shock of Hitler’s devastating UNPROVOKED ATTACK.

        As it happens, Stalin’s Red Army was too strong and tough to lose the struggle against Hitler. Hitler didn’t equip his German soldiers properly. Their uniforms were too thin and skimpy to endure the bitter cold of the Russian winter that had just begun. Their boots were not even waterproof. More German soldiers died of hypothermia than of losing their lives in battle. Hitler was to blame. A bad planner. He should have known better and equipped his troops with WINTER CLOTHING AND WINTER BOOTS, not summer clothing and summer boots!

        These are facts that few Hitler supporters are aware of. Stalin was a far better military strategist than Hitler. Hitler lost WWII because he refused to take the advice of his far more experienced generals and admirals, insisting on taking ALL military decisions himself. After 1942, most of Hitler’s decisions were bad ones. And they got worse as time went on.

        Stalin was totally ruthless. If his generals lost a battle, he had them shot.

        1. @Saki
          Stalin was supported by the Allies materially and militarily. Hitler stood on his own. Remember he was only a corporal in his military training against the cream of the Allies smartest. Mussolini and the Japanese were only a drain on his resources.
          Also unless you have access to original sources history is just a fairy story agreed on by the victors.
          Try reading David Irving and Mike Walsh.
          P.S. I was raised in an anti-Hitler anti-German home by an ex-WW2 Regimental Sgt major!

          1. @ NOGGA EX SAFFA
            So, according to you, “Hitler stood on his own”
            Well other historians do not agree with you. Bank For International Settlement was created by the Allied, and all Street Bankers to help Hitler!

            “The Bank for International Settlements was a joint creation in 1930 of the world’s central banks, including the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Its existence was inspired by Hjalmar Horace Greeley Schacht, Nazi Minister of Economics and president of the Reichsbank, part of whose early upbringing was in Brooklyn, and who had powerful Wall Street connections He was seconded by the all-important banker Emil Puhl, who continued under the regime of Schacht’s successor, Dr. Walther Funk. Sensing Adolf Hitler’s lust for war and conquest, Schacht, even before Hitler rose to power in the Reichstag, pushed for an institution that would retain channels of communication and collusion between the world’s financial leaders even in the event of an international conflict. It was written into the Bank’s charter, concurred in by the respective governments, that the BIS should be immune from seizure, closure, or censure, whether or not its owners were at war. These owners included the Morgan-affiliated First National Bank of New York (among whose directors were Harold S. Vanderbilt and Wendell Willkie), the Bank of England, the Reichsbank, the Bank of Italy, the Bank of France, and other central banks. Established under the Morgan banker Owen D. Young’s so-called Young Plan, the BIS’s ostensible purpose was to provide the Allies with reparations to be paid by Germany for World War I. The Bank soon turned out to be the instrument of an opposite function. It was to be a money funnel for American and British funds to flow into Hitler’s coffers and to help Hitler build up his war machine. The BIS was completely under Hitler’s control by the outbreak of World War II. (.Trading With the Enemy: An Exposé of The Nazi-American Money-Plot 1933-1949″ by Charles Higham; Hale, London, 1983.)

            So much for “Stand Alone”!

            1. Hi Sasquatch 🙂
              Thank you for taking the time to respond.
              I have based my claim on a different reading not from the pen of a victors version of events but actual facts.
              Too long to copy and paste but may I give you this reference which you can download and read at your leisure.It is available on Z-Library to download.
              Stephen Goodson
              ” A history of Central banking and the enslavement of mankind” Chapter 6 ” The rise and fall of state banking 1932-1945″

          2. @ Pat

            As expected! The Medici’s banking empire began to unravel in the 15th century. Because you are an idiot that would be the 1400’s. If you knew your history the Medici height of power was in 13th century Don’t be so sensitive you moronic goy! Are you mad or somehing because the search engine gods cannot give you a decent comeback ? Perhaps you should go gator hunting and leave the rest to folks with an IQ beyond that of a river rat. Oh, and the wheels on the bus do go round and round. Classic Shmuck! 🙂

            1. Dyslexic jew Ralan, you should find a cure. I wrote about events in the 1100s which comes before the 1400s!!! HA!!! 🙂

              You are STILL a dyslexic jew in a stinky jew-garbage kol nidre tailspin…. about to crash. SEEK HELP SOON!! 🙂 🙂

              1. @ Pat

                I said the height of the Medici power was the 13th century. My lord, you really are stupid ! Way to funny Putz, oops Pat 🙂

                1. Dyslectic jew Ralan, you are STILL in a kol nidre chanting confused tailspin….. and getting worse!

                  “…to funny…” should have been “too funny…”, not “to funny…”, dummy!

                  My lord, you really are stupid!

                  I own you, sonny-boy. 💥 😎

    2. Lo dices como dueño de la verdad absoluta
      Pero en realidad el ignorante y lame huevos eres tu, en fin,
      Ni siquiera sabes que los años del NS
      Fueron los años más felices del pueblo Alemán, mucho menos los pedidos de paz
      Pero en fin .

      1. As Fantomas refuses to speak English, even though he knows English and is fluent in English, ADMIN should hire Donaldo to translate Spanish language posts into English so we all will know all the interesante *interesting* things Fantomas has to say about esto y aquello *this and that*.

        1. TROJ,
          Si. Darkmoon should be ORDERED by the World Court to pay MILLIONES of reparation shekels not only for translation but for his INCESSANT defense of the Jewish people….Donaldo is now rubbing his ✋ s in joyous delight and expectation. 😁😉🤠

        2. Haa picaron mencionas mucho a tu novio déjalo descansar y no seas flojo traducelo tu mismo no ocupas a tu novio

  17. Barkingdeer
    “They invented Hollywood before Zionism was much of a factor”.
    Zionism was created by Herzel, 40 years later came Hollywood.

    1. Herzl founded the Zionist movement in 1897.
      I don’t think they were making Hollywood movies in those days. 🙂

    2. BARK
      Zionism was already around and kicking by the time HOLLYWOOD was created.
      Let me repeat what YOU wrote …
      “They invented Hollywood before Zionism was much of a factor”.

  18. It’s really puzzling how more than half of Israeli Jews took the Pfizer kill shot, and there is a lot of bragging going on about how all three companies J& J, Pfizer, and Moderna have Jewish CEOs and that the shot is a Jewish invention from start to finish. But recent news comes out it could have been invented and gotten a patent from a Chinese scientist who (of course) mysteriously died. My sense is that the people who pushed, marketed, etc. did not really understand what this shot was about biologically. Then a Canadian doctor said it was a mistake. The MRNA was not meant to move around the whole body, the “spike protein” was not meant to be the worst part of the Covid disease and it is. Now, what?? Well, the whole thing could be a disaster for Jewish people on a scale we don’t really comprehend, yet. Israel took it, and every Jewish person practically in the U.S. took it. Could someone have bamboozled the bamboozlers, just as the Palestinians practiced stealth politics on those who are the masters of stealth? Of course, none of us in the U.S. is exempt if this “kill shot” turns everyone who took it into the “walking dead” because we all have relatives who took it. It could wipe out half the white Europeans in the country, for example. Or maybe it will just fail and cause people to live shorter lives, or there could be an antidote. . So… what am I saying??? I think the Jewish power structure is crumbling, as is the U.S. But the good news is that maybe this version of global elite governance is coming to an end…finally.

    1. I think Kapoore is making a valid point. She is saying, I think, that both Israeli Jews and American Jews have exposed themselves to the same risks and dangers as everyone else in taking the same untested and possibly lethal vaccines. Therefore the antisemitic conspiracy theory that the Jews are behind the Covid-19 pandemic makes little sense. Why would Jews create killer vaccines with evil intent and then kill themselves in the process of taking the same lethal vaccines?

      1. They do have some poison gas or some chemical shit to that effect that recognizes DNA, in other words when they throw it, it won’t hurt them.
        Only gentiles will get killed.
        That’s what I read somewhere.
        But I would believe anything at this point in regard to these excrement of a creation.
        And yes, those companies do have Jew CEOs; otherwise, how did they get their Jew ass vaccinated before everybody?
        Because Elohim sent the vaccines on the UFO’s the CIA is talking about?
        THE JEWS ARE ALWAYS Cheating and I hope one day this trait backfires on them.
        Bastards killed 66 kids this time!
        A kid by the name of Ali had 90 % burns on his body, when the Jews saw it on twitter they were like “oh look Ali is BBQ, lol lol”
        I wrote back
        ” Oh look Hitler is back and is gonna send your ass back in the fake oven”…
        They never learn but they will get it and the good news are.. .
        I’ll live to see it and gloat

    2. How come you are so sure that the Israelis took the ‘ vaccin’? How do you know what was in the ‘ vaccin’? Maybe sugar or something different?
      Is it not possible that there are manufactured different ‘ vaccins’ with different content, content for the israelis/jew and content for the goyim?

      1. @ Kayley

        Paranoid suspicion of Jewish duplicity is the basis of you argument. This does not constitute a valid argument. I could just as easily say: how can I be certain that you are not a Jewish troll deliberately stirring up antisemitism on this website to create sympathy for the Jews as a persecuted minority?

        It happens to be a FACT that many Jews, both in Israel and in the West, HAVE DIED after contracting Covid-19 and having been exposed to SAME VACCINES as other people.

        In order to give weight to your argument, you would have to prove that JEWS ARE MIRACULOUSLY SURVIVING THE PANDEMIC IN DISPROPORTIONATE NUMBERS COMPARED TO NON-JEWS!

        Can you prove that?

        No, you can’t! So your argument is totally invalid.

        1. @ Saki
          Cheap shot! There have been numerous accounts from around the world that politicians, celebrities, actors, etc “took” fake flue or COVID shots where you can clearly see there are no needles attached to the syringes or the needle retracts into the syringe

          1. Yes, I know there have been “numerous accounts” of politicians and celebrities taking “fake vaccines”. NO PROOF, my friend! Just hot air inventions! If even ONE such case had been proved, it would be splashed all over the media and would become the biggest news since 9/11.

            Not a peep! — except on SCUM SITES!!! 🙂

            Unlike you, I don’t trust those “numerous accounts”. Why should I? Those “numerous accounts” do not come from reliable sources. The come from internet scum sites, the Conspiracy Theory Underworld.

      2. I had the same thought a while ago, Kayley. It would be totally in spirit of Judaic perfidy genetically gifted by their father the Devil, the creator of lies (people don’t think deeply enough about the very concept of Lie, a work of supernaturally endowed six-titted genius—didn’t have to create anything else and the universe of parasites came into being).

        • Think about the fake 6 million (un)dead jews.
        • Think about undead jews of 9/11 triple building crash in which on any given day ~20,000 Israelis worked, every one absent on 9/11/01 thanks to Odigo tribal warning system.
        • Think about all the phony “Muslim terrorist” attacks in Europe where no jews died, yet they scooped all the victim gravy.

        Your guess has the preponderance of likelihood.
        Jews designed the virus, jews designed the mRNA complement, a 1-2 killer punch, why would anyone think that they would expose themselves to the same “zyklon-b” intended for the goyim?
        Is it so difficult to imagine that the state of Israel (the Jewish State, according to BBC and mainstream media when they get openly lovey-dovey) would pull imaginary epidemiological “data” out of rabbi’s hairy hindquarters whenever it suited their aims of befuddling the “retardim” (never in short supply, those)?

        • Think about 2020 election how the numbers were manufactured on the fly when hit by desperate realization they were getting wiped out at the polls.
        Here they knew exactly what the infection and mortality rates were going to be for both creations, virus+”vaccine” and projected what the result would have been for their own population. I can calculate the desired score in 5 minutes given the input data and Haaretz editorial email.

        Whomever believes jew numbers, I got a truckload of thrice-blessed, well-chosen soap to sell (what you don’t use for brainwashing you can smoke, Donaldo guarantees prompt delivery, he and I get our royalty from Mexican cartels).

        1. cradle Catholic Hitler was THE GREATEST cradle Catholic in the whole history of cradle Catholics.

          cradle Catholic Hitler makes cradle Catholic Ratti look like a rat. The rat was Pius XI, in case anyone didn’t know his last name. Now you know his last name.

          Speaking of “duplicity” and who is “duplicitous” about religious affiliation, don’t you think Pacelli who put on airs of a being a traditional Catholic Pope but behind the scenes out of view he was actually very liberal, so liberal he intentionally on purpose set the wheels in motion for the start of The Vatican Two Council and the start of the ANTI-Christ novus ordo church? I think that’s A LOT MORE duplicitous about Catholicism than Hitler ever was duplicitous about Catholicism. Pacelli’s duplicity, by the way, brought A LOT MORE HARM to The Catholic Church than the harm “duplicitous” Hitler ever did to The Church, if indeed Hitler harmed The Church — which I don’t think he did.

          Seems to me that Catholics are the ones who did so much harm to The Church that there’s NO Church anymore, not really, Catholics did that, NOT Hitler.

          And Montini the JEW ACTIVE HOMOSEXUAL JEW COMMUNIST Paul VI was A F*CK LOT MORE duplicitous about his real religious feelings than Hitler ever was. Montini THE JEW did a F*CK LOT MORE HARM to The Church than Hitler ever did, if indeed Hitler harmed The Church — which I don’t think he did.

          1. anyone is free to think whatever they want of hitler, right or wrong.

            i divide them into 2 camps, pro and con, depending on how the hourglass is flipped:
            ——better to die on your feet than live on your knees, or
            ——better to live on your knees than die on your feet.

            i know my choice, the same one that the Freikorps made.
            And it cost Germany the cream of her alpha male crop but they wouldn’t have had it any other way.
            Now the knee-grabbers are marching with “victors”, this is their holy month.

        2. Lobro,
          Hola….it’s been a while. You live in Thailand correct? Donaldo’s old abode in the 80’s and 90’s. Hope all’s well in สยามเมืองยี้ม…land of smiles. Just be careful with the อีตัว… ladies of the night. They can cause you more harm than good amigo. Anyway, Donaldo doesn’t associate with the cartels….he avoids them. He does, however, have a contact (military brass) to advise him regarding security measures such as firearms, etc. ใช่คดี….good luck..suerte in your life there. But in the future, please don’t mention Donaldo as if you know him. ขอบคุณ… gracias….thanks.

          1. tranquilo, Sr. Donaldo, no tenía malas intenciones, sólo lo decía en broma.

            Truth, i hold los carteles in higher regard than our US-Canadian elites, number of reasons:
            • they are of the local, native stock as opposed to alien invaders,
            • they will often spend portion of their loot to improve the lives of their communities and receive gratitude and loyalty in return—again, in direct opposition to the hostile foreign bloodsuckers,
            • individually, they are of finer sort, more polite, less crude (and i had couple of direct experiences).

            I lived in Mexico for ~6-7 years, Quintana Roo and Yucatan and heard a number of 1st hand stories from low level operatives.
            Additionally and accidentally, I met the high level jefes on at least two occasions.

            In a Vegas casino i shared a table with two young Tex-Mex brothers, clearly of mob sort, both very friendly, treated with great care by the pit boss and the dealers. At one point their mother or an elderly relative joined the table and started tossing in big crazy bets, lost $20-30 thousand in less than 5 minutes, kept digging into the purse and pulling out wads like they were on fire. After a few minutes she was out of her mind, shaking badly, clearly a severe case. The guys got up gently took her by elbows and escorted her away like it was no big deal at all. Perfect caring sons of a stricken mother.

            In Merida I visited a big urban estate, maybe 20 acres, colonial estancia in middle of old growth rainforest, the owner had a thing for orchids and had them set up on many trees, a truly unique place, famous for some rare specimens. I wanted to rent it for a few days (week?) to bring a friend from Toronto who was on his last legs, dying from lung cancer.
            It didn’t work out due to logistic matters, he was soon gone.
            But the person who took me to this place said that the owner, again a very polite and considerate caballero (we shared puros and shots of rum almost 400 years old on the patio), was a head honcho of some cartel (el Golfo? no se, no importa).

            The brutality and bloodshed is mostly amongst themselves, settling accounts without involving innocent bystanders—again, in direct contradiction to the **alien parasitical elites** of Mein Kampf, #MeinToo.

            Anyway, Donaldo Lobro doesn’t associate with the cartels cabal ….he avoids them. 😉

  19. @ Zack van Basten re. Hitler supporters

    What a Bullshit comment.

    Whether these commentator is merely naive or totally corrupt and paid off is for you to decide. In either case, he pretends not to know that Adolf Hitler has been vilified in perpetuity by Jewish media to cover up some very important facts that are critical to our continued survival. These facts have been concealed for more than a half century. Objective facts prove that Holocaust hysteria is a cynical hoax, meant to create new ways of scamming the public ($13.5 billion in Holocaust reparations, at last count; plus laws in almost all European countries mandating jail for anybody who wishes to even discuss the matter). The two main facts that have been covered up are these. Germany was destroyed in the 1940s because it was the most serious threat to Jewish worldwide financial hegemony the world has ever seen. While the rest of the world was mired in a Jewish-imposed worldwide depression — and people were starving in the streets everywhere, including the United States — Germany under Adolf Hitler was thriving, because it had freed itself from the shackles of the international bankers and their devastating criminal formula of fractional reserve lending, which is the exact thing that is strangling societies all over the world today. And the second most important fact that has been covered up is that all this ceaseless and maudlin hoopla about 6 million Jews gassed and burned in German concentration camps obscures the real mass murder crime by Jewish allies America, Britain and the Soviet Union, who terminated with extreme prejudice 12 million innocent German citizens, most of them after the war had supposedly ended. So the most important lessons to be learned from this massive coverup and social engineering program concocted and reinforced ad nauseum by Jewish media hypocrites is that anybody who escapes the toxic tentacles of the kosher world bankers guarantees themselves financial independence and domestic harmony, but runs the risk of being annihilated by the criminals who control the world financial system. One of the bizarre aspects of this unceasing kosher propaganda blitz is that the Jews have been using this 6 million dead figure since well before World War II. Not only has the credibility of this tale been demolished in the minds of attentive observers, the shibboleth serves as a telling indicator that the tale, and the cynical public relations onslaught that has followed, have sickened the entire world with its maudlin falsehoods like dead Jews made into soap and lampshades and thrown into lakes of fire. None of these stories can be proved, but many people still believe them. So, the point being that anybody using “Hitlerian” as a relevant adjective to describe some incomprehensibly dastardly deed is actually revealing to the world that their minds are clogged with demented Jewish fairy tales, nightmare sagas concocted by sobbing hypocrites like Elie Wiesel whose works have been disseminated throughout the world only because rich Jews control of the publishing industry, the TV networks, most governments and the Nobel Prize nominating committee. Hitler never wanted to take over the world like the Jews say he did. He only wanted to reclaim what was stolen from Germany in World War I. There were no gas chambers in the work camps. Most of those who died were Poles and other ethnic groups. And that number is nothing in comparison to the number of people murdered by the three Jewish allies — the Soviets, and Brits and the United States — who sought to stamp out the biggest threat to Jewish worldwide financial hegemony ever seen. So all those writers who use Hitler as an example of the greatest arch villain of all time are merely displaying their own brainwashing, or their own contemptible corruption, to all who have eyes to see. This is the Hitler test that most people have utterly failed. They have obediently swallowed the Jewish propaganda and lost their country to people with no conscience, no sense of compassion, and a bloodlust that has drenched the world in tragedy for longer than anybody can really remember. All those writers who misuse the false term Nazi — consciously or not — are on the side of those now turning the world into a giant prison, in which the dead will outnumber the living.

    1. @ Premanidhi

      TO ZACK VAN BASTEN: “What a Bullshit comment.

      On the contrary, Van Basten makes an excellent comment. Your opening words —”What a bullshit comment!” — are the crude, vulgar ATTACK DOG WORDS one associates with a neo-Nazi skinhead thug who has no other argument in his repertoire except ad hominem abuse. Your pro-Hitler ravings mark you out as the perfect example of a typical goose stepping, swastika-tattooed neo-Nazi thug, chanting “HEIL HITLER! HEIN HITLER!”

      Zack van Basten has my full support. He knows his history. You don’t, and you are wasting everyone’s time here.

      1. Very weak sauce to PREMANIDHI’s well informed and reasoned comment. Sad.

        1. You back Premanidhi only because you share his neo-Nazi fantasies and his adoration of Adolf Hitler. For people like you, facts don’t matter. Only raw emotion counts. I guess it make you feel awfully superior that you find yourself in a small minority of roughly 2%.

          Join the Flat Earthers! They, too, feel superior and see themselves as a persecuted minority. 🙂

          @ Hieronymus

          Pay no attention to these skinhead infiltrators of the Darkmoon site.

          1. I see you “canceled” my response to Chaplin. So long Darkmoon Censor. Very sad that this is a “controlled opposition” website. At least I know the Truth about you now. Farewell.

            ADMIN TOBY: We are in charge here. Not you. Our function as monitors is to delete comments we don’t like, in the interests of quality control and the maintenance of order.

            If you think this is a “controlled opposition” website because we delete ONE of your comments — one out of several hundreds! — then you are suffering from delusions of grandeur if not extremely bad manners.

            You will be allowed to post here again provided you are polite in future and refrain from further personal abuse and hectoring of the monitors.

            1. @ CHAPLIN

              Wrong. Like PREMANIDHI I have read history written by those other than the “victors” and those that repeat it decade after decade. You may stay in that Matrix your whole life. It’s up to you. It takes some work. May God’s grace provide. As He said, only Truth will set you free. Seek and you will find. HINT: If you find an author that the Jews have labeled a “Holocaust Denier” you are likely warm. Go where they tell you Not to go.

      2. @ Hieronymus

        rubbish, one of the best comments I have read on this thread
        and YOU certainly do NOT speak for everyone Mr. shouty!
        as for “ravings”
        I swear there were flecks of spit appearing on my screen as I read your bonkers ranting!
        I don’t know what that “marks you out” as
        but as the psychiatrist said to the man in the clingfilm/saranwrap underpants
        “I can clearly see you’re nuts!”

        1. @ TeeJay

          I beg to differ. This is NOT a pro-Hitler website and we are NOT all under obligation to march behind the deafening drum of the NEO-NAZI SCUM who seemed to have set their camp up on this beleaguered website.

          To hell with the Hitler cocksuckers, Premanidhi being HITLER COCkSUCKER IN CHIEF on this anti-Hitler website.

          Let them all drown in their own CUM!

          1. I sympathize with Joe. Premanidhi’s pro-Hitler propaganda is completely off-topic on this thread. This article about Thomas Dalton makes no mention of Hitler. So why post a 5,000-word article by Hitler Bitch Carolyn Yeager on this website, contrary to Admin’s wishes?

            If an article is by Yeager, I automatically discount it. It has to be bad — Neo-Nazi trash for White Supremacists.

          2. Joe,
            this isn’t a pro wanking site either,
            in order to satisfy your obvious lust for “cocks” and “cum”,
            why not visit pornhub or some such?

          3. JOE :

            I bet you like it the jews are usurping Palestine from the Palestinians. I figure you like it because you yourself LERV being a usurper, the way you were so proud of yourself for usurping my name and getting way with it. Now you got the name and I have to do A LOT of EXTRA typing because my name after you usurped “Joe” from me is A LOT longer that I ever wanted and it requires MORE TYPING. I was very happy with the name “Joe”, simply “Joe”. I don’t like all this EXTRA typing I have to do and I am NOT having a good time. I’m sure you’re very happy to hear that.

            Hitler didn’t like usurpers, that’s probably why you don’t like him, being the usurper that you are. Hitler didn’t like usurpers, and I don’t like usurpers. I have that IN COMMON with Hitler, sayin’.

          4. If anyone ever comes around and usurps JOE’s name “JOE” then JOE can’t be “JOE” anymore he would have to change his name, then JOE can change his name to :



            1. Yes, I agree with you that the potty-mouthed language used by “Joe” is most undesirable and that such disagreeable taboo words should not be used in polite society. However, it’s too late to delete the comment now. I suggest you say a little prayer for Joe and tell him to pull his socks up and behave as you would, like a perfect Christian and model citizen. 🙂

              1. @ Admin Toby

                I agree with you that Joe’s comment should be allowed to stand, given that we are living in the 21st century and not in Victorian times when they used to cover up piano legs!

                The language Joe uses marks him out, admittedly, as a cad and a bounder and a member of the Unwashed Lower Classes:

                To hell with the Hitler cocksuckers, Premanidhi being HITLER COCkSUCKER IN CHIEF on this anti-Hitler website.

                Let them all drown in their own CUM!

                People like Joe obviously need their mouths washed out with carbolic soap. However, I disagree with Darrell when he describes the comment as “obscene”. Obscenity has been defined as anything that has a tendency to “DEPRAVE AND CORRUPT”, with an intent to undermine morality. Joe’s comment has not done that to me. It has not depraved and corrupted me, nor has it undermined my morality in any way. So it ‘s not “obscene”.
                It’s just in very bad taste.

                @ Joe

                You should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself, you potty-mouthed prole! Pull your socks up and try to be more refined and classy. You disgusting scumrat!

      3. Tiene todo su apoyo? no sea ridículo, se trata de dar su punto de vista con respeto y tú protegido es un grosero se está dirigiendo a los lectores con falta de respeto así que usted y su protegido Zac se pueden ir al demonio, tu apoyo es igual a nada par de borregos

        1. Fantomas :

          So you’re saying sheep are smarter than me because I don’t like my name getting usurped by a bandito — and I should go to the devil or something like that? Really? Just because I resent having my name “Joe” , mi nombre estoy tan orgulloso de ROBARME? Really? And you’re connecting me to Zac why? Because I don’t like having my name usurped so that means I’m in cahoots with a JEW SUPREMACIST? You can’t be serious. Put down that bottle of tequila, amigo, sober up, and come to your senses! LOL

    2. Time to drop the “Hitler is a hero” myth, it does no good. I’m not chatting here I’m essentially a political being using everything I have to oppose the Jew World Order, which is reduction of humanity to herded animals. As a keyboard warrior words are everything I have, but words can be powerful. That said supporting Hitler does no good for TODAY’s realpolitik. What Hitler supporters want to achieve, a revival of WWII? Hitler supporters are a tiny little group of politically isolated keyboard warriors.

      Those who try to paint Hitler as a saint, or a demi-god, have to deal with intellectual contortionism to justify all his many blunders and contradictions. I could be here all day talking about it.

      Just a few examples that cannot be classified as Jewish myths:

      (a) After Pearl Harbor Hitler gratuitously declared war against the United States in December 11, 1941. He was just virtue signaling to the Japanese that have never lifted a finger to help Germany. Doing that he gave the excuse Rosenfelt needed to involve America in the war in Europe. To put it into perspective the Germans had their asses kicked in the battle of Moscow in December 5, 1941. He had more problems to deal rather than to invite a new powerful enemy to his ambitious campaign.

      (b) Did he ordered or not Army Group Center to halt the blitzkrieg on Moscow in August, 1941? Yes, he did, and it doesn’t make sense. If Army Group South needs reinforcements why not send them thru normal supply routes? He took the blitzkrieg tip of the spear and diverted it from its target, saving Moscow.

      (c) He implemented a policy of no retreat, to dig trenches and hold it to the death. WWI strategy in a new mobile war is stupidity. If the enemy has localized superiority of firepower the right thing to do is tactical retreat, to fight another day. Hitler wasted the Wehrmacht all the way to Berlin. When Berlin fell there were 200 thousand German soldiers in Norway. The right thing to do was to reduce the perimeter around Berlin to achieve localized superiority of firepower, the parameter that defines who wins a battle.

      (d) The Geneva Convention was over amid the relentless bombing of civilians by the British and Americans. In order to save Germans from total savagery the use of that stockpile of chemical weapons such as sarin (nerve gas) should be an option on the table, at least to drive the Allies for negotiation. Not an option for the Austrian lunatic, incompetent dictator.

      (e) …

      1. However, the swastika is a great symbol thousands of years old and Hitler has no right to bury the swastika with him. The swastika is not for whites only it is for all.

        I have a gut feeling the swastika used by Germans have the correct orientation which is counter-clockwise. The swastika from the east has a clockwise orientation.

        The Jews get terrified with the swastika, it’s like to show the Christian cross to a vampire, no offence.

        1. Jejeje Hitler no tiene derecho a enterrar la svatica levogira , cuando lo dijo el cuando se sintió con derecho de hacerlo

  20. SARITA
    As I remember it – the Zion held their big global conference in Basel Switzerland in the late 1880s…
    That’s when the Geneva region was annexed or whatever to Switzerland…
    Later on the Red Cross (Rosicrucian) came out of the Geneva Convention…
    Switzerland was designated to be kept neutral in the coming wars…
    And the Red Cross functions as an on-scene intelligence agency, keeping actual track of events and moving supervisory personnel to and from battle zones…
    The Swiss location was not their first choice..
    They wanted to have their convention in London, but non-zionist Jews, by far the majority, refused to allow it…
    I know Herzl and Weizmann, the book ‘The Jewish State’, were around before Hollywood…
    And the plan to confiscate Palestine goes back a lot further than Herzl…
    What I meant to say was that Zionism was nothing as a geopolitical factor then compared to what it is now, since the recognition of the Jewish State by the USA in 1945…
    Or at least it was not understood to be…

    “Why would Jews create killer vaccines with evil intent and then kill themselves in the process of taking the same lethal vaccines?”
    There’s a big difference between the Big Jews and the Little Jews…
    The Little Jews, totally brainwashed idiots, intellectual dolts, and proving it by their crimes in Palestine, are generally the first people the Big Jews exploit, when they come up with a new scam…
    In fact Albert Pike himself predicted that the State of israel will be wiped out in WW3, which, like 1 and 2, will also be engineered by the Big Jews…

  21. Is it anti law or antiChrist that they practice. The Law it says was written for the unrighteous. So to protect yourself no Jew may propose a bill contrary to the law. No infanticide abortion, no feminism, no porn no human rights only divine rights. No inheritance tax on lands or property. No Interest on loans. The Law is clear the Jews are unrighteous.

    1. Good job Bernie. Short, concise and the things that really matter said in perfectly comprehensible English.

      The only part you left out is the part where the same things apply to ‘pretty much’ everyone and every nation here in the Kali-yuga yuck.

  22. PREMAN
    You Said It Brother, very well…
    And I mostly agree with you…
    Those who try to label you as a dumb ‘skinhead’ because they fear the truth and don’t want to lose the Hitler the Jew-Jesuit-Mason history books have brainwashed the world with and have been promoting along with their holohoax in order to bolster the whole Jewish State scam are actually guilty of resorting to the same baseless ad-hominum slurring they accuse you of instead of showing proof of why they’re convinced otherwise…
    I don’t agree Hitler was a genuine German…
    Considering Hitler’s badly bungled strategy and the way things turned out bad for Germany and great for the Russian Bolshevik Communist Zionists and as well their new State I think it more likely he was working for them all along, pretty much the same way Obama and Biden work for the Chicoms now…
    Remember This – The First Rule Of War Is Treachery…
    And consider that when you see governors like Newsom releasing dangerous criminals from prison and others filling the country up with criminal aliens…
    This sort of thing is happening every day in the USA now…

  23. From the article:
    ….”unless we count the insipid filth that passes for popular music (hip-hop, especially; if you doubt me, check out the lyrics to the recent hit “WAP”). One need not be a prude to see how corrupting it is to live in a society that promotes deviant sexuality, Internet porn, online gambling, recreational drug use, and moral offenses of the most diverse kind.”….
    omg !!!
    I just checked out the lyrics of the “recent hit” WAP..

    Whor** in this house
    There’s some whor** in this house
    There’s some who*** in this house
    There’s some wh*** in this house (Hold up)
    I said certified freak, seven days a week
    Wet-as* puss**, make that pullout game weak, woo (Ah)
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
    Yeah, you fuc*** with some wet-as* pus**
    Bring a bucket and a mop for this wet-a** pus**
    Give me everything you got for this wet-as** pus**
    Beat it up, nig**, catch a charge
    Extra large and extra ha**
    Put this pus** right in your face
    Swipe your nose like a credit card
    Hop on top, I wanna ride
    I do a kegel while it’s in***
    Spit in my mo***, look in my eyes
    This pu*** is wet, come take a dive
    Tie me up like I’m surprised
    Let’s roleplay, I’ll wear a disguise
    I want you to park that big Ma** truck right in …..”


    and the point here is that the Jews haven’t changed, they gotta break when the allies got rid of hitler but they continue and continue and keep going and going and going .. killing children here, performing false flags there, bribing and blackmailing, poisoning people left and right paying off priests and pastors etc etc etc

    EINSTEIN: (yeah, a Jew I know ),

    “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

    1. Why don’t Hagee or the Pope say something regarding this attack on civilization, decency and mankind?
      Why instead they say ” oh Jews are the chosen, don’t you know? Send money, please send them some of your money …. what? They killed Jesus?, no ! It was the Romans! Remember: Inside every Christian there is a Jew”
      The funny part ..
      George W Bush: “Muslims are jealous of our way of life “

  24. Why We Are Antisemites” – Text of Adolf Hitler’s 1920 speech at the Hofbräuhaus

    Translation from German by Hasso Castrup (Copenhagen, Denmark), January, 2013,

    ADMIN: We have asked you repeatedly NOT TO COPY AND PASTE EXTREMELY LONG ARTICLES ONTO THIS SITE. You continue to flout our wishes, posting 5000-word articles. Just post the LINK please, prefaced by a few words of introduction.

    Here is your link:

    continue reading……https://carolynyeager.net/why-we-are-antisemites-text-adolf-hitlers-1920-speech-hofbr%C3%A4uhaus

    1. @ Premanidhi

      Have you NO ORIGINALITY of your own that you need to STEAL ALL YOUR IDEAS FROM PRO-HITLER WEBSITES?

      I completely reject the drooling idiocies of Hitler fanatic Carolyn Yeager whom you quote at such inordinate length.

      Tell me, you sad little semi-plagiarist, why you expect us all to go down on our knees and accept the offerings of the bitchy and bad-tempered neo-Nazi Hitler cocksucker Carolyn Yeager?

      She is a squeaky-voiced crank with a website few people go to except a few diehard Hitler fans. It’s a fringe website exceptionally low in the Alexa rankings.This stupid woman is better know as a commenter on the Occidental Observer where she attempts to lay down the law by blowing the trumpet for Adolf Hitler whenever she can.

  25. @ Chaplin

    It’s time to debunk the “Nazi” epithet, and to show you where it came from, who invented it, and why. The fact is, that the term “Nazi” was created by the enemies of the National Socialists (the NSDAP). It was a pejorative term; an insult or a slur. The Germans, not even Hitler nor any other top party officials ever called themselves “Nazis”! They called themselves “National Socialists” and nothing else. Those who can read German and have studied any of the original documents and speeches know this already, but most don’t.

    The term “Nazi” (along with “Nazism”) is a political epithet invented by Konrad Heiden (7 August 1901 – 18 June 1966) during the 1920s as a means of denigrating the NSDAP and National Socialism. Heiden was a journalist and member of the Social Democratic Party. The term is a variant of the nickname that was used in reference to members of the SDP at the time “Sozi” (short for Sozialisten). “Nazi” was a political pun, based upon the Austro-Bavarian slang word for “simpleton” or “country bumpkin”, and derived from the fairly common name Ignatz. It would be like saying “nutsy”. So, if for no other reason, one should easily understand why the term was regarded as derogatory by the National Socialists and why they would never use it to describe themselves. One should also see why it would be used and popularized by Marxist-Bolshevik agitators and understand how it was seized upon by various other political opponents and subversive types, both within Germany and abroad, including the international media and political leaders of the western powers.”What we must also know about Mr. Heiden, however, is that he was not just any other political opponent in the days of the Weimar Republic. He, himself was a “Jew”, and his father was a trade unionist, and that the trade unions were teaming with subversive, violent, Marxist-Bolsheviks.

    Again, if people are truly seeking truth, justice, and peace on this planet, then it is high time they begin to learn and to research these things for themselves, stop trusting the media, and many in the alternative media, and stop perpetuating their lies, and stop using their jargon, not only for the sake of the honour of the Germans, but because it is self-defeating. All humanity has suffered from this injustice, and shall continue to do so until we all take personal responsibility, by researching and learning the truth, and speaking the truth, and for holding the real liars, haters and war mongers accountable!

    But, to those who want to persist in using that nasty epithet, then perhaps we need to start calling you a bunch “Heidis”!

    How do you like that, hmmm?

    By the way I am orig.from Germany living in India for 45 years continuously.

  26. He/She (or is it “Shemale”?) Rachel Levine Touts Both Physical and Mental Health!
    by Bro. Nathaniel, former Jew converted to Russian Orthodox Christianity and an Orthodox monk. He can’t be called “antisemitic” but many Talmudic Jews would call him a “self-hating Jew” because he tells the truth about Jewish sexual and cultural subversion. Fighting against the diabolically perverted and Jewish-led sexual indoctrination of children is a duty which everyone who cares about the welfare of children should undertake.

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