Pale Rider (*POEM*)

Gustave Doré, Death on the Pale Horse (1865)



See the Pale Rider
Knocking at the door;
Faces at the window
Freeze with shock and awe;
He eyes the merry dancers
On the fatal floor.

The singers and the dancers,
The cakes and the wine,
Carried in on platters;
The lords and ladies fine,
Laughing at their tables,
Thinking life’s divine.

All scattered in a moment
When his sickle falls;
Slicing heads from shoulders,
Splashing blood on walls;
Leaving rank cadavers
In the rotting halls.

See the Pale Rider
On his horse again,
On to new terrain,
Plotting in the darkness—
‘Let there be pain!’

Pale Rider, Pale Rider,
Pray tell me—Who made thee?
Who gave the shark its grinders?
Who formed the fish that flee?
Who built these walls of terror?
Who made the world and me?

15 thoughts to “Pale Rider (*POEM*)”

    1. Also peeking, I saw, “Again golden age will come.”

      As in all religions…. good times are always “coming”…. out of reach for the living, no matter the times. But, “HAVE FAITH!?”

      Death comes to all, even the faithful. Then, ‘pain’ is no more.

      1. “Death comes to all, even the faithful. Then, ‘pain’ is no more.”

        Then, ‘pain’ is immeasurably increased for those who choose not to pray, who in their pride refuse to repent of their sins and seek to do God’s will above all things.

        See www. (especially from 4 pages from the top, “The Struggle Against Sin.” (The whole book, entitled Spiritual Theology, is an excellent work by two Dominican theologians and very informative.

        (And to preempt the frequent accusation — No, I don’t think I’m morally superior to anyone, not even TROJ 😉

        1. Darrell –

          I believe your defensiveness is your blindfold. You flinch before being hit. And your paint brush is too wide. 🙂

          Even those who repent will agonize with conditions such as diabetic pain, neuropathy, dialysis, suffering, amputation for years and, finally, death. A good friend of mine, who was a very faithful Christian…. prayed on his knees every day, died in that fashion recently.

          I don’t trust or belive “theologians” outright.

          1. Pat,

            TOO bad it was your friend who died recently and not Lasha.

            (ADMIN: The rest of this comment has been deleted).

              1. Madame Butterfly,

                I don’t want Lasha to die. She’s the one who wants to die — she said so herself. If I’m around when she dies I will not be happy about it. I like Darkmoon, I don’t want to see Darkmoon close down.

                It would be kinda funny, Lasha who wants to die so badly, Lasha who wants to die ASAP winds up outliving all of us, lol….

                You sound like Elizabeth Taylor in “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf”. “Degenerate SCUM” is a very vitriolic ad-hominem slur. Cut down on your drinking, then maybe you won’t be so mean. Drunks can be mean, very mean. Very caustic. Not pretty. Find out where the nearest AA group is located closest to you and start going to their meetings, that might help — maybe.

                We continue to hope and pray for some kind of victory over alcoholism, even if you experience a very small victory over alcohol and manage to remain sober at least 1 or maybe even 2 days a week that would be a Miracle and that would be better than, lol, being a total lush 7 days of the week — and always being as mean as a rattlesnake. Very stinging. Venomous.

                1. @ TROJ

                  In describing you as “degenerate scum”, Madame Butterfly is guilty of a gross understatement. If she had used more “venomous” terms in which to describe you, I myself would have rated her description far too mild and charitable! 🙂

                  Your deleted comment makes it clear that, not content with sending us obscene comments in which you fantasize over randy stallions screwing Lasha in relays, you would personally like to strangle her to death with your bare hands, applying maximum torture. The term “degenerate scum” does not do you justice! A more forceful description is obviously required.

                  Your partly deleted comment made it quite clear that your pathological hatred for Lasha knows no bounds. It ended with this revealing sentence:

                  “Every day Lasha is alive is like torture for her, so she tortures everyone with, lol, with her death poetry. Lasha figures, if she has to suffer, everyone [else] might as well have to suffer also.”

                  The only reason we feature your sadistically cruel comments on this site is that Lasha is interested in abnormal psychology and has given us permission to allow our readers a peep into the mind of a potential serial killer — or maybe an ACTUAL serial killer caged in some high-security penal institution in America or Israel.

                  So keep ’em coming — the more the merrier! 🙂

                  1. Whew, thanks for the “thumbs-up” Toby!

                    I can only hope the penal institution in which this pycho is “caged” is not an open prison with stables attached. I shudder to think what this creep could be up to late at night, under a full moon, if he’s free to wander round the prison after dark! I feel kinda sorry for those poor mares, cowering in a dark corner, when the stable door suddenly opens and TROJ looms up in the moonlight, with his trousers round his ankles.

                    Jiminiy crickets, even Jew Hollywood wouldn’t run such a horror movie! 🙂

                    1. Maybe he ain’t interested in the mares, honey.
                      Why assume he’s straight?
                      Maybe he has his eye on the stallions. 🙂

          2. Pat —

            What blinds us to ultimate truth and to the objective moral order established by God is unrepentant sin.

            Praying and repenting of sin don’t prevent suffering or any physical ailment. But they are necessary conditions for saving our immortal soul.

            The greatest theologian ever is St Thomas Aquinas. Someone with intellectual gifts like yourself might find him intellectually appealing, especially his Summa Theologiae:

  1. Remarkably (hence my own comment), the wonderful older woman who does the blog “Snippets and Slappits” in Canada, a “fourth musketeer” loosely conjoined to other intrepid bloggers in Canada, JUST PUBLISHED an amazing (to me) essay on this very theme.

    The author’s integration of information of Revelations with the infamous Deagle projections and the on-going COVID Scamdemic and its potentially very real and devastating “Phase II” or “Phase III”, gives a realistic coating to Xanadu’s poem!

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