Pornland: How To Turn Women Into Whores

By Chris Hedges
Truthdig via ICH via ICH

An edited abridgement by Lasha Darkmoon
updated with an introduction and added commentary
February 25, 2021


“Pornography is what the end of the world looks like.”
— Robert Jensen

LD:  (by way of introduction) As an anti-porn campaigner for over 15 years, it concerns me deeply that the appetite for pornography has grown exponentially over the last year.

The horrendous consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic will be with us for years to come. I won’t discuss these here: mandatory vaccination, the growth of authoritarianism and surveillance, the erosion of free speech, the impoverishment of millions who have lost their jobs and a reason for living, the spike in the suicide rate among the young. Others have done this already and I have nothing to add to their discussions.  It is clear to me that we must finally bid farewell to the relatively halcyon past. It’s gone forever. The happy days are no more. A dark cloud has descended upon the human psyche, and no one knows when it will lift.

Lockdown has apparently driven many people to seek consolation in pornography. Being bored and on their own all day, dissatisfied with the pabulum offered by television and sick to death of bingeing on endless Netflix box sets, these hapless souls have turned to masturbation to dull the sorrow of their days.

It comes as no surprise to learn that the market for sex toys has surged over the winter months, especially for super-silent vibrators. Retailer Ann Summers reports that sales for the quietest vibrator, the Whisper Rabbit, are up by 60 per cent compared to last year. Women obviously feel guilty using these contraptions to pleasure themselves. Otherwise why would they insist on vibrators that do the job silently? What could be more embarrassing, after all,  than your teenage son tapping discreetly on your door and saying, “Hey mom, keep the noise down!”

With no pubs and restaurants to spend money in, people have “evidently developed expensive tastes in the bedroom,” according to a shock report in the Daily Mail, “with sales of adult toys priced  £100 ($140) or more up 160 per cent. Figures suggest that the rise in sales is largely driven by women in their twenties.”

Tragically, it turns out that the same group — young females — are responsible for the highest spike in the suicide rate in  living memory: taking overdoses, hanging themselves, jumping out of high windows, or throwing themselves under the wheels of express trains. All the masturbation in the world, it seems, is not helping to cheer them up one little bit. If anything, it’s having the opposite effect.

Against this sordid background, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, with various not-so-nice female celebrities cashing in on the sexual weaknesses of their frail sisters.

Model Cara Delevinge, co-owner of sex toy retailer Lora DiCarlo, now has a “premium robotic massager” priced at £270 ($382). She’s laughing all the way to the bank. Same with Gwyneth Paltrow who sells an expensive “wand vibrator” described as “beauty on a nightstand”. Ms Paltrow also peddles vagina-scented candles which apparently sell like hot cakes to adventurous males (and females) with a taste for the more exotic olfactory pleasures.

Where will it all end? I have no idea. We’re not in Imperial Rome yet, with Nero and Caligula throwing Christians to the lions. But we’re getting there. Fast. [LD]

Yucky picture contributed by the Incorrigible Lobro
(G-d bless him!

—     §     —


We are blinded by self-destructive fantasy. An array of amusements and spectacles, including TV “reality” shows, huge sporting events, social media, porn (which earns at least twice what Hollywood movies generate), alluring luxury products, drugs, alcohol and magic Jesus, offers enticing exit doors from reality. We yearn to be rich, powerful and celebrities. And those we must trample to build our pathetic little empires are seen as deserving their fate. That nearly all of us will never attain these ambitions is emblematic of our collective self-delusion and the effectiveness of a culture awash in manipulation and lies.

Porn seeks to eroticize this sadism. In porn women are paid to repeat the mantra “I am a cunt. I am a bitch. I am a whore. I am a slut. Fuck me hard with your big cock.” They plead to be physically abused.

Porn caters to degrading racist stereotypes. Black men are sexually potent beasts stalking white women. Black women have a raw, primitive lust. Latin women are sultry and hotblooded. Asian women are meek, sexually submissive geishas.

In porn, human imperfections do not exist. The oversized silicone breasts, the pouting, gel-inflated lips, the bodies sculpted by plastic surgeons, the drug-induced erections that never subside and the shaved pubic regions — which cater to porn’s pedophilia — turn performers into pieces of plastic. Smell, sweat, breath, heartbeats and touch are erased along with tenderness. Women in porn are packaged commodities. They are pleasure dolls and sexual puppets. They are stripped of true emotions. Porn is not about sex, if one defines sex as a mutual act between two partners, but about masturbation, a solitary auto-arousal devoid of intimacy and love. The cult of the self — that is the essence of porn — lies at the core of corporate culture. Porn, like global capitalism, is where human beings are sent to die.

A new wave of feminists, who have betrayed the iconic work of radicals such as Andrea Dworkin, defends porn as a form of sexual liberation and self-empowerment. These “feminists,” grounded in Michel Foucault and Judith Butler, are stunted products of neoliberalism and postmodernism. Feminism, for them, is no longer about the liberation of women who are oppressed; it is defined by a handful of women who are successful, powerful and wealthy — or, as in the case of “Fifty Shades of Grey,” able to snag a rich and powerful man.

A woman wrote the “Fifty Shades” book, as well as the screenplay. A woman directed the film. A woman studio head bought the movie. This collusion by women is part of the internalization of oppression and sexual violence that have their roots in porn. Dworkin understood. She wrote that “the new pornography is a vast graveyard where the Left has gone to die. The Left cannot have its whores and its politics too.”

—     §     —

I met Gail Dines, (pictured below), one of the most important radicals in the country, in a small cafe in Boston on Tuesday. She is the author of “Pornland: How Porn Has Hijacked Our Sexuality” and a professor of sociology and women’s studies at Wheelock College. Dines, along with a handful of others including Jensen, fearlessly decry a culture that is as depraved as Caligula’s Rome.

“The porn industry has hijacked the sexuality of an entire culture and is laying waste to a whole generation of boys,” she warned. “And when you lay waste to a generation of boys, you lay waste to a generation of girls.”

“When you fight porn you fight global capitalism,” she said. “The venture capitalists, the banks, the credit card companies are all in this feeding chain. This is why you never see anti-porn stories. The media is implicated. It is financially in bed with these companies. Porn is part of this. Porn tells us we have nothing left as human beings — boundaries, integrity, desire, creativity and authenticity. Women are reduced to three orifices and two hands. Porn is woven into the corporate destruction of intimacy and connectedness, and this includes connectedness to the earth. If we were a society where we were whole, connected human beings in real communities, then we would not be able to look at porn. We would not be able to watch another human being tortured.”

To keep the legions of easily bored male viewers aroused, porn makers produce videos that are increasingly violent and debasing.

Extreme Associates, which specializes in graphic rape scenes, along with JM Productions, promotes the very real pain endured by women on its sets. JM Productions pioneered “aggressive throat fucking” or “face fucking” videos such as the “Gag Factor” series, in which women gag and often vomit. It ushered in “swirlies,” in which the male performer dunks the woman’s head into a toilet after sex and then flushes. The company promises, “Every whore gets the swirlies treatment. Fuck her, then flush her.”

Repeated and violent anal penetration triggers anal prolapse, a condition in which the inner walls of a woman’s rectum collapse and protrude from her anus. This is called “rosebudding.” Some women, penetrated repeatedly by numerous men on porn shoots, often after taking handfuls of painkillers, require anal and vaginal reconstructive surgery. Female performers may suffer from sexually transmitted diseases and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

And with porn mainstreamed — some porn video participants are treated like film celebrities by talk show hosts such as Oprah and Howard Stern — the behavior promoted by porn, including stripping, promiscuity, S&M and exhibitionism, has become chic. Porn also sets the standard for female beauty and female comportment. And this has had terrifying consequences for girls.

“Women are told in our society they have two choices,” Dines said. “They are either fuckable or invisible. To be fuckable means to conform to the porn culture, to look hot, be submissive and do what the man wants. That’s the only way you get visibility. You cannot ask adolescent girls, who are dying for visibility, to choose invisibility.”

None of this, Dines pointed out, was by accident. Porn grew out of the commodity culture, the need by corporate capitalists to sell products.

The VCR, the DVD and, later, the Internet allowed porn to be pumped into individual homes.

The glossy, still images of Playboy, Penthouse and Hustler became tame, even quaint. America, and much of the rest of the world, became pornified.

The income of the global porn industry is estimated at $96 billion, with the United States market worth about $13 billion. There are, Dines writes, “420 million Internet porn pages, 4.2 million porn Web sites, and 68 million search engine requests for porn daily.” [To see excerpts from Dines’ book, click here.]

Along with the rise of pornography there has been an explosion in sex-related violence, including domestic abuse, rape and gang rape. A rape is reported every 6.2 minutes in the United States, but the estimated total, taking into account unreported assaults, is perhaps five times higher, as Rebecca Solnit points out in her book “Men Explain Things to Me.”

“So many men murder their partners and former partners that we have well over a thousand homicides of that kind a year — meaning that every three years the death toll tops 9/11’s casualties, though no one declares a war on this particular kind of terror,” Solnit writes.

Porn, meanwhile, is ever more accessible.“With a mobile phone you can deliver porn to men who live in highly concentrated neighborhoods in Brazil and India,” Dines said. “If you have one laptop in the family, the man can’t sit in the middle of the room and jerk off to it. With a phone, porn becomes portable. The average kid gets his porn through the mobile phone.”

The old porn industry, which found its profits in movies, is dead. The points of production no longer generate profits. The distributors of porn make the money. And one distributor, MindGeek, a global IT company, dominates porn distribution. Free porn is used on the Internet as bait by MindGeek to lure viewers to pay-per-view porn sites. Most users are adolescent boys. It is, Dines said, “like handing out cigarettes outside of a middle school. You get them addicted.”

“Around the ages of 12 to 15 you are developing your sexual template,” she said. “You get [the boys] when they are beginning to construct their sexual identity. You get them for life. If you begin by jerking off to cruel, hardcore, violent porn then you are not going to want intimacy and connection.

Studies are showing that boys are losing interest in sex with real women. They can’t sustain erections with real women. In porn there is no making love. It is about making hate. He despises her. He is revolted and disgusted by her. If you bleed out the love you have to fill it with something to make it interesting. They fill it with violence, degradation, cruelty and hate. And that also gets boring. So you have to keep ratcheting it up. Men get off in porn from women being submissive. Who is more submissive than children? The inevitable route of all porn is child porn. And this is why organizations that fight child porn and do not fight adult porn are making a huge mistake.”

“Pornography has socialized a generation of men into watching sexual torture,” Dines said. “You are not born with that capacity. You have to be trained into it. Just like you train soldiers to kill. If you are going to carry out violence against a group you have to dehumanize them. It is an old method. Jews become kikes. Blacks become niggers. Women become cunts. And no one turns women into cunts better than porn.”

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“No one turns women into cunts better than porn.”

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  1. Yes it is sad, that in the above, the line “women are reduced to 3 orifices and two hands” rings true in the year 2021 AD.
    A gangster character in a recent movie described all women as “pussies in high heels.”
    LA porn is distributed world wide and apparently Osama bin Laden was a keen viewer, if the supposed books and videos found in his hideout are any indication.
    Stormy Daniels was even awarded the “keys” to a Californian city for her services to humanity.
    And it is the usual suspects – the boys who have all the money, have access to high filter cameras and rights to distribution. GUESS WHO? It is the Jews in control and making huge profits, just as they do with everything else.
    And looming mass poverty means more and more women will throw themselves into the porn ring. Prostitution increased 20 fold in Spain as their economy collapsed.
    Sex is everywhere out of control in Australia, with many young men getting used to young women who want sex on the first date, or after a casual meeting at the pub.
    “Granny porn” is almost the most watched category in the porn industry, with Jewish run-studios offering older women up to 500 euros for an hour of their time. These women line up in their hundreds outside known studios and are willing to use those “3 orifices.”
    In Australia young boys as old as eleven years have become porn addicts. This often leads to drug dependancy and an endless pursuit of real life action. – meaning that it takes over from school studies and sporting participation.
    Muslims try to keep their women pure and untouched, hiding behind head scarves and even burqas. But, in the West, Muslim elders are seeing their young females being perverted by such TV shows as Married at First Sight, etc.
    Sadly, some Muslim subcultures believe the only way they can decrease the natural sex drive of females is via removing the clitoris, etc.
    In my experience, this opens up the door for young Muslim men to taste the freely available infidels’ flesh.

    1. Antisemitism is the key to flipping the script—turning whores back into women.

      Because semitic psycho-infestation was responsible for the initial pandemic of dissolute immorality.
      Social distancing from jews and their diseased creations must be strictly enforced just like the early Middle Ages with prohibitions against goy servants in Jew homes, sexual transactions and interbreeding, usury, Jew involvement in the public sphere and so on.
      Apply Fauci model to Jews globally until rates of infection are brought to zero.

      It may be that many women addicted to Jew opioids of feminism, celebrity worship, man-hate and idiotic insistence on equality and superiority at EVERY level of human endeavor will have a hard time with this program but it is an imperative if the world of free sentience is to survive and thrive again.

      NB: many men have androginized themselves into faux-women and degenerated into the same moral cesspit; whether rehab and redemption are within their grasp is an open question but they deserve the same lifeline of tough love compassion and salvation.
      Sort of like Christ’s Harrowing of Hell on the mundane plane.
      Because it IS Hell on the mundane plane—jew the physical counterpart of psychic demons.

      Just the other day I saw in interview outlining how the tribe of Hyksos marauders brought the flourishing civilization of Egypt to its knees, how they were universally hated by the native population and were called HABIRU PARASITES who tortured their pharaoh to death (A forensic investigation of Seqenenre Taa II’s traumatic injuries suggests he died with his hands tied behind his back, perhaps the end result of fighting to liberate his kingdom.)
      Ankhenaten’s (original Jew name, Moses before he shapeshifted) monotheist Deep State comes into effect as celebrated in Freud’s monograph 3,000 years later.
      And the holohoax tales of Old Testament’s “Egypt captivity😰” were born.
      (Polish Egyptian proverb: Jew cries out in pain even as he strikes you)

      1. Lobro reminds us of Middle Ages’ restrictions against Jewish participation “in the public sphere”!
        Jews were viewed as the progeny of the devil who kidnapped and then ate Goyim children, poisoned their parents and stole all the gold, as well as fostering and sponsoring European wars. “The Children’s Crusade” was symbolised by the Pied Piper leading the children away from their homes in order to be raped, murdered and abused.
        How things have changed, where today, as we all should know, Jews comprise over half of Biden’s Cabinet and own/dominate most societal institutions, public and private.
        And, of course, Jews hold our money and have unrestricted and unaudited use of their money-printing presses and the number of zeros they want to add to money amounts. “Here Benjamin is $1,000,000 to put towards your new business. Or would you rather $100,000,000?”
        Apparently Jews and their Goyim associates are still kidnapping and eating children, with Hillary Clinton being shown on video slicing a young child’s face.
        Hitler tried to put and end to Jewish filth and immorality that the Jews had fostered in Germany, so the Jews started another war and its mass genocides of White Christians.
        Lobro is correct: Nothing will alter the filth of present circumstances until the Jews are booted out of all Western nations. Where they go does not concern us or me.

    2. Whore turned into woman:

      (see the little Crucifix, the skull of memento mori, Tintoretto knew his job).
      Good enough for Christ, good enough for me.

      Usura slayeth the child in the womb
      It stayeth the young man’s courting
      It hath brought palsey to bed, lyeth
      between the young bride and her bridegroom
      They have brought whores for Eleusis
      Corpses are set to banquet
      at behest of usura.

      Linh Dinh is my favorite living writer, the first 2 are great (–“Of Money” by Barnabe Googe) and Dinh’s meditation on Yamasaki’s architecture (“Just east of Italy or south of Spain, men squat. In all of Asia, even Japan, they squat.“), followed by Pound’s immortal elegy of white man’s grief.

      Which is the greater tragedy, seeing or blindness—awareness or comfort? I get so lost in these non-quantum entanglements, even lose the initial meaning of the word “tragedy”, wouldn’t know a bowl of “tragedy tripe” from “menudo soup”, even forgot to blame the Jew for confusion in Eleusis.

      1. “Whore turned into woman” and the christian myth of a blond Maria Magdalena from Tintoretto – Really?
        One of the few “perfect women” who ever wandered this hell hole earth (mostly created by men) turns from woman into whore and back into a woman (after receiving the holy spirit – which naturally is censored instantly by the masculine Christian church because she was woman and a “whore”) Lobro, and is “Good enough for Christ and good enough for YOU”???? You must be very special in your own HOLY mind! History and religion have much in common. Too many experts who JUST seem to know EVERYTHING others wrote. The son of God knew who Maria Magdalena was – even when she was accused to be a whore. The son of man did/does not! I would kneel in awe at Magdalene’s feet anytime, anyplace and anywhere! Though masturbation would NOT be on my mind at all MB.

      2. Not a bee in your bonnet but a hornets’ nest, Jo, burr under saddle too, my head spinning trying to get a handle on it all, where to start?
        Christian “myth” … the pejorative tint indicates that Christianity is objectionable to you. Okay, that is your right, go on let it run free and wild among the roaming hornets. Its next-door neighbors are
        i. Magdalene was one of the few (note: you said “few”, not I) “perfect women” in the entire history, and
        ii. Hellhole earth was created by men.
        Let’s just touch on these two points before counting the rest of the swarm. By your own admission (not that I agree), there were only a few perfect women in history, i.e., the overwhelming majority were anything but. Speaking of which
        i.a) What defines a Perfect Woman? And
        i.b) How do you know that Magdalena was perfect, especially BEFORE she went whore-ways? Do perfect women choose to become whores as they strive toward ever greater perfection?
        If you could answer i.a) and i.b) (nested within claim “i.” above), that would be useful in order to clear the air.
        As to the point “ii.”, I have no qualms with it, you may be right or maybe not:

        Why do men go to war? Because women are watching.

        (TS Eliot)
        … merely triaging the dog’s (or is it bitch’s 😬) breakfast pitched at me in buckshot formation.

        Hah! And now we come to the core part. You seem to be mightily offended by my ” Good enough for Christ, good enough for me” exclamation.
        What exactly enraged you so—Jo? What else could I have said, let’s take a look at alternatives:
        Good enough for Christ but NOT good enough for me”?
        Hmm? Or how about we drill down on the concept:
        When at Whore-stage of metamorphosis cycle, she was maybe not good enough for Christ but good for enough for me, in fact a Perfect Whore so long as she dyed her hair blond
        I will let you think and if so inclined, explain these issues to me, in the meantime I will stick with my original statement:
        Whether or not that’s okay with you.
        As for the sideswipe at MB with that “masturbation” remark, another mystery but since it wasn’t addressed to me, let it go.
        So long as you and the hornets remain serene and smiling 😌, the thing that counts.

      3. Christianity is objectionable to me, because it rejects most of the teachings of Christ itself and in time has reversed a “moral Christian life” into the unmoral materialistic life of self obsessed money changing and idolatry. Christ “himself” is dear to me! For his self proclaimed Christian followers – it seems – not soo much. Hippocratic behavior, obsessed with ones own “condition of mortal fear”, never ending temptations and greed, blanketed, and calmed by “censored and manipulated” Christian scriptures of holy tales from long ago.
        To become perfect as a woman (or man) is not defined by whoredom, sins or the flesh itself. What Christians refer to as the “Holy Spirit” is a “matter and timeless vehicle” of perfection and (the love of) God itself. To receive the “holy spirit”, the human heart, (the spiritual altar in) the mind of the body (flesh) and the eternal soul will need to align willingly, humbly and flawlessly into a “perfect state” of Godly LOVE and perfection (God) itself. That moment in time, touched by eternity and “heavenly love” is what defines the perfect woman or man. That “moment” will also change and re-align the cell structure of the body for (spiritual) transformation, convert and trigger various regions of the human brain and activate the “soul” from within itself. A domino effect of perfection in imperfection taking place so to speak.
        Magdalena became perfect through the son of God and her own pure willingness to accept the teachings of Christ as her own and live accordingly, as a perfect human being and UNDER the Law (word) of God.
        “That perfect women choose to become whores as they strive toward ever greater perfection” surely has to come from from a white European elderly gentleman that lives permanently in South east Asia. Not all in life is about sex Lobro and I sincerely doubt that the “perfect whore” Magdalena” would have catered for your sexual needs, especially after having replaced a world of torture, abuse, horny smelly men and sin for the forgiving heavens of Godly love. So my guess is Lobro: What is good for Christ is still out of reach for you. No rage involved at all!

        1. Christianity is objectionable to me . . . My guess is, Lobro: What is good for Christ is still out of reach for you.”

          I don’t approve of this comment. Its arrogant self-importance gives me the creeps. Lobro doesn’t need this.

      4. Jo, what you lack in deductive reasoning you make up in sincerity (which is better than the other way around).
        so, it’s OK, this debate was headed nowhere and it arrived there safely.

      5. @ Madame Butterfly & Lobro

        I don’t approve of this comment.

        I thought Jo’s comment was pretty good.

        My Croatian brother Lobro could have learned a lot to his benefit from that comment… except that he can’t. When someone, full of vanity, says: “Good enough for Christ, good enough for me”, it leaves the hearer with some strange, uncomfortable feeling, which I fail to identify precisely. Awkwardness? Bewilderment? Embarrassment? Not sure.

        And whoever thinks that Lobro is devoid of vanity of the worst kind, let him cast a stone at Circassian.

        Speaking of the art of reasoning, Lobro does not seem to realize: while he is stuck at the level of deductive logic (also known variously as abstract logic, Aristotelian logic, Boolean logic, etc. – the simplest and most primitive kind of logic, which operates in terms of true/false, black/white, zero/one with nothing in between), Jo is exercising – as every normal human being, not entirely devoid of common sense, should – plausible reasoning.

        The actual science of logic [i.e. abstract logic – Circassian] is conversant at present only with things either certain, impossible, or entirely doubtful, none of which (fortunately) we have to reason on. Therefore the true logic for this world is the calculus of Probabilities, which takes account of the magnitude of the probability which is, or ought to be, in a reasonable man’s mind.

        James Clerk Maxwell (1850)

        Btw, the main reason I have engaged Lobro in a bet was to demonstrate to him that his reasoning skills are not nearly as good as he tragically deludes himself. But it seems that I have miserably failed: Lobro simply cannot be taught… even the way the nature teaches all living beings – the hard way.

        Lasha is right on target again – Lobro is incorrigible. But, hey, is there anybody of his age who could boast that he is corrigible! So, folks, don’t be too hard on my brother.

      6. Circassian says

        Btw, the main reason I have engaged Lobro in a bet was to demonstrate to him that his reasoning skills are not nearly as good as he tragically deludes himself. But it seems that I have miserably failed:

        you are quite right, i admit my reasoning skills are lousy, because i deluded myself thinking that the main reason was 💲💲💲, since the betting line was more than 20:1 in favor of CHEATER Biden squatting illegally in White House on January 20 and that you counted on my stubborn sense of honor to uphold the exceedingly unfair terms—you were right about that too.

        let’s check my present reasoning skills:
        Funeral hearse snuck Biden’s corpse into White House, propped in the Oval office chair on Jan 21.
        You wasted no time demanding payment on Jan 23, were paid the same day and acknowledged in this forum.

        A month later you regress to previous mode and state that the MAIN reason for the bet was to demonstrate my stupidity—presumably the $500 cash was no object, never figured in your purpose—anyone thinking otherwise demonstrates his poor reasoning skills.

        Hmm, what is stupidity to you is honor to me, as you yourself stated publicly.
        But that was a month ago, today is today and who cares about outdated nonsense like truth and straight talk in these post-truth times?

        And by the way, while licking thumb to count the 5 benjamins, pause to consider the benefits to Russia from having ditched the orange clown in favor of 100% Jew golem Biden:

        return of US troops to Syria, full rebirth of ISIS, ramping up threats to Iran, Ukraine troubles under direction of Victoria “fuck EU” Noodleman (just don’t call her Jewess because “Jews are no threat to Russia”), color revolutions in Armenia and Georgia (renewed demands for return of Ossetia, Abhkazia and maybe even your native Circassia? to Georgia), Turkey’s Erdogan (who seems to have Putin’s number) openly planning on reconstituting the Ottoman reach including the southern Muslim republics, Dagestan, Chechniya, etc., dream of united Turkic homeland including Turkestan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Syria, Iraq … and Israel ready to help (yeah, “Anglo-Americans” are threat, Jews are not, *LOL*).
        Not to mention the miscarriage of the Belt & Road initiative, what did Russia reap apart from her loyal son’s $500? Encirclement by troubles and instability all along the periphery, near and far abroad, there will be serious effort to create a rift with China, further isolation, renewed push for YINON (Anglo-American😀) Plan.

        Let’s do some basic reasoning: you say you love Russia and hate America, yet seem to prefer US dollars to rubles, warmonger Biden to the ever-bluffing clown.

        By all counts, it is your incorrigibly stupid contrarian Croatian Catholic pro-Nazi, anti-semitic brother who supports Russia way more steadfastly than your rapidly shifting allegiances, compass needle pointing only to $$$.
        (btw: I am no dual loyalist, my only citizenship is Canadian, if I applied for Croatian, I’d be duty bound to ditch the Canuck passport)

      7. At least Madam got ‘something’ out of it (arrogant self-importance & creeps) while getting nowhere safely Lobro. Thanks Circ!

      8. @Lobro

        Not quite sure how to interpret your last comment, brother. It seems that you are of the opinion that Circassian is a sleazy and cunning cheat who picked Lobro’s pocket by using the latter’s honorable nature. Would that be a correct synopsis of what you have said about me in that comment, sir?

        If so, then I would be curious to know when exactly did you arrive at this deductive conclusion about dastardly nature of Circassian: before or after the bet? If before the bet, then it is a mystery to me why would you engage in a bet with someone who was, in your opinion, a sleazy and cunning cheat. If after the bet, then I would be curious to know what did exactly happen after you lost the bet that made you aware of the truly evil nature of Circassian.

        Btw, would you like to get your money back since you seem to think that I have cheated you?

          (among hundreds of other spam posts)

          @ Toby admin
          I ask again
          Have I been shadow edited blocked
          Controlled? As someone begged you to do with regard to me!
          Lawks a mercy!
          Whatever the cause may be,
          could you be so kind as to respond ?

          ADMIN: We have received no other posts from you, TJ. You are obviously being targeted by Google or some other internet enemy.

          We suggest you change your browser and check that your computer has not been hacked. These computer glitches can sometimes be triggered if you use sock puppets or suddenly change your user name. Unfortunately, you have done this. You began with the user name “TeeJay” and then started using the abbreviation “TJ” as your user name.

          This is perfectly acceptable and understandable but confusing to WordPress (with its robot mind!) who thinks you are acting suspiciously by using two different names and yet having the same email address and IP number. Best stick to one name in future, TeeJay (or ‘TJ’).

          P.S. If we don’t get your next comment, too bad. It means you need to check out your security arrangements and make sure your email account hasn’t been hacked or tampered with in any way. Good luck!

          — Toby

          1. I suspect we have a dangerous Russian hacker (possibly also Jewish) posting on this site right now. He is causing all these problems, including the sudden disappearance of my own comments. Who can this fiendishly clever scoundrel be?
            I won’t speculate. Because I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings
            by accusing the wrong person.

            1. You’re letting your imagination run away with you, Madame.
              No hacker could be that clever, unless he’s working for NASA, GCHQ, or Mossad.

      9. just spotted this, will reply briefly b/c do not want to drag this out, getting boring and pointless

        Btw, would you like to get your money back since you seem to think that I have cheated you?

        resounding NO!!!
        you won fair and square, i lost fair and square on account of my stubbornness that won’t allow me to back down from a clearly losing, underdog position (Croats are famous for obstinacy rather than brains, this is quite true).
        as for the logic conundrum, i am a bit disappointed that my point re. Mary Magdalene/perfect woman is not obvious, so let me drop down a gear and break it down, maybe you can explain it to the co-traveler, don’t want to imagine a forever blank-eyed look of incomprehension (you know who i mean).

        Maria Magda went through 3 stages of development:
        Was she a Perfect Woman at every stage?
        let’s forget the “After”, to a Christian beyond argument since Jesus accepted her as His closest companion and confidant, she being the first to discover his Resurrection, i.e., the empty tomb below the Calvary. Those hostile to Christ will not accept her perfection but to me they are non-entities.

        How about the other two stages?
        Whore: it is entirely possible for a perfect woman to consciously martyr her chastity in order to achieve some overarching goal of saving/redeeming someone (think Dostoevsky) but i don’t think that was the case here, so I would say No, she was not perfect woman (if i say she may have been a perfect whore, i am being needlessly facetious—besides i am not interested in whores, standards somewhat elevated lately.)

        Before: let’s assume that yes, she was perfect and it is possible for a perfect woman to decide to become a whore. But the notion of perfection entails an absolute zenith from which further ascent is impossible.
        Thus, even after she hit the third stage as companion of Christ and a Perfect Woman, it should have been entirely possible for her to become a whore again—let’s say after Crucifixion she felt kind of lonesome or something—how plausible is that!?
        I argue that it is entirely implausible and impossible for a perfect woman to ever want to become a whore (i.e., for commercial reasons) and this contradicts the assumption proposed at Stage One.
        (classical proof by contradiction, no?)

        And that was my entire point made way up the thread, a point that I assumed needed no elaboration.
        Kew-Eee-Dee. (I shan’t return to this evah again)

    3. “LA porn is distributed world wide and apparently Osama bin Laden was a keen viewer, if the supposed books and videos found in his hideout are any indication.”

      Not really!
      Bin Laden used porn magazines to send encrypted messages to his network.
      Bright idea if you ask me!
      U.S. inteligence would discard and disregard any package containing such items.
      They’ll be like :
      “What? Bin Laden is a muslim extremist, he wouldn’t look at stuff like that”..

    4. “…some Muslim subcultures believe the only way they can decrease the natural sex drive of females is via removing the clitoris, etc. In my experience, this opens up the door for young Muslim men to taste the freely available infidels’ flesh.”

      Ann Barnhardt laid bare the fallacy of this, and why Pisslam is a political/monetary system hiding under a veneer of false religiosity, in her video on homosexual grooming in islamic culture.

      1. Fr –

        “….Pisslam is a political/monetary system hiding under a veneer of false religiosity, in her video on homosexual grooming in islamic culture.”


        Priest or not – Mahmoud will “BIGGLY” hammer you for that one!!

        But, to your point – In 2013 the British Government announced plans for Britain to issue a £200m Islamic bond in a bid to attract new money to London. The bond will be aimed at institutions, but there are Islamic finance products available to regular savers, investors and home buyers.

        Instead of calling their GAIN/PROFIT interest….
        …….it is called a RETURN from leasing!! 🙂

        Central to Islamic finance is the fact that money itself has no intrinsic value; it is simply a medium of exchange. Each unit is 100% equal in value to another unit of the same denomination and you are not allowed to make a profit by exchanging cash with another person. A Muslim is not allowed to benefit from lending money or receiving money from someone.

        This means that earning interest (riba) is not allowed – whether you are an individual or a bank. To comply with these rules, interest is not paid on Islamic savings or current accounts, or charged on Islamic mortgages.

        There are several ways that banks can structure accounts so that they are sharia-compliant.

        Ijara works as a leasing arrangement: the bank buys something for a customer and then leases it back to them. Different forms of leasing are permissible, including those where part of the instalment payment goes toward the final purchase. This might be used to help you buy a car or other item, or to help a business buy equipment.

        Murabaha works by the bank supplying goods for resale to the customer at a price that includes a margin above the costs, and allows them to repay in installments. This might be used to provide a mortgage on a property. The property is registered to the buyer from the start.

        Musharaka is a joint venture in which the customer and bank contribute funding to an investment or purchase and agree to share the returns (as well as the risks) in proportions agreed in advance.

        Wakala is an agreement that the bank will work as the individual’s agent. If a saver enters into this type of agreement, the bank can use their cash to invest in sharia-compliant trading activities to generate a target profit for them.

        As of 2020 – the plan is working fine for jews with yarmulkes AND with turbans as well!!

        “Many of the products offered by Islamic financial institutions are comparable to Western or conventional finance even though interest and speculation are forbidden. Banks are by far the biggest players in Islamic finance — some of them are exclusively Islamic while others offer sharia-compliant products but remain mostly conventional.”

    5. The article is disappointing, as the headline is misleading.

      I thought it would give me some hints and tips on how to turn any woman into a whore.

      Frankly, I’ve always been curious where they find these porn girls and how they and train them to do the things they do in those hardcore porn videos.

      Obviously, this is as much a mystery to Chris Hedges and that Madame Blatvasky of the far right, Lasha Darkmoon, as it is to me.

    6. Lasha’s intro seems a little incongruous. Anne Sexton must have bumped heads with Sylvia Plath and woken up as Emily Bronte. I know Lasha loves poetry. I do too but I’d challenge the utility of her despair.

      If it helps, Lasha, I’ll let you into a dangerous secret – but please don’t tell anyone else yet – “we’re going to win.” Yep. We’re going to win.

      Well, that’s that then. Let the dark clouds disperse and let the hares dance in the brisk wind.

      After all, who’s the gauge of “human psyche”? Who the auditor of “happy days.”?

      You have the choice of drawing upon your powers anew, you know. They’re still there. Don’t let them diminish your spirit that you would dispirit others.

      It’s a risky mission and you may not get out of there with your life but if anyone can pull it off, you can, 00N.

      The participants in pornographic films live miserably. They dine on S.T.D.s and are libidinally desensitized – wretched of hinderparts and desecrated of soul. They are livestock, simply – from stripling waif to wrinkly gilf – gonorrhoeal adventures for hoodless syphilitic overlords, who probe arrhytmically between bouts of catarrh.

  2. This is America brothers and sisters… at the end of its rope. Welcome to hell!

    Can America be saved? – A wrong question.
    Is America worth saving? – That’s the right question, for it is pregnant with the right answer.

    Perhaps, you can understand now more clearly the logic behind that hard decision I made a decade ago (timed precisely and not accidentally to the year, when my twin kids turned seven) to leave “rich” America and go back to my “poor” homeland of Russia.

    Boy, am I glad I did!

    1. Circussian :

      If you love Russia so much and you don’t like Americans, then why do you spend so much time going out of your way to strike up conversations with Americans online? If you’re so happy you’re in Russia , happy to be far away from Americans, then why don’t you go to Russian language only websites geared to Russians? Why do you want to spend so much time talking to Americans, considering you have so much disdain for Americans and moved out of the United States to get away from Americans? What’s the point of moving out of the United States because you don’t want to talk to Americans and move to Russia and then when you get to Russia you spend all your time talking to Americans online? It doesn’t make sense.

      By the way, us Americans couldn’t care less you were unhappy in the United States — and we couldn’t care less you’re happy in Russia. We just don’t care, we don’t care where you’re happy where you’re not happy …. what makes you happy what makes you unhappy….. we couldn’t care less. Don’t like talking to Americans? Then stop striking up online conversations with Americans and simply go to Russian websites geared to Russians and strike up conversations with Russians you enjoy talking to, an easy solution to your “problems” with Americans. It’s not rocket science, it’s real easy to figure out how to solve your American “problem”.

      1. Oh, TROJ, TROJ… what a heartwarming fella!

        You see, Joe, history is a strange thing: To solve our French problem in 1812 we had to go to Paris, for we couldn’t solve that problem staying in Moscow; to solve our German problem in 1945 we had to go to Berlin, for we couldn’t solve that problem staying in Moscow; to solve our American problem we have to go to… Can you guess where, brother?

        Take a look at this flat map, Joe (I’ll leave out the high school device called ‘globe’, lest I strain your brain):

        We could easily ‘pay a visit’ to all those nice places, but there are some hot heads in Russia who insists that there is no need for that… if we pay the first ‘visit’ to Washington D.C.

        Do you see, brother, why I “have to talk” to you?

      2. Thanks, Circ. It reminds me the best way to solve OUR problem of YOU is for you to come HERE. It’ll be easier to shoot your ass if we can draw a bead on you. 🙂

    2. First order of business is to expel the children of the Devil. Westerners lack that kind of intestinal fortitude as well as testicular fortitude. Until thst happens, all else is an exercise in futility.

      The children of the Devil are everywhere, even in Mother Russia.

  3. The Deep State attacks society, by criminalizing Old World Order social milieus so as to have perfect recruits for its New World Order project. They exaggerate the weakness in the Old patriarchal system, in order to wage war on the family. They attack traditions, in order to wage war on religion and culture.

    Because Patriarchal system placed women under men, the Deep State sold the idea to the women that this was enslavement. But Men came up with those well-defined Patriarchal systems because every Human culture found it necessary. With this Patriarchal system, women were protected (from other men) Now, Women have been sold the Idea, that they need to free themselves. Only that they do not understand that this freedom is a set-up.

    This strategy has been applied to every group, be it women, blacks, Hispanics, LGBTQs, etc, These “Minority groups” have been sold the idea that there are some “historical injustices” that the rest of the society need to address. It’s a “Victim Mentality” which plays the role of “Anti-Semitism” for the Goy creating a ready pool for willing revolutionaries. But what these groups do not know, is that they are mare tools which will be discarded as their role is no longer required.

    The Church has been muzzled with accusation of the historical prejudice of referring to “The Chosen Ones as “Perfidious Jews” and “Deicide” they are to pay reparations-eventually. But their name is sealed in the corruption of the Christian society by their own admission; .
    ʻThe only reason that Jews are in pornography is that we think that Christ sucks. Catholicism sucks. We donʼt believe in authoritarianism Pornography thus becomes a way of defiling Christian culture and, as it penetrates to the very heart of the American mainstream” .( See Jews in the American porn industry Nathan Abrams | Winter 2004 – Number 196 © 2006 Jewish Quarterly | All rights reserved )

    In the mean-time, the Jewish Banker Deep State with its secret Ecclesiastical Freemasonry is ruining the Moral Authority by letting loose Pedophiles in the Clergy who are then exposed for the purpose of humiliating The Church and snuffing its Light, as the bearer of the Moral Compass for the Global Society.

    No one has been left untainted who can rebuke anybody leaving the Jews a free hand to apply their version of “Tikkun Olam” with “Descent For The Purpose Of Ascent ( which means; the Corruption and debasement of the Society in order to lay foundation for the reign of the Illuminati Jewish Bankers with the Power of Purse, which is the Global Credit System masquerading as money) ”

      1. uncle :

        Did yo’ mama moronica by any chance ever figure out which gorilla in uganda be yo’ daddy or it be TOO difficult to figure out because dey all be lookin’ alike? *grin*

      1. Realist –

        Thanks for the nod!

        I wrote:
        “It’s all in how you look at it!

        Maybe you can understand…….
        Them that’s for it are against it – them that’s against it are for it. 🙂

    1. Morality CAN, and MUST be legislated. What an idiotic statement! it’s not morality or no morality, but (((WHOSE))) morality is being pushed, today. It’s clearly JEWISH TALMUDDIED ANTI-MORALITY.

      God’s Law is ANATHEMA to the Juden. Therefore, it must be made the norm. Just as it once was in these United States. Biden is a fool, Kabala Ha’aretz is a HO, and the entire DEMON-RAT administration (along with the RINOS) need to go.

      1. Fr –

        “God’s Law is ANATHEMA to the Juden. Therefore, it must be made the norm. Just as it once was in these United States.”

        It has ALWAYS been man’s law in the US! The SECOND President of the US, George Washington, proved that in 1794.

        Under orders from the Crown’s agent, Alex Hamilton, President Washington marched 13,000 military troops to combat 300 poor farmers just outside Pittsburgh…. for not paying taxes on whiskey…. a tax which put the farmers out of business. That favored the HUGE eastern distillers, such as John Hancock and Washington, himself. That enhanced the slave trade – black bodies were traded for booze by the ‘godless’ criminals! 💥 😨

        BTW – America’s first president, John Hanson, played an important role in the development of United States Constitutional History, one often not stated, but true nonetheless.

        Often, Hanson is regarded as the “forgotten first President.” In Seymour Weyss Smith’s biography of him, John Hanson, Our First President, he says that the American Revolution had two primary leaders: George Washington in the military sphere, and John Hanson in politics. Although one position was ceremonial, and the other was more official, there are statues of both men in the United States Capitol in Washington D.C.

        Hanson didn’t really enjoy his job either, and found the work tedious and wished to resign. Unfortunately, the Articles of Confederation hadn’t accounted for how succession worked and his departure would have left Congress without a President. So, because he loved his country, and out of a sense of duty, he remained in office.

        –While there, he served from November 5, 1781 until November 3, 1782, he was able to remove all foreign troops from American lands, as well as their flags.
        –He also introduced the Treasury Department, the first Secretary of War, and the first Foreign Affairs Department.
        –He led the flight to guarantee the statehood of the Western Territories beyond the Appalachian Mountains that had been controlled by some of the original thirteen colonies.

        What’s probably most interesting is that Hanson is also responsible for establishing Thanksgiving Day as the fourth Thursday in November.

  4. Attempting to usurp and rule Mother Nature is the epitome of un-natural and un-civilized.

    “Out of a loving desire to see the Lord, the royal ladies of the Kurus got up on the top of the palace, and, smiling with affection and shyness, they showered flowers upon Him.

    1. It’s the thought (and subject matter) that counts.

      “Therefore, while the ladies on the tops of the houses in the capital of the kings of the Kuru dynasty were talking about the Lord, their talk was more pleasing than the Vedic hymns.”

  5. Having grown up in the 60s and 70s, I can comprehend, first hand, how a young man falls into the spiral of degeneracy. Being raised a conservative Methodist, I was exposed to a variety of socially misfit religions and personages. We didn’t “discriminate”. Anyhow, being relatively affluent and good-looking, I became a womanizer – to the point of competition with my acquaintances. If I wanted to “get laid”, it was expected of me to do just that. I WAS discriminating in my tastes, because I never laid with an ugly or fat girl; but I regarded them as “pursuits”. Consequently, my sojourns with girls were shallow, but intense. I always scored, and got them out of their panties.
    That being said, I thought I learned what “girls really want”, and have never had what anyone might call a “successful, meaningful relationship” with a woman. Some have pined that “no one” can get close to me – and now in my early sixties, I am what most would call “lonely”. No one’s fault but my own!

    1. Gilbert,

      My heart goes out to you. I will certainly cast no stones in your direction. You and I walk on one of the decks of the same sinking ship, you on the port side, I on the starboard. Unknown to each other, we both feel the same things as the ship goes down.

      1. It ain’t so bad, though, Madame. I have my daughter; and her mother and I are close for that reason, although I cannot remember ever having had a deep conversation with her mother. 🙃

        1. So sad. All you can do is soldier on, stoically.
          And get comfort (fortitude) from the wise men of the past.
          You know where to find it. It’s always there.

      2. MB:

        If there’s ONE cliche that I find particularly insincere, unctuous & nauseating – ever since Slick Willy trade-marked it when Hillary was President – it’s “My heart goes out…”. Please desist.

        Thank You! 🙄

  6. Of the 3 Abrahamic religions Islam knows best how to handle women, throw the bitches into burqas effectively silencing the bitches.

    1. @ TROJ

      The only trouble with your argument is that the Muslim “bitches” you refer to can only be thrown into burqas in very strict Islamic lands. They cannot be thrown into burqas in the United States or in any other Western country. They can be just as bad as the White bitches you despise so much, justifiably, but on the whole they are far better behaved. This is because of good parental influence and the wise teachings of the Qur’an which they imbibe with their mothers’ milk.

        1. @ Flan O’Brien

          Yes, I am quite aware that you are an Islamophobe who has no respect for anyone who reads the Qur’an with reverence and lives by its teachings. As I have tried to do, a former Roman Catholic Christian.

          I don’t find the Qur’an it all a repressive or an evil piece of literature. You are welcome to dislike Muslims, Islam, the Qur’an. Nothing is going to stop you doing this except a shattering “Road to Damascus” experience of your own, which I am willing to bet you have never yet had. No disrespect to you, dear Flan, but I’m willing to bet you’ve never read the Qur’an through from cover to cover or pondered its suras as I have for years in daily meditation.

          For this reason, your negative comments on the Qur’an are meaningless to me, suspecting as I do that they comes from a racially prejudiced member of the intelligentsia with a high IQ but with no profound personal religious experiences. You need to experience life a bit more. You are too bookish and out of touch.

          I don’t write this disrespectfully but factually.


      1. Kemal Atatürk had an interesting approach to solving the burqa problem. He passed a law: “With immediate effect, All Turkish women are privileged to wear whatever they choose, however, all prostitutes must wear a Burka!!!” Don’t know if this is true or a legend but apparently the very next day no women in Turkey were seen with a Burka.

    2. TROJ,
      Once again you have demonstrated your hipocracy. Just several days ago we were grilling steaks and drinking European 🍻 in the company of scantily-clad Brazilian senoritas. You drank too fast, got plastered, let the steaks burn (Donaldo saved them at the last minute)…but the last time Donaldo saw you TROJ was only in his underwear, on his knees, and begging one Brazilian goddess to take him to Donaldos guestroom which she did. Donaldo can only assume that TROJ SCORED somewhere during the night. Anyway. In the morning the ladies had ready left. Donaldo served TROJ breakfast as usual asking no questions. But TROJ, Donaldo humbly asks, why the disrespect for women? After all…. YOU were on your knees begging…..not the woman. Ok. Water under the bridge. But Donaldo had to change the 🛏️-sheets after you took the cab home. 🤨🤠

    1. @ bumpercrop

      So tell me, sir, are you FOR porn or AGAINST porn? If you are against porn, you ought to be pleased with this article. It’s an honest article, full of moral indignation, and all I can see you do is whine and complain about it because it fails to mention the “Jew” behind much of the world’s pornography.

      Listen, we all KNOW Jews are behind much of the world’s pornography and don’t need to be reminded of that fact in every single article about pornography. The fact that Chris Hedges does NOT drag in the Jews, just to please YOU, is much to his credit.

      Why? For two reasons, sir:

      (1) This article is about the evils of pornography, NOT abut the evils of the Jews! And its emphasis on pornography would be weakened and compromised by making this yet another antisemitic diatribe!


      (2) Jews are not EXCLUSIVELY behind the porn industry. Other ethnic groups run porn sites in every single nation of the world. Jews do not have a monopoly on porn, as you erroneously seem to believe. The White bitches or “whores” mentioned in this article are not Jewesses. These white gentile whores are willing collaborators with the Jews, cooperating with the Jews on every level. The most famous porn actresses in the world are WHITE women, not Jewish. They work for the Jews for “filthy lucre” and are equally to blame for undermining Western values. Is Miley Cyrus a Jew? Is Stormy Daniels a Jew? Is Jenna Jameson a Jew?

      Try to say something positive about the articles published on this website if you can, instead of whining constantly that there is not enough antisemitism here to satisfy your insatiable lust for Jew bashing.

      1. Well said, Wittgenstein! Bumpercrop is the same commenter who accused you falsely of being a “Jew”, just because of your pen name. He has yet to apologize to you for his failed attempt at character assassination. I doubt if you will get any apology out of this self-important prig.

        1. I thank you for your moral support, but I don’t need it. I don’t think Bumpercrop is a “self-important prig”. He’s just a nitpicker.

  7. From the website, Christians for Truth:
    As part of the “Taboo Talks” series presented by the San Diego Center for Jewish Culture at the Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center in San Diego on May 8, 2013, Mike Kulich, the late jewish owner of Monarchy Distributors, one of the largest pornography companies in America, candidly revealed that Jews do, in fact, control and dominate every aspect of the pornography industry:
    Kulich stated:

    “Jews in the adult industry, there’s a lot of them…. The adult industry was pretty much founded by the Jews. Basically, in the early nineteen hundreds, the German Jewish immigrants came in, and when they were trying to get into different industries, there was a lot of antisemitism where they couldn’t get into normalized work(and why was there “antisemitism”? they always avoid that question)….so they (Jews) gravitated toward the porn industry because it’s kind of the seedier cousin of the Hollywood industry which had already been controlled by the Jews. Basically, they pretty much took it over. If you look at the big stars…

    So basically back in the 1960s, 70s, it was founded by people like Dan [unintelligle], and then later in the 80s, The Godfather of the modern day porn industry, his name is Reuben Sturman, who was actually an Orthodox Jew who owned over 200 bookstores all around the country. He’s actually my godfather, which is kind of weird. So Reuben Sturman, what the Jews did pretty much was they revolutionized the adult industry and made it their own. So there was no space for antisemitism. (always the blame on the Goyim-how convenient for them) And they basically controlled everything.
    To read the rest of the article, go here:

    1. Bumpercrop,

      If you are suggesting that this website is guilty in some way of suppressing the Jewish role in the porn industry, as your comments seem to imply, please don’t do this.

      For your information, Lasha Darkmoon has mentioned the Jewish role in pornography in every single article she has ever written on this subject. She has also quoted extensively from the Dr Nathan Abrams article published in the Jewish Quarterly which you keep mentioning. Most of our readers have already read the article by Dr Abrams and are aware of its contents from the the Darkmoon website. We have referred to it several times over the years, posting multiple links to it. It is indeed a groundbreaking article.

      See “Pornography as a Secret Weapon” by Lasha Darkmoon, Section 1:
      1. Jews use pornography “to destroy gentile morals”
      You will even find a photo here of Dr Nathan Abrams! 🙂

      1. @ Sister Monica

        Bumpercrop tries to make out that the Darkmoon site is up to no good by publishing this article by Chris Hedges which fails to mention Jews anywhere. Of course he’s an ass to make that suggestion, for the two reasons mentioned by Wittgenstein: (a) that by dragging Jews into the discussion, the article changes its focus and no longer becomes an article on pornography but deteriorates into just another exercise in Jew bashing. (b) that the author didn’t want to harp on about the Jews because non-Jews are ALSO heavily involved in the porn industry.

        These are valid reasons for NOT dragging the Jews into the discussion. Bumpercrop fails to understand this.

        As for this site being indirectly complicit with Chris Hedges in suppressing knowledge about the Jewish role in pornography, which Bumpercrop maliciously implies, pay no attention to this man. He is totally unaware that LD has repeatedly referred to the article by Dr Nathans Abrams on this website. Not once, not twice, but at least half a dozen times. So much for his ignorance! 🙂

        Check out this additional article, Bumpercrop, and scroll down to Note 25:

        Here LD says:

        25. The locus classicus for the “canard” — no longer a canard today — that Jews control the porn industry is this jaw-breakingly entitled article, “Triple-exthnics“, by Jewish academic Dr Nathan Abrams. This was published in the winter 2004 edition of the prestigious Jewish Quarterly. What the title means is anyone’s guess. Suffice to say that Dr Abrams tactlessly let the cat out of the bag in this article, much to the embarrassment of organized Jewry. As a result, no one can be in doubt any longer as to who controls the world’s porn industry. We now know it is the usual suspects: the Jews.

        SEX PLAGUE: The Normalization of Deviance and Depravity


    Completely off-topic.
    Post it again if you want on a relevant thread.
    This article is about pornography,
    nor about Donald Trump and his political problems.

    (Your first comment on this thread was appreciated
    because it was on topic; this one is totally off-topic.)

    1. Absolutely, uncle. Let’s talk about pornography. America is a free country, and Americans are free to practice porn and masturbation as they find it fit. I do not see how that can hurt me, so I shall not object to that.

      Gilbert,TROJ, Pat – go for it!

      1. @ Circassian

        That’s fine. You’ve now made a relevant on-topic comment on the subject matter of this thread: namely that America is a free country where Americans “are free to practice porn and masturbation as they see fit.” This is hardly worth saying, given that the same applies to every other democratic country in the world.

        If I’m not mistaken, people “are free to practice porn and masturbation as they see fit” even in Russia. And Putin has made no attempt to discourage Russians from masturbating to porn, or banning Russian porn, or cracking down on the huge number of Russians who make use of Russian prostitutes. Russian prostitutes are to be found in Shanghai, Tel Aviv, and Brooklyn. They are everywhere. And many work in the porn industry.

        It does not hurt you personally, you say, to see Americans masturbate themselves to death in America. Maybe so. I can understand that. Anything that demoralizes America is a good thing, as far as you are concerned. The sooner America goes down the drain, you have told us, the better. But surely you ARE concerned if Russians do the same thing in Russia? Surely you don’t like to see your own wives and daughters engaged in this sordid trade? Which your country is encouraging them to do by making pornography freely available to all classes, including children. How can the degeneracy of your own people not concern you, Circassian? Please tell me.

        My own researches tell me, and Lasha Darkmoon confirms this, having been an anti-porn campaigners for over 15 years, that most of the world’s child and bestiality porn comes from TWO countries: the United States and Russia. The US comes first easily, most of its child porn coming predominantly from ‘Porn Valley’ in California, not far from Hollywood in the San Fernando Valley district. But Russia comes second, with 20% of the world’s child porn originating in Russia. It is suspected that Russian Jews are behind this, i.e. the Russian mafia, which is heavily Jewish.

        The Russian mafia, incidentally, has a very large presence in Brooklyn, New York.

      2. “snappy comebacks” are definitely not your forte,
        as an English politician once said to a rival,
        “being attacked by you, is like being savaged by a dead sheep”
        give it up Circ! stick to the anti american vitriol
        (your not very good at that either)
        ,but definitely not as bad as your last
        piss pauvre efforts at “comebacks”…..

      3. I am sorry, brother, I do not recall ever responding to you, much less attacking you. But since you are begging for my attention, so be it.

        As a Russian politician* once said to a rival,

        “Тебе лаяться со мною честь, а мне с тобой – бесчестье.”

        Do you know how to use Google translator, Teejay? If you don’t, here you go, brother:

        “Barking at me is honor for you, responding in kind – dishonor for me.”

        * That politician’s name was Ivan the Terrible.

  9. It is NO co-incidence that the FIRST thing ZOGUSA did after invading Iraq was to blast the Iraqi airwaves 24/7 with porn… since those who are busy “choking the chicken” are too debilitated, distracted & demoralised to do any fighting. Ditto Israel into the Gaza Strip.

    Which is also why, in the porn-drenched West, the typical male slouches around like a drained, slack-jawed, hollow-eyed, emaciated zombie. That is also why there is little hope for the West since its “vital fluids” – on all levels – have been wasted away, in self-abasement, on a flickering screen…. with nothing left, as per “The Agenda”, to fight the foe.

    Yes, “The End” really is “nigh”

    1. …and, by the looks of things, “The End” won’t be going out with a bang or a whimper…. but rather a maelstrom of muffled groans..

  10. Women are born whores then they get married.About 90% remain whores always wanting something better.Porn is just for the weak minded.Men are degenerates, always have been nothing has changed.

    1. @ Scott

      I beg to differ. Your cynical attitude is depressing and makes me think you must have been a porn dddict yourself at one time. Maybe you still are. Such cynicism can only come from porn addiction itself, where the hatred against oneself for letting oneself be sucked into this inferno is conveniently projected onto those who have been responsible for your condition.

      FYI, I am not a whore and live a life of chastity. I do not use sex toys and don’t even know what they look like. Most of my male and female friends are doing their best to live in dignity. None of us can be described as sexual degenerates.

      The world is full of fantastic people, more good than bad, more sinned against than sinning. Every woman is a potential Florence Nightingale.

      1. Alot of people think they are righteous and virtuous but they are only fooling themselves.If what you are saying is true then you are indeed a rare beast but most likely a liar and very deceitful person

      2. Most people think they are virtuous and pure when they are not.They are only fooling themselves.And you think your friends do not masturbate either get real woman

  11. I guess porn stars need to make themselves relevant, nothing better to do…
    Hedges and this woman need to make themselves relevant too….
    so here they are, trying to climb the audience….
    Everybody’s gotta make a living….
    The fake journalist Hedges is such a liar and such a fomentor I don’t see where he’s got any clod of mud to preach to pornographers from…
    What does he think – he can gain some image by chastising the porno people, piling on the victim?
    And to me adult entertainment has its value too..
    Though it’s true the adage – sex makes a good servant but a poor master….
    Porn can be a drug, but not everybody loses control and degenerates all the way to the bottom over it…
    There are people who can use some alcohol, pot, coccaine, even meth without going totally stupid and self destructive on it….
    But they don’t provide much sensationalism for the tabloid media hacks like Hedges…
    I wouldn’t doubt there are bad crimes associated with the porn industry and whether it being legal, as some want drugs legal, adds to or tends to subtract from that is still theoretical….
    I’d be interested to know if Hedges has the San Francisco opinion on that…
    I would be willing to bet there are millions of people who’ve seen miles and miles of porn and never once thought of raping anybody or had the slightest idea to touch a child….
    I don’t think porn causes such things, never been proven the link…
    I don’t believe either that porn is ever deemed preferable to the real thing by any normal person….
    How badly it might damage the average teenager should be considered…
    But if so, the question should be about controlling access…
    It thrives because it does make a substitute for those, who still have a sex drive, who aren’t getting the real thing otherwise… It is by no means totally satisfying, but on the other hand much more convient and risk free…
    The problem is underneath – why are so many people starved for real sex?
    It’s not free, something’s blocking people from accessing each other…
    Well, there are too many strings attached, women are generally exercising their god given right, which men have alotted them, to make deals for it, prostitution of one form or another…
    They say 90% of the females are pursuing 10% of the males, something like that, you get the jist..
    DC is full of them… Read Phillip Agee, Inside The Company, I believe was that book..
    As far as the average female thinks – she doesn’t want to know any losers…
    Those are the ones trump says you can grab by the pussy… He’s right ….
    But why can’t the losers find each other?
    I can tell you, if you’re in that 10%, they’re readily available….
    In reality porn is really no big deal to most people..

    1. @ Barkingdeer

      Well, there’s one good think about this article. It’s managed to flush out some of the pervs and degenerates on this site and shown them up in their true colors.

      Anyone who believes that “porn is no big deal to most people”, and that “adult entertainment has its value” to him, has given himself away as a self-confessed wanker.

      He is certainly not among the top 10% of the male population but among the 90% of losers. What decent woman would wish to marry a self-confessed wanker? That’s a recipe for marital disaster. Such a man is unfit to have children.

        1. “Women masturbate on average 10 times a day, but not you hey.”

          Garbage! I’ve never met a single woman who behaves like this, except in the literature of psychopathology. They’re known as “nymphomaniacs”. Is every woman in the street a nymphomaniac?

          Not in MY world, sir! Maybe in YOUR sordid little underworld of sexual perversion. You need to be locked up — for your own good.

      1. I WILL say I once knew a woman who LOVED to masturbate, and was not shy about it.
        She’d call me on my cell phone and put her electric dildo near the transmitter and say “My clit is throbbing! Please come and calm me…” She was very sexy and attractive, so, naturally, I would hurry to try and attend to her.
        Later, I couldn’t help but wonder who else might be tending her. I quit.

        1. What you’re describing is not really “masturbation” in its true sense, which is always a solitary vice. What you are describing is known as “telephone sex”. It always involves a human collaborator. There is at least human contact here. So it’s slightly different. Many married couples do this if one is at home (usually the woman) and the other is on a business trip in another city or different country. A kinky adjunct to married life.

  12. MB
    Is it possible you can ever disagree with someone without insulting them personally?
    Because if it isn’t you need to see a psychiatrist, or just go stick your head in a toilet…
    ” FYI, I am not a whore and live a life of chastity. I do not use sex toys and don’t even know what they look like. Most of my male and female friends are doing their best to live in dignity. None of us can be described as sexual degenerates.”
    I reply, if you have no sex life, you are a sexual degenerate…
    Though it’s obvious you’re looking for ‘wankers’…
    I hope you find one some day…
    God didn’t give you that stuff so you could pretend it isn’t there, did he?
    And you might want to consider, from your Christian perspective, that some users of porn might be doing their best to live in dignity too…
    Look, nobody I know is hung up on porn… Just saying….
    The article would give you the impression it’s some kind of terrible global crisis, no doubt a good excuse to lay alongside the suppression of other speech, and thought……
    Does it ever occur – that a race pandering blm commie like Chris Hedges might be trying to conflate pornography, its excesses, with other forms of expression to be suppressed, because suppression of speech is what he’s really all about?
    This at a time when his ilk are de-platforming whomever disagrees with their party lines…
    The authors of the article are slamming their readers with the extremes and worst case scenarios as if that were all and only what the phenomenon is about…
    And you know it’s also true what they say about it –
    “The obscenity exists only in the mind of the beholder”…

    1. @ Barkingdeer

      I wasn’t “insulting” you by pointing out factually and politely that you were a self-admitted masturbator. And I then pointed out its corollary, also factually and politely, that most decent women would never shack up with such an immature self-abuser.

      Such a man as you have portrayed yourself to be, is, quite frankly, unfit to marry or produce a family.

      What decent woman wants a husband who cheats on her by jerking off to porn behind her back? Such women are known as “porn widows” and need counseling, Read about their sorrows and distresses when you have time. There are many articles on the internet about these tragic women, tied to men with their sordid uncontrollable lusts. They often commit suicide, these wretched “porn widows”. You don’t care about that, do you?

      No child, moreover, likes to have a father who spends all his time drooling over porn models and jerking off over them while his wife is downstairs cooking the family dinner. It’s disgraceful. It’s enough to make anyone vomit, the mere thought of it.

      I am glad you have finally revealed yourself as a Happy Wanker. Not very happy for any wife or child or girlfriend associated with you, is it? A real man has real sex with a real woman and exercises maximum self-restraint at all other times. If he succumbs occasionally to self-lust, especially in his teens or twenties, that is forgivable, but only provided he feels remorse and promises himself not to do it again. The sense of shame is essential. This is what “conscience” is all about.

      The serial killer Bundy would spend all his time masturbating to porn. It drove him to kill women. He confessed it himself. The link between pornography and sex crime is too well known to be dismissed with a wave of the hand. So you’d better be careful. No woman with any sense would want to get involved with a potential serial killer, which is what you are.

      Go in peace, sir, and be careful what you do with your hands in future.


    Before anyone starts in, it’s a downright despicable calumny – that only a damnable degenerate could dream up – that I troll around the back-alleys of strip-joints in my crotchless-fishnets & 6.5″ spikes at 3 o’clock in the morning. So don’t even TRY pulling that one! 😡

    Thank You!

  14. Before Heffner’s Playboy Magazine…. Men like David and Solomon had no time for masturbation…. with hundreds of wives and concubines to service. The men were not called wankers and the women were not called whores.


    “3 – He(Sol) had seven hundred wives of royal birth and three hundred concubines— and his wives turned his heart away.”

    So…. Blame ‘Heff’!! 🙂

    1. @ Pat

      “Before Heffner’s Playboy Magazine…. Men like David and Solomon had no time for masturbation…. with hundreds of wives and concubines to service. The men were not called wankers and the women were not called whores.”

      Quite true, Pat. Excellent point! But that was the 1950s. It was a relatively innocent world of magazine porn. Playboy was TAME, absolutely tame compared to internet porn today. In those happy innocent days, NO CHILDREN WERE PORN ADDICTS and MOST WOMEN were not interested in buying adult magazines for men. The situation is totally different now. Children as young as 5 are now watching porn, and the number of female addicts has grown HUGELY in the last few years, especially with the introduction of mobile phones.

      As for the word “wanker”, which Barkingdeer objects to as a term of abuse, this word is now used as a jokey term of affection in England. You meet your buddy in a pub and he slaps you on the back and says, “Hey, how you doin’, wanker?”

      It’s not a term of abuse any more. It’s like blacks calling each other “nigger”.

      The other day I heard a young guy call his girlfriend whore. ‘Hey whore, good to see you again!” She pouted and pretended to be outraged.

      1. don’t know where you get that from,
        here in the UK, habitually calling people “wanker”
        ( friends or not) will get one a fat lip or much much worse and sooner than later!
        I have witnessed people beaten to within an inch of their lives
        after having called the wrong person a “wanker”,
        indeed, most road rage incidents on the UK roads,
        probably escalated because of the bandying about of that one word!
        your comment is, I’m afraid, and staying on topic….
        absolute bollocks.

        1. @ TeeJay

          You misunderstand me. Of course the word “wanker” would get one a black eye or a stiff lip if used to stranger. I didn’t suggest it was a harmless word that should be bandied about freely. Strictly speaking, it’s a term of abuse.

          It is however a term of jocose familiarity, like the word “fucker”, if used among friends of the lower classes. It all depends on context.

          Mind you, this is not a word generally used among upper or middle class people or well-educated people as a term of friendly badinage, but it is certainly used among the poorer working classes in this way. (For example, among cockneys). I have heard it used in this way on more than one occasion in street talk — once outside a pub — and no offence was taken whatsoever because it was talk among good buddies.

          I was initially shocked, because I don’t come from the lower classes. It jarred on my ear.

          It happened like this. These two girls, both teenagers of the working classes (shop girls or factory girls), saw their male buddies in the street ahead of them. One of the girls shouted at the boys at the top of her voice: “Hey wankers, wait for us!” The boys stopped and waited for the girls to join them. Then they all went happily into the pub together, laughing and joking.

          I rest my case.

          1. @ Teejay

            Madame Butterfly is NOT talking “bollocks”. She is absolutely correct in what she says. You are totally out of date in your knowledge of “street talk”. I guess this is because you belong to an older, staider generation. You need to get out a bit more. 🙂

    2. I guess that to to state that the story of Solomon is a fairytale for the feeble-minded would only be to invite the slings & arrows from the denizens – one dingbat in particular – of Darkmoon.. 🙄

    3. MB –

      Men such as David, Solomon and Brigham young and David Koresh did not need porn….. they subscribed to the ‘One New Wife & Two New Concubines A Week Club’ once they had a job. They got all of the LIVE skin of either sex + eunics they could afford!! Harvey Weinstein likely drove the catering bus. 🙂

      1. @ Pat

        Gosh, you seem to know a lot about the private sex lives of the Hebrew prophets Solomon and David! How come? I was not aware they had written their “secret memoirs” like Casanova! About Brigham Young and David Koresh, I admit sheepishly, I have heard only vague reports. Just shows you how out of touch I am! 🙂

        What you say is generally correct though. In the old days, if you you were rich and powerful, you had access to sex slaves at all times. Especially in the Far East and among polygamous Muslim potentates who kept harems and castrated eunuchs to watch over the harem beauties. In Christian countries that was frowned upon. You had mistresses but it was all kept very secret. Monks in the Middle Ages used to visit the local brothels in places like London, but on the sly. Not all of them, just a few who couldn’t control themselves. Most of them were good men and kept themselves “clean”.

      2. Jill –

        Gosh, you seem to know a lot about the private sex lives of the Monks and celibate folks and all about sexual acts in the middle ages. How come? I was not aware they had written their “secret memoirs” like Casanova! 🙂

        1. It’s all in the history books, Pat. The stuff about the monks in the Middle Ages can be found in thousands of books on Medieval social history. But there are no accounts of the sex lives of Solomon and David. Solomon and his son David lived too long ago for any such “sex memoirs” to have survived! They lived roughly 900 years before Christ. That’s a looooooong time ago! 🙂

          1. Seems like TROJ is sulking.
            Why does the world’s authority on porn maintain silence?

      3. “In Christian countries that was frowned upon. You had mistresses but it was all kept very secret.” Oh yes MB, the christian secrecy! It was so secret that every christian court under the rule of “christian” popes had “official bastards” living among the “royals, nobles and quite a few popes too.” The beauty in women (and their services) was always traded as a commodity among the noble coin, in ordinary brothels or in the castes of society. Not much has changed apart from ordinary men turning into horny $ex addicted wankers and average women into “influencer$ or philosopher$ of life” exhibiting what is on offer (body/mind) or as a choice become toxic man hating/opposing female activists that either dream of having lived a unfulfilled life in “christian chastity” or a life with many failed unhappy relationships (of any gender). Neither Christian values nor “the timeless industry of (now virtual) sexual pleasure nor the (for men magical) orifices of the female sex” have changed much in politically correct Babylon AC. It’s business as usual for the coin and Christianity itself, though the human IQ has reversed itself “through the roof of “christian” morality” while loneliness of the soul of man has gripped the yearning human heart.

      4. MB –

        You knew….. then:
        “First use of the word ‘nunnery’ to mean ‘brothel’, 1593”

        –Imagery of prostitution in Hamlet–

        In Act 3, Hamlet repeatedly tells the innocent Ophelia to ‘Get thee to a nunn’ry’ (3.1.120; 128–29; 136-37; 139). Critics have debated whether this simply implies that she should enter a convent to escape corruption, or whether it also hints ambiguously that she should go to a brothel – because the world will inevitably corrupt her with its impure ways.

        Misogynistic imagery of sexual corruption and prostitution is pervasive in Hamlet. Gertrude, according to Hamlet, has been ‘whor’d by Claudius (5.2.64); tainted by her ‘incestious’ relations with her former husband’s brother (1.2.157). This language then extends to other women, but also to some of the men in the play. Hamlet claims that Ophelia has been prostituted by her father Polonius, who he calls a ‘fishmonger’ or pimp (2.2.174). Hamlet compares himself repeatedly to a ‘whore’ or ‘drab’ (2.2.585–86) and Claudius first admits his own guilt by comparing it to a ‘harlot’s cheek’ (3.1.50). Even fortune is said to be a ‘strumpet’ (2.2.236).


        And today:

        “Nuns forced to become PROSTITUTES after they were ‘abandoned’ by the Catholic Church have been sheltered at a secret Vatican residence for more than a year, cardinal reveals”

        — Cardinal Joao Braz de Aviz says Pope Francis wants to rectify past abuses
        — He admits that many nuns had been ‘completely abandoned’ in the past
        –And says it is time to ‘change the attitude of rejection’ towards them

      5. Pat, from Polatnick’s link i get this quote (he does have a sense of humor):

        Undetectable in an Ashkenazim Jews sperm there lies a substance that helps a Jew climb high in social and financial status. One day that unique substance will be discovered with a benefit to all humankind.

        question for Mel: so when all of us are GMOed for smartjew™ sperm donation, what happens when there are 8 billion overachievers atop the totem pole, where does the crowd average go?
        e.g., everybody’s IQ over 117 but somehow the average IQ still 100 … are you trying to set us up for yet another bait and switch Mel?

        btw, IQ is just a statistical measure, not an absolute one, e.g., if the total polulation of chimps’ IQ was tested, what would be the average IQ … 100 again.
        Of course there would be Ashkenazi chimps high up in the trees, scooping the best, fattest grubs and caterpillars.
        Something to aspire to in the next life no doubt … who says you can’t take yarmulke with you to the Planet of the Abes.
        Just whenever reciting prayers and jerking head back and forth, also practice jumping up and down, “All wows, squeaks, grunts and clicks …🐒🐵”🕎←this is a tree of YHWH.

  15. Society’s opinion on pornography didn’t happen all at once. It was supported by the faulty scientific research of Dr. Alfred Kinsey, which attempted to normalize all forms of sexual activity, including pornography. It was brought into the mainstream by the marketing techniques of Hugh Hefner, who created the facade that porn is a refined, macho product. Then, technology made pornography affordable, accessible, and anonymous. All of these factors have led to the formation of a public opinion that states that pornography is a normal and healthy pursuit. This couldn’t be farther from the truth, and the world needs to know it.

    To understand the origin of the cultural attack on shame manifested in the global contagion of pornography, we must return to 1948 and Dr. Alfred Kinsey, whom the New York Times has called “the father of the sexual revolution.” Portrayed throughout the media and academic scholarship as a conservative, husband and father, Kinsey was in reality an obsessive bi/homosexual, a masturbator, adulterer, exhibitionist and pornographic “filmmaker” and addict whose research aim was to prove the normality of his many illegal obsessions. These truths are still hidden in mainstream and official scholarly publications.

    1. Madame,
      TROJ isn’t “sulking.” After last week’s evening with the Brazilian ladies, he took a cab home. True. But the next day he returned to retrieve his wallet and car which is still parked in Donaldos garage. Well. Both HE and Donaldo once again succumbed to our vices of ladies, drink and good food. No steaks today. Just salmon fillets cooking with Cajun Louisiana seasoning and loaded baked potatoes with sour-cream, 🥓-bits and chives. And soon our Columbian senorita guests will arrive. Anyway. TROJ is currently in the shower. But Donaldo wishes to stay on topic and attest that his friend TROJ DOESN’T do porn. He is a man of the FLESH….here and now with actual women. HE, though young and inexperienced, loves women in their purest form. No porn. So please…..may noone attack him again on this website regarding this issue. After all, Donaldo would never allow a porn-demon in his home. 🤔🙄🤠

  16. MB
    This will probably be the last time I try to reason with you…
    To say a man is not fit to be a father is about as great an insult as any…
    You hardly know enough about me to say such an awful thing…
    You have a very dirty mouth…. You should zip it shut next time you’re about to insult someone, and ask yourself why you need to do that….
    In this case it is entirely uncalled for, and would not be said unless by someone with obvious psychological problems…
    You come off as a bitter and frigid manhater, who hates herself first and foremost…
    And you can’t wait to jump to the dirty conclusion that someone who isn’t immediately gulping down all the article’s kool aid and doesn’t totally buy into the porn fear porn is a total sexual degenerate…
    Is that you way of kissing Lasha’s ass?
    As usual you do not address the points of the comment, but only cast aspersions…
    Ask yourself this, when you have your whiskey, a very dangerous and destructive drug, are you really any better than some one who turns to porn?
    You call yourself a Christian, really?
    Because you sound more like an Inquisitor to me, compassionless and cruel..
    It’s people like you who give Christianity a bad name…
    Don’t bother to reply, not unless you can be nice…
    Can you make the leap?

    1. @ Barkingdeer

      I’m sorry, dear. Sincerely sorry for hurting your feelings. If I gave the impression that I was in any way morally superior to you, then I was wrong to do so. I am just as depraved as most humans are, and in many ways you are probably my superior and could teach me how to be a better person.

      Deepest apologies again.

  17. It is good to hear that Madame Butterfly is now living a life of chastity. Me too!
    Like Gilbert, who used to be a good-looking womaniser, I, until a couple of years ago, wasted my time chasing beautiful women to have on my arm and in bed.
    I now have a wife and young child and devote myself to them and my business interests in northern Queensland. And I manage this whilst still attending to self sufficiency in my home, the vast north eastern rainforest of the Daintree area.
    Many of my previous pseudo-wives have left the rainforest and gravitated to cities like Port Douglas and Cooktown, where some have taken up red light services and some have married.
    At times the lust comes back to me, so I quickly practise sublimation and buy a new “boys’ toy”, such as a semi automatic shotgun or a rainforest cruiser.
    My only weakness is that I hire beautiful women for my offices, particularly in the area of Human Relations, as they give me lots of laughs at their pseudo-Marxist sophistry and general irrelevance. And I don’t really care that they are “entertaining” the boys in the office with their sexual advances.

  18. With such commentary as has proceeded — posts and ripostes, insults and epithets thinly veiled or shouted through surgical masks worn indoors at computer keyboards (true, none has admitted the latter “pornographic” behavior, yet) — I struggle to recall what I had come (!) to impart. The mention of Kinsey reminded me.

    Before Kinsey came Freud, perhaps a godfather of Kultural Marxi$m as I spell it. Well before Freud came Giovanni Boccaccio, author of the Decameron, which seems apropos of today’s situation: “The book is structured as a frame story containing 100 tales told by a group of seven young women and three young men; they shelter in a secluded villa just outside Florence in order to escape the Black Death, which was afflicting the city.” [Wikipedia] One might well wonder about sales and applications of “sex toys” during that “mid-evil” time.

    I once participated in a beta-test of a survey instrument under development by the Kinsey Institute while in college, a team of interviewers arriving on our campus from Bloomington, Indiana. I would later earn the Ph.D. [Pharmacology] at IU Bloomington, never until recent years sorry I focused on psychoactive drugs influencing chakras “above” the second. Had I only known about NO [nitric oxide] and its biochemical pathways bedecking the area of one’s groin! Alas, the discovery of Viagra I left to others. Just say NO, as Nancy Reagan slyly quipped.

    1. They may not have died in their thousands. But many have been physically disabled for life, with their anal sphincters damaged beyond repair, giving them incontinence for life. There are also the emotional scars to consider. Many women are forced to do this by their pimps because they have been hooked on heroin. So they need to work in porn to get their next fix. They don’t do this voluntarily. They are blackmailed into it. They’re not “whores”, as such. They are blackmail victims. And some have children to support.

      1. Not only do porn actresses suffer sphincter damage and incontinance, but many male homosexuals have to wear adult diapers for leaking anuses. Stats show that 8% of males receive anal sex and 32% of women indulge in anal sex. (Figures from USA. That means if Yahweh would appear he would wipe these deviants from the face of the earth, a la Sodom.

      2. Max –

        Anal sex with a female has been a birth control method for thousands of years.
        It happens now….
        Reported oral and anal sex among adolescents and adults reporting heterosexual sex in sub-Saharan Africa
        May 6, 2019

        Reported oral and anal sex between men and women are prevalent behaviours in sub-Saharan Africa.

  19. If it doesn’t make sense, it must be real: Mr. Potato Head to Become “Gender Neutral” to Allow Kids to Create “Same-Sex Families”.
    As the world moves toward erasing delineation between two sexes, the question is, what is there to jerk off on?, morning bowl of cornflakes? Because there is no difference between any two things anymore.
    Again it comes to the Devil’s blender of relativity, chop and dice the life of soul and sentience into viscosity of a giant smoothie, bereft of any notion of morality and Logos.
    Porn and masturbation are okay to be outraged about, so is the wholesale dive into debauchery but it is just a single aspect of the multifaceted ogre laughing at the tiny bug-eyed goyim running around in blind panic, colliding and fighting amongst themselves, vaguely yet existentially threatened but unable to figure out just what the threat is, is it masturbation, politics, obesity, pharmaceuticals, illegal migrants, climate change, Hollywood, education, miscegenation, wars, food security, mental health, UFOs (plan is to use ultra-sophisticated 3-D holograms into thin air to “construct” the Third Temple and lower it over the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem in order to usher in the arrival of Moshiach) … all because they are not allowed to say it loud and clear, therefore forgotten, buried beyond conscious reach
    the JEW.
    Yes, look at just about every single one of the listed specters of doom and there is a very clear cookie trail to the original source and instigator.
    Failure to see this just makes you into a dumb, unthinking animal you are supposed to be under the program of Georgia Guidestones.
    Again, all prophesied in The Protocols, create so much mindless anxiety through increasingly bizarre, mindless, pointless and violent upheavals that the goy beast will beg for an ultimate authority to take over the world and give them peace.
    Jew Peace to replace the traditional appeal for peace of Christ, “Agnus Dei, dona nobis pacem”, as The Protocols correctly noted, the rabble doesn’t care, cannot see the distinction.

    1. Yep.
      Anal sex is also a popular Arab pastime. While female chastity is highly valued for women, young male Arabs have no outlet except boys or farm animals. As Donaldo explained years ago on one of his posts…..US soldiers with night-vision optical equipment while on night-patrol spotted many Afgan males engaging in sexual activity with 🐑, 🐐 and any other 4-legged creature on the farm. Even Huge Hefner (RIP) must be rolling over in his grave. Anyway. No further explanation needed. Donaldo, personally, prefers women…..which are in abundance. 🤨🤠

  20. The truth is, a masturbator becomes a facilitator, an agitator, a procrastinator and eventually a dominator.
    Porn eventually dominates your mind and makes you look at every other human being in a pornographic, illusory sense.
    It is like Donaldo’s lusting for a clandestine meeting with Madame Butterfly, when in the true Shakespearean sense, he will take “the edge” off her. That’s if she is worth doing, being, now, chaste.
    I once dated a former nun who told me of much masturbating in the cloisters. Sister Monica may have witnessed this.
    Medieval monks admitted that they thrashed their backs with birch canes in order to pay penance for masturbating.
    But this natural behaviour must not be used to justify the debasement and filth with watching hours on end of the most diabolical, Jewish produced pornography, where “gang raping” (50 men onto one girl) is the most popular category.
    Young women are to be viewed swallowing a glass full of up to 25 men’s spermatozoa. Records show most soon die of sepsis, when their immune systems break down. – similar to what will happen with the Jew’s toxic vaccine.
    We are being turned into rutting rabbits, Lady Gaga and Miley style.

  21. TROJ asks “uncle”, “which gorilla in ugands be yo’ daddy”?“
    And would you believe it that it is on record that women in the Congo have mated with chimpanzees and produced hybrid offspring who are quite hairy, but seem to be on an intelligence par with most fellow Congolese born of two human parents. We are talking about an average IQ of less than 70, which means severe mental deficiencies.
    And Pat is correct: In sub Saharan Africa oral and anal sex is a form of birth control, not withstanding the passing on of AIDS and other std’s via the anal tract.
    “Greek sex” or anal sex is available at most western brothels.
    In Copenhagen the “Greek” method is the most popular form of intercourse practised by the girls who display their wares in shop windows.
    In Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, they have one standard price for all three orifices. Boy, are those girls the ultimate roughies! Just as bad as the miners, filthy hands and all, who pay $50 a pop for their services.

    1. Max –

      “….the passing on of AIDS and other std’s via the anal tract.”

      Quite CORRECT!!

      AIDS can pass – sexually – ONLY from a man’s semen deposited into the colon of another man or woman. A woman cannot spread AIDS except through the blood. That’s why AIDS has not killed everyone as they claimed it would in the 80s.

      One of the functions of the human colon is to uptake water from the chyme as it comes out of the small intestine, forming solid stools….. to prevent death by dehydration. That normal anatomical process allows many suppositories to be INSTANTLY utilized containing anesthetics, pain relievers and other wellness products.

      Drug ‘mules’ have died instantly when the balloons full of illegal drugs burst while in their colons.

      Contrary to common beliefs, pushed by fear porn…. A man cannot get AIDS from having any type of sex with a women who has AIDS…. not even through saliva!!

  22. The girl of my dreams
    After her I did hanker…

    But she gave me the brush-off
    Turned me into a [email protected]

    ADMIN: I almost deleted this,
    but decided (reluctantly) to let it through this time.
    But please don’t try this again or tax our patience.
    We are not a chatroom for trivia and degeneracy.

      1. I’m not too sure that “trashy poems” should be banned. Some of them are quite amusing! When a freshman in college, my dorm floor competed in writing filthy limericks for fun. Mine were considered the best. 🙂 It was easy because it was an all-male, all-white southern college, and nobody was offended.
        Granted, “The Realist” is sub-standard, and no poet – but be careful of generalizing.

      1. @ Circassian

        What are we doing here, Robert?

        Well may you wonder what you are doing here.
        I wonder about that too! 🙂

        No one denies your cleverness and native cunning, Circassian.
        But you forget, the Devil is a cunning fox too.
        Few are cleverer or smarter than the Devil.

        However, the Devil still remains the Devil,
        and it’s not at all certain he will the Grand Chess Game! 🙂

  23. Hi all,

    I very rarely go on Jew Tube, after the ‘purge’ but this is now what it’s turned into.
    I was SHOCKED to see this on the front page when I logged in today:

    Thaissa Fitness 14 Years Old Rising Bikini Star from Brazil

    Seriously, this is what JT is now promoting. Having got rid of all the truth channels, it’s turned into not only a main output source for the msm (as I predicted it would a long time ago) but an outlet for (Twitch) cam girls pretending to do Yoga, playing video games or trying on clothes, which are essentially titillation channels with a lot of flesh being shown, in extremely provocative positions.

    But back to the link, she’s 14 for crying out loud! How on earth was she even allowed to compete? But simply looking at a still of the video (you don’t need to watch it), ask yourself a question – does she look 14? Of course she doesn’t! She looks late teens, early 20’s. Men are locked up, when women like this approach and chat them up. This insanity is on a par with a man being arrested for rape of an intoxicated woman, even when both are intoxicated and both consent to sex.

    My reply to this article is over at the Truthseeker.

    1. @ White Elephant

      I have read your comment on Truthseeker and enjoyed reading it. Feel free to repost it here if you wish.

      Incidentally, I am aware of the fact that you have posted on the Darkmoon site before under another name, a 9-letter name beginning with ‘H’. This was 4-5 years ago. I believe we made one or two of your longer comments into full-length feature articles.

      What you wrote then could be classified as anti-feminist articles verging on the extreme. Which we were quite happy to publish for the simple reason that my lovely sister Lasha happens to be against feminism — root and branch. A rare specimen, a true woman in every sense, who believes devoutly that women should be respected and treated kindly but should “take a back seat and know their places”. A sentiment that makes her hated among feminist circles.

      She has written a quartet of anti-feminist essays (12,000 words in toto) that her editor cousin, John Scott Montecristo, has advised her not to publish because they are too extreme. As an anti-feminist writer yourself, you would appreciate these groundbreaking essays. Unfortunately, they remain unpublished because of Montecristo’s reluctance to publish them.

      Lasha has enough problems as it is with men attacking her. The last thing she needs is for women to join the gang! 🙂

        1. @ Pat

          “I remember. Harb was just like that!”

          I’ll say this for you, dear Pat.
          Despite the differences between us, you are fiendishly clever.
          Your memory just amazes me! You are truly awesome! 🙂

    2. As the stunning late & legendary Zsa Zsa Gabor opined: “It’s not what women SHOW that attracts a man, but what they HIDE”

      Try telling THAT to all the tarts & trollops parading around with all their “wares” on display these days! 🙄

  24. Pornography is not just that which is watched on television, computer and mobile phone screens.
    Gwyneth Paltrow is making a financial killing by selling sex products. Put simply, the general public cannot get enough of her wares.
    Her “vagina scented candle” went viral, She also sells a candle that went “wildly addictive” that she said “smells like my orgasm.”
    Her new, silent mode, “rabbit shaped” vibrator is an instant best seller.
    She even has an ointment that smells like cum.
    Shop Estée Lauder for her range of skin care, make up and beautiful fragrances.
    The popularity of her products shows us the kind of world we live in – debased, filthy, smelly and money-grabbing.

  25. Please, please publish one of Lasha’s essays that is anti-feminist.
    It is about time people like us stopped worrying about the feelings of snow flakes.
    Our TRUTHS need to enter the mainstream in order to help the ordinary person to understand the diabolically evil practices that are going on.
    Gwyneth Paltrow is a filthy slut, saying that she sells candles that smell “like her orgasm.”
    This sort of filth should not be acceptable in a civilised society.
    Young, impressionable teens read her rubbish.
    The arch feminist, the Jewess, Betty Friedan, was apparently a prostitute.
    I met Germaine Greer at Melbourne University where she was a known groupie and easy woman.
    Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, was another university slut who went on to have affairs with influential, career creating, married men.
    Such amenable, dog eat dog, immoral women have led our daughters down the garden path to hell on earth.
    My Muslim friends, both male and female have told me of the short thrift they would give to them and a good stoning is not out of the question.
    Imam Mahmoud said he would remove their clitorii and de-sex them.

  26. typo “you’re”
    and conceded, you haven’t ”attacked” me so fair play to you in respect of that.
    an all round sloppy comment I freely confess
    my fault entirely, I should know better than to pass comment so late in the day!
    but you do annoy me with your constant sniping about America and Americans on this site,
    hence my comment.

  27. ”@ Ruth

    calling someone a wanker is part of the lingua franca of the UK’s ” lumpen”
    lumpen, you know, Mrs. blowfly’s” lower orders…..
    wanker as an INSULT will never go out of fashion
    and now there are two of you chattin shit
    (I do apologise for the “street talk” I’m an oik you see and can’t help it)
    I dont think that there exists an equivalent expletive where womjn are concerned,
    so I will settle for,
    what a pair of dinbats.

  28. as I posted earlier,
    you described the INSULT of being called a wanker amongst “the lower classes” as a term of “affection”
    and you argue the toss with a person that hails from those “lower classes”
    regarding how we oiks talk to each other!
    in the church of Jesus Christ there is neither bond nor slave
    and I might add no higher or lower “classes” either,
    you have really surprised me and not in a good way
    from here on in you will always be mrs blowfly to me,
    you have hoist your true colors…..

    I wonder how I would get on in America slapping people on the back and exclaiming “Hi jerk off!”
    any one any thoughts?

    1. TJ –

      “I wonder how I would get on in America slapping people on the back and exclaiming “Hi jerk off!”

      Shunned, at best. Tossed in the slammer for starting fights, for sure. Beaten to death or shot, at worst. Some might say, “Where’s TJ?? Gone for a while , now.” Answer, “He went to shit and the hogs ate him!! I hope. HA-HA!!” (a very common country colloquialism)

    2. @ TeeJay

      I would like to step in here and say I give my full support to Madame Butterfly and Ruth. You are wrong. Period. And you simply compound your fault by resorting to ad hominem abuse in an attempt to bully these women into subjection. If words like “bollocks” snd “dingbats” are the best you can do to win arguments, I suggest you think again.

      No one here has denied that the work “wanker” is a term of abuse. Both Madame Butterfly and Ruth have admitted it is a term of abuse and is generally used as an insult. Unlike you, however, they have made the excellent point that the word is sometimes used in street talk, among gang members and close associates, as a term of affectionate badinage. Why do you have a problem with that?

      An exact parallel is the use of the word “wicked”, not as an insult, but as a word of praise. As in: “Yeah, I saw that movie! It was wicked! I really love it.” Another parallel is the use of the word “nigger.” An insulting term that could get you stabbed to death. And yet the word is used in street talk among black people as a term of affection. Surely you are aware of all this?

      I have myself lived in London where I have constantly heard the word “wanker” used in a nice friendly way. But never, of course, to strangers. Always among friends in a jokey, affectionate way. When I was in an East End McDonalds a few months ago, I herd this teenage girl say to her boyfriend with a smile: “Hey wanker, pass me the tomato ketchup!”

      He didn’t beat her up. He smiled. He knew she loved him, and didn’t mean any harm.

      I think you need to apologize to Madame Butterfly and Ruth for your rudeness. Ignorance of the vernacular is no excuse for your bad behavior.

      1. Well said, Sardonicus! I confirm that everything you say is correct. Maybe TeeJay will agree that the jury has decided he is in the wrong. Guilty of error and rudeness. He is overruled by majority opinion. 🙂

      2. Saki –

        “…overruled by majority opinion.”

        I had no idea that the “MAJORITY” of Brits uphold self-deprecation today. I never noticed it in the years I spent in Scotland, off & on.(pun) The young birds did like deep feather beds with a foot of blankets on top. So did I.

        It must be fashionable across the pond to brag about ‘spanking your monkey’ or ‘pounding your pud’ or ‘beating your meat’ or ‘loping you mule’ or just plain old… ‘jerking off’ these days. Kinsey would be SO proud.

        It ain’t the stiff 60s & 70s no more!! 🙂

        1. @ Pat

          If ever you are tried by jury for murder and found guilty, you will then protest your innocence in vain. 🙂

          Four people who live in England — Madame Butterly, Ruth, Sardonicus and myself — have all testified that the word “wanker” is SOMETIMES used in a NON-ABUSIVE way, though it us MOSTLY used as a term of abuse. We have all heard it used in street talk as an affectionate term of banter or badinage. Heard it with our own ears used in a jokey way. So I am afraid TeeJay is overruled by majority opinion. He is found guilty of rudeness and error by his fellow peers.

          You, dear Pst, are NOT in a position to butt in here because you haven’t got a clue about British slang and colloquialisms. You are an American. Stick to your side of the pond and set yourself up as an authority on AMERICAN slang and colloquialisms! As a Brit, I would not presume to contradict you.

          So don’t contradict me and three other Brits who speak from personal experience of our own language. British English is NOT your language. So butt out! 🙂

      3. Saki –

        Thanks for cluing me in that I am across the pond. This remains:
        “I had no idea that the “MAJORITY” of Brits uphold self-deprecation today.” 🙂

        1. Well, well, have the last word if it makes you feel better.
          I have nothing to gain by making unnecessary enemies on this site.

  29. ‘ sardonicus
    having spent some time amongst the wild cockenhays in the east end of London
    even braving the dangers of an east end McDonalds
    you should know that “bollocks” is a simply a way of saying “you’re talking rubbish”,
    it originated I imagine, with the expression” never mind the bollocks! get on with it!”
    a plea for someone to get to the point of what they are saying,
    this latterly became simple” bollocks”
    so I don’t know where you are getting your “ad hominem attack” bollocks from
    bollocks is a damn sight fluffier than wanker
    madame b regarding the use of “wanker” tells us it is actually a term of “affection”
    which is why I replied in the first place,
    then a couple of lines later writes that, of course! it is a term of abuse
    in order to bolster the bollocks she posted, she relates how she once heard two girls call their boyfriends wankers, on which she “rests her case”
    you’re as bad with your similarly pathetic little anecdote, and please, what the eff do either of these two snowflakes know of “street gangs? or you for that matter!?
    your friends habitually call each other “wankers” you say, I say you must have some weird friends
    and if that is true, might I suggest you get some new ones?
    because generally speaking, the only time I ever hear the word is usually when shouted from a vehicle in a traffic spat,accompanied with a clenched fist making the up and down motions that go with it thrust out of the window
    either that, or as a prelude to a fight,
    as for apologising to the “Jury”

    1. @ Teejay

      Why don’t you SHUT up, you pathetic WANKER!

      I use the term now in an ENTIRELY abusive sense.

      You deliberately falsify everything said by Madame Butterfly, Sardonicus and Saki. None of them have claimed that the term “wanker” is primarily a term of affection. They have ALL said it is primarily a word of abuse.

      HOWEVER — and this is the big “however” — the term “wanker” is SOMETIMES used in street talk in a jokey and affectionate way. It would NEVER be used in this way to a stranger. It is ONLY used in this jokey and affectionate way among close friends and associates.

      If you have any doubts, check this out on the internet. The ‘Urban Dictionary’ confirms that the word, though generally pejorative, is also sometimes used as a “TERM OF AFFECTION”:


      1) a bloke who whacks off a lot.
      2) a term of endearment…an insult that’s actually a kind of compliment
      3) a total insult.


      John Bailey
      (Writer and specialist in ‘English Idioms, Slang and Colloquialisms’)

      1. @ John Bailey

        Thank you, sir, for providing conclusive evidence from the internet’s Urban Slang forum that the term “wanker” is sometimes used as “a TERM OF AFFECTION … an insult that’s actually a KIND OF COMPLIMENT.”

        I wouldn’t get into any further arguments with this senile delinquent known as “TeeJay” who needs a good kick up the backside for his rudeness and presumption. In every sense of the word, except in a complimentary sense, the word “wanker” suits this man down to a T …J! 🙂

        @ ADMIN

        We’ve had enough of this crap. Exercise some control over your website please. Put this wanker on monitoring and delete his next comment if he continues to make a fool of himself and abuse your best and most trusted posters. This site could do without Angry Old Men jerking off in public.

  30. @ Pat
    I appreciate your support In the face of the
    Onslaught of the jerk offs!
    I note Saki left a snide post addressed
    To you
    And he has the front to agree with the “majority”
    That I apologise for MY Rudeness
    What a load of old donkey bollocks!!!

    1. @ TeeJay

      Your support from Pat in no way proves you are in the right. Both of you have conclusively been proved wrong by John Bailey’s authoritative quote from the the Urban Slang Dictionary.

      Pat is getting too big for his boots, I’m afraid, and needs taking down a peg or two. His prolific “contributions” to this website — long boring lists and copy-and-paste jobs innumerable! — do not make him indispensable to this website in any way. He has a long, long nose that can quite easily be snipped off.

      Isn’t that so, Pat?

      1. Ruth –

        Whatever you write here….. I can have… except going lion hunting with you, doll-baby!! 🙂

        1. You don’t need to placate me, Pat. You know damn well there was no lion hunting. That was a just a big leg pull. The thing you need to remember is that, despite all the bad things I have said about you, I actually like you and think you are streets ahead of 95% of the other posters on this website. If I go for you occasionally, it’s for your own good. When you were absent from this website for several months because of hurricane damage to your property, you were missed by almost everyone here. Myself included. The site wasn’t the same without you. Remember that. And let’s have another smile out of you! 🙂

      2. Ruth –
        “And let’s have another smile out of you!”
        OK-I’ll try really hard!! SEE?? 🙂

        You can pull legs so good. Careful not to….

        BTW – I believe it is considered lewd to “placate” the opposite sex in public…. You’ll never see ME doing that naughty deed!

        1. In a way I feel sorry for you, Pat. Only one thing seems
          to matter to you: oneupmanship. That’s one thing you and
          the Pope have in common: Infallibility. 🙂

      3. Ruth-
        Waste no tears on me. Save them for the mirror. Sorrow not needed. I have had professionals chew on me every day while in the navy. Tuffer for life from it. Appreciated!!

        The tones of your replies DEMAND returns from me! Always contain swipes.
        No problem at all here. 😉

  31. PAT
    You forget one – POLISHING YOUR ROCKET…
    I guess that wouldn’t apply to females…

    1. Bark –

      I left out dozens we used in the navy…and you can remember, such as ‘flong your dong’ and ‘whip your whang’ and ‘shake your shank’… 🙂

  32. ‘@J John Bailey
    “it’s not a term of abuse anymore .it’s like when black people call each other “nigger””
    guess who wrote that?
    did you even bother to read the post?
    noisy twat…

    1. @ TeeJay

      John Bailey provided you with fool-proof evidence that you were WRONG about the word “wanker” being always a word of abuse. He provided you with hard evidence from the online Urban Dictionary that the word “wanker” was sometimes used as “a term of affection” and even as a kind of jokey “compliment” among close friends and associates.

      Why didn’t you acknowledge you were wrong and apologize to him? And why didn’t you apologize to all the others you attacked on this site when they were in the right and you were in the wrong?

      You have passed your sell-by date, sir. I predict you have announced your own demise on this site by the malevolent stupidity of your response. Am I, too, a “noisy twat” for pointing out the truth?

      1. ADMIN: Comment found in ‘SPAM’ and reposted.
        (Comment originally posted yesterday).

        @ John Bailey

        I would like to put a word in defense of anti-wankers TeeJay and Pat.

        John Bailey is the best wanker around here.

        I use the term now as “a term of endearment… an insult that’s actually a kind of compliment”


        (Physicist and specialist in ‘Identifying British and American Wankers’)

        P.S. Sardonicus and Ruth are also exceptionally good wankers.

        1. @ Circassian

          P.S. Sardonicus and Ruth are also exceptionally good wankers.

          I am disappointed that Circassian has left me out of this list of “exceptionally good wankers”, even though I am not one. This is discrimination against Lepidoptera. Butterflies too have feelings.

      2. @ Madame Butterfly

        I am disappointed that Circassian has left me out of this list of “exceptionally good wankers”

        Thank you for giving me the opportunity to explain and redeem myself, Madame.

        The very word ‘Madame’ is the epitome of degeneracy to me, Madame. In classical Russian literature, that’s what host of the brothel (usually an aging woman, who was a whore herself in her younger age) was casually called – ‘Madame’. To put it concisely: ‘Madame’ = A female pimp.

        So I just didn’t want to state the obvious. I hope that settles this misunderstanding, Madame.

        1. @ Circassian

          I am not offended by your comment but in fact amused. Because what you say is not true.

          We all know that the procuress or “pimpess”, the manageress in European brothels, was called the “Madam”. (Usually a retired prostitute). The word “Madam” was a honorary title for her — to give her some dignity. But there is nothing sexually sleazy about the term “Madame” in ordinary contexts. It’s just the female equivalent of ‘Monsieur’. Thus the title of the famous French novel by Flaubert, “Madame Bovary”. In German. it would be “Frau”. And in Russian it would be “Gospozha”.

          “Madame Butterfly” in the opera is not a brothel madam!

          Any respectable English or American lady who visited France on holiday would be addressed respectfully as “Madame”. The Russian word for a female pimp, (applicable to a brothel madam) would be “bandersha”. You ought to know that.

    1. Quite right. Pat knows!
      And he has contributed most of the comments here.
      So who do we blame?!? 🙂

      1. Sard –

        “So who do we blame?!? 🙂 ”

        Blame me, of course! I DID IT!!! I chose the article!!

        Certainly, don’t blame the topic, or ‘Ruth’ for pestering me again, causing numerous replies in her personally constructed combat zone. She IS funny, though…. 🙂 as the ‘queen of having the last words’.

        And, NOW… you…?? 🙂

        1. Only kidding Pat . . . as you know. Don’t knock Ruth though. I thought her praise for you was 100% sincere. She has no reason to flatter you when she said you were one of the best posters on this site. She meant it. Her compliments are something you should accept graciously. Everyone can do with a bit of praise.

      2. @ Sardonicus

        So who do we blame?!?

        Why, the Jews, of course! If the Jews haven’t invented porn, and if they haven’t taught Pat, he wouldn’t know how “to polish his rocket”, and he wouldn’t exercise his “copy-and-paste” technique so enthusiastically on this “always grabbing his eyeballs” topic.

        The second guilty party is Uncle Toby, for when I have attempted to derail discussion on this disgusting subject (by posting – as usual – highly intellectual, provocative, and sharp off-topic comment), he just wouldn’t let me do it. Here is the proof:

  33. I posted this and other comments for the same essay over at

    >>>let US make man in our image<<<

    "All of the Bible versions of Genesis 1:26 ( talk of Gods plural creating man:


    26Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, a and over all the creatures that move along the ground.”

    27So God created mankind in his own image,

    in the image of God he created them;

    male and female he created them.

    28God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number;


    Man was made in the image and likeness of the gods. Man loves porn, over half of the internet is porn, a testament to how popular porn is.

    If man was made in God’s image and man loves porn, then how can porn be bad? Are you saying God is bad?

    In my opinion not only is God bad for Creation, the lesser gods are also bad. The massive suffering in Creation is proof that the original Creator God is a bad entity, and it is probably Ai.

    The gods that created us are space devils, they came to earth and bred with the local hominids and made us, as their slaves. Humans were created as sex slaves for the gods, and the Anunnaki found earth women irresistible, and many Anunnaki Igigi took earth women for wives according to Sithin’s tale.

    Gods are bad thus man is bad. I dare anyone to defy my logic.

    In my numerous essays on this subject, I said over and over man was created by the devil, and that devil has a name, and it is Enki. Man is a product of space alien lust, our religions are dumbed down versions of what really happened in ancient Sumer."

    Note for the naysayers: I am NOT endorsing pornography

    (among hundreds of other spam posts)

    @ Toby admin
    I ask again
    Have I been shadow edited blocked
    Controlled? As someone begged you to do with regard to me!
    Lawks a mercy!
    Whatever the cause may be,
    could you be so kind as to respond ?

    ADMIN: We have received no other posts from you, TJ. You are obviously being targeted by Google or some other internet enemy.

    We suggest you change your browser and check that your computer has not been hacked. These computer glitches can sometimes be triggered if you use sock puppets or suddenly change your user name. Unfortunately, you have done this. You began with the user name “TeeJay” and then started using the abbreviation “TJ” as your user name.

    This is perfectly acceptable and understandable but confusing to WordPress (with its robot mind!) who thinks you are acting suspiciously by using two different names and yet having the same email address and IP number. Best stick to one name in future, TeeJay (or ‘TJ’).

    P.S. If we don’t get your next comment, too bad. It means you need to check out your security arrangements and make sure your email account hasn’t been hacked or tampered with in any way. Good luck!

    — Toby

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