Putin Answers Questions To NBC Before Summit With Biden!

The interview was recorded on June 11 in the Kremlin.


LD:  The full transcript of this gripping interview can be read on Information Clearing House.  If you can spare 20 minutes, I strongly recommend that you watch this video for the first 20 minutes, then stop if you want.

I watched the video with increasing admiration for Putin’s extraordinary gift  for batting every question with consummate skill,  never once slipping up. Every question, no matter how confrontational, was neatly sidestepped, turned around, or answered by Putin in such vague and nebulous  language that the interviewer found it impossible to trip him up even once or find a chink in his armor.  I was  left with the general impression that the Russian president was the ultimate chessmaster. Unbeatable.  [LD]

VIDEO   :   1.20.56


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  1. No politician is ever 100% truthful. Putin is about as honest as it gets. All the hoopla with Russia for what ? We were ally’s in two world wars. All fabricated nonsense to justify NATO. Eisenhower warned us. There are more than 600,000 government contractors servicing the US federal system. This is what the deep state is and its no more than a bloated self created mess. Good wishes with your conspiracy theories. The simplest answer is usually it!

    1. https://k62.kn3.net/taringa/7/3/D/5/4/E/EmperadorNegron/76C.jpg

      Empirically, if whoever robs, plunders and forays is a thief and the robber collective is a gang, then NATO is really a group commanded by the world’s highest military rank, Freemasonry – mother of communism, fertilized in 1789, born in 1917 and saved in 1945.


      The truth is always the solution, it is only a problem fo liars and criminals. https://michael-mannheimer.net/2021/06/20/geleaktes-regierungsdokument-aus-england-beweist-alle-coronamassnahmen-sind-lug-und-trug/#comment-444840 Wait a few seconds for the comment to open

  2. We really do not know exactly what puny punk criminal ‘Put-On’ said through the translator.

    I am glad they showed the puny punk’s whole body during the interview. His extreme foot movement and other body language, and eye shifting, show he is a programmed liar, well trained in deflection…. trained by the KGB…. but nervous. NOT confident. [Note – The questioner’s feet never moved.]

    The puny punk criminal dictator was not nearly as good at telling lies as Arkansas’s Billy Clinton. Not even close!! 🙂

    1. Yes, I noticed Putin’s body language with his frequent foot movements and ear scratching too. Obviously he felt not secure. Whether he is really guilty of all the accusations the (corrupt) West levels at him is doubtful. Meddling with America’s elections and cyber attacks on same are almost certainly false. Whether he really has had his opponents murdered is not clear. Even if that is true, he still is a far better world leader than “Sleepy Joe”. World leaders who are “saints” don’t exist, but among the present rogue gallery of leaders, Putin still strikes a positive note.

      1. FR –
        Thanks! Ear scratching was very noticeable. Poor actions for a leader(sic). NO DOUBT…. ‘Put-On’ is a criminal thug.
        The best of the worst is very bad in this case!! 🙂

        BTW….. we shall see how his feet and ears hold up after this….

        US airstrikes target Iran-backed militias in Syria, Iraq!!

        WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. military, under the direction of President Joe Biden, carried out airstrikes against what it said were “facilities used by Iran-backed militia groups” near the border between Iraq and Syria, drawing condemnation from Iraq’s military and calls for revenge by the militias.

        Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby said the militias were using the facilities to launch unmanned aerial vehicle attacks against U.S. troops in Iraq. It was the second time the Biden administration has taken military action in the region since he took over earlier this year.

        Kirby said the U.S. military targeted three operational and weapons storage facilities on Sunday night — two in Syria and one in Iraq.

      2. @ Franklin Ryckaert :

        Nice to hear from you again. I hope everything is well with you. We miss you.

        ADMIN: @ TROJ: I’ve deleted the rest of your comment because it contains a link to a site (about the Beatles) which denies us all access to it, ie a dysfunctional link.

    2. Bubba did attend Georgetown, Yale, Oxford, Moscow, Langley.
      A veritable PhD and the P stands for Propaganda and Prevarication..

        1. It’s soooo easy to see him conning the boys and girls out of their lunch money, beer money, student council votes, etc.

          1. He also conned them into doing his homework and book reports for him. He was as smooth as a card sharp. Hot Springs had open ILLEGAL gambling back then.

      1. Bark –

        He certainly cudda been a Rocky’s boy. Lotta elites visited the casinos and shows in those days. It wasn’t Winthrop, the governor, though. He was married to a black man, a former sergeant in the army. More likely David or Jay.

        I knew his mom fairly well, Virginia. A sex maniac. She was a nurse at St Patrick’s Hospital for many years. I personally knew several city cops who who poked her regularly when on night shift at St Joseph’s. Each took turns guarding the door to the unoccupied room. 🙂

    3. Pat,
      The foot-movement is a sign of agitation….not deception. The shifting of the eyes is the sign of DECEPTION. Being interviewed by a pansy, clueless, hostile Brit with an annoying accent must be difficult for Putin…..hense the foot movement. But the Russian leader maintained steadfast eye contact throughout the interview. He was agitated but at least telling 90% truth which beats all other World leaders. The Brit asked a national leader sensitive military info as if the latter were obligated to divulge ALL. Quite funny 😂. Donaldo didn’t like billionaire Putin’s high-water pantalones or cheap haircut, but did admire his man-sitting d*ck-in-your-face posture. Come on folks! Putin did the best he could despite being surrounded by hostile, envious hyenas. 🤔🤨🤠

  3. Give Pat a Putin feature article and Pat’s in his element and couldn’t be happier! LOL!

  4. Putin is the only true statesman on the world stage, the rest are gnomes, dwarfs and pedofiles.

  5. Putin’s foot movement can be an unconscious means to release/relieve tension and stress from the upper torso.
    Some Concert pianists will do this to relax the upper body. This could be an indication that Putin is quite normal, not psychopathic or under some Russian version of a CIA MK-Ultra mind control. Putin is cool cucumber but with normal nervousness that he unconsciously hide and relieve with foot movement. Putin is a high energy Alpha Male not unlike Donald J. Trump.
    As Pat says Putin may be a thug but he’s the Russian people’s thug.

    1. Yes, TJ, he is “THEIR thug”…. and that’s why he is not as popular there as most would like to believe. He IS feared for his thuggish behavior and the people suffer for it.

      Russian anti-Putin anger spreads: ‘We have to protest’

      ‘Anyone could be next’

      One poll suggests as many as 42% in the Moscow crowd were moved to protest for the first time. The rallies were also unprecedented in their spread, covering towns and cities usually seen as politically “passive”.

      1. Patty,
        Putin is small potatoes. Check out Fink of BlackRock and the Kosher gang of criminals running (ruining?) the
        Western World. Hell, the whole world for all I know. There is More to BlackRock Than You Might Imagine
        By F. William Engdahl 18 June 2021

        As a side note, we will know all we need to know about Putin if he has Okayed Trumps “warp speed” covid kill shots for the Russians dumb enough to take it. However, can they be as dumb as the shot up Americans.

        1. Yes….. Thanks!

          It disgusts me that puny punk paper bear ‘Put-On’ is used to scare America and NATO, while US companies are propping his ass up over there.

          BlackRock is using the $120 TRILLION INVESTMENT BOOM to buy America’s houses, whole neighborhoods at a time!! Then, the houses are bundled into derivatives and sold to the Federal Reserve!

          —“BlackRock Is Leading A $120 Trillion Investment Boom That Is Upending Wall St.”—

          Blackrock, the world’s largest asset manager with $7 trillion under management, has already said that its clients are looking to double their ESG investment in the next 5 years.

  6. Putin is not only a killer.
    In Chechnya the Russians lost the first war but with genocidal maniac Putin the Chechens lost 300.000 (mostly civilians) during the 2nd war.

    Also, 2,000,000 Afghans were killed and millions more fled the country as refugees, mostly to Pakistan and Iran. The war caused grave destruction in Afghanistan and it contributed to the Soviet murderers collapse.
    And now Syria:
    This God Damned murderer has helped Iran and Assad kill over a million civilians and create 6 Million refugees!
    Seven cities were completely destroyed by his air force including ancient Aleppo.
    Even biological and chemical weapons were used on children!
    This midget dictator made George W. Bush look like mickey mouse.
    What a world!

    1. The give-away in regards to this monster trying to be a heroe wannabe is that a few months ago when the Jew air force craftily hid behind a Russian plane carrying a bunch of drunken Russian ‘military experts’ to avoid getting hit by Syrian missiles that hit the Russian plane instead killing them all ( thank God) the loser never uttered a word against the Jews prime minister Netanyahu…!
      The Jews who now have a country that Russians and American governments love and venerate rule them all like the undignified materialistic bastards that they are!

    2. Assad is not a murder and with help from Russia he has prevented the takeover of Syria by the Israeli and ZUS created AL CIADA aka ISIS and all offshoots thereof, this attack on Syria is a crime committed by the ZUS and Israel.

      The ZUS and Israel are to blame for the millions of deaths in Syria and what they have done to Syria is crime against humanity.

    3. Sarita,
      Your post carries as much weight as an episode of the Jerry Springer Show. Please source the numbers mentioned above. Donaldo humbly believes us Darkmooners at least deserve SOURCES with the info….not solamente rumores. Thanks.
      BTW….your numbers are TOO square. 300,000 & 2,000,000…..the real World doesn’t work that way. 🤔🤨🤠

  7. FOX
    I wonder what you think of DeSantis?
    Is he another of the jews stooges or is he better than that?
    Would he have what it takes to confiscate the sanctuary movement, eradicate blm and antifa and really lay the law down with troops on the Southern border?
    I’m wondering if trump isn’t preparing for some kind of spoiler move against him in the upcoming presidential election…
    If DeSantis gets the party nomination, will Trumlstein run as an independent to screw him up?
    If he does I guess that would be pretty obvious….

    1. I think DeSantis is another zionist puppet, just like Trump and pedo Biden, DeSantis signed a bill to forbid vaccine passports, but hidden deep in the bill it gives the state the right to forcibly vaccinate anyone by any means necessary, so he is a zionist puppet, as the zionists are the force behind the covid-19 scam and psyop and the injections which are a genocide agenda.

      They are all zionist puppets.

  8. Barkingdeer,

    You ask excellent questions. Questions one has to think a lot about before answering. Those are always the best kind of questions.

    1. Thanks TROJ…
      Is there one political leader out there in the USA somewhere who’s not under the tribe’s control?

      1. uncle :

        As you know I replied to Barkingdeer’s post. I answered his question. I responded. You know that. So what’s unacceptable about my answer to Barkingdeer’s question ? My reply post is unacceptable because my answer to Barkingdeer’s question was TOO intelligent of an answer? And you’re a baboon-neanderthal goon and intelligence is a threat to you because you live in the damp darkness of Plato’s Cave because your IQ is that of a sub-moron and intelligence is like Light and Light hurts your eyes because you’re a cave dwelling raced-mixed neanderthal-baboon admixture and you’re afraid to come out of the cave, finding safety in darkness and dampness and you grunt a lot because human language is over your head to understand and so the only way you can communicate is by grunting and you’re afraid to leave your cave so you sh*t in the cave where you live in darkness and dampness and so the cave you dwell in stinks like sh*t in an unflushed toilet bowl no one ever flushed ever but kept sh*tting in all the time nonetheless and you eat the bugs crawling around in the dirt because what else is there to eat in a dark damp cave deep in the ground and you piss on the bugs they drown then you scarf ’em down! Hey! I’m a poet! *grin*

        ADMIN: You fail to identify the posts you are referring to and I refuse to play guessing games trying to figure out what posts are so special that they need posting.

        Censor you? That’s a laugh. You’ve never made a controversial statement in your life! If you’ve said it, Joe, it’s probably been said six million times already!

  9. ADMIN: Reader, take note. This is a 5-star comment.)

    I think some are placing way too much weight on determining Vlad the Lad’s truthfulness based on body posture and facial clues, etc., as though these are tell tale signs of failing to tell the truth. Yes, I have met people who can “lie through their teeth” without these so-called clues.

    Personally, I go by the content expressed. I thought Putin answered admirably, considering the provokingly hostile manner of questioning by someone (or rather, the “owners” supervising the agenda) not intent on the truth.

    Russia is not perfect, having come out of a dark period of time, where despotism ruled supreme with the death of at least 66 million Russians from 1917 on (and many of them, Christians – Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s numbers). Now it appears that the time for the U.S. dark age has come, with the only true illegals being, not those who have come from the south, but those who hide behind the border fence surrounding the White House.

    However, Edward Snowden is considered to be very fortunate to have been granted asylum in Russia. At least there he has considerably more freedom, much more than he would ever have in a dank prison cell in the U.S.

    You may pick and choose your poison, but at this point, the so called free world is lacking much inalienable freedom at the present.

    For example, “From Russia with Love”, an old Matt Monro song of 1963 seems so apt at this time. However, it makes no sense to post the lyrics, as we tempt the corrupt Bolshevik Pharisaic music industry leaders. These squeeze every last shekel from the artists to the extent that they must support themselves with constant, slave like concert ticket sales and a grueling touring schedule, and for the sake of greed feel that their precious Talmudic copyrights should last way beyond the original author’s life expectancy.

    Mazel tov!

    1. Györgi –

      I respect your comment even though I disagree with stacking praises on puny punk criminal dictator ‘Put-On’ allowing Snowden asylum, while crushing the speech of its own citizens. Outrageous!

      It is very plain that you and Donaldo and other jews, including the chabadists, have high praise for the murderous ‘P-Man’ who allows no public debate in Russia on the phony jew MONEY MAKING holocaust. The chabadists are proud of him.

      If I were a jew, I could never praise the thug, who owns more palaces than royals do….. while working Russians are paid $300 a month and freeze to death in their apartments every year.

        1. Oh Pat, Pat, Oh Pat, my U.S. Military SIX STAR square-lantern-jawed General who looks like the typical White corn-fed MidWest American Christian G.I. Joe soldier who took part in the D-Day landings in that GREATEST of U.S. military operations !! Oh Pat, THE GREATEST U.S. military operation ever in history because IT eventually led to the TOTAL DEFEAT of Nationalist Socialism and the JEW COMMUNISTS taking over Eastern Europe and now THE JEW COMMUNISTS have even taken over our good ole United States! Oh Pat, Oh Pat, I would just LERV IT if I could reach thru my computer screen and PUNCH YOUR SQUARE MILITARY JAW REAL HARD RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF YOUR SQUARE JAWED G.I. JOE JAW Oh Pat! Oh Pat Oh friggin’ Pat! SIX STAR –> how jewish does it get around here! SIX stars, BUT WE are “NOT” jews, LMFAO!!!!!


          ADMIN: @ TROJ. Can’t you make your comments a bit SHORTER! Your other comments are far too long for posting. Please remember you are not in competition with Tolstoy’s “War and Peace”! 🙂

          1. Great idea, TROG!!! Sounds like FUN!!!

            The last guy to try that got choked out in 10 seconds, gurgling all the time… then his head hit the concrete, sounding like an empty coconut when I dropped him hard. 🙂

            Here’s a CLUE fer ya…. I was a judo & jiujitsu instructor for years. Trained with Rickson Gracie:

            1. Pat
              Like all the greatest champions, Rickson’s biggest asset was his supreme confidence, his total lack of self-doubt. Triumph of the will.

              1. CORRECT!! Through his yoga he practiced from age five… the same year he entered jiujitsu competitions.
                He told me that breathing is the most important element in fighting… hands down.💪

      1. Pat,
        Donaldo PRAISES no politician….gracias. Donaldo never met Putin so refuses to judge him. If he is indeed a BILLIONAIRE, Donaldo would like to know how based on the meager salaries of Russian leaders of State. Anyway, if it’s of any solace, Donaldo believes that Pat would be a great leader of nation’s if given the chance based on Donaldos evaluation of his intellect and wisdom emanating from his posts. 🤗🤔🤠

      2. Pat on June 29, 2021 at 11:05 am wrote: Györgi – I respect your comment even though I disagree with stacking praises on puny punk criminal dictator ‘Put-On’ allowing Snowden asylum, while crushing the speech of its own citizens. Outrageous!

        As I alluded to, Russia is slowly coming out of rule by the comunistas. There is still much of the old guard in place at the lower levels. However, by the same token, things are not so buena in the US backyard.

        However, how do you account for Dion Cini being banned from US pro baseball stadiums because he waved his ‘Trump Won Save America’ drop flag in several games?

        Or, the arrest of parents in Loudoun County, Virginia School Board meeting for expressing their opinions opposing Policy Proposal #8040, requiring teachers to use a child’s preferred gender pronouns?

        Or, the assassination of petite, trim and unarmed veteran, Ashli Babbit, a non-violent protestor, for simply stepping through an already convenient previously broken window at the Capitol building?

        Or, the arrest of homeowners in various cities for simply posting a nativity scene on their personal property lawns?

        Or, homeowners being arrested for simply defending their property from vandals during the recent riots?

        Or, Trump’s July 3 guest speech being banned at the USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park by park commissioners, even though the state park has been used for political events previously without problem?

        Or, during the pandemic lockdowns, citizens turning off their cellphones during travel, to avoid GPS tracking by state law enforcement officials to preclude the possibility of incarceration?

        America is not the vanguard of freedom by any means, it is an illusion.

        Pat: It is very plain that you and Donaldo and other jews, including the chabadists, have high praise for the murderous ‘P-Man’ who allows no public debate in Russia on the phony jew MONEY MAKING holocaust. The chabadists are proud of him.

        Oy vey! Vlad the Lad allowed the “chosen of Gog” to freely immigrate out of Russia. Over the past two decades, approximately 300,000 left, with roughly half going to endentured Palistine.

        It reminds me of Proverbs 26:20 – Where no wood is, the fire goeth out; And where there is no whisperer, contention ceaseth. (JPS Tanakh 1917)

        With the exodus, does it not appear that peace has been restored to that land? 😉

        Pat: If I were a jew, I could never praise the thug, who owns more palaces than royals do….. while working Russians are paid $300 a month and freeze to death in their apartments every year.

        And, your data source? I find that the Internet quotes as low as $125,000 US to $70 billion. Perhaps the closest estimate is around $10 billion from a yacht information site. What is state owned, what is Putin owned? And, America has now a tremendous, homeless plus an increasingly impoverished population. As I stated, Russia has just come out of a very dark period of time, whereas the US is now entering.

        Isn’t it time to wake up and smell the coffee? There is a much greater big picture going on, that is easily missed by not stepping away.

        1. If pooteen no have-a an Italiano Perini Navi Yacht then he no have any taste in-a Bellisimi Yachts because- Italian Yachts, especially The Perini Navi yachts, gli yacht Italiano Perini Navi sono i migliori ne mondo! so then we sappiamo he has-a no style and is not-a really high class!

          If I had-a 10 to 70 billion dollars I would have-a Perini Navi “Maltese Falcon”, Yacht Molto Bello! I Soldi, Money yes?, is sempre wasted on-a those who have-a no class, no style. It’s sempre frustrante, Si?

          1. No tengo ninguna frustración nada, Sr. TROJ, porque no me gustan los yates. I don’t have any frustrations, TROJ because I don’t like yachts. 😉

  10. Putin better watch it or NBC might try to frame him for a couple felonies using ‘doctored’ (fake) audio-video evidence supplied to the prosecution by, yep, NBC. There are precedents..

  11. The International Political arena today has been turned into a Kabuki Theatre, where politicians are being used as marionettes by the Hidden Hand.

    I believe even Putin is in this scheme, even if he appears to have some free hand. Its all Political Hegelianism. It is so transparent, that its amusing the people do not recognize it.

    But Putin continues to us using Diplo-talk as he is required . NATO, is truly a relic being used to pump up the illusion of Russia as an enemy of the west. Putin does not mind being seen as a enemy, given that its all for the “Visual Special Effects” ” ( Like Bidden ranting ; “Putin is a murderer, Russia this, Russia that, etc) Putin understand why the dogs in the West likes to bark, always, and yet the Bear is no longer a “Clear and present danger” He knows, that he has to play the perennial enemy, even though there are no longer any ideological differences existing between Russia and the West. So, Cui bono? Your guess is as good as mine.

    Although he blames the “West” for being unpredictable and creating instability, it more or less, shows that the West, is truly under a hidden hand which dictates policy and determines the political narrative to engross the masses. Reason for the West provoking instability in the World, (Libya, Syria, Afgan, etc)

    The best we can get from this Diplo-talk, is the extent the Hidden Hand is muscling and commandeering everyone.

    1. BF –

      I labeled him ‘Put-On’ 🙂 because his position was made for him by the US and is PAID by the US companies for the ‘show’…. “Kabuki Theatre”, as you claimed…. SHOW-BIZ, to spend more USD!! He welcomes and attends all the commercial expos demonstrating US companies’ wares.


      Trade Shows in Russia, Trade Fairs in Russia, Exhibition in Russia …

      SEMIEXPO Russia 2021 is **United States’s leading exhibition and expo where experts, top managers, specialists of the largest microelectronic companies, …



  12. Off topic but current….
    A building -sadly -went down in Miami a few days ago and the Jews who today occupy Palestine sent a team to help unburying more Jews from under the ruins.
    Aside from the fact that God’s chosen will eventually send Washington the bill, wouldn’t it be a better idea to call Gaza’s resident to give ideas and brainstorm on how to go about doing it, instead?

    1. Breaking..
      U.S. President Biden (45,1/2) just announced he is going to Miami.
      How much you wanna bet he will ignore the locals (who voted for 45) and just hug and kiss the Jew German shepherd (lol) dogs and fake semite personnel as his wrinkled, Zionist face glees in jocularity and admiration?
      500 pesos

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