Putin’s Killer Response

By Finian Cunningham
Published on Sputnik via ICH
March 22, 2021

 US President Joe Biden’s attempted slander against Russian leader Vladimir Putin – calling him a “killer” – was not only disgraceful. It was also very stupid. 

Such foul-mouth conduct betrays the American leader as having no class whatsoever. It demeans him and tarnishes the supposed prestige of his office as the world’s self-declared most powerful man. 

But the verbal jab also set up Biden for a swift body slam by the judo master Putin.

The Russian president gave a calm and magnanimous response to the American counterpart’s comment in an ABC News interview last week in which Biden agreed to a (ludicrous) characterization of Putin as a “killer”. In reply, Putin said he sincerely wished Biden “good health”.

Such a charitable response not only highlights the American president’s crudeness and mean spirit. It gives the Russian leader the moral high ground. The whole world, including many Americans, were able to compare the two men and see right away which one has the superior calibre of culture and intellect.

Secondly, without resorting to vulgar vocabulary, Putin was able to turn the tables on Biden by exposing him and many of his predecessors as the real killers.

By saying the remark was a form of projection and a case of looking in the mirror at oneself, Putin was able to review the entire sordid, genocidal history of the United States, including the destruction of native people and the dropping of atomic bombs on Japan. That vile legacy of mass violence and state terrorism includes Joe Biden who as a senator and former vice president has been instrumental in launching numerous criminal wars which have resulted in millions of people being killed and whole nations demolished.

Just last month, too, Biden ordered deadly airstrikes on Syria – his first act of murder as president only four weeks after his inauguration. Biden accusing others of being a killer is grotesque.

But it was Putin’s offer of a live and public videoconference with Biden that was perhaps what made his response such a winning slam.

Despite the slanderous jibe, Putin said he was immediately ready to discuss a range of issues with the US president, and that the conversation could be televised for the public. He proposed holding the discussion this week.

“Since Biden’s words were quite unprecedented, unprecedented formats can’t be excluded,” explained Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov. “President Putin proposed to discuss the situation openly because it would be interesting for the people of both countries.”

Indeed interesting, to say the least. Now it turns out that Biden has rejected the offer of public debate with Putin, according to Russia’s foreign ministry.

Thus, the American president has made himself look feeble. He’s running scared. It’s one thing to act the tough guy in a controlled US media interview, but why not say your piece to Putin’s face? It shows that Biden is all bluster and blather, speaking out of order without any evidence to back up.

That’s because Biden’s defamation of the Russian president is baseless. It’s just the usual flimsy falsehoods spoken with the usual American arrogance and hypocrisy. Biden knows that if he was debating Putin in public the latter would destroy him verbally and intellectually. Putin’s command of history and facts – without the aid of a teleprompter – would make Biden look like the stupid thug he is.

Moreover, in rejecting Putin’s challenge to hold a public discussion Biden brings unfavourable attention to his own bumbling image and growing questions over this president’s mental health. More people will be wondering if the 78-year-old man in the White House is really up for the job. This goes beyond his notorious habit of mangling words and “screwing up” – as Barack Obama once lamented about his former vice president.

Since becoming the 46th president, Biden’s public appearances and utterances have fueled more questions about the apparent deterioration in his cognitive health. He doesn’t take questions from reporters, seems to be avoiding press conferences, forgets names of his own cabinet members and last week lost his footing while boarding an aircraft. (See 30 second video below)

The barnstorming Biden made a big mistake when he tried to bad-mouth Putin. In trying to spar with the Russian leader he ended up punching himself in the head by giving Putin the opportunity for a knock-out response.


LD:  Apart from losing his footing three times on the ramp leading up to the plane,  showing a complete lack of physical coordination, Biden keeps forgetting the names of his own cabinet appointees.  He even seems to be unaware who the  president is.  On more than one occasion, he has referred to Kamala Harris as “President Harris”.  What’s going on…?

Biden thrips tree times while boarding plane

VIDEO   :    30 seconds

72 thoughts to “Putin’s Killer Response”

  1. Once again, it is proven that Putin is the only adult in the room. I have a theory about “green screen” Biden. Israel controls the United States in a big way, but has been unable to get any of the last several Presidents to attack Iran.

    Bill Clinton did not attack Iran.

    Barak Obama did not attack Iran.

    Donald Trump did not attack Iran.

    Thus, since human POTUS will not do what Israel demands, a electronic puppet has been installed, green screen Biden, is now the President, and is talking up big war talk just as the programmers of the image want, and thus real war is imminent.

    No more cowtowing to Israel but no war, no sir, the game now is Israel has direct control over the puppet on your television screen and this electronic image will read the war script that the masters in Tel Aviv tell it to.

    1. Yes, the demented Biden could be easily controlled by the Jews, but they will have to “sell” a war against Iran to the American public. For that purpose they would need a false flag blamed on Iran, at least as serious as 9/11, and that takes time to prepare.

      1. Agreed, another big false flag is what they need. Note, Biden is not living at the White House, and after Trump was ousted the building is surrounded by troops and fences, thus a perfect placed to rig it for a false flag, that could include the assassination of Biden. Hell, if they are willing to blow up the Trade Towers, what else do they want to blow up?

        Then, that Kamala Harris lookalike in a rubber mask would be sworn in, see her twin side by side. That person behind the mask could be Bibi himself for all we know.


        Everything is completely fake, a fake pandemic was used to create dump truck loads of fake mail in ballots and oust Trump, and now an un-elected senile old pedo geyser, who actually joked about being replaced, is a President who gives speeches in front of “green screens”. We have a fake POTUS speeding us toward a war that leaves the nation in rubble. Just look at what the Zionists did to Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, and realize Ameranstan is the next nation slated for destruction.

        The United States is no longer a Republic, it is a Communist hell hole being shredded by the day – soon all those racist white man statues like Thomas Jefferson and George Washington will be taken down, and with the new public education the Founding Fathers, forgotten. No whites will be allowed unless you do some breeding with a Mexican honey, and have some brown offspring.

        1. That Kamala on the right is certainly a lookalike, and not a very good one at that. The structure of her face is different and so are her teeth. Maybe the real Kamala is so stupid that her handlers don’t trust her to say the right things.

          Do you remember that Biden during the election did engage with Trump in a public debate and that he performed surprisingly well? According to James Fetzer that was not Biden himself but a lookalike. See https://jamesfetzer.org/page/14/
          Notice the different structures of the faces:

    2. The zionists have controlled every potus since they had JFK shot, America is under the control of the ZUS foreign government of Israel and all the wars that have cost American blood and money and the millions of innocent men, women and children killed in the middle east are a direct result of the zionist control of America.

      Congress is the lower house of the knesset and the actual capital of the ZUS is Tel Aviv.

      1. @ Desert Fox

        Most people on this site would have no difficulty agreeing with your assessment. As you are of course aware, this would be dismissed as a malicious antisemitic “conspiracy theory” by the mainstream media and most Jews would themselves reject it.

        Some Jews would go so far as to claim that Deep State America is actually the Puppet Master and that Israel is the helpless puppet, forced to do what the US commands it to do. If America were to abruptly withdraw its support for Israel, what would Israel do? Threaten to nuke any country that threatened it, including the US? Would it be prepared to blow up the whole world by using the Samson Option?

        I don’t think so.

        1. Maybe America is the “real boss” and is scapegoating Israel, as many Jews believe.

          The “conspiracy theory” that Israel rules the roost could have have deliberately created by the CIA and the American deep state. Believe me, both America and Israel could be complicit in the deliberate creation of antisemitism.

          Being a persecuted race actually suits the Jews because it gives them solidarity and fosters unity of purpose. Remembers all those swastikas scrawled on walls BY JEWS! Remember all those Jewish cemeteries where the gravestones have been maliciously damaged by “Jew haters”. It turned out that JEWS actually did it! 🙂

          1. Unfortunately, zionists not only rule the ZUS and have since 1913 when they saddled America with their privately owned FED and IRS, 2 of the 10 planks of the communist manifesto, but with this came the wars and debt that is owed the zionist banking kabal that owns the FED and IRS.

            Zionists control every country in the world that has a zionist central bank and this is just about every country in the world, these zionist central banks are the tip of the spear of zionist control and have brought the world wars and debt, this a fact, sad but true.

            1. OK, granted that this situation is appalling.
              So how do we extricate ourselves from this situation?
              How does the fly get out of the Spider’s web?

              1. We here in America are going to have to rely on ourselves, not on the zionist controlled politicians and not on the demon-rat or republi-cons, but ourselves to resist unconstitutional edicts like the covid-19 scam and psyop and the covid-19 non vaccines that are designed to destroy the immune system and covid-19 does not exist, it has never been isolated and even the private corporations and NGOs ie the CDC and the WHO admit on their sites, that covid-19 has never been isolated.

                This where we have to start.

  2. If I didn’t know who and what he really works for, I’d feel sorry for the feeble old S.O.B.

    But like my old granny was fond of saying, “you lie down with mangy dogs, you wake up with fleas”…..and the scratchin’ won’t end for Trippin’ Joe until they can his ass for Cacklin’ Kamala 😆

    1. I encountered Joe Biden in a Senate hearing about 25 years ago. He was a stupid asshole then, and he is a dishonorable asshole, now. Our White House will need fumigating when he and his Kamal whore leave.

  3. Biden’s half right…
    Putin’s a killer, yes…
    But so is every other ‘world leader’, who does away with people without a court order…
    That would certainly include every US Presiden we’ve ever seen….
    And I don’t see Putin advocating for any Bill Of Rights in Russia, while Biden has nothing remedial to volunteer on the Patriot Act, which froze the Bill Of Rights and put the USA 🇺🇸 pretty much in the basement with the rest of the cretin states…
    Now if Biden or any other of the bigwigs would admit that much, or some of it, we might be getting on to our first baby-step in the right direction…
    They’ve even codified state assassinations now with the National Defense Authorization Act…
    We understand the exigent situation authorizes such measures…
    The question for journalists, if there were any, should be – why is the world still in this mess?
    We get it that it’s always been that way…
    How do we get past it?
    Since religion has always been up to its neck in war and the corporate methodology in general, and since big religion generally despises earth and the physical world, Original Sin and all that imperious raga, maybe the conscious shift away from all that and toward pantheism and environmentally based spirituality will deliver humanity from the likes of Biden and Putin…

    1. As irrelevant as this may sound to most readers, what we need is the Social Reign of Christ the King, which has never really sufficiently existed, the closest being during 13th C. Europe. Religions (especially false ones) have been the ostensible causes of much bloodshed, but atheistic regimes have them beat in spades.

      Pope Pius XI (d. 1939) told us the way to peace lay in “proper alignment”: “When once men recognize, both in private and in public life, that Christ is King, society will at last receive the great blessings of real liberty, well-ordered discipline, peace and harmony” (Quas Primas, #19)

      The Jewish homosexual anti-pope Paul VI (d. 1978) suppressed one feast of Christ the King and created of another ersatz one. The original feast of Christ the King represents the Catholic vision of society as a hierarchy in which lower is subordinated to higher, with the private sphere and the public sphere united in their acknowledgment of the rights of God and of His Church (taken over in 1958 by the traditional “chosenite” enemies of Christ and of the moral and social order). This vision was put aside in 1969 to make way for a vision in which Christ is a king of my heart and a king of the cosmos—of the most micro level and the most macro level—but not king of anything in between: not king of culture, of society, of industry and trade, of education, of civil government.In other words, for such middling spheres, “we have no king but Caesar.” The impious cry of the ancient Jews has become our foundational creed. We have bought into the Enlightenment myth of the separation of Church and State, which, as Leo XIII says, “is equivalent to the separation of human legislation from Christian and divine legislation.” The result cannot but be catastrophic, as we unmoor ourselves from the very aids God has provided to our human weakness. (Partly based on an article by Peter Kwasniewski)

      See some of the writings of the great Fr Denis Fahey: catholicapologetics.info/apologetics/judaism/conversion.htm

  4. CGI Joe (and Co.) vs BadVlad (and Co.) in a cage match of the mesmerized masses kind.

    And naaaaw the former (worked his way up to) KGB Colonel never ki11ed no one! He’s not a ki11er. Honest! Well, not with his two bare hands anyhow. He used a knife, a garrote, a bomb or (best guess) the old Dragunov in the ear, trick. Ya think?

    Besides, isn’t a dark side street or dead end road in East Berlin a battlefield, technically speaking? I’d bet my last euro it is and he did..

    P.S. Everything worked perfectly. Extra time to edit too. No excuses for spelling my name wrong. Dammit!

    1. P.S. this doesn’t mean I’d rule out the aspiring KGB Colonel using his two bare hands. Not at all. Just highly unlikely.

      After all, he might be a BadVlad but he still ain’t no Janitor..

  5. “What’s Going On”?
    It looks like the ChiCommie plan to install the Kamel in the White House is moving along right on schedule…
    The other media can’t resist mocking Biden’s every stumble and they’re serving the purpose of establishing the fact that the guy is unfit for the office…
    Though I have suspected Biden does at times act the part… His spill up the airplane ladder looked pretty real…
    And the way he grabbed his left ankle made me wonder if he wasn’t wearing some kind of tracking device, like a jailhouse bracelet… Maybe his has special DARPA enhancements, like a shocking device to drop him unless he goes screwy centipede…

  6. I never thought I’d see the day when I’d cheer for Putin against POTUS….but that day has come. 💪

    1. I’m not there with you, Gil… and I never shall be!!

      Russia’s government is controlled by US jew corporations and US jew bankers and US jew lawyers… since 1917…. but totally since 1990. THEY forced the WALL down.

      Russians want to come HERE for a reason!!!

  7. as bad, ridiculous and embarrassing as Biden’s public incontinence appears on the world stage, Blinken’s abysmal ineptitude revealed in Alaska summit is way more serious
    Blinken’s Alaska China train wreck changes world order.
    Mercouris makes global geopol analysis a full-time job and knows the diplomatic ropes being the son of an ambassador—he gets down to brass tacks of why this was quite an inflection point—no state can count on America as any kind of effective partner anymore, NATO center can’t hold, Russia and China are new sheriffs on the big stage.

    The most popular and massively voted for POTUS in history!? Beyond comical.
    Maybe president of El Salvador and Guatemala, his true voter base.

    What Jews did was score an own goal in this insane electoral grand larceny—they got the administration they wanted, yes—but at the same time laid their shameless machinations bare for the whole world to see and end result to laugh at—a textbook case of “be careful what you wish for“.
    Even if they slide Biden into his crypt, who next, Kamala? If anything, even more incompetent to follow the simplest of scripts, “don’t scratch you crotch on camera, Mrs. President as you announce 101 Airborne Trannies landing in Iran/Somalia/Xinjiang”.

  8. What to make of this—Ahmad Al-Issa, the Boulder CO shooter’s 2018 tweet.


    Seems Facebook Scrubbed the Boulder Colorado Shooter, Ahmad Al Issa’s page.
    But it also appears that he was a very big consumer of legacy media propaganda. Seems they may have helped radicalize this fellow.
    I am sure the legacy media propaganda won’t blame it on legacy media propaganda, anyone blaming it on legacy media propaganda will be painted with “white supremacy—hate speech” brush, censored, cancelled.

    Hope some jigsaw puzzle chunks are landing in their rightful slots …

      1. No comments from you in Spam. Some comments just disappear completely. They don’t even make it to the Spam folder. Thank Google for the new censorship. Are you posting from Germany or from a country with an Orwellian surveillance system? If so, this could explain why you are having these problems.

        (A false email address or suspicious IP numbers could also trigger automatic censorship).


      now that’s interesting, because i clicked on it during the 10 minute edit grace period and it worked fine.
      To note though: it was a twitter link, so that could be a piece of information to remember … DEFCTIVE stands for DEFECATIVE when dealing with Twitter and its unsanitary brethren.

      1. @ Lobro


        A defective link can easily be spotted when the comment gets into our system. It always breaks/bursts through the right-hand margin and skews the whole page. The article then becomes unreadable. (What you see on the page then makes no sense because several words on the right-hand side of the page have been lopped off). Embedded links sometimes work better than ordinary links but not always. Extremely long links, without hyphens between the words, are the ones to avoid.

  9. Where does cheering for one national leader over another get you? It’s all total bullshit, and whoever isn’t seeing that by now is looking in the wrong damned direction.

    1. CORRECT, BHawk!! ALL national leaders are LIARS!!

      ONLY the biggest LIARS & CRIMINALS get (S)elected!! 💥 😨

    2. Brownhawk –

      The whole crux of any “leader” is to inspire courage among those he leads (like your Geronimo or Sitting Bull). Biden is the icon for the hopelessly stupid and cowardly. I perceive Putin as cunning, strong, and bold – despite his politics. I am ashamed of what my country has allowed itself to become, and have even become more sympathetic to the bold Muslims, who at least act upon the courage of their convictions.

  10. To be honest, I don’t really trust Putin either. On the surface at least, he doesn’t appear to be as evil as the other hand-picked Globalists. It appears the Eastern European nations are not folding on the multi-culti, global homo agendas. I remember when Putin kicked out the subversive, female group of “musicians”, the disgraceful “Pussy Riot”.

    I love this man’s work. new video: 6 minutes:
    Aetius Praetorian
    “The Iron Law of Inequality” well worth a watch/listen.

    I’m grateful not just for this man’s research, but simply absorbing the beautiful Western art & history in his videos:
    Asha Logos: Collection:


    Stefan Verstappen created one of the most informative videos on genetic psychopathy.
    Here is his 6 minute video on Liberalism Explained. AKA The Truth is a Harsh Mistress.

    1. @ Edit 4 Edit’s Sake

      You sound a very intelligent and well-informed man. (I’m assuming you are male). But I regret to say that you ran out of inspiration when you chose your user name. For God’s sake change it! 🙂

      1. Oh, I learned many a good lesson from professional editors, the unsung heroes of publishing.
        They helped me sell my books and focus on the central ideas and remove anything unnecessary.
        That’s especially important today as people tend to have short attention spans and dislike
        reading in general. Quite sad but unfortunately true. I remind myself on the daily.
        I thank-you for your response.

        1. @ ****

          You don’t get it. Your name is too long and cumbersome to copy out if someone should wish to reply to your comment. Posters here therefore abbreviate. So how does one abbreviate a lousy name like yours, hmm?

          @ E4ES . . . ???

          No one will know who is being referred to. Surely it’s not too much to ask you to consider changing an extremely inconvenient name? This is only a polite suggestion. This is not a domination game, OK? It’s a friendly suggestion.

          Anyway, I leave it to you. You will probably persist in your folly. A character defect, if I may say so. How would you like it if everyone here had names like “SQ7723/Ed44” and “Itsbeena8day”? As it is, you have much to say that is of interest but your name makes you sound like an automaton.

          Madame Butterfly makes a valid point. Her name is memorable and easy to abbreviate. Everyone here addresses her as “MB”. Your name creates a problem for all posters who want to respond to you, because it takes too long to type out all the letters in such a needlessly longwinded name.

          1. I agree. Names are important. I’ve seldom come across a more uninspiring and pretentiously silly name as “Edit 4 Edit’s Sake”. I bet he won’t change it. Because if he’s stupid enough to choose such a dumb name, he’s not gong to be smart enough to change it. Too bad. I tried to be nice to him but there was no reciprocity. He’s obviously one of these macho types who thinks taking advice from a stranger is a sign of weakness.

            1. How do you all KNOW that it is a HE?
              What if HER name is EDITH?
              Would it make more sense?

              1. @ Lobro

                Yes, you’re right, it could be a female called “Edith”. I’m just guessing it’s a male. Maybe a guy called “Edwin”! 🙂

                For several reasons, I’m guessing it’s a male. Two good reasons:

                (1) Firstly, very few women make up the commentariat of political AltRight anti-Zionist sites like this. It’s certainly not 50% male posters and 50% female posters. Male posters overwhelmingly outnumber female posters by at least 9 to 1. So by the law of averages this is more likely to be a male.

                (2) Secondly, most male posters tend to be smarter than female ones, or at least more interested and clued up about politics. (I think you’ll admit that). And this particular poster doesn’t seem like a typically shallow, featherheaded female to me! I regret to say it, but the true male and the true female — though complementary and indispensable to each other on a spiritual and sexual plane — are totally different in other ways. They have different size brains for a start and different hormones pull them in different directions.

                There are many things a man can do better than a woman. And women who insist that they are just as good as men in fighting wars, carrying heavy weights, solving intricate mathematical equations, composing symphonies, building bridges, exploring the South Pole, and helping to rule nations, are simply barking up the wrong tree. It is the bolshy woman who doesn’t know her place in the scheme of things that is the bane of men and the cause of misogyny. If women are now widely hated, it’s because they have made themselves hated.

                I defy anyone to prove me wrong! 🙂

                1. @ Madame Butterfly


                  “Names are important. I’ve seldom come across a more uninspiring and pretentiously silly name as “Edit 4 Edit’s Sake”. I bet he won’t change it. Because if he’s stupid enough to choose such a dumb name, he’s not gong to be smart enough to change it. Too bad. I tried to be nice to him but there was no reciprocity.”

                  Your polite request for a name change has been refused because the poster with the pretentiously longwinded name is too unintelligent to realize that your request is rationally based.

                  Let me predict that his future comments will be deleted by Admin for two reasons:

                  (1) Admin has previously advised that long names like this create technical problems for the site, but the poster is too stubborn and obtuse to understand this.

                  (2) The poster is also an unpleasant individual who is no longer intent on posting informative on-topic comments but prefers to draw attention to himself in a thoroughly egotistical way by “holding out” and resisting a reasonable request to cooperate with Admin’s often-stated policy that names like this should be avoided because they create technical problems for the site.

                  As you wisely point out above: “If he’s stupid enough to choose such a dumb name, he’s not gong to be smart enough to change it.”

              1. The first time in Butterfly’s long history of shooting off her big mouth that she’s actually right, lol.

                Madame, how does it feel to finally get something right after years and years and years of always being wrong? I bet you feel like you’re a genius now, now that you finally got something right for once in your life. Feeling like WE’RE on top of the world, right, because WE’RE so smart WE finally got something right, it took dozens of years but WE finally did it, WE got something right, finally! LMFAO!!!!!!

                1. TROJ:
                  I wouldn’t get your hopes up that Butterfly has actually “turned the corner” or has seen a Damascene light on that road to the liquor store…

                  … after all, a blind squirrel – so I’m told – finds the odd nut… or, more apropos in MB’s case, a bewildered sow the occasional truffle 😊

  11. A Thug “President” for the World’s Greatest Thugocracy.
    What could be more UNsurprising ?

  12. Edit 4,
    Putin is intelligent and articulate no doubt. But at the end of the day he’s a POLITICIAN who distorts and twists history to HIS advantage. In essence he’s a liar like the rest. Donaldo listened to the video in which he discusses the oppression of negroes in America. He failed to mention the worse oppression of poor whites in colonial USA who were treated far worse. Also are his past discussions of “The Great Patriotic War”……WWII. His rhetoric would have us believe that the Red Army was noble somehow when in fact they were, actually, a mob of rapists which victimized 100’s of 1000’s of German women killing many. The German army basically handed the Red Army their own asses to them on a platter before finally being overwhelmed by sheer numbers. Anyway. History. Donaldo doesn’t repect politicians….PERIOD. They don’t deserve it. Also. Why does Putin stubbornly cling to power? Donaldo is sure that Mother Russia possesses 1000’s of bright patriots who could, and should, take his place. As far as USSA, the future looks grim. But for all actions their are reactions. Kamala in office could be quite a catalyst for interesting times. 🤔🤨🤠

  13. Any leader worth a shit is a “killer”. The only question is who is he killing and why. Under that criterion, the US leaders are and have been killing for a foreign people. If Putin kills, it’s for his people, as he should.

  14. I remember Bill O’Reilly trying to get Trump to agree that Putin was a killer. Trump said something to the effect of who are we to talk about killing.
    But these tv interviewers are put up to asking anti-Putin questions by the anti-Putin wannabe world rulers. Biden just knows what he’s supposed to say.

      1. Aaaaah, yes. The old ‘hairy-leg’ trick. (Max Smart-ism) 🙂 That was really quite popular amongst women in Scotland when I was there in early 70s. Russia may still use it to inhibit Western sex partners. Not appealing to me. WHEW!!

        1. Pat

          WHEW is right! I’ve known women who had that “au natural” look, meaning they didn’t shave their legs or their armpits. YUCK! 😝

          On the other end of the spectrum is my wife, who is from Hawaii, whose ancestors are all from the Philippines. She likes to shave her legs, even though you’d need a magnifying glass to see even a trace of hair! She just likes the activity of shaving, which I find very sexy, and I joke with her and call her the hairless wonder!

          Nowadays there’s a new term in keeping with the ongoing feminization of men……”Manscaping!” 🤪

          So whatever happened to the days when men were men, and women were glad of it? ☹

          1. When Jane met Tarzan, she had shaved legs (Maureen O’Hara). Tarzan LIKED it (Johnny Weismuller) – even in 1932. Herds of wild negroes roamed the jungle, but Jane never neglected her hygiene. The moral: Women nowadays have no excuse!

            1. This business of women shaving their legs, with the men here all taking it as axiomatic that hairy-legged women are unattractive, is simply the result of brainwashing from childhood. It shows a pathetically limited outlook.

              In prehistoric times, no women shaved their legs. There were no razor blades.

              Even in Victorian times, when long dresses were worn, women did nor shave their legs. Nor did their menfolk find the downy legs of their wives in the slightest degree unattractive.

              In Ancient India, hairy-legged women were actually regarded as sexually alluring.This can be found mentioned in the Rig-Veda. If a woman had exceptionally hairy legs, this added to her value in the marriage market.

              1. Well said, Madame! You have obviously studied anthropology.This obsession with shaven legs for women in a modern fad. The result of advertising. The only ones to profit from this obsessive underarm and leg shaving craze is Gillette. Think of the time women would save if they gave up this bad habit. It would add at least six extra years to their lives.

                1. A small joke about men poorly disguised as women poorly disguised as soldiers featuring a corny ‘flashing some hairy-leg’ punchline is somehow conjured into an assault on women. OK, that’s enough..

                  1. I don’t think women should shave their pubic hair, because it reminds me of pedophelia. I DON’T find it attractive, and question those who do. So what if Gillette profits from leg-shaving!?? Ever had a woman wrap her hairy legs around your back?? It’s too masculine.

  15. Biden’s comment about Putin not having a soul is sourced by GW Bush’s remark about looking in Putin’s eye and and seeing Putin’s soul in 2001. Biden is obviously demonizing and reversing what Bush said about Putin. But is it just political posturing or more?


    In 2001, George W. Bush said the following about Putin: “I looked the man in the eye. I found him to be very straight forward and trustworthy and we had a very good dialogue. I was able to get a sense of his soul. He’s a man deeply committed to his country and the best interests of his country and I appreciate very much the frank dialogue and that’s the beginning of a very constructive relationship.”

    Читайте больше на https://english.pravda.ru/news/society/140792-bush_putin/

    “Bush said that he managed to “see a soul” when he looked Putin in the eye, but that was during the time when Russia was broke. These days, Bush added, Putin has changed and turned into a very aggressive person, whose ultimate goal is to reinstate Soviet influence. “His attitude on most issues is: “I’m going to win and US is going to lose,” Bush said.

    “Therefore, I always believed that it is important for the United States to be forceful when dealing with Putin, not belligerent, but forceful. He is good,” the former US president said.”


    There may be more to Biden’s remarks than just political posturing. Both made Putin’s soul remarks shortly after being sworn in. Bush’s comment was made on or around 16 June 2001, just a few months before 9-11-2001. So Biden’s remarks may be a time marker on the next false flag, 87 days after the remark. Plus the date 16-6-2001 is sorta of a reversal of the number 9-11-2001, the sixes can be flipped as 9’s. 1 flipped is 1, 6 flipped is 9. Probably not anything but those illuminatis like to play with numbers and Biden is just a puppet reading a script that someone else writes.


    1. I agree that Biden was stupid in taking such an action; Putin definitely has the upper hand. As Darkmoon has correctly stated out, our current President (falsely elected) American leader, Biden has no class whatsoever. Biden (and most US Senators) have killed as many and more than Putin; at least Putin probably had a good reasons to kill

      Yukon, you did not reveal the electronic image. Can you elaborate ?

      1. Skip, the “electronic image” of Biden is that Biden is being filmed in front of green screens, like in a studio, but presented as in a real setting. This charade was revealed when Biden’s hand passed through a microphone.

        User Clip: Biden’s Hand Slides Through Microphone

        The point I am making is that we have a totally illegitimate President, a puppet of Israel, and thus the Biden you see stumbling could be the real old man Biden, or CGI, the Biden who debated Trump in the last runoff debate before the election is said to be a body double. And there is no reason to doubt that if the powers that be want war, they will simply have a CGI Biden read the script.

        This electronic image of a president was illustrated in the Hollywood movie Simone

        S1m0ne (2002)

        “A producer’s film is endangered when his star walks off, so he decides to digitally create an actress to substitute for the star, becoming an overnight sensation that everyone thinks is a real person. ”

        The Zionists (Deep Stater fakers) do not need a real president who bucks Tel Aviv orders, now the POTUS is simply a electronic image on your screen – the perfect puppet.

  16. Sleepy Joe has appointed Kamala to take charge of the border CRISIS. She wanted California to be a Sanctuary STATE. The US will now become a Sanctuary COUNTRY!!

    Biden charges Harris with stemming migrant numbers at US-Mexico border

    Vice-president will collaborate with Mexico and Central America officials as White House faces criticism over border operations……………………

    Joe Biden announced on Wednesday that he is charging Kamala Harris with diplomatic efforts to stem migration at the US-Mexico border, amid a deepening humanitarian challenge there.

    The vice-president will collaborate with officials from Mexico and Central America, according to Reuters, taking on similar responsibilities to Biden’s when he responded to an influx of children and families as vice-president under the Obama administration.

  17. He puts the fox in charge of watching the chickenhouse…
    To listen to the press conference this morning it’s really all about rescuing the lone children starving on the other side of the river…
    The globalists will bring tens of millions of foreigners here during this and every other dem administration for as long as they’re in power…
    Because you see, if you are chronically poor and destitute you are a victim…
    And that is largely true, to the extent that multi-national ganglomerates, who are in control of the local politics, extract wealth from these third world countries, sabotage efforts at labor organization and generally seek to maintain an easily exploitable work force, this while they the use these countries as offshore security jurisdictions for tax avoidance purposes, in trillions yearly…
    So I doubt any one-world government they have in mind will de-nationalize the world to any extent that eliminates that perquisite…
    Corporate stooges like biden and harris are strengthening the corporate hierarchy’s exploitative position by diluting the labor force in the USA 🇺🇸 with this increasing horde of cheap labor immigrants, look at the slaughterhouses…
    People like the Waltons dig the big welfare payouts too, because a lot of that money ends up going through their cash registers, which btw are intended to become things of the past…
    Skwauk all you want about the jews, and I don’t disagree, but the corporate machine is wreaking its share of havoc on society too, and as big religion has always done too it blocks the progressive process wherever it can…

  18. once again, killer Putin interferes with western freedoms, stifles democracy, fi-fie-fo-fum. i smell a fascist in the room:
    Police must avoid cracking heads because of scrutiny from RT, top Scottish law official says in explosive new report on brutality
    umm, err, let me tell you about Uighurs, very important, though not one in ten thousand would know one if they pissed on one.
    But they work as slaves in Putin’s $200 billion residence (ran short of funds before landscaping was done).

  19. As per JEW ZOG Uncle Sam and the JEW MSM : The Chinese are greatly mistreating the Uyghurs, possibly genociding the Uyghurs, be morally appalled and deeply opposed to what the Chinese are doing to the Uyghurs. The jews are mistreating the Palestinians, be morally appalled at the very existence of the Palestinians and fully support the jew Genocide of the Palestinians. Palestinians shouldn’t exist [ and also fully support the elimination of Christians from all the Middle Eastern countries — yet another JEW ZOG Uncle Sam goal ]. Plus, fully support the elimination of Whites from Europe and the United States, Canada, Australia, and the other countries of the Occident.

    JEW ZOG Uncle Sam is very very selective about what genocides to get morally indignant about.

    1. There’s a joke satirizing Biden’s dementia that is now going the rounds. Personally, I don’t think this joke is very funny. I disapprove of silly jokes like this on principle.

      THE JOKE:

      Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told PRES JOE BIDEN: “This morning, three Brazilian people died from the Covid-19 immunization.”

      The blood drained from the president’s face and, to everyone’s amazement, Biden collapsed on the floor. A minute passed and to everyone’s relief, he got up and slowly sat well back in his chair. His staff was stunned, watching this display of emotion from the Commander in Chief, as he sat there, head in hands.

      Finally, Joe looked up, and with a shaky quivering voice, asked Dr. Fauci:

      “How many is a brazilian”?

      1. Telling a “silly joke” about Biden is much more morally reprehensible than the stealing of the election by JEW COMMUNISTS. Madame is not morally appalled by the stealing of the election, only that some people are disrespectful to the illegitimate president.

      2. Ermmm… Madame… if you disapprove of the joke, then WHY DA F*** did you go out of your way to post it???

        No doubt, in the same way you purport to disapprove of trollops, you parade around with your skirt barely covering you’d ASS(ets)!!

  20. what better way to ensure that the precious swarthy hairy-legged, hairy-everything in fact, migrants never leave ye olde england?
    It’s officially now an offence to LEAVE England

    Starting on Monday, anyone who leaves England must submit papers making a certified declaration of their reason for leaving. The authorities will then retain the discretion to fine travelers £5,000— nearly $7,000, if the reason isn’t valid.

    if you lose the wheel spin, you lose double, pay 5k quid AND stay home.

    i am sure an exception will be made for making aliyah in israel, no brexit for the goyim though.
    further on … making sure idiocy retains global status

    While encouraging people to take the vaccine, Edwards said:

    “I’m not asking what’s in the infusion, I’m not looking up all of the ingredients in the infusion, I am sticking out my arm and I am taking the infusion — and that’s what we have to do.”

    The crowd cheered in approval.

    “Theirs not to reason why. Theirs but to do and die”

  21. HAWK
    Lawyers did it… No matter what the social problem is, it can be traced back to lawyers…
    Great Joke… And well said on the female…
    Now if everybody could just get it through their heads that it’s fine for women to be women, a little ditzy is OK….
    You’re on a roll…
    I would ad, the Female is the most effective and sought-after demographic on the planet…
    When it comes to political power, negroes and homosexuals pale in significance by comparison to the Female….

  22. on truthseeker: Biden completely forgets what he’s talking about and mumbles incoherently at camera in excruciating press conference

    “…If you hold near and dear to you that you uh um like to be able to um….” Biden said, before concluding “anyway.”

    … but skip down to the comment by White Elephant (on March 26, 2021 at 1:24 pm).

    the non-retarded, non-vaccinated are clear and present danger, must be doxxed, rounded up and exterminated before they infect the rest of the herd.

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