Russia’s Policy of Peace is Encouraging War

The author of this article argues that Putin, far from defending his Iranian ally against the US and Israel, is turning a blind eye to US and Israeli attacks on Iranian interests in Syria. This will soon give the US and Israeli warmongers, he suggests, the confidence to launch a full-scale attack on Iran itself and attempt to drive Hezbollah out of Lebanon. Result: game, set and match to Israel. Is this assessment correct, and is Putin secretly in cahoots with the US and Israel?  DISCUSS.  

Paul Craig Roberts
Information Clearing House
February 28, 2021

According to Paul Craig Roberts, Russia is failing to protect Iran’s interests in Syria. The Israelis want to drive Iranian forces protecting Syria out of Syria and they also want to drive Hezbollah out of Lebanon. The result would be the first steps to a Greater Israel in the Middle East.

On February 25 the election thief ordered a US air attack on Syria that killed 17 Iranians. US and Israeli attacks on Syria have been ongoing for years with no consequences other than Syrian and Russian denunciations of the US and Israeli violations of international law.  Clearly, the US/lsraeli agenda takes priority over international law.  One would think that after all these years, the Kremlin would have noticed that and cease sounding like an ineffective broken record.

After years of hesitation, Russia finally permitted Syria to obtain S-300 missiles, which, if they are permitted to be used, are capable of preventing US and Israeli attacks.  As the missiles are never used, Washington regards them as just another bluff by a cowardly Russian government that won’t fight.

Andrew Korybko, an American Moscow-based political analyst, tries to find a Russian policy in Russia’s protection of US and Israeli attacks on Syria.  He acknowledges that while Russia officially regards Israeli and US attacks on Syrian territory as violations of international law, “it never does anything to stop them.”  He points to “the objectively existing and easily verifiable fact that the S-300s have never even once been used to defend Syria since they were dispatched there in late 2018 for that explicit purpose” as evidence that Moscow is “passively facilitating those strikes.”

Korybko postulates that the Kremlin’s toleration of the strikes is part of a Russian “grand strategic ‘balancing act’ of trying to promote a so-called ‘compromise political solution’ to the country’s conflict, one which envisions the eventual withdrawal of Iranian forces and their allies such as Hezbollah in possible exchange for Israel and the US stopping their conventional aggression against the Arab Republic.

In other words, he suggests Kremlin complicity with Israel in driving out Syria’s Iranian ally: “the Kremlin continues to deny the SAA the right to use the S-300s for the purpose of defending its allies from Israeli and American attacks against them. This observation very strongly suggests that Russia is pursuing a Machiavellian strategy whereby it unofficially hopes that Israeli and American strikes will result in Iran and Hezbollah’s forced withdrawal from Syria.

If Korybko is even partially correct, the Kremlin does not understand American and Israeli aggression.  The Kremlin’s failure to understand the enemy is what will lead to war, not Syria’s use of the S-300s to defend its terrority from attack.

If it is OK to attack Iranians and Hezbollah in Syria, Washington will conclude that it is OK to attack Iranians in Iran, and Hezbollah in Lebanon.  This will expand violence and instability, not reduce it. Hezbollah is all that prevents another Israeli invasion of Lebanon and the partition of that country.  The Russian posture in the Middle East is so weak that it encourages more US/Israeli attacks.

In other words, instead of defusing the situation the Kremlin’s policy inflames it.

Moreover, what Russian interest is served by driving Syria’s Iranian and Hezbollah allies out of Syria?  Only Washington and Israel’s interests are served. Russia’s policy, as postulated by Korybko, implies that Russia agrees that Iran and Hezbollah need to be curbed. Therefore, Hezbollah can be attacked in Lebanon as well as in Syria, and Iranians can be attacked in Iran as well as in Syria.  Russia’s policy as portrayed by Korybko can only be a failure.

Washington and Israel will continue their attacks, because they know that there will be no consequences but words.

The Kremlin needs to consider which policy is the least risky: continuing to fire off ineffectual words or missiles that make attacks costly.  The easiest and surest way to establish peace in the Middle East is the announcement of a Russian/Chinese/Iranian/Syrian mutual defense pact with NATO’s banner that an attack on one is an attack on all.

The accusation that this would lead to war can be answered with a question: why then hasn’t NATO led to war?  If war is likely to be the result of an attack, an aggressor thinks more than once about an attack.  As long as aggression is tolerated, it grows until it has to be resisted. This has been the official narrative of World War II for three-quarters of a century.

The Kremlin could begin by comprehending that 90% of US Middle East policy is determined by Israel and Israel’s US agents, the zionist neoconservatives.  Biden’s regime is stocked up with them.

Israel wants Greater Israel, and the neoconservatives want US hegemony in the Middle East in order to give Israel what it wants.  Israel has been slowly and patiently stealing Palestine for decades and now wants to move faster.  Washington’s destruction of Iraq and Libya moved the plan forward.  Syria’s destruction was in the works until Russia intervened and prevented it.  But Syria is still partly a partitioned country, and Syria, Hezbollah in southern Lebanon, and Iran are the remaining obstacles to US and Israeli hegemony in the Middle East.

If this hegemony is achieved, Russia can expect Washington’s subversion of Muslims in the Federation and in the former Soviet Asian republics.

As US General Tod D. Wolters again told the Russians three days ago, apparently to no effect, the United States regards Russia as “an enduring existential threat to the United States”

The inability of Russia to come to terms with this fact will result in war.


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  1. The problem with The Kremlin is only one. Putin has tried over the years, to make believe that he is independent, and that he makes all decisions “For the Good of Russia and her allies” without success. His efforts does not hide the fact that he is part of a “Good Cop-Bad-Cop” strategy by the Deep State, which has not allowed him much room or latitude to be “inventive”
    That is why he most of the time appearing like another character from the Muppet Show, thus embarrassing himself. Sometimes he is like “Sam Eagle” (Aloof, serious, bossy, and “Bad-ass-like” ) Sometimes his efforts make him look comical “ Fozzie Bear” ( Undecided, overwhelmed, dazed, and timid) or “The Great Gonzo” ( Totally out of script) All because, the role he is playing is fakery, just as the one played by the leaders of the U.S.A, the so-called; “The Policeman Of The World” His efforts in Syria and Iran, are not based on genuine interest to midwife peace. He is part of the World leadership, which has no authority, who wait until the “Unknown Superiors” dictate policy. Their comical impotence becomes self-evident to those interested in digging deeper. Those who watched G. W. Bush , Tony Blair and General Powell sell the Iraqi War had enough lessons to confirm the Muppet nature of our leaders. That includes Putin. Who can take him seriously, except a fool?

    1. Yes Bigfoot, they’re all deep-state.

      The only problem with your “analysis”, however, is that there are TWO “Deep States” – one beholden to Satan and one beholden to God. The West, needless to say, is beholden to Satan whereas Russia is not.

      Hope that helps clarify things for you.

      1. Realist,
        There is only One Deep State, and that is the Anglo-American-Jewish Alliance made up of Kabbalist Jewish Illuminati Sabbatean Frankists Bloodlines Of International Bankers They call themselves “The Grand Dukes”, “The Elders of Zion”, “The Sanhedrin” “ The Zionists” “The Communist International) Centralized at The City Of London, known as “The Crown Corporation” They have intermarried with all European Aristocracy, and there is no difference between the Elite Jewry and the Aristocracy. They are the same. They are the secret controllers of everything moving towards Global Dictatorship. They are Satanists, meaning that they are pure materialists. Of Course Jews are very much involved, but I would wager that their role is no more superior than the role of Freemasons. Just ask yourselves, if Illuminati Bankers loved the Jews, and they found them a “Homeland” do you not think that this “Homeland” leave the Jews like seating ducks? So much for Illuminati love for the Jews! Russia is beholden to the World Elite Jewry, ever since they installed Communism. They later metamorphosed into the “Russian Mafia” which owns Russia, and Putin can do Nada!


    Putin is on intimate terms with the head of the largest faction of Russian Jewry, the Chabad Lubavitchers. The Rebbe relates how when young Vlad was hungry, they fed him and he has felt gratitude ever since. Maybe they’re still feeding him? Apparently, this sect is on the forefront of the NWO.

    “The ancestry of Vladimir Putin has been described as a mystery with no records surviving of any ancestors of any people with the surname ‘Putin’ beyond his grandfather Spiridon Ivanovich.”

    And there is something interesting about his grandfather Spiridon…

    “Vladimir Putin’s paternal grandfather, Spiridon Ivanovich Putin (1879–1965), was a chef who at one time or another cooked for Vladimir Lenin, Lenin’s wife Nadezhda Krupskaya, and on several occasions for Joseph Stalin.”

    So Putin’s grandfather had personal connections with both Lenin and Stalin.
    and he was trusted enough by them to be allowed to cook their meals.


    1. Premanidhi, some of the arguments in that redefining god link are pretty persuasive, some less so.
      It will take more to convince me, especially when reading the rest, about how Putin’s grandfather was the only one entrusted by both Lenin and Stalin to cook their meals.
      A few points to consider:
      Spiridon is a very Christian name, of St Spiridon a 4th century Greek martyred by Diocletian. The etymology is shared by Latin “Spiritus”, i.e., spirit.
      Next, while Lenin was a 1/4 Jew designated to spearhead Jew destruction of Tsardom (did an “admirable” job), he became an obstacle to their further designs to promote expansionist jews like Trotsky and Zinoviev to lead the globalist revolution and usher in the world rule of Moshiach, so that Fanya Kaplan took a shot at him in 1919 during a speech and seriously wounded him (the bullet could not be extracted and he only lived a couple more years). He understood who was behind it, barricaded himself in Kremlin and appointed Stalin (a gentile) as his deputy who would later clean the house. Thus, for someone to be trustworthy enough to cook all their meals, he had to be as far removed from Judean hive as possible.
      Equivalently in contemporary times, Trump would only eat meals randomly ordered from McDonald’s—note that down at his Mar-a-Lago residence he does not eat McDonald’s garbage.

      Sooo … I dunno, whatever rabbis may or may not have implied, the logic does not follow.
      I also note that the “Jew” epithet is often applied to someone Jews wish to discredit in eyes of the goyim, such as Hitler, Saddam or Gaddafi, all of whom were eventually sacrificed on that same altar whose use-by date expired. The Protocols talk about this at some length.

  3. many angles gone by the board, unconsidered here, i will point out just a couple.
    First, the claim that EVERYONE of note is a Deep State swamp snorkeler: Biden, Trump, Putin, Xi, all beholden to the identical master Rothschild, the single eye of the pyramid, Jacob about to “smite Essau in great wrath in happy anticipation of Moshich” but for the fact … that … that … help me, I always get stuck on this line.
    WHAT IS PREVENTING THEM FROM OVERWHELMING WHATEVER PUNY RESISTANCE REMAINS (Syria, Iran and Mauritius …), why are they so scared and hesitant to act, given that Antichrist Moshiach is chomping at the bit to declare game over like Dubya famously did on board of an aircraft carrier back in 2004.
    Let me take stock of the resistance troops: Lobro, Pat, Gilbert, Max, TROJ and maybe few dozen more (feel free to put an upper bound on this force of rebel keyboard pilots.)
    Yes, if not for them, the darkness of eternal goy slavery prophesied and urgently prayed for for so long would have descended long ago.
    But despite trillions spent on armaments, space force, specialist assassination death squads (what are they called, Kidon, Sayonara Mezcal, can’t be bothered to remember their rancid trademarks), they are impotent, we are holding the line, no home run for you Baruch.
    A likely story, what can I say.

    Any alternatives, however less viable?
    How about the fact that when facing brute power, war must be waged by deception as taught by Sun Tzu.
    In fact, combat, politics and diplomacy are heads of the same snake and to casually disregard them in favor of sweeping declarations is intellectual laziness.
    My guess is that Putin and Xi are playing this game, Lavrov one of history’s great diplomats as was Trump, though vastly outnumbered and overpowered by the Jew machine—a useful exercise is to compare headlines from exactly 4 years ago after his inauguration with the ones today relative to Biden—goon, tell me there is no difference.
    As for a dozen bodies here and there causing so much racket, consider what happens in an actual war … a million dead or more at the siege of Stalingrad or Battle of Bulge or Crimean carnage, Atilla The Hun … those are the numbers that pad the regular butcher’s bill.
    And the power operating the Biden remote is jockeying for a shot at those numbers and much greater.
    For the flavor, fast forward to ≈51:45 here … talking about more than a dozen bodies.
    EVERY Christian (Edom/Essau/Amalek, i lose track of all the derogatory names) is targeted for liquidation—the massacre of the Bolshevik Russia and Armenia in Anatolia were just a dress rehearsal.
    If they are allowed to win.

    1. Lobro –
      You asked (without using ‘?’):
      “WHAT IS PREVENTING THEM FROM OVERWHELMING WHATEVER PUNY RESISTANCE REMAINS (Syria, Iran and Mauritius …), why are they so scared and hesitant to act, given that Antichrist Moshiach is chomping at the bit to declare game over like Dubya famously did on board of an aircraft carrier back in 2004.”

      They are not “scared and hesitant” at all. They are cunning….. and can finally control the weather ‘much mo bettah’ 🙂 now.

      Iranian general blames water woes on Israeli ‘cloud theft’ (2018)

      But country’s(israel) chief meteorologist disputes claim, says clouds and snow can’t be stolen.

      Ahmadinejad accuses the West of ‘stealing Iran’s rain’ AGAIN (2012)

      Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has accused the West of deliberately destroying rain clouds headed for Iran as part of efforts to plunge the country into drought.

      The Iranian president’s latest outburst came as he made a speech addressing the problems caused by low rainfall trends, which experts say are threatening Iran’s agriculture.

      ‘Today our country is moving towards drought, which is partly unintentional due to industry and partly intentional, as a result of the enemy destroying the clouds moving towards our country and this is a war that Iran is going to overcome,’ said Mr Ahmadinejad in a speech in the Caspian Sea city of Gonbad-e Kavus to mark its registration as a Unesco World Heritage site.

      November 2020……. Just 3 months ago:
      ‘SOLAR DIMMING’ is the new term for increasing earth’s albedo, its reflectivity.
      Solar Radiation Management IS real!!

      “Geoengineering Watch: Our First Ever High Altitude Atmospheric Testing” (2020)

      The twelve minute video below is an insight segment from the under production ground breaking climate engineering exposé documentary titled “The Dimming”:

      1. Errmm Pat….

        I was about to congratulate you on actually posting a comment, for the FIRST time that I’m aware of, WITHOUT a “security blanket” link…. and then I scrolled down past that first paragraph🙄

      2. Folks,
        Donaldo will not involve himself in Israeli politics. But will only observe that MOST Jews living in the diaspora aren’t interested in Israel at all. For us, life goes on. Most Jews just want to prosper AND we do. Will there ever be a GREATER Israel? Donaldo doesn’t know. But it seems as if Israel is unable to manage it’s own problems as borders already exist. Will a GREATER Israel one-day exist? Maybe. But even a greater head-ache for white-ass Bibi who doesn’t even hold the Jewish people in high regard because he, himself, is a d.ckhole imposter masquerading as a Jew. 🤔🤨🤠

      3. Realist –

        Please feel free to not read what I write.

        You were not here years ago. For a long time I wrote quite a lot without links and all except HP and BHawk and few others moaned and groaned that I had no proof because I presented facts that they could not handle. They would cry, “PROVE IT!!” And, “WHAT IS THE LINK FOR THAT ONE??” Or, “YOU MADE THAT UP !!”
        I provide links to keep the whining down. BUT…
        ….. YOU WHINE NOW!! 💥 😉

        Take this one with ya….!!

        PCR wrote:
        “One would think that after all these years, the Kremlin would have noticed that and cease sounding like an ineffective broken record.”

        The puny punk criminal ’Put-On’ is Anointed King, but Big Capital has the Real Power! He has been bluffing all along.

        “Russian oligarchs needed a stronger central state to defend their class interests, but Putin’s individual power should not be exaggerated.”

        Interview in July 2018:

        Short clip:

        PAUL JAY: “During the ’90s, they have this asset-grab.”
        ALEXANDER BUZGALIN: “Yeah, they had ten years, nearly ten years of permanent re-division of the markets, of the infrastructure, of the power, with criminal conflicts, with bloody victims, and with terrible disorder. But when primitive accumulation of capital is finishing, it’s necessary to have stabilization of rules of the game and it’s necessary to have political order. And Putin became symbol of this new era, not creator, but symbol, I don’t know, top representative, but not master of the game. It’s a big mistake, everybody thinks that the real power in Russia belongs to Putin. NO. Real power still belongs to the big capital, together with top bureaucrats who became more powerful than before. But this is one new start. And this start is really master of Russian economy and Russian social and political life. And Putin is symbol.”

        Buzgalin knows….. and PCR doesn’t know…..
        ”….. And Putin is symbol.”

  4. If Putin is so under the control of the jews then why did the jews who control Putin allow him to send the Russian military into Syria? The jews controlling Putin had to know that sending the Russian military into Syria would undermine the jew oded yinon plan to takeover Syria. Why would the jews undermine their jew plan for Syria? Why would the jews undermine themselves and make it more difficult for themselves to achieve their jew goal of taking over Syria?

    To those who want to make the case that Putin is a puppet of the jews, you have to explain why the jews controlling Putin wanted to intervene in Syria which greatly hindered the jew oded yinon plan for the jew takeover of Syria and made it a lot more difficult for the jews to achieve their jew goals for Syria and the whole Middle East.

    It doesn’t make sense to say Putin is controlled by jews and not explain him intervening in Syria, interfering with the jews’ oded yinon plan for Syria. Again, why would the jews controlling Putin want to interfere in their jew tribe’s oded yinon plan for Syria? If the Russians hadn’t interfered in Syria then the jews would be ruling Syria right now.

    If Putin is controlled by the jews it needs to be explained why the jews controlling Putin wanted Putin to intervene in Syria making it much more difficult for the jews to achieve their jew goal of taking over Syria.

    I’m not saying Putin isn’t controlled by the jews, I don’t know if he is or isn’t. I’m just saying it doesn’t make sense to say he’s controlled by the jews without explaining why the jews controlling him wanted him to throw a giant wrench into the jew tribe’s plan for Syria, especially when it looked like the jews were on the verge of taking over Syria. Why would the jews intentionally defeat their own plan for Syria? It doesn’t make sense and it needs to be explained.

    1. They allowed Putin to send the russian military to Syria so that the russian military and Putin can betray Syria

  5. This article demonstrates what I have written for over two decades.

    Russia is a satellite of the US!! The American Chamber of Commerce has over 500 MEMBERS! 💪

    Neither US nor Israel will be attacked by puny punk Chabadist ‘Put-On’ the Kremlin Kriminal thug.

    1. I think you have to read more of PCR to understand what he has been saying for several years. Roberts and the late Jude Wanniski were proponents of supply side economics. Wanniski was an advisor to the Russians. Both opposed the Clinton induced massacre of the old Soviet style economy as proposed and carried out by the Clintonites. Their view was that the shift to a “capitalist” economy had to be organic, and that if it was, both the US and Russia would benefit. If it wasn’t (as what happened) there would be a backlash from the Russians who suffered, which there was.
      There is no question that there are a lot of “Atlantacists” in Russia, Navalny being one of the stooges. Yes, Putin is in a bind and not all powerful, but he is juggling many balls. There are many in Russia wanting him to re-nationalize the central bank, something that has been creeping along for some time.
      Anyway, back to PCR. His message has been consistent for over a decade – US foreign policy, irrespective of the President, is fundamentally anti-Russian, as long as Russia, or any other country, is not a vassal state. He noted that Reagan wanted to “end” the Cold War and mutually assured destruction, but Bush and moreso Clinton took “end” to mean “win” the Cold War by turning mutually assured destruction into you will be destroyed.
      Of course the US or Israel will not be attacked, or at least, not first, but Uncle Shmuel does not have the patience of Russia, China, or Iran, all of whom play the long game.

      1. C –

        “I think you have to read more of PCR to understand what he has been saying for several years.”

        I agree! Great point!

        I have been reading his comments for decades. When I have just changed the names in his articles…. the narratives are almost the same. Saves time and writing efforts. 🙂 His articles are akin to warm milk toast, just like most UC Berkley, Oxford and Georgetown alumni, as he is. He writes within his fences to protect his HUGE retirement benefits and his person and his cat. Face it…. That puts him in the category of a government controlled agent.

        “Yes, Putin is in a bind….” and many RUSSIANS want him out of office.

        ”Putin, a criminal and incompetent president, is an enemy of his own people!!!”

        Putin, 67, has run Russia, as president and prime minister, for 21 years, a feat of political longevity surpassed only by Joseph Stalin. Like Stalin, he has made many enemies and caused untold misery along the way.

        Russia under Putin’s grim tutelage has grown notorious for cronyism and corruption on a vast scale, repression of domestic opponents and free speech, and military aggression and disruption abroad.

        Puny Punk Criminal Dictator ‘Put-On’ is as much beholden to Russian jew oligarchs’ commercial interests as those in the West, including the US. He will never shoot Israeli jets which could kill jew pilots – reviving the insane Holocaust issues, as he supports the jews’ lies. He is in Syria, not to fight ISIS or save any regime – but to assert Russia’s Soviet era influence in the Mideast… AND to control the oil & gas pipelines there. Along with his banks.

  6. pooteen is stoopid for not listening to paul craig roberts the Noosphere’s International Geo-Political expert! Your average Darkmooner is much smarta than pooteen who is a, lol, a stoopid vodka drunk, typical russkie, lol….

  7. Has Paul Craig Roberts ever criticized his boss “Saint” Ronnie for allowing the JEW COMMUNISTS of the Soviet Union into the United States when “Saint” Ronnie defeated “the evil empire” ? “Saint” Ronnie “defeated” the evil empire — by inviting the evil empire to move to Washington. Some defeat of the evil JEW COMMUNIST empire.

  8. On February 25 the election thief ordered a US air attack on Syria that killed 17 Iranians. US and Israeli attacks on Syria have been ongoing for years with no consequences other than Syrian and Russian denunciations of the US and Israeli violations of international law.

    How come when trump (the election thief who defrauded the voters with a bait and switch campaign) did the exact same thing, several times, Roberts blamed “Washington” or Trump’s appointees for it? How come obama was the evil “white house fool” who was fully responsible for his own actions, biden is an evil “election thief” who is fully responsible for his own actions (and rightfully so for both) but trump was just a hapless good guy in a bad situation – and therefore blameless for everything that happened during his term?

    That said I fully agree with Roberts; every U.S. “government” crime that goes unanswered invites the next crime. I don’t know why Putin has allowed the situation to continue to deteriorate so much when the evil agenda of the U.S. “government” has never been so obvious and its provocations so brazen and reckless; especially as they come at a time when Russia’s apparent military advantage (probably at least a 10 year lead in missile, missile defense and electronic warfare technology) has never been so great.

    Perhaps Putin is restrained because he believes that the U.S. will continue to crumble from within and at some point cease to be a threat to all life on earth before he is forced to directly confront the monster. If so I believe he is wrong as the madmen running the crumbling, weakening empire will probably take even greater risks when they feel they have nothing to lose in their obviously failing quest for complete world domination and control.

    Anyway, I honestly thought Trump would be the one who would start a war which would lead to WW3, and I’m glad I was wrong (although I believe that if Iran had retaliated in kind for the assassination of General Soleimani, i.e. spilled blood, it would’ve happened). How lucky for the whole world it didn’t happen so far, but how much longer can things go on this way if sleazy joe biden is going to pick up where trump left off and continue to escalate everywhere, which seems to be the case?

    1. I don’t see the election thief Biden “continuing” anything of Trump. In fact, he is DIScontinuing whatever Trump did which kept us OUT of war…

      1. Well biden is keeping trump’s tariffs on Chinese products, and refuses to deescalate tensions with China, especially the military tensions that trump stoked up; biden attacked Syria just like Trump routinely did; biden is apparently not willing to lift trump’s sanctions on Iran and he is apparently following trump’s lead and refusing to reenter the JCPOA agreement; I don’t see any indication that biden is going to renegotiate the INF treaty with Russia that trump foolishly exited; biden’s stance on Russia is at least as bad as trump’s; biden pledged to continue the wrongheaded effort to extradite Julian Assange; and biden is following trump’s lead in Venezuela by refusing to lift sanctions and supporting guaido.

        So I’m not sure how you arrived at the view that he is not “continuing anything of Trump.”

      2. I guess I’m thinking more about domestic issues – like the oil pipeline, foreign aid, and gun control. Thief Biden is well on the way to causing a DOMESTIC war, which will become a sorry state of affairs.

      3. (all highlights and caps mine)

        How come when trump (the election thief who defrauded the voters with a bait and switch campaign) did the exact same thing, several times, Roberts blamed “Washington” or Trump’s appointees for it?

        SEVERAL times = TWO times, misleading language.

        Total number of human deaths in two sets of cruise missile strikes in 2017 and 2018) is NINE plus THREE injured according to Syrian government. So Trump’s (as per direct orders) tally over a 4 year term was doubled by Biden within 6 weeks in the office.

        Next, The long list of Trump administration officials turned critics
        a few examples

        In 2018, Mattis wrote a scathing resignation letter, writing that his views were not aligned with Trump’s, SPURRED BY THE PRESIDENT’S PLANS TO WITHDRAW TROOPS FROM SYRIA.

        Navy Secretary Richard V. Spencer, White House chief of staff John Kelly, national security adviser H.R. McMaster, Homeland Security adviser Tom Bossert, (”Bossert has also criticized Trump for not wearing a face mask in public amid the coronavirus pandemic.”*LOL*), Cliff Sims, special assistant to the President, two directors of communications;
        Omarosa Manigault Newman and Anthony Scaramucci, Gary Cohn, National Economic Council director, White House counsel Ty Cobb ( “Bob Mueller is an American hero in my view,”), Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Gina Haspel,

        In his first public remarks after being asked to resign, Bolton STRONGLY DISAGREED WITH TRUMP’S NORTH KOREA POLICY.

        US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley:

        Haley said the PRESIDENT’S DECISION TO REMOVE US TROOPS FROM NORTHERN SYRIA during Turkey’s plans to launch a military offensive in the region would equate to the US leaving its Kurdish allies “to die.”

        And saving the best for the last:

        In the op-ed, the author claimed ADMINISTRATION OFFICIALS “ARE WORKING DILIGENTLY FROM WITHIN TO FRUSTRATE PARTS OF [TRUMP’S] AGENDA AND HIS WORST INCLINATIONS,” adding that “the president continues to act in a manner that is detrimental to the health of our republic.”
        In their book, the anonymous senior administration official claimed that MEMBERS OF TRUMP’S TEAM CONSIDERED SABOTAGING HIM TO PROMPT HIS RESIGNATION FROM OFFICE, that some in the President’s inner circle worried he was in the pocket of Putin, and that many administration officials kept letters of resignation in their desks or on their laptops.

        And we didn’t even touch on the unhinged attacks by the media, e.g., Russiagate, what they did to Trump’s right hand man General Flynn who did absolutely nothing wrong, whereas shabbo ghouls like Strzok, Comey, Brennan, Clapper, McCabe, Orr, Lynch, Vindeman, Yovanovich … a long list of Obama appointees, all got off scot-free.
        So, to wrap up, HS maintains that Biden is at worst as bad but no worse than Trump who of course is the worst US president in history.
        I think that this exchange is worth bookmarking and revisiting in 4 years time.
        I am curious how the Jew Lügenpresse will treat Biden; same as Trump?
        Will Biden’s appointees stab him in the back during and after their tenure like Trump’s did, will they obstruct his stated policies at every turn?
        How many cabinet secretaries will quit because Biden wishes to withdraw from Syria or anywhere for that matter?

        Let’s see.

      1. In your precious Wikipedia article, the name “TRUMP” is mentioned ONCE, in connection with April 7, 2017 attack which he personally ordered. I note another one with his direct approval (not mentioned) a year later, April 14, 2018.
        The rest of them were actions carried out by field commanders on thei own without Trump’s prior knowledge.
        Most of the sane world understands that army does not require Trump’s Executive Order every time they go for a piss.

        By now you should know better than to challenge me with your ignorant, stale MSM Trump Derangement Syndrome bullshit.

      2. Well said, Harold! You have been consistent at all times. Your hate-filled critics on this site command no respect whatever from most readers. Your excellent comments (and articles) belong in a class of their own.

      3. @ Lobro

        In your precious Wikipedia article, the name “TRUMP” is mentioned ONCE

        Yo shit for brains, for the Nth time:

        The occupation of Syria and any and all acts of aggression committed there by U.S. forces and/or their proxy forces are illegal, unconstitutional and immoral.

        Trump promised to quit the nation-building, end the endless wars and cooperate with Russia in Syria. He promised diplomacy and peace.

        As is now painfully obvious to most everyone here except you, you flaming asshole, trump did nothing of the kind. Instead, Trump defrauded his supporters, betrayed his election mandate and betrayed his oath to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

        Thus every single crime committed by U.S. forces in Syria between January 20, 2017 and January 20, 2021 is Trump’s direct personal responsibility, regardless of any spin the liars, murderers and thieves tried to put on it. Every person directly or indirectly killed by U.S. forces or their terrorist proxies during trump’s term is the victim of a depraved heart murder committed by trump.

        Being that you have nothing meaningful to add to anything here, please do the darkmoon readership a favor and crawl back up your ass and disappear again.

        1. @ Harold Smith

          Beautifully put, Harold. Your sentiments are applauded by just about everyone else here with a grain of common sense. Unfortunately, it will give this sanctimonious hypocrite the opportunity to indulge in more virtue signalling, claiming your “ad hominem attack” on him disqualifies you at once from all civilized discourse.

          Wait for it! 🙂

  9. If Korybko is even partially correct, the Kremlin does not understand American and Israeli aggression.

    Paul Craig Roberts

    If the Kremlin does understand American and Israeli aggression, then Korybko is not even partially correct.


    Now I would like to address the following questions to darkmoon dwellers, in particular, to my brother Lobro, who is – in his own estimation – quite good at the art of reasoning:

    (1) Are the above two assertions logically equivalent statements? In other words, are they of the same truth value?

    (2) If they are, why – in your opinion – PCR went with the first version of the statement rather than the second one?

    (3) How likely it is that two farts (one Korybko + one PCR) understand this very complicated (!) thing called “American and Israeli aggression” while the whole of Kremlin – with hundreds of years of experience in political state struggle under its belt – does not understand it?

    1. (1) yes, they are logically equivalent
      (2) PCR sides with Korbyko on that issue rather than opposing him
      (3) I agree, … but
      whether they are “farts” or not is not part of civilized discussion where everyone can state his opinion without being gratuitously insulted—too many posters base their entire online career on that unworthy gimmick which imo cuts both ways, i.e., debases the caller as much or more than the intended target.
      Look at the post, you were quite right (x3) but then totally needlessly dropped a 1-word-4-letter turd into the punch bowl—bad form.

      When people resort to ad hominem, freely borrowing the Mark Of The Jew (I could write quite an article on that), it indicates that their tank is empty and they are running on fumes.
      Which is why I never cease admonishing people against it—IT IS NOT THE GENTILE WAY NOR WAS IT EVER IN HISTORY UNTIL RECENTLY.
      At least do it in spirit of fun like TROJ when inspired (his aborted stuff that never sees the light of day, for which we are all thankful to Toby notwithstanding).

      Btw, I know (by way of correspondence, not personally) Andrew Korbyko and we are friends even though we disagree quite often.

      1. @Lobro

        (3) I agree, … but
        whether they are “farts” or not is not part of civilized discussion where everyone can state his opinion without being gratuitously insulted—too many posters base their entire online career on that unworthy gimmick which imo cuts both ways, i.e., debases the caller as much or more than the intended target.

        I stand corrected. That’s what a brother is for: to correct his brother when he is wrong… without insulting and putting him down.

  10. The Russians don’t “allow” the Syrians to use the S-300 because they know it will be an over-all failure at stopping 5-th generation and likely even advanced 4++ air assaults.
    Who actually thinks they haven’t selectively tried, many times.

    Russia makes a ton of money selling S-300 in all its many variations to many nations. High price sales of S-300 missile systems to other nations will drop off the cliff if these systems are demonstrated to be insufficient to consistently protect an airfield, a base or a palace from sneak attack, what to say of an all-out blitz.

    Same scenario with the far more expensive and far more advanced S-400 (Triumf) missile system soon to be for sale to the wider market. Also no doubt be heavily promoted as a new and improved version capable of shooting down B-2, F-22, F-35! (uh-huh)

    Think about it. Is it logical, more advantageous and waaay more profitable for Russia to not use these (unproven against 5-th generation) AA systems or to use them and fail regularly at a rate unacceptable to the customers and their bank accounts?

    So bluffing as usual (and fingers crossed) seems like the sensible, logical approach.

    1. Homer buddy, bad timing🤨 (also for Korbyko and PCR, too many false negatives, back to the drawing board)
      Russia officially announced its readiness to shoot down Israeli planes in case of new raids on Syria (Circ won’t complain about this one).
      Any bets Jews switch to Woody Allen (thick glasses+umbrella+fetal curl) routine?
      Ah well, they can always shoot some preschool Palestinian kids from a safe distance lest some thrown rocks usher in Another🧟 Holocaust🏧.

      1. Lobro, they can announce anything they want to announce and they obviously do, but following through on this particular announcement is a whole different ball of wax.

        Trying and failing or just achieving minimal results in shooting down Israeli aircraft will only weaken their bargaining positions in several areas, not the least of which will be future arms sales. Huge sales. Akin to shooting themselves in both feet.

        But if they really believe they can pull it off; go for it!
        (they don’t believe it)

  11. Exactly what’s happening in Syria none of us know, except that it is another big cash cow for the warmongers…
    And exactly who are all the players we won’t know either until they’re all required to submit their dna…
    We can probably all get it that war means different things to different people…
    Those who stand to keep the flows of money generated by it going into their own pockets do not see war the same as the innocent civilians or even the soldiers about to be maimed and killed by it…
    It’s just too bad there isn’t a rule that says all politicians and war contractors’ relatives have to be given combat assignments every time there’s another conflict contrived wherever…
    If Putin or Trump or any of these other world leaders were actually independent and genuinely motivated to bring peace to the world, as we believe JFK was, they would all call a conference and keep it convened until they figured out how to get there… All the media would be invited and their mode of participation would be modified innovatively…
    When the president of the USA calls a press conference he should inform the media people that he’s only taking questions/suggestions about how the usa will make progress toward disarmament and world peace…
    Failing that, such a conference is something the religious leaders of the world could do too…
    It isn’t as if they don’t have the dough to afford the venue…
    Or maybe all the fantastically wealthy rock stars and Hollywood celebs, since they’re so full of advice…
    Of course such a symposium would get to the real reasons we still have war and out the culprits…
    We only still have it because some people want it…

    1. “Exactly what’s happening in Syria NONE OF US KNOW….”

      Do you actually now presume to speak for everyone?

      1. My opinion bro… Not trying to put words in your mouth…
        Unless we’re all privy to every intel summation, from both sides from the gitgo, and unless we understand what’s really motivating the politicos supposedly in charge, and get every angle driving the business side of it, then I don’t think our opinions, which we can only gather from the usual media sources, are sufficiently informed, nothing to boast about…

  12. All the world’s a stage with actors cast as the nations leaders and politicians. Question: Who’s writing the script for this little drama?

  13. Although some claim Putin is just simply another Jew or Jew puppet acting in the giant Kosher political play to set up WW3, I am starting to believe otherwise. In fact, Putin seems to only be getting in the way of the Jews and their plans to attack Iran and Syria.Do you think Putin is unaware of these pamphlets, that clearly show that Israel and America are behind ISIS? Do you think Putin is a secret crypto-Jew working for the Jew?
    Only a few decades later, the USSR collapsed. Why would the Jews destroy their own empire on purpose? The Jews basically had the largest, most resourceful country on this planet and they still screwed it up, yet we are supposed to believe that they somehow still control it when Russia has restored the Russian Orthodox Church, has talked about restoring the Romanov family, made homo propaganda illegal and is staunchly opposed to Western (Jew) imperialism.The more I see Putin get in the Jews’ way, the more I believe that he has nothing to do with them. But yet some will continue to insist that all of this is just part of a giant conspiracy, that Jews will purposely throw wrenches in their own plans just to trick the goyim, when they really don’t have to do that at all. The Jews could have easily lied over and over via the media about anything to get their war with Syria, and the supposedly Jew-controlled Putin would have gone with it. But as we have witnessed, Putin stepped in and prevented that war from happening and is now actually destroying the Jew-terrorists while Jew-America continues to support them.As we all know, Putin has certainly done some odd things, like wearing a yamaka, hanging out with some rabbis, and even passed Holocaust denial laws, but what is a possible Jew-wise politician supposed to do when he knows that being openly anti-Jew would thwart all of his plans?

    What good would it be to tell the Russian people that they were the bad guys in WW2 and that there was no Holocaust? In the mind of a politician, these facts don’t matter because they are history. What matters to them is keeping their power, keeping the peace and keeping their people’s morale high. Yet at the same time, Putin had no qualms about publicly stating that 85% of the Soviet government was controlled by Jews, right in front of Jews.
    Now if Putin wants to find a way to usurp global Jewry, would it be logical for him to tell the Jews exactly what he was planing to do, or would it be more logical for him to make them feel comfortable as he slowly moved in to check mate them? Could you expect to win a chess game if you kept telling your opponent what your next move is going to be? No, you couldn’t.

    Remember, the Jews have always befriended their enemies until they were powerful enough to start persecuting and destroying them. When we see a Jew media-mogul hugging 50 Cent, are we supposed to believe that he actually likes him and other black goyim? When Jews open up hospitals or schools for the goyim, are we supposed to believe they actually care for our education and our health?


    So to say it is impossible for Putin (or any possible secretly Jew-wise politician out there today) to be anti-Jewish supremacy just because he placates Jews at times, while totally opposing their globalist plans with other actions in almost every way, would be a contradiction in thinking.

    Jews didn’t run around telling anyone what they were really up to, yet we foolishly believe if there are Jew-wise politicians out there, that they will all pull a Hitler and tell the truth openly as if anyone in today’s politics is in a position to do so.

    The most logical way to destroy Jewish power is to Jew them out of it like they did to us. I know that this may sound “un-Aryan” or “sinful,” but that’s how politicians operate in this political world that the Jew has created.

    One of the main reasons why the Jews were able to usurp us in the first place was because we are honorable and gullible people who don’t like to lie. But in war, is it logical to tell your enemy the truth? Can you expect to win a war against your enemy while handing them all of your intelligence? Of course not. Yet some in the pro-White movement insist that unless our possible Jew-wise politicians do just that, then they are useless. I say these pro-Whites have no concept of any strategy whatsoever and live in a fantasy world.

    Furthermore, a Jew-wise politician wouldn’t actually be lying to us, rather, he would be lying to the Jews by pretending he is “cool” with them while doing things that benefit us and get in their way. He would attack immigration, usury, push nationalism and so on, without the need to quote Mein Kampf and give straight arm salutes.

    He would use different terminologies and push policies that would bypass the PC system and still achieve the same goals that we would want to be achieved. He would understand that it would not be possible or practical to go from one extreme to another (full Nazi) without the masses rejecting him because of their conditioning, nor being able to pull a coup over night. So what’s to say there are not some out there doing just that? To believe that we can’t Jew the Jew is really an insult to our intelligence. We certainly can and I think we are starting to see that happen more and more, you just have to know what to look for.

    The reason why Jewing the Jew is necessary for today’s Jew-wise politician is because back during Hitler’s time, the world was a different place and the Jews did not have as much control as they do now, so it would be almost impossible to call out the Jew without being totally destroyed by the their media and then hated by your own people. But if someone still insists that all politicians are in the Jews’ pockets, that everything is under their control since the protocols were discovered, and that they create world wars in order to thin-out the goyim herd, then one can also argue that Hitler may have been controlled opposition as well, who led us all into a world war where the best of the gentiles were killed on behalf of the Jews, then fled to Argentina via submarine, then took an alien space craft to live in Antarctica on a secret Nazi base (some idiots actually believe this).
    Where was the controlled opposition in WW1 and WW2? Who would it be in WW3? How can Putin be controlled opposition if he is helping those who oppose Zionism and Jewry? Again, were the Axis controlled opposition? My point is, Putin doesn’t need to even be involved in anything because Iran and Syria can be easily taken out and no one would care due to influence of the Jewish media.

    If Putin was part of the Jew World Order, he would assist in achieving the goal, and not constantly hindering the process. And the fact the Jews have called Putin “the new Hitler,” should also give us a clue. Again, some people have zero concept of strategy. Jews have come into our countries, converted to our religions, changed their names, and even married into our bloodlines to push their agenda, so why is it impossible for us to accept the fact that maybe some gentiles have realized that they only way to beat the Jews is to take on a similar strategy of infiltration?

    Think about it folks, what kind of strategy would it be to literally fall into the Jews’ traps and have your career ended when you can simply shut up, play pretend, then once in power, do whatever you want? Why can’t some of you out there accept the fact that this is a war and we are not supposed to tell our enemies what we are trying to do? Why do some of you think that the Jews are so powerful and control everything that even soccer games are rigged by Jews?Putin is not some Jew puppet and is possibly exercising some sort of strategy to stop the Jews, or at least stop them from controlling his part of the world. No one can know for sure, and only time can tell. But judging by his recent actions and how he seems to be getting in the Jews’ way, when there is no logical reason for them to purposely delay their quest for world domination, it seems more likely that Putin is just an opportunist doing what’s best for his country and wants to protect his sphere of influence.

    However, with that being said, I don’t expect Putin or anyone else to save Europe or our race, which is our responsibility, but I’m glad to see there are others who seem to be against the Jews’ globalism along with us.

    Again, this is just my opinion. I am one who believes that actions speak louder than words. The way I see it, the Jews do not need Putin to start a world war. In fact, if they wanted to invade Iran or Syria, they could have just make up some stupid excuse on the news, said it 6 million times, used a US-lead coalition to blow up Iran and Syria in the name of “democracy,” and then hand it all to Israel.

    But that is not what happened, and it doesn’t seem that is what’s going to happen. Putin stepped in and prevented a full scale war with Syria that all the Jews wanted to happen. Putin backed Iran and Syria which none of the Jews wanted to happen

    1. Excellent post!

      The very fact that ZOGMedia has been on an incessant orgy of Russia-bashing – orchestrated in no small part by the British Bullshit Corporation – ever since Putin relieved the (((oligarchs))) of their Yeltsin-era ill-gotten gains..

      should alert even the dimmest & dumbest that something is amiss with the Axis Of ZOG “Freedom&Democracy” narrative… particularly when a coup had just been conducted in its supposedly prime exemplar… that self-proclaimed “Shining City On The Hill” 🙄

    2. Premanidhi

      “Only a few decades later, the USSR collapsed.”
      Only the WALL was intentionally collapsed. Then, the Russian Federation was formed by USA jews who wrote their Constitution for them. The USA jews established Russia’s jew banking system and jew controlled Russia is following UN Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030. The WALL had to go to do that.

      US Companies own Russian technology as Russia has been a US Colony since 1991, according to a Duma member, Eugene Fedorov!! Fedorov says that the US makes Russia’s law, as they wrote the Russian Constitution in 1993!!
      Evgeny Alekseevich Fedorov is a Deputy of the State Duma (Russia’s House of Representatives), but he is not welcome at the Russian political talk shows, since he does not hide his information and his views. Everyone who wants to get them, can do so by visiting his site: (use google chrome browser to translate if needed)

      Here is a random sample of Eugene Fedorov’s assertions:
      Russia has been a US colony since 1991.Russia lost its sovereignty as a result of the defeat in the 40-year cold war with the United States of America. This is the most important secret in Russia, closed by censorship and propaganda in the media.

      The Russian Academy of Sciences is an element of Russia’s sovereignty. Let us call everything by their proper names:
      1. Colonies are forbidden to have a fundamental science.
      2. The US is increasing the export of our scientists.

      **The Constitution of the Russian Federation was written by the Americans. The US State Department officially admitted that the Constitution of the Russian Federation, as well as a number of key laws of our country, was written by American advisers in 1993.

      Who owns the ruble? The ruble is owned by the Central Bank of Russia, but the Government of the Russian Federation has absolutely no control over the Central Bank!

      Russia faces a national catastrophe. Russia is still “the largest shrapnel of the USSR”, which is yet to become an independent state.

      “Why would the Jews destroy their own empire on purpose?”

      They actually made their holdings even stronger. The oligarchs and bankers had to make the drastic changes to OPENLY allow the hundreds of US businesses to operate in Russia TODAY….. They are using local raw materials at reduced shipping costs…. And jew owned companies get to use Russia’s cheap labor of $5,000 to $10,000 a year, instead of $50,000 to $150,000 a year(more today) in the US. That increases profits & stock values for Wall Street jews around the world!!!

      “The Jews basically had the largest, most resourceful country on this planet and they still screwed it up,”

      They did not “screw it up” at all. They strengthened their control through increased commerce and international jew banking…. By becoming a member of the jew Bank for International Settlements (BIS), they can NOW borrow and use $USD to build their own private $Billion palaces worldwide.

      See the list of BIS members. Russia is there:

      Central Bank of Russia:

      Know this:
      The world is being tricked by jew banking oligarchs!!! 💥 😨

      1. UN Agenda 2030 in Russia…… Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are being implemented RIGHT NOW!!

        –“Main messages for the 2020 Voluntary National Review by the Russian Federation”–

        “The Russian Federation is committed to achieve the goals defined by the international community in the 2030 Agenda.”

        We have been making continued efforts to implement the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the national level. This work has been done as a direct continuation of the activities in the framework of the Millennium Development Goals achievement.

        While the concept of sustainable development was formulated and has become an integral part of the national development concept of Russia in 1996.

        (working well):
        • Russia has been successfully implementing policy aimed at the human capacity building through a comprehensive education, health care and employment programms;
        • In implementing the principle of “leaving no one behind” Russia focuses its efforts on four aspects: support for the poor (economic aspect), support for people with disabilities (social aspect), elimination of inequality between different regions (territorial aspect), and support for indigenous and small peoples (national dimension);
        • Russia continues to improve its citizens’ quality of life, including through the development of social protection, transport infrastructure, digital public services, urban environment while also increasing the accessibility of financial services, employment opportunities, introducing and implementing improved environmental regulation and higher standards;
        • Russia fulfills its obligations in combating global climate change in a faithful manner, introduces modern environmental safety standards, works to improve energy efficiency and preserve our biodiversity and unique natural capital;
        • Russia is an active donor in the area of sustainable development assistance, providing it to different countries, including those affected by emergencies, takes steps aimed at strengthening multilateral development institutions, and implements projects and initiatives for integration and cooperation in the Eurasian region and beyond.

        Russian long-term development policy is based on a balance of three key dimensions of sustainable development – economic, social and environmental, and is also focused on broad partnerships in the implementation of development tasks.


        The 2030 Agenda implementation is continuing even in the emergency time. Russia takes every effort to contain the COVID-19 pandemic and provides medical assistance and health-care for those who need it in the country as well as abroad. The government implements a wide range of measures to minimize the negative impact of the quarantine on population and business.

        **MUCH more here:

      2. Pat,
        Not much to disagree here. Except from the very beginning of the Bolshevik revolution circa 1918 the USSR was financed by Western banking interests (owners of western central banks). Anthony Sutton in his monumental work “Western Technology and Soviet Union Development” documents from the primary source US State Department decimal file that most of the the USSR was built using Western technology.
        So right from the beginning, right up to and through the “fall” of the USSR, the Russian people have been in thrall to the international banking elite. Putin himself may or may not be in Thrall to the elite. Only time will tell. And of course can there be any people any more in thrall to the banking elite then the Americans.
        As Pat writes: “The world is being tricked by jew (sic) banking oligarchs!!!” Not only is the world being tricked it is being screwed royally. Psychopaths rule the world.

  14. Simple point: Iran supposedly has thousands of armed drones and 1000s of cruise type missiles. Hezbollah has many missiles aimed at Tel Aviv. The USA-Israel oil thieves will not attack as they know the other side’s missiles will destroy Israel and American bases. Remember thete are no nuclear weapons in this conventional military scenario and Iran knows it’s power to wipe out American carriers and bases if, in desperation, it has to. It is really a great stand off.

  15. The treaty of Paris did not take away Americans’ freedoms…
    But it did take away the US governments’ freedom to function as intended by the founders… My guess – SCOTUS was ordered to dump Trump by the 3 Cities…
    “Why would the Jews destroy their own empire on purpose? ”
    Is not the USA a Jewish Empire, and are they not destroying the USA?
    Whatever they’re doing to Russia is to their advantage, same as the USA…
    “Remember, the Jews have always befriended their enemies until they were powerful enough to start persecuting and destroying them.”
    Muslims do the same… So does every other 2-faced gang of fanatics…
    “But if someone still insists that all politicians are in the Jews’ pockets, that everything is under their control since the protocols were discovered, and that they create world wars in order to thin-out the goyim herd, then one can also argue that Hitler may have been controlled opposition as well, who led us all into a world war where the best of the gentiles were killed on behalf of the Jews, then fled to Argentina via submarine, then took an alien space craft to live in Antarctica on a secret Nazi base (some idiots actually believe this).”
    Those who finance the wars control them they have control of the politicians who control the high command… Any stepping out of line are rubbed out, like General Patton and JFK…
    If you read up on the Hitler subject, you’ll find the above isn’t too far-fetched to believe…
    I’ve read plenty on the subject and I never heard anybody say Hitler flew from Argentina to Antarctica on an alien spacecraft…
    I can’t say for sure but it makes sense that there would be a Top Secret underground base in Antarctica… Lots of insiders have said so… Some of the bigwigs go there occasionally…
    But the educated word is that Hitler lived in South America after WW2…
    I don’t know what fool would at this point believe they never found his body…
    Researchers on the subject say the initial report was that he escaped Berlin, and that Stalin squelched that report and fabricated the suicide narrative for the media…
    Once it got reported to the world, like the holohoax, i went down as history…
    And any non-prejudiced person looking at the aftermath, how Germany ended up, and considering what a sham politics is in general and who knows the story of how Hitler (and Lenin) got his financing would not reject out of hand the idea that Hitler was indeed a double agent… Indeed the evidence suggests he was…
    Only a prejudiced ‘idiot’ would say for sure otherwise…

    1. “Why would the Jews destroy their own empire on purpose? ”

      Because The Messianic Idea of Judaism as advocated by Lurianic Kabbalah, of the Sabbatean/Frankist strain, requires that the “The Messiah” ( which is the Jewish People”) must descend to the “Kellipot of evil” meaning the Gentiles World, in order to “collect” the remaining “Sparks of Creation Light” which spilled when the Vessels broke. And because this is happening as “The Messiah” prepares for his reign, all gentiles world history must end, darkness must cover the masses, but the “Light of The Messiah” will be on the Jews. So the overturning of everything gentile, is a prerequisite for the manifestation of Jewish Messianic Age.

    “And because this is happening as “The Messiah” prepares for his reign, all gentiles world history must end, darkness must cover the masses, but the “Light of The Messiah” will be on the Jews.”
    Darkness covering the masses… Is this part of that?
    The Brother’s not pleased either…
    Be advised some parts of this video are not for the squeamish.. I couldn’t look at it…
    But not everybody buys it…

    1. Is this part of that?

      Absolutely! That is why, in order to understand what is happening, and why it is happening, all none Jews, must understand “The Messianic Idea In Judaism” as metastasized through Lurianic Kabbalah, and Sabbatean Frankism. This is the Messianic Idea, which has found fertile grounds in the us of the Global Credit System which masquerade as “money” This is the Credit System which is being used, by the Elite Jewish Bankers, using the Hegelianism of Kabbalah Judaism, to force The Messianic Error ( Yes error) on everybody.

      This is the Messianicism which claims;
      1. God is both good and evil
      2. God, sometimes allows the Jews to commit evil “for the sake of Heaven”
      3. Evil, is the Throne of Good
      4. Messiah will come, “When all the nations are subverted”
      5. To rise to “heaven” ( Which means bring for the Messianic Age) the Jews, must descend to the foot of the mountain (hence revolutions, degeneracy, Gay movement, lesbianism, Transsexualism, corruption, wars, etc) before they rise as “Princes of The World” ruling with “Despot Of Zion”

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