Russia’s Sergei Lavrov Warns of Surging Anti-White Racism in U.S.

Paul Joseph Watson – SUMMIT News April 3, 2021
(Includes 7-minute video)

“I’ve seen Black people play in Shakespeare’s comedies.
Only I don’t know when there will be a white Othello.
This is absurd.” —  Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says there is surging “aggression against white people” in the United States and that it is harming efforts to fight racism.

Lavrov made the comments during an interview with political scientists that was broadcast on national television.

“We were pioneers of the movement promoting equal rights of people of any skin color,” said Lavrov, adding that “everyone wants to get rid of racism.”

However, he emphasized how it was important “not to switch to the other extreme which we saw during the ‘BLM’ (Black Lives Matter) events and the aggression against white people, white U.S. citizens.”

Lavrov also insisted that forces within the U.S. were trying to spread a “cultural revolution” around the world by forcing “diversity” down everyone’s throats.

“Hollywood is now also changing its rules so that everything reflects the diversity of modern society,” he said, labeling it “a form of censorship.”

“I’ve seen Black people play in Shakespeare’s comedies. Only I don’t know when there will be a white Othello,” Lavrov said., “You see this is absurd. Political correctness taken to the point of absurdity will not end well,” he concluded.

As we previously highlighted, after every mass shooting, journalists and leftists rush to blame white people even before the perpetrator has been identified.

In the case of the Boulder supermarket shooting, this backfired massively after it was revealed that the gunman was an Islamist immigrant from the Middle East.

After the Atlanta shooting attack which targeted massage parlors, the media once again whipped up hysteria over “white supremacy,” despite the fact that authorities found absolutely zero evidence the assault was motivated by race.

This led New York Times contributor Damon Young to assert that “whiteness is a pandemic” and “the only way to stop it is to locate it, isolate it, extract it, and kill it.”

“He was not fired from his job at The Root and the New York Times refused to condemn him — such proclamations are what they pay him for!” writes Chris Menahan.

After every mass shooting, journalists and leftists rush to blame white people even before the perpetrator has been identified.

This narrative, in addition to Critical Race Theory, which teaches that all the United States’ problems are the fault of white people, has clearly created an atmosphere where race hate directed towards white people is not only tolerated, it is openly encouraged.

Summit News via Truthseeker

The Media is Institutionally Racist Against White People

VIDEO     :     7.10 mins

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  1. i heard there is a great underground railroad transporting runaway white people across Aleutian land bridge into Russia, Jews and blacks trying to hunt them down—because once gone, who will make and fix stuff, e.g., road repairs, construction sites, maintain utilities like water, heat, light, automobile repairs, air traffic control, etc.—maybe the white women who choose to remain true to their beloved masters, e.g.,

    CUNY Professor Erin L. Thompson describes herself as “America’s only full-time professor of art crime,”
    [intellectual diversity that was tragically missing in the prior centuries of white male privilege]

    I am sure though that things will continue to run smoothly in absence of cis (sounds like a snake hiss, LOL) white males, no, they are bound to improve when racist “competence” is replaced by inclusion, diversity, pedo-glory … meanwhile straws in the wind:
    US Protestants Are Converting to Orthodoxy in Large Numbers, taking “Zio” out of Zio-Christianity, and
    American supporters of Donald Trump expressing growing interest in obtaining Russian passports – Foreign Ministry, the new land of the free, home of the brave not to mention fair elections that Russia is known for😜.

  2. It is quite amusing to hear about the pioneering efforts of the former CCCP in human development and equality (I’m assuming that what Lavrov is referring to) despite the fact that the Soviets murdered millions of Christians, priests, blew up a bunch of churches, etc! The hypocrisy and askew moral standards knows no bounds!

    1. Present day Russia is not the same as the Soviet Union. Therefore there is no hypocrisy involved.

    2. Your knowledge of history is woefully simplistic. The Bolshevik revolution was NOT a Russian revolution, the rich Jewish Bolsheviks were funded by the Rothschilds in Paris, and rich Jewish bankers on Wall Street. The media covered up their crimes. If your comment was genuinely obtuse as opposed to deliberately so, then perhaps you would benefit from researching this topic instead of displaying such atrocious ignorance.

      Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn:

      “You must understand, the leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse. It cannot be overstated. Bolshevism committed the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant and uncaring about this enormous crime is proof that the global media is in the hands of the perpetrators.”

      1. Great quote by Solzhenitsyn, Torquemada.
        But you need to supply a link to prove Solzhenitsyn actually said it.
        The internet is littered with false and misattributed quotes.

        1. That’s the most famous quote by Solzhenitsyn, anybody with even a modicum of knowledge about him knows that quote. Everyone is ignorant to some extent or other, but it doesn’t pay to advertise it, as you apparently just did. As for providing links, that’s what search engines are for, nobody’s here to do your homework.

          1. Timmy75

            If it’s such a famous quote, you ought to be able to provide a reliable link to it. I can find no reliable link for the quote in the most reliable of sources, i.e. an article telling me the exact work of Solzhenitsyn in which the quote appears.

            Can you do that?

            (1) Name of book.
            (2) Page number in book.

            Wikiquotes usually provides these details. The Solzhenitsyn quote you claim as authentic is nowhere to be found in Wikiquotes.

            You are a fool, sir, and a rude and gullible fool in addition for expecting us to believe fake quotes which can be found all over the internet — especially on infographics which provide NO EVIDENCE where the quote came from.

  3. I do not think you are reading it right, FR?

    “We were pioneers of the movement promoting equal rights of people of any skin color,” said Lavrov, adding that “everyone wants to get rid of racism.” ~~ SL

    ‘were’ – single person singular past…as in Stalinist era…as in “Katyn Forests” of 1940 🙂 kind of equality!? As in…face down in the ditch with a bullet hole in the back of your head..kind of equal!

    1. That is only “politically correct” talk for propagandistic reasons. Present day Russia has no Cultural Marxist tyranny as the West has. Of course it would not commit a crime like Katyn today and it cannot be blamed for what the Soviet Regime did.

    2. I think KingRanch makes a good point.

      The idea that present day Russia under Putin is an entirely different animal from the Soviet Union under Stalin is, in my humble view, not only false but hypocritical.

      For a start, Franklin, you are only too aware that Russia under Vladimir Putin has done everything to ENCOURAGE THE STALIN CULT IN RUSSIA. It’s going on right now. You yourself have posted numerous pictures of ‘Saint Stalin’ with a halo round his head and candlelit altars bearing ICONS of the “Great Christian saint” Joseph Stalin.

      Putin, far from stamping out this hero-worship of Stalin, has done everything to encourage it. Taxi drivers in Moscow carry “holy pictures” of Stalin in their cabs. Statues to Stalin are found everywhere.


      What makes the hypocrisy even more grotesque is that the top officials of the Russian Orthodox Church are all behind the Stalin cult. None of them denounce Stalin as they ought to do. Stalin, after all, was responsible nor only for murdering AT LEAST TWENTY MILLION Russian Christians (according to the mainstream media, far more elsewhere). He pursued a vicious policy of persecution of the Russian Orthodox clergy, putting thousands to death with extreme torture — not only in the Soviet Union but in Franco’s Spain during the Spanish Civil War.


      Let’s stop this uncritical admiration for the neo-Stalinesque judo expert in the Kremlin who has done nothing to decriminalize Holocaust Denial and has allowed several Jewish oligarchs to escape to other countries with their ill-gotten billions. Don’t forget, too, that Putin himself is reputed to have a nest egg of several billion dollars salted away in Swiss banks and elsewhere. His palatial accommodation includes bathrooms with gold taps.

      Putin is a far richer man than Stalin ever was! 🙂

      1. Putin does not kill millions of his own people as Stalin did. The Stalin cult is just that: a cult, and not a policy. I admit however that the Stalin cult is an ill conceived attempt at creating a national myth ( which actually every nation needs). Perhaps a Czar cult would be less compromised.

        Putin has chased away most of the (Jewish) robber-oligarchs, but kept a few as a balancing act. Exposing the Holocaust myth would be of no advantage to Russia, only arouse the enmity of international Jewry, which Putin wants to appease, again as a (much misunderstood) balancing act.

        In this way Putin “fights the Jews without making them his enemies”. He practiced this strategy with much success in Syria. He defeated ISIS (conceived by Israel, armed by the US, and financed by Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states), but he still has cordial relations with Israel and is its respected guest.

        Here is a picture of Putin with Netanyahu, which says it all. Notice the expression on the face of Netanyahu. He has to acknowledge that Putin has out-foxed him, but he can do nothing about it:

        1. @ Franklin Ryckaert

          Yes, you make several good points admirably, and I hope you’re right about Putin. I just find it extraordinary that the Russian Orthodox Church should be complicit in Stalin worship today.

          After all, Stalin was the cruel mass murderer who put their own fathers and grandfathers to death. They are prepared to worship a man who tortured their own Christian ancestors to death and had an official policy of persecuting Christians for several decades.

          Here is Solzhenitsyn, bearing personal witness:

          “The root destruction of religion in [this] country, which throughout the twenties and thirties was one of the most important goals of the GPU-NKVD, could be realized only by mass arrests of Orthodox believers. Monks and nuns, whose black habits had been a distinctive feature of Old Russian life, were intensively rounded up on every hand, placed under arrest, and sent into exile. They arrested and sentenced active laymen. The circles kept getting bigger, as they raked in ordinary believers as well, old people, and particularly women, who were the most stubborn believers of all and who, for many long years to come, would be called ‘nuns’ in transit prisons and in camps.”

          Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago, pp.37-38″

          Here is Simon Seebag Montefiore, confirming everything said by Solzhenitsyn:

          Josef Stalin was an atheist from his seminary days, and a committed Marxist-Leninist. His attitude toward the retrograde folks who stood between the Soviet Union and socialism was simple: eliminate them: “When he [Stalin] arrested a group of Trotsky’s ‘specialists’ and imprisoned them on a barge on the Volga, Trotsky angrily objected. The barge sank with all aboard. ‘Death solves all problems,’ Stalin is reported to have said. ‘No man, no problem.’ It was the Bolshevik way.” (Stalin: The Court of the Red Tsar, by Simon Sebag Montefiore, p. 33)

  4. Lavrov:
    “We were pioneers of the movement promoting equal rights of people of any skin color,” said Lavrov, adding that “everyone wants to get rid of racism.”

    Talk is cheap!!….. That is SO true(sarcasm alert) when Russia has so VERY VERY MANY blacks wid 10+ ‘chilun-folk’ demanding ‘mo cheese’ and Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) Cards. (The EBT card ‘be lookin’ like a debit ‘car-ud’. The EBT card allows ‘dem folks’ to ‘buys dey groceries and udah items allup in dare’ wid cash benefits at participating stores and other locations.)

    Uuuh-huuh… He sho-nuff got dat raght!! 😎

        1. @ Gilbert

          Apologies for the way I spoke to you just now. Inexcusable. My excuse is stress. Caused by my daughter. This out-of-control 25-year-old feminist is driving me bananas. I wish my wife and I knew how to deal with this beautiful hellcat.

          1. (OFF-TOPIC)

            What’s the prob, Tobe? Tell Madame B.
            I am the Ultimate Agony Aunt!

            I have a problem daughter myself,
            and I managed to tame the shrew.

            I now have her eating out of my hand. 🙂

          2. Sympathies, Toby! Nothing worse than daughter problems. Happily, mine got over hers! 🙂

            1. Keep ’em rolling Gilbert! . . . and don’t mind me if I occasionally lose my cool. Extreme stress caused by a crazy daughter is my excuse. Your daughter is probably an angel compared with with the Witch my wife and I produced.

              Unless she dumps her freaky boyfriend (who likes dressing up in drag at weekends), there’s no hope for a family reconciliation. I’m not having this bearded freak popping round to my house for Sunday lunch dressed in a goddamn miniskirt.

              Hope you never have a problem like this, Gilbert.

        1. No rules may be a good thing for Rhett Butler but Ashley Wilkes is going to be a confused mess without any rules to go by, he won’t know what to do without any rules to tell him what to do and what not to do, lol….

          1. That book was banned in Russia because it glorified private property – “Tara, my Tara”. Not a good look for communists to long for land.

            There was no official Russian translation until 2001.

  5. The Jews who run the US Media are white haters, their rhetoric is pre-genocide, their intention is to wipe us off the map. Jews are planning a White Holocaust for real. Biden will soon be dead or removed, then Komrade Kameltoe Kommie will take his place as KOTUS, Kunt of the United States, and she want all the guns. Her handler husband is 100% Jew. The media will praise her as she kackles like a witch as millions of whites are put in early graves.

    Kameltoe did extremely poorly in the Democratic primaries and dropped out without a single vote. Now she is going to be the selected whore fronting Jewish power. God help Amerika.

  6. The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want…He leads me…He restores my soul. He leads me in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for The Lord is with me…you anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. …Psalm of David.

    Back to the topic; If present day Russian Federation was so righteous in her “new” humane ways, she’d released all “secret Holohoax” files locked away and sealed they keep in the basements of FSB HQ! I wanna know the “truth” about “gas chambers” at Auschwitz, How many people died due to Zyclon B poisoning! I wanna know the “truth” about “Babi Yar” massacre! 34,000 so called “jews” were machine-gunned to death yet not a single German bullet was found at the site!? Mr. Putin….release the files! And maybe than, definitely maybe..I am sure of it, I’ll change my mind about Russian righteousness!

    1. Why you picking on the Russian government to expose the Holohoax? Why not the US government? They have as much information, especially considering so many Nazi masterminds were taken to the US under Operation Paperclip. So open those OSS/CIA files and let’s see what they have to show.

      1. Why am I tasking Russian government with undoing to big lie? Because of the Nuremberg War Tribunal…all that “holohoax evidence” was presented by the Soviets and Soviets alone! They fabricated it…they can undo it!

      2. … all that “holohoax evidence” was presented by the Soviets and Soviets alone! They fabricated it…they can undo it!

        Let’s aim for some accuracy in historical truth, however antisemitic that is:

        Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, wartime head of both the World JEWISH congress and the American JEWISH Congress, publicly charged in November 1942 that Jewish corpses were being “processed into such war-vital commodities as soap, fats and fertilizer” by the Germans. He further announced that the Germans were “even exhuming the dead for the value of the corpses,” and were paying fifty marks for each body. [6]

        In late 1942, the Congress Weekly, published by the American JEWISH Congress, editorialized that the Germans were turning Jews “by scientific methods of dissolution into fertilizer, soap and glue.” An article in the same issue reported that Jewish deportees from France and Holland were being processed into “soap, glue and train oil” in at least two special factories in Germany. [7] Typical of many other American periodicals, the influential New Republic reported in early 1943 that the Germans were “using the bodies of their Jewish victims to make soap and fertilizer in a factory at Siedlce.” [8]

        During June and July 1943, two prominent representatives of the Moscow-based “JEWISH Anti-Fascist Committee” toured the United States and raised more than two million dollars for the Soviet war effort at a series of mass meetings. At each of these rallies, Soviet JEWISH leader Solomon Mikhoels showed the crowd a bar of soap that he said was made from Jewish corpses

        Some quick nuggets from ✡️Gold✡️ prospecting:

        225 quoted words.
        • The word “Jewish” shows up 9 times, “American”, 3 times, “Soviet”, 2 times.
        • The first marketing of Jew soap is in late 1942, by American Jewish Congress.
        • The first mention of “Soviet” is 8 months later in June 1943.
        What can be seen from this is that the central worldwide Judaic nervous system, wherever it resides or congregates when needed, decided on this tactic early on in the war (a year after Pearl Harbor) as part of the overall Holocaust manufacturing setup—so why blame the Soviets? Even when the “Moscow-based” Antifa toured the US collecting shekels, they were JEWS, not Russians.
        Because Jews are Jews and nothing but Jews.
        Didn’t I harp on this a zillion times in the last decade or more?
        And yet, people bend over backwards to cut them totally undeserved slack: Good Jews, Clueless Jews, Regular Peoplejews, My Good Neighbor Jews, and so on ad nauseam—blame the Russians, American cowboys, Germans, Moozlems, Catholics, anyone but.
        The soap campaign has since collided with the wall of ridicule and got quietly withdrawn so that it is today very antisemitic to draw attention to it, even to quote the exact same Jews who today persecute you for it—what yesterday was antisemitic to deny is today antisemitic to mention.

        Hate to say it but hearing an American Anglo sound off on matters of sociology, history and geopolitics is like watching a spastic in bicycle race—brainage responsible for balanced critical thinking Jew-atrophied below limits of detection, honorable exceptions notwithstanding—everybody, please get to work and regrow it in order to contribute to the war effort or else let Russians and Eastern and Central Europeans carry it alone.
        (I am of a mind to write something on that subject, we shall see …)

        1. Nice (moment of respectful silence please, nobody laugh):
          In the same/linked article, this:

          And in their final judgment, the Nuremberg Tribunal judges found that “attempts were made to utilize the FAT from the bodies of the victims in the commercial manufacture of soap.” [12]

          whereas, as already mentioned (thus no further quotes needed):
          “processed into such war-vital commodities as soap, FATS and fertilizer”.

          In other words, extracting fat from Jews in order to turn it into fat.
          Maybe the technique could be extrapolated to make Jews out of Jews, which enables 6 million Jews to have their cake (and other commodities) and eat it too (collect German pogey, badger the UN general Assembly for the gift of Palestine, OJ Simpson’s Rolex watch, etc.)
          The only hard choice is how to distribute the victimhood, do we want more Jews or fertilizer—apparently there is a difference but I am not a farmer, cannot tell.

        2. “I am of a mind to write something on that subject. . .”


        3. LOBRO,
          You’ve brought out a bunch of whole lot of nothing in your rebuttal! WJC is not and was not in position of declaring wars over anything nor had the legal power over policy making. To suggest something is not the same as actually implementing it. Besides, none of what they’ve claimed was presented as an evidence at the Nuremberg! Soviets and Soviets alone made it into a mockery of judicial system…in large part to use it as an excuse to excuse their own savagery! Look here World!? We were bad…but not as bad as the Germans!

          1. Saki
            Why is the Russian Orthodoxy supporting these Stalin cultists? Is it to appease the flock, who would otherwise flee the church? If so, how ironic is it that they would be caving in to some kind of PC pressure, when the term “political correctness” originated with those Bolsheviks responsible for the very massacre OF their flock!

            Stalin may not have been in a high position of authority in those early days of the Russian Revolution, but even a low level of complicity in the whole sordid affair indicts him. Upon succeeding Lenin and what happened afterwards, he is convicted. And let it be known that his purging of those Jews directly responsible for the murders was only an act of expediency. They had simply outlived their usefulness to him, and the bankers in London and New York BACKING him.

            Will myopic people ever see
            The true forest for the lying trees?

            P.S. Speaking of “lying trees”, try not to get too sick tomorrow. Holocaust Remembrance Day 🤢

            1. Nicely put, BH!
              There is this old Chinese proverb…”when an axe went into the forest, most trees there said: ‘don’t worry! The handle is one of ours!'”
              Perhaps that is why most “good” Russians had no problem with accepting Stalinist mongrel-nism of the Christ-loving, orthodox nation!?

              1. KR –

                “….The handle is one of ours!’”

                Good one! I never knew that one!! 🙂

            2. @ Brownhawk


              Saki: Why is the Russian Orthodoxy supporting these Stalin cultists? Is it to appease the flock, who would otherwise flee the church?

              I think you could be right, Brownhawk. It’s more than appeasement though. It’s a betrayal of Christ. You can’t worship Christ and Stalin at the same time. They are polar opposites.

              Stalin was a virulent atheist even as a schoolboy in the seminary where he was training for the priesthood as a teenager. He was ignominiously booted out of the seminary for trying to convert the other trainee priests to atheism. The humiliation of expulsion turned him into a fanatical Christ hater who swore to get his revenge on Christianity in later life. Which is why he teamed up with Lenin later on in the Bolshevik Revolution (1917).

              Lenin, another hate-crazed Marxist atheist, was determined to destroy every vestige of religious faith as the ultimate ideological poison. It was Stalin, following in Lenin’s footsteps, who gave the order to the Jew Lazar Kaganovich (another Christ hater) to dynamite the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in the center of Moscow, turning the ruins of the beautiful ancient church into a giant swimming pool. This happened on 5 December 1931.

              (See picture of Cathedral on right-hand side of page).

              Stalin then went on to demolish roughly 50,000 Christian churches in the Soviet Union and in Republican Spain. Significantly, NO SYNAGOGUES WERE DESTROYED. 🙂

              Over 100,000 bishops, monks, priests and nuns were tortured cruelly and then put to death on Stalin’s orders. The nuns were gang-raped by the Red Army and had their breasts cut off. The monks and priests had their eyeballs torn from their sockets and their testicles were cut off and stuffed in their mouths. Don’t believe the slimy liars who pretend none of this happened.

              The same Red Army savages, under the incitement of Stalin’s propaganda chief Ilya Ehrenberg, another Jew, later went on to rape, torture and murder two million German women in the 1944-1947 period. Read about it all in Thomas Goodrich’s Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany (1944-1947), reviewed here:


              “In the German race there is nothing but evil. Use force and break the racial pride of these German women. Take them as your lawful booty. Kill!”

              — Ilya Ehrenberg, Jewish propagandist for the Stalin regime

              This is one Jew Stalin didn’t get rid off in his later “purges”. He made sure Ehrenberg survived so that he could flee to Israel after WWII and end his days there covered in glory.

              Just as Ehrenberg the Jew found his cult followers in Israel, Stalin the Georgian mass murderer of Christians has now become a “saint”, believe it or not, of the Russian Orthodox Church in Russia. It’s truly sickening. Obscene. And I hold Putin responsible for his cynical promotion of ‘Saint Stalin’ in contemporary Russia. This has made me, once a staunch Putin supporter, into a disillusioned Putin non-supporter.

              People who fall for all this cultist claptrap and join in the fatuous worship of Stalin, are, I regret to say, either abysmally ignorant or brain-damaged — possibly both.

        4. Lobro
          Why NOT blame the Soviets? There’s plenty of that to go around. Then AND now……still. Everywhere. Those in positions of authority who KNOW the holocaust lie are liars themselves in their silence. It’s called a “lie of omission”. That goes for this phony “plandemic” and the completely unnecessary vaccines as well.

          “Leaders for life” like Putin (not to single him out necessarily) know the truth, and they also know that to reveal it would spell their political doom. So they choose to keep quiet because they love temporal power more than they love Truth.

          All this geopolitical gamesmanship is getting old. We’re sick to death of it and getting sicker by the day because all the lies and the liars perpetrating them continue to prevail.

          And when it comes to da jooz, where is the specificity? For example, the dark spirit of the Talmudic kol nidre may be from where all the trouble in this world emanates, in terms of the varying degrees of a psychopathic mindset so spawned by it, but I’ve met Jews over the years who wouldn’t know a yamaka from a ham sandwich because their parents isolated them from all things Jewish.

          Those responsible for implementing what’s inspired by the Protocols couldn’t care less about a person’s ethnicity. Power and control over ALL human ethnicities they DO care about

  7. Putin and Lavrov are the only two statemen on the world stage, the rest are all zionist puppets, see The Protocols of Zion and the book The Controversy of Zion by Douglas Reed, this says it all about the zionists.

    The white race is under zionist attack and especially here in the ZUS.

    1. DF,
      That is a BOLD statement you’ve made! The so called ‘white race” you’re referencing is under attack since Talmud was written! Did you know that the ancient Edomites referred to Rome as their new Petra!

      1. Perhaps I should make myself a little bit clearer? The so called “peoples whiteness aka white race” could only come from proper line of decent aka blood-line! Namely, the original 12 tribes and their offspring (people of the Covenant) and nobody else on this planet! Yes! Europe’s Aryan population (all proper Christians now a days) are what is left of the 12 tribes! We’re the “chosen ones” that were and are tested on daily bases for our resolve to uphold our part of The Covenant! There is no “whiteness in our people” without The Covenant! Now, other races have the option of becoming righteous (remember that we are all a part of that same creation but not necessarily chosen) if they accept and follow INRI’s teachings! That is all.

          1. Funny you’ve said that! Pol Pot was heard saying an exactly same thing…before he slaughtered 3 Million Cambodians!

            1. Your reply makes no sense, however Stalin and Mao were also killers and communists and killing and communism go hand in hand.

  8. Mr. Franklyn Rykaert, are you sure you are not a jew? I have been following your comments. Yes I know you have written so many “antisemitic”articles. It’s a good cover ain’t it? You talk like a jew, a snake.

    ADMIN: Franklin Ryckaert is not a Jew.
    Abusive defamatory comments like yours are not welcome here.

    1. “…are you sure you are not a jew? …You talk like a jew, a snake….”

      You need to have a higher IQ to be able to understand higher IQ politics. Since IQ is fixed I cannot help you.
      Simple minds can only think in black-and-white terms. Putin’s genius is not to make enemies but to try to be friends with all and yet reach his goals, and with much success. Thus he even outfoxed the clever Jews, but again you need to have sufficient intelligence to be able to understand (and appreciate) that. Good luck with that. I’m afraid you need it.

  9. FWIW…a word “jew” shouldn’t even exist! Descendants of The Tribe of Judah (Shevet Yehudah) one of the 12 original tribes of Aryan Hebrew-Israelities, are not “jews”!!! Only descendants of Edomites and Khazars (and a few others) profess themselves as jews! And we all know why they’re doing it that way! 😉

  10. ‘Twould seem to me that societal fault lines get targeted by The Power$ That Be (TP$TB) for fracking fissures if not magnitude 7.0 quakes and complete separation. The “race divide” appears one of the more durable “go-to’s” in American history. Having lived through some chapters, all that we think we know, perhaps taught in school by now to those too young to remember JFK, MLK, and RFK, could prove false with some research. I recommend your reading Miles Mathis’ essay on Martin Luther King for an introduction to the notion that the Civil Rights Movement in the US was likely not all you thought it to be (

    Here we have a Russian official of some rank echoing Kevin MacDonald’s concern about “white identity” and measures aimed to marginalize the “white race”. Why? Perhaps the “Black Lives Matter” project has fizzled. Possibly the COVID scamdemic also unwinds before its projected shelf life. The impending, mayhaps fierce struggle between “vaxxers” and “anti-vaxxers” — yet another layer of the Dialectics of COVID — will feature “vaccine passports” international, within nation, and, locally, for corporations and their franchises — at a minimum!! And, already we see the forces, supporting and opposing, lining up. According to one news story, the fearless leader of North Korea reportedly ruled out “vaccine passports”, according to the writer of the story, as too “Draconian”. Do we really believe that man read up on Draco’s code??

    My take on the above: The COVID Caper — from imaginary virus to faux vaccine and beyond — will continue as the principal program to divide and conquer. The less attention we pay to its flaws, unconvincing justifications, falsified data, and attempts to distract us from the broad, direct assault on human well being — health and wealth and freedom — the better for TP$TB. In my opinion, race baiting is a distraction.

  11. In fact racism, the race card, is the hottest hot-button issue the chicoms have at their disposal to sow discord and violence throughout American society, in their quest to destroy us as a freely functioning constitutional republic… It is the fuel that drives the democratic party’s agenda and maintains their non-white demographic dependably in a resentful state conducive to politically affective action, and it doesn’t have to be good…
    The Weathermen pointed it out decades ago, that racial tensions are always exploited by the controllers (owners) of the government to keep the masses at odds with each other rather than working together ❤ to address issues and make the corrections needed to reduce difficulties and move the world forward beyond war and exploitation, competition and coercion as systemic operational factors…
    That’s all well within the power of the people, as soon as they get organized…
    I don’t believe the Weathermen, nor the Black Panthers and not even the KKK were nothing other than racist bigots…
    The longer this nefarious race-baiting dog-whistling tactic is practiced, the closer we get to a major upheaval, race war, civil war, some big bloody catastrophe, after which we’ll get the reset, “build it back better”… So they plot.
    Let’s all hope that, IF it does come to that, the street level participants on all sides will focus their ire first 😉 on the appropriate culprits – the media nabobs, who killed journalism and the free press, and corporate predators and their stooges in government, who have aways profited from strife and chaos and are now engineering the demise of the USA 🇺🇸 in favor of their super-surveillance and corporate-commiecrat transhumanist hive-state…
    Among those will be found the agents of the ZOG and big religion…

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