Six Things You Need to Know About Afghanistan and the Taliban

Trouble lies ahead. Big trouble. The storm has only just begun.

By Marc Vandepitte
Global Research
August 18, 2021

Presented by Lasha Dakmoon
with pictures, captions and  commentary

1. Monstrous covenant with jihadis

The story starts in 1979. Afghanistan had a left-wing government, which of course was not to the liking of the US. 

Zbigniew Brzezinski, President Carter’s adviser, devised the plan to arm and train jihadists–then still called mujahideen–in Afghanistan. The aim was to provoke a Soviet invasion, in order to saddle Moscow with a Vietnam-like scenario.

Carter followed Brzezinski’s  advice and provided the mujahideen the necessary help. The plan worked. The government in Kabul ran into difficulties and asked the Kremlin for help. The Afghan quagmire forced the Soviet Union to remain in the Central Asian country for ten years.

During that period, the CIA pumped $2 billion in aid, weapons, and logistical support to the mujahideen.

They were even supplied with the infamous Stinger missiles with which they could shoot down Soviet planes and helicopters. Sylvester Stallone’s Rambo III is a Hollywood depiction of this collaboration. The movie was dedicated to “the brave Mujahideen fighters”.

LD:  Stinger missile in Afghanistan shooting down Soviet plane, courtesy of President Carter,  who pumped $2 billion into arming the Afghan insurgents. The Soviets remained in Afghanistan for 10 years (1979-1989).      

As long as the Soviet troops remained in the country, the government in Kabul could hold out. However, in 1989 Gorbachev decided to end their military aid. Once the Soviet troops left the country, civil war broke out. The best organized and most brutal group, the Taliban, eventually prevailed and took power in 1996.

2. Creation of Al Qaeda

The most prominent figure to emerge during that period is Osama bin Laden. In 1988, he founded Al Qaeda, a fundamentalist and ruthless terrorist group. Through the intelligence service of Pakistan [in liaison with the CIA], he could count on a lot of support from the US. In exchange for that aid, Al Qaeda provided a number of services to the US and its Western allies.

During the “civil war” in Yugoslavia (1992-1995), the Pentagon flew thousands of Al Qaeda fighters into Bosnia to support the Muslims there. During the war against Yugoslavia in 1999, Al Qaeda fought side by side with the KLA terrorists (the Kosovo Liberation Army was fighting for the separation of Kosovo from Yugoslavia and for a Greater Albania), covered in the air by NATO. Al Qaeda fighters have also popped up in Chechnya, Xinjiang (where the Uighurs live), Macedonia, and in many other countries in the region and far beyond.[i]

The cooperation between the Bush administration and Osama bin Laden is brought to light in Michael Moore’s documentary Fahrenheit 9/11.

3. It’s the oil stupid!

There are promising oil and gas reserves around the Caspian Sea. But to transport these resources to the West there are only three possibilities: through Russia, through Iran, or through Afghanistan.

showing Russia (north), Iran (south) and Afghanistan (east).

The US obviously won’t give it [the oil and gas reserves]  to the Russians. And since the fall of the Shah in 1979, Washington has lost its influence in Iran. So, there’s only one option left: Afghanistan.

At the end of 1994, in full civil war, the US thought that  the Taliban had the best assets to ‘stabilize’ the country. That was a necessity for the construction of the pipeline. According to the CIA, the Taliban were seen as “a possible tool in yet another replay of the Great Game – the race for energy riches in Central Asia.”

The US became the main sponsor of this new rogue regime. It did not matter that the Taliban at that time were the most virulent violators of human rights in the world.

According to an American diplomat, the Taliban would “probably develop like the Saudis did. There will be Aramco [consortium of oil companies controlling Saudi oil], pipelines, an emir, no parliament, and lots of Sharia law. We can live with that.”

American diplomat’s comment: “We can live with that.”

LD :  Note the hypocrisy implicit in this comment. America, whose stated purpose in invading and occupying other countries is to advance democracy and “protect human rights”, is at the same time quite happy to see Afghan women stoned to death!—the same women it is so eager to turn into radical feminists like their western counterparts.

Right now we hear the Feminist Brigade clamouring for Afghan women to be given “equal rights” to men, with all the perks and privileges given to women in the West. That Afghan women should be treated kindly and respectfully none can deny. But Western feminists never stop at equality; give them an inch and they will take an ell. Never satisfied with equality, our feminist viragos  insist on ruling the roost and becoming the dominant sex. 

The right to wear miniskirts and look like whores—the right to burn their bras and go topless in protest at the way they are being treated by “male chauvinists pigs”—the right to commit adultery and have their husbands support them and their children with crippling alimony exactions—the right to “go on strike” in the bedroom and deny sex to their husbands unless their husbands  toe the line and indulge all their whims and fancies—all this, and more, will be the fate of Afghan men if they allow the morally bankrupt West to meddle in their internal affairs. Hollywood movies, with porn shops sprouting up on every corner, are unlikely to become a common sight in Kabul in the near future.

Afghan men, it seems, have a long way to go before they allow their womenfolk to wear the trousers and wield the whip hand over them. Good for them. America, meanwhile, seriously needs to clean up its own house and let the Afghan people manage their own affairs without interference.  [LD] 

4. Taliban fail to deliver

Initially, the Taliban achieved one military success after another, but ultimately failed to conquer the entire country. The hoped-for stabilization–necessary for the pipeline–did not materialize. The US then changed strategy and sought a reconciliation of all warring parties.

Washington demanded that the Taliban enter into talks with the Northern Alliance to form a coalition government. The talks that lasted until the end of July 2001 failed. The US warned it wouldn’t stop there: “Either you accept our offer of a carpet of gold, or we bury you under a carpet of bombs” was the message from US representatives to the Taliban at the end of July.

The Taliban did not give in. The bombing started in October. A little later, it leaked that the plans for this had already been on President Bush’s desk two days before September 11. In the Washington Post of December 19, 2000, Professor Starr wrote that the US “has quietly begun to align itself with those in the Russian government calling for military action against Afghanistan and has toyed with the idea of a new raid to wipe out Osama bin Laden.”

In late June 2001, more than two months before the attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, magazine reported that “India and Iran will ‘facilitate’ US and Russian plans for ‘limited military action’ against the Taliban if the contemplated tough new economic sanctions don’t bend Afghanistan’s fundamentalist regime.”

The U.S. bombing of Afghanistan with AB-52 bombs

“Either you accept our offer of a carpet of gold,
or we bury you under a carpet of bombs”.

5. President Pipeline

The attacks on September 11 in any case were the perfect excuse for Washington to invade Afghanistan and oust the Taliban from power. Thus, the plans for the pipeline could be realized for the time being.

Gore Vidal, a leading US columnist, put it very bluntly:

“As it proved, the conquest of Afghanistan had nothing to do with Osama. He was simply a pretext for replacing the Taliban with a relatively stable government that would allow Union Oil of California to lay its pipeline for the profit of, among others, the Cheney-Bush junta.”

The facts on the ground showed us this was true. On December 22, 2021, Hamed Karzai became Afghan Prime Minister. He was a CIA confidant and had previously worked as a counselor at Unocal. Unocal was a very large American petroleum company that long has had plans for a pipeline through Afghanistan.

Nine days later, another of this company’s advisers, Zalmay Khalilzad, was appointed by Bush as special envoy to Afghanistan. Khalilzad had in the past participated in talks with Taliban officials about the possibility of building gas and oil pipelines. He had urged the Clinton administration to take a softer line on the Taliban.

Both men were fulfilling their duties properly. On 30 May 2002, the BBC reported that Karzai had reached an agreement with his Pakistani and Turkmen counterpart for a pipeline from Turkmenistan to a port in Pakistan, across Afghanistan.

A few weeks earlier, Business Week commented on the evolution in the region as follows:

“American soldiers, oilmen, and diplomats are rapidly getting to know this remote corner of the world, the old underbelly of the Soviet Union and a region that’s been almost untouched by Western armies since the time of Alexander the Great. The game the Americans are playing has some of the highest stakes going. What they are attempting is nothing less than the biggest carve-out of a new U.S. sphere of influence since the U.S. became engaged in the Mideast 50 years ago.”

It didn’t work out as planned.

The Taliban were defeated, but not knocked out.

They also had a much higher morale than the government army, which could only hold out thanks to NATO air cover and other logistical support.

When Biden decided to withdraw that support a few weeks ago, it collapsed like a house of cards.

6. Cost and ‘results’ of the war

The longest war in US history has cost more than $2,000 billion, according to the New York Times. That is 100 billion dollars annually, almost 20 times as much as the entire government budget of the Afghan government.

Despite the huge amounts of aid, the results are staggering.

Almost half of the population today lives in poverty. Infant mortality is among the highest in the world and life expectancy among the lowest.

In the period before the war, opium cultivation was almost completely eradicated. Today, Afghanistan supplies 80 percent of the world’s heroin. The war resulted in 5.5 million refugees. That number is now likely to rise sharply.

The cost of human life is high. 47,000 civilians, 66,000 Afghan soldiers and policemen, and 51,000 Taliban and other rebels have been killed in the past 20 years. On the Western side, nearly 4,000 US soldiers and 1,100 soldiers from other NATO countries died. [official figures, do not include the deaths of civilians].

After twenty years of occupation, we are back to square one.


“Back to square one.”


LD: The Taliban will now take its revenge. Or rather history will, operating under the iron law of karma, whereby those who sow the wind must reap the whirlwind. America and Europe can now expect to witness an unstoppable tidal wave of Afghan refugees into their countries, bringing with them unimaginable problems in the years ahead. Terrorism will now wear a new face, a frightening new face, and it will be a bearded one. 

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  1. The U.S still have thousands of troops in Afghanistan. Being paranoid I’m suspect to say but I see a little Stalingrad on the horizon. These unfortunate troops will figure out too late they are on their own. They have wrongly deposited their trust in anti-American, white collar, blue tied, treasonous bastards!

    A little Stalingrad has the purpose to complete the process of demoralization of the American people and its Armed Forces, all by design of the usual suspects, Big Jews. Just one more piece in the puzzle. The puzzle’s big picture is showing a storm ahead, a Jewish revolution inside America & Commonwealth nations.

    In this announced disaster brain dead Biden will play autistic just like Hitler did before him. Perhaps Biden doesn’t have to act at all. That’s the only possible outcome when we, the People, are governed by half-human, trojan horses.

    I feel sorry for those troops, I really do. The DoD should be in panic mode by now setting airlift rescue missions. You know, like Mel Gibson’s “broken arrow” situation. Instead, they are playing all is well – everything is going to be fine, relax!

    1. Depends. This is obviously the mechanism they planned for to get rid of Biden and have the Indian take over. They really wanted her all along. And it’s distraction from the AZ audit, which has proven Trump won the election. While those gears of bureaucracy turn on in the background. As I’ve said, Trump is getting back in.

      For all we know they’ve made some arrangements before-hand on moving these folks out. As mentioned before, they left everything on purpose, likely for China to “buy”. We’ll see if they really abandon them or if they get “rescued” by someone and how that plays out. It should be very telling.

  2. “After twenty years of occupation, we are back to square one.”

    No one ever advanced beyond “square one” except the bankers running the drug trade, who own all of Afghanistan.

    1. Pat,
      Yep. Let’s talk about the shekels. There never was a clear military objective in Afghanistan. Woesnt supposed to be. But who is gonna control the billions of $$$$ of the opiom trade now?
      A question that begs to be answered. 🤨🤠

  3. One thing for sure, the US retreat from Afghanistan was planned well in advance, and it was part of the plan to leave plenty of weaponry on hand for the taliban…
    Don’t buy the corporate media baloney about Biden making a blunder, not paying attention, whatever…. He may be a dottering old fool, and a short-eyed pervert, but this was no careless ‘mistake’….
    Whomever he’s been communicating with from his basement for the last 18 months or so had this plot all laid out in advance… And we understand he gets his marching orders from the tribe at Camp David, just like all the rest of the puppet presidents….
    And I wouldn’t doubt DJT knows all about it too…
    This development will foster more and more immigration into the USA….
    While the big-pharma corporo-fascist state has been scheeming with the chicommiecrat dems to spread the covid control over the public, mandatory spike-vaxx passports, the real PTB are slamming the USA full of as many unfriendly foreigners as they possibly can… None of whom are tested for the virus on the way in…
    That number will be in the millions by the time Biden’s first term is up…
    It is the Zionist Jews’ plot to completely destabilize the USA the same way they did in all their color revolution countries… There are many hardcore gangsters included in the immigrant wave…. They will be spreading and recruiting as fast as they can all over the country…. All these immigrants will effectively balkanize this nation into a series of armed camps, this while police forces are being unplugged all over the country…
    The lawlessness in the dem controlled states and cities is already beyond belief….
    Shooting incidents in California now generally go without an arrest….
    It’s coming to the point where the willfully ignorant, the supporters of the vaxx, people who vote for democrats, those who support the vatican can no longer be tolerated….
    They have to be made to understand how far off track we are, how wrong they are for supporting the woke agenda….

    1. BD: re “… the US retreat from Afghanistan was planned well in advance…”

      Yeah… RIGHT!!!😂

      You just can’t ADMIT that the MOST EXPENSIVE Military in The World is also – apart from the fag Brits – the MOST PATHETIC in The World… and had NO choice but to RUN AWAY to save its sorry A$$… CAN YOU???

    2. Basically, you are correct. This is NWO prep for the Anti-Christ, who will be rolled out in a few years. This article seems to get it also: Satanist Insider Confirms: The Culling Has Begun

      “We aren’t even in the new world order stage of the Revolution. We are in the set up of the international operating platform of the bio-security regime which is being touted : the Great Reset, 4IR – many names. This is the 5.11 bogey of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and the Manifesto to mass populations that their government and all institutions which has been totally unresponsive to their nation for years is in fact a Maxist state that is completely subverted to the Revolution. The operative word here is : ‘bogey’.

      According to Rakover : ‘the real secret of Masonry is the suicide of every important Mason. The real aim of Masonry is to ‘create all the prerequisites for the triumph of the Communist Revolution’ – now in its global totalitarian phase. The Agentur (which includes all of Masonry and its degrees above the 33rd – in the houses of the Temple) is to be liquidated. When this secret [ of Masonry – the Agentur] is revealed, Rakover images ‘the expression of stupidity on the face of the some Freemason when he realizes that he must die at the hands of the revolutionaries. How he screams and wants that one should value his services to the revolution! It is a sight at which one can die…but of laughter!” Rakover is inclined to gloat upon this subject much as you enjoy gloating over the Australian sheeple who have been placed under Communist tyranny of the CCP.

      Allow me to repeat. In the Mad Plan, the CCP, the WEF, Schwab (rhymes with Squab), Gates, Ethiopian terrorist Tedros, Rockefeller and the ‘multi-lateral partners’ of the Great Reset merely have the ‘bad guy’ script for the Western nations depop.

      You can’t have a Communist Takeover without the standard issue genocide. This is simply not done. And, of course, in these post Christian , subverted Marxist states the Commanders of The Revolution have lined up all the brother and sister Jews wall to wall in all institutions of social influence. They expect ‘the Jews’ to win the eternal suffering sweepstakes (again) and shlep the can for this phase of the Revolution. As a people the Jewish people are as completely duped by their leaders as we Gentiles are by ours. And all The Bad Actors as named above who are fronting the Jubela, Jubelo, Jubelum evil, Western Globalist ‘5.11 bogey’ nwo script just happen to be Jews.

      And in this shtick, the CCP has the ‘bad guy’ communist script. The ‘good guy’ script has been assigned to the Soviet – Israel Axis of ZOG East. They have already done their genocides and build their soviets for multi-polar world order (as in the 10 horns of the Beast). In due course , they are going to ‘liberate’ the Special Economic Zones of the evil, anti-christ, racist West and bring us the endstage Judaic Supremacy and its world order with Noachide Law and the achievement of the UN 17 sustainable development goals. This is World War III.”

  4. This was brought about by the false flag attack on the WTC on 911 by Israel and traitors in the ZUS government, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, et all, and the attack was blamed on the muslims and Bin Laden, who had nothing to do with it, to see how it was done go to and

    The ZUS armed the taliban the first time to fight the Russians and now have armed them again to fight the Russians and Iran, this was all baked in the cake from day one, 2001, this is the zionists control of the ZUS on full display for all the world to see.

  5. Bark,
    You do have a way with words. I suppose we all know that Afghanistan, going all the way back to Alex the Great on through to the British, the Soviets and now the stupid, ignorant, easily manipulated ZUS Americans, has been the grave yard of empires.
    A prime example of the crumpling West is the scene from Australia where police thugs take down to the side walk and pepper spray a 12 year old girl for not waring a mask. Not only that, but herding like cattle Australian children into some stadium (sans parents) for the mass injection kill shot. Is the draconian lock down, mask-up and shut up of New Zealand and Australia the beta tests for the rest of the West and the world? At least, as of yet, the Australian police thugs are not shooting in the head and stoning their female units as is the want of the Afghan Taliban thugs for their female units in not the proper attire.
    It seems that the some male units have a problem of coming to grips with their manhood. As the late Rex Harrison sang-spoke on his role as Professor Higgins in “My Fair Lady”: “Why Can’t a women be more like a Man?” Maybe that is where woksterdom got the idea that a man can get pregnant. A Female unit pretends to be a male unit, gets knocked up by a male unit pretending to a female unit and ergo, a “male” unit can birth a baby unit impregnated by a female unite.
    The un-woke Taliban must think the West is out of it’s mind. No doubt. Give a female unit an inch and pretty soon they think there a male. Give a Male unit a few inches and by the third grade of a woke PS education they will want to whack it off. It’s a wacky-woke world.
    Male, female and all the wokester combinations therein are now just units.

  6. 1. The B-52 appears to be dropping 500 lb MK-82 bombs, which is the standard high altitude unmodifed and unguided gravity bomb. The B52H model carries 51 of these bombs.


    2. Afghan refugees like the millions of Syrian refugees that fled north into Europe? No. The Taliban have offered amnesty to most of the collaborators. I think it is fear mongering to assume those people will leave just because of the Taliban and Sharia Law which they are fully familiar with. They are Muslims afterall, now it will be strict with no drugs and no abortions like you find in Jewmerika.

    3. No Muslims were involved in 911. It is a myth that Muslims are the big bad terrorists when it is the Jews who are the real terrorists of the world. Israel did 9-11-2001 and blamed it on the Muslims. The Muslims were the patsies like Oswald. Osama bin Laden denied having done the 911 attacks, and that is believable because it would be impossible for a raghead in a desert sh-thole to organize such an attack when they have no infrastructure, navy, air force or any ability to project force outside their immediate area.

    Witnesses heard bombs going off, and security guards have presented testimony of the World Trade Towers powered down the weekend before 9-11. No Afghani could have done that, nor could any team of Muslims planted the bombs in the trade towers for a controlled demolition. This is elementary knowledge for any researcher but is never presented on the Jew media because they are protecting the real perps, their fellow Jews.

    Why were the WTC towers powered-down the weekend before 9-11? Two Eyewitnesses describe the event

    ISIS is an Israel proxy army. and the Taliban will give them no quarter, and they have said so. So what that really means is that the CIA and the Mossad can no longer stage terror in Afghanistan or nearby states from Afghanistan. The Taliban are shutting down the Jew terror operation from Afghanistan. So this article is complete bullshit and the exact opposite of reality. And no drug running either. So the USAF-CIA flooding Amerika with heroin is over. Boo hoo for them. All those thousands of heroin suicides in Dayton, Ohio where Wright Patterson AFB brings in these drugs will now stop. A secret silver lining to the current crisis – which we will all soon forget as the next news cycle crisis begins.

    The 10 million Syrian refugees fled Damascus and other towns because of non-stop bombing raids on apartments, hospitals, schools, water and sewer supplies. The war on Afghanistan is over, thus no civilian needs to flee toward Europe. Afghanistan is now calm, the war of terror by the US of Israel is over, they can go back to their Muslim lives of misery. If they stone women to death for adultery then those women who commit adultery should flee to Israel where they can be whores for greedy Jewish businessmen.

    Israel is the #1 sex trafficking nation on earth, and now Afghanistan will be the least sexual degenerate place on earth because the Jews have been kicked out, although since 20,000 to 40,000 Amerikans are still in country, they might capture the ones who screwed them and hold them hostage like Iran did in 1979. Of course if you are a tool of empire and get caught inside, “left behind” during the retreat your ass is toast.

    So the bottom line? Afghanistan is now a no abortion, no drugs, no porn, no gay marriage, no trannies, no Jews. “How terrible this is” cries Wolf Blitzer of CNN, “all those things we Jew perverts enjoy have been stopped in Afghanistan by those bad Taliban fighters.”

    1. Excellent. I’m surprised more people don’t perceive the physical impossibility of thin aluminum planes slicing through thick steel and concrete like a hot knife through butter. As one elderly blue collar guy with a lot more practical and common sense than book knowledge said while watching the hot knife and butter show on TV: “Beer cans don’t go through steel and concrete.” That’s right, they break up and bounce off in lots of pieces. Holograms and crisis actors.

      1. I have NO DOUBT that the WTC attack on 9-11-01 was a false flag with real planes and explosives and thermite.

        I claim that using “holograms” is a guess to fit a false narrative.

        My question is…. if *ONLY* a “hologram”… how did the designers get the huge pieces of debris, including jet engines and wheel assemblies, tossed into the surrounding buildings and cars within seconds???

        These flicks show the pierces which fit my guesses….

        Engine pieces removed soon after attack:

        Wheel assembly pieces removed years later:

        I shall use this just to show the initial holes made by the plane in the building’s facade, which I have photos of, taken before the collapse:
        “Scientists simulate jet colliding with World Trade Center”

        We ALL are guessing. But ‘Shrub’ and Cheney know!

        The 20 year anniversary is just THREE WEEKS away!!

        1. @Yukon and Pat
          I realize it’s much more important to know WHO did it and WHY, as you say and explain very thoroughly and cogently, but it is not unimportant to know HOW. I’ll be more specific about the evidence at, which is as different as night and day when it comes to evidence from something like the “Flat Earth” theory. There is a lot of info and video there. A few things: the wings would immediately shear off, not go into the building; the planes would decrease in speed if they entered the buildings; there’s the video footage glitch of “Pinocchio’s Nose” exiting the back side of the building intact for 2 or 3 frames before the video was briefly blacked out and then resumed. The small amount of plane parts and debris on the ground would have been placed there soon before the initial explosions, with pedestrians shielded from view by a propped up covering. The engine on the ground was not from a 767, but much smaller. Hundreds of people’s cell phones in the area were confiscated. “By Means of Deception Thou Shall Make War.” We continue to live in that world of Judeo-Masonic deception with the fake deadly flu and the time-release killer jab, which incorporates a lot of “divide and conquer” strategy as well.

          In Feb. 1981, then-CIA Director William Casey during the first meeting of President Ronald Reagan’s Cabinet, told those present, “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

          1. Judging by the opinions of my neighbors here in Florida, the CIA has been very successful in their disinformation program.

        2. I wasn’t there and watched it “live” on CNN, or apparently “live”. I thought what they showed us was a Hollywood production with lots of CGI and that the buildings were demolished safely, as is routinely done, away from the cameras, and if the controlled demolitions were filmed they were never shown to the public, or maybe just Building 7 was shown. But if I had been there and actually seen what was shown then I’d assume the planes were on remote control, or holograms.

      2. @Darrel and Pat

        How they did 911 is debatable, I have said from day one that the simpliest explanation is the best one, real planes flown remote controlled into the towers, with TV crews on the ground who just happen to film it. Then controlled demolitions by standard means. Lots of evidence for this theory, like Dov Zakheim, Larry Silverstein comment about pulling WTC7.

        The problem with Muslims flying jets is that they might fail or divert at the last second, but a remote controlled aircraft which banks to a high degree just before impact – a Muslim pilot would go in wings level with eyes closed. From day one those of us who know how to fly big planes said “no pilot” because of the high bank angle. Rolling the airplane at the last second you might miss the target.

        Dov Zakheim, the Rabbi in control of the Pentacon money ( in which Def Sec Rumsfeld said 2.1 trillion was missing in a speech the day before) owned a company which installs the remote control gadget on USAF jets – probably done at Tinker AFB in Oklahoma for those of us in the know about aircraft modifications.

        If you were in charge of this operation the point is for it to happen smoothly, so remote controlled aircraft are used as the most effective means. Anything super high tech might fail, but can not be ruled out. Space beams another ruse, because the simpliest way is a controlled demo with charges – and you can see the squibs blowing out windows as the towers collapse. Dr. Judy Wood a paid disinformationist getting everyone bogged down in the means, not the why and the who. Obvious.

        So that means whenever I post 911 stuff there is always the reply about holograms or flat earth. Intentional distractions from the who. Who did it is never discussed, and the way the conversation is steered is to get everyone bogged down in the why. Holograms, space beams, nukes, are all intentional diversions from the who which is ZOG and Israel. Obvious.

        The point I was making is that Al Queda / Taliban / Muslim didn’t do it. They are the patsies in a Mossad – CIA – Pentacon plot to start a War of Terror on the world. Our government did 911 with Israeli help to start big wars in the Middle East after the Soviet Union collapsed. Big money was spent prosecuting these wars, trillions spent, and big profits for the defense contractors. No Muslim was involved in the planning or execution of this operation – except as the predetermined patsies.

        The Mockingbird Media (CIA penetrated moles control the narrative) read from a prepared script – and even got caught as BBC announced the WTC7 collapse before it happened. Silverstein says WTC 7 was pulled – which implies so was the WTC1,2 and thus the whole operation was an inside job in which JEW Silverstein profitted by doubling the insurance on the complex. Standard Jewish tactic of making a huge amount of money from a Jew chaos scripted event.

        Then at the end of 20 some years of lording over Afghanistan, the Zionist monsters decide to cut and run and portray our retreat as disorderly and the Taliban getting all of our military hardware by “accident”. Staged theater. Preplanned. That is part of the script including all these Kabulians running down the runway after the last C-17 departs.

        Then on the local airwaves, the Mockingbird CIA Media radio hosts all repeat the big lie that we invaded Afghanistan to stop another terror attack. Afghanis had nothing to do with 911, they have no territorial ambitions, only a few will seek refuge in the west, they are happy we are gone – but it is portrayed in the media as a panic to get out. Another big lie because if we are gone there will be peace. If you evict the Jew you will know peace.

        Amerika is in chaos because of Jew infestation. Jews destroyed the national currency by inflation, they destroyed our military and national honor by rainbow fags and trannies, they destroyed our white world for the Jew world order. If we were as fortunate as the Taliban, getting Jews to leave our nation. Amerika will fall because of Jew infestations in government, media, finance, medicine.

        1. Thanks, YJ!

          “How they did 911 is debatable, I have said from day one that the simplest explanation is the best one, real planes flown remote controlled into the towers, with TV crews on the ground who just happen to film it. Then controlled demolitions by standard means. Lots of evidence for this theory, like Dov Zakheim, Larry Silverstein comment about pulling WTC7.”

          I claimed the same within a week after the attack.

          On live TV, I saw the mafia’s Mayor Giuliani order 3,000 body bags the first day, then 7,000 later in the day, then 10,000 and finally 15,000… all within a few days, before he stopped telling how many he was ordering. SO, guessing that 50,000 or MORE were killed…. I followed the body bag story for years!! I called the manufacturer, Fordion Packaging of Hackensack NJ, in 2003….. after they filed suit for non-payment by the City of New York in 2003…..

          This ‘smoking gun’ has been on file since 2003…. 100,000 body bags for 3,000 bodies!!??

          I believe Giuliani was a KEY figure in the event.
          He later hid the 100,000 body bags he purchase from Fordion…. 
          **settled out of court… leaving NO record of payment and NO financial tracking of inventory and NO EXACT COUNT how many, maybe MORE THAN 50,000, were used..!!


          Company Sues Over Deal for Body Bags
          The Nation | IN BRIEF / NEW YORK
          July 11, 2003|From Times Wire Reports:
          A New Jersey company that manufactures BODY BAGS filed suit against New York City, charging that the city has reneged on a deal to buy 100,000 specially manufactured bags after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

          Fordion Packaging Ltd. of Hackensack is suing the city for $203,388 it says the city still owes the company for making the body bags it manufactured on a rush basis in the days after the terrorist attacks.


          The REAL PROBLEM IS… although the case is not sealed, none of the documents are available for public viewing online ANYMORE!!
          U.S. District Court
          Southern District of New York (Foley Square)
          CIVIL DOCKET FOR CASE #: 1:03-cv-05097-AKH
          Fordion Packaging v. City of New York
          Assigned to: Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein
          Demand: $0
          Cause: 28:1391 Personal Injury
          Date Filed: 07/10/2003
          Jury Demand: Plaintiff
          Nature of Suit: 190 Contract: Other
          Jurisdiction: Diversity

          Fordion Packaging Ltd.
          represented by
          Joseph Michael Heppt
          521 Fifth Avenue
          Suite 1805
          New York, NY 10175
          City of New York
          represented by
          Gary P. Rosenthal
          Corporation Counsel of the City of New York
          100 Church Street
          Room 3-125
          New York, NY 10007
          Date Filed Docket Text 07/10/2003
          COMPLAINT filed. Summons issued and Notice pursuant to 28 U.S.C. 636(c). FILING FEE $ 150.00 RECEIPT # 478544. (jjm) (Entered: 07/11/2003)
          Magistrate Judge Andrew J. Peck is so designated. (jjm) (Entered: 07/11/2003)
          RULE 7.1 CERTIFICATE filed by Fordion Packaging . (jjm) (Entered: 07/11/2003)
          AFFIDAVIT OF SERVICE of summons and complaint as to City of New York by Rachel Brozen on 7/24/03. Answer due on 8/13/03 for City of New York. (jco) (Entered: 08/06/2003)
          STIPULATION and ORDER; answer due to complaint for 9/17/03 for City of New York . ( signed by Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein ) (jco) (Entered: 08/12/2003)
          ANSWER to Complaint by City of New York (Attorney Gary P. Rosenthal from the Firm: Corp. Counsel of NYC) . (moc) (Entered: 09/23/2003)
          Minute Entry for proceedings held before Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein : Initial Pretrial Conference held on 11/21/2003. Next conference set for 7/9/04 @9:30 a.m. (pl, ) (Entered: 12/09/2003)
          Set/Reset Scheduling Order Deadlines: Pretrial Conference set for 7/9/2004 09:30 AM before Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein. (pl, ) (Entered: 12/09/2003)
          CASE MANAGEMENT PLAN: all non expert discovery is to be completed by 5/30/04; joinder of additional parties and amended pleadings may be filed until 12/31/03; the last day for filing dispositive motions shall be 6/30/04; counsel for parties shall meet for at least two hours at the office of plaintiff’s counsel, to discuss settlement on 6/18/04; the case management conference will be held on 7/9/04 at 9:30 a.m. (Signed by Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein on 11/21/03) (Lewis, Diahann) (Entered: 12/01/2003)
          Minute Entry for proceedings held before Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein : Status Conference held on 7/16/2004. Trial set for status 11/8/04. IPTC dwt for 10/27/04 @ 4:00 p.m. (jco, ) (Entered: 07/20/2004)
          **ORDER OF DISMISSAL, It having been reported to this Court that the above entitled action has been settled, it is hereby ORDERED that the Clerk of the Court shall mark this matter closed and all pending motions denied as moot. (Signed by Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein on 10/21/04) (dt, ) (Entered: 10/26/2004)

          STIPULATION AND ORDER OF DISMISSAL: this action is dismissed with prejudice, each party to bear its own costs pursuant to Rule 41(a) of the FRCP. (Signed by Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein on 2/4/05) (db, ) (Entered: 02/14/2005)

          ** Settled out of court = NO RECORD of payment or an EXACT COUNT of how many body bags were used!!!

          1. Well, NOW….. jew lawyers and a jew judge… GO FIGGER!!!

            AND… No search info about the article from the ‘LA Times’ or any other source is available anymore!💥 😨

          2. Thanks Pat for the info, I didn’t know about the body bag orders, but it makes sense that many more than reported died. Did you know the Pentacon did a DNA test on all the dead? No Muslims DNA was found, a military officer familiar with this proceedure posted the results online. This is definite proof that no Muslim hijackers rammed an airplane into the Pentacon on 911. Probably a missile, like a sea launched AGM-86 right off the coast of DC.

            Also, my claim to fame on 911 is that the building were pre-wired to come down, I wrote an essay for VT on this, and the scam is that the WTC is not the only buildings that have a built in controlled demo system installed at time of construction. You can not build sky scrapers over Manhattan without these safety systems that bring those tall buildings down in their footprint in case of hurricane, earthquake or other disaster like a plane impact. Of course the planes did not bring those buildings down since they were designed specifically to withstand an aircraft impact.


            The scam is that the tenants had no idea they were sitting on a bomb as they pay rent to Mr. Jew. A week or so after 911 Jeff Rense had a guest on who installed these systems, and he even supplied a photo of the control panel, I listened to the show live. Next day it was all scrubbed from the web and we never heard about it again.

            1. Agree, that no planes were used, John Lear the son of William Lear of the Lear Jet, has stated numerous times that no planes were used and that holograms to represent planes were used and he was a pilot and flew a lot of different types and said there was no way that planes were used, can see his interviews on youtube.

              Also enter the name April Gallop on youtube, she was working at the pentagon on 911 and was in the area of the demolition that blew out the wall and killed some 3 dozen accountants and she said she walked out through the hole and never saw any plane or missile parts, it was a preset controlled demolition.

            2. “No Muslims DNA was found”

              LOL. How does religion show up in DNA? So if I covert to a Muslim my DNA changes and if I revert to a Christian it changes again. You probably mean “Arab” or Middle Eastern DNA.

              1. Good point, CM! But to shift the focus slightly, do you notice how many of these Afghans have a distinctly Western or Aryan look? Many of them could pas as dashing White Hollywood actors.

                Afghan singer Aryana Sayeed Kareena


                And take a look at these male Afghans. They could be White Westerners. Makes you wonder what DNA they have if they look so white.


                1. Definitely. Many Afghans are clearly white Aryans. Others have the Middle Eastern look and others a mixed Mongol look. Some of those Taliban fighters would look well in rock bands if they substituted their submachine guns with guitars.

                2. Saki,
                  Afganistan may be the “graveyard” of empires but at times over the past several thousand years has been a “cradle” of sorts. For example. Imagine the legions of Alexander the Great marching for months or years to conquer territory. Young men in their prime with high sex-drive. Women like Sayeed Kareena obviously became spoils of war. Warfare throughout the ages has guaranteed humanity that PURE RACE doesn’t exist. A couple years ago Donaldo was driving his rig through eastern Colorado. It began to snow heavily so Donaldo decided to call it a day, found a truck stop and parked. He then exited the rig to inspect it and began talking to the driver of the neighboring rig. He was Afgan. What surprised Donaldo was his appearance. He looked totally Asian. He said he wanted to drink 🍷🍻 so we walked a couple of blocks to the local liquor store. We later shared some drinks in Donaldos rig conversing. He was Shia formerly of the Northern Alliance and had been contracted by the US military to transport SUVs through hostile Pastun territory. He made lots of shekels but later had to flee Afghanistan for his own safety. Anyway. On topic. For centuries Afghanistan was invaded by the Mongols who definitely left their DNA behind as they did in Europe. Some Europeans, especially the French, tend to be dark with black hair because of this. Ok. To sum it up. No PURE RACE exists and never has. Human beings, especially Jews (whatever that is) have always felt the need to IDENTIFY with a group despite scientific evidence to the contrary. Really. How close is Bibi’s DNA to that of a black Ethiopian Jew? As Pat would say……GO FIGGER. 🤔🤨🤠

  7. Personal Disclosure (Cough! Cough!):

    I must admit that nothing has made me happier in a LOOOOO….NG TIME than seeing the Kosha Nostra ‘Axis Of ZOG’ – Yes! Virginia, that would be the US/UK Global Drug Running & Shakedown Racket! – getting its A$$ KICKED… and handed to it on a silver platter! 😂😎👍😅

  8. I feel a lot of excitement not only here at Darkmoon (one of the best if not number one, at least for me) but all over the alt media and even at Twitter… (They blocked me, then suspiciously reinstated my account a half an hour later instead of in a week as was supposed to be, only because I wrote something they considered unethical for calling all those at the Kabul airport snitches who rather fall from a plane than fall in the hands of those whom they sold by giving the coordinates to the invader ) … Twitter and Facebook and what I see is the conspiracy theorist are gaining ground ..
    When it was 92% a few days ago for the official version regarding who did Sept eleven it now looks like 50/50 and it just don’t look pretty for those very special people smoking big cigars behind the dark glassed top condos in the heart of the city that never slept (but does now).
    So, I ain’t no prophet but it doesn’t take one to know, not only feel that shit is gonna hit the fan again not only because those big cigar boys have become predictable but also because the best time for war is when people starts “thinking”…
    It’s gonna get worse and they ain’t gonna change their minds even if we promise to stay quite.
    I don’t know what am I gonna call my next Twitter account, maybe: “yes sir🌹no sir”…

    1. “The best time for war is when people starts “thinking”…” You got it right there, Chiquitita……..sorry, Sarita.

    2. Most social media are propaganda weapons in the arsenal of US Western Zio GloboHomo imperialism. I’d find it irritating and annoying to use a service that is constantly warning you, banning you, censoring you, and getting you to watch out for every word you type. That causes stress so I guess they’re also a psychological weapon employed to make you fearful and sick and disturb your peace of mind.

  9. Of course, whether we are speaking of the president Carter and the Mujahedeen, Bush and the Al Qaeda or Trump/Bidden and the Taliban, the geopolitical narrative that runs through all these administrations are mere masquerades that hide the undercurrent influence of the Hidden Hand of the International Despotism Of Capital represented by the Central Banks, and the Coporatocracy of Military Industrial Complex, i.e. The Illuminati.

    These administrations were mere puppet regimes which were doing the works of the real rulers-The Despots Of Capitalism, and the originators of Communism. ( Communism-Capitalism Financial International)

    So, one might wonder what were the changes that made This Hidden Despotism to change its strategy in Afghanistan? If as the Writer suggests that “It’s the oil stupid!”, then we have to ask, what was the alternative strategy to the Afgan Route which rendered the Afghanistan Oil route irrelevant?

    I would submit, that it’s the success of the Russian Gas Pipeline to Europe! The Caspian Sea Oil route through Afghanistan , which necessitated the “Regime Change” in Afghanistan, is no longer necessary! For the reason that the Oligarchy has taken over Russia, and its dictating to President Putin. The reason why the gas pipeline from Russia to Europe has already become a success.

    So, for the International Despots, hanging on to Afghanistan when they already have secured an alternative route, is not sensible. Running the Oil Pipeline along the Gas Route makes sense! They might not already have announced it, but guys, I hereby predict that they will, and soon!

    The Illuminati Despots did not care about liberating Afghanistan from the tyranny of Taliban extremists when they went to war with them. And that is why LD is right, when she says that “Note the hypocrisy implicit in this comment. America, whose stated purpose in invading and occupying other countries is to advance democracy and “protect human rights”, is at the same time quite happy to see Afghan women stoned to death!”

    The Despots have for now surrendered Afghanistan to the Taliban. You might wonder why they did not help their puppet president Ashraf Ghani . I submit, its for the same reason why they have allowed Bad Boy Kim Jong, to have his way with North Koreans, and for the same reason why they have allows Bad Boy Xi Jinping to have his way with The Uyghurs.

    The International Despots no longer consider encouraging democracy anywhere as a viable foreign policy, since they too, are in a hurry to implement their own globally.

    So, its better to help the local tyrants, of whatever version prepare the locals for the Global Tyranny which is in the works! The Worse, I am sorry guys, to predict, is yet to come. The Sh*t will hit the fan. And the stink will be all over you. Watchout.

    1. BF, Loved your last two paragraphs. If I may be so bold to reword for the dystopian United Soviet States of America.
      American despots no longer consider encouraging democracy as a viable policy, since they are in a hurry to implement their totalitarian technocracy. (Australia and NZ are the beta tests for the rest of the world and eventually the safe place for the Jewish banking elite and their hangers to rule from when 80 percent of the population is cleared out and most likely dead.)

      So, its better to help the local tyrants, (most state governors, mayors and other such scum) of whatever version
      (D, R or I) to prepare the locals for the Global Tyranny which is in the works! The Worse, I am sorry guys, to predict, is yet to come. The Sh*t will hit the fan. And the stink will be all over you. Watch-out. (You can say that again BF. So I will say it for you. Watch-out, prepare and the 100 million Americans with the 400 +/- guns, keep your powder dry. They are the only cohort in the world standing in the way of the “Global Tyranny”.)

      1. Thanks, TOEJAMICUS.
        Though I hate the need for The Second Amendment in a “civilized world” , unfortunately, its a wild world, not yet civilized.

        Your security is dependent on the effectiveness of you craws, teeth, and cunning. Not the government.

  10. I was very upset about Uncle Sam leaving Americans behind in Afghanistan. More accurately, I was trying to force or convince myself to be upset about it, out of residual patriotism from the good ole days the USA was a real country, or somewhat of a real country. Then I saw a video about it and everyone in the video who was labeled “American” were actually Afghanis — probably some had American citizenship, so what, anybody from anywhere in the world can go to Mexico walk over the border and vote in American elections — so American citizenship is now basically MEANINGLESS and has been meaningless for a long time. So it’s difficult to figure out how many real Americans are left in Afghanistan [ real = White Americans ] . Anyway, I’m so over it for so many reasons I don’t care anymore. Even if White Americans are left behind in Afghanistan I don’t care anymore — I’m so over this country and the jewed-out culture of the United States.

    I’m hoping for a miracle for Trump, Biden, Kamala, Pelosi, Hillary to drop dead before the presidential campaign season starts up again [ 2023. it starts a year before the election usually ] . it’s painful to listen to them. They lie about everything, including Mr. “MAGA” man [ who may even be the most egregious liar out of all of ’em ]. I’m also hoping Pompeo drops dead soon, so we don’t have to listen to him, especially if the pharisees are planning to make him the Republican candidate for the presidency. That would be awful and I’m praying he’s not the one to become our next president, fat slob “Christian” ZIONIST in service to the jews. That would be dreadful. It’s all dreadful enough as it is, a fat slob president drooling out of his mouth like a pit bull attack dog in service to COMMUNIST-ZIONIST jews while pretending to be a “traditional conservative Christian” American, I’m so over this country I simply don’t care anymore — it’s all so overwhelming.


    1. Who cares about the traitors that work for ZOG or what happens to them in Afghanistan? Not me. It is laughable, actually, as they had no right to be there. Only scumbags went to Afghanistan to control the opium supply lines. Every single Amerikan in Afghanistan is a traitor to ZOG and I hope they all die. The taxpayers were raped, the latest I read in the NYTimes is that ZOGmerica spent 2 trillion, that is 2,000 billion bucks, which was financed by selling Treasury bonds. In other words they are spending money they don’t have and diminishing the value of the money you work for, so it is a big screwjob to ordinary working stiffs like me who slave away everyday.

  11. The jews want the U.S. military in Afghanistan for a few reasons [ for the oil pipeline, for the heroin ], and another reason, a reason no one ever talks about : The jews want the U.S. military in Afghanistan because Afghanistan and Iran share a border. The jews want the US military in Afghanistan for that day they get their USrael ZOG war against Iran started. It’s good tactics and strategy to have your military on the border or close to the border, of a country you want to attack.

    I was wrong ; I always said Uncle Sam’s ZOG military would never leave Afghanistan, exactly because Afghanistan borders Iran. I was wrong.

    1. TROJ –

      Never fear!!
      The US military will go back…. and the next time they will be able to fend off critics accusing them of wanting to be defeated by the ‘rag-tag’ army with no major weapons…… by pointing to the $$BILLIONS in arms & equipment they just left there. They will prove you correct and never leave next time. 🙂

  12. So the scenario is maybe, everybody refusing the spike prions will be declared domestic terrorists….
    They’re already working on that at DHS….
    Everybody spreading unauthorized virus info, resisting the spike, claiming the election was stolen, advocating trump’s return, espousing ‘racist’ border security and law and order policies or dismissing the January 6 ‘insurrection’ will be martial law pig meat 🍖 😜..
    To be given Two in the Chest, One in the Head….
    You will be arrested and hauled off to somewhere to be beheaded as-per the murdered filmmaker’s Gray State tale.. or you will die in a shoot-out with the NWO swat thugs, who are being recruited out of hateful foreigners…
    They plan for killing, and it will take a miracle to prevent the upcoming BBB…
    NOTICE how they keep calling up the Civil War….
    But first the globalists have to get rid of all homeboy elements in local police departments and Para military units like the guard 💂‍♂️…
    Defunding the police…. then what 😳?
    No doubt about it the globalists will push their power grab as far as possible, major genocide baked in…
    Remaking the world in the nuevo-marxist digital control format….
    The spike would be the way to rid themselves of most of the military, and you would have to be out of your rabbit-ass mind to take it….
    Maybe the phoniest transparent BS of the whole 9-11 lie was the bit about the airliner disappearing inside the pentagon….
    At the very quarters where rumsfeld had set up his ‘investigation’ into zachiems missing trillions….
    Whoever fired the rocket into the Pentagon did it to squash the investigation…
    Now I’m forever dismayed and dismally awestruck that so many citizens, after the 9-11 fiasco atrocity, conducted as well by such an obviously sinister cast of characters, have enough ostrich in their blood that they will still allow themselves to be spiked with some rushed-up experimental genetic therapy 😀 agent on some obvious Obama intel cook-up so-called virus out of some CHICOM DARPA lab…
    My God – What On Earth Is Wrong With People?

  13. So those terrible Taliban, those Muslim extremists and terrorists …

    No gays allowed
    No drugs allowed
    No abortions allowed
    No Covid masks required
    No vaxx jabs required or even allowed
    No Hollywood horror movies or porn allowed
    No home debt
    gold and silver allowed for payment
    No building permits
    No business permits
    Farmer’s market allowed anywhere
    No driver’s license’
    No Marxist school training
    also I am sure of one thing, there are no flaming trannies running loose in Afghanistan

    So if you are a believer in God and his morals for us, then who is following God, the people of Afghanistan or the people of Jewmerica? Who has more freedom than you? If I was a fundamentalist Christian, and believed in God’s judgement, then how could I come to any other conclusion that Amerika would be judged severely for it’s sins?

    1. AND….

      The people of Afghanistan are white…. where jews are non-white by their own admission and jews have diseases specific to them and blacks…. such as sickle-cell anemia. And jews are afflicted with amaurotic idiocy and acute paranoia.

      1. @ PAT

        And you Patty Boy are a delusional old man who has accomplished nothing in his life, so you blame others like all losers. You know all, see all, yet you are one dumb mother fucker
        Go play with your toy submarine in the bathtub at the home and google some more shit and post it so you look even stupider than you are. Body bags, LOL what idiot LMFAO 🙂

        1. Whining, dyslectic, Amaurotic Idiocy afflicted jew, Ralan….

          Keep up the good work whining, crying and moaning loudly while laughing your Fat Ass Off. Hyenas do that too!! 🙂 That dichotomy of emotions caused by Amaurotic Idiocy has to be really painful!!

          BTW – I am STILL waiting for the patent number YOU CLAIMED to have knowledge of….. for the equipment generating the TV SIGNALS from the moon AND POWER SOURCE for that equipment….. “held by General Dynamics from 1969.”

          Since you don’t know how to search the web – go through some old newspapers you save for info. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    2. (Please correct user name typo
      or your comment will be held up)

      One thing you left out Yukon. Some of the Afghan male units have a predilection for dancing young male units. This seems to be a world wide habit. The Afghan male unites are the real masters of the cult. The Afghan male unites cover their women units from head to toe most likely because they can’t stand to look at them. However, the rosy cheeks of the young male units is more to their liking No Alphabet unites for these guys.

  14. Two-thousand Billion dollars and insurmountable losses on both foreign & domestic soil merely to reach the point of pipeline access through Afghanistan by conditions that have not only failed after two decades, but presently constitutes a potential standoff of unimaginable proportions.

    And as if that status weren’t bad enough the U.S. further declared that it would not recognize a Taliban government under the pretense of force, which only caused the Taliban to alternatively court recognition by neighboring countries through to the Persian Gulf and beyond, including Beijing who has already been in talks to provide mass infrastructure in Afghanistan in order to firmly establish a presence there. In contrast, the fact that the Taliban have seized Afghanistan might well destabilize Pakistan and almost certainly the reign of the Taliban over Afghanistan will constitute a a literal wellspring of extremism on the order of magnitude far greater than it was 20 years ago.

    The Taliban’s leader, Akhundzada, is far more militant than Mansour so it’s a given that trouble lies ahead in a way never envisioned by the United States. Shaheen’s claims of a peaceful Afghanistan and protection of human rights is entirely disingenuous rhetoric. Lest anyone forget, this is the Taliban, who were originally extremists formed out of the mujahedeen who separated in order to forcibly impose Islamic law according to their own radical views. Now that they have a country, they aren’t about to transform themselves into anything even resembling a diplomatic people that would now violate the very basis for their identity.

    Finally, the Afghani people now look to the U.S. for losing its homeland and misdirected retribution will come in the form of terrorist acts because they no more poured over their northern borders and fled to Germany and other European areas as refugees, they are already being deported. Without a place to call home, there is with all certainty the potential for these people to become radicalized in taking aim at the U.S.

    The U.S. was finally energy independent in 2019 for the first time since 1957, but for the present administration that type of energy was directly oppositional to the forthcoming onset of what is about to become the greatest scam upon the American people if democrats remain in power and yet pales by comparison to what is about to be perpetrated on a global scale by a force even greater and more punctuated by evil than Hitler’s Germany.

    The confusion and destabilization caused by the pandemic represents a turning point that will ultimately culminate into a world order that people will scarcely believe possible.

      1. I agree, except for something at the end: “… a force even greater and more punctuated by evil than Hitler’s Germany.” We need to keep in mind that we’ve been lied to about everything, that the official narrative about anything is a lie, and an especially easy way to tell that something is a lie is if it is drummed into us from all sides continuously, ad nauseam, and even more especially if alternative narratives are attacked mercilessly by those in power through their prostituted foot soldiers, even made a criminal offense in about 18 countries, including Canada. Check out, e.g., and then there is the impressive revisionist documentary, “The Greatest Story Never Told,” on various platforms except youtube, e.g. here:

        Reading history written by the victors is always a recipe for imbibing distorted history.

        In Feb. 1981, then-CIA Director William Casey during the first meeting of President Ronald Reagan’s Cabinet, told those present, “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

        “If you want to know who rules over you [and enforces the “official narrative of WWII, and everything else as well], just ask yourself whom you’re not allowed to criticize.”

  15. After 20 years of war against the Afghanis and making enemies out of them, America’s politicians want the Afghanis to move to the USA and settle down here in the USA. Uncle Sam is not even going to vet the Afghanis to try to determine which Afghanis actually like Americans and which Afghanis hate Americans and hate the USA and are looking for revenge and want to live in the USA in order to wreak vengeance against Americans on American soil.

    The American embassy in Kabul handed out blank VISA forms to the Afghanis, the Afghanis could fill in all the necessary info themselves and they got an instant VISA to come to the USA. No vetting whatsoever. And even Mr. “MAGA” man supports massive immigration of Afghanis into the USA.

  16. Give them an inch and they will take an ell

    Lasha, this line, and especially your use of the word “ell”, puts me in mind of a celebrated poem by Dorothy Parker:

    Ballade of a talked-off ear

    Daily I listen to wonder and woe,
    Nightly I hearken to knave or to ace,
    Telling me stories of lava and snow,
    Delicate fables of ribbon and lace,
    Tales of the quarry, the kill, the chase,
    Longer than heaven and duller than hell-
    Never you blame me, who cry my case:
    “Poets alone should kiss and tell!”

    Dumbly I hear what I never should know,
    Gently I counsel of pride and of grace;
    Into minutiae gayly they go,
    Telling the name and the time and the place.
    Cede them your silence and grant them space-
    Who tenders an inch shall be raped of an ell!
    Sympathy’s ever the boaster’s brace;
    Poets alone should kiss and tell.

    Why am I tithed what I never did owe?
    Choked with vicarious saffron and mace?
    Weary my lids, and my fingers are slow-
    Gentlemen, damn you, you’ve halted my pace.
    Only the lads of the cursed race,
    Only the knights of the desolate spell,
    May point me the lines the blood-drops trace-
    Poets alone should kiss and tell.


    Prince or commoner, tenor or bass,
    Painter or plumber or never-do-well,
    Do me a favor and shut your face
    Poets alone should kiss and tell.

    1. Thanks, Trad. I love Dorothy Parker. Here’s one for you. I’m sure you’re familiar with it already, but here it is again, a perennial favourite of the anthologies:



      Razors pain you;
      Rivers are damp;
      Acids stain you;
      And drugs cause cramp.
      Guns aren’t lawful;
      Nooses give;
      Gas smells awful;
      You might as well live.

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