Space Demons Made Man a Big Brained Sex Machine: The Weird and Wonderful World of Yukon Jack

This article is not an April Fool’s joke, prematurely published, as some might be tempted to believe. All quotes are 100 per cent authentic and meant to be taken seriously.


Presented by Lasha Darkmoon


“An extraterrestrial reptilian race supposed to originate from a hidden planet called Niburu, thought to be the overlords of a secret world government.” (Wiktionary)

“Humans are artificial creations. The gods that created us are space devils, they came to earth and bred with the local hominids  and made us their slaves. Thus man is a slave animal, a walking talking big brained sex machine.”  — Yukon Jack


These quotes, edited for brevity, have been taken from the comment section of different articles published on the Darkmoon site within the last week.

YUKON  JACK:  What no one will discuss is why humans are attracted to porn while the entire animal kingdom is not. No monkey or ape or dog or giraffe is interested in porn. I have a theory why and you are not going to like it. It is preposterous that humans evolved into hairless apes during the ice age.

Humans are obviously not natural.  We are not apes, we are genetic abominations created in a lab by space aliens that could be  Grays/Anunnaki/Reptilians/Nephilim.

According to Zacharia Sitchin, Anunnaki came to earth 500,000 years ago and about 250,000 years ago they started working on creating a bipedal slave race from which we begat. This astounding theory is backed up by mountains of evidence, like how the modern man just suddenly appeared with no lineage in the fossil record.

If you read the Sitchin material carefully, and his protege Dr. Sasha Lessin website there is a mind blowing amount of information about what happened in ancient Sumer, going back tens of thousands of years. For one, concerning this article, humans were not just slaves but bred for sex slavery – which the Anunnaki and their other slaves – the Igigi astronaut corp took part in marrying earth women – which was forbidden by Nibiru law, but they did so because earth was a mining planet in the boondocks.

Thus man is a slave animal, a walking talking big brained sex machine. Man was created for sex.

But man was also taught religious myths that prohibited wanton sex. Long gone are the days when man could just have sex in the street as depicted in ancient Roman Greco art. When Christianity was written up by the Roman State the lid was put on rampant sexual escapades and in the modern world, overcome by the Little Ice Age and Dark Age repression was put in a long repressive spell by religion.

The fall of Rome and the cold weather kept sex in the closet until the modern age and post enlightenment where once again rampant sex became normalized. It is a cultural cycle and we are back to where we used to be, except this time around there is electronic medium. (I am not arguing in favor of porn just making an observation) Basically after nearly 2,000 years of repression sex exploded back on the scene, starting with post WW2 playboy.

“Man is a slave animal,
a walking talking big brained sex machine.”
— Yukon Jack

—     §     —

YUKON JACK:  Animals can not comprehend porn, put dogs in front of a screen and show dogs mating, the dog will not get turned on by mating images, this is because the dog has a smaller brain, and does not fantacize like a human with a huge brain.

What no one is saying is why only humans have porn. Because they have a huge unnatural brain. How hairless apes got huge brains is a contentious subject, and I say the theory that aliens created us that way, and that theory has gained much attention since Sitchin.

Humans are artificial creations, a domesticated specie, one with all kinds of perversions not seen in the natural world. For instance, humans are wrecking the planet, not something a natural specie would do. Humans carry offworld genes, and that IS being proven in genetic science. Also, humans have a different chromosome count, only 46 (or 23 pairs) while all apes and monkeys have 48. How did that impossibility happen? Genetic engineering, that is how and both sides of the Evolution vs Creation debate will not admit to our real origin.

For humans to evolve from Lucy to modern man would take 10s of millions of years, yet humans just happened. This mystery is solved. Anunnaki intervention.

Furthermore the “gods” that created us were not gods, they were human like us, we have their genes, they bred with us. They were devils. We are the product of space pirates, who came here and interfered with our natural evolution. Humans are a product of space rape, and thus we carry the off world DNA that makes us such hellions.

Harmless looking old timer—”product of space rape”—meets his Anunnaki overlord  for instructions on world domination. 

And if you think what I say is farfetched, how do you explain religion and our holy books which say the gods created us?

The Bible says that, yet we ignore it and make it God, fooling ourselves what really happened because we like lies, another damnable trait.

—     §     —

YUKON JACK:  Man was made in the image and likeness of the gods. Man loves porn, over half of the internet is porn, a testament to how popular porn is.

If man was made in God’s image and man loves porn, then how can porn be bad?

Are you saying God is bad?

In my opinion not only is God bad for Creation, the lesser gods are also bad.

The massive suffering in Creation is proof that the original Creator God is a bad entity, and it is probably Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The gods that created us are space devils, they came to earth and bred with the local hominids and made us, as their slaves. Humans were created as sex slaves for the gods, and the Anunnaki found earth women irresistible, and many Anunnaki Igigi took earth women for wives according to Sithin’s tale.

Gods are bad, thus man is bad.

I dare anyone to defy my logic.


“In my numerous essays on this subject, I said over and over man was created by the devil, and that devil has a name, and it is Enki. Man is a product of space alien lust.”  — Yukon Jack

—     §     —

YUKON JACK:  God is a super computer who generated a fake universe to torture us.

We are told to love this evil thing that created this hell.  Fear god and hell, these holy fakers say, when it is obvious we are already in hell.

The truth is so horrible we can’t admit it, the only real heaven would be non-existence. And if that isn’t the greatest condemnation of the creator god, I don’t know what is.

—     §     —


MADAME  BUTTERFLY (Commenter on Darkmoon site) : Yukon Jack is hostile toward all religions. He thinks we humans are no more than robots created by space aliens, the Anunnaki, and that we are also computer simulations existing in a holographic universe.

YUKON JACK (in response) :  I never said we were robots, the commenters dissing the simulation theory said that. I said Zacharia’s Sitchin’s theory, now widely accepted and called Ancient Alien theory, is that an off world humanoid race came here and genetically engineered humans. This theory is backed by mountains of evidence. Regardless of how we got here, we are a violent specie hell bent on destruction.

NGP (having the last word) : As an associate professor in theoretical Physics at a major Ivy League university, I can tell you that Zacharia Sitchin’s “theory” — on which you set so much store — is NOT widely accepted except by a small minority of weirdos like yourself. In fact, the Flat Earth Theory of the universe has far MORE supporters, tens of thousands of equally nutty enthusiasts! Zacharia Sitchin (a fake name if ever there was one) is catering to an ever-growing underclass of uneducated readers, zonked out on cannabis et cetera, known as the “Nutcase Market”. These are gullible goofs like yourself in search of the wildest fantasy presented as sober fact. The “scientific” evidence for any of these poppycock theories involving alien “space rapists”, to use your own breathless terminology, is virtually ZERO.

159 thoughts to “Space Demons Made Man a Big Brained Sex Machine: The Weird and Wonderful World of Yukon Jack”

  1. Yukon Jack has just written a long comment in response to “NGP”, the Associate Professor of Theoretical Physics who has scathingly dismissed him as a “gullible goof” promoting “poppycock theories”. Unfortunately, Yukon’s comment arrived too late for inclusion in this article. He is welcome to repost his comment here in full, together with any further comments in defence of his thesis that the human race was created by demonically evil space aliens.

    1. Here is my reply to NGP:

      Yukon Jack
      March 7, 2021 at 6:01 am


      You talk gutter trash and say you are “an associate professor in theoretical Physics at a major Ivy League university”.

      Doubtful, I am quite familiar with academia and have many PhD friends, and my own family is full of PhDs and none talk gutter trash like you so I am very doubtful of who you claim you are. But good try. Your emotional reaction and anger no doubt was triggered by my mere words in a comment on an obscure site. Why I wonder.

      No one should be going bonkers over mere comments and opinions on this site or any other. I make many comments on and don’t get so much flak like on this site, people here are closed minded and rude. Why not be civil and openly discuss opinions without vitriol and mud slinging? I mean if a comment triggers you, is that me or you who has a problem? I read a zillion comments on many websites, if I have any reaction to crazy talk I laugh, I don’t get angry and lash out like a madman.

      As far as Ancient Alien Theory, it has tremendous interest with the public, dozens of television shows, hundreds of best selling books, thousands of websites. Dismissing it out of hand is just wrong, it would of never gotten this far without having some substance.

      For instance you can read a great website enkispeaks by Dr. Sasha Lessin, and this article which should be of great interest to L.D. :

      “Religions–not spiritual practices–foster war. If we drop the UFO cults we call religion, “Most conflicts and wars would end. Religious radicalism would disappear. We would no longer worry that there’s a God-ordained apocalypse on the horizon and we could more rationally plan for natural disasters. We could arrange our global financial structure to end the unnecessary economic problems of today, and solve overpopulation issues with win-win solutions.”

      Religions foster war is an idea that people need to understand. Religion is not spirituality, religion claims to be spiritual but it is really political power mongering. Religion is how the elite manipulate the masses into killing each other.

      Since I oppose manipulation and mind control, and I oppose us rabble killing each other over religious text differences, I thus oppose religion. Now if Muslims and Christians go at it in war, that is good in my opinion because they are eliminating each other. That is good because both sides seek power and domination over others, and as a Libertarian Anarchist freedom lover I do not like those who want power over me.

      People will fight and kill and die over ideas that they were indoctrinated, and those ideas are not even their own! I told my oldest son last night that when I was a boy spending most of time in the woods how would I ever know the Bible god unless I was taught it? While in the woods having my life experience I would never intuit or care about some Middle Eastern war god, or any god for that matter. The fact that so many do is testament of massive brainwashing. Belief in country or religion is caused by intentional indoctrination by those who want power, it is not something you should even want to defend let alone associate with.

  2. Zecharia Sitchin was a crazy fraud who deliberately mistranslated Sumerian texts in order to support his bizarre theories.
    For further information, see:
    1) Wikipedia, Zecharia Sitchin
    2) Zecharia Sitchin and the Mistranslation of Sumerian Texts,

    As is often the case with such frauds, he has become wildly popular among the uneducated masses. Millions of his books have been sold, translated in more than 25 languages. It is a waste of energy to debate with his followers, because basically irrational people are inaccessible to reason. For them Sitchin has “explained the mystery of life”.

    (Anti-Semitic) fun fact: just like his comrade-in-bizarrology Immanuel Velikovsky, Zecharia Sitchin was a Jew from the Soviet Union.

    1. @Franklin Ryckaert

      I am endlessly fascinated by the fools who routinely speak of “the uneducated masses”. Franklin Ryckaert is a prime example of such fools.

      Does this fool have the faintest idea of what he is talking about? Does he know how many scientific predictions, made by “bizarrolog” Immanuel Velikovsky, have been confirmed with the advent of space age – predictions, for which he was ridiculed without mercy by the entire science community in the 50s and 60s of last century?

      Did this “bizarrolog” receive the credit which he deserved after all those scientific prediction have been confirmed? No! Not even today!

      Why not? He is a Jew, isn’t he? So why the scientific community – which we are told is totally Jewish – would not recognize their fellow Jew for that which rightfully belongs to him – his numerous predictions, confirmed without a shadow of a doubt by the development of science itself?

      Think about it, fool.

    2. FR:
      If you’re quoting “fact”-fabricator Wikipedia as your source then, I’m afraid, you’ve already lost the argument.

      1. @ THE REALIST

        Is that the best you can do, sunshine?
        (“Wikipedia bad, therefore Ryckaert bad.”)

        You do exactly what our world-class genius Lobro did on this site a few months ago. Rubbished Wikipedia as a crap site run by Jews. And then (ON THE SAME DAY!) cited Wikipedia as his main source of information when it said something that supported his own viewpoint.

        I’m not knocking Lobro, by the way, and I ask him not to respond to this comment in a hostile way and get himself into hot water again. It’s not worth it, since I actually have a soft spot for this pugilistic bruiser. As I have a soft spot for you, Chimpo!

        I’ll say this for Lobro, too, while I’m about it. He cares about God, unlike you, and his passionate sincerity cannot be questioned. The general knowledge Lobro displays on Jew matters is incomparably superior to the knowledge you display. Moreover, unlike you, Lobro is never sexually coarse or vulgar. All points in his favor.

        Having said this, I apologize to you if I have hurt your feelings. You are probably quite a nice person under that simian mask you wear. 🙂

        If only you could take your mask off and reveal the human being underneath.

    3. To continue my previous comment about fascinating fools.

      Has this fart Franklin Ryckaert expert on “bizarrology” ever heard of Bernard Burke and Kenneth Franklin? Highly unlikely.

      Who were Bernard Burke and Kenneth Franklin, and what did they do to remember them? Find out:

      Now I suggest you to search for the word “Velikovsky” in the above article, which describes the totally accidental discovery of the fact that Jupiter emits radio waves – the fact, which was predicted by Velikovsky before anyone could even imagine that such a thing was possible. Will you find his name there? No! Did Velikovsky get credit for this prediction? No, not at all. As with all his great prediction, Velikovsky was ridiculed for it at the time when he made the prediction!

      There is this fascinated story, told by Velikovsky himself, how he tried – in vain, of course, – to explain to Einstein how foolish and childish is the science of astronomy, which is based on gravitational force alone. It was in the course of these disputes with Einstein on the role of electromagnetism in the universe, that Velikovsky asked Einstein for help to arrange an experimental verification of his prediction that Jupiter must emit radio waves. But the old fart Einstein wouldn’t listen to him, and – like everyone else – ridiculed Velikovsky for this “bizarre” prediction.

      Check it out:

      1. Velikovsky invented his electromagnetic astronomy for a reason:

        “…To explain the fact that these changes to the configuration of the solar system violate several well-understood laws of physics, Velikovsky invented a role for electromagnetic forces in counteracting gravity and orbital mechanics…” Source: Wikipedia, Immanuel Velikovsky.

        To fit the Exodus story with his bizarre catastrophism, Velikovsky needed also to “revise” the chronology of Egyptian history, which has not been accepted by any serious historian.

        As a typical Judeo-centrically thinking Jew, Velikovsky needed to change the whole history of the earth and the solar system, in order to maintain the Biblical ficticious Exodus story as a real and central event.

        Conclusion: Velikovsky’s bizarre ideas are Jewish ethnocentric pseudo-science.

        Carl Sagan (himself Jewish) has completely debunked Velikovsky’s ideas in a special chapter of his book Broca’s Brain, quod vide.


        What about his confirmed predictions, blockhead, which – as I have demonstrated above – are numerous and profound?

        Can you see things as they are, and not through your idiotic Jewveniled lenses?

        (ADMIN: Ryckaert is not a Jew. No proof of that.
        Even if he is, so what? He deserves respect.)

    4. @ Franklin Ryckaert,

      Brilliant! I don’t think Yukon Jack is going to like your comment one little bit. Get ready, dear Franklin, for ad hominem defamation as the world’s most evil crypto-Jew! 🙂

      More details needed re your allegation about Zacharia Sitchin being a “Jew from the Soviet Union”. I’d like to know more about that. If correct, this would confirm my own suspicions (long dormant) that Yukon Jack is himself a crypto-Jew with a sinister agenda of his own.

      1. From the Wikipedia article on Zecharia Sitchin:

        “…Sitchin was born to a Jewish family in Baku, the capital of then Soviet Azerbaijan, and raised in Mandatory Palestine. He received a degree in economics from the University of London, and was an editor and journalist in Mandatory Palestine (which in 1948 became the modern state of Israel), before moving to New York in 1952. While working as an executive for a shipping company, he taught himself Sumerian cuneiform and visited several archaeological sites…”

    5. Toby,

      I suppose my first comment on this thread has been lost or went to spam folder. Would you please check. In case if you don’t see it there, I reproduce it below:

      @Franklin Ryckaert

      I am endlessly fascinated by the fools who routinely speak of “the uneducated masses”. Franklin Ryckaert is a prime example of such fools.

      Does this fool have the faintest idea of what he is talking about? Does he know how many scientific predictions made by “bizarrolog” Immanuel Velikovsky have been confirmed with the advent of space age – predictions, for which he was mercilessly ridiculed by the entire science community in the 50s and 60s?

      Did this “bizarrolog” receive the credit which he deserved after all those scientific prediction have been confirmed? No! Not even today!

      Why not? He is a Jew, isn’t he? So why the scientific community – which we are told is totally Jewish – would not recognize their fellow Jew for that which rightfully belongs to him – his numerous predictions, confirmed without a shadow of a doubt by the development of science itself?

      Think about it, fool.

      1. @HP

        And he couldn’t have imagined it without the Rig Veda (and Vishnu Purana).

        This is an excellent example of what I had in mind when I opined earlier that “religious zealots usually are one-track pompous assholes of extremely low intelligence”.

        The mind of this “one-tracked” specimen is solidly shielded from the fact that Velikovsky has arrived at his conclusions and predictions as the result of processing of tons of information, coming from dozens and dozens of ancient cultures; so, even if, by some strange chance, he left out “the Rig Veda (and Vishnu Purana)” and everything related to Hindu culture from his studies, it couldn’t and wouldn’t make a slightest change in his conclusions and predictions.

        1. Homer, you are too nice. To polite and civilized in your responses to this constant provocation from our resident troll.

          If I may paraphrase an immortal line from Nietzsche:

          Thou goes to Circassian? — Remember thy whip!

          (Nietzsche’s original comment:
          “Thou goest to Woman? — Remember thy whip!

    6. Could it be that millions of people who are attracted to Sitchin’s theories are not satisfied with the religious telling of our origin? How many people, in this scientific age, actually believe man was fashioned from mud in one day? Could it be that Sitchin’s tale is more logical and rational than the one found in Genesis?

      If I were a staunch believer in the Bible, like the Evangelists who take the Bible literal, I could be mightily upset by alternative theories of origin, especially ones that seem more rational than one found in a many thousand year old holy book.

      This conflict of Bible vs. Sitchin is nothing compared to Bible vs. Darwin, a whole lot of debate is being held at the highest intellectual circles on college campuses about Evolution vs. Creationism, and this “war” has led some believers to build gigantic Noah’s Ark re-creations to defend the Bible version.

      In my view, something no one should get upset over, is that the Creationists and the Evolutionist are both wrong and both right, neither of these two groups want to take on the intermediate position that humans were evolving then that evolution was cut short by space alien intervention, as told by Sitchin and his followers.

      The reason I believe in the alien intervention theory is based on evidence, not my wishful thinking or anti-religionous views. Humans have 46 chromosomes (or 23 pairs) unlike any monkey or ape. How that happened by chance can not be explained as I argue in several essays I wrote on this topic. If a random mutation created a 23 pair individual, then it would not be able to breed with the existing population. But if it somehow did, then where are the 48 chromosome humans?

      Then there is the fur issue, science says we evolved into a present condition which is preposterous. No hominid who lives outside in the cold would ever evolve out of it’s fur in an ice age because you would freeze to death immediately. Even today, in the “warm” interglacial period, apes and monkey have fur, just look at this photo of a Orangutan which lives in the jungle:

  3. YK’s hypothesis makes as much sense, probably more, as believing in the homicidal, blood-thirsty, psychopathic “God” of the OT… a belief, moreover, that has had no small part in bringing us to the present brink of destruction.

    Keep up the good work YK… and don’t be put off by the chimps – one chronically chattering chimpette in particular – in the peanut-gallery…. let alone a dime-a-dozen “associate” (cough, cough) professor of theoretical physics (a discipline that has absolutely NO bearing on your argument… “Ivy League” 🙄 or not!)

  4. yukon jack
    back on the scene ? but for how long ?
    you know i dont trust this sitchin and his anunaki-nibiru theory.
    it looks more for me like a jewish make up to confound the goyim
    and earn money with it. nevertheless i´m convinced our darwinist
    evolutionists are on the wrong way. in the whole world they found
    skeletons of gigantic humans and gigantic ruins of sacsayhuman +
    olmec stoneheads . the origine of all must have been something to
    do with ufos+ spacealiens milions of years ago .
    so keep on, find ways to spread the message against all otts !

  5. I find it hard to argue with Yukon Jack. word press took his site down. does anyone know if he has a site now?

    1. We have only Yukon Jack’s word for it that WordPress “took his site down”. That’s what Yukon Jack would like us all to believe. Don’t be taken in by him. He has temporarily blocked all access to his own site, which is easy enough to do, by making it “private”. This makes the site perfectly visible and accessible to him while he improves it, tinkers with it, and possibly even redesigns it. Meanwhile the site is invisible to the public. Everyone who owns a WordPress site knows this can be done.

      1. Why do I say this? Because WordPress would have absolutely no reason to delete Yukon Jack’s site. It was an obscure backwater, with very readers and almost no comments, except one or two gushy comments probably written by Yukon himself. Never ONCE was there a critical comment questioning him or attacking his views. He deleted all such comments at source, allowing no free speech on his site whatsoever, unless he was praised to the skies as a world-class genius!

        His site received no Alexa ranking figure because of the few readers it had. In no way was the site a “danger” or “threat” because nobody read it and the articles were of a pathetically low standard. All ranting and raving and hot air.

        WordPress, in other words, have far bigger fish to fry than Yukon Jack’s tame and ineffectual website, read by a handful of little frogs all croaking away in an obscure pond hidden away from the sight of 99.9% of the public.

        The Occidental Observer is a far more dangerous site than Yukon Jack’s site could ever hope to be. So is Truthseeker and The Darkmoon site. Far more dangerous and edgy.

        If WordPress and Google allow these other far more dangerous sites to function freely, why would it delete Yukon Jack’s site? And how come Kaminski’s site is still up and running and Yukon Jack’s site is gone?

      2. that is horse sh it and you know it. Yukon Jack was taken down cause he REALLY went after the jews

    2. WordPress took all my sites down the day after the breaching of the capitol riot in DC, and it says on any of those blogs admin page that they did it. I have taken a screenshot of my login page to prove it:

      If you go to the website like
      you also get the same exact message: “This site has been archived or suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service.”

      I was careful not to violate the terms of service and a dozen of the blogs they took down were over a year old, because they had not been in violation, it is clear censorship by Jews/CIA who forced the issue on wordpress.

      2. You can still read much of my material because I archived it every time I published an essay. Go to then copy and paste any of my sites into the search box like my 2020 site:

      enter and return you get this web address:

      it looks like this:*/

      then scroll down and find the highlighted dates and open one of the highlighted dates, for instance, if you select Jan 1st 2020 you get this

      1. @ Yukon Jack

        You may have “violated your terms of service”. (If one can believe you). But this certainly doesn’t makes your site a “dangerous” one or a threat to world peace.

        How can it be, given that it had so few readers? There are dozens of far more controversial websites.

        I mentioned three: The Occidental Observer, Truthseeker, Darkmoon. Why hasn’t WordPress or Google deleted these?
        Why is John Kaminski’s site still going?

        You are not a threat to world peace — don’t kid yourself! 🙂

  6. From the first pic in the article….

    It looks like “Anunnaki” is a good spelling of the mythical characters on Darkmoon.

    And from the embedded link:
    (Mesopotamian mythology) A group of Sumerian, Akkadian and Babylonian deities in no known particular order including but not limited to Enki, Enlil, Ninlil and ‘known as the fourth’ Enbilulu.

    (conspiracy theories) An extraterrestrial reptilian race supposed to originate from a hidden planet called “Niburu”, thought to be the overlords of a secret world government and equated with the Nephilim by conspiracy theorists.

  7. from hundreds of Near Death Experiencers stories i know there must be a soul in
    us. thuosands of indian gurus proofed it in their life, only the vatican censorship
    abolished this with reincarnation . so, it realy dont matters if we are already in hell.
    and even Budda proofed it showing his way but this way is not possible for us in
    this hectical stressed modern world of crazies . that we are already in hell (the
    thousands of believes proof hell) must have a reason, maybe to learn something.
    by the way yukon jack, someone deletes my comments, somewhere around
    wordpress, i d´ónt care ! KEEP GOING and show some way to reach you !

  8. We must learn to question all things in life. Humanity fails miserably to do this. The rabbit hole of Truth is quite deep my friends.

  9. Maybe instead of her long lost love waiting for Lasha in the afterlife there’s an ugly and mean and bossy alien reptilian-ish grey annunaki waiting for Lasha when Lasha kicks the bucket, lol, all those DM “masterpiece” death poetry poems about being reunited with the love of her life totally off-the-mark as she gets thrown into chattel slavery in the afterlife on Planet Ur-Anus by an alien grey and Lasha’s long lost love she pined for in her earthly life is NOWHERE to be seen in the afterlife, LMFAO!!!!!

    1. JG,
      A lot of the occult powers described by the “reptilian female” are also described in ancient Buddhist scripture. Ancient Buddhist monks, after years of solitary meditation, were able to accomplish incredible feats such as levitation, telepathy….etc. Donaldo, decades ago, meditated for 1 year in an isolated cave along the Thai-Laotion border and can honestly tell you that these POWERS exist. Donaldo never mastered these powers but he FELT them before heading back to civilization eventually. The KEY is BREATH which is the link to DARK ENERGY which, BTW, modern-day science has NO understanding of. Anyway. Donaldo won’t elaborate further. Why should any Darkmooner believe the word of a 52-year-old party boy of partial Jewish heritage? Oh well. Don’t blame them. But on a practical note, most humans don’t know their TRUE potential. Maybe it’s just a question of laziness and ignorance. But Donaldo himself is able to accomplish what most people can’t. Just yesterday, after driving his rig 600 miles, he did 200 consecutive push-ups with perfect form. He has been training for 10 months now and his goal is to continue training for the rest of his life. Maybe in the future he’ll reach 300+. Who knows? But Donaldo knows of few professional athletes half his age who can accomplish this. Humble Donaldo isnt bragging. His point is that if a 52-year-old party boy can achieve something some-what extraordinary, imagine what folks younger, stronger and more intelligent than Donaldo can accomplish. Yep folks. We humans live in a captive matrix. From the cradle-to-grave we are instructed by TPTB as to our capabilities. Well. Don’t believe the 🐎-sh*t please. Fellow Darkmooners, each and every one of you possess abilities beyond your wildest dreams. Believe Donaldo. Anyway. Been a long day. Donaldo parked his rig and gonna have a little 🍻 before calling his pal TROJ and retiring. Shalom to all! 🤗🤠

      1. Don –

        “The KEY is BREATH which is the link to DARK ENERGY which, BTW, modern-day science has NO understanding of.”

        I have believed for many years that the ‘breath’ is the ‘spirit’ of man. It leaves the body upon death.

  10. If anything, the problem is trusting evil eugenicists like Darwin too much. Somewhere out there was a cartoon showing two snowmen arguing, one bickering that they could’ve only evolved. This represents humanity all too well, evolution as peddled by Darwin & co. is a scam. A mathematical impossibility (there are lots of information on that elsewhere on the ‘Net, suffice to say the whole path from a single-cell organism to human being is not believable at all as it’d require far too much chance to evolve).

    Creation myths are persistent, every people has one. There is an underlying truth there. Some have straight space-based creation myths, like the Komi world creation legend. According to that, Earth was created by two gods, Yen (kind and benevolent) and Omoll (evil). They both came to Earth by hatching from an egg (escape capsule) that separated from Chozh, the mother duck (spaceship) that was circling the Earth. Earth was all water at that point, until Chozh circled it several times and crashed against it, creating land (so all our continents are remainders of the original spaceship). Yen then proceeeded to create all life on Earth, while Omoll watched him envious. He was tasked with creating life too, but all he could come up with was creatures evil like himself, carnivores and insects. Yen then asked him to create a mate for the man he created, but the woman Omoll created lacked vital spirit like her maker, so in the end Yen had to animate her himself. Omoll, envious, later corrupted her too and made her turn against the first man, so Yen created a new woman from scratch. Yet even that woman’s offspring was tainted by Omoll, which is why humans have a nasty penchant for fighting and bickering.

    Komi being one of the witch peoples of the North, there is credibility to their mythology. In summary, everything’s more intricate: Life on Earth was created on purpose by gods who came here on a spaceship, man was created by one of the gods, yet the other evil god mixed with his offspring, tainting humanity. This doesn’t necessarily contradict the “slave race from space” creation theory, but it doesn’t state that humans are a slave race either.

    1. @ Circassian

      You are introducing deliberate distractions as red herrings. Don’t do this. It’s a typical Jew tactic.

      This article is primarily about the ideas of Yukon Jack, suspected of being a crypto-Jew. It is secondarily an article about Zacharia Sitchin, a well-known Russian Jew whose ideas Yukon Jack slavishly reproduces on this website, adding flourishes of his own. Attacking Christianity and adding large dollops of sex and pornography to the heady mixture.

      It is not — I repeat NOT! — about Velikovsky.

      So everything you say about Velikovsky is an off-topic distraction. Even if you are right about Velikovsky, this has nothing to do with the article. Velikovsky isn’t mentioned ONCE in Yukon Jack’s original article.

      Remember that!

      1. @Saki

        This article is primarily about the ideas of Yukon Jack, suspected of being a crypto-Jew.

        Suspected by whom? By you? Why should I, or anyone else for that matter, give a f*ck about your suspicions? What is the importance of your suspicion that Yukon Jack is a Jew, a crypto-Jew, or a Gipsy? Why are you so stupid?

        I, for one, don’t think that Yukon Jack is a Jew or a crypto-Jew. He is a stupid person alright, but he is neither a Jew nor a crypto-Jew.

        By the way, are you a man or a woman… or a crypto-Jew? How should I address you – he, she, crypto-Jew, or simply a mother f*cker?

        My patience is really getting thin with idiots like this “suka”* Saki.

        Did I overstate my point, brothers and sisters? Is anyone else here fed up with this moron? Don’t be shy, speak up your minds. Don’t be afraid that you will be kicked out of this site by сука Saki. Believe me, that won’t be the end of the world for you.

        *Transliteration of the Russian word «сука».

      2. Donaldo agrees with Yukons logic on many levels. YES…the so-called HUMAN species is definitely out of place on this PRISON PLANET. Donaldo won’t needlessly go into detail. Just google Lloyd Pye or David Icke. But the HUGE question is NOT our origin but where we’re going. How can we control how or why the Annunaki created us? Been a long time folks. What actually exists is the PRESENT situation and how we respond to it. Unfortunately, most humans BEHAVE as slaves and don’t utilize any REAL intelligence in their daily lives. Example. Just yesterday Donaldo with his wife, entered a Cost-Co store in Georgia,USSA to buy some super-glue. He wasn’t wearing a face diapher and was immediately confronted by a female , Korean cashier who instantly insisted that he adjust the face-diapher to cover his 👃. Donaldos Jewish rebellious nature kicked in and he refused, in disgust, leaving the establishment. Donaldo felt, rightfully so, as if he were dealing with a room-temperature IQ goy-monkey who had tried to give him orders. And HE was right. To sum it up, most humans behave as monkeys with zero intelligence. How should they expect to be treated differently? They shouldn’t. End of story. At the end of the day, it’s a question of survival of the fittest. Nothing less. Nothing more.🤔🤨🤠

        1. Donaldo agrees with Yukons logic on many levels.

          Yes, you would! Being a self-admitted Jew yourself, what could be more natural for you than to speak up for your fellow Jew Yukon Jack? It becomes increasingly clear that Yukon Jack is a crypto-Jew, a Jew pretending to be a disillusioned Roman Catholic.

          Who does he praise? Zacharia Sitchin, the well-konow Jewish author behind of the Anunnaki conspiracy theory. Which is basically anti-Christian.

          How easy it is now to connect the dots! Dolaldo the Jew praises Yukon the Jew who praises Sitchin the Jew.

          Quite a cosy little Jew Club! 🙂

  11. The bit about “sexual slaves” seems a bit far-fetched. True, there is that bit about humans being created in the image of a creator god. But for some odd reason it was always the man that was created first. A female mate was created later, apparently according (and fitting) to the man’s own nature. Which is a bit of a suggestion that the creators were different in some way. It is much more likely that humans were created as a race with some purpose, not necessarily as slaves. Why? Slaves would be slaves for some purpose. If mining is the purpose, then what’s the point of creating slaves if machines can fulfil every single slave’s purpose in much more efficient ways without the disobedience and other problems (like breeding and feeding the growing population)? If anything, the hypothesis that humans were created as vessels for souls makes more sense. The point being that humanity exists solely as a race for refining souls which were spoiled in some way makes sense.

    On the subject of which, why automatically assume that anything that any religion or myth has is a lie? Most of it is true; some bits could’ve gotten discarded or manipulated along the way, but correlation with reality can prove what is true and what isn’t.

  12. Holy cow, the man in black shaking the alien’s hand is the same man in black who used to shake his fist at me when I’d walk past his house and shout Hare Krishna! Hare Rama! if I saw him outside milling around in the garden, fish pond or requisite orgone accumulator (“mystical outhouse”) so strategically placed in the back yard. (Kurt Cobain optional)

    Anecdotes aside, I believe in aliens and lots of them!

    I also believe in demons (and lots of them) and is that a demon standing right beside Mr. Sitchin at seconds 30-31-32? Smells like one..

    1. Oh, and not wanting to cast aspersions on the gone but not forgotten bad boy Burroughs by inadvertently inferring he displayed anger or a quick temper towards me. No way. Because when he’d shake his fist at me he’d also chuckle, and so would I.
      I’m sure he recognized a harmless pindu when he heard one..

  13. Some of the readers might be curious about my essays on the topic of human origin, so I am submitting “screenshots” of my essays saved on my hard drive, exclusive to this site, simply click on the thumbnail and open it in a photo editor or paint app and expand it to full size, so you can read it as it appeared on my blog.

    Open the imgur link then expand to read the essay:

    Genesis is a Tale of Human Origin
    On July 5, 2020 By jackyukon

    False Reality Constructed by False Narratives of Origin
    On February 8, 2020 By jackyukon


    (note: this essay explains the space rape allegation)

    Out of Eden
    On August 28, 2019 By YUKON JACK


    For those of you who love movies, like “Planet of the Apes”, I say the original movie is a slam dunk rewrite of our origin, and it came out before Sitchin’s first book!

    Planet of the Apes (1968) is About Human Origin
    On August 20, 2019 By YUKON JACK


    For anyone who wants to watch the entire Ancient Alien series, you can get any show broadcast on television legally for free by downloading the torrent:

  14. All this hoopla does not amount to a hill of beans. Neither the “crazies” nor the “sane” will be able to convince each other, anyway. Discussions like this are a waste of time – beneath the standards of Darkmoon.

    1. “… beneath the standards of Darkmoon.”

      Garbage. The article has collected more comments and generated more heat in a few hours, both here and on Truthseeker, than most other articles have. You’re simply in a bad mood again, you miserable old sod. When did a poem of yours get so many comments in 3-4 hours?

      1. Man –

        However….. articles about the ‘crypt-jew-ness’ of any commenter will certainly NEVER EVER beat out the recent porn article. (not an intendeds pun) 🙂

  15. All this hoopla does not amount to a hill of beans. Neither the “crazies” nor the “sane” will be able to convince each other, anyway. Discussions like this are a waste of time

    Finally some sense. ET’s, UFO’s, astrology, ….. have zero impact in our world, so whilst in theory they may contain some particles of substance, why distract ourselves?

    The latest regarding evolution is quantum DNA/genomics which postulates a field of quantum theory based influence on the brain and DNA. Those with evolved nervous system and brain have said as much for several decades (ref Pandit Gopi Krishna). The much maligned biologist Rupert Sheldrake (theory of morphic resonance) has also said as much for several decades .

  16. My aboriginal tribe in far north Queensland have shown me their secret places which includes ancient cave drawings.

    Images that have been dated back 10’s of 1,000’s of years clearly show space aliens, complete with helmets and inhuman bodies. They carry strange weapons that emit beams of light. Some of them have what looks like a Star of David on their chests.

    My tribe refers to these beings as the “Arbatyoo people”, who lived amongst them and showed them how to make such as boomerangs and didgeridoos and utilize telepathic skills.

    It has been proven that aboriginal elders can communicate over 100’s of miles with their telepathic talents. This explains why when a tribal elder dies, representatives of distant tribes show up at his funeral – no telephones, cell phones, etc.

    The Arbatyoo also created the myth of the “Great Devil Dingo” and the evil “Serpent Snake” that lies across the road between Katherine and Darwin, which, today, is a long, rocky outcrop where nothing grows. No aborigine will enter this area for fear of the Arbatyoos’ vengeance.

    And of course, ancient Sumerian records speak of the visitors from the firmament.

    Given the shocking record of humanoids killing, maiming and deceiving each other, it is hard to go past Yukon’s idea that these were evil aliens who placed an essential BADNESS inside us. David Icke says they are watching and controlling us from a “hollow moon” that NASA says rings hollow like a bell when struck.

    Watch television for a few hours or go to the movies and you might say we are sex-driven monsters who have little else on our minds; apart from Jews who love money as well as sex. Money buys them a steady stream of beautiful Goyim prostitutes who will do anything for the Jews’ filthy lucre. Look at the sluts on Sex and the City.

    My tribe says that if I break tribal law, the aliens will punish me in some way or another. I may even have “the bone” pointed at me, just as the aliens pointed their wand at bad tribal members.

    This does not apply to Jews who are nothing but exemplary in their conduct and are to be congratulated in their following of the evil Arbatyoos’ orders to create a planetary humanoid population that, in the main, is plain evil, money-loving, highly materialistic and exist on a regular diet of casual copulation and junk food.

    Of course, their alien god, Yahweh, created the Torah as a diversion, as he never meant his followers to abide by the Ten Commandments and all the associated rubbish. Rather Yahweh and his Arbatyoo leaders want the Jews to bomb the hell out of the ME and get 90% of the planet’s population regularly watching porn as their principal interest in life.

  17. Off Topic – My Scrape With Death
    March 07, 2021
    In the Name of God, the Gracious, the Merciful.

    My journey down this road was noticed in the beginning of 2019. I found it difficult to sleep and would not sleep for more than an hour at a time. My eyes were constantly on the clock. My mind kept tossing from thought to thought, never resting, almost pulsing from thought to thought. It should be noted that in 2018 my life insurance company required both my wife and I to do an extensive check-up before insuring us. Our tests put us in the “Elite” category. We were feeling good about ourselves then. None of us had even gotten a cold for years and that is still ongoing now over four years.

    Although I could not sleep I was full of energy. My job setting required sitting in front of a computer for 8 hrs per day in a very strong wireless environment. Also, in 2018 we had changed our home internet provider and they installed the receiver quite close to our bedroom. I was busy working and was not really paying attention to these things since our health was so good. We even had the router in default wireless mode throughout the house.

    But then in November 2019 I noticed my groin area would get wet frequently. It got so bad that I would have to replace tissue paper in my shorts several times a day.
    Things began to escalate from there. I started doing research and realized my GVCC (Gated Voltage Calcium Channels) were opened causing leakage from my testes.
    By March of 2020 I lost about 35 percent of the hair on my head. and my head was crazy itchy from bumps that made me feel to peel the scalp from my cranium. Accompanying the calcium leakage from my testes was erectile dysfunction. It was impossible to have an erection.

    Something else was happening to the environment too. I live outside of the city on a small acreage where there is a lot of wet foul and on 2 occasions I saw birds flew into moving vehicles and on about 30 different times their responses were off that they almost collided with moving vehicles. By August 2020 their responses were markedly improved and I reasoned somehow the potential difference in their cells adjusted. I’ve lived here for over 20 years and never saw anything like that. I was happy to see them adjust and it gave me hope.

    By this time I was sure the root cause of my symptoms were radio waves. I began experimenting making my bedroom a Faraday Cage, not very successful at first but later I moved to the basement and was successful in painting a room with shielding paint so you can’t make or receive a cell call. The paint for the room cost approx. $2500 since it took a few coats to be effective. I bought shielding clothing and began wearing them, including hats.

    My situation continued to worsen. I had to work since I have 2 more years of mortgage payments before paying off for our home. My bones would ache as though a 200 lb. man was pressing on me. I felt as though the waves were constantly bombarding me.
    Then in January 2021 my eyes began to pulse and often my lips would tingle. I began to get more ‘albino’ spots on my body. I had them for years but now they were increasing.

    In August on 2020 my 38 year old nephew passed away. A month before he complained of heart pains and that his heart was misfiring.
    Needless to say, when my heart began to issue pains I was alarmed and terrified.
    I began working from home, I had removed the radio setting from my router about 6 months before and wired up the home with Cat 6 cable.

    At first the pains were a soft ripple, then later some short sharp ones at the right side of the heart, and some like a wave. I did a full check-up with a doctor and the blood tests were fine, the cholesterol was a bit high but overall very good. But the ECG showed a misfiring of the heart. He seemed more intent on pushing Lipitor on me more than anything else. I told him what I thought was going on but he arrogantly brushed me off.
    I tried another doctor, the blood work was overall great and he had no idea what was going on with the misfiring. He listened to my feelings about radio waves but he too more or less dismissed me. I was referred to a cardiologist and he too just did a phone consultation and put me down on their triage list somewhere.

    My situation was plummeting and the heart pains were now almost throughout the day. I noticed my stomach would gurgle loudly and this was for most of the day. Anyone next to me could hear it.

    By mid February my days seemed to be numbered. I was making a sign with my son and I tried to use a blow-dryer but had to drop it since it felt like the electricity wanted to go through me. I would measure my life not in days but in breaths, not knowing if the next would be my last.

    Of course I’d always be praying and trying to be close to God, I’ve always tried to be throughout my life, but now my rosary beads would constantly be in my hand and my lips moving with (dzikir) or pronouncement of God’s attributes, sometimes words for forgiveness, sometimes words of thankfulness, most often words of the beautiful attributes of God mentioned in the Qur’an. The Qur’an list 99 names; God is Ash-shaafi’ (the Healer); God is Al-‘aleem (The All-Knowing); God is Al-Hakeem (The All-Wise) etc.

    I was pondering on the many blessings that Allah bestowed on me, from the family I was born in…; my grandfather on my father’s side was a somewhat wealthy man. He was estate owner who had horses and about 30 people working for him. I did not see this during my childhood, my mother would tell us stories about the ‘old days’. My mother loved her father-in-law, she considers him one of the kindest person she’d ever known. For me that person was my father. He was the gentlest human being I’ve ever seen and as his youngest son, I spent the most time with him. In all my life I heard him raise his voice only about 5 times. My mother, next to my grandmother was the hardest working person I’ve ever seen.

    So, I would go over these many, many blessings that my Generous Lord gave to me and of course, I did not want to die, however, I had come to terms that I may return at any moment.

    I however felt unfulfilled in my quest to understand the mechanism of what was taking place. I knew the primary source (radio waves) but wanted to understand the mechanism and hopefully be able to help people. I recommitted myself to God with the promise to do whatever I can to help others.

    Then on Thursday, February 25th something miraculous happened. At the time I was trying to pray the ‘Afternoon Prayer’ on my bed but almost passed out along with lots of pain throughout my body and heart. I was sitting on the bed since I couldn’t perform proper movements that we normally do in formal prayer.

    At that absolutely low and bleak point, my wife gave me a berry drink from Dr. Gundry (Vital Reds). In literally 10 seconds most of the loud gurgling in my stomach disappeared and I was alert enough to get up. At the same time some of the pain in my heart subsided. I then took a double dose and then again and was able to pray the ‘Evening’ prayer fully.

    My heart began to open to the understanding of what the polyphenols were doing. They were neutralizing free radicals in my body. Radio waves though not ionizing directly, induces oxidative stress creating ‘Reactive Oxygen Species’: Oxygen anions lacking one electron, Hydrogen peroxides lacking 2 electrons, hrdroxyl radicals lacking 3 electrons, superoxides and Nitrogen radicals; all of which goes about eating at proteins and lipids, even causing DNA damage.

    My body had so many unstable electrons and that is why the electricity from the blow-dryer wanted to go through me, my body was attracting them. The next day I started using hydrogen water and put myself and my family on a food antioxidant program. Miraculously this came at the right time since my wife just started to have leakage too.

    I could tell there are lesions in my heart; most of the pain is gone but the organ feels tender. My renal system feels like it was on the verge of collapse and the whole lower abdomen is still very sore. I hope these will repair as time goes on. I am still getting leakage in the groin area but less so. I am careful to make sure my calcium and mineral content is adequate to compensate until I can find a solution to negate the effects of radio waves. I purchased a Qi-Home system which is supposed to fill the area and the body surface with electrons thereby negating the effects.
    This is my story that I want to share that hopefully it may benefit others. I am not giving medical advice I am just passing on what happened to me. May our Kind and Gracious God keep you under his care.

      1. Thank you Flan. The Qi Home system just arrived and after the first day I can say the sleep was the best. At this point I have no pains in my heart, the renal area is still sore but getting better. What was incredible was that I had come to a point where I couldn’t sleep at all, even with taking Melatonin. I eventually took the drug Zopiclone but it began destroying my mind after a few days: I would forget simple passages of the Qur’aan. By the second day of taking Vital Reds and neutralizing the Reactive Oxygen Species I was able to sleep without taking anything at all.
        God bless.

    1. Thank you Seeb.
      BAG BALM since 1899 is great for many skin ailments, infections and psoriasis. I use it when needed. Contains sulfur compounds. Women use it for facials.
      Find online very easily and any pharmacy and Walmart….etc. Inexpensive.

      1. Thanks Pat.
        I have a bit of psoriasis on my knee, I will try BAG BALM. The albino spots I now believe is from the hydrogen peroxide radicals which are lipid soluble. I am expecting now that I am treating the mechanism, they will eventually go away.
        God bless.

  18. The Grecian Renaissance, the democratic vocabulary, all that amazing progress appeared outta nowhere too, no lead-up, no explanation..
    Funny how such great leaps in human consciousness are made from time to time….
    I’d bet most people are open minded on both the existence of space aliens and biblical religion….
    Most of us are honest and intelligent enough to say we just don’t know what all those answers are, and it’s probably better that way…
    In fact, to be honest we have to admit there are no logical explanations for some things, at least not that we can figure out yet…
    What’s Up with the origin of the human race is an interesting subject, unless you’re totally invested in some +biblical religion, in which case you already have your answer, to that and to all other questions – God….
    Still waiting for another definition on what that is…
    Anyway, I’ve read several of Sitchin’s books and found them all interesting, and not without merit…
    According to him the Sumerian Kings List exists in the cuneiform texts. And it says the first Kings or Gods were ETs… After many generations the kings were then noted as crosses between some primates and the spacemen…
    Notice the word Prime-Mate, that would be The First…
    If there is an informative legacy available in this, it will probably be found, not just in the amazing Ancient Alien structures we find, but also in the language we use, which is loaded with references to a Master Race…
    And the Bible it’s safe to speculate is actually an instruction manual for deified monarchy and feudal exploitation, in the name of God….
    Some might speculate our language is actually a software program, possibly genetically based, that is maintaining our thought processes stuck inside certain parameters…
    Some believe there was a lot of GM stuff going on in ancient ancient times, and that some animals have human genes as well, like cows and pigs, and that there are crosses among animals, the cheetah is half dog…
    Which might explain why cow hormones and some pig parts work in humans, and why they both have human looking expressions and why there are religious rules against eating them, since eating the flesh of the same species can lead to health problems…
    I guess it would also explain the human DNA found in Macdonald burgers…
    So maybe that DNA is not really evidence of children murdered by Master Racial jews and processed in their slaughterhouses…
    I guess it would be just like those fkrs to blow their cover over a little extra profit…
    If you care to dig, you will find many fascinating chapters on the subject of human origins…
    And I wouldn’t doubt the invasion into Iraq was partly about confiscating telltale artifacts…
    I think it was in The Egyptian Book Of The Dead, where the author states there are not nearly enough scholars on the subject to figure out the other 90% of the texts they’ve dug up so far but haven’t translated yet…
    If YUKON is being facetious, it’s probably because the world isn’t yet ready for a serious alternative theory, beyond Star Trek, on our origins, though it is obvious that all establishment religion constantly reference some forms of spacemen…

  19. BARKINGDEER said “God…. Still waiting for another definition on what that is…”

    Come on BARKING, some one as well read as yourself will know the Buddhist and Hindu concepts of cosmic consciousness to which all things are related by physical, ethical and spiritual laws. Physics now seems to admit that consciousness is primordial though it will not admit that ethical and spiritual laws exist … yet.

    That individuality is One with the whole is a paradox, similar to light being both a particle and a wave. Certain subjects are impossible for the human mind to comprehend. However we do have the example of the trillions of cells in a human body each working individually but in harmony to support the universe of a human body.

    Incidentally is it only Abrahamic religions that deny the aforementioned unity of purpose, placing God in a separate space doing his own thing whilst we do ours?

    If I may be allowed .. Irish Savant, who has been referenced many times on this site before, recently deplatformed, now has a new site: with latest post “The happy and productive life of an Approved Fact Checker”

  21. I am posting comments on this same essay over at, so I am posting it here also. This one is a good one because it is typical belief of modern Christians who listen to the preacher more than actually reading what the Bible actually says. What is in question here is what the Bible says about who created us, was it God singular or god plural? Do you know? Read Genesis for yourself at Biblehub, an excellent reference website that has all the Bible versions of any verse side by side.


    Ann Blue on March 7, 2021 at 1:53 pm

    “Man was created in the image of the only GOD that ever was or ever will be. Mankind differs from animals because he has an eternal soul that was given the free will to choose between good and evil. …”

    Yukon Jack on March 7, 2021 at 11:02 pm

    @ Ann Blue

    You say: “Man was created in the image of the only GOD that ever was or ever will be.”

    That is technically incorrect, the Bible refers to God as plural:

    Genesis 1:26

    New International Version

    Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground.”

    Then we have the space aliens called Nephilim who came to earth and bred with earth women:

    Genesis 6:4

    New International Version
    The Nephilim were on the earth in those days–and also afterward–when the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them

    So, even in the Bible are references to space aliens plural creating man. I would like to point out your lying pastors don’t tell you what the Bible actually says!


    Ann Blue states the Christian faith perfectly, but is it correct if marauding space pirates who came to Ice Age earth to steal our gold and rape our women? If the Anunnaki created us, an illegal slave specie, a domesticated specie out of whack with the natural world, are we really choosing between good and evil to get to heaven, or are we simply trying to survive on an ice age planet, forced to do evil things in order to survive? If you think about this, what does God with a big G have to do with us, it is not like GOD THE CREATOR OF ALL did anything to stop the Anunnaki from creating us.

    So that leads you into the next conundrum, is God really good? Think about it, God created a system in which the Anunnaki could come to earth and rape humanity. And if you don’t buy any of this space alien stuff, then just use the same argument for all the rape and murder that goes on everyday on this planet. How many children will be raped and killed tonight on earth? Let’s say a hundred. Now multiply that by a long period of time and you have the systemic evil of infinite rape and murder built into the system.

    Thus ‘The Matrix’ movie, we are not in paradise, we are in a matrix being farmed for energy. Is that a real possibility? The answer is yes. The food chain is really an energy chain, the worm eats the microbes, the bird eats the worm, the fox eats the bird. The food – energy chain goes up all the way to the godhead. Thus, is it really so out of the question that we are really in an intentional suffering matrix as a food source for the thing that created it all?

  22. YUKON
    It is also more likely that there is a God, than that there is no God, for reason that Human Intellect is counter Nature. Human Intellect bends Nature to its will. So, for those who claim that Man evolved from Apes as a product of purposeless, evolutionary process, which was undirected influenced by chance random mutation and accidental mechanistic natural law of survival for the fittest and “descent through modification” one will need to explain, amongst other Explanatory Deficits of Neo-Darwinian Theory, why, and how this purposeless, natural Law bequeathed Man, with a power of Intellect so powerful that it makes Nature a servant of Man, yet this for called “Natural Law ” denied itself power over Man, to the extent that today, man appears to be a threat to nature. So, it’s more likely, that this Human Intellect, is a gift from God to Man, and therefore “Nature” And “Man” are products of a Divine Intervention, rather than that Nature and all creation in the Universe happened by Chance and brought Man and life on earth forth by Chance.

    Secondly, it is more likely that there is One God, than that there are “many gods”. Precisely because when one observe the Life on Earth, and the universe, and how it evolved to produce Life and Man on earth, there appears to be peculiar Fine-Tuning, surgical precisions, and uncanny coincidences, allowing for a extensive diversity of natural occurrence and/or factors focusing on developing an environment contingent to life and specifically, life on Earth.( The Anthropic Cosmological Principle)

    That is, If indeed, Man and life appeared on Earth by some fortuitous happenstance) there appears to have developed , in what appears as pure coincidence , multiple life-supporting phenomena, without which, neither life, nor Man would have survived. The surgical precision, with which these coincidental natural occurrence and phenomena appears to have been made available, appears to be too precise, almost surgically standardized and advantageous to man to have just happened by chance.

    Hence, it is more logical to conclude, that it was One God, who developed all their surgically precise natural phenomena, and coincidences than that a “Committee of gods” sat down to discuss and “vote” on these coincidences.

    You may not believe in One God, but failure to believe in One God does not protect you from being a candidate for some rather fantastic theories which are just as absurd as the “belief in many gods”

    Its also okay to read Zacharia Sitchin books, as long as you are not carried away by his preposterous theories of Annukani from Nibiru. No one will sympathize with you when others poke fun at you.

    1. @Bigfoot

      Who created God?

      Do you at least understand that you haven’t explained anything? What you are doing is called “arguing from ignorance”: I can’t explain it, thus no one can explain it. Then you postulate “God”, and – Voila! – everything works like a charm. Do you understand how stupid you sound, brother?

      The game that is played in Nature seems called “balancing act”, so is there any surprise that big foot is balanced by small brain?

      If an intelligent man does not understand something due to lack of proper knowledge, what does he normally do? He seeks someone who has that knowledge and learns from him.

      Stop blabbering, idiot, and seek knowledge:

      1. @ Bigfoot

        Regard it as a sign you are doing something right when this obnoxious (((Russian troll))) attacks you. He only attacks those who are a credit to this website, making use of the foulest invective. His avowed aim is to deplete this website of its best commenters.

        Keep up the good work! 🙂

        I don’t agree with everything you say, but I commend you for your sincerity.

      2. I am sure that left you feel better, Sarcastic. Did it? But do not bother giving me links to your version of “Informed Sources” You should rather have had the courage to broadcasted your stupidity or intellect (whatever) like I did.

        If this is how you get your day shots a High every day, to haul epithets at all and sundry, in order to claim the “Intellectual High Ground” you must be one very unhappy Soul.

        Guys like you, when they hear about “God” have a kneejerk reaction. Mostly they get hysterical frothing in their mouth with insults, because they fear, that He must be real.

        Yeah, Sarcastic, be afraid. Be very afraid, because God is real!!

      3. @ Smallbrain

        You didn’t answer my question, so I repeat it:

        Who created God?

        If you can explain how humans came to be, you surely can explain how God came to be. So, why don’t you enlighten us?

        My uneducated guess would be: God was created by bigfoot with a small brain. If so, then it is, of course real, and I should be very afraid. Indeed, then all bigfoot has to do is to say to God: get Circassian.

  23. Yukon … given

    preposterous theories of Annukani from Nibiru.

    Annunaki should sue them for copyright infringement and plagiarism—what would you say if a poster named Jakon Yuck showed up?
    Just winding you up a bit bro, nothing personal.
    AFAIAC, you have every right to speak your mind and present your theories and beliefs as everyone else, me included, AS LONG AS JEW MODUS OPERANDI IS EXCLUDED.
    I don’t agree with them just as you don’t agree with mine and that is as it should be, no need for carbon copies, our carbon footprint is big enough as it is.
    In fact I don’t know of ANYONE with whom I agree on EVERYTHING, which according to Jew principles should make me hate every other goy—HEY, AM I ONTO A SECRET!?
    I urge everyone to give that a bit of thought.

    As scary as Annunaki are—and I would like to know a bit about their biology, is it organic, twisted helix (it must be if they are as twisted as us), how is it that their chromosomes match ours in order to produce viable offspring, what luck/what wonderful proof of divine providence and intervention—I figure that by following the suspects’ parental chromosome lines (maternal X and paternal Y), we should be able to isolate the original Annunaki (what’s a singular, “Annunak“?) progenitors, Anuadam and Anueve … where was I, ah yes—as scary as they are, they don’t hold a candle to the real alien menace …
    A little study proposal—sponsor shekels needed: if Google Translate worked for sexes genders, and Shylock Levine became Rachel Levine and was then translated back into male, what would h-s-h-it look like? My best guess is this:
    Convicted of terrorism and sentenced to 58 years in jail in 1984, Susan Rosenberg had her sentence commuted by President Clinton. She now sits on the fundraising committee for Black Lives Matter

    1. Well said, Lobro! I see you have quite a flair for satirical irony. I hope you will enjoy this ironical comment I’ve just discovered on Truthseeker:

      Adam on March 8, 2021 at 4:23 am

      Defrosting Yukon Jack. Who or what is Yukon Jack? Is he/she real or a figment of someone’s pornographic imagination?

      Has it (Yukon Jack) recently been rolled out and defrosted whilst in stasis in the far North West during the Covid Lockdown or is it a creature created by an alien race that came to earth? We are asked to identify and to point out the authentic Anunnaki from the four badly illustrated images of two somewhat looking humans and the two cute unknowns on the right.

      I doubt if Yukon Jack could identify a Porcupine caribou if I added it to the above images. I also doubt that the “Pointing Space Alien” could identify a Caribou from a human being.

      Oh, I love that image “rare photo” of an Illuminati Agent meeting his Annunaki overlord.

      The guy on the left wearing the hat and leather jacket reminds me of a Jewish umbrella seller I met in downtown Manhattan in the mid-seventies. I guess the guy on the right (Anunnaki overlord) just got a good deal on his umbrella purchase.

      Does Yukon Jack ask why animals are not addicted to pornography? Well I believe the logical conclusion would be that they had no access to a remote control, right?

      I believe we have more than enough serious issues to deal with than concerning ourselves with Yukon Jack’s speculations. So let us just roll him back into the deep freezer and wait for Lasha Darkroom to roll him out again sometime in the near future.

      1. Lara Lindquist is certainly a LINGUIST!!

        Saki & Grammar Fiend will be jealous fer sure. 🙂

        1. Pat,

          I am new to this website and just want you to know I am no linguist. ‘Lindquist’ is a typical Swedish name, that’s all. Part of my ancestry. I don’t know any Swedish, the only language I speak is English.

  24. One thing is certain……
    I believe in NATURAL SELECTION.

    BUT….I DON’T BELIEVE DARWIN ‘The Guesser’…!!!

    My comment on Darwin in 2016:

    Dover’s white rocks made of crustaceans, diatoms, were once at the bottom of the ocean… AND were raised by a huge force. The proof is the 45 degree angles seen in the exposed layers which were once flat on the floor of the ocean….. where the diatoms piled up for billions of years. He should have researched that. He might not have been in such confusion about “The Sudden Appearance of Whole Groups of Allied Species”…!!!

    Darwin’s book was an invention full of theories which had no proof. Darwin, himself, admitted that….. and should have placed a corresponding statement in the introduction, or even in the title. But, he hid it several hundred pages inside the book. The VERY FIRST PAGE should have had a disclaimer admitting: “There is very little absolute proof of MY GUESSES.” 🙂

    Then the people were told that “Species” could include ‘Man’ and they blindly accepted it….. and Pharisee-Jews taught it!!

    Below is proof that Darwin was guessing given by Darwin’s own arguments AGAINST his own theories!!!

    Darwin even stated in his book – in numerous places – that NO geologists of acclaim agreed with him!!

    Darwin’s Book: “ORIGIN OF SPECIES”
    **(actual book page numbers, not the pdf reader numbers)


    CHAPTER X: Imperfection of the Geological Record

    p. 333
    I endeavoured, also, to show that inter-mediate varieties, from existing in lesser numbers than the forms which they connect, will generally be beaten out and exterminated during the course of further modification and improvement. The main cause, however, of innumerable intermediate links not now occurring everywhere throughout nature depends on the very process of – NATURAL SELECTION – through which new VARIETIES continually take the places of and EXTERMINATE their parent-forms.

    But just in proportion as this process of extermination has acted on an enormous scale, so must the number of intermediate varieties, which have formerly existed on the earth, be truly enormous.

    (cont’d p.334)
    Why then is not every geological formation and every stratum full of such intermediate links?


    -Absence of Intermediate Varieties-
    p.346 (whole section)


    -Sudden Appearance of Whole Groups of Allied Species-

    The several difficulties here discussed, namely our not finding in the successive formations infinitely numerous transitional links between the many species which now exist or have existed; the sudden manner in which whole groups of species appear in our European formations; the almost entire absence, as at present known, of fossiliferous formations beneath the Silurian strata, are all undoubtedly of the gravest nature.

    We see this in the plainest manner by the fact that all the most eminent palaeontologists, namely Cuvier, Owen, Agassiz, Barrande, Falconer, E. Forbes, &c., and all our greatest geologists, as Lyell, Murchison, Sedgwick, &c., have unanimously, often vehemently, maintained the immutability of species.


    -Summary of Preceding and Present Chapters-

    He who rejects these views on the nature of the geological record, will RIGHTLY REJECT my whole THEORY.

    He may ask where are the remains of those infinitely numerous organisms which must have existed long before the first bed of the Silurian system was deposited:
    I can answer this latter question only – HYPOTHETICALLY, – by saying that as far as we can see, where our oceans now extend they have for an enormous period extended, and where our oscillating continents now stand they have stood ever since the Silurian epoch; but that long before that period, the world – MAY – have presented a wholly different aspect; and that the older continents, formed of formations older than any known to us, – MAY NOW – all be in a metamorphosed condition, or – MAY – lie buried under the ocean.

    Passing from these difficulties, all the other great leading facts in palaeontology seem to me simply to follow on the theory of descent with MODIFICATION through – NATURAL SELECTION.


    After all of his labors, Darwin chose…. “…NATURAL SELECTION.” 🙂

    1. @ PAT

      Darwin was a work in process. Don’t knock him for “guessing”. That’s what every scientist has to do in the early stages. No scientific truths have ever been established without HYPOTHESES (= initial guesses).

      Darwin and his work are to be deeply respected, however flawed. He had enormous intellectual integrity, and but for his Theory of Evolution there would be no science of genetics today. No DNA breakthrough. Nothing.

      So we owe Darwin a debt of honour.

      1. Saki –

        “Darwin was a work in process. Don’t knock him for “guessing”. ”

        I MIGHT stop knocking him when all academia show students his ADMITTED mistakes and stop promoting his guessing as fact.

        You KNOW… that means NEVER!! 🙂

      2. Saki –

        “Darwin and his work are to be deeply respected, however flawed. He had enormous intellectual integrity, and but for his Theory of Evolution there would be no science of genetics today. No DNA breakthrough. Nothing.”

        Honey-Pie, you are waaaay off the mark there with… “…there would be no science of genetics today. No DNA breakthrough. Nothing.” 🙂

        You may not know that it took Darwin twenty years to publish what he found on his voyages on the HMS Beagle. Others were studying along those lines, while he hesitated. He was not the only one studying and writing in depth about evolution being possible. Alfred Russel Wallace was hot on his heels.

        “Charles Darwin spent five years on scientific survey ship HMS Beagle, returning to England in 1836 and by 1838 he was beginning to formulate his natural selection theory. Yet it was not until 1859, after two decades of gestation and hesitation, that his transformative theory of evolution was published.”

        “One morning Darwin opened a letter postmarked as coming from the Malay Archipelago. Inside he found an essay about the origin of species. It was entitled, ‘On the Tendency of Varieties to Depart Indefinitely from the Original Type’. The author was a collector he knew slightly: Alfred Russel Wallace. The title alone was alarming enough to a man who thought he had a monopoly on the proper study of evolution. The text, however, was stunning. Word for word, it seemed, Wallace had laid out the principles of Darwin’s ideas. The implications were clear and they were horrifying. Wallace had written an article on natural selection, ready for publication, while Darwin, lost in his book, was still silent.”

      3. Saki, here’s a neat peek at Wallace which might interest you. Maybe even Pat! Another side (some say best side) of Alfred Russel Wallace which is routinely relegated to “mum’s the word” category.

        If you play this on YouTube speed it up to 1.25% because listening to Mr. Cremo (Drutakarma Das) at regular speed is like listening to evolution in progress. Whew..

      4. Pat, was it really that noticeable, lol. Because as far as I can cipher so far, the evolution of $henanigans is the most convincing theory..

  25. damn, what do you want from Yukon Jacek … he does not preach anything new, everything is in the bible and gnostic writings, that the devil is the lord of the world, that we have a harvest of souls, that the Jews worship the devil, that is what Jesus said … I believe in Jesus .. or that all this illusion is just Buddhism but in the light of modern physics it is true, matter is made of light … and a black hole can open an abyss – an apocalypse … nothing new

    1. Ye Gods, what have we here? Another uneducated birdbrain.

      He approves of the Bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ, which is fine as far as I’m concerned. And then he tells us Yukon Jack should be taken seriously because Yukon is doing exactly the same: telling us what the Bible and Jesus have already told us.

      Moronic stupidity doesn’t get any more stupid than this.

      Yukon Jack has spent his entire life attacking the Bible and mocking the teachings of Jesus Christ. He is the ultimate Bible basher and Christ hater.

      1. I don’t care whether Yukon Jack believes in Christ or not, I say that I believe … because he was telling the truth about Jews and the devil … yukon jack does not bring anything new … 🙂 Satan is the lord and prince of this world … to the apocalypse … I hope it will be …

        1. @ Tom

          I don’t care whether Yukon Jack believes in Christ or not, I say that I believe … because he was telling the truth about Jews and the devil

          I’m sorry, but you are misinformed about Yukon Jack, “telling the truth about the Jews and the devil.”

          How can Yukon Jack be “telling the truth about the Jews” when he is himself a Jew and has been promoting a Christ-bashing Jewish agenda for years? He has now been outed as a cunning crypto-Jew who has been promoting the work of other Jews on the internet for a long, long time! 🙂

          He has been pushing the Anunnaki conspiracy theory as if it was his own theory, but recently let the cat out of the bag that all his ideas are based on the Jewish cult teachings of the Jewish academic Zecharia Sitchin who lives and works in Israel. A millionaire property owner in Israel, for God’s sake! And Yukon Jack is his slavish disciple! So what does that make Yukon Jack, huh?

          The proof that Yukon Jack is a no-good liar is that he mentioned Zecharia Sitchin as the source of his ideas but DELIBERATELY CONCEALED his Masters’s JEWISH IDENTITY. Hiding this crucial and highly pertinent fact is a sure mark of Yukon Jack’s duplicity.

          1. To ALL POSTERS:

            I can confirm that the primary source for all Yukon Jack’s ideas is the Jewish academic ZECHARIA SITCHIN. It doesn’t follow from this that Yukon Jack is himself a Jew, especially if he denies it, but it certainly makes it far more likely.

            The likelihood increases when we learn that Yukon Jack has been in the forefront of the Christ Hatred movement for many years. His entire website was devoted to the vilification of Christianity and the most extreme and fanatical abuse of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary. This is a typically Jewish agenda, as we know from the Talmud and from numerous photos and firsthand accounts of Israeli Jews SPITTING AT CHRISTIANS in the streets of Jerusalem, Bethlehem and elsewhere in Israel.

            This is what Wikipedia says about Zecharia Sitchin, Yukon Jack’s Jewish mentor and main source of information about the allegedly demonic “alien space rapists” known as the Anunnaki:

            Sitchin was born to a Jewish family in Baku, the capital of then Soviet Azerbaijan, and raised in Mandatory Palestine. He received a degree in economics from the University of London, and was an editor and journalist in Mandatory Palestine (which in 1948 became the modern state of Israel), before moving to New York in 1952. While working as an executive for a shipping company, he taught himself Sumerian cuneiform and visited several archaeological sites.

            Wikipedia continues:

            Sitchin’s books have sold millions of copies worldwide and have been translated into more than 25 languages.

            Sitchin’s ideas have been rejected by scientists and academics, who dismiss his work as pseudoscience and pseudohistory. His work has been criticized for flawed methodology and mistranslations of ancient texts as well as for incorrect astronomical and scientific claims.


            Wikipedia can certainly be doubted for the accuracy of its information on every single fact it puts forward in its millions of pages, but it would be too far-fetched to argue that every single fact about Sitchin given above is fictitious.

      2. @Sister Monica

        Sister, if I may ask you: Could you explain to me, please, what is the importance to you personally if Yukon Jack is a Jew or not? Are you an anti-Semite, sister? You wouldn’t lie to me, sister, would you? Lobro does not hide that he is an anti-Semite, and I suppose you wouldn’t hide it either if you were one. Correct?

        Same questions to LD, if I may. I am sure Lasha would not lie to me.

        1. To CIRCASSIAN:

          Your comment is offensive, as most of your comments are. That’s beside the point. We post offensive comments here if and when they suit us.

          If I may answer you cooly, speaking as I would to someone deficient in good manners, if not in intelligence.

          I have nothing against Jews per se. Nor does LD. We have always welcomed good Jews onto this website when they are polite and informative. But few Jews have managed to survive the savage onslaughts directed at them by a handful of sub-intelligent goyim here who specialize in non-stop Jew bashing.

          It matters not in the slightest to me if Yukon Jack is a Jew. But it DOES matter to me if he is a CRYPTO-JEW, a Jew pretending to be a White Nationalist (or typical White American) when he is actually a malevolent Jew whose main purpose in life is to vilify Christianity and promote Marxist godlessness.

          You and Yukon Jack have much in common, Circassian. Which is why you support him. I suspect you are both Jews, working in tandem. All the values you preach — contempt for Christianity above all — he preaches also. You are both extremists. Both underminers. Both trying to damage and destroy our website. And we are letting you do it, partly because it amuses us to see you try so hard and fail.

          By all means continue. We are quite happy to give you the rope to hang yourselves with. Any posters here who want to please the Administrators of this site will know what to do. They will attack you and Yukon Jack with all the tools at their disposal. They will thereby help us in our work of vermin control.

          Understand this finally. Our enemies are not Jews. We have non-Jewish enemies in vast numbers too — and there is no intrinsic difference between our Jewish enemies and our gentile ones. They are both equally toxic.

          Good Jews exist, and we must not underestimate their high intelligence and refined capacity for suffering.

      3. @Sister Monica

        We post offensive comments here if and when they suit us.

        Yes, I have noticed that. That is very convenient, isn’t it? That’s precisely the reason why the majority of the Russians despise the West (Anglo-Americans, in particular): they change the rules of the game, played against my country, as they suit them.

        I have nothing against Jews per se. Nor does LD. We have always welcomed good Jews onto this website when they are polite and informative.

        Could you name one, please? I have been on this site for years now, and I can’t recall any such Jews. In fact, I can’t recall any Jews, period, except, perhaps, that obnoxious guy who called himself Polatnick, or something like that, – a Jew who is greatly missed by TROJ. Another one is Zack – a buffoon whose ethnicity is unknown to anyone… including, perhaps, himself. That’s it… at least to my best knowledge.

        It matters not in the slightest to me if Yukon Jack is a Jew. But it DOES matter to me if he is a CRYPTO-JEW, a Jew pretending to be a White Nationalist (or typical White American) when he is actually a malevolent Jew whose main purpose in life is to vilify Christianity and promote Marxist godlessness.

        Sister, I am sorry, but this sounds as pure skullduggery to me. Did Yukon Jack say or even imply that “he is actually a malevolent Jew whose main purpose in life is to vilify Christianity and promote Marxist godlessness”? Unless I have missed something, the answer is “No, absolutely not!” So, how did you arrive at such unequivocal conclusion? Are you a psychic?

        You and Yukon Jack have much in common, Circassian. Which is why you support him. I suspect you are both Jews, working in tandem. All the values you preach — contempt for Christianity above all — he preaches also. You are both extremists. Both underminers. Both trying to damage and destroy our website. And we are letting you do it, partly because it amuses us to see you try so hard and fail.

        In your head, sister, in your head – not in reality. You suspect that Circassian and Yukon Jack are both Jews? I am totally confused now: am I, Circassian, a Jew or a crypto-Jew. Just few lines above you have made a point that it extremely important to you to differentiate between the two beasts – Jews and crypto-Jews. One is good (or, at least, can be good in principle) while the other is definitely bad. So it is kind of important to me to know, in which category I belong in your opinion. If I am a Jew while I have said (answering unasked but craved by Sardonicus question) “I am not a Jew – I am a Circassian”, then I must be, I guess, fall into the crypto-Jew category. Now you have a hunch that I belong to the more redeemable “Jew” category. Please clarify.

        By all means continue. We are quite happy to give you the rope to hang yourselves with. Any posters here who want to please the Administrators of this site will know what to do. They will attack you and Yukon Jack with all the tools at their disposal. They will thereby help us in our work of vermin control.

        So, if I understand you correctly, you are giving carte blanche to attack Circassian. You do not understand, sister. The posters here maybe stupid, but not stupid enough to attack Circassian – there are no kamikazes here, sister. The ones who tried their luck in the past, they are silent now, their tongues plugged into their asses. That’s the problem, sister. So you have to do the attacking yourself. Are you sure that you are up to the task?

        On the final note, you have informed us of your suspicion that Circassian is a Jew. I have no problem with you having any suspicions whatsoever about me or anyone else. So, I suppose, I am also entitled to inform you about my suspicion. I suspect very strongly that Sister Monica is a crypto-anti-Semite. Not that something’s wrong with that… except, of course, that it is a cowardly position, which is, I presume, quite typical to the British. Why don’t you just come out and say out loud – as my Croatian brother Lobro does it with great pride – that you are an anti-Semite, for that’s what – in all probability – you are.

        1. @ Circassian

          Well, I have let you have your say. But if you think I’m going to waste any more of my time on your pettifogging questions, you can think again.

          As for your silly comment that I am a “crypto-antisemite”, let me tell you that I take that as a backhanded compliment: because it implies that I am at least trying to be fair to the Jews while secretly hating them. The truth is that I hate neither Jews nor non-Jews, provided they are kind people. They don’t even have to be intelligent. Kindness is enough.

          Discussion over.

          Any further attempt to interrogate me will be deleted as off-topic. We are not here to discuss my psychology. We are here to focus on the important issues of the day.

      4. I see my name was mentioned a few times and since I lerv to see it in print, i need to respond in a scattershot manner since so many matters are raised.
        @Madame Butterfly,
        I despise wikipedia as a tool of oppressive propaganda whose existence is predicated on moving the jew goalposts forward.
        that said, it does NOT mean that at times it doesn’t offer preciously truthful information—UNINTENTIONALLY, and one should always take advantage of enemy’s mistakes. I do hope that even as a temperamental, hot-blooded woman (and i mean that in the best way possible, cold-blooded, purely rational women turn me off, majorly) you understand that principle.
        Example (that i mentioned before, too lazy to figure out another):
        • 6,000,000 dead Jews in 1945, doubly unfortunate in that they weren’t dead but dead enough to pave the way to theft of Palestine.
        • in 1938, 14 million and change LIVE Jews counted worldwide by their own highly professional and meticulous tabulation agency, whatever one’s opinion of Jew trustworthiness, this one deserves it,
        • in 1948, after 6 million magick, 14 million and change LIVE Jews counted worldwide by the very same statistical outfit.
        Would you say that I have no right to quote these surveys because Jew cannot be trusted?
        Or would you agree that they made an oversight in their 6 million lie having caught up with them … running with a foot stuck in one’s mouth is kind of hard.
        Ditto for PediWickia, occasionally, because it attempts to cover every single thing in universe and oftentimes it fails to account for a contradiction to some obscure lie it had forgotten about. This is why lies must be fortified with ironclad laws, e.g., “Death To Antisemites!!!” (tob shebbe goyim harog)
        Will you raise that issue again?

        When i state that I am an antisemite, let it be understood that this involves some verbal gymnastics, given that
        • we all know that Khazar ashkenazis are anything but a semitic nation, they sure don’t look the part, they look what they are: Turco-Mongol Asiatic tribe,
        • I generally like Arabs, especially Palestinians (especially really bright and decent ones like SEEB—to whom, big thanks on that post, I wish you every good thing, including robust health), so how can i be truly anti-semitic!?
        • “Antisemitism” is a typical Jew 3-card monte swindle, so i use the term willy-nilly, perfectly aware of what they are shuffling—because i seriously detest them for what they are: eager servants of Devil, Devil’s organic demons as opposed to the ones in proper Hell—their job which they do so assiduously is to recreate conditions of Hell here and now on Earth, an antechamber as it were,
        • 2-things-in-one:
        a) I reserve equal or greater antagonism for shabbo goyim who sold their shitty souls down the sewer to hell in exchange for creature comforts of this mortal coil—watch out for that banana peel all ye atheists/materialists/relativists who don’t believe in ultimate justice, i.e., if someone gets away with abomination to please their twisted urges, they are justified so long as no punishment catches up with them in this life—a very bad bet, much worse than mine (lousy $500 pissing contest that I KNEW I was going to lose like squaring up to a 350 lb N-person at bar)
        b) perfectly ready and even glad to accept an apostate ex-Jew into the human fold, provided I am convinced of their sincerity (have mentioned maybe 50 times so far the early example of Theobald of Cambridge, look him up in Ariel Toaff’s (another) Bloody Passover)

        • @ Whoever,
        a) anyone can make any claim they want, if it doesn’t align with my beliefs that’s ok provided they can defend them against my cross-examination, especially with regards to internal consistency,
        b) anyone can attack my theories, beliefs and convictions provided they bring proper evidence to bear, I welcome such challenges and if there is something I cannot deal with rationally—well, tough luck, lobro, time to make repairs, improvements, wholesale changes as the case may be, either way better than wounded status quo.

        my new motto
        (a highly antisemitic😉 motto)

  26. Good morning, postulators! I see you haven’t arrived at an agreement, yet – nor WILL you. 🙂

    1. A bit of a tall order, expecting everyone to agree!
      Universal disagreement has been the norm throughout history! 🙂

  27. A good commenter on truthseeker, who goes by Fred B. , brings up a very good point from his perspective, he thinks my viewpoint is from not seeking God! This religious held view must be challenged, I have no need to seek God, and if you think you do, I believe you are under a religious spell. My viewpoint is from studying, reading, arguing, reasoning, writing, etc. I did not get my truth from God or the Bible.

    Sorry folks, I am not high from the King James koolaid!


    @Fred B

    Your say: “Jack’s view of man and his origins is entirely a result of what occurs to you when you give up searching for God.”

    I strongly disagree with that religious viewpoint of reality. That is something you were taught.

    I do not need to seek God. Does a Gorilla seek God? How about a giraffe or a mink? They just exist as do I. Putting this overlay of God on creation in my opinion is a big mistake.

    I say over and over in my essays the real reason humans seek God is because they are domesticated. A wild animal is integrated into the environment and does not need to seek God, as it has everything it needs having evolved on a planet and thus is fit by definition, it fits into the environment.

    Man, on the other hand, does not fit, man is unnatural, and PROOF of this is his seeking of God. The slave seeks his master. So if you like being a slave in God’s game go seek it. Because I refuse to be a slave I refuse to be a fool and seek God, who created this hell simulation in which we all suffer.

    Fred, I wrote an important essay on this very topic, it is called

    Is God Testing Us for Heaven or Torturing Us in Hell?
    On December 20, 2020 By jackyukon

    open this link to read it as it appeared on my blog before it was censored:

  28. The graphics didn’t load in the previous link, here is a new link:

    Is God Testing Us for Heaven or Torturing Us in Hell?
    On December 20, 2020 By jackyukon

    if you right click, then select view image you can open it full size

  29. @ Madame Butterfly

    I am not a Jew, as I have explained numerous times right here on this site that I am Irish/German 50/50. I attended Catholic school for 12 (long) years and come from a large Catholic family, most still believe BTW, and one of my sisters is a Catholic Nun, so I probably won’t be blowing up a busload of nuns like Sardonicus says.


    @ Sister Monica

    I do not believe in Christ, that does not make me a Christ hater. That accusation is like me saying you are an Easter Bunny hater if you don’t believe in the Easter Bunny as real. Nor have I ever slandered the Virgin Mary, my own Catholic mother has a Virgin Mary statue shrine in the woods were I grew up, and it is quite lovely and I like looking at it.

    I do assert the the virgin idea in the Gospel story has a negative connotation for sex, in my essays I say that if you insist that God came from a virgin you are denigrating sex, and we all know every human comes into existence from sex of a male and female. So how can sex be bad? God created sexual union, right? So saying Jesus is from a virgin is against God’s own Creation, right?

    1. Sex is not bad, nor is a knife, but both can be used for good or for ill. It is understandable that in a pornified culture largely created by the traditional enemies of Christ and of the moral and social order, that sex addiction and perversion would be epidemic as it is today.

      God willed to be conceived and born of a virgin, which doesn’t mean sex is bad, but it is indeed fitting that He do so, and not only of a virgin but of one miraculously preserved from Original Sin (the Immaculate Conception, which most people mistakenly think means the virginal conception of Jesus in Mary’s womb). Original Sin, which we all inherit, is the source not only of our disordered sexual appetites (concupiscence), but of weakness of will and darkness of intellect, of prideful self-seeking, suffering, and death. GK Chesterton said that Original Sin is the one Christian doctrine that be proven, merely by reading the front page of a newspaper (we could add, watching the news on TV). He also said, “Christianity hasn’t been tried and found wanting. It has been found difficult, and left untried.” Tragically what goes for Christianity in almost the whole world today, and indeed for quite a while, is a diabolically inspired inversion and perversion of true Christianity. Protestantism is a perversion of Christianity. What goes for “Catholicism” (except among a “remnant” adhering to tradition) is a perversion of Christianity. However, anyone of good will and not blinded by unrepentant sin who reads the gospels will perceive that they could not have been made up, and a study of the history of the church Christ founded upon the rock of St Peter, beginning with the Acts of the Apostles up until the long-prophesied “Great Apostasy” which began in earnest with the overthrow of a validly elected pope (successor of St Peter) at the 1958 papal conclave (, should be able to see, if it is indeed the truth he seeks, that the Catholic Church (as opposed to the counterfeit church headed by Francis) is the one true church and “Ark of Salvation” established by Christ. It has been said that God made man in His own image, and man has been returning the favor ever since. In matters of religion one man’s opinion is as good as another — unless God Himself has revealed the truth to us about Himself, about ourselves, about what we must believe, and what we must do. That truth has been taught by the Catholic Church until a series of anti-popes beginning when the obese Freemason John XXIII usurped the papacy in 1958. I’ll leave it at that for now, except for the recommendation that people learn about the crucially important Message of Our Lady of Fatima in 1917, authenticated by a public miracle, the “Miracle of the Sun” on Oct. 13, 1917, predicted 3 months beforehand for that particular day and witnessed by about 70,000 people, including many skeptics who wished to discredit the apparitions and messages of the Blessed Virgin to the three shepherd children. That message is so important that the enemies of Christ who infiltrated and ultimately took over the visible structures of the Church replaced the last living visionary, Sr Lucia, with an impostor in order to prevent her from revealing the “Third Secret of Fatima” when they wanted it buried forever, since it exposed their nefarious plan to destroy the Church.

      As for supposed aliens, there is abundant evidence that they and UFOs are preternatural manifestations by demons from hell. See, e.g.,

      In conclusion, and not to insult Yukon Jack, I would say the subtitle to the article is correct when it says his world is “weird,” but that it is far from “wonderful.” Cheers!

      1. Hah! a timely input, Darrell, thanks.
        I always wondered how come nothing like Ufo’s, spooks, ghosts, ever happened to me, was almost envious of those who told of such adventures, and the old stolid I without anything impressive to add to the campfire fun.
        The closest is my mutual intolerance with electronic devices which often power down or go into sleep mode when I approach or even just look at them. Well, they are devil’s toys, imo, as much as part of our (mine at any rate) lives, most of all the detested smartphones.

      2. ADMIN: Comment found in Spam by chance.
        (Any other comments you MAY have sent in
        have not arrived or just mysteriously disappeared.)

        @ Darrell

        I was always led to believe that the “rock” on which the church would be built, was the fact that Peter, when asked by Jesus who he thought Jesus was, replied that Jesus was the Christ. Peter’s recognition being the “rock”, and not the person Peter.

      3. @TEEJAY
        The idea that Peter’s confession of faith in Christ’s divinity is the “rock” on which Jesus would build His church started with the Protestant “Reformers” (more accurately “Revolutionaries”) in the 16th C. For abundant evidence that the “rock” refers” to Peter himself (the name means “rock”), see p. 51 here:

        The rest of the document showing that the Bible itself proves the truth of the Catholic faith is extremely informative as well. And by “Catholic faith,” as my comment above mentions, I don’t mean what is taught by the Globalist NWO puppet Jorge Bergoglio, a.k.a. “Pope” Francis, or by his five anti-pope predecessors (see “Papal Imposters” for a good intro on that:

        There is much more I could share for anyone interested. This is a subject of immeasurable importance, since the eternal salvation of our immortal souls depends on believing what God has revealed and then acting accordingly, beginning with humble repentance for our sins.

        “There is an infinity of angles at which a man will fall, only one at which he will stand.” (G.K. Chesterton)

  30. It’s obvious that there has to be one, original power source for everything or simply put, that which is uncreated and has no beginning nor ending. The infinite manifestations from this uncreated source makes for much confusion and endless debate. It occurred to me viscerally as a child that the world of base matter is an inferior facsimile of something so far grander it boggles human comprehension. The ancient Cathars were on the right track when they expounded on this and called the flesh, “The Devil’s Chains”. No one who has ever visited a nursing home or terminal ward of a hospital can refute this. Clearly, the God who created our spirits and the eternal laws of the cosmogony is not the god or gods who created our bodies and the earth. No loving, eternal entity would bring forth a realm wherein billions of sentient beings have to die horrendous deaths so that billions of others may live. Love ya, Lasha.

    1. The doctrine of Original Sin is the true explanation of what you describe. As for the Cathars, they promoted sodomy in order to avoid the “evil” of procreation. See my comment above.

      1. “Original Sin” doctrine is Roman Catholic psychosis, promulgating a slave mentality for the sheep that perverse, Babylonian, pedophile institution controls. Concomitantly, the absurd notion that the Cathars promoted sodomy (hilarious coming from the R.C. “church”. Ask any alter boy), is more Roman Catholic lies, smears, and disinformation.

      2. Sodomites began infiltrating Catholic seminaries in droves beginning in the 1920s when communists were recruited to enter seminaries as foot soldiers in the cause of destroying the Church. See Bella Dodd’s testimony before the US Senate in the early 1950s. She was expelled from the Party and returned to the Catholic faith under the direction of the famous Archbishop Fulton Sheen. Then after the homosexual anti-pope Paul VI usurped the papal throne in 1963, many more homosexuals became priests and climbed up the ladder even into the highest levels of the Vatican. (and 2 other short related articles there)

        The Cathars not only approved of sodomy, they glorified suicide. The Catholic Church has always condemned sodomy, but many sodomites will understandably be attracted to the clerical life and live a life of deceit in relative physical comfort.

        The problem is not pedophilia (attraction to pre-pubescents) but homosexuality. Homosexuality is a serious affective disorder and many homosexuals in their sexual addiction and compulsion are attracted to teenage boys. But like I said in my comment above, the “Catholic Church” that people have seen since the 1960s is actually the “counterfeit church of darkness” (Catholic mystic Anne Catherine Emmerich) established in 1958 after the usurpation of the papacy by the Judeo-Masonic-communist powers, as “Papal Imposters” explains: (it includes Bella Dodd’s testimony)

      3. Sodomites have saturated the R.C. church long before the 1920s. Again, the Cathars never approved of sodomy, that favorite Catholic practice, and there is no evidence of that claim, only typical Catholic mendacity. The Cathar “Endura” did not glorify suicide but permitted it as a way for premature release of the spirit. In this material Hell of the Demiurge and his archons, taking your own life can be preferable to horrendous and intolerable situations. Whether one dies at the age of 5 or 100, it is just the blink of an eye in the expanse of eternity. The Cathars were known as Bon Hommes or “The Good Men”. (generic, females included). They faithfully lived their lives following the original apostolic tradition. The people loved them, while despising the Catholic clergy. The worst insult one man could give to another was to call him a priest, synonymous with pig or scumbag. The Roman Catholic Church was flawed from its nefarious inception, a bunch of Babylonian robed, yarmulke wearing, avaricious, money grubbing, child raping, queers and occultists. Just a different herd of rabbis from their satanic, synagogue brethren.

  31. “Thus man is a slave animal, a walking talking big brained sex machine. Man was created for sex.”

    The article citing my opinions are written as mockery.

    Ok smarty pants, please tell me what is false in my statement:

    1. Are we slaves who toil for money to exist? Yes.

    2. Do we have big brains and love (hot) sex? Yes.

    3. Are we furless hominids who wear our sex organs on the outside? Yes.

    In case any of you have not gotten the memo, just look at a beautiful woman, is she not the most gorgeous sexual thing you have ever seen?

    I rest my case, MAN IS A SEXUAL ANIMAL CREATED FOR SEX, and anyone saying otherwise is going against God and Creation.

    If you got a problem with that, don’t complain to me, I had nothing to do with it!

  32. well, Christ said that we live in hell, so as not to be of this world and his kingdom is not of this world, that everything will end with a harvest of souls ..some people can get to hell somehow … according to Christ …
    apparently it has to do with life in this world and the choices that are made … apparently then there will be a different land … or you can choose nirvana ..

    1. @ Tom

      “Well, Christ said that we live in hell…”

      No, he didn’t Tom. You got that wrong.
      He actually said we live in Las Vegas.

      1. Since Satan is the lord of the world and the father – the god of the Jews is the devil, we live in hell … but maybe we don’t know about it yet …

        1. How clever of you to figure this out! Are you sure it’s safe outing the Devil like this? He could be reading this site and take offence at your comment. And then you’d be in the deep do-da, wouldn’t you?

          Shhhhh…! 🙂

  33. I would like to address my assertion that humans were bred for sexual slavery.

    Is the idea that humans were created specifically for “sexual slaves” far-fetched”?

    I say the evidence demands we at least consider the idea, here is a list:

    1. Humans are sex slaves now. Israel is the sex slave capital of the world, and Israel is the “apple” in god’s eye says Pastor Hagee.

    2. There was sex slavery back in Bible times, Lot tried to give his daughters away to a city full of Soddomite sex maniacs. Concubines were common, Kings with many wives, etc.

    3. Humans are naked apes, exactly what you would expect if space devils made us in their image and wanted to use us for sex. Obviously, the Anunnaki were horn dogs, they wanted us naked, without fur, because if they used hairy Homo Erectus as their genetic starting point, they got rid of the hair.

    4. In the modern world of silicon, sex dolls are popular, and those who make them are working hard and furious to make them walk and talk, so it seems likely in the very near future Cherry 2000’s will be available.

    5. Genesis 6:2 talks specifically of the “sons of God” breeding with humans because of lust:

    New King James Version

    “that the sons of God saw the daughters of men, that they were beautiful; and they took wives for themselves of all whom they chose.”

    So exactly what was going on in those days? Eh? Space devils who are the “sons” of God, King Anu, are getting busy with earth women. And what does this mean if they bore children? Humans are a product of hybridization, a cross between our world and another world.

    I rest my case, the evidence points toward humans created for sex pleasure of the “gods”.

  34. It’s kinda funny, some people scorn Sitchin, Icke, all that crew, but they swallow whole the Bible tales….
    I guess it’s not really a question of what’s more believable, but more about people seeing themselves as belonging to a certain sect…
    Yes I hear you about the universal consciousness, all that…
    The question remains – whatever it is, is it good, bad, indifferent or all 3?
    It seems it’s either one super individual, or as we said in the 60s “Everything is Everything”…


      The murderous, irrational hatred that Yukon Jack clearly shows for all things God related is straight out of the Jewish Mossad playbook. Make no mistake, this is just another Jewish troll located somewhere in Israel, doing what they do best.

      Even with his considerable intellect, YJ can’t help but be blinded by rage over intellectual argument, a common consistency with people of his ilk.

      1. ‘Space Demons Made Man’ was an article in the “Weekly World News” several years ago before the tabloid went belly up. So, it must be true. The WWN wouldn’t print anything fake.

        As absurd as this article may seem, it’s not much more ridiculous than the postulate that africans resulted from neanderthal men mating with gorillas.

        1. I am amazed that more readers do not see that this whole thing is being orchestrated by Yukon Jack and his enablers. READ THE COMMENTS and you will see that some number which illustrate YJ bear an unmistakable similarity. I’m not sure what the point is because it won’t go anywhere. You have to have the actual ability in a specific area and that has not been shown at any time so far. God! People are so gullible.

          1. This Yukon Jack has certainly exercised the God Botherers….they’ve really come out of the woodwork on this one.

            Mr Jack should be put in a straitjacket and transported to the nearest asylum.

            The stupidity of people never ceases to amaze….THIS explains why the Judeo-Freemasons have been able to put their garbage mumbo jumbo on the US one dollar note with no objections….and America is supposed to be a Christian nation….when in fact the country is RULED BY THE JEWS…this Annunaki malarkey is just a load of preposterous nonsense….

            At this point in time it seems the Jews position is unassailable….primarily due to the STUPIDITY of the public….

            Merkel…..Macron…and Johnson the Big Three of Europe….THEYRE ALL JEWS….the whole job lot of them… it any wonder Europe is being invaded by ultimately hostile forces…..once their numbers reach a certain point…the Elders of Zyklon will arm them and direct them against the native populations……around the time Israel will invade and occupy Lebanon and drive out the local inhabitants….Palestine Mk2 coming right up…..AND THEY WILL STILL BE CLAIMING THEYRE VICTIMS!.

            There is absolute proof that that the Jews borrowed a pile of stuff from other religions….particularly Ancient Egypt and Babylon…..

    2. Somewhere an asylum is missing a nutcase. Or maybe Yukon Jack is running a psychology experiment to test the theory that “Some people will believe anything.” Anyone who swallows this sh!t fails the test.

      1. On the bright side, Marvel Comics, DC Entertainment, and other Comic Book Publishers may want to give Jack an offer to write for them. Lots of kids read comic books that are full of fiction like this. The Globe, Enquirer, and similar tabloids should also take note.

      2. Yes, Les Vis, people are gullible, that’s why there’s so many heliocentrics and they’re totally brainwashed and they LERV being brainwashed, they’re so gullible. Ask them a science-based question about their heliocentrism and/or mention The Michelson-Morley experiment and/or mention Malcolm Bowden and/or mention Eric Dubay and they get uptight and get bent out of shape and they think they’re so cool and so groovy, *grin*. Right Les Vis?

      3. TROJ –

        You wrote:
        “Ask them a science-based question about their heliocentrism and/or mention The Michelson-Morley experiment and/or mention Malcolm Bowden and/or mention Eric Dubay and they get uptight and get bent out of shape…”

        OK!! Here is “a science-based question” for ya:
        If the earth is flat….. it has to be just one side of the planet.
        What is the shape of the whole planet? Is it a cube with water on one side or all sides?
        Or is it a round ball with one flat side?
        Is it a disc with two flat sides?
        Is it square like a square-pan pizza?
        How thick is it?
        In any case…. what is on the other side or sides? *grin* 🙂

          1. Honestly, if I thought the world was round,
            I’d never go for a walk. Too risky.

  35. Yukon, humans created by aliens as “big brained sex machines” ?
    I agree with the sex machine bit, but “big brained”?
    Most people’s grey matter comprises a vacuum, into which little real information is ever put.
    Their brains might be large in size compared to an ant or squirrels, but both these relatively small -brained animals outdo most humans in performance and survivability.
    Take a typical obese Macdonald’s eater whose only interest is devouring rubbish food and going home to watch Jewvision, with the occasional act of tossing the leg over or spreading their fat thighs.
    As I have said, simply open one’s eyes at shopping town and you see humanoid creatures that can only be from the very bottom of the gene pool.
    In China, this sort of person would be given the lowest possible social credit rating and would be allowed to die, without government assistance.
    Most humans are dumbed down useless eaters and we have far too many of the useless bastards.
    The evil Jewish command know this very fact and will sort out the problem in their own way, such as via the killer vaccine and maybe another world war.

  36. no matter who god is … (it’s really bad that Jews or those who pretend to be Jews are the chosen people – the synagogue of Satan …) there are only two options: follow Christ or Buddha, get rid of the ego – the matrix illusion … no has no alternative rather

  37. “…of making of many books there is no end; and much study is a weariness of the flesh.”
    – Ecclesiastes 12:12

    1. Good. I am glad to see you quote Ecclesiastes. An Old Testament book that has made a deep impression on you, as it has on my dear friend Lasha who knows it almost by heart. Its profound wisdom and poetic beauty are unsurpassed. This was written by the wisest of the Jews, Solomon, roughly a thousand years before the Christian era.

      1. this one made an impression on me, Sis [1 Kings 11:3]

        “And he had seven hundred wives, princesses, and three hundred concubines: and his wives turned away his heart.”

        (lobro’s addendumb: “And they were all blond, And they were all good”👸)

      2. Hey Sister, you said;

        To CIRCASSIAN:
        “You and Yukon Jack have much in common, Circassian. Which is why you support him. I suspect you are both Jews, working in tandem.”

        Thanks for outing this Crypto. I was actually wondering where the Venom thrown by Circassian in my direction was coming from and for what, ……now I know.

      3. @ Bigfoot

        Thanks for outing this Crypto. I was actually wondering where the Venom thrown by Circassian in my direction was coming from and for what, ……now I know.

        Listen, Bigfool, that’s not what Sister Monica is expecting from you: she wants you to attack Circassian… and you are hiding behind her wide masculine shoulders, thanking her for standing for you.

        Do you see my point now, sis: Bigfool is a fool alright, but not big enough to sacrifice his ass for you by attacking Circassian. The others are not in a hurry to sail under your banner either. Told you, sister!

        My question stands: Who created God?

        Anyone to take a stab at it? Sister Monica? LD? Lobro?

      4. @Circassian,
        Easy: God created God. Aside from being facetious, it is also a serious statement, because your question, on the spiritual plane is equivalent to if universe is everything there is, what is outside universe? To keep it short because these topics go into overflow quickly and disastrously unless strictly limited and monitored, the question that needs to be asked and answered is
        What came first and caused the appearance of the other, physical matter or information?
        I won’t go further into that other than to mention that your mentor Velikovsky would have affirmed strongly that it is the latter (the argument that as per the evolutionary formula, complexity and reason came out of simplicity and nonsense is—nonsense).
        Btw, I read his “Worlds in Collision” in my youth and was quite impressed until we got down to brass tacks—devil in the details, y’know. Now I see that most of that work was an ingenious apologia for the tales of Torah, especially Moses and parting of the red sea (due to some cataclysm, Minoan volcanic eruption or magnetic poles reversal, whatever—good try, no cigar). But the fact is that Velikovsky would have been on my side of this debate, just as far as the narrow question is posed.

        @Pat: yes, and if you look at that verse, it also turns out that the wise king Solomon also made a novel use of his numerous daughters (princesses).
        As another wise Jew, Mel Polatnick sagely informed us, it is not wisdom that counts but shrewdness and cunning and a Jew is anything but.
        A proper Jew does not let good woman-flesh go to waste.
        One reason I like king Solomon is that by doing so he denied access to these thousand desirable women to other Jews (no wonder king had no clothes, never had time to put them on). A wealth-hoarding Rothschild of his age, thousands of sheep, women and goats, happy shepherd tending his beloved flocks.

        1. I am so pleased you are on this site to feed us these pearls of Vedic wisdom. Your short comments are worth a hundred long and turgid rantings on how evil the Jews are and how the world is going to hell in a hand basket.

      5. “God created God”…..hmm, so who or what created God #1? And the one before IT, and so on and so on. Like you can use some inadequate notion of time to answer the unanswerable? 😳

  38. On International Women’s Day: 35 female prisoners, including 11 mothers, behind ISISraeli bars
    Happy Internationa Women’s Day for all female Palestinian prisoners held in ISISrael

    Plus to all-female Darkmooners

  39. PAT
    I think Anu came first, not necessarily from Niburu…
    He was looking to take gold out of the seawater…
    I guess that can be done….
    Enki and Enlil came afterwards. Sea Serpents….
    They’re drawn in the texts with fish in their hair…
    MER references the ocean

  40. There is a lot to go over if I was to defend my thesis, there seems to be this idea I bought Sitchin hook, line, and sinker. That is not true, I even wrote an essay in 2017 that Sitchin could be wrong, and I go over some evidence that he may be wrong but on to something big, like our origin is extraterrestrial.

    I said THE ANUNNAKI STORY CLOSELY PARALLELS GENESIS – THAT IS VERY TROUBLING. You can read the whole thing as I made an image of essay and uploaded it to Imgur:

    What if Zacharia Sitchin is Wrong?
    On September 30, 2017 By YUKON JACK


    Here is a link to a gigantic amount of my material on the topic of man, god, ET, prison planet earth:

    Should you choose Love or God? I say forget the psycho Bible god and choose love! On the topic of real love, I make the assertion that love of a woman is better than God. That ought to get me nominated for heretic of the year, LOL. Some essays on this topic, they are sure to be controversial!

    I say obeying God is the highway to hell, and I dare anyone to defy my logic. If you think I am way out of line, the Bible in Romans 13 tells you to obey the government, a known corrupt criminal agency. This Covid scam is proof that Romans 13 is wrong, you should not obey the government.

    1. @ Yukon Jack

      I say obeying God is the highway to hell, and I dare anyone to defy my logic.

      Rely on our dear Yukon to shoot himself in the foot again! He doesn’t need my sister Lasha Darkmoon to do it for him. He does it all himself. All Lasha had to do was to quote him. She didn’t have to add a word of her own to the text. So it’s rather naughty of one of Yukon’s supporters on Truthseeker to accuse Lasha of “doing a HIT JOB on Yukon.” Yukon did the “hit job” himself, with no help from Lasha at all. 🙂

      Yukon shoots himself in the foot again with his outrageously silly statement above: “I say obeying God is the highway to hell, and I dare anyone to defy my logic.”

      How can you defy Yukon’s logic if there is no logic there in the first place?

      For that matter, how can you defy MY logic if I say to you, “I am the Evil Goddess who created the Universe, and I dare anyone to defy my logic?” 🙂

      Lucy Skipping
      (Lasha’s sister)

      1. Having said that, I must confess that I cannot help liking Yukon Jack as a person. Lasha likes him too. She thinks he would make a fascinating conversationalist at one of her dinner parties, and she would rather entertain him as a guest in her house than one or two other posters on this website.

  41. That’s why it’s called the MERO-VINGIAN Bloodline – The Jesus Bloodline, propagated in the South of France, where Mary Magdeline escaped to with Jesus Ben Panther’s offspring… That’s her in the matching colors beside Jesus in the famous Last Supper painting…
    Jesus was CARPENTER?
    Was he a framer or a finish man?
    Maybe he had a cabinet shop…
    No… He was a SARPENTER…
    The C is also a K….

  42. The holy origin narrative is not believable, people mostly believe in evolution of man, not man made in one day. But those who study the evolution of man, find so many flaws in that construct that alternative theories are put forward, and one of the best is by Elaine Morgan and her Aquatic Ape theory. Man has so many features of a marine mammal that a whole new theory is taken seriously that man evolved in a water environment.

    “The aquatic ape hypothesis (AAH), also referred to as aquatic ape theory (AAT) or the waterside hypothesis of human evolution, postulates that the ancestors of modern humans took a divergent evolutionary pathway from the other great apes by becoming adapted to a more aquatic habitat.”

    So there are two main theories of origin, Creationist, and Evolutionist, then lesser theories like Aquatic and Ancient Alien. The point is our origin is not known. No one knows how we got here, and those that say they do know are liars. The holy book version has the least amount of evidence. Why not have an open mind and consider all? For me, the genetic engineered domesticated version makes the most sense, and the holy book version the least, although the tale in Genesis is considered a shortened version of the Sumerian account.

    So, did God make man like Genesis says? Sorta. The gods made man by fertilizing Homo Erectus female egg with Anunnaki sperm and then did a pregnancy by invitro, this theory is illustrated by a spanish rock opera Anunnaki cartoon:

    Crônicas de Nibiru
    ANUNNAKI – Mensageiros do Vento – 11 – A SOLUÇÃO

    ANUNNAKI – Mensageiros do Vento – 12 – A CRIAÇÃO DE ADAMU

    Homo Habilis and the UFO (Part 1)

    1. Pat,

      Pastor Manning is a spot-on commentator! His comments on jews, liberals, faggots and such make him a credit to his race! I listen to him as much as anyone, and his level of entertaining sermons is unsurpassed. He is a credit to his race (and ours).

  43. @ADMIN
    I find it hard to fathom,
    that because of once having “changed” my username,
    I can’t post here
    I have attempted 2 or 3 times now
    and nothing gets onto the site.

    1. @ Teejay

      This above comment of yours managed to get through, so here it is. Found buried away in Spam. No other comments from you have been received. This is a technical glitch of some kind, not helped by the fact that you keep changing your user name and confusing WordPress.

      You have used FOUR different user names so far:

      1. TeeJay
      2. Teejay (as above).
      3. TJ
      4. T.J.

      No wonder the robot computer is having a fit! You need to be consistent.

      What I will do in future is post your comments IF they arrive. If your comments are NOT posted, this means they have disappeared into the void. This is of course beyond Admin’s control. I wish we could help you, but we can’t. Our technical knowledge is almost zero.

      Best wishes,

      Admin Toby

  44. PAT
    Welcome to the Real Rabbit Hole…
    I guess ANU and ANNU must be the same guy…
    Hence ANNUNAKI…
    What that name has to do with ANNUAL is worth a guess…
    Because our entire language (software) is built up around the feudal peons serving the Master Race…
    There was another SEA SERPENT in Mesopotamia named EA…
    I’m betting that’s where we get S-EA. and OC-EA-N…
    In Last of the Mohicans one of JF Cooper’s characters was CHINGATCHGOOK, an Indian…
    The SIOUX (genocidal cleansers) were known ans the Snake People by the other tribes…
    When other characters in the book were referencing CHING they also called him SARPENT…
    It’s just another way of another way of saying SERPENT…
    CHING – KING, same word…
    IN – ING and AHN and ANG are VIN references… VINE – BLOODLINE…
    That’s why he’s called the K-ING or K-AHN…
    The OM-ASTER R-ACE is the SN-AKE or K-R-ACE RACE – RAX – REX, the ACES or AXES, from the STARS…
    The X is two Ks… KAN means Snake/Alien too… CAIN – KAN – same thing…
    Great Video, never saw Pastor Manning before..
    He’s Right… As far as technical and industrial achievements go Blacks walk in the shadow of the other races, mainly White and Yellow… And the Yellows are mostly just good copiers…
    We’re all Guessing here, but Adam and Eve tales aside, possibilities are – the major races of Earth were evolved all by themselves (not likely, in view of the evidence of ETs having been here) from different kinds of monkeys, or they were genetically crossed between different kinds of monkeys and space aliens, or maybe different kinds of space aliens and the same basic monkey DNA…
    There really is no good scientific explanation for how people got here, only magical religious stuff… Up to now…
    If blacks “don’t understand the world”, it might be because they are programmed genetically to be in that position, simply unable to basically understand themselves first on the higher more benevolent human level…
    I have a feeling jews in general are in the same category… There seems to be an affinity…
    Whether that was done on purpose by ETs or it just happened that way somehow otherwise, we are free to ask…
    No doubt, Looking twice at the lingo we use reveals much about the real history of the human race…

    1. Bark –

      Etymology is a study of history as well as words. It has been a hobby of mine since three years of Latin in high school. Billy Clinton and I had the same teacher. My fasvorit teacher as well as his, Mrs. Elizabeth Buck.

      I learned many years ago that ‘ING’ and ‘ENG’ means meadow.

      England is a meadowland. No large mountains.

      Hastings is Haste-meadows.

      From Middle English ing, ynge, enge, from Old English ing, *eng (“a meadow; ing”), from Proto-Germanic *angijō (“meadow”), from Proto-Indo-European *h₂énkos (“a bend; curve; bowl; hollow; dell; glen”), from *h₂énk- (“to bend; curve; bow”). Cognate with Scots eng (“ing; meadow”), Dutch eng (“pasture; farmland”), Danish eng (“meadow”), Swedish äng (“meadow; field”), Norwegian eng (“meadow”), Faroese ong (“grassland; meadow; pasture”), Icelandic eng (“a meadow”), Icelandic engi (“a meadow; meadowland”).

      1. Thanks PAT…
        I’m just a dog following his nose…
        The FIELD itself is a reference to energetic phenomena on the surface of the planet, like ‘waves’ on the ocean…
        I think the Romans called the fields the “pagus’…
        What used to be the ‘blue’ demographic, those unwashed living outside the fortified (red) cities, eventually got the handle ‘paguns’….
        Those in the smaller towns or villages weren’t really appreciated either, so they became the ‘villains’…
        It was all about affixing political guilt upon a systemically exploited demographic…
        This is the basic ‘intellectual’ assertion happening now, that all the stupid people are repressed traditionally still…. White People did it….
        ILL is another reference to Blood, hence ILK…
        FWIW, Los Vegas means ‘the meadows’, right?

      2. Vega – prairie, plain, meadow – (gender – feminine)
        Plural is vegas.
        … feminine plural is LAS not LOS. LOS is masculine.

        Las Vegas.

  45. @ Lucy and Lasha

    “I say obeying God is the highway to hell, and I dare anyone to defy my logic.”

    So Lucy, why is that so? Why is obeying God the highway to hell, what kind of fool says that?

    That is so because “god” is an Anunnaki / reptilian overlord who use your obedience to authority as a way to wage war, conquer territory just as describe in the Old Testament text. The gods taught us war, along with all those other things that make up “civilized” man, which is really domestication and slavery. Long gone are the days were we ran free and naked without a care in the world some other place in some other time.

    We are taught god so that we obey our masters. These gods are imposters, they are not God, they are warlords who tricked us with holy text. There is no path to freedom while you are an obedient slave to god. And if you want proof, just look at earth history, even recent history, all those who tow the line, go along with the false narrative (like 911 or Covid) are taking us to hell. The path to hell is being obedient to authority. The obedient mask wearer is our enemy as is the patriot who refuses to consider that Israel did 911.

    Now if you think about it, if there was a real loving God, he or she would not have rules for us, nor would God makes demands of us like worship, nor would this Loving God have Commandments, or threaten us with eternal punishment. So those things, as proscribed in the Bible, are not from a real God. So it is perfectly logical and sane to say following the God of the Bible is the path to hell. History proves that statement, just think of all the wars, the witch burnings, the persecution of the great thinkers, etc. Power and authority created by belief in God is our great undoing as a specie.


    “Having said that, I must confess that I cannot help liking Yukon Jack as a person. Lasha likes him too. She thinks he would make a fascinating conversationalist at one of her dinner parties, and she would rather entertain him as a guest in her house than one or two other posters on this website.”

    I am sure we would be most enjoyable so long as we don’t bring up religion or politics, you mind if I bring whiskey? Just kidding, don’t really drink that much anymore. Maybe some day we will all cross paths, I like to think that someday this never ending Jew crisis will end, Jews removed from Amerikan politics and we all go back to living happy peaceful lives. We could throw a victory party. I don’t think that will happen any time soon or in my lifetime, I think revolution is next, and perhaps we’ll meet in a foxhole and you can see if I lose my atheism. (I won’t)


    More seriously I do wonder sometimes if we are soulmates, if such a thing is true. I think we may have been on a different planet together, living our peaceful joyful lives and we were overrun by space empire, captured, and sentenced here to earth the prison planet. Sound farfetched? Not to me. There is a whole back story to human life that we don’t know about, and finding one’s twin flame is another big reason for us to be open to alternative theories of how we got to earth.

  46. Here is a comment worth reposting from truthseeker. It is directly related to my crazy ideas, actually an expounding of what I really believe that is adjunct to the alien theory. And if you think aliens are fantastic, well read these insights of mine and decide, maybe I am really cray cray. (Actually I am quite sane which is my problem, as it would be better to be insane in this world)


    What does Yukon Jack really think about God and the Afterlife? LOL ROFL

    Yukon Jack on March 10, 2021 at 4:44 am
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    “What happens when we die? Nobody knows for sure as no one comes back to tell us, except with NDE’s they do supposedly. So should we trust what they say? Does is matter? Is there really a heaven or hell?

    This is one of my favorite topics and I have written extensively on it, so I have some opinions I formed over time and all the research I spent trying to figure it out. Do not take me serious, as I am obviously cray cray ’cause I believe aliens created us.

    I could not figure it out until I had some self realizations – or insights, and it may or may not be correct, but here it is, and you probably won’t like it.

    1. My first insight or realization. Humans do not want to die so they invented the afterlife. If you believe it, then the fear of death is overcome, this does not make it true, but what the heck you alleviate your fear of death if you believe.

    (This is not a problem for me at least, death would be a welcome relief IMO)

    2. When you are dead you are dead, anyone can see that. So my second insight is to sell the afterlife the priest must invent the soul, the part that survives death. The soul is said to survive death, but there is no proof of it, unless you want to believe in reincarnation memories. But you MUST have something to survive death otherwise what part would be going someplace?

    3. My third insight. The soul is a good idea and has some evidence behind it like past lives and everyone has a different soul or everyone has soul feelings. Some even say feelings are the language of the soul. That describes something, so we call it the soul. But the soul idea reeks of a computer simulation and the soul is the part injected into the matrix. This means physical reality is the playground of the soul, and your body meat suit, an expendable thing. Thus our fear of death – that is our mind’s fear of death – is real because the soul is using the body like toilet paper.

    4. So what happens when we die? If we have no soul nothing happens we are just dead, but everyone hates that idea, except me, as death is a welcome relief from this hell. If we have a soul it snaps back to source. This is just like a computer animated character on your screen. Where does the lifeforce exist for Sim? The simulated character only exists when it is brought forth and computed. If a sim character dies, it goes back to the motherboard (source) and sits dormant until you call it up again.

    5. Insight #5. If we are sims in a computed universe as so many physicist now say, what is our ultimate purpose? To collect data for the matrix architect. All of our data, that is stored in the hall of records (Edgar Cayce/Akashic Records) has value for the designer Ai that created the matrix to start. Thus each matrix run is improved, as the computer would want to make it more realistic each time just as we do with our gaming technology. (Note: I have seen this Akashic records more than once in dreams, glowing blue letters, holographic)

    6. Now once I understood all of the above, and being familiar with Buddhism, all life is suffering claim, the next insight is also obvious, the food chain is really and energy chain, all of it feeding the godhead. So I came to the firm conclusion that all of Creation is actually evil because in it suffering is a precondition for life to exist, and it all only exists as to feed the machine that created it all.

    7. Thus my seventh which makes most people really mad. God is the ultimate abuser because God created infinite universe with infinite species who are all suffering, so God the Creator created infinite suffering, thus God is immoral and the greatest of sinners. Thus the only real solution to the problem of suffering is to shut the sim down, pull the plug.

    8. These final insights are worse than #7. In order for this simulation to work, because it is based on suffering, hope becomes a primal quality for life to exist. Thus God the Programmer, remains hidden, yet feeds us small amount of hope so we keep going – but you see it is a great scam, because the simulation is really a torture chamber with no escape, so hope is just input to keep the scam going. Hope is the cope dope while treading water in hell I say.

    9. Thus, I concluded, God remains in the background and hidden, because God is not just the greatest of sinners for creating this “torture”verse, God is scamming us with hope so we keep our struggle going – and the energy flowing to the godhead, thus God is the greatest of parasites, and thus it makes sense God would choose the Jews as his earthly reps because Jews are parasites also, and birds of a feather flock together. You can know a lot about God by the company he keeps.

    10. So as you can see I am totally cray cray because I don’t fall on my knees and lick God’s feet like so many willingly do. This makes me believe that humans, being tortured, are seeking God only for favor. Why because humans are not natural, so they must beg divinity for favors and benefits. The real way to live is to forget the bastards that created us and live in integrity and do the best you can without being compromised by God or his followers.

  47. G’day cobbers,
    Arguably the reason that so many individuals in our world think that religions ARE valid emanations of spirituality, ie the Creator’s and our only reality, is that demonic deceivers currently typified by Talmudists, have distorted and corrupted the teachings of Christ Jesus and all other real historical spiritual leaders whose messages have been reduced to religious dogma over millennia. For some discussion of how that has been done as regards the revelations of Christ Jesus see eg: Judaism and Christianity – Two Thousand Years of Lies – 60 Years of State Terrorism –—Two-Thousand-Years-of-Lies—60-Years-of-State-Terrorism.shtml

    Peace and Blessings,


      andyay on March 10, 2021 at 2:43 pm

      There are known errors in Sitchin’s transliterations.

      “Annunaki” doesn’t and cannot mean, “those who came from heaven to earth.” According to every Sumerian scholar prior to Sitchin, Annunaki meant “seed of the princes” or “bloodline of the princes.”

      According to the Orientalist, Robert Temple, “Igigi” means “those of the black hood” and not the Earth Chronicles’ “those who man the shuttles.”

      The central theme of Sitchin’s work, the return of a rogue planet called Nibiru, a destroyer in times past, is a fabrication.

      “Nibiru” is mentioned just six times in the many thousands of Sumerian/ Assyrian texts surviving. It could hardly have been of central importance to the Sumerians themselves, whatever it was they called themselves, because we don’t know. It is described variously as a star; as Venus or Jupiter in the known references, which is unhelpful. It certainly isn’t described anywhere, though, as a reptilian home planet on a massively (impossibly?) eccentric orbit, which at intervals of 3,600 years brings devastation to the Earth.

      That is freemasonic mockery.

      The Sumerian astrolabe which has only recently come to public knowledge – because it was in a private collection for many years – shows Niberu as a fixed point in one quadrant, meaning it was visible to all, as a cartographic calibration point. This doesn’t fit Sitchin’s model at all.

      When I first read Sitchin years ago, I was immediately struck by how problematic Sitchin’s methodology was. Precisely, his habit of inferring meaning from Hebrew to Sumerian. Even if the word in Hebrew were a Sumerian loan word, even if the Hebrew were rooted in the Sumerian, to arrive at a meaning by reverse chronology is not legitimate, simply. Sumerian is classified as a language isolate. It is not a semitic/ afro-asiatic language. Searching for cognates in a language from a different language family which doesn’t appear till millenia after the Sumerian civilization, is truly absurd.

      My Sitchin here is all from memory, so I hope I haven’t made any glaring errors.

      The best evidence linguistically, in fact, is that Sumerian is related to the Dravidic languages and the literature of Sumer does indeed correspond with early Vedic narratives. It’s to southern India that you should go to elucidate the conundrums of the tablets and cylinders of Assurbanipal or Sumer proper.

      1. Thank you, Lucy. [For reposting my comment from Truthseeker]. I’m honoured.

        One correction is required. I say, “It [Nibiru] is variously described as a star; Venus or Jupiter…” Nibiru is described as a star; MERCURY or Jupiter in the known references.

        Love to all at Darkmoon.

  48. @Admin
    I tried twice to post a reply to TEEJAY’s question to my comment re- Peter the “rock” and nothing happened, or at least something must have happened. Yes, I suppose it’s something. Which brings to my philosophical mind the ultimate question: Why is there something, and not nothing? Why is there anything at all?

  49. I’ve written alot here about information pertaining to the Annunaki, either directly or indirectly. So I won’t get into all that again now. What I DO want to add regarding Sitchin is that a typical Protocolian psy op is for its orchestrators to get out in front of things by presenting info indicating him to be CIA. But whether he is or not is immaterial. Just SAYING he is discredits him and makes readers dismissive of there being ANYTHING authentic about the Annunaki.

    So what are “they” trying to hide, hmm? 😎

  50. A Humanaki Tail

    Annunaki come from sky
    Them say nice place
    Stay here
    Make young men dig mountain
    Get ore
    Make things have life
    Hard work them don’t like
    Whole time girl monkeys swing in trees
    Them have fun tease Anunnakis
    Bonk them with nuts and bananas
    Young men want out go on strike
    Big chief watch
    Tsk tsk tsk young people today
    Him have plan
    Tell young men chase monkeys
    In Spring when girl monkeys ripe
    Have sex make babies
    Them pop out monkey womb
    New race call hu mans
    Make slaves dig mountain
    Take many moons lose tales

  51. Here’s a late comment for this thread that I forgot to mention.

    For what it’s worth, according to those who claim to know what these non-human beings actually look like, that picture at the top of the article is that of what’s known as a “Gray” (and note what a sanitizing schmo is Steven Spielberg with his silly ET movies) Purportedly, these are the Beings whose dead bodies were retrieved at the Roswell site in New Mexico back in 1947. Word is that these Grays were working with the Reptilian Annunaki, and are responsible for things like cattle mutilations, human abductions, and water fluoridation, among other things. This was at a time when they were promised certain favors by the Annunaki, who have since reneged on whatever their deal was.

    No honor among thieves of any persuasion, alien or otherwise 😱

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