Stalker [*POEM*]



I’ve never spoken to this man.
I’d hate to share his bed.
If looks could kill—they sometimes can—
This man would kill me dead.

His frightful stare, his hateful scowl,
Follow me everywhere.
He symbolises all that’s foul
And drives me to despair. 

I wish I knew what I had done
To earn this hideous hate.
The trouble is, I’m on the run—
He’s asked me for a date. 

40 thoughts to “Stalker [*POEM*]”

  1. I for one admire the great range and fathomless depth of emotional charge Xanadu imbues in her poems.

    “Stalker” seems suggestive of a trashy detective novel when compared to almost all other, higher-brow poems preceding it!

    Just my opinion and impression!

    1. Quite true in a sense to compare the poem to a “trashy detective novel.” If that’s the impression it gives you, the impression is perhaps intended! 🙂

      If I may explain.

      The entire poem could be used as the epigraph for a horror fiction novel featuring a stalker. A novel, for example, by Stephen King featuring a Hannibal Lecter type stalker.

      What you fail to understand, however, is that this poem is MEANT to belong in the HORROR POEM GENRE! It’s not meant to be compared to the sublimer, otherworldly poems that LD mostly writes nowadays ….. and which belong in a totally different genre, i.e. mystical verse with paranormal themes.

      In the old days, before 2018, LD used to write horror poems (like her “vampire poems”, also written by Baudelaire) and also comic verse. The poem you refer to, “Stalker”, was in fact written several years ago. It’s sufficiently well-written, however, for someone to translate it into a foreign language. So it can hardly be described as “trashy”. Anyway, the translation of the poem — brilliantly done by a foreign poet — will be published here within the next few days.

      Do trashy poems get translated? Yes, they do. But most trashy poems seldom attract a professional translator who is also a poet in his own right and has been translated into English.

  2. I hope it’s not lacking etiquette to share a poem here that I adapted from Gerard Manley Hopkins’s “Spring and Fall.” Although I write poems occasionally (some of them here), I don’t do it as often as I used to (being more wrapped up the past few years in the major diabolical activity in both the world and in my enemy- hijacked Catholic Church), but changing the words around in someone else’s great poem can be fun, besides being a lot easier. Anyway, I just had the bright idea to substitute our dear “Lasha” for “Margaret” in this famous poem and have some fun with it, while also trying to maintain my penchant for being provocative in dealing with deep subjects like death and the mystery of human existence.

    Lasha, áre you gríeving
    Over Mankind unbelieving?
    Man from the dust and slime of earth, 
    Dead an eye blink after birth,
    You with your deep thoughts care for, can you?
    Ah! ás the heart grows older
    It will come to such sights colder
    By and by, nor spare a sigh
    Through graves where wasted lifespans lie;
    And yet you wíll weep and know why.
    Now no matter, Dear, the name:
    Sórrow’s spríngs áre the same.
    Nor mouth had, no nor mind, expressed
    What heart heard of, ghost guessed:
    It ís the blight man was born for,
    It is Lasha you mourn for.

    1. Here’s another version, one that TROJ might relate to, considering how he occasionally comments on Lasha’s poems relating to the deep hurt of love lost (at times I believe lacking appropriate empathy). Mysterium mortis, mysterium tremendum!

      Lasha, áre you gríeving
      Over love lost? Are you cleaving
      To one now gone? Are bitter tears
      Engraving valleys through the years?
      Ah! ás the heart grows older
      It will enter caverns colder
      By and by, nor spare a sigh
      For graves where short-lived lifespans lie;
      More tears will fall; will you know why?
      Now no matter, Dear, the name:
      Sórrow’s spríngs áre the same.
      Nor mouth had, no nor mind, expressed
      What heart heard of, ghost guessed:
      It ís the blight man was born for,
      It is Lasha you mourn for.

      1. As a Catholic, you will naturally like Hopkins a lot, possibly the best Catholic poet of the modern age and quite different in every way to Chesterton and Belloc. Do you happen to know if it’s true that Hopkins destroyed all his earlier (secular) verse as soon as he started studying for the Jesuit priesthood?

        1. I understand LD is a great admirer of very short poems in rhyming quatrains, consisting of no more than 2-3 verses (i.e. 8-12 lines). I believe this exquisitely beautiful poem by Hopkins (only 8 lines) is her all-time favourite:

          I think this is is one of Hopkins’ early poems, written before he became a Jesuit priest, when he was still an Oxford student in his early twenties.

        2. Yes, I read that he did destroy his earlier poetry. I like a lot of Belloc’s poetry, not GKC as much. Two of Belloc’s I tweaked a bit, one published here:

          I had to use the word “shrew” since the original word was considered too offensive.

          Another of Belloc’s poems I adapted, “In Praise of Lasha,” I wrote as a comment here but it is also here:
          (Sorry, Lasha, if more reader’s get to see you so exalted in verse again! 😉

          Another Catholic poet, Francis Thompson, a medical student turned opium addict and homeless until taken in off the street by a kind couple, wrote one of the greatest poems in the English language, “The Hound of Heaven.”
          or better yet, hear it and read it at the same time:

        3. Sardonicus posted the info below re- Hopkins’s destroyed poems in a comment to the other poem you linked above. Some of his friends happily had copies of a number of them.

          “During his lifetime, Hopkins published few poems. It was only through the efforts of Robert Bridges that his works were seen. Despite Hopkins burning all his poems on entering the Jesuit novitiate, he had already sent some to Bridges who, with a few other friends, was one of the few people to see many of them for some years. After Hopkins’s death they were distributed to a wider audience, mostly fellow poets, and in 1918 Bridges, by then poet laureate, published a collected edition; an expanded edition, prepared by Charles Williams, appeared in 1930, and a greatly expanded edition by William Henry Gardner appeared in 1948 (eventually reaching a fourth edition, 1967, with N. H. Mackenzie).”

          I used to read a lot of G.K. Chesterton and Hilaire Belloc. The former’s Orthodoxy is still one my all time favorites, written while having returned to his Anglican roots from scepticism and agnosticism, and his earlier Heretics is also great, as is his short initial foray into defense of Christianity, “The Blatchford Controversy,” which I edited and uploaded to (a great source for free everything) and which I just noticed got picked up by Chesterton has a unique, lively, inimitable style that appeals to both the mind and imagination.

          Belloc’s only books that have never gone out of print are his children’s poems, The Bad Child’s Book of Beasts, More Beasts for Worse Children, and Cautionary Tales. I was inspired by the latter to write my own cautionary poems, a bit more on the dark side than Belloc’s, hence the mixed reviews it has received 😉

          1. @ Darrell

            Thanks for the invaluable info you provide concerning Hopkins’ earlier verse which he attempted to destroy by burning his entire output on his entrance to the Jesuit novitiate. In a sense, that was a symbolic act of supreme sacrifice. Fortunately for posterity, some of these earlier poems survived the “holocaust” owing to the fact that Hopkins had sent them to some of his friends previously, especially the highly influential Robert Bridges. This is something I never knew until you revealed it in your above comment. So thank you!

            I get a feeling — correct me if I’m wrong ‒ that most of these earlier poems were written in traditional rhyme and metre and not in the avante-garde “sprung rhythm” that was to be Hopkins’ hallmark and signature in later life. Would you say that “The Habit of Perfection” (aka “Elected Silence”) is one of these earlier poems? If so, I find it inconceivable that Hopkins would have destroyed this exquisite poem. This is because the poem is quintessentially Catholic and deeply religious.

            ‘THE HABIT OF PERFECTION’ by G.M. Hopkins
            (The word ‘habit’ of course has a double meaning).


            1. @ Darrell

              Now let me tell you something you probably don’t know ….. and will find shocking and bizarre beyond belief! 🙂

              You mentioned FRANCIS THOMPSON in your earlier comment, including his mystical masterpiece “The Hound of Heaven”. Well, I absolutely agree with you that this poem is one of the greatest religious poems in English Literature. It is Christianity and Catholicism at its finest. It’s also featured in most anthologies of English Poetry.

              Well, now for the shocking news that will make your eyeballs pop out on stalks! 🙂

              Did you know that a scholarly Australian researcher has written a lavishly illustrated full-length book (also numerous articles and YouTube videos), arguing that Francis Thompson was not only a poet but also a prolific SERIAL KILLER?

              You will be amazed to learn, even more unbelievably, that the devout author of “The Hound of Heaven” is no less than JACK THE RIPPER HIMSELF! 🙂 🙂 🙂



              Makes you think, Darrel, doesn’t it?

              1. Yes, Saki, definitely. I had never heard of the theory before, but it does seem plausible, especially since Thompson was an expert at dissection, and also reading about his prostitute lover who left him, as well as his murderously macabre poem, “The Nightmare of the Witch Babies:

                I wonder if it could it have been a chaste relationship, or else, if Thompson really is Jack the Ripper, his troubled Catholic conscience over his moral weakness, compounded by being rebuffed by the prostitute who temporarily took him in, may have led to the warped idea of going on a mission to discourage other girls and women from becoming prostitutes! I guess we’ll find out at the resurrection, like so many other mysteries 😉

                1. Sir, that’s an interesting and informative article but I only saw a very brief passing reference to Francis Thompson. And I’m sure you’ll agree that one man’s “drivel” may be a woman’s intellectual delight, or least interest. I try to be courteous and reply to those who ask me a question, even if it be off-topic. And besides, Saki and I may be taking our first baby steps toward a deeper relationship, even if only on the intellectual and spiritual level, so please do show a little forbearance.

                  And so, dear Saki, I hereby stand up to defend your honor and delicate womanhood (you are a woman, aren’t you?), and hope you can readily forgive and forget that some of the things in which you are interested and which we have been sharing here have been callously called mere “drivel.” 😉

                  1. @ Darrell

                    I don’t think Alan Donelson was taking a swipe at me personally in referring to the “drivel” written on serial killers. His comment could not have been addressed to me personally since I made no personal comment on serial killers or advance any stupid theories (i.e. “drivel) on serial killers.

                    All I did was make a simple factual statement providing two links: the factual statement being that the poet Francis Thompson had been fingered as the serial killer Jack the Ripper. That is a matter of factual record, not a nebulous theory. If I were to say to you, “Tolstoy wrote ‘War and Peace'” , that statement could not be dismissed as “drivel” — since it happens to be an incontrovertible fact.

                    Even if Alan were referring to my simple factual statement as “drivel” (most unlikely), I wouldn’t take offence. I am certainly capable of writing drivel. Who isn’t? 🙂

                    1. My fault… I thought he called “drivel” our off-topic exchange on Francis Thompson, esp. re- the theory — it’s not a fact, like “Tolstoy wrote War and Peace” is a fact — that he was possibly the real Jack the Ripper, and maybe also what I wrote before that on Chesterton and Belloc, since it was also off-topic, besides dangerously veering more deeply into Catholic territory 😉 No big deal. Time to move on to more important matters. Hey, I know something really important — how about the takeover of the papacy in 1958 by the judeo-Masonic powers, arguably the most momentous event in history since the birth of the Church Christ founded when the Holy Spirit descended upon the apostles at Pentecost! (Acts of the Apostles, Ch. 2)
                      Most people can’t see its importance, however, but some will, esp. if they diligently try to connect all the dots, including those that need connecting within the soul.

                2. Alan, Mr. Mathis certainly does take the idiom “the devil is in the details” to a rarefied level.

                  And then there are the rarest of the rarefied. I know he’s a fan of Tesla and it would be uber-interesting to hear what he has to say about Srinivasa Ramanujan.

                  1. I am not a scholar of “serial killings”, putative “mass killings”, or the purported “killers”. Thus, a good and humble scientist, I strive to cite references to my sources. My education on the topics mentioned came mostly from essays by Miles Mathis, hence my citing one very relevant publication. I asserted before, and will repeat here, that I think the essay worthwhile as a counterpoint to all the drivel — and Miles does describe the drivel, too — about serial killers. He has an interesting theory for WHY these psychological operations take place.

            2. Actually you should thank Sardonicus who posted the info and link.

              I’m not much of a student of poetry like Lasha and some others here, so someone else would have to answer your question. I do know, though, that Hopkins called his unique alliterative technique, “inscape,” a good example of that being in his acclaimed “The Windhover”:

              I just read a relatively small amount of poetry when in my 20s mostly, then later not so much besides a few like Lasha’s here, and then tried to imitate what I read, infusing my traditional Catholic beliefs and the “science of the saints,” usually trying to end with powerful, provocative, apocalyptic, and/or emotional moving endings, seeing things “in conspectu Dei” and “sub specie aeternitatis.” My poems here don’t allow any more comments, but if you have any input on any of them, I’d be glad to hear it. I must say, though, that Lasha was kind enough to modify a number of them, making them read like a more accomplished poet wrote them! That fact, for which I am very grateful, is one of the several reasons I edited Belloc’s “Heroic Poem in Praise of Wine,” making it, “In Praise of Lasha.”

              (BTW, I’m kind of picky about puctuation, and see above that I should have wrote, “Sorry, Lasha, if more [readers] get to see you so exalted in verse again!” 😉

  3. I didn’t know Hopkins was a Jesuit. Then he most likely composed some poems about , lol, the Glories of the Spherical Earth, the Magnificence of the SUN-centric Universe, the Greatness of Gravity, the Brilliance of Copernicus, the Courage and Pluck and Daring of Galileo, stuff like that, right?

    1. Hey TROJ, I thought you might leave a comment warning the stalker to find safer prey, kind of like your comment for Lasha’s “Farewell My Love,” when you with your dark sense of humor said, “It’s funny, but no one survives a love relationship with Lasha. All of Lasha’s poems are about her dead lovers, they all die on her. Another dead lover poem, another one bites the dust. 😎”

      1. I realize that there are very important subjects being discussed on other threads, but what does a guy have to do to just get one comment on his poems? Maybe (besides writing good poetry;) be more provocative, controversial, push some buttons? Well here’s an experiment to see if that’s true, or whether I just remain in the realm of dynamic silence. The following is an imaginative creation based on “Stalker,” comparing it to my “Stalkers” (below), so no need for any sensitive Ladies to get in a hissy fit. Maybe the TROJian ending might even appeal to the controversial TROJ, who seems to enjoy chastising Monica. Again, this is imaginative, not what I really think, OK? But, then again, truth is often stranger than fiction….

        The Unknown Stalker

        If you can’t behave like an adult, you will be thrashed like a badly behaved child. If not physically, at least verbally.

        You are totally unfit to lecture us on Christianity or to act as an official spokesman for theVirgin Mary, you pathetic attention-seeking narcissist. You will make NO FURTHER SNIDE REFERENCES TO LASHA DARKMOON here, given that she has never addressed a single comment to you on this site or even taken notice of your miserable existence.

        — Sister Monica

        1. Well said, Sis! I for one would have no hesitation in giving this horrible virtual-signalling doggerel writer the thrashing of his life if ever he came my way. His “snide references” to LD in his putrid verse make me want to puke. She hasn’t attacked him once on this site, as far as I can see. So why does he keep dissing her by blowing raspberries in her face? Jealousy? Rage at being scorned? This guy was once a monk? Unbelievable, truly! This creep is enough to put anyone off Christianity for life.

          1. I see my benign replies aren’t being posted. I’ll try again. Justice calls for it. Your personal attacks should not be the last word here, if journalistic integrity means anything. It wasn’t a serious poem. I made it clear that it wasn’t. It was Nonsense Verse. Both denunciations and ad hominem attacks do not bother me so much as make me think this site needs better and more emotionally stable moderators, and that includes moderator posing as commenter, “Hieronymous.”

            Why bring up Christianity and the Virgin Mary when no mention were made of them? Yes, I was once a monk, but I still believe in the (traditional) Catholic faith. You were a nun, and now you are a cafeteria Catholic and religious syncretist. Maybe readers should judge for themselves how “offensive” the poem was. Only an emotionally unstable person would find such nonsense verse offensive. It began:

            Lasha, are you grieving
            Over “Stalkers”? Even seething
            With envy? Ah, don’t fret my dear
            There’s naught from me to make you fear;
            For here you are th’ exalted one,
            So put away the blade, the gun;
            No reason for your heart’s despair 
            Or entering the Devil’s snare
            On my account, because my verse
            Eclipses “Stalker” with its terse
            And dark account of woman’s pain.
            No, do not worry, I won’t gain
            More followers than you have here;
            So wipe away the bitter tear.

            Can any reader think that is anything other than nonsense verse? Especially since I prefaced the thing with a comment saying exactly that?

            It ended with references to Monica, again not serious, just joking, so what it comes down to is that Monica can’t take a joke. I’m not surprised, with her mind trying to square a circle with a combination of both Christian ideas and incompatible eastern mysticism.

            1. @ Darrell

              Your comment had been posted.

              Polite request. No more off-topic comments from you please, especially personal, facetious, patronising, condescending , allegedly hilarious attempts at over-familiarity. Please avoid all wisecracks at other people’s expense, especially wisecracks aimed at the Administrators of this website. This would apply also to LD, though she is not an Administrator and wields no editorial influence.

              Post as many of your poems as you wish on the Poetry threads where they can be seen and admired by all. But any further poems addressed to LD, especially extravagant eulogies, are inappropriate and should be avoided. A simple word of kindness is more than enough — if you can manage it.

              1. @ Darrel

                Please understand that grossly insulting comments about LD are NOT banned on this website and you are NOT being told that only praise is permissible. This is what you falsely implied in a previous comment of yours when you said: “Okay, I will only offer praise in future.” This was in itself an “insultingly polite” remark since it suggested that all future praise from you would be hollow and insincere.

                Read the next comment by TROJ and see if you can be as insulting as this. It would not be censored.

                We invite you to join TROJ in Spamblinka if you wish. Compliments from you are NOT obligatory, as you erroneously make out. You are perfectly free on this website to crucify Lasha Darkmoon if that gives you pleasure. She remains totally indifferent and aloof to any vituperation you may wish to offer her.

                When Lasha reads insulting comments like TROJ’s below, she is more amused than offended.

                1. Most Darkmoon readers/commentators are in the United States. Maybe it’s about time Lasha hire someone in the United States to monitor Darkmoon and moderate comments while ADMIN is busy entertaining guests in ADMIN’s Top One Percent landed gentry ancestral baronial estates scattered all over the “scpetred isle”.

                  I mean God knows Lasha has plenty of money she can easily afford to hire someone in the United States to monitor Darkmoon while ADMIN in the U.K. is unavailable for all kinds of reasons. She took Ellie to the cleaners during The Break-Up , Lasha is loaded. Plus, she’s taking THE SHEKELS now BIG-TIME. Good bye John Kaminski you NAZI and misogynist, Hello ((( SHEKELS)))!!!

                  Or, ADMIN can simply stop monitoring/moderating commentators and allow Freedom of Speech and free and open sharing of information, and free and open and honest debate. Oh, how stupid of me, ADMIN can’t do that … because of all the ((( SHEKELS))))!!!!!

                  1. @ Darrell

                    (OFF-TOPIC BUT HIGHLY RELEVANT)

                    I personally think Fatima is a HOAX, but it really doesn’t matter if Fatima really happened or not, the Church messed up so bad, if Fatima did happen, it’s like it didn’t happen the Church messed up so bad.

                    If Fatima really happened then the Church really should be deeply ashamed of itself for messing it up so bad, the Church rendered Fatima USELESS to help us in any way vis-vis ((( the errors of Russia ))) and devout Catholics always said The Rosary so the devout Catholics didn’t need the Fatima apparition to tell them to say the Rosary, they were already saying The Rosary.

                    The NON devout Catholics and the nominal Catholics never said The Rosary before Fatima and they NEVER started saying The Rosary after Fatima.

                    1. @TROJ’s OFF-TOPIC
                      Fatima is not a hoax, it was authenticated by a great miracle predicted to happen at 12 noon on Oct 13, 1917. 70,000 people, including many skeptics, gathered to witness or debunk it. Portugal had a Masonic govt. that wanted the apparitions/messages exposed as a hoax. The “Miracle of the Sun” occurred as predicted, many skeptics were converted, the whole story can be read, e.g. at or a good, concise 28 min documentary is at

                      Then there’s the controversial “Third Secret of Fatima,” which we now know foretells both a spiritual and physical chastisement, the former being the taking over of the visible structures of the Church by her enemies, the latter the “annihilation of various (or “many”) nations.” The former has already happened, the latter is still to come. The Third Secret, known only by Sr Lucia before 1957, was considered such a great threat to the enemies of Christ that they “disappeared” her, and probably murdered her.

                      Her last public words in 1957 are very important, important enough that the enemy-occupied Vatican denounced the interview and punished the priest who spoke with her.

                      Other important parts of the Message of Fatima are at

              2. Thank you, Toby, I appreciate it. Your reply and relatively gentle admonition are like a breath of fresh air compared to what I was subjected to before. And you’re right that offering to “only offer praise in future” was not a good choice of words. What seems to get me in the most trouble here is when I push spiritual buttons, especially when I point out to people who say they are Catholic that certain things are contrary to Catholic teaching and are spiritually dangerous. I wouldn’t say the say the same things to a non-Catholic as I would to a Catholic. Anyway, I will try to be more careful about my choice of words and take more consideration of the affect they may have on those to whom they are addressed.

                And since this is a Poetry thread, I’ll share my poem, “Ode to a Coffin Worm,” inspired by the eccentric Jewish commenter from years past, Seymore Zak, who hated my poem, “Our End… And Then?” saying, “This poem reeks of Christianity and the human deathwish…” and ending with, “What next…? Ode to a Coffin Worm? Pshaw!”

                Ode to a Coffin Worm

                O Coffin Worm, I give you praise
                for all you do throughout your days,
                Consuming corpses day and night,
                Thus serving God with all your might.

                I wish I did my job as well,
                so as to miss the fires of hell;
                For if I did my job, like you,
                Then I would please our Savior too.

                  1. I’ve never heard a poem read so beautifully as that! The great actress Dame Edith Evans has the aristocratic voice of an upper-class Englishwoman from the early 20th century (circa 1910). The way she rolls her ‘R’s’ and enunciates every consonant with crystal clear clarity is a wonder to behold!

                    However, I don’t think our American friends, including Darrell, are likely to find such a posh and plummy English accent charming. But I could be wrong. 🙂

    2. TROJ, you asked in your recent “Decline and Fall” comment if I was avoiding you (followed by a little ribbing), but I don’t think there was a comment of yours I was supposed to respond to. But I do have something to share, and since this is probably the best place to share my own version of “Stalker,” entitled “Stalkers,” here it is, inspired by Lash/Xanadu’s poem, about a guy who is stalked not just by a woman but also by the baby in her womb, and he wants rid of both of them. Do you think anyone has ever published a poem about being STALKED BY A BABY? Well, here’s one, and the guy doesn’t like it at all, wants it gone, like its mother, only in a much worse way. If there were a pic to go with it like Xanadu gets and some other poets get and I used to get a number of years ago, I think maybe it could be of one of those Israeli t-shirts with the pic of a pregnant Palestinian woman with a rifle’s crosshairs on her belly, with the words, “One Shot — Two Kills,” since of course the unborn baby will surely grow up to be a terrorist, aka a person with an Israeli boot on its face for life and not liking it, so better to nip it in the bud, so to speak. Anyway, here’s “Stalkers,” kind of like “Stalker,” only different, and inspired by it, as well as partially at least by your insensitive yet (to me at least) darkly humorous comment about all of Lasha’s lovers biting the dust. No offense intended, dear Lasha. If you ever see any of the poems in my “Bad Kids Book of Poems: Cautionary Verse for Morals, Manners, and Not Being Stupid,” (or the comments of a few reviewers) you’ll know my sense of humor can sometimes be a bit offensive to persons of refined taste and/or delicate sensibilities.


      I wish I never met the girl;
      She calls and texts me every day.
      We met online, had sex one time,
      And now I wish she’d go away.

      She says she’s pregnant with my child;
      I think it’s likely just a lie,
      But if it’s true I hope her choice
      Unchains me twice — the thing should die.

      I only wanted sex with her,
      But now I wish I never met
      The bitch; I want her gone for good;
      I won’t be caught inside her net!

      And if she’s got a child of mine
      I want it gone so I don’t lose
      My freedom, comfort, pleasures, and
      Ability to screw, then cruise.

  4. Darrell should join the gay community, he LERVS to cruise so much. He would fit right in with the gays. Doesn’t like breeders and doesn’t like rug rats and loves to have sex and then after sex cruise for more sex, “cruise, meet-up, screw, get up and cruise again for another meet up w/someone new, more sex, then get up and cruise again for more sex w/someone else, cruise, screw, cruise, ad infinitum”. No babies, god NO, we’re into cruising screwing cruising NOTHING else. He’s perfect for the gay community. He should Rethink his sexual identity, lol.

  5. @ ex-nun and/or ex-monk,

    Fat slob probably a jew, probably descended from arab jews, he certainly looked like a disgusting arab jew latifundia landlord mobster putrid pig john 23rd did A LOT to help save jews in WW2. Did he do anything to try to save the Germans in the Danzig corridor region who were very violently attacked by jews in Poland & Polish Catholic useful idiots and shabbos goys in service to the jews simply because they were Germans and NO for NO other reason were they very violently attacked and persecuted for being Germans and most of them were Christians and The Church didn’t give a damn about them but The Church cared A LOT about the jews and the jews The Church cared about so much HATED Christianity and EVERYTHING about it.

    How come fat slob john 23rd who looked A LOT like a disgusting porcine some kind of ugly arab jew pig slob cared about the jews but did NOT care at all for Christians in Europe who were greatly persecuted for simply being Germans? I bet he didn’t give a sh*t about what happened to Dresden and all of the other massive firebombing of the German civilian population during WW2, the disgusting arab jew pig. I bet he was yet another shape shifting jew reptilian monster from HELL. How do you like those apples, ex-nun and/or ex-monk? Whichever one of you who might have some spirit and gumption and backbone and some mettle dare I say whichever one of you may have some balls and actually debate me instead of avoiding me, chickensh*ts. Keep avoiding me, I don’t care. The more you two avoid me the more I know I’m RIGHT. Though I would prefer to have a debate than no debate, debating is fun, but I’m not a chickensh*t so I think debating is actually fun, imagine that, u spineless lily-livered namby pambies.

    1. I don’t avoid you, in fact I was just going to reply to your Fatima comment, and I will, as I do most of your comments besides the bizarre ones like the one above this one, but let’s do this first. Yes, the fat slob John XXIII was groomed from seminary time by Freemason infiltrators in the hierarchy, and was a Judeo-Masonic asset most of his life, as was his planned successor, the homosexual Paul VI, the son of a converso Jewish mother who even had Occult Jewish symbols on her tomb. I think you’ve seen my comments elsewhere on the takeover of the visible structures of the Church, including the papacy, after many years of Jewish-Masonic-Communist-homosexual (the groups often overlapping) infiltration. Even Pius XII, a good pope, was surrounded by enemies of Christ, given false intel, and even kept feeble until finally poisoned in 1958 to keep the planned time-line in place for Roncalli (John 23) to come in after forcing Giuseppe Siri off the throne, most likely by nuclear threat., calling for a false Council before he dies, and paving the way for the next Judeo-Masonic asset Paul VI to put the destruction into high gear. A good overview of all this, and more, is the video, “Papal Imposters”:
      There’s so much more but that’s a good start in going down this diabolically rabid rabbit hole of iniquity.

      You can also get a partial answer on Fatima by clicking on my name, if you haven’t seen it yet.

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