Tensions Escalate in Black Sea as Russia Fires Warning Missiles at British Warship in Disputed Crimean Waters

Who is to blame for the latest flare up in tensions between Russia and Britain in the Black Sea? Has the Doomsday Clock moved closer to doomsday?

Based on the latest news reports.
Abridged by Lasha Darkmoon,
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British warship HMS Defender strays into disputed Russian waters.
Russia warns Britain: Do not provoke us again in Black Sea.

The Russian Viewpoint

Sourced from RT . . . but see also here

Russia has released a video showing a coast guard vessel warning the HMS Defender that it was violating its state border and firing warning shots at the British warship, challenging London’s assertions about Wednesday’s encounter.

The short clip, released on Thursday by Russia’s Federal Security Bureau (FSB), shows the confrontation between a patrol ship and the ironically named Royal Navy destroyer that sailed past Cape Fiolent, near the Crimean city of Sevastopol on Wednesday.

“If you don’t change course to starboard, I will fire,” the coast guard vessel officer radioes the British destroyer, warning the warship it was about to violate Russian territorial waters.

Footage released by Moscow, this evening, appears to suggest Russia is telling the truth about yesterday’s Black Sea face-off, and the British are lying. In it, Russian forces repeatedly demand that the Brits leave their waters and, after several warnings, fire warning shots.

“You must immediately leave the territorial sea of Russian Federation,” comes the second warning. Then the captain is heard issuing the orders, in Russian. “Fire warning shots. DO NOT, repeat NOT hit the Defender. Confirm, over.”

Moscow has also claimed that at least one interceptor aircraft also dropped bombs onto the Defender’s course, careful not to hit the invading ship.

On Wednesday, London officially declared that “no warning shots have been fired at HMS Defender,” and the ship was simply “conducting innocent passage through Ukrainian territorial waters in accordance with international law.”

The UK considers Crimea – a historically Russian peninsula that was reabsorbed by Moscow following a 2014 referendum – to be still part of Ukraine. The strategically vital region, which is overwhelmingly ethnically Russian, was signed over to Kiev, in 1954, while both countries were part of a union state. The move was made for both practical and symbolic reasons by Nikita Khrushchev, who had grown up in the Donbass.

The supposedly “innocent passage” was “a deliberate move to make a point to Russia,” according to Jonathan Beale, a BBC military correspondent who was on board the destroyer.

Sourced from RT . . . also published on Truthseeker

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The British Viewpoint

Sourced from The Daily Mail

Russian warplanes and armed coastguard vessels targeted a Royal Navy warship before opening fire yesterday.

A Daily Mail reporter was on board HMS Defender as repeated bursts of cannon fire rang out in a dramatic incident that opened up a fresh diplomatic crisis.

The Russian jets and ships menaced the UK destroyer after it entered disputed territorial waters off Crimea, which Moscow illegally annexed from Ukraine in 2014.

After the coastguard vessel opened fire, British sailors frantically pulled on flame retardant suits and body armour amid fears that their warship could be hit. The hour-long incident represented the most alarming escalation of UK tensions with the Kremlin since the Salisbury poisonings of 2018.

Russia responded by summoning the British defence attache in Moscow. Its embassy in London accused the Royal Navy of an act of provocation and of violating its border.


Daily Mail reporter Mark Nichol (pictured),  was on board HMS Defender when these events were taking place. His detailed report runs to several thousand words which have been drastically abridged for the Darkmoon site. The full report may be read in the Daily Mail, June 24, 2021, p.1, 4-7.

The angry thud of cannon fire rings out on the port side of HMS Defender as I crouch beside the bridge in my hastily adorned flame retardant gloves and balaclava.

We are being pursued furiously by a pair of Russian coastguard vessels while, every couple of minutes, Russian jets pass thunderously overhead.

The deafening roar of supersonic aircraft filling my ears is an unsettling, yet enthralling, experience.

Wars have started over less.

The drama began about an hour ago as we approached Crimean territorial waters to carry out what the Royal Navy calls a freedom of navigation patrol.

Russia does not like these patrols because it regards the waters off the peninsula as its territory – while the UK, as an ally of Ukraine, maintains these are Ukrainian waters.

I was inside the destroyer’s cool, dimly-lit operations room when the Russian radio operator issued the first of his warnings:

“Change your course!”

Minute by minute, the tension mounts.

While today’s passage is entirely legitimate, and justified under UN charters and international shipping conventions, there is no doubt that we are poking the Russian bear.

The Daily Mail report continues:

[The Russians are] back on the radio and this time the warnings are pretty threatening: ‘Delta 36, do not cross the border or I fire! Change your course! If you cross, I fire! Your ship is entering the territory of the Russian Federation. We do not take responsibility if you are damaged. We are engaging in a military exercise in this area.’

The introduction of the apparent military exercise seems a convenient ruse intended to dissuade Defender from entering what it regards as Russian waters.

More Russian jets conduct thunderous passes on our port and starboard and the operations officer is sufficiently concerned to order the crew to put on ‘anti-flash’ balaclavas and gloves.

Only the Russian sailors know for certain who they were firing at. But given their exasperation at being unable to persuade Defender to change its course, we were a likely target, albeit we were out of range.

The Royal Navy was entirely justified in sailing along an internationally recognised shipping route. But we definitely poked the Russian bear and she poked back. The next time a British warship enters Crimean waters the tension will be even higher.

While Britain considers these waters Ukrainian, Russia regards the peninsula as its territory, which its ships and aircraft are entitled to defend, aggressively if necessary.

Yesterday’s incident also came just days after President Putin’s abruptly terminated summit with US President Joe Biden which ended after barely three hours of talks and no agreement on Crimea or other security issues.

Daily Mail reporter  EDWARD LUCAS adds:

We’re paying the price for years of blind complacency.

Vladimir Putin’s regime feeds on conflict. It systematically bullies its neighbours, while hypocritically denouncing anyone who resists it as an aggressor. More than anything, it knows how to wield the element of surprise.

The feints and wargames could yet escalate into a terrifying east-west confrontation. Will that happen? Much depends on how Joe Biden responds to Putin.

Washington has been increasingly disappointed with its bickering and feckless European allies: France and Germany have just announced plans to restart EU-Russia summits, jeopardising the united front embodied in Nato.

Some wonder if America really has the stomach for any kind of confrontation with Russia. But make no mistake: to ignore Putin and his sabre-rattling would spell disaster for Britain and her allies, particularly the brave frontline states in eastern Europe that have entrusted their future to us and Nato.

Today, Moscow is in control of the peninsula and refers to it as part of its territory, though most world bodies refer to the region as ‘occupied Crimea’.

The Black Sea Fleet remains one of Russia’s largest and most formidable, thought to comprise a total of 47 ships, seven submarines and 25,000 troops, mostly marines.

The Daily Mail, June 24, 2021, p.1 & pp. 4-7; see also here

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BBC  VIDEO   :   5.03 mins

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  1. Big deal!

    It was just a mere bone, thrown at the “Dogs Of War” to make them bark and snarl at each others, and hence enable a more “interesting discussions” by their owners during their next meeting.

    Boys and their pets…….you would think they would grow up and end all wars.

    And to think that they make dog fights illegal!

    1. @ Bigfoot

      “And to think that they make dog fights illegal!”

      Brilliant! How that line made me laugh! . . . Well, think on this, dear Bigfoot: They also made bear-baiting illegal, another cruel sport of our noble ancestors. And here we have the Brits now, baiting the Russian bear! 🙂

      They’d better watch out. The Russian bear hath fierce claws! As the famous French song goes:

      “Cet animal est très méchant,
      Quand on l’attaque il se défend.”

      (Translation: “This animal is very bad; when you attack it, it defends itself.”)

      1. Saki, just think of the opportunity and possibilities you’ll have when war breaks out between ZOG England/USA and Russia. What’s war without female undercover spies? Right, every war has sexy exotic erotic mysterious female undercover spies, right? Just think, you could be a drag queen Mata Hari, exotic dancer & courtesan and undercover spy all in one drag act, expand your drag queen nightclub act repertoire — be Daring! Ur Fabulous! U go girl! lol…

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            Saki, pay no attention to the ‘TheReal0r1g1nalJoe’, the Jewish troll living in the Jewish mini-state of Florida. Ever since he stole my name, he has earned my suspicion and contempt. I don’t trust name stealers.

            1. Is TROJ really a Jewish troll? I’ve seen him write a number of things indicating he might be a traditional Catholic, since he seems quite knowledgeable about Catholic theology and Church history, including the “counterfeit church of darkness” established beginning with the “irregular” election of John XXIII in 1958 (to the gushing acclaim of the international media — not a good sign). http://www.whitesmoke1958.com

              1. @ Darrell

                You are a poor judge of character, it seems to me. Maybe you admire TROJ as a good “traditional Catholic” because he spends a lot of his time haranguing Lasha Darkmoon here. Something that would appeal to you, I feel sure, since you do this yourself whenever the opportunity arises.

                When TROJ is not attacking Lasha’s poetry, he is writing obscene descriptions of Sister Monica pleasuring herself with vibrators and dildos. Did you know that? Not content with disrespecting Sister Monica, he has frequently written long ribald screeds featuring sexual encounters between Lasha and the stallions in her stables. Most of these pornographic fantasies have been deleted by the monitors. But occasionally this filth has been allowed to filter through just to give us an idea of what sort of psychotic troll we are dealing with.

                I find it hard to like you or respect you, Darrell. You lost all credibility with me ever since you maliciously suggested that LD’s beautifully crafted otherworldly poetry was written under the influence of “demonic possession”. Not your exact words, but something very like that.

                A hateful comment like that is more than character assassination, Darrell. It is mental cruelty. Truly shameful. The Virgin Mary would not approve of your bullying behavior.

                1. Yes, I remember the occasion when this sanctimonious sonofabitch, oozing with self-importance, suggested that evil demons could be inspiring Lasha’s poetry.

                  It was when Sister Monic revealed that ever since March 2018, when LD had experienced a traumatic life-changing catastrophe leaving her with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), she had written poetry in a trance state that could be described as “automatic writing”. This was her way of dealing with her PTSD. It was a form of psychotherapy recommended by her spiritual director who also approved of her poems and praised them highly as “inspired”. Not all of them, but some of them written in deepest meditation in a dimly lit room with the curtains drawn.

                  Darrell’s reaction to this could only be described as crude and vulgar character assassination. He suggested demonic influence. I felt like throttling the evil swine.

                  I challenge anyone to click on any of LD’s poems and detect “demonic influence”. The man who said this is simply adding to LD’s PTSD and making it worse.

                  Darrell, has anyone told you that you are a sadistic monster? every bit as cruel as those monks in the Middle Ages who wrote the ‘Malleus Maleficarum’ and were behind the cruelties of the Inquisition? I’d hate to meet you in real life, Darrell. You are positively toxic.

                  1. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Darrell is a defrocked pedophile priest. He has all the attributes of a sadistically cruel pervert.

                  2. Did I ever say evil demons were inspiring Lasha’s poetry? I only remember saying belief in reincarnation and flirting with Hinduism and other eastern spirituality opens up portals to the demonic in our souls, making us more susceptible to their spiritually and morally destructive activity. That’s just traditional Catholic teaching, but if you don’t believe that, then the discussion can stop there, unless of course one is interested in the evidence for the truth of traditional Catholic doctrine, which at present I’m pretty sure you’re not. And so, like I said to Sardonicus on Steroids below, and you’re included there as well, St John Vianney (the patron saint of parish priests) would in that case say, “My friend, you’re damned.”

                    No need to repeat what I said in my other comment referring to you as well, but I must say that when I read yours, the thought occurred to me, If this is a woman, she probably has had at least one abortion, and instead of humbly asking God for forgiveness for this serious sin, she attacks those who remind her of the festering pool of guilt she has pridefully chosen to deny and painfully and unsuccessfully tries to repress. Thus your irrational and uncivil discourse. As with Sardonicus on Steroids, I feel sorry for you, and hope you find the truth and also the salvation of your immortal soul in the traditional Catholic Church.

                    Re- the ‘Malleus Maleficarum’ and what you call “the cruelties of the Inquisition,” the former was short-lived in Germany alone, and by far the excesses relating to “witch hunting” were perpetrated by Protestants, not Catholics. The latter was a just and honorable institution. You, like most people, have been conditioned your whole life by Jewish and Protestant and Freemasonic lying propaganda about it, just like most people believe in lies about almost everything else. Only in revisionist history will one find anything trustworthy.
                    See, e.g., http://www.traditioninaction.org/movies/026_BBC.htm
                    Seven Lies about Catholic History by Diane Moczar (pretty cheap at http://www.bookfinder.com)

                    1. @ Darrell

                      You have a nauseating tendency to assume you are intellectually superior to your interlocutors, especially if they happen to be women. You are NOT my intellectual superior, sir, as you seem to assume. You are intellectually and morally eclipsed in every sense by Lasha Darkmoon who belongs in a league of her own. So stop haranguing her and imposing yourself on her as her guru and mentor. And NO, you foul-mouthes ranter, I HAVE NOT HAD AN ABORTION! Have you had your testicles chopped off or a red-hot poker stuck up your fundament?

                      I don’t accept your Catholic crapadoodle about the Inquisition or the Malleus Maleficarum. The Malleus was written by two Dominican monks, two sadistic monkrats like yourself, brimful of lust, who took pleasure in torturing woman to death as “witches” and burning them at the stake. Millions of innocent women died in the witch hunts, most of them victims of the ROMAN CATHOLIC clergy. These sadistic killers were not all Protestants, as you mendaciously maintain.

                      The Catholic Church sold Indulgences, remember — time off in purgatory for money! ― precipitating Luther’s anger and the subsequent Reformation. Jews in huge numbers, too, were burnt alive at the stake by Catholic Inquisitors for no reason whatever except for the crime of being Jewish. I speak as a Caholic, sir, an angry Catholic and Honours graduate of a distinguished Catholic university in Germany. I am your intellectual superior, as Lasha is. Your smattering of Latin and your narrow doctrinaire Catholicism does not impress me. You are a fake. A fake through and through. And you were doubtless booted out of your monastery for your inability to control your ungovernable lusts.

                      How DARE you suggest I had an abortion when you know nothing about me! Have I accused you of breaking into a convent of Carmelite nuns and raping all the novices? No, I have not! So keep a civil tongue in your head, sir Monk. You are a total disgrace to the Catholic Church!

                    2. Madam Butterfly (turned Vulture),
                      I’m sorry I guessed the wrong unadmitted sin leading to your repressed guilt. Maybe it’s lesbianism or promiscuity, but I’d bet a dollar to a doughnut it’s sexual. Repressed guilt makes people lash out hysterically like you’re doing. And besides your historical errors, I didn’t say the Malleus Malificarum was written by a Protestant.

                      I’m kind of reminded of a poem I wrote a number of years back, initially about the self-chosenites but which had to be modified before being printed here to be directed at someone safer, so a “radical feminist” was substituted. I’m not saying it applies to you, just that reading what you write reminds me of it, so no offense intended, my poor lost sheep in need of Christ and His Most Holy Mother Mary….
                      (If I wrote the poem today I would substitute “Stalin” or “Churchill” or “Rothschild” for the excessively maligned “Hitler.”

                    3. @ Darrell

                      Madam Butterfly (turned Vulture), I’m sorry I guessed the wrong unadmitted sin leading to your repressed guilt. Maybe it’s lesbianism or promiscuity, but I’d bet a dollar to a doughnut it’s sexual.

                      No, wrong again! I happen to loathe homosexuality. Nor am I hung up about sexual matters, as you wildly speculate, being happily married and surrounded by lovely children I adore! I have all that you do not have, Darrell, including intelligence and virtue. Nor am I a feminist. All your calumnies simply betray your lower class origins and your crude vulgarity. The only thing that rescued you from complete mediocrity and boorishness was your acquisition of an education in a monastery where thye taught you Latin and doctrinaire theology. They didn’t help you to stop masturbating though, did they?

                      If the Virgin Mary helped you to acquire chastity, as you claim, all praise and honor to Our Dearest Mother. I hope for your own sake that your chastity is permanent. Spiritual pride brings many a fall, however, so you need to be on your guard lest “the dog return to its vomit”.

                    4. @ Mad Dame
                      Like I said, I’m not infallible like the real popes were before Pius XII died and his validly elected successor was forced off the throne in 1958. There must be a reason, though, if not abortion or some sexual disorder, for you to vent such spleen like an enraged, cornered beast. I’ll never forget the provocative description of some Brit from years gone by of a woman as a “hyena in petticoats.” Not that it applies to you, just that your venom brings it to mind. I do not assume intellectual superiority over my interlocutors, much less moral superiority. I only repeat what God has revealed through the Church He founded and promised would be guided by the Holy Spirit into all truth (until the 1958 takeover, that is).

                      When you say, “I have all that you do not have, Darrell, including intelligence and virtue,” I’m reminded of Pascal’s “Are you worthy or unworthy?” “Worthy.” “Then you are unworthy, for you are proud.” Anyone who says he is virtuous is unvirtuous. If you read the live of the saints, you’ll know they considered themselves great sinners, for they had the clearest vision of the infinite distance between God’s infinite perfection and their own moral state. We only own our own sins, anything good that we do is from God’s grace.

                      So what could be the source of your vicious attacks on what I write, when what I write is always civil and respectful. My guessing you had an abortion or have a sexual disorder was not a personal attack, only an attempt to diagnose your spiritual and moral problem, since there is certainly something troubling you besides me. Maybe it’s what Our Lady of Fatima revealed to young Jacinta Marto before she died in 1920: “Many marriages are not good. They are not of god and do not please Our Lord.” Forgive me for being curious, but are you by chance in a second marriage?

                    5. @ Darrell

                      How you ooze with sanctimonious virtue signalling, you pathetic reject of a Catholic monastery!

                      You keep harping on about my non-existent sexual aberrations, all in your own heated imagination. In the Catholic Confessional, these evil fantasies of yours, when confessed, are euphemistically referred to as “impure thoughts”. You are a man, remember, who openly admits that he was once given to compulsive masturbation over pornography. Since when did a historic wanker suddenly become a paragon of chastity, as you now claim to be? You now invest yourself with all the virtues of Pascal, Padre Pio, the Cure d’Ars, and all the other holy saints in whose shadow you would like to see yourself placed on a pedestal — an equal among equals.

                      Your entire tone reeks of sanctimonious superiority. You give off vibes of spiritual pride — yes, the very antithesis of humility. If I said I was superior to you in intellect and virtue, that was technically very wrong of me and of course proves the opposite, since anyone who boasts about their virtue has to be lacking in virtue. But I don’t MIND being ticked off as a sinner! unlike you, Darrell, with your saintly airs and graces who like to have your ego stroked. You boast about your miraculous conversion from sinner to saint, do you not? Is that an example of your humility? Or of your spiritual pride?

                      A tricky question! The more our Saint Darrell preens himself over his humility, the more he shows himself up as a self-deluding egomaniac trying to score points through self-abasement. You remind me of the old cartoon where all these saints are shown in heaven, comparing their respective haloes, trying to see who has the biggest one! 🙂

                      You boast about about how the Holy Virgin took you under her wing, for example, and suddenly transformed you into a paragon of all the Christian virtues. This new-found status now gives you the right, it seems, to fire off hectoring emails to Lasha Darkmoon warning her not to become infected by the mind toxins of paganism and Oriental demonology. You are definitely offering your services to Lasha as a spiritual director. Without, please note, being asked to do so! 🙂

                      If this is is not presumptuous, I don’t know what it.

                      I see you, as no doubt Sister Monica does, as a bumptious little internet upstart who is getting too big for your boots.

                    6. @ Madame Butterfly

                      What you say, Butterfly Lady, resonates with me.

                      Why this unpleasant little man, known as Darrell, should consider himself fit to dragoon other Christians here into following him as their Pied Piper is a mystery to me. I find it hard to believe that the Virgin Mary appointed him as her ambassador to the heretics, pagans, and demon worshippers like the deluded Lasha Darkmoon!

                      @ Darrell

                      My dear sir, please wait until you are canonized before you pursue women on the internet in search of adoring disciples! As I understand it, Lasha never expressed an interest in taking you on as her “spiritual director”. Let me tell you this. my dear ex-monk: No respectable guru I know goes scrabbling around for female disciples on the internet! 🙂

                      Here is a recent article on religion by Lasha. I love it. It is modest and tells of her perplexity. It is humble because she anguishes over the fact that she doesn’t have the answers. Ask yourself, dear Darrell: “Am I really fit to hector and bully this modest and highly intelligent woman into changing her views and adopting all MY rigidly orthodox Roman Catholic views?


                    7. @ Darrell (contd…)

                      You pride yourself on your Latin scholarship, never losing an opportunity to show off your erudition by quoting it. How does that, pray tell, give you the right to address Lasha in terms of extreme sexist condescension when Lasha is not only fluent in Latin but also in Ancient Greek, French, and numerous other languages. Including, may I add, Sanskrit.

                      Lasha has give us an insight into the Oriental mind by translating these three poems from the Sanskrit (See link below). Do you know Sanskrit, Darrell? Have you read the Upanishads? The Bhahavad-Gita? The Dhammapada (in Pali)? I doubt if you have, Darrell. And yet you go on about the dangers of paganism and the “demonic” realms that apparently open up for good Christians by reading beautifully written poems like these:


                      I challenge you, dear Darrell, to find fault with these brilliantly translated Sanskrit poems! Some of these poems, I believe, were composed 2000-3000 years before Christ. I really do believe that Jesus himself would have approved of these poems if he’d ever come across them in his (mythical?) journeys through India. Especially his legendary sojourn in Kashmir. (I’m not seriously suggesting that these Jesus legends be treated seriously but simply mention them in passing, since they are part of the Jesus mythos).

                      As for you, you regard these exquisite poems as potentially “evil”. As giving rise to “demonic” phenomena As a source of “spiritual infection” to all good Christians, both Catholic and Protestants.

                      Get a life, Darrell! Stop making a fool of yourself! Truly, you are an embarrassment to the Catholic Church. You have more to learn from Lasha, believe me, than Lasha has to learn from you! 🙂

                      Be humble and accept that.

                    8. Madame,
                      I should have realized from the start that the root of your splenetic outrage and bitter personal attack (since like I said, you obviously are living under the burden of some repressed guilt, making you an unhappy and angry person, and not just at me), since you’re not a lesbian and you’ve never had an abortion, is most likely (there’s no certainty here, just going by the odds) that you’ve been bearing for years the guilt of engaging in unrepentant fornication, contraceptive sex and/or masturbation, all of which are mortal sins. I only guess at the cause, even though there must be some cause of your vitriol, whereas you say you know (not guess) that I was a compulsive masturbator to pornography and that I was booted out of my monastery on account of my ungovernable lusts. You go way beyond guessing, and even if it were a guess it’s wrong. My ungovernable lust was conquered through the unmerited grace form Our Lady, as I mentioned before, 15 years before I entered the monastery, and I wasn’t booted out, I asked to be dispensed from vows (invalid vows of the apostate Vatican II counter-church, as I now know), although my homosexual superiors did think I was an incorrigible “anti-semite” from my anti-judaic beliefs based primarily on the writings of E Michael Jones, as well as traditional Catholicism, and that I was “against homosexuals,” and therefore were glad to see me go. People don’t get bent all out of shape like you do unless they have unrepented and repressed guilt. I am at peace. I have, with God’s grace thru the BVM (which I am continually dependent on), overcome both sexual and alcohol addiction, my only vices now being that I smoke loose leaf tobacco and consume lots of garlic and hot peppers, and I feel sorry for you, since you obviously are not at peace, otherwise you would have some self-control and engage in normal, rational, and civil discourse, whereas you’re just in instinctive and vicious attack mode throughout this whole thread.

                    9. Oh shut up you pompous little prick!
                      You are more monkey than man.
                      You can’t even send in an email without doctoring it!
                      You have no credibility whatsoever.

              2. I’m not on this website often enough to know about all the obscene things TROJ has written. I was primarily referring to his reference to St Robert Bellarmine, and one or two other things which made me think he might be Catholic. I don’t claim to be infallible like the popes were until Pius XII died.

                I am heterosexual, but I left a monastery that allowed homosexuals, which I objected to. I’ve never been a priest. I never said Lasha was possessed by demons, but I did say flirting with Hinduism and eastern mysticism opens portals to the demonic, which is true. Hinduism’s millions of “gods” are demons. How do I know? Because it says in the divinely inspired Psalms, as well as in St Paul, and in the Church Fathers and Doctors, that the gods of the gentiles are demons. If one doesn’t believe the Bible is divinely inspired, that’s another issue. I’m only trying to help Lasha, and others, to see the truth of traditional Catholicism and the necessity to believe in it for salvation.

                And if one believes that the Inquisition was an evil institution, then one is believing in a lie. The “official narrative” of everything is a lie. If one thinks the Church had no right to try public heretics and falsely converted Jews who were undermining faith, morals, and the social and political order in a confessional Catholic state because one religion is as good as another, or because the Catholic religion is evil, that’s a different issue. But I can assure you that when you die, but hopefully before, you will find out that the Catholic Church of tradition (i.e., pre-1958 takeover by the Satanic Judeo-Masonic powers) is the one true Church founded by the Incarnate Son of God and is the one Ark of Salvation in a sea of error and confusion and domination by Satan. A seven year old who has memorized the Penny Catechism knows undiluted metaphysical truth and more about man’s origin, nature, how to live one’s life and what is virtuous and what is sinful (the moral order), and what happens after death than the most brilliant non-Christian philosopher. http://www.stmarys-dunstable.org/faith-formation/the-penny-catechism

                We don’t need to grope after the most important truths when God has revealed them to us. If one thinks all this is absurd, the reason is there is a moral impediment preventing spiritual vision.
                Paraphrasing Pascal, we only see with the heart, which guides the way for the eyes. There are two alternatives in the intellectual life: we either try to conform our behavior to the truth, or we try to conform the truth to our behavior. Most people choose the latter, which is easier, which is why Our Lady of Fatima revealed that “More souls go to hell on account of [unrepentant] sins of the flesh than for any other reason.” With prayer and God’s grace, all things are possible, though.

                1. I don’t believe the very few lines of words in any bible are inspired by anyone other than those wanting control…..

                  This IS appropriate here:
                  “But certainly for the present age, which prefers the sign to the thing signified, the copy to the original, representation to reality, the appearance to the essence . . . only illusion is sacred, truth has become profane. Nay, sacredness is held to be enhanced in proportion as truth decreases and illusion increases, so that the highest degree of illusion comes to be the highest degree of sacredness.”

                  — Ludwig Feuerbach, (1804-1872),

                  Preface to the second edition of The Essence of Christianity

                2. @ Darrell

                  Listen, you sanctimonious little pipsqueak, booted out of your monastery for insubordination to your superiors, Lasha Darkmoon does not need you to show her “the road to salvation.” As far as I understand it, she is not a LOST SHEEP in search of you as her GOOD SHEPHERD! If she has appointed you her spiritual director, she would indeed be a hopeless case. What are you? her Svengali?

                  Let me quote Christ’s own words to you, you self-appointed guru in search of vulnerable female disciples: “PHYSICIAN, HEAL THYSELF!”

                  You don’t understand the way things should be, Darrell. The true guru is humble, modest, retiring. He doesn’t go out looking for disciples. He doesn’t tout for custom. As you do. You seem to seek out “disciples” who are quite happy to do without your services, thrusting your unsolicited advice on them coercively. Haranguing them. Ticking them off from their “incorrect views”. Finding fault (in LD’s case) with her poetry. aAnd, finally, inflicting MENTAL CRUELTY on her by suggesting she is under demonic influence.

                  How condescending can you get! — if not bordering on absurdity!

                  Has it never occurred to you, sir, that you could yourself be under demonic influence? Judging only by your catty and malicious comments which are hardly life-enhancing, unlike Lasha’s inspirational poetry.

                  I suggest you are motivated by sheer jealousy, Darrell. The green-eyed demon has been gnawing away at your soul! I accuse you of being driven by the need to assert your moral, intellectual, and literary preeminence.

                  Take a back seat, Sir Monk! Do try a bit harder to get some humility. More self-effacement would indeed become you! 🙂

                  1. @ Sister Monica

                    Does this stroppy ex-monk Darrell — hounded out out of his monastery for upsetting his monastic Superiors — have your full support in defecating on LD’s beautifully written poetry? This the man does by maliciously suggesting that Lasha is a lost soul who has strayed into demonic realms from which he hopes to rescue her with the help of the Virgin Mary.

                    Tell me, Sister, has Lasha asked this meddlesome ex-monk to come to her aid and rescue her from Satan? Has she appointed Darrell, the grim Inquisitor and Heretic Hunter for the Catholic Church, to be her Chief Exorcist? 🙂

                    1. Tell me, Sister, has Lasha asked this meddlesome ex-monk to come to her aid and rescue her from Satan? Has she appointed Darrell, the grim Inquisitor and Heretic Hunter for the Catholic Church, to be her Chief Exorcist? 🙂

                      To be honest, I don’t think Lasha would welcome the unwanted advice of an internet stranger offering to be her guru and mentor. Any man who does this to Lasha, either in emails or on this site, is guilty of harassment and bullying. Anyone who keep sending Lasha long unsolicited emails, haranguing her and hassling her, is stalking her.

                    2. Sister Monica, why don’t you ask Lasha herself if I’m an “internet stranger” to her whom she would prefer to just leave her alone, if not disappear. In her last email to me the other day she ended with, “… Please accept my new poem, Transmigration, as a peace offering. 🙂
                      All the best,

                      I like to share Catholic things with her that few Catholics know about. If she doesn’t appreciate them, or my thoughts, I think she would tell me herself, don’t you think? (Unless she, like the Jews, prefers proxy warriors to do so.) Apparently several other people would like me to stop “haranguing” our venerable Lasha (and she’s venerable to me too, although that’s not always apparent since I don’t just grease her all the time like a fawning eunuch).

                      And since you’re Catholic too, Monica, I think you may be to some degree amazed at what these 2 articles have to say:

                      Can you blame me for wanting to share what 99.9% or more of people don’t know and is of immeasurable importance?

                    3. @ Darrell

                      Lasha’s short email to you was a “peace offering” only in the sense that she hoped it would get you off her back and stop harassing her with your unsolicited advice. Since when did she appoint you her spiritual director? You are not, as you seem to assume, her moral and intellectual superior in any way. So you are unfit to advise her. If she needed your advice, she would ask for it. But she hasn’t asked for it. You have thrust it on her.

                      Lasha already has a spiritual director. Unlike you, her mentor is an old friend, a kind and humble priest, modest, self-effacing, and anxious to heal her troubled spirit. He praises her poetry and recommends she goes on writing it, if only for therapeutic reasons. For catharsis after long suffering. All her poems are written in deepest meditation. For Lasha, in fact, poetry writing is a form of prayer.

                      Unlike you, her spiritual director does not sneer at her verse or make deeply negative and cruel comments about it. Nor does he make unhelpful and inappropriate remarks about “pagan” influences and “evil demons” in the background. You have no concept about how to behave. You lack good manners and common decency. Please go to your confessor and confess to him that you are have committed the sin of spiritual pride, and that you have wounded a suffering soul by words issuing from an evil tongue.

                    4. Sister Monica,
                      I can only assume that Lasha told you that her short email to me was a “peace offering” only in the sense that she hoped it would get me off her back, like you say, and stop harassing her with my unsolicited advice, and that you’re not just putting words in her mouth. And so, unless I hear otherwise, I will refrain from any comments on what she writes unless it is in praise of it, ceasing from any of the pertinent spiritual works of mercy which my conscience inspires me to perform so as not to offend either her or you or any of her other devotees.

                      But I should make clear that performing a spiritual work of mercy is much different than being a spiritual director. Maybe being only exposed to the Vatican II counter-church, you may not have even been taught the 7 spiritual and 7 corporal works of mercy, i don’t know, but they are in the Penny Catechism I linked elsewhere for your or anyone else’s perusal and benefit. I would also assume that you would know, as a Catholic and especially as a former religious sister, the difference between telling someone what is morally good or morally evil, or what is doctrinally true vs what is doctrinally false re- what God has revealed, and thinking that one is morally superior to someone else. Morally superior means more virtuous, and my being more virtuous than anyone has never even been mentioned, and it is something I would never mention, since only God can read the heart of man, but like I said, performing a spiritual work of mercy such as giving instruction to someone who knows less about what God has revealed, even if they have not solicited it, is an act of charity. In fact St Thomas says that leading someone from error to truth is the greatest act of charity possible, since believing and living the truth is necessary for salvation. And when did i ever say or even imply that I am Lasha’s intellectual superior? Just because I know something she doesn’t know has nothing to do with intellectual superiority. Everyone knows things that others don’t know. But like I said, I should assume you’re not just playing Mother Hen and that Lasha indeed doesn’t want to hear any kind of constructive criticism or theological instruction from me unless she specifically asks for it. Besides, I think I’ve provided enough links as it is for now — except one — and I think you and Darkmoon readers will find it very enlightening, and it’s not even Catholic. It’s James Corbett’s “Social Engineering 101,” of which the first 20 min with Phillip Collins is especially instructive and important to know, and includes Eastern Mysticism and its relation to Freemasonry and the Anglo-American ruling elite, and in a derivative manner, I believe, to both you and Lasha. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XegdPElp81A

                    5. From DARRELL to me:

                      Sister Monica, I can only assume that Lasha told you that her short email to me was a “peace offering” only in the sense that she hoped it would get me off her back, like you say, and stop harassing her with my unsolicited advice, and that you’re not just putting words in her mouth. And so, unless I hear otherwise, I will refrain from any comments on what she writes unless it is in praise of it, ceasing from any of the pertinent spiritual works of mercy which my conscience inspires me to perform so as not to offend either her or you or any of her other devotees.”

                      Fair enough. If that’s how you feel. But Let me tell you I do not like your tone. It smacks of extreme arrogance. Lasha does not have “devotees”. She simply has a few honest people here who stick up for her and defend when she is harassed by internet bullies. Which is unfortunately quite frequent.

                      If you refuse to accept the admittedly harsh criticisms of Madame Butterfly, whom you have attacked in crude and vulgar ad hominem terms — in distinct violation of how a good Christian is advised to behave — you could at least pay careful attention to what SAKI has said to you. Saki, who has my full backing, is now one of the best posters on this site.

                      I challenge you to post your entire email to Lasha in which you critique her latest poem “Transmigration”. Le’s judge for ourselves if you have attacked and undermined Lasha in this unsolicited email of yours. Or if, on the contrary, you have gone out of your way to be kind and considerate and offer constructive criticisms in the way a good mentor or spiritual director would do. I asked Lasha if she minded if this email were made public. Her answer: “Not in the least. I am sure Darrell has nothing to hide.” If you have nothing to hide, then please post your critique of her Lasha’s poem on the poetry thread below. Without any changes — exactly as sent — but only omitting your full name and email address. Your privacy will thus be maintained.

                      Thank you for your full cooperation.


                    6. Saki makes Lasha out to be another Savitri Devi, the way Saki describes Lasha’s intellectual abilities and her acumen and Lasha’s High IQ, it sounds like Saki is describing Savitri Devi. I’m surprised Lasha doesn’t like Hitler. *grin*

                  2. I can see why you chose your name. I wasn’t expelled from my monastery, I requested to leave, although my gay superiors did like the idea of me leaving. It was part of the apostate Vatican II counterfeit church anyway. I am presently happily single and living a fulfilled chaste life, having received a special grace from the Blessed Virgin to be able to do so. (Not many traditional Catholic women are looking for a sedevacantist conspiracy realist anyway.) I was a slave of lust before kneeling down years ago and imploring the Queen of Heaven for the grace to live chastely, and I actually had an unworldly, one can call mystical, experience and was given the grace, but I found out later that the gift was contingent on my avoiding occasions of sin, esp. going to bars and getting drunk, also avoiding all porn, of course, and also persevering in prayer, especially the rosary, which as been given extraordinary power in our time when the power of Satan has correspondingly increased as well (see Leo XIII’s 1884 vision/mystical experience).

                    Readers may remember that I wrote a poem “In Praise of Lasha,” adapted from a Hilaire Belloc poem.

                    I love Lasha (even though we’ve never met). I’m reminded of Chesterton’s words: “A man’s friends like him and leave him as he is. A man’s wife loves him and is always trying to turn him into something else.” If I’m guilty of trying to change Lasha’s beliefs and corresponding behavior, it is because traditional Catholicism (not that of Francis and his 5 NWO asset predecessors) is the truth, and anything that conflicts with it is false. You don’t believe that, and I respect you for having a differing opinion, but I just hope you will excuse me for preferring God’s opinion to yours. (God doesn’t have opinions, of course, that’s just a little jibe.) Anyway, Lasha and I even occasionally correspond. But your scathing comments and lavatory invective, and the comments of Butterfly do make me think that if I do have anything personal to communicate with her, I should do so personally and not here. No sense in provoking people like you or her who are obviously harboring a sizeable pool of repressed guilt and have an inchoate fear of hell (a reality which the Fatima children were even given a vision of on July 13, 1917) which you are doing your hardest to keep from raising its horrific head in your troubled consciences. That’s the only explanation for your inability to engage in rational and civil discourse. I have nothing against you, but I do feel sorry for you. You know what St John Vianney, the Cure’ of Ars used to say to people like you? He’d say, “My friend, you’re damned.” Many of them would then confess to him. Cheers!

                3. Darrell
                  I’ll grant you that like in ALL religions, the hierarchy of Hindu gods is riddled with demons. The particular ones I have in mind are those that convey the idea that an individual must have many incarnations before he would reach “heaven”, when the truth could very well be that any given incarnation is a roll of the dice which would turn up “craps”, no matter how good a person you are in the present one.

                  To me, this “crapshoot” resulting in being reincarnated DEFINES “hell”.

                  1. @ Brownhawk
                    @ Darrell

                    To BROWNHAWK: What a “profound comment” coming from the mouth of a windbag who believes in the unsubstantiated conspiracy theory of the Anunnaki! You are only one step removed from the Flat Earth fraternity! As such, I suggest you are hardly in a position to make an intelligent comment on the Hindu pantheon. 🙂

                    Pipe down and leave Hinduism and its many gods to the Hindus! Or to an expert like Homer (Hp) who knows more about the Vedas than anyone else here and who has Lasha Darkmoon’s full and loyal support. Homer knows Hinduism from the inside, unlike you and that pompous ex-monk Darrell, evicted from him monastery for his inability to abide by its rules.

                    @ Darrell

                    Yes, I too have a problem with the minor gods of Hinduism, such as the elephant god Ganesh and the monkey god Hanuman. But these minor gods are simply metaphors and symbols and are not to be taken literally. No need to describe such semi-mythical figures as “demons”. You simply don’t know what you’re talking about. You should desist from hate speech over Hinduism, Islam, and other religions dear to those who practice them.

                    Homer can explain all this better than I can. He’s not going to let a pompous prick like you speak down to him as his intellectual inferior, as you do to Lasha Darkmoon in your chauvinist arrogance.

                    You have put me off Catholicism for life. You are the last person an intelligent and highly sensitive Christian like Lasha would go to for spiritual direction. What! to have you puke all over her poems and start accusing her of consorting with demons! You need your head tested! Lasha is not going to sink down on her knees before you and suck your smelly toes while you bash her all over her head with your rosary! 🙂

                    1. Well said, Sard! I understand that Lasha has always had a deep devotion to the Virgin Mary since earliest childhood. She often wears her rosary round her neck like a talisman and protection against evil. For this condescending creep Darrell to storm in here and start haranguing her over her “syncretism” and “heretical beliefs” is the height of presumption. How I hate this man’s puffed-up arrogance. If this man thinks he is a worthy ambassador for the Catholic Church, God help Catholicism!

                    2. Sardonicus
                      Your lack of imagination and excess of bad manners is making you a most boorish and presumptuous little man. My advice to you is to take to heart the old saying, which goes something like this:

                      “We were born with one mouth and two ears for a good reason”.

                      In your case, I suggest you skip the former.😆

                    3. @ Brownhawk

                      As usual you have nothing to say.
                      Not a single fact or intelligent argument.
                      You just stick out your tongue, sneer,
                      and issue hot air from your over-active asshole. 🙂

                    4. Lasha brings this on herself, she’s so two-faced about religion. Never a straight answer. She claims to be a Catholic, yet NOTHING she says about religion reflects Catholicism. Everything she says about religion reflects Buddhism, Hinduism, and daughter of lilith JEW kabbalah religion.

                      I have NO problem Lasha is a Buddhist-Hindu-JEW daughter of JEW kabbalah lilith, that’s her business. I just don’t understand why she constantly claims to be a Catholic when it’s really obvious she doesn’t like Catholicism and isn’t a Catholic at all.

                      To those who don’t like it Darrell is “hassling” Lasha, supposedly Darrell is hassling Lasha, then tell Lasha to STOP being so two-faced about religion. Tell her to STOP claiming to be a Catholic when it’s very obvious she is NOT a Catholic.

                      Maybe she can fool NON Catholics into thinking she’s a Catholic, but she can’t fool REAL Catholics, for it is VERY OBVIOUS to those of us who are REAL Catholics that Lasha is NOT a Catholic , there’s NOTHING Catholic about her, she is NOT being truthful, she is being a two-face. That is NOT Darrell’s fault — it’s Lasha’s fault.

                    5. All the years I’ve commented on these threads, your lack of having anything thought-provoking to say has been stunning, and you call ME out on that score? It is to laugh. You really are one miserable s.o.b., and I don’t believe you ever relocated to some quiet retreat in Japan…..never have. The anger and bitterness coming through in your words belies that.

                    6. You can be brilliant when you try, Brownhawk. Stick to comic verse. You are at your best there. It’s when you venture into prose and start jabbering on about the Anunnski that you come a cropper. Have you ever met one of the Anunnaki? Ever sat down to dinner with an alien visitor from the Tenth Dimension? Why do you need to believe in all these fairy tales? How can anyone take you seriously? 🙂

                    7. Stick around, Brother Brownhawk! We need your common sense. Don’t let his screwball Sardonicus wind you up. He needs chastisement. A good whipping. Or even (dare I say it?) a nice Red Injun tomahawk neatly parked in his scalp! 🙂

                    8. It’s not a matter of belief, fool. The best way to look at subjects like the Anunnaki are to believe nothing and question everything. But at the same time keep your mind open to all possibilities. I shouldn’t have to tell you, or anyone ELSE that.

  2. The sun never sets on the crimes of the British Empire and the biggest Mother Lode of them all, Russia and its 11 time zones full of natural resources is the star atrocity highlighting the City’s demonic do list.

    Special shout-out to the City’s Renfield, Igor and Frankenstein all rolled into one; the U.S. of Everything is Rigged, Illegal (or pending).

  3. Please pay puny punk criminal the ‘Put-On’ mafia dictator $1Billion for each ‘put-on’ phony threat against the West….. so NATO countries will have an excuse to increase military spending by $Trillions globally. That helps the Federal Reserve’s jew owners get even more wealthy, as more $USD are needed!!

    See if paid-actor ‘Put-On’ pounds his shoe like Khrushchev did to strike FEAR!! 🙂 It worked like a charm!! And, so, the US financed Russia to fight Americans in Vietnam.

    1. “US financed Russia to fight Americans in Vietnam.”…..not a lot of people know that Pat. 🙂

        1. TR –

          You and Dyslectic jew Ralan are whiners….. that looks like all ya got for me. MORE PATHETIC WHINING!!💥 😜

  4. The U.K. is very quickly turning into a third world garbage dump and the British government wants to tell the Russians what to do, after the English handed England over to the third world. If the Russians were to do what the British government wants the Russians to do, the U.K. is still going to continue to be a garbage dump for the third world. It’s funny, being so focused on what’s going on in foreign regions that you don’t see what ruin your own country is undergoing. Instead of using their military to round up all the Pakistani rapists of White girls in the U.K. and all the other third world criminals in the U.K. attacking White Brits they use their military to try to coerce Russia to abandon the Crimea — never mind the people of Crimea voted 70% in favor of being a part of Russia. We love democracy — until the majority of people vote in a way WE don’t approve of. So much for democracy.

    Can’t use the military to protect your own people in your own land, the cunts have to use the military to be vindictive because the cunts don’t like how some foreigners in a foreign country voted.

  5. Why would the Chinese government allow the Russians to have so much influence in North Vietnam, a country which shares a border with China and a population who are basically Chinese? I thought Vietnam was a proxy war with China. After the war, after the Paris Peace Talks, China was given “Most Favored Nation Trading Partner” status and American industry started to get dismantled and moved to China. That means Vietnam was a proxy war with China and it is was China who benefited by America’s defeat, it was China who got the spoils of war, not Russia. Who decided the Vietnam War was about who would get America’s industry, us Americans or the Chinese, who knows who set that up. But China getting America’s industry as a result the U.S. losing the Vietnam War — that can’t be denied it’s so obvious.

    Vietnam wasn’t a military defeat. The Vietnam War was lost at the Paris Peace Talks. It wasn’t lost militarily. Maybe Russia helped North Vietnam a little bit, but I highly doubt the Chinese would have let the Russians have the dominating influence in North Vietnam. China has got all of America’s industry now as a result of the U.S. losing Vietnam, not Russia.

    1. The Russians supplied millions of tons of equipment and supplies to the Vietcong using their Lend-Lease ships they were given by the US. They sailed right up the Haiphong River which US forces could not bomb…. DMZ…. ‘hands-off’ zone, where US naval ships could not go, either.

      The Fed Res financed ALL sides to distribute USD….. and drugs, by getting US forces hooked on heroin from the Golden Triangle.

      1. Yessssssssssssss Pat, of course you’re 100 % right and I’m 100% wrong and everything I said is off-the-wall and doesn’t make any sense at all and of course you’re 100% right as usual, yesssssssssssss Pat.

  6. I read it somewhere – at the time he was poisoned Warren Harding (1921 to 1923) was working on a plan to form a global navy, sea security force, where all countries would contribute men and money to patrol the world’s oceans…
    You would have had sailors from all over the world serving together on the same vessels, providing a basis for individual growth and better international relations…
    At first regular pirates would be a common quarry…
    But legitimately, the bigger concern would be nationalistic aggression by rogue countries…
    And it would have become apparent pretty quickly who they were, and what were the rules for keeping things in order…
    If you enlarge the picture above you can get a better look at the hardware items this article on the Crimea incident is purporting…
    I would have thought these new ships would be faster than 31 knots, sleek design and all…
    I used to go that fast…
    Vietnam was a globalist venture, about ‘containment’, not victory…
    Actually, it was about the contracts…
    I read it somewhere – the Russians actually called all the shots…

    1. I read somewhere that the Moon was made of green cheese (a particularly rancid type of Stilton, I guess)…

      …though, always being one to “follow the science” so as not to jump to conclusions and be declared a TOTAL nutter, I’m still waiting on NASA’s definitive analysis of the soles of Neil Armstrong’s boots from his lunar stroll-about..

  7. Like a malignant hemmerhoid, supposedly in remission, that keeps on breaking out…

    you just KNEW that ZOGUK would re-surface to play THE prominent part in provoking WORLD WAR… for the THIRD time!

    1. And hopefully it will be the last time for the not so great Kingdom of pome serfdom that has thrown “legally” conquered nations into kosher “royal” Corporate dependencies for centuries to come.
      https://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/news/uk-corporate-tax-avoidance-havens-justice-network-dodging-a8933661.html – “The UK is by far the world’s biggest enabler of corporate tax dodging, helping funnel hundreds of billions of dollars away from state coffers, according to an international investigation”.

      1. UK world’s biggest “funny-money” launderer?

        I’d expect nothing LESS from Rothschild Central !

  8. Barkingdeer,

    Anyone can say “I read it somewhere”. That’s not proof you’re right. That’s not proof what you’re saying is factual. it’s not proof what you’re saying is the objective truth. ” I read it somewhere” doesn’t hold any water. Got a source reference to back up your assertion that ” — the Russians actually called the shots…” ? Why do your trail off your thought with “…” , what is “…” supposed to mean? What meaning is that “…” supposed to convey to us? And again, got a source reference or source references to back up your assertion?

    Was it a book where you read it? Did you read it in a newspaper or magazine? Did you read it online at some website somewhere? Try to remember then come back and give us the source reference or source references where you got the ” the Russians actually called the all the shots… ” information from. Because with no source reference your words have no meaning. You give us no reason to believe you. So give us a source reference.

  9. I seems the British never learn. Didn’t they get their butts kicked during some Crimean war over a hundred years ago? Was not the war immortalized by Tennyson’s “Charge Of The Light Brigade”?

  10. All i can say is i believed it when inread it….
    Can’t remember exactly what book it was in..
    But i probably still have it….
    Let me think about it for a while, i might remember…

  11. How ridiculous. Perhaps the British should have expressed their dismay when Victoria Nuland and the Americans sent the elected President of Ukraine fleeing to the east for his life, in 2014?
    The smug British attitude that they have ‘the high road’ and international law is on their side, is deceitful. Perhaps international law should have paid greater attention back in 2014?
    Russia doesn’t need this enormous threat in their borderlands just to the east and so very close to Moscow.
    And the stink of the upcoming events in the Black Sea reaches to me, even here in Canada…

  12. The terrorists behind the British are the same terrorists behind NATO and the ZUS and all the wars in the middle east, the real terrorists are the zionist and they finance their terror with their central banks, which includes the FED.

  13. The Swabbies are often the first to get sacrificed in these big geopolitical machinations…
    Where have we seen that before?
    None of this stuff happens by chance…
    Maybe by accident…
    First they just don’t tell you stuff, just leave the info they’d rather you didn’t know out of the official conversation…
    Then they make stuff up they want you to think…
    They pay their armies of secret agents and media people to manipulate events and espouse their narrative…
    “By Deception Thou Shalt do War”, something like that…
    But when they really want to get a big deal going, they whack a ship or two somewhere…
    Just Think of the Dough, the Time and the Effort that goes into military stuff all over the world…
    What kind of peace programs might a tenth of that money be spent on?
    I guess we’ll never know, not as long as the warmongers own the media…

  14. Side note:
    The “Department of Defense” was called the Department of War for over 150 years.
    It was renamed as a Marketing ploy so that Americans would continue to raise its budget every year, even during times of peace.

  15. The “Western Democracies” just can’t leave their hands off the matches. They like to play with fire, work until an “incident” is produced that makes them look like the poor, wronged, aggrieved party.
    1870/71; 1914; 1939 are their major accomplishments in aggrievement , but as one evil spawns another, setting the match on the Middle East in 1990 and on the whole world again in 2003 are further links in the chain of doom.
    Now it’s Russia’s turn, and that with wokism informing military matters everywhere in the Democratic World.

  16. @Darrell

    Errmm… you wouldn’t by any chance happen to be the same “Darrell” who “waved his wand” at me in the men’s public lavatories in Basingstoke (right opposite “Suzi Wong’s House Of Oriental Pleasure”) at about 3am last last Tuesday morning…. would you?🤔

    You see I must have -in the heat of the moment (cough! cough!) – got your details wrong.. and I certainly wouldn’t like to miss the opportunity for further “instruction”. Later tiger😎

    Apologies in advance if not you..

    1. Really,,,, what were you doing at “Suzi Wong’s House of Hot Lips Oriental Pleasure” in the weeny hours of 3am?
      You weren’t looking for Hunter Biden were you?

  17. Pat,

    Putin is sending Russian Air Force bombers to Syria. What say you about that? I’m sure you have an opinion about it. What is Putin up to now? I found the info at John de Nugent’s website. Thank you, TROJ.

    1. Puny punk criminal thug ‘Put-On’ the crime family BOSS and dictator is paid to follow the script written by the Fed Res, which needs MORE debt – USD – to survive. The Bank for International Settlement makes sure that he does that.


      Central Bank of the Russian Federation (Bank of Russia) has reviewed the content of the FX Global Code (“Code”) and acknowledges that the Code represents a set of principles generally recognised as good practice in the wholesale foreign exchange market (“FX Market”).

      1. Errrmmm. .. Pat, if you can’t string two coherent sentences together to express your OWN thoughts without constantly “bulking up” with LINKS, then maybe, rather than DM, Twitter – or some other venue where you’re restricted to 256 characters (without embarrassment!) – is the place for you? 🤔

        1. @ Pat

          Re (((The Realist)))

          Pay no attention to this Sniper in the Shadows.
          You’re doing a fine job. One of the best!

          The fact that he picks on you is a compliment,
          a badge of honor! 🙂

        2. “Errrmmm…” (((TR)))….

          Here is a link-free comment for ya:
          Your constant uncontrollable knee-jerk picking at me proves that……
          …….I OWN YOUR MIND, sonny-boy!! 💥

          “Errrmmm….” must be jew-speak!! You always whine!! 😜

  18. I read this somewhere and I wanted to know if it’s true..











    Is it true?

  19. Sarita
    June 28, 2021 at 3:04 am

    I read this somewhere and I wanted to know if it’s true..

    Simon Wolfe, Jew Mason bankster hitman..

    Everybody, CIA, FBI Hoover, Secret Service, Pentagon, Gangsters, LBJ, Spellman (Spelly’s War)…


    All kinds of people…

    Everybody, including some blacks… Ask Kamel…

    It was a natural reaction to the policy of white genocide being purported by the Jew Carpetbaggers in the South after the Civil War, when whites had no right to vote and cleansing was being called for…

    dittos… Funny Thing – blacks want it now…

    A few Civil War vets, who did it to save the white race…

    At the time it was for their own good… The racial element was heavily played as a driver of the war effort… Truth be known, citizens were committing hate crimes against Japanese the same way blacks are doing whites and Chinese now…

    Banksters really… Don’t they always? Got the masons to start the war, wanted to lend money to both sides… Lincoln created Greenbacks instead, and the Romanovs helped him out with the war…

    All white people now…

    Is it true?
    If someone wants to reproduce with his own race only, is that racist?
    It is now…

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