Tensions increase between U.S. and Russia

By Pepe Escobar
Information Clearing House
February 28, 2021

An excerpt from Pepe’s latest essay,
‘Putin, crusaders and barbarians’

Biden squares up to Putin: Who will blink first?

Moscow is painfully aware that the US/NATO “strategy” of containment of Russia is already reaching fever pitch. Again. This past Wednesday, at a very important meeting with the Federal Security Service board, President Putin laid it all out in stark terms:

We are up against the so-called policy of containing Russia. This is not about competition, which is a natural thing for international relations. This is about a consistent and quite aggressive policy aimed at disrupting our development, slowing it down, creating problems along the outer perimeter, triggering domestic instability, undermining the values that unite Russian society, and ultimately to weaken Russia and put it under external control, just the way we are witnessing it transpire in some countries in the post-Soviet space.

Not without a touch of wickedness, Putin added this was no exaggeration: “In fact, you don’t need to be convinced of this as you yourselves know it perfectly well, perhaps even better than anybody else.”

The Kremlin is very much aware “containment” of Russia focuses on its perimeter: Ukraine, Georgia and Central Asia. And the ultimate target remains regime change.

Putin’s remarks may also be interpreted as an indirect answer to a section of President Biden’s speech at the Munich Security Conference.

According to Biden’s scriptwriters,

Putin seeks to weaken the European project and the NATO alliance because it is much easier for the Kremlin to intimidate individual countries than to negotiate with the united transatlantic community. The Russian authorities want others to think that our system is just as corrupt or even more corrupt.

A clumsy, direct personal attack against the head of state of a major nuclear power does not exactly qualify as sophisticated diplomacy.

At least it glaringly shows how trust between Washington and Moscow is now reduced to less than zero.

As much as Biden’s Deep State handlers refuse to see Putin as a worthy negotiating partner, the Kremlin and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have already dismissed Washington as “non-agreement capable.”

Once again, this is all about sovereignty. The “unfriendly attitude towards Russia,” as Putin defined it, extends to “other independent, sovereign centers of global development.” Read it as mainly China and Iran. All these three sovereign states happen to be categorized as top “threats” by the US National Security Strategy.

Yet Russia is the real nightmare for the Exceptionalists: it is Orthodox Christian, thus appealing to swaths of the West; consolidated as a major Eurasian power; a military, hypersonic superpower; and boasting unrivaled diplomatic skills, appreciated all across the Global South.

In contrast, there’s not much left for the deep state except endlessly demonizing both Russia and China to justify a Western military build-up, the “logic” inbuilt in a new strategic concept named  NATO 2030: United for a New Era.

The experts behind the concept hailed it as an “implicit” response to French President Emmanuel Macron’s declaring NATO “brain dead.”

Well, at least the concept proves Macron was right.

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61 thoughts to “Tensions increase between U.S. and Russia”

  1. Now, when the inimitable Pepe laid it out for you in simple and clean terms, I would like to ask again:

    How likely it is that the two farts experts (one Korybko + one PCR) understand this very complicated (to them!) thing called “American and Israeli aggression” and the whole of Kremlin – with hundreds of years of experience in political state struggle under its belt – does not understand it?

    Biden squares up to Putin: Who will blink first?

    Excellent question!

    (1) First, it implies that the showdown (which I have been predicting incessantly since the very day when Putin has announced in Jan, 2020 the desire of the Russian people to hold a referendum, where it could express its determination to regain its independence, by changing the colonial constitution, which was foisted upon our people by the West (I stress: by the West – not by the Jews!), to a sovereign one; I called it “Cuban Missile Crisis 2.0”) is imminent.

    (2) Second, I would rephrase the question a bit and make it rhetorical: “Is there any doubt that, when the shit hits the fan, the US will be blinking so fast and so frantically that it will look like flashing and screeching red signal?”

    1. Circassian,

      Would Putin be ready to make a pre-emptive first strike on Israel
      or American interests in the Middle East? Would he risk a nuclear showdown?

      1. @Saki

        The first strike – if the need for it ever arises – will be made (in Putin’s words) on “decision making centers”. Now, you surely understand that “Israel or American interests in the Middle East” are not the same thing as “decision making centers”, don’t you.

        You see, it happens that ignorant Kremlin does not share Lobro’s great insights about where exactly “the decision making centers” are, how those decisions are made and by whom.

        I, for one, think that one or two US aircraft carriers would make an excellent target… just to introduce the “flat-earthers”, the “nuke-deniers”, and all kinds of other sceptics – in a convincing way, you know, – to the new weapon systems Putin was talking about a couple of years ago.

        Putin does not play the bluff game, brothers and sisters. Trust me.

      2. Thanks for your response, Circassian. But don’t you think an attack on a couple of US aircraft carriers would unleash the whirlwind? American response would be absolutely devastating. Perhaps the nuclear destruction of major Russian cities, including Moscow, would be one of those consequences.

        Putin had better be pretty sure that Russia was invincible before he made any such move.

        An attack on Tel Aviv or the nuclear complex at Dimona might be more fruitful, especially if it were argued that Israeli actions in Syria and Iran were blatantly provocative actions against Russia that needed avenging.

      3. Saki,

        The key words in my comment were “if the need for it ever arises”.

        Putin would never ever attempt a preemptive nuclear strike… even if he could destroy the US and get away with it. That’s the difference between the US and Russia: The US would not hesitate for a second, if only it could destroy Russia with the first preemptive nuclear strike and get away with it.

        So our prez has been working his ass off for the last 20 years to make sure that – no matter what US does – it will not get away with the first preemptive nuclear strike… even if it leads to complete destruction of the world. In fact, he said so in not so many words:


    2. Yep Folks.
      The deep-state hag grows more desperate year-after-year. Now in her 70’s she wakes up in the morning and stares at her remnants in the bathroom mirror. An ancient and wrinkled face which could rival any yellowed-plume-drawn 1800’s map leading into the remote Oregon territories of Yukons hold-out stares back at her. Her body fares even worse. Her breasts (despite cleavage) and buttocks hopelessly sag towards the Earth as 🌲 branches after a heavy March snow. She lashes out in anger…. punching the mirror…. cracking it. She lives alone….the hag. She can’t find a suitable partner it seems. (But ok.. another story). But she, in her desperation, senses a solution. She picks up the phone and calls her rich uncle Schmuel (Federal Reserve). No answer. She retreats to her bedroom and reaches for a copy of Vanity Fair on the bed-side table. On the pages are photos of young and beautiful women from Russia, China and other countries. HER new and up-rising competition. The HAG begins to sob hysterically….then…the phone-call. Uncle Schmuel has answered. Conversation commences and the HAG draws a sigh of relief. Yes! Oh yes! Her rich uncle has once again promised $$$$$. And..PRESTO!…..in her account. She races to the car and starts the engine. Time to go to the MALL and spree on Estee Lauder make-up as-well-as Prada clothing. She WILL beat the much younger and beautiful competition after-all. Her ❤️ races with anticipation as she drives toward the mall. How will the game play-out? In trucker language….We shall see….🤔🤨🤠

  2. Whatever Ramble rousing foreign policy is voiced from the west, regarding Russia is all, “kabuki dance” by the leaders for the purpose of keeping the masses hypnotized.

    These guys meet at G20 Forums and all they do is high-five each other while cracking jokes about the masses, as they plan additional new ways to do them in. In the meantime, no one is checking what is happening “in the Kitchen” as these Illuminati Puppets distract the Global Sheepal. “Where are the weapons of mass destruction?”

    What is happening, in fact, is that World Bank and I.M.F., are dishing “Covid-Relief Funds” to global governments like popsicles on a Sunday, which increasingly disappear back in to the pockets of the Benefactor of these leaders and their buddy Coporatocrats and Bankers.

    As the Debt/GDP ration of these governments skyrockets, it will be much, much easier for these governments to listen to the “advise” from these “Benevolent Global Coporatocrats” on the best way to apply “Enhance Sustainable Development policies” Develop “Environment Friendly Policies” and policies for “Sustainable Population Growth Rates”

    These are politically correct terms for very nasty ways your governments will be planning to deal with you, and they will affect you, very, very personally.

    Do not be distracted by the antics of these politicians. What is happening in the political arena, is “theatre”.

    1. BF –

      I agree.

      “Where are the weapons of mass destruction?” ….. IS really laughable, at our expense, especially in their clubhouses & fine exclusive dining rooms, serving unborn lamb at $10,000 a meal!! 💥 😨

      1. From the picture… it looks like Puny Punk Criminal Dictator ‘Put-On’ hasn’t missed ANY rich meals…. and added lotsa desserts! Musta slacked off the judo workouts as well. 😜

      2. If “nukes” really did exist, diplomacy would be more serious. Now, it is no more than a game to excite politicians.

    2. @ Bigfoot

      Whatever Ramble rousing foreign policy is voiced from the west, regarding Russia is all, “kabuki dance” by the leaders for the purpose of keeping the masses hypnotized.

      Do not be distracted by the antics of these politicians. What is happening in the political arena, is “theatre”.

      If you were a cop on the street and a madman with a history of violence points a gun at you while making threats, would you just ignore it and pretend it’s all “theatre”? I bet you wouldn’t.

      Russia is the object of continuous U.S. threats and provocations and is surrounded by U.S./NATO bases and unfriendly puppet governments. And it undoubtedly has hundreds of U.S./NATO missiles aimed at it. In this situation – especially with the U.S. “government” appearing to be preparing for a first strike – it cannot afford to sit back and pretend that it’s all “theatre” any more than a cop on the street will pretend it’s all “theatre” if you point a gun at him while making threats.

  3. Who will blink first … not Biden, he is embalmed and cannot blink and wouldn’t know how anyway, the “most popular president in history who beat trump by 6 million dead votes” doesn’t have mental capacity required for blinking.
    That’s why his secretary of state is named Blinken, don’t worry Mr President, let us Jews do blinking for you.
    If my sons did not want war tensions between U.S. and Russia, there would be none.
    Gutle Schnapper Rothschild

    why is this forever excluded from conversation? Macron this, Schwabe that, Draghi whatever … because they matter, they make decisions, that’s why if they didn’t want wars not even their pet budgies would notice.
    It is excluded from discourse due to err, ahem, maybe yes, no, the following clue:
    Israeli Researchers Discover New Sophisticated ‘Secret Language’ Used By Antisemites And White Supremacists Online
    The New Sophisticated ‘Secret Language’ Used By Antisemites was well known to early Christians hiding from persecution, massacres and Google censorship in the catacombs beneath Eretz Yishroel spanning from Los Angeles to Ankara and beyond.
    Here is one phrase by way of example: I am the way and the truth and the life.
    As soon as Google algorithm spots the word “truth“, the alarms go ringing, IDF jets fire up engines on runways, researchers adjust parameters and Good Jews head obediently for underground bomb shelters, Pepe awakes from uneasy sleep due to increased tensions between Russia and the … the … oh well, just call it the “US”.

    1. @ Lobro

      Who will blink first … not Biden, he is embalmed and cannot blink and wouldn’t know how anyway, the “most popular president in history who beat trump by 6 million dead votes” doesn’t have mental capacity required for blinking.

      ROTFL! Do you hear yourself, goofball? What did you expect to happen and who the hell are you to complain about sleazy joe in the first place? You speak as if you and your cult of deranged trump supporters – who did nothing but churn out an endless stream of absurd apologia for trump’s every unjustifiable act – somehow had nothing to do with putting sleazy joe and his team of sleazy jew handlers in the white house.

      Why doesn’t sleazy joe renegotiate the INF treaty with Russia that trump exited? Apparently because your evil orange messiah did exactly what sleazy joe and his sleazy jew handlers wanted him to do. Why doesn’t sleazy joe rejoin the JCPOA agreement with Iran that trump walked away from? Apparently because your evil orange messiah did exactly what sleazy joe and his sleazy jew handlers wanted him to do. Why doesn’t sleazy joe end the self-destructive trade war with China and try to improve the relations that trump trashed? Apparently because your evil orange messiah did exactly what sleazy joe and his sleazy jew handlers wanted him to do.

      Thanks to you and your ilk, the evil orange clown was encouraged to believe he could have it both ways. Thanks to you and your ilk, the evil orange clown thought he could do anything at all, no matter how illegal, unconstitutional, immoral, anti-American and stupid, and get away with it – simply by wrapping himself in the flag.

      Compared to you, chump, sleazy joe is a towering intellectual.

      1. Half the time Obiden has his eyes closed trying to remember where in the hell he is.

      2. Though always ready to conduct an argument along civilized (Gentile) lines, when confronted by someone who only knows and practices Yiddish rules of engagement, I have no choice but follow suit.

        I have long known you as fraud even as many readers were snowed by your rapid fire diarrhea but since you insist on making it personal, I will now prove it to them.
        First of all as to your primary debating tactic: Gish Gallop

        fallacious debate tactic of drowning your opponent in a flood of individually-weak arguments in order to prevent rebuttal of the whole argument collection without great effort.

        Instead of laboriously attempting to catch up to each of your sophistries individually in one scoop, I will bring out just one, and then if so wished, another one and so on—each post dealing with one of your cretinous claims—while denying you the opportunity to dodge from one point to another when exposed.
        You said:

        How come when trump (the election thief who defrauded the voters with a bait and switch campaign) did the exact same thing, several times, Roberts blamed “Washington” or Trump’s appointees for it?

        I hope that everyone is familiar with how Jews fit the Holocaust claim of 6 million dead Jews in between their own census statistics of 14 million (plus change) Jews worldwide in 1938 and then again in 1948 (with even an increase of 100,000 or so) and shrieked in outrage when this was pointed out to them.

        Harold Smith follows the same principle.
        Trump won the 2016 election with 63 million votes but “lost” the 2020 one with 75 million, not counting the millions ripped off directly from him and gifted to Biden. Meaning that
        not only every single American who voted for him in 2016 had done so again in 2020 but that more than 10 million of the ones who did not vote for him previously gave him their trust in 2020.
        How did this happen given ” the election thief who defrauded the voters with a bait and switch campaign?
        Were they so overjoyed being defrauded with bait and switch campaign that they couldn’t wait for a repeat?
        I will reserve my opinion of you, let others make up theirs, your insulting tens of millions Gentile American voters notwithstanding.
        I imagine that in the same vein, Kabbalist humor is much appreciated too, e.g., Sarah Silverman holding up Trump’s severed head—har, har, har.

        1. @ Lobro

          Have you ever heard of “piss in the wind”? It applies to your entire comment. I suggest you pay serious heed to majority opinion on this website, fully and unanimously endorsed by Admin, that you are an incorrigible bully suffering from a serious personality disorder.

          And I of course am an “evil” bastard for saying so — as you have pointed out in one of your ever-so-polite ad hominem hate rants.

          If you want to suck Trump’s cock, do it on some other website.
          If you want to suck Stalin’s cock, do it on some other website.
          If you want to suck your own cock, which you do in almost every comment you make here—by displaying your narcissistic grandiosity to the world—do it on some other website.

          Preferably, get your own website and give it a suitable domain name. I suggest: madwankers.com.

          @ Admin

          I’ve had enough of this onanistic attention seeker.
          He is doing his best to destroy the Darkmoon website.

          1. When demonically possessed entities
            enter a website, bad vibes always follow.
            I won’t say who is demonically possessed here.
            Whenever he comes, he brings trouble with him.

      3. I am totally baffled at the intensity of the hatred expressed by the learned interpreter of the Bible and the Buddhist monk at my brother Lobro. They are literally fuming at the mouth and getting hysterical, quite unable to control the rage that consumes them. It seems to me that even Madam could blush at the language used by the monk here.

        Perhaps, all this has to do more with Trump and Stalin rather than my poor brother, who had the imprudence to show that he has a contrarian view on these “psychopaths”.

        The hatred the West holds for “the Caucasian hillbilly” is nothing short of astonishing. Why, dammit? Surely, there must be some profound reason behind it!

        1. @ Circassian

          It seems to me that even Madam(e) could blush at the language used by the monk here.

          You are incorrect in everything you say, Circassian. Allow me to put you right.

          (1) I am not a monk, and I never said I was one. I said I was a Westerner staying in a Zen Buddhist monastery as a paying guest. There is nothing unusual about this arrangement. Thousands of Westerners stay in Hindu ashrams in India and pay the ashram for their stay, exactly like in a hotel. You can do the same in Buddhist monasteries all over the world — and indeed in Christian monasteries. You make a “donation” in exchange for a roof over your head.

          (2) Madame should NOT be shocked by the language I use. It is appropriate language in this context. It is tit for tat. It is retaliation in response to extreme provocation over a long period. I have several scores to settle with this self-important little pipsqueak with his never-ending braggadocio and his airs and graces of omniscience. I’ve yet to meet such a nasty little bastard.

          (3 As for you, Circassian, you are the last one to indulge in holier-than-thou virtue signalling in regard to ad hominem abuse. You have abused Admin not once but several times. Your very first comment to Lasha Darkmoon was an ad hominem tirade of foul abuse. You said she was not even fit to run a public lavatory.

          (4) As for Lobro, he demonstrated his lack of intelligence and common sense by betting you $500 and losing. This was not a game of pure luck, like betting on horses. This was an intelligence test. And he lost.

          (5) Finally, before you make the mistake of climbing into bed and cuddling up to Lobro, remember this is the man who stabbed you in the back. He made a gentleman’s agreement never to attack you on this site, in exchange for your promise that you would never attack him either. You kept your promise, Circassian. Showing yourself a man of honor. Lobro failed to do this, attacking you viciously as soon as your back was turned and he thought you had left the site for good.

          Remember all this before you share your bed with this poisonous serpent.

          1. @ Lobro

            A whole bunch of angry ad hominem comments against you were deleted by Sister Monica to spare your feelings. I then decided to restore them in the interests of free speech. Since this aggressive comment of yours is addressed exclusively to Harold Smith, Harold is welcome to respond to you in any way he sees fit. After his response, if any, this conversation is over. We can do without these ceaseless disruptions to the smooth running of our website.

      4. (I see I am back on moderation … whatever)
        It’s alright Toby, Sardonicus doesn’t bother me at all, I have come to expect nothing more, nothing less from him. If after lengthy exposure to the culture of tolerance and compassion of Buddhism his lot is unaffected as he impotently writhes in the toxic brew of his existence, undoubtedly the heavenly powers decreed it a proper treatment for him, who am I to object (though I did spend a minute or two to see if I can spot any causal candidates).
        Please understand though Toby, or rather read the chain of comments to understand couple of points:
        in any exchange I strive for
        a. civility, in particular, I don’t use profanities because that would bring me closer to Sardonicus’ level, and
        b. (even more importantly) addressing the topic rather than ad hominem which if given a chance I can prove is the fundamental Judaic clutch that transfers Lucifer’s fear and loathing of truth into the feeble minds and characters of the intended prey: kill the messenger and thus dodge the message.

        Again, read the posts to understand that my “aggressive” message to Harold Smith posed a simple challenge to deal with a single factual problem because I was sick and tired of inchoate blather endlessly attacking while disregarding any and all evidence to the contrary.
        When I am faced with contrary evidence, I do my best to address it, even though “my best” may not be good enough—if convinced that my position is untenable, I will abandon it and search for another answer.
        For instance, there are TWO DOMINANT criticisms of Trump that I have (discovered only after his abdication in face of the theft) and nobody here (or elsewhere for that matter) made a big deal of them.
        And for these two reasons I do have serious misgivings about him but since nobody requested to hear them I will keep them to myself—of interest though that none of the career Trump-haters has spotted either.
        Too busy choking on ad hominem I guess to spot the truth even when it helps their argument.

      5. @ Lobro

        I have long known you as fraud even as many readers were snowed by your rapid fire diarrhea but since you insist on making it personal, I will now prove it to them.

        So in your “mind” the evil orange clown is for real but I’m a “fraud”? ROTFL! Considering the source, I couldn’t ask for a better endorsement. Thanks.

        Instead of laboriously attempting to catch up to each of your sophistries individually in one scoop, I will bring out just one, and then if so wished, another one and so on…blah…blah…blah…

        I’m tempted to respond but it’s just not worth spending any more time arguing the same old absurdities (i.e. your absurdities) with a troll like you.

      6. @ Admin

        I’m sorry for the ad hominem here and in the other thread. I know it’s not appreciated and I generally try to comply but sometimes anger for what I see as shameless intellectual dishonesty gets the best of me, so I apologize for that.

        1. @ Harold Smith

          No need to apologize. Your ad hominem abuse is entirely understandable, given the extreme provocation you have had to endure at the hands of this particular poster. If anything, I am surprised at the relative mildness and restraint of your response, compared to that of Sardonicus who does not believe in mincing his words.

          Feel free to speak your mind in future in any way you wish. If your views are impugned, defend them with all the tools at your disposal. If attacked, attack back.

      7. Of course this won’t be posted but at least it will be read.

        1) l posted something that was in no way offensive to the Venerated And Protected Being, in fact no mention of Being (VAP) was made at all.

        2) immediately and out of nowhere followed by comment by VAP whose first line was:
        Do you hear yourself, goofball? the word →GOOFBALL← perfectly legit, and the last line was
        Compared to you, chump, sleazy joe is a towering intellectual.

        Does VAP Being need a pretext to attack?
        Well no, not since 18 June 2017, when he was officially promulgated into divinity like a Roman emperor.
        And every deity needs a foil designated to lose every encounter like the brute Rapist😉 who threatens Olive Oyl in Popeye comics or on a more exalted level, a Fallen angel—which was ME as of that date.

        What my gut instantly recognized, the mind refused to accept for the longest time.
        Thus in this chain of comments, Sardonicus as the equally designated thunderbolt of Being or a blunt object, can say absolutely whatever he pleases, whenever, the more obscene, the more applauded.
        Because … FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

        I cannot respond, because … HATE SPEECH.
        Where can we seen this before, Toby, any idea?

        Oh it was known for a long time, even outside the loving confines of Deuteronomy e.g., Quod licet … etc.
        For some reason everyone buys into this paradigm without a hint of difficulty, segues in smoothly.
        Except me, a slow learner obviously.

        1. @ Lobro

          “Of course this won’t be posted but at least it will be read.”

          None of your comments have been deleted, including the one you refer to. Everything you have written has been published, without a word being added or subtracted. So what are you complaining about?

          If you are under moderation, lengthy time delays can be expected, especially if you are writing from a different time zone in Asia. We need to sleep (like you) and are not sitting in front of our computer screens 24 hours a day, waiting for your world-shaking comments to arrive. 🙂

          Enough said. No more off-topic comments please.

    1. @ Premanidhi

      I hope it’s true. If Vladimir Putin does not take some kind of decisive action soon, the escalating provocations of netanyahu, trump and now biden will make him look like an impotent fool.

      It’s time to let sleazy joe and his sleazy jew handlers decide if they want WW3.

    2. Hal Turner likes fear and dismisses lots of facts. He won’t mention this SECRET funding…. which exposes the BIG GAMES played on the world for $$$$ chaos!!

      Israel paying millions to supply COVID-19 doses to Syria!!

      Palestinians will likely chafe at the fact that Israel is aiding millions of Syrians while they continue to wait for their own supply of the Russian Sputnik vaccine.

    3. A slight problem is that Israel launches its air strikes on Syria from over Lebanon. Should Russia and Syria disrespect Lebanese airspace just because Israel does and turn the skies over Lebanon into a veritable war zone with all the implications it would have on those living on the ground below and further afield? It is a rather delicate situation with potentially severe diplomatic consequences. The Middle East is a powder keg waiting to explode and Israel never ceases to provide the sparks but should others play along. Of course Israel doesn’t mind acting the spoiled bully brat in the schoolyard as it’s not like if it will do its own fighting should everyone there gang up on it – after all it has Big Daddy USA to do that for it.

  4. Looks like the Axis Of ZOG is “not long for this world”
    It’s no wonder it has to distract its populations with the Covid Caper… before their deadly denouement.

  5. If there is war between the u.s. and russia and they end up destroying each other there will be world peace ..
    In this case the rule ‘war is peace’ would really be right…
    But they won’t go to war cause putin is a billionaire; why would he lose the good life

    1. @ johanmalkum

      “If there is war between the u.s. and russia and they end up destroying each other there will be world peace ..”

      If the US and Russia ended up “destroying each other”, I doubt if there would be any world left behind to live a normal life in — let alone enjoy “world peace”.

      I lack the energy to deal with this Village Idiot.

      Perhaps Circassian, Harold Smith, or Pat would explain to this simpleton the consequences of M.A.D. (Mutually Assured Destruction). If the US and Russia went to war, it would be World War Three on steroids, with horrendous consequences for the rest of the planet. I doubt if a single building would be left standing in Tel Aviv.

      1. a village idiot and a simpleton?
        i never wished for this war in my above comment!
        if you had finished reading the whole paragraph you would’ve noticed that i said
        “but they wont go to war”
        thanks for correcting the first sentence though.
        what you did is called compulsiveness

        1. Toughen up, Johan! 🙂

          When I called you a “village idiot” and a “simpleton”, I was not being unfriendly. It was for your own good. Read the ‘Book of Revelation” (in the New Testament) where it says, “Those whom I love, I rebuke and chasten.”

    2. JM –

      “If there is war between the u.s. and russia and they end up destroying each other there will be world peace ..”

      Oh, sure!!
      The ‘so peaceful’ islamist… and ‘so easy to appease’ chinese would fight over the remains before devouring them raw… then turn on each other for eternity!!

  6. I’m hoping Russia and China, or either of them acting unilaterally, wake up to the fact that the so called “decision making centres” of New York, City of London, Brussels and Tel Aviv-Jerusalem MUST be obliterated from the face of our planet, as then the diabolical Jewish “money-changers” and war-mongerers will be no more.
    With current Russian and Chinese military and technological superiority such a beautiful objective as a total wipeout of these DMC’s could be done in one single day. Give them their WTC destruction back, but hundreds of times more magnitude.
    What a great New World we would have!
    Russia and China could then divvie up the nations of the world free of the satanic Jewish presence.
    Personally, I see over one million Chinese have recently moved into Australia, meaning I am learning Cantonese, etc, and befriending my Chinese neighbours. One of my daughters is engaged to a Chinese man who we all know is a spy.
    BUT, the only problem with this great one day solution is that we are being told that the diabolical Jewish, international politburo is just as powerful in Russia and China, which are also both dependent upon artificial Jewish created fiat money.
    The only REAL answer is that all the “progeny of the devil” – these vile “serpents” Jesus warned us of. – must be eradicated permanently by all men of all nations.
    In other words, the people of our planet need to declare “an open” season on all Jews, even your cantankerous, money grabbing small store proprietors, who are Zionist and Communist to the core.
    I know I have now said it 3 times, but men like Gilbert and myself, joined by ex army men, need that time which will come (aka Muslim religious ideology) when we will be hunting Jews “behind bushes and stones, in order to k*** them.”
    Port Phillip Bay in distant southern Australia was actually the most fortified bay on our planet, for fears of a late nineteenth century Russian invasion. The bunkers are still scattered along the coast. A Jewish owned, subsidiary company, made all the money contacting out the work for the hundreds of bunker installations.
    Nothing has changed in nearly 150 years.
    Aren’t we stupid?

    1. “A Jewish owned, subsidiary company, made all the money contacting out the work for the hundreds of bunker installations.” …..because jews advertised FEAR!!

      The jews do that today with THE BOMB and COVID-19! Bigger $$$ BUCKS now!

      1. Pat, do not forget such as the Zionist Jew, Geoffrey Immelt, who controls General Electrics – the corporate entity that Barack Obumma placed in the position of dominating Green technology.
        Jewish money is behind the Green New Deal, as it is behind nearly everything else in the modern world.
        Again, fake money or “coupons”produced by the Jewish master class —- $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$’s- rule our planet and buy everyone and every thing.

      2. Yes, Max – “Over 90(95) years in Russia”

        General Electric to Expand in Russia with Two New Joint Ventures

        Sochi, Russia, September 16, 2011 — To further expand GE’s position in one of the world’s fastest-growing markets, the company finalized agreements to set up two new joint ventures in Russia which could drive more than $10 – $15 billion in sales. Under the new JVs, we anticipate orders of energy-efficient heavy-duty gas-fired power generation turbines that would generate up to 5 gig watts of power as well as thousands of high-tech medical diagnostic units in Russia.
        The Energy JV agreement was signed by GE Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Immelt, INTER RAO UES Management Board Chairman Boris Kovalchuk, and UEC General Director Andrey Reus. The JV will manufacture, assemble, sell and service energy-efficient heavy-duty gas-fired power generation turbines.

        GE wins gas turbine contract for 858MW CCGT power plant in Russia! (2020)

        General Electric (GE) has secured an order to supply its 9HA.02 gas turbine and related equipment for the Zainskaya State District Power Plant (SDPP), located in Zainsk, Tatarstan Republic, Russia.

        “GE today is one of the largest foreign companies operating in Russia.”

        We work with more than 100 Russian companies, organizations and institutes, including Rosneft, Gazprom, Aeroflot and many power generation companies. We have provided state-of-the-art equipment to Russian industry, healthcare, government and municipal services, localizing to support customer needs & improving both Russia’s infrastructure and the lives of its citizens.

        Our particular focus is energy, oil & gas, aviation, transportation, healthcare. We assign a strategic role to Russia and we will continue investing in our businesses here, bringing new technology, knowledge and capital. We look forward to strengthening our 90-year relationship with Russia and establishing a solid platform with our partners for the future. We are committed to mutually beneficial strategic cooperation.

        Over 90 years in Russia, first office opened in 1998
        Headquartered in Moscow
        Representative offices: Saint-Petersburg, Kaluga, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Vladivostok, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Astana, Kiev

        1500 employees work in over 35 cities

        JV between GE, INTERRAO UES and UEC to manufacture, sell and service GE’s high-efficient industrial gas turbines
        License agreement with REP Holding, GE Oil & Gas has manufactured, tested, and sold the MS5002E gas turbine in Russia under the name LADOGA-32
        Strategic partnership with its local partner MTL, GE Healthcare assembles high-tech
        GE Transportation – Yakut railroad infrastructure modernization
        GE Aviation – cooperation with 25 + major Russian airlines; 115 + aircrafts in GE CAS portfolio
        Wastewater filtration system on Taneko plant in Tatarstan
        Project on Vankor Gas Turbine Power Plant
        GE has support facilities for Russian clients and partners: healthcare training center (GE Healthcare Academy), Technology Center in Kaluga, GE Energy Customer Application Center (CAC) and energy and transportation engineering center (ETEC). Sakhalin and Rosneft service contracts.
        (ge.com/news/company-information/russia – link from 2015 taken down)

    2. Max –

      Sorry, but I don’t see anything upbeat about being overrun and ruled by Chicoms… 😣

      1. I agree, Gilbert, but I am a realist and with the former power-house, the USA, now run by a senile, old sniffer, a “mattress back”, feminist-Communist and a Cabinet that is over half Jewish, I believe the USA has been well and truly emasculated and/or eunucharized.
        As such, poor little Australia, with a population of only 25 millions, over one million of whom are still citizens of the CCP, and with our Jewish-feminist Premier, Madame Palaszczuk, leasing many of Australia’s beautiful, northern tropical islands to the CCP for a standard 99 years, (as well as several major ports. Eg Darwin) what alternative do Aussies have?
        We will not have the USA save us, as they did in 1945, with the American fleet wiping out the Japs in the Coral Sea.
        The Chinese are also buying up huge tracts of our farmland and businesses, such as the dairy industry. They have a strong inside running.
        They have already had a practice run by bringing their fighting ships into Sydney Harbour.
        I would rather the Russians than the Chicoms, as the Russians generally are Whites and more at home with Caucasian-Aryan people.
        So what, we might have to drink vodka, rather than sozzling ourselves on beer.
        Anything, but the Jewish poisoners, even though, I admit, they OWN everything and everyone. In fact, as per usual, the Jews will make all the decisions.

  7. Child-sniffer Biden won’t blink. He doesn’t even know his own name or where he is. Donaldo humbly asks Jill. Do you luv your child-molesting husband? Didn’t think so. But what makes women such as you tick? Excessive drug use or alcohol? Who knows. But Donaldo feels embarrassed even addressing creatures such as yourself an answer.🤔🤨🤠

    1. What makes the rather attractive Jill Biden “tick”, Donaldo, is the length of Sniffer Joe’s bank balance.
      I nearly said something else.
      We all know that such a degenerative, senility-ridden, frail, old sniffer-dog would be useless in the bed-chamber.
      These young, beautiful and airhead, blonde Goyim women who marry ugly, dwarf statured Jews, only do so for the money. Most have young men on the side.
      Listen to the Eagles’ great song, “Lyin’ Eyes.”

  8. Patience Russia, Patience. The US is in the prosses of being destroyed. From the inside. Then you, the Russians and the Chinese commies can waltz in and carve up the US like a slab of Yak.
    Three American worthies of the American dystopia: https://ktiv.com/2021/03/02/3-northwest-iowa-residents-arrested-in-shooting-of-2-year-old-in-des-moines/

    DES MOINES, Iowa (KTIV) – Three people {blacks} from Siouxland have been arrested in connection to a shooting in Des Moines that resulted in a 2-year-old being sent to a hospital for a gunshot injury

    The Des Moines Police Department says two Sioux City residents and a Storm Lake resident are among the fi
    charged for a shooting Monday night.

    Police say at about 10:50 p.m. they responded to a report of a child that had been shot. When police arrived at a local residence, they found a 2-year-old child suffering from a gunshot wound.

    The child was rushed to the hospital and remains in critical condition as of Tuesday afternoon. Police later arrested five people ranging in age from 18 to 20.

    All were initially charged with attempted murder and weapon counts. Those arrested are:

    20-year-old Sioux City resident Owo Robin Nyal Bol
    Attempted Murder – 2 counts
    Intimidation With A Dangerous Weapon – 2 counts
    Probation Violation (Warrant unrelated to this investigation)
    20-year-old Sioux City resident Thon Robin Bol
    Attempted Murder – 2 counts
    Intimidation With A Dangerous Weapon – 2 counts
    18-year-old Omaha, Nebraska resident Caine William Dominguez-Shiesl
    Attempted Murder – 2 counts
    Intimidation With A Dangerous Weapon
    20-year-old Storm Lake resident Reath Stephen Yak
    Attempted Murder – 2 counts
    Intimidation With A Dangerous Weapon – 2 counts
    Felon In Possession Of A Firearm
    20-year-old Worthington, Minnesota resident Odol Lual Othow
    Attempted Murder – 2 counts
    Intimidation With A Dangerous Weapon – 2 counts
    Felon In Possession Of A Firearm
    Police say the group intentionally targeted the house, but say the toddler and a 17-year-old girl who were in the home at the time were not the intended targets.

    The Associated Press contributed to this article.

  9. Nuclear WW3 will not happen, but a select group of insider nabobs will get rich and richer preparing for it…
    I wonder if those who push the theory aren’t invested in it…
    But, something wicked (more) could be coming this way domestically…
    Will they do it themselves and blame it on someone they don’t like?
    I wouldn’t be the first time…
    Meanwhile Trump is now what the the MSM has been saying – he’s the new Hitler…
    The old Hitler IS PROBABLY getting worn out, in more ways than one…
    He’ll never go away but it says something that the Jews have made him so famous they can’t even get away with an ever so slight subliminal caricature, like 2 facial characteristics…
    So Trump will be the Whipping Boy that keeps on giving, far as long as the globalist crooks and traitors remain in power..
    Cities Burning, no more police forces, deadly gangs in your neighborhood?
    That’s not nearly as important to the MSM as whatever they can stick on Trump from their QAnon basement…

  10. While WW3 approaches (not) Americans are held spellbound in gnawing fear..
    Well, you might say…
    While you have a rigged-up global pandemic, which they say has already killed a half million of us, dominating our culture and depriving us of our Constitutional Rights, hordes of un-American immigrants swarming across the border, open drug addiction on city streets, and at the same time a Cabinet level Pentagon corporate affiliate making its official population disappearance prediction for all the WHITE countries…
    You have to figure the Deagle Report is true, because none of the supposedly hip republican news programs will mention it, none even hold it up as another “wacky conspiracy theory”…
    Everybody’s heard of it by now, but like Crop Circles, it’s not something we discuss on any of the MSM…
    Racial segregation may be forbidden but apparently there are different vaccines for different parts of the world…

  11. Relax….. enjoy your days.

    Russia has been bluffing the world with its nuclear capabilities/lies since 1950, just after the phony nuke test in 1949. There have been no Russian military uses of nukes anywhere in the world.

    Russia is ‘all vodka and no champagne’ when it comes to every military endeavor.

    Russia’s only aircraft carrier/cruiser, Baku, is a cheap converted cruiser with a swooped deck modification added in INDIA because the flight deck is so SHORT…. Even light bombers cannot fly off of it! It is used ONLY to attack other ships and submarines. Russia’s carrier(sic) is used for carrying mostly helicopters!! WOW!! 🙂

    See the pics of the puny ship… as puny as ‘Put-On’:
    “The Soviet aircraft carrier Baku is a modified Project 1143 Krechyet aircraft carrier/heavy AIRCRAFT CARRYING CRUISER of the Soviet Navy. Sometimes Baku is considered a separate class due to its improvements including a phased array radar, extensive electronic warfare installations, and an enlarged command and control suite. She serve now with the Soviet Pacific Fleet.”

    The 90% illiterate Afghanis ran the chicken-necked DRUNKEN Russians back home after 15 years, using sticks, stones and bottle rockets. 🙂

    It is high time to stop BELIEVING the fear porn produced for $$$$ by the USA for the Kremlin Kriminals and puny punk criminal ‘Put-On’ the dictatorial mafia thug who is owned by US & Russian jew oligarchs and jew owned US corporations…. building everything THERE…. including military weapons and infrastructures!!

    1. Pat, the Soviet Union’s Baku (later the Russian’s Admiral Gorshkov) was sold to India in 2004. The Russian Navy now has only the old heap Admiral Kuznetsov but it too might be on its last leg. Not sure if Russia’s one lonely aircraft carrier is even seaworthy today. Since the horrific accident (2019) at dry-dock while under service/repair. World-wide military propaganda is a terrible thing..

  12. “The 90% illiterate Afghanis ran the chicken-necked DRUNKEN Russians back home after 15 years, using sticks, stones and bottle rockets.”
    And stinger shoulder missiles made in the good ol u.s. of a.

    1. JM –

      Yes. I call ‘shoulder missiles’ the ‘bottle rockets’ compared to other larger rockets/missiles.

      The Russians had their own ‘shoulder missiles’ since the 70s – the 9K38 Igla – but were too drunk to use them effectively. The US helped build them there too, as many US arms companies have been in Russia since before WWII.

      “The 9K38 Igla (Needle) is a Man-Portable Air Defense System (MANPADS) developed by Soviet Union in the 1970s. It succeeded the older Strela-3 with better range and seeker sensitivity. The system uses an 9M39 Surface-to-Air missile (SAM). It was adopted by the Soviet Army in 1981. This air defense system is known in the West as SA-18 Grouse. The Igla MANPADS can engage aircraft, helicopters and UAVs.”

      US companies operate in Russia as Joint Ventures(JV).
      Raytheon, which builds ‘stingers’ in US….. has 1/3 control as a Joint Venture (JV) RL3 JV (33.333333 % – Russia)

      1. Pat, and last but not least is the latest in MANPAD evolution: 9K333 Verba
        Fly a chopper or an A-10 into where there really are air defenses, even just infantry. No thanks..

      2. Yep, Homer –

        But, still no nukes. 🙂

        Even so, as you are correct. There is proof of what may be waiting for antifa PROTESTORS on the ground if they get too out of hand:
        “Company literature on the KBM IGLA-S MANPADS manpackable missile system doesn’t specify the size of the UAS/UAV systems it can engage, but the General Atomics (GA) Sky Warrior and MQ-9 Predator B/ReaperHellfire missile-armed UAS/UAVs, AAI Shadow Tactical Unmanned Aircraft Systems (TUAS) (including the RQ-7B Shadow tactical UAS), Northrop Grumman MQ-8B Navy Fire Scout unmanned helicopter system, and Aerovironment (AV) RQ-11 Raven B and Puma AE mini-UAV/UAS could all be vulnerable to the IGLA-S, and the IGLA-S is definitely a threat to low-flying, slow-moving U.S. manned aircraft like the Boeing AH-64D Apache Longbow and UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters, propeller-driven fixed-wing aircraft like the Lockheed AC-130H Spectre and AC-13U Spooky gunships, the Northrop Grumman A-10 Thunderbolt II “Warthog” close air support (CAS)/ground attack jet aircraft, and the Boeing V-22 Osprey Tilt-Rotor Aircraft.” (and paisley colored vans fulla weed 🙂 )

  13. Maybe darkmoon.me should change the tittle “Tensions increase between U.S. and Russia”
    ‘Tensions increase between Sardonicus and lobro’
    Even though I seldom understand lobro’s comments i reckon he has the right to express his opinion but he shouldn’t be aggressive to others
    We are all Goys after all

  14. Well, NOW…..
    After many years of purchasing drones from Israel…… JUST TWO MONTHS AGO….. the US military industrial complex(MIC) IN Russia* is increasing profits using Russia’s CHEAP LABOR for high-tech jobs!!

    Israel’s government will be jealous because the US military industrial complex(MIC) in Israel** will not see the benefits!! Israel’s labor costs are much higher. Of course, Israel will demand MORE free $$$ aid from Biden!!!

    The DRONE umbilical cord has been cut!! 🙂

    Russia Enters Military Drone Export Market With Sale To Myanmar

    “Russian news media are reporting a deal to supply Orlan-10E drones to Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. The transaction with a military widely condemned for its actions against Myanmar’s Rohingya minority represents Russia’s first step into the unmanned aircraft market.

    “Before, it was all hints that ‘foreign customers are interested,’” Samuel Bendett, an expert on the Russian defense scene, and adviser to both the CNA and CNAS told Forbes. “Now we are seeing Russia sell its combat-proven workhorse.”

    *US MIC RUSSIA (Lockheed, GE, Boeing, United Technologies…. etc):
    https://www.amcham.ru/static/pdf/membershipdirectory.pdf (March 2021)

    **US MIC ISRAEL (Lockheed, GE, Boeing, United Technologies…. etc):
    https://www.amcham.co.il/our-members/silver-members (2018)

    1. Dont you think that russia is a starving little boneless, inmoral, stinking entity selling weapons to a military dictatorship that kills it’s own people ?
      They are really evil

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