The Covid-19 Bioweapon: Made in the USA, Aimed at China

By Mike Whitney and Ron Unz
The Unz Review
June 15, 2021


 Who created Covid-19? In what lab? And why? 

MIKE WHITNEY: (Question 1) : What makes your theory about the origins of SARS-CoV-2 so controversial, is not that it suggests that the pathogen was created in a lab, but that it is, in fact, a bioweapon that was deliberately released by US agents prosecuting a secret war on presumed enemies of the United States. Here’s the “money quote” from your article titled, “American Pravda: George Orwell’s Virus Lab-Leak”:

“…..we are left with the strong likelihood that Covid came from a laboratory along with a good possibility that it was designed as a bioweapon, yet we lack serious indications that any lab-leak occurred. So if the original Wuhan outbreak was due to the deployment of a powerful bioweapon but not one that had accidentally leaked from any lab, then surely China was the intended target, the victim rather than the perpetrator….

Given our ongoing military and geopolitical confrontation with China, America seems the likely source of the attack… The most likely suspects would be rogue elements of our national security establishment, probably some of the Deep State Neocons whom Trump had placed near the top of his administration.

This small handful of high-level plotters would have then drawn upon the resources of the American national security apparatus to actually carry out the operation. The virus and its dispersal devices might have been obtained from Ft. Detrick and CIA operatives or members of special forces would have been sent to Wuhan to release it…. In effect, what happened was a Dr. Strangelove-type scenario, but brought to real life.” (“American Pravda: George Orwell’s Virus Lab-Leak”, Ron Unz, The Unz Review)

So, here’s the question: Do you think recent developments lend credibility to your explosive theory or do you now believe that Covid-19 was merely “accidentally” leaked through human error?

RON UNZ:  As everyone knows, over the last month the entire “mainstream narrative” of the Covid outbreak has been completely overturned. Just a few weeks ago, anyone suggesting the virus was artificial was denounced and ridiculed as a “conspiracy theorist” and any such statements were automatically banned by Facebook.

But exactly these same prohibited ideas are now widely accepted and promoted by leading figures in the media and political establishments. The 45-year veteran of the New York Times who spearheaded its Covid coverage has now admitted that he was completely mistaken, and that the virus probably came from a lab. The three billion Facebook users can now openly discuss this possibility.

The total collapse of this “natural virus” propaganda-bubble was produced by a self-published 11,000 word article by longtime science journalist Nicholas Wade. Yet the astonishing thing is that almost none of the crucial facts he cited in his article were new. Nearly all of Wade’s important evidence had been publicly available for a full year, but was simply ignored by our entire political and media establishment, partly because Trump took that position and they all hated Trump.

So the virus probably came from a lab. But the question now becomes “which lab?” Just as the MSM had promoted the totally unsubstantiated belief that Covid was natural, the MSM has now begun promoting the equally unsubstantiated belief that Covid accidentally leaked from China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology. However, the evidence of any such Wuhan lab-leak is so thin as to be almost invisible.

It’s true that Chinese researchers at that lab were experimenting with related bat viruses, but many American researchers were doing very similar experiments, and for decades bat viruses have also been the central focus of America’s huge biowarfare program.

Wuhan is an enormously large metropolis of 11 million, much larger than New York City, and the Wuhan lab is located 20 miles(!) from the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market, which was the earliest epicenter of the Wuhan outbreak. A distance of 20 miles seems pretty far for an accidental lab-leak.

Immediately after the initial Wuhan outbreak, the virus began infecting Iran’s top political elites, and killing a number of them. Isn’t it implausible that a random lab-leak in Wuhan would so quickly jump to the Holy City of Qom on the other side of the world?

There are many other aspects of the timing of the outbreak that seem very inconsistent with a random, accidental lab-leak.

Until a few weeks ago, the MSM and Facebook shut down anyone who disagreed with the “natural virus” theory, even though the evidence for an artificial virus had always been much stronger. They’ve now said “Oops! We were wrong. The virus probably came from a lab.” So I think they’ll now have a much harder time shutting down any debate about which lab.

Once people became aware of the basic facts of the virus, belief that it was  natural quickly collapsed. And once people become aware of the basic facts of the initial Covid outbreak, I think that belief in an accidental lab-leak will also begin to collapse.

MIKE WHITNEY (Question 2) : You seem to have anticipated my next question, but I’ll go ahead and ask it anyway. In another one of your articles, you say this:

“As the coronavirus gradually began to spread beyond China’s own borders, another development occurred that greatly multiplied my suspicions. Most of these early cases had occurred exactly where one might expect, among the East Asian countries bordering China. But by late February Iran had become the second epicenter of the global outbreak. Even more surprisingly, its political elites had been especially hard-hit, with a full 10% of the entire Iranian parliament soon infected and at least a dozen of its officials and politicians dying of the disease, including some who were quite senior. Indeed, Neocon activists on Twitter began gleefully noting that their hatred Iranian enemies were now dropping like flies.

Let us consider the implications of these facts. Across the entire world the only political elites that have yet suffered any significant human losses have been those of Iran, and they died at a very early stage, before significant outbreaks had even occurred almost anywhere else in the world outside China. Thus, we have America assassinating Iran’s top military commander on Jan. 2nd and then just a few weeks later large portions of the Iranian ruling elites became infected by a mysterious and deadly new virus, with many of them soon dying as a consequence. Could any rational individual possibly regard this as a mere coincidence?”

My question is this: Is this the smoking gun? In other words, do these two “attacks” on enemies of the United States strongly suggest Washington’s involvement?

RON UNZ:   Well, it’s certainly an *extremely* odd coincidence for those who claim the global Covid outbreak was caused by an accidental, random lab-leak of a virus in Wuhan, China.

Iran is on the other side of the world from China, and very few Chinese visit the Holy City of Qom. So it’s extremely strange that the Covid virus would have jumped so extremely quickly from a Wuhan lab-leak to Iran’s top political leadership, which suffered the next major outbreak.

A few weeks afterward, the third major world outbreak began in Northern Italy, but 200,000 Chinese live and work in that region, and many had just returned from their Lunar New Year holiday in China. The Chinese population in Qom is absolutely negligible by comparison. The Italian outbreak makes perfectly logical sense while the one in Qom does not.

None of this constitutes proof, but it raises huge doubts about the likelihood of the random lab-leak hypothesis. By contrast, the deliberate release of a viral bioweapon seems a much more plausible explanation of both these outbreaks.

America has the world’s largest and most comprehensive biowarfare program, and America’s two leading international adversaries—China and Iran—were almost simultaneously hit by a mysterious, deadly virus. Suspicion seems to point in a pretty obvious direction.

If the Colombo crime family of NYC is locked in a bitter feud with the Genoveses, and two capos of the latter are found shot to death in a 24-hour period, maybe they both suddenly decided to commit suicide. But most sensible observers would also tend to consider other possibilities.


Iran, one of America’s greatest enemies after China, was the second country after China to be hit by the Covid-19 virus. But Iran is nowhere near China,  and therefore it seems most unlikely that the Covid virus should suddenly leap across from a lab in Wuhan, China, and attack Iran’s top political leadership. 

MIKE WHITNEY (Question 3) Shortly after you published your explosive piece suggesting US Intel agents may have been involved in releasing Covid-19 among the Chinese and Iranian people, your website was deplatformed by Google and banned on Facebook? Would you briefly explain what happened and will you also tell us whether you think that your alleged offense was:

1– Suggesting that SARS-CoV-2 was created in a lab?
2– Or, suggesting that Washington might have used SARS-CoV-2 as a bioweapon directed at its geopolitical rivals?

In my opinion, ruling elites don’t really care if people think Covid was man-made. What they’re concerned about, is that people will think it was intentionally released. That is the thought they don’t want us to think.

RON UNZ:  Obviously, all this is entirely speculative. But for six years our website had been publishing a wide variety of extremely controversial articles on all sorts of different subjects, and we had never had any problems with either Facebook or Google.

Then in late April 2020, I published my first long article laying out the substantial evidence that the global Covid outbreak might have been due to an American biowarfare attack against China (and Iran), and that article got very strong early traffic, with more Facebook Likes in the first few days than anything I had previously published.

But about ten days after it ran, our website was suddenly banned by Facebook. A few days later, our entire website was deranked by Google, so that all our web pages would appear near the very bottom of Google searches and almost no one would see them. The coincidental timing of these actions seems very suspicious.

At that point, I think we were one of the most popular websites to have ever been banned by Facebook. For example, our traffic far exceeded that of the venerable New Republic, a century old publication that had spent decades as America’s most influential opinion magazine. Although Facebook did publish an official report explaining that month’s bans, our name was barely mentioned, with almost all the pages of discussion devoted to obscure foreign websites in Georgia, Mauritania, or Myanmar, or those located in America’s major geopolitical adversaries such as Russia or Iran. The report explained the reasons for banning VDARE, “a website known for posting anti-immigration content” and then banned our own website for being “similar.”

This explanation seemed very strange. We do regularly republish VDARE articles, but since the beginning of 2020, these had only amounted to 41 of our 1,751 total articles and posts, representing just 0.2% of our content, and few of these VDARE pieces had anything to do with immigration. Meanwhile, Google provided no explanation at all for our sudden purge from their search results.

It seems likely that the sudden purges by Facebook and Google were due to our very extensive Covid coverage over the previous couple of months, culminating in my major article. Among English-language websites, the vast majority of mainstream outlets had been reporting that the virus was obviously natural and denouncing anyone who suggested it came from a lab as “crazy conspiracy theorists.”

Meanwhile, large numbers of right-wing, anti-China, or pro-Trump websites regularly claimed that the Covid outbreak was due to a lab-leak in Wuhan, and sometimes suggested that the virus was a Chinese bioweapon. I think we almost alone in focusing upon America’s huge and well-documented biowarfare program, sometimes publishing important articles that had been rejected elsewhere, and pointing suspicion in that direction.

Because we were banned by Facebook and Google, what should have became a debate over three origin Covid possibilities—a natural virus, a Chinese virus, or an American virus—became a year-long debate between only the first two.

Given enormous negative impact the Covid epidemic has had on America and the rest of the world, it’s easy to understand why our political leadership would be extremely concerned if people merely began to even consider the possibility that the virus may have been produced by an American government lab, let alone deliberately released. And persuading Facebook and Google to block such theories would make perfect sense.

The rest of the article may be read on the Unz Review 


67 thoughts to “The Covid-19 Bioweapon: Made in the USA, Aimed at China”

  1. At least ONE thing is beyond dispute:

    ZOG West – spearheaded by ZOGUS & ZOGUK – is forcing bio-weaponised “vaccines” into the arms of its own populations*… which couldn’t POSSIBLY have ANYTHING to do with the ‘growing more hysterical by the day’ War On Whitey…. COULD IT ???!!!

    (* Which “coincidentally” MIGHT account for the projection of a 70% REDUCTION in the populations of both these countries by 2025)

    1. Warning signs everywhere, it really seems we are living the lull before the storm. Panic hoarding of toilet paper? Nope. Panic hoarding of food and medicine? Nope. As planned, people were desensitized to the dangers ahead. Too many cry-wolves nobody takes the yelling boy seriously anymore.

      For us truth-seekers (we should upgrade our category to truth-warriors) are quite frustrating to be unable to alert not even relatives and friends to the dangers inside the kill-shot. The vaccines weren’t created for the virus it’s the other way around: the virus was created for the vaccines whatever meaning you might associate with the word “virus.” They have been using language tricks: “vaccine” is a HUGE euphemism for experimental genetic therapy on brain-dead Goyim.

      What can we do to wake them up? Sadly, we can’t wake them up no matter what. Our relatives and friends are under strong mass hypnosis spell and they’ll pay with their very lives! I’m really sorry for them but this is WAR. We the People are under attack by “the usual suspects.” The best way to prepare for WAR is this – consider yourself DEAD already, it really helps.

      I have been hearing trolls, idiots and cowards advocating a peaceful solution with Satan’s incarnation (the Jew) and its minions. Nonsense! We can’t talk our way out of this mess, Satan is coming for you and your beloved ones, WAKE THE HELL UP!

    2. There were many purposes for inflation of Covid deaths, one of these multi-purposes is to function as a BIG body bag where they can slip and accommodate enemies KIAs. Really sad but KIAs in this context are vaccine fatalities. They didn’t get the war declaration memo, trully sad!

      Let’s not full ourselves, people are, already, dying in droves. I’m sure the REGIME can classify those deaths as “Covid victims” after all, they are digging graves for a couple of years now, aren’t they?

  2. This article is a great plot for a fiction novel.

    I don’t trust jews. They chant kol nidre.

    In this case, I put ‘Ron Unz’ and ‘Unz Review’ in a search engine and both were at the top of the list….. and several told about his jew mom having him by a man who was already married.

    I see jews wanting China and the US to clash at every turn. They are known to invent chaos, controversy and wars globally.


      It is so simple. The bioweapon is used by the “elites” in the USA and China against their own population. The “elites” work together, even blaming each other it’s just for show and for confusion, and we know who they are and yes they live also in China. They are everywhere even though they want us to believe that there are “so few “of them. Don’t believe them. And of course they use “their” journalists to sell this story about China versus the Usa and viceversa.
      It’s so simple.

  3. I cannot fault much, what Mike Whitney and Ron Unz claims about the possibility that Covid-19, may have originated in the U.S.
    Governments all over the world, lie to their people, and the masses of dimwits, never bother to connect the dots. Governments will never, ever admit even when they are involved in a scheme where they deliberately are killing their own people. But they do!
    Woodrow Wilson campaigned with the slogan “He kept us out of war” yet, he drove America into war, and hundreds of thousand of American Sons, died. “ Roosevelt told the Americans, “I have said this before, but I shall say it again and again and again: Your boys are not going to be sent into any foreign wars.” Yet, that, is exactly what he did. Then we had George W. Bush and the lie of “Weapons Of Mass Destruction”
    What is important to consider is when a precedent of mendacity has been set by governments. If they have done it before, never admitted it, and people died, they probably will repeat it, and people will die!
    They closed Fort Detrick laboratory, they never explained why. Covid 19 exploded in the World, starting with China then Iran, and they pointed at China. China, Wuhan, China. Trump Trumpeted. He may have been right, and China may have been involved yes. But, its more likely that China was used as a dupe. China is known for its Industrial espionage, copyright theft. ( Its probable that they were allowed to steal, and then they were “caught” with the stolen virus, and easily became the fall guys.
    But there could be a more sinister angle, especially regarding Iran being the second epicentre of Covid-19. We need to go back to History, in order to get this sinister angel.
    Let us not forget, that the First World war, had nothing to do with Germany, Russia, England, France, America, or the Austria-Hungarian Empire, even if they fought like mad dogs. Let us also not forget, that it was the same case in regard to World War II, and the parties who were involve.
    We know from historical records, that Saddam Hussein was actually a CIA “Asset” ( And Osama Bin Laden, was conduit for C IA arms supply to the mujahedeen Rebels (( ) And however much the mainstream Media hype it, Iran, is no enemy of America! So…….go figure, Watson, the game is s foot!

    1. So who is right about this article? The two comments above by Pat and Bigfoot offer totally contradictory views. Personally,I am neutral on this. Both could be correct.

      Pat could have a point and his reasoning is sound, as far as it goes. He doesn’t trust the article because, he says, Jews are dong their best to stir up trouble between the U.S. and China. His weak point is that he doesn’t trust Jews “because they chant Kol Nidre” and so, he argues, Ron Unz, who is a Jew, cannot be trusted. There are so many holes one could pick in this extremely weak argument that I wouldn’t know where to begin.

      I list only a few: (1) Is Ron Unz “all Jews”? (2) Is he a religious Jew who chants Kol Nidre? (3) Is Mike a Whitney Jew? (4) Are there not millions of GOYIM also, who are neocons like many Jews, and who want war with China and Iran? (5) Do these millions of non-Jews chant kol nidre? Of course not!

      (6) Finally, Pat does not understand that Kol Nidre does not give Jews the right to break their promises and lie intentionally; they can only break their promises if the situation changes and they are FORCED to break their promises by an unexpected change of circumstances.

      Pat refuses to accept this reasonable defense of Kol Nidre, as Lobro and many others here would, only because of an extreme and incorrigible antisemitism. These extremists need a good excuse to hate the Jews and the Kol Nidre prayer, distorted and misrepresented by them, provides that excuse.

      For more on the KOL NIDRE prayer, see here and subsequent sections:

      The argument that the “source”, Wikipedia, is to be distrusted because it is a “Jewish source”, is also weak, since Lobro and others here have quoted Wikipedia as an authoritative source when it suits their purposes!) 🙂 Wikipedia is constantly quoted on the Occidental Observer and LD has made full use if Wikipedia in her articles — even though Wikipedia, I am told, has lied about her and claimed falsely that the Darkmoon site is a “neo-Nazi site”.

      Pat’s other arguments, I have to say, are sound, very sound. And I commend him for the high quality of many of his posts. The Kol Nidre argument, however, just won’t do and needs to be dumped pronto. Only virulent antisemites can use this argument and get away with it, and then only within their own narrow cliquey circles.

      1. Saki
        What I see as being a good example of a kol nidre mindset is reflected by that high official Israeli, I forget his name, maybe the foreign minister at the time, who lamented that, in effect, because the Palestinians wouldn’t comply to their Jewish masters, Israelis were thereby “forced” to “kill and kill and kill” them.

        Lasha presented an article with a picture of this official a few years ago. I’m sure admin can fill in the details.

        1. Shimon Peres is the guy. Former Israeli president

          He said, with eyes and arms raised to the heavens and beseeching “why, oh why, must we kill and kill and kill!”

          Answer: You don’t!!

      2. You know, Saki, the kol nidre prayer really doesn’t matter. The jews would be goddamned LIARS even if there was no such thing as the jew kol nidre prayer. kol nidre prayer or not the JEWS are LIARS and CAN NOT be trusted. Your turning what Pat said about the kol nidre into something that must be deeply examined and making a giant big deal about it and turning it into a big controversy is B-U-L-L-S-*-T, because you know and I know and everyone knows the jews are LIARS and jews can NOT be trusted kol nidre prayer or no kol nidre prayer. Everything you say in response to Pat is MOOT and MEANINGLESS. Why don’t you go lock yourself in your bathroom and take a bubble bath shut the f*ck up and relax b*tch. — instead of getting all worked up over NOTHING.

  4. Pat And Saki sounds like birds of a feather.

    Could even be one and the same guy…….Any takers?

    1. BF –

      Here!! Right HERE!!!

      Even though we disagree on SOME points…. my comments pale in comparison to hers.

      My take is you are a clueless guesser!! 🙂 🙂

    2. @ Bigfoot

      Pat and Saki sound like birds of a feather. Could even be one and the same guy…….Any takers?

      A foolish comment, sir. Pat and I have frequently had our disagreements. I have just had a major disagreement with Pat over the Kol Nidre question. I have more or less been in complete agreement with you, however, on most points.

      So, logically speaking, YOU and I could be the same person! How do you feel about that, Bigfoot?

      Are you ME, or am I YOU? 🙂

      1. Well said, Saki. Bigfoot is rapidly losing credibility in my eyes for making such an asinine suggestion. The accusation that you and Pat are the same person is not only a stupid one, it is also a malicious and spiteful one. It is an aggressive ad hominem attack on both you and Pat.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if Bigfoot is the same person as the cowardly and thoroughly discredited liar Lobro.

        1. Take it from me. Pat is Pat and no one else. Though I disagree with Pat on many issues, I know for a fact that Pat has LD’s full support. And he has my full support too. He is honest and straight as a die.

          (Or is it a “dye”? I’m not quite sure. Silly me! I’ll have to look that up!) 🙂

          1. (OFF-TOPIC)

            Madame honey, you’re the only one here into dye-jobs [ Saki changes wigs when he wants to change her hair colour, lol ] . So Pat must be “straight as a die”. What are you today, a blonde a redhead a brunette? Oh excuse me, you only do blonde and redhead never brunette, that’s because you’re ” a Norwegian” and Norwegian chicks come in blonde and red head but never brunette, that’s TOO dark, lol. My whoodle doodle is “really” “a Norwegian Elkhound”, LMFAO!!!!

        2. @ Bigfoot


          I’d like to assure you that Pat and Saki are two entirely different individuals. They have different email addresses, different IP numbers, different ideas on most questions, different literary styles, and even different spellings. (Pat uses American spelling, Saki prefers British spelling).

          Pat has been posting here for many years and has never given us any trouble. Though frequently attacked, he has fought off all his attackers politely and with consummate skill. Saki, however, is a relative newcomer and is still on trial or probation. We don’t even know for certain if Saki is male or female. (“Saki” is a name which can be used by males as well as females. It is not a Japanese name, it is ancient Persian.)

          1. Ok, Ok, Ok!!

            PAT & SAKI my Apologies.

            @ MADAME BUTTERFLY &
            ADMIN TOBY

            Glad to hear . My mistake. But also glad to know. Its comforting.

            @ HIERONYMUS
            You know sometimes it happens. But its funny you accuse me of making asinine suggestion, while you have no problem making it, by comparing me with Lobro. Vey funny.

            1. @ Bigfoot

              I apologize sincerely for the petulant swipe I took at you you. I’d had a hard day. From the tone of your comment, I can now see that you are not only a highly intelligent person but a modest and self-effacing one also. You are capable of saying sorry when you think you have made a mistake.

              For this reason alone, if no other, you cannot possibly be Lobro. That pompous and self-important prick, according to his own boastful words, is “right even when I am wrong”.

              That’s not something you would have ever said, nor anyone else here with a shred of modesty.

            1. The significance of the name “SAKI”
              (COMPLETELY OFF-TOPIC)

              “Saki” is also the pen name for the British writer Hector Hugh Munro.”

              That’s true, but H.H. Munro didn’t invent the name “Saki”. He borrowed it from another source: from Edward Fitzgerald’s great poem-translation The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. For some reason, the name “Saki” is not found in the famous first edition of the Rubaiyat (1859) but occurs for the first time in the second edition of 1868. Here it is:

              And fear not lest Existence closing your
              Account, should lose, or know the type no more;
              The Eternal Saki from that Bowl has pour’d
              Millions of bubbles like us, and will pour.”

              — The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, 2nd edition, v.47

              This is a clear reference to Vedanta, in which Fitzgerald was well-versed. The only one here who will be able to to understand this obscure allusion is Homer (Hp) with his vast knowledge of Vedantic lore. “Saki” is clearly Fitzgerald’s phonetic variation of the Sanskrit term Sakti (or Shakti) and refers to the Divine Mother, consort of Siva (Shiva). Note: she is referred to as the “ETERNAL” Saki, meaning she is a personification of the female principal of creativity and she “pours millions of bubbles like us.”

              This verse could have come straight out of the Upanishads.

              Ramakrishna comments: “Sakti alone is the root of the universe. Women are, all of them, the veritable images of Sakti.”

              According to Ramakrishna, it is dangerous for a male devotee to worship Sakti, the Mother Goddess, as a man would adore his mistress. This introduces a sexual element into the relationship, he says, and can lead to all the corruptions of Tantric Buddhism (or Tantric yoga) with its associations of “salvation through sin”. The best way to idolize Women, he says, without being corrupted by their dazzling beauty, is to regard all Women either as your daughter or your mother. His personal choice is to regard all women as his own beloved Mother, thus ensuring that his attitude to the woman concerned will always remain chaste and holy.

              Contrast this attitude to Nietzsche’s degrading misogynistic attitude, guaranteed to produce a pathological neurosis:

              “Thou goest to Woman? — Remember thy whip! . . . Woman is for the recreation of the warrior. All else is folly.”

              — Nietzsche, ‘Thus Spake Zarathustra’.

              Nietzsche’s chauvinistic attitude to women (so it is said) led him eventually to getting infected with syphilis in a brothel. He ended up paralysed and comatose in an institution for the mentally insane. Ramakrishna knew better than Nietzsche; putting Woman on a pedestal was in the long run far better than kicking her into the gutter.

              Dante loved his Beatrice from a safe distance, not even declaring his love for her, as did Petrarch his lovely Laura, for whom he wrote his inspired sonnets — sonnets that Laura would not have understood had she read them. That’s how these great Italian poets kept their chastity and got the better of their “concupiscence”, the scourge of lust that bedevils all human existence.

              I don’t often visit the Comment section here for various reasons, but decided to make an exception on his occasion. I hope you will forgive me for intruding.



              1. “The great Italian poets kept their chastity and got the better of their concupiscence, the scourge of lust that bedevils all human existence” because they were for the most part living a life of supernatural grace and also had devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Queen of Heaven and Earth who not only “crushes the head of the serpent (Satan),” but bestows the grace to live a chaste life according to God’s will to all who invoke her in faith and humility. “For man it is impossible,” Jesus said, “but for God all things are possible.” And God has bestowed immeasurable power to His most beloved Daughter (of God the Father), Mother (of God the Son Incarnate), and Spouse (of the Holy Spirit). It is a great mystery, and is explained very profoundly and beautifully by St Louis De Montfort (d.1716) in The Secret of Mary:
                Audio version:

          2. And there’s this Sakhi which does seem to hold a hint and a maybe even a clue.

            “What does the Sanskrit word Sakhi mean?” (Quora)

            “sakhi सखी means a female friend to male to female as well as female to female.
            in the middle east, personal male and female wine bearers (meenaa-kumaari, waiter/ waitress, constant attendant) are normally very close friend to the employer.”

            “a sakhi might play the role of a female friend/ girl friend (proxy of wife), sister, mother, nurse/ maid (elderly female attendant too), goddess in fancy ( favourable celestial beings like apsaraa, vidyaadhari, yakshini, nati-नटी, naayikaa, kinnari and so on).”

            1. That’s interesting, but actually almost more than I needed to know, Homer.

              I prefer “Sake From Japanese Rice”… 🙂

  5. Covid-19 does not exist, it has never been isolated, therefore it does not exist, what it is, is an illusion, a concept from the demented minds in the WEF, the Rockefeller and Gates Foundations, UN Agenda 2030, the central banks of the world, including the FED and this illusion was rolled out world wide in one fell swoop.

    The illusion of covid-19 works perfectly to instill fear and hysteria in the people of the world and drive them into taking the injection of mRNA, which alters the DNA and destroys the immune system and works as a genocide agent to depopulate the planet.

    The Wuhan lab story is a classic diversion to give credence to to the lie that covid-19 exists, and the depths to which this Wuhan lab theory is being pushed proves the lie, the whole covid-19 deal is a lie and one of the biggest scams and psyops in the history of the world.

  6. This BIO-WEAPON called “Covid-19” or really “Covid-19 vaccine ” was made in the USA [ and also in China, it was a joint effort ] . The thing is, when one hears “the USA” one automatically thinks of White Anglo Saxon Protestants, maybe even blondes, oh my God, NAZIS. The BIOWEAPON Covid-19 was really developed by JEWS, JEWS working together with CHINESE. Yes, the JEWS involved in developing THE BIOWEAPON Covid-19 live in the United States but In Spirit and In Truth they are NOT Americans.


    I say “WEAPONS” plural because the Covid-19 vaccine is just one BIO-WEAPON, there are other BIO-WEAPONS in existence and they’re being used. The BIO-WEAPONS ALWAYS have the most negative impact on Whites.

    Covid-19 itself is NOT the BIO-WEAPON, the vaccine is THE BIO-WEAPON. ALL the other vaccines in existence are also BIO-WEAPONS to one degree or another.

    The Chinese government is not giving the Chinese any vaccine shots. That says a hell of a lot pointing to the Covid-19 vaccine being a BIO-WEAPON. The jews in Israel got “the jab” but the jews got jabbed with saline solution NOT any BIO-WEAPON Covid 19 vaccines. You can take that to THE BANK the jews did NOT get the REAL Covid-19 BIO WEAPON vaccine shot but harmless placebo shots. NON jews are getting the REAL BIO-WEAPON shots. In the West, in the Occident, mostly Whites are getting the poisonous shots. [ some NON whites by mostly Whites ].

    The jews and the Chinese are NOT getting “the jab” and that says a HELL OF A LOT pointing to a Jew-Chinese joint effort in developing the BIO WEAPON Covid 19 vaccine. I know I am right about this. Don’t anyone hassle me, for I am right about ALL of the above, I just know I am.

  7. Mark of the Beast injections that BRAND arm proffering idiots as OWNED are the bio-weapons: namely Moderna, Pfizer, AstroZenica: chosen from 80 candidate “vaccines” , all of which except these 3 were standard “vaccines”. Choosing experimental code-of-life-trashing injections over tried and tested “vaccines” is a clue.

    SARS-CoV-2 is a computer model fantasy similar to HIV and Global Warming (BTW Grand Solar Minimum is a quasi certainty, see ) and the London based impact projections of this fantasy “virus” entity.

    Controllers in the US and China are partners in a conspiracy whose goals are manifold: global coup, heist of history, drastic depopulation, justification for trans-humanism (since all the Jabbed accepted to become GMO humans version 2), …

    Whitney and Unz are misdirecting.

    1. A ‘spike protein” /weapon based story was necessary – hence the Chinese concocted a 30 000 base pair “virus” on a computer from 17 base pairs in a “sample”

      Virus and vaccine are in inverted commas above because viruses were declared without scientific basis by the supreme court of Germany in 2017.

      As mentioned previously , in general and under normal circumstances microbes are our friends, as they are everywhere else in nature, acting to recycle life. See previous thread references to NIH lecture on exosomes/the virome and Cowan’s book Myth of Contagion. That’s not to say one cannot contract the clap if a hundred million bacteria are injected directly inside the body.

  8. From the beginning, The Dialectics of COVID had an invisible albeit deductively obvious foundation: “virus” vs. no “virus”. Some dismiss the actuality of “nuclear bombs” as conventionally conceived. Perhaps “duck and cover” exercises exorcised the radioactive demons, for I too have yet to witness one go off. So some reject the entire concept of “viruses”, as in conventional virology. It would seem exosomes take their place. The cleansing of cells and, en masse, the cleansing of organs, replace biological entities (natural or man-made) as causes of dis-ease.

    Nonetheless, viruses and putative antidotes have lengthy if fictitious histories. We have “germ theory”, the “vapours” (of late, DSM-V), vectors, and vaccines inextricably woven throughout maya’s veil. To challenge “SARS-CoV-2” manifest as COVID, one first must enter a pantheon of medical gods, old and new — among them, small pox, polio, HIV, SARS, ebola, and zika — debate their existence with “true believers” and dispute the efficacy of accepted “cures”. Of all voices resonant with naturopathy, Jon Rappoport laid down the gauntlet early and, now 83, still offers to duel those who preach viral gospels.

    I engaged the “COVID scamdemic” from the earliest days. I recall vividly when Veterans Today pointed to Wuhan and military games and the very same “conspiracy”, viz., agents of the US unleashing a weaponized “bio-something” in China; when Jim Stone countered with his theory that China used this pretense — a “bio-something” whether natural or man-made wreaking havoc — to cull tens of thousands of dissidents from that province’s population; when mass media drummed up the marching forth of CONtagion, first to Milan [5G and China connections], then to Iran [also 5G], making me wonder, “What IS it with all these places having names ending in -an?!

    The COVID Caper unfolded as a psychosocial blitzkrieg. The virus became nondebatably real. Like Peter Pan’s Tinkerbell, you had to beLIEve to keep it live|evil. So, clap your hands, mask up, socially distance, and then wash your dirty hands! Alternative treatments quickly became the principal focus of debate, not the cause or even the reality of the disease COVID itself!

    Public health statistics — damned lies — first touted COVID DEATHS, then, as epidemiologic evidence contradicted, COVID CASES, the latter despite continual outings of the “PCR test” as both unreliable and reliably manipulable to produce +’s or -‘s depending on one’s current whim du jour. Then “lockdowns” provably damaged the economy if not the mental health of millions with no evidence of a “dip” in cases or “flattening” of curves. The natives were getting restless, to boot!

    Hence we observe a spiraling back to the origins of SARS-CoV-2, orchestrated with such as Whitney and Unz playing along so well. The reality of SARS-CoC-2 had begun to wane in Mass Mind! Now, however, one year or so passed, we be one quantum jump up in the planned process. The Power$ That Be got their experimental CONcoctions off the shelf and into the bodies of millions, though trendlines appear to fall short of stated goals (e.g., 70%). When re-runs have begun, when re-treads replace blown out OEM tires, when carrot-colored incentives replace the s(ch)tick fear&loathing, revisions to the “path ahead” will soon follow.

    Worse, the next shoe lined up to kick butt will begin to move. My opinions follow. “Project Blue Beam” — the Coming of the Aliens — awaits an even simpler minded, better dumbed-down humanity, perhaps by the time the decreasing count gets to 2 billion. Given the recent mega-boost in predictive programming with Schwab’s WEF, I’ll bet on regional blackouts of electrical power disrupting means of communication with attendant, artificially induced (i.e., man-made) shortages of water and food. For special locations with tailored vulnerabilities — e.g., the geoengineered drought in Kalifornication — we’ll once again have special effects, like “wildfires” that consume houses leaving fully leafed trees standing mute near their ruins. Then, sufficiently diverted, we shall likely receive another dose of “virus”, a variant perhaps, or one “new”, “different”, and (surely THIS time around) more deadly! The second one will get our attention, so smirked Bill and Mel.

    The War Against Humanity proceeds. Most humans missed the declaration of war, no doubt sounded before the birth of anyone living today. We shall not likely go down fighting. Please convince me I got this wrong!

    1. A good read Alan.

      About the fighting, … I do believe, as suggested by BIGFOOT or YUKON that this extermination exercise is primarily aimed at Whites. See
      Non White countries are dragging their heels, clearly only in it for the fiat billions of USD that is the basis for heated swimming pools and luxury homes for a whole new class of bureaucrats.

      Some predict that 6 months to a year will reveal mass deaths, undeniably. At that point it is uncertain whether the masses will turn on the sick elitists or on the unvaccinated. Probably the unvaccinated due to mass media propaganda. So in the White West, the situation is not hopeful.

      Elsewhere, COVID “vaccinations” will grind to a halt. However, there is no reason why the game of COVID destruction should not continue in those places, after all the money flow is hypothecated until 2025 … There is no reason why bureaucrat relatives should not also have a heated pool.

      The only short term personal strategy is to gain independence and isolation. Longer term, independent people will be weeded out.

      Thus we must rely on prayer. This will work. God loves a joke. See what has happened to Global Warming? He slipped in a Mini Ice Age. Controllers now have egg all over their faces. See for the conclusive data on this.

      God is real and a Slap Down of Controllers is due, but of course when this occurs it will be natural in appearance – He does not want ignorant atheists to be given a free ride.

      1. uncle :

        I also said words to the same effect : “this extermination exercise is primarily aimed at Whites” but Flan O’Brien doesn’t know I also said it because of your CENSORSHIP of me. He thinks Bigfoot or Yukon said it, one of those two, but O’Brien doesn’t know I said it also. Because of you, uncle. Are you CENSORING me because I highly suspect that ratti “mit brennender sorge” was really a jew, a crypto jew or a half-jew. And I’m even suspicious of that pacelli, I think he might have been a crypto jew or a half jew. I guess half jew popes would be considered to be half-crypto-jew popes half ANTI-popes the other half REAL CATHOLIC popes, lol . I’m currently looking into both of their back grounds by the way. DM got me curious about their blood/DNA backgrounds. Is that why you’re CENSORING me, because I don’t care for the same popes your blessed mother adores so much? Are you CENSORING me because I like Hitler A LOT A LOT A LOT and I don’t care for ratti and pacelli AT ALL? is that it? That makes me a bad Catholic, right, so I HAVE TO BE BANNED!!!!! I’m an outcast Catholic here at Catholic Darkmoon!!!!! LMFAO!!!!!!

        1. TROJ:
          I don’t think Pius XI or Pius XII intentionally favored Jewish interests, but both were surrounded by Judeo-Masonic infiltrators giving them false, anti-German, pro-Amerikan intel (= pro-Jewish, pro-Communist, pro-Satanic NWO). I believe Pius XII came to realize this, esp. after his secretary Montini (the later anti-pope Paul VI), being homosexual and easily blackmailed, sent dozens of priests and bishops behind the Iron Curtain to their deaths by revealing their names to the communist Tardini. Pius was even fooled by his chosen Secretary of State, the Jewish Freemason Cardinal Bea. (Satan gives those who have given themselves over to his service special powers and coordinates their activities.

          Pius XII’s health was compromised by his evil, crooked Freemason physician Dr Riccardo Galeazzi-Lisi:, and he believed he would be murdered and the Vatican possibly destroyed by a nuclear bomb — a threat that was given after his expedited death in 1958 to his preferred successor, Cardinal Giuseppe Siri, a strong anti-communist and an anti-modernist in the same mold as Pius XII. Siri was threatened into invalidly abdicating after being elected on Oct. 26, 1958 (5 minutes of white smoke, announcement by Vatican Radio, etc.), only to have the obese Freemason and Jewish tool “Good Pope John” appear before the world 2 days later to the gushing acclaim of the international media.

          I recommend readers to copy these links for later perusal since they contain little known and very important information relating not only to the summum bonum, i.e. the salvation of souls (“If souls aren’t saved, nothing is saved” as numerous saints have said) but for the overcoming of the agents of Satan ruling over us, for world peace, and for a healthy renewal of the world in general and the relative temporal happiness that will accompany it.

          1. “Pius was even fooled by his chosen Secretary of State, the Jewish Freemason Cardinal Bea.”

            No popes are ever fooled. They know their comrades very well. They sit on councils for many years before being chosen. ALL of them are experts in trickery and perfidy by the time they are seated. No neophytes get that MOST POWERFUL position.

            1. You’re used to seeing a series of anti-pope NWO puppets since the death of Pius XII in 1958 (after Cardinal Siri/Gregory XVII was forced by a nuclear threat from the Judeo-Masonic powers to invalidly abdicate: see “Grave Reasons of State”). Before 1958 the last pope one could say disgraced his office was Clement XIV who succumbed to the pressure from hostile powers and suppressed the Jesuit Order in 1773, which had done more good in missionary work and education than we can ever imagine. That is why they are viciously and irrationally attacked by those who control the official narrative and by those who have internalized their lies. The Jesuits didn’t become a bunch of homosexual tools of the Luciferian Globalists (after many years of enemy infiltration) until around the middle of the 20th C.

    2. Alan, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt it was a $camdemic global economic (among other things) re-set the moment I heard the first sentence. As a matter of fact I knew (beyond that doubt) before the end of the very first sentence/lie, lol. I’ve been blessed with really good ears. The brain part is of course slightly debatable but dammit I hear good!

      I very likely spit a bit of milkshake as well, but I enjoy so many it’s hard to remember them all. C’est la vie, all over again..

    (No idea why it ended up there.
    Possibly by posting links to Bitchute videos?)

    Fabulous video of Canadian guy speaking his ‘truth’ on COVID:


    Tacit ‘reparations’ in US – let ’em steal + MAJOR WARNING:

    1. Thanks. I saw it was delayed.
      Maybe Bitchute, as it is not Google’s favorite source.
      You can see why. 🙂

  10. AD
    Right, it’s not a virus at all… Maybe there are no viruses to begin with…
    It’s a reaction to 5G, which is then used as the excuse to spread the spike prions…
    Any common flu or other cause of death will be called covid…
    They stopped counting flu deaths…
    Here’s a correspondence I wrote this morning, about the new Biden snitch policy…
    > Straight outta the Stasi handbook
    “and specifically those who espouse the superiority of the white race — and anti-government militia violent extremists posing the most lethal threat.”
    In other words, antifa and blm don’t apply, this is against white people only… Unless they’re activists affiliated with antifa or blm, in which case those white people can loot ant riot and burn all the cop cars they want… Other than a few fools who crashed the capitol building, where one white woman was actually shot to death, plenty of whom were fbi agents provocateur, they would be about the only white people around who might actually do something like that… btw, they’ve never released the identity of the so-called capitol policeman who shot the woman… That’s probably because he wasn’t a capitol policeman at all, but a special agent, hit-man, with orders to shoot somebody to escalate the situation, make sure there was a death…
    Speaking of the STASI, Marcus Wolfe was Bush and Cheney’s pick to head up the DHS back i the post 9-11 days…
    I think there was another Russian KGB guy used too too, Pinchus Finklestein… Can’t find him now…

    1. uncle :

      The first post I sent under this article is no good because?

      ADMIN: I’ve told you already: YOU NEED TO IDENTIFY YOUR POST!!! Three asterisks in front of the post (***) or the first 5-6 words of the comment. I’m not going to play guessing games with you, trying to figure out which post you could be referring to.

      (LATER: I’ve just approved 2 of your earlier comments. Hope I posted the right one.)

      1. uncle :

        Don’t worry, you’re doing a marvelous job, keep up the good work. 😊

  11. Those who invented the dismissive label-term ‘conspiracy theory’ have plenty of disinformation worms bored all through the media, no less the alternative media….
    As far as what really happened, at this level we can only guess…
    And if we do know at least that much, we should concern ourselves with problems we can see clearly, like massive illegal immigration, hard dope, unemployment, homelessness, rapidly rising crime and crooked politicians…
    I haven’t read this article yet but so far it looks like it maintains the theme of mutual antagonism between us and them, the argument being only about who struck first, whatever…
    If the covid hoax itself is as alive and well in china as it is in the USA , I would guess it’s perpetrated there by the same supre-national corporo-fascists who perpetrate it here and elsewhere around the globe…

  12. Be advised that since YOU – the usual Bloviating Commentariat of Darkmoon – have seen fit to not even address the horrendous enormity of my first comment – Yes! It’s TOP of the list! – I now consider YOU – like an ostrich with its head up its a$$ – to be COMPLICIT in your own UPCOMING demise!

    And – fuggedaboutit! – you’ll get NO sympathy whatsoever from me!!

    Thank You!

    1. Calm down, Mr. The Realist, don’t be so upset for the lack of replies on your comment, a good comment btw. It happens more often than you might expect, you are not writing for the “Commentariat” you are writing for your readers, a much bigger audience.

      I’ll answer to your desperate call, hold on…

    2. Get REAL, Realist!!

      Your comments go mainly unnoticed by me…. skipped over. I reply here to hand you, the cry-baby, a pacifier. 🙂

      Since you have condescendingly demeaned most of the commenters here, ever since recently landing…. you have built NO equity with me….. and others, I would guess. Expect the shunning. It could be worse!!!

    “If something is straight as a die, it is very straight. The track runs straight as a die for several kilometres. Note: A die is a specially shaped block of metal which is used to cut or form other metal into a particular shape. This expression may refer to dies which were used to produce designs on coins.”
    that’s why l like Darkmoon because it has English from both England and the U.S.A. and I learn a lot …

    “And however much the mainstream Media hype it, Iran, is no enemy of America!”
    Great analysis!
    You know I have always had this suspicion, it’s very strange what goes on over there.
    They use Iran as the whip in order to scare the rich Arab countries and have them beg for protection from the U.S.
    Iran has done so much damage and terror that the UAE and Bahrain were forced to ask Israel for help !!!
    That’s crazy!

  14. Beleeeeeeeeeeeeve little sheep, beleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve in the virus. LOLROFL

    Back in March of 2019 the CEO of the Saint Louis Federal Reserve, James Bullard, said that Covid-19 didn’t exist, they made it up to lock us down because of the financial panic.

    PLANDEMIC CONFIRMED: Fed Chairman Confesses to Deliberate Shutdown of US Economy. Covid-19 Was the Coverup – Jim Fetzer


    This debate over the bioweapon origin is a ruse says David Icke, it is a psyop to get you to believe that a virus exists, but it is really just a media psyop.

    And along with that psyop, another one, the Indian variant:


    BTW James Bullard is now a frequent guest on many financial shows, he looks to me to be a rising star, a contender for Fed chief after Jerome Powell.

  15. Something else, these academics like Jew Ron Unz, Liberal Mike Whitney, Muslim Kevin Barrett are pumping the MSM narrative of a virus which leaked from China.

    “The Gina is leaking a virus” “We must get vaccine out at warp speed!” — President Donald Trumpenstein

    They are so smart, they have PhD’s, they are fighting for truth and justice, and they are towing the line on the psyop, convincing you that a deadly virus was manufactured in a Chink lab with help from Bill Gates of Hell and Saint Anthony Fraudci.

    Uh huh, sure.

    Perhaps our propaganda trio Unz, Whitney, and Barrett are paid false opposition.

  16. YUKON
    Yes, there is the hoax factor… but we can’t discount the good chance that the DARPA boys have cooked up the stuff that could kill us all, probably more than one flavor of it…
    The covid hoax is kinda like when they have a drill going at the same time they do a 9-11 or another mass shooting…
    The Deagel thing doesn’t help the outlook…
    The fact that they refuse to mention it makes me think it’s real…
    Funny too, how they’re all over the news now with the big UFO expose, but still no mention of Crop Circles…
    You’d think somebody would make the logical link…
    And the war on white people is obvious, as our tactful friend REALIST points out…
    It’s Islam that has Americans worried… Not anything inherently threatening about the average Persian Person…
    We don’t see how Islamic doctrine works with USA documentation, freedom of speech and religion, separation of church and state…. It’s adherents apparently far deeper with the politics than the tenets…
    We see Islam like Zionism, law religionized…
    We feel the USA is being ripped up by foreign, supposedly religious factions that are all about hating each other…. That’s not religion… Or is it?
    If it’s a main rule of Islam that everybody else has to convert or be killed, then we need to hear some words of wisdom on that from the leadership…

    1. I was blogging during this period, so I spent much time researching the virus material and everything was being faked.

      They faked the death count, they faked the cases count, they bribed the politicians, they paid the hospitals thousands per head to label deaths as Covid-19. The plan was leaked by a member of the Canadian government.

      Every single aspect was a lie, a coverup, a manipulation … thus it is logical to assume NO virus but a staged plandemic.

      Always, be very rational, calm, cool, collective about the EVIDENCE. There was no evidence, just lies, assertions, bribes all based on a hoax. Thus, I have concluded no virus. David Icke has concluded no virus. Jon Rappaport has concluded no virus. Jim Fetzer same. Plus many others.

      Note how known liars like Gordon Duff who lies about Global Warming also lies about a real virus from a Chinese lab. Veterans Today now runs ad for Ruth Ginsberg book on their front page.

      Global Warming is a 100% staged hoax, as was Sandy Hook, 9-11-2001.

      Covid-19 is a staged hoax. There is no Covid-19 and never was. There is no test for Covid-19, the PCR test is useless. There is no scientific paper proving it’s existence, a computer MODEL is used as proof by the media.

      Now, like you said, there actually might be a virus, but I am waiting for evidence from a credible source. And no one on the TV can be trusted. No truth teller is ever allowed to even speak for one second on the Jewish controlled media.

      Bill Gates is not a credible source. Neither is Anthony Fauci, nor any player or politician. You can not trust a single word by anyone in the system of power including Rand Paul investigating the leak or origin. All our senators are hand picked by the CIA, most governors of the states same. They are all bought and paid for and any drama on the Jewtube is an outright public mind manipulation.

      Everything you see and hear on the tube is a damn lie. Kill your television. Plant a garden, go fishing, sing songs around a campfire, read some poetry. DO NOT BELIEVE A SINGLE THING ON THE TUBE OR RADIO OR IN PRINT. IT IS ALL A LIE.

  17. My understanding has it that the male/female, mother/father, “yin/yang” principles referred to in lasha’s post have a direct tie-in to the TRUE Torah, the testament whose precedent existed in present-day India before the arrival of Jesus. What is contained therein reflects the Christ/Krisna Consciousness, which was also introduced orally to the Kiowa Apache in the personage of White Buffalo Woman.

    What’s written in the Pentateuch is a hodgepodge of inadequacies having virtually nothing to do with the truth being testified to. My guess is that while many of the writers of this false Torah meant well, and weren’t necessarily being duplicitous, they nonetheless presented much superficial information whose deeper content was withheld by the Anu for their own nefarious reasons.


    see this article by scientists who search in vain for the Phantom Virus:

    In search of Sars-CoV-2

    Samuel Eckert even offered €230,000 to Christian Drosten if he can present any text passages from publications that scientifically prove the process of isolation of SARS-CoV-2 and its genetic substance. The deadline (December 31, 2020) has passed without Drosten responding to Eckert.

    And another deadline passed on December 31 without submission of the desired documentation. In this case the German journalist Hans Tolzin offered a reward of €100,000 for a scientific publication outlining a successful infection attempt with the specific SARS-CoV-2 reliably resulting in respiratory illness in the test subjects.








    really this is a good video to watch and shocking in what they are trying to do to us

  19. The Federal regime was caught by surprise when the controllers realized the devastating potential The Militias have. The Federal illegitimate regime is hugely outnumbered and also demoralized. They are no match for The Militias IF they push for a coordinated attack on key, target assessed, administrative sensible points of the REGIME. They are really frightened by the POSSIBILITY of The Militias turning hostile.

    The regime is in check, therefore, it will make a move. The huge, enormous, heavy Federal regime* has INERTIA. It takes time until it gets fully mobilized. This mobilization includes false-flags, wars abroad, financial crisis, Covid, Martial Law, false “White Supremacist” terrorism, until complete characterization of genuine Americans as insurgents. Insurgents are treated, basically, as the Iraqis were treated when Saddam fell, the Palestinian treatment.

    And there is a narrow window of opportunity with two options ahead:

    (a) The Militias wound the beast, badly, before complete mobilization of Federal apparatus.
    (b) The Federal regime achieves full mobilization and wipe-out The Militias, one by one. CHECKMATE!

    Being optimistic (a) has the potential for a CHECKMATE also.

    * The Federal regime would never have that SIZE weren’t for money-out-of-nothing fraud. When this monster called central government has one big silver ball in one foot and one big gold ball attached to his other foot he is securely anchored. It won’t rise too much in that configuration.

  20. The Jews living in the USA [ and in Israel ] working with the Chinese in China to develop a BIO-WEAPON with the White Race as THE MAIN TARGET — and coming after so much American industry was dismantled and moved to China impoverishing Americans and enriching the Chinese [ and the Jews ] — I know a lot of DMers don’t like Hitler, but he did predict way back when that the Jews would eventually sell the USA down the river to China if the USA were to win WW2. You can dislike Hitler or not be sure if you like him or not — but you can’t say he was wrong about this prediction he made way back when.

    1. — I know a lot of DMers don’t like Hitler, but he did predict way back when that the Jews would eventually sell the USA down the river to China if the USA were to win WW2. You can dislike Hitler or not be sure if you like him or not — but you can’t say he was wrong about this prediction he made way back when.

      Where and when did Hitler predict this?
      Provide the evidence, asshole.
      If you can’t offer any evidence, STFU!!! 🙂

      1. Hitler would never have made any such prediction. Anyone who believes a word said by this Tel Aviv troll (‘TheRealOroginalJoe’) ) is asking for trouble.

        I’d love to know why Admin doesn’t pull he plug on this clown once and for all.

        He’s even stolen my gaddamn name!

        1. @ JOE :

          May you play hockey one day with Pat and may Pat hit the puck real hard and may the rock hard puck flying thru the air at a very high speed whether it happened accidentally or Pat did it on purpose we really don’t care and it doesn’t matter to us, may the rock hard puck traveling at a very high speed go flying right into your mouth knocking out A LOT of your teeth for a GOAL!!!

          I learned to play hockey at Incogman!

          1. @ TROJ

            Another useless f***ing comment by this brain-dead moron.
            Why does Admin allow it? What’s the point?

      2. @ Hieronymus

        I read about the Hitler prediction online a long time ago. I distinctly remember reading the Hitler prediction. Unfortunately I forgot what website.

        ADMIN: As you pointed out correctly, Hieronymus, TROJ is unable to provide a shred of evidence for anything he has said. This is par for the course. He adds maliciously: “And to tell you honestly, Hieronymus, as far as Darkmoon is concerned, even if I did remember the website and even if I did provide a link to the website, it would be CENSORED.”

        No, your comment would NOT be censored! Because it would then be an excellent comment, worth publishing! Provide us with a reliable link and your comment will be published.

        Until then, take Hieronymus’s advice — and STFU! 🙂

    2. TROJ, also probably not a real good idea for the new and improved Israelis and Co. to make a Bio-weapon which targets only non-Semites and white people (aka) DOH! Quite the conundrum innit..
      (cursed anti-semites!)

      The silver lining being of course they’re damned if they do and damned if they don’t, lol..

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