The Death of Mom & Pop

How everyone agreed to exchange freedom for convenience

“We are being lined up for extermination
by rich and powerful people.”
— John Kaminski

Almost nobody realized back in the 1950s and ’60s that the sudden extinction of neighborhood Mom & Pop variety stores was the start of a process known as corporate consolidation that would lead to where we are today with the death of most small businesses and the final imprisonment of society in a worldwide Communist system.

Even the slowest of you now must realize the reality on which you base your life is totally manipulated and artificial. All news is scripted to promote the puppetmasters’ narrative. Big Pharma, Big Oil, the Secret Government, the Hidden Hand — they’re all the same bunch of rich crooks.

Their fixed election and phony lockdown which now have a death grip on civilization provide unprecedented evidence that those who control us with money and drugs have decided to put the hammer down and pay no regard whatsoever to the truth in their most serious attempt ever to lock us down for good.

And so now we watch the grande dames of suburbia ordering their heart’s desires electronically and having them delivered as near to immediately as possible in those now ubiquitous gray Amazon Prime delivery vehicles that have not yet been retrofitted with machine gun turrets, but now is only an early stage of their eventual development into all-purpose law enforcement vehicles.

Back in those halcyon days of the 1950s before there were box stores or megamalls, neighborhood variety store owners knew their neighbors and depended on them; Jewish discount super stores killed the neighborhood supermarkets with cheaper prices and along with them, killed the neighborhoods themselves. Kids were much safer then because their neighbors knew them; not so anymore.

Just like nobody back in “those days” ever suspected that the fix was already in, both in media and government (which today have become the same entity). Sometimes the truth is right in front of us but we still can’t see it, and neither can anybody else. It’s usually difficult to distinguish where we acquired the information that we so confidently describe to other people as “this is the way things are.”

The first and most important realization that anyone can make about all the knowledge in one’s brain is that all the information we can ever possess comes from some other person. No, we didn’t invent all these facts ourselves (which is an important debating point when discussing religion).

Believing that God handed down humanity’s marching orders to one and only one human being is a statistical impossibility that should be shunned by the masses, but instead is accepted by almost everyone whose minds are then permanently controlled by those hypocritical creeps in black robes who molest children.

Most of us who believe in God can do do without believing in these tortured souls, who may not be forgiven for abusing people’s trust in them. That’s a life sentence, by the way.

But the next step is understanding that all the information we possess, except for the basic life information most of us get from our parents, comes from media: first school books, later TV and computers, and most importantly from such public media as newspapers, TV and movies; and today, from the endless cyberuniverse known as the Internet.

Missing messages

Which means that those who own the media control everyone’s minds, in doing so guided by a philosophy that everyone except your own blesséd tribe is regarded a subhuman dreck to be exterminated. All these chants about brotherhood and understanding are nothing but bones rattling around in the false stories of those trying to swindle us, or get us to believe that they are protecting us with their totalitarian laws.

These invisible billionaire owners of all major media have trapped everyone in their artificial reality, in which charlatan doctors can scare the lawful authorities into shutting down the world so the world’s banks can set up a new system to more efficiently fleece and control the populace.

A good book editor would never accept this as a work of fiction, yet it is our reality. And not the worst of it.

The recent fixed election assures that the USA will once again become the corrupt policeman of the world, and the media praise this hypocritical position.

An unnatural death

Not only are there numerous examples of the government-approved cure being far worse then the government-created disease, with the masks and the lockdowns, humanity is undergoing a kind of unnatural death that has been created and provoked by the false words of our medical scientists who even in the face of clear evidence continue to advocate for the social suicide of society because of a disease that has never been proven to exist — just like the fables about AIDS some 40 year ago.

The people who buy this story and take the vaccine that is not a vaccine are no better than H.G. Wells’ eloi vacuoids in The Time Machine set 80,000 years in the future. The eloi came when the dinner bell rang even though they were the food.

There should be a law for all politicians and government officials who ever vote for any provable population reduction schemes to be automatically eligible for a summary judgment of execution for treason to humanity. That would take out a wide swath of public officials around the world, and I believe it should be done to the cynical creators of this masked lockdown charade that has destroyed human society as it existed before they got their hands on it.

When we let the puppetmasters get away with the 9/11 lie on top of all the other false flag swindles they perpetrated, they knew they could put anything over on the gullible populace, and from that conclusion came the worldwide lockdown based on false medical advice, notably, never quarantine healthy people because they are not the ones who spread disease.

Now the same thing is happening with the so-called COVID vaccine. People line up just in case the disease is real and the shot will work. Even though the shot is called experimental and untested, people keep taking it because the bought-off newspapers and TV stations keep telling them to.

It’s another good reason never to trust newspaper or TV news, and certainly government pronouncements should be included in that, because it is false government statements that have gotten us into the predicament we are in today, which is this.

We are being lined up for extermination by rich and powerful people who have decided their profitable plantation would be a lot nicer after a drastic reduction in the slave population. Sayonara to you, Buddy. Particularly if you take “the shot”, you won’t know what hit you until it’s too late.


31 thoughts to “The Death of Mom & Pop”

  1. Brilliant essay as per usual, John.
    I do not know about your presumption that “even the slowest of us must be waking up to the manipulations” of the Jewish Corporate-Communist tyrants.
    A new survey of American university students showed that 70% of them are on the Jews’ side, and are pro Biden and his soon to be replacement “Mattress Back” Kamala. .
    And in Australia, the 65 plus year-old baby boomers are voting for the lefties, like the extremist Jewess, feminist Premier of Queensland, Ms Palletchook (as the locals call her.)
    The Jewish mass media is the only “information” these brain dead couch potatoes get; and the children under 35 years are totally brainwashed in their places of higher learning.
    I sent out one of Ms Tenpenny’s videos re the virus hoax, and have so far lost five friends. The truth insults them.
    But we must keep on trying and perhaps one day the penny will drop.

    1. @ Max Bilney

      Can you tell us something more about “the extremist Jewess, feminist Premier of Queensland”? and why she is called “Palletchook” by the locals? What does this word mean?

    2. Max –
      Can airheads be monsters? Yes they can!

      And, while searching for ‘Palletchook’ 🙂 I found this:

      “Brett Sutton confirms Melbourne covid deaths are not covid deaths!”

      In Victoria they deliberately inflate the number of Covid deaths and even tell you what they’ve done!!

      “With this kind of approach, you could turn any common sickness into a statistical killer. And so pleased with himself as well.”

      Faucci & US CDC would be so proud!!

    3. Ermm Max… if your “friends” can’t stand the truth they were never your friends.

      Better to find out now BEFORE they stab you in the back once the shooting starts.

      1. You are more than right with your comment Realist especially when looking at what is just around the corner: “A team named Taskforce Lotus, will be responsible for monitoring the online interactions of the anti-vaccination movement, which has skyrocketed from around 200 to 6000 a day. There are serious fears from senior government figures and law enforcement that protesters could disrupt the rollout of the vaccine as the government aims to have every Australian vaccinated by October, reported the Herald Sun. A Joint Intelligence Group, made of members from the AFP, Australian Security Intelligence Information, Australian Border Force and state police forces has also been set up by the Department of Home Affairs. It will be staffed around the clock and act as a central hub for information on the anti-vaccination movement and vaccine security.
        The AFP warned there is an increasing risk of violence from the anti-vaccination movement in a submission last week to a government enquiry into extremist movements and radicalism in Australia.”

  2. Admirable John is going around in circles somewhat. I’d like to hear him start advocating anarchism (in its true sense of ‘no rulers’).

    A thread or two back, one of our stalwart commentators made the point that should be clear and obvious now … installing “leaders” above us invests evil with the dashboard of foul control.

    Consensus decision making or nought is the only way for humans to coexist …. people’s congress at all levels, no representatives. The necessary 40 year old technology (internet + encryption) could be implemented overnight. Why does banking have this but societal decision making not?

    Don’t blame any party, tribe or oligarch for the mess we’re in. “It’s the system stupid.” The vampires exploit the system.

    BTW. doubters should look up the answers to “who will make the roads” and “who will pass laws” – the answers have existed for hundreds of years.

    “Government and democracy” is the cause of meltdown.

  3. The death of mom and pop stores is being caused intentionally by corporate-government power, BUT ALSO BY THE MOM AND POPS WHO ARE IDIOTS BELIEVING IN THE MEDIA NARRATIVE.

    We have friends in Medford Oregon who had a restaurant. They worked their asses off to run their little business and when the Covid hoax was pulled they believed it hook line and sinker. They have terminated the business, it is impossible to pay rent when you have no customers. These same people brag on Facebook about how they can’t wait to get vaccinated.

    This sad story is repeated across the nation and the world. Millions of the mom and pop victim class, being regulated out of business, is partially due to their own faulty reasoning, they are party to their own demise. They willingly wear the mask and go along with the narrative, thus they are helping the state brainwash the masses by playing along, which is causing massive damage to small businesses. State mandates are NOT laws, but they willingly enforce what the CIA hack governor edicts as if they are law.

    No one is being forced to vaccinate, but about half of the population is ready and willing to get jabbed – even with all the internet information about the adverse effects or even death from the vaccine. Who is ultimately to blame for being stupid and ignorant especially about a situation that is so contrived and obviously malevolent?

    This situation is a giant culling of the population, Darwinian fitness based on how a brain processes information. If you are not alarmed by the vaccine, or can not figure out this is a hoax, or don’t care, or willingly believe authority, or want to virtue signal – then you may be eliminated by this Bill Gates/Big Pharma/oligarch generated vaccination hoax. About half of the population loves Gates and Fauci, and no doubt they both will get a Noble Peace prize for their efforts. Fauci just got a million dollar award from Israel!

    The bottom line is that Nature is cruel, and if you are not fit you get eliminated. Being consciously aware of evil government is part of today’s fitness. Human society has insulated humans from nature, with cars, houses, artificial heat – and thus sewn the seeds of destruction internally. Modern society has created a dumbed down population which has lost it survival instincts. You would think that most people would naturally resist being jabbed based on their own self preservation instinct, but no, their minds have overruled their instinct and they believe propaganda over reason.

    1. Excellent comment, Yukon.
      These air-head idiots believe anything the Jewish mass media tells them.
      Even though fools like the ones you mention will lose their businesses and be thrown onto welfare and mask restrictions, they confidently believe what a television talking head tells them. Such is the nature of Beria-like total brainwashing.
      Yes, these idiots have lost all their “self preservation” instincts, unless they like the idea of eternal welfare and a subsistence wage. They are hardly fit to live in the realms of the natural world.
      I hate saying it, but having failed the “survival of the fittest” test, they will go down and probably find an early grave. (Via Amazon, bargain funerals, perhaps.)
      The poisonous vaccine will cull the numbers of these ignoramuses, which is, strangely enough, happening to “superfluous” Jews in Israel who have suffered the Pfizer vaccine on mass. Ditto for the money backed Zionists who supported Hitler in exterminating around 300,000, lower class Jews, according to Red Cross figures.
      Correction: Pat was correct when he said these “airheads can be monsters.” …. No minds of their own means they will do what their master controllers tell them to do – join Antifa and BLM, declare they want “all White men eradicated”, belt the “awake” with truncheons and dob in their neighbours. – give the filthy slut, Stormy Daniels, the “key” to their city, etc, etc.
      Most are “bottom of the gene pool” human rubbish that a healthy world could do without.
      Like Obama and Biden, they are “failed personalities.”
      As things currently stand and having accrued the planet’s money and resources, corporate businesses, governments, etc, the “survival of the fittest” gold medal for general achievement and success must go to the elite Communist-Corporate Jews and their wealthy Masonic henchmen. So a gold medal to the gnarled, ugly dwarf brigade of Soros, Adler, Immelt, Kissinger, Jacob Rothschild, Yellen, Seinfeld, Midler, Streisand, etc, etc.
      Oh yeah, they own the judiciary and the prisons and will soon give their idea of swift justice to the likes of rebel insurrectionists Kaminski, Yukon, Bro Kapner, Makow etc. That famous “insurrectionist”, the rebel, Jesus of Nazareth was hung on a cross.

      1. Not so ironic or even mildly shocking that the Hindu Brahmins, the Priests of Jagannath Puri Temple plotted to have Jesus killed for being a threat by associating with and preaching to the low castes sudras, candalas, riff-raff, etc. Word has it Jesus barely escaped Jaganath Puri Temple in the dead of night, by the slimmest of margins. Maybe divine intervention.

        Then it was on to Persia where the very same treatment awaited Jesus for the very same reasons. Yep, preaching those secrets of man and God and law to the riff-raff, again. Strrrrrrrictly prohibited! But the Zoroastrian Priests, being waaay too advanced to dirty their hands the blood of Jesus, instead banished him into the wilds, where the beasts and the elements would do their dirty work for them.

        So after avoiding death by Brahmin Priest and death by Zoroastrian Priest,
        (pretty sure no Buddhists tried to kill him) Isha, errrrr, I mean Jesus went home to instead be hung on a cross by his (former) Pharisee priests.

        And round and round the circle goes and where it stops nobody knows.
        Ohhhh riiiight, yes they do know but if they tell you then they’ll have to, well, you know..

    2. There is another “twist” to the idiocy of Mom and Pop.
      Almost 30 years ago, I traveled, for business, to a small city close to mine. The traffic was unusually light and I had about 1/2 an hour to kill before my meeting started. I went into a couple of stores to “kick tires” a couple of minutes from my meeting, One of the stores was a furniture store with his Chamber of Commerce sticker proudly displayed. The owner was gushing with pride, because the city council had just re-zoned land to allow a Walmart to be built. Now his small city would be a “real” city, because it would have a Walmart. I could only stare in disbelief. Walmart is a death ray for local businesses, but this “Pop” was too dumb to understand he would be put out of business, which he was less than 2 years after the Walmart opened.

  4. VERY good essay! It hit home for me this morning while having tea and watching Joe Biden on the tv news talking about how he (((they))) intended to eliminate gasoline autos by the year 2035, and replace them with total electric. Dumb asses eat that shit up, and DESERVE to be set on foot for their compliance. The infrastructure, alone, will be almost impossible to arrange for hi-mileage journeys, and the ability to control who has access will be enhanced by the electronic bullshit (like Bitcoin). I make it a point to shop brick ‘n mortar businesses – NEVER Amazon, You can do it, too. Keep using cash. (((They))) have a war against it, now, so that should tell you something. If yo don’t have any guns or ammo stockpiled, I suggest you try to start that, too (although it is being intentionally made more difficult). Read your Bible and examine how David dealt with the Canaanites.

    1. Gil –
      AND – Recharging stations will not work when in a flooded area. New Orleans and Houston would have been in deep do-do recently.

      Gas is best!! Ya can carry it with ya and refill easily and share if needed.

      It is obvious that the (((BOYZ))) and ‘AOC-types’ – GREENIES – want us immobilized!!

  5. John said a mouthful on that first paragraph…
    I would suggest an amendment…
    Certainly not the common folk, but I think it’s real true that the deepstate, darpa, the top secret fasciisto corporate hierarchy, the city, the monarchs, big religion all have everything laid out decades in advance, and that their technical capabilities are likewise… the covid plot being no exception…
    Which they could certainly use to free the world from, famine, war and drugery etc….
    And it may be that’s what they have up their sleeves as the end game… But there are howevers…
    Considering it is probably unlikely under the present info standards that humanity will ever see the next paradigm without it being engineered collectively from the global control center, the chances of us getting there are less likely without a master plan…
    I would be willing to try it otherwise, the fully informed straightforewad empirical approach, which I suppose could work, if all gov secrecy could be eliminated everywhere…
    But I’d bet those billionaires and trillionaires who own the world doubt the wisdom of such a free-for-all…
    I can understand balking at population reduction or even pop control suggestions, out of caution and suspicion…
    But I believe the Georgia Guidestones do have the right idea basically on a great, if not drastically or forcefully implemented reduction in human population numbers, whereas the ultimate goal is to have man and planet eventually existing is the best possible alchemy…
    It does look as though however our worst fears are likely justified, with covid a big step toward the nefarious plot to wipe out the proles in general, with the Deagle Report on pop projections affirming…
    I doubt the typical working class will be nearly as necessary to support the Davos crowd after the miraculous technology has been liberated…
    It would in fact be inappropriate for mankind until man has reformed his methods to the extent that slums and the systemic causes of poverty and ignorance are no longer part of the program…
    Which they are on account of the combination of predation and suppression coming from the top of the ownership/control pyramid and no less massive mental shortcomings rampant amoung the permanent 2-digit underclsss..
    I will be the first to tell you that anybody in the world today, no matter where he’s from, can and will be successful in the capitalist system, if the person has the brains and the drive..
    Those types are the exception though, the real giants. probably among the dynasty class as well as the slumsters….
    I guess we all on this site get it that the whole covid virus plandemic/scamdemic is a factor in the plot….
    But we here are astronomically outnumbered by the sheepule, the mask wearers, those lining up voluntarily on their vaxx deals, and as well by the army of insider apparatchiks and the hordes of dirty pinkos, worthless unsuccessful capitalists, who know this is likely a lie but will believe and promote it because they think communism is the ultimate welfare program and the reason government doesn’t work is because it’s just too small…
    Those fools are perfectly willing that the independent thinkers be culled and the planet goes Marxist, if it means they never have to take responsibility for their own well-being again, they’re only responsibility being to obey…
    So what are the chances of a high-tech free-media communications enlightenment phenomenon setting off a global intellectual chain reaction to evolutionize the world, back to its orgonic ecological basics on one hand and forward into the super high-tech free energy phase on the other, with unfortunate geopolitical ramifications decreasing as we go?

    1. Barking deer –

      Your comment is too LONG. Try to abridge them. A tired person will not try to read it, although what you write is usually worth reading…

    2. Barkingdeer, great comment.
      “everything laid out decades in advance”

      Yes, I firmly believe it is based on Big Data and AI – both available since the 80’s.
      These tools allow the Controllers to be quasi certain about, at face value, the extremely risky strategy of Scam19. Essential data was the reaction of the masses to the SwineFlu Scam and AIDS Scam.

      The owner theorises the Scam is driven by an alien AI, with the CO2 and geoengineering scams as necessary steps to make the the Earth comfortable for new alien owners. The payoff for the Controllers, who have been watching too much Steven Spielberg, is for them to become cyborgs or robots. Tribe members are already robots, so this should have appeal to them. There is also the lady physicist whose video on Weaponized 5G I linked to in the past- she is pretty convincing on this subject too.

      Who knows. The essential is to love Creation and the Creator and if time here is up, enter eternity without fear.

      1. Hi PAT,
        Geoengineering seems to be going on. About 18 months ago, I listened to Max Igan about the “droughts and fires” in Australia. Convincing.

        China recently announced from now on they will control weather across the whole of China. Clearly a new source of international friction.

        Website running costs for a blog/news site are 3-5 USD per month. I don’t take seriously any website, such as Wigington’s, that close out readers who block privacy invading Google (Ads). They are making money from click-bait. Additionally Wigington is a (global) Warmist, and as such ignores scientific method.

        Technocracy is really accelerating on all fronts.

      2. Flan –

        Thanks! I agree with you. We all have to study hard to measure and try to glean the facts. Here are some for sure:

        They started chemtrails in earnest – geoengineering – in the early 1990s.
        The patent was issued to Hughes Aircraft in 1991:
        Stratospheric Welsbach seeding for reduction of global warming
        United States Patent 5,003,186
        Chang , et al. March 26, 1991


        Inventors: Chang; David B. (Tustin, CA), Shih; I-Fu (Los Alamitos, CA)
        Assignee: Hughes Aircraft Company (Los Angeles, CA)
        Family ID: 24042064
        Appl. No.: 07/513,145
        Filed: April 23, 1990

      3. Flan –

        This is happening right now… GLOBALLY – even in LONDON!!!

        From the patent:
        What is claimed is:

        1. A method of reducing atmospheric warming due to the greenhouse effect resulting from a layer of gases in the atmosphere which absorb strongly near infrared wavelength radiation, comprising the step of dispersing tiny particles of a material within the gases’ layer, the particle material characterized by wavelength-dependent emissivity or reflectivity, in that said material has high emissivities with respect to radiation in the visible and far infrared wavelength spectra, and low emissivity in the near infrared wavelength spectrum, whereby said tiny particles provide a means for converting infrared heat energy into far infrared radiation which is radiated into space.

        2. The method of claim wherein said material comprises one or more of the oxides of metals.

        3. The method of claim 1 wherein said material comprises aluminum oxide.

        4. The method of claim 1 wherein said material comprises thorium oxide.

        5. The method of claim 1 wherein said particles are dispersed by seeding the stratosphere with a quantity of said particles at altitudes in the range of seven to thirteen kilometers above the earth’s surface.

        6. The method of claim 1 wherein the size of said particles is in the range of ten to one hundred microns.

        7. The method of claim wherein said material comprises a refractory material.

        8. The method of claim 1 wherein said material is a Welsbach material.

        9. The method of claim 1 wherein the number of said dispersed particles per unit area in the particle layer is greater than or equal to 1/.sigma..sub.abs 1, where 1 is the thickness of the particle layer and .sigma..sub.abs is the absorption coefficient of the particles at the far infrared wavelengths.

        10. A method for reducing atmospheric warming due to the greenhouse effect resulting from a greenhouse gases layer, comprising the following step:

        seeding the greenhouse gases’ layer with a quantity of tiny particles of a material characterized by wavelength-dependent emissivity or reflectivity, in that said materials have high emissivities in the visible and far infrared wavelength spectra and low emissivity in the near infrared wavelength spectrum,

        whereby said particles are suspended within said gases’ layer and provide a means for converting radiative energy at near infrared wavelengths into radiation at the far infrared wavelengths, permitting some of the converted radiation to escape into space.



  6. GIL
    It wasn’t that long, no longer than YUKON and others, not as long as Kaminski’s article…
    I’m getting the impression it got to you somewhere…
    Would you care to address any of the points I tried to make?

    1. No, Bark. Sorry. I had just come in from a mountain hike in the snow and ice, forced upon me because my pickup slid into a snow bank, and the road is very remote – no traffic and no houses. My cousin and I plan to go up there this morning after feeding cattle, and get the truck out. I was thinking about just having to spend the night up there, until I got to a point I had cell service, and could use the phone to call him to come get me. (I keep matches, tools, an axe, shotgun, and coal oil in my trucks – just in case, anyway.) There are plenty of springs in these mountains, so I wouldn’t get thirsty. My problem is that I have to do dialysis at home, every night, or I get dizzy and feeble. It sucks getting old and sickly! (I hardly sleep, too.). Please pardon my grumpiness. 😕

  7. John says; “a disease that has never been proven to exist — just like the fables about AIDS some 40 year ago”

    I do not think that AIDS was “a fable” Aids was, and is real. So, I think we need to be very careful with these Deep State thugs, because they can manipulate us with the truth, just as they manipulate the masses with lies. Selective dissemination of Truth can make people have a kneejerk attitude to anything “Deep State” Take for example this “Covid” thing. Some say “It does not exist” Others say “Oh it exists and its from China” Others say, “It exists, but its not as deadly as they claim” Let us not forget, that these guys have money, well-funded research institutions, ability to create diseases, ability to release viruses on the unsuspecting. As the Good Book tells us, “Test every Spirit” “My dear friends, not every spirit is to be trusted, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets are at large in the world.” 1 John 4:1-1

    1. BF –
      “DEEP STATE” is cover for the people who are GUILTY!! Individual CRIMINALS need to be NAMED! A buzz word cannot arrested. I name names. Everyone should.

    2. “Aids was, and is real. ”
      Yes it was but it was not a virus. It was caused by self destruction – SF homo’s used an over the counter drug to enhance their orgasms. In Africa, the usual suspects (WHO) were ramping up “AIDS” by counting starving, nutrition poor Africans. There are documentaries about indignant health workers, the ones not on WHO payroll, complaining about poverty being labelled as AIDS.

    1. Florida could be a target since CPAC did not follow the CV rules in Orlando this weekend. 👍👍

      Desantis will support Trump and be his running mate in 2024. 😎

    2. Barkingdeer –

      The snow lingers awhile up in the high country. It’s melting today, though, and we didn’t have much trouble unsticking my little Toyota pickup. (We keep several of those Cummins Dodge ton trucks on the farm, with four wheel drive – which do quite well.)
      It’s very windy, now, and had I had to stay up there last night, it would have been miserable.

  8. Soon I think, it will not only be the demise of mom & pop businesses, but all of us on the chopping block.
    Hey Ladies, here is Just one more reason to avoid the Covid vaccine.
    BOSTON – Swelling of lymph nodes in the armpit area is a “normal” response to COVID-19 vaccinations, but when they are seen on mammograms, they can be mistaken for nodes that are swollen because of cancer.
    An intelligent, aware person must then ask,
    are these vaccines carrying the signature of humanity’s own culling? For at least 1 hundred years the “elite”
    have repeatedly stated there are far too many of us on their planet.
    So many foolish people think if they do what they are told, and get vaccinated, everything will return to normal.
    From my research it’s about 50/50, with half asserting they will not submit to the jab.

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