The Disuniting of America Is Now Inevitable Under Joe Biden and the Radical Left

By Robert Bridge
Strategic Review via Truthseeker
Jan 23, 2021

Joe Biden will ram through warped liberal social experiments masquerading as credible, time-tested programs designed to stabilize the nation.

Virginia National Guard soldiers march across the east from of the U.S. Capitol
on their way to their guard posts in Washington on Jan. 16, 2021.

It was a stark image never before seen in Washington, DC, and one that bodes ill for the future prospects of the country. A locked down capital ringed in barbed wire, with 25,000 troops encompassing the Capitol building, provided a surreal backdrop to Joe Biden’s inauguration as the 46th POTUS.

The excuse Democrats have provided for turning the ‘citadel of democracy’ into a maximum security prison is not due to a growing distrust with the electoral process.

Nor was it blamed on the spectacle of the mainstream media and Big Tech silencing the voices of exactly one half of the U.S. electorate – including that of the now former president, Donald J. Trump.

No, even to suggest such irrational things would attract howls of ‘conspiracy theory’ from the liberal gallery.

Thankfully, we have Silicon Valley fact checkers and corporate media commentators to lead us to the valley of truth, which informs us that all those Trump “insurgents” who invaded the Capitol building on January 6th were motivated by pure evil intentions rooted in racism, sedition and white supremacist ideology.

And as Hillary Clinton suggested during an off-the-rails interview with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Trump and his motley crew of “deplorables” may have taken their marching orders from none other than Vladimir Putin himself.

Who needs fiction writers these days when we have the Democratic Party?

—   §   —

 Conservatives need to come to grips with the realization that they are not dealing with rational people who will be willing to engage in cool-headed discussion and debate.

Despite a full sweep of the political landscape, the left remains consumed by a collective fit of rage, hysteria and raw emotion that shows no sign of abating.

Why? Partly due to political immaturity in their ranks, and partly because ‘victory’ for the left no longer means victory at the polls; these fanatics, for that is really what they are, will not rest easy until the political opposition is shorn of its voice and representation.

In other words, when it is completely and unequivocally obliterated.

And given the political proclivities of Big Tech and Big Media, those dreams are dangerously within reach.

Unless the right is able to essentially build its own internet architecture to bypass the left’s censorship machine, they will eventually go the way of the dinosaurs as a political force.

In the meantime, Joe Biden, or whoever will be pulling his strings, will ram through warped liberal social experiments masquerading as credible, time-tested programs designed to stabilize the nation. Of course they are nothing of the sort.

These are globalist-backed policies – such as defunding the police, opening the border, vilifying the right as ‘racist,’ and sexualizing the minds of elementary-age children – designed to utterly destabilize the nation and all of its core institutions, including not least of all the nuclear family.

Anyone who speaks out against these reckless initiatives will be struck down by the harshest cancel culture cult ever known to man.

In fact, ‘domestic terrorism’ legislation is already drafted that, if passed by Congress, will go far at stifling any dissenting voices from the right.

The very first line of the proposed legislation, entitled ‘Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2020,’ which was conveniently prepared just weeks before the Capitol riots erupted, states that “White supremacists and other far-right-wing extremists are the most significant domestic terrorism threat facing the United States…”

Buried deep in the text is a single line devoted to Antifa, and nothing whatsoever about Black Lives Matter. Yet these groups were the ones responsible for torching and looting a swath of destruction across the United States following the death of George Floyd during an arrest by a while police officer.

—   §   —

Days before Biden’s ironclad inauguration, the media was out in full force propagating the notion of a connection between right-wing Trump supporters and – wait for it – terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda.

Retired Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the former head of Joint Special Operations Command in Iraq and the commander of all U.S. and allied troops in Afghanistan, said this in an interview:

“I did see a similar dynamic in the evolution of al-Qaida in Iraq, where a whole generation of angry Arab youth with very poor prospects followed a powerful leader who promised to take them back in time to a better place, and he led them to embrace an ideology that justified their violence. This is now happening in America.”

So there you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth: the ‘deplorable’ right in the United States is almost on par with the same guys who carried out the terrorist attacks of 9/11.

Needless to say, with such outrageous comments making the rounds, there was little chance of a balanced message from Joe Biden’s inaugural speech with regards to the myriad problems now stalking America.

Indeed, the address was top heavy with warmed-over clichés about “unity,” as well as references to racism and inequality.

After four years of groundless rhetoric about “racist Trump supporters” (yet no other conservative president has been so successful at attracting members of the Black and Latino community to the Republican standard than Donald Trump), it was only natural that Biden would allude to “a rise in political extremism, white supremacy, domestic terrorism that we must confront and we will defeat.”

Coming just days after the riots at the Capitol building by Trump supporters, which the hapless mainstream media has been at great pains to label a “racist” event, the message made it amply clear for whom the bell tolls.

—   §   —

Once again, at this dangerous crossroads in American history, any hope for a true bipartisan breakthrough is doomed to failure, and more so now as the radical progressives in the Democratic Party are demanding the most outrageous social, cultural and political overhaul the nation has ever witnessed.

No true conservative will ever abide by these changes.

At the same time, the voice and demonstrations of the right is not only being brutally vanquished, it is actually being assimilated under the banner of “domestic terrorism.”

This marks the widest chasm between the two primary political parties in the United States.

Unless this is quickly bridged, it will end in disaster for the American experiment in democracy.


LD:  We have good reason to believe that Joe Biden is no more than a Zionist puppet, just as Donald Trump was widely accused of being. There are, however, two significant differences this time:

(1) For all his faults, Trump attracted a sincere and fanatical devotion from his faithful followers, some of whom would gladly have died for him. Biden elicits no such devotion from the Democrats, and their love for him is lukewarm. (2) For all his faults, Trump knew what he was doing and by no stretch of the imagination can he be accused of suffering from dementia.

A man who has trouble remembering the name of his own children, and whose wife may soon have to remind him that he is President of America and lives in a place called the White House, is hardy fit to lead a nation of 332 million people.

Check out the creepy 15-second video I have added below. Then decide for yourself if you are happy with a president who clearly doesn’t have a clue what executive orders he is signing.

Andrew White on National File, Jan 23, 2021:

Joe Biden said, “I don’t know what I’m signing” on camera, as he proceeded to sign an unknown executive order. In the video, posted to BitChute, an unidentified person told him to “sign it anyways.”

This comes amid nationwide concerns over Biden’s apparent cognitive decline.

The video shows Biden, without a note of humor, say that he has no idea what executive order he is signing. Another person then gestures toward Biden’s left hand.

Biden then proceeds to sign it anyway.

VIDEO   :   15 seconds

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  1. Gen. Michael Flynn—Will the American Republic Survive?

    The answer is no IMO. Nonetheless, listen to what he has to say – he might be naïve, which I think he is, – but he comes across as an honorable man, and you all might learn something of value from this guy.

    1. The above writer is wasting our time and disrespecting the Administrators of this website.

      Why do I day this? Because it is clear from his comment, which make NO REFERENCE to the article above, that he has not even read the article. He creates a distraction right away by saying in effect: “Don’t bother to read the Darkmoon’s site’s article. See my YouTube video instead!”

      What insolence! What chutzpah!

      This Jewish troll from the steppes of Russia needs a lesson in good manners. He is getting too big for his boots! At the very least, he ought to have had he sensitivity not to post this irrelevant link as the first opening comment.

      (Outraged and Disgusted)

      1. For a “Silent Reader” you certainly have a lot to say for yourself! 🙂
        Why don’t you shut up and climb back into your box of toys?

      1. Darkmooners,
        Let’s talk about language. Could the word “guy” actually be derived from the word “goy” and “chick” from “sheiksa”? Pat, what say you…. intellectual treasure? 🤔🤠

      2. Don –
        The term “guy” actually comes from Guy Fawkes, a 17th-century participant in the failed 1605 Gunpowder Plot (and the inspiration behind those creepy, mustachioed, “V for Vendetta” masks that Anonymous wears).

        The word “chick” is short for “chickadee” since girls were/are called “birds” in England.

      3. DC
        An intriguing take on the word “goy” is reflected in the following:

        Goy: Gaelic> to goilim (golim; golem) ; goill (goy).

        In expanding on certain native understandings, the word can be seen as a noun AND a verb – “goyed”. The thinking being that the verb describes the process by which man exists in matter, and as such is subject to its laws governing life and death in this material world. Pretty heady stuff, but suffice to say, “goy” does not refer to “gentile” in distinguishing that from “jew”.

  2. This country is now rapidly reaching the point where it was intended to arrive at in the minds that produced the Protocols in the coincidental year of 1492. And now I disown it. From now on my only allegiance is to the family of nations called the Haudenosaunee – the Iroquois to my white brothers and sisters of which I share an ethos.

    The drums are sounding for a return of the Red Man to reclaim his ancestral home. This we believe will come back around from when it was so rudely interrupted.

    Wahi Kalu Pa-u-ki (the heart has chosen it’s own path)

    1. Brown hawk –

      I don’t know about the red man’s return, but I certainly agree with you about alienating oneself from the forum contractus/body politic. It will implode, and I will hopefully be able to watch from my rural post.
      I can easily envision a similarity to ISIS eventually to befall some of us white men. In fact, it would almost pleasure me to engage in graphic executions of leftist scum (like throwing them to hungry lions, and watching the sport…😄). (Maybe collecting scalps??)

    2. Gil
      The “rude interruption” I alluded to doesn’t include those Whites who fled Europe in the early 17th century and braved the unknown of N. America seeking a life of peace and reverence shared by like-minded natives who respected their motives. For this we will stand in solidarity against a common enemy, come what come may.

      1. It’s funny how “history” has been misconstrued by Hollywood, Brownhawk. I am currently reading the journals of the Lewis & Clark expedition, and find they actually encountered no native Americans until they got as far as the Rocky Mountains. Their biggest difficulty with the red man was the language barrier, which was assuaged by a certain “Sakajewea” who was married to a “worthless and shiftless” French trapper. Otherwise, they seemed to get on fine, except for some minor trespass misunderstandings. The Indians really liked some of the healing medicines brought by the white men, and the white men enjoyed the help from the Indian good will.

      2. Gil –

        The Natives were also very impressed with the amazing French made .45 cal Girandoni Air Rifle used by Lewis and Clark:
        Lewis and Clark’s secret weapon – a late 18th Century .46 cal. 20 shot repeating air rifle by Girandoni , as used bin the Napoleonic Wars. A Treasure Gun from the NRA National Firearms Museum.

        The Girandoni was the key to their successful journey…. scared the hell out of the Natives! 🙂

      3. For this we will stand in solidarity against a common enemy, come what come may.

        I’m certain that you will not. I am sorry to say this, chief, but you are simply a buffoon – a good one, but still a buffoon. You do not understand the nature of the problem.

        The problem is that you, i.e. the USA, are the common enemy for the rest of the world. Not “the Jews”, not the “Red Shield”, not the “Anunnaki”, not any other nonsensical construct that might exists in your head, but the state called the USA as a whole is the problem. The USA, in its current status of a parasite has to go if the humanity is to stay.

        That’s what the problem is. Think about it, chief.

      4. I HAVE thought about it you idiot, THOROUGHLY, which is reflected in my post if you were to read it properly.

      5. Gil
        Sacagawea was a young Shoshone girl who was kidnapped by Hidatsa raiders in the late 18th century. A few years later she was sold to the French trapper, Charbonneau. Soon after giving birth to his child as a teenager she met up with Lewis and Clark, whom Jefferson wanted to inform the Indians that they would profit more from trade with the U.S than with the British.

        Lewis and Clark hired Charbonneau as a translator and guide to accompany them up the Missouri with Sacagawea and her young child.

        “….in the Spring of 1805 Lewis and Clark needed horses, which the Shoshone were known to have. Sacagawea led them to a Shoshone village, where she was not only recognized as one of their own, but found that the Shoshone chief, Cameahwait, was her brother. He readily agreed to supply the strangers with horses in exchange for gifts and a promise of guns in the future. Sacagawea continued on with Lewis and Clark all the way to the Pacific and back.”

        I don’t know if the chief ever got the guns 🤨

    1. Pat,
      Let’s not give too much importance to weapons like the (non-firearm) Girandoni air-rifle. Sure….it was an amazing piece of engineering. It could put the 45 cal ball of lead through an inch of wood at 100 yards. Very deadly….AND…. silent. No smoke or noise to give away the shooters position. But this arm was very delicate and difficult to maintain and required hundreds of “pumps” to keep it operational after the air-pressure went into red. On the other ✋, the simple bow-and-arrow was just as deadly when used by skilled warriors. There are numerous accounts of Sioux warriors killing enemies or prey at the same distance using these PRIMITIVE weapons. The SKILL of the HUMAN often is more important than the TOOL. Anyway. Just Donaldo thinking. 🤔🤠

    2. Off topic…poquito..a little. But today Donaldo received a random text message from a Georgia, USSA clinic stated that they are willing to pay up to $1200.00 for people to take a “trial” anti-Covid vaccine. Wow! Now they are willing to pay us to be guinea 🐖 s. Darkmooners, put your helmets on please. 🤔🤠

      1. Yep. The VACCINE is in full-swing. AND… Madame, YOUR next. Outstretch your arm Madame. Doctor Donaldo is about to give YOU the ultimate injection that HES fantasized of for years. Hush. Don’t say a word. Just take it. It will be swift and painless….there..told you so . And now, you feel better. Of course you did. Now lets crawl back into the box of toys. Unfortunately, life ain’t so simple. 😘🤠

    3. Gilb,
      So through thousands of miles from Ohio to the West Coast Lewis & Clark encountered no native Americans? Interesting. Well. I guess they were all hiding in caves drinking tequila with Donaldo waiting for the Anglos to present their passports.

      1. No, Donaldo. The expedition officially started from Missouri, and they encountered no Indians until the Rockies (maybe Colorado?), still far from the west coast.
        It was a big piece of country, and possibly most of the Indians stayed out-of-sight.

        Brownhawk – Sacagawea was married to the French trapper, and was the only reason they kept him. He was described as “worthless and shiftless”, but Sacagewea was prized. Apparently, she spoke French well enough to translate native tongues (or maybe English).

      2. Gil –

        The “Discovery Corp” headed by Lewis & Clark went up the Missouri River, which is way north and east of Colorado. They encountered & traversed Sioux Falls in South Dakota…… then on to Bismarck, N Dakota…. then westward to the Rockies and beyond.

        Elk Point – Aug. 22, 1804 – The party elects Patrick Gass to replace Sgt. Floyd who had died two days earlier. This marks the first election west of the Mississippi.

        Vermillion – Aug. 25, 1804 – The explorers go to Spirit Mound, which area tribes believe is inhabited by 18 inch tall “devils”.

        Yankton – Aug. 28, 1804 – The expedition holds a council with the Yankton Sioux at Calumet Bluff.

        Gregory County – Sept. 7, 1804 – The expedition sees prairie dogs for the first time. All of the men attempt to drown one out of its hole for shipment back to Jefferson.

        Chamberlain – Sept. 16, 1804 – Near present day Chamberlain, the expedition stops at a place they call Camp Pleasant. In Lewis’ journals he describes the numerous buffalo, deer, antelope and elk.

        Great Bend – Sept. 21, 1804 – Near Present day Fort Thompson, the Corps of Discovery comes to the “Great Bend” in the Missouri. They measure the distance by land, which is a little over a mile, by water it is over 30 miles.

        Fort Pierre – Sept. 25, 1804 – Confrontation with Teton Sioux, who demand one of the Expedition’s boats as a toll to travel farther upriver. Chief Black Buffalo resolves situation before any fighting. Expedition stays with tribe for 3 more days.

        Gettysburg – Oct. 4, 1804 – A replica of an abandoned Arikara village, like the one encountered by the expedition, stands in Gettysburg’s West Whitlock Recreation Area.

        Mobridge – Oct. 8, 1804 – The expedition discovers three Arikara villages. Days later they hold council with them.

        Pollock – Oct. 13, 1804 – Pvt. John Newman is charged with “mutinous expression” and is found guilty. He receives 75 lashes and is disbanded from the party.

        Cultural Heritage Center – Pierre – Lewis and Clark were not the first explorers in South Dakota. Two Frenchmen, the Verendrye brothers, buried a lead plate claiming the region for their king in 1743. In 1913 the plate was discovered by kids and is now on display at the Cultural Heritage Center in Pierre.

        Akta Lakota Museum – Chamberlain – A baby was born while Lewis and Clark held council with the Yankton Sioux. According to the legend, Lewis and Clark wrapped the baby, named Struck By The Ree, in an American flag. More information about the Great Sioux Nation can be found at the Akta Lakota Museum in Chamberlain.

        Burning Bluffs – Platte/Winner – In 1804 Lewis and Clark saw bluffs that appeared to be on fire. Today along certain portions of the Missouri River (most recently near the Platte-Winner bridge), smoke and steam pour our of the earth’s surface, creating the look of fire, without flames. The burns are unpredictable, but look for them from Fort Randall to Chamberlain.

        Fort Manuel – Kenel – Sacagawea, who served as an interpreter during the expedition, dies at Fort Manuel of a “putrid fever” in 1812. A historical marker near Kenel stands at the site of Fort Manuel.

      3. Gil –

        Sorry! I misspoke! Sacagawea left me and I got lost and took a right too soon. 🙂 Sioux Falls is on a tributary of the Missouri River….. the Big Sioux River. The Corps ran into difficult rapids, but not Sioux Falls.

        Too much ‘water passed over the falls’ and ‘under the bridge’ these days. 🙂

      4. Gil
        I think both Sacagawea and Charbonneau were useful in whatever translations were required, as well as their serving as guides. But no doubt those in the expedition realized Charbonneau’s lack of character early on. Just that he took the act of purchasing another human being as acceptable shows that.

  3. With dozens of EOs, Biden has DISUNITED many thousands of American workers from their paychecks…. including farmers!!!

    Biden’s Keystone Pipeline EO Means Challenges For Farmers!!

    FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) – Yesterday, President Biden signed an executive order to revoke permits for construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline. This poses challenges to the energy industry as well as to AG producers who rely on transportation methods like trucks and trains which will be increasingly used to transport petroleum. Eugene Graner from Heartland Investor Services explains.

    He will be attacking Islamists very soon….. like Israel did, already!!!!!!!

  4. I may be wrong, but something tells me that t Old Joe never really was serious when he run for president. It was something people expected the former Vice-president of the former administration to do. May-be, he was hoping that (1) Trump would not outrage the Deep State to the extent that they decide that “Anybody was better that the recalcitrant hot-head” (2) That Democrats would find a heavier candidate, and bring to an end, a joke meant for his grand kids. I mean who in his right mind would consider a 78 year Old guy for president? A less stressful job would even be too much for Him. See what happened to Obama? He aged so fast, that by the time he was out of office, He looked like he hand switch with his granny! And now, here we are, with America being ruled by a granny who should actually be a on his way to “ The Home Of The Aged” muttering to himself as he settled for his worst nightmare “ Damn it! I even don’t’ f****ng know what I am signing” Can you blame him? America, how on earth could you do this to a granny? You have killed him! HE WAS KIDDING! Boy, O Boy! Some America.

  5. “Unless the right is able to essentially build its own internet architecture to bypass the left’s censorship machine, they will eventually go the way of the dinosaurs as a political force.”
    Well yes, but IF they do, we’ll have to hope it will be more than only a bigger and better version of the fecal mud-slinging the media scene is now, where all everybody seems to do is react to the other guys’ reactions, all big exercise in futility compared to what they should be doing…
    None of them get it through their heads that their job is to root out the causes of the impasse, IF they want to be called Journalists…
    Of course they won’t do that… They’d get fired… There is no Journalist’ Bill of Rights…
    And you couldn’t have a real discussion of the political problems for 10 minutes unless you said the words jew and zionist 10 or 15 times…
    “Joe Biden said, “I don’t know what I’m signing” on camera, as he proceeded to sign an unknown executive order. In the video, posted to BitChute, an unidentified person told him to “sign it anyways.”
    Biden was given the list of Executive Orders to sign by his bosses, the Three Cities Empire……
    It wasn’t that he forgot what he was doing…
    He never saw or heard of the document before…
    Too bad no journalist will ever ask him if he did, who really wrote it…
    It’ like Nancy Pelosi telling the congress – “we have to sign the bill so we can find out what’s in it”…
    He’s like a kidnap victim…
    He’s probably wondering if he’ll ‘be relieved’ after he finishes signing all the rest of the Orders he never heard of..
    I gotta say, I don’t want the Keystone pipeline either…
    It’s part of the infrastructure of highways and railroads running North South designed to fast track imports from Mexico and to cut the USA in half, as was intended at one time by a British General in the Revolutionary War…
    My info is – The oil would have been drawn from tar sands in Canada, which in most polluting and inefficient… Millions of acres of wetlands would be ruined…
    It would be refined in Houston Texas and shipped to Europe to be sold at huge profit…
    The American people in general will get no benefit from it, except for a few jobs, those nothing like the numbers you’re getting from the commercial media now…
    Nobody whose property is being ruined by it wants it… But you won’t see them on TV too much…
    Save me a wigwam…

  6. The disuniting of the nation is hardly the threat – the nation is under full frontal assault by radical Jewish boleshiviks in the media, banking, government

    Will the American Republic Survive? Or is it already dead? When did Amerika become a Jewish Demonmockracy? (Hint – when Jews took control)

    When the immigrants from Europe bought slaves in the colonies.

    Civil War – when Lincoln started a war on the secessionists

    Then a series of successful coups ended the Republic. 1913 Federal Reserve Act transferred money creation to the Jewish banksters. Then the rise of the military industrial state from the wars the bankers got the nation in.

    Then the National Security Act that created the CIA, the USAF, and the MJ12 – because of Roswell UFOs – the state panics as a higher power than the government must be suppressed at all costs.

    Assassination of a sitting president in broad daylight, then the perp LBJ (crypto Jew) expands Vietnam and the Welfare State. (Jews waged war against the Communist takeover of Vietnam yet now they are fully adopting it)

    this leads to the end of the gold standard (1971), and the rise of inflation

    by late 1979 gold has gone from 22 to 800, the cost of everything doubles, triples – a 25 cent loaf of bread is now $5

    then the 911 coup by Israel, Israel now blows up building in downtown Manhattan and gets away with it – not one Jew charged or prosecuted for this mega crime

    the wars that cost trillions and trillions follow – all for Israel

    the latest coup is the stolen election of 2020, where a winning President is thrown out of office and a degenerate pedophile – who is so senile he doesn’t even know what he is signing is put in charge of a nation that is unraveling at the seams

    Now that Israel is fully in charge and Biden’s staff are all rabid Jewish supremacists, the final takedown and genocide of the original white European population is now underway

    Project Pogo and Project Zephyr are in play, and Trump delivered us into the jaws of the Judah Lion, the nation is now controlled by the Jewish Bolsheviks
    see: The Purpose Of The Trump Presidency And Why David Goldberg Had To Die

    The current vaccine is the first kill wave – a soft kill where dumb people line up to get their death jab to save them from a non-existent staged covid hoax

    These idiots like Simon Parks and company still are pumping that “Trump is secretly in charge with the army” while the Jews are rapidly consolidating power for the secret plans to off the population first by vaccine then by arrest – detention – death camps

    and while they haul patriots away you will surely see endless TV shows about the poor wittle Jews getting Holoroasted by those evil Nazis … so while the Jews carry out a real genocide they will be hyping their own fake genocide

    The Jewish media is going to guilt trip whites to the max while they carry out a real holocaust against white Amerika.

    In the meantime government spending has gone through the roof and what is really strange is how the stock market keeps going up while the real economy is being gutted. A fiscal crisis like the world has never seen will soon be upon us

    I think it is safe to assume a real shitstorm of Biblical proportions is coming

    and as a gentle reminder, if you do not want to participate in the upcoming Amerikan gulag I suggest leaving while you still can

    … just slip out the back Jack, get a new plan Stan, and get yourself free

    1. YJ
      Strictly speaking, this isn’t FOR Israel. The Red Shield would sacrifice that shithole in a New York minute if it were to suit their purposes. Those that constitute the Shield serve only their Satanic master.

      There is no honor amongst thieves.

      1. The relationship between the Rothschilds (Red Shield) and Israel is a topic for debate. The Rothschilds are responsible for the Bafour Declaration but I saw a Jacob Rothschild interview and he voiced how disgusted how racist Israel has become. It was clear that what he intended to create has gone rogue.

        This means Israel took on a life of it’s own. The old guard that created Israel is gone, now the younger generations of Israelis have taken over the nation – notably Benjamin Netanyhu and his militaristic genocidal party. How much influence the bankers in London have over Israel is unknown.

        911 was an Israeli job. That is easily provable as nearly all the actors are Jews, Israelis and Neocons. No Muslims were involved in 911 except as setup patsies. The brainchild behind the attack – which was used to start a war of terror on the world – has been identified as Netanyahu and his associates by Christopher Bollyn.

        Now back in the United States, before and after 911, Jews and Israeli took control of many (if not all) major corporations in banking, insurance, defense, media, pharma, etc. Israel now owns and operates the USA, they also decide who gets elected as they control the vote. They openly admit this. Most Amerikans are ok with it because of their Christian heritage and association with the Holy Bible. Bill Moyers has a TV show and he went over this in detail, how Christians identify with Israel because of their faith.

        The Jews have such a spectrum of control they will not tolerate any boycott efforts, criticism, holohoax denial. I predict that questioning 911 and the Holocaust will become, if not already, capital offenses. Especially 911 and the USS Liberty incident which both implicate Israel as the enemy within – which is why Israeli operatives inside the USA can physically attack scholars and get away with it.

        Two notable examples are Kevin Barret and Christopher Bollyn.

        It is my opinion, that all those black eyes of our congressman come from Netanyahu and his thugs, who waltz right into the halls of congress and beat the shit out of any congress person stepping out of line. That is some control. No one dares take them on – not even Trump who gave them everything they wanted and still got flushed down the toilet.

        What is needed are some brave airmen to put bombs on Israel like a modern Doolittle raid on Japan. Israel needs to be embarassed for what they have done. Amerikans need to gain control of their senses and bomb Israel because Israel has every intention, and is busy destroying the United States as a functioning nation. IMO it is the Jews and only Jews who are orchestrating all of this destruction.

      2. YJ
        Rothschild saying that doesn’t necessarily indicate that his intentions had gone rogue. It just means he was being PC about Israelis “racism”. The Shield wouldn’t cavalierly “give up the ghost” in some insignificant interview. I’d say that Israel is playing to the script as they have all along. Otherwise Netanyahu would’ve been long gone by now.

    2. I am impelled to note again and again that – notwithstanding all that “Red Shielded” Anunnaki bull crap we find in chief’s head in abundance – my redskin brother demonstrates understanding of geopolitical reality far superior to that of Yukon, Kaminski and all other jackasses’.

      1. Bullcrap WE find? Whatchoo mean “we”, kimosabe? You’re the only one saying that. My guess is that some readers reserve judgement on perspectives outside of their understanding. Others may THINK it, but at least are respectful enough to bite their tongues.

  7. US Judge Blocks Biden’s 100-Day Freeze On Deportations!!
    The judge granted a 14-day temporary restraining order until the case could be further examined, following a request by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

    Judge Drew Tipton granted a 14-day temporary restraining order until the case could be further examined, following a request by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

    “A near-complete suspension of deportations would only serve to endanger Texans and undermine federal law,” Paxton said in a statement.

    God bless Texas!! 👍👍👍

  8. Maybe MORE than presidents…. Google may have more power to “DISUNITE” whole countries with control of the internet!!

    They are brazenly flexing their muscles in Australia…..

    Google Threatens to Pull Search Engine in Australia After News Content Law!!

    Google on Friday – Jan 22 – threatened to make its search engine unavailable in Australia if the government went ahead with plans to make tech giants pay for news content.

    Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison quickly hit back, saying “we don’t respond to threats.”

    “Australia makes our rules for things you can do in Australia,” Morrison told reporters in Brisbane. “That’s done in our Parliament. It’s done by our government. And that’s how things work here in Australia.”


      Are you experiencing any problems reading our articles, especially on a smart phone?

      We have received this email allegedly from Google:

      Mobile Usability issues detected on

      To the owner of

      Search Console has identified that your site is affected by 3 Mobile Usability issues:

      Top Issues

      The following issues were found on your site:

      — Clickable elements too close together

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      We recommend that you fix these issues when possible to enable the best experience and coverage in Google Search.

      Basically, I’d like to know if this is false alarm and if we should ignore it. We have received NO COMPLAINTS from readers about the content being wider than the screen and about the print being too small to read. On my home PC everything looks fine. (I don’t use a smartphone to go online).

      Your input would be appreciated. Thank you.

      — ADMIN TOBY

      1. Better for reading on iPad than PC. Posting is easier on PC…. with a real keyboard for MY shaky fingers. 😎

        Sounds flakey to me.

        1. Thanks, Pat. IOW, no changes needed?
          People can still read the articles on a PC or tablet,
          (and print size can easily be expanded if one is short-sighted).

      2. When using a smartphone the only issue I have is that my comments don’t appear instantaneously, but are delayed, which is hardly an issue at all.

        1. Thanks, BH. Your comment was “delayed” that time by going into “Trash”, but I then approved your comment as soon as I saw it. So it gets published after a time lapse. (However, I guess this could deter people from posting comments who are using smart phones all the time.)

      3. Google are the prime enemies of humanity and are not to be given time of day.
        Only a site making money from Google Ads would have cause for concern.

        DM readers are above average intelligence. I have seen they regularly inform DM of any technical issue.

        Ignore all the tech giants.

      4. All DM articles can be read and are always accessible using a PC. Commenting has plenty of glitches. Also the Google “Safety check” causes issues especially when a VPN is used. Comments in my case (PC/VPN) are always delayed but show up eventually. 48 hours was the longest delay I had noticed but normally its a few hours – as average. Reader comments vary, depending on browser and no VPN. This article this morning had 9 comments with VPN on and Java script disabled and 45 without VPN and Javascript on. This is going on since October last year. As Flan put it “Google sells adds” and doesn’t like “Freeloaders”. Surely there must be another safety check instead of Googles CAPTCHA.

        1. @ JO

          Your technical knowledge is astounding. My technical knowledge in comparison is almost zero. All I can say for certain is that Google has been creating immense problems on the internet in an effort to boost its revenues and also censor free speech. At this rate, the Darkmoon site is living on borrowed time. How much longer we can keep going is anyone’s guess.

    2. “Australia makes our rules for things you can do in Australia,” cough, cough, cough. Since When?
      Yeah right. One of these rules will be mandatory Anal swabs as Covid tests – just like China. They are testing waste water for Covid since more than 6 month here in OZ and find Covid infections everywhere including in remote communities that never had anything to do with Covid yet. Even though Australia has very low “infection rates” the sewage water is “dangerously infected”. Must be one of these rules SCOMO talks about. – “According to reports, more than a million residents in Beijing have already undergone anal swabs as part of the screening. An infectious disease specialist, Li Tongzeng, from the You’an Hospital, told state broadcaster CCTV that anal swabs are more accurate and “reduce the return of false positives”. Great to know that the US now has a specialist specie of an Assistant Health Guru who knows ALL about Anal testing.

  9. American Military News reported two weeks ago that Israeli officials warned they will attack Iran if President Joe Biden eases U.S. sanctions on Iran and rejoins the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.

    A top advisor to Israeli Prime Minister Benji Satanyahu threatened that Israel will take action, as it did against Iraq in the 1980s and against Syria in 2007, to prevent Iran from advancing its nuclear program.

    In reality, this is nothing more than a psychological war” and without the US support, the shit hole in the Middle East would have neither the ability nor the courage to carry out such an attack. Iran will without a doubt crush ISISrael like a bug and will be firing Shahab-3 missiles at every major ISISraeli city.

    1. Good! Let’s stay out of it! Our own military is being turned against our own people, which is enough to deal with at present.

  10. In First Phone Call, Biden – ‘Talks Tough’ – Warns Puny Punk Criminal ‘Put-On’ about Navalny, Ukraine and Agrees On Treaty Extension

    They discussed the poisoning of HIS opponent…. Aleksei Navalny amid mounting international concern over his recent arrest and the Russian government’s violent crackdown on THOUSANDS of protesters – who hate Puny Punk Criminal ‘Put-On’ – seeking his release at nationwide demonstrations on January 23.

  11. we are celebrating, sorry, commemorating the holocaust with the pope who was crying on t.v., here in europe.
    no mention covid victims

    1. While the Aussie middle class is squeezed out like lemons there is plenty of fresh printed Money available for another recent “educational Holomuseum” from the kosher Aussie Finance minister.
      “Australia makes our rules for things you can do in Australia” says the evangelical doomsday PM. Wonder whom he is talking too.

  12. Biden is a compromised blackmailed “useful idiot”, a very old, doddering, half-senile, long term career politician who likes to sniff kids, who had virtually no public support but was installed anyways by TPTB (Netanyahu, Israel, Jews, Synagogue of Satan Deep Sate). This fool (like narcissistic Trump) has no idea that a team of top Israel psychologists have carefully laid out his presidency so as to accomplish the goals of a Jewish world empire headquartered in Jewrusalem. So it is not surprising the Biden says he has no idea what he is signing, probably blank pieces of paper where his Jewish staff fills in the details later.

    The Jews are superior if they can play us like dumb cows at this level. The Jewish parasite has completely taken over Amerika by deception, by bribes, by assassinations, by owning the media. They did it in small incremental steps. It was the Israelis who staged the false flags. The last one was very clever, antifa hijacking the peaceful Trump capitol rally and turning it 180 degrees around, now Trump is being impeached and exiled – and Michael Moore wants him arrested.

    (((Note: I think Trump and family could be a wave repeat of Czar Nicholas – the Left is so furious they want Trump and family imprisoned and executed – then go after his followers with an iron fist – and with all this face recognition surveillance and phone tracking, the FBI knows who is exactly each and every Trump supporter.)))

    So dupe Biden’s first goal is the vaccine to combat the invisible (and impossible to detect) covids molecule that plagues our civilization. We must stop the covids, as the covids is the cause of our demise, the covid virus is our enemy and must be stopped at all cost, including any remaining freedoms you might have. Note how the pandemic is a scam, and the government “reaction” to this “manufactured” crisis is the real reason why the economy is cratering.

    Biden job 1 is to combat the covids by making sure all our sheeple have a fighting chance by getting vaccinated. (Never mind that Covid-19 remains unproven, non-isolated, impossible to detect, and no vaccine exists since they don’t know what it is). Our great glorious pedo Joe and his CameltoeHo will lead us out of the darkness of the evil covid plague that has us in total fear and darkness. We must all get vaccinated say our installed whores!

    Not many (unless you are a super-paranoid personality type) seem to understand that the vaccine is vehicle which is intended to kill us. Covids can NOT kill us because the Covid molecule is a myth. The invisible covids is a myth (like warming by carbon dioxide), a way to stampede the public into a totalitarian state by medical emergency (just like the myth of global warming is being used to stampede us into a totalitarian green agenda). Climate Change = Covids = The Agenda on steroids. All the goals of climate agenda will be neatly woven into the covids hoax, the twin agendas are now one.

    The covid vaccine will cause other diseases because the purpose of the (Bill Gates of Hell) vaccination program is to cull the population, covids is just the excuse to get you to submit to the agenda. So what evidence do we have that what I am asserting is indeed what is really going on? Well first of all, some people, including nurses are keeling over right after the jab. But not everyone dies right away, why is that?

    If everyone keeled over immediately from the vaccine then that would sound the alarm and the sheeple would not be lining up to get it. So the way they intend to pull off this genocide is by stealth – by making different batches of vaccines tainted with cancer, aids, etc. so that once jabbed that person has a high chance of dying in the next decade from tainted doses. And if the first stab doesn’t make you deathly ill, they will insist you get follow up jabs. The vaccination will stop only when you are good and dead.

    My advice is that resistance is futile, the Jewish Borg and have already assimilated the nation – so a good sane solution for those living in police state Amerika is to run from hell. Leave while you still can, go to a nice warm climate and relax on a beach while the Talmudic prison planet infested by Jewish terrorists eats itself alive from the inside out.

  13. Anyone can easily look up the names and government titles of the ten Jews who Biden has appointed into his senior administration. Not that the Trump administration was really any different. Both parties are financed by the mega-rich, Judeo Corporate Communist Jews who have bought the allegiance of the super wealthy Goyim Masonites. In the final analysis it all comes down to the oft-stated scenario: Jews rule the USA. And the same old solution: As long as the Jewish Money Power holds all the purse strings, the American people will continue their convoluted dance on the ends of the strings of their Jewish puppet masters. The old maxims keep the truth intact: Benjamin Disraeli: “The world is ruled by the hidden hands” The Jews are not really “hidden”, it’s just that most of us are too scared to state the truth: JEWS RULE!

    1. ADMIN
      Sounds like you’ve just been put on notice by Google….
      They’ve given you a list of problems they’re saying you’re having, they’re having with you….
      We’re being put on notice Google thinks darkmoon is a problem.
      Considering this Is a free speech outlet, which is no friend of the Zion and wants rid of the ZOG, and that there is now this major push to deny social media to outspoken critics, enemies of the DC ZOG , truther tellers on the election, the holohoax, 9-11, we shouldn’t be surprised to be shut down….
      If so, What to be done about it?

      1. Agreed. If they got a “notice” that is a veiled threat. Not sure why darkmoon site is involved with google but they should separate from goolag before mossad separates their site from the web.

        Before my site got 86ed I got these popups messages that said, how do you rate wordpress? That was a clue that wordpress staff had my blog (and there are millions of blogs) on their radar.

        So if you are getting any messages from google watch out – they literally want to shut down all opposition. And please note that denying a person the right to speak by banning them from Facebook, Twitter, or canceling their blog for no good reason is a form of violence.

        If someone threatens you to “shut up” how long till that same person hits you if you don’t shut up? The state is has merged with high tech and Jewish censors, we are living under Jewish fascism right now, and they (could or will) become even more violent in the future.

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