The Freud Illusion: Two Guest-Reviews for The Occidental Observer

By Tobias Langdon
The Occidental Observer
July 1, 2021

Two guest reviewers offer us intriguingly diverse perspectives on a biography of the great Sigmund Freud. Dr. D’Bea’Qwarr insisted on not capitalizing ‘white’.

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Freud: The Making of an Illusion, Frederick Crews (Metropolitan Books 2017)

(This is a guest-review by Dr Benjamin M. Rubinstein)

Burn this evil book. Burn it!

Dr Benjamin M. Rubinstein is a forensic accountant and passionate psychoanalyst who trained under a mentor who trained under a mentor who trained under The Master.

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Freud: The Making of an Illusion, Frederick Crews (Metropolitan Books 2017)

(This is a guest-review by Dr La’Toksha D’Bea’Qwarr)

As a proud Black Woman of Size, I simply could not read all of this book. It wasn’t that Frederick Crews is a white male, because I was relieved to discover that Crews has managed to divest himself sufficiently of white privilege and racist white solidarity to expose his fellow white Freud as the true criminal and pervert he was. Nevertheless, I was unable to process so much about whites and their white wickedness. And there’s worse to come, it seems:

The first director of the [Freud] archives [at the US Library of Congress], Kurt Eissler, saw to it that other papers would remain unavailable for many more decades, extending as far forward as the year 2113. (“A Note on Sources,” p. xv)

The mind boggles at what still remains to be exposed! But the facts are already clear, as Crews lays out in unsparing detail. Freud was an archetypal white: a greedy, selfish, unscrupulous control-freak interested only in power and money, and prepared to tell as many lies and hurt as many people as it took to get what he wanted. I was sickened to my stomach, repeatedly, even in that short portion of the book I managed to fully process.

Fortunately, Crews brings a dry wit and a sure eye for a comic quote or wry comment to the task of cutting Freud down to size. In between being sickened to my stomach, I chuckled heartily many times as I read what I managed to read. Here are some of the additional laughs I found by dipping into the unprocessed portion of the book:

“I read through your manuscript in one sitting,” he [Freud] enthused [to Wilhelm Fliess] in 1896, with reference to The Relationship between the Nose and the Female Sexual Organs. “I was exceptionally pleased with its plain assurance, the lucid self-evident connections between the individual themes, the unpretentious unfolding of its riches, and…its wealth of glimpses of new riddles and new explanations.” (ch. 23, “The Secret Sharer,” p. 426)

In Freud’s world, it appears, all roads led to masturbation. Virtually every upsetting experience caused a child to start masturbating, and later her options were to keep masturbating and become neurasthenic or to stop and become hysterical. (ch. 29, “The Labyrinth of Reproaches,” p. 526)

Psychoanalysts were expected to march in step behind Freud’s anti-masturbatory banner. Between 1910 and 1912 the Vienna Psychoanalytic Society devoted no fewer than eleven sessions to discussing the ravages of the vice, and although dissenting voices were raised, Freud remained adamant. (ch. 35, “Imposing His Will,” p. 642)

[Margarethe] Csonka had kept him [Freud] busy analyzing fabricated dreams that were designed to satirize his preconceptions. Freud was just wary enough to suspect that her dreams were trying to deceive him, but not wary enough to perceive that Csonka herself was the trickster. After each session, having retired to a café, she would amuse her girlfriend with uproarious accounts of her therapist’s fatuity. (ch. 35, p. 644)

Freud schmeud, baby. This creepy Viennese shyster was a pervert and crook in typical white male fashion. Frederick Crews is to be congratulated on making a major contribution to the on-going campaign to expose the white male icons of the past as woefully over-rated, wildly over-exposed and way-way-way over-due for replacement in the so-called Western canon by the silenced voices of Persons of Color – especially Women-of-Size of Color and LGBTQTSIA+ of Color.

Dr La’Toksha D’Bea’Qwarr is the Hymie K. Diamondberg Professor of Black Diaspora Studies at the University of East Brooklyn.


46 thoughts to “The Freud Illusion: Two Guest-Reviews for The Occidental Observer”

  1. I wonder has the morbidly proud Dr La’Toksha D’Bea’Qwarr ever availed herself of the wit and wisdom of her fellow off-white Nobel Prize winning writer V.S. Naipaul and brother Shiva? If not and if she’s entertaining her obese ego via seeking out reviews and comments on her spoilt philosophy, hopefully she’ll trip over this food for thought which just might curb her appetite for carrion, if only just a little bit.

    And if that doesn’t help cure what doesn’t ail her, here’s a heaping helping of dessert. A bit rich perhaps, but a bit rich is what fuels her secret heart, innit?
    Bon Appétit!

    1. Darkmooners,
      Dr. Qwarr is a “proud black woman of size.” Translate…..”BIG MOMMA.” Ok. Good. But at least she can read….. we’ve made progress in that regard. Freud was an interesting figure to say the least. An academic? A philosopher? Probably not. A pervert? Definitely. Donaldo read his writings in University but was overwhelmed by the abstract vagueness of it all. Anyway. At the end of the day, Freud contributed nothing but BS to the field of psychology and that was indeed his plan. “Are we ready to spread the plague to the Americas?” This he proclaimed to a fellow passenger on the ship heading to USSA in the early 1900’s. And spread the PLAGUE he did. He completed his mission and is indeed the father of academic NOTHINGNESS which prevails today in USSA’s institutions of HIGHER LEARNING. Oh well. Just Donaldo reflecting from a lonely truckstop in Virginia as torrents of rain fall. It’s a storm folks….and the worst is yet to come. 🤔🤨🤠

  2. Maybe Saki and Sarita should go see a psychiatrist and work out their sexual dystopia issues and figure out what gender or genders they are. If they go together the psychiatrist might give them a two-for-one discount and they can save some money while getting cured of their dystopia delusions. It can’t hurt and might even help them figure out if they’re “really glamorous Hollywood female celebrities” or just 2 old tired played-out drag queens whose drag queen “careers” never got off the ground and now they have nothing to look forward to and have a tendency to drink a lot to drown their sorrows in booze, poor things….

    1. Why don’t you shut up, you pathetic windbag!
      Unless your role here is to make a fool of yourself
      and hold yourself up as a symbol of universal contempt.

      1. He can’t help it.
        Contemptible people generate contempt,
        just as skunks make most people hold their noses! 🙂

      1. Administration,
        I would like to upload a couple of pictures of myself so that whoever is interested can see my gender.
        Would that be against the rules?

        1. @ Sarita

          Gosh, I had no idea this could even be done! 🙂
          By all means go ahead and post some pics of yourself.
          If WordPress lets them through, that’s fine with me.

      2. To The Realist,

        “What happened to Mdm Butterfly? Sure sounds like you were describing her to a T!” 😂

        Thank you for inquiring.

        What happened to Madame is pretty much the same thing that happened to Saki and Sarita, her Hollywood “career” never took off the ground and at her age now it’s NEVER going get off the ground so she drinks like a fish. She’s very dramatic and she always acts as if she’s in a movie and of course she’s the center of attention in the movie in her mind and Saki and Sarita copy her histrionic mannerisms because to them she’s a sTaR because drag queens LERV showy exaggerated female type campy gestures and female movie star drama!

        So Madame hangs out with the two old drag queens in sleazy bars drinking like a fish because she’s an old fag hag. She likes to wear mink stoles she finds in Goodwill stores because it makes her feel like a film noir bad girl bombshell dame from the late 40s when she’s with Saki and Sarita getting drunk in dark sleazy run down bars “lounges” as they were called back in Hollywood’s Golden Days!

          1. Pat,
            It’s ok as long as MB remains a lounge-lizard. But if she degenerates to a LOT LIZARD (truck stop hooker) and Donaldo sees her aimlessly wandering the truck stops, he’ll immediately notify administration and us Darkmooners can put together the $$$$$$ to fund her rehab…… Madame…….luvya hon. 😘

          2. ADMIN

            Thank you for deleting the spiteful comments directed at me by the low-brow morons singing the praises of bestiality porn pervert “The RealOriginalJoe”. I refer in particular to the degenerate wankers known as the’The Realist’ and ‘Donaldo Colina’. Let it be understood that if these three spiteful bullies continue their vendetta against me I will cease to post on this website.

            So take your pick, Admin: it’s either me or this trio of compulsive wankers.

            TROJ, Donaldo Colina, the Realist: these tree lowlife psychopaths need to have their testicles surgically removed. They certainly need to be sterilized and prevented from having children. The White race is doomed as long as compulsive masturbators like this are allowed to produce children.

            Parenthood should be the privilege of a noble elite. It should be denied to the vulgar and trashy rabble.

            1. Well said, Butterfly Lady!
              It’s because you have class
              that that these trashy people pick on you.

                1. @ Admin

                  Please reinstate their comments.
                  As an aristocrat, I disapprove of censorship.
                  A person like me cannot be harmed by low-born proles.

                    1. Thank you, Admin.
                      If I had your address,
                      I would send you a hamper from Harrods. 🙂

                  1. Mdm Butterfly:

                    In case you hadn’t noticed, I was complimenting TROJ for a comment that’s a stellar example of his always original & humorous “turn of phrase”.

                    For you to extrapolate that my comment was primarily directed at your person – when I don’t know you from Rachel Levine and you merely served as a backdrop-canvas for TROJ’s literary artistry – just goes further to show that you have a severe case of The-World-Revolves-Around-Me’itis… and what’s more, in desperate need of a chill-pill along with that gin&tonic! 😂

                    1. Good point, dear. I stand corrected. I was, as they say, “in my cups” when I made that comment. 🙂

                      So kindly make allowances. Doesn’t the universe revolve round you, too?

                      When you come down to it, we are all solipsists, aren’t we? Or narcissists. Wasn’t Hitler, whom you so admire, the centre of his own universe? A universe, I may add, that existed purely in his own mind and had no objective existence.

                    2. Mdm Butterfly:

                      If it’s any consolation, I’ve always been a pain in the a$$ (or so people invariably tell me 😅) so forgive me for any imagined slight 😘

            2. Madame,
              Donaldo has incessantly defended and showered you with praise for centuries ….but now you slander him with insults. As far as Troj, he’s now resting in Donaldos guest room balcony overlooking the beautiful east-coast Florida beach. Leave him in ☮️ please. The next theme is LOYALTY in which you have no concept. Anyway, continue to wander aimlessly as you do. Donaldo only offers a solem prayer to your possible deliverance.

              1. Donaldo,

                You have your good points, Donaldo. On the whole, I think, they outweigh your bad points.

                But tell me in confidence: are you really a Mexican Jew trucker? I find that pretty hard to believe, given your above-average knowledge of the English language. 99.9% of Latino truckers wouldn’t even have HEARD of this site, let alone spend their time firing off comments to it after hard day’s drive on the roads. You picked a rather unlikely role to play, Donaldo! Don’t ever write a novel or movie script and expect it to be sold! TOO IMPLAUSIBLE!!!:)

                1. Madame,
                  Donaldo is simply an unanchored soul wandering endlessly through a mysterious and often hostile Universe. Donaldo is indeed descended from a LOST TRIBE of mysterious origin though he dwelleth not on this topic. He wanders a spiritual 🏜️ in search of an oasis of knowledge and fulfillment both of which have eluded his quest. Donaldos existence has occupied countless formations and destructions of Universes. But for now… he is…. humbly existing on a lonely and remote outpost planet of which he has little understanding. With the rising 🌞 he ponders and with the setting of it his restless mind still pursues a SOMETHINGNESS to quench his thirst. Anyway dear Madame….. 🏜️ flower….this is Donaldos answer to your question. 😘

        1. TROJ – you’ve come up with some absolute gems in the time sonce I first stumbled upon Darkmoon (while searching for a “cougar” dating-site 😊), but I must say that this latest comment of yours is a Piece De Resistance of psychological insight, a veritable Tour De Force of “devil take the hindmost” temerity that I could only wish to aspire to… with a turn of phrase that would’ve made Hunter Thompson – Yes! Mr “Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas” himself! – green with envy… and all topped off with a bellyful of laughs! 😂

          In short, I recognise genius when I see it and I, for one, SALUTE you! 😂😂😂

  3. Dr La’Toksha D’Bea’Qwarr:
    “As a proud Black Woman of Size, I simply could not read all of this book. It wasn’t that Frederick Crews is a white male, because I was relieved to discover that Crews has managed to divest himself sufficiently of white privilege and racist white solidarity to expose his fellow white Freud as the true criminal and pervert he was. Nevertheless, I was unable to process so much about whites and their white wickedness….”

    “….so much about whites and their white wickedness….” Huh????

    She never rolled her lard-ass to a news stand or waddle to a library to see how the so sweet pair of Mandelas laughed and cheered when they, ever so kindly, ‘NECKLACED’ and barbecued their own people. They cheerfully watched their so happy victims scream with agonizing joy to provide so much entertainment for THEM, the criminal thugs…. Nelson & Winnie.

  4. I’m surprised Lasha Ms. Editor didn’t change the American spelling “color” to the English “colour”, the correct way of spelling it. I’m disappointed. I expected better from Ms. Editor.

    1. STFU, you attention seeking creep! And stop wanking in public.
      You are no longer even funny, assuming you ever were.

  5. The first director of the [Freud] archives [at the US Library of Congress], Kurt Eissler, saw to it that other papers would remain unavailable for many more decades, extending as far forward as the year 2113. (“A Note on Sources,” p. xv)

    I never considered anything authored by Freud to be creditable. Does make you wonder why a portion of his records remains concealed. What are they hiding? Could those records discredit him further? Maybe hidden to prolong the pseudoscience of psychiatry further?

    1. I am halfway through this book. It blows the lid on Freud like no other Freud biography has ever done.

      Frederick Crews is an acknowledged expert on Freud and his research is meticulous. All from original documents, diaries, private papers, letters.

      Freud was a cocaine addict who masturbated his female patients just as Wilhelm Reich (also Jewish) did after him. Jewish psychiatrists frequently took advantage of their female patients, pretending that orgasms obtained during therapy were beneficial to their patients’ health. They also put mischievous ideas into their female patients’ heads, suggesting their fathers might have sexually abused them in early childhood.This caused horrendous family breakdowns. Memories were “retrieved” from the subconscious through hypnosis. Freud regularly used hypnosis on his patients, both male and female.

      Artificial memories (i.e. false memories) can also be implanted during hypnosis. This makes a mockery of the treatment process.

      “Transference”is a Freudian concept. This is when a special bond, often sexual, is created between therapist and patient. They then go to bed together. The patient, in effect, makes regular appointments with the psychiatrist in order to be sexually abused.

      The therapist is more than a physician offering “counseling”; he is also a gigolo. All this is proved by Crews in his remarkable biography.

      1. One of the most revealing anecdotes told about Freud is this. He hadn’t taken a break for a long time and needed a holiday to recoup his strength.

        So he was advised by his friends to take a couple of weeks off and gets some fresh air and sunshine in the Alps.

        “Sorry, I can’t do that,” he quipped. “Because when I come back, all my patients would be cured!”

        1. SAKI wrote: I am halfway through this book. It blows the lid on Freud like no other Freud biography has ever done. Frederick Crews is an acknowledged expert on Freud and his research is meticulous. All from original documents, diaries, private papers, letters.

          Crews has given incredible exposure on this fraudster’s thorough, debauched moral corruption.

          If a patient disagreed with his interpretation, (“No, I’m not in love with my brother-in-law.”) that only strengthened his conviction that he was right. He violated patient confidentiality. If a former patient improved after leaving his treatment, he took the credit. He was oblivious to the dangers of confirmation bias.

          Here is what is said of confirmation bias:

          Confirmation bias refers to a type of selective thinking whereby one tends to notice and to look for what confirms one’s beliefs, and to ignore, not look for, or undervalue the relevance of what contradicts one’s beliefs.

          Sounds very much like today’s tribal news hype without much basis on actual facts, using camera bias along with reporter bias to make the spectator glued to the TV screen believe this nonsense as actual fact. And, here is an interesting little tidbit:

          One whole section of Crews’ book is titled “Off the Deep End.” Freud developed into a “manic speculator,” who fantasized, interpreted, and guessed. And his speculations were often fueled by cocaine. In a damning admission that his editors suppressed, he once confessed:

          I am actually not at all a man of science, not an observer, not an experimenter, not a thinker. I am by temperament nothing but a conquistador – an adventurer, if you want it translated – with all the curiosity, daring, and tenacity characteristic of a man of this sort.

          He displayed an expanding grandiosity, saying psychoanalysis was the only possible treatment for certain conditions and claiming impressive successes. In reality, he had not achieved a single cure. He knew his claims of healing lacked any basis in fact, and sometimes he said therapeutic success was not his primary aim; rather, he aimed only to give patients a conscious awareness of their unconscious wishes. He told a friend, “we do analysis for two reasons: to understand the unconscious and to make a living…we certainly cannot help [the patients].”

          In other words, he was a sexual predator of the worst sort masquerading as a professional.

          1. @ Györgi

            Brilliant! I agree absolutely with all you say. In my previous comment, I said only a fraction of what could have been said about this outrageous imposter. I am grateful to you for reminding us all that what we know about this man is only tip-of-the-iceberg stuff. There’s a lot more to come! 🙂

  6. I bet the TWO Catholic prelates ratti & the pacelli prayed for (((Fraud ))) so much he didn’t go to hell or even purgatory, the jew fraud went straight to Catholic Heaven, Safe from the dreaded evil NAZIS!!! Safe with the Catholic Saints in Heaven! One needs A LOT of pepto bismol, one goes thru cases of the stuff — and one still pukes, when confronted by those TWO Catholic prelates and their papal brennender sorge for the jews — and NO brennender sorge for the German people, or anyone else in Western Europe, trying to defeat JEW COMMUNISM and save Western Europe from JEW COMMUNIST encroachment and take-over and mass murder of White European Catholics and Protestant Christians, at the hands of sub-animal jews.

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    One cradle Catholic NATIONALIST SOCIALIST POSITIVE CHRISTIANITY HITLER is worth GODZILLIONS TIMES MORE THAN ALL the cradle Catholic Popes and ALL the crypto jew popes of Church history PUT TOGETHER.

    1. TROJ – you certainly make a cogent case that “The Church” – if not always – has, at least in the last hundred years or so, morphed into The Whore Of Babylon… which, amidst a litany of other outrages, Bergogglio’s hobnobbing with the likes of Lynn Foresster De Rothschild – not to mention his all but banning the Latin Mass the other day (apparently, as I read somewhere, Satan HATES Latin) – would only seem to confirm.

      (Apologies in advance if the above gets some of the ladies here falling off the sofa whilst reaching for the smelling-salts)

  7. “I was unable to process so much about whites and their white wickedness”.
    Well move on than “proud Black Woman of Size” and have something to eat as hungriness will make you even more aggravated.
    What is a “race war” these days? The same as it always was: Conflict, division, inequality, hatred, murder and separation from the human family inducing the degeneration of the soul and spirituality in all of mankind, no matter what color of the skin.
    The “white wickedness” originating from “mein goldener Sigi” how Amelia Freud called her favorite son Sigismund Schlomo Freud can not really be seen here at all as many of these “spoiled little princes” best-loved by overprotective, “strong willed” and sometimes very depressed mothers of ALL races come with psychological disabilities, some even unfit for society and especially for a healthy relationship with a female being as a grown up.
    When “der goldene Sigi” was 3 years old Amelia Malka Nathansohn Freud and her younger child Julius left Freiberg on a railway journey that Freud would recall among his earliest memories during his self-analysis: At the railroad station in Breslau gas jets made him think of the “flames of hell” and he also recalled seeing his mother nude (“matrem nudam” [Anzieu, Didier, 1986, p. 14]).
    Sigmund was 3 years old at that time! A three year old who has already understood hell and its “ever burning fire”surely has to be a “gifted” child – and to be ready for a career in psychoanalysis and therapy or he is just “a chosen Jew”.
    Anxiety dreams followed “golden Sigi” while growing up, many involving his ailing mother and his own fears to loose her due to illness & death. The beginning of an “unstable Mind” that rigorously was trying to find answers for ones own personal angst, projecting it onto others that than would need healing through ones own therapy. A very fearful thought but very much reality in the profession of psychology and psychiatry and the color of the skin doesn’t matter here at all.

    1. Jo –
      “Conflict, division, inequality, hatred, murder and separation from the human family inducing the degeneration of the soul and spirituality in all of mankind, no matter what color of the skin.”

      Those are ingredients for CHAOS. Order from chaos is wanted. even needed today.
      With chaos the people will demand solutions not even thought about, and would be rejected, when things are calm.

      LAPD confirms 40 arrested during violent transgender rights protest where members of Proud Boys and Antifa clashed outside of a Koreatown spa!!

      –LAPD arrested 40 people during a violent transgender rights protest and fired non-lethal projectiles to disperse the crowds

      –Members of the Proud Boys and Antifa reportedly clashed on Saturday in the streets of downtown LA outside of a Koreatown spa

      –Videos emerged showing police in full riot gear beating protestors back with batons, buildings covered in graffiti and a reporter being attacked

      –LAPD said in a statement on Twitter that smoke bombs and other projectiles were thrown at officers trying to break up the crowd

      –Police recovered stun guns, knives and pepper spray were confiscated

      –The riot stemmed from a viral Instagram video of an irate customer complaining to Wi Spa staff that a transgender woman was in the women’s section of the spa

      –There is now suspicion that the video could have been staged as there were no transgender clients booked into the spa that day

      1. “Order from chaos is wanted” – YES PAT it is designed this way. When the mind and the soul in the human condition is balanced equally “the condition” will be a healthy one while focusing on all of the picture that surrounds oneself. When only centering on ones own mind while neglecting or denying the soul of oneself and others one will naturally be inclined to become a ruthless selfish “operator” in ones own surroundings. To invent a new “atheist religion” where the “sick and twisted human mind” will be spotlighted on world stage exclusively while cures will be delivered through the numbing/training/programming of the same, chaos will become unavoidable in the human family.
        If there ever will be a wrap up of the complete history and downfall of mankind including all events that have occurred throughout “human history” one can be sure that “golden Sigi’s snake oil” originating from the unhealthy mother son relationship and the mindset (of the programmers) that the sun only shines in Zion where paradise has vanished long ago – that event will stand out immediately. The decay of man into a selfish and manipulated organic machine that eventually will breed out its connection to the universe and the origin of life itself.

  8. Sig had many operations on his mouth for cancer…
    He tried t get his doctors to euthanize him…
    He went through 10 or 20 cigars a day…
    Maybe the phallic confusion was his personal experience, insight…
    I know there is a collective un-conscious or sub-conscious, that humans are aware of things at the same time without having experienced them and without knowing it…
    It’s the Hundredth Monkey thing…
    Frued just made stuff up, added to it, off that basis, called it psychoanalysis…
    You can believe him or not…
    It’s a religion… No proof…

  9. I think the point being that self-described ‘Big Momma’ Dr La’Toksha D’Bea’Qwack is ’empowered’ to disgorge her bile on ‘whites’ and ‘whiteness’ and all that category of person because she is being paid to do so. And who has the money to sponsor her to give voice to such flatulence? Why the Jew of course.

    But wait! Wasn’t Sigmund Freud a … gulp … Jew?

    Umm … doesn’t the fat lady run the risk of biting the hand that feeds her ample frame by conflating Freud with ‘whiteness’?! After all, everyone knows that Jews are not ‘white’. Because according to Rabbi Menachem Schneerson, who preached the unadulterated doctrines of the Judaism’s most holy book, the Talmud…

    “The body of a Jewish person is of a totally different quality from the body of a member of any other nation of the world…. The Jewish body looks as if in substance it were similar to the bodies of non-Jews, but … the bodies only seem to be similar in material substance, outward look, and superficial quality. The difference of the inner quality, however, is so great that the bodies should be considered as completely different species. This is the reason why the Talmud states that there is a halachic difference in attitude about the bodies of non-Jews…. Their bodies are in vain … An even greater difference exists in regard to the soul. Two contrary types of soul exist. A non-Jewish soul comes from three satanic spheres, while the Jewish soul comes from holiness.” [Israel Shahak and Norman Mezvinsky, Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel (Pluto Press, London, 1999), p. 59-60]

    What can be wrong with the Professor of Black Diaspora Studies at the University of East Brooklyn? What is it that she doesn’t yet understand?

    When she walked on down the street
    She was like a child staring at her feet

    But when she passed the bar
    and she heard the music play
    She had to go in and sing
    it had to be that way
    She had to go in and sing
    it had to be that way

    And I said no, no, no
    oh, Lady Day
    And I said no, no, no
    oh, Lady Day

    – Lou Reed

  10. PAT
    People may have been arrested, but will anybody actually be prosecuted?
    In California they’re letting people out of jails, not putting them in…
    You can barely get arrested out here for shooting someone on his own property…
    I talked to a woman who was shot on her on front porch by a member of a gang that was invading an empty house in her cul-de-sac in Sacramento… There were several cars of black ‘youths’… Apparently they ride around looking for houses with real estate signs on them, go in and party, take dope, orgy it up, wreck the place…
    She went out on her porch to see what the noise was all about…
    One of them walked over and came up on her porch and said – “are you gonna call the cops bitch”…
    Then he pulled out a gun and shot her in the stomach…
    She showed me the scar…
    She fell back inside her door and her 12 year old daughter slammed it shut and locked it…
    They called 9-11… Cops came out but didn’t arrest anybody…
    I’m surprised they didn’t blame it on her…
    She told me the same gang killed someone a couple months later…
    I could tell you a couple more similar stories involving people getting shot by criminals, and no arrests made…
    That’s just what I’ve heard of… How much more of this sort of this is going on?
    You won’t find out by looking at the corporate media television… WVAXX…
    In the video, the rubber bullet was a nice touch… They should have fired a lot more of them…
    I wouldn’t tell people more than once…
    As antifa riots go this one didn’t look too bad…
    I didn’t see any flames…
    They should use real bullets on anybody who attacks anybody else, sets fire, throws a heavy object, smashes windows, jumps on cars, loots… Anybody who riots should be shot dead… But there needs to be an additional force put together on top of the regular police to handle the serious rioting…
    Like the Hotshots, who go in to fight forest fires…
    If it means they shoot a few hundred rioters – it’s about time…
    The minute any lesser protest breaks civil law, blocks traffic, cops should wade in and break it up…
    Anybody disobeying an order to disperse should be arrested immediately, using whatever force is necessary, and prosecuted to the fullest extent…
    But what’s really happening is that corporate politicians, of all kinds, those who shipped the jobs overseas and block border security, are gradually destroying the USA as a free country with free enterprise and converting it into the CCP model…. Communism is being voted in by increasing hordes of ever poorer and stupider people, total failures at the capitalist game, who think they have nothing much to lose… The free-money vote-buying scam is growing faster and faster now… Nothing subconscious about it…

  11. “As a proud Black Woman of Size” Dr. La’Toksha ….. didn’t once mention in her anti-white tirade that Siggy was Jewish. Perhaps in her Doctoral studies she hadn’t run across the statement of a no less Jewish princess of high renowned, Susan Sontag, ” that Jews are not White”. Is Dr. La’ hinting that as a “Person… of Color – especially (a) Women-of-Size of Color and LGBTQTSIA+ of Color” that she is one of the Alphabet genders. Which is understandable in that Black males after they knock up every Black female they can get the hands like to chase after the real prize – White Women. Perhaps she stayed away for the Jewish background of Siggy given that–
    “Dr La’Toksha D’Bea’Qwarr is the Hymie K. Diamondberg Professor of Black Diaspora Studies at the University of East Brooklyn.” A position (and a great big chair) made especially for her, no doubt.

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