The Lady from the Sea [*POEM*]

An Old Legend


As I walked by the sea one day
A voice came from above:
“Free your mind and find your way
Back to your lost love.”

Then out of the sea of sighs,
Out of the sunlit sea,
A golden girl with laughing eyes
Came dancing up to me.

Her flowing hair fell to her knees
And round her body blew.
I stood entranced, though ill at ease,
And cried—Can this be true?

“Doubt not!” she said. “You do me wrong!
All’s real as real it seems!
—I am the One for whom you long,
The Lost Love of your dreams.”

22 thoughts to “The Lady from the Sea [*POEM*]”

  1. I am a first-class poet, widely recognised for my talents and with hundreds of poems under my belt. Published mostly in little known literary magazines for the cognoscenti. I feel sorry for Lasha Darkmoon that she should write these old-fashioned poems in rhyme and metre known as “formal verse”.

    This kind of verse went out with the dinosaurs. It’s as dead as the dodo. Lasha should write in free verse. Not rhyme and metre.

    I think she could learn a lot from me.

    Simon La Rue
    (Widely acclaimed poet)

    1. An OG ‘verse libre’ advocate? I can hardly wait to see your work! No pun intended!

  2. I hope my candid assessment of Lasha’s doggerel will not be censored.

    Strictly speaking, I am here to help her with advice and give a practical demonstration of how “The Lady from the Sea” OUGHT to be written by an accomplised poet of my standing.

    My version is far better than Lasha’s and will have widespread popular appeal. I can guarantee that.

    Having said this, I’m not going to submit my revised and improved version of Lasha’s poem unless the administrators of this site publish these two introductory comments of mine WITHOUT CENSORSHIP.

    I also need to be given the “go-ahead” to submit my own improved version by Admin. Or else I won’t bother.

    Simon La Rue

    1. @ Simon La Rue

      I have consulted with Lasha whether or not to censor your two exceptionally boastful and bigheaded opening comments.

      She says: “Please don’t do that, Uncle Toby. Maybe he’s right and could offer useful advice. So go ahead and give him the green light to publish his improved version of my poem. I look forward to reading it!” 🙂

      1. Pshaw! I don’t like the sound of Simple Simon.
        Grrrrr . . . I’m sharpening my knives already! 🙂

        1. Today is the HIGH Holy Holiday !420! Maybe if we all smoke A LOT of pot today someone will get so stoned some pothead ~ being really stoned out of his mind ~ will read Lasha’s latest poem “The Lady from the Sea” and will, lol, will actually like the poem, enough to actually send in a nice comment about it, it would greatly boost Lasha’s low self-esteem as a “poetress”, lol…. It’s the least we can do on a HIGH Holy Holiday for poor Lasha who so wants to be a good poetess but, lol, everyone ignores her poetry as if her poetry doesn’t even exist, lol….

          1. @ TheRealOriginalJoe

            Spiteful little bugger, aren’t you? Always getting a cheap thrill out of dissing Lasha on this site.

            What would YOU know about poetry, anyway? A permanent inmate of Spamblina, a brain-damaged sex perv who specialises in bestiality porn in which you feature horses having sex with Lasha. That’s all you’re capable of — you disgusting deviant bag of dogshit.

            If I had my way, I’d not only ban you permanently from this site but I’d track you down to your seedy little rat infested basement room and castrate you. You symbolize to me all that is sick and depraved about America. If America is full of filthy dirty sick twisted pervs like you, America deserves to be destroyed.

            1. Don’t worry, Sard. AMERICA WILL BE DESTROYED! It’s only a matter of time. And this dirtbag perv from hell will be one of the first to have his eyeballs gouged out of their sockets.

  3. …and, this is how you spot a marxist-humanist aka the spawn of the filth of Edom in disguise, posters!
    To all you ‘normal / semi-normal’ people on here…take a ‘mental note’!

    1. I hope the above comment — “spawn of the filth of Edom in disguise”—does not refer to me. I think it must be a reference to this disgusting sexual deviant known as the RealOriginalJoe who has posted a spiteful comment here taunting Lasha Darkmoon for her poetry.

      Before I post my own improved version of Lasha’s poem, may I ask Admin Toby why he allows this sexual pervert “Joe” to post comments on this site? This makes no sense to me. How can this site keep its good reputation if it makes no attempt to exclude the criminal classes and those with mental disorders? It seems to me that this sick guy with his depraved taste for sadistic horse-human sexual intercourse is as bad as a child killer or even a cannibal who eats his own mother.

      And this sick perv thinks he’s fit to judge Lasha’s poetry? Unbelievable. Lasha should take it as a compliment that this ugly lump of dog shit dislikes her verse.

      1. And why I’d be having any reason to be directing my comment at you, Simon? You didn’t do anything wrong. As the book of filth aka Talmud says: Abodah Zarah 22a-22b . “Goyim prefer sex with cows.”
        Meaning of which should be understood as…all that that advocate violence against innocent, using foul language frequently, lies and attacks on messengers, etc.

        The “Good Book” says…” Mature people “have their powers of discernment trained to distinguish both right and wrong,” says the Bible. And this is how I see it.

        O, yeah! Almost forgot! They (the talmudists…you know? The fake, self professed jews) call as goy but in reality we are the true Aryan Hebrews of the book, not them! So when you stumble across some filthy passage from Talmud….they, who rode it are talking about themselves! I hopw you’ll get my point?

  4. Great poem, wow!
    Regarding Mr. La Rue’s agitation and complaining about this great poet’s style I humbly disagree.
    Why? Because poetry doesn’t have a date of expiration, it doesn’t die nor does it get replaced by new trends; It’s like music, can you complain about Beethoven or Mozart? Deep Purple or led Zeppelin,? Can you replace the Bible or the Koran?
    Can you replace God with a new one more knowledgeable of technology?
    Poetry is infinite and no one can place rules and laws about the inner feelings of a person’s deep self and views on life. It’s independent.
    Your poem, Mr LaRue might please some and Xanadu’s others, like me.
    So bring it on, nothing wrong with a climate of poetry.

  5. Mr LaRue
    I agree with you but I blame the site’s admin.
    Let me give you an example so I can explain why:
    If you are the cook in a kitchen and you are preparing a great meal – say a Bouillabaisse or a nice bourguignon- and a big, fat fly comes around threatening this lovely evening and the cook (who has a nice swatter hanging near by) does nothing about it……
    Who do you blame ?
    The nearby environment, the nasty fly..
    or the cook?
    get it!

    1. “…I blame the site’s Admin.”

      Well said, Sarita! I blame the site’s Admin too! For failing to swat those fat dung flies that hover over the delicious meal. Pervy Joe is a pothead. Stoned on cannabis half the time. Barely knows what he’s saying. A retired Jew living in Florida, I suspect. I say this because of pervy Joe’s constant praise for another self-confessed Jew called Melvin Polatnik who has posted sleazy sex comments on this site.

      Why Admin lets these Jewish trolls uglify this site with their hate speech and sexual perversion is a mystery to me.

      1. @ Sarita
        @ Madame Butterfly

        You are right. Neither Sister Monica nor I are fit to monitor this site. We do a lousy job. Most of the comments, we don’t have time to read them or check them out. We’re too easygoing. We delete comments, but only as a last resort when Montecristo instructs us to ban someone. Lasha never interferes. She remains totally aloof in an ivory tower of her own. Like an Ice Maiden saying her rosary in the snows.

        1. Hey. Toby. Can I ask you to elaborate a little about the part where you said: “… saying her rosary…”, Can you ask her if she make the sign of the cross before and after she’s done “saying” it?

          1. KingRanch

            Do something about your sneering tone of condescension. You are not Admin’s superior in any way, still less Lasha’s. So don’t address Admin like an underling and presume to lecture anyone here on the rosary.

      2. MB,
        You detest all those individuals for being of a weak-mind and than you call them ‘jews’ at the end? Stop doing that! Those people are not the people o fthe Book! By doing this you are giving them credit that they don’t deserve!

        1. @ KingRanch

          “MB … do something about your intrusive behavior and mind your own business!”

          Listen, you disgusting little pseudo-Christian freak — it’s YOU who are guilty of “intrusive behavior’!

          This is you, getting on your high horse with Admin Toby about Lasha’s private religious beliefs, which have NOTHING to do with you::

          “Hey. Toby. Can I ask you to elaborate a little about the part where you said: “… saying her rosary…”, Can you ask her if she make the sign of the cross before and after she’s done “saying” it?”

          Tell me, scumbag, what right have you to address Admin Toby in this insolent, over-familiar manner? What right do you have to poke your big “Aryan” nose into Lasha’s private religious beliefs? Why should she have to answer to YOU if she makes the sign of the cross after she’s done “saying” her rosary?

          What’s this got to do with you, w*nker? Can’t YOU mind your own F***ING BUSINESS“?

  6. I like the poem. La Rue is obviously one of those who splashes words on paper and arranges them in versatile form – and calls it “poetry”. Little of it is worthy reading.
    In fact, I consider this one of the better poems recently composed by Lasha, despite what the wanna-be “poet” says…

  7. I enjoyed the poem. The rhyme and imagery…great. I just wish there were more verses.
    I am left wanting more.

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