The Lynch Mob Howled

We published an article last week on Derek Chauvin which elicited a great deal of interest, We Are Derek Chauvin, by Robert Hampton.  We now return to the same  topic with a shorter, crisper article (1300 words) written around the same time by the well-known White Nationalist Jared Taylor. Readers may prefer this different approach to the same profoundly disturbing events.

American Renaissance via The Unz Review
April 20, 2021

The jury has found Derek Chauvin guilty on all three counts. It took fewer than 24 hours to reach a unanimous decision. I have argued all along that an acquittal was impossible, no matter what the evidence showed. No jury, anywhere in the United States, could have found Mr. Chauvin (pictured here) innocent after nearly a year of riots.

I had some hope that the jury might acquit on one or two of the more serious charges, but the guilty verdict was announced first on the most serious of the three, so the other two verdicts were inevitable. Under Minnesota law, Mr. Chauvin will be sentenced under only the most serious charge. It carries a maximum sentence of 40 years, but according to state guidelines, a first offence is supposed to get 12-1/2 years. Judge Peter Cahill said he would pass sentence eight weeks from now.

As the verdicts were read, the camera closed in on Mr. Chauvin for the first time since the trial began. He was wearing a mask, but appeared to show no emotion. He was led from the courtroom in handcuffs and will remain in custody.

There are solid grounds to appeal the verdict.

From the start, Mr. Chauvin’s lawyer, Eric Nelson, argued that it would be impossible to get a fair trial in Minneapolis because of the rioting and massive publicity. The judge refused to move the trial. Mr. Nelson will probably argue that there was prosecutorial misconduct. In closing arguments, the prosecution said that the defense’s arguments were “nonsense,” that Mr. Nelson was “shading the truth,” “misrepresenting facts,” putting words in witnesses’ mouths, and “creating Halloween stories.” Judge Cahill ruled that he had sufficiently admonished the prosecution for this.

Mr. Nelson will certainly appeal and call for a mistrial on grounds that the jury should have been sequestered — shut off from any outside information about the case — right from the start. His call for sequestration was denied, and later events supported his argument that media coverage and other events would put great pressure on jurors to convict.

There were days of demonstrations and rioting after a white policewoman shot a black criminal to death just 10 miles away from the courthouse, in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. This was how the country was going to react if blacks and leftist whites thought the jury let Mr. Chauvin off too lightly.

(Chauvin is seen as a symbol of White America)

Over the weekend, black Congresswoman Maxine Waters had flown to Minneapolis and told a crowd of demonstrators:

We’ve got to not only stay in the street, but we’ve got to fight for justice. But I am very hopeful and I hope that we’re going to get a verdict that will say, ‘Guilty. Guilty, guilty’. . . . I don’t know whether it’s in the first degree, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s first-degree murder . . . . We’ve got to get more confrontational. We’ve got to make sure that they know that we mean business.

That sent hundreds of people marching through Minneapolis waving Black Lives Matter flags and carrying signs that read “Blue Lives Murder.” As Eric Nelson argued to the judge, this would intimidate any juror, and it happened before the panel was sequestered for deliberation. Judge Cahill refused to declare a mistrial on the spot, but agreed that the congresswoman may have given Mr. Nelson serious grounds for appeal:

I’m aware that Congresswoman Waters was talking . . . about the unacceptability of anything less than a murder conviction, and talk about being confrontational. . . . I wish elected officials would stop talking about this case, especially in a manner that is disrespectful to the rule of law and to the judicial branch and our function. I think if they want to give their opinions, they should do so . . . in a manner that is consistent with their oath to the Constitution . . . . Their failure to do so is abhorrent.

When Miss Waters was pressed on this point later by CNN, she replied with “dindu nothin’ ” aplomb: “The judge says my words don’t matter.” Congressional Republicans called for a vote of censure, but were defeated 216-210 by Democrats.

I suspect the defense appeals will fail, whatever their merits, just as the jury was sure to convict whatever the arguments. Appellate court justices watch TV, too. I predict Mr. Chauvin will spend at least 12 years in prison.

President Joe Biden waited until the jury was sequestered to echo Congresswoman Waters, saying he was “praying for the right” outcome, claiming that the evidence against Mr. Chauvin was “overwhelming.” He said he has become friends with George Floyd’s brother Philonise and the rest of the family, adding that he could “only imagine the pressure and anxiety they’re feeling.”

Not a word, of course, about the pressure and anxiety Mr. Chauvin might be feeling.

Philonise reported that the President had called him for a nice chat after the case went to the jury, adding that they looked forward to guilty verdicts. “Hopefully it will be the way the world wants to see it,” he said.

With those words, Philonise put his finger on the problem: The whole world had decided Mr. Chauvin was guilty before the trial even began, and it was clear there would be mayhem if the jury didn’t agree. There were 3,000 National Guardsmen on patrol in Minneapolis, along with thousands of policemen, just in case the lynch mob didn’t get its way.


“The whole world had decided Mr. Chauvin was guilty
before the trial even began . . . This is a perversion of justice.”
— Jared Taylor 

The jury had to find Derek Chauvin guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. You can read the judge’s instructions to the jury here. Did the prosecution really prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Mr. Chauvin “intentionally inflicted substantial bodily harm”? That he was “perpetrating an act eminently dangerous to others and evincing a depraved mind [emphasis added], without regard for human life”? That he “consciously [took] chances of causing death or great bodily harm”? Was this “[un]reasonable force in the line of duty in effecting a lawful arrest or preventing an escape from custody”? I wasn’t in the courtroom, so I can’t answer these questions, but it is well beyond a reasonable doubt that there was tremendous pressure to convict.

This is how “justice” works in the age of Black Lives Matter.

The media whoop up an ambiguous encounter between a white cop and a black criminal to the point that the whole world thinks this is Emmett Till all over again. Half the country goes into paroxysm of rage and violence, while our rotten elites donate billions of dollars to black causes, obediently takes down monuments to white people, and vows to scour everything from math and music theory to our very souls for “white supremacy.”

How could anyone expect a jury to be fair to Derek Chauvin?

And what does it say about a country when it has to mobilize thousands of men with rifles to keep the peace in case a duly empaneled jury does not deliver the verdict Philonise wants? The jurors listened to two weeks of testimony. The lynch mob — and the media — saw a few snatches of video, but they knew better. They always know better if knowing better puts the white man in the wrong.

This is a perversion of justice.

Some people will argue that it’s better for one unlucky cop to do hard time than for justice to be done, if justice means looting and arson. That means accepting perversion of justice. That means recognizing that justice is impossible once the lynch mob begins to howl.

And whenever there’s a way to hurt the white man, it will howl.

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  1. Whiles Jared Taylor may be very sincere in his endeavor to be level headed, and fair about Chauvin’s case, that is one sure place where it’s almost impossible to be certain as to whether Justice was served, and if not, whether there was any likelihood that it could be served.

    The fact is that there were many cases being tried, and many defendants and many courts, trying all these cases ate the same time. It was not just about Derek Chauvin. Although the case was against Chauvin’s handling of George Floyd, the main case was about “Police Brutality” All these cases were being tried, by both the Judicial System, and the Court of Public Opinion.

    And there were many “Courts Of Public Opinion” There was the African American Court, there was the White American Court. There was the Police Court. And there was the Politicians Court. In the Court of Public Opinion, it would have served the course of the Police, if additional incidences of Police Brutality were not reported as the case was going on, like this one.

    “Police in the Northern California city of Alameda released bodycam footage late Tuesday that shows officers pinning Mario Gonzalez to the ground for more than five minutes during an arrest last week that ended in his death.

    For those who are so taken by the “victimization” of Derek, its noteworthy that another man, from a different community, ended up dead, because of police brutality. They have been doing it to African Americans. Now, they have started on Latinos. Then they will do it to the Asians. How long before they start doing the same to everybody? In the meantime, “Race War” rages on.

    As for those who would wish that Derek Chauvin should not have been found guilty, at lease they can fortify their hope by the fact that Judge Peter Cahill, by his refusal to sequester the Jury, and Maxine Waters loud mouth, gave the Defense goo points for appeal. However, the writers who support Derek Chauvin fail to ask very valid question; “Why Is The Police suddenly Using Deadly Force?” Who is training them? What do they achieve by Anarchy in the society? Without digging deeper in to the undercurrents which are influencing the society negatively, responding to sporadic social pandemonium reduces everybody to a member of “Reality Based Community” . And do you know what they said about “Reality Based Community?” Listen and learn;
    The aide said that guys like me were in what we call the “reality-based community,” which he defined as people who ”believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality.” I nodded and murmured something about enlightenment principles and empiricism. He cut me off. ”That’s not the way the world really works anymore,” he continued.’ ‘We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality — judiciously, as you will — we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”( By Ron Suskid; See The New York Times October 17th 2004)

    So, as a member of “Reality Based Community” you can argue until Chicken come home to roost about the pros and cons, and so forth about Derek Chauvin’s Case. But whatever your opinion will be, unless you realize that there are players fashioning reality on which you respond to, you are just a character from “The Truman’s Show” who ”believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality.” Pathetic!

    1. @ Bigfoot

      You argue like a leftist — some would say a Jew — who is only too pleased to detect “police brutality” and take the side of the criminal. Give the cops a break. They are not all racially motivated sadists. They either shoot first or get shot. Period. What would YOU do if you found yourself confronting a highly dangerous criminal? Argue with him nicely? Give him a hug? You’d be dead before you’d said six words.

      Wake up! We live in a human jungle. Cops need to be tough to survive in this jungle. It’s either shoot first or be shot. The trouble with you is, you want all cops to be snowflakes. Why do you think BLM is calling the shots and running riot? Because too many cops are “giving the knee”. Too many cops are being subservient sissies.

      More toughness is needed, not more leniency and laissez-faire.

      My advice to you. Don’t ever become a cop. You simply complicate a very simple situation with nice-guy politically correct verbiage. You sound like an academic with your head in the clouds, tapping away on your keyboard in some remote ivory tower. Get real! 🙂

      1. Many Cops in the big cities are very corrupt, they don’t give a damn about citizen wellbeing. People knows this.
        They get money from drug gangs, it’s true.
        Yes, it’s a jungle out there but the forest ranger is a crook.
        There are many bad apples. Look at this cops face, don’t you see something strange in it ? That’s the kind that would be cursing and being sarcastic and cynical all the time.
        Los Angeles, Chicago and New York specially. They get away with murder.

      2. BO –
        You are either severely naive or a government pusher….. or you are just tossing out words to make conversation. I suspect the latter. 🙂

        I have known many cops over the years, going back to the early 1950s. Most were very dirty, even my friends. Too many of them even set up good cops to be killed. Several of my friends had to quit to stay alive…… because they would not go along to get along for BIG $$$$!! This is especially true for state police, which I call ‘pirates on the highways’ deservingly so. They run drugs also!!!

        Any cop on the force more than 10 years is dirty. Forced to be.

        The same with judges!!

        America would be better off without government police.

        Get real! 💥 😜

        1. Pat ,

          You were 20 years old in 1965 which means you were born in 1945 which means you were 6-7-8-9 in the early 1950s. You knew a lot of cops when you were 6-7-8-9 and you knew they were very corrupt and you knew all about their corruption and you knew all about all the illegal things they were doing when you were 6-7-8-9 and you were friends with the adult cops in town when you were 6-7-8-9 and they treated you as if you were an adult, you were 6-7-8-9 and they treated you like an adult friend of theirs and they told you all about their illegal activity — when you played cards with them and would have a few drinks with them on Saturday nights when you were 6-7-8-9? Is that a good guess? amirite? LMFAO!!!!

          1. Ahhhh Joe! That soothing sound of meadow crickets from a man with pants on fire! And neither the first nor the last brush fire!

          2. No, TROJ….. I was born well before 1945. I started attending American Legion meetings in Hot Springs with my dad, the Commander, in 1951. Lotta WWII vets were cops and were there. Lotta stories & loose lips at the bar with slot machines I played as a teen.

            Al Capone’s gang still controlled the politicians and ILLEGAL GAMBLING there in the 50s under the ‘MAFIA PAID-OFF’ Governors Cherry and Faubus. A friend of mine repaired slot machines from all across town. Lotta clubs back then! Gov Rockefeller closed the casinos in 1965.

            See how it started:
            “Though visitors of Hot Springs, Arkansas today don’t see the gambling, prostitution, bootlegging, and gangsters that were once rampant in the spa city, these operations had a strong foothold for decades, especially in the 1930s.”

            “During McLaughlin’s time in office, many underworld characters frequented Hot Springs’ spas, and gambling became one of the town’s most popular forms of entertainment. Some of these infamous names included Owen Vincent “Owney” Madden, Bugs Moran, Charles “Lucky” Luciano, and Al Capone. A few of their favorite hangouts were the Southern Club, which now houses Josephine Tussaud’s Wax Museum; the Ohio Club, now considered to be the oldest bar in Arkansas; the Arlington Hotel, which still entertains guests; and the Oaklawn Race Track, which is still open today.”

            You missed the target again…. STILL!!…. as you laugh your ‘FAT’ ass off… displaying your weird fetish!! 💥 😜

            1. So interesting, Pat. Who were the patrons of these gambling and prostitution? I can’t imagine it would be your average local citizen there. But what do I know? Were there lots of people visiting from out of town? I wonder if this would still be going on if Vegas wasn’t so wildly successful. There was lots of gambling and prostitution in Northern Kentucky, just across the bridge from Cincinnati. The Queen City was clean and Catholic at the time. Kentucky was where one went to sin and their booze was supplied by the Jewish Navy bringing their Canadian Club down vis a vis the Great Lakes.

              As far as the cops go, I don’t know why people still insist they are good for anything. This is the “muscle”, if you will, of the most corrupt gang of lawyers running the most corrupt and perverted criminal justice system ever. It’s true that they no longer torture inmates anymore. But so what? What they do is treat everyone as a criminal, just like the healthcare system treats everyone as sick.

              Of course they are going to be on the take. Their pensions, which we have funded, would make a congressman blush.

              We should just round up all the cops and teachers along with postal workers and unemployment workers and put them all on one island. It would be interesting to see if anything could get done.

              1. Rich –

                It was much wilder than Vegas. One of the head gangsters had his house bombed 3 times over the years. There were many ‘cat houses’ as well. People came from all over the world to see big time stars like Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett, who sang “I Left My Heart In San Francisco” for the first time in a club there.

                Illegal gambling was shut down in 1965 when Owney Madden died….. and Vegas was rolling. The state police took all of the ‘slots’ out of my father-in-law’s bar across from the race track….. and smashed them with sledge hammers in the middle of Central Ave!

                My father-in-law’s brother, Gib Sellers, a golf pro, taught Al Capone to play golf at the Belvedere Country Club.

                Here is one of the big-time gangsters there:
                Owen Vincent “Owney” Madden was a gangster and underworld boss.
                Nicknamed, “Killer” – he was the owner of the famous “Cotton Club” in Harlem, New York City during Prohibition.

                Madden was responsible for several murders during his lifetime, including Little Patsy Doyle and Mad Dog Coll, and he retired to Hot Springs, Arkansas in 1932.

                He eventually came to own a controlling interest in the Southern Club – mimicking the ‘Cotton Club’ – in Hot Springs, which became known as a waystation for gangsters in the south….

                Madden died of natural causes in 1965 at the age of 73.

            2. Pat
              Oaklawn Park offers some big purses which attracts alot of good racehorses. Last year in the infamous “year of Covid” they stayed open longer than usual and ran their Arkansas Derby on the 1st Sat. in May, when the KY Derby is run, (today) but was moved to Sept.

              They’re good to the horsemen that way, which makes them alright in my book. 🐎

        2. @ Pat et al

          I stand corrected. Maybe I spoke too soon. You see, I am not familiar with American cops. I live in Europe where the cops still have ideals, and from this I have extrapolated to American cops.

          So tell me, why are American cops so awful? Are they ALL like this? Are there NO good cops n America? How can an entire police force be semi-criminal? It just seems so damn implausible! 🙂

          Are all the judges in America corrupt? Are all politicians psychopaths? Are all doctors killers in disguise? Are all psychiatrists padded cell loonies? If so, I feel sorry for you Americans. It seems to me all you conspiracy theorists live in a world of your own — completely divorced from reality.

          1. BO –

            You wrote:
            ” It seems to me all you conspiracy theorists live in a world of your own — completely divorced from reality.”

            When I/we give you what is “reality” here you have rejected it…. and labeled us “conspiracy theorists” without knowing what is actually happening here.

            Maybe I should write that you haven’t a clue about what is happening where you live. 🙂

            1. Phoo, phoo! Rudeness with smiley faces is no substitute for a sound argument.

              1. BO –

                You have been even MORE rude with a smiley face. And you have NO argument presented, just wild-ass crazy guesses.

                SO, THERE!! 🙂

                1. OK, you win! I think I’ve figured out what is considered “rude” on this site. It’s the taboo words “conspiracy theory”. But consider: the whole internet is awash with conspiracy theories.

                  I want to ask you a serious question now. Because you have a wider than average knowledge of most things like this.

                  Question: Do you have any evidence that shows that the CIA (or some other government department specializing in black propaganda) employs trained specialists to deliberately manufacture conspiracy theories so as to confuse, mislead, and distract the masses with red herrings?

                  (I think so myself but I have no proof).

                  1. Some sites do this deliberately, I believe.
                    Like Veterans Today (VT).

                    1. BO –

                      I have a good one for ya…. and you can see how it is done by the Wahington DC experts in lies…. 🙂

                      Recent – Apr 26, 2021….

                      “Ken Starr’s Contempt for Your Intelligence”

                      By the end of 1993, the first year of the Clinton presidential administration, the realization had set in that some more authoritative voice had to be invoked than that of the U.S. Park Police that Foster had committed suicide in July.

                      The New York Times had been running a series of articles probing a shady real estate venture in which Bill and Hillary had been engaged with Jim and Susan McDougal known as Whitewater. The catalyst for the appointment of an independent counsel to give his imprimatur to the suicide conclusion was a December 20, 1993, Washington Times article that the Park Police had discovered that Whitewater documents had been removed from Foster’s office by White House staff on the night of Foster’s death. An investigation of Whitewater would be begun that included looking into the Foster death mystery.
                      (MUCH MORE – in depth):

                    2. Pat –

                      Many thanks. It’s hard to know what to believe and what to disbelieve, ism’t it? What with so many scam artists and con men sniffing around. “By deception ye shall do war.” Wonder who said that! 🙂

                    3. “By deception ye shall do war.”
                      Wonder who said that!

                      I know! I know who said that!

                      Every General and military strategist and politician and gangster and hit man and and bounty hunter and insurance investigator and Mossad and (cia) agent and etc., etc., etc., who ever lived.. (Tom Horn told me so)

        3. Pat,
          Perhaps we’d all be better off without government ANYTHING. Communities have the financial means to fund their own private police. A Korean community north of Atlanta, GA pays the salaries of two armed police equiped with patrol cars.

  2. In his twenty years long career as a police officer, Derek Chauvin had 18 official complaints filed against him. To counterbalance all the negatives in his record one must bring up the fact that he was awarded the ‘medal for valor’ twice, as well as two commendations for the outstanding commitment to his duties. And, these are easily distinguishable facts of Derek’s life as a cop! Of course, this wasn’t allowed to be presented in the court of law during his trial. Would it make any difference on the outcome? No! It wouldn’t! Everything was going just fine and body camera recording shows just that, until…he put that knee on the neck and kept it there for so long! It is all about that “knee” and nothing else and that is not ‘players fashioning reality’ indoctrination or ‘discernible’!

    1. I would earnestly desire to see those Complaints and Chauvin’s side of those stories. I wonder if any are frivolous or fabrications ?

  3. “How could anyone expect a jury to be fair to Derek Chauvin?”

    They should know – LEARN – that MONEY $$$$ TALKS!!

    There has never been a “fair” trial in the eyes of every person on every side…. every onlooker.

    The two greatest motivators of humans are GREED & FEAR. And that is certainly the case in every courtroom, since humans take actions and make decisions there. Those are the same motivators of the stock markets around the world….. FOR $$$$!!!

    I am guessing that the largest and most powerful companies in the world – insurance companies – told the judge to make sure that the outcome minimizes insurance claims if he wants a higher judgeship down the road. ALL cases in court work that way. When the jury issues a verdict….. the judge can REVERSE IT if and when he is told to! Follow the $$$$!!!

    A judge will sometimes see things differently than the jury does. If the judge feels – or is told – that the jury made a decision that isn’t reasonably supported by the evidence of a case, the judge can overturn the verdict. This has happened…. it is called a judgment of acquittal…. or a judgment notwithstanding the verdict (JNOV)…. when there may be a situation where the judge will decide the jury was wrong.

    1. PAID OFF JUDGES control the outcomes…. as at the trial of Branch Davidians… Waco.

      While the government reveled, the plaintiffs grumbled.

      “The biggest outrage is, we had experts from everywhere, and Judge Smith wouldn’t let us put them on,” said David Thibodeau, one of just nine Davidians who escaped from the burning ruins of Mount Carmel. Nor could his lawyer, former attorney general Ramsey Clark, put on many of the witnesses or evidence that he and his investigators spent years developing.

      “We had seven years of investigation on this case and spent millions of dollars on it and we couldn’t present a case,” said Thibodeau. Like many other Davidians, Thibodeau never believed they were going to get a fair hearing in front of Judge Smith. After the trial, those feelings have only grown stronger.

      The Davidians point out that they were not allowed to present evidence regarding:

      The government’s failure to prosecute officials who lied about their actions at Waco or covered up evidence.

      Proof that the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms lied when it obtained a search warrant for Mount Carmel.

      The type and extent of training given to the ATF by Army Special Forces at Fort Hood.

      Why the ATF felt it needed to be trained in close quarters combat by the Special Forces.

      The FBI’s use of CS tear gas, which has been banned by international treaty. (See the July 7 issue of the Chronicle.)

      And finally, the FBI’s failure to follow its own hostage negotiation guidelines during the 51-day standoff.

      In the end, Michael Caddell, the lead attorney for the plaintiffs, may have promised too much and delivered too little.

      In addition, Smith excluded much of evidence and testimony regarding the missing front door from Mount Carmel (See “Missing Door,” p.40). Other matters still loom, including disposition of all the evidence collected from Mount Carmel and the investigation of the FLIR tape (See “A Tale of Two Conspiracies,” p.36).

  4. KINGRANCH “That “knee”” can metaphorically be taken as “the straw that broke the camel’s back”, Evens just do not “Happen” suddenly and without sometimes, a chain of causes.

    Claiming that “That “knee”” and “nothing else” was a factor in this unfortunate incidence is refusing to recognize a chronology of events which lead up to a tragedy. “Police Brutality”, is a reality that should be acknowledged by all. And it should be handled appropriately by the same Law, that these officers are supposed to enforce. As long as the Law is allowed to deal with such incidences, conflict between races can effectively be avoided. That is why, just because they are the ones enforcing the Law, does not give them the right to treat members of the society they are supposed to protect inhumanly,, even when they have done wrong! Otherwise they are taking upon themselves a role that is not their own. (Judge, Jury, and Executioner) The Law has to apply for everybody, including the Law enforcers. That is the only way to bring everybody under the Law, thus making everybody equal under the Law. And the Law enforcement includes the application of humane, and reasonable force, during arresting of individuals who have broken the Law. So, one has to address the question, why there are an increasing number of police brutality than before?

    But since you have convinced yourself of what is obvious a shortsighted view of the picture, I say, you are entitled to your opinion.

  5. The only “guilty” party here is, of course, the jewish mass media. They create fake news and prevent counterarguments (Floyd was murdered and didn’t overdose on fentanyl). They foment hatred (giving BLM & antifa praiseworthy coverage with nary a criticism). They subliminally portray every white male as a fat, stupid, obsequious moron in their advertising. The list goes on and on.
    They KNOW that most blacks and a large number of whites will lap up anything they air or publish, thus they are guilty of being what Schopenhauer said they are, “The Great Masters Of The Lie.”

    1. A M$M fifth column of presstitutes and their corporate pimps(cia) poorly disguised as a mythical Fourth Estate..

    The ‘straw’ didn’t break anything, it was the camel that wasn’t up to the task! I also see a failure within their own Internal Affairs structure and how they evaluate cops. Derek should’ve been put on the desk duty many years ago!

  7. this case was exposed thanks to video cameras …
    What was happening, what happened, how many times before technology came about did these kind of events occur?
    It’s a big country where you find a lot of crazy people, including cops.
    good cops suffer…sometimes it isn’t even worth it.
    From statistica
    “The United States has an incredibly high number of incarcerated individuals. (Roughly 2.12 million people were incarcerated in the United States in 2020.) Therefore, the incarceration problem has become a widely contested issue, because it impacts disadvantaged people and minorities the most. Additionally, the prison system has become capitalized by outside corporations which fund prisons, but there is still a high cost to tax-payers. Furthermore, there has been an increase in the amount of private prisons that have been created. For-profit prison companies have come under scrutiny because of their lack of satisfactory staff and widespread lobbying. Violent offenses are the most common type of offense among prisoners in the U.S.”

    And here is Floyd’s cathegory ..

    “A significant portion of U.S. prisoners in federal correctional facilities were of black or African-American origin. As of 2016, there were almost 420,000 black, non-Hispanic prisoners. They made up 38 percent of all incarcerated persons in the U.S, but accounted for only 12 percent of the total U.S. population.
    About 190,000 prisoners in state facilities were sentenced for drug-related offenses”

  8. A cop goes to jail for murder, hell must of froze over.

    Has it occurred to anyone that cops have absolutely zero authority over another human being?

    The system of exploitation and slavery is run by wealthy elite, who run governments who employ judges and cops who brutally enforced laws and taxes on us. Taxation is another word for theft, and your stolen money is used by city hall to hire muscled armed men who go to Israel to train to treat you like a Palestinian.

    Let me undo the spell you ALL suffer, let me spell out reality for you, cops are armed thugs hired to protect the state from justice. The State (or government) is a system set up by the ultra wealthy to strip your wealth, they do this with control of the money, taxes, inflation, regulations, etc. When you earn a living they tell you that part of your income is theirs, if you do not pay the tax for getting paid in their monopoly (worthless fiat) money, they can seize all your assets, and if you resist they have the legal authority to kill you dead. The leading edge of this assault on your freedom are cops, the hired dogs of the state. The state is just a group of men hiding behind the law who say you have no right to defend yourself from them. Ayn Rand made it clear to us, the government has legally disarmed the citizen, and now you have no legal way of defense from this group of power mad Yahweh following monsters who intiate force against you.



    Tens of thousands of times every day cops arrest people and put them forcefully in jail, then they have to pay ransom (bail) to be released and hire (expensive) attorneys to defend themselves against the state – which is completely batshit insane and power hungry. In the near future, under Commie Biden, white people will be labeled terrorists and then whatever pretense of law, violence will be unleashed on them. Any white Christian is now a target of the state, yet these foolish Christians support the state. At the front line of this assault on the sheep will be cops, with guns, who will kill you dead if you resist being hauled off to the gulag. Christian fear the end times beast (the state unleashed) yet have been dutifully supporting it all along, yet refuse to wake up and own the monster they created by believing in God of the Bible.

    Do you all understand what is coming down the Albert C. Pike freeway to hell? Anyone who wants to go to church, pray, believe in the Bible, own a gun, homeschool their children, take a walk in the woods without a f-cking face diaper, own a gasoline powered car will be treated as an enemy of the state – and get this – you voted for these people, you funded them, and they turned on you and you never even had a clue to what happened or what mistake you made. You should have never allowed or given your own personal authority away to a bunch of criminals in an organization called government.

    Government is a criminal operation and always has been, it can never be tamed, and the great mistake was creating a suprabody to rule us. It is time to go back to one man and one gun. Anyone trying to force you to do something against your will should be met by a hail of bullets. Government can never work, and I hope and pray that Israel and Iran go at it, drawing China and Russia into a nuclear war with the Great Satan, Zionist infested Amerika, and they all go down in a flurry of nuclear armed missiles. And yes Virginia, I am serious as an heart attack, the idea that we must tolerate evil is nonsense.

    The No-State Anti-God Soulution by jackyukon

    F-ck government, f-ck them all, they are all corrupt as hell, corrupt like Yahweh, the hell god of the Jews. And I want to note, that not everyone was fooled by the Bible, that God was a mental concept used by the priest to establish the state. I wrote many an essay on this topic, that I live on a hell planet, a planet with thousands of prisons which are the result in much of humanity believing in a higher power. Believers say Sovereign God created us, and thus we must bend a knee to his Authority, and on earth the Government operates on his behalf. Christians love to say we must be obedient to the Lord, and every knee shall bend on the day of the Lord. Belief created the monster state so it is a real laugh that the monster is now after the fools that conjured it up! Make no mistake people, belief in god has created evil on earth.

    1. Top notch post, YJ.

      One man, one gun. I’ve been there since Hector was a pup. And this old dog will NEVER go quietly into that good night. 😡

      But just remember, this is a warped reality we’re currently inhabiting. When I first came upon the darkmoon site I quoted the words of the great Ojibwa medicine man Red Elk. He said “we are the cheese”. Metaphorically speaking, picture a mousetrap with human beings as the bait. The “mouse” sniffing it signifies the evil-doers, and the mouse is getting ever closer to the trap being sprung over its ugly snout.

      As gullible and unaware as most of our human brethren are, there’s a power inside all of us that makes this reality look like the trifle it really is, and this power is coming to the surface to blow the mouse to smithereens. What’s to be revealed will blow your mind. 🔊 🤯

  9. Well, it’s safe to say that the people have to have government. And they will have it in some formnor anothet. Whether they think it anarchy or not.
    There has to be law and order…
    If you can get order without law, you have found either utopia or the perfect totalitarian dictatorship….
    And, the people will end up with whatever government they deserve…

  10. Otherwise, listen – the marxists intend to ruin the entire country…
    they scream racism so long and loud, trying to attach it to everything, that it eventually it will lose its meaning…
    they mean to completely hijack and fear-out the criminal justice administration, like they did with the chauvin trial… the defendant never had a chance.. and they want you all to know that – they have captured the courtroom and hold it hostage to the blm antifa thugs, for practical purposes chicom red guards…
    gender distinctions are going away too… so will follow womens’ sports…
    cnn now has pretty much zero ratings…
    they understand that… they want media to become meaningless too, which it is when nobody pays attention to it anymore…
    the same thing is happening to baseball and football, american institutions, going down the drain…
    medicine loses more credibility every day as the covid hoax continues… doctors and nurses just robots now…
    politics – forget about it… the spooks took that over a long time ago… jurors aren’t the only ones intimidated…
    what border? no border – no country…
    but most of all they want to bankrupt the usa’s economy and banking system…
    blockchain crypto currency is perfect for the upcoming global surveillance and total control state…
    they’re in the process of ripping as much cash value out of the money system as they can and transferring the wealth to their all their marxist allies in academia, government, media, etc…..
    when it all crashes, those people will have acquired hard assets on the so-called aid packages…
    as far as cops using force goes – they need to use a lot more…
    only a massive nationwide crackdown on rioters and other violent criminals can save the country now…
    deadly force has to be used against violent demonstrators, because they’re really rioters, not demonstrators…
    that and a major clean-sweep arrest program instituted against all traitors in office…

    1. Back in the Nineteenth Century, it was almost impossible to encounter an American town where the people weren’t armed, and tended to their own criminals – government ones or otherwise. We didn’t need police, because we responded ourselves. (Some of us still do,)
      The encroachment upon that ability makes us furious, and nothing short of scattered, bloody retorts will soon begin. Cops are fine, but need to learn when to stand aside. Sheriffs have that discretionary authority, and it’d be wise to encourage it. If the BLM imports started rioting in MY county, they wouldn’t long survive.

      1. Gil –

        That’s the way it needs to be again. People would be way more polite.

        In the 1930s in Arkansas, my mother’s uncle, Calvin, was weighing beans at the market on a large scale, to sell the whole bag of 100 pounds of the beans he had grown. Calvin was barely 5 feet tall, but nobody messed with him. He’d fight a buzz-saw! 🙂 Before he could weight his beans a very big negroe took my great-uncle’s bag off and put his on. Uncle ‘Cal’ quietly stepped forward and without a word, he slit the negroe’s throat. The negroe fell back, pawing at the blood, as if he were trying to fly, as he fell to the gound . He could not speak from the pain and shock and he bled to death quickly. Calvin took the negroe’s bag off, put his back on, and said, “How much is there?”

        The sheriff came out in a while and hauled the body off. That was it. People were not as quick to be so rude back then.

        Dueling should be lawful today. It was done away with because too many lawyers and elites were being eliminated. (Re: Alexander Hamilton.) The likes of Soros and BLM would be toast.

        1. Pat –

          I’m not sure it was OK to cut the poor old darky’s throat! That was a bit too much. 😖

          1. Gil –

            Cal was not wealthy. He was a poor cotton picker and truck farmer on rented land. He used what was handy. He had no stick. He had no cops to call. He used his knife. He had done it before. No lawyers or rotten courts to pay. Simple times.

            Times were tough in the depression, and so were the men.

            Cal didn’t care what others thought about his protecting his property and person. He never asked for permission to do anything. If ya didn’t like it…. he settled it his way. When the sheriff had too much to handle…. he often sent word to Calvin and his brother Smitty to help take care of the heavy work in bar fights and other rowdy and dangerous events.

            No calling 911. No bitching. No moaning. No whimpers. Different times.

            1. Cal was a vicious little prick. Had I witnessed that, I would have been tempted to gut-shoot him.

              1. Gilb!
                Donaldo just knew it! You’re not the rough & tough W. Virginia vigilante you pretend to be! You’re actually a 🛏️-wetting, 🌲-hugging liberal working for the SPLC! Crying 🐊 tears 😭 for a 1930’s negroe Tupac Shakur who got what was coming to him. Where’s your shame hombre? Donaldo sides with his ally Pat. 🤨🤠

                1. What the hell do YOU know, you pretend-to-be trucker Donaldo??? Your ass wouldn’t know a Kenworth from a Mack, or a reefer from a covered wagon.

                  1. Gilb,
                    It appears Donaldo got under your thin skin! BTW…Donaldo drives a 2019 KenWorth…good truck….2500 miles a week. Anyway. Donaldo forgives your weak and childish slap at him….. couldn’t feel it. 😁😉🤗🤠

              2. Gil –

                You would not have shot him if you lived in Arkansas in the 1930s. You’da probly been da worstest one kikin’ ass for da laws!! 🙂
                Ya hadda be there during the depression. Tough times. Tough people. Not like today.

                Then there was the biggest drought and dust back then….. no one CRIED about global warming from using horses & buggies! 🙂

                “Drought of 1930–1931”

                “Arkansas’s worst drought of the twentieth century took place in 1930–1931. Twenty-three states across the Mississippi and Ohio river valleys and into the mid-Atlantic region were caught in its grip. The severest drought centered upon eight Southern states, with Arkansas sixteen percent worse than the other states based on weather statistics. Agrarian blight became a precursor to corollary social, political, and disaster relief issues, which escalated and attracted national attention.”

                That drought caused Cal’s brother, Ike, to drive his whole family 1000 miles in a covered wagon pulled by mules, from Arkansas to Harlingen, Texas, on the Rio Grande River…. where he homesteaded 500 acres, and built it even bigger over the years. The whole family was tough back then. He raised and dried pumpkins in the beginning. Raised every damned thing later on. I visited him often in the 70s & 80s.

    2. BD
      You have to know that any massive, nationwide crackdown that would restore order will be the kind of “order” that plays right into (((their))) hands. The one created out of an imposed chaos. You know, the one reflecting the inexorable Hegelian dialectic. The one whose plan is reaching its endgame.

      Gil is right. Only localized resistance would have any bearing on anything. The kind that says, “get off MY land or you’re f***ing dead!”

      1. BH, until they send in a 100 drones armed with ivory handled .44s! (gulp) Maybe even the 21st century version of “release the hounds!”

        The days of the hole in the wall gang(town) really are really over now.
        Charging the drones and T-2 just doesn’t have the same romantic ring to it..

    3. Marxism should be demystified, it is Jewish statism, or total dictatorship by Jews. The state becomes supreme under Marxism, the individual nothing, and those who control the narrative decide who lives and dies. Your life is worth zero under Marxism.
      “Government control of a country’s economy — any kind or degree of such control, by any group, for any purpose whatsoever — rests on the basic principle of statism, the principle that man’s life belongs to the state.” — Ayn Rand

      Under the current Covid scam – which is being promoted by Jews in Israel and Jews in the media in Amerika – the “state” is taking complete control of your life. The state is telling you which stores you can shop, when you must wear a mask, the state is using coercion to force the vax jab on you. Now pull back the curtain and see who is running the machinery of the state – it is the Jews. Biden/Trump administrations are being run by Jews, Trump (false opposition) is now heavily promoting the vaccine, criticizing Biden for being too slow.

      Who is taking complete control of your life? Jews. But the Jews remain hidden in the power structure because they do not yet feel they have the power to unveil themselves (but they will someday).

      Macron (Jew) is putting France into lockdown.
      Trudeau (Jew) is putting Canada into lockdown.
      Biden (Jew proxy) is putting Amerika into lockdown.
      Merkel (Jew proxy) is putting Germany into lockdown.

      The Jews do not have the Rabbi as your President or Prime Minister, because that would be so obvious the plebs might revolt, so the cowardly Jews have to hide behind a Jew proxy or a Jew that looks like the locals. But that will end someday as the Jews take total control and institute a total Jewish dictatorship, which is prophecized, and if you dare criticize the Rabbi or his Holy Book who WILL be executed. We can already see all across the western world this trend in motion, where anti-semitism is being met with the brutally of the court system.

      Soon, it won’t just be anti-semitism that brings down the hammer of the court, it will be any criticism of any Jewish policy like the Covid scam. Soon, criticism of the lying mockingbird media will be the death penalty, and that was why Trump was hated with a vengeance, he openly mocked them as “fake news”. What people do not understand is the fake news is just a continuation of the fake bible spell the Jews used to control us with, but in the modern secular world, the Jews got control of the media because the Church influence had worn off, and control us with false narratives. But be sure to realize the Bible was the original false narrative, that you were a sinner and needed forgiveness from a Jewish man.

      But, Trump was no Hitler or Napoleon, he did not follow through and bring the hammer of the state down on the media by revoking their license or storming CNN with special forces leaving none alive. My Pillow guy Mike Lindell new social media platform is going to get droned for the simple reason Jews can not allow any alt media to expose their nefarious plans for us – which is out total subjugation and elimination.

      Playboy Trump can not be the leader of the revolution because he lacks the intelligence and will to do what must be done to end Jewish control. Jews must be outed as problem, which is why for the last 80 years the Jews have gone on the offensive to bash Hitler and the Brown Shirts. Hitler organized the state against Jewry, and that must be their biggest threat because look at how much energy the Jews put in denigrating Hitler. The biggest fear of organized Jewry in Amerika are white christians who might organize against them, and yes Virginia, Christians and Patriots need to choose a color for their shirts and go after the Jews for what they have done. The color I like is olive drab, we all wear olive drab uniforms and march on Zion.

      Make sure you understand this is total war between us and the Jews. They started it and they intend to win even if it means they must kill most of us off, and they sure as hell are trying. The end game is the Jews live as kings and effendi, doing no work while they have dozens of feeble minded goy serve them. This is there clearly stated goal and that young man Adam Greene No More News has done an A+ job of bringing there plans to the light.

      Perhaps the vax genocide will wake the masses up and get people to end their selfish pursuits and fight back. If we could only get the sheep to stop wearing masks and tell the state to f-ck off with their controls on us. But what will they do to our awakening and resistance? They will up the ante and pull out a bigger fear campaign from their bag of tricks.

      Now I have a audio link I think is extremely important, it is Jeff Rense interview of Mitchell Hendersen about two weeks ago – and he says he was told the plan – that they first tried the Climate Change hoax to get us into fear, then they switched to the Covid hoax, and they might try the UFO INVASION hoax next.


      Download Hour 2 – Mitchell Henderson – Is The Fake UFO-ET Invasion About To Be Sprung?

      Rense 2021 04 26 2 of 3 mp3 Rense.20210426.2of3.mp3 see mamishit website scroll down till you find the link

      I’ve listened to this interview 3 times because what Mitchell Hendersen says is spot on. He tells you the plan.

      1. YJ –

        Ayn Rand was a jew… and you know jews lie!!

        Rand and Alan Greenspan were big buddies. 😨

        “The eldest of three sisters, Ayn Rand was born Alissa Rosenbaum on February 2, 1905, in St. Petersburg, Russia, to Fronz and Anna Rosenbaum. Her father, a pharmacist, had his own shop, a rare position for Jews in Russia. A precocious child, Alyssa declared herself an atheist in her early teens, and while she never denied her Jewish heritage, she also never softened her opposition to religion or any other form of “mysticism.” The privations she and her family endured as a result of the Russian Revolution, Including the Bolsheviks taking possession of her father’s business, affected her deeply.”

        1. Ayn Rand did much to free the minds of men as any writer I know. And yes, I know her history and have read all of her books. I was raised Catholic, my mind was in a Catholic mind control box, and in college I read Atlas Shrugged, We the Living, and Capitalism the Unknown Ideal which completely changed my perspective of reality. So she may be a Jew but she crystalized in my mind what Communism really was, and since I have this intense longing for freedom in my spirit, I understood fully how the rest of humanity bogged down in collectivistic schemes was my enemy.

          Here is an interesting tidbit about her and Alan Greenspan, he wrote a chapter in one of her books on gold and economic freedom, which was read by R. Reagan, who appointed Greenspan to head the Federal Reserve, and Ron Paul to chair the gold commission. The result of Reagan’s action was to legalize gold ownership and the biggest boom in economic activity.

          So if you love gold coins, thank Ayn Rand for having the intellectual clarity to make it our reality.

          BTW I used to be a big fan of hers until I saw her live defending Israel, and then I instantly knew she was just another lying Jew when it comes to certain topics. She railed against the State yet endorsed collectivistic Israel. She torpedoed her own arguments.

          1. Thanks, YJ.
            “She railed against the State yet endorsed collectivistic Israel. She torpedoed her own arguments.”

            That’s what jews do and why they cannot be trusted!!

            They chant kol nidre every year at Purim celebrations. They are also required to lie to non-jews.

            I am very familiar with Rand and Greenspan and also ‘Red Ronnie’, which is why I mentioned the formers.

            I don’t care that much for gold…. since jews FIX the prices. Lead is best for me. Seen ammo prices?? My $2 a box is $50 now…. if they have it!

          2. I appreciate your comment, Yukon Jack.

            When a senior in high school (1964-1965), a classmate introduced me to Ayn Rand’s books as well as The Objectivist Newsletter, published as I recall by the Nathaniel Brandon Institute (NBI). Ironically, I suppose, during Christmas break in 1967 in the literal dead of winter, I hitchhiked to New York City from Richmond, Indiana. While mostly haunting the Greenwich Village scene — notably, I witnessed The Fugs doing a live show — in vain I visited the nth floor of a tall NYC building which housed the NBI: Neither Ayn Rand nor Nathaniel Brandon was there at the time.

            Earlier as a wet-behind-the-ears freshman in college, holding forth at a table in the campus dining hall, I espoused the philosophy of Ayn Rand and extolled its merits. My later-to-be first ex-wife leaned across the table and asked, “How can you, a Catholic, believe such things?!” Between Ayn Rand and her, my waning adherence to Catholism withered like a thirsty plant in full sun. The vacuum produced by the rapid dissolution of a rigid and, by then, fragile conceptual framework — in service, after all, since childhood — awakened the dormant spirit of a wandering seeker. But for those milestones (and others), I’d not appear here today.

  11. Though not a member of the band of seeming sycophants that tend to surround guru|mentor Miles Mathis (see, especially,, I continue to have great respect and appreciation for the scientific papers and the psycho-social-political commentary MM generates regularly. In light of comments thus far on this thread, I think Mathis’ 51 points on the Derek Chauvin “show trial” warrant citing once again:

    If we knew for certain the entire Derek Chauvin drama was just that — an elaborate, one-off soap opera with lingering impact — then would we comment as we have above? All in a huff-and-a-puff over FICTION? Or, like Elie Wiesel (e.g.,, do we say, as he did (or so he says) to his Rebbe concerning his writings:

    “About people you knew? “Yes, about people I might have known.” About things that happened? “Yes, about things that happened or could have happened.” But they did not? “No, not all of them did. In fact, some were invented from almost the beginning to almost the end.” The Rebbe leaned forward as if to measure me up and said with more sorrow than anger: That means you are writing lies! I did not answer immediately. The scolded child within me had nothing to say in his defense. Yet, I had to justify myself: “Things are not that simple, Rebbe. Some events do take place but are not true; others are—although they never occurred.”

    I note that the only mention of the supposed “victim” came with reference to George Floyd’s brother, though I cannot rule out the editing out of more extended coverage of George Floyd himself. Miles Mathis has a few points directly relevant to George , too, for those interested.

  12. PAT
    Lyndon LaRouche’s books are very informative on the drug trade and crooked police forces and the money laundering banks… A major player case in point is Hong Kong… And you can bet the political struggle there now is over who gets to control and profit from the traffic… He says there are 25 or so criminal organizations working within the Hong Kong police department… And that all the policemen find a payoff in their lockers, desks, etc. every week… If they don’t take it their dead in a couple days…
    It wouldn’t have to be that way…
    It could be done right…
    Believe me I do understand that violence is not the ideal method…
    Generally you’re just replacing one rotten state with another…
    i do believe we can evolve politically, when we evolve truthfully, spiritually…
    But in the meantime anybody rioting in my neighborhood, assaulting and killing people, robbing, looting, setting fire to buildings and cop cars, is dead…
    ““Things are not that simple, Rebbe. Some events do take place but are not true; others are—although they never occurred”..
    So it is the spooky world of ‘realpolitik’, where whomever’s exigency is the excuse for dishonesty and it’s all about the end justifying the means…
    It’s so simple otherwise – “The Means Are The End”…
    I want Miles Mathis’ for my defense…

    1. Bark
      You say it could be done right. Sure, but who exactly would be the ones DOING it?
      Things are so crazy now, it’s as if the only reasonable scenario for that to occur would have to come in the form of an invasion of benevolent extraterrestrials. 👽

  13. HAWK
    It’s going to take a wave of enlightenment, which optimistically we believe is building with the gradual advance of the free media and the continued revelation of truth throughout human consciousness… human beings invented the internet in order to save themselves… it enables the exchange of ideas outside the corporate and religious control restrictions… but it could be a rough ride working through the growth pains, especially when the PTB know full well where it’s leading – to a restructuring of society, that will eliminate the built-in positions of power…

  14. Bark
    Whoever invented the Internet KNEW that consciousness enlightenment was coming, and in order to “get the jump” their m.o. was/is an attempt to control the opposition that would BECOME enlightened. This operation is primarily banking on dismissing all truthfulness into the camp of “conspiracy theory”, which inculcates a mindset saying that ALL things conspiratorial in nature are hogwash.

    While I appreciate your optimism, my overriding sense of things sees TPTB as that of a scorpion who’s getting highly irritated by this whole enlightenment thing, and before it exits the stage it’ll devise a form of “scorched earth” as it lashes its stinging tail on the way outta Dodge. I suspect that the politicians who do the bidding of the banker scumbags know what’s in the air, and this is the primary reason for that little trip to Antarctica a few years ago. They’re looking to save their sorry asses by going off-planet. We live in a virtual reality, and it’s fracturing, according to the seers.

    The way I see it, there’s no other way for this “endgame” to play out. We’ve had our chances to make a smooth transition to an “evolutionary ethereality”, but never really saw the forest for the trees. And like I intimated before, any “restructuring” will only come in the form “new saplings” sprouting after the “forest” has been burned to a crisp. Or to continue the other metaphor I used recently, “WE ARE THE CHEESE”!

    1. I should add that what we do to help spread Truth WILL lend itself to mitigating our predicament in spite of any “scorched earth” realities that may come to bear. Every little bit contributes to an awakening, even when the efficacy of that can be hard to see.

  15. Listening for the truth, fine tuning your nose for bs is probably the first adjustment…
    Tuning out the MSM narrative helps a lot… You can still hear it but always apply the filter…
    I’m sure you know all that… Most people do not…
    The ones I know simply do not think about anything outside their little circle of relationships…
    The MSM knows all about it, is designed to keep them right where they are, willfully ignorant consumers…
    The second thing is to actually adjust your behavior, move your physical self off the media reservation, don’t react to information you have no proof of, and have a vision of yourself as an enlightened one, or one who intends it…
    When you have ceased participating, being manipulated, the enlightenment process will accelerate for you…
    I put my insights down on a voice recorder and review them…
    For example – this vilification of white people as racist criminals is being pushed to hide the real rot going on now at the hands of the state, which is the systemic elimination of everybody who disagrees with this supposed woke agenda, cultural marxism, from all positions of power and influence, in media, business, military, academia…
    It’s completely ‘racist’ in and of itself, discrimination and sabotage of people who don’t think the right thoughts, say the wrong things, disagree with the people in power….
    I think the final effect of that will be much worse than whatever ‘white supremacy’ might be afoot in society today, and the comparison should be pointed out…
    Yes the PTB are using the internet to gather intel build separation walls..
    It’s a struggle between the forces of truth and the forces of suppression…
    And I’m the first one to say the indications are we’re in the first stages of forced depopulation…

    1. Bark –

      You wrote:
      “And I’m the first one to say the indications are we’re in the first stages of forced depopulation…”

      Why do you believe TPTB want less population???

  16. Mexico’s police are more corrupt than the US police, as was revealed just 3 days ago!!

    Famous Mexican boxer, Canelo Alvarez, said that Mexican authorities were involved in the kidnapping of his brother. According to the 30-year-old, he no longer feels safe in his home country and this is why he decided to leave Mexico…. And lives in US now!!

    Alvarez explains he didn’t want to involve the police because he feared they might have been involved in the kidnapping and ransom!

    Canelo Alvarez is one of the most prominent boxers to come out of Mexico over the past decade or so. In spite of his well-loved reputation in his home country, however, the current unified super middleweight champion was apparently still a victim of kidnapping some three years ago.

    Alvarez revealed the shocking details of how he personally negotiated the release of his brother who was kidnapped in 2018:

    “Over the phone, I negotiated all the — I negotiated everything for his release,” Canelo told Bensinger in Spanish, via TMZ Sports.

    “For three days, I negotiated with those a**holes so they would let him go. Three days!”

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