The Multicultural Nightmare: Then and Now

What hope for the White race as it finds itself swamped in an alien landscape of illegal immigrants from all over the world?  

Originally posted as “The Revenge of Johann Sebastian Bach”

By Martin McBride

Washington, D.C. 

Most Americans know their nation’s capital only from the picture-postcard image of it which appears in their living rooms nightly on the television screen. They are shown the halls of power: The White House, with its well-manicured lawns; Congress, with its imposing white dome; the Supreme Court, with its impressive neo-classical architecture. They are shown monuments to the authentic heroes of days gone by: Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and others.

But what Americans don’t see of Washington is the grim reality: like every other US city, it is a dirty, dangerous, disgusting sinkhole of racial decay and corruption. It is pimps and prostitutes; dealers and junkies; legions of homeless bums of both sexes sleeping on steam-grates in the dead of winter. It is endless square blocks of urban squalor; teeming ghetto tenements full of angry and sullen Blacks, unemployed and unemployable. It is race-mixing; it is White degeneracy; it is Levantine merchants with bargain-basements filled to overflowing with shoddy goods.

It is the spawning ground for every social evil and toxin. Washington, D.C., is, if you will, a miniature New York City. It is what the Jews and plutocrats would like to see the whole country become: a hideous Third World nightmare; the rotting corpse of Western civilization; the death of our Race.

Basic wisdom: If you are White, stay away from the cities; there is nothing for you there anymore, except infection – spiritual, racial and sexual.

A few summers back I found myself trapped in Washington during the daily rush hour gridlock. I was stuck in traffic on 14th Street, Northwest – a major thoroughfare which is also an open sewer of racial pollution. It was just after 5:00 p.m., the time when most of the denizens of Washington’s night streets first begin to stir, and then stagger, blinking, into the smog-shrouded late afternoon light, to begin whatever hustle or scam they are involved in to keep themselves alive from one day to the next.

Although I was only three blocks from the White House, I was surrounded as far as I could see by porno shops, hookers, drug addicts and similar products of urban decay and capitalism. Now and then a rodent-like federal bureaucrat with his briefcase would scurry by, his eyes fixed on the pavement in front of him, never looking up or around at the ugly reality of which he was a part.


“I was surrounded as far as I could see by porno shops, hookers, drug addicts and similar products of urban decay and capitalism . . .  “

Washington in the summer is unearthly hot and humid, with the air thick and stifling. Partly as a defense against that, and partly to shut out the general unpleasantness, I had the windows of my car rolled up and the air conditioner turned on. To help drown out the unavoidable cacophony of city noises, I had my stereo turned on to a local classical music station.

The spot at which the following incident occurred was only a few steps away from the site where a luckless French tourist had been stabbed to death during a robbery by a drug-crazed Black a few nights earlier. The unfortunate visitor to our shores had doubtlessly perished under the misconception that he was safe walking on a well-lit busy street at night, for, after all, he was in the capital city of the most powerful country in the world, and he was less than a half-mile from the official residence of the chief executive of that country. “Poor misled bastard,” I mused to myself.

I waited impatiently for the traffic ahead of me to free up, so that I could escape this hellish scene. The light changed and then changed again. Still no movement. In front of me a 300-pound Negress exchanged obscenities with the Pakistani driver of a cab from which she had just existed. An anorectic Puerto Rican whore lounged listlessly in the doorway of a fast-food joint.

On the corner next to me stood a mulatto with an over-sized ghetto-blaster affixed to his shoulder, blaring out the latest pop hit by Michael Jackson or Prince or some other equally objectionable darling of the entertainment media. As one would expect, he had the volume turned up well past the point of distortion, so that the obnoxious screeching and rhythms of his radio penetrated even my little temperature modulated capsule of sanity.

“On the corner next to me stood a mulatto
with an over-sized ghetto-blaster affixed to his shoulder.”

As he shuffled down the street, mercifully passing out of earshot, I decided that the time had come for a counterattack.

It would be no more than a token gesture of defiance, I realized, but at least it would afford me the personal satisfaction of cathartic release. I switched off my air conditioner, rolled down all my windows, and cranked my stereo up as loud as I could stand it.

Instantly, the filthy steel and concrete urban canyon was filled with the intricate and vaulting baroque harmonies of the Brandenburg Concerto Number Two in F Major by Johann Sebastian Bach.

As I expected, the raceless sludge occupying the sidewalks was stunned by the sudden turn of events.

A light-complexioned Black, whom I assumed from his manner of dress was some sort of pimp, cupped his hands over his ears and retreated into the sanctuary of an X-rated bookstore. Slowly the sidewalk emptied, as the street people drifted away in pain and confusion from this audio intrusion into their fetid world.

A lone Negro/mestizo hybrid, dressed in a synthetic flowered shirt, unbuttoned to his navel, braved Bach’s exalted testament to Aryan genius. His eyes scanned the suddenly vacant sidewalk and the congested roadway in a frantic effort to discern the source of the agony that was assaulting him.

Our gazes met: my face was set in what I imagine was a slight smirk of self-satisfaction at Bach’s revenge; his face was contorted in revulsion and hatred at the horrible sound which he found so utterly alien.

卐 卐 卐


About: “Martin McBride” is the pen name of a longtime NEW ORDER supporter. This article first appeared in the July 1986 issue of the racialist publication The Nationalist (Vol. II, No. 7), published by the National Democratic Front. Although the article is 35 years old, nothing has changed in Washington since then, except for the disappearance of the pornography stores mentioned. Porn itself has not gone away, however, but instead flows into the homes of middle Americans by way of the Internet.

45 thoughts to “The Multicultural Nightmare: Then and Now”

  1. No one bothered to take any action in 1986 when all this was happening. That’s 35 years ago! It’s still happening. Only now it’s much worse. With more illegal immigrants pouring in. With the politicians doing nothing to stop it getting any worse, let alone reverse the trend. With race riots and BLM now added to the toxic mix.

    Trump the traitor made promises but didn’t keep them, working in tandem with the Jews, enslaved by Netanyahu and appointing his Jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner as his chief adviser. He is followed by Biden, equally Zionist, a dementia patient zombie working for the Deep State.

    At this rate, what will America be like by 2050? Will white folk have to go into hiding? If so, where? I shudder to think of what the future holds for us. Where is our rescuer? He certainly ain’t Adolf Hitler! Adolf and his childish dreams of an Aryan Utopia have bitten the dust.

    Apocalypse Now is round the corner.

    1. Hitler fought the very enemy that is destroying our White/European identity. Show some damn respect.

      1. As a Hitler fanatic, this is exactly what you would say. Feel free to give Hitler the “respect” you think he deserves. As for me, can you allow me to make up my own mind about Adolf Hitler and not dictate to me what you think my attitude should be?

  2. We need to go into hiding UNDERGROUND , to escape the radiation of all forms . I am building such dug-outs , going to ground . All signs point to this including The 5g Satellite 5 giga watt Earth Oven Microwave Grid . it’s all over up there . Contact me here [email protected] let’s start digging . PS we’ll need some system to eliminate Radon , its prevalent in my zone .

  3. If Trump didn’t see the Pelosi implications coming with the January 6 protest at the capital, he’s too stupid…
    I doubt it…
    I’ll rescue you SAKI…
    All you have to do to make it happen is get everybody to do what I say…
    Because I know what to do…
    I’ll straighten out the whole gd thing…
    Just let me be the dictator, or whatever…
    It won’t happen without some serious hammer work though…
    A lot of our problems will have to be stamped out, and they should be…
    But there are also changes to the operating system, corrections that have to happen at the same time…
    One thing about it – it will be so vastly improved as to have become a different country, if it will be fixed…
    btw, the article G provided about how the woke idiots now want to rename all the birds, on account of white supremacist implications existing in their names, was interesting, might have provided a glimmer of hope…
    Can there be names for birds that have no baggage or attachments whatsoever?
    I don’t know, but sterility is really what’s badly lacking in commercial media news reporting now…
    Enough already with the editorial input…
    Just give us all the statistical facts, the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth…
    We’re not interested in your smarmy conflicts with each other…

  4. Civilizations evolve. Each one is a new experiment and no one knows how things will turn out. Life started in central Africa this we know and men and women were of color. Through the ages things change. One after another empires came and went and will continue to do so. Religion is all BS and was a fabricatiion to control people. The concept of good and evil or heaven and hell, yea right! I say Bullshit ! What would it matter what one does during their life if no consequences exist afterwards. We all come back in one form or another until we get it right. False flags, conspiracy theories and imbiciles like Pat who hate for no reason and blame their lot on others because they cannot stand to look in the mirror are true evil. Darkmoon is a site with the same couple of dozen posters talking to eachother solving the problems of the world. Ha and double Ha. I read it because it keeps me on my toes and is a remindet of the hatred that exists along with lunacy and histeria accomplishing nothing. If an Alien race were ever to come across our shitty little planet they would look at us all like ants. I doubt they would think which of us are Catholic, Jewish or Muslim Ants. Perhaps someday this may happen and then we can put our petty differences aside. Of course if you want to pick a fight about politicians you will get no argument from me. They are all the same regardless of their country, party or affiliation. Power corrupts and we are all human! With exception to Pat of course 🙂

      1. The “out of Africa” theory has been debunked ad nauseum. Western/Eastern civilization proves how low IQ Africa is. Name me some of those great and historical African composers of the classical, baroque, or renaissance era.

        1. “Ad NAUSEAM”, not “ad NAUSEUM”. 🙂

          For someone who thinks his own IQ is infinitely superior to the IQ of the average African, you need to brush up on your Latin! Your lack of education shows. 🙂

    1. Dyslexic whiny non-white AMAUROTIC IDIOT jew Ralan –

      Your lack of understanding & knowledge has been damaged by your dyslexia, and possible sickle cell anemia which is carried by jews and Blacks. BUT, most likely it is from AMAUROTIC IDIOCY found mainly in jews. “Idiocy and imbecility are found comparatively more often among jews than among non-jews.”

      Dark genes are dominant. When they breed with others of their kind NO white babies pop out.

      Therefore… ALL mankind never started in Black Africa…. Except for non-white AMAUROTIC IDIOT jews…… such as Ralan and his mentor, Woody Allen, of course. They originated in Black Africa!! 🙂

  5. Darkmooners,

    Donaldo wasn’t gonna post. But…..oh well. He’ll resist his urge to escape to his spiritual Israel. A place of beauty, safety, bliss and acceptance far away from the constant attacks and hostility against him on this tumultuous website.

    It’s indeed a Shoah of sorts and he accepts this but perseveres. Ok. The WHITE RACE isn’t being exterminated per say….. it’s being TRANSFORMED.


    Yesterday Donaldo delivered a load and later bob-tailed (truck without trailer) to buy some groceries at a Kroger supermarket in Gainesville, GA, USSA. In the parking lot he encountered a big SUV being driven by two white teens. They had their stereo blasting the most hideous type of rap music. They had, in essence, transformed themselves into negroes. It’s the fashion folks. Also…white girls. They don’t have to be raped by black BUCKS. They WILLINGLY give their bodies to above-monkey-less-than-human intelligent creatures. Hey! Hola! It’s the fashion!

    Another issue is drug use. Whites have indeed become just as dependent on METH as blacks. Today, Donaldo saw a slender and beautiful blond-haired blue-eyed mid-20’s woman wandering the truck stop. Hope it wasn’t Madame…. administration…. I’ll keep you informed.

    Anyway. Lucifer is patient. No hurry! He is a serpent. He doesn’t drastically change. He slowly transforms. 🤔🤨🤠

      1. You’re right of course. The Jews are not worried about the “dangerous White race”. They regard the White race with total and justifiable contempt. At every stage of the game, the White race has been led by the nose by the cunning Jew. Fat White women everywhere, rolling into bed with negroes and having pickaninnies by the score! White guys on drugs, spaced out, sitting in their Mom’s basements snorting coke or high on cannabis. There’s not much you can do with this degenerate White trash.

        Asian Americans are almost as smart as the Jews and both have higher IQs than the average uneducated working class American.

        I asked a white American teenager the other day, “Any idea where Europe is? I’ve been invited there for a holiday.” Her reply: “I haven’t a clue. I think it’s somewhere near Australia.”

        1. The only way the White man is going to win this war is to make himself smarter than his Jewish enemy. He can’t do that. Because he has made himself a demoralized zombie. Almost every third American is now overweight or obese. Apart from being thick a a plank. Dopey jumbo-size warriors are unfit for war! They are fit only for waddling over to the fridge for the next pork pie or sausage roll. So sad! 🙂

          1. MB:

            Talking about “Low IQ”… are you aware that you can concatenate sentences in the same comment… and that there is no need to assign each sentence to a separate comment? 🤔

        2. Maybe Madame will like Europe so much she’ll forget all about the United States and us kwans, decide to stay in Europe PERMANENTLY, and we won’t hear from her anymore. One can dream! LMFAO!!!!

      2. Madame,
        Ok. But no conclusion as always. Life as usual. We all predend to be something else. 🤠

        1. Madame,
          On a serious note. Asians are quite diverse. Donaldo knows. He lived in Thailand from 1989-1997. Some are more intelligent than others and it varies from country-to-country. It’s simply a question of evolution and environment. People from tropical regions had a natural year-long supply of fruits and vegetables. They had no need to develope a solid intellect for PLANNING. People of Northern regions, by contrast, had only a limited WINDOW of time…Spring and Summer to harvest. Their brains, therefore, had to develope planning strategies, technology, in order to survive. These Northern-hemisphere groups, therefore, developed larger and more intelligent brains. Northern Asians….Koreans, some Chinese, and Japanese naturally have higher IQs than their Southern Asian counterparts. It’s a fact. Anyway. Back to Jewish intelligence. It’s not a question of geographical-evolved intelligence. It’s more IDEOLOGICAL in nature. People who IDENTIFY as Jews have, real or imagined, evolved in an environment which they BELIEVE is hostile to them. They have, in essence, always had to be “on their toes” expecting retaliation from host nations. Such a scenario breeds an acute INTELLIGENCE and indeed it has. Anyway. Donaldo doesn’t wish to bore fellow Darkmooners with such dry and academic postings.
          To Whom It May Concern,
          Please don’t continue to degrade yourself. You’re Pat’s 🐒 on a leash. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Listen to your OWNER Pat please. You can learn from him. Let’s continue to grow. 🤨🤔🤗🤠

          1. Donaldo

            Are you kidding me. Is there anything more degrading than cozying up to a racist POS like Patty Boy. Are you sure you are Jewish, perhaps not.

            (The rest of this comment has been deleted, partly because the link below is defective.)


          2. The uniqueness of the Jewish people is their Law it is the Tikkun Olam. It caused a great tear in the world. Its a national gospel of separation and degeneracy. It values not humanity but the single whole and uniqueness of a people. While it is not possible to apply the whole Law to other nations. It is the Laws of segregation and fear that must be exposed upon this elusive people. After all if it is good for Israel might it not be good for your nation to protect you from such evil. Where once contracts were made on the tolerance of other gods and faiths. It is this hard and shattering truth that a Jew hates and fears all others as he plunders for his covenental god. Some have suggested the people are his immortal and invisible god. They worship the Jewish self and mammon. Separate him by precedent of the Law. After all God said he must be separate. His law is the only thing he will submit to so use it against him.

    1. Keep Gyorgi as a commentator and it will transform Darkmoon into a eastern european slavic hungarian garbage dump, so it can feel at home, hungarian slavic garbage dump rodent that it is. And the transformation won’t be a slow transformation but a quick transformation, it will turn Darkmoon into a rat infested garbage dump real fast, rat that it is it’ll just keep gnawing away at Darkmoon until there’s nothing left but trash and litter and rat urine stains and rodent droppings all over the place, But hey, that’s what ADMIN wants, a slavic garbage dump rat from hungary running around. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Personally, i would call a Pest Control Co. to come out and set bait stations and rat traps around the perimeter, ZP tracking powder would help also. Be very careful with the ZP powder, please read and follow the directions, the stuff is lethal. The “joys” of diversity, rat infestations, LMFAO!!!!!

      1. I must admit TROJ that, apart from Southern Belles of course, Hungarian women are the BEST LOOKING that I’ve seen… very Catholic as well, so – as a bonus – that should also jive with your sensibilities of “moral rectitude” (cough! cough!)

        So if you ever make it outta the ‘gator swamps (how are those Everglades raccoons doin’ these days… they still around?) and head over to Europe, then do yourself a favor and make a b-line to Budapest… and skip the fat painted loud-mouth lard-ass money-grubbing trollops in the likes of London.

        Thank me later 👍

      2. How cute, the grateful TROJ cat returned to leave a gift for me, a dead rodent on my doormat. I’ll just leave it there so when he gets hungry, he’ll return to eat it. 😉

  6. “But what Americans don’t see of Washington is the grim reality: like every other US city, it is a dirty, dangerous, disgusting sinkhole of racial decay and corruption. It is pimps and prostitutes; dealers and junkies; legions of homeless bums of both sexes sleeping on steam-grates in the dead of winter.”

    Many songs have been written about those conditions. That reminded me of my favorite from writer Don Felder and crazy Joe Walsh’s guitar with the Eagles:

    He was a hard headed man
    He was brutally handsome y’all she was (drop-dead) pretty
    She (supported) him and (he pimped her out)
    In the heart of the cold cold city

    Life in the fast lane
    Everything all the time

  7. Call it “collateral damage”….

    but I’m afraid that the White tattoo’ed imbecile punks – AND their revolting loud-mouth trashy tarts – will have to be “flushed down the toilet” – along with the invaders – when “push comes to shove”.

    1. Errmmm…. 😜
      Looks like ‘The Reaist’ is a new whiny commenter…. or dyslexia has risen its ugly head once again!! 🙃🙃🙃

  8. Martin McBride (1986) regarding Washington, D.C. writes: It is the spawning ground for every social evil and toxin. Washington, D.C., is, if you will, a miniature New York City. […] a hideous Third World nightmare; the rotting corpse of Western civilization; the death of our Race.

    I saw DC in the early 1960’s as a young child in grade school. My parents took me to the various sites, the Washington Monument, White House, etc. Then, it wasn’t the sprawling death trap that it later morphed into.

    As of late even discounting the 1986 description, (which shows how far in only two decades DC had already degenerated), reminds me of the 1981 movie, Escape from New York, starring Ernest Borgnine as a cab driver.

    In fact, the movie being so eerie seems to prophetically forecast what has recently happened to New York and other large cities during the so called peaceful riots with all the death and destruction going on.

    A young Jewish woman in graduate studies was naive enough to visit Chicago in broad daylight, traversed a part of town that no one in their right mind would even attempt. She was ignorant of the maxim, “If you weren’t born in the hood, you don’t belong.” Yet, she must have been following the CRT brainwashing by her various academia experts, thinking to prove her thesis on the unfairness of law enforcement toward race. Did they encourage her to make this trip?

    Doctoral Candidate Who Sought to Prove Justice System Was ‘Racist Against Blacks’ Stabbed to Death by Black Male in Chicago, Jun. 23, 2021:

    Anat Kimchi, a 31-year-old Israeli-born doctoral candidate and scholar at the University of Maryland, wrote a paper published in the Journal of Quantitative Criminology in 2019 attempting to prove America’s criminal justice system was racist against “young black offenders” and “black drug offenders.”

    While visiting Chicago over the weekend, Kimchi was ambushed and stabbed in the back and neck while walking near a homeless encampment at 401 South Wacker at around 3:35 p.m. Police said witnesses told them the assailant was a homeless “slim black male with long dreadlocks who wore a red bandana and a blue tank top,” CWB Chicago reported.

    Every last media outlet appears to have hid the suspect’s description in accordance with their new rules against “amplifying narratives that connect Black and brown communities to crime” but CWB Chicago reported it straight.

    Unfortunately, she naively traveled in a dangerous area alone, completely oblivious to the dangers that lurk, paying for her naivety with her life. And to think, now blue politicians want to defund the police, “to protect the citizens.”

    Really, who is kidding who?

  9. And to think the Demo-commies want to make Washing D. Cesspool a state. The mention of J.S. Bach rings a note for T.J. I have read two papers by musical educated Blacks that Music Theory is white privilege and white racism. Go figure. For the musical illiterate the works of J.S. Bach demonstrated the well tempered tuning system with two set of Preludes and Fugues in all the major and minor keys. A crowning achievement.
    The well tempered tuning system is artificial, not natural tuning based on the natural overtones of a vibrating string.
    Back in the mid 20th Century a California composer/inventor Harry Partch used the natural tuning and micro-tones and invented many of the various instruments to play his compositions. I met Harry while a student. Because the well tempered tuning is what our ears for trained for, music, using natural tuning and micro-tones will sound strange and a little off.
    Of course the well tempered tuning system is much more versatile and has been the main stay of Western Music turning the last 200 plus years. The only music that comes close to the range and sophistication of Western classical music are the 75 scales or so of the Indian sitar music.
    The white invented tuning system and instruments of the west didn’t seem to bother the genius big time Black band leaders and composers of the big band era. I don’t know about white racism, but those whining that modern music theory is a product of white privilege and supremacy very well may be right.

    1. Very disappointing the overall cultural state of the West, Toejamicus, and music isn’t an exception. Of course we can attribute this awful ORGANIZED cultural subversion to the usual suspects, ORGANIZED Jewry.

      I want to be positive today, here is my contribution to music… As you know, music has 3 components: melody, rhythm and harmony. I’ll deal with the later.

      In the west we have only 12 notes to play: A, A#, B, C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G, G# and then back to A (an octave higher than the previous A).*

      Contrary to common belief there are many scales we can arrange with these 12 notes, almost 5 hundred scales total. We are going to use “RACYSS” mathematics as an auxiliary tool, precisely the formula for combination of items in groups when the sequence order is irrelevant.

      First we choose how many notes we want in our scale then we calculate how many possible combinations, using this formula:


      N = number of possible combinations
      S = number of notes in our musical scale
      ! is a mathematical symbol for factorial, 4! = 4 plus 3 plus 2 plus 1. In a more concise notation: 4! = = 24

      Let’s check what we get using, for simplicity, groups of 3 notes (triads):


      220 is the number of all possible combinations of 3 notes in the 12 notes spectrum.

      Now the method needs and input from music. The same scale can be played in many tunes because harmonization is related to intervals between notes, not with the notes themselves. In other words the same music can be played in many tunes as long as all instruments move altogether.

      For instance, this is the 7 notes major scale in C:
      C, D, E, F, G, A, B

      And this is the same scale in A:
      A, B, C#, D, E, F#, G#

      The following list details all possible 19 musical triads. 19 triads played in 12 tunes gives 228 combinations. Our formula gave us 220 possibilities. Where is the catch? The solution is related to one symmetrical triad that has only 4 tunes to play rather than 12, because of its symmetry.

      A, A#, B
      A, A#, C
      A, B, C
      A, A#, C#
      A, C, C#
      A, B, C#
      A, A#, D
      A, C#, D
      A, B, D
      A, C, D
      A, A#, D#
      A, D, D#
      A, B, D#
      A, C#, D#
      A, C, D#
      A, D, E
      A, D, F#
      A, D, F
      A, C#, F (symmetrical triad, only 4 tunes possible)

      Some of these triads sound odd, few musicians use them. Nevertheless, they are on the musician’s menu whether they use it or not. The same methodology can be used for scales of 4, 5, 6, 7… notes.

      * In the West the octave, by definition, is divided by 12. However it could be divided by 16, or perhaps 13, or 8… A different division leads to new musical instruments, new scales and consequently, a new kind of musical harmonization. The sky is the limit.

  10. The article does not mention Jews as causal agents to the race mixing crisis. Not mentioning the cause is suicidal, so the current path of destruction will continue until the intelligentsia and conspiracy minded writers boldly state Jews as causal to Amerika’s destruction. What is the point of any article that does not specifically out Jews?

    So the death spiral will continue until people endure enough hardship and are forced to face the truth about reality – that their nation is occupied and infested with Jews, who are nation destroyers. There will be no end to this crisis until the Jew is outed and contained, and this means the ADL must be shut down and it’s leaders imprisoned for treason.

    The loss of freedom, vaxx deaths, endless wars based on false flags like 911 are all caused by Jewish control. Jews hate freedom and their goyim slaves, they are promoting the vaxx in the media they control, and they are manipulating Amerika into war after war for Israel when it was Israel that did 911. So the wave of deaths caused by Jews should wake some of the sheep up, but it did not, the covid lockdowns did. It was the loss of movement that really got the sheep hopping mad. When they couldn’t go to the beach they bailed out of LA and went to Montana.

    Californians Flee to Montana in Droves, Seek to Turn It Into California

    “As with most moves, there are trade offs for those migrating from the Bay Area. [California transplant Sasha Vermel] said she misses great restaurants, particularly Mexican food. But she loves that there are dozens of kids on her street the same age as her children and she doesn’t have to worry about them exploring the neighborhood on their own. What she misses most is the diversity in the Bay Area — the state of Montana is 88% white.”


    “Californians are fleeing the crime-infested third world s-hole they voted for and moving to Montana so they can repeat the process all over again.

    From SF Gate, “Californians are arriving in Montana in droves. But they’re not welcome.”:

    Even in 2019, Carolyne Calvin, a realtor with Keller Williams Montana Realty, said 85% of her buyers were from out of state. Just in 2021 so far, Calvin said the market in and around Bozeman has been so frantic, she’s sold at least 12 homes sight unseen….

    As with most moves, there are trade offs for those migrating from the Bay Area. [California transplant Sasha Vermel] said she misses great restaurants, particularly Mexican food….

    These libtards have no appreciation for why Montana is the way it is and no understanding of why California is the way it is.

    They have no desire to protect what makes Montana different from California and instead want to turn it into the s-hole they left.

    California was heaven on earth and they ruined it!…”

    (Of course that average idiot in California had no say in the corrupt politics heavily controlled by Jewish interests like Hollywood. The Beach Boys heaven of California is gone, California has fallen and the white sheep are fleeing to Montana where they are safe)


    It takes leadership on the part of the writers to identify the enemy Jews and name them as causal agents, and then the sheeple connect the dots and see it is the Jews. The recent Ben and Jerrys ice cream insanity should get many idiots to see the Israel control of their fallen nation. When the idiots can no longer pig out on double butt fudge sunday delight they will get angry and say, f-ck Israel, I can not get my favorite rainbow gay ice cream because of the racist Israeli pigs who control our whore politicians.

    But that is unlikely, what may get the sheep jumping hoops is when they can no longer fuel their monster trucks with gasoline that costs less than water. Amerikans are up sh-t creek without a paddle, most are still completely clueless as to what is happening, and with Jewish control of MSM and social media they are not likely to find out.

    Also Amerika is becoming ripe for a new great orator like A.H. who can give white people hope again. That person is not DJT who is heavily connected to the Jewish mob and loves Israel. Amerika has many more years of pain until the sheep wake up, which could be never as the Jews have Biden pumping the vaccine agenda. Basically the sheep are going to be killed and never know what happened.

  11. Thank you all for the comments!!
    I enjoyed them………

    Be well, my friends, stay safe!!!


  12. The destruction of America via unlimited immigration is official policy of the UN – Department of Economic and Social Affairs Population Division Replacement Agenda is unlimited immigration.

    This can be googled .

  13. The former President DJT is viewed as a white leader. The Jews found him very threatening and still do. The Jew Berstein is now calling Trump a war criminal. He does not call other Presidents, who are war criminals, this term because they were in the Jew pocket, but Trump was a lone ranger that offended Jewish power, and they are really upset about him.

    Unhinged Liberal Author Carl Bernstein: “President Trump is Our Own American War Criminal of a Kind We Have Never Experienced Before” (VIDEO)

    “In March 2016 Carl Bernstein famously accused Donald Trump of being a “neo-fascist, nativist, racist, bigot, despot.” ”

    The Jew (used singular as Jews are a singular tribal Borg Hive mind) instinctually reacts to anyone who is not whorish enough for them. They demand complete obedience from us. This totalitarian model is the way of Yahweh, the god emperor of the Jews.

    Any political actor who doesn’t tow the line is a serious threat because everything Jews do is criminal. Trump’s continued popularity gives Jews nightmares of another Holocaust to come, when Gentiles rally around another A.H. who names them as the problem. Thus Jews are mighty nervous of any charismatic orator who could do them in.

    Thus Trump is a threat is being demonized as a war criminal (which is partially true because Trump did authorize war crimes like all the other presidents, but he didn’t start a major war). Thus the prediction that Trump faces arrest by the Neo-Bolsheviks is valid as long as the anti-Trump rhetoric still pounds the Communist Jew airwaves of the MSM. Thus, do not be surprised if Trump and his beautiful family gets the Czar Nicholas treatment. If you doubt that, look at what the Jews did to JFK and his beautiful family. Jews are murderers, and they will kill a sitting President or even remove Biden and install his VP.

    Truthseeker: When Biden Resigns, This Commie POS will be POTUS

    Yukon Jack on July 25, 2021 at 3:37 pm

    “It won’t make any difference whatsoever if Kumalaho is installed. The Commies have already taken over, the Jewish Commie agenda is being implemented, including with DJT another Jewish owned POS.

    The only thing that matters now is that the average sixpack Joe or Evangelist Christian retard figures out that Jews control Amerika and are nation destroyers.

    Then these retards who are allowed to vote actually vote for someone who has their interests in mind, not this cacophony of mixed race Jew whores put on the ticket. You are to believe the unrepresented downtrodden non-white races are being put into power, but that is not the case at all, all these other races are really Jew tools. It is a Jewish trick, as Jews lack the courage to make a full blooded Jew president, so they find a brainless willing whore and install them. DJT was one of these tools who sometimes offered resistance but always caved in the end. It is all a big joke that anything but Jews are holding power.

    Komrade Kameltoe is really a Jew, she is married to a Jew. It is a Jewish agenda she would implement, and she has nothing between her ears which is why she laughs like a hyena when asked any difficult question. She learned a long time ago that she could go far in politics if she slept with the right politicians. I wonder how many times in her political career she dropped to her knees for her next promotion.”

    I believe all you see and hear in the media is a staged clown show for our entertainment and brainwashing. What is real or unreal can never be determined. No one knows if Biden is the real Biden, it could be a CIA lookalike or some state of the art clone, or even CGI. It matters not what the puppet says, as the puppet is just an animated Jew whore reading it’s lines. Jews have an agenda and are implementing the agenda, the President is a puppet in an elaborate Kabuki theater, a Vaudeville stage show. They own us, we are just the duped audience in their grand plan of total destruction.

    If you participate in the left-right illusion or believe strongly in partisan politics you are being manipulated, Jews own the left and the right and the middle, the command the military, own Hollywood, big Pharma, the medical industry, they run the central and commercial banks, they print the money, they own us every which way to Sunday, including our most cherished religious beliefs.

  14. Whites blame negroes for decadence but it was them who brought negroes to their spot.
    Whites blame jews but it was whites who saved them.
    Whites are scared of immigrants but it is them who vote for the politicians that let them in.
    Now whites are scared of communists but whites sided with communists in WWII.
    It’s like whites improvise and don’t have a clear strategy, they just use opportunities as they go to satisfy a certain need at a certain time… but end up regretting it later ….greatly

  15. If you thought things could not get any crazier in the District of Columbia, the government is now overriding parental rights in overseeing their children’s inoculations, granting rights to 11 years old to get their own shots. Yet when I was 11, I was in no position to make such decisions, relying on my parents and other adults for guidance.

    If you live in Washington DC, and your child comes home a bit wobbly, there is a chance the school you entrust with their care just gave them a clandestine Covid jab. Without talking to you about it first, or even warning you afterwards to keep a close watch on your child for adverse vaccine reactions.

    NPR: Parents Take Aim At D.C. Law That Lets Minors Get Vaccinated Without Permission, July 19, 2021

    D.C. parents are suing city officials over a new law that allows children 11 and older to acquire vaccines without permission from parents.

    Four parents of students at several public schools — both traditional and charter — said giving children the autonomy to get immunized on their own violates parents’ rights and religious freedom, according to a July 12 lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court in Washington.

    “All parents have a right to be directly involved in medical decision-making about their children,” said James Mason, an attorney representing the parents.

    … Read more:

    If you live in DC, not only do you have to watch for perps lurking in the shadows, you have little right in raising your own children.

  16. The writer, is obviously a NAZI fan. He says;

    “Basic wisdom: If you are White (meaning pure and clean???), stay away from the cities; there is nothing for you there anymore, except infection – spiritual, racial and sexual”

    The writers speaks of “Open sewer of racial pollution” “Audio intrusion into their fetid world”

    The in arrogance he states; “A lone Negro/mestizo hybrid, dressed in a synthetic flowered shirt, unbuttoned to his navel, braved Bach’s exalted testament to Aryan genius.”

    This is the kind of “White Supremacist” bigotry which is as nauseating as “Jewish Supremacism”! Yes, the cities are degenerating in to near 17th Century London, of the Charles Dickens time. But it’s not just one race of people which is to blame for the sorry state. The issue is more complex than that!

    Besides, for a country which originally belonged to the Red Indians, it’s the height of hypocrisy for the writer (who possibly is an immigrant originally) to be snobbish, and uppity about the fate that has befallen other immigrants, in a country that has given him and his own, a place to call “home” The writer’s racist rant is the kind that provokes unnecessary animus against those who identify as “White”, and plays in the hands of the Globalists who wish to keep the masses perpetually divided, and in conflict with each other.

    When the whole world’s cities becomes a replica of New York Ghettoes or Washington (or even worse) where then, will the so-called “White Race” go?

    Fact is, in the world which is coming, (Thanks to the Illuminati Central Bankers) it will pay not to stand out! Blending will be a pay-off for survival. So for people who want to identify with ANY RACE, you will have a problem.

    1. @Bigfoot

      “So for people who want to identify with ANY RACE, you will have a problem”

      Word to The Wise:
      Even though YOU might not “identify with any race”, rest assured, you WILL BE IDENTIFIED by skin-color… and if that skin-color is what is referred to as “white”, then, according to CRT, you carry The Mark Of The Oppressor…. and must be eradicated!

      In case you haven’t noticed BF, it is (((They))) who are identifying EVERYONE by race, and – in the process – setting up the non-whites as foot-soldiers for (((their))) terminal “final solution” War On Whitey.

      I can assure you that, if I took a stroll thru the S. Bronx , I would IMMEDIATELY be “identified by race” – and be dead-meat shortly thereafter – were not for me exuding the innate confidence – topped-off with a trademark “psycho smile” 😎 – of one ready & able – and MORE than willing! – to kick punk a$$ at the slightest provocation

      Hope that helps dispel the “Kumbayas”

  17. @ The Realist,

    Thanks for your response.

    My point is, it is not pragmatic to give an advantage to your enemy, either by exposing your weakness, or giving him the stones to hull at you. We know they (((They))) are the only tribe allowed to flaunt its Racism. And this is because (((They))) control another “Super Race” which as vicious if not more. And this Super Race is called “Money” And this Super Race, is the one that turns men into monsters, which is what we are all slowly metamorphosing into. In that regard, to this “Super Race,” any other “Race” as “food on the table” And this is why (((They))) have easily become totalitarians.

    So, to continue holding on to “Race” mask, is sticking out as something that needs being “dealt with” .Why give them ammunitions, while you gain nothing?

    There is nothing personal in that, however, (or so, I think) though it might appear as Whites are the main targets. I think they are not. The only difference in this unfolding nightmare, is that the Whites are new to it, and they never held the sticky end for a long time, as a general policy by the exploiters of men. In fact, they were invited into this macabre feats, and they imbibed in it, without any noticeable regret, until “The Power That Be” yanked the stool upon which they had momentary installed “The White Race” And then, suddenly we are all the same, to “The Power That Be” and its turning to be a strange world for the White Man. Guys relax, and get used to it. Its “The normal world”

    Even if you say that “I can assure you that, if I took a stroll thru the S. Bronx , I would IMMEDIATELY be “identified by race” – and be dead-meat shortly thereafter “ this is true for a White Man, as it is true for an Asian, a Mexican, an Indian or a Black Man. The only difference is, which neighbourhood you decided to unwisely stroll through.

  18. Some years back, I took my young daughter to the National Gallery of Art for the day. We caught the Metro in Vienna, and rode it into the city. When our visit was over, we boarded Metro for the return – but got aboard the wrong train! We ended up in northeast Washington, among the blackest and most intimidating neighborhood there. (I was illegally armed, anyway.) A sweet old elderly black woman asked “Lawsy, mista! How come you bring dat chile into DIS neighborhood?” I explained, and she said she’d sit there with us until the next train stopped, which returned to my intended destination. I was relieved by her charity! As it turned out, all we got were some hostile stares. My young daughter’s presence was my biggest concern.

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