The New Biden Regime: Could an ‘Engineered Famine’ be Planned for America?

Joe Biden’s Two-Front Battle Against Covid and Climate Change
May Trigger Severe Food Shortages for U.S. Consumers

By Robert Bridge
Strategic Culture via 
February 16, 2021

Pictures and captions added by Lasha Darkmoon
by way of commentary.

Will Americans be controlled
by creating food shortages and famine?

In the United States, the local farmers, it seems, are being squeezed out of business, or paid NOT to grow food, while Big Agriculture is more concerned with exporting its supplies than keeping domestic food stocks safe and affordable. In an effort to fight two wars at the same time–against a pandemic as well as purported climate change–the Biden administration risks putting the United States on a crash course with food shortages and soaring prices as early as this year.

Sealed up inside of his White House fortress, surrounded by a ring of steel and thousands of National Guardsmen, U.S. President Joe Biden has been busy signing off on a raft of executive orders without the nuisance of democratic debate and congressional prattling.

One of those presidential actions envisions the conservation of 30 percent of the nation’s lands and waters over the next decade. Where will all of that protected land come from? Perhaps from Bill Gates, who now owns the deeds to most of the farmland in the nation? Doubtful. The answer is from small, independent farmers, whose agricultural activities, the Democrats say, are responsible for 10 percent of the manmade greenhouse emissions purportedly frying up the planet.

While occupying the previously unknown ‘Office of the President-Elect’, the Democratic leader said he would pay U.S. farmers to “put their land in conservation” and live without their ‘cash crops.’ How much the tillers of the soil will receive has not been disclosed, nor if this program will be enforced upon farmers against their will.

Another reason that the future does not bode well for American farming is that Biden’s nominee for Agricultural Secretary is none other than Tom Vilsack, who also served as the USDA chief in the Obama administration. Biden said Vilsack will help American agriculture become “the first in the world to achieve net-zero greenhouse emissions.”

But is anyone considering what will happen if or when America achieves net-zero food production at a time when the rest of the world is hoarding limited supplies? Equally concerning will be the quality of the food being produced.

Under Obama, Vilsack happily rammed through a number of delectable Dr. Frankenstein technologies, like cloned-farm animals, lab-grown meat and more new genetically modified organisms (GMOs), many from Monsanto.

So while there will probably be something to eat in Biden’s new America, it might be a stretch to actually call it ‘food.’ Indeed, for those Americans who prefer a bounty of farm-fresh, organic produce as opposed to some artificial, 3D meat knockoff, the nightmare has just begun.

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A Brave New Foodless Future?

Paradoxically, at a time when the United States finds itself smack in the middle of a pandemic, which has caused supply chains to be stretched to the breaking point, it is not saving for a ‘rainy day,’ but rather exporting its farm products like there’s no tomorrow. Consider the corn exports just to China alone.

When it is not buying regular corn supplies, China is buying up massive amounts of U.S. ethanol, the corn-based biofuel. The Asian economic powerhouse has bought “roughly 200 million gallons” of ethanol for the first half of 2021, matching its previous record for annual imports of the corn-based biofuel, Archer Daniels Midland Co Chief Financial Officer Ray Young told Reuters.

At the same time, America’s second leading cash crop, soybean, which is used in many products as well as for livestock, has also experienced something of a rout that looks set to become increasingly worse as the year progresses.

“The scramble for beans comes as record U.S. soybean exports and an historically large domestic crush whittled down supplies and sent prices to the highest since 2014,” the Reuters article continued. “Crop concerns in South America due to dry weather have further stoked worries over supplies and global food security during the coronavirus pandemic.”

The National Oilseed Processors Association (NOPA), which represents 95 percent of the U.S.-based industry, said the 2020 crush was the largest ever, “helped by demand for diesel biofuel and unusually weak production in top soymeal producer Argentina.” Such a rapid pace could continue for only a few more months, analysts were quoting by NOPA as saying, after which soybean supplies “are uncertain.”

The question demands repeating: if the United States understands that it is dealing with a potentially critical situation with regards to food security in the middle of a pandemic, why does it continue to export at breakneck speed?

While the major agricultural powerhouses, like Argentina, Brazil, Ukraine, Russia and China are taking steps to protect their domestic food supplies, keeping prices in check, the U.S. seems to be bucking the trend.

Perhaps the closest thing to a siren warning of danger came from a recent report by Bloomberg that carried the headline, ‘China Is So Thirsty for Soy That America Could Soon Be Importing.’

The question, however, that the article never dares to ask is: ‘Importing from where?’

“China’s appetite for U.S. soy is draining silos to the point that American processors may need to import the most beans in years this summer,” the article began. “The boom in U.S. shipments to China comes after Brazil and other countries effectively ran out of exportable supplies – prospects traders in North America are now facing.”

Christian Westbrook, the host of Ice Age Farmer who has been warning about a potential “engineered famine” for some time, summed up the situation as “game over.”

No more gorging!

“That’s why, to see the Biden administration roll forward these terrible executive orders, it’s insane,” Westbrook commented. “Other countries are frantically taking steps…to protect their domestic food supplies, keep prices low and be able to feed their animals, and then, in turn, be able to feed their people. Not here.”

Indeed, what seems to be happening in the United States is that the local farmers are being squeezed out of business, or paid NOT to grow food, while Big Agriculture is more concerned with exporting its supplies than keeping domestic food stocks safe and affordable.

That seems to be a reckless policy at the best of times; at the peak of a pandemic, however, it is simply a recipe for disaster.

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“The nightmare  has just begun.”

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  1. Scary article. Things don’t look too good. I don’t think the author emphasizes enough what is really going on here. It’s not just a question of “engineering famine” to control the population. That comes later.

    What is happening right now is this. Things are being made impossible for small independent farmers, so that they end up having to sell up their farms to the moneyed elite: to the banksters and to rich tycoons like Bill Gates who already owns vast tracts of American farmland.

    The same thing is happening in Britain where the price of milk has been driven down artificially so much that milk farmers are actually losing money on milking cows, and have to throw the milk down the drain rather than sell it.

    Small shops in the High Street are going bankrupt under lockdown. The small people are suffering, having to sell up. Meanwhile the Big Sharks are circling round, picking up property at rockbottom prices.

    This is all about the remorseless redistribution of wealth from the poor to the rich. It’s the old, old story. THE RICH GET RICHER, THE POOR GET POORER.

    1. (This Kafkaesque comment is reposted from ‘Truthseeker’ by Lucy Skipping)

      White Elephant on February 16, 2021 at 11:23 pm

      We’re going to have to put our lives on the line regardless. It’s a matter of fact, that the sky is above us, the ground below us, that they’ll be coming for us.

      I’ve just been posting on Jewtube (didn’t for a while as they deleted my last account for telling the truth) to read comments on Elon Musk refusing to take the vaccine.


      I’ll tell you what’s going to happen, precisely to people in their homes, owned or rented, who refuse the vaccine; the police will come to their doors with a member of the health services. He/she will be a certified psychiatrist and will do an analysis of your mental health. You will be found to be not mentally stable, arrested and put into an asylum. Why do you think they closed them down and brought “care into the community” throughout the west? They wanted the insane asylums for political prisoners/those who are awake and know what’s going on.

      The bottom line is simple – vaccinations become mandatory, sometime this year. Those who don’t take it are told to self isolate. They stop receiving all benefits if unemployed and if employed, made unemployed. Their address becomes blacklisted, by the food delivery companies (Amazon, eBay etc). If they haven’t food they take the vaccine or their starve. If they have a large food source, then the police come around with a psychiatrist to have you sectioned under a mental health act.

      This is what’s coming. So yes, arm yourselves. Prepare to have a battle with the police/security forces. They’ll turn off your electric, gas and water. They’ll try to flush you out and if they’re not succeeding, well, they’ll just do a Waco on you.

      If you live in a block of flats, they won’t bother kicking down your door. They’ll just go next door and come through your wall.

      People have absolutely NO F*CKING IDEA what’s coming.

  2. 70% of the people in the US are fat slobs so maybe they will be forced to slim down. the US is saturated with greedy insatiable pigs who cant get enough money or food. the rich want more money the poor want more to eat. the business men would sell their kids into sex slavery if the price is right so starving out their own country means nothing. the whites in the US are suicidal and it seems as time goes buy they dont even deserve to survive. they are unwilling to do anything to save themselves

  3. If you did not realize it, this is WAR by the Deep State, and their idea of enemy, which exists as “Clear And Present Danger” to The Deep State is anybody in “The Middle” Middle Class, Middle Class Businesses, Middle Class Employees, Middle Class Farmers………etc…..etc.

    The War, is against the Middle Class, who are seating on their Laurels thinking that the Deep State is only after the poor, and jobless, and it will take time before its tentacles reach them. No. The poor are exactly where the Deep State wants them, so are the Jobless., Hopeless, hapless and dependent. The Middle Class has what threatens The Deep-State, substantial wealth, independent, and hope, hence The Lockdowns! The Big Corporations like Sharks will be on a “Feeding Frenzy” upon the hapless Middle Class Businesses, when The Covid Lockdown bites them even harder, and forces them down.( Hence the term -Lock-Down. Meaning ” Shut Them Down”)!

    As for the Famine, well, already, they have other numerous options on The High Table which they continue to unleash on the unsuspecting.

  4. There is already a nutrition famine in Amerika, the food is so devoid of life essence that Amerikan slobs eat vast quantities of junk food, get fat as cows, made gluttony a national past time. You only need to visit a Walmart super store to see how fat has been newly defined, but fat is only one part of the equation, people are fat and dumb and rude. Now these stupid slob all wear masks covering their salivating drooling pie holes.

    I love those David Dees graphics, he died, and Jeff Rense has his archive. Jeff still puts them up on his site, including new ones … and David Dees is dead so how do new David Dees memes appear when he is dead?
    Just a little local conspiracy for you … and just remember you can never be too paranoid, lol.

    The trend is fat, so how do Amerikans get skinny and starving? When the dollar is dethroned as the world reserve currency, that is when. Deficits are going to keep growing, and the Fed has the power to keep monetizing debt, so this will continue until hyperinflation and corporations abandon the USD for gold and crypto.

    So to the contrary, the Demonrats are not going to intentionally starve their slaves, they are increasing the welfare every way they can. The food stamp program, now called EBT and managed by JP Morgan bank, issues a debit card, that has food and cash on it. They keep expanding the program AND more and more junk food and mega stores are rushing to get on the program because it has grown to 75 billion a month!

    You can load up at Costco or 7-11 now with an EBT card. Local organic farmers are getting on the program. They politicians could certainly start adding rent to the card so long as they keep pumping the Covid hoax.

    1. EBT cards can now be used at roadside snack bars vending steamed crabs and raw oysters(!), as well as at farmer markets vending organic food. The vendors are becoming savvy, and the slobs are getting fatter. Nothing amuses me any more than to watch some hog going through a “drive-thru” and “paying” for their burgers, shakes, and fries with a damn card. (The cashiers are mostly just kids who can’t count change, anyway.)
      Not only is there a war on food – there is a war on CASH.
      (((They))) will control you through your card!
      The way to slow it down is to use your local ATMs and get cash for immediate needs. KEEP IT IN CIRCULATION.

  5. This the globalists Agenda 2030 ie starve Americans in the name of their scam of global warming, here is the short version: put nature above man, replace nations with a world government, destroy the family, depopulate the planet, indoctrinate children into enviro-socialism, regulate , nationalize or abolish private property, ration fossil fuels , energy mobility, ban family farming, irrigation, grazing, establish a carbon tax, confine humans to settlement zones, etc., please google and read UN Agenda for the full details.

    Also the globalists have rolled out the scam of covid-19 and have used this psyop to destroy the economies of the American people and are using the experimental mRNA vaccines to cull the population aka Jim Jones kool aid ie mRNA and it is going full bore right here in America.

    The globalists behind UN Agenda 2030 are satanists.

  6. Can you say “Holodomor” boys and girls?

    “In the case of the Holodomor, this was the first genocide that was methodically planned out and perpetrated by depriving the very people who were producers of food of their nourishment (for survival). What is especially horrific is that the withholding of food was used as a weapon of genocide and that it was done in a region of the world known as the ‘breadbasket of Europe’.” – Prof. Andrea Graziosi, University of Naples.

    This was the result of Judeocommunist rule. These are the very same people now running America. Those who know history are doomed to repeat it alongside the ignorant masses of fools, knaves and idiots that never had a clue.

    1. Arch,
      The Holodomor was sit in motion with the help of President FDR. One of FDR’s first acts was to diplomatically welcome Stalin and the USSR into the club. (And we ain’t in it)
      This gave uncle Joe the wherewith all to strip Ukraine of it’s food stuffs to sell on the international market for credits to keep the workers paradise afloat. Hence Holodomor.
      Chairman Mao following in his master uncle Joe’s footsteps striped food stuffs from the hapless Chinese people to sell to uncle Joe for all the weapons he could get his hands on. Hence the great Chinese famine.
      It looks like the American people are facing the same “…Judeocommunist rule. These are the very same people now running America. Those who know (their) history are doomed to repeat (relive) it…” Well said Arch. A look at Xiden’s appointees should run shivers up the backbone of those “who know history”. In fact Obama issued an executive order that can literally take food right off America’s dinning room table.
      One can always trust the commies to be communists. With the year 2020 in the books the final Cour de Grace America will face may well be the great American famine.

  7. Many hundreds of Americans have been fighting the banks’ foreclosing on farms and reselling them to mega-corporations for decades. Most of them have been killed or imprisoned, or both. Gordon Kahl was just one who was killed.

    Kahl, a former WWII tail-gunner, was a real fighter of government taking farm lands in North Dakota and selling them for pitifully cheap prices to ConAgra and Monsnto…. etc.

    Gordon was one of the leaders of a group known as “Posse Comitatus”, an armed vigilante group whose members oppose nearly every action of the federal government. They advocated not paying income taxes.

    After a major shootout, in 1983, with US Marshals, Sheriffs and local police, in Medina ND, a force of approximately 100 law enforcement personnel made up of representatives of the U.S. Marshals Service, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and State and local agencies converged on the Kahl family farmhouse near Heaton, North Dakota, where they turned up a large quantity of arms and ammunition – but Gordon was still not to be found. By then five suspects in the killings had been arrested, including Gordon’s wife and severely wounded son, but Gordon continued to elude the massive manhunt.

    Later, Gordon was located in Arkansas after an intensive nationwide manhunt following the Muir /Cheshire killings. Gordon, Scott Faul and Gordon’s son, Yorivon(‘Yori’) were found to be responsible for the ambush of federal and local law enforcement officers which resulted in two killings and the serious wounding of several others.

    Once Gordon fled, the Marshals Service and the FBI began a joint task force investigation to locate him.

    Yorivon ‘Yori’ Kahl and Scott Faul were convicted of murder and sentenced.

    Gordon fled to Smithville, Arkansas where folks told him he would have to leave the country or he would be killed. He stayed, and died in a fire fight when a local Sheriff and US Marshals tried to arrest him.

    –Last month:

    FARGO (KVRR) – One of two men serving life sentences for the murders of a North Dakota U.S. Marshal and a deputy marshal wants to be released from prison because of health issues.
    Sixty-seven-year-old Scott Faul has been in federal custody since 1983.

    Faul, along with tax protester Gordon Kahl and Kahl’s son, Yorie, were involved in a shootout with law enforcement officers near Medina, N.D.  The shooting resulted in the deaths of U.S. Marshal Kenneth Muir and Deputy Marshal Robert Cheshire.

      1. TR –

        I wrote it in ‘word’ then copied and pasted…. except for the KVRR text and link.

        FYI – my dad(dec), a state representative, was the one in Arkansas who told him to go to Mexico or he would be killed.

        The fight (and plight) to keep small privately owned farms producing is VERY relevant.

        YOUR comment is most certainly irrelevant… as always. 💥🤢

      2. It’ll be totally relevant when it begins to happen in your neighborhood. The thing to do is to plan ahead, stay low, and learn to shoot well. Hoard some ammo, seeds, and hand tools (if you have any land access); know your neighbors, their skills and weaknesses. Make sure of your water sources, and have some winter clothes laid aside. Matches, too. There are many, small things we take for granted which will become quickly missed and needed when we can’t drive to a store and buy them.
        I have it always in my mind these days, and know the realities will be quite painful. The considerations are almost ENDLESS. 🙁

  8. US has been working on this since the late 1800s. Go to Cold Harbor and get a list of all participants and you will see exactly who these people are (Harriman, Davenport, Roosevelt….).

    Here is the letter from Theodore Roosevelt to CB Davenport to rid the population like that of keeping the best of the herd of cattle:

  9. Does anyone remember REX84 that the Reagan administration nearly started? The US has been ready to exterminate much of it’s own population for decades. Does anyone remember the Church committee and the exotic weaponry exposed and mind control at this congressional hearing and some so dire they could not be said in public?

    There have been several videos and written papers about this issue that goes back before the 1980s and a big break in this was through Gunderson and Mullins research of the Omaha child ring which opened a plethora of rabbit holes, not the least was the underground system which is now called continuity of government.

    The US is a Jewish creation using Freemason sayanim stooges that are not Jewish but believe themselves to be of Israel house of Joseph (UK and US) with most of these “Fraternal Organizations” created by Jews which originated in Judea by King Herod Agrippa as the Mystic Force in 47 AD to work against the new religion of Christianity. Later, the Crusade campain of the Franks came back as the Templar Knights (Temple Knights which is now based in the City of London Corp and they have a website!). Additional group known as Cathars (12th Century)also joined into the fraternal organization and became Freemasonry in 1717.

    “Israel” (TM) is a whole owned entity of Rothschild and associates, was bought over a century ago.

    Rothschild got control over the Roman Catholic church when it went broke in 1832 by Richard Rothschild and Vatican City was built in 1929.

    You know who has the power when the Pope bows to kiss the hand of Jacob Nathan Rothschild as well as Prince Charles being ordered around. The square mile of London is not available to the Queen and she must get permission to enter. Now you know who has power and to what level.

    1. I remember REX84 very well.

      That basically means in the event of any kind of disaster, the rights of the people can be taken away from them and something called martial law imposed, whereby the military control the population, and you are left with no rights at all.
      Rex 84, short for Readiness Exercise 1984, was a plan by the United States federal government to test their ability to detain large numbers of American citizens in case of massive civil unrest or national emergency. Exercises similar to Rex 84 happen periodically.

      Congressman Brooks exposed portions of it during Iran-Contra hearings……

      You can see Oliver North was questioned over plans to suspend American Constitution by Rep. Jack Brooks.
      Notice how angry Oliver North looks at about 10 seconds into it when he folds his arms.
      Also at about 40 seconds into it check out the guy on the back row who puts his head in his hands. Guilt? Shame? Embarrassment? Stress levels appear to shoot through the roof either way.

      Notice the words used. “Continuity of Government in the event of a major disaster” and “suspension of the American constitution”

      REX 84 & the Operation Garden Plot exposed by Brooks

  10. Pat,
    As you should well know you can’t rely on Wikipedia for the facts.
    1. It was the Feds and their state minions that initiated the so-called “shootout” at Medina N.D. It was Gordon with his mini 14 that killed two of the feds in the ambush and most likely wounding the others. Gordon’s son Yorie Von Kahl was wounded and didn’t fire a shot at anyone. Gordon was protecting his family from the blood lust of the “authorities”.
    2. Pat writes: “Gordon fled to Smithville, Arkansas where folks told him he would have to leave the country or he would be killed. He stayed, and died in a fire fight when a local Sheriff and US Marshals tried to arrest him.”
    Not true Pat. There was no fire fight at Smithville. The “authorities” someway got the family away from the house where Gordon was staying. “On June 3, 1983 Gordon Kahl was executed with a federal bullet through the back of his head (while eating breakfast), his body dismembered and burned with the house….” that the feds set. Quotes are from Yori’s masterful treatise researched and written while in Federal lockup: A WRIT OF HABEAS CORPUS. “Documenting the cause of the federal assault on Gordon Khal at Medina, ND.”
    In Yori’s treatise “You will discover a menacing psychotic paranoia permeating through federal agencies that feeds upon itself, only to erupt in psychopathic episodes like Waco and Ruby Ridge.”

    1. TJ –

      Thanks for the help.

      I read your references years ago. I purchased Yori’s booklet when it first came out from Bo Gritz/Jack McLamb, to help him get some money. I even donated to help Mrs Kahl years ago. My dad knew Gordon personally and advised him in Arkansas. I did not.

      I told the story off the cuff. I did not copy wikipedia. The exact precise events are still unknown at any web-link. All stories are 2nd hand at best. The events were atrocious, and I cannot relay them accurately….. so I left them out. You and I were not there. So, you could be 100% correct.

      I only wanted to let people know that many Americans are fighting bank foreclosures on small privately owned farms…. and losing the fight!!

      1. Pat, remember the first “Farm Aid” festival in 1985 organized by Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp and Neil Young? The first concert was at University of Illinois’ Memorial Stadium. A crowd of 80,000 people attended to see and hear Bob Dylan, Billy Joel, B.B. King, Roy Orbison, Tom Petty and of course the above mentioned Willie, John and Neil who are still at it 35 years later and counting. How much counting, there is left to do is anyone’s guess..

  11. Ice Age Farmer may have said “game over” in some context, but actually he is upbeat and references food/seed solutions for anyone, even town dwellers. On one episode recently he mentioned some Latin American couple feeding a double digit sized family in an urban setting.

    He encourages all to start growing food, sharing and conserving seed.

    “Building the Beast System: FDA wants GPS on crops – Spinach sends email – Cow registration mandates”

    As DESERT FOX stated above the main plank of the NWO is Agenda 2030. Subvert it by growing your own food, and if possible exit the city and become independent.

    1. Flan –

      Good ideas. It will take a lot of ‘precious metals’ to keep the food in an urban area. The TWO most ‘precious metals’ are lead and steel. 🙂

      Move out of town.

      1. PAT, ‘God’s Garden’ also is under attack – for quite some time now. With the current drought here in OZ it has become more and more difficult to grow anything without the help of chemical additives, insecticides and booster – at least where I am. With no decent rain since years whatever is watered to keep alive during desert like temperatures, draws all insects, birds and other animals from the vicinity to have a feed on something with green leaves or flowering buds. With very few snakes around, mice and rats have exploded their populations and nest under fruit trees or in well watered tank gardens nibbling off the roots. Kangaroos eat Italian parsley now which they never touched before and sometimes wait beside the birdbath to have “a drink” once it is refilled. Ants running all the gardens now and cater for their own food supply while destroying most what was planted or they do not like. Ant populations have increased drastically. “Meat ants” now grab a “bite” of ones foot or hand as soon the foot is on the ground or the hand is weeding. They are everywhere! A fully grown Kangaroo that died disappeared in less than 4 days thanks to ants and other local refuse departments. Fruits have become very few or none at all as they just drop from the trees immaturely due to the heat and restricted doses of water from storage. Flowers buds are destroyed by birds and for what is left “new” bugs/insects that lay their larvae directly into the flower destroying the fruit from within while maturing. Some of these critters I had never noticed here before. The creeks are dry since years, water in the storage tanks is DEADer than dead and only few sprinkles of rain once in a while make “Gods garden” green again but without much hope of harvesting anyway! It will be a tough going for ALL that seek independence and survival. When I got here here was Dandelion growing and flowering everywhere. Today there are just a handful sad ones left that patiently wait for rain and better times to flower. Cuddling up with the hidden arms of the OVERLORDS and suppressing others selfishly is an far easier option than daily hard labor and to starve to death as a FREE man anyway.

      2. PAT, a couple of days ago there was a iguana in the crown of another sad looking tree around here and the local birds ganged up for some serious but usual swipe attacks on the poor thing clinging onto the smoothly barked gum tree high above the ground. Many times when catapulting themselves into the air, the branches where the birds sat on broke off from the dying tree. Trees here are dying at an alarming rate but it is not news as it is a happy colony! It is more than sad!
        I can not answer your question in regards to geoengineering & HARP here in the colony. Though one thing one can be certain of – with the Come On Wealth Science & Industrial Research Department (CSIRO) in OZ, they always will lead the subjects of the Crown Pty Ltd into newly organized adventures for the Empire of shadows. It eventually will be a “good thing” for the mining coffers of the Crown and WEALTH for the administrators for some time to come when all trees have died. There are still so many holes to dig in the resource rich continent so the nation can afford more new technologies and further costly dependencies.

    2. Food/seed solutions for anyone, even town dwellers? How romantic! Tell me Flan, how will town dwellers will feed themselves without power, water, wages/pensions/cash, supermarkets/hospitals/hardware stores, and roaming neighbors dying of starvation, etc, etc?
      Growing ones own food is not a piece of cake for theorists and neither is it for experts that are on their own when times change drastically and to the worse. Being self sufficient???? No single human being in the world of man made hell is self sufficient! Period! One man might live of the land, hunt and fish and gather food that will support his ever decomposting organism in exchange for energy. Though most theorists and “experts” alike will die practicing or when forced into self sufficiency to survive! DEPENDENCIES ARE US – That is the first law of man in the flesh! Without a community of like minded people, knowledge of agricultural practices, wisdom on how nature works in diversity, natural remedies for ones own body and for pests and critters that consume the food one grows, adaptation to climatic and environmental changes, natural disasters are just a tiny example of the complexity of self sufficiency. After more than a decade trying to live and learn about self sufficiency and life itself the only solution I can come up with is: Reduce most of all bodily needs to very simple and basic necessities – which is essentially impossible for the “modern uneducated but dependent man” as the body whithers and easily dies having left the “City comfort zone”. Lacking nutrition, harboring disease and illness and gross mistakes in hygiene and health are just a tiny part of a huge complexity that “human” life has transformed to in times of HAVE IT ALL. Man will have to return to his roots without technology that has ruled humanity for profits and dependency and that can not be self repaired and is rendered useless in times of chaos/crisis. Good luck to ALL as the majority of people will fail – to live independently and self sufficient!

      1. “Good luck to ALL as the majority of people will fail – to live independently and self sufficient!”

        💥 👍 👍

        Gotta learn to eat ‘God’s Garden’…. in your yard & in the wilds!!!

      2. Hi Jo,

        Clearly self sufficiency is almost impossible in a city containing masses of helpless people due to the security issue that starvation would cause. However, the examples cited by Ice Age Farmer are available to those masses right now, and were the majority to avail themselves of that information and act then security problem would be manageable. Water self sufficiency is an Achilles heel in such places, especially if a “Cyber Attack” Plandemonium is launched and electricity is cut off.

        Without a community of like minded people, knowledge of agricultural practices, wisdom on how nature works in diversity, natural remedies for ones own body and for pests and critters that consume the food one grows, adaptation to climatic and environmental changes, natural disasters are just a tiny example of the complexity of self sufficiency.


        Such communities that practice all on your list are almost extinct. Some follow agricultural items, but fallback on the State for Western “health and education” , having been indoctrinated by TV and social media.

        Thank you for your description of the situation around you in Oz. I wonder if you caught Max Igan’s videos ( on the drought showing compelling evidence of man made manipulation to cause intentionally drought.

        Returning to a non-technological past is not so appealing. The internet has allowed the existence of this forum of eccentric thinkers and artists, without which, we would all be lessened.

        You and I disagree about technology. I believe technology is intrinsically spiritually neutral.

      3. Flan, a non-technological past? Was man ever aloud to have one? No, never! Man was always lead by “thinkers” that thought mostly for themselves, their own rulers/superiors/religions and ones own filled pockets. Science never served man. It exploited the human tribe and the planet they live on to the fullest. There are many “matter less” technologies that do not fit into mighty science and for a good reason. Those “technologies” would destroy science and the programmed believe systems as the invisible shackles of man – instantly. Spirituality (what ever that means again) will become an important educator to an encapsulated human mind that can finally open up to the use of more capacities of the brain than the “scientific and PROUD 10%” (which still seems much exaggerated looking at the modern human tribe). To accept “education” willingly coming from within oneself can never be science in scientific terms! For Mankind to accept to become another one of Musk’s scientifically brain chipped monkeys that the oligarch and Co than can use for entertainment, research, profiteering and playing end time games with or as a choice can fade away unwanted – that is science and technology too.
        Water dependencies? What will happen to the dwellers of condominiums or urban houses when water becomes unavailable? To relieve oneself of ones own “compost” especially in lock down plagued societies might become a bigger problem than when the thirst sets in. These are the flavors of dependencies on science and technology that will be coming soon to a heater/apartment next to oneself. There are plenty more books to read to educate oneself if one embraces worldly science!

  12. The Ashkenazi media made a TV movie about the Gotdon Kahl episode back in the 90s…
    Rod Steiger played Kahl, did a good job of it…
    How mazaltavy is he?
    Of course it was a smear job…
    They portrayed him as an evil racist as well as a tax-cheat evader, general dirty mfer…
    In the end they had him firing a fully automatic R-gun at the noble FBI agents, who were trying to take him alive. at the house in Arkansas..
    They had to kill him…
    They didn’t find him, not anymore than they found Ted Kazinski…
    Like Ted, somebody who knew him ratted him out…
    The story I got was he survived the thousand rounds they put through the house by hiding behind the fridge, seems far fetched… They chopped his hands and feet off while he was still alive, then shot him to death…Gordon Kahl wrote the IRS and told them they were unlawful and unconstitutional (same thing) and that there was no law saying anybody has to pay income tax, which I’ve heard is certainly true…
    They didn’t bother him for years, not until he started going on radio and talking about it…
    That’s when they instigated the arrest..
    Word has it Kahl only shot the Mason cops at the roadblock… Who Knows…
    Same thing happened with Gary Powers… He was killed after going on the radio with the real story of the U2 incident – his plane malfunctioned, was sabotaged by the deepstate to knock the Russian nuke talks off the rails…..
    It wasn’t Shot Down, as the shit-in-mouth media people tell you…
    I believe his book was Operation Overflight…
    I see you can get it on amazon now, I wonder if its the same text as the original…
    I think Jim Marrs included the U2 story in his book Crossfire…
    As far a the famine goes, if that happens, and I don’t doubt it’s being discussed, it will only be in the cities…
    Or will hit there hardest from the gitgo, when the deliveries stop….
    People in the country and farmlands will survive on hunting, gathering and growing…
    Acorns all over the place here…
    But the problem will be bands of thugs, which we’ve already seen up here in the High Sierra, homeless desperados, move in to any unsecured property, will shoot you if you don’t like it, cops won’t help…

  13. I like Gilbert’s pragmatism and the fact he knows the horror that lies ahead for us.
    As I have said, my family and I are pretty self sufficient and live under the mantle of thick, almost impenetrable rainforest, here in far North Queensland.
    But I know modern heat-sensing equipment can find us. Hence, I have built lead -covered escape hideouts filled with arms. I am hoping the lead works, as per Superman with kryptonite.
    And as I have said, I have taken a leaf from Rambo and have set many booby traps.
    We are prepared to fight to the end and if things get too bad our hidden 45 feet yacht will take us, in the dead of night, to many unoccupied South Pacific islands where food and fresh water is available. I have routes planned.
    These escape locations are far off air and naval routes.
    In fact, the southern Pacific is dotted with islands nearly all the way to South America.
    And would you believe it, I have actually encountered cannibals on some of these islands. My weaponry sees them off and I have befriended some of the chiefs and have, out of courtesy, even partaken in their meat stews.
    I know that soon people will commence dropping like flies with these toxic MRNA, DNA changing vaccines.
    And then the starvation will commence to mop off the living.
    As I have asked for years: Just how much more can we take, remembering that over 67% of westerners are these fat slobs?
    Look at the fat faces of the people in the above picture. They are literally turning into over-fed pigs, and that is an insult to pigs who clever and actually quite clean in their habits. Our dewormed wild boar meat is delicious.

    1. Max –

      It must be nice to have a yacht on standby, and a remote island sanctuary! 🙂
      For those of us who are unable to keep one ported and navigate it, we must try to hold our ground – and reconcile ourselves to the prospect of it leading to our violent demise. I truly
      advocate taking as many of the bastards wth us as possible, on our way to the Hereafter! Remember, you may have to act alone – and die alone. Creature comforts to which we have become accustomed will not be maintained. Look what energy-rich Texas is enduring now.
      When everything we do depends on electricity, the generation of that electricity is vitally important – and is now being assaulted, daily.
      If you don’t have a sailing yacht, you may be in for trouble. 😖 If you have, your voyage is susceptible to good weather, and I admire your skill! (Prepare your crew!)

      1. Yes, Gilbert, thorough preparation is the key. Be able to live off the land and sea. Learn how to cure many sea weeds and eat such as dandelion leaves, seeds and native berries and roots. The local indigenous have taught me much in the way of finding food and water. Most of them, like me are no longer on any official records. We have become invisible and practically untouchable. Also keep long life can food and grains on hand.
        The fight back against the Jewish-led devil might take years. Guerilla warfare is the thing, to take out as many of them as you can.
        It is not as hard as you think to become invisible, especially in much of uncharted northern Australia and out on the islands. It helps matters that I, as a very tall Nordic, have become a member of the local tribe and official records now say this. In the tribe you can easily change your identity. We even have slimmer tribal men dressing up and identifying as female welfare recipients, as well as claiming benefits under their tribal, male name.
        My indigenous name is really a satirical play on words and in the local lingo is laughingly referred to as “up yours Jews.”
        I laughed when that politician in Florida,recently told Beijing Biden to “go get fu**#d.”

    2. Max –
      Gil –

      Get a ‘crystal’ radio set like we built as kids. It needs no electricity to play it. The radio waves power it. No need to wind it, either. Works 24/7. Use earpiece mic. I still have one shaped like a toy rocket-ship.

      The crystal radio set was first used in the first decade of the 1900s. Various scientists had seen that forms of crystal would rectify or detect radio waves. As broadcasting became popular in the 1920s the crystal radio was used almost exclusively until vacuum tube or thermionic valve technology enabled amplifiers to be introduced.

      Search for one on eBay. Many available. OR build your own:

      Step-by-step instructions for making a tunable crystal radio.
      This is a radio that gets its power from the radio waves. I made it almost entirely from junk except for the diode (1N34 germanium diode) and the earpiece (though you can use a speaker from a phone instead.) The capacitor is made from aluminum foil and a paper towel roll. The coil is rolled on a toilet paper roll. The wire is enameled magnet wire. For the antenna I use a 15 foot wire laid out on the floor. For the earth ground I connect a wire to the ground in the household wiring.

      1. Pat,
        This one’s for you. Google “A country boy can survive” by Hank Williams Jr. 🤠

      2. Don –

        Thanks! I already know it… wurd fer wurd!! 🙂

        Skinned many a buck… Run many a trot line… and snag lines & yo-yos to boot!!!

        Game and Fish officials in Arkansas are cracking down on illegal yo-yo fishing, the technique that uses those spring-loaded reels that anglers rig and attach to fixed objects like docks, standing timber and floating plastic bottles.

      3. Pat, thanks for the link. You built that as a kid? Incredible!!
        Lots can be done by sticking (copper) rods and other bits and pieces in the ground. Harvesting a “different kind of energy” will be the future of man who will finally free himself from his shackles and the coin!

      4. Gladly, Jo –
        YES! We built most of our own toys and entertainment in the 40s & 50s. And before TV… we had plenty of time left for dancing, fighting & fishing. 🙂

  14. @Arch Stanton
    The first forced starvation at the end of a bayonet was the so-called Irish “potato famine” when the British crown robbed the Irish food producers and faked a potato blight.

  15. Joe Biden is so out of it. He might even have a double. Sometimes his earlobes look one way and sometimes the other. Sometimes he can walk and talk and sometimes he can’t. But I don’t think the managers in charge could care less about the American people. The only hope we have is if the individual states push back. My 7 year old granddaughter hasn’t been in school for a year and I’m not sure she will go back for another year. Then I heard Fauci wants to give the covid vaccine to kids–let’s see there is the L.A. School District with 600,000 kids and 80% of them are Hispanic. One of the fake parts about the Administration and the Democrats in general is that they care about minorities. Would someone who really cared allow kids to go unschooled, and often times unfed for a year or more. Fauci would absolutely make it a condition to enroll in a vaccine trial in order to go back to school. If 21% have vaccine injuries, they’ll just say it wasn’t the vaccine. They prey on the powerless and so all we can do is pray.

      1. HA!!! I do NOT live in Florida!!! I last lived there in 1992. Houston is just a few miles from me.

        Both TROJ and Circ are way off base. 💥 😜

      2. Pat
        You have so many posts it’s hard to keep track of them all! Nonetheless, 3 inches of snow in the Houston area is no doubt extremely rare. Up here in the N.H. mountains we’re getting our usual copious amounts. Sounds like your dog is more like a pussycat! You should bring him up here where he can frolic in the snow with my dogs. He’d learn to love it in no time! ❄🐕❄

    1. @ Kapoore

      “Joe Biden is so out of it. He might even have a double. Sometimes his earlobes look one way and sometimes the other. Sometimes he can walk and talk and sometimes he can’t.”

      Ordinarily, I would have regarded this comment as far-fetched. The stuff of conspiracy theories. But I have good reason to believe that you are 100% correct for several reasons.

      I’ll mention only two reasons:

      (1) ALL national leaders are known to have doubles, and finding lookalikes is far easier than you’d think. For example, Charlie Chaplin had over ten doubles. There was a “Charlie Chaplin Lookalike Competition” on one occasion, in which several Chaplin lookalikes turned up to be judged before a panel of judges. As a joke, Chaplin decided to enter the competition himself, without revealing his identity. You may find this hard to believe, but Chaplin won third prize! 🙂

      (2) The fact that Biden sometimes seems perfectly lucid, and at other times looks and speaks like a total idiot, can only be explained by the fact that someone else is impersonating him.

  16. The ‘New Biden Plan’ is alive and well in Southeast Texas. Millions are without power because natural gas production is reduced, while replacment windmills and solar sources fail!!!

    Yesterday I shoveled a short path in 3 inch snowfall for my wife to have some grass to walk the dog, which would not walk on snow and ice.

    Hundreds of thousands remain without power as more snow is headed to Dallas-Fort Worth on heels of record cold!!
    DFW International Airport hit minus 2 degrees Tuesday morning before temperatures rose to the teens in the afternoon.

    1. Biden pushes global warming and GREEN agenda as…… Millions are without power and 21 dead as ferocious winter weather sweeps US

      The worst power outages were in Texas, where more than 4million homes and businesses remained without power on Tuesday in subfreezing temperatures.

      Elsewhere more than 250,000 people also lost power across parts of Appalachia, and 4 million people lost power in Mexico. Another quarter-million were without electricity following an ice storm in north-west Oregon.

  17. The Israeli government refused to fulfill its obligation under international law to provide the COVID-19 vaccine to Palestinians living under its military occupation. Instead, Israel is denying the vaccine to Palestinians, while exclusively providing it to Israeli settlers living illegally on Palestinian land.

    This is apartheid, and the U.S. is paying for it with $3.8 billion in unconditional military funding every single year.

    This is a slow genocide and Israel has stooped to a new low!

    Would President Joseph Biden stand up to ISISrael!

    1. No vaccine is a BAD THING? Sounds more like a blessing in disguise. Maybe the Palestinians will survive to reclaim their land upon clambering over Israeli corpses!

      Picture Camus’ “The Plague”.

      1. PAT-

        To be honest with you, I have not made up my mind whether to take the vaccine or not.

        I am getting mixed messages.

        I wonder if TROJ planning to take it or not.

      2. MEY
        This should be a simple decision for all who truly value their freedom and don’t simply pay lip service to it. Ask yourself, why would you trust WHATEVER’S in those mysterious and highly questionable concoctions, and then have it injected into what should be considered sacred ground over whose “jurisdiction YOU CONTROL. The physical body has this amazing thing called the immune system, where in a matter of speaking, YOU “grant” immunity to YOURSELF.

        Don’t be one of the corpses, be one of the “clamberers”.

    2. MEY,
      But wait a minute. (Donaldo finishes shot of tequila….gulp) You have always proclaimed yourself an ardent child-sniffer Biden devotee. Why the abrupt change of stance amigo? Now YOU attack the degenerate dinosaur. Oh well. The Israeli gov ain’t vaccinating the Palis. Well. That’s a blessing for your people ain’t it? Donaldo read recently on another website that many Ortho Israelis are falling ill in numbers AFTER being vaccinated. It would seem that the unvaccinated Palis should be thankful after all. Ok. But would the Bibi gov actually be capable of entering the Pali territories and giving them the “shot” anyway? Don’t think so. But Donaldo won’t elaborate further and involve himself in Israeli politics. He can only say that HE, throughout the plandemic, has never worn a face mask except when rarely asked to do so…..a form of courtesy so to speak. He will be 53 years old in March this year and continues his rigorous exercise of 150 non-stop push-ups twice a week. Gotta keep the body in condition to pursue his ultimate desire to finally WIN the ❤️ of Madame 🦋 whom he will take to the Heavens. 😉🤠


        1- That is odd that you and I have our birthdays in the same month.
        2 – I hate to disappoint you, but the ❤️ of Madame 🦋 is already taken.

        Save your breath, Amigo!

      2. Donaldo and Mahmoud would be quite disappointed if they found out Madame weighs about 600 pounds, and stinks! 😖 (So would I !) 🤓😱

        1. *SIGH* I have had more boyfriends than I can count. I wish I had been more discriminating in my ill-spent youth. Instead of giving way to the pleasures of the flesh, living a life of sin and debauchery, I wish I had spent more time with my violin or joined a nunnery like Sister Monica. A life of holy contemplation would have suited me. I threw it all away, foolish me! How I regret the path I never took, up the magic mountain. The woman who speaks to you now is still attractive, just as a hothouse lily wilting in its Ming vase is not without its languorous charms. 🙂

      3. My intention was not to demean YOU, Madame, so much as to quell the persistent flirtation of Donaldo. 🙂
        I share his fondness for trucks, but have outgrown my enthusiasm for female prospecting. (Trucks and trains and tractors are more useful!). 👌

        1. @ Gilbert

          Believe me, I took no offence at your comment. In fact, I fully I understand your anger and dismay at the idea that America has now fallen from the frying pan into the fire by the replacement of Trump with Biden. I’m not sure Harold Smith would agree, but I am certain Lobro would concur that Biden is no improvement! 🙂

          Trump, for all his faults, was at least a man you could identify with. With Biden you cannot do that. Biden is bad news.

          As for my personal feelings at being portrayed as a 600-pound gorilla with stinky armpits, I am more amused than insulted by the idea. This is because no one here has the faintest clue what I actually look like. And the same applies to everyone else on this website. We are all Unknown Quantities. I’m willing to bet that Circassian (who has just made a negative comment about me) is unable to provide any convincing evidence that I am as ugly as sin and that he himself has just come first in a Russian beauty competition! 🙂

          (aka Madame Butterfly)

          1. Well said, Jill! I’m sure you’re a bombshell!

            Wanna meet up for a friendly drink next time you’re in New York?

            Everything’s in lockdown but we could meet up in Central Park. I know a nice bench. Isolated. I’ll supply the booze in a hip flask. Don’t forget to bring your mask, just to be on the safe side. Discretion guaranteed, made necessary by social distancing, So no funny business need be feared.

            I’m clean. So long as you are. Two lonely souls looking for their soulmates across a great divide. Nothing wrong with that.

            Think about it, Jill. My wife doesn’t give a hoot what I do in my spare time.

            This could be the beginning of a new adventure.

            1. @ Seymour Zak

              Sorry, Seymour, no dice!

              I live over 3,500 miles from New York. And I ain’t interested in sharing a bench with a no-good Zionist love rat who cheats on his wife.

              GET LOST! 🙂

      4. NOW see what you’ve done, Jill. Drawn the likes of the infamous Seymour Zak out of his tenebrous hole and into the light of your mysterious allure. A Pandora’s box of most uncertain consequence! 😬

  18. Biden’s foe… Rush Limbaugh dead at 70 !!

    Rush Limbaugh, the monumentally influential media icon who transformed talk radio and politics in his decades behind the microphone, helping shape the modern-day Republican Party, died Wednesday morning at the age of 70 after a battle with lung cancer, his family announced.

    Limbaugh’s wife, Kathryn, made the announcement on his radio show. “Losing a loved one is terribly difficult, even more so when that loved one is larger than life,” she said. “Rush will forever be the greatest of all time.”

    The radio icon learned he had Stage IV lung cancer in January 2020 and was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Trump at the State of the Union address days later. First lady Melania Trump then presented America’s highest civilian honor to Limbaugh in an emotional moment on the heels of his devastating cancer diagnosis.

    1. Madame,
      Don’t be too hard on Zak. He’s still suffering from PTSD due to Donaldos years-old brief affair with HIS wife. Can’t blame him really for the outrage which still eats at his ❤️. What IS appalling, however, is his lack of CLASS. Donaldo, personally, would NEVER invite a proper lady such as Madame to a NYC park-bench to drink a cheap 6-pack of Budweiser Ice in an attempt to SCORE. Yep. Though Zak and Donaldo are Jews of some degree…..we ain’t of the same caliber. Donaldo would instead invite Madame to a fine seaside restaurant…shower her with gentlemanly affection and patiently allow her to follow her ❤️. 😉🤠

  19. The new economic rescue package just passed by Congress designates $2 billion to the Federal Emergency Management which would offer financial assistance to cover funeral expenses for Americans who died of COVID-19 this year.

    FEMA will help grieving families by paying the cost of burial up to $ 7,000.

    Hey, at least you don’t have to worry about your loved ones getting buried in a mass grave.

    You go, FEMA!

  20. Rush Limbaugh is dead at 70

    It is shame he died before he apologized for the lies he told his listeners that “Western cultures are far more humane than the bloodthirsty Muslims,” and former President Obama was a Muslim and was not born on US soil.

    No Tears for Rush Limbaugh!

    1. Well, your hero biden’s kids are all married to jews, what do you expect his policy towards palestinians will be?
      If I was you I would stick to the usaf torturing innocent Iraqis and Afghanis while under interrogation and forget all about muslims, just like medal of honor limbaugh said.
      There, had to say it

      1. @ JOHANMALKUM

        I never said Biden was my hero. I was not given many choices during the election. So I have to choose between two devils so to speak.

        In regards to torturing innocent Iraqis and Afghanis by US forces, no two people disagree on that. I happen to denounce while I was still in the service. FYI, my unit newsletter published my article about it. If you have any doubt about it, I will be glad to provide it.

        Awarding the Presidential Medal of Honor to Mariam Sheldon and Rush Limbaugh cheapens the award and insults other Presidential Medal of Honor former recipients. The first get it as a payback bc her husband was Trump’s mega-donor, and the latter get it bc he lied for 8 yrs that Obama was a Muslim and was not born in America. Thus he was not a legitimate president.

        Sadly, many Americans believed those lies.

        Friday, June 18, 2004

        Ohio Muslims feel the heat and lash out

        You will be surprised to find out at the end who the
        author of this article is.

        In COLUMBUS, Ohio “Authorities have accused Abdi, 32,
        of plotting the attack on an undetermined mall with
        admitted al-Qaida member Iyman Faris, who is now
        imprisoned for plans to sabotage the Brooklyn Bridge.

        And then in AKRON, Ohio “The Palestinian-born leader
        of Ohio’s largest mosque was convicted Thursday of
        lying about his connections to terrorist organizations
        when he applied for U.S. citizenship. ”

        So how do Muslims in Ohio respond?

        From The Newark Advocate

        Muslims stand united against war atrocities

        Oh really? Let’s see what they have to say.

        When the dust settles in Iraq, the things Americans
        will remember from our so-called “Operation Iraqi
        Freedom” will be The loss or maiming of a loved one,
        our use of “shock and awe” bombs, the rescue of
        Jessica Lynch, the capture of Saddam Hussein, the
        mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib, and, of
        course, the beheading of Nicholas Berg by five masked

        Not off to a good start are we, Muslims of Ohio. Note
        the use of our “so-called Operation Iraqi Freedom”? I
        guess Ohio Muslims doubt that we freed the Iraqis.

        Also, notice the clever use of “the things Americans
        will remember from our” phrase. See, we are all one
        big happy family and all agree on what our collective
        memory will be. I for one certainly have more memories
        than this and a lot of positive ones. Iraqis cheering
        when the statue of Saddam came down and how we saved
        25 million Iraqis from a brutal dictator, for

        And Nick Berg was not beheaded by “five masked men”.
        He was beheaded by five masked Muslims.

        If you thought that the incriminating photographs out
        of Abu Ghraib and the mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners
        by our soldiers brought shame and dishonor to our
        armed forces and our country, you are not alone. And
        that is precisely how Muslims felt about the beheading
        of American civilian Nick Berg. It was savage and
        barbaric, to say the least. One American Muslim leader
        from California referred to it as a “stab to the heart
        of Islam.”

        No, I did not think of any such thing. I thought it was
        just what it was; a few bad apples abusing a few
        prisoners. And quit using “our” so much to make us
        feel part of your group. How about giving us the name
        of this so-called American Muslim leader so we can
        check out him and his statement?

        Scholars from Al-Azhar, the world highest Sunni
        religious authority denounced the decapitation of
        Berg and stated Islam stands against such an act.

        The scholars further stated, “Islam respects the human
        being, dead or alive, and cutting off the American’s
        the head was an act of mutilation forbidden by Islam —
        even against an enemy.” They also said one mistake
        could not justify another.

        That same scholar in the very next sentence also said:

        “However, Fayoumi suspected the whole episode was “an
        American propaganda to divert attention from the
        the scandal of the U.S. military abuse of Iraqi

        Some denunciation! Calling it American propaganda. I
        guess that would be “our” propaganda then.

        Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates were the
        first Arab governments to criticize the slaying.

        Criticize? What, they didn’t like the terrorist
        technique or what? And they only spoke out after being
        “criticized” by Colin Powell

        Secretary of State Colin Powell scolded Arab
        governments Sunday for not expressing more outrage
        over the videotaped beheading of an American civilian
        in Iraq.


        Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates were the
        first Arab governments to criticize the murder after
        an initial silence throughout the region about the

        Believe it or not, Lebanon’s group Hezbollah and
        Palestinian’s group Hamas, both labeled terrorist
        organizations by the U.S. government, said the
        beheading was appalling and un-Islamic. Both groups
        have also condemned the Sept. 11 terrorist attack on
        our country.

        You’re right, I don’t believe it. Both Hezbollah and
        Hamas complained that the Berg incident was
        overshadowing their campaigns against the US.

        They are not just “labeled” as terrorist organizations
        they are terrorist organizations. Or don’t you agree
        with “us”? Where are the “our”s now?

        And both groups did not condemn 9/11. “We” all saw the
        videos of them dancing in the street in the aftermath
        of the attacks.

        Several Iraqi leaders and scholars have strongly
        condemned the beheading, saying it is “against the
        the essence of Islam.”

        No names, again?

        The author goes on to cite several Arab newspapers
        condemning Berg’s murder. But there were some who
        defended the murder.

        Some newspapers defended the killing. Al-Wafd, an
        Egyptian opposition paper said the abuse of prisoners
        drove the killers to act.

        The author also cites The Council on American-Islamic
        Relations, an organization with a long history of
        links to terrorism, as denouncing the murder.

        You stand united alright. United in hiding behind a
        barbaric religion.

        And who wrote this load of tripe?

        Mahmoud El-Yousseph

        Rank: Technical Sergeant
        Branch: Ohio Air National Guard
        Billet: Senior Supervisor
        Status: Ready Reserve

        Here are some interesting things by and about Mahmoud.

        The Freepress

        America acted in cold-blood in the death of Rachel,
        but screamed bloody murder to the kidnapping and death
        of Jewish- American report Daniel Pearl who worked for
        the Wall Street Journal.

        Mahmoud is a member of Palestine Remembered which has
        this banner at the top of its’ website:

        The Home Of All Ethnically Cleansed Palestinians

        And whose purpose is “To emphasize that the CORE
        issues of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict are the
        population transfer to achieve political gains) of the
        Palestinian people for the past five decades.”

        Attended a recent anti-war protest in the US capitol.
        Nothing wrong with that except it raises questions
        about a US Muslim in (if he still is) the Air National
        Guard attending an anti-war march.

  21. Gilbert, I have decided to go it alone in the depths of the great rainforest for the time being, and as a precaution against the coming Great Reset and slaughters, have moved my family to the relative safety of an oboriginal settlement near Humpty Doo, outside Darwin.
    The indigenous can go bush and become invisible at the drop of a hat. New Guinea natives have taught us how to make deadly blow-pipes using various natural poisons and cane toad toxins.
    Aborigines using guerilla techniques are a formidable force, provided they are organised by tribal emigres like me. They can literally disappear into the dark and sneak up on anyone.
    The Japanese, who were about to invade Northern Australia in WW2 were saved their grisly fates by the intervention of the American fleet in the Coral Sea.
    A number of Japanese pilots were captured by the Humpty Doo tribal people and quickly dispensed with, providing warm kidney and liver meat for the encampment “restaurants.”
    The only tribal indigenous person to be killed by the Jap fighter jets was a silly man who was straffed whilst running along a straight road, heading for what he thought was the safety of the local Dog Rocks, a few kilometres outside of Katherine. He reached the rocks, but a few well placed bombs from a nasty Jap fighter pilot saw his demise. (As recorded in historical info at the Katherine airport)

    1. I met a few Aboriginals up north in the Gulf that were an Abo/Jap creation from WW2. Quite a nice mix and smart guys too. They surely have not eaten all of them MAX!

    About half the people will take the vaxx, and they will probably turn, snitch on the refuseniks…
    That will make the job easier for the globalists…
    But, some sheriffs will not enforce the mandatory vaxx…
    Real Sheriffs are a big problem for the globalists…
    If they do side with the big-pharma killers, after they do their day’s devil’s work they will come home to find their houses burned to the ground..
    I don’t think they can even do it one case at a time, won’t work like that…
    “Rex 84, short for Readiness Exercise 1984, was a plan by the United States federal government to test their ability to detain large numbers of American citizens in case of massive civil unrest or national emergency. Exercises similar to Rex 84 happen periodically.”
    They drilled it with Jade helm…
    REX 84 was really designed to place a firewall between the fed gov and the citizens…
    The troops in DC show the intention, we might be pretty near it now…
    And where were all these troops last summer, when the antifa blm thugs were looting and burning?
    Actually, it looks as if the dems are planning to use the kind of force Trump failed to exercise, while he was in office, to straighten things out…
    Only they have other ideas than the ones we suggested…
    “–let’s see there is the L.A. School District with 600,000 kids and 80% of them are Hispanic. ”
    I’ve talked to a lawyer from LA…
    He told me there are 100s of FBI agents infiltrated into the LA School District, many people on payroll whose jobs can’t be described…
    They watch it full-time, the same way they watch the Indian Reservations…
    I read, this quote in on a plaque outside a cave in Massachusetts, where some of the Roundhead Regicides were holed up, having fled England after the end of the Cromwell era…
    I don’t know if the first part is a biblical quote or not… True enough though…
    “Resistance to Tyranny Is Obedience To God” By Paul Lyndon Johnson James 2:10 For whosoever shall keep the whole law and transgress in one point only has nevertheless transgressed the whole law. James 1:5-8 If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all men liberally, and it shall be given him.

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