The Swamp Swallowed Trump

By ‘Automatic Earth’
(via International Clearing House)
January 12, 2021

“You could say, Trump entered the swamp
and drowned in it . . .  it swallowed him whole.”
— ‘Automatic Earth’

You would think that if there’s one group of people who’d recognize a coup if they saw one, it would be the American people. Because their intelligence services have been involved in almost all coups in the world for many decades; let’s say since WWII, to keep it simple.

Just in the most recent past, they staged and conducted coups in Libya, Ukraine, Syria, Venezuela and many other places. Think Bolivia.

Libya was the only real “successful” one, thanks to Gaddafi being sodomized with a bayonet, leading to Hillary’s giddy “We Came, We Saw, He Died” — by far the ugliest face of the US by a mile. That and the open-air slave markets that resulted from sodomizing to death the man who led Africa’s wealthiest country and gave his people benefits that Americans can only dream of.

And now Hillary’s crew are about to be handed the reins again.

Or as Michael Tracey put it: “The new corporate authoritarian liberal-left monoculture is going to be absolutely ruthless – and in 12 days it is merging with the state. This is only the beginning. Duck for cover.”

The screwed-up coups in Ukraine, Syria, Venezuela etc. would appear to signal that the CIA is not very adept (anymore?!) at organizing coups. Or maybe they just chronically overestimate their skills at it. Whichever way it may be, they have done more damage to America and its standing in the world than Donald Trump could ever have dreamt of doing.

So you would think Americans would recognize a coup, but instead they’re the last group of people on the planet who would. Because their media doesn’t present them as coups. They’re labeled as spreading democracy, freedom etc., as standing up against the bad guys, and liberating innocent people  — even if many of them die in the process.

People dying is a feature of these coups. People get shot, bombed, disappeared, in a word: killed.

Anyway, it’s way more and better than ironic that all these very deadly CIA-led operations are not labeled coups, but then the clowns and actors spectacle that took place in Washington DC this week, is. Which is possible only because they never told people what a coup actually is.

Only then can you make them believe that some wanker in a furry viking helmet outfit  is trying to overthrow the government. At the initiative of the democratically elected president, no less.

“trying  to  overthrow  the  government”.

Are these people extremists and terrorists or are they clowns and actors?

I would lean towards the latter option.

A coup requires a plan, a playbook, most often elites who think they have a shot at taking over a country, which in turn requires support from at least part of an army. The best these folks could think of was sitting in Pelosi’s office and take selfies.

That doesn’t make the march on the Capitol a good thing, far from it, but there are a lot of people out there who don’t like the way the president they elected in 2016 has been treated by the MSM, his political opponents, and US intelligence. And after the theater that has been Russiagate, the Mueller debacle and the Zelensky call-based impeachment, maybe that shouldn’t be too surprising.

The main problem for Trump lately would appear to have been his legal representation. I’ve said all along: let the dice roll where they may, there are many questions surrounding the election and they have the right to go looking for answers to these questions.

But if you look at what the status is today of what the likes of Rudy Giuliani, Jenna Ellis, Sidney Powell and Lin Wood have come up with, you think they might as well have been working for the other side. Still, we’ve at least seen the dice roll, and they came up they way they did. The process was allowed to proceed, and this is the outcome. This has misled Trump as well as his followers. They thought there was something substantial -and tanglible- there, because that’s what they were told all along.

This doesn’t mean the US should continue using voting machines, however. There are many countries that hold elections, and there are very few that either use those machines and/or see their elections contested. There’s a reason for that combination. These things can be manipulated, and they will be if they’re used. Get rid of them or this chapter will be repeated endlessly.

Then again, it all plays out well for anyone but Trump. And perhaps a few GOP’ers who stood by him. You could say, Trump entered the swamp and drowned in it, it swallowed him whole. Which is not to say that he’s such a perfect character, hell no, but he was the one and only chance to get rid of the power cabal that is DC. Which is a much bigger danger than he could ever be.

Where career politicians like Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell and Joe Biden can reside for decades, and be handed ever more handsome amounts of money by the lobbyists who write their laws, which benefit the corporations they work for. Trump was the chance to do at least something about this. They ate him alive.

Now the story is that Trump is/was the main danger, and that he was attempting a coup against his own government. To finish off the job, after being hunted down by the MSM for 4+ years, social media, for whom unceremoniously dumping Trump, after he was their main attraction for years  — at least for clickbait — was just a business decision dressed in some vague set of moral principles, are now simply deleting him.

And people cheer that.

They don’t understand that from now on, as US president, you serve at the behest, grace and kindness of the CIA, New York Times and Washington Post.  But even more under the thumb of social media giants like  Zuckerberg (Facebook) and Jack Dorsey (Twitter).  And NOT that of the American people.

Meanwhile. the noise about an attempted coup allows Team Biden to slip in Sally Yates, Susan Rice and Victoria Nuland and their whole gang of neocon warmongers. Like this Witch:


after Libyan leader Gaddafi was cruely put to death
in a CIA-orchestrated coup in October 2011  
by having a bayonet  thrust  up his anus. 

The entire media focus on Trump served to hide what those people were doing behind the scenes all along. And now it’s time to duck for cover. They’re going to try and impeach him again, and then prosecute him, and erase everything he’s done, cheered on by the same media who never told you what a coup actually is. Because they are a big club, and he’s not in it, and neither are you.

And if you think you can vent an opinion on social media in the future that doesn’t coincide with that of the Big Club, perhaps you haven’t been paying attention.

Original Source: The Automatic Earth

69 thoughts to “The Swamp Swallowed Trump”

    1. Premanidhi – just like my best asset here Pat – still does not get it:

      For ‘them’ money is not a goal in itself, blockhead; money is but one of many tools for achieving the real goal.

      The name of the real game is subjugation and total control over two-legged creatures, which they perceive as little more than cattle.

      And who are ‘they’? ‘They’ are the few-thousand, truly fascist pinnacle of ‘WASP + Jewish’ freak, i.e. the Anglo-American oligarchs, who – in their arrogance and stupidity – think of themselves as super-smart and superhuman creatures.

      Big mistake! God willing– and with some help from the Russians – the freaks are about to find that out in the next few years.

      1. @ CIRCASSIAN

        You are being attacked on this website by American patriots who are naturally outraged that you should celebrate the destruction of America at the hands of Russia. What can you expect?

        This is your own fault for failing to make it clear who the real enemy is. Who are the villains exactly? What are they doing that is so villainous? Take this coment of yours:

        And who are ‘they’? ‘They’ are the few-thousand, truly fascist pinnacle of ‘WASP + Jewish’ freak, i.e. the Anglo-American oligarchs, who – in their arrogance and stupidity – think of themselves as super-smart and superhuman creatures.

        This is too vague. Too imprecise. Who are “THEY”? You need to spell it out clearly. You say: “‘They’ are the few thousand, truly fascist pinnacle of ‘WASP + Jewish freak, i.e. the anglo-American oligarchs.” This is too damn vague.

        (1) Are you talking about the ‘DEEP STATE’? Does the Deep State consist of ELITE ANGLO-SAXONS (like Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos and their non-Jewish neocon puppets) and ELITE JEWS (Rotschild, Soros, Adelson, Zuckerberg etc.)

        (2) Are you talking about the MASONS, the Bilderbergers, the Papacy?

        (3) Who are at the TOP of the pinnacle of power: JEWS or WASPS? Or are they equal in power?

        (4) How is Russia any better? Are you saying COMMUNISM is better than Capitalism? If so, how can you convince any reasonable person that the world would be a better place under a Stalinesque elite runs by neo-Bolsheviks?

        As you must know, Communism under Lenin and Stalin was not the same as the benign socialism found in the Scandinavian countries today, a socialism that attempted to look after the People and made sure they had retirement pensions and didn’t starve to death. Soviet Communism was simply a ruthless Capitalism in disguise in which “all men are equal but some are more equal than others”. (Orwell).Remember Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’? The pig ‘Napoleon’ was a caricature of Stalin.

        All the top Jews in Stalin’s Soviet Union, and the non-Jewish Russians who worked for the government, had a far higher standard of living than the proletariat. They were a plutocratic elite. This is what is happening in America and Britain now.

        So why are you against this Bolshivikization of the West? You should be FOR it! Since you are such a big fan of Soviet totalitarianism under Stalin. 🙂

  1. We may be sympathetic to Trump, but lets be practical; if you were an injured Gazelle, and a pack of Hyenas were fighting a pack of wolves over who should have a go at you, would it really be pragmatic to philosophize over the pros & Cons of the tactics used by these scavengers? The answer is no. precisely because, you still remain the Dinner to the Winner.

    Arguing about how Trump has gotten the a low deal and “election was stolen” des not answer these questions; Why did Trump surround himself with betrayers? Why did not open up 9/11 enquiry? Why did he not investigate America’s involvement in Libya?

    There are so may whys about Trump which lead up to only one thing; He is one of them, and these pretend to show outrage over the elections is merely playing politics, and mind games. Trump did not get Swallowed by the Swamp. He is part of the Swamp, and never intended to drain it.

    1. Aesop says when the hyenas and wolves were fighting, the jackals snuck in and stole all the good parts, again. Dammit!

      To paraphrase Senator Chuckie $hyster – you mess with the intelligence agencies(cia) and they can (and will) get you six ways from Sunday.
      Hell, even mean-mouthing Ming the Merciless is more or less strrrrrrrictly prohibited at this dawning of the latest episode of Our Not So Brave New World..

  2. Empires rise and fall, during the upwave of the Amerikan Judeo-Christian World Empire the expansion and dominance seemed unstoppable. ‘Who can make war with the beast?’ is the Bible quote that applies perfectly to the superior firepower of the US military in service to Rothchild Zionist hellmongers and a central bank in every enslaved nation.

    Then the empire eventually peaks and cracks start forming, but the hubris continues and factions fight in deciding which nations to off next. Hillary laughs at Libya Colonel Gaddafi’s execution. He was a terrible dictator said the Jewish MSM. Really? He was terrible because he stopped the numerous Jewish CIA led coups, refusing to be a Rothschild puppet state. Libyans enjoyed subsidized home purchases, and first auto, free education for life, no business permits. They had freedom that no westerner could even imagine. Now Libya is a shithole courtesy NATO and Obama/Hillary nation wreckers.

    Eventually the downwave starts engulfing the overstretched and out of money empire. The Covid fiasco, promoted by the same people running the empire, is going to cause such widespread misery on the homefront that only a fool can not see that Amerika’s days at ruling the world are numbered. Amerika has entered a death spiral, and the only hope left is if Trump launches a serious counter coup against the Demonrats who stole the election. Trump is our last great white hope, a commenter on Truthseeker made this observation about the patriot narrative of Trump doing something:

    “The stealing of the 2020 presidential election has generated tons of clickbait “hope porn” that has seen a few charlatans like Charlie Ward and Simon Parkes get loads of traffic to their productions. These productions amount to “someone – who they can’t name – told them that Trump was signing the insurrection act or something similar.” Tied in with sensational claims of the pope being arrested and Pence guilty of a specific number of child rape/murders.”

    So now we all have to sit on the edge of our seats, and wait for Trump to do something about the steal. Only a week and a day left till the Commies are sworn in. Regardless the nation and empire is in a death spiral, and hope is our last refuge. Will Trump make America great again or will he leave the nation in utter chaos?

    1. YJ
      If Ward and Parkes are charlatans as you claim, then haven’t you answered your own question? 😏

      But even IF Trump were to pull a rabbit out of a hat, he’d have to win a game of 5D chess to bring down the Shield

    2. “…or will he leave the nation in utter chaos?…”

      The latter, of course. What an utterly contemptible person.
      Trump doesn’t have the gumption of a mollusc.
      And what’s more, he doesn’t care.
      Words fail me.

      1. Darkmooners,
        Sooo….Attila the Hut finally “bit the dust.” Oh well…..adios. Mariam must be “crying rivers of tears” for the deceased dinosaur. Did Adelson take his billions of $$$$$-shekels to the grave? Probably not. He’s simply rotting under a slab of marble. No different from a humble construction-worker who also “bit-the-dust.” Adelson…where are you now? How do you feel? Did you meet your MAKER? If so, how did the conversation go? Were you JUDGED? Anyway. Hope your coffin is comfortable with lots of padding and a soft $10.00 Wal-Mart cotton-stuffed pillow. Enjoy your stay. It ain’t no plush million-$$$$$ hotel room like you enjoyed in life… will do for now. Donaldo humbly extends his ✋ to your coffin with a bottle of tequila and a pack of Frito-lay barbeque-flavored potato chips and a Cuban cigar with a Bic lighr to enjoy for a while. RIP amigo. And Donaldo sincerely promises not to seduce Mariam…though it would be tempting. 😉

  3. After reading Donald Trup Jr. the last tweet, look like the Trump family are in a state of mourning the death of a GOP mega-donor. The Jewish-American billionaire who used his wealth to influence politics in both ISISrael and the United States

    Sheldon Adelson hit the bucket at age 87. He would be best remembered as PM Satanyahu and the Republican Part’s most prominent megadonors. Abo all, he would be remembered not as ” a true American Patriot ” but rather as a traitor who is on recorded saying, “my only regret in life is serving in the US military and not in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).

    May he rot in Hell

  4. Sheldon Adelson died before his dream of a BIG WAR WITH IRAN was manifested by jew machinations. Maybe they can throw sheldon & donald into the same goddamned hole in the ground together in the ‘holy” land , the 2 together forever under the “holy” dirt of the “holy” land.

    1. TROJ-
      I know that’s right! However, the ground in Palestine will vomit their two corps out.

      You said, ” Maybe they can throw sheldon & donald into the same goddamned hole.”
      The is the best post by yours that I ever read. Except I don’t want the ground of the holy land to be contaminated.

      I don’t give a shit about Adelson, I would say, however, that trump shouldn’t even put to rest at Arlington.

  5. Trump was and is a swamp creature as is Pence and Biden and Harris, they do not get to that level unless they are compromized and satanists.

    1. @ desert fox, there are a lot of jewish trolls on this site who keep selling the jewish fable that Trump is a ‘ white nationalist’. Trump is just as so many a crypto jew, provocateur/double agent/pied piper, to fool the whites, are there any real whites ( melting pot)? who are not represented by the jewish system as their representation would not be in the interest of the jewish status quo.

  6. Anyone who knows Trump knows that he can’t be trusted under any circumstances. He’s a snake in the grass. If he would screw his own family over, as he has, he would screw his supporters over in a heartbeat, as he has.

    Anyone paying attention can see that Trump’s taken no action against the “deep state” during the past four years. If anything he’s enthusiastically advanced the increasingly dangerous anti-American foreign policy agenda of the “deep state” at great risk to the people who supported him.

    And now that the evil deep state has “stolen” the election from him, what is the embattled Mr. “MAGA” doing in his last few days? Is he firing the director of the ATF and replacing her with a more reasonable person? No. Is he pardoning Julian Assange? No. Is he releasing any secret documents regarding JFK, USS Liberty, TWA Flight 800, 9/11, Boston marathon bombing, etc.? No, he’s doing nothing of the kind; rather, through his loyal servant Pompeo, he’s re-designating Cuba as a state sponsor of terror, designating Yemen’s Houthis as a foreign terrorist organization, antagonizing China, antagonizing Iran, etc. Joe and Jill Sixpack must be thrilled.

    Being that Trump is not only dangerously delusional but also a calculating psychopath and idolater of the “deep state,” it seems possible to me if not very likely that the “Trump insurrection” was a false-flag event, whereby Mr. MAGA deliberately helped to set his supporters up (and every actual American patriot) for an unprecedented crackdown to be carried out by the next set of scumbags.

    it’s ironic that while his supporters chant “stop the steal” and “USA USA USA” their messiah the traitorous Mr. MAGA is apparently robbing them blind.


    trump just addressed reporters for the first time in days, and he’s still a whiny little bitch.

  8. News Flash:

    Sheldon Adelson hit the bucket at age 87. He would be best remembered as PM Satanyahu and the Republican Part’s most prominent megadonors. Abo all, he would be remembered not as ” a true American Patriot ” but rather as a traitor who is on recorded saying, “my only regret in life is serving in the US military and not in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).

    May he rot in Hell

  9. Oh G-d oh G-d !!
    Tragedy has struck our already bleeding hearts!
    Our dear citizen Sheldon Adelson has passed away on his way to heaven!
    Oy vey! Oh G-d the tragedy!
    Where was G-d when death came about!?
    This is what the greatest presidents of all had his son write on twitter:

    “Sheldon was a true American and a giant among men. He treated his employees like family. His philanthropic generosity changed countless lives. The US-Israel relationship is stronger today because of him. My heart goes out to the Adelson family.”

    I ask Darkmoon to please shut down the site for 3 or 4 days in mourning.
    Let’s copiously read the talmud.
    Avi, the Avatar
    (Grieving and crying non-stop)

    1. Since PM Nazinyahu lost his strongest allies, you can forget about nuking Iran.

      Hopefully, the Israeli protesters will soon siege the CanKneeSit

    2. @ (((GET REAL)))

      Hey Shlomo, what is it with Israeli tourists stealing everything thing they could carry from hotels in the United Arab Emirates? Can we get an update?

      First, you stole Palestine and change its name to ISISrael
      Next, you would be stealing the oil of the Gulf states.

      I guess, once a thief you’re always a thief?

      1. MEY,
        Don’t be so harsh on the Isreali tourists. Glass ashtrays don’t cost that much. 😁

  10. Jacob Chansley, AKA Jake Angel, the Arizona man makes his first court appearance for charges related to storming the U.S. Capitol. His mom says he hasn’t eaten since Friday because the detention facility won’t feed him all organic food.

  11. Trump will be remembered as the Caligula of the American empire .He will be remembered as a circus horse whose sh^t is felt everywhere , add to that emperor Caligula was incestious .

  12. Trump tweeted angrily about Mike Pence while the vice president was being attacked at the Capitol Building and then gave him the silent treatment for several days.

    What a moron!

    8 more days…

  13. Airbnb is banning hate group members like the Proud Boys ahead of the presidential inauguration.

    Airbnb should be running the country, not the Orange Clown

  14. The MSM labels “The Proud Boys” a White Supremacist group. If you look at a photo of “The Proud Boys” you would be hard-pressed to see any White face. It’s overwhelmingly a NON White group, yet the MSM labels them “White Supremacists”.

  15. If Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham SERIOUSLY believe trump committed impeachable offenses, it is their DUTY to ensure the Senate convicts him when impeachment passes the House.

    Both Moscow Mitch and Miss Lindsey have no problem voting to impeach Bill Clinton over Blow Job.

      1. @ TROJ

        Your numerous other posts, aimed almost exclusively at attacking Mahmoud El-Yousseph with the vilest abuse, have been deleted as unpublishable. You are wasting your time attacking one particular poster for the crime of being a Palestinian Muslim, and you are simply shooting yourself in the foot by calling Mahmoud a “Jew”. Which he is not, whatever else he is. (He can hardly be a typical Muslim as well as a typical Jew). Note that you are yourself under suspicion of being a “Jewish troll”.

        If you wish to attack Kamala Harris for “sucking black nigger dick”, you must do it on some other website. Not here. Try Incogman

  16. Trump made a speech today at the Alamo, he talked about the border wall, he says he built 450 miles of it. Not sure if that is true, but with the oncoming New Ice Age and Bolshevik 2.0 oncoming our retreat south is being cutoff. So once again I sound the alarm and say get south like Jeff Berwick (Dollar Vigilante) while you still can. Trump also alluded to Joe Biden as the next president, he did NOT talk about the Insurrection Act that everyone seems to think he signed into law. So as Pelosi proceeds against him, he does nothing to have her arrested for treason.

    I search the internet for the source of this Patriot narrative that Jim Stone is posting and found an Ashtar Command website with this, which is uploaded just for this site. This illustrates the hope porn that is circulating on the web as Trump gets flushed. Ask yourself, why has Trump not gone the offensive to arrest the Deep State criminals who stole the election?

    you can find this image “project blue flame” facebook search

    1. uncle :

      Why can’t Mahmoud be a typical Muslim and simultaneously also a typical Jew? I mean arab jew Mark Glenn was always a typical Mohammedan and simultaneously also a typical Jew….

      1. @ TROJ

        Don’t waste our time with these inanities, Joe.
        Time to increase your medication, methinks! 🙂

        Mark Glenn was a Lebanese Christian. He was naturally pro-Muslim because of his Lebanese connections. This doesn’t make Glenn a “Mohammedan”, it simply makes him a good Christian with Muslim sympathies. (As thousands of Lebanese Christians are). He was also known for his fierce defense of the Palestinians. He was one of the most anti-Zionist writers around and generally regarded as an extreme anti-Semite. How then, pray tell, can he be a “Jew”. 🙂

        Mahmoud El-Yousseph and Lobro would hardly have been so supportive of Mark Glenn, posting comments on his site for so long, if Glenn had been a crypto-Jew.

        Your hatred of Glenn stems from sheer petty spite. This is because Glenn booted you off ‘The Ugly Truth’ site for being a pesky TROLL. He also outed you in a separate article which he published on his site in which he revealed your email address. Your name wasn’t “TheRealOriginalJoe” then, was it? It was “Giuseppe”. (Or some other Italian name like that).

        You’re lucky we allow you to comment here, “Joe”. Shows how easygoing and tolerant we are! But don’t push your luck, OK? 🙂

  17. When elected officials view themselves as privileged rather than in service the Government departments incl. the Dept. of Justice has officially become “Just-Us;Only-US”! “Democratic capitalism” in the US and anywhere else in this rotting world on life support has become a timeless, power crazed, lockdown addicted, political class tyranny. No exemptions anywhere! Though there are some differences. In China and Russia, the “communist” government bends corporations to their will. In the United States and across the pond in Europe, “liberal” Governments defend corporations to their own detriment, even when they have a habit for turning around and stabbing the countries in the back. That is what one could call a well regulated, copyrighted and organized global swamp. To franchise a swamp monsters license for oneself all one needs is criminal compliance, lack of moral and empathy for others including ones own family and nation and a corporate sponsor that teaches which criminal path to take. Politics is a life time career in the swamp after all. Trump did not suit the swamp as leader. A perfect ingredient he was for sure to bring about what now will come to an end.

    1. ADMIN TOBY: OK, Joe. I’ll let you have your say, though I wish you could have made it shorter. You wouldn’t get this kind treatment from any other website moderator on the internet. You know that. There’s a new article out today. Read it carefully and respond to it in a responsible manner if you can. I look forward to new “gems of wisdom” from your pen! 🙂


      uncle :

      It’s okay, I understand. You can’t provide a level playing field on the commentary threads — because you know I would win every debate and every flame war. You got a job to do, I understand. WE can’t have whiddlejoew winning debates and flame wars against the big shots in the Noosphere. The bigger they are the harder they fall and The Ego is a fragile thing so the big shots have to be protected from losing a debate or flame war at all costs. It’s okay I understand you have a job to do. And what a conscientious and comprehensive worker you are, so sedulous over the commentary threads, like a hawk. You certainly have a very strong work ethic, you work hard for your paycheck. No one could call you “lazy” that’s for sure. You could be called alot of things but never “lazy”.

      It’s sad, though. I remember when there were alot of vigorous debates and also a lot of all flame wars here at DM and throughout the Noosphere. There was Spirit, there was Energy, there was Vitality! That was back in the good old days. Now, everyone seems so drained of energy, even mild debating tires them out. Now commentators run to the webmasters for protection if they sense they may lose a debate or flame war. I guess they’re getting old, old tired and lame. They’re certainly not as strong and not as macho and not as tough as they would have us believe.

      I never hated Mark Glenn. It’s just that I was found him to be extremely annoying and not as truthful as he always claimed he was and he showed his true colors with his constant promotion of massive Muslim immigration into Western countries, including his promotion of Massive Muslim immigration into the USA which I especially did NOT appreciate.

      His pretending that there was no such thing as Islamic Rape Jihad going on in Europe and intentionally ignoring Islamic Rape Jihad in Europe and no one was allowed to mention Islamic Rape Jihad in Europe at TUT.

      His stance on Sandy Hook : “intelligent Anti-Semitism for gentiles” –> Believe everything the jews tell you about Sandy Hook. No questioning of the govt./ the JEWS’ official narrative about Sandy Hook was allowed at TUT. He’s virulently ANTI-White.

      But I never hated him. I especially can never hate him now, even if I wanted to, now that you make him sound almost as if he’s Marlo Thomas ‘That Girl’! I always liked her — and her father too! I always liked her alot. I could never hate her. *grin*

      It wasn’t “Giuseppe”. It was Fr. Giuseppe Beppe, 😇.

  18. Tread swiftly!
    (The Grim Reaper is gaining ground on that desolate dead-end road of your pretensions…)

  19. Trumps speech in Texas today made no indication he was staying in office…
    He said Biden won’t be able to tear down the 400 miles of wall, it’s too strong, and that the impeachment thing will come back to bite him during his (biden’s) administration…
    Sounds like he’s walking away to me…
    I guess that means a big sale on the products at Jones’ and Adams’ sites…
    Right – yet Trump has no supporters…
    His supporters support the USA, about him they only know he’s better than what we’ll get now… The bidens will do their best to destroy the constitutional republic…
    Was he in on the hustle from the beginning?
    It remains a mystery…
    One thing for sure though – YOU SHOULD HAVE SHORTED TWITTER…

    1. @ ADMIN TOBY

      Thanks for putting TFOJ (F is for fake) in his place. Not once but twice in this thread.
      I know Mark Glen would have thrown his ass out faster than he can spell RELIEF.
      Nevertheless, Jewy Joe is good here for comic relief.

      I know very well that Democrats and Republicans are two faces for the same coins and to be honest with you I do not like either. I made my views known publicly through my writing. But the fact is, the Democrats did not move the US embassy to Jerusalem, did not shut down the Palestine mission in D.C., were not the ones who cut all aid to Palestinian refugees, and it was the Republican who sanctioned the International Court of Criminal Justice and banned its members from the US for pursuing Israeli war crimes against Palestinians. I could go on and on and on. I guess you get the picture.

      Regarding Biden, I know he is a Zionist puppet and Jewish ass-kisser. Nancy Pelosi thinks the best thing that happens in the 20 century was the creation of the shit in the Middle East. She even said there is no such thing as an occupation. She even has a soccer stadium in Israel name after her, like has a settlement named after him in the occupied Golan Heights. So during the election, I have to choose between two devils. Choosing the third candidate was like giving my vote to Trump. Even though I identify with the Republican philosophy more than the Democrats. I view the Republican party to be more pro War, pro Corporation, hate Muslims with passion, recent immigrants, and do not give a shit for the working class or poor people. They are quick to hand $ 4 billion last month to 11 foreign nations, but they debated for many months whether to give struggling Americans $600 or more. As if the money is coming out of their buckets. You have a moron on this website like THE REALIST who has the nerve to call the last stimulus check a “welfare check.”

      Enough said. I just wanted to share something I wrote back in 2007 about Nancy Plastic Face Pelosi, which published by CounterPunch. For your reading pleasure, here goes.

  20. Cruz’s communications director Lauren Blair Bianchi resigned in response to Cruz’s efforts to overturn the election.

    She said the senator was “moving in a direction that she was not comfortable with.”
    U.S. Rep. Bennie Thompson, chair of the Committee on Homeland Security, calls to place Ted Cruz’s name on the no-fly list.

    When you Cruz, you lose!

    1. Well isn’t Lauren Blair Bianchi a brave liberty loving patriot she doesn’t want anyone overturning THE STOLEN ELECTION and Bianchi knows the election was STOLEN. Oh what a risk to her life she takes with her patriotic stance, her bravery! Her speaking Truth to Power! With a such a brave patriot wahman warrioress like Bianchi defending the good ole USA and The Bill of Rights and Mom’s Apple Pie we’re definitely going to win back Our Republic from those goshdarn commies yes sirree bob!

      “When you Cruz, you lose!” sounds like it could be a Cher twitter twat tweet.

  21. @ The REALIST

    If you want me to entertain your nasty ass comments, you should first stop acting like a dickhead. You always make bigoted and racist remarks directed at me.

    When you quit using coded language and act brave and civil like SAKI and MB to mention a few, I will consider responding to your comments.

    Remember the saying, ” you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.”

  22. Every 8 minutes one person dies in California from the pandemic.
    500,000 Americans have died from COVID-19
    21 million more tested positive in the US

    Republicans are bitching and complaining about losing Twitter followers.

    Gimme a freaking break!

    1. MEY
      Medical authorities have not been tracking FLU cases… but labeled them as COVID-19. THEY will continue to do so through 2021 & beyond! And there are many false positives as well!!

      The numbers are fakes!

      1. CDC Directive from April 3, 2020 told medical professionals & authorities to lie:

        From the CDC’s Vital Statistics Reporting Guidance – PAGES 2-3:

        “An accurate count of the number of deaths due to COVID–19 infection, which depends in part on proper death certification, is critical to ongoing public health surveillance and response. When a death is due to COVID–19, it is likely the UCOD and thus, it should be reported on the lowest line used in Part I of the death certificate. Ideally, testing for COVID–19 should be conducted, but it is *ACCEPTABLE* to report COVID–19 on a death certificate *WITHOUT* this confirmation if the circumstances are compelling within a reasonable degree of certainty.”

      2. Pat,
        Yep. And the situation in Mexico is just as bad. During the past 6-months Donaldos Mexican wife has lost several friends down in “La Republica.” Despite having pre-existing, chronic illnesses and diverse symptoms, the cause of death was swiftly attributed to Covid on the death-certificates. No investigation…nada. Apon being admitted to Hospital, ALL of them were immediately connected to intravenous tubes, injected with SOMETHING and quickly perished. Donaldo is a trucker….. ain’t no medic. But he ain’t gotta SEE the skunk. He can SMELL it. Driving the RIG along the interstates of USSA Donaldo has smelled LOTS of skunks and it ain’t pleasant. 🤔🤨🤠

  23. The guy down the street from me , he was a very nice fellow American citizen and truly a wonderful kind humane generous helpful moral ethical salt-of-the-earth pillar of the community type citizen never cheated on his taxes always law abiding his lawn was always weed-free washed his car in the driveway every Saturday afternoon never was late paying a bill scrupulous to a fault was a volunteer fireman was a member of the Kiwanis Club served on the Chamber of Commerce in town they don’t make ’em like that anymore! the old guy down the street from me just died from ching chong vilus 6 minutes ago, he was 98 years old he had MS cancer dementia had like something like 12 heart attacks in the last 12 months he fell the other day in his kitchen on the hard tile floor and cracked open his skull, he had his whole life ahead of him and it’s orange man bad’s fault he died of ching chong vilus because orange man bad, bad bad bad bad! WEAR THE MASK!!! IT’S THE RIGHT AND MORAL THING TO DO!!!! IF YOU DON”T WEAR A MASK AT ALL TIMES YOU’RE A MURDERER!!!! A MASS MURDERER!!!! DON’T BE A KILLER!!! BE NICE AND CONFORM!!!! WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER! 😷

  24. The only thing I agree with Trump is that Killery Clinton should be locked up. I watch with pain when the US and NATO turned Lybia into the stone ages. It was also painful to watch the murder of Qaddafi live on television.

    Assassinating Foreign Leaders Is an Act of War and the US president can not declare war without the approval of Congress. Obomber, trump, Clinton, and W are all equally guilty. By doing so, they put US citizens abroad in harm’s way, not to mention the pain and suffering they inflict on Muslims.

    Then they have the audacity to say, ” why do they hate us?”

  25. MEY
    I don’t know why you would think hrc is the only culprit on the scene…
    Biden and all his cohorts, the Zionist pricks pelosi and Schumer, the turtle, most of the Zionist stooges in congress, thousands of insider protected pedophiles, nwo governors and mayors, covid mongering pharmaceutical giants – there are at least 3000 worms in the power structure that need to be arrested….
    I can understand disapproval of trump on account of his subservience to the yahudi, we get that too.
    CIRC makes plain his distain for the USA in general, wants it destroyed, but doesn’t get it about the Zion as the problem …
    I’m sure you do though…

  26. As of Wednesday, 13 jan 2020, I am seeing evidence that Trump is not going away. First of all Pelosi is absent from her job as Speaker of the House while they are doing the impeachment roll calls. I saw on Before It’s News yesterday the hope porn claim that she was arrested. That is a big claim, because if she was arrested, the MSM would be howling about it – at least you’d think. To confirm if Pelosi was arrested, is she still on social media like twitter or answering staffer phone calls. I do not know.

    I also saw yesterday that the Joint Chiefs of Staff just dug their own grave, see this letter:

    Every officer in the USGov takes an oath to uphold the Constitution, and the election was stolen, thus any officer not contesting the fraudulent election is committing treason. That is a fact, and you can go to prison or be executed for that depending on whether you are in a state of emergency or a declared wartime.

    The “violent” riot on the 6th is also legal if the election was stolen, because the state has no legitamacy without a fair election. Yeah I know they cheat at votes all the time, but this time they were caught. Upholding a fraudulent election like what the Joint Chiefs did is insane criminality, as now they are aiding and abetting the criminals that did it.

    Then we have the State Department canceling all trips. That never happens, thousands of state officials fly everywhere everyday. Strange to say the least as inaugerations are routine proceedings for state officials who are busy with other details of state. What that could mean is all trips are canceled because many people are going to be arrested or detained.


    Then we have a cryptic message from Trump himself:

    “President Trump’s last Tweet that ignited this leftist firestorm—that was posted at 9:46 a.m. on Friday 8 January and declared: “The 75,000,000 great American Patriots who voted for me, AMERICA FIRST, and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, will have a GIANT VOICE long into the future… They will not be disrespected or treated unfairly in any way, shape or form!!!” ”

    NOTE: “Giant Voice systems are mass notification equipment that sends warning tones, music such as bugle calls and reveille through Radio, Wireless, Ethernet or landline systems to permanently installed arrays.”

    Trump also said he would NOT be at Biden’s swearing in. That never happens.


    Then I had my personal experience today driving south on I-5, I got a “shamanic” message to drive to the Capitol and be happy about it. What that synchronicity meant to me that there was going to be a positive outcome to the current mess we are in FROM MY VIEWPOINT. Happy for me, not happy for them.

    What is particularly strange is how Trump is so confident while they are busy putting the screws to him. It is like he knows there is another outcome. We shall see what happens.

  27. JACK
    I think we’ve been shifted into an entirely different media paradigm… it’s completely factionalized now, there never was any legal obligation that they tell you the truth of things, much less the whole truth..
    But now it’s really gone round the bend.
    We’re no longer living in a free and fair country and the media is all in for its political schedule…
    And they don’t give a rat’s ass how the people feel about it… i think, as they know, there’s so much going on, there’s such a huge difference between what’s really happening and what the people are told, and has been for many decades, certainly including the lie of elections,.that if the public ever found out about it they’d be in terminal shock…
    I’m not so sure at all they’d report it if the looney bitch was under arrest….
    And I’m not sure the Trump people would put it out there
    Immediately either….
    And, since when do trump supporters show up like antifa?
    Here’s the question – what’s the antifa Mossad connection?

    1. I agree with your posts. I checked Pelosi’s twitter, she is not in jail. So she is proceeding with Trump’s impeachment, and Trump does nothing. So the way it is going, Trump will let the Commies steal the country and he does nothing. This is a recipe for a real uprising.

      Jim Fetzer interviews a federal law enforcement officer who says all these stories about arrests are false, and are meant to stand us down.

      The Raw Deal With Jim Fetzer 2021.01.13

  28. @SAKI

    To clarify about the old time communists and the Soviet Union. I understand that Lenin advocated the right of nations to self determination, and the USSR was a union of national republics based on ethnicity. So it wasn’t a multinational multicultural melange like the USA. And Stalin practiced ethnic cleansing and forcibly moving peoples around on a grand scale, even giving Jews an autonomous zone but didn’t seem to try hard enough to force them all into it (pity that, eh?). People could move around between the national republics but I gather they needed permission for it, and a valid excuse to get that permit. Miscegenation/ intermarriage was not discouraged but I don’t know if it was promoted aggressively in the media or advertising as it is in the West these days, or even if it was some cornerstone of party policy. As far as spreading communism to the world (internationalism), it involved supporting former colonies in their anti-imperialist struggle so that they could set up their own nation states, hopefully viable and independent ones, rather than encouraging mass immigration and open borders (with the exception of Eastern Europe where it was the result of conquest/liberation following WWII). The Western globalist leftists and liberals of today, including those who call themselves Marxists, are a far cry from those traditional communists in terms of ethnic/racial policy and what they try to achieve. Perhaps the old time communists did believe in some far flung future transnational interethnic/interracial man (ala Kalergi plan) but it wasn’t something they were actively working on. And let’s not get into the gays, Pride parades, and transexuals, and what those old time commies would have done with them.

    1. @ Commentator Mike

      Many thanks for your input, CM. You obviously know a great deal more about these Boldheviks than I do. It’s a very murky subject to me. The crucial question to me is this: Would the Russian people have been better off if Lenin and Stalin had never been born? I am tempted to say “YES.” All that misery and mass murder … for what? Am I satisfied with my own answer? NO! I am not satisfied. Maybe evil is necessary so that good may come out of it. I just don’t know…

      1. Saki –

        “Maybe evil is necessary so that good may come out of it.”

        That is incorporated into the Hegelian model of compromise.

        I have witnessed many cases where huge problems can be injected into any political system and the people will beg for and receive a horrible, not “good”, solution which they would never have even considered without the horrendous problem you wrote as “evil”. The inventors of the ‘problem’ do not want the designed results to be “good” for the people, but “good” for themselves. Bankers do it every day.

      2. “The crucial question to me is this: Would the Russian people have been better off if Lenin and Stalin had never been born?”

        I don’t know for sure and it depends on “better off” in what sense. We are where we are now at this point of history, however we got here. I could ask the same about the US or French revolutions. Sure the cost in human lives is always great.

        Maybe it is beyond the scope of this thread but I could speculate much. I think Russia was ripe for some kind of revolution if rapid and widespread reforms were not implemented to turn it into a modern constitutional monarchy (perhaps a better option than a communist state in an undeveloped region, which runs contrary even to the precepts of classical Marxism), but in my opinion the timing was adjusted to best serve German interests and get Russia out of the war. The Bolsheviks themselves could have carried on the war despite propagating an anti-war message before taking power. Perhaps it would have been best if the Mensheviks had remained in power. The advantages of staying on in the war, which was nearly over, would have been that Russia (or even the Soviet Union if it hadn’t signed a separate peace treaty with Germany) would have been present in Versailles to carve up some of Europe for itself, maybe even getting Constantinople from the Turks who had joined the Central Powers in the war. Perhaps even WWII could have been avoided (but maybe not if Albert Pike’s orders to secret societies running TPTB dominate modern history and override all else). But definitely the genocide/ethnic cleansing of Anatolian Greeks during the Greco-Turkish war of 1919-1922 (and further cleansing/genocide of Armenians who survived previous waves of genocide) would have been avoided if Russia had remained either Tsarist or Menshevik and perhaps Constantinople recovered for Christendom in the aftermath of that war. Even the Soviets may have played a better role had they not been involved in their own Civil War and against foreign interventionists (1917-1923), but as it was they provided some monetary support to the Turks to buy arms. Circassian would probably know a lot more about this war as some Circassians fought on the Greek side.

    2. @Commentator Mike & Saki

      CM makes some good points. Let’s take them one by one.

      To clarify about the old time communists and the Soviet Union. I understand that Lenin advocated the right of nations to self-determination, and the USSR was a union of national republics based on ethnicity.

      Basically true.

      So it wasn’t a multinational multicultural melange like the USA.

      Absolutely true!

      And Stalin practiced ethnic cleansing…

      Absolute nonsense! Could Mike name a single ethnic group “cleansed” by Stalin? Ukrainians? Russian Christians? Chechens? Jews? Crimean Tatars?

      If Stalin “cleansed” Russian Christians, for example, how come that the ethnic Russians consider him – alone with Ivan the Terrible and Peter the Great – as one of the greatest national leaders they ever had? Just think about it about, man.

      Unless you think that ethnic Russians are a stupid bunch of morons, there is no way to reconcile the two absolutely opposite notions of Stalin: one of the ethnic cleanser and the other of the greatest leader ever. Don’t you think? Not to mention that Stalin was revered as the greatest leader of Russia ever not only by the ethnic Russians but by all other 140 small and large ethnic groups of the USSR. These are hard facts, man, and not hearsay.

      If Stalin has “cleansed” any ethnic group whatsoever, then how come that ethnic group – whatever it is – has increased in numbers if we compare the two numbers: one before Stalin took the charge of Russia in 1924 and the other at the time of Stalin’s death in 1953… notwithstanding the great loss of human life by all ethnic groups of Russia due to the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945? Just think about it!

      … and forcibly moving peoples around on a grand scale, even giving Jews an autonomous zone but didn’t seem to try hard enough to force them all into it (pity that, eh?).

      This is true. But you have to understand why Stalin did so and when he did so: the devil, as they say, is in the detail. Shortly after the Nazi Germany has invaded Russia in the summer of 1941, Stalin moved Russians of German descent (see the section “Deportation of the Volga Germans” of the Wiki page on Wolgadeutsche


      from Volga region to remote areas of Siberia, Kazakhstan and Central Asia. But they were not killed, they were not sent to “gulag”, they were not “cleansed” – they were moved from one area of the USSR to another area. Do you see the difference? And why they have been moved? Is it not clear? Because it is expected that – and rightly so – they would cooperate with the invading German if the Volga region, where they have lived, to fall under the occupation of Germans. Absolutely reasonable and – I would even say – wise decision!

      You have to also look at the details of why some other ethnic groups (in particular, some ethnic groups in the Caucasus region like the Chechens, the Balkars, the Karachai) have been moved to Kazakhstan. If you do, you will see invariably that all that was done not as part of some kind of crazy “ethnic cleansing”. Absolutely not! These were absolutely reasonable (from the point of view of state security!) decisions made by a state under the conditions of waging a brutal war with the most ruthless enemy Russia has ever seen.

      People could move around between the national republics but I gather they needed permission for it, and a valid excuse to get that permit.

      Basically true.

      Miscegenation/intermarriage were not discouraged, but it was NOT promoted aggressively in the media or advertising as it is in the West these days, and it was NOT a cornerstone of party policy.

      Basically true. Miscegenation/ intermarriage were not discouraged, but it was NOT promoted aggressively in the media or advertising as it is in the West these days, and it was NOT a cornerstone of party policy.

      As far as spreading communism to the world (internationalism), it involved supporting former colonies in their anti-imperialist struggle so that they could set up their own nation states, hopefully viable and independent ones, rather than encouraging mass immigration and open borders (with the exception of Eastern Europe where it was the result of conquest/liberation following WWII).

      Basically true. As of Eastern Europe, it was not conquered by the USSR – it was liberated from the German occupation. However, it is true that the USSR has installed in all of the Eastern European countries socialist governments, which were clearly subordinated to the USSR.

      The Western globalist leftists and liberals of today, including those who call themselves Marxists, are a far cry from those traditional communists in terms of ethnic/racial policy and what they try to achieve.

      Absolutely true!

      Perhaps the old time communists did believe in some far flung future transnational interethnic/interracial man (ala Kalergi plan) but it wasn’t something they were actively working on.

      I wouldn’t argue against this.

      And let’s not get into the gays, Pride parades, and transexuals, and what those old time commies would have done with them.

      Good point. These absolutely disgusting things were simply impossible in the USSR!

      1. re: “ethnic cleansing” – I use it as a term for removing an ethnic group from a certain area, not necessarily by extermination – the very actions you mentioned. If that is incorrect usage, I apoligise (for “genocide” I follow the UN definition, which again does not have to involve extermination by violence but also by policy), and I suppose I would add that ethnic cleansing, in my opinion, can also be achieved by policy instead of force.

  29. No doubt the czars could have done a much better job of elevating the living standard in Russia, while they might have had the chance…
    But undoubtedly, real reason the Bolshevik revolution was funded against them by the Western oligarchs is that the czars would have nothing to do with the Rothschild bank….
    The Romanovs sided big with Abraham Lincoln in the US Civil War, sent the fleet to help out where it could.
    The Civil War was largely instigated by the Pike masons, supposed SOS, at the Rothschild directive…
    They start wars and foist their credit mongering bank on those who suddenly need big money to survive..
    The did the same thing in the War of 1812, after Thomas Jefferson killed the first central bank charter, which had been gained by the rothen agents Alexander Levine Hamilton and his buddy Morrison….
    The real reason we bombed Libya and Iraq and have it in for Iran is that they don’t use the Red Bloodliine Bank….
    Right a PAT?
    Is their ownership as Rothschild Estates/States, like Yisrael, as Icke calls it – Rothschildlandia, the reason these communist countries are called Red?
    I realize the Pentagon warmongering game has always been to demonize Russia, and v the v, the external threat is programmed into the Swamp Media….
    And if you think there’s an impenetrable swamp here – what’s the Kremlin like?
    And those who promote miscegenation, you know who, also want the white race in national opposition for what ever left-handed reason they can come up with….
    I can understand (not condone) non-white immigrants coming to the 🇺🇸 thinking they’re going to breed white people out of existence, with their several wives, and break the economy with their welfare suction and criminal gangs, bad-mouthing the country that took them in and treated them so well, constantly rapping their dog-whistle term ‘racism’ every time the cops have to shoot another dangerous black lunatic….
    But does CIRCA really think the 🇺🇸 should be destroyed rather than to have these white countries increase communication and work together?
    As far as Stalin goes – it seems common knowledge he was a mass murderer, like Mao….
    He slaughtered his own troops bad…
    The Ukrainian Jew with the fake name Nikita Khruschev, was one of Stalin’s main henchmen, an example…
    He got his lists of thousands of ‘deplorables’ to be killed in person from Stalin regularly, whereupon he would set the extermination machine in motion in that sector…
    The politically correct comment to be made at the time to Mr. Big was – “Thank you for this list of 10,000 enemies of the revolution. Would you like to give me a list of 20,000?
    Rather than having communism, the Davos Nuevo Globalst genetically manipulated super surveillance kind quaff up the 🇺🇸, thereby robbing the Earth of the most enlightened national generational documentation the world has ever seen, we should put communism in the dustbin of history, with slavery and war itself, by working together to make government more public and accountable everywhere.

  30. For four long years, Trump couldn’t make America great again
    President Biden will make MAGA on his first day on the job

    1) Cancel Trump’s Muslim Ban
    2) Rejoin Paris Climate Accord
    3) Reenter Iran Nuclear Deal

    Move Trump out of the way

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