The War on Antisemitism Gains Momentum

Silencing criticism of Israel is the primary objective

Sourced from The Unz Review

It has frequently been observed how Jewish organizations in the United States and Western Europe exploit their claimed perpetual victimhood to excuse their own ethnocentric manipulations while also providing cover for Israeli war crimes. What they refer to as the “Holocaust” is, of course, central to the effort, complete with a standard narrative that has more holes in it than a slice of Swiss cheese.

To suit their purposes, Jewish suffering has to be unique, which has in the past led to successful efforts to deny the reality of other genocides, including those in Armenia/Turkey in the First World War and, more recently, Rwanda.

Ironically, the Israelis themselves, without any shame, have engaged in something akin to genocide against the Palestinians, described by the victims as the Nakba, beginning in 1948, followed by the wholesale occupation of Palestinian and Syrian land subsequent to 1967 and the current incremental efforts to increase Arab suffering and drive them out of their homes.

As the number of avowed Zionists in Western government and media increases, efforts to use the legal system to silence critics have also become more common. In a number of European countries, questioning the holocaust narrative is a crime punishable by punitive fines and even prison sentences. Efforts to deviate even slightly from the accepted story of what happened in 1939-45 and its consequences produce immediate virulent responses from Jewish groups and from Israeli officials as well as from representatives of countries that have submitted to the Zionist yoke, to include the United States.

Poland is currently under pressure because its parliament has passed a statute of limitations on Jewish/Israeli demands for restitution of property conveyed or seized during the war. As the war ended more than 75 years ago, the Polish desire to end the continued arbitration would seem reasonable, but not so to the Israelis and American Jewish groups’ that want to maintain the cash and property flow until eternity. Some advocates of the immutability of Jewish suffering have actually argued that the damage done to Jews might be inheritable, in one’s DNA presumably, requiring continuing compensation for future generations.

Given the fact that Israel’s recent ferocious assault on Gaza visibly shifted the perceptions of some ardent supporters of the Jewish state, there has been intense damage control emanating from the Zionists and their friends.

Part of the counter-attack has consisted of inflating media accounts that previously would not have seen the light of day to remind readers and viewers of Jewish suffering. One also has the impression that streaming movie services have been featuring a much larger than usual number of movies relating to the holocaust and to Israel, no surprise given the prevailing ethnicity of the entertainment industry.

Two recent stories center on Republican lawmakers who used holocaust references as props to emphasize their opposition of mandatory COVID vaccinations. The media has been hammering Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia for comparing vaccine mandates to the holocaust and the alleged “gold stars” that Jews were required to wear. She later apologized after completing her mandatory visit to the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. The more recent tale involved Washington state representative Jim Walsh, who wore a yellow Star of David and later explained himself by saying “It’s an echo from history. In the current context, we’re all Jews.” The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) demanded an immediate apology and complained that “During these challenging times of rising antisemitism, elected officials continue to deepen the pain through ignorant Holocaust analogies to COVID-19 health guidelines…”

The suffering story is inevitably backed up by claims of anti-Semitism to smear opponents, applied as necessary, together with regular reports in the mainstream media to sustain the impression that anti-Semitism is surging in the United States and elsewhere. Rarely is it pointed out that criticism of Israel for its behavior most often generates what hostility towards Jews that does exist.

Official Washington is, of course, on the ball when comes to setting the record straight on how much it loves Israel and all things Jewish. On June 21st, the Senate passed by voice vote a bipartisan resolution condemning the recent rise in antisemitism in the US and around the world. The Senate, in fact, now has a bipartisan Combating “anti-Semitism” task force consisting of a majority 56 members and there is a similar organization in the House of Representatives. Senator Jacky Rosen of Nevada, who sponsored the bill, explained how “Recently, we’ve seen attacks on Jewish communities and Jewish-owned places of business, foreign leaders who have invoked antisemitic conspiracies, and elected officials diminishing the horrors that Jews endured during the Holocaust. No issue threatens Jewish communities more than the alarming rise of antisemitism and violent extremism.”

Rosen has, of course not ever deplored Israeli behavior, even when Jerusalem deliberately targets and kills scores of children. But she does consider it surging anti-Semitism when on a college campus someone criticizes Israel or makes a disparaging comment to a Jewish student.

All such incidents contribute to the ADL statistics showing the surge in anti-Semitism. The resolution recommends that the White House take steps to “advance accurate Holocaust education and counter Holocaust denial and distortion by fully implementing the Never Again Education Act, and to ensure the physical security of Jewish institutions and organizations.”

In fact, 19 states currently require holocaust education while Jewish institutions already get over 95% of discretionary funds from the Department of Homeland Security, something the winsome Ms. Rosen might be unaware of.

But it is the White House that is taking the lead in protecting both Israel and America’s Jewish “minority” (sic). President Joe Biden met with retiring Israeli President Reuven Rivlin on June 27th to discuss the Iranian threat and Israel’s defense “needs,” presumably beyond the nearly $5 billion that it already has in the pipeline for this year. At the meeting Biden renewed his pledge to provide unconditional support to the Jewish state, which he again affirmed has the “right to defend itself.” Presumably that includes shooting teenagers throwing rocks.

The White House has also distanced itself from progressive congressmen who are seeking to soften the relationship between the US and Israel. Press secretary Jen Psaki made very clear that Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s comparing the US and Israel to some alleged terrorist groups was unacceptable. Psaki added that speaking negatively about a “close ally” would be “false and unacceptable,” apparently unaware that Israel is not, in fact, technically speaking an ally as that status requires reciprocity.

After another sharp exchange with critics, an American Jewish Committee spokesman denounced Omar because her “…comments draw on classic antisemitic themes about Jewish clannishness, the notion that Jews only look out for themselves.” I will leave it to the reader to judge that one.

Biden also iced the cake on what one might refer to as the anti-Semitism issue. He approved of a decision made by the Donald Trump Administration in 2018, that the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s (IHRA) working definition of anti-Semitism, which includes criticism of Israel, is the US government “gold standard” for defining the problem. The Bureau of Legislative Affairs was more expansive on the issue, writing that “The Department agrees that it is crucial that governments and publics are able to recognize anti-Semitism in its many forms, traditional and contemporary, so that we can call hate by its proper name and take effective action.”

The Biden Administration also promised not to limit free speech over the issue before throwing in another zinger: “This, however, does not mean we let anti-Semitic speech and other forms of hate speech go unchallenged.” That means that any American who criticizes Israel or the political activities of Jewish groups is potentially considered by the United States government to be an anti-Semite and a hater who will be “challenged” by the Justice Department. It also implies that he or she might be one of the extremists that the Justice Department under Merrick Garland is seeking to identify and prosecute under impending new legislation.

I would bet that the new laws will specifically include anti-Semitism as part of the “how to identify an extremist” language, which means that Biden will have gone beyond even Trump in his bowing to Jewish and Israeli interests.

And I’m sure once the principle is established that there is something particularly heinous about offending Jews, there will be more to come, possibly much more.

The Unz Review

Biden grovels  before Israel’s Chief of Staff in White House

Israeli media are reporting widely that Biden knelt before Israeli President Rivlin’s chief of staff during Rivlin’s White House meeting with Biden. The chief of staff, Rivka Ravitz, is an ultra-orthodox Israeli who lived in an Israeli settlement for many years, where her husband was deputy mayor. Biden promised his support for Israel was “engraved in stone.”

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    1. “I am speechless. Too nauseating to comment.”

      Excellent comment! Short and sweet!
      You said it all, so you ain’t “speechless”! 🙂

        1. If the Jew is now in the driver’s seat,
          who is to blame but the passenger
          for letting him grab the wheel?

          1. We are now in a Master/Slave situation with the Jews.
            They are the Masters, we are their Slaves.

            Therefore we deserve to be their slaves.

            We fought them, we resisted them, but in the end they won. In the Darwinian struggle for survival, they came out tops.

            My conclusion:

            We deserved to lose, because we let them win.
            We outnumbered them vastly, and yet they won.
            In this they showed their innate superiority.

            1. This is not nice to hear, Saki. And yet what you say is true. I see it his way.

              Whenever a fox and a dog fight over the same bone, the fox gets the bone in the end. Why? Because the fox is more cunning. The dog has become domesticated and has lost the techniques of survival: techniques which the fox uses every day of his life in order to survive in a hostile environment.

              So it is with the Jew. Centuries of having to live by his wits have made the Jew sharpwitted, cunning, Machiavellian. Here you have a picture of “the Eternal Jew” :


              Compared to us dullwitted goyim, the wily Jew has acquired the brains of a Russian chessmaster. He plans his moves, then he pounces.

              What happens next? You tell me. You’re the experts. 🙂

              1. Though oftentimes the jackal will just slip in and steal the bone while the dog and fox are busy jawing and fighting. (or asleep)

                And no I am not an anti-Canis aureus!

                  1. Madame, a short hop from four legged beasts to two legged.

                    The Lion – Mughal Empire
                    The Hyena – East India Company
                    The Jackal – Rothschilds
                    The Gazelle – India

              2. Madame Butterfly on July 7, 2021 at 3:40 pm wrote: Compared to us dullwitted goyim, the wily Jew has acquired the brains of a Russian chessmaster. He plans his moves, then he pounces.

                Christ knew this, and this is why he said,

                Matthew 10:16 – “Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves; so be shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves.

                Without doing something wrong we do not have to be naive and suffer therefore, G-d did after all give us a brain.

                Madame Butterfly wrote: What happens next? You tell me. You’re the experts. 🙂

                An ex-spurt is a former drip under pressure. 😉

                Those who are truly in Christ (and I don’t mean the fakes), already have a secure standing in the Lord, including the Jew who recognizes that Jesus indeed is their Messiah.

                John 10:27-29 – “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me; and I give eternal life to them, and they will never perish; and no one will snatch them out of My hand. My Father, who has given them to Me, is greater than all; and no one is able to snatch them out of the Father’s hand.”

                The Christian has nothing to fear, whereas the unbelieving (including the Jew) has much to fear, because they will give account for all the wickedness they have rendered. Romans Chapter 1 speaks much of this wickedness:

                Romans 1:21-22 – For even though they knew God, they did not honor Him as God or give thanks, but they became futile in their speculations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing to be wise, they became fools, […]

                26-27 For this reason God gave them over to degrading passions; for their women exchanged the natural function for that which is unnatural, and in the same way also the men abandoned the natural function of the woman and burned in their desire toward one another, men with men committing indecent acts and receiving in their own persons the due penalty of their error.


                Jewish Press wrote: Christopher Muther wrote in the Boston Globe Friday that Tel Aviv is the gayest city on earth. “Tel Aviv is, for lack of a better description, super gay,” he told his readers, adding, “The long-standing rule of thumb is that 10 percent of the population is gay, give or take. The estimate by officials in Tel Aviv is 25 percent of its population is gay.”

                Are these the people of G-d?

            2. Why lick their asses?

              They’ve obviously gotten too much of that. Why give them more to gloat over?

              Think it, but don’t post it.

        2. Saki –

          “…who is to blame?”

          The jew Judges with lifetime terms are to blame for not allowing ‘good faith’ suits to go forward.

          Just this year the SCOTUS, even Trump’s picks, refused to hear anything about election fraud. 💥 😨

          Supreme Court’s Decision Not to Hear Elections Cases Could Have Serious Repercussions!!!

          “The Supreme Court is giving state government officials free rein to make unauthorized changes in election rules and to override election laws.”

          1. @ PAT

            ” The Jewish Judges with lifetime appointments” ” Just this year SCOTUS”

            7 out of the nine justices on the supreme court are Catholic Patty boy. How does your logic work ? You spend too much time with your head in the Gold Book Pat 🙂

            1. Dyslectic jew Ralan –

              FWIW – Catholics in high judgeship positions have to side with jews to be SELECTED today. Dyslectics, such as yourself, cannot discern that at all.

              You whine too much, sonny boy. But I am glad I STILL own your mind here, as your constant following displays.

              CHEERS!! 🙂

              1. @ PAT

                As always it is obvious that it is impossible to have a civil conversation with you.

                Is this what the ” old gold book” taught you 🙂

          2. Pat wrote: Just this year the SCOTUS, even Trump’s picks, refused to hear anything about election fraud.

            Trump is a part of the swamp. Some years ago, he said he would never hurt Hill4ry or B1ll, they were his friends. Although more recently he stated issues with Hill4ry’s actions, she was never investigated nor brought to justice. He prepared the way for the current illegals behind the fenced Casa Blanca in Dee Sí and furthered Gog on the other side the pond. He is after all, a Fr33m4son. He was a false hope, a protege of Adelson, just following the script, “By way of deception, thou shalt do war.”

    2. Darkmooners,
      Yep. The relationship between Israel & USSA is certainly STAYING ALIVE! Donaldo was COMPLETELY unaware that John Travolta had a twin sister. Just look at Jacky Rosens eyes. Definitely a younger female version of Mr. Travolta!…. only HE danced the disco floor and SHE dances with Zio wolves. 😀😅🤠

      1. Yes, Don! “STAYING ALIVE!” was a politically based song by the ‘Brothers Gibb’ aka ‘Bee Gees’. B and G.

        I remember:
        “Oh well, it’s alright, you can say,
        And you can look the other way.
        And we can try to understand
        The New York Times effects on man.”

        I danced a lotta disco and 2-step in Houston in the 70s. 🙂

          1. Gettin’ ’em ta ride the bull slowly, no higher than #2 speed, at Gilley’s in Pasadena, a suburb of Houston, along with a few ‘shooters’, got ’em really ready ta roll…. in the hay. 🙂
            This looks like #1 speed:

            Went here often:
            Every night Gilley’s filled its 6,000-person capacity!!
            People enjoyed its showers for truckers, a shooting gallery, pool tables, and punching bags.
            Of course, it has its legendary rodeo arena with mechanical bulls and a dance floor big enough for thousands.

  1. The picture of the “leader of the free world” kneeling before his Israeli masters – priceless.

    Amerika is the laughingstock of the world. The Founding Father’s are rolling in their graves.

    Rivka Ravitz has 11 or 12 kids, I am sure the half dead and senile pedo Joe is asking her if he can babysit her children while she makes public policy for Jew infested Amerika.

    Be sure to note the two Jews are laughing at him

    – and you

    – and your nation.

    You can not make this stuff up.

  2. Admin wrote: I would bet that the new laws will specifically include anti-Semitism as part of the “how to identify an extremist” language, which means that Biden will have gone beyond even Trump in his bowing to Jewish and Israeli interests.

    This webpage, is a good historical summary by year. It does not lend itself well to printing to say, PDF from a browser, but one can copy and paste the text into a text editor and save for future reference. I don’t know how much longer the website will be around, as it covers history to 2008. It states,

    1977 – On December 25th, the Israeli Knesset passes the anti-missionary law, 5738-1977, which decree’s that if a non-Jewish Christian is apprehended giving a New Testament to an Israeli, he may face a jail term of up to 5 years.

    It will not be long before a Christian in the United States by simply giving out New Testaments to passer byers, will be considered as giving out hate literature, and be jailed as a domestic terrorist.

    With internet censorship on the rise, the book burning has already begun.

  3. Scary! But not true. This is disinfo.

    It would NOT be a crime to have a street stall in Tel Aviv with Christian leaflets on display, including copies of the New Testament on sale. It would of course be seen as offensive to force a New Testament into the hands of a passing Jew in the street (especially an Orthodox Jew) who had no wish to be hassled in that way. But seriously, what Christian evangelist would behave like that? None I know!

    ANYONE, Jews included, are perfectly free to enter a Christian church in Israel and check out the Christian literature on display. Is this against the law? Of course not?

    What you say is nonsense. Toxic disinformation! In fact, LIES!

    I am a Christian who has visited Israel, and if what you said was true, 60 million American Christian Zionists would cease to send charitable donations to Israel! They go to Israel in plane loads every year and no one throws them in prison for reading their Bibles and offering a New Testament to any Jewish friend who requested it.

    Every single public library in Israel has copies of the Christian Bible in it! And every single Jew who steps into that library is free to read that Bible, including the New Testament in it!


    1. Alice Payne on July 7, 2021 at 4:53 pm wrote:

      What you say is nonsense. Toxic disinformation! In fact, LIES!

      I am a Christian who has visited Israel, and if what you said was true, 60 million American Christian Zionists would cease to send charitable donations to Israel! They go to Israel in plane loads every year and no one throws them in prison for reading their Bibles and offering a New Testament to any Jewish friend who requested it.

      The following is the text of the law:

      Whosoever gives or promises to a person money, money’s worth or some other material benefit in order to induce him to change his religion, or in order that he may induce another to change his religion, is liable for a term of imprisonment of five years or a fine of 50,000 pounds.

      It was passed on Christmas Day, and made effective during next year’s Easter week. And, a German college student, Barbara Ludwig, was imprisoned then deported on or about June 30, 2008, guilty of this law. Her only sin was meeting with Messianic Jews. Search on her name, and you will find it.

      Since you are smart enough, I am sure you know how to do Internet searches. Do you even read your Bible? Or, you swallow every single word hook, line and sinker without validating what others say?

    2. Alice,
      Great post! The Zio gov in Israel is indeed walking a tightrope. They have a stiff, inflexible IDEALOGY to inforce. But the ideology doesn’t always sit well with Jewish people. Some Jewish people read Christian texts out of boredom or curiosity but it should be their right to read what they want! Most Jews don’t accept Christianity and Donaldo doesn’t blame them. The whole narrative just doesn’t make sense as Yukon can attest. But at least any Jew should have the right to research and discover what is RIGHT for him or her. Anyway. Donaldo is no judge but at least applauds the Israeli gov for allowing freedom of speech to it’s people. But really! They have no choice! Jews are very intelligent, head-strong and independent. AND….they keep their Israeli gov in-check. 🤔🤨🤠

    3. Here is a chapter from Jack Berstein’s book, “The Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel”. He was Jewish, by the way.

      Visitors to Israel

      Tourism is one of Israel’s main sources of income. The largest group of visitors are American Jews. But, there are also many American Christians who want to visit the holy shrines and to see the land of ‘God’s Chosen People’.

      These Christians come away very impressed and filled with religious fervor.

      While in Israel, Jews and Gentiles alike are carefully watched so that they do not stray and happen to see the sordid side of Israel — the true Israel.

      Like in Soviet Russia and other communist countries, visitors to Israel are taken on carefully planned guided tours. They are shown the religious sites, the universities, the lush orchards, the technical accomplishments, the arts, and to stir sympathy, they are taken to visit the Holocaust Museum. But, kept from the eyes of the tourists are the ghettos, the prisons where political prisoners, mostly Arabs and Sephardic Jews, are subjected to the most inhumane forms of torture. The tourists do not see the widespread crime activities and the corruption and cooperation between organized crime bosses and government and police officials.

      The tourists do not learn of the true inner workings of Israel’s Marxist/Fascist government; nor do they see Israel’s Racism.

      I met one American Tourist who couldn’t help telling me about the wonderful religious feeling she had from being in Israel — the Holy Land. I remarked to her, “Just try giving a Bible to a local Jew and you will see how much religion and religious freedom there is in Israel. If seen by the police, you will be arrested.

      Being an Ashkenazi having lived in Israel and having a Sephardic wife with their marriage heavily discriminated against, he had first hand intimate knowledge of life there, versus your sanitized impressions.

    4. @
      Its called, taking care of the bite, so that you can be assured of catching the Big One. Quite pragmatic for the Jews to let the “Christians” a free hand to roam and do their thing. It pays BIG shekels, at almost no cost.

      Its perfectly Kosher


    Are you a disinfo agent?

    Are you here to spread lies?

    Please let us know what tricks you are up to? 🙂

      1. He dare not, lest he (or she) expose himself. Another golden nugget ….

        1985 – Jack Bernstein publishes his book, “The Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel,” which contains the following statement under the heading, “A Challenge,”

        “I am well aware of the tactics of you, my Zionist brethren, use to quiet anyone who attempts to expose any of your subversive acts. If the person is a Gentile, you cry, “You’re anti-Semitic,” which is nothing more than a smokescreen to hide your actions.

        But, if a Jew is the person doing the exposing, you resort to other tactics. First, you ignore the charges, hoping the information will not be given widespread distribution. If the information starts reaching too many people, you ridicule the information and the persons giving the information. If that doesn’t work, your next step is character assassination. If the author or speaker hasn’t been involved in sufficient scandal you are adept at fabricating scandal against the person or persons.

        The Coup De Grâce:

        If none of these are effective, you are known to resort to physical attacks. But, NEVER do you try to prove the information wrong.”

        By the way, Jack Bernstein was murdered.

        1. It’s ok Gyorgi, give him time, Joe is probably doing in-depth research in order to prove what he accused you of.
          Let’s wait, but it would be a good idea to pull a chair lest it takes some time.

  5. “Every time anyone says that Israel is our only friend in the Middle East, I can’t help but think that before Israel, we had no enemies in the Middle East.”
    — Fr. John Sheehan—-

      1. And the guy in the pic is my favourite actor, him and Mel Gibson !
        You could tell they are true patriots who have zero tolerance to the Jews because of what they are doing to their countries.
        These you call honourable men, few of them nowadays

    1. Another good quote:
      “The state of Israel is the epicenter of organized opposition to Jesus Christ in the world today.” (Gary Giuffre)

      Giuffre gives a good historical overview of the false messianic compulsion of the Jews from the time of their rejection of Christ to the present, including the immeasurable human suffering and the temporal and spiritual devastation it has caused, its theological underpinning, and its ultimate meaning for us today: (censored by youtube)

  6. I’m betting those supposed Christians passing out bibles in Israel are only of the pastor Hagee variety, and those bibles are gonna be the bs 🙄 Scofield version…
    Jews have set up religions in the usa to serve their purpose, jehova witnesses, mormons, unitarians, supposedly with Christian traits, and those are helpful but for political purpose none work better for the jew cause than the catholic church with its legions of brain-dead ignoramusi…. where their supposed principles should bring denouncement of the theft of palestine, the mass murder, there’s only crickets… and if millions of their sheepule still support the catholic church throughout this whole immigrant invasion, into their own gd country, which is clearly promoted by the catholic church, then national identity is lost to globalism, which is the nefarious modus operandi….

    1. ADMIN: Comment rescued from Spam.

      I think you see too much of the Catholic Church as being the culprit. They too, have been infiltrated. The following are excerpts from The Catholic Gazette, February 1936, “The Jewish Peril and The Catholic Church”. Here are key quotes:

      Editorial Note

      THAT there has been and still is a Jewish problem, no one can deny. Since the rejection of Israel, 1,900 years ago, the Jews have scattered in every direction and in spite of difficulties and even persecution, they have established themselves as a power in nearly every nation of Europe. Jacobs, in his “Jewish Contributions to Civilisation,” glories in the fact that without detriment to their own racial unity and international character, the Jews have been able to spread their doctrines and increase their political, social and economic influence among the nations.

      In view of this Jewish problem, which affects the Catholic Church in a special way, we publish, the following amazing extracts from a number of speeches recently made under the auspices of a Jewish society in Paris. …

      “As long as there remains among the Gentiles any moral conception of the social order, and until all faith, patriotism, and dignity are uprooted, our reign over the world shall not come …”

      “We have already fulfilled part of our work, but we cannot yet claim that the whole of our work is done. We have still a long way to go before we can overthrow our main opponent: the Catholic Church …”

      “We must always bear in mind that the Catholic Church is the only institution which has stood, and which will, as long as it remains in existence, stand in our way. The Catholic Church, whith her methodical work and her edifying and moral teachings, will always keep her children in such a state of mind, as to make them too self-respecting to yield to our domination, and to bow before our future King of Israel …”

      “And the Gentiles, in their stupidity, have proved easier dupes than we expected them to be. One would expect more intelligence and more practical common sense, but they are no better than a herd of sheep. Let them graze in our fields till they become fat enough to be worthy of being immolated to our future King of the World …”

      “We have founded many secret associations, which all work for our purpose, under our orders and our direction. We have made it an honour, a great honour, for the Gentiles to join us in our organisations, which are, thanks to our gold, flourishing now more than ever. Yet it remains our secret that those Gentiles who betray their own and most precious interests, by joining us in our plot, should never know that those associations are of our creation, and that they serve our purpose …”

      “One of the many triumphs of our Freemasonry is that those Gentiles who become members of our Lodges, should never suspect that we are using them to build their own jails, upon whose terraces we shall erect the throne of our Universal King of Israel; and should never know that we are commanding them to forge the chains of their own servility to our future King of the World.”

      “So far, we have considered our strategy in our attacks upon the Catholic Church from the outside. But this is not all. Let us now explain how we have gone further in our work, to hasten the ruin of the Catholic Church, and how we have penetrated into her most intimate circles, and brought even some of her Clergy to become pioneers of our cause.”

      “Apart altogether from the influence of our philosophy we have taken other steps to secure a breach in the Catholic Church. Let me explain how this has been done.”

      “We have induced some of our children to join the Catholic body, with the explicit intimation that they should work in a still more efficient way for the disintegration of the Catholic Church, by creating scandals within her. We have thus followed the advice of our Prince of the Jews who so wisely said: ‘Let some of your children become canons, so that they may destroy the Church.’ Unfortunately, not all among the ‘convert’ Jews have proved faithful to their missions. Many of them have even betrayed us! But, on the other hand, others have kept their promise and honoured their word. Thus the counsel of our Elders has proved successful.”

      As you see, there is more than meets the eyes.

      1. The Catholic Gazette, February 1936, “The Jewish Peril and The Catholic Church”: “We have induced some of our children to join the Catholic body, with the explicit intimation that they should work in a still more efficient way for the disintegration of the Catholic Church, by creating scandals within her. We have thus followed the advice of our Prince of the Jews who so wisely said: ‘Let some of your children become canons, so that they may destroy the Church.’ Unfortunately, not all among the ‘convert’ Jews have proved faithful to their missions. Many of them have even betrayed us! But, on the other hand, others have kept their promise and honoured their word. Thus the counsel of our Elders has proved successful.”

        In every Christian profession and denomination, there are clergy who go bad and as such, this is why we have a legal system to ensure justice. This is normal and to be expected.

        However if it seems to be of ultra scandalous frequency or proportion toward a Christian organization, it is not not hard to see that these H-rv-y W-inst-in like moments spreading like wildfire in the (C)abala (N)oticias (N)akba and rest of the (M)entiroso (S)istema (M)ayor are following their Luciferian script according to plan.

  7. The Arabs are semitics, the zionists are not semitics, they are ashkenazis from eastern europe who through terror and bloodshed genocided the Palestinians and took over Palestine.

    Zionists are destroyers of nations and humanity, it is what they do, it is in their DNA, to see the zionist template for a zionist satanic one world government , read The Protocols of Zion.

  8. The Jew own and run dis-United States of Amerika is a failed Republic heading toward the garbage can of history. Amerika is rapidly approaching the “Weimar” moment, where all hope is lost and the hopelessly lost (and soon to be impoverished middle class folk) will be left hanging – the few that survive the death vaxx. The situation is going from bad to worse to dire. Just wait until the currency is rendered worthless, where 0.00000000001 Bitcoin becomes worth more than the entire US Dollars in circulation. Hell is coming, hell like you have never seen IMO.

    So this week is making BIG history yet the MSM will barely mention the reality of empire fail. And we all know the failing empire and currency debasement go hand in hand. So if you want a road sign on the Albert C. Pike freemasonway to hell, the Taliban are rapidly taking control of Afghanistan, and installed Pedopuppet Joe, the glorious Prezident of Idiocracy Jewmerika, promised to be out of the Afghanistan (Graveyard of Empires) by 10 Sep. Like Saigon, maybe sooner than they think. It will be a total loss.

    Proud and stoopid Amerikans thought they could beat the Taliban. Sorry, we lost. We lost because we have no morals and they have the the courage to defend their territory from the Great Satan and ally of little shit Israel. Yesterday the brave warriors of Jewmerika fled Bagram Air Base without telling anyone because these cowards and lackeys of Israel still remember the Fall of Saigon and wanted to retreat without being fired upon. Now they can all enjoy shore leave back in the States watching tranny burlesque.

    The war was a monumental waste of money, lives, and resources all based on Donald Jew Rumsfeld lies of the pre-planned false flag 9-11-2001 in which NO Muslims took part. Amerika did 911 with Israel, then went to wars on lies, wasted taxpayers money, and now flees with it’s tail between it’s leg. How long until the Republic fails entirely? How long until Amerika balkanizes? The situation is dire, yet because of the last century of prosperity, the nation suffers a mega case of normalcy syndrome.

    For the last 21 years we poured money and bombs in Afghanistan, trying to remake it in the image of the Great Satan Jewmerika, and now the Taliban own most of it. This is good because now Israel is one step closer of standing alone against all the Muslims they pissed off. I will rejoice the day Israel is overrun with Jihadists hell bent on revenge. Just look at all the nations surrounding Israel, total ruin, so tell me Jews and Israel deserve any mercy. They deserve annihilation for what they have done.

    Pure evil brought to you by the believers in Jews and their damned holy books IMO. According to our “holy” men of our age, God blesses Amerika if Amerika blesses Israel. Yep, we will be praising the God of Israel right up to our last breaths. We are really, really a stupid nation. Idiocracy is about us, right now.

    What should be done? Total nuclear blitzkrieg on Israel, every bomb we have unleashed with fury on those Jew bastards who did us in. They got us good, now let’s bomb the holy chosen ones back to hell.

    1. Nailed it. Most don’t know the condition the Jews left Germany in after WWI and the continuation of WWII and the starvation programs after each especially the Eisenhower and Soviet death camps. US $10K will not buy a loaf of bread. Time for America to wake up for it’s sins and learn what they have done to others since the Jacobin, Bolshevik, Cultural Revolution, all US/UK based (USSR designed and created in NYC! SCHIFF ET ALL FOR ROTHSCHILD).

  9. Latest News in Amerikwa :

    Supposedly Trump King of Israel praised Hitler, LMFAO!!!!! Trump pardoned how many jew criminals? Trump made it illegal to say anything negative about jews and about jew israel on American college campuses. Everything he did he did for the jews. Trump himself is a jew and everyone in his family are jews. The jews are now accusing him of being a Hitler lover, in other words Trump is a Nazi. This bullsh*t is the latest big news from the jews, LMFAO!!!!!

    General Kelly knows who butters his bread, LMFAO!!!! The jews are going to make his sh*t book a NY Times best-seller — because they will want to read all about Trump’s love of Hitler and Nazism and his virulent ANTI-Semitism ,,LMFAO!!!!

  10. The Taliban are gaining ground in Afghanistan and the Jews are kinda upset because the prospects of having a whole LGBQTI month celebration in Kabul are dimmer now.
    But it’s ok, they got Christianity for now.
    What I can’t figure is how are they gonna convince the Taliban, Al Qaeda, Hizbollah, Hamas, the Abu Sayaf organization etc that it is very possible their kids are gay and “let them loosen their hair and try on high heels and lipstick or else it could be anti-Semitic” …
    It’s kinda tough to implement that part of the protocols in that part of the world ..
    In The west it’s ok, but over there? I don’t know

  11. If you, who so admirable have informed yourselves of the great enemy, are thinking, “But when and how we are to make a move”; take a look at those complaints you have itemized. Then, realize all the FEMA “camps” and know; even now, the unconstitutional taking of arms from citizens homes by an armed body is already taking place…. Do you know to what extent the worldwide (and specifically) USA production and distribution of arms and ammunition is controlled by the jews? The pincer ploy is their great weapon. Zionism and Communism closing in simultaneously (1917 Russia); and closer to home, in poorer focus, Government and Finance shutting you down and cutting you off. Face it. Then decide how imperative it is to act.

  12. Most people don’t know what anti-semitism means. Our minds have been colonized by a continual bombardment of lies. We’ve internalized the categories and commands of our oppressors, and those who lead the oppression are disproportionately Jewish, although they employ innumerable proxy warriors in their pseudo-messianic plans, those who prefer being aligned with the Jewish ideology and on the side of worldly success to that of the truth and of the objective moral and social order, which has its source in the Divine Plan revealed by Christ.

    People should avoid using that amorphous and highly weaponized term. The correct term to use is anti-Judaism, which is based on behavior, not on DNA. It opposes the Judaic ideology, which is anti-Christian and anti-human and harmful to faith, morals and society. Think, e.g., abortion, Hollywood, the MSM, pornography, gay ‘marriage’, LGBT, the Federal Reserve (6 Jewish families), wars for Israel, and presently the CV19 scam and destructive injections called “vaccines.”

    Antisemitism is never defined, and thus the term is abused. Even the great Catholic historian Hilaire Belloc back in 1922 complained about the problem:

    “It was the instinctive policy with the mass of the Jewish nation, a deliberate policy with most of its leaders… to label as “Anti-Semitic” any discussion of the [Jews]…

    “If a man alluded to the presence of a Jewish financial power in any region…he was an Anti-Semite. If he interested himself in the peculiar character of Jewish philosophical discussions, especially in matters concerning religion, he was an Anti- Semite. If the emigrations of the Jewish masses from country to country, the vast modern invasion of the United States, for instance (which has been organized and controlled like an army on the march), interested him as an historian, he could not speak of it under pain of being called an Anti-Semite. If he exposed a financial swindler who happened to be a Jew, he was an Anti-Semite. If he exposed a group of Parliamentarians taking money from the Jews, he was an Anti-Semite. If he did no more than call a Jew a Jew, he was an Anti-Semite.” (The Jews, 160-161)

    By the way, Belloc loved the Jews and had a Jewish secretary for many years.

    “The Jew cries out in pain while he is striking you.” (Old Polish Proverb)

    “An anti-Semite used to mean a person who didn’t like Jews. Now it means a person whom the Jews don’t like.” (Joseph Sobran)

    “If you want to know who rules over you, just ask yourself whom you’re not allowed to criticize.” (Unknown)

  13. General Sherman had it right – “War is All Hell, trying to pretend it’s not will only prolong it”…
    As the infantryman said in Vietnam – “Pave the whole place over into a parking lot”…
    Not literally but you get the idea…
    Right now Afghanistan is going into a Bear Market, you might say…
    Maybe because the synthetic stuff is snuffing out the poppy trade…
    Fentanyl has to throw a major wrench into the global opiate biz, which has been in place on the poppy for decades…
    Anyways, yes the Jews have an iron grip on the American political system and media….
    You won’t have one without the other…
    And we’re all hip now to the death of journalism…
    It’s hard to conceive of a court ruling that kills corporate censorship….
    Whereas otherwise the congress should be passing a Journalists Bill of Rights…
    But there’s no way they can stop Redacterberg without denying the Jews’ wishes against ‘antisemitic’ speech… Trump’s lawsuit against the Zuckerites looks pretty fishy, some say he can’t win…
    The script may already be written for the ruling in favor of the Speech Police, this lawsuit a plot….
    Of course The Donald could easily start his own venue, but then he’d be the one liable for censoring the stuff his friends don’t want to hear… Embarrassing questions like ‘where are Israel’s borders’?
    If we’re coming to an insoluble impasse, YUKON is probably right…
    The Jews will pull the plug on what’s left of the money system, supermarkets will go empty and the riff-raff will go full South Africa….
    The Race War will begin in earnest…
    If the military turns out to be as worthless as the police in the face of domestic lawlessness, we’ll spiral down into domestic hell, Zombie Apocalypse on Meth…
    San Francisco used to be such a beautiful city, safe too… So was Seattle… So was Los Angeles 100 years ago…
    The whole country is going where these cities go first…

    1. barkingdeer wrote: Anyways, yes the Jews have an iron grip on the American political system and media…. You won’t have one without the other…

      In spite of, there is much testimony against their shameful acts and above all, it is all in writing. One just needs to read the numerous UN resolutions condemning their actions. In the US, it is even in the Congressional Record, for example, on April 23rd, 1952 during a debate on immigration law, Congressman John Rankin made the following statement to the House:

      “They whine about discrimination. Do you know who is being discriminated against? The white Christian people of America, the ones who created this nation… Communism is racial. A racial minority seized control in Russia and in all her satellite countries, such as Poland, Czechoslovakia, and many other countries I could name. They have been run out of practically every country in Europe in the years gone by, and if they keep stirring race trouble in this country and trying to force their Communistic program on the Christian people of America, there is no telling what will happen to them here.”

      This is why they need to incarcerate and murder the truth tellers, which they already have done. The lands have been defiled and G-d must cleanse it by only one means, which is by fire and brimstone, as was in the case of Lot.

  14. GYORGI
    I’m not too sure about biblical references bro….
    I think that’s what kinda got us into this mess…
    I think religious scriptures extolling the separate almighty god actually function as instruction manuals for deified monarchical control and feudal exploitation….
    It will not be possible that the old power structures survive the free media, remain exploitative…
    I’m afraid that applies to establishment religion too..
    I get the rise in consciousness on the benign philosophy…
    But at this point one really must question its effectiveness as an ameliorative factor….

  15. This just in from Texas: Dr. Peter McCullough says his inside sources at CDC tell him that the mRNA jabs have killed 50000 in the US (and that was as of June 7), not the 7100 VAERS claims. A close look at the CDC site on weekly mortality for 2021 reportedly shows where the data is hidden.
    Some are speculating that (some) politicians and the elite, among others in the general population are getting saline injections to throw people off track and that the kill shots are, oh so very safe. The Antisemitism canard is used among other non-news to keep the population enthralled.

    1. Once again, those 200,000 – 400,000 deaths from Hospital staff and doctor errors every year comes in handy when padding the numbers is needed . (mum’s the word)

      1. The Covid-Vax discussions couldn’t get any crazier with censorship, here is a prime example:

        Kevin Barrett • July 7, 2021 – But nobody at Patreon was interested in being reasonable. Another mindless bot wrote back:

        “Hi there, Thank you for your patience. Upon further review, we have determined that the content on funded by your project (sic) fundamentally misleads the public with dubious claims and unsubstantiated theories regarding COVID-19. In the interest of the public’s general safety, your page will not be reinstated and will be permanently removed.”

        So why am I a threat to public safety? It isn’t “COVID denial.” Unlike many in the alternative info-sphere, not to mention most of the 74 million Trump voters, I have consistently opined that COVID-19 is probably about as dangerous as mainstream scientists say it is.

        So what “dubious claims and unsubstantiated theories” could they be talking about? I think I know the answer: Ron Unz’s claim that COVID-19 likely emerged out of a bio-war attack on China and Iran by American neoconservatives.

        They are censoring everything that goes against the elite’s narrative. It is no wonder that Alexander Solzhenitsyn, after observing the depressing governing situation in US, voluntarily returned to Russia to live out his last days.

  16. There is to be a Cyber Attack Exercise in the U.S. tomorrow, Friday, July 9. (7 min)

    We know that exercises in order to prepare for various kinds of threats sometimes go live, as with 911 (I think the best presentation on that one is James Corbett’s from The Corbett Report, “911 War Games”: [half way down]).

    There are others, but hopefully if enough people know about the exercise, and the Deep State (I think the ADL calls that term “anti-semitic”) had planned on making it go live, they may reconsider their plans. In the 7 min. video above it shows Klaus Schwab, head of the World Economic Forum and who appears and talks like some character in a horror movie, saying that A CYBER ATTACK WILL BE COMING, like Dr Fauci and Bill Gates said before the CV19 scam of a plandemic that IT WILL BE COMING, and Schwabb says the cyber attack will make the coronavirus pandemic look like almost nothing in comparison.

    Spread the word and share the short video. I think that’s all we can do besides praying that these human devils ruling over us will themselves fall into the pit which they dig for us.

  17. Regarding the picture of Biden. It looks like he may be about to tie his shoelace. His socked foot has come out of his shoe. He’s in the position one would be in to tie their shoe on the spot. Biden may have made fun of it and his guests may have felt obliged to comment or laugh in response.

    No, I don’t like Biden.

    1. At first glance I thought the same thing and after a good look it’s fairly obvious his shoe came undone which is in itself a sloppy look. If only we could see the other foot to verify he does indeed have matching socks on.

    1. This song was popular 60 years ago, that was before prayer was removed from schools in 1962, “Jesus Loves the Little Children” by C. H. Woolston, 1856-1927, tune Children composed by George F. Root, 1820-1895. It is now in the public domain, so lyrics may be quoted:

      Jesus loves the little children,
      All the children of the world;
      Red and yellow, black and white,
      They are precious in His sight,
      Jesus loves the little children of the world.

      It taught that all colors were equal in G-d’s sight.

      1962 On June 25th, prayer is banned from the American Public Schools system following a Supreme Court decision. This court decision was based upon a case brought by New York Jew named Engel in the case Engel v. Vitale. Senator Robert Byrd, a Democrat from West Virginia, states of this decision, “Can it be that we too, are ready to embrace the foul concepts of atheism? Somebody is tampering with America’s soul, I leave it to you who that somebody is.”

      Someone has been tampering with the soul of the US for a long time, with lenient sentences for heinous crimes of murder, grand theft, battery, and heavy sentences for minor infractions such as code violations, releasing criminals during the pandemic who in turn commit further crimes, yet charging common citizens who were protecting persons and property, supporting burning and looting of downtown businesses (many of whom were minority owned), and etc.

      I leave it to you who that someone is who inspired these.

  18. I’m not anti-Semitic. I love the Palestinians and all the semitic people of the middle east.
    What I HATE is a RELIGION that preaches self-supremacy and contempt for all others.
    THAT religion should be outlawed world wide along with it’s fantastic book of faux-fables.
    The Bible: begins with a talking snake, ends with a four-headed monster……NON FICTION!?!?

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