This Isn’t a Heatwave —It’s a Dying Planet

Is global warming a myth? Canadians don’t think so, as they sizzle  to death in heatwave temperatures not even found in Death Valley, California.

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A wildfire has burned 90% of the village that recorded Canada’s highest ever temperature, the local MP says.

Brad Vis said the fire had caused extensive damage to Lytton, in British Columbia, and to surrounding critical infrastructure.

Lytton’s mayor earlier ordered people to evacuate, saying flames had spread through the village in just 15 minutes.

The village this week recorded the country’s highest ever temperature of 49.6C (121.3F).

Abnormally high temperatures have been recorded in swathes of North America.

British Columbia, in western Canada, recorded 486 deaths over five days compared with an average of 165 in normal times.

Many of those who died, Ms Lapointe said, had been living alone in unventilated homes.

Temperatures have been easing in coastal areas of Canada but there is not much respite for inland regions. The weather system is now moving eastwards over the Prairie provinces – Alberta and Saskatchewan and parts of Manitoba have been placed under Environment Canada heat warnings.

Climate scientists are still trying to determine to what extent climate change may have aggravated the heatwave. One scientist, Zeke Hausfather, said the unprecedented weather was almost certainly a consequence of global warming.

“Climate is sort of steroids for the weather, it’s loading the dice to make these sort of extreme events be more common,” he told AFP news agency.

What is happening in Lytton?

Residents fled on Wednesday, many without their belongings, as smoke and flame engulfed the village, which is home to about 250 people and located about 260km (162 miles) north-east of Vancouver.

“The whole town is on fire,” Mayor Jan Polderman told CBC News after signing the evacuation order at 18:00 on Wednesday (01:00 GMT Thursday).

BBC News

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This personal account presents a  more alarming perspective:

It was my lovely doctor wife who leaned over to me and said: “Did you know scores of people in Canada are dead because of the heat? Near Vancouver?” Suffering a severe case of brain fog thanks to being in a pandemic for a year and counting now, I was tuned out.

Canada’s not exactly a place you associate with “people dead from the heat.” And yet it’s a grim tale of what’s to come.

This isn’t a heatwave. It’s a dying planet.


More than 200 dead

Much of the Pacific Northwest is trapped under what climate scientists are calling a “heat dome. It stretches up and down the coast. Temperatures have rocketed off the charts. It was 115 degrees in Portland, Oregon. That’s hotter than Cairo, Egypt, or Karachi, Pakistan.

This is a region of the world that should be temperate and cool — not boiling hot. But it’s trapped under a “heat dome,” which is a huge region of high pressure, that creates an effect literally akin to a pressure cooker. Yesterday’s “heat waves” — a few days of higher than normal temperatures are giving way to “heat domes” — something much more catastrophic, as the planet warms beyond all recognition, in ways profound hostile to us.

Why do I say “dangerous”? Well, what is life under extreme heat like?

The day before, I’d read an article about the hottest place on earth, which is Jacobabad, in Pakistan. It claims that title because average temperatures go beyond 52ºC. Remember, the heat dome in the Pacific Northwest has already pushed temperatures there almost within striking distance of that — the 115 Fahrenheit is 46 degrees Celsius. Portland and Seattle reached temperatures that are approaching the hottest city on earth.

That’s “climate change,” or far more accurately put, global warming. We are beginning to be boiled alive.

If you think that’s an exaggeration, consider life in Jacobabad. People don’t leave the house much when it’s that hot. They stay inside, trying to stay cool however they can. Business, commerce, trade, social events — all these things come to a halt. What does that sound like to you? It sounds a lot like lockdown.

Jacobabad broils for months. Portland and Vancouver and Seattle’s heat dome will go away. But that’s a distinction without much of a difference. Because chances are the heat dome will be back next year, for longer. And so too the year after that. This is what living on a planet that’s heating rapidly is.

What happens when Jacobabad gets even hotter? What happens as the Pacific Northwest experiences heat domes for longer, more frequently?

We don’t have a technology that’s going to allow us to live comfortably on a boiling planet. I know that you might think we do, because, like me, you’re used to the luxury of air conditioned bliss. The truth is that technology only works in a profoundly narrow range of environmental conditions, maybe from 50 to 100 Fahrenheit, with relatively low humidity. We aren’t going to be able to air-condition our way out of being boiled alive.

Instead, entire regions of the planet will simply become unlivableSome place will suffer regular heat domes. Some, like Jacobabad, will just be too hot, period, year round. And some will have a drier heat that produces megafires, over and over again. There a lot of ways — too many — that you get to “unlivable.”

Those places are also going to be a lot more numerous than we think. All those air conditioned glass towers in Miami? Good luck with that as the planet warms. All those steel and glass luxury skyscrapers in Manhattan? Have fun with a power grid that needs more juice than the entire East Coast can supply.

What happens as a place becomes unlivable? Massive levels of disruption occur. People have already fled Jacobabad. As “human capital flight” ensues, disruptions happens on three levels. The place people are fleeing from gets poorer and more unstable. The place they’re fleeing to usually doesn’t want them there, especially if they’re coming with nothing.

And they will be coming with nothing, all these climate refugees and migrants, because, well, most of us have just one real asset, if we’re lucky, and that’s our homesBut if you have to leave a place because it’s gotten too hot to live there…nobody’s buying your home. It’s worthless. Congratulations, now you’re something like a war refugee — fleeing with the clothes on your back, and the money you can take with you.

We are now living on a dying planet. 

It’s not dying in an ultimate and final sense — probably not, anyways, although there’s still some chance we end up with a cycle of runaway warming so severe we end up like Venus. We’re living on a dying planet in the sense that it’s heating up incredibly fast, faster than it has for hundreds of millions of years, quite possibly the fastest it’s ever heated up.

And as the planet continues warming, faster and faster, living things are going to die. Lots and lots of them. Trillions upon trillions of them. Trees, insects, animals, fish. Rivers, oceans, skies, if you think of those as living things, too. And us.

What’s certain not to survive is this way of life.

We can’t use the technologies we have now to fight the Existential Threats already on our doorstep. You can’t air condition way out of a boiling planet.

Where does that leave us?

You probably already suspect my answer. This isn’t a heatwave — it’s a dying planet.

Our civilisation is now beginning to collapse. When Portland and Seattle are almost as hot as Jacobabad — the hottest place on earth — which itself is becoming so that that soon it will literally be unsurvivable…then, my friends, we are a civilisation that has literally cooked itself alive. Us.


We’re living on a dying planet.
I guess the question then is: who gets to survive?

June 2021


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  1. The Earth is 95% certain to be entering a mini ice age; 60% certain of entering a full blown ice age. Data, as opposed to baseless lies, here:


    Yes, the jet stream is dramatically perturbed , leading to local hot spots, but the overall trend is incontrovertibly cooling.

    MSM watchers will only be informed , locked within their homes during “climate lockdown” AFTER the Hunger Games begin due to crop failure.

    “Global Warming” was supposed to usher in the NWO but failed, hence the Covid scam.
    The magnificently successful Covid scam now means Climate Lockdowns can go ahead anyway.

  2. The planet is not dying! It will just regulate itself, like a bear, rising up from winter slumber, and shaking off anything that attached itself to it too comfortably. If dinosaurs were shaken off by mother Earth, Mankind too, should watch out.

    But we are not there –yet! Heat waves, will come and go, just like Tornadoes, Hurricanes, floods, Earthquakes, Locusts, Landslides, Tsunamis, accidents, crop failures, etc. That they come, is unfortunate. Those who are ranting about heat waves coming as a result of “Climate Change” just want to point at the easiest place to place the blame “Increase In Population” But I do not buy it, and never will!

    The World can easily accommodate billions upon billions of people, side by side with billion upon billions of other creatures. There is enough, for the needs of all, but not enough for the greed, even of a few.

    This is potentially a very wonderful paradise. Only that the way we manage it, is awfully wrong. The reason why the Earth might punish us. But dying? The Earth is not going anywhere. But it might teach all of us, some very nasty lesson until we learn to live shrewdly. When Mother Earth decides to jig and shakes here butt, we all going to feel it. The Fat Lady will continue shaking ass, until all things are proper, and in the right place, and operating correctly, like in an Orchestra, playing Beethoven Symphony No.9! The she will go on doing what she has been doing for millions of years. Waltzing around the Sun, to the rhythm of her creation, and taking it easy!

    We need to reinvent ways of using earths resources intelligently sustainably. The problem is, the same guys who are screaming “Climate Change!” “Reduce Population” “Cut Emission of Carbon Dioxide” etc., are the same guys who are to blame for the so-called “Greenhouse effect” not the masses. New Inventions have been suppressed. Scientists, and inventors who come up with new ideas are murdered.

    What is coming is coming. Not for the earth, but for us.

    1. BF
      It can’t be said with certainty that whatever might be coming for us isn’t coming for the planet as well. Perhaps even simultaneously. This solar system could be like others whose sun eventually became a supernova and wiped out everything in its planetary configuration. We simply don’t know. However……

      🎶We’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when…🎶

      1. @ BROWNHAWK
        I do not disagree with you at all. The earth will eventually burnout when the Sun, having exhausted its hydrogen-helium fusion which runs it, will collapse at the core, into a dwarf star, releasing energy that will decimate anything that orbits it, all the way to Pluto. That will be the end of the earth. But that will be about 4 billion years in the future.

        What am say is for now, and In the next 500 years, if God helps and we escape being plummeted by a passing NEOs (Near Earth Objects, asteroid, comets, etc.) Mankind will get the worst of planet earth as the weather pattern is disrupted by human activity. The Earth cannot accommodate human greed and stupidity.

        As the Lord said, “The Meek shall inherit the Earth.” The others will be thrown into hell by their conduct on earth.

  3. This heat wave is the result of chemtrails and micro wave heaters aka haarp used by the government to heat the atmosphere and move storm fronts and hurricanes and tornadoes and cause droughts and floods in targeted areas, check,,,, and enter Mike Morales on youtube and get the book Under an Ionized Sky : From Chemtrails to Space Fence Lock Down by Elana Freeland it can be had on amazon.

    This is UN Agenda 2030 in action, these bastards mean to starve us out by the droughts in the west and floods in the southeast, this is what is going on , this weather control aka geoengineering is meant to cause crop failures and famine, this UN Agenda 2030 in action right in front of our eyes.

  4. Global Warming by CO2 is a hoax. The planet is not dying. Record temperatures are normal, it is record cold down under, see

    Robert Felix who ran Ice Age Now is dead. McAffee is dead. Any person with a high profile who challenges the official narrative is soon dead.

    The IDF is on the scene in the Florida Surfside condo collapse.

    Town after town is being burned to the ground. Last year in southern Oregon Talent and Phoenix burned to the ground, 3550 homes torched.

    HAARP is most likely the cause of the heat dome. It is a giant antennae array that heats the upper atmosphere and manipulates the jet stream.

  5. Heat waves have come and gone. People are being ‘murdered by injection’ NOW… as Mullins wrote about over 30 years ago!!

    ” I was able to document the shocking record of these cold-blooded tycoons who not only plan and carry out famines, economic depressions, revolutions and wars, but who also find their greatest profits in their manipulations of our medical care. The cynicism and malice of these conspirators is something beyond the imagination of most Americans. They deliberately mulct(took money from) our people of millions of dollars each year through ”charitable” organizations and then use these same organizations as key groups to bolster their Medical Monopoly. Fear and intimidation are the basic techniques by which the conspirators maintain their control over all aspects of our health care, as they ruthlessly crush any competitor who challenges their profits. As in other aspects of their ”behavioural control” over the American people, their most constantly used weapon against us is their employment of federal agents and federal agencies to carry out their intrigues. The proof of this operation may be the most disturbing revelation of my work.”

    Saline solution injections are being used to lessen the number of deaths short-term. The criminal-pharma jews would be outed if 100s of millions were to drop dead all at once!

  6. The planet is not dying. I think no one will “deny” (which means saying that something is “not so”) that it is getting occasionally warmer than what we, the people right now alive, are used to from our past. It might even be measurable that the average global temperatures are right now increasing. In 20 years the trend might be towards slightly lower temperatures. A 1000 years ago it was noticeably warmer on the Northern hemisphere, then came the Little Ice Age and temperatures fell. Thank god people then didn’t have “Scientists” and paid Alarmists to throw throw them in a panic.
    Since the climate is not a constant but the outcome of extremely complicated feedback processes of the atmosphere and the influences it is subject to, it was never constant ever since what one may call weather or climate existed. That would go back maybe 5000000000 years.

    “Climate Change” is an Ideology designed to bring about a number of outcomes:
    The final goal is Political: Central Control, i.e., World Government in the end
    Everything else is subservient to this goal.
    Pass laws to levy taxes through the UN, increase its power and work for the final goal of World Government.
    Promote invasions of still-powerful societies by third worlders to destabilize these societies with the final goal of transfer of political power to a World Government.
    Induce panic in the people and make them willing to submit to a World Government.

    The goal is to be attained by buying dimwitted career scientists and equally dimwitted career politicians to promote the tale amongst the masses and therefore manufacture legitimacy.

    40, 50 years ago the panic of the time was the Coming Ice Age. The same arguments were used as are now for Global Warming.

    Incidentally the Covid Panic fits as a follow-up and additional push to Global Warming or Climate Change nicely into the drive for a World Government. It was and is promoted by the same agents who preach the ideology of Climate Change. If that won’t work, the likelihood for a global conflagration will sharply rise.

  7. Evidently the commenters so far haven’t heard of or mentioned
    Geoengineering Watch | Exposing the climate engineering …
    Search domain geoengineeringwatch.org
    Dane Wigington Global climate engineering/solar radiation management programs continue to wreak havoc on planet Earth and the entire web of life in spite of the “official denial” of these ongoing programs. Numerous historical documents including extensive US Senate disclosures and presidential reports prove that …
    Tune in to Dane and the numerous interviews he has had.
    Get with it folks. The plant is not dying on it’s own accord, it’s being killed by the psychopaths and their psychopathic weather modification. The same psychos that has given the world the Covid19 scamdemic. And now the so-called “Delta” variant and more variants coming down the pick for more lockdowns and more kill shot injections. Thousands have been killed and injured by the covid kill shots. But the worse, the far worse, is yet to come this fall and winder. Most of the people getting this so-called kill shots or the ones getting sick from the so-called virus that no one as so far has been able to isolate.

    1. toejamicus on july 2, 2021 at 5:28 pm wrote:

      Admin on July 2, 2021 wrote: Is global warming a myth? Canadians don’t think so, as they sizzle to death in heatwave temperatures not even found in Death Valley, California. A wildfire has burned 90% of the village that recorded Canada’s highest ever temperature, the local MP says.

      The plan[e]t is not dying on it’s own accord, it’s being killed by the psychopaths and their psychopathic weather modification. The same psychos that has given the world the Covid19 scamdemic.

      Bingo! All the accumulated effects of cloud seeding, spraying to create artificial cloud cover, HAARP, etc. have finally bore fruit, giving sufficient illusion to make the global warming false narrative sound creditable. Yet, one major volcanic eruption adds more toxins in the air than all of man made air pollution over the past 200 years.

      Perhaps this is not too far into the future?

      The Apocalypse (Revelation) of John 16:8-9 (UKJV) wrote: And the fourth angel poured out his vial upon the sun; and power was given unto him to scorch men with fire. And men were scorched with great heat, and blasphemed the name of God, which has power over these plagues: and they repented not to give him glory.

      1. G –

        Like the street guys and those under the bridges babbling about their hallucinations today…. it is obvious that the ‘Revelator’ had taken too much Blue Water Lily or Viper’s Bugloss or other POTENT hallucinogens. He had a big bad habit after getting ‘hooked’ on drugs for pain relief. He may have overdosed after he typed that on his laptop. 🙂

        “Traces of a liquid extract from the Blue Water Lily (Nymphaea caerulea), a potent narcotic plant, were discovered in alabaster jars stored in the Annex of Tutankamun’s fourteenth-century BCE tomb in Egypt. In the courtyard of a Late Bronze Age temple at Kamid el-Loz in Lebanon stood a storage jar containing 10 liters of Viper’s Bugloss (Echium Linné), another potent hallucinogen.”

        1. P –

          Rather, I would say that the Apocalypse author was spot on, for example, see we not the hint of el numero seiscientos-sesenta-seis of la familia de los Pharisees in cahoots with Lord Balfour, donating all funds to build Gog’s palacio del parliament in Tel Aviv-Yafo?

          1 Kings 10:14 – Now the weight of gold which came in to Solomon in one year was 666 talents of gold.
          Apocalypse 13:18 – Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for the number is that of a man; and his number is six hundred and sixty-six

          Who is it that worships gold today? También, do we not see possibly de el Club de Roma aquí?

          Apocalypse 17:12-13 – The ten horns which you saw are ten kings who have not yet received a kingdom, but they receive authority as kings with the beast for one hour. These have one purpose, and they give their power and authority to the beast.

          No obstante, the obstinate house that you are in reality concerned with, is it not mentioned by el profeta Amós (5:25-26)?

          You also carried the tabernacle of Moloch, and Rephan your star god, your images which you made for yourselves.

          Of which, we see that estrella on their bandera ahora? ¿Comprenda?

          1. G –

            I certainly comprehend that……..
            These fabled stories have remained for centuries as human nature is exhibited even in Aesop’s Fables….. and embellished by uncontrolled imaginations and hallucinations inventing Spiderman and Plasticman and Superman and many others which(not who) are not human.

            1. Pat, my sharing is a little perspective from my belief system, and not meant of itself to change you. That is why we all have a free will, in spite of what the current nuevo orden de mundo is attempting to convince people of, to force conformance.

              Noah was a conspiracy theorist for 100 years, until the rains came. 😉 Yet the 13th tribe would have all to believe that their Talmudic “orally passed down Noahide Law” tradition supercedes the Law of Moses, stated here:

              Leviticus 19:33-35 (JPS) – And if a stranger sojourn with thee in your land, ye shall not do him wrong. The stranger that sojourneth with you shall be unto you as the home-born among you, and thou shalt love him as thyself; for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt: I am HaShem your G-d. Ye shall do no unrighteousness in judgment, in meteyard, in weight, or in measure.

              Yet, those outside the 13th tribe of Gog are treated substandard, with differing weights and measures.

              1. G –

                I don’t put any faith in Noah’s existence, much less the fables about him, since no one was taking good notes back then.

                Allegory is acceptable to the collection plate gatherers to finance huge buildings….. the ones that Jesus reportedly warned folks to stay away from. There are too many hypocrites there!!

  8. The world can maybe accommodate billions upon billions of people, but the more people the less animals. The world can not accommodate both billions upon billions of people and also billions upon billion animals. And even if it could, why would anyone want to live in such a crowded world?

    Animal life all over the planet is being devastated by the huge human population. The more people, the more land is needed for housing and shopping malls and gas stations, etc. and more and more land gets concreted-over. The more land humans take the less land for animals. With less land for animals the animals die out, many of them do. When humans take over an eco-system and pave over what was once the natural habitat of species — after the animals lose their habitat they have nowhere else they can go to sustain their lives, they die out.

    pope francis can go to Africa, Asia, come here to the North America, South America, go everywhere and bless the teeming masses everywhere, it won’t help. There’s so many people on Earth now, and our modern day type existence produces so much waste and garbage, so much pollution, the whole Pacific Ocean now is full of nuclear radiation pollution from Fukushima. Ocean life in the Pacific is dying out. Here in Florida, more and more land every day is paved over every day, every single day for untold years more and more and more housing, shopping malls, gas stations, big box stores, it just never ends. Jacksonville to Miami is basically one big city now — and it’s keeps growing and growing. Birds all over the world are dying, literally falling from the sky dead [ probably from 5G ] .

    Maybe the planet could accommodate billions and billions of people and billions and billions of animals, but NOT with this modern day way man lives — where us humans produce so much pollution and garbage and Nuclear Radiation. We’re destroying the planet because of our lifestyles, our technology, our very way of life is destroying the planet. Billions of more humans paving over more and more natural habitats, producing even more unbelievable HUGE amounts of garbage and trash every day, it can’t be sustained.

    1. I wonder if ALL the NUCLEAR RADIATION in the air and everywhere in our environment is a cause for the HEAT WAVE, or one of THE MAJOR CAUSES, of THE HEAT WAVE. The NUCLEAR RADIATION from ALL of the above ground NUKE testing done between 1945-1961, the NUCLEAR RADIATION from Chernobyl and Fukushima, the NUCLEAR RADIATION from 9/11 in NYC when NUKES were used to bring down the WTC and the levels of NUCLEAR RADIATION skyrocketed off the charts in NYC and the NYC metropolitan area. Who knows, it just might be ALL THE NUCLEAR RADIATION polluting Our World including the NUCLEAR RADIATION from 9/11 in NYC when NUKES were used to bring down the World Trade Center Twin Towers. Just a thought. Thank you, TROJ.

      Oy yeah, sorry I almost forgot, they call where the World Trade Center once stood in lower Manhattan NYC “Ground Zero”, the military code for NUCLEAR BLAST sites. Funny that — hahaha…..

  9. Fluctuation in temperature doesn’t necessarily mean the Planet is dying. But all the pollution and garbage Man dumps on the Earth every day is suffocating Mother Nature — it doesn’t give Mother Nature a chance to recover. To catch her breathe so to speak and start recovering even a little bit from all the pollution of all kinds we dump on Mother Nature every day. Just constant assaults of all kinds on Mother Nature — and not giving Mother Nature any break whatsoever, but every day dumping more and more and more garbage and waste and pollution on Mother Nature. The Pacific is dying — from all the Nuclear radiation from Fukushima. It will eventually spread to all the world’s oceans. You can not dump huge quantities of nuclear waste radioactivity into one Ocean on the planet without that radioactivity spreading to all the other Oceans on the Planet. Fish and Sea Life in the Pacific is NOT in healthy shape. Fish and Sea Life in the Pacific is DYING — and DYING OUT QUICKLY. No one can truthfully deny that.

    In the USA, because the cities in the USA are now horrible places to live , a lot of Americans are moving out of the cities — which means more and more land in what are now country areas will be paved over and turned into urban areas. less land for the animals, more garbage and pollution in once fairly pristine country areas.

    Also : About more and more billions upon billions of people : The more the population, the more housing you need to build , the more housing you need to build, the more farmland gets paved over and the farmland is pretty much lost forever. More and more people, more and more mouths to feed, less and less farm land to provide more and more people with food — this is happening on a daily basis all over the world. it is not sustainable.

    Mother Nature is very resilient, but the huge amount of garbage and pollution dumped on Mother Nature every day all over the world, not giving Mother Nature a chance to recover from all of the massive pollution dumped on Mother Nature every day, more and more garbage and pollution every day, and not giving Mother Nature even a small chance to recover is NOT sustainable.

    The planet is dying, but not necessarily because of fluctuations in temperature. There has always been fluctuations in temperature throughout history. But there never has been so much huge amounts of pollution and garbage dumped on Planet Earth every single day without end to all of the huge amount of garbage being dumped on Mother Nature Mother Earth all over the world as in our day, and there has never been constant paving over of farm land and animal habitats every single day all the time all over the world as in our day and age. It’s not sustainable.

    The world can not sustain billions upon billions ever increasing more billions upon billions of people. I know the Bible says “be fruitful and multiply” but that was before the Industrial Revolution. The damage Man has done to the planet since the Industrial Revolution has been absolutely IMMENSE and Man does more and more intense and huge damage to Mother Nature every day with no let up. It can’t go on like this. We are aren’t giving Mother Nature even the smallest chance to recover from all the IMMEMSE harm, while every day doing more and more IMMENSE harm to Mother Nature.

    Birds are falling out of the air dead all over the world even in places where the temperatures and the weather in general is normal for that particular region. It is NOT normal for birds to fall out of the sky dead. And not one or two birds, but large numbers of birds are dying all over the world — it is an indication the Planet is dying. Also : There are now very large numbers of dead fish and dead sea life in the Pacific and in other bodies of water around the world. That is NOT normal and is also an indication the Planet is dying. But not from temperature fluctuation necessarily but IMMENSE POLLUTION MAN DUMPS ON MOTHER NATURE EVERY DAY ALL OVER THE PLANET.

    The “horrible evil” NAZIS, by the way, were ahead of their time and ahead of any country on Earth by far in their concern for Mother Mature and in taking action and actually taking steps to protect and save Mother Nature. We defeated the “horrible evil’ Nazis.

    Now our cities are ugly horrible places to live and that horrible ugliness is now spreading out into the countryside of the USA more and more because now so many Americans want to escape the cities. Something t hat has been going on since the 1950s. It continues without ending it continues. After the urbanites escape, the areas they move to will very soon turn into horrible ugly places. There’s no end to this, Mother Nature was never meant to sustain Man’s huge amount of garbage and pollution and nuclear radiation and never ending urbanization of pristine natural habitats and never ending paving over of farm land. It’s very unnatural the way we treat Mother Nature, Mother Nature was meant to nourish and sustain BEAUTY, not the ugliness Man has wrought on Mother Nature/Mother Earth.

    1. Uncle is going to CENSOR
      all the posts I send in today . ..
      They are that good.

      (Edited for brevity)

    2. 20 years ago I would see more ants and butterflies and bumblebees and certain birds, etc, etc., etc., in one week than I now see in an entire summer. This to me is just plain fact. Even flies are waaay down and it’s not because I’m up to two showers a week now either!

      If you left a cookie or a crust of bread on the kitchen counter there was always a trail of ants coming and going, guaranteed. Now I can’t even bribe them with lemon drops. I don’t think there’s many to bribe. Lots of spiders though and even in their webs I see 90% other spiders.

      1. Agree, here in Montana, it used to be in the summer time that a vehicle windshield and grill would be covered with bugs and now hardly any, which in my opinion is due to chemtrails and Haarp and the ionized atmosphere resulting from this operation.

        I have seen chemtrails for over 30 years here in Montana and have called senators and reps and tv stations, newspapers, county officials and none will touch the subject.

  10. Last Sunday (27 June) we ditched the heat for the Oregon coast which was mild, 68-71 F. The Pacific ocean water was very cold, I only stayed in the water for about 5 minutes at a time as my whole body was practically numb. We suntanned at the beach until the fog rolled in and blocked the sun, it got cold.

    Then we had to drive back for Monday work week, it was about 6pm when we headed east back into the mainland and high temps. On this trip we had a newer Toyota with a dashboard temperature gauge which I studied as we drove into the heat. I was wondering where the temperature was going to suddenly increase from the cold coast air to the sweltering inland. There was no radical increase, only a very steady temperature gradient to 114 max. We took a cellphone pic of that temperature on the readout. I told everyone in the car, that will be the highest temperature you will ever see in your lifetime.

    How do I know? Well I don’t, but I surmise these record high temps are an anomaly. I do not think we will be seeing them again and again as the article suggests. It was a one time thing, and it was probably artificially induced by the psychopaths who play with the HAARP weather terror weapon. Nick Begich wrote a book “Angels Don’t Play This HAARP”. Indeed.

    Free PDF

    What is the normal temperature range? For a scientist, one hundred years of data is a drop in the bucket when the planet is billions of years old, and the ice age interglacial is 10,000 years. We simply have a very limited data set to conclude that an all time high in a hundred year data field is somehow abnormal. Maybe it gets this hot once or twice every 100 years in the interglacial.

    Of course, Global Warming will be blamed – and the call for zero carbon emissions – which is complete suicide for a culture that is 100% dependent on fossil fuels. Just about everything you own and use is made from oil. What you need to know is that earth is in an ice age, we are still in the ice age when we are in an interglacial. So it will not be surprising that if the interglacial comes to an end, we will see record cold temperatures in the near future.

    CO2 is a trace gas, it is measured in parts per million, and a slight increase does NOT change the earth’s heat balance. What is most likely going on is that the available heat in the system is being manipulated by those who want to push a political agenda, which entails your elimination. So that would explain how the record heat in the Pacific Northwest occurs when Australia and New Zealand are in record cold. And don’t forget, just a few months ago is was extremely cold in the spring in many areas like Europe.

    One more thing about human psychology and linear projections at the end of a trend. It is well known in Elliott Wave circles that humans will announce greatly exaggerated projections at the very point of a reversal in trend. Say silver is going up in price for a year and has increased from, 15 to 35 and is reaching a fifth wave peak – exactly at the end of that trend the silver bulls will say silver is going to $100 or $1,000 an ounze. That news headline will usually be to the day or the week the marker in time of the reversal.

    The same may be true for last weeks record temps. That may have been the blowoff high we will see in our lifetimes. Now if we see this year’s heatwave again and again, year after year, that would be truly alarming and a signal to flee to cooler climes. I doubt that. We just saw the peak temp that might stand for another one hundred years.

    1. Agree NASA has had a number of reports in the past years that C02 acts as a coolant in the upper atmosphere and C02 is necessary for life on earth as plants and trees take C02 and give off Oxygen, the global warming globalists are pushing a genocide agenda and the driver is UN Agenda 2030.

  11. The American west coast is one of the most beautiful places on planet earth.
    I live in the Cordillera Central which is one of the three sections of the Andes. There are three sections, Oriental, Central and Occidental.
    There is a place a few hours from here where the mountain ends and the valley starts and right on the corner where the valley gets thinner the Amazonia jungle starts so you will enjoy watching three different flora and fauna families and hundreds of species because the second largest river (or third, some say it’s no. 1, they are always fighting over this) in the world just imposes it’s presence. I hate the Amazonas river because it’s just too big. I think they should create a new term for this phenomenon because it’s more like an ocean.
    We used to go to a place called “playa rica” which means “rich beach” and this we found funny because it was neither a beach nor was it rich, just a small town with very good turtle and river fish soup.
    We quit going to playa rica not because the guerrilla was charging us toll to get to the other side which we didn’t mind but then “el clan del golfo” started a war with the ELN (ejército de liberación nacional) over cocaine routes so that they send the stuff to el cartel de Sinaloa though the Pacific ocean (Colombia is the only country with two oceans in South-America) and we just didn’t want be in the middle, if you know what I mean.
    The US west coast doesn’t have this problem but they have this one with the temperatures now, in addition to the damned fires.
    The difference between the US and here is that over there man controls most nature while here it’s nature who runs the show….
    Americans used to love coming here until those i mentioned had the “great idea” of starting to kidnapp Americans thinking that everyone in America ..what is it Supertramp says ?
    🎼”They got to have ’em in Texas
    ‘Cos everyone’s a millionaire” 🎼
    So Americans quit coming.
    We have the same time zone with the west coast so I wish them the best 💕

  12. TOEJAMICUS said
    “The world can not sustain billions upon billions ever increasing more billions upon billions of people. ”

    Global population is significantly trending down everywhere except in Africa where it will exponentially rise.
    Every free food shipment from the West should be accompanied by “smartphones” and solar chargers to distract the population away from sex.

    Then, after a few years of social media … apply a thick layer of feminism, LGBT, … the whole “woke” project.

    Agree with TOEJAMICUS about the shocking disrespect for Nature.

    “Those who are ranting about heat waves coming as a result of “Climate Change” just want to point at the easiest place to place the blame “Increase In Population” ”
    I had no idea anybody from the ‘global warming’ ‘climate change’ crowd ever said it was caused by overpopulation, not even hen they’re yakking about co2….. From what I’ve seen nobody anywhere on msm, right or left, ever makes an issue of overpopulation… They don’t even mention it…
    they never talk about geoengineering either, which is what I think of every time I hear about global warming and climate change…
    I will tell you overpopulation is a problem though, and i don’t buy the climate change thing either, at least not the official man-made version narrated by the msm…
    “We need to reinvent ways of using earths resources intelligently sustainably.”
    Not ‘reinvent’ my friend…
    we need to ‘retro-invent’ ourselves… Go back to the wholistic values…
    It isn’t really Earth unless it’s existing in its natural eco-rhythmic state…
    Returning to that would put us back into a secure physical existence, and I believe also, since Nature is God, a real spiritual state….
    I think the Planet may very well be dying, if deserts are continuing to grow on land while the oceans choke out on plastic… I’m pretty sure most of the world’s garbage ends up in the oceans, which are already marked with many dead-zones… Whatever goes into the ocean stays there, doesn’t get washed off, like on land…

      You say;
      “From what I’ve seen nobody anywhere on msm, right or left, ever makes an issue of overpopulation…..They don’t even mention it…”

      I tell you, if you do not understand that all this “Climate Change” agitprops is not connected with population control, you are not paying attention. They know that openly talking about it is politically very sensitive. But I can assure you, the unmentioned subject of population control is their principal agenda.

      1. “….population control is their principal agenda.”

        It may not be #1……
        …but it is waaay ahead of what’s in 2nd place !! 🙂

  14. TOEJAMICUS above is right in recommending Geoengineering Watch: Exposing the Climate Engineering, and youtube channel (still up for now):
    Dane Wigington explains, using all open source investigative reporting, the proven facts about climate engineering, and lets his listeners connect the dots as to why. He intelligently and articulately covers other pressing issues as well, including the CV19 Plandemic scam. Maybe youtube hasn’t deleted him yet since he just blames the “Power Structure” and doesn’t get much more specific. His weekly presentation always opens with an unforgettable clip of Vice President Lyndon Johnson in 1963 addressing university graduates, ending with the words, “…and he who controls the weather controls the world!”

    1. Flan,
      I surely to not remember writing about billions of people here and billions there. Me thinks someone smarter then I did such. However, TJ does think there is shocking disrespect for Nature. However, even though he thinks sure he did not write such. Thanks for the complements Flan.

    2. Thanks Darrell for picking up the thread on Dane. The psychos in control want the weather at their command as well as the minds of men and women and all those in the alphabet soap of genders.

  15. “…and he who controls the weather controls the world!”

    Certainly……. see:
    “Weather modification will become a part of domestic and international security and could be done unilaterally… It could have offensive and defensive applications and even be used for deterrence purposes. The ability to generate precipitation, fog and storms on earth or to modify space weather… and the production of artificial weather all are a part of an integrated set of [military] technologies.” (Study Commissioned by the US Air Force: Weather as a Force Multiplier, Owning the Weather in 2025, August 1996)

    “Disclaimer – 2025 is a study designed to comply with a directive from the chief of staff of the Air Force to examine the concepts, capabilities, and technologies the United States will require to remain the dominant air and space force in the future. Presented on 17 June 1996, this report was produced in the Department of Defense school environment of academic freedom and in the interest of advancing concepts related to national defense. The views expressed in this report are those of the authors and do not reflect the official policy or position of the United States Air Force, Department of Defense, or the United States government. This report contains fictional representations of future situations/scenarios. Any similarities to real people or events, other than those specifically cited, are unintentional and are for purposes of illustration only. This publication has been reviewed by security and policy review authorities, is unclassified, and is cleared for public release.”

  16. The plot thickens in Lytton BC.

    “Dr Charles Hoffe from Lytton, British Columbia said the Moderna Shots killed one of his patient, disabled five and caused numerous side effects for others. He contacted his superiors, who told him it was all a coincidence and that he should quiet up or face disciplinary action.

    So he goes on Rebel News and other online media outlets – defies his orders and then a month later a Heat Dome appears over BC and Lytton is at the center breaking records at 50 degrees Fahrenheit / 122 degrees Fahrenheit, and the town burns down…. ”


    Whoever is behind the scenes directing the Covid kill shots is also in control of the HAARP weather terror device. Rothschild? Canada is a British colony. A Rothschild central bank controls Britain.

  17. Look at the temperature chart in British Columbia, there is no heat at all there, it’s a fake news of mainstream. People are dying there after taking so called “vaccines” for covid-19 which are a diabolical mixture of mRNA and nobody knows of what else, out of immanently sick jewish minds dreaming about depopulation of goyim. Several days ago chief coroner of British Columbia Lisa Lapointe said that 486 people died just in a few days, On June 2 the official number was already 719
    They’re killing us in the manner of their bloody bolshevik ancestors, by millions and by billions soon.

    1. @ Joe

      This is hard to believe on your mere say so. You provide no evidence whatsoever for your wild guesses. I could just as easily start screaming that “the Martians have landed and brought Covid with them as a depopulation tool!” 🙂

  18. “It’s a Dying Planet” No, it’s simply bullshit.
    You don’t mention geoengineering (weather terrorism) and the real climate change as we at the beginning of a new cold period within the ice age we are still in.

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