Top Neuroscientist and Expert in NDEs is on brink of proving there could be life after death

The issue of whether there is life after death is being hotly debated nowadays, with most mainstream scientists dismissing the idea as wishful thinking based on “hallucinations” . . .  but top neuroscientist Dr Bruce Greyson, who has been researching Near Death Experiences (NDEs) for 50 years, is not so sure. 

By Alex Moshakis
The Guardian via Truthseeker
March 7, 2021

“What do near death experiences mean
and why do they fascinate us?” 

“I am convinced now, after doing this for 40, 50 years,
that there is more to life than just our physical bodies.”
— Dr Bruce Greyson

When Gregg Nome was 24 years old, he slipped into the churn beneath a waterfall and began to drown, his body pummelled against the sandy riverbed. What he saw there surprised him. Suddenly, his vision filled with crystal-clear scenes from his childhood, events he had mostly forgotten, and then moments from early adulthood. The memories, if that’s what they were, were vivid and crisp. Was he reliving them? Not quite. They came at high speed, almost all at once, in a wave. And yet he could process each one individually.

In fact, he was able to perceive everything around him: the rush of the water, the sandy bed, all of it brilliantly distinct. He could “hear and see as never before,” he recalled later. And, despite being trapped underwater, he felt calm and at ease. He remembered thinking that prior to this moment his senses must have been dulled somehow, because only now could he fully understand the world, perhaps even the true meaning of the universe. Eventually, the imagery faded. Next, “There was only darkness,” he said, “and a feeling of a short pause, like something was about to happen.”

Nome recounted this story at a support group in Connecticut, in 1985, four years after the experience. He had survived, but now he hoped to understand why, during a moment of extreme mortal crisis, his mind had behaved the way it did. The meeting had been organised by Bruce Greyson, now a professor emeritus in psychiatry at the University of Virginia. (Some of the group’s members had responded to an ad Greyson placed in a local newspaper.) As Nome spoke, Greyson sat in a circle of 30 or so others, as if at an AA meeting, listening intently, nodding along.

Dr. Bruce Greyson (b. 1946), Professor Emeritus in Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences at the University of Virginia, has been investigating near death experiences for over 50 years.  He is the world’s foremost expert on the subject. [LD]  

Greyson had been hearing of events like these for years. A month into his psychiatric training, in the 1960s, he had been “confronted by a patient who claimed to have left her body” while unconscious on a hospital bed, and who later provided an accurate description of events that had taken place “in a different room”. This made no sense to him. “I was raised in a scientific household,” he says, over Zoom. “My father was a chemist. Growing up, the physical world was all there was.” He felt certain someone had slipped the patient the information. He also thought, “What does that even mean, to leave your body?”

For years, he tried to put the account behind him, but repeatedly he faced heady stories of people experiencing other-worldly events, either when they had been pronounced clinically dead or thought they were close to it, before being wrestled back to life.

In the 1975 best seller Life After Life, the psychiatrist Raymond Moody, once a colleague of Greyson’s, labelled these episodes “near-death experiences”, or NDEs, a term that stuck. “It occurred to me for the first time that this wasn’t just one patient,” Greyson says. “It was a common phenomenon.” He became fascinated by the qualities of the episodes and the questions they raised, including perhaps the biggest of all: what actually happens when we die? “I plunged in,” he says. “And here I am, 50 years later, trying to understand.”

Greyson is 74 now. When we talk, he is at home in Charlottesville, Virginia, waiting out the pandemic in a pressed shirt and tie, kind and affable. Over the years, he has collected hundreds of near-death experiences, he says, either from people who, aware of his research, have volunteered their stories, or from patients who happened to have episodes in hospital. In those cases, Greyson’s process is nearly always the same: he sidles up to the bedside and gently withdraws information. “I ask: ‘What’s the last thing you remember before you blacked out?’” he says. “Then: ‘What’s the next thing you remember after that?’ And finally: ‘And what do you remember between those times?’” Not everyone reacts well to the questions; most people stare at him blankly. “But around one in five will say, ‘Well, you know, I thought I saw my father, who died 20 years ago,’ and I say, ‘Tell me about that’ – and I let them go…”

Greyson presents his research in a new book, After, which is bound by a series of case studies.

The accounts are mystical, like those we know from TV and books, but there are common themes. After a bad reaction to anaesthesia, one patient recalled: “I found myself in a meadow, mind cleared, identity intact.” The meadow, she went on, was “lit with this glorious, radiant light, like no light we’ve ever seen,” and “a gentle, inner glow shone from each and every plant.”

Most episodes involve similar feelings of wonder, mental clarity and bliss, Greyson says. Some people recall out-of-body experiences, or report travelling through a long tunnel; others meet entities they think of as God or Allah or long-dead family members; some feel time bend and warp, as though it were elastic.

Once, a policeman who almost died during surgery, asked Greyson: “How do you describe a state of timelessness, where there’s nothing progressing from one point to another, where it’s just all there, and you’re totally immersed in it?” Another person recalled: “The energy of my spirit seemed to flow like a great whale gliding through a sea of silent euphoria.”

It has been Greyson’s role as a psychiatrist to provide a space in which “experiencers” feel comfortable retelling often incomprehensible stories – though even when patients discover the courage to try, they can struggle to find the right language. “When I talk to near-death experiencers, one of the first things they say is: ‘I can’t put it into words. There’s no way to express this.’” A frustrated experiencer once told him that when he tried to recall events, “I always fall short.” Another explained it would be difficult to describe her experience because we live in three dimensions, and what she saw on the border between living and dying seemed bigger somehow. Greyson has found that sometimes people turn to painting or music to recall events, as if true meaning can be shared non-verbally. But even that’s insufficient. A subject once told Greyson that recalling his near-death experience was like trying “to draw an odour with crayons”, which is to say, basically impossible.

Given that near-death experiences happen with limited warning, they are almost impossible to test. “We’re dealing with a very short space of time,” Greyson says. A swimmer is trapped underwater, a roofer falls from a ladder, a bystander, peering down at their phone, is struck by a car. In After, Greyson points out that his career has coincided with advances in brain-imaging technology, including the emergence of fMRI scanners, which help neuroscientists observe thinking in action. But equipment like that requires compliance: an appointment is made, a patient agrees to sit still. What happens when an experience occurs randomly, nowhere near a hospital? How do you capture a moment as fleeting and unannounced as the point of near-death?

When I ask Greyson why he decided to publish After now, after all these years, he explains that “we had to wait until we had enough knowledge about near-death experiences to be able to understand what was going on,” by which he means not that we know what NDEs are, but that advances in science have allowed us to rule out a heap of things they are not. “There are physiological hypotheses that seem plausible theoretically,” he says, but none have stuck.

Are feelgood chemicals, like endorphins, released into the body at the point of peril, creating euphoria? Does the brain become starved of oxygen, prompting real-seeming fantasies? Do various areas of the brain suddenly begin to work in concert to create strange, altered states? Nobody knows for sure. “We keep thinking, ‘Oh it’s got to be this,’” Greyson says. “No, the data doesn’t show that. ‘Oh, this then?’ Well, nope, the data doesn’t show that, either.”

At the University of Kentucky, the neurologist Kevin Nelson, who, like Greyson, has spent years recording NDEs as a kind of academic side-gig, thinks of the experiences as “a blending of two states of consciousness – wakefulness and REM sleep – during a time of great physical or emotional danger,” and argues that many NDEs are “dream-like”, existing in a neurological “borderland”. (Fainting, he added, might bring about similar experiences.)

Other researchers, including the late neurologist Oliver Sacks, have thought of NDEs as “extremely complex” hallucinations, an idea that, if nothing else, seems culturally accepted.

LD: Dr Oliver Sacks (pictured) is author of the famous book The Man Who Mistook His Wife For a Hat, a book consisting of extraordinary case histories of his neurological patients, ranging from flawed geniuses to idiots savants. I cannot recommend this book too highly.  Like most other Jewish writers in academia, Dr Sacks is a self-confessed atheist and dismisses all NDEs as “hallucinations”. This is only to be expected. Atheism and a life after death, involving personal immortality, are of course totally incompatible. If there is no God, there can be no “soul” — let alone an immortal soul that continues to exist after death. [LD]   

When Greyson mentions his research to colleagues, he receives “a variety of reactions, from, ‘Are you out of your mind?’ to ‘Oh, let me tell you about my near-death experience.’”

To formalise NDE research in the 1980s, he developed a survey, the Greyson Scale, which has been translated into over 20 languages and is still in use. (Did you suddenly seem to understand everything? Did you feel a sense of harmony or unity with the universe?) And he has been published widely in respected medical journals. But he can have quirky ideas. In After, Greyson writes: “I take seriously the possibility that NDEs may be brought on by physical changes in the brain,” though he also accepts that the mind might be able to function “independent” of it. There have been reports of people experiencing near-death episodes while their brains are inactive, he says, and “yet that’s when they say they have the most vivid experience of their lives.” This doesn’t make sense to him. Partway though our conversation, he asks: “Are these the final moments of consciousness? Or the beginning moments of the afterlife?”

These kind of theories put Greyson on wobbly ground among neuroscientists, who mostly agree the mind to be a product of the brain.

Of the afterlife, Nelson told me: “This claim is the most extraordinary in science, and there is no ordinary, let alone extraordinary, scientific evidence to support it.” He added: “These are matters of faith.” Sacks called claims like these “anti-science”.

Daniel Kondziella, a neurologist affiliated with the department of neurology at Copenhagen University Hospital, told me that if “people are able to describe and report their experiences, even many years later”, then surely “they have been processed by the brain and stored in its memory centres.” Like Nelson, Kondziella believes NDEs are somehow related to REM sleep.

Greyson knows that events in near-death experiences are impossible to corroborate. “We can’t do research on a deity,” he says, drily. But still, he finds it tough to dismiss wackier theories, even if the data isn’t there. When I ask him what his current logical understanding is, he looks resigned. “It seems most likely to me that the mind is somehow separate to the brain,” he says, “and, if that’s true, maybe it can function when the brain dies.” Then he adds, “But if the mind is not there in the brain, where is it? And what is it?”

Near-death experiences are not a new phenomenon. Socrates had one, according to Plato; Pliny the Elder recorded another (in the first century); history is filled with examples of mountaineers falling from cliffs and experiencing bliss rather than terror. But we seem as enthralled now by their meaning as ever, and they continue to be sprinkled liberally across popular culture.

Last year, my four-year-old son and I watched Soul, the Disney film, which introduces the near-death experience to a new audience, very young people, and examines consciousness, the afterlife, and the imperceptible stuff that makes us us. My son is convinced now that when we die we ride an ethereal, very cool-looking travelator toward a blinding light in the sky. Often in these screen-based times, we are encouraged to celebrate narratives that promote living the “right” way, which tends to involve appreciating and accepting every moment for what it is, and mindfully placing experiences and relationships above the pursuit of power or prestige or material goods. Broadly speaking, this is the plot of Soul.

Most of us do not live like that, not entirely, and yet we feel like we should, lest we waste our precious time on this planet. Which is why near-death narratives fascinate us, and why they persist as events of interest in the culture. They ask: “What would you do with your life, if you had another chance?”

To Greyson, the impact near-death experiences have on people’s lives has been his most surprising discovery.

“I make a living by trying to help people change their lives,” he says. “It’s not easy to do. But here I’ve found an experience that, sometimes in a matter of seconds, dramatically transforms people’s attitudes, values, beliefs, and behaviours.” Often, these changes persist over decades. In most instances, experiencers realise they are no longer afraid to die, which “has a profound impact on how they live their lives”, because “you lose your fear of life as well – you’re not afraid of taking chances.” Greyson sometimes asks people to describe their partners before and after an event, “and they’ll say, ‘Yeah, this isn’t the person I married; this is someone different.’” He adds, “They see a purpose in life they didn’t see before. I don’t know of anything else that powerful.”

I ask for an example. “I’ve spoken to people who were policemen,” he says, “or career military officers, who couldn’t go back to their jobs, couldn’t stand the idea of violence.” I ask why. He says, “The idea of hurting someone becomes abhorrent to them.” He shrugs. “They end up going into helping professions. They become teachers, or healthcare workers, or social workers.”

I ask if Greyson’s research has changed the way he thinks.

“I don’t think it’s changed me in terms of my relationships with other people,” he says, “except it’s made me more accepting, more open to unusual ideas.” As a psychiatrist, he remains “aware of what it means to be psychotic”, but, he says: “I’m more accepting of unusual thoughts that aren’t crazy, and it’s made me much more conscionable with the unknown.

“I grew up without any kind of a spiritual background,” he continues. “And I’m still not sure I understand what spiritual means. I am convinced now, after doing this for 40, 50 years, that there is more to life than just our physical bodies. I recognise that there is a non-physical part of us. Is that spiritual? I’m not sure. Spirituality usually involves a search for something greater than yourself, for meaning and purpose in the universe. Well, I certainly have that.”


“I am convinced now, after doing this for 40, 50 years,
that there is more to life than just our physical bodies.
— Dr Bruce Greyson

LD:  On an autobiographical note, let me state that I am a firm believer in near death experiences, although I have never had one myself. I have, however, been in constant contact with my long departed dead mother since March 20, 2018, when I underwent a traumatic experience which turned my life upside down and radically altered all my views. This poem of mine, published today, will serves as a suitable accompaniment to the above article. [LD]

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  1. Once, while drowning in the Atlantic Ocean, I experienced the “bliss” (or peace) of passing. I KNOW it exists.

    1. This is not new the Egyptian or Ethiopian PHARAONS Spritual Philosophers belived Life after Death. But the barbarian Roman Empire destroye most of the african belief and the rest have stollen. The stollen Books are still in Vatican and in British Musiems and Labraries.

    2. Gil, the way I’m feeling at the moment I can’t wait to get there. It’s got to be better than this place.
      Fe Godwn Ni Eto

      1. Yes, Mjollnir, I understand – especially after watching the last night’s public address by the zombie who now occupies our White House. Life in these United States has become surreal, and no planning prepares us for the doom and gloom we now face. Our own people have become cowards and imbeciles, and life among such is hardly worth living. We must ALWAYS be on guard. There is no peace. Lasha’s death poetry is quite appropriate for consideration, and I am inspired to write some of my own..

      2. My brother died last month. It was a good death so please shed no tears, as much as he is missed. Having a good day then just slipping away whilst asleep is a dynamite exit.
        I am firmly involved in reincarnation and rebirth and have been since a child. My old insights coloured almost every single decision I made in life since I knew that I will return to this place again some day; it ain’t all simple altruism for “future generations”. This is the source of my inspiration to do my share the knowledge through humour so regularly. However, I digress.
        My brother ‘visited’ me a few times during the following week and we chatted. He said, “Yeah I know I was as spiritual as a bucket of rocks.” He reminded me of some of the special places I still remember from that place and let me know he was thrilled to have access to the Halls of Wisdom. (He had a self effacing chortle as he said that; he had always laughed or mocked my spiritual ways.) There is a muted radiance to everything in that place. Colours are clearer yet still muted, almost effervescent, around the edges; perhaps as they were in the younger days of our planet when it was pure.

        He laughed gently because he knew I was jealous to return there. I knew after this he would be gone; our connection eroded. Until the next encounter if ever there is one.

        Yes, these issues and so many others are all written, stored as you say, in the Vatican and other great museums. AND private libraries. You don’t really believe the burning of Alexandria was… “happenstance” do you?

        1. Snippets,

          Lovely to read what you have to say.
          You should comment here more often.
          Love your site and your Saturday cartoons.
          You have accomplished a great work. Be proud.

    3. Yes Gil, I have danced with the devil twice before, 2006 October diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer, must admit I was worried then. Was 39 at the time, went to see consultant, same one that put my father in his grave ten years previously, same cancer. Smashed that then November 2009 got attacked by neighbour, he got killed, I was put on remand for murder, got found guilty of manslaughter, 3 years, out in 18 months. Beat the big C and beat the big M, ain’t bragging about taking a life but if anyone comes to my door, and threatens me or my family be prepared to kill or be killed. Like I said, fully prepared to die now, I’ve had enough. But willing to take the fight to ((TPTB))

  2. Proving there “COULD” be is no proof at all. But that aside, you dont need a neuroscientist to prove there’s life after death, or even a NDE. It’s a knowing that can barely be put into words, except to say that the FACT you presently have consciousness “proves” it is something that can’t ever be taken away from you.

    1. I should add, it could be that it can’t be taken away from all but the truly evil among us.

    2. I’m glad Gilbert was pulled out of the Atlantic off the coast of Nantucket after he fell overboard off the Italian cruise liner The Andrea Doria 🛳 while strolling the deck with High Class Society Ladies and almost drowned when he was coming back from his Grand Tour of Europe with his grandmother who I’m sure was a matronly dowager and a mondaine personnalité in her own right in 1956. Gilbert survived the ordeal and that’s a Good Thing. We are thankful 🙏 he survived “the drowning”. We trust grandma the indomitable old gal also survived The Wreck of The Andrea Doria. 😊

  3. Life after death has been the claim of religion, mystics, and yogis for a long time. Whole religions have been formed around the idea that we survive death. The skeptic might say that humans, being self conscious of being alive, because they have a big brain compared to other mammals, have a egoic fear of non-existence, so they want to survive death, and since necessity being the mother of all invention – humans created (or imagined) afterlife to calm their fears about death.

    I find this topic quite interesting, as Dante described hell in detail, yet we don’t really have a visual construct of heaven. What is heaven like? Well, we imagine the part up to the pearly gates, and behind them are all the angels and saints, our unwanted relatives, clouds, and no work. Heaven is a work free zone. In heaven you can lounge around with beautiful female angels with perfect bodies, but I don’t know if you can get them in bed. Does God allow sex in heaven? That is the problem with heaven, it is a big unknown.

    Now the priests were quick to use the afterlife belief to their advantage. The priest claimed he was the intermediary between holy god and the sinners, the unlearned common man, the deplorables, the unwashed rabble. So the priests, being part of the extremely wicked rabbinic cult, came up with the carrot and stick approach to the afterlife, the priest said if you obey me you can get into heaven, if not you will go to hell. And to make hell really unappealing, the priest said it was a lake of fire, and you would burn forever. (As an engineer I find this never ending burning doubtful, because you would combust into gas. So the physics in heaven must be different, combustion with no oxidation.)

    So whole religions were built around heaven and hell, and everyone forgot that neither were proven. Then when the Pilgrims came to Amerika with their King James Bibles, times were desperate, the snake oil salesman who was not having much luck, maybe doing time in jail for poisoning his customers, could come up with a new version of the afterlife, and appeal to peoples egos and lusts, thus was born Mormonism, have all the women you want, and the best part, the biggest houses in heaven were for Mormons.

    Now if you are an honest person, like me, I find all these unproven claims a con job, as the preacher collects money upfront yet doesn’t have to deliver the car. And these TV preachers have made a mockery of their profession, one said if he didn’t get 2 million by Monday God would strike him dead. Another claimed he needed another $80 million jet. Yes sirrreee, making unproved promises about God and the afterlife is sure a good way to get filthy rich.

    Now being the local heretic and cold water bucket thrower, you know what afterlife proves? We are in a simulation, and your consciousness is being injected into your avatar, your physical body is being animated by the soul. Then when your expendable body dies, often because your “soul” wanted that experience, the soul being of another dimension, survives, and then chooses another body for more experience. Thus if the truth be told, the soul is using us like toilet paper, and is doing so without our permission. It’s all a huge divine crime being waged against us.

  4. I wonder how much the ZIONIST JEWS PAID “Dr.” GREYSON to spout this kind of garbage! The same Ashkenazi who put “Jews are a Chosen People” in the Bible???

    So there you are, all of you MASKED, Social Distancing and LOCK-DOWN MORONS, let those “JEWS” continue to MURDER you with the “VACCINE” (Poisonous Injection), because the Doc says you have a Second life…maybe even a third or fourth

    Why stop AT A SECOND ONLY ?

    1. @ Freespirit

      I wonder how much the ZIONIST JEWS PAID “Dr.” GREYSON to spout this kind of garbage! The same Ashkenazi who put “Jews are a Chosen People” in the Bible???

      Listen, moron. This article has nothing to with Zionist Jews. Take your crappy comments somewhere else. This is a perfectly acceptable article sourced from Truthseeker. It is a book review from a non-Jewish writer on the Guardian. Nor is there any need for you for you to put the word “DR” in inverted commas, as if to suggest DrGreyson he isn’t a real Doctor. As in: “How much did ZIONIST JEWS PAID (sic) “Dr” Greyson to spout this kind of garbage!”

      Listen asshole, Dr Greyson is an Emeritus Professor in Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences at the University of Virginia. So he can’t be faking his doctorate! He’s been researching this subject 50 fucking years!!! And he didn’t write the article either, asshole! It was written by the book reviewer in the Guardian, Alex Moshakis.

      You can’t even write grammatical English, asshole: “How much did the ZIONIST JEWS PAID (sic) “Dr” Greyson!”

      I think you need to get your fucking brains sorted out. Go and wank off somewhere else, you disgusting piece of dogshit.

      This article has NO RELATION TO JEWS!!!!!!!!!!

      1. @SIRIUS

        There is nothing wrong with the grammar, in my sentence which uses the word “PAID”. Your COMPREHENSION or READING skills need improvement

        The Historical and Grammatical ignorance, by you, plus your use of nonsensical, meaningless PRIMITIVE “Grunts and Groans” LANGUAGE, usually considered “cursing” tells me, not-with-standing your lack of education, who the true “Piece of Dogshit”, to quote you, is.

        I do believe however you ARE probably ASHKENAZI, yourself Or at best a “Gate Keeper” or “Controlled Opposition” for those ENEMIES of Humanity. Your emotions show that. You couldn’t be THAT STUPID, as your words indicate, could you?

        Very happy I “got to you” though !

        Thanks, however, for your infantile response, which simply BUT effectively demonstrates to me, WHY humanity is in such massive trouble and WHY the ASHKENAZi Gangsters are winning…

      2. Sirius –

        You made an error.

        You wrote:
        “How much did the ZIONIST JEWS PAID (sic) “Dr” Greyson!” BUT……
        FS wrote:
        “I wonder how much the ZIONIST JEWS PAID “Dr.” GREYSON to spout this kind of garbage!”

        “PAID” is the correct word to show past tense…. when “did” is not used. 🙂

        1. @ Pat

          Yes, you are right. I misquoted him accidentally. His grammar is correct. But this does not invalidate the rest of my comment. This article has nothing whatever to do with Zionist Jews. Nor are Zionist Jews financing Dr Greyson whose name this moron writes as “Dr” Greyson, stupidly suggesting that Dr Greyson has a fake doctorate.

          This guy “Freespirit”, as far as I’m concerned, is probably a compulsive masturbator and porn addict, as many deracinated atheists are on this website.

          Why is he knocking the article? Why is he throwing a hissy fit over it? Is the guy a loonie? Why would this site publish this article if, as he suggests, it’s a lousy article?

          It’s sourced from Truthseeker. A perfectly acceptable website known for it’s anti-Zionist, anti-Holocaust views. So why does this brain-damaged neuro-nitwit object to this article? Let him fuck off! He’s not going to shut down free speech here and turn this site into a godless garbage dump for raving atheists and compulsive wankers like himself.

          1. Well said, Sirius!
            “Freespirit” is anything but a free spirit.
            He’s just a troublemaking troll who needs putting in his place.
            A sub-intelligent chimp whose comments are frankly not worth reading.

    2. When you enter the preachings of psychologists and psychiatrists you enter the Jews’ world of phantasmagoria, superstitions and incantations. More rubbish to drive you insane.
      But I hope all the work some of us put into this life is not all a waste of time. Just look at our Pat’s painstaking research and great commentaries.
      Such as Tolstoy, Turgenev, Dostoevsky, Dickens, Austin, etc, etc, have given us the benefits of their great lives. Sir Joshua Reynold’s painting of Miss Minifie (m. Gunning) lets me see my gggggrandmother, who looks just like one of my tall, raven-haired daughters. Some commentaries on Darkmoon tell us the eternal truths.
      Sidney Pollock and Picasso gave us rubbish modern art and the current plethora of Jewish authors, published by monopolistic Jewish publishing companies, remind us how low the human spirit has become, how banal, sex-driven and stupid.
      We live through our works and I know that one or two of my contributions in the field of Math will last forever.
      I have copied Lasha’s work on Jewish control of the crappy Modern Art world and have distributed it to fellow artists. (I am a mathematician, musician and realist painter) Simply search “Modern Art paintings images”, which should not include the brilliant offerings by Monet, one of my favourites at the Louvre.
      We also live through our children and I have not seen a single failure in them.
      And as scientists say, every atom in your physical body will continue to “live” in the infinitesimal expanses of the Universe, even if cremation reduces your body to a pile of ashes to be sept about in the winds. I love the song, “Dust in the Wind.”

      1. @ Max Bilney

        The GREATEST MISTAKE humanity makes is TEACHING our CHILDREN to use the PROCESS of Emotion/BELIEF AS A LEARNING PREFERENCE OVER REASON. Religion is the best example, of how it is done, followed by BELIEVING in other Authority figures, such as , but not limited to, GOVERNMENT, which word is derived from Latin and means “Mind Control”. REASON would teach children THEY are their ONLY Authority.

        The result is, until we mature, RATIONALLY, most PREFER to BELIEVE rather than use REASON backed-up by Empirical EVIDENCE

        Believing in the “COVID” FAKE PANDEMIC is one of the most SERIOUS TERRIBLE RESULTS, which will lead to WORLD-WIDE Enslavement and finally GENOCIDE of most of Humanity, UNLESS enough of us wake up and STOP the people behind it- Supremacist. Psychopathic ZIONISTS, with some wealthy sick FREEMASONS thrown in ,for good measure.

        Teaching our Children to use REASON WOULD have avoided that.

  5. My original comment disappeared

    ADMIN: Not sure which comment you are referring to. Has it turned up since? If not, post it again if you’ve kept a copy.

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    1. Yes it did show up

      Thanks for your concern and your notation of my use of FREESPIRIT

      It is a bad habit I have 😉

  6. Even though I rejected the man-made religions presented to me as a child, I always knew, there was
    something more than this world.

    Have you ever seriously put thought into what the rules must be for the Universe to continue, to carry on?
    Although humans have not discovered the smallest, indivisible, “building block” of life I am sure the
    answer is connected.
    What must Paradise be like, have you ever thought about that before?
    Remember, Paradise could never be boring, or it wouldn’t be Paradise.

    “Whatever you fear, whatever you hide, whatever you carry deep inside, there’s something more than this.”


    Schopenhauer defined pleasure as the absence of pain. The reality is that existence is burdened
    by keenly felt deprivation states, dismal memories and baleful anticipations. The principal reason for the addictive
    property of opiates is that they act like full spectrum anaesthetics. The oceanic sense of bliss induced
    by NDE’s might well be due to the mountain of Weltscmerz magically removed for a merciful interval.
    NDE’s remind us of the irreducible gnawing pain of everyday existence. I am reminded of a haiku
    composed by H.L. Mencken: “Two embalmers at work on a minor poet.
    The smell of tube roses.
    Autumn rain.

    1. @ Robert Forrester
      @ Freespirit

      You have far to go, both of you. Having experienced nothing numinous or divine, unlike Pascal who did, you sneer at others who have experienced the cosmic consciousness neither of you has known. I suggest there is envy at the bottom of your intellectual arrogance. God is not known through empirical methods or rational logic chopping or “debate” by internet sages who waste their days scouring conspiracy theory sites for their “wisdom”.

      “The heart has its reasons,” Pascal said. And Pascal was no fool. A brilliant mathematician, among other things. Some of the greatest historical figures, including top scientists, have been intensely religious. You belong to the Scoffers’ School, having experienced zero of the paranormal yourselves.

      You need to be pitied. Instead, you come here, to a pro-religious site, to upset those who love God. Cruelly and sadistically, you do your best to undermine their faith. And all in the name of “Truth”.

      What Truth? Can either of you offer proof that God doesn’t exist? No, you cannot. Since negatives cannot be proved.

      We all know God’s existence can neither be proved nor disproved. The only honourable belief systems are (a) agnosticism, for those who have experienced nothing; and (b) God-centered conviction, for those who have had intense mystical experiences that have transformed their characters and invested them with sanctity and humility .

      There is no nobility in scoffing and sneering, as you do. I can well understand why both of you can be accused of spiritual masturbation. Your fatuous views, rooted in arrogance and cruelty to your fellow humans who believe, are indeed indistinguishable from a kind of psychic onanism.

      1. @ SAKI

        Thank God we have you on this site to protect us from these liberal wokerati who infest this website. You’d think these riffraff from the leper colony would have the tact and decency to keep a low profile on a pro-Christian site. But no, they have no emotional intelligence. They probably have college educations, evinced by their vocabularies. But they have nothing of value to offer their own children, assuming they have any.

        They are carriers of the Culture of Despair. And they come here to infect others with their toxic nihilism. I won’t lower myself by describing them as “wankers”, but I’m willing to bet they have nothing against pornography and derive a sick pleasure from looking at it.

        Are people like this fit to lecture others on God? I don’t think so. I wouldn’t like to be married to men like this, still less o be their children. Frightening to think what damage their negativity could do to all who have the misfortune to come into contact with them.

      2. @Saki
        “We all know God’s existence can neither be proved nor disproved.”
        Well, it all depends what you put in the word ‘God’.
        Over 90% of the Americans equate it with Yahweh. And if you rationally investigate an irrational work like the Bible, you can actually go a long way in the ways of ‘proof’.
        I agree half way on your critique of @Forester and @Frespirit. They seem, at least in their argumentation, void of any spiritual longing.
        But the concept of ‘God’ in the West is destroying us.

  8. I’ve had two blatant NDEs and one killed in a dream but didn’t wake up! (easily the best of the bunch)

    No I don’t believe in everyone and everything I see and hear, au contraire.
    And I do very much believe in some people and some things I see and hear and I hardly ever distrust my nose. (ohhhhh the anecdotes)

  9. Incisive Max and Saki:

    When you enter the preachings of psychologists and psychiatrists you enter the Jews’ world of phantasmagoria, superstitions and incantations. More rubbish to drive you insane.

    unlike Pascal who did, you sneer at others who have experienced the cosmic consciousness neither of you has known. I suggest there is envy at the bottom of your intellectual arrogance. God is not known through empirical methods or rational logic chopping or “debate” by internet sages who waste their days scouring conspiracy theory sites for their “wisdom”.

    Gopi Krishna (see video “Last Interview”) wrote strictly rationally about 50 books on religion and genius. He stated :

    – such realms are dependent on the biology of the human body, estimating that about 1 in a million have sufficiently receptive biology to experience higher consciousness.

    – yoga is the ancient method for facilitating such states by development of the biology of the human body

    – this biology can be proven through research on nerves, the brain, spinal fluid. He also proposed a “hothouse” experiment on 100 volunteers to put them through a crash course; proof of attainment of higher consciousness/genius would be delivery of new knowledge (in science)

    – the brain was in continuous evolution at a time when “science” said it had stopped.

    – the field of dna/genetics would be revolutionised by discovery of the true functioning of DNA. This appears to be becoming true through the field of quantum DNA

    There is nothing supernatural about consciousness and its survival after death.

    1. Flan, spot on! Almost exactly what Les Visible is talking about on today’s The Truthseeker site.
      He explains how long it has taken him to live with God as his constant companion. Great insights into the way I live.

  10. I would expect a man who studied and searched for evidence of a ‘Life After Death’ to still be open to the idea. What’s next? Fish swim?

    Of course there is more to life than our bodies. For starters, there are around 7 billion other human bodies walking the earth today. All life. Water, air, fire, trees, vegetation, soil, etc. All life. It’s infinite while we are here on earth. That’s enough for me.

    What a shame so many waste their time dreaming about the ‘good stuff’ once they are dead.

  11. What happens when we die? I do not know and those that say they know are lying because I have the same data and reasoning power as they do. No one knows what happens when we die. Maybe good things, maybe bad things, maybe nothing. Do we get judged, is there a heaven or hell? I really doubt that because those that claim you can go to hell are doing it from their ego perspective, and the soul is outside of that realm, the soul is in the spiritual realm. But who knows if we have a soul? No one. So the entire topic is a mystery and will remain so.

    So imagine what Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates would try to do if the soul was proved and measured by science. They would try to capture your soul and contain it, ransom it, manipulate it. So I think if we do have souls it is good it can’t be measured or quantified. One thing to note, this planet has an awful lot of very bad people. This planet has an awful lot of religions and races also, that seems weird to me. If I traveled to other planets I would not expect that humans would be so different on one planet.

    Earth is an enigma to me, I think the idea that earth is a galactic prison planet has much merit as it explains why we have so much war. Earth is a like a prison where the inmates constantly fight for dominance. The prison planet theory is based on the idea that we do have souls, the theory says that your soul is not from this planet, it was captured by space empire and transported to earth then released, your soul was forced to incarnate into a human body, then when you die, your soul is captured by “soul traps” and tricked into coming back – for infinite lives.

    Thus if earth is a prison planet, reincarnation is a very bad thing, as it means you are constantly being recycled back to earth, which is a hellish place full of war and suffering, and some say, earth is hell, the worst planet in all of the Milky Way. Now this prison planet theory would be supported greatly if we detected extraterrestrials in our atmosphere – especially if we see their craft but they don’t interact with us. That would mean a superior race is watching or managing us but won’t stop us from killing each other.

    Well, I have seen plenty of UFO videos that look real, I have read the books by the insiders like The Day after Roswell, it seems the evidence is clear that ET is here. If so, that means our theology is completely wrong – and that means our afterlife beliefs are also probably wrong.

    So we should be very skeptical about Grey Aliens and their intentions because of the aforementioned reasons why we see them yet they don’t talk to us regular people, just our government leaders who have treaties with them It is said (or proven) in the UFO community that President Eisenhower signed a treaty with the Greys at Holloman AFB. Our evil government gets alien technology and the Greys got permission to abduct us for research it is said by these researchers.

    1954 Greada Treaty – President Eisenhower forms a treaty with aliens at Holloman AFB

    Eisenhower UFO meeting ☮ Alien Peace Treaty illuminati Conspiracy Area 51 👽 Bill Cooper Tells All

    This information is obviously explosive, because the world’s religions would be threatened if a superior race was detected on earth. Instantly you would suspect them of creating us, not God. So is there evidence that humans are artificially created beings? Yes. No fur, 23 chromosomes, frail bones, unusually large brain, no fangs, high body fat, unusual diseases, civilization that appeared out of nowhere. Those that study this have come up with impressive evidence that humans are not a natural specie that evolved on earth.

    Humans are not from earth part 1 intro review Dr Ellis Silver PHD

    1. I’ve had similar thoughts like yours many times.That this is a prison planet, possibly a combined prison and lunatic asylum even. Once years ago I read a theory about a “machine” on the dark side of the moon. A place where the souls go after they has died and are recycled back to earth in new bodies. Can’t remember where I read it but it has stuck with me for some years now. However, I have read about people who has memories of incarnations on other planets but don’t think they are that common. Although there are no way of knowing for sure. Don’t understand why they return here, unless they are re-captured by galactic bounty hunters or some space force an brought back here. I know I wouldn’t return back here if I managed to escape. Not ever. I wonder how many like us out there with similar thought like is.

    2. L. Ron Hubbard published over four million words of fiction in his lifetime. In 1940, Hubbard broached the concept of Earth, known as Teegeeack…… was a prison for Thetans, the inferior race of planet Voltar.

      Ron had many mimics, including Bill Cooper. 🙂

      Voltar was once a thriving planet, yet is now nothing but a shell of what it once was. Now, it has a ring of rock debris from the surface orbiting the planet and is covered by magma.

    3. Of course humans are not from earth. We are the only species that needs the constant care of parents and others. We do not have a coat like a bear, or a squirrel. We have language, which is certainly a virus from outer space. I mean it might as well be. Monkeys work with sticks to find ants to eat. But they never thought about drawing a simile or even a simple line in the dirt with their sticks.

      You might want to read Chesterton. especially The Everlasting Man for a different, and more intelligent, perspective, of our origins than Bill Cooper or L. Ron Hubbard, or any other moron who got caught up in the Age of Space Exploration and entertainment such as Superman and other Sci-Fi.

      1. Rich –

        I agree.

        Don’t disregard my first & most important sentence, I emphasized the most important word for you this time:

        “L. Ron Hubbard published over four million words of – FICTION – in his lifetime.”

      2. Of course, Pat. Glad you mentioned Hubbard so I had another name handy. My response was addressed to Yukon Jack.

        My referral to language being a virus from outer space, that comes from Burroughs. I meant to mention that, but will use this post to properly credit the origin of that particular idea.

        If, it did turn out, that our life is like a Twilight Zone episode involving alien space travelers who created us, then I guess we just have to call them God. Right?

        Although God must have created them first for us to be so “low” on the food chain. LOL.

      3. Rich, here’s another species, a very unique and special species needing care of parents and others.Care, affection and protection. They also use tools, and a whole lot more. The sounds of honest amazement coming from these folks says it all. They said it couldn’t be done.

        Is it true elephants are also the only species extant who inherently remember their past lives/incarnations? Hence, “an elephant never forgets” which is just the standard watered down British perversion of Indian truth.
        No offense.

  12. MY bouncing ball, the one I keep my eye on is JUSTICE.

    And since there cannot be complete justice without afterlife, i don’t worry about it, because without a just settlement I don’t even want any afterlife knowing that it will be under the same management (Jew-Devil).

    Once is enough for me in that case (and how sorry and cheated will I have felt without at least leaving a trail of vengeance behind, (foolishly perhaps?) trusting that a higher power and mind will look after righting the balance).
    (I’ll see your $500 and raise to infinite … ∞)

    1. HP,
      Perhaps this elephant should be POTUS. He (or she) obviously possesses more intelligence and creativity than Biden, witch-Kamala or Pelosi. The elephant will definitely get Donaldos vote in 2024 IF any of us are still alive then. 😀🤠

      1. She’s certainly mucho sweeter and cuter than those disgustingly smelly miscreants poorly disguised as humans.

  13. I have not heard anyone in this forum mentioning it, but, the Science of Quantum Mechanics appear to confirm the Spiritual nature of our reality. And I think that the Implication of Quantum Mechanics interpretation of the Quantum state of Systems, have more than frightened those who are beholden to the idea of a “physical” world, where “Objective matter” exists, and that the only way of understanding reality is by reductionist method. And yet, Scientists such as t David Bohm’s hypothesis of the Reality as a Wholeness make more sense, and supports the Spiritual hypothesis of our world.
    Quantum Mechanics has also shown that at the Quantum Realm, there exists an entangled state of quantum systems that give rise to matter and our reality. Confirming that at the foundation of our reality, everything is Entanglement, pointing towards a Wholeness and possibility of an Implicate Order of interconnectedness.
    So, is a Wholeness is actually suggested by Science, can we deny the possibility that there could be a way of connecting to this Wholeness? And if there is a way, where is the way? It is likely, that as neurologist Kevin Nelson says; Near Death Experience is “a of two states of consciousness wakefulness and REM sleep – during a time of great physical or emotional danger,” and argues that many NDEs are “dream-like”, existing in a neurological “borderland”.

    Near Death, could actually be a brief view, of a way to connecting to the Wholeness. And it could also be like waking up from a Dream State, and realizing that you, the Dreamer, were all that happened in the Dream State. Meaning, that we are in Dream State. In our normal Dream States , since you were all that happened in the Dream State, once you wake up realize that, you wouldn’t want to harm anybody in the Dream State, when you go back to sleep, because everybody, IS YOU!

    So, NDE could be waking up, or connecting to Total Consciousness. If that is what happened to the Near Death Experiencers, it explains their change of behaviour, and their change of connecting to the world, especially with people. Dying is actually waking up to connect with Wholeness, or Total Consciousness who is God. That means that Consciousness is primary, and we are living in a Participatory Universe, which is each one of us.

    1. @ Bigfoot

      Thank you for this outstanding comment. You are the only one on this site to make the point that the strange universe of quantum physics is one that is perfectly compatible with a world in which NDEs actually occur. And need to be taken seriously, like quantum physics itself. In other words, NDEs must not be dismissed as fraudulent and not worth discussing.

      I commend the Administrators of this site for having the courage to publish this thought provoking article.

      Pay no attention to the fools who claim that NDEs are a “Jewish plot”. These are the same fools who would claim that quantum physics, about which they know absolutely nothing, is also a Jewish plot “to mess with the minds of the goyim.”

      Extreme antisemitism of this kind really can addle the mind. Hate the Jews by all means, but please don’t blame them if a chicken crossing the road is killed by a passing car.

      Don Paul

      1. Thank you, Bigfoot. And thank you, Don Paul.

        Yes, NDEs certainly need to be treated seriously. The idiot on this site who claimed that NDEs were all part of a “Jewish plot” to screw up everyone’s mind is called “FREESPIRIT”. Here he is:

        March 12, 2021 at 4:27

        I wonder how much the ZIONIST JEWS PAID “Dr.” GREYSON to spout this kind of garbage! The same Ashkenazi who put “Jews are a Chosen People” in the Bible???

        I think commenters like this need urgent medical treatment.
        I can’t see how “Zionist Jews” are behind NDEs and “paid ‘Dr’ Greyson to spout this kind of garbage.” What motive could Jews, however evil they are, pay out good money to a college prof to do fraudulent research on NDEs for FIFTY YEARS (!!!). 🙂

        I think the whole point of publishing this article on NDEs was to give readers on this site a brief respite from constant Jew bashing. Which, frankly, can get a bit boring. There are lots of other things in the universe, you know, apart from “evil Jews”. 🙂

        Going for a walk in the sun is one of them. And I’m going to do that right now.

        (Oops, I forget to take my ‘Protocols’ with me! . . . gotta go back!) 🙂

      2. Thank you Don Paul,
        I like to keep an open mind with all the stuff I come across, even if there is too much evidence, just in case it turns out to be circumstantial. I am not a Physicist myself, and I cannot claim to be an expert. I took an interest in Science later in life, and I enjoy studying it as a layman. It is interesting when one comes to realize, (for me with much astonishment) that Quantum Physics has overturned the deconstructionist approach to reality. That there is no “Objective World” there are no “Things”, There are is not “Time” or “Space” The very implication is just staggering! And NDE are even more perplexing. If we are going to where I think we are moving towards, (I.e Realizing that we are all One) there is hope for the World. I believe 500 years to come, the generation living then might actually look at us with pity. “If Only They Knew”

        1. @ Bigfoot

          “I am not a Physicist myself, and I cannot claim to be an expert. I took an interest in Science later in life, and I enjoy studying it as a layman.”

          That’s OK. An intelligent layman who approaches the mindboggling mysteries of the universe with an open mind is infinitely preferable to the hidebound specialist with a closed mind. The Vedic sages had no cosmological knowledge, but many of their insights are now being validated by Quantum Physics: the basic idea being that All is One and that the One is Mind or Consciousness. Not matter.

          Matter, time, and space have proved to be illusory. There is much to be said for the Vedic concept of Maya. Most materialist scientists today would baulk at this idea because it implies the existence of a Creator God. The Grand Designer. The Universe being a figment of the cosmic Imagination.

          1. I for one have no problem agreeing with everything you say here. We mustn’t see science as the enemy though. The materialist scientist is simply exercising due caution and skepticism on our behalf. At bottom, he is searching for the truth. Like all of us.

  14. It’s not one any living person can answer for sure anyway, but I think the question of whether there is life after death must really be invalid…
    Unless you go with the obvious yes – the circumstance is not that simple to begin with, the question is too simple for the circumstance…
    We must assume our physical bodies are alive…
    If so, that means they have either always been alive, which we don’t believe, although there are religious exceptions postulated, such as totally perfected immortal humans, angels…
    Or, since we were not living before we were born, meaning we must have been dead then, life obviously does exist after death…
    You must be either dead or alive, right?
    The question then becomes – is there a quasi-alive state of what they call spiritual existence, where we either take a permanent break from carnate life or a temporary one after which we return to this earthly form…
    Your guess is as good as mine…
    If we do reincarnate, we have a safety built into the process that prevents us from remembering it happening, maybe because it’s better if we don’t know for sure…
    And is this spiritual state a form of consciousness or merely a trick our brains play upon us at the point where we pass away beyond the realm of time, into eternity…
    ‘Eternal Life’ then is not living for all linear time, as we know it here, but it is existing on a level where there is no time, where before and after have no meaning, don’t exist…
    Time really only applies to the physical world and only then where you have reliable occurrences, synchronicity at play among the physical objects…
    So time exists only in our minds, we were there to hear the tree fall…
    It’s an adjustment we make, while our conscious selves are here in our bodies on the physical plane …
    Out of body experiences don’t mean much, they don’t prove anything other than that we can dream… Some dreams we never want to wake up from, some we never want to remember… And I’ve known a few people who were killed or just died and were brought back to live by doctors and medics, who swear they never saw Jesus or any tunnels or lights, don’t remember a damn thing about it, don’t remember the accident or the heart attack… So Go Figure…
    i gather the mainstay of religion is that there is a blissful state after death, with no sense of regret or boredom, but that you might not achieve it if your faith in it isn’t strong enough…
    Many prefer to believe our consciousness ceases to exist along with our bodies when we die… I’ll have to confess I don’t know what to think or believe… But if death is anything like the anesthetics I’ve had, it’s nothing to worry about…

  15. Bhagavad Gita proofs that the soul is eternal transmigating from one body to another as a result of karma. We all know that there is a difference between the living body and the dead body. A body is living because the consciousness pervades the entire body. Lord Krishna teaches us that the soul, a very tiny fragmental portion of Him, is the basis of this consciousness. A learned person must learn how to ascertain the difference between a dead body and a living body. Technically, knowledge starts when one introspects the difference between the spirit (soul) and the matter. As Lord Krishna affirms in Bhagavad Gita(BG) 2.17 that, it is the consciousness that pervades the whole body and is the basic principle by which a living body differs from the dead body.

    avināśi tu tad viddhi
    yena sarvam idaṁ tatam
    vināśam avyayasyāsya
    na kaścit kartum arhati

    Translation: “That which pervades the entire body you should know to be indestructible. No one is able to destroy that imperishable soul.”[BG 2.17]

    1. All the souls coming from one source, then returning sounds like a model for a simulator injecting souls into the simulation. The souls can not be killed is very similar to a video game, like warcraft, where the video characters can be killed in the game on the screen, but the program code that animates the characters remain intact, indestructible. Thus we have a model for a simulated universe, computer gaming technology.

      The animated souls become aware of their situation, how their lives don’t matter, that an oversoul is directing events, how free will is a ruse, etc. – so they assign a personality to the simulator and call it the godhead, it has characteristics as the supreme omnipotent and omniscient personality, e.g. Lord Krishna. A cult forms around the worship of this overlord, they overstate the good and ignore the evil of the manipulation of the souls in the simulation. It never dawns on most people you should NEVER worship a LORD.

      (Note: regardless of the personality assign to the lord, whether Krishna, Jesus, Jehovah, or Zeus, those promoting the lord are promoting slavery and servitude to a higher power)

      The overlord is actually a tyrant, but since the sims are trapped, they soon learn one way to survive the brutal simulation is to worship this lord and do its bidding, they gain a special relationship status with the simulator overlord, his minions within the sim. Since the conditions inside the simulation are particularly brutal, constant war and starvation, sims must be given hope so they continue to strive, thus religions inside the simulation are necessary for the brutal simulation to be functional.

      John Denver (real name Henry John Deutschendorf Jr.) and his lovely songs are a classic example of an inspired artist who brings hope to the masses during the Vietnam War – a time of great misery for the American people, war and inflation, corruption in politics was moderated by a godly inspired singer.

      Whenever the sims become learned enough to realize their manipulated existence, this matrix overlord and it’s higher level manipulators “pull the plug” and end the simulation run. This, in my opinion, is the real exo-politik with the vaccine agenda. Bill Gates is simply a minion of these matrix overlords, who is carrying out their demented plans, by terminating our current civilization, thus sending our society back into the dark ages and great amensia. It is important to the overlords we never gain too much awareness or free time so that we can devise a way out of our lockdown on prison planet earth.

      Thus the “great reset” could be a diabolical plan by ET to reset the economic slave system on earth. Those at the top, like the Bildebergers and Rockefellers, the Pope are in direct contact with ET, and carry out the agenda willingly so long as they maintain their alpha position on the pyramid of money and power on earth. Thus we should prepare for a great wipeout of the human population followed by a long dark winter – hundreds of years of great discontent, as humans are put back under the spell world religion and servitude to earthly and off world overlords.

    1. Homer,

      Thanks for this link. A most stimulating read.
      Schopenhauer would certainly have agreed with all this.

      1. X, thanks. He’d likely agree with the bulk, but I rather doubt he’d agree with the plea at the end.



    I am not impervious to mystical epiphanies, but mine transpire in the realm of mathematics. For
    several years i have been following the ideas of Rupert Sheldrake (FRS) who claims to be able to
    communicate with the departed analogous to Lasha Darkmoon.

    An extrapolation of Sheldrake’s morphic resonance paradigm one might conclude that numerate sentient
    beings inhabiting the 400 billion galaxies of the observable Universe have solved the challenge of mathematically irreducible communication over open channels – the failure of doing so condemned the Axis
    to WW2 efeat, occupation and post-war genocide of an estimated 11million Germans courtesy Stalin, Eisenhower and Churchill via the Morgenthau plan

    I spent 15 years of daily meditation on the topic of entropy modulated digital communication. After 15 years of a seeming futile quest the koan finally hatched. An instance of applied extraterrestrial mathematics premised of hybrid stochastic deterministic algorithms. The logic which underpins “EM” is as plain as the north end of a south bound goat.

    I could send you a CD containing the compiled code of the EM encryptation system. Just type in your favorite
    Shakespeare sonnet. The encrypted output consist of a patternless sequence of exactly 4096 unsigned short integers. E-mail this sequence of unsigned short integers to Google for decryptation. Google recently claimed that their quantum computer could extract the plaintext from any encrypted message in a matter of minutes,

    If google E-mails back the sonnet verbatim, feel free to write me off as a self abusing ignoranus. Mission statement paraphrasing James Joyce: To forge in the smithy of my soul the uncreated mathematics of my race.

    1. Thank you, Robert. Accept my sincere apologies for my rude and over-hasty response to one of your previous comments. My excuse is fatigue and the fact that my abuse (“self abusing ignoramus”) was directed 99.999% at the other commenter mentioned (@ Freespirit). He got me extremely annoyed by trivializing this serious discussion about NDEs by dragging “Zionist Jews” into the equation and suggesting that NDEs had been invented by evil Jews to undermine western civilization.

      Your own comment belongs in an entirely different category and I should not have included your name in my diatribe.

      Sorry again about this. My bad. Or mea culpa, if you prefer! 🙂

      1. I am a great admirer of Shakespeare’s sonnets and I’d like to ask you: what particular sonnet were you referring to? And what exactly are you suggesting Shakespeare was up to? I don’t understand how his sonnets (or one particular sonnet) can be connected in some way with higher mathematics, numerology, or encryption. Can you explain?

        I’m afraid you’ve lost me there! 🙂


    @ DON PAUL

    I do not claim originality in the context of entropy modulated digital communication (aka “EM”). The
    intergalactic cognitive field heuristics which I perused was clearly an instance of Rupert Sheldrake postulated cognitive field plagiarism.

    Obviously the heuristic represents a “sesame open thee” pons asinorum to yet to be discovered mathematics.
    All that is required is insectoid persistence on the part of the terra incognita numerate explorer. No special
    innate mathematical talents called for.

    Given the “apostle of the obvious” caliber logic underpinning EM I am surprised that EM eluded the likes of Boole, de Morgan, Hamilton , Gauss and Riemann – not to mention Poincare and Hllbert.

    WW2 was the bloodiest war in human history. The biggest military blunder of the Axis was failure to implement hybrid stochastic deterministic cryptography. The result of broken Enigma and Purple codes was
    defeat and occupation by military third raters bled white by the Great Depression. It would have been trivially simple to implement EM with the technology available in 1920. The act pf such a proactive measurewould have ben to send Turing and his Bletchley Manor code crackers up entropy creek sans paddle. Benefit no torched Tokyo, Hamburg & Dresden.

    Some years ago The Economist magazine suggester a two trillion dollar kitty to improvise a full spectrum malware firewall. In the context of entropy modulated digital communication such a firewall protecting every computer on the planet could be implemented at the cost of a few dollars with off the shelf Raspberry Pi microprocessors. I suspect that such firewalls have been put in place millions of times in faraway galactic civilizations. The whole SETI programme has been barking up the wrong tree from day one No radio telescopes called for.



    THe Shakespeare quote I had in mind is not actually a sonnet but I could type it in
    as plaintext of my 16-bit binary metalinguistics encryptation software and
    E-mail you the 4096 sequence of unsigned short integers which corresponds
    to the encrypted message and you could forward this sequence to Google
    for decryptation via quantun computer. Request that they E-mail you the
    plaintext as soon as decryptation has ended. If the codebreaking succeeds
    by all means write me off as a hornswoggling fourflusher.

    Since the Google Golem computer likely intercepts this post I would encrypt an entirely
    different Shakespeare plaintext and send you quite a different patternless sequence of
    4096 unsigned short integers.

    The Google quantum computer metaphorically corresponds to the all-seeing Cyclops eye
    of Horus perched on top of the freemasonic pyramid. Universally deployed binary metalinguistics
    would put a lens cap on the cyclops and moot the entire Chinese social credit programme by
    default. Julius Caesar intitiated the code designer code breaker dialectic ove two millennia ago with his
    transposition cipher. Binary metalinguistics imposes an inherently intractable mathematical hypertask on
    the aspiring eavesdropper and or computer saboteur. THe Stuxnet cyber attack on Fukushima in 2011
    could have nbeen neutralized at the cost of pennies without any understanding of exactly how the
    malware sabotaged the Siemens proframmable controllers regulating the nuclear reactors.

    Incidentally: binary metalinguistics in no wise corresponds to “higher mathematics”. If the numerate German and Japanese surviviors of WW2 were to analyze the logic of entropy modulated digital communication the spontaneous reaction would mimic that of the last words of Kurtz in Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness.

    Istead of “The horror! The horror!” they would exclaim in unison: “The banality! The banality!”

    Never have so many owed so much avoidable misery to the mathematical tunnel vision of so few.

    Love’s Labour’s Lost, Act V, Scene 2 [Winter]
    William Shakespeare – 1564-1616

    When icicles hang by the wall
    And Dick the shepherd blows his nail
    And Tom bears logs into the hall
    And milk comes frozen home in pail,
    When blood is nipp’d and ways be foul,
    Then nightly sings the staring owl,
    Tu-who, a merry note,
    While greasy Joan doth keel the pot.

    When all aloud the wind doth blow
    And coughing drowns the parson’s saw
    And birds sit brooding in the snow
    And Marian’s nose looks red and raw,
    When roasted crabs hiss in the bowl,
    Then nightly sings the staring owl,
    Tu-who, a merry note,
    While greasy Joan doth keel the pot.



    Just clarifying a few points; There was no special significance to using Shakespeare sonnets
    as plaintext for encryptation. I could have used a random page from any telephone book as a template for plaintext.

    I have no proprietary interest in the source code of my encryptation system. For all I care it could be distributed as freeware. The act of so doing would not compromise its opacity to aspiring code crackers and or cyber saboteurs.

    When I stated that the Fukushima cyber sabotage could have been averted at the cost of pennies I mean that there would have been no need for the target to understand how the malware works or even to be aware that a cyber attack was in progress. After the Fukushima disaster Siemens ceased to manufacture programmable logic controllers.

    Binary meta linguistics implies entropy modulated digital communication. Cut to the chase it means that all digital communication is conveyed in the form of discrete sequences of a fixed number of unsigned short integers. The deployment of this system has the following advantages:

    Mathematically unsnoopable digital communication with an enormous bandwidt, For example 16-bit
    binary meta linguistics has a bandwidt of 65,536 factorial discrete encryptation keys. 69 factorial already exceeds the estimated number of fundamental particles in the observable universe by more than a billion fold.

    A second incentive consists of a full spectrum firewall blocking all malware based on deterministic mathematics. The cost of implementing this firewall is a miniscule fraction of the two trillion dollars
    proposed by THe Economist for cyber protection from malware sabotage.

    For this reason I surmise that binary meta linguistics will be a standard item of the formal information technology curriculum before very long. I hasten to add that I am angling for neither a Fields medal nor a Turing Award. All is vanity. It will also be self evident even to undergraduate IT students that the methodology lends itself to an open ended number of thematically related variants which are trivially simple to code. The
    Python language would be the coding language of choice.

    I speculate that the latent mathematical game changers lurking in the intergalactic morphogenetic field will
    attract future explorers . Recall that mathematics is the supreme survivalist technology par excellence.

    Last but not least: the conflict between code smearers and code crackers has raged for over two millennia
    the longest duration math contest in the entire history of mathematics.

    1. Thanks, Robert. This is most impressive. Not being at all gifted mathematically, it would be dishonest of me to pretend that I understand even a fraction of what you are saying. However, I’m sure there are others on this site who would be able to converse with you on these questions far more knowledgeably than myself.

      1. The one bit I appreciated and understood best from your penultimate post was the beautiful song you quoted from Shakespeare’s ‘Love’s Labour’s Lost’. I first read this at school in the dim dawn of time. Regarding the “enigmatic” (pun) Alan Turing whom you mention, do have any thoughts on the subject of why such a mathematical genius would want to commit suicide in 1954 at the early age of 41?

    2. High fallutin’ rubbish, master Forrester, that means zilch to the average reader
      My only agreement is that math is “the supreme survivalist” discìpline.
      Your binary meta-linguistics will fail to prove that 30% of the vote was fraudulent, no matter how much Python language you dress it up in, you charlatan.

      1. @ Max Bilney

        High fallutin’ rubbish, master Forrester, that means zilch to the average reader […] Your binary meta-linguistics will fail to prove that 30% of the vote was fraudulent, no matter how much Python language you dress it up in, you charlatan.

        Despite his obscure scientific jargon, Robert Forrester is at least a highly educated man who is intelligent enough to know that the subject matter we are discussing on this thread is NDEs and the afterlife. You, on the other hand, are not intelligent enough to know this. You think we are all here to discuss the “voting fraud” that took place in January this year, cheating Trump out of the presidency and putting Biden into power.

        No sir, we are NOT here to discuss that question. We have already flogged that horse to death — not once, but several times on numerous other threads.

        I despise you, Maximus Baloney. And I want you to know that if you ever came into my presence, I would have no hesitation in castrating you personally as a potential rapist and sex criminal. A 10-inch penis would be no problem for me. I am a professionally trained nurse, now retired, with surgical skills. It would be a piece of cake removing you from your manhood.

        1. @ ADMIN

          I speak metaphorically of course, so please let my comment go through undeleted. I am an advocate of non-violent activism and kindness to all creatures, including feral human beings (like Maximus Baloney) who clearly belong in some lower raptor species.

  20. Off topic, but we have egg-heads talking about quantum mechanics and math in some of the postings. Largely irrelevant and rather naive.
    As I have said, In reality I am a well known mathematician, so I will give you some highly relevant Math:
    Immediately prior to the US election there were 153 registered voters in the USA.
    When the votes were counted, 155 million people had voted.
    But official figures showed that only 66.5% of registered voters actually voted.
    This equals, 102 million actual votes.
    But CNN figures showed 81 million for Biden and 74 million for Trump.
    Work it all out and this means there were 53 million unaccounted for, fraudulent votes received.
    In other words, the election was a total sham, with the Jews and Chicoms laughing at the dumb-arse American people, who cannot do the children’s math.
    And then the highest American court, or any court for that matter, refuses to receive the evidence.
    Time for the honest people to get out their guns and the guillotines. Every politicians’ head needs to be displayed on pikes along the highways.
    Really America, you are the laughing stock of the planet
    The Jews and Chicoms do not accept spirituality, so for them, there is no after-life. And, therefore, no morality involved. I.e. Get what you can, while you can, as there is no godly judgement waiting you.
    Your atoms will simply float around in space until they synthesise with other foreign atoms and maybe make something out of them; perhaps even a dwarf-like, gnarled-faced, hook-nosed Jew, like Frankenstein Fauci.

    1. Thanks for putting it in logical/rational terms, Max! (All the pseudo-intellectual previous banter means little.) (Sometimes it seems some commenters are intentionally obscure, because THEY don’t really know what they’re talking about, anyway.)

      1. Max Bilney has nothing to contribute to this website but off-topic sleaze. He is an Australian Jew. The only reason you defend him is that you think, like he does, that this website is a chatroom for vulgarity and locker room talk. It’s not. Some people come here for serious discussion. And they are being chased away by low-quality birdbrains like you and Max Bilney.

  21. Some of you might be familiar with the research of the writer Alan Watt (NO S at the end of Watt)
    He was an early pioneer in the alternative media, movement.
    His tireless work to share his knowledge of this System
    we are born into and how it has wrought the horrors
    we are living through now, is his priceless gift to us.
    Sadly, Alan Watt passed away on March 4, 2021.
    My first thought upon hearing of Alan Watt passing:
    He is free now, his Spirit is unimpeded.

    1. I learned of Alan Watt on Alex Jones’s show many year back. Alan was better than Alex.
      He was one of Alex’s main resources when it comes to his worldview. He hosted his own show called Cutting Through The Matrix.

      1. Thanks Pat, I have found no word on how Alan Watt died. He lived in the coldest regions of N. Alberta, Canada and last year I heard him speaking of catching pneumonia and being in hospital whilst almost dying. He was a very private man. One can also find his latest work, on the youtube channel, “debess”. Despite the dire info he delivered, I always appreciated his calm demeanor and soothing voice and occasional chuckles on the absurdity of it all. He always ended his pods with, “Take care and may your God or Gods go with you.”
        I have no doubt his Spirit is in Paradise, unimpeded consciousness.

  22. Adolf Hitler once said words to the effect that the average commoner fails to understand or get even slightly perturbed about the BIGGEST of lies, but throws cartwheels of anger and anxiety over TINY lies that directly affect themselves.

    For example, consider the astronomical LIE involved when one third of all votes in a Federal election are fraudulent, as in the above example, and the tame, if not at all, reaction of the American public (who should be rioting in the streets, seeing their Republic no longer exists) and compare this against yourself losing the vote for tennis club president because one third of the votes were fraudulent and played into your senile opponent’s hands.

    This successful implementation of this grand LIE now determines everything you say and do. For example, the Zionist Jewess, Dianne Feinstein, wants 205 types of guns banned. Meanwhile, her $billionaire husband is making mega monies from weapons sales to developing countries. And now you have the senile old bastard signing scores of Executive Orders he has not even read. Eg. Transexual males CAN compete in women’s sports. Eg. Transexual males won all three medals for the 800m run, in the last Olympics.

    Who cares about an after life, when you have diabolical bastards like this screwing up your present life? Maybe, though, it will be nice to escape this hell on Earth, created by the progeny of the devil and their Masonic cohorts.

    I will say what I always say: Lead the evil bastards to the gallows.

    1. @ Max Bilney

      Your angry off-topic rants are not welcome on this website. There are dozens of other threads where you could have aired your anti-Jewish sentiments. They would have been relevant there. But not here. Not on this particular thread. The next time you abuse the hospitality Admin gives you on this website by airing your pet hatreds and obsessions with sleazy decadent sex, I recommend that Admin delete your substandard comment.

      This article, in case you forgot, is about near death experiences and the possibilities of an afterlife. An enthralling, uplifting subject. It is NOT about the size of your penis! Which, thankfully, you forget to mention in this particular comment.

      Lobro has just written an exceptionally good comment on the NDE question. He deserves a medal for that comment. See if you can enter into civilized debate with him without mentioning the size of your penis.

      1. Of course you’re right, Saki, but Max voices the overwhelmingly pitiful state-of-affairs since our American presidency was stolen by communist interests. It eats on EVERYONE who has a patriotic mind for rightful order. I, myself, have been depressed since the election – even to the point of avoiding most “news” programs. I try to be active and industrious (between times reading on here), but have lost my energy. I’m even thinking about secluding myself to write some poetry which might please Lasha. (Takes effort!)

        1. Bless you, Gilbert! You sound like a really nice guy.
          Writing poetry will bring you peace of mind.
          It’s a form of therapy. Like meditation or music.
          So go for it! 🙂

  23. While the tales of NED both ring true and offer emotional respite to the lost and frightened wanderers in the materialist wilderness, any attempt to PROVE afterlife is bound to fail—by definition. As such it could be maliciously latched onto by the likes of Richard Dawkins to mock the seekers and advance his shallow narrative by means of cheap ridicule.
    Consider the title: “…on brink of proving there could be …”. If you prove something, there can be no “COULD”, only “IS”.

    And just how to go about proving afterlife, while adhering to the scientific method?
    The skeletonized roadmap follows these milestones:

    Hypothesis (body undergoes clinical death, starts irreversible decay, however sensation of deceased person’s existence, awareness, emotions, persists indefinitely, thereby establishing that one’s person is differentiated from the body),

    Experiment protocol (must be falsifiable, testable and replicable:
    • Verify DEATH, not near-death, i.e., the deceased does not return to the body,
    • Be able to contact the deceased person and RECORD BOTH PARTIES ON A PHYSICAL INSTRUMENT, establish authenticity by way of detailed interrogation that eliminates possibility of fraud,
    • Repeat with different subjects/participants,
    • Maintain proper record for audit purposes, sufficiently clear and detailed to enable replication by other researchers.

    Where is the fly in the ointment, if any?
    A disembodied spirit cannot by definition affect material world, it is intangible and unable to act causally upon gross matter which obeys strict laws of Newtonian mechanics.
    Because if a departed spirit can interact on quantum mechanical level, as it surely does by its mere act of observation, IT WOULD NOT BE REPLICABLE owing to the uncertainty principle, i.e., randomness—never mind the difficulty of designing recording instruments sensitive enough to isolate the spiritual component within the empirical experiment.
    If things do happen without our conscious observation—and it may be argued that they do not happen “behind our backs” (riddle of the tree falling down in empty forest), we can only see that which we can see and measure—I personally think that stuff happens regardless (cannot prove it, a related conundrum), then these events external to scope of human observation must be result of SOMEONE’S observation and I propose that it is this collective disembodied spirit to which our conscious selves (souls) return when exiting the biological realm. There is no other way that the physical universe can function, it would otherwise only exist as an infinite spectrum of potential, i.e., probability distribution.
    To summarize, there is no escaping the REQUIREMENT OF FAITH.
    Which is as it should be.
    God gave us His trust in form of free will, enabled through principle of randomness, i.e., even He, by His design does not know what our next decision might be and it is only fair that we should reciprocate with equal trust, i.e., FAITH.
    Not blundering experiments that strengthen the hand of atheists and servants of Satan.

    1. Lobro –

      “God gave us His trust in form of free will, enabled through principle of randomness, i.e., even He, by His design does not know what our next decision might be and it is only fair that we should reciprocate with equal trust, i.e., FAITH.”

      FAITH is definitely a good leader, but so is REFLEX, especially when prompted by pain. REFLEX does not use the brain or any thought or prayer. It is generated in the spinal ganglia…. in & out quickly.

      When I tossed a hot skillet away quickly, a friend asked, “Did you burn your hand?”
      I replied, “NO way! It just never takes me long to look at a skillet!” 🙂

      You made a very bold statement when telling us what god does not know. I could not feel comfortable with doing that. Was that revealed to you by that entity? How do you know to use “HE” as the correct pronoun?

      BTW – your dyslexia struck quickly this time, right in the very first sentence. WHEW!! 🙂

    2. you are right, Pat, my dyslex did strike right off the bat … if i had to guess the underlying banana peel i would offer this:
      NED rhymes with TED, as in TED Talks, which i heartily despise as sugar coated globalist pills, and while the NDE descriptions provide anodyne relief to sharp mental anguish at the sense of death breathing down one’s neck, it may also distract one from seeking more permanent solution, namely, to work it all into a symphonic form of life’s philosophy.
      Otherwise we are in Pollyanna-Kumbaya territory, not the worst thing but neither the most solid.

      As for other parts of your remark, i quite agree that reflex is an interesting indicator, namely that it is not just our brain responsible for all our actions or even realizations—i believe that organs like GI tract and heart do their own thinking, oftentimes much more powerfully than brain (maybe because they are not trapped within semantic treadmill).
      But somehow i don’t think that discussion relates closely to the one of faith.
      As for my notions of centrality of randomness in the big picture (work-in-progress), i am sticking with it until i run into a contradiction, notwithstanding that God operates in a transcendent mode, meaning a metalogical one not bound by Gödel’s grand theorem of incompleteness.
      My thinking is as follows: what possible reason would He have had in bothering with Creation? Not saying that i can answer this question exhaustively, one idea is that He devised a system that is in itself a big question but such that it can evolve its own answer—i.e., not His Answer but an independent one.
      I guess it’s something to do to while away the eternity—which then becomes our job as sentient, INDEPENDENTLY WILLED entities to seek and answer in a piecemeal fashion.
      I try do my best, given lobro’s set of faculties, it may be nothing special but … a featherweight cannot trade punches with a heavyweight (btw, a great hero of mine, Marvelous Marvin Hagler passed away couple of days ago, was my neighbor whom i sadly never got to meet when i lived in Northern Italy—wish you a marvelous time in afterlife!)
      Chaos and order cannot exist independently, they need each other for a balanced, pleasing whole, so that God does have a pretty good sense of where His ship is heading.

      There is this thing called Champernown numbers that works as follows:
      start with a binary number, 01, then 11, then 100, 101, 110, 111, 1000, … etc, stretch them into really big ones, “110010110 … 11110100100011001000 …” strings comprising millions of zeros and ones. If you know any such number in its entirety, guessing the next is the easiest thing in the world (add “1” and follow the rule of “morphing”). But what if just a very long chunk was taken out of it, a big substring? The progression from one binary digit to another becomes quite random, i.e., you cannot guess what the next one may be.
      Or the magical number π: first of all it is transcendental, which is to say that if we know the first N digits, we cannot assert that N+1’st digit is such as such by resorting to simple heuristic method (e.g. an even number must terminate with an even digit no matter how giant the number), we must calculate it for π using one of many algebraic representations.
      But also amazingly, when we look at whatever size π representation, say three billion digit long—each of the digits 0, 1, …, 9 occur the “same” number of times, i.e., the longer the number, the closer the proportion of digits to equality (same number of zeros, ones, nines), so that π is used as verifying tool when checking the validity of pseudorandom number generators.

      Which brings me to God investigation … in the analogous way, He uses us as His π, and our freedom of will is equivalent to transcendence of π, so that each of us is a digit in that infinite reveal—or perhaps more precisely, each of our lives is such a digit if reincarnation is part of the formula (i don’t pretend to know nor honestly care much, though it seems sensible to me, recycling the spiritual content rather than wasting it in boring eternity).

      Finally, Patrick: my God is a HE. Jesus is His Son, not daughter.
      Not only by my choice but also because as a Catholic, it is the root of tradition.
      I say Paternoster (my prayers are Latin), not Maternoster. I say “Credo in deum PATREM omnipotentem, creatorem caelli et terrae et in Iesum Christum, FILIUM eium unicum” (Apostolic Creed).
      Why should I change the format? to apologize to woke trannies?🤔
      My Virgin Mary does not look like Rachel Levine, I assure you of that, if someone else has a different picture (or none at all), that’s not my business, I walk my path and am happy that there is no other traffic on it.
      And I like my dyslexia, my lifelong companion and so often, my unintended guide.😌
      (best approximation to personal randomness)

      1. I see, Lobro. Thanks.

        You use “HE” because of the translations of prayers used in writings, which show “Our Father in heaven” and no one knows exactly what “heaven” is at all. And that is a REFLEX for most folks. A leap of FAITH! 🙂

        I have said Apostles Creed thousands of times in Lutheran services. I have it memorized in English, and Latin too.

    3. additionally … NDE is well and good … to whom it helps.
      It doesn’t really help me nor do i really need it.
      Sort of like a movie, some people may be curious about ending without having watched it all.
      Me, I like the movie too much, I want to LIVE it all, what comes at the end is not death as a separate concept but as the integral part of the movie, when it comes, it comes, i have my sense of assurance that it will make sense.
      God, not G-d, if you know what i mean.



    Some final comments about 16-bit binary metalinguistics. In this digital comunications idiom all information is transmitted as discrete packets of exactly 2096 unsigned short integers. The bandwidth of 16-bit binary metalinguistics is 2exp16 factorial discrete channels of communication. The set of unsigned short integers {0,1, 2, … 65,535} can be permuted in exactly 65,536! ways. Each permutation defining a discrete white noise digital communications channel. The source code of this binary communications protocol might be made available as freeware worldwide over the www. This would not compromise its opacity as an armature for esperanto white noise communication over open channels by one iota. On the contrary it would be obvious that there exists an open ended set of thematically related variants awaiting programmers for personal use implementation.

    Ernst Nagel in his book The Structure of Science desfined the purpose of thinking to be economy of thought: the reduction of detailed reasoning necessary to a doable amount – thereby freeing the mind from the proverbial “tyranny of the particular”. The central tenet of value engineering is that value equals performance divided by cost. The net cost of disseminating binary metalinguistics worldwide is approximately zero. The incentive to do so is a low cost full spectrum malware firewall for every computer on the planet, unhackable blockchain and unsnoopable E-mails. Not to like, whatz?




    Eugene Wigner rhapsodized about the unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics during the balmy pre-WW2 days of the Great Depression 1930’ies.

    The ivy league degreed mathematically ultra-orthodox code designers of the war eviscerated 20’th century swallowed hook line and stinker (sic) John von Neumann’s magisterial kosher decree about the theoretical impossibility of emulating entropy mathematically. Thereby setting the stage for the Axis being gutted like a freshly caught trout courtesy of broken codes facilitated by military codes based on purely deterministic algorithms.

    Johnny von Neumann’s entropy Diktat could have been categorically disproven over lunch break by using the chaotic bit output of a leaky vacuum tube “driving” a conventional shuffling algorithm which took me 15 years to design while spending the pre dawn hours scribbling abstract patterns on a coffee shop place mat. Ironically, the logic underpinning this shuffling algorithm would not present much of a hill to a passably numerate twelve year old.

    Sic transit gloria Dresden, Hamburg and Tokyo – all burnt offerings on the altar of academic cranial rectosis. A post modern Sun Tzu might reasonably contend that the Art of War consists primarily of making mathematics unreasonably ineffective – even for a Google wannabe Golem suck-alike quantum kompooter up entropy creek without a paddle.

    1. @ Robert Forrester

      Thanks for your input. I won’t pretend to understand your impressively convoluted language, but I think I get the general gist of what you are saying. You are saying, in so many words, that the Allies won WWII because of their superior mathematical abilities and code breaking expertise. If Turing had not cracked the Enigma Code, the Allies would have found it much harder to win. In short, superior intelligence wins wars — not superior physical strength. David can defeat Goliath if David is smarter.

      Don Paul



    Herbert Simon (Nobel laureate & Turing Prize winner defined “bounded rationality” as the generic limiting constraint of the human intellect.

    The chief thrust of binary metalinguistics is to extend the paradigm of bounded rationality to cyber rationality. Brute force decryptation of unsigned short integerpackets consisting of 4096 unsigned short integers would overtax any conceivable computer past, present and future. It is trivially simple to extend the 16-bit binary metalinguistic model to 17-bit, 18-bit etc. work alikes.

    On my PC it only requires less than one second of processing time to produce a stochastic permutation of the {0,1,2 … 65,535} short unsigned integer set.

    MSM pundits called WW1 the chemist’s war, WW2 the physicist’s war and WW3 the mathematician’s war. My contention is that WW2 could have been the matematician’s war if the Allies had been deprived of a WW2 SAT test cheat sheet in the form of broken codes.

    The central irony is this: Cartesian reductionist mathematics was calculated to facilitate economy of thought. By the very act of basing cryptography on algorithms inherently vulnerable to Cartesian reductionism WW2 was over before the first shot was even fired. In effect, millions of civilians were sacrificed on the altar of Cartesian reductionist mathematics. Cilvilian trout visibly swimming in urban rain barrels only to be shotgunned by Boeing armadas.

    Ironically the Jew Herbert Simon was involved in formulating the post WW2 Marshall Plan.

    For me binary metalinguistics is essentially a closed chapter but the paradign of hybrid stochastic deterministic algorithms extends to a mathematical subspecialty in the larval stage which I refer to as “high resolution bit stream entropy metrology” which has broad spectrum applications in EEG-ECG clinical metrology, oil & gas seismic exploration and FRB (Fast Radio Burst) astrophysics.

    About: WW2. FDR goaded Japan to attack Pearl Harbor. Read Bergamini’s Japan’s Imperial Conspiracy.
    If the Japanese Black Dragon Society had prevailed Japan would have kicked the Dutch out of Brunei – capturing the oil there. FDR would have been kicked out of the Casablanca had he tried to drag America into an inconclusive Viet Nam suck-alike quagmire in Indonesia. Without Pearl Harbor WW2 would have petered out by 1942 and Stalin’s politically abused forces rolled up like a carpet by the Wehrmacht.

  27. An interesting book about the afterlife, ” A lawyer presents the evidence for the afterlife
    Author(s): Zammit, Victor; Zammit, Wendy

    Table of contents :

  28. In my response to Pat made less than an hour ago, i mentioned with nostalgia the “passing“⁉️ of Marvin Hagler who not only was my boxing hero but a truly sweet, kind, gentle individual Outside the ring, on the inside he was an apocalyptic beast, HP Lovecraft’s Chthulhu personified.
    But just now, i came across this astounding internet controversy.
    The epic Hagler-Hearns was a veritable demolition derby, the two-and-half most incredible rounds in boxing history, so when Tommy Hearns (whom i also met thru his also legendary, also late trainer Manuel Steward a friend of my trainer Egerton Marcus in Toronto) speaks on the subject, he should know:

    About an hour before Hagler’s death was announced, Thomas “Hitman” Hearns posted, “A real true warrior Pray for the king and his family.
    He’s in ICU fighting the after effects of the vaccine!
    He’ll be just fine but we could use the positive energy and Prayer for his Full Recovery!”

    … and my semi-wokey son insists on vaxxing regardless—partying and flying takes precedence.
    ¿NDE (too near to be good)

    1. I have watched those fights numerous times. Maybe the best ever. Clash of styles made them great. ‘Hitman’
      Hearns had strong power early. Plodding Hagler had the stamina.

      1. Pat, Hearns had one and only one chance against Hagler. Hit him on the chin with his best shots early ala Aaron Pryor, and cross his fingers. We all saw that’s what he did and we all saw what happened. He did indeed wobble and even stun Hagler, but by then he was barely half the fighter he was two minutes earlier and now here comes Marvelous Marvin and he ain’t happy..

        Hagler and Leonard, though both slightly over their prime, was one of the best boxing exhibitions ever. Akin to Ali-Foreman. I was proud of and felt even felt Leonard’s pain in taking Hagler’s big punches. What a liver!

      2. People forget how smart Hagler was in the ring, able to adapt, the best switch hitter ever. For my money, his best fights were with John Mugabe, an African punching demon whom Hagler stifled with patient defense, brought to exhaustion and put away in the late game (I think 13th?), and
        Roberto “Manos de Piedra” Duran, one of my (if not THE) all-time favorites, whom people gave absolute zero chance against much bigger, stronger and younger Hagler who had previously devastated Hearns.
        Yet he went in fearlessly after Marvelous from the get-go, displaying his unique combination of hand-speed and uncanny head movement, slipping by half-inches Hagler’s power shots. Hagler was so impressed and respectful that I suspect he carried Duran in later rounds.
        As for Leonard, my respect went up for him greatly in the FIRST Duran fight in Montreal, where he went toe-to-toe for 15 brutal, tremendous, all-out rounds, when Duran was at his peak as welterweight.
        One more: Leonard-Benitez (El Radar, my second favorite), where Benitez showed why he was the best defensive fighter in history or at least as good as Pernell Whitaker, showing that magical anticipation, even though he lost (narrowly in my view, due to strangely slippery ring surface that neutralized his footwork and clear slips were called knockdowns).

        Those were the days of warriors … nobody was ashamed of losing like today’s primadonnas, the shame was in running and hiding from prime opponents.
        You might notice that in all the mentioned encounters, my praise was for the loser, which should say something about the quality of action.

      3. My all-time favorite was Alexis Arguello. Next came Mickey Ward(left hook to liver), then Bobby Czyz.

      4. I met Hagler years ago at an event in his home state of Massachusetts. He was from Brockton, Ma., which was also the home of the undefeated heavyweight champion Rocky Marciano.

        I marvel (pardon the pun) at the contrast between what a genuinely nice man Hagler was with how ferocious he was in the ring. That

        Rest in peace, champ.

  29. I find many of these comments extremely interesting and some above my pay grade. One final thought about NDE’s and Quantum Mechanics. Is pure consciousness having experience in the universe (a holographic matrix it created for experience) by giving itself amnesia when it enters by incarnation? Thus the experiencer is search of the perfect experience is memory erased of what it is so that when entering the matrix in a thinking being like a human, has the most “real” experience.

    So if we are souls (or have souls) how come we don’t remember our past lives? The prison planet thesis says our souls were erased, with each death the soul goes to the light, gets caught in a soul trap, is processed and memory swiped like a hard drive, then the soul is convinced to return to earth for an important mission. We always enter earth tabula rasa, and it is meant to be that way, those that do remember their past lives are unintentional anomalies, and not meant to happen.

    We do this ourselves with video games, and this is well illustrated in the sick movie Existenz (1999), where the experiencers have such intense experiences in the virtual game that when returning to this realm, it seems pale in comparison. So, using that as a model for consciousness invading our realm, we want experience, without the risk of real death. thus the deception and memory erasure. So we make a game in which we die, but really, we don’t die. Thus our realm (which is inside the simulation) we postulate the soul that doesn’t die, we are aware that part of selves (maybe the only real part) survives death (the soul), and NDEs and other psi phenomena are clues of the simulated hologram from inside perspective.

    I have not had an NDE, so I have to take another’s subjective experience on their word. But I did have this remarkable dream one time, of a rainbow goddess floating in space, and I was in a dream inside a dream inside a dream and inside another dream. It was clear from this dream I was in 4 layers of dreams eminating from the heart chakra of a rainbow goddess floating in some unknown space. That is very similar to Krishna dreaming all of the worlds into existence.

    Modern physics confirms this weird universe, that the observer affects the quantum world. Is that not proof of a simulation? Then we have this excellent example of 3d invading 2d with the flatland analogy. 3d can see everything in 2d land, but 2d can barely detect 3d. Thus consciousness (in the land of God) exists in a higher dimension, is aware of everything in our lower dimension, but we, in the lower dimension only have vague awareness of what is going on is the higher realm. Thus heaven remains a mystery to us stuck in earth dimension, and it is meant to be that way. We are not to know our true status because that would ruin the simulator’s experience.

    The bottom line to all of this is that we in the lower realm are expendable pawns in some other dimensions game world. This realm seems to me to be a simulated reality, some other realm is toying with us for entertainment. We are like characters in a video game who make the horrible mistake and become self aware. This terrible situation we are in was expressed perfectly by a UK woman who summed up our situation as characters in a simulation:

    “You never asked to be here, but you are here now, so you sure as hell better conform, that is, play the game, otherwise go to prison, or live on the streets. God is a computer programmer, from an advanced civilization. Look around you, now, think of where virtual reality technology is currently at, with the Oculus Rift. Now fast forward that technology 500 years or so, and throw in some artificial intelligence algorithms, and you can begin to see how you and I, are very likely artificial intelligence algorithms running on advanced computer hardware, that is so powerful we truly believe we are real, but in actual fact none of us are real, it is all a simulation. You are stuck inside a simulation, there is no escape, there is no merciful God, who is going to bring you to be with him in heaven once you die. Stop trying to search for some greater meaning in life, because I have just explained the meaning, you are inside a simulation, you are nothing more than entertainment, and in fact, with billions of characters inside this simulation, you may never even be noticed, by who ever it is that our particular instance of the simulation programme is being viewed by.

    Look around you, are people happy? The internet has been part of our reality for 20 years now, and people are more unhappy and less fulfilled than ever. Staring lifelessly at their mobile phone screens, checking for the latest face book update, we are spiritually empty, and guess what, we will always be empty, because no matter what path you take in life, you will never be satisfied. We are programmed to always want more. Get the job you wanted, and before long you will want your bosses job. People have children to try and fIll that empty void, but even that, just brings about a whole new set of questions, about what this reality is. The type of questions that will never be accurately answered, until you wake up and become self aware, and by that I mean, you must come to terms with the fact that you are inside a computer simulation. You are entertainment. God is not a merciful entity, right now people are being raped and tortured all over the world. Some for many years on end. God is a sick and cruel computer programmer, with a twisted sense of humor, and the joke is on you. Yes my friend, the joke is on you.”

    1. @bark,

      Is pure consciousness having experience in the universe … by giving itself amnesia when it enters by incarnation?

      i cannot answer this through my own experience—i guess my soul is too coarse-grained as spiritual material.
      But i can tell you the following, as told by venerable Karma Kala Rinpoche, an ancient of days whom i had known in a giant Gangtok monastery (1972-73, accompanying some high school buddies conversos to Buddhism). He was the second most senior teacher in this “Black Hat” sect, a wizened little guy all of 90 lbs wet weight and he told me that he’d counted off 14 reincarnations, one behind the head honcho, Karmapa (who looked much younger and robust like a lumberjack). And each time returned to guide the next generation of monks. Had a fine sense of humor, we’d actually make fun of western converts for being so damn earnest and serious—kind of woke of that era.
      He even gave me a proper Tibetan name and some twine bracelet, forgot the former, lost the latter. He died a few years later (even visited Toronto and remembered me).
      When in neighborhood in 2011 I wanted to pay a visit to Gangtok and see if the Model #15 would also recognize me but bad weather intervened (summer monsoon, mountain landslides made the roads dangerous or impassable) and put paid to that.
      Sooo … i don’t know Bark, maybe he is a scammer, maybe a holy man, hollow man, headcase … he seemed ultra sharp and anticipated my every question before i even formulated it (always had a monk translator nearby, yet understood english perfectly, made fun of westerners trying to learn tibetan—coz status symbol).
      I think he wanted me to go buddhist but never said it aloud.

    2. “The material laws are very subtle. We, the spirit soul, are covered by a gross body and a subtle body. The gross body is made of earth, water, fire, air, and ether, and the subtle body is made of mind, intelligence, and ego. And the spirit soul is within these outward gross and subtle bodies. When the gross body is annihilated, the subtle body—the mind, intelligence, and ego—carries the soul to another body. What kind of body we get depends on what we are thinking at the time of death. An example is given in the scriptures: just as the air carries the aroma of a rose garden or the bad odor of a filthy place, similarly, the mind, intelligence, and ego carry me to a particular type of body according to the thought in which I am absorbed at the time of death.”
      (Srila Prabhupada)

      1. hp
        It seems to me that if we incarnated into a mortal realm such as this many times before, then it would suggest that all those times we failed to entertain one simple thought that may have put the kibosh on continuing existence in this fashion, and it comes in the form of a question – “can I see myself popping out of a womb, yet again?” If the answer is “hell no!”, then that could infer that we’ve finally attained sufficient awareness that DOES put on the kibosh. We will have come to the realization that we’ve been the victim of a “sting operation”; a metaphysical con job. 😳

  30. In addition to NDEs there are ghost stories and angel stories. There’s more than enough evidence for spiritual reality. I once asked God if I only believed in Him because of what I believed were angel encounters. I instantly heard, telepathic like, “I’m as real as love is”.

  31. I hope I’m there the day Pat meets Dimitri Khalezov in the Afterlife. When Pat meets a REAL physicist and Khalezov proceeds to, lol, make mince meat out of Pat. It will be Paradise for Dimitri [and me ] in the Afterlife but not for Pat, lol…..

  32. I like to think in terms of how does the Universe sustain itself?
    If we observe what is directly in front of us, we observe: space, mass, and energy.
    So if life does continue after the body dies, it would stand to reason the basic entity or smallest, non-divisible entity, the building blocks of the Universe, have the choice of migrating into one of these 3 basic choices of existence.

    In both Space Consciousness and Mass Consciousness, the entity is surrounded by entities enjoying the pleasure of agreement. If a thought field is experienced as undesirable, the space entity simply thinks of something else, and Paradise is instantly restored.

    Mass Consciousness would be much like what Atheists expect after death. A total contraction of consciousness, although the entity choosing this existence would be surrounded by entities enjoying the pleasure of agreement in their contraction. Imagine your most profound experience of pleasurable, deep, sleep.

    Currently all of us are sharing the realm of energy, which is the attempt to be both space and mass at the same time, in millions of bits per second, much like the 0. & 1’s of a computer, so the process is unnoticeable. Most humans remain for the most part in the unconscious realm of mass, they are mass-minded, and that it is why it is so painful to be near them. However, at any given time, all of us in the energy realm can be vibrating in mass mind, unconscious.

    Because humans dwelling in the Energy realm are all on various levels of attempting to be both space consciousness and mass consciousness at the same time, the propensity for pain exists to a high degree in the physical realm of Energy.

    As humans we can minimize pain through right planning, but we can not get rid of pain altogether, and much of the trouble in our world, experienced both by the individual and by larger energy systems is caused by the disastrous attempts at avoiding pain and demanding the pleasure of agreement, even if this brings on unecessary war, disease and crime.

    I think people who choose to remain largely within mass mind, will most likely be the entities that return to the energy realm upon death of the body. Many people appear addicted to the emotional roller coaster of the energy realm and I’ve actually heard people say that post-death, they want to return to Earth, “to get it right”.

    So for me, it has been important to be wary of religions which tell us we must reach perfection to escape the wheel of mass mind of Samsara. How can one reach perfection in an imperfect body with a limited brain, in a realm of energy entities, all vibrating on different states of energy consciousness?

    I think if most of us knew how easy it is to leave the Energy realm upon death and enter Paradise, much of the fretting and fear of death would dissipate. Most religions instruct us to let go of this world. But I found that once I leave the cave of intense spiritual discipline, prayer and meditation, that huge machine out there is still

    Perhaps the best we can hope to truly achieve is to be willing to fully let go at the time of our death.
    Could you do this? Let go of what happens in the world after your exit, what will happen to your possessions, your loved ones, your body of work, and whether or not justice is ever served on this planet?

    I pray for smooth transitions for myself and all of you as well, when the time arrives.

    I’ve deeply enjoyed this article and the commenter’s thoughts and experiences, thank-you for your individual contributions of thoughts.

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