Transmigration [*POEM*]




Here I am then, a pebble on the beach.
The sea has made me beautiful and round.  
I hear strange voices calling each to each.
Will someone pick me up? Will I be found?

Here I am then, reborn a butterfly,
Basking in summer sunshine all the day.
Gathering wisdom from the flowers I fly
Through magic gardens looking for the Way.

Here I am then, a sheepdog on a farm.
‘Woof-woof! Bow-wow!’ I go, herding the sheep.
Curled up before a winter fire, warm
As toast. What bliss to gnaw a bone! Then, sleep!

Here I am then, a barmaid bold and brassy,
Pulling pints and polishing beer glasses;
Flirting with men behind the bar, all sassy,
A happy bunny of the lower classes!

Here I am then, trapped in an old man’s body;
Crippled with pain, blind, deaf, and stricken dumb.
I’ve had my innings and I’m getting ready
To be wheeled away from a nursing home.

Here I am then, on my deathbed lying,
Railing at God, Existence is a crime!’—
With doctors, nurses, and my neighbours sighing
To see an end to this sad pantomime. 

Here I am then, a pebble on the beach.
The sea has made me beautiful and round.  
I hear strange voices calling each to each.
Will someone pick me up? Will I be found?

32 thoughts to “Transmigration [*POEM*]”

  1. I like this little poem. It reminds me of who I am.
    Plus it made me smile and yes a little chuckle did trickled out..

    “But the advantage of having this human body is that in this dream, you can realize the reality—God. That is the advantage. So if you don’t take advantage of this dream, then you are missing everything.”
    (Srila Prabhupada)

    “In Bhagavad-gita (18.61) the body is compared to a machine. The soul has his own form, but he is given a machine, the body, which he uses to wander throughout the universe, attempting to enjoy himself.”

    1. Dear Lasha, nom de plume “Xanadu”,

      The next stop for you is the loony bin, honey. lol…

  2. “attempting to enjoy himself” as a soul in human life form and under “strict surveillance of the fake worldly opposition of all godly souls” is like racing arunas “war chariot” with square wheels and while being utterly overweight. Many are “racing” through life with their heavy head deeply buried in their own rectum while enjoying themselves immensely in a crazy selfish dream until the mortal worn out body drops dead (or is carried away lifeless from a dark and sad but profitable nursing home) and life begins again for “him” in a heartfelt moment that lasts until it is willed away again to participate for another “final race to win” in the flesh (and with improved square fail safe racing wheels granting a safe return – to hell).

    1. “The mind is restless, turbulent, obstinate and very strong, O Krishna.”
      The chariot of the body.

      Gosh, the passenger soul sure doesn’t look too happy about that.
      Mortified due to the knucklehead driver might be an understatement..

    (More on topic here).

    @ Darrell

    You pride yourself on your Latin scholarship, never losing an opportunity to show off your erudition by quoting it. How does that, pray tell, give you the right to address Lasha in terms of extreme sexist condescension when Lasha is not only fluent in Latin but also in Ancient Greek, French, and numerous other languages. Including, may I add, Sanskrit.

    Lasha has give us an insight into the Oriental mind by translating these three poems from the Sanskrit (See link below). Do you know Sanskrit, Darrell? Have you read the Upanishads? The Bhahavad-Gita? The Dhammapada (in Pali)? I doubt if you have, Darrell. And yet you go on about the dangers of paganism and the “demonic” realms that apparently open up for good Christians by reading beautifully written poems like these:

    I challenge you, dear Darrell, to find fault with these brilliantly translated Sanskrit poems! Some of these poems, I believe, were composed 2000-3000 years before Christ. I really do believe that Jesus himself would have approved of these poems if he’d ever come across them in his (mythical?) journeys through India. Especially his legendary sojourn in Kashmir. (I’m not seriously suggesting that these Jesus legends be treated seriously but simply mention them in passing, since they are part of the Jesus mythos).

    As for you, you regard these exquisite poems as potentially “evil”. As giving rise to “demonic” phenomena As a source of “spiritual infection” to all good Christians, both Catholic and Protestants.

    Get a life, Darrell! Stop making a fool of yourself! Truly, you are an embarrassment to the Catholic Church. You have more to learn from Lasha, believe me, than Lasha has to learn from you! 🙂

    Be humble and accept that.

    1. From DARRELL to me (reposted)

      Sister Monica, I can only assume that Lasha told you that her short email to me was a “peace offering” only in the sense that she hoped it would get me off her back, like you say, and stop harassing her with my unsolicited advice, and that you’re not just putting words in her mouth. And so, unless I hear otherwise, I will refrain from any comments on what she writes unless it is in praise of it, ceasing from any of the pertinent spiritual works of mercy which my conscience inspires me to perform so as not to offend either her or you or any of her other devotees.”

      Fair enough. If that’s how you feel. But Let me tell you I do not like your tone. It smacks of extreme arrogance. Lasha does not have “devotees”. She simply has a few honest people here who stick up for her and defend when she is harassed by internet bullies. Which is unfortunately quite frequent.

      If you refuse to accept the admittedly harsh criticisms of Madame Butterfly, whom you have attacked in crude and vulgar ad hominem terms — in distinct violation of how a good Christian is advised to behave — you could at least pay careful attention to what SAKI has said to you. Saki, who has my full backing, is now one of the best posters on this site.

      I challenge you to post your entire email to Lasha in which you critique her latest poem “Transmigration”. Le’s judge for ourselves if you have attacked and undermined Lasha in this unsolicited email of yours. Or if, on the contrary, you have gone out of your way to be kind and considerate and offer constructive criticisms in the way a good mentor or spiritual director would do. I asked Lasha if she minded if this email were made public. Her answer: “Not in the least. I am sure Darrell has nothing to hide.” If you have nothing to hide, then please post your critique of her Lasha’s poem on the poetry thread below. Without any changes — exactly as sent — but only omitting your full name and email address. Your privacy will thus be maintained.

      Thank you for your full cooperation.

      1. Saki makes Lasha out to be another Savitri Devi, the way Saki describes Lasha’s intellectual abilities and her acumen and Lasha’s High IQ, it sounds like Saki is describing Savitri Devi. I’m surprised Lasha doesn’t like Hitler. *grin*

    2. I read them and think the rhyme and meter are great and if I were a Hindu, I’d probably like the content too. I have a predilection for Genesis and the whole Christian cosmogeny and interpretation of everything, as a number of people here know by now, some who think that I think I’m morally and intellectually superior to others here, but who are greatly mistaken. I just believe that any interest in eastern spirituality beyond its anthropological and cultural elements and meaning, and its history, e.g. if one searches for divine wisdom and the answers to the ultimate questions, he is veering from what God Himself has revealed to us as the answers to our most important questions, first in the Old Testament, then fulfilled in Christ, and continued in the Catholic Church (but not in the counterfeit post-1958 church, only in the “underground” Church adhering to tradition in all things. Long story which I linked elsewhere).

      What i really liked the most about the whole page were the “poems” and comments by TROJ. I like his sense of humor and the way he satirizes what he sees as erroneous beliefs. He seems like a pretty smart and learned fellow too — even more than I, like Lasha and many others here are more learned than I am. It’s just that I know the truth of Catholicism and some very little known facts as mentioned in my other comment(s).

      1. @ Darrell

        Your admiration for TROJ tells us all we need to know about you. Like you, TROJ is a compulsive masturbator and jerks off to bestiality porn. And this is the sexual deviant you admire so much and praise! Oh, please do tell the Virgin Mary how much you love the idea of Lasha being f***ed by horses! 🙂

        1. Darrell :

          Keep praying, maybe one of these days
          you’ll finally get something right for once in your life.


            Can you explain any of the points I mention, Darrell, explain my points from your point of view. Maybe shed some light on the points I make. Maybe present another way to look at the points I make.

            Maybe I’m wrong about the points I make. Got any questions for me? Got any statements to make in favor of what I’m saying or not in favor of what I’m saying? Mind going into detail as to why agree with me or why you disagree with me? Does the penny cathecism mention any of the points I make in this post? And if so, what does the penny cathecism have to say about the points I make?

            Thank you, TROJ.

            1. @ TROJ

              I’m not sure that Darrell, who loves the Virgin Mary so much, is the right person to ask for his views on horse porn and your appetite for horse porn pics! 🙂

              But maybe because Darrell admires you so much and was himself a big porn addict at one time, he will be able to comment in detail on your horse porn obsessions. Maybe you and Darrell could even get together someplace and pray, preferably not in a stable! 🙂

            2. TROJ,
              I just thought your comment about Karen and Heidegger and some of your satirical “poetry” was amusing, e.g.

              If anyone of you Darkmooners ever start missing Karen, just include in a post some Heidegger Dasein terminology and that attracts Karen like a bear to honey. Honey bear just LERVS her honey “god is dead” Heidegger, who studied the Qabalah from the jew Husserl [ the jew qabalah “wizard” Husserl, the jew qabalah “wizard” pretending to be a Lutheran ].

              Oh, Hinduism!,
              it’s like totally Groovy,
              dudes listen UP! :
              it’s all about,
              trance music,
              and kanev bosem,
              floating down the River Ganges,
              to become One,
              Immersed in the Cosmic Sea,
              of Universal Unity,
              tripping-out to the music of Pan,
              and speaking the ancient,
              learned and erudite language,
              that holds all the secrets of Creation,
              The Sacred Language,
              of samdhyabhasa twilight-zone land,
              we experience in our Dreams,
              of Gurus and Sufis,
              and Qabalah Joos,
              we’re all Morphing into,
              Adam Kadmon Juniors,
              of our Father God,
              from our Sacred Kabbalah,
              who promises,
              an Eternity,
              Ruling Over,
              an ever expanding,
              Empire of Galaxies,
              A Cosmic Golden Circle Empire,
              Ever Increasing Never-Ending Spheres,
              of Power and Influence,
              we’re on the cusp,
              We’re emerging,
              out of the primal primordial slime,
              and we’re morphing,
              into GODS,
              but right now,
              we’re just vaguely Trans-Human,
              One or Two more,
              and we’ll be,
              Being There,
              with Our Father God,
              Adam Kadmon,
              just like Him,
              we’ll be GODS,
              everything is coming into view,
              like Wow man,
              totally EREIGNIS,
              there’s Light up ahead,
              in the,
              just another one or two,
              more earthly experiences,
              just a little bit more DESTRUKTION,
              then we’ll be,
              like all Spiritually Prepared,
              SEIN zum TODE,
              we’ll ALL be,
              our very own individual,
              The Sacred Promise,
              of our Big Daddy,
              the Joo Adam Kadmon,
              like Wow! man,
              like way out groovy!
              I can’t wait,
              to transverse,
              the Ever Expanding Universe,
              a Cosmic GOD in my own Right,
              The One True Religion of The World,
              The ONE True and Only Spirituality,
              I learned about,
              from Stephen Hawkings,
              on Discovery Channel,
              from Hollywood,
              on my teevee,
              Lasha , our Qabalah girl,
              is like,
              Totally Groovy!!

              1. @ Darrell Dimwit

                How would you like a “satirical poem” poking fun at the Virgin Mary? Or a satire on pedophile priests and masturbatory monks? I’m sure you’d LOVE that! 🙂

            3. (OFF-TOPIC COMMENT)

              ADMIN : I have approved for publication this off-topic rant by TROJ in which I am accused of committing every single crime in the book except murder. If any of you can figure out what this is all about please let me know! 🙂

              In the novels of Kafka, people are arrested and accused of the most unspeakable crimes. When they ask, “What have I been arrested for? What exactly is my crime?” they are told: “We’re not telling you. It’s too shocking to disclose.”

              TROJ takes us into a similar Kafkaesque world in this 5-star comment below:

              TROJ says:

              Uncle :

              This latest scuzzy sleazy pathetic antic of yours is a very desperate attempt to make yourself — and Lasha’s pets — feel good about yourselves because you all know I would win ALL THE TIME on a level playing field and that galls you — and also galls Lasha’s pets. Oh how it must eat away at you and at the pets. LMFAO!!!!

              Even on a playing field greatly slanted against me I still manage many times to WIN, that must really annoy you and Lasha’s pets. Oh how that must annoy you and annoy the pets. LMFAO!!!!

              On a playing field you yourself control and is greatly slanted in your favor of course and greatly slanted against me you and Lasha’s pets still have great difficulty winning and many times lose to me. LMFAO!!!

              You’re not no pet of Lasha’s. Oh no! You’re Monica’s pet , her lap poodle, b*tch. LMFAO!!!

              Being a Catholic I am called to forgive you. So I have forgiven you — even though the TRESPASS against me was a HUGE TRESPASS — and you know it. I have forgiven you. I’m quick to forgive you because I feel very sorry for you and the other pets because how pathetic it is you have to stoop so low in a desperate scuzzy sleazy attempt , what a low life antic this latest antic of yours, to feel like you’re actually capable of winning against me on a level palying field. lol….

              Did this latest antic of yours, so low life so scuzzy so dishonorable, has it succeeded in covering up your feelings of deep inadequacy because neither you nor anyone else can win against me on a level playing field? And now you and the other pets can feel good about yourselves — like you beat me on a level playing field? Like living in delusion do WE. Even if WE have to stoop really low and do all kinds of scuzzy sleazy things to make Us feel like WE can actually win on a level playing field and have to pull all kinds of low life rat fink antics to desperately hold on to Our delusions of superiority. To prove your “superiority” you had to behave like a rat. LMFAO!!!

              I’m getting a kick out of this! it’s easy to forgive when you’re getting a kick out of THE TRESPASS you’re forgiving. I have forgiven you, but I have a good memory so I won’t ever be forgetting this latest low life antic of yours. But I will also remember you stooped so low out of desperation to hold on to the delusion it’s a level playing field we’re all on and you and the other pets can always beat me on a level playing field. When you all can hardly win against me on a playing field greatly slanted in your favor and greatly slanted against me and you all still have a real hard time winning, and many times I still win with all the odds against me, LMFAO.!!!! That must really gall you and gall the other pets something severely galling eating away at you and the other pets.

              This latest antic of yours is so pathetic I actually feel sorry for you — hence it’s easy to fogive you your TRESPASS against me, which is a HUGE TRESPASS. Being a HUGE TRESPASS I’m getting a HUGE kick out it. Very entertaining TRESPASS!!! It’s such a pathetic attempt to “feel” “superior” one actually feels sorry for you for being so inferior you have to act like a low down dirty rat in order to desperately hold on to the delusion of being “superior”, LMFAO!!! How pathetic. Enjoy being The Leader of the Darkmoon Commensal Rodent RAT PACK do you? Feel superior because you’re the biggest rat fink here at Darkmoon do you. Like it when it’s real dark, rats like when it’s dark the best. Like dark corners do you. You must, rats feel most comfortable hiding in dark corners. LMFAO!!!!! Yeah, real classy, a real class act, this latest low down sleazy scuzzy low life desperate rat fink antic of yours, LMFAO!!!!!!

              I am merciful so I have forgiven you — but I’ll never forget . I have a very good memory! *grin*

        2. Madame,
          If you’re really a woman, you’ve lost all sense of moral decency. If you were a Christian, you would know that St Paul says that such things as you mention should never even be mentioned. Obviously your conscience has been jaded somehow.

          If you read TROJ’s “poems” and comments after the 3 poems by Lasha and my response, you would know that I only liked the way he satirized eastern spirituality, as he did it in a humorous fashion. I am not on this website enough (except lately) to know of his perverted habits.

          Are you trying to provoke me into saying something sick and degenerate like you do? If I called you a whore, I would be slandering you just like you do when you call me a compulsive masturbator. Have you lost all sense of the virtue of modesty?

          1. @ Darrell

            I reserve the right to despise you, sir. There is nothing in you that you that any decent woman could possibly admire. Hieronymus is right about you. You lack intelligence. You have been educated beyond your intelligence! All those years in a monastery have stunted your intellect and left it desiccated. I use bad language when I am angry, so do millions of other people! Does that make millions of angry swearers “whores”? God, you’re as thick as a plank!

            Even if I were a REAL whore, sonny boy, wasn’t Mary Magdalen a “whore”? And didn’t Christ speak to her kindly? Unlike you, you sanctimonious little creep. If you were in my company right now, sitting at an adjacent table in a restaurant, I would go up to you and spit in your face! That would show my contempt for you. If my husband were with me, I’d get him to beat the shit out of you and rearrange your ugly fat jowly pimply face, you pus-ridden slug monster! It’s people like you who bring Christianity into disrepute.

            There’s not a single person on his site who likes you or respects you. You are universally detested. Why? It’s because you are intrinsically detestable! Even TROJ despises you, as you can see from his above post, where he takes the piss out of you.

            Well done, TROJ! You write well! You have verve and panache and brio! You have more talent in your little finger and a way with words than this virtue signalling little shit monk has in his whole body.

            1. Strong language, Madame! 🙂

              I sympathize with your sentiments entirely but I deplore your scatological language.

              Men like this masturbatory ex-monk actually thrive on abuse . They crave attention. Being abused not only turns them on and increases the size of their erections but also appeals to their Martyr complex. They kid themselves they are enduring persecution for Christ’s sake.

  4. It looks like all the paragraph breaks are gone, unless you can see them and i can’t, plus I forgot to put www. in front of

    1. @ Darrell

      I asked you specifically to post your email to Lasha EXACTLY AS YOU SENT IT, WITHOUT ANY CHANGES. You were unable to do this. Instead, you tampered with the text of your email, transposing paragraphs, adding “clarifications” not requested, and sending in a doctored version of your original email.

      I am now going to post the original email you sent Lasha, which she has been kind enough to forward me at my request.

      Most readers will conclude that the email you sent Lasha amounts to harassment: deeply offensive, condescending, and completely unchristian. I am struck by its unkindness as well as by its condescension and self-importance, as if you were addressing your intellectual and moral inferior. This is not how how a good Spiritual Director behaves. Your words are clearly designed to wound and cause distress.

      You forget that the person you are addressing was hit by a life-changing catastrophe in March 2018 and is still in the throes of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Her poetry, however horrible you may find it, is not horrible to me. And it is certainly not horrible to her Spiritual Director who recommended that she write it for therapeutic reasons. I really don’t understand how you think you are helping Lasha in any way by hateful comments about her poetry being “demonic” and “pagan”. Lasha is close to the Virgin Mary, very close, and so in attacking Lasha you are actually attacking a devotee of Our Lady without knowing it. I want you to know this so that you may be aware of the sin you have committed.

      Lasha knows you have good intentions, by the way, and does not condemn you. Not in the slightest. She just finds you rather scary. You are not the first man to harass her on the internet, nor the worst by any means. There have been many others over the years, including one man who sent her two blown-up photos of his erect penis, with his face concealed.

      I will copy and paste your original email now, emphasizing in bold print the most offensive bits.

      Go in peace, dear Darrell, and try a bit harder in future to be a nicer person. The only true religion is kindness.

      God bless,

      Sister Monica

      1. Lasha Darkmoon to Darrell:

        Jun 25, 2021, 1:01 PM (3 days ago)

        Sincerest apologies for any offence given. No offence intended. Please accept my new poem, Transmigration, as a peace offering. All the best, Lasha

        Darrell to Lasha Darkmoon in response:

        Thank you, but I see a pagan spirit animating it [your poem], one that wonders what the meaning of everything is. There’s a lot we as Catholics can wonder at, for sure, but not if wonder means uncertainty about our origin, nature, how we must live, and what happens after death. A 7 year old memorizing the Penny Catechism knows more metaphysical truth than even Plato or Aristotle, much less some eastern “sage” who believes in millions of gods (in reality demons), reincarnation, and a mythological cosmology and cosmogeny.

        St Thomas distinguishes between the intellectual virtue of studiositas and its opposite vice, curiositas.

        Do you do much reading of the lives and writings of the saints? Have you read the Dialogue of St Catherine of Siena in the last 20 years? How about St Teresa of Avila’s Life and/or Way of Perfection? How about a little of the New Testament every day, esp. the traditional Mass readings? Forgive me if I’m sounding like an uninvited spiritual director, but I know things that most people don’t know, even most priests (tragically) and I know that you will only find peace of soul in traditional, i.e. pre-Vatican II Catholicism, and with no spiritually poisonous admixture of any other religious tradition. Even toying with ideas such as reincarnation and even evolution open up portals to the diabolical, esp. the former. Did you know even theistic molecules to microbes to man evolution over billions of years is contrary to authoritative Catholic teaching, from the OT thru the apostolic teaching and that of popes, councils, and Church Fathers and Doctors, even though most Vatican II Catholics believe it? (They also believe in many other errors.)

        “There are an infinite number of angles at which a man will fall. Only one at which he can stand.” (GK Chesterton)

        Did you read the little booklet I sent on The Secret of Mary? Follow the saint’s instructions and enter into the great and glorious mystery and you will be amazed and forever grateful for what it does to your soul. It will also help you to lead many other souls to salvation, and there’s nothing more important than that. “If souls aren’t saved, nothing is saved.”, Audio version:

        1. Now here are my very minor clarifications, not corrections:

          Thank you, but I see [more of] a pagan [than Christian] spirit animating it.

          Forgive me if I’m sounding like an uninvited spiritual director, but I know [some] things that most people don’t know, even most priests (tragically)
          [, e.g. the 1958 takeover of the papacy by means of a terrible, most probably nuclear, threat against the Vatican if Cardinal Siri, elected 2 days before john XXIII, didn’t step down — invalidly,; the diabolically criminal act of identity theft of Sr Lucia and the subsequent distortion of the crucially important Fatima Message,; and the invalidity of not only the Novus Ordo Mass tyrannically imposed on the whole Church by the homosexual Freemason son of a Jewish converso mother, anti-pope Paul VI, but the invalidity of his new 1968 episcopal consecration rite, giving us today a bunch of laymen dressed as priests and bishops (except in the “underground” Church independent of apostate Rome and adhering to Catholic Tradition in all things).

      2. “The only true religion is kindness.”

        If you and/or Lasha really believe that, which is something that could be said by any atheist, agnostic, Freemason, Talmudic Jew, Buddhist, or New Age believer, then a deep spiritual blindness has surely taken over.
        Have you by chance modified your previous Catholic beliefs to coincide more with a behavior change?

        1. What a fool you are, sir. If you cannot see that kindness is the basis of all religions, the common thread that unites them all together and is the very essence of all religion, you seriously need you head tested. The fact that atheists can also be kind sometimes (by giving money to charity for example) doesn’t make atheism a religion. Your logic is up the creek and indicates a lack of intelligence.

          1. HIERONYMUS,
            You’ll find out when you die, but hopefully before, that hell is full of people who were kind, but did not humbly repent of their sins, and who had the opportunity to perceive and acknowledge the Incarnate Son of God who died for their sins but refused to believe, or didn’t take the trouble to even find out who He is. The Divine Physician can only heal those who honestly admit of their disease. That disease is sin, and there is no forgiveness of sin except in Christ, whose supernatural grace is administered through the Church He founded upon Peter and the other apostles, which is the Catholic Church, now existing independent of apostate Rome since the takeover of the papacy on Oct. 26, 1958. There is abundant evidence for all this, but one must first at least seek the truth before he can find it.

            “Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the Antichrist. The Church will be in eclipse. The world will be in dismay.” (Our Lady of La Salette, 1846)

  5. Lasha and some readers may like to see some poetry animated by a Catholic spirit from a multiple award-winning contemporary Catholic poet, Joseph Charles MacKenzie:

    Sacred Heart
    Heart to hold sorrows when ours are too full,
    Friend of the friendless who will not betray,
    The rudder’s guide if we should drift or stray,
    Calmer of restless seas, the tempest’s lull,

    For those who know not love, love’s vast abyss,
    Or loaded with sin, more loaded down,
    King of all kings, who wears thorns for a crown,
    Faithful unto death, betrayed by a kiss.

    Divinely formed within the Virgin’s womb,
    With hers you pulsed, from hers you drew your blood.
    One day, a soldier’s lance would draw a flood
    Of life from your side, life to cancel doom.

    O Heart, whatever shall I do with mine
    That fails, if not replace it, Lord, with thine?

    Virgin Most Renowned

    Proclaim her, O ye stars that form her crown!
    Proclaim her, sky, in your expanse of blue!
    Declare her chastity, the swan’s white down!
    And you, O sun, her glories ever new!

    Shadows of clouds that move across our plains,
    Her alternating joys and sorrows teach!
    The grace she sends from heaven’s heights, O rains
    That fall upon our thirst, be yours to preach!

    Kings of this world, repeat her ancient lauds,
    To Love’s fair Handmaid consecrate your lands,
    Commend your peoples, knowing they are God’s,
    To the protection of her unstained hands!
    Let poets sing, her honour to defend:
    “Who explains me shall have life without end.” (and readings on youtube)

    1. @ Darrell

      I don’t care how many “awards” these mediocre poems may have won. To me they come across as mawkish doggerel. And I speak as a Catholic. There are literally thousands of great hymns, both Catholic and Protestant, and they are far worthier of praise than the two hymns you copy and paste above. Like “Jerusalem the Golden” , the hymns of Wesley, and the hymns of the Protestant saint Christina Rossetti who Lasha adores as her favorite female poet.

      1. Darrell:

        “Lead Kindly Light”, Cardinal Newman’s great Catholic hymn, also happened to be Gandhi’s greatest inspiration. He used to quote it constantly. He read the New Testament daily, especially the Sermon on the Mount which he knew by heart. This was his bedside reading along with the Bhagavad-Gita.

        Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

        Lasha’s Sanskrit translations allow a breath of fresh air to filter into this site. Despite all your attempts to denigrate and humiliate her. Stop harassing her with unsolicited emails that amount to hate mail! Her aversion to you and all you represent could not have been made clearer.

  6. The comments on this thread are a complete disgrace. They let the site down badly and add to our collective stress levels. All this caused by ONE vile commenter who will remain nameless. I am tempted to put my curse on this shameless man, but I won’t, as he considers himself to be a paragon of all the Christian virtues. Let his karma be his punishment.

    Editor (JSM)

  7. [ * POEM* ]

    “Doing God’s Work : Turning Crocodile Tears Into Real Tears”

    by : Fr. Giuseppe Beppe,

    I beat ’em up, I kick ’em around
    I turn their smiles into frowns
    I knock ’em down, they make crying moaning sounds
    I pay no attention, for they are clowns
    I’m A Champ in the ring, Songs of Victory do I sing!
    I never lost a Flame War — all these long arduous years
    I turn their crocodile faux sadness into REAL tears
    I manifest their REAL fears!
    An opponent who just can’t be beat!
    An opponent who really makes them weep!
    I knock them off their feet
    they’re down for THE COUNT, they don’t get up
    they’re totally knocked-out!!
    they seem unconscious , like they’re, lol, dead
    the ring is covered with their blood,
    by THE POUNDING they received, blood RED!
    they don’t recover, they don’t rise
    gee, I hope God forgives them their innumerable Sins
    now in judgment after their, lol, defeat & demise
    I’m THE CHAMP — It NEVER fails!
    I ALWAYS WIN! *grin*

    1. Thank you, TROJ. Inspired effort! Keep the flame burning! 🙂

      Other poets are welcome to contribute their poems to this thread, preferably short inspirational poems on the subject of transmigration or reincarnation. This would make it easier to compare the different poems and figure out which one we like best.

      Rhyme and metre would also be preferred, though not essential. This is because anyone can write “free verse” (which is simply prose chopped up into separate lines), but rhyme and metre is much harder to do well. Though doggerel is of course easy to write:

      Roses are red
      Violets are blue
      Sugar is sweet
      And so are you!

      See if you can do better than that! 🙂

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