Trump and Biden’s Secret Bombing Wars

Unbeknownst to many Americans, the U.S. military and its allies
are engaged in bombing and killing people in other countries on a daily basis.

By Medea Benjamin and Nicholas J.S. Davies
Information Clearing House
March 4, 2021

On February 25th, President Biden ordered U.S. air forces to drop seven 500-pound bombs on Iraqi forces in Syria,reportedly killing 22 people. The U.S. airstrike has predictably failed to halt rocket attacks on deeply unpopular U.S. bases in Iraq, which the Iraqi National Assembly passed a resolution to close over a year ago.

The Western media reported the U.S. airstrike as an isolated and exceptional incident, and there has been significant blowback from the U.S. public, Congress and the world community, condemning the strikes as illegal and a dangerous escalation of yet another Middle East conflict.

But unbeknownst to many Americans, the U.S. military and its allies are engaged in bombing and killing people in other countries on a daily basis. The U.S. and its allies have dropped more than 326,000 bombs and missiles on people in other countries since 2001 (see table below), including over 152,000 in Iraq and Syria.

That’s an average of 46 bombs and missiles per day, day in day out, year in year out, for nearly 20 years. In 2019, the last year for which we have fairly complete records, the average was 42 bombs and missiles per day, including 20 per day in Afghanistan alone. ***

So, if those seven 500-pound bombs were the only bombs the U.S. and its allies dropped on February 25th, it would have been an unusually quiet day for U.S. and allied air forces, and for their enemies and victims on the ground, compared to an average day in 2019 or most of the past 20 years. On the other hand, if the unrelenting U.S. air assault on countries across the Greater Middle East finally began to diminish over the past year, this bombing may have been an unusual spike in violence. But which of these was it, and how would we know?

We don’t know, because our government doesn’t want us to. From January 2004 until February 2020, the U.S. military kept track of how many bombs and missiles it dropped on Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, and published those figures in regular, monthly Airpower Summaries, which were readily available to journalists and the public. But in March 2020, the Trump administration abruptly stopped publishing U.S. Airpower Summaries, and the Biden administration has so far not published any either.

As with the human casualties and mass destruction that these hundreds of thousands of airstrikes cause, the U.S. and international media only report on a tiny fraction of them. Without regular U.S. Airpower Summaries, comprehensive databases of airstrikes in other war-zones and serious mortality studies in the countries involved, the American public and the world are left almost completely in the dark about the death and destruction our country’s leaders keep wreaking in our name. The disappearance of Airpower Summaries has made it impossible to get a clear picture of the current scale of U.S. airstrikes.

Here are up-to-date figures on U.S. and allied airstrikes, from 2001 to the present, highlighting the secrecy in which they have abruptly been shrouded for the past year:

Numbers of bombs and missiles dropped on other countries by the U.S. & its allies since 2001:

These figures are based on U.S. Airpower Summaries for Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria; the Bureau of Investigative Journalism’s count of drone strikes in Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen; the Yemen Data Project’s count of Saudi-led airstrikes in Yemen; the New America Foundation’s database of foreign airstrikes in Libya; and other published statistics. Figures for 2021 are only through January.

There are several categories of airstrikes that are not included in this table, meaning that the true numbers of airstrikes are certainly higher. These include:

—  Helicopter strikes: Military Times published an article in February 2017 titled, “The U.S. military’s stats on deadly airstrikes are wrong. Thousands have gone unreported.” The largest pool of airstrikes not included in U.S. Airpower Summaries are strikes by attack helicopters. The U.S. Army told the authors its helicopters had conducted 456 otherwise unreported airstrikes in Afghanistan in 2016. The authors explained that the non-reporting of helicopter strikes has been consistent throughout the post-9/11 wars, and they still did not know how many actual missiles were fired in those 456 attacks in Afghanistan in the one year they investigated.

— AC-130 gunships: The airstrike that destroyed the Doctors Without Borders hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan in 2015 was not conducted with bombs or missiles, but by a Lockheed-Boeing AC-130 gunship. These machines of mass destruction, usually manned by U.S. Air Force special operations forces, are designed to circle a target on the ground, pouring howitzer shells and cannon fire into it, often until it is completely destroyed. The U.S. has used AC-130s in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, and Syria.

— Strafing runs: U.S. Airpower Summaries for 2004-2007 included a note that their tally of “strikes with munitions dropped… does not include 20mm and 30mm cannon or rockets.” But the 30mm cannons on A-10 Warthogs and other ground attack planes are powerful weapons, originally designed to destroy Soviet tanks. A-10s fire 65 depleted uranium shells per second to blanket an area with deadly and indiscriminate fire, but that does not count as a “weapons release” in U.S. Airpower Summaries.

—  “Counter-insurgency” and “counter-terrorism” operations in other parts of the world. The United States formed a military coalition with 11 West African countries in 2005, and now has a drone base in Niger, but we have not found a database of U.S. and allied air strikes in that region, or in the Philippines, Latin America or elsewhere.

It was clearly no coincidence that Trump stopped publishing Airpower Summaries right after the February 2020 U.S. withdrawal agreement with the Taliban, reinforcing the false impression that the war in Afghanistan was over. In fact, U.S. bombing resumed after only an 11-day pause.

As our table shows, 2018 and 2019 were back-to-back record years for U.S. airstrikes in Afghanistan. But how about 2020? Without the official records, we don’t know whether the withdrawal agreement led to a serious reduction in airstrikes or not.

President Biden has foolishly tried to use airstrikes in Syria as “leverage” with Iran, instead of simply rejoining the Iran nuclear agreement as he promised during the election campaign. Biden is likewise trailing along in Trump’s footsteps by shrouding U.S. airstrikes in the secrecy that Trump used to obscure his failure to “end the endless wars.”

It is entirely possible that the highly publicized February 25th airstrikes, like Trump’s April 2017 missile strikes on Syria, were a diversion from much heavier, but largely unreported, U.S. bombing already under way elsewhere, in that case the frightful destruction of Mosul, Iraq’s former second city.

The only way that Biden can reassure the American public that he is not using Trump’s wall of secrecy to continue America’s devastating airwars, notably in Afghanistan, is to end this secrecy now, and resume the publication of complete and accurate U.S. Airpower Summaries.

President Biden cannot restore the world’s respect for American leadership, or the American public’s support for our foreign policy, by piling more lies, secrets and atrocities on top of those he has inherited. If he keeps trying to do so, he might well find himself following in Trump’s footsteps in yet another way: as the failed, one-term president of a destructive and declining empire.


Warmonger Trump failed to end “the endless wars” in the Middle East and Afghanistan, despite all his big talk.  In 2019, Trump dropped an average of  “42 bombs and missiles per day, including 20 per day in Afghanistan alone”. (See above). Warmonger Biden is following in Trump’s footsteps, pursuing exactly the same belligerent policies.  It won’t end well.     

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  1. There is only one way to explain the continuation of War policy by one Administration after another. It is explains by the existence of the Deep State which is made up of Private Central Bankers, who are the owners of The Federal Reserve System, Bank of England, World Bank, I M F and other global financial institutions.

    There exists an undeniable symbiotic relationship between Military Industrial Complex, Multinational Corporations the likes of Monsanto, Lockheed Martin, Halliburton, Boeing, Raytheon with Private Central Bankers, in their control and manipulation of governments, for profits at the expense of the Masses. This symbiotic relationship explains why the Western World, and World in general cannot know peace! And this in a way, gives credence to the so-called “Report From The Iron Mountain”

    On one hand, International Private Central Bankers need the Governments to borrow their fictitious money created out of thin air as “loans” , so that they can profit on the interest component , as they continue tying them in an unplayable Principal.

    On the other hand, Military Industrial Complex, together with other Multinational Corporations need the Governments to buy their manufactured armaments and other military supplies and services to make profits.

    The problem is, only the government is the sole purchaser of military production. Hence, in the event of extended period of peace, governments would not find any need to purchase arms, which translates to low sales for Multinational Corporations and Military Industrial Complex. Reduction of sales, triggers a negative multiplier effect on everything connected to this evil industry. They are too big to fails, and too entrenched in our economic circle to be allowed to die.

    In order to make profits, the Arms manufacturers must sell their product, over and above their production costs. We also need to consider recovery their “Research And Development” costs which they have incurred while developing more deadly weaponry. And in order for these weapons to be tested, they also must be used in active combat envelopment.

    In this set up, evidently the government have been deliberately placed in a compromising position, where unless it plays the game according to the International Bankers and their coterie of Coporatocrats, it will face one economic crises after another. Absence of War, translates eventually to an economic crises.

    World Peace hence becomes anathema for the bankers and Multinational Corporations and the International Bankers. In other words, the logic being used by the Sons of Satan, is that “We must kill each other in order to survive” Your Pay-cheque, actually could be a small ripple, which builds up into a mighty wave of Events and Circumstances, whose solution is ONLY WAR! If it does not exists, governments MUST manufacture them.

    If you want your government to stop killing people, you have to face the evil Black Hole of International Finance. So, my dear Coningsby, you understand why the World must governed by very different personages to what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes “ (Read Deep State)

    1. @ LD

      “Warmonger Trump failed to end “the endless wars” in the Middle East and Afghanistan, despite all his big talk. In 2019, Trump dropped an average of “42 bombs and missiles per day, including 20 per day in Afghanistan alone”. (See above). Warmonger Biden is following in Trump’s footsteps, pursuing exactly the same belligerent policies. It won’t end well.”

      Well said ! These are official figures for 2019, when Trump was in his penultimate year of misrule. Trump may not have started any new wars; this hardly makes him a charismatic peacemaker, as his besotted worshippers seem to believe. As long as Trump is known to have sanctioned the order for “dropping 42 bombs and missiles per day, including 20 on Afghanistan”, he has to be described as a “warmonger”. A warmonger in the sense of continuing old wars with all the savagery and cruelty at his disposal.

      How many women and children did he kill and maim in Afghanistan alone, if he was dropping 20 bombs and missiles on it PER DAY?

      Trump’s supporters need our pity rather than or contempt. This is because they lack the moral scruples and the empathy to realize that it is wrong to kill helpless women and children and put thousands of innocent people into wheelchairs. There can be no justification for this sadistic cruelty.

      1. The fact that Biden is simply continuing where Trump left of tells you that the foreign policy of the Democrats is no different from the foreign policy of the Republicans. Both parties believe in American world domination, and both parties are joined at the hips with Israel. Both do exactly with Netanyahu and AIPAC tell them to do.

        If Trump was a “Zionist puppet” — and he most certainly was! — then Biden follows in Trump’s footsteps in his groveling servility to Israel. If I were a Palestinian, I wouldn’t know whom to hate more, Trump or Biden. Both are equally under the spell of the Jews.

        If I were a Palestinian, I’d hate Trump more. This is because of all the favors he conferred on Israel, doing what no American president before him had done: moving the US embassy to Jerusalem, handing over the Golan Heights to Israel, and recognizing that the Occupied territories (the West Bank and Gaza) could be annexed by Israel and the Palestinians treated like Jewish slaves.

        I despise Trump and think that those who admire him are either seriously brain damaged or are completely without souls — little better than animals.

        Just my two cents…

      2. @ Saki

        The fact that Biden is simply continuing where Trump left of tells you that the foreign policy of the Democrats is no different from the foreign policy of the Republicans. Both parties believe in American world domination, and both parties are joined at the hips with Israel. Both do exactly with Netanyahu and AIPAC tell them to do.

        Aw c’mon Saki, can’t you see that Biden’s just playing 4D chess? He may come across as a senile, blithering idiot and consummate jew tool, but that’s only an act; in reality he’s a stable genius with a plan to save America from the jews. Of course he can’t immediately undo all of Trump’s damage because that would be too obvious.

        He may have surrounded himself with jews but not to worry because he’s merely “keeping his friends close and his enemies closer” or something like that. And don’t be fooled by his attacking and killing some people in Syria, it may look bad but no doubt it was just a clever ploy to fool the jews, i.e. to make them think he’s on their side…while he plots their fall from power. (And let’s face it the attack wasn’t much worse than a bad car accident or something like that; it could’ve been worse).

        You’ll see, it’s just a matter of time before he purges the jews from power here in the U.S. just like Stalin did in the USSR…

        (Note to lurkers: I’m only kidding. BTW great comments Saki).

        1. Harold,

          Your irony will be totally lost on most of the self-proclaimed “geniuses” on this site who will take every word you say seriously. Even though you say at the end of your satirical comment: “I’M ONLY KIDDING.” 🙂

          It’s best to leave these self-deluding wishful thinkers to themselves. They are beyond redemption.

      3. SAKI

        I could not have said it any better how a Palestinian feel about Trump and Biden. Very eloquently put, my friend.

        Those who mock me here for voting for Biden, well, it is never easy to choose between two devils. At least Trump was more honest about the hate of Muslims and Palestinians, thus making it impossible for me to vote for him and sleep at night with a clear conscience.

    2. BF –

      You wrote:
      “There exists an undeniable symbiotic relationship between Military Industrial Complex, Multinational Corporations the likes of Monsanto, Lockheed Martin, Halliburton, Boeing, Raytheon with Private Central Bankers, in their control and manipulation of governments, for profits at the expense of the Masses.”

      I agree.

      All of them and hundreds more – especially banks – are listed in the American Chamber of Commerce of Russia…. THIS MONTH – where costs are the cheapest for talented workers. Bringing”YUGE” profits for stocks for Wall Street brokers, they pay $200 to $500 a month… NOT a week!!

      SEE: (March 2021)

      1. Pat,
        Thanks for you response. American Chamber of Commerce , like every other “Chamber of Commerce” is like what Freemasons are to the Illuminati. It is a recruiting pond or nursery for the Big League Big Shots of the likes of the Bilderberg The Club of Rome, America’s Council On Foreign Relations, Bilderberg , Group of Twenty, Royal Institute Of International Affairs, Bohemian Grove etc.

        When you are a member of “Chamber of Commerce”, you are introduced to the “Basics” of the “New World Order” Social Economic and Political strategies. They are all connected. And just like Freemasons, the Members do not need to know or in fact, they do not know, what they are part of. They see it as a “Club” for socializing and connecting. But amongst them, are agents of the Big Leagues, who identify possible recruits to higher tables.

      2. BF –

        Glad to help. You are correct.
        I started studying those groups you listed and many more in the 1950s. When I started spreading the word people could not really believe me and my sources like Gen John Beaty( ‘The Iron Curtain Over America’) or Liberty Lobby(the original ‘Spotlight Magazine’ from DC) or Bertrand Comparet(former San Diego Deputy City Attorney & friend of Wesley Swift) or Sheldon Emry(wrote ‘Billions For The Bankers’)….. and many dozens more, including Committee Of 300 and Cecil Rhodes’s Round Table movement, founded in 1909.

        Few know that the Council On Foreign Relations(CFR – New York – 1921) is a controlled subsidiary of the Royal Institute of International Affairs(RIIF aka ‘Chatham House’ – London – 1920).

        The American Chamber of Commerce is in more than 130 countries, from Angola to Zambia.

        Palestinian-American Chamber of Commerce
        Palestine Capital Studios Bldg., First Floor Al Ma’ahed St., Al Masyoun

        American Chamber of Commerce in Zambia

        See the whole list:
        American Chamber of Commerce Directory

    3. “Bombing Wars.” Now THATS hilarious. There aren’t any WARS at all. Just a World-wide terror campaign instigated by the usual cast of characters. A legitimate WAR requires 2 or multiple more-or-less equally-armed nations involved in a military conflict to resolve mostly territorial issues. As such, the US hasn’t been involved in a WAR in nearly 200 years. What Is transpiring is simply the strangle-hold that powerful corporations (military industrial complex) have on World governments….. expecially the USSA. These MIC corporations are naturally driven by profit. Imagine the COST of the various types of missiles, bombs etc. that are dropped by the 100’s everyday. Each weapon must cost $100,000-$1,000,000…. maybe more. The media sells it to the public as warfare which it is NOT. What all the bombing is about is simply a demonstration of MIC corporations power over the military. They have to dispose of “old product” to insure the demand for more “product.” Very simple folks. Well….the show goes on. 🤔🤨🤠

  2. Unbeknownst to many Americans? Are you sure, brother? Even Americans, who are stupid enough to deny the reality of nukes, know this for God’s sake!

    The problem is that they don’t give a shit about it, and they couldn’t care less if everyone outside the USA has been bombed and killed… as long as that does not affect their wellbeing. Ask TROJ, Pat and Gilbert, if you don’t believe me.

    There is one little problem though: it WILL affect the wellbeing of all Americans… in more ways than they can even imagine, for every one of them – without exception – is part and parcel of the most devilish machine the world has ever known.

    In the final analysis, it’s the people of America – all of them – who make this machine work.

    1. Circassian :

      I’ve always been opposed to Uncle Sam’s wars against the Muslim world and I’ve always been opposed to how Israel/USA ZOG greatly mistreats the Palestinians. I was happy when Putin intervened in Syria. I don’t like Washington’s agenda in the Ukraine and how Washington/NATO is always trying to start a war with Russia. You should know that, you’re a regular reader of Darkmoon. Your accusation against me is unfair. Withdraw you accusation against me, it has no basis in truth and you know your accusation against me is baseless.

      I bet you don’t think the U.S. military was “the most devilish machine the world has ever seen” when the U.S. military sided with the JEW COMMUNIST Soviet Union against Nationalist Socialist Germany and destroyed Germany for the benefit of JEW COMMUNISTS. In WW2 when Washington sided with Russia against Germany, that was an exception to the “most devilish machine the world has ever seen”, right? Is that how you think?

    1. Yeah Nogga, the 285,000 young Allied and German males who died in 4 days of battle at Ypres, Belgium was the Jewish bankers’ “harvest.”
      And let’s not forget the Jewish “harvest” of around 200 million corpses during the 20th century in the Jewish-Marxist created wars and genocidal revolutions.
      Yet, us Goyim cattle are supposed to believe in that Jewish, mystical figure of “6,000,000” that Jews have related in their religio-political tracts for many centuries.
      And Israel, against the principles of all international law, continues to bomb various Middle Eastern nations in pursuit of oil and their maniacal dream of a Greater Israel.
      In this century alone let us add another 2 or 3 million Arab Semites to the Jewish “harvest”; not forgetting all the young Goyim soldiers who have died in fighting for the evil Jews.

      1. Max,
        Forget “The Jews quest for a Greater Israel” myth. What does exist, in reality, is an international Khazar mafia (hiding behind a JEWISH banner) and its endless pursuit to illegally grab as much resources whenever and wherever it can. If huge oil deposits are one-day discovered in Florida, USA (Donaldo and TROJ discussed this while drinking tequila just yesterday) then out-of-the-blue an archaeological team will DISCOVER ancient scrolls in a remote cave somewhere in the Israeli desert written in Hebrew and mentioning an ancient lost Israeli tribe which once occupied a piece of land in the south of a far-away continent and THIS land is DESTINED by G_d to be returned to Israel. Yep folks. That’s how it works. Questions? 😎🤔🤨🤠

  3. Anecdotally speaking, I’ll not forget the time Medea Benjamin’s Code Pink ladies and Co. bullied me out of the “Peace House” at Camp Casey, Tx. (2005) for saying one bad word about the Bill Clinton sign out in the front yard proclaiming – “when Clinton lied, no one died!” The one bad word of course being B-A-L-O-N-E-Y! My calling shenanigans on the blatant propaganda poster was met with a hail of Antifa rhetoric (before it was cool) and I’m pretty sure I even heard an actual boohoohoo or two.

    My dastardly daring to utter what was to Code Pink and Co. an obvious blasphemy, caused enough of a neurotic knee jerking racket to get the attention of Alex Jones’ right hand man Kevin Smith who was just across the way. (missed Alex by minutes) Kevin came over and proceeded to offer me a cool drink and tobacco if I sat down for a brief chat. Turns out he doesn’t really care much for me either, lol. Aw shucks, eh..

    Moral of the story is every time I see Medea (or Kevin’s) name I scan it with a grain of salt.

    P.S. There were two silver linings embedded within my fact finding mission. One being the Clinton sign was not there the next morning and the second occurring when President Bush Junior drove by in his Cadillac cavalcade and I had and took the opportunity to flip him the bird. Mission accomplished!

  4. Bigfoot, etc, people like you nearly always use the epithets “private central bankers” and “Deep State” rather than the words “Jews” and “Zio-Communists.”
    Article after article is written about the thousand or so (probably less, ie, 5 or 6 extended “families, such as the Rothschilds) who control the power-money nexus on our planet.
    How about more appropriate and directly meaningful terms, such as ”Zio-Communist Bankers” , or simply “Jews”?
    Therefore, for the new reader of Darkmoon, or the young adult trying to grasp reality, such a term as “private central bankers” means almost nothing. This term is almost totally lacking in meaningful identifiers.
    Are we talking about the small town, Goyim gentleman who manages a small, internationally linked bank in Humphrey Doo, Australia?
    No we are talking about Jews, the power and influence mongers of our planet —- Janet Yellen, Jacob Rothschild, George Soros, etc.
    I.e. Consider Henry Ford’s famous and TRUE statement to the effect that, “It is not so much the fact that there are Jews occupied in world finance, rather it is the fact that the managers/controllers of world finance are nearly always Jews.”
    So many people are either too brainwashed or simply too scared to talk about the Jewish “Money Power” that owns and controls our planet; and because they lack courage, prefer to use obtuse words like in the above to refer to the “hidden hands of power.”
    For the sake of young and uninitiated readers, seeing Darkmoon is a communication device, we need to cease being Snow Flaked and point the finger directly at the hell-makers — the rotten, stinking, ugly, evil Jews, that, as I always say, Jesus spent about 30% of his “New Testament to Mankind” warning us about…….. Get some courage!

    1. Righto, Max –

      It is an age-old problem to call a jew a jew.

      Much of it started in Britain, when the jews became ‘chosen’ by Henry I… and other monarchs following him.

      “Henry granted a charter to Rabbi Joseph, the chief Jew of London, and all his followers, under which they were permitted to move about the country without paying tolls or customs, to buy whatever was brought to them, to sell their pledges after holding them a year and a day, to be tried by their peers, and to be sworn on the Pentateuch. Special weight was attributed to the Jew’s oath, which was valid against that of twelve Christians. The sixth clause of the charter was specially important: it granted to the Jews the right of moving whithersoever they would, together with their chattels, as if these were the king’s own property (“sicut res propriæ nostræ”).”

    2. @ Hp

      Not a very intelligent or convincing comment, dear Homer, given that you have failed to say what is so offensive about this particular article.

      Your reaction is caused by injured vanity because your comment (“Baloney!”) was deleted elsewhere by Medea Benjamin and her associates. Has it never occurred to you that your comment was deleted because it was downright rude? In fact, thuggish.

      As a devout follower of Swami Prabhupada, you would no doubt take a different attitude if some someone posted a hostile comment to one of your Swami’s spiritual articles, using the one word “Baloney!” to dismiss it with. Would you expect that rude comment to be accepted as intelligent discourse? If you were monitoring the Swami’s website, would you not regard that comment as offensive and degrading?

      I repeat. To respond to ANY article with the single word “Baloney” is the mark of an intellectual hooligan. It cries out for instant deletion. If you can’t see that, my friend, you have far to go before you acquire the rudiments of common sense and humility.

      I am disappointed in you, Homer, because I have come to like you and respect you a lot.

      1. Madame,

        If I understood you correctly, what you have said about HP could be expressed in one word: asshole.

        If so, I would agree with you: religious zealots usually are one-track pompous assholes of extremely low intelligence.

        If not so, my sincere apology for the wrong interpretation of your urbane comment.

      2. Madame, please don’t toss at me motives and conjectures spun from what must be a simple misunderstanding (aka) misconscrewed again.

        “Your reaction is caused by injured vanity because your comment (“Baloney!”) was deleted elsewhere by Medea Benjamin and her associates.”

        Huh? Comment deleted elsewhere? The “baloney” comment was made out loud in the front yard of the “Peace House” in 2005 and was directed at the Clinton propaganda poster I was pointing at. This caused Medea’s Code Pink knee jerkers (and Co.) to bum rush me squawking their slogans and emoting all over the place. As if I were Bush Jr. or Darth Cheney myself. Men who I hardly have fond feelings for as evidenced by “mission accomplished” silver lining #2.

        I’m not at all offended by this article. Hardly. If anything I found myself amused in the reminding of and reminiscing about Medea’s Code Pink knee jerkers and Co. all those years ago. As for the article itself, I think it’s just another mildly boring same old same old hash and re-hash of political and military crimes past, present and future, starring the same old same old actors and their sponsors.

        That’s all. Hope it helps.

        1. Sincere apologies, Homer. I got you wrong. Silly me!
          I cannot apologize enough for my presumption.
          What they say about women is true:
          we should be seen and not heard! 🙂

          1. Since writing the above comment, I notice that my ill-judged response to your initial post has spawned two other comments from other posters that you will probably not like. Please understand that I am not in any way responsible for their comments.

            I am deeply appreciative of the Vedas and have read most of the articles by Swami Prahhupada that you have provided links for over the last few years on this site.

            BTW, I have no animosity whatever toward Yukon Jack or Circassian as individuals, but I reject their negative attitude toward religion.

            Circassian gets his godless nihilism from Marxist Communism.

            Yukon Jack is hostile toward all religions. He thinks we humans are no more than robots created by space aliens, the Anunnaki, and that we are also computer simulations existing in a holographic universe.

            Both these ideologies, IMHO, are highly dangerous and can lead to suicide and madness.

      3. @Madame Butterfly

        Speaking of the big baloney and Swami Prabhupada, the Bhagavad Gita and the religion it spawned (Hare Krishnas) is one the biggest baloney religions on the planet.

        Yep, a whole lot people got fooled by the book Prabupeanutbutter came up with, on their hands and knees worshipping the “lord” Krishna.

        It never dawns on very many people they should never worship some entity that demands worship.

        Great comments about the evils of Trump being continued by Biden.

      4. Madame, sure enough, and thank you. I do also realize that more often than should be my words and intents cause undue misunderstandings as well as resentments. Both lack of formal education and laziness spring to mind as areas needing worked on a bit.

        If only I were as smart and eloquent as that Mighty Eskimo. Pretty sure I’d be jumping for joy! Then again, I’m gonna be anyhow. In good times and bad times, c’est la vie..

      5. quote : “Yukon Jack is hostile toward all religions. He thinks we humans are no more than robots created by space aliens, the Anunnaki, and that we are also computer simulations existing in a holographic universe.”

        I never said we were robots, the commenters dissing the simulation theory said that. I said Zacharia’s Sitchin’s theory, now widely accepted and called Ancient Alien theory, is that an off world humanoid race came here and genetically engineered humans. This theory is backed by mountains of evidence, like our 46 chromosomes and hairless body – an impossibility of an evolving animal in an ice age. I say watch “Everything you know is wrong” by Lloyd Pye to get you started on your own investigation of human origin.

        Regardless of how we got here, we are a violent specie hell bent on destruction, and these daily bombings are a horrific reminder that we have no control over the government or what they do. Notice how no state criminal gets prosecuted for any of their mass murders, and the big reason is religious indoctrination, where the human slave is taught god and authority.

        What is “my hostility toward religion”? I am aware that religion is mind control used by authority to get control of us. Since I am for freedom I am against organized religions that teach obedience to authority. I do not believe that humans should be on their knees worshipping “god”. I think religious worship is a mind manipulation perpetrated by church and state actors, who work together to control the masses, and make them obedient pawns in their never ending wars. When you woship godly authority you are really worshipping the state and it’s power, and this was the great con job of those who write the holy books like Pradapeanutbutter.

        1. @ Yukon Jack

          You say you subscribe to:

          “. . . Zacharia’s Sitchin’s theory, now widely accepted and called Ancient Alien theory, [which] is that an off world humanoid race came here and genetically engineered humans. This theory is backed by mountains of evidence…”

          As an associate professor in theoretical Physics at a major Ivy League university, I can tell you that Zacharia Sitchin’s “theory” — on which you set so much store — is NOT widely accepted except by a small minority of weirdos like yourself. In fact, the Flat Theory of the universe has far MORE supporters, tens of thousands of equally nutty enthusiasts! Zacharia Sitchin (a fake name if ever there was one) is catering to an ever-growing underclass of uneducated readers, zonked out on on cannabis et cetera, known as the “Nutcase Market”. These are gullible goofs like yourself in search of the wildest fantasy presented as sober fact. The “scientific” evidence for any of these poppycock theories involving alien “space rapists”, to use your own breathless terminology, is virtually ZERO.

      6. Madame,

        The fact that you have no animosity toward Circassian is a good news, for Circassian is a just and decent man. So, perhaps, you are not as irredeemable as I have originally thought: if you have met a good man like yours truly, he probably could have fixed you.

        Regarding my “godless nihilism from Marxist Communism”, this is not quite correct statement, for I am not a follower of Marxist atheism, which is, btw, also a kind of religion… a worst kind of religion.

        My worldview cannot be attributed in any meaningful way to Marx, Engels, Lenin or Mao. My worldview is aligned more with Stalin, but even Stalin is but a small part of that huge amount of information I have absorbed, processed, rethought, and reprocessed again over the years.

        To be entirely honest, Madame, I think that you are on a shaky ground from morality standpoint, but, clearly, you are an intelligent person, so I would recommend you to browse the pages of a book, which I consider not only quite entertaining, but also highly intelligent… I would say even – ingenious:

        My brother Lobro could also benefit from reading this book… if he has not done so yet. But I wouldn’t recommend it to HP, the learned interpreter of the Bible, and all other religious fanatics. It is not recommended for my Catholic brother TROJ, and low-minded atheists like Pat and Yukon Jack.

      7. Madame

        I don’t know about YJ, but to say humans are nothing more than robots is an oversimplification.

        To the ancients I’ve often referred to, as “man” we did it to ourselves by falling into a world such as this, making us vulnerable to our Annunaki “maker” and thus putting the “hu” in “human”. “Created”, or say “made over” with (((their))) intent to make a race of slaves. Over the many millions of years to the present, the nature of our “slavery” has sublimated to a more “sophisticated” format. Especially since the invention of money.

        1. Brownhawk,

          With all due respect to your superior intellect and Native American intuition, I have found no solid evidence for the existence of the Annunaki. In fact, there is more evidence in folklore for the existence of fairies, elves and pixies. 🙂

      8. MB:

        You’ll be ecstatic to hear that just as I was about to call you a “bloviating bimbo” for that inane comment, I happened to scroll down (in case someone had beaten me to the punch) and – lo and behold! – there was your apology!

        Be aware, however, that although you’ve escaped by the skin of your teeth … I’ll hold that appellation in reserve for your inevitable next infraction.

        Thank You!

      9. To call Sitchin a fraud is irresponsible. When researching a subject like the Annunaki you’re bound to get things wrong. But being dismissive closes the door on what things he and others MAY have gotten right

        1. Dear Brownhawk,

          What would think of a person who thought he was an authority on Ancient Greece and wrote a weighty tome on the subject with a spelling mistake in the title? Would any publisher even bother to read this book if it had the title: “The History of Ancient Grease.” ? 🙂

          Please answer: YES or No?

          1. The reason I ask this awkward question, dear Brownhawk, is that you are always raving on about the Anunnaki as if you were an authority on these dubious entities. And yet, surprisingly, you keep spelling their name incorrectly. This leaves a bad impression. How can you be an authority on the Anunnaki if you keep misspelling their name — as “Annunaki”? 🙂

            No offense meant. This a valid question. Anyone who talks about “Ancient Grease” simply cannot be taken seriously! 🙂

      10. I wouldn’t get hung up on spelling, Madame. “Anunnaki” or “Annunaki” are both used. Just imagine how the words are spelled in different languages, especially their OWN!

        1. @ Brownhawk

          I stand corrected, Brownhawk, if what you say about the different spellings of “Anunnaki/Annunaki” is true.

          You will be amused to learn that some of the greatest writers of the past were bad spellers. Shakespeare signed his own name TEN different ways, and never once did he spell his own name “correctly” as SHAKESPEARE. This is because in Elizabethan times there was no cannon for correct orthography and people just spelt/spelled words phonetically, as they saw fit, sometimes two or three way on the same page! 🙂

          Bernard Shaw was a fanatic for “correct” spelling but couldn’t persuade anyone else to adopt his fussy system. Apostrophes were banned in his system and he insisted that the verb “SHOW” should be spelt “SHEW”. Thus he would write a bi like this: “DONT argue with me! IM just SHEWING you the right way to spell! This SHOULDNT be a problem! If it is, ITS all in your own mind.”

          For some reason, his innovations didn’t catch on! 🙂

          1. No, I’m not ‘Grammar Fiend’ in disguise! I’m just a retired English schoolmarm interested in the vagaries of the English language.

            I don’t like American spelling, like “tonite” and “alright”. And I wish LD would make up her mind which spelling she wants to use. Because she uses both English and American spelling indiscriminately, confusing her readers . She needs to make up her mind if it’s “honor” or “honour”, “jewelry” or “jewellery”. 🙂

      11. People have to always be mindful of the full nature of controlled opposition. We’re living at a time of awakening. As most of us know, those who would control the narratives are well aware of this, and information regarding the Annunaki is no exception. That Sitchin could be affiliated with the CIA should come as no surprise to those with a healthy cynicism.

        As always, the problem is in separating the “truthful wheat” from the “lying chaff” . To be totally dismissive is exactly what (((they))) want in preserving their anonymity

    3. Believe me, if it wasn’t for the wasp the jews would be zilch..
      Without the wasp the jews are what they really are ..a minority who had the craftiness to slither their way through the corridors of power in the british royal courts…
      By the time wasp politicians figured out what had happened they found a jew wife next to them nagging them about the safety of israel as an imperative requisite before asking for the money that only the bankers could provide …..
      Then they thought
      “Why have honour when you have money?”
      So they became partners in evil

  5. Some sobering reminders for the weak-kneed Snow Flakes who comment on Darkmoon:
    Jews comprise a mere 1.92% of the USA’s population, BUT:
    Comprise over 50% of Biden’s Cabinet, including the most powerful and influential positions.
    Most of these are dual citizens who hold many interests in their real “Homeland”, Israel, including extensive real estate and business holdings.

    Jews own and control most of the mass communication networks, including the “big five.”

    Jews control and own the “big five” banks that comprise their private banking consortium, known as “The Fed.”

    Jews practically own Hollywood. (They turn their cameras and production techniques to their porn industry.)

    Jews are the major sponsors of the two big political parties and thus BUY the politicians they need.

    Jews own and control most of Big Pharma and act through their gnarled, lying dwarf, Rabbi Fauci.

    Jews practically control all facets of education and academia. This allows them to brainwash all children under 35 years, ito the Marxist-leftist mindset.

    The Jew Soros is Antica/BLM’s major sponsor. Jews even managed the “Crush the Banks” movement, which was really aimed at the few remaining Goyim run banks.

    Jewish fake/fiat money buys everything and anyone! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$’s galore!

    1. Max –

      The facts you outlined have been apparent since LONG before Darkmoon commenters arrived on the scene. Our wealth is too small – you & Elliee Katzenjammer possibly excepted 🙂 – to do anything but mind our own preparations. which even that may be too expensive for most.

      The ‘jew encyclopedia’ agrees with your words and shows your opinion has been the case for centuries….

      “Manasseh ben Israel’s Mission.”


      “Early in the eighteenth century the Jewish community of London comprised representatives of the chief Jewish financiers of northern Europe, including the Mendez da Costas, Abudientes, Salvadors, Lopezes, Fonsecas, and Seixas. A small German contingent had arrived and established a synagogue in 1692; but they were of little consequence, and did not figure in the relations between the Jews and the government. The utility of the larger Jewish merchants was recognized.”

      “Marlborough in particular made great use of the services of Sir Solomon de Medina, and indeed was publicly charged with taking an annual subvention from him. These merchants are estimated to have brought into the country a capital of £1,500,000, which had increased by the middle of the century to é5,000,000. As early as 1723 a special act of Parliament was passed which permitted them to hold land on condition of their taking oath when registering their title; they were allowed to omit the words “upon the faith of a Christian.” Some years later (1740) an act was passed permitting Jews who had resided in the British colonies for a period exceeding seven years to become naturalized (13 Geo. II., cap. 7).”

      “Meanwhile, during the Jacobite insurrection of 1745 the Jews had shown particular loyalty to the government. Their chief financier, Samson Gideon, had strengthened the stock market, and several of the younger members had volunteered in the corps raised to defend London.”

      ”The Jew Bill of 1753.”
      “Possibly as a reward, Pelham in 1753 brought in a bill allowing Jews to become naturalized by application to Parliament. It passed the Lords without much opposition, but on being brought down to the Commons the Tory party made a great outcry against this “abandonment of Christianity,” as they called it.”

      In 1753 London…. “the Jews performed a very valuable function in the commercial economy of the nation, providing one-twelfth(8%) of the nation’s profits and one-twentieth(5%) of its foreign trade.”

    2. So, Bilney you see……….no need to preach to the converted, is there? But, you also need to see beyond “The Jews” for the reason that I doubt, that if you were to remove “The Jews” from the equation of New World Order politics, I hardly think that the World would be a Paradise.

      Yes, There are Jews who are deeply involved in Communism, Anarchism, Finance, Wars, Revolutions, etc, etc. Their number is large, as compared to their percentage globally. But, the case of the Woman who was caught committing adultery and was hulled before The Lord, comes to mind. Did she sin? Yeah, she did. But then, am sure Jesus wondered, just as you should wonder, “Who was she committing adultery with, and why did her accusers bring him with her?

      So, that the Jews are deeply involved in this dark mission, does not in any way indemnify the gentiles who are their helpers. Are there Jews who know about this conspiracy and hate it? Absolutely! Are there Jews who have been as much victims of this conspiracy just like the gentiles? Just read; “Moshe Shonfeld: “The Holocaust Victims Accuse”. Documents and Testaments of Jewish War Criminals. or Eichmann In Jerusalem, A Report On Banality Of Evil, By Hannah Arendt or , Jack Bernstein “My Farewell to Israel, the Thorn in the Middle East” or 100,000 Radiations – A Review by Barry Chamish or “ The Voyage Of The Damned” by Gordon Thomas and Max Morgan Witts.

      These amongst others will show you, that in as much as we recognize the presence of Jewish involvement in this dangerous Messianic mission, we cannot fail to also recognize that there are Jews who are also, just as victims as everybody else. Besides, we cannot also fail to recognize that there are many Jews who are genuinely misinformed, and are being lead to their unfortunate fate, just as the victims of nay other Cult.

      For your information, the more you investigate the so-called “Holocaust” you come to the conclusion that the Holocaust was planned, and executed by Sabbatean/Frankist Jews, against none Sabbatean/Frankist Jews and blamed on the gentiles.

      So, Bilney, its not just “The Jews” Its much more complicated. But it is much, much easier to haul everything against them and just like that, like pulling a rabbit out of a hat, the cause of all world problems is finally solved!

      1. Bigfoot, I’ll, as you say, “haul everything against the Jews”, because it is the mega-powerful Jews, such as those who now occupy over half of Biden’s Cabinet, and control the American Congress, Hollywood, etc, etc, who are causing all the trouble. Spend some time, for instance, studying the machinations of Chucky Schumer or Janet Yellen, etc. Please read Lasha’s articles on Jewish POWER, taking her article on Jewish control of the Modern Art world as an example.

        Of course, I have often said there are Masons and opportunist Goyim that form part of this Jewish Money Power, but my point and Kaminski’s, Makow’s and anyone one else with half a brain, is that the all powerful Zio-Jewish-Communist-Corporatist “poliburo” is firmly the head of the diabolical serpent that has ensnared humanity. Get it now? It does not have to be any “ more complicated” than this relatively simple truth: JEWS ARE AT THE HEAD OF THE PLANETARY POWER SPECTRUM.

        Jews are at the HEAD of the snake, just as the Rothschild “Red Shielders” are at the very head of world money creation and are said to own/control at least 70% of our planet’s assessable wealth.

        I won’t waste my time arguing with a Marxist educated idiot like you, who argues along the lines of Machiavellian relativity, meaning that because you say you know a few good Jews, then you cannot speak of “Jews” being evil. Jesus even said they were evil bastards.
        Similarly, if you met a few good Nazis, you would argue that you cannot speak of Nazis being evil. Ditto for any other generalisation: Russians like vodka, Germans like Oktoberfest, Japanese like eating sea weed. You would attempt to ridicule these generalisations because, you might argue, you know a German who hates Octoberfest and a Russian who hates vodka.

        So, it follows you can never generalise in your schema of things: Israel is not bombing Syria, rather it is these 5 Israeli generals and these 25 pilots who are doing the bombing. Germany did not attack Poland, rather it was these 25 generals and those 7,000 soldiers who attacked Poland. The Jewish Bolsheviks did not “turn the rivers of Russia red with the blood of their victims” (Rabbi Chaim Potok), rather it was these 12 Jewish politburo members giving the orders to the “Red” soldiers who numbered 7,654 in total.
        Comprehendez? Or do you suffer from Bigfoot in mouth disease? Maybe you are just a Jewish troll.

    3. Max Bilney :

      If I may I would like to make a correction of your otherwise excellent comment : You capitalize “snow flakes” but the snow flakes hardy deserve that much respect. Never capitalize “snow flakes”, that’s giving them respect they do not deserve.

  6. Ask a Jewish SJW why he wants equal opportunity, diversity, proportional representation, gender/racial preferences, etc, in Goyim-run small businesses and in such as schools and government departments, and he will answer that this exhibits “fairness” to all types and kinds and ensures a healthy diversity of opinion: eg. “We need more blacks in Silicon Valley.”

    After all, he might say, our Torah stresses social justice and human integrity, “We Jews are fair and just people. Our Law makes us so.”

    But ask a Jew why this serenade of fairness and human decency does not apply to Biden’s Jewish dominated administration, or why Jews own/control all the vital public “institutions” I mentioned above and he will not answer, or revert to lies. “ Of course, we don’t run world finances!”

    The Torah and Jewish evil ensures that a tiny minority of Jewish billionaires control everything our senses interpret. Christians love the Torah and its Jewish programmers.

    Whites have totally lost any connections to their ancient gods and now are at the Jewish Yahweh’s beck and call. Better that us English speaking Whites were Druids and/or worshipped Celtic God’s.
    “Gods of the mysterious, misty forests and mountains” are a much healthier form of worship than the Amorite-Semite, Abraham’s god of genocide, deception and manipulation.
    Our society is stuffed because Yahweh worshippers, full of Babylonian devilry, are in total control. And remember, when Abraham’s dad, Terah, commenced the Bible journey from the Sumerian city of Ur, his family were typical Sumerians, who would later be occupied by the Babylonians.

    1. BILNEY
      I also think that its a waste of time, to argue with a second Archimedes who have reached his “Eureka!”

      “I think all Jews are The evil”

  7. Trust Me CIRCA, Most Americans have no clue on the info above, albeit at least 50% wilful ignorance…
    It’s safe to say most Reps don’t either…
    Congressmen are not cut in on everything the Pentagon does in the world… Is the president?
    The 🇺🇸 is a matriarchy in the sense that females generally want to know less of the outside world than men..
    And they don’t…
    They do like to stick to the main myths, the holohoax, nazis/hitler, russians, covid virus, little Israel, etc…
    The Madea crowd were all for the clintons, both of them,, and obama and you didn’t hear any peeps from them recently against obiden, who’s not likely to reduce the covert ops and far more likely to escalate the known stuff…
    This article is probably more about slamming trump, not without that..
    I’ll admit the info was worthy, but until she quits the political game Media-Medea Benjamin is just another calculating insider, in this case trying to find an angle on staying relevant…
    Let’s see her start putting the finger on the SLC every day…
    As far as the private central bankers go MAX, yes it’s a JEW-ISH Zionist Bolshevik plank in Marx’ Manifesto..
    But those are not real Jews, though they want the world to think they are and as well that all Jews are hated the same as them..
    I know we’ve all done it but let’s be more specific on exactly who we’re dealing with..
    The key here is in turning decent Jewish people, and I know a few, against the Zion….
    And on the other hand – it is pretty naive to think there’s no time when force applied isn’t for the greater good.
    I’d bet anything that, if the ladies posting here were living under, drafted into it, since none would volunteer, an Islamic dictatorship, they’d be willing to give the 🇺🇸 some benefit of the doubt on our interventions against Islamic aggression..
    And we do understand the Muslims are bound and determined to take over, keep taking over the world, with fanatical religious zeal..
    I understand perfectly why the chinese are keeping them contained…

    1. Isn’t it for about time Barking, we defined what a REAL Jew actually is? Hitler spoke about the indefinable “Jew.” He said that Jews in general have not defined themselves (Makow tries hard) I think all Jews are The evil

  8. It is said the United States is a military arm of the Rothschild’s banking system. How much sovereignty the nation has in question but the USA, holding the status of the world’s reserve currency and having a gigantic military and presence around the world, some 1200 foreign military bases according to Ron Paul, is in question. They call it Pax Americana.

    These daily bombing raids also have a lot to do with Israel, it’s penetration and control of the USA government. Israel, the little parasite nation controls the host, the United States power apparatus, Israel controls the Congress and the President, gets billions of aid, free military hardware, is under protection of the Beast, identified in Revelations of who can make war with the beast.


    Rev13-4 (New International Version)
    “People worshiped the dragon because he had given authority to the beast, and they also worshiped the beast and asked, “Who is like the beast? Who can wage war against it?” ”

    It appears the Beast is the USA military power which makes war on the world against the Saints (Muslims).

    New International Version
    “It was given power to wage war against God’s holy people and to conquer them. And it was given authority over every tribe, people, language and nation.”


    Thus, it appears we are living in the “end times” and these daily bombing raids, mass destruction, horror show is all part of a script foretold in Revelations. A whole lot of people in Amerika believe this, and thus have made Israel there devotional worship, tens of thousands of Christian churches are focused on Middle East events and have a life goal of visiting Israel.

    The famed author Hal Lindsey, who wrote the all time best seller “The Late Great Planet Earth”, has a television show about the current end times, and is watched by Evangelicals in all corners of the world. These shows are immensely popular, another favorite was Jack van Impe and his sidekick wife who sports a blond wig and rivals Tammy Faye Baker. All of these television preachers are hardcore Zionists and supporters of Israel, which is one of the big reasons why no politician will go against the Israeli lobby.


    So if you want to know why the United States can get away with daily bombing raids and cause massive injury and suffering to millions of people over there in the Middle East shit hole nations, understand how Biblical beliefs that possess much of the Amerikan landscape are playing out in world political theater.

    This topic of “faith” is the “force” which must be confronted. Certain Christian “end times” beliefs are the real cause of the misery in the Middle East. Many Christians turn a “blind eye” to the suffering Palestinians because they love Israel so much. Thus Jews in Israel can literally get away with murder because of “faith”. Palestinians are being wiped out by “faith”. Thus, I have concluded, that faith is one of the great evils in the world today.

    Disclaimer for the Naysayers. Faith can be a good thing too, if you have faith that God will provide you a job or lead you to greener pastures, then your faith is the magic in the holographic mind simulation that pulls that reality to you and manifests. Thus faith can be used to manifest good things. But faith can also be used to manifest bad things, if millions believe with all their heart and soul the end times script found in the Bible they can also manifest that, and that is what is really going down in my understanding of how this fake fractal holographic hell simulation works.


    In related news:

    Interest rates are going up, a possible real reason is offered here. The real reason Jerome Powell and the Federal Reserve board are letting Treasury yields to rise is to save the reserve currency status of the dollar. QE has resulted in a flight from the dollar, Elon Musk and others are buying billions in Bitcoin, having no faith in the future of the dollar as a viable currency.

    So far the financial media is barely understanding the real underlying cause of interest rates going up. Apparently the psychological shift by the world’s captains of industry into crypto is giving the Fed competition to it’s long monopoly of a non-gold backed fiat. Those who get paid in Bitcoin are getting rich, and those getting paid in USD are getting screwed.

    This “flight from the dollar” is a similar wave repeat of run on the dollar in the early 1970’s.

    1. Excellent comments as per usual YJ… particularly the one exposing that “Israel First!” boot-licking fraud Hal “Hallucinogen” Lindsey.

      The “holographic universe” concept – where faith (“the substance of things unseen”) manifests the object(s) of ones desires – makes eminent sense… and would also account for what Carl Jung referred to as “synchronicity”… that seemingly “inexplicable” confluence of events in the external world to resolve tension/conflict/desire in the inner world.

      Keep up the good work and don’t be put off by the chimps – one chronically chattering chimpette in particular – in the peanut-gallery.

  9. Alan Macleod wrote an article recently for Print Press in which he said, “The United States and its allies have dropped at least 326,000 bombs and missiles on countries in the greater Middle East/ North Africa region since 2001. His article was based on the conclusion of new research by Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J.S. Davies of the anti-war group CODEPINK.

    Macleod went on to say, “Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and Yemen are the countries that have felt the worst of the violence, but Lebanon, Libya, Pakistan, Palestine, and Somalia have also been targeted. The total amounts to an average of 46 bombs dropped per day over the last 20 years.”

    None of those targeted countries were a threat to the US and or NATO, yet BARKINGDEER justifies these barbaric bombing and war crimes by blaming it on “fanatical religious zeal.” Give me a freakin’ break!

    Before anyone say next time, “why do they hate us?”, look no further than the contents of this article.

  10. If I am allowed to be off-topic, I would like to share this with those of you who fly Delta Airline.

    A man got kicked out of a Delta flight on February 27 at St. Louis International Airport because his middle name is Mohammad??? Oh, give me a freakin’ break!
    The middle name of Ted Kaczynski the *Unibomber* was not Mohammad. It was John! It took 17 for US law enforcement agencies to capture him. Why? Because the government was barking up the wrong tree by focusing only on Muslims and Arabs. This goes to show you can’t judge a book by its cover!

    The man who was sending the poisonous packages to the Pentagon and the White House in 2018 was not a Moooslim. He was a Navy veteran!

    Does anyone remember the shoe-bomber?

    He is the reason why you and I have to take our shoes off for a security check before we board an airplane. He did not look Muslim and his real name was Richard Reid. That’s how he managed to smuggle a bomb in his shoe aboard a Paris-New York-bound flight. He was caught and held by brave passengers and not the airline staff or the TSA (Transportation Security Administration).

    Racial and religious profiling suck.
    Delta is a “Muslim-Unfriendly” Airline.

    1. re “If I am allowed to be off-topic….”

      Ermmm…. Mahmoud…. since WHEN has being “off topic” ever stopped you ???

      (Pssst… the “shoe bomber” was a false-flag operation. Hope that helps)

      1. Hey Mr. two-sentence commenter, it makes no difference if the shoe bomber was false or not.

        You missed the points I was trying to make. 1) the shoe bomber does not look Middle Eastern, and 2) he has a typical western name – Richard Reid.

        I should also add that the father of the underwear bomber was the one who tipped US officials about his son’s suspicious activities.

        Nevertheless, BARKINGDEER would not even recognize the fact that it was a Muslim father from Nigeria who was the one who was trying to prevent a terrorist act directed against westerners.

  11. The shoe bomber was most likely fake news, part of the surveillance and security state tightening up on your freedoms… Or a preemptive move to prepare for increased terrorist infiltrators…
    Muslims are not coming here to become Americans, believers in the separation of church and state…
    They’re here to establish their religious dictatorship, sharia law… They’ll force it on you as soon as they can…
    That’s the problem, one of them…
    I doubt many immigrants are coming here to be Americans these days…
    After all, the usa is a totally racist white supremacist state, so they say it needs to be replaced…
    Zionists Schumer and Pelosi etal are on that…
    Ron Paul was a nice guy, but his idea off simply pulling back all US troops and letting the world shake itself out as best it can, couldn’t really apply …
    The article does address a good point – lots of bombs coming down without congressional supervision…
    And something should be done about it…
    Conspicuous by its absence if any organized effort by Big Religion to cure the problem…
    Most religions are probably after the same theocratic dictatorship the Muslims are…

    1. Wrong, they just want to live a normal life, ghey have been in América for 1000 years.

  12. Last month President Biden ordered airstrikes on militia forces in eastern Syria. Days later, rockets were launched on an airbase housing U.S. troops in western Iraq. Recent reports indicate that yet another attack may be in the works. We’ve been here before: they bomb, we bomb, they bomb, we bomb.
    In countries like Syria and Iraq, the U.S. occupation has fueled instability, caused immense suffering. There is one straightforward, simple way we stop the cycle of endless war in its tracks, get U.S. troops out of harm’s way, and stop them from deepening or causing new harm: we bring them home. Yes, U.S. troops should come home, not in bodybags to Dover AF Base.

    It is time to admit that we cannot bomb our way to peace. Time to end the endless war!

  13. War is systemic…
    Probably always has been…
    Yet I feel the planet is closer than it’s ever been to the capitulation point, where the general wisdom has grown beyond the old methodology and suddenly we’re in a different mode of behavior….

  14. ⇓⇓ BREAKING ⇓⇓
    Rep. Joaquin Castro plans to introduce legislation that would prevent any federal buildings or property from ever being named after President Trump.

    I could not think of any better or more appropriate response!

  15. PAT said “It is an age-old problem to call a jew a jew.”
    MAX said:”Isn’t it for about … we defined what a REAL Jew actually is?

    Muslims are defined by their religion; so too are Hindus, Christians, …

    The “Jew” should be associated with the sect books Talmud and Torah, but it is not. Instead, it is associated by billions of Christians with Christianity. Amazing the influence of the owners of the press.

    Talmudist or Torahoo should be the correct terms. The former can nicely degenerate into Mudist, that slimy dirty substance lying in wait to trip you up .

    Language is fundamental to this problem.

    1. “Talmudist or Torahoo should be the correct terms.”

      Not so, Flan. “Talmudist” would only be the correct term for a Jew if he were an Orthodox Jew who studied the Talmud diligently and lived by its teachings. It cannot be applied to the vast majority of non-religious Jews who have never read the Talmud and don’t have a clue what is in it. Still less can it apply to Jews like Trotsky and Lenin (partly Jewish) who were atheists.

      1. The same applies to ‘Torahoo’. This word can only be applied to religious Jews who believe in Judaism and attend the synagogue. It cannot be applied to the vast number of Jews who are irreligious and never set foot in a synagogue. Not can it apply to the Jews who convert to Buddhism, and there are quite a few of them.

        1. You speak wisely, Madame. I commend you. You have great courage to post on a site where you are constantly mocked for your gender. Most men nowadays cannot bear to be in the presence of an intelligent and articulate woman.

      2. By the same token you Chistians,Hindus and Muslims should not be named such for their lack of reading of their sacred books.

  16. if as some sort of rebirth brownie point i could choose a name, it would surely be “Joshua Slocum”, one of the most stubborn individualists ever, the first man to sail the world solo and a Nova Scotian.
    So it was with some curiosity that I came across this new Joshua Slocum who runs podcasts on Rumble under the rubric of Disaffected, the trailer sure sounds promising.

    Four years ago I woke up from a spell. Having lived through decades of torment at the hands of my mother, I finally saw her for the personality-disordered person she was. Then I began to see that that same behavior and those same lies being told by the “social justice” left.

    Hmm, “FOUR YEARS AGO” … probably a coincidence.

    This seems to tie in with the subject that preoccupies me currently: Ad Hominem as the exceedingly powerful yet stealth weapon of mass suicide handed down to us by Jew—stealthy because in plain sight which gives it extra potency due to deactivated self-defense reflex.
    I’ve been meaning to write a full length article on it and hopefully will once the inertial issues are resolved but if my hope pans out, this guy Joshua Slocum will lighten the load since all I have to do is quote him directly when applicable.
    Funny that in my working life (relegated to ancient history, i am happy to say—right, Alan Donelson, do you agree?) I took part in authoring peer-reviewed articles and finding a suitable publisher with whom to lodge them was always a drawn out, painful affair—hopefully not this time, we’ll see.

    1. Josh Slocum update,
      I went into his second podcast and while the assessment holds that he is a bright and erudite kid, our interests diverge somewhat: he focuses on personal issues (gay growing up in abusive home) while my thing is “cultural or social psychology” … i guess it fits within the overall paradigm that feminine personality occupies itself with immediate, organic contact (child’s vulnerabilities—adult pathologies) and masculine with abstract issues (goy gullibility—Satanic perfidy).
      Sort of like a complete set of house blueprints needs both a structural engineer and an interior designer to function properly, safely and comfortably.

      Still a good deal of relevance to my semi-proposed project.

  17. The Doctor Will See You Now
    For those that find such topics of interest, The Real President (yes, no joke because we create realities—the daily flavor) selected Ezekiel (call him Zeke because he is lovable like Bibi) Emmanuel, brother of Rahm previously in charge of micromanagement of Obama, to decide on your life and death.
    Black Lives Matter, Jews are immortal, so who’s left? You, that’s who.

    And the first thing Dr Zeke decreed is replacement of Hippocrates by Hypocrites, must have been a typo that Jesus exploited in his “Woe to you” address. And if Jesus doesn’t like something, it must be good (for Jew), sufficient reason to proceed. One word Jesus detests and he likes a lot is “CHOOSE”, as in Someone is Chosen and others are not. How the matzo crumbles, as they say.

    Give me matzo or give me death!

  18. @NGP

    You talk gutter trash and say you are “an associate professor in theoretical Physics at a major Ivy League university”.

    Doubtful, I am quite familiar with academia and have many PhD friends, and my own family is full of PhDs and none talk gutter trash like you so I am very doubtful of who you claim you are. But good try. Your emotional reaction and anger no doubt was triggered by my mere words in a comment on an obscure site. Why I wonder.

    No one should be going bonkers over mere comments and opinions on this site or any other. I make many comments on and don’t get so much flak like on this site, people here are closed minded and rude. Why not be civil and openly discuss opinions without vitriol and mud slinging? I mean if a comment triggers you, is that me or you who has a problem? I read a zillion comments on many websites, if I have any reaction to crazy talk I laugh, I don’t get angry and lash out like a madman.

    As far as Ancient Alien Theory, it has tremendous interest with the public, dozens of television shows, hundreds of best selling books, thousands of websites. Dismissing it out of hand is just wrong, it would of never gotten this far without having some substance.

    For instance you can read a great website enkispeaks by Dr. Sasha Lessin, and this article which should be of great interest to L.D. :

    “Religions–not spiritual practices–foster war. If we drop the UFO cults we call religion, “Most conflicts and wars would end. Religious radicalism would disappear. We would no longer worry that there’s a God-ordained apocalypse on the horizon and we could more rationally plan for natural disasters. We could arrange our global financial structure to end the unnecessary economic problems of today, and solve overpopulation issues with win-win solutions.”

    Religions foster war is an idea that people need to understand. Religion is not spirituality, religion claims to be spiritual but it is really political power mongering. Religion is how the elite manipulate the masses into killing each other.

    Since I oppose manipulation and mind control, and I oppose us rabble killing each other over religious text differences, I thus oppose religion. Now if Muslims and Christians go at it in war, that is good in my opinion because they are eliminating each other. That is good because both sides seek power and domination over others, and as a Libertarian Anarchist freedom lover I do not like those who want power over me.

    People will fight and kill and die over ideas that they were indoctrinated, and those ideas are not even their own! I told my oldest son last night that when I was a boy spending most of time in the woods how would I ever know the Bible god unless I was taught it? While in the woods having my life experience I would never intuit or care about some Middle Eastern war god, or any god for that matter. The fact that so many do is testament of massive brainwashing. Belief in country or religion is caused by intentional indoctrination by those who want power, it is not something you should even want to defend let alone associate with.

    1. @ Yukon Jack

      A new article about you and your exciting ideas has just appeared on this site. This was completed yesterday (Saturday) and scheduled for publication first thing this Sunday morning. Your above comment, unfortunately, arrived too late for inclusion in the article.

      If you wish, repost the comment in the Comment section of the new thread.

      Kind regards,

      Sister Monica

  19. SAKI
    “You have great courage to post on a site where you are constantly mocked for your gender. ”
    Mocked for her gender?
    Since when? She’s never been ‘mocked’ for anything….
    She does hurl insults frequently, for that she she should be admonished…
    Nobody mocked her for her gender…
    Her comments are often quite good, if she can just restrain herself where appropriate…
    “Most men nowadays cannot bear to be in the presence of an intelligent and articulate woman.”
    That’s about as bigoted a statement as I’ve heard in a while…
    Where on earth do you get this garbage?
    Do you really think men don’t like intelligent women, or do you think hating men is the new female intellectualism?
    In which case you would be correct, since, no, no man does want to be in the presence of any man-hater, much less listen to their prejudice dogma…

    1. Barking, after many encounters of the strange and weird kind, I finally met a woman with an IQ in the top 2% of the population whose skills and talents own.
      We are fortunate to share a plethora of skills from Math to fine arts, to musicianship, to high level sporting skills and a love of the outdoors and the natural world. Plus, she is beautiful and very sexy.
      She loathes feminism, as she knows that Adam Weishaupt purposely created feminism and set in motion such dangerous Jewesses as the prostitute and man-hater, Betty Friedan, to destroy traditional womanhood. Henry Makow has covered this subject better than anyone I have a read.

    2. @ barkingdeer

      RE Madame Butterfly

      It is indisputable that Madame Butterfly is an excellent poster, as you have graciously confirmed, so we are in agreement there. It is also indisputable that Madame “hurls insults frequently, and for that she should be admonished.” You are again right there. But please note that Madame is only too ready to apologize profusely and admonish herself when she steps out of line. You fail to credit her for that.

      As for Madame being “picked on for her gender” — which I have noticed frequently here — I commend you for being one of the few posters who don’t go in for that kind of misogynistic bullying. You are clearly a nice guy who is NOT a misogynist. So you are not being accused of misogyny, dear Barkingdeer.

      However, there is a poster here called “The Realist” who has targeted Madame and disses her unceasingly in a brutal and sexist way, treating her like an animal. I am surprised you haven’t noticed his misogynistic cruelty. He has even boasted about it and has even referred to her “tits” and “ass” and portrayed her as old and decrepit and smelly. A truly sickening misogynist.

      I think you need to pay more attention to this bullying of the female of the species, dear Barkingdeer, and protest more against it. If good men like yourself do not defend women like Madame, who will? So I make this request of you. Be a champion of good women like Madame. Scold her when she does wrong. But praise her and spring to her defense when she behaves like an angel and is viciously attacked by misogynistic thugs on this site.

      The Realist is not the only one here who picks on Madame for her gender. There are at least 2-3 other womanhaters on this site who do that. I won’t mention their names because I prefer to ignore them.

      Anyway, dear Barkingdeer, thank you for acknowledging that Madame is a good poster. She is certainly one the best. In the first rank. Because of her idealism. And that’s why my heart goes out to her.

      1. @ Barkingdeer

        As proof that The Realist is bullying Madame Butterfly and treating her viciously like an animal, here is his latest comment on her. He is praising Yukon Jack, but cannot resist sticking his dagger into MBs back:

        “Keep up the good work [Yukon] and don’t be put off by the chimps – one chronically chattering chimpette in particular – in the peanut-gallery.”

        Who do you think the Realist is referring to as a “chattering chimpette”?

  20. Questions: How many Arab-Semites did the Israelis maim and murder during this last week in their criminal and unprovoked attacks on sovereign ME nations?
    Why are their no sanctions placed on the murderous Jews?

  21. SAKI
    I don’t know ho started it but MB and REALIST have both been flaming each other for too long….
    It’s to the point where it’s become a verbal fistfight, not contributing anything to the discourse here…
    Yet, there are insights everywhere…
    MB has made plenty of derogatory sexual references to men as well, disparaging them generally for the phenomenon of masturbation, acting as if pornography were a totally male endeavor, where women exclusively are victimized and exploited…
    We should all resist the urge to hurl personal insults, because at that point it’s no longer a discussion, and whomever is doing it is verifying he’s out of information, at which point he should shut up…
    Your comments are usually very good, you seem far too intelligent for the kind of gutter feminism that’s wreaked so much havoc in society over the last decades…

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