11 thoughts to “Tucker Carlson: ‘American Citizens Are Being Disenfranchised by Illegal Immigrants!’”

  1. So, what can we say ?

    “Truth, Is Addictive” and so in knowledge. When you are momentary flooded by Light, going back to darkness, or being dragged back there in, is a hard experience. Most people go down with their Ship, than take the Blue Pill. So, Tucker Carlson may appear brave now, Intelligent, forthright, truthful, honest, Commonsensical, and right. But that, is not, in today’s Main Stream Media world, which Fox is part of, “Politically Correct”

    So, since Truth, knowledge, common-sense, is addictive, he will be more and more emboldened to tell it as it is. I guess that, will cause him MAJOR problems. So, if He insists, on telling it, I advise Him to start spreading his CVs.

      1. Those things you send to prospective employers, when you feel the heat in your current employ.

        In other words, Curriculum Vitae. What am saying is that Tucker Carlson may have to tone down, his rhetoric, otherwise his employer might call him for a “Review”

        1. Thanks, BF –

          That is what I would call a resume’….. qualifications, eduction and job experiences listed when seeking employment.

          To me… I had not considered initials of Latin origin….. CVs are joints on autos. Constant-Velocity joints(CVs) allow a drive shaft to transmit power through a variable angle, at constant rotational speed. In a thousand years, some idiot translator reading this might want to believe Tucker needed to ready his vehicles. 🙂

      2. I like Tucker’s rationale. I like his commitment and steadfastness. The only thing I am concerned about is his employer and always question their motives!

  2. Many organizations are calling for his removal….. and so is Chelsea Clinton, the world renowned EXPERT epidemiologist!!! 🙂

    Tucker Carlson hits back at Chelsea Clinton for calling on Facebook to censor him after asking why vaccinated people ‘have to live under restrictions?’

    – Tucker Carlson on Thursday night hit back at Chelsea Clinton after she called on Facebook to ban him for questioning whether the COVID vaccine worked

    – Clinton had chimed in on Twitter amid a spat between Carlson and Dr. Anthony Fauci about the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines

    – Carlson on his show on Wednesday said that he has been asking for months why vaccinated people ‘have to live under’ coronavirus restrictions

    – ‘We’re wondering if Fauci is telling Americans who have been vaccinated……. that they aren’t protected from future infections,’ Carlson said on his show

    – Fauci had earlier in the day said that Carlson’s questions that the coronavirus vaccines may not be effective is a ‘conspiracy theory’

    – Clinton then retweeted a post containing a screenshot of Carlson from his show and noted that Facebook had banned false claims about vaccines in December

    – Twitter users were quick to slam Clinton for her comments Thursday

    – The US has recorded 31,495,164 cases and 565,283 deaths from the coronavirus as of late Thursday night


  3. Carlson stays within the corporo-political frame on the virus issue…
    He’s not Alex Jones or David Icke…
    Jones has his limitation too, obviously on the subject of Zionism and the ZOG in general…
    Has anybody ever hesrd Jones say the Zion did 9-11…
    I know nobody’s heard Carlson say anything like that…
    Icke is quite a bit more circumspect, real, not here to protect corporate or ZOG interests…
    Carlson might be the guy we need, if he wasn’t beholden to the jews… so might trump…
    Free the Media…
    Reset Journalism…

    1. NO!!! NOT TRUMP!!
      Trump screwed the world with the Fast Tracking and took jew pharma $$$$ to do it!!!
      Bad precedent!!
      Now ALL vaccines will be Fast-Tracked!!

      Former Chief Scientist for Pfizer Makes Shocking Revelations, Says New Vaccines Will Skip Clinical Trials

      Dr. Mike Yeadon, former Vice President and Chief Scientist of Allergy and Respiratory Research for Pfizer, says the COVID-19 virus has yet to be produced for study, even after more than one year into the ‘pandemic’.

      He also said the ‘top up’ booster vaccines for variants will be excused from clinical safety studies!

      He dropped a bombshell when he predicted that those who refuse vaccines will be coerced, and those who are left will be rounded up and thrown into prison camps. He warned that there is no BENIGN explanation for mass vaccination and vaccine passports. ***[OK, if not “BENIGN”, then what is the correct adjective? The answer is ‘sinister’.]

      Former Pfizer VP: ‘Your government is lying to you in a way that could lead to your death.’” https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/exclusive-former-pfizer-vp-your-government-is-lying-to-you-in-a-way-that-could-lead-to-your-death


      FDA says vaccines adapted for new variants won’t need lengthy clinical trials

  4. I am afraid Tucker will upset his bosses..
    His bosses promote “diversity” ..

    “How dare he?”

    Who owns fox news?
    Those who incentivize “diversity”.

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