U.S. Actively Prepares for War with Russia

By Valery Kulikov
“Information Clearing House” — ” Near Eastern Outlook

Since the relationship between the United States and Russia has taken a turn for the worse in recent years, it is quite clear to the author that, nowadays, the US administration has been seeking confrontation with the Russian Federation, be it over politics, trade or even the construction of Nord Stream 2 (which is of no concern to the US) for the European Union (EU). And President Joe Biden is seemingly trying to achieve this aim by using fairly aggressive and ideologically divisive rhetoric as a tool.

Based on a number of reports published by American and Western media outlets, aside from anti-Russia propaganda, the US government has essentially begun its preparations for an invasion of Russia via the Baltic countries, the Black Sea, the Arctic Ocean and regions bordering the Russian Federation to the East.

According to a May 17 report in Business Insider, the “US Special Operations Europe (SOCEUR) conducted its largest annual exercise in conjunction with a smaller one” with troops from several NATO member and partner countries. Both drills were staged “at the same time to simulate a full-blown conflict with Russia ranging from the Baltic states and Scandinavia south to Ukraine and the Black Sea region”. The realistic exercises were called Trojan Footprint 21 and Black Swan 21 and “took place in Romania and across Eastern Europe”.

The article also stated that Crimea “would be an ideal environment for Naval Special Warfare operations”. In fact, US SEAL teams are already capable of conducting “over-the-beach raids and ambushes, maritime and land special reconnaissance, and underwater special operations, such as placing sensors on the ocean or limpet mines on enemy vessels”. The author of the article also opined that Russian radar installations and A2/AD (anti-access/ area denial) “batteries and command-and-control systems would be a logical target for SEAL platoons”. The two exercises essentially showed “how conventional and special-operations units would work together in a major conflict with Russia”.

According to Business Insider, the Russian military bolstered its presence in Crimea since its annexation, “making it a seemingly impenetrable fortress guarding Moscow’s southern flank both from land and air”, and making invading it quite a challenge.

At this point, it is worth reminding revenge-seekers in the United States that Crimea has been viewed as Russia’s stronghold for quite some time. In fact, a number of burial grounds for foreign fighters on the peninsula serve as a reminder of this land’s bloody history. And in the past, there were no openly gay servicemen unlike nowadays in the US and its allies’ armies.

A May 17 article in The National Interest reported that the United States had a plan to attack Kaliningrad, which was described as “a single symphony of violence to break down advanced defenses”. General Jeffrey L. Harrigian, Commander of US Air Forces in Europe, said that the city and its garrison “could be prime targets for” multi-domain operations. Sydney J. Freedberg Jr., the Deputy Editor for Breaking Defense, clarified that there would be simultaneous attacks on Kaliningrad from the air, land, sea and cyberspace, i.e. “a single symphony of violence to break down advanced defenses”. Hackers could first “disrupt communications networks while jamming planes confuse radars”.

In the meantime, “bombers, ships and submarines could lob long-range cruise missiles” and ground forces “fire rockets”. Stealth fighters and bombers would then be able to “penetrate surviving defenses to drop GPS-guided” weapons.

Still, individuals behind the aforementioned plans appear to have forgotten about the possibility of a massive counter missile strike against the United States and its European allies, as well as the potential damage Russian hypersonic weapons could cause to those who beat the drums of war and anyone else dragged into the conflict . . .  For it was in fact Russia’s Katyusha rocket systems that turned the tide of World War II.

Preparations for an armed invasion of Russia are no longer kept under wraps in the European Union.

During the May 6 meeting of EU’s Foreign Affairs Council involving EU Defense Ministers, a decision was made to grant the requests of Canada, Norway and the US to participate in the PESCO (Permanent Structured Cooperation, a part of European Union’s security and defense policy) project Military Mobility. The three countries would be the first states to be invited to participate in the initiative. But the very project Military Mobility is not so much centered around defense, as this initiative coming to fruition would give the West an opportunity to relocate roughly 50,000 personnel to the Baltic states. One issue at present is the poor infrastructure in the EU, especially in Eastern Europe. Hence, in the nearest future, the plan is to upgrade it so that roads, bridges, railroads etc. are able to cope with large quantities of heavy military transport.

Germany’s Minister of Defense Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer welcomed the move to invite the three aforementioned nations to take part in project Military Mobility, and described it as “another big step in the transatlantic alliance and in the cooperation between the European Union and NATO”. Her support for the initiative could stem from the memory of successful military campaigns of the past, for instance, during the Franco-Prussian War (1870–1871). However, Kramp-Karrenbauer is apparently unaware of the failed attempts to conquer the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union in the 19th and 20th centuries.

As part of the anti-Russia propaganda drive, some truly impressive photographs were published by Western media recently showing maritime drills, dubbed Exercise Ragnar Viking, that involved vessels of the British Royal Navy, US Navy, the French Navy and the Royal Norwegian Navy. The Drive reported that, according to the US Navy, the drills were intended to “showcase high-end NATO cohesion, solidarity, and credibility in the Norwegian, North, and Baltic Seas”. The article also said that specific elements of the exercise “included a demonstration of long-range strike capabilities from the North Atlantic into Lithuania, amphibious landings in Norway, plus anti-submarine warfare and surface action group operations in the North Atlantic”.

Unfortunately, the aforementioned examples are not the only ones indicative of a vengeful policy toward Russia adopted recently by the United States and its NATO allies, which is in direct contrast to statements made by President Joe Biden and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken expressing willingness to have a more stable and predictable relationship with the Russian leadership.


Valery Kulikov, political expert, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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  1. Lotta wishful thinking. Don’t forget MAD: any such aggression by the Americans would result in their country’s being turned into an expanse of radioactive lava. My guess is that cooler heads will prevail.

  2. American are cowards, they will never attack Russia. The Russian military is not composed of lightly armed insurgents like the Taliban, or a hapless army like the Iraqis in 2003. With advanced weapons like T-80 tanks, supersonic AT-15 Springer anti-tank missiles, BM-30 Smerch multiple rocket launchers and S-400 Growler anti-aircraft missiles, Russian forces pack enough firepower to inflict significant American losses.

    1. “The Russian military is not composed of lightly armed insurgents like the Taliban, or a hapless army like the Iraqis in 2003.”

      100% correct!!!

      The USA companies in Russia make all of the Russian weapons today….. for their best enemy money can buy!! 🙂

      SEE THE LIST: (over 500 companies)

    2. Premanidhi,
      Donaldo would not suggest that Americans are cowards. But let’s be frank. The USSA is a country surrounded by two friendly neighbors….Mexico and Canada as well as 2 of the World’s largest oceans. They have NEVER had to defend themselves against a foreign aggressor in 200 years. This subject provokes Donaldo to reminese about the gym and working out…. pumping iron.
      (Yes, Donaldo frequents the gym) Resistance builds muscle and intelligence but the lack of it leaves fat, blubber and stupidity. Hasn’t anyone noticed that Americans are fat, stupid mother-f*ckers? Russia, by contrast ,throughout her history, has endured countless invasions by hostile neighbors such as the Mongols. To sum it up, the USSA would be annihilated in a conventional war with Russia. But such a conflict will never happen due to geography. But the conflict isn’t the goal at all…..only the THREAT. Let’s let the $$$$-boys continue their fear porn in order to milk the goy cash cow. These BOYZ will continue their accumulation of wealth while the HERD struggles to survive. Been that way for centuries and nothing’s changing soon. 🤔🤨🤠

  3. PAT
    People have been saying Russia will go to war with the US for years and the truth is the opposite; you are right; Russia is an American employee and that’s impossible.
    Had someone told me that a few years back I would’ve called him crazy but it’s the truth.
    …Russia is the biggest loser third world country there is and both are run by the ‘master race’.

    1. It’s true : Russia is the biggest loser third world country but Russia DID manage to stomp on and devastate Gilby’s Muse in Syria, so much so Gilby is now totally incapable of composing poetry he’s still so depressed over WHAT HAPPENED. LMFAO!!!!! Gilbert is a Southerner, a Christian Southerner, but for some reason his Muse was in Syria living with a lot of habirus of various types of desert neanderthal habirus raghead sand dune coons, including jew habirus with schmattas on ((( their))) heads. wandering caravan desert habirus always inspire and give rise to great poetry, yes sirree bob!

  4. You are 100% correct, Sarita! Those are such foolish notions to garner global eyeballs. 🙂

    Russia is a ‘paid for’ enemy to show a need for the Fed Res to fabricate MORE $USD !!! And furthermore….. the world is a corptocracy. Nothing has changed in that respect for hundreds of years, except their grip is tighter than ever.

    Even though they have been there for 100 years, see what GE – ALONE – just ONE USA company – has done in Russia lately…..
    …… from jets to locomotives and power generation, to medical facilities and pilot training:

    Search “russia”
    Showing 1 – 10 of 460 results within Press Releases for russia
    GE Statement on Russia PNTR | GE News
    GE Press Release GE Statement on Russia PNTR November 16, 2012 FAIRFIELD, Conn. — November 16, 2012 — GE applauds the U.S. House of Representatives for overwhelmingly passing today legislation to establish permanent normal trade relations (PNTR) with Russia and to repeal the Jackson-Vanik am….

    GE Gas Turbines to Provide Power for Sochi, Russia | GE News
    GE Press Release GE Gas Turbines to Provide Power for Sochi, Russia May 17, 2011 Latest Project Demonstrates Diverse Role Gas Turbines Play in Today’s Energy World Abundance of Natural Gas, Favorable Gas Pricing Help Drive Demand for Gas Turbines Power Producers Seeking Flexible, Efficient Methods….

    General Electric to Expand in Russia with Two New Joint Ventures | GE News
    GE Press Release General Electric to Expand in Russia with Two New Joint Ventures September 16, 2011 Partners with INTER RAO UES and UEC in Energy, with RUSSIAN TECHNOLOGIES in Healthcare GE expands presence in fast-growing Russian healthcare and energy markets Sochi, Russia, …

    GECAS Delivers First 737-900ERs Operated in Russia to Pegas Fly | GE News
    GE Press Release GECAS Delivers First 737-900ERs Operated in Russia to Pegas Fly May 02, 2019 GECAS has delivered the first Boeing 737-900ER to Nordwind subsidiary Ikar Airlines, LLC, which operates as Pegas Fly. The aircraft is the first 737-900ER to be operated by a Russian airline and one….

    GE Transportation’s Evolution® Series Locomotive ready for Russia and 1520-area market | GE News
    GE Press Release GE Transportation’s Evolution® Series Locomotive ready for Russia and 1520-area market September 10, 2009 Moscow, Russia, (September 9, 2009) – GE Transportation announced that its Evolution Series® locomotive is on display at Russia’s Expo 1520 and ready for the….

    GE and Joint Venture Partners Celebrate Groundbreaking for 6FA Gas Turbine Facility in Russia | GE News
    GE Press Release GE and Joint Venture Partners Celebrate Groundbreaking for 6FA Gas Turbine Facility in Russia October 30, 2012 GE expands presence in fast-growing Russian energy market Technology to help meet Russia’s growing need for cogeneration JV with Russian partners INTER…

    Ron Pollett, President and CEO of GE in Russia and CIS, testifies in support of the repeal of the Jackson-Vanik amendment | GE News
    GE Press Release Ron Pollett, President and CEO of GE in Russia and CIS, testifies in support of the repeal of the Jackson-Vanik amendment March 16, 2012 Washington, DC – March 16, 2012 – Ron Pollett, President & CEO, GE in Russia and CIS in his testimony before the United States Senate Co….

    GE Aviation and United Engine Corporation sign MOU to explore turboprop business opportunities in Russia | GE News
    GE Press Release GE Aviation and United Engine Corporation sign MOU to explore turboprop business opportunities in Russia November 23, 2017 GE Aviation and United Engine Corporation today signed a Memorandum of Understanding to explore turboprop engine business opportunities, as well as identify….

    GE Healthcare, Russian Technologies and MTL Ltd Present Domestic High-Tech Medical Equipment Assembly to Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin | GE News
    GE Press Release GE Healthcare, Russian Technologies and MTL Ltd Present Domestic High-Tech Medical Equipment Assembly to Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin April 08, 2011 Moscow, Russia, April 8, 2011: GE Healthcare, a unit of General Electric Company (NYSE: GE), SC Russian….

    GE Wins $333 Million Service Contract Extension for Sakhalin-2 LNG Plant in Subarctic Russia | GE News
    GE Press Release GE Wins $333 Million Service Contract Extension for Sakhalin-2 LNG Plant in Subarctic Russia March 05, 2013 Plant Operates in Some of the World’s Harshest Weather Conditions GE’s Strong Performance under Current Agreement Leads to 16-Year Extension GE Also Announces MOU with..…

    Just page 1 of 46!!! 🙂

    About GE Russia/CIS:
    GE has been working in Russia for nearly 100 years, bringing global expertise and localizing advanced technology with its strategic partners across power, oil and gas, transportation and healthcare to solve some of the region’s biggest infrastructure challenges and improve people’s lives. More than 1,900 GE employees work in Russia/CIS, which has regional headquarters in Moscow. For more information, visit the company’s official website – http://www.ge.ru. Google Chrome will translate and show NOW…. “GE WORKS.

        1. Brownhawk,

          Thanks, but the sooner you all start thinking for yourselves, the better off you and your buddies will be. I’m tired of being a kindergarten teacher. You guys are going to have to grow up , stand on your own two feet, and think for yourselves. I’m not going to be around forever, you all are going to have to start figuring things out without my help. I’m on the verge of quitting and leaving. I never wanted to be a kindergarten teacher, thank you very much. I wish you all the best. Good bye.

        2. I’m just messin with you, TROJ. Truth be told, the flat earth theory is only preposterous when its based on how we “see” with our physical eyes.

          Indian seers I’ve talked to over the years say that the flatness has to do with how the dynamics of Creation was altered by the Demiurges.

          As I’ve written many times here, it’s related that the natural occurring “order” of things is of celestial bodies compromised as “spheroidal auras” – living, “breathing” entities, as is every created manifestation. But what happened was that the Demiurges created an act of im-position by “flatlining” the auras and then sending them spinning by using a centrifugal methodology that creates the APPEARANCE of spheres. (what makes everything illusionary) Yet what this is is a “virtual” reality.

          The seers go on to say that inevitably this reality will fracture, and in doing so reveal* the true nature of Creation. And like Jesus said, no one knows the time. (“Time” is a most fickle thing)

          *It’s said that this is what the vision of John of Patmos is all about

  5. “The article also stated that Crimea “would be an ideal environment for Naval Special Warfare operations”. In fact, US SEAL teams are already capable of conducting “over-the-beach raids and ambushes, maritime and land special reconnaissance, and underwater special operations, such as placing sensors on the ocean or limpet mines on enemy vessels”.
    There you have it people… The Boys have the Toys and they’re ready to play…
    There are stockpiles of warheads laying all over the place getting moldy…
    Senators and Congressmen Want and Need new Munitions Contracts to bring home again to their districts…
    Where’s Daddy Bush and Dick Cheney when you need em to get something big going somewhere in the world to get rid of all this old junk so we can make some more…


    We’re talking Big Big Money here and the Pressure’s Always On for another Major Man-Made Disaster…
    Because that’s How the Disaster Capitalist System Works…
    Little Locales like Crimea and Hong Kong and Taiwan fit the bill perfectly as Hyper Public Relations Points of Contention, whereas world leaders get the point very well on the Moral Obligations weighing upon them to keep to the Code of the West or whatever and instigate Global Nuclear Conflagration over these RELATIVELY MINOR Territorial Disputes…
    Speaking of General Electric, perhaps the foremost engineer of Planned Obsolesence Limited Lifespan designed into its every-day products, loved Ronald Reagan and all the Bomb Throwers preceding him since WW2…
    planned ob·so·les·cence
    [ˌpland ˌäbsəˈlesəns]
    “A policy of producing consumer goods that rapidly become obsolete and so require replacing, achieved by frequent changes in design, termination of the supply of spare parts, and the use of nondurable materials.”
    They made billions on nuclear weapons…

    1. I learned in sixth grade that “planned” is an adjective. It modifies the noun.

      1. Things were different back then when you were in 6th grade, Pat. They were still using McGuffey Readers in public schools at the time you were in 6th grade. That was awhile ago. There’s been a lot of changes in how English is taught since then. And NOT for the better. Good for you you were raised on McGuffey Reader, that’s why you’re so much smarter than the rest of us … lol….

      2. Pat, what do you think about women being drafted and being put on the front lines? If there’s a war and if Uncle Sam revives The Draft, do you think women should be drafted and put on the front lines? You’re a retired U.S. military man so I ask you. Thank you, TROJ.

        1. Draft their ‘wanna be so tuff’ asses. Kardashians first! 🙂 That’ll be fair.

  6. The U.S. military is everywhere — except where it should be, on the border with Mexico and on the border with Canada. Illegals also enter the USA via Canada, NOT just Mexico. Really, the U.S. military should also be at all of America’s ports and all of America’s International airports. If it was a real country with a real government the U.S. military would be protecting the United States. But never mind what I have to say, I’m a *gasp* a NAZI! lol….

  7. US/UK/Russia/China/Nato… all are run and owned by the Crown. Anything construing of any kind of antagonism is utter stupidity. Wars are manufactured with only two exclusions. This site is a fraud as are most all other On-line counter intelligence degenerates. The US created the USSR which is still run by the Bolshevik Oligarchs. Same with Red China which is still an OSS creation and all for the Crown which created the illegitimate nation called Israel but isn’t. No israelites in history until AD. OT is Septuagint otherwise the Pentateuch / Torah had no vowels and was a backwards bunch of blood lusting cannibalistic nothings. All hate, all lies all BS from the Abram lies of earlier times with an emphasis on killing Amelek, i.e. ESAU or all of Europe and they have been the leader of drug running, prostitution which was in their own synagogs, blood sacrifice (these are worse than Neanderthal, and they admit their god is Lucifer / Halal / Halel which is both good and evil according to the Talmud and Torah. All others associated are no better.

    History is written by the most evil sadistic winners of the most unholy of all activities, war and holocaust i.e. burnt offerings and this is what the US/UK/USSR have done in WWII and US and UK to most every nation since the creation of flight. Utterly destroy Freemasonry (known under different names historically) and Judaism and wash away the anti Christianity and Islam for they are death and dealers of death. Their fruit has proven it but stupid on-line blogs cannot ever admit is as they are part of the system, just like covid and the garbage of the fact that it has not been isolated but it has been used to create death through mRNA aka change of the Human Gnome to kill the host and spread disease.

  8. This Valery guy, must be one of the foot soldiers in The New World Order Scam. Harping on fear mongering

    Previously it was
    “Russia Is behind Cyber Attack On Amerika!……US imposes sanctions on Russia over cyber-attacks!!!!
    Then there was.

    “Russian interferes With the United States elections !!!”
    “Russia Behind The Pipeline attack”

    Russia, Russia, Russia, The Russians Are Coming!!

    Never fails to make the Goy shake in their boots as they freeze in “The New World Order Siberia”!

    Russia still plays the role of ” The Best Enemy Money can buy”

    A favourite bogyman and just another monkey thrown at us to distract the Masses from observing the Mind Games being played by …………….the Chosenites.

    Rus-Putin must be Chuckling !

  9. I see the same thing every time I look and it looks like the Russian Alamo to me, if push comes to shove.
    And conventionally speaking, the 20 to 1 aircraft carrier reality pretty much sums it up.

      1. RS –

        The Russian missiles are made by USA & Israel companies. 🙂

        US companies operate in Russia as Joint Ventures(JV).

        Raytheon, which builds ‘stingers’ in US….. has 1/3 control as a Joint Venture (JV) RL3 JV (33.333333 % – Russia)

        ——Drones also:

        How Israeli-Designed Drones Became Russia’s Eyes in the Sky for Defending Bashar al-Assad
        Though their alliances ostensibly put them on opposite sides, the Syrian war has paradoxically deepened the relationship between Israel and Russia.

        After more than seven years of war, the skies over Syria are saturated with aircraft from multiple militaries and armed groups, each pursuing their own goals, including **using the country – SYRIA – as a weapons-testing ground.!!!!**


        In China too….
        Shanghai Raytheon Professional Services Consulting Company Ltd.


        Raytheon Missiles & Defense, KONGSBERG complete first AMRAAM-ER missile live-fire test
        Extended range missile moves closer to production, NASAMS integration

  10. TROJ
    Right On…
    I wonder why the links are sometimes ‘defective’… If they work for me, why not you?
    Otherwise, Follow the Money…
    Your first paragraph was pretty good, followable, until you got off into the weeds with those ancient biblical references… That part was kinda deep…
    I think I get the grasp about the lingo though…
    If we could reach a bit further –
    The original consonants-only basic vocal communication form was more guttural in ‘thought’ and deed…
    I think that’s what you meant…
    It’s a Cave Man thing…
    “The word guttural literally means ‘of the throat’ (from Latin guttur, meaning throat), and was first used by phoneticians to describe the Hebrew glottal [ʔ] (א) and [h] (ה), uvular [χ] (ח), and pharyngeal [ʕ] (ע). ”
    Hebrews, yeah… Enki and Enlil put down in Mesopotamia…
    The addition of vowels refined the impart but never really lost the instinctual kill-or-be-killed, sacrificial import, which is possible to trace…
    Indeed, Christianity, supposedly most benign, is based on a sacrificial victim…
    If we are originally genetic crossbreeds developed by ETs for some slavery purpose, perhaps our ‘endeavors’ are still defined by the genus software we call language, which is linked more to the R-Complex, the Reptile Brain… Those difficulties are themed in biblical religion…
    I’d bet anything the average white Russian citizen has no more animosity or desire to rob and kill white Americans than we do them, though you probably couldn’t say the same for our Zionist friends looking for free housing in Palestine… As long as this conflict exists it shows we’re all still subjected to the owners, who thrive on our misery… Patriotic politics isn’t usually enough to get the goat… That’s why they jack the racism…

    1. Bark –

      “I wonder why the links are sometimes ‘defective’… If they work for me, why not you?”

      I can help there. You must read ALL of what they wrote:



      It worked for me before it was deleted….. BUT, I saw…..

      The numerous characters in the link skewed the site to where a slide-bar was automatically applied to the bottom of the page, by WordPress/Google, to read the whole page. This page only.

  11. Who’s interested in WW3 and the end of life – or at least YOUR life – on Planet Earth when we could’ve been edified with yet another of Hitler’s table-talks… maybe this time on crocheting… with Eva knitting in the background… and a baby Frau Merkel crawling around in a romper-suit???

  12. well at least we got the story straight on the frumpy frau…
    it’s something…

  13. Two items that prove all the world governments are in collusion and all this fear porn is just that, to keep the peasants in a constant state of fear, is the Antarctic Treaty and the Vaccine roll out.

  14. My Guess – the Russian thing is always a diversion…
    But the Chinese thing might not be…
    Is Mike Adams just a modern-day snake oil huckster peddling
    sensationalist wolf-cry fear porn to stimulate product sales, or is this
    a real warning to heed?
    Well, at this point most of us probably understand the people running
    the federal government are saboteurs at the least, intent on disarming
    the American public and merging the USA with Chinese corporate
    communism… that’s actually been the globalist plot since the Truman
    administration at least… but it’s pretty hard to believe hundreds of
    higher-ranking officers in the US military and perhaps a few good
    governors, congressmen, etc. would not be aware of actual plans in
    motion on the scale the health ranger talks about here, and wouldn’t
    blow the whistle…
    I guess we’ll have to stay tuned on the Chicom invasion…
    If there were a plan afoot for drastic white population reduction by
    mass murder in the USA and other white countries, as-per the Deagel Report, the covid VAXX is
    looking more and more likely as a means to go about it…

  15. It’s the accountants and the insurance actuaries that decide when to hold them and when to fold them.
    This article linked below by Bill Sardi lays out in no uncertain terms what is going on. It’s the accountants that decide when it’s time for conflict real or made up. It’s actuaries and accountants who indicate to their owners when it’s time to knock off the useless eaters. The COVID-19 pandemic is a scam. It’s the Covid vaxx that most governments are so intent on injecting everyone with two jabs and booster shots every year, that is the real killer.
    Mortality for 2020 is nearly identical to the prior 6 years in the USSA. Judy Mikovits PhD a national and world treasure, thinks that 50 million will die from the Covid mRNA gene altering vaxx and in my opinion that’s just for starters. Avoid the covid vaxx at all costs. Even those who have drank the poisonous kool-aid and have taken the jab can survive if they learn how to take care of themselves. Don’t sell Mike Adams short Or Bill Sardi.

    There’s plenty of graphs for Pat to cogitate on.


  16. We have to be SURE to practice racial “equity” when we attack those Russians (who don’t practice it). That boon boy chairman of the Joint Chiefs will see we behave! 🙂

  17. According to some “in the know”, the Big Enchilada is due to be served up towards the end of June 2021… YES Virginia! That’s THIS month!

    So for those you considering squeezing in your “hols”* before that event – think of it as a ‘Bon Voyage’ to the world you once knew – I’d advise you to act fast before everything goes BANG!!!

    (*For those on a budget – for some reason, the likes of Butterfly & her coterie spring to mind – I hear Ryanair has a discount special to Belarus… where – apart from sampling the local cabbage&dumplings specialty – you’ll be guaranteed a front-row seat to the “fireworks” 😉 )

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