U.S. Adventure in Afghanistan Grinds to Ignominious End, Taliban Takes Over

The return of the Taliban to power will be one more signpost of the end of the American empire — and nobody will be held accountable.

By Chris Hedges
Scheerpost via ICH
August 12, 2021

Includes 4-minute video, 
with latest new of Taliban takeover of Afghanistan 

The debacle in Afghanistan, which will unravel into chaos with lightning speed over the next few weeks and ensure the return of the Taliban to power, is one more signpost of the end of the American empire.

The two decades of combat, the one trillion dollars spent, the 100,000 troops deployed to subdue Afghanistan, the high-tech gadgets, artificial intelligence, cyberwarfare, Reaper drones armed with Hellfire missiles and GBU-30 bombs and the Global Hawk drones with high-resolution cameras, Special Operations Command composed of elite rangers, SEALs and air commandos, black sites, torture, electronic surveillance, satellites, attack aircraft, mercenary armies, infusions of millions of dollars to buy off and bribe the local elites and train an Afghan army of 350,000 that has never exhibited the will to fight, failed to defeat a guerrilla army of 60,000 that funded itself through opium production and extortion in one of the poorest countries on earth.

Like any empire in terminal decay, no one will be held accountable for the debacle or for the other debacles in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Yemen or anywhere else. Not the generals. Not the politicians. Not the CIA and intelligence agencies. Not the diplomats. Not the obsequious courtiers in the press who serve as cheerleaders for war. Not the compliant academics and area specialists. Not the defense industry. Empires at the end are collective suicide machines.

The military becomes in late empire unmanageable, unaccountable, and endlessly self-perpetuating, no matter how many fiascos, blunders and defeats it visits upon the carcass of the nation, or how much money it plunders, impoverishing the citizenry and leaving governing institutions and the physical infrastructure decayed.

The human tragedy — at least 801,000 people have been killed by direct war violence in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, and Pakistan and 37 million have been displaced in and from Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, the Philippines, Libya, and Syria according to The Watson Institute at Brown University — is reduced to a neglected footnote.

‘The Enemy Within’

Nearly all the roughly 70 empires during the last 4,000 years, including the Greek, Roman, Chinese, Ottoman, Hapsburg, imperial German, imperial Japanese, British, French, Dutch, Portuguese and Soviet empires, collapsed in the same orgy of military folly. The Roman Republic, at its height, only lasted two centuries. The U.S. empire is set to disintegrate in roughly the same time. This is why, at the start of World War I in Germany, Karl Liebknecht called the German military, which imprisoned and later assassinated him, “the enemy from within.”

Mark Twain, who was a fierce opponent of the efforts to plant the seeds of empire in Cuba, the Philippines, Guam, Hawaii and Puerto Rico, wrote an imagined history of America in the 20th century where its “lust for conquest” had destroyed “the Great Republic…[because] trampling upon the helpless abroad had taught her, by a natural process, to endure with apathy the like at home; multitudes who had applauded the crushing of other people’s liberties, lived to suffer for their mistake.”

Twain knew that foreign occupations, designed to enrich the ruling elites, use occupied populations as laboratory rats to perfect techniques of control that soon migrate back to the homeland. It was the brutal colonial policing practices in the Philippines, which included a vast spy network along with routine beatings, torture and executions, which became the model for centralized domestic policing and intelligence gathering in the United States. Israeli’s arms, surveillance and drone industries test their products on the Palestinians.

It is one of the dark ironies that it was the American empire, led by Jimmy Carter’s national security adviser, Zbigniew Brzezinski, which spawned the mess in Afghanistan. Brzezinski oversaw a multibillion-dollar CIA covert operation to arm, train and equip the Taliban to fight the Soviets. This clandestine effort sidelined the secular, democratic opposition and assured the ascendancy of the Taliban in Afghanistan, along with the spread of its radical Islam into Soviet Central Asia, once Soviet forces withdrew.

The American empire would, years later, find itself desperately trying to destroy its own creation. In April 2017, in a classic example of this kind of absurd blowback, the United States dropped the “mother of all bombs” — the most powerful conventional bomb in the American arsenal — on an Islamic State cave complex in Afghanistan that the CIA had invested millions in building and fortifying.

The attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, were not an existential threat to the United States. They were not politically significant. They did not disrupt the balance of global power. They were not an act of war. They were acts of nihilistic terror.

The only way to fight terrorists is to isolate them within their own societies. I was in the Middle East for The New York Times after the attacks. Most of the Muslim world was appalled and revolted at the crimes against humanity that had been carried out in the name of Islam. If the U.S. had the courage to be vulnerable, to grasp that this was an intelligence war, not a conventional war, it would be far safer and secure today. These wars in the shadows, as the Israelis illustrated when they tracked down the assassins of their athletes in the 1972 Olympic games in Munich, take months, even years of work.

Greatest US Strategic Blunder

But the attacks gave the ruling elites, lusting for control of the Middle East, especially Iraq, which had nothing to do with the attacks, the excuse to carry out the greatest strategic blunder in American history — the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq.

The architects of the war, including then Sen. Joe Biden, knew little about the countries being invaded, did not grasp the limits of industrial and technocratic war or the inevitable blowback that would see the United States reviled throughout the Muslim world. They believed they could implant client regimes by force throughout the region, use the oil revenues in Iraq, since the war in Afghanistan would be over in a matter of weeks, to cover the cost of reconstruction and magically restore American global hegemony. It did the opposite.

Invading Iraq and Afghanistan, dropping iron fragmentation bombs on villages and towns, kidnapping, torturing and imprisoning tens of thousands of people, using drones to sow terror from the skies, resurrected the discredited radical jihadists and was a potent recruiting tool in the fight against U.S. and NATO forces. The U.S. was the best thing that ever happened to the Taliban and al Qaeda.

There was little objection within the power structures to these invasions. The congressional vote was 518-to-one in favor of empowering President George W. Bush to launch a war, Rep. Barbara Lee being the lone dissenter. Those of us who spoke out against the idiocy of the looming bloodlust were slandered, denied media platforms, and cast into the wilderness, where most of us remain.

Those who sold us the war kept their megaphones, a reward for their service to empire and the military-industrial complex. It did not matter how cynical or foolish they were.

Historians call the self-defeating military adventurism of late empires “micro-militarism.” During the Peloponnesian War (431-404 B.C.) the Athenians invaded Sicily, suffering the loss of 200 ships and thousands of soldiers and triggering revolts throughout the empire. Britain attacked Egypt in 1956 in a dispute over the nationalization of the Suez Canal and was humiliated when it had to withdraw its forces, bolstering the status of Arab nationalists such as Egypt’s Gamal Abdel Nasser.

“While rising empires are often judicious, even rational in their application of armed force for conquest and control of overseas dominions, fading empires are inclined to ill-considered displays of power, dreaming of bold military masterstrokes that would somehow recoup lost prestige and power,” the historian Alfred McCoy writes “In the Shadows of the American Century: The Rise and Decline of US Global Power.” “Often irrational even from an imperial point of view, these micromilitary operations can yield hemorrhaging expenditures or humiliating defeats that only accelerate the process already under way.”

The death blow to the American empire will, as McCoy writes, be the loss of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. This loss will plunge the United States into a crippling, and prolonged depression. It will force a massive contraction of the global military footprint.

The ugly, squalid face of empire, with the loss of the dollar as the reserve currency, will become familiar at home. The bleak economic landscape, with its decay and hopelessness, will accelerate an array of violent and self-destructive pathologies including mass shootings, hate crimes, opioid and heroin overdoses, morbid obesity, suicides, gambling and alcoholism.

The state will increasingly dispense with the fiction of the rule of law to rely exclusively on militarized police, essentially internal armies of occupation, and the prisons and jails, which already hold 25 percent of the world’s prisoners although the United States represents less than 5 percent of global population.

Our demise will probably come more swiftly than we imagine. When revenues shrink or collapse, McCoy points out, empires become “brittle.” An economy heavily dependent on massive government subsidies to produce primarily weapons and munitions, as well as fund military adventurism, will go into a tailspin with a heavily depreciated dollar, falling to perhaps a third of its former value. Prices will dramatically rise because of the steep increase in the cost of imports. Wages in real terms will decline.

The devaluation of Treasury bonds will make paying for our massive deficits onerous, perhaps impossible. The unemployment level will climb to depression era levels. Social assistance programs, because of a contracting budget, will be sharply curtailed or eliminated. This dystopian world will fuel the rage and hyper nationalism that put Donald Trump in the White House. It will spawn an authoritarian state to keep order and, I expect, a Christianized fascism.

The tools of control on the outer reaches of empire, already part of our existence, will become ubiquitous. The wholesale surveillance, the abolition of basic civil liberties, militarized police authorized to use indiscriminate lethal force, the use of drones and satellites to keep us monitored and fearful, along with the censorship of the press and social media, familiar to Iraqis or Afghans, will define America. The U.S. is not the first empire to suffer this fate. It is a familiar ending.

Imperialism and militarism are poisons that eradicate the separation of powers, designed to prevent tyranny, and extinguish democracy. If those who orchestrated these crimes are not held accountable, and this means organizing sustained mass resistance, people will pay the price, and may pay it soon, for their hubris and greed.

Chris Hedges is a Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist who was a foreign correspondent for 15 years for The New York Times, where he served as the Middle East bureau chief and Balkan bureau chief for the paper. He previously worked overseas for The Dallas Morning News, The Christian Science Monitor and NPR. He is the host of the Emmy Award-nominated RT America show “On Contact.”


VIDEO   :   3.48 mins

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  1. Hear Ye! Hear! Ye! The Empire is COLLAPSING!!!

    The ‘Axis of ZOG US-UK’ just FELL off The Wall !!!

    And all the King’s horses and all the King’s men can’t put that ShitShow together again! 😱

  2. Reading this piece by Chris Hedges, makes one wonder; Do these so-called journalists never tire of just being “Talking heads”? History shows that ever since the days of Cromwell, and even before him, there has only been One Empire, The Empire of Finance, masquerading as political empire, because its strategy is global.

    That having been said, it translates to the fact that there was and will never be an “ End of the American empire.” because, America was never an empire to begin with, so that is might rise or fall. It was all an illusion!

    Anyone who read “Rebuilding America’s Defenses,” by “Project for the New American Century” by the Illuminati Lieutenants, the so-called Neo-cons of which Zbigniew Brzezinski, was one of them, knows that these wars were deliberately manufactured for a Global goal which had absolutely nothing to do with Democracy, or politics! It was, and has always been about the Jewish Money power. It’s the Monolithic Marmon Monstrosity reorganizing Global Society for eventual take over. That is the bottom-line. So, anybody selling an alternative narrative is merely playing the agent of the Hidden Hand whose role is to hide the truth, and prepare the sheep for slaughter. These are Judas Goats!

    Given this background, strictly speaking from a Machiavellian point of view, and assuming that one is against hastening the take over of the World by the Money Power, I would submit, that the takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban, is not exactly a bad thing. Of course it’s a bad thing to the locals, since these Taliban dimwits & Knuckleheads might decide to outdo the Myanmar thugs or the Nor Korean despot. But if Taliban rule turns out to be a thorn in the Globalists schemes, well, any which way, it’s a devils alternative for us.

  3. “The Roman Republic, at its height, only lasted two centuries.”

    True, ture…. Those where the days we had Pax Romana, which allowed peaceful travel around the whole of the Mediterranean, something that did not happen for over 1500 years before the next Imperium came along.

    Cannot have it all, I guess….

  4. I took a nap and when I woke up Kabul was liberated. I shouldn’t have trusted all those pundits arguing whether this would take three, six, or nine months. Just goes to show what all those experts predicting the future know.

  5. From the article:
    “Operations Command composed of elite rangers, SEALs and air commandos, black sites, torture, electronic surveillance, satellites, attack aircraft, mercenary armies, infusions of millions of dollars to buy off and bribe the local elites and train an Afghan army of 350,000 that has never exhibited the will to fight, failed to defeat a guerrilla army of 60,000 that funded itself through opium production and extortion in one of the poorest countries on earth.”

    It seems that ‘Uncle ZOG’ is finally going to let the Taliban have control of the opium production and BUY OPIUM from the Taliban, instead of spending $$TRILLIONS to grow and process the poppies with US forces.

    “Marines grow opium for their masters!!”
    U.S. Marines are now tasked with guarding the opium crops. As always Geraldo puts a spin on the story that its really bad but has to be done. Who makes the money off of this opium?

    1. Pat, or maybe with the advent of the new and improved synthetic opioids (plural) the lightweight by comparison real thing has become passe and even a botheration.

      But those minerals and rare earth elements are a whole nother story..

        1. @ Pat

          Can you tell us briefly what the main side effects of fentanyl are that make it so much more deadly than heroin? (A link would be useful).

          If China deliberately created fentanyl, why would it do that? since it is surely damaging its own vast population by manufacturing this lethal drug.

          1. As you know, China was once deeply damaged by its opium addiction (in the 19th century) ….. with millions of opium addicts hooked on opium shipped in from India. So why on earth would China now create a synthetic drug like fentanyl which would cause devastating damage to its own people, a hundred times more damaging than opium ever did? It makes no sense to me.

            I can understand China creating fentanyl deliberately in order to unleash it as a bioweapon against America and its western enemies. But it can’t create a drug like this and stop it from doing equal damage to the Chinese people ….. can it?

            Can you explain this anomaly?

            Thanx! 🙂

            1. Saki, I’d guess those 300-400 million surveillance cameras (A.I.) have a very much to do with the Chinese citizenry’s limited exposure/use of fentanyl/opium/heroin. Along with the no B.S. death penalties, snitch rewards, bounties, etc. The atheist communists by definition don’t pussy foot around pretending they care about rehabilitation, humanitarian this and that. No boohoohoo poor sick individuals needing help. Nor do their citizens expect such things from them via conditioning.

            2. @ Hp

              Thanks for your explanation, Homer. Excellently reasoned! Yes, that sounds very plausible.

              Logically therefore America could solve its own fentanyl problem by taking equally drastic measures against its own population. By becoming in effect a totalitarian police state every bit as repressive as China.

              As you know, America is already halfway there. It’s a pseudo-democracy and we all know that. All we need now is for America to go full throttle ahead, drop its democratic pretentions, and become a full-fledged Stalinesque tyranny.

              1. America needs to hang all the jews in the jew Sackler family, but that’s not going to happen. America is too jewed-out to be saved. Even if there was no fentanyl problem in the United States, the country is too far gone to be saved. There’s too many jews and too many blacks and too many browns in the United States. The country can’t be saved.

              2. Saki, yes, America is certainly pseudo a lot of things. But at least a portion of the citizens are still fairly individualistic in various ways. For how much longer is anyone’s guess but it sure looks like for not too much longer and this not by choice or by conditioning rather by decree thrust upon us and enforced by,
                as you say, the Chinese/Stalin MO.

                The Bureaucrat Plague is the worst plague, ever.

              3. I hope there’s room for Weimar Republic sexual dystopia nightclubs in your “full-fledged Stalinesque tyranny”. We’re going to need to have some fun. 🙂

                Sounds like we’re on a raft headed down the river of no return. Why don’t you do Marilyn for us, Saki. Do Marilyn for us! Come on! Let’s have some fun around here for a change!


                ADMIN TOBY: *SIGH* That video brings back the old America I love. I hope my American friends will keep that America alive forever and never let it die. It’s worth fighting and dying for. Great country,
                great people!

                1. Beautiful Marilyn!
                  She not only symbolises America but the Eternal Feminine.
                  (If not Lilith in her darker aspect). 🙂

                2. When Bob Mitchum toted Marilyn out like ‘sack a taters’… the great character actor, John Doucette, hollered, “Hey! What’s going on here?” He used no foul language, either.

                    1. NOT FIXED!!
                      Robert = BOB/BOBBY.

                      Jack ‘The Duke’ Wayne called him ‘BOB’ – so can I..!! 🙂

          2. Saki –
            People are using the same quantities of fentanyl and overdosing without realizing its greater strength.

            Fentanyl is not intended for use in China.

            “When it comes to the illegal sale of fentanyl, most of the attention has focused on Mexican cartels that are adding the drug to heroin smuggled into the United States. But Chinese suppliers are providing both raw fentanyl and the machinery necessary for the assembly-line production of the drug powering a terrifying and rapid rise of fatal overdoses across the United States and Canada, according to drug investigators and court documents.”

            On fentanyl:
            “What makes it more or less euphoric than other opioids is how quickly it binds” says Lewis Nelson, MD, medical toxicologist and emergency physician at NYU’s School of Medicine. “If I give you morphine intravenously, it circulates in the blood, then it crosses blood-brain barrier and binds the opioid receptors. But it takes a little while. Heroin crosses much more rapidly–so it’s really euphoric. And fentanyl is very rapid, and therefore very euphoric.”

            “And fentanyl’s potency is much greater than the other opioids’–that is, it takes much, much less of the drug to have the same effect. So it’s also lethal at much lower doses than even heroin. Micrograms of fentanyl are effective, rather than milligrams of the other opioids.”

      1. Pat, HP, et al,
        Good points. Fentanyl is for the George Floyds of this world. Non-GMO pure organic FDA graded opium and it’s derivatives is for the elite. China Man has long memory, China Man make Fentanyl as pay back for opium war. China Man make Covid with help from West. China Man infects world…I better stop here before getting in to deep.

  6. “Hot news”
    sorry, I’ll translate:
    “China said Monday that Beijing is ready to deepen “friendly and cooperative” relations with Afghanistan a day after the Taliban toppled the Afghan government.”

    No shit!

    Boy, China ain’t playing ..
    Bye for now I gotta go fix our fridge.
    Our fridge is a Westinghouse, a 50 years old American fridge that my grandfather (rip) gave to my mom and this is the first time it slows down so we are gonna fix it. Amazing eh? 50 years, not a twick, not a sound, just plug and go! We even used it to dry our clothes !
    We love it and It almost feels like taking “Moshe” our pretty Rottweiler, to the vet.
    We love this great American product but unfortunately if it dies on us, we’ll have to get a cheap ass Chinese fridge. Bummer! 👎
    What happened to American products? The factories ? Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe? Bubble gum?
    Bad, bad news.
    So yes, China is the Big Poppa” now ..

  7. The genesis of the Afghanistan war was the false flag attack on the WTC on 911 by Israel and traitors in the US government, which was blamed on Bin Laden and the muslims to give the excuse to attack Afghanistan and Iraq and Libya and Syria and as General Wesley Clark said , 7 countries, ie it was all baked in the cake, after the attack on the WTC, all of this to benefit Israel and their greater Israel agenda.

    The ZUS armed the muhajadeen aka taliban to fight the Russians and now the ZUS has armed them again with hundreds of billions of military equipment to fight the Russians again, however with Putin and his Generals who have had experience fighting these same types in Syria, the game is going to have a different ending this time around.

  8. Everything else going on in the world right now is mere noise meant to divert your attention from the real catastrophe being wrought upon mankind. We are in the middle of a mass deconstruction project with the goal being the creation of humanity 2.0 and the reinstitution of slavery. Digital slavery.

    The digital health passports are the linchpin to the creation of a new beast system of total information domination, where everything you do is tracked and traced and evaluated for its conformity to the global rules. The passports will eventually be connected to the banking system and a new digital currency that will replace cash. You buck the rules, you lose access to your money.

    Anyone who refuses to live as a digital slave by putting the tracking app on their phone that converts them to a walking QR code, will find themselves targeted for persecution.

    The stakes couldn’t be bigger.

      1. And for those like me who’ve NEVER had a phone..
        The Gulag, & working on the ‘Road of bones’ Mark II.

        1. uncle,

          Are you going to feature my “We Owe The Germans A LOT” post and my “Miles Mathis + Ratti + I Was Right About Ratti + I Know I’m Right About Pacelli” post? Or, you already fed the posts to The Spam Monster for breakfast? What do think about my “Madame Butterfly + her whole Hollywood “career” the ALPO dog food commercial + a floodtide of booze & pills”? LMFAO!!!!!

          ADMIN: I’ve just approved your Miles Mathis post, though I don’t think much of it. I’ve also approved your post making up silly stories about Madame Butterfly’s fictitious Hollywood’s career and doing dogfood ads for ALPO. It’s a mystery to me how you can spend all day churning out this mindless off-topic garbage.

          If I feature your comments here, it’s on LD’s instructions because she’s interested in abnormal psychology. “We mustn’t discriminate against psychotics,” she tells me. Too right! We don’t. This whole site is swarming with loonies.

          And there are other sites that are even worse. One in particular I know of where 50% of the commenters are either in prison or mental institutions. I understand these psychotics are allowed laptops and/or smart phones in their cells. Gives them something to do all day and makes life a bit easier for the warders.

  9. Pat:

    Any thoughts on the abject failure & utter humiliation of the self-proclaimed “Bestest Mil’turry the Whirld has ever see’d” ?

    Specifically, how long do you give it before the whole sh!tshow comes crashing down… and “The Greatest Cun’ry The Whirld has ever see’d” is flushed down the toilet-bowl of History?


    1. Realist –
      Thanks for asking.

      The Afghanistan events played out just as the pharisee-jew bankers wanted them to, just like in Vietnam in ’74. It will very likely happen again soon in Taiwan…. officially the Republic of China (ROC).

      The pharisee-jew bankers have built the US to start wars, take control, then ‘haul ass’ leaving chaos and the new regimes begging for new money and banks….. and big debts in the future. The BIS is the point of their spear.

      The pharisee-jew bankers’ debt is more controlling than armies or drugs….. Debt is the unseen hand of control around the globe.

  10. “Like any empire in terminal decay, no one will be held accountable for the debacle or for the other debacles in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Yemen or anywhere else. Not the generals. Not the politicians. Not the CIA and intelligence agencies. Not the diplomats. Not the obsequious courtiers in the press who serve as cheerleaders for war. Not the compliant academics and area specialists. Not the defense industry. Empires at the end are collective suicide machines.”
    And definitely not the fake journalists like Chris Hedges, who never seem to figure out the ZOG is the problem…
    “The military becomes in late empire unmanageable, unaccountable, and endlessly self-perpetuating, no matter how many fiascos, blunders and defeats it visits upon the carcass of the nation, or how much money it plunders, impoverishing the citizenry and leaving governing institutions and the physical infrastructure decayed.”
    Chris is coming kinda close here – the real problem is the Bolsheviks’ privately owned money and banking system known as the Federal Reserve, which facilitates these instant retail wars on credit and then keeps them going as long a possible… Because their business is keeping the USA enslaved to their debt game…
    Anybody ever heard of a fed banker advocating a balanced budget amendment?
    ” This dystopian world will fuel the rage and hyper nationalism that put Donald Trump in the White House. It will spawn an authoritarian state to keep order and, I expect, a Christianized fascism”.
    This is an example of Hedges sophistry…
    ‘Hyper Nationalism’ ?
    What’s hyper nationalistic about US citizens wanting their borders secured and an end to the flow of dirt cheap labor, hard dope and vicious gangsters?
    Christianized Fascism?
    What’s That?
    Is that people who would rather not have their children taught sodomy in gradeschool by abominable dragqueens?
    Christianized Fascism is the myth, not antifa…

    1. @ Barks,

      There is a quote that explains this kind of “Journalism” John Swinton, is quoted by Fritz Spingmeier, in his insightful book; “Be Wise As The Serpent” This quote, tells a lot, about the modern-day journalism, and explain Chris Hedges dilemma in his endeavor to protect his pay-cheque while at the same time, appear to the dimwit masses as being truthful, critical, and objective. So you see my dear Barks……………its kinda complicated!

      “There is no such thing… in America, as an independent press… If I allowed my honest opinions to appear in one issue of my paper, before twenty-four hours my occupation would be gone. The business of the journalists is to destroy the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread. You know it and I know it, and what folly is this toasting an independent press? We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes… Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes.” ( John Swinton, New York Times Chief Editor 1880 Quoted in “Be Wise As The Serpent, By Fritz Spingmeier)

  11. If there’s ONE thing this abject Horror Show has taught the world, it’s this:

    Any country on Planet Earth opposing the (((strategic interests))) of the US/UK ‘Axis Of ZOG’ will not only get mercilessly bombed,… but also any installed puppet Prime Minister or President of such a country will – when the “going on the ground” gets too tough to handle for the Perfumed Princes of The Pentagon & Scented Saladins of Sandhurst – be stabbed in the back… as the bullies run back home to mommy.

    But THAT was then… and THIS is now:

    The veil has fallen and The World watches…. and witnesses – with eyes wide open – the craven duplicity of those US/UK charlatans of “Freedom & Democracy” as they flee in utter ignominy & disgrace.

    But Karma, no matter how fast they run, will catch up… and – make NO mistake – payback is gonna be a bitch… in fact the Mother Of All Bitches!

  12. uncle,

    Are you going to feature my “We Owe The Germans A LOT” post and my “Miles Mathis + Ratti + I Was Right About Ratti + I Know I’m Right About Pacelli” post? Or, you already fed the posts to The Spam Monster for breakfast? What do think about my “Madame Butterfly + her whole Hollywood “career” the ALPO dog food commercial + a floodtide of booze & pills”? LMFAO!!!!!

    ADMIN: I’ve just approved your Miles Mathis post, though I don’t think much of it. I’ve also approved your post making up silly stories about Madame Butterfly’s fictitious Hollywood’s career and doing dogfood ads for ALPO. It’s a mystery to me how you can spend all day churning out this mindless off-topic garbage.

    If I feature your comments here, it’s on LD’s instructions because she’s interested in abnormal psychology. “We mustn’t discriminate against psychotics,” she tells me. Too right! We dob’t. This whole site is swarming with loonies.

  13. “In making mention of freedom fighters, all of us are privileged to have in our midst tonight one of the brave commanders who lead the Afghan freedom fighters – Abdul Haq. Abdul Haq, we are with you. They are our brothers, these freedom fighters, and we owe them our help. I’ve spoken recently of the freedom fighters of Nicaragua. You know the truth about them. You know who they’re fighting and why. They are the moral equal of our Founding Fathers and the brave men and women of the French Resistance.” – Ronald Reagan in a speech to the annual conference of the Conservative Political Action Conference, 1985.

    Just swap “Afghan freedom fighters” for American Militias and you will get the picture. Americans have a lot to learn with the Taliban, called Mujahideen back in the 80s. I’m glad Biden’s “government” is SO Communist because the Militias would never fight against a “conservative” government like Trump’s. Perhaps (((they))) underestimated the Militias. They believe you’ll watch the advance of totalitarianism and do nothing, they believe you are a bunch of p***ies.

    Are you, American patriots, a bunch of p***ies? I have faith in you, guys and gals. Actually, mankind is COUNTING on you!

    I’m glad this “government” is SO illegitimate not even the military man would die for it. But the military man, apparently, cannot lead the way, that’s the Militia’s job. The military man used to have some say in the State, now the State treats them as dumb disposable animals. You have to be incredible stupid to join in the American Armed Forces nowadays. The mandatory jab is the perfect excuse for soldiers to leave them and join in local Militias.

    When the shooting starts the U.S. military will implode just like Saddam’s powerful army. The American Military is under sabotage by the trojan government, the enemy took over the government. There are some red lines the military man won’t cross, like shooting Americans. That is a problem in (((their))) sick plans, which can be solved using an army of mercenaries. Academi, former Blackwater, is the biggest mercenary army in the world. They’ll kill citizens without a shred of remorse, they can be foreign operating on U.S. soil. That’s a REAL threat against the American people, and a good target too.

    There are rumors, unconfirmed by “fact checkers,” that Bill Gates is involved in the acquisition of Academi using Monsanto as proxy.


    1. ^ You get it. The tentacle pass of the global satanic squid from US Deepstate Empire to CIA Taliban for the red jew globalist’s tentacle to run is blaringly obvious. Fentanyl kills the white Israelites better than opium so, let the Chinese squid division handle the opium. The satanics are done with America and are moving on to their new host puppet, China. That’s good news for everyone in the western hemisphere and terrible news for Asia.

      1. Your attitude is wrong. I fail to understand why it’s “good news” that the vampire should move on from one victim to another. How is “good news” that the vampire should transfer his fangs from white necks to yellow ones?

        You wouldn’t be too happy if you were a Chinaman, would you?

        Bad man! 🙂

        1. We will see if the China man takes care of the red jews or does what every other nation has done before now. Given that the jews have been living in China enslaving them for centuries, I’m not at all optimistic they will do anything different from the last 10+ nations the squid has attacked. In fact, their immoral soulless culture is perfectly suited for the kind of manipulation the jews so adore.

  14. I peeked at the White House advice for the Left Behinds. It’s actually quite simple and succinct.

    Hunker down, stick your head between your legs and, well, you know the rest and so do they..

  15. Brabantian has posted this message from Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar of the Taliban to the world on henrymakow.com:

    “For the last 40 years, we have struggled to establish peace in Afghanistan. We have defeated the forces of the atheistic Communists and the Zionist west and we have liberated our country.

    We invite all Afghans to participate in our Islamic Emirate and we promise we will work for the betterment of our people. Our priorities are to bring peace to all regions of Afghanistan and to ensure the fairness of law. We will punish those who have done evil and we will pardon those who fought against us, but have now submitted themselves. Allah is the most merciful and we can only thank Allah for our victory. Islam will be upheld in Afghanistan.

    We have but a few things to say to the world. If you want peace with us, end your hatred for our government of Afghanistan and recognize our rule. We are the rulers of this land graced by Allah, and no matter how hard you have tried, you have never defeated us.

    To the people of this world, especially the Palestinians, we hope that our victory over the superpowers of mankind will inspire you, as our faith in Allah has been confirmed for all to see. How can you deny Allah and his will when he has delivered such a great victory to the believers? We dream of a world in which there is peace between all and we ask all world governments to recognize our government. Our message to the American people and people of the western powers who fought us, who we know are hurt by this defeat, is simple: we do not have any hatred for you. Your government, ran by Zionists and atheists, who want to spread their anti-Islamic views here, were our enemies, not you. We will pray for the day when you liberate yourselves from their grip and there can be peace upon this planet. One day, in the future, we hope the whole world will see the truth of Islam. Allah is the most merciful.”

    This message is not easy to find on the internet and it seems to have been ignored by all of the MSM.

    1. “We have defeated the forces of the atheistic Communists and the Zionist west and we have liberated our country.”

      Uhhh, perhaps the Mullah should run that by Xi Jinping first because I’m pretty sure Ming the Merciless atheist communist just might disagree.

      The old enemy of my enemy is my friend trick doesn’t stick well, or at least not for long, to the atheist communists and I’d imagine deep down inside Mullah Abdul and Co. know this to be true..

      1. HP
        If the Taliban think that Xi Jin is not part of the Zio-Communist Axis, they have not learned much. They may have fought “the atheistic Communists and the Zionist west and we have liberated our country” but then, who are they gonna work with who is not part of this axis?

        On a second thought…….the battle has just began for the Taliban! They should wonder why it was so easy to overrun the country and take the reigns ……………..while everybody wants out.

        The drift is…………the Skunk walks in, and everybody scatters!!

        1. BF –

          Xi Jin is DEFINITELY part of the Zio-Communist Axis!!

          China is a member of the pharisee-jew consortium – Bank for International Settlements (BIS)…… which has allowed the yuan/renminbi to have the ‘reserve currency’ status, which they begged for, for 5 years now….at 2.25%. The yuan started at 1.07% in 2016.

          Peoples Bank of China

          The amended Chiang Mai Initiative Multilateralisation (CMIM) comes into effect on 31 March 2021
          Governor Yi Gang Meets with Ambassador Tarumi Hideo of Japan
          FinTech developments, challenges and supervision in China Video Speech at the Singapore FinTech Festival (SFF) 2020
          Deputy Governor Chen Yulu Attends the 25th Executives’ Meeting of East Asia-Pacific Central Banks (EMEAP) Governors’ M…
          Deputy Governor Chen Yulu Attended Extraordinary G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors’Virtual Meeting
          Governor Yi Gang Attended the Meeting of the Group of Trustees of the IIF Principles for Stable Capital Flows and Fair D…
          **Governor Yi Gang Attended the One-year Anniversary Event of the International Platform on Sustainable Finance!!

          See: All 63 members of BIS:

          1. ABOUT PBC:
            The People’s Bank of China (PBC) was established on December 1, 1948 based on the consolidation of the Huabei Bank, the Beihai Bank and the Xibei Farmer Bank.

            In September 1983, the State Council decided to have the PBC function as a central bank.

            The Law of the People’s Republic of China on the People’s Bank of China adopted on March 18, 1995 by the 3rd Plenum of the 8th National People’s Congress has since legally confirmed the PBC’s central bank status.

            The amended Law of the People’s Republic of China on the People’s Bank of China, adopted by the 6th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 10th National People’s Congress on December 27, 2003, provides that the PBC performs the following major functions: (just #12 here)

            (12) Participating in *INTERNATIONAL financial activities at the capacity of the central bank;

        2. BF, and the same goes for Iran’s and Africa’s budding ‘affairs’ with China. It should be apparent even to the deaf and dumb that any relationship beyond a politically expeditious one to accommodate each other’s immediate (short term) goals is doomed with a capital D. And just as obvious neither’s ultimate goal can be achieved when the other is still ticking.

          The Mullah has already stated his (Islam’s) ultimate goal is a world of Islam from Xi to shining Xi and that just isn’t gonna cut it with Xi Jinping and Ming and their rapidly rising nationalist/communist hordes. Not to mention the fake Jews and their pseudo religious Christian Zionist lackeys, Catholic faithful, Hindus, Buddhists and the rest of the peripheral hangers on who simply want no part of any of them.

          In other words it’s gonna be Kali yuga from pole to pole as far as the eyes, ears and nose can see, hear and smell (aka) un-natural bidness as usual.

          1. And speaking of blood baths, it’s shades of the Iranians who also shoot down protesters in the streets with automatic weapons. It didn’t take long and it certainly won’t stop here. They’ve only just begun. But hey, they’re doing it for a righteous reason, dontcha know..

              1. Pat, it’s not my intention to toss a wet blanket on the thread by pointing out the ongoing facts as they develop or by predicting (guessing) the future will be more of the same, only worse, but reality is more often than not exactly that. Waaaay more often than not. If it weren’t we’d all be sipping slurpies on the good ship lolly-pop instead of here agonizing and theorizing about, well, reality and the reality to come..

      2. @HP

        I don’t know how genuine that statement is but no doubt the Taliban feel like that, and everyone knows that’s how they feel, but those comments about communism and atheism should not prevent PR China cooperating with them as long as they don’t interfere in China’s internal affairs. And unlike US, PR China does business with countries without interfering in their own internal political, ideological and religious affairs.

  16. I don’t see a lot of difference between the way the PTB walked away from its own personnel in Afghanistan, threw them to the sharks, and the way they have completely abandoned border security in the USA…
    They’re doing the same thing to us, these millions of illegal aliens might as well be the Taliban…
    They’re not coming here to assimilate… They’re here to take over…
    Is there any point at which the public will finally get it through its head that the whole Obama-Biden thing is all about the sabotage of the USA?
    NBT is right about what it will finally take to save us…. Some kind of patriotic uprising….
    Maybe the recall will work against Newsom..
    And the vaxx does have the potential to destroy our entire military…
    Remember the first rule of war – Treachery…

    1. ^ Yep, the “immigrants” and “refuges” are invaders. The plan is to murder and steal the land from people here. They are part of the satanic squid as much as the Deepstate.

    2. Barkingdeer,
      You know, I have always wondered, drugs that go from Mexico into the u.s. Kill hundreds of thousands of people from overdoses, crime, suicides etc, etc, etc but the u.s. government does almost nothing about it, but if there is a skirmish in the middle east they send the whole army to “get things done quickly” because an American soldier was injured.
      That’s strange and it goes on as we speak.
      Here in Medellin we laugh when we go shopping downtown because we find things that are very, very cheap. I found out why when one day I asked, ” why is this stuff so cheap, how do these people, the merchants make money after importing it, you know, shipping, loading, unloading, the customs, employees, rent, etc etc etc?”
      ITS MONEY LAUNDERING STUPID, that’s from the billions of dollars from the cocaine business!! They told me.
      Pablo Escobar use to make 5 billion dollars a year and he never went to School!

      Crazy stuff.

  17. As the Taliban continues their takeover of Afghanistan, they’ve taken to banning the COVID-19 vaccine in certain regions of the country.

    Shamshad News, an Afghani news platform, reported on Thursday that the Taliban has banned coronavirus vaccine distribution in Paktia, a province in eastern Afghanistan, after it was captured by the group last week. Walayat Khan Ahmadzai, the provincial public health director for the region, said that the Taliban has warned regional hospital employees to stop distributing the vaccine. They’ve since closed the COVID-19 vaccine ward in the regional hospital

      1. Here ya go……

        The Taliban have banned the Covid vaccine in east Afghanistan’s Paktia and put up a notice in this regard at Paktia Regional Hospital, Afghanistan-based radio and television platform Shamshad News has reported. The region was captured last week when they allegedly removed Nishan Sahib from a gurdwara in the province.

        1. @ Pat

          Many thanks! I wish this Premanidhi guy would supply links for his posts. He just can’t be bothered.

          This info is startling all the same.

          What does the Taliban know that the rest of us don’t know? 🙂

    1. Did The NY Fed Confiscate $1.3 Billion In Afghan Gold: Striking Revelations From Afghanistan’s Central Bank Chief

      So the gold in Afghanist was US gold the Deepstate had stolen, probably for their Opium cartels. I told you this was a transaction of some kind. The entire Taliban thing is just cover for what’s really happening.

  18. “(A)n Afghan army of 350,000 that has never exhibited the will to fight, failed to defeat a guerrilla army of 60,000 that funded itself through opium production and extortion in one of the poorest countries on earth.”
    TJ stopped reading at this point. Also not yet read the commenters.
    When the Taliban took control of Afghanistan after the Soviets when home, the Tali, Tali Taliban, as TJ understands it, did away with the opium production. When the stupid and ignorant, imperial storm troopers of the greatest criminal enterprise in the history of the world (the USA) marched in some 11-12 years after the Soviets left, the poppy fields and opium production, guarded over by the American imperial high flying, high tech storm troopers, was supplying up to 90 percent of the world’s heroin.
    In the first place, the stated (false) purpose for the American Imperial invasion was to hunt down Osama Bin-Laden who died of kidney failure in Dec. of 2001 and the Americanos at the top knew it. So the real purpose for the invasion, in the humble opinion of TJ, was to get the opium production ginned up. After all, the one of the main stays of the international banking cabal is the illegal!? drug trade. The Jew bankers have been in this, if not before, when their British imperial servants were forcing opium down the throats of the Chinese nearly 200 years ago.
    It would not surprise TJ one bit, if the Banking cabal controlled American government didn’t make a deal with the Taliban, that if the American’s would stick it’s high tech tail between it’s legs and leave the Taliban would let the poppy fields flourish as far as the eye can see. Time will tell.

    1. @ TJ

      Well said! Your eloquent comment is most appreciated. You offer a different perspective we need to bear in mind.

    2. “It would not surprise TJ one bit, if the Banking cabal controlled American government didn’t make a deal with the Taliban, that if the American’s would stick it’s high tech tail between it’s legs and leave the Taliban would let the poppy fields flourish as far as the eye can see”


  19. Having “smoked” hundreds of wedding parties mistaken as a gathering of terrorists, the Christians United for Israel Jewmerika has cut and run from the empire graveyard (aka Afghanistan). Hundreds of trannies, faggots, and Jew spies at the US Embassy in Kabul did not make it out, they were “left behind” and soon to be caught by God’s true holy warriors, the bravest fighting men on the planet, the Taliban.

    “It is a great tragedy that the rainbow flags over our Kabul embassy have been taken down.” — Pedo Prezident Joe “ice cream cone” Biden

    “If only Bibi Netanyahu was our Prezident, such a humiliating defeat would not happened” — Pastor John Hagee

    “This is a sad day for Israel” — Pat Robertson
    Here are some unhappy hanger-ons falling from the C-17 fleeing Kabul:

    FALL OF SAIGON 2.0 quote by Y.J.

    Yukon Jack
    July 7, 2021 at 9:44 pm
    “So this week is making BIG history yet the MSM will barely mention the reality of empire fail. And we all know the failing empire and currency debasement go hand in hand. So if you want a road sign on the Albert C. Pike freemasonway to hell, the Taliban are rapidly taking control of Afghanistan, and installed Pedopuppet Joe, the glorious Prezident of Idiocracy Jewmerika, promised to be out of the Afghanistan (Graveyard of Empires) by 10 Sep. Like Saigon, maybe sooner than they think. It will be a total loss.

    Proud and stoopid Amerikans thought they could beat the Taliban. Sorry, we lost. We lost because we have no morals and they have the the courage to defend their territory from the Great Satan and ally of little shit Israel. Yesterday the brave warriors of Jewmerika fled Bagram Air Base without telling anyone because these cowards and lackeys of Israel still remember the Fall of Saigon and wanted to retreat without being fired upon. Now they can all enjoy shore leave back in the States watching tranny burlesque. “

      1. Satira

        The link you post lists the Taliban political agenda, and is nearly identical to what many conservative Christians want in the USA, and was the way it was when the Catholic Church ruled Europe.

        Abortion is banned (goal of Evangelical and other Christians)
        Gay marriage outlawed (Biblical)
        rejection of science (Noah’s Ark Museums in Bible belt states)
        no vaccine quackery
        no separation of church and state (Middle Ages in Europe, witch burnings)
        religion taught in schools (it was common to teach the KJ Bible in public schools in early America)

        The Taliban agenda does not seem that unreasonable to me considering that they have been repeatedly invaded and occupied by imperial armies. If your nation had been torn asunder and occupied, how extreme would you get? Their agenda is nearly identical to modern American Christian Baptists.

        Bottom line? Not our country, not our problem. The Taliban have no imperial or expansionist ambitions, they are not a threat to any western person, but they are a problem for the CIA and USAF which runs the world Opium trade.

        The Taliban were not involved in 9112001. Israel did 911. The United States should bomb Israel for 911. The war in Afghanistan only benefited defense contractors and drug runners, and banksters. Every other party lost. The taxpayers were raped by the trillions. Thousands of people died horrible deaths over a false flag contrived war based on fake reasons.

        No one will be prosecuted for this megacrime. Like 911, no person who plotted and executed this war will ever face justice.

        1. Taliban is a CIA creation. It’s an international muppet for the International Muppet show. It exists to obfuscate the activity of the Global Vampire Squid by making “enemy” sides that would “never cooperate” to hide their activity. Almost all the radical extremist groups are an offshoot of one of 5eyes projects, and they’re as fake and gay as you can imagine. All of this is theater.

        2. Yukon Jack,
          I’ve read a number of your comments and see a deep understanding of world events and the big players, agents of Satan all, who are running the infernal show. One exception, though, in the above comment…

          “…when the Catholic Church ruled Europe.”
          Actually, Catholic monarchs, etc. ruled Europe, and a lot of lies have been told about them and about the Middle Ages in general, as can be expected when Jews and Freemasons largely control publishing and media and so much else,

          “Abortion is banned (goal of Evangelical and other Christians)”
          Abortion should be banned, just as infanticide should be banned. But then again, “if there is no God, everything is permissible,” as Ivan Karamazov said.

          “Gay marriage outlawed (Biblical)”
          It’s not just biblical, it’s natural law, and unlike fornication or even adultery, widespread homosexual behavior always has a serious debilitating effect on any society that allows it to proliferate.

          “rejection of science (Noah’s Ark Museums in Bible belt states)”
          One can believe in and promote science and also believe in Noah’s Ark. One thing that is not scientific is Darwinian or even Theistic Evolution over billions of years. Check out this little known but impressive presentation from the 1960s:
          “Cataclysm from Space; 2800 B.C: The Cause of the Biblical Flood,” by Donald W. Patten
          It is difficult to enter into an informed discussion on such topics as Astronomy, as well as Earth History, Geology, the Biblical Flood, Evolution vs Creation without knowledge of the facts and theories presented in this program. The “official narrative” we get from popular, prostituted, agenda-driven “science,” like every other “official narrative” about anything of importance, is drummed into us for ulterior motives, like all our wars, The Fed, viruses and vaccines, Green ideology, etc. In Feb. 1981, then-CIA Director William Casey during the first meeting of President Ronald Reagan’s Cabinet, told those present, “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

          “no vaccine quackery”
          I assume you mean that “covid” is a huge NWO scam, and the “vaccines” are deadly, in which case you’re right.

          “no separation of church and state (Middle Ages in Europe, witch burnings)”
          Long story, but an ideal Catholic confessional state with a good Catholic monarch like St Louis IX is the best state possible, much better than what came afterwards. And witch burnings were done almost exclusively by Protestants, who are to a large degree Judaized Christians. See Diane Moczar, Seven Lies about Catholic History. (BTW, the visible “Catholic Church” since 1958 is a new Judeo-Masonic creation. http://www.whitesmoke1958.com)

          “religion taught in schools (it was common to teach the KJ Bible in public schools in early America)”
          It is largely because religion is not taught in schools that we have all the negative social indicators: divorce, depression, addictions, crime, suicide, etc greatly increasing continually. “Our constitution was made for a moral and religious people. It can survive with no other.” (John Adams) Catholicism is better than any form of Protestantism, but the latter is better than merely secular education, which is based on Judeo-Masonic naturalism and is morally and socially subversive.

          I wonder if I’ll make anyone angry at this comment. I don’t get angry at people who disagree with me, but if it is a matter of rejecting Catholic truth, I feel sorry for them, since the traditional (pre-1958 takeover) Catholic Church is the one true Church founded by Christ and the source of supernatural grace and the life of the soul and the one “Ark of Salvation” in the turbulent sea of this fallen world. A good example of religious truth taught by a real Catholic bishop is in this profound sermon entitled, “The Death of Dogma,” by Bishop Donald Sanborn: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iyc8nq1Tc1I

  20. Question to the ones who know:
    Is it true 30.000 American vets have committed suicide since Iraq?
    If true, that’s crazy!
    Guilt maybe ?.
    Or drugs overdose?
    Horrible !

  21. TJ
    Not sure which of these two books had the info, maybe both, but I do remember one of these scholars states 80% of the world’s opium crop comes from China, always has…
    Both books should be required reading for everybody, especially people in law enforcement…
    The taliban was probably held at bay in Afghanistan for the last 2 decades by the neocons so the opium crop would be kept safe, since those fighters destroyed it when they got power…
    Now that we have fentanyl I guess it doesn’t matter…
    Pentagon contacts are valuable too, to the tune of billions…
    So it was 2 birds with one stone, save the crop and keep cashing in on the contracts…
    The Afghanistan thing has been going on forever…
    Well established flows of cash like that are very hard to stop…
    The American banking system, the whole stock market is one big drug money laundering arcade…
    It used to be off-the-books oil money, ‘Hot Money’ the Rockefellers called it, that drove the us economy, made life wonderful for the junk bond kings, hedge fund managers and investment bankers…
    But drug money blew that out of the water…
    You might remember Hillary’s BCCI – Bank of Crooks and Criminals….
    It was set up specifically to launder drug money…
    Since you mentioned Brother Pike, I wonder to what extent the taliban are controlled by freemasonry…
    I’d bet quite a bit pretty much in any old gangster-state caliphate….
    Which would jive OK with all the rest of the globalists and their plan to impose their untouchable super-surveillance and control state, now digital everything, including your life, over the entire planet….
    I guess a taliban type islamo-fascist dictatorship would be just fine with the pope, the queen and the City of London crowd…
    Which might explain why Jobama Obiden left them a billion or so worth of all kinds of hardware and ammo, so they would be sure to stay in power…
    The only stickler is why they banned the vaxx, if they’re down with the globalists…
    Maybe because they know the clot-shots kill (a billion or so coming up dead in the next few years, according to Cliff High and others), and that’s mostly for white people?
    Who knows how true it is, but the narrative is 20 or so war vets kill themselves every day in the USA….
    I don’t believe that word for word…
    But I would be the vaxxes they’re forced to get probably have something to do with it…
    Supposedly more Viet Nam veterans killed themselves since the war than were killed in it…
    That might be true, I know of several, relatives, in-laws, guys I went to high school with…

  22. This past weekend I was driving cross country during the “Fall of Kabul”, and listening to conservative talk radio. Every one of these conservative talk hosts – like Ben Shapiro (Fox radio out of Boise, Idaho) – repeated the big lie that Afghanistan was involved in 911 and the USofA had to invade that nation to stop the next terror attack.

    So these ZOG trained liars all use this talking point that we were justified to be there because of 911. That is flat out criminal lying as any fool knows that no person in Afghanistan could possibly have planned and executed 911. You have to be a special kind of stupid to believe that, but like I said they ALL kept repeating that lie as I tuned in station after station and listened to them all bellyache and whine about the loss of face and national humiliation etc. etc. That is only a problem if you identify with the criminal enterprise that invades and destroys nations based on the claim we are bringing them democracy and human rights – as if bombing whole nations can be equated with establishing human rights when you are blowing the sh-t out of wedding parties.


    In both failed adventures, there was an “arch villain”. Ho Chi Minh was painted as the devil himself, educated at a liberal university in America, he approached JFK for help ridding the French occupiers of Vietnam who treated the native Vietnamese with contempt and gave them no political rights. He said he knew America would eventually tire and leave, and we did – just as we did after 20 long years in Afghanistan. The rebels only need to wait till we get bored and tired of wasting money for a lost cause of selling democracy – which BTW is really Jewish rule. When we bring democracy, we are really installing a Jew whore government.

    We bombed North Vietnam (and other nations) to stop Communism, and now we are Communist. Jan 17th was a Communist coup by Jewie Shumer and the old witch Pelousi (as Trump won by a landslide). So the Vietnam and Korean wars were an utter waste of money and lives because we are now fully embracing Jew Communism. So the big test is coming, are private property rights still sacrosanct in Amerika, does a landlord have the right to evict a non paying tenant? Joe Biden just kicked the can down the road and extended the rent moratorium. Sorry that won’t work in our system.

    So whether the villain is Emmanuel Goldstein (1984) or Ho Chi Minh, or Osama bin Laden, or Saddam Hussein, the media gets you to focus on the “bad man” while they go about prosecuting the war based on their lies. Now the real bad guys are the Jewish banksters who are carving up the world for profit, the President and all his men (whores of Ratchilds), the military which does the actual dirty work killing, maiming, bombing, straffing, nuking the opponents of banker world order.

    But if you ask the average person why we went into Afghanistan, they will respond like a neophyte political dupe, or as a child, it was Osama bin Laden. It was not him, and he said he did not do 911. So as you can see, the average person’s mind is easily duped by the ZOG media and state propaganda as they name the predetermined patsies in their false flag crime sprees. Osama bin Laden was the Emmanuel Goldstein for the Afghan operation “Save the Opium for the CIA”. It does not matter if this person is a complete fiction, and Obama proved it when he claimed Navy Seals killed him and then threw his body overboard, when Pakistani Intelligence ISI said Osama had died in 2003.

    Obama was a slick operator and knew how to play the make believe game of making himself a hero by killing the arch villain. It was a laughable fakery, throwing the carcass of the world’s most notorious terrorist overboard. And like Jussie Smollett, his white supremacist mugging a staged and busted charade. Smollett is best friends with Michael Obama and probably sucks his tranny d–k.

    I suggest all read this wikipedia entry to understand who Osama really was for the nation wreckers called your government. Osama is the focus for ZOG’s national hate, he is the false focal point for your mind, so that you tolerate the regime which is committing the crime of invasion of another nation under false pretenses).

    “Goldstein is always the subject of the “Two Minutes Hate”, a daily programme beginning at 11:00 a.m. at which an image of Goldstein is shown on the telescreen and subjected to extreme contempt. Goldstein is commonly depicted walking among the parading soldiers of Oceania’s current enemy – Eurasia or Eastasia – implying that he is not only an ideological opponent of the regime but also a traitor aiding and abetting the national enemy. ”


    The Fall of Kabul was a “wave repeat’ of the Fall of Saigon. A wave repeat is history repeating, not exactly, but similarly. In this case, the people of a nation retook their nation when the empire retreated, and all the nation building and money spent was wasted because those people there were glad to take Uncle Sam’s bucks and nod their heads in approval of our mighty military and currency, but they were just surviving the occupation, and when Uncle Sam left they immediately joined the Taliban cause.

    The media paints the wrong picture as usual, the worst collaborators were desperate to get on the last C-17 and get the hell out of Dodge before they are found out betraying their own nation for ZOG. The vast majority of Afghanis are breathing a sigh of relief that the foreign army has left their nation, but might bemoan the loss of Uncle Sam bucks that were spent around town as bribes for loyalty. So it was a mixed bag, the big spender lavishly padding your pocket leaves but at least you have your nation back, and unbelievers like me would have to now pretend to be a good god believing Muslim to satisfy the devout warlords who follow the Anunnaki Allah.

    “The Anunnaki, who bade us call them “gods,” stand way taller and live way longer than we. They said they bred us as short-term slaves and soldiers. We killed in their names: Allah (= Sumerian Nannar), Yahweh (sometimes Enlil, sometimes Adad or Enki) and Ishtar (Inanna)–mining expedition personnel all, all Nibirans. They bred us to slave in mines, armies, businesses, schools, governments, farms, factories, brothels and building projects.”

    (Allah is the Sumerian Nannar. Muslims are followers of a Sumerian warlord.)
    So what is the bottom line? President Joe Biden did what Obama and Trump should have done years ago namely get the hell out of hell called Afghanistan. We had no legal or moral reason to be there. It was a crime and tragedy for so many humans who got caught up in the crossfire, especially our young men and women put in harm’s way for Jews and their endless quest to dominate the globe.

    So thumbs up for Joe Biden who did what Trump (a fool and loser) said he was going to do. BTW I do not like either party or candidate, but in this case I am making note that old man Biden pulled out of an unwinnable money sink. I just happened to catch Biden’s Monday speech and he said we spent a trillion there and said we got out to save our boy’s lives. So good for him and I agree with his logic – if it was sincere – which I am sure is not.

  23. Physical force IS NEEDED to steal property in Afghanistan, BUT not in US!

    Financial analyst George Gammon explains how globalists plan to take your property.

    A 2016 blog post about a vision for 2030 on the World Economic Forum’s website revealed that ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (A.I.) will record everything that an individual does, thinks and dreams.

    Homes will be owned by the government and usage will be allocated according to A.I. algorithms based on CENTRAL-BANK digital-currency transactions.

    The goal is for individuals to own nothing and globalists to control everything. Gammon describes multiple strategies that already are being used to confiscate private property without force.

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