U.S. Psychiatrist Expresses Her Concern at Biden’s Increasing Dementia

Sputnik News – March 27, 2021
(Includes 3-minute video)

‘Vacant Stare, Inappropriate Smiles’:
US Psychiatrist Analyses Biden’s Performance at 1st Presser

“Where  am  I?”

On 25 March, Joe Biden took questions from reporters for the first time since his inauguration in January. Dr Carole Lieberman, a board-certified psychiatrist and best-selling author based in Beverly Hills, California has analysed the performance of the 46th president amid growing speculation about his health.

Sputnik: Why do you think it is time to invoke the 25th Amendment after watching President Biden’s first solo press conference?

Carole Lieberman: You probably have the same fairy tale – ‘the Emperor has no clothes. It’s the story of an emperor who walked down the street, he wanted to have these fine clothes and the tailors pretended they were making him a fine outfit. They were just playing a joke on him. He walked down the street parading and he was naked, he was wearing no clothes. And there was a little boy who cried out, “the emperor has no clothes”. Everybody else was pretending that everything was fine. That is kind of the situation that we have here, that…  now, of course, fewer and fewer people are pretending that everything is fine because after the press conference, it is obvious.

I am a psychiatrist, but you don’t really have to be a psychiatrist after the press conference to see that there is definitely something wrong with Biden’s thinking, his memory and so on. I called it before the election. I tried to warn people and I called it encroaching dementia. In other words, the early stages of dementia.

Sputnik: What signs of possible unwellness did you see during the speech? Is it something he said or is it his body language?

Carole Lieberman: It was a number of things. This has actually been getting worse over time. That is one of the most concerning things – that over the last six months or more, he has been having more of these signs.

For example, one sign is his eyes. He seemed to have a vacant stare when he was looking out at the audience. It didn’t seem like he had… that there was something behind his eyes. Another example is sometimes he smiled inappropriately. Another example is – and he did this during the campaign – he would say, “where am I?” People took it yesterday, like, where am I trying to find the next person to call on, the next reporter and so on. But he has used that expression, ‘where am I?’ lots of times. And some of the times was where he actually literally looked lost, physically lost, disoriented.

He twisted some of his words. He said things like “when I came to the Senate one hundred and twenty years ago”. And clearly, he didn’t pick up on his mistake. It would be one thing to say that kind of mistake and then say, well, what am I saying? It wasn’t one hundred and twenty years ago, but he didn’t say that.

Since his election, he has continued to talk in some of his speeches, off-the-cuff speeches. This is the first press conference, but he has said at other times, things that make it seem like… ‘I’m running’. For example, yesterday he said ‘I’m running for three reasons’. And he talked about transparency and rebuilding the backbone of America, uniting the country and so on. But – I’m running? He already ran and he is president.

It’s very disturbing. I feel very sorry for him. I feel very concerned for America. I think we need someone who is more aware.

When you’re the president of the United States or when you’re the leader of any country, you have to be able to hold in your mind a lot of abstract concepts, a lot of information at once, and a lot of different concepts of how things interact with each other. When you have some kind of cognitive impairment, it’s particularly hard to think like that. That’s a particular type of thinking that is very hard. It’s very hard for anybody. If you have cognitive decline, that is one of the things that goes first or is particularly impacted.

Fortunately, he is not the only one running the country. He is the president. There is a vice president. There is a Congress. There are lots of other people in Washington, DC who are in charge of running the government or different aspects of the government. But it was an embarrassment to himself and to the country.

I feel it’s a very awkward position to be talking about this to someone from another country. But I don’t think I’m really telling any big surprises because I think anybody watching that, maybe they don’t know how to put it in the exact language that I’m talking about. But people could see, and you don’t have to be a psychiatrist, you don’t have to be an American to see that he was having problems, he was stumbling. And to see that this is just a continuation, a worsening of what he’s been having for months and months.

Sputnik: While using notes during press conferences is hardly unprecedented, Biden’s cheat sheet had names and pictures of reporters, with some correspondents’ pictures having numbers next to them. Do you believe the conference was ‘scripted’?

Carole Lieberman: The last time he gave a talk – not a press conference, but a statement to the world, to America, he used a teleprompter and he seemed to be having trouble seeing the teleprompter. He was squinting a lot. And I think maybe … First of all, you can’t really have a press conference with a teleprompter. First of all, the reporters would be able to see what’s written on it. They resorted to a cheat sheet to these papers and, yes, with photographs. He might not be expected to know all the reporters names and what they look like, but there was a lot more than that on his cheat sheet. And again, not that you’re supposed to necessarily have to remember every fact and figure – he didn’t know exactly what he was going to be asked. Although, yes, there are hints that some people are saying that he might have known at least some of the questions in advance. I don’t know that for a fact, but you don’t want the president or the leader of your country to be using a cheat sheet.


VIDEO     :     3.10 mins

25 thoughts to “U.S. Psychiatrist Expresses Her Concern at Biden’s Increasing Dementia”

  1. ‘Baby Doll Eyes’ or ‘Shark Eyes’ is not a good look for the Commander In Chief of all of the US Military!! It is plain to see that he is the front-man for Kamala Harris…. who is waiting anxiously at the ready!! 😨

  2. Here is a really tough one;
    “It didn’t seem like he had… that there was something behind his eyes.” Meaning; “Hello! anyone home? ” Silence

    And then a Jaw Breaker; “He said things like “when I came to the Senate one hundred and twenty years ago”. argh !!

    Well, just replace him with a double and end this ghastly Comedy . Reminds one of Tom Sharpe’s Comic, “Ancestral Vices” Or was it “The Wilt Inheritance”? It was a guy who had to make his dead Gradpaps appears as if he were still around and kicking ass, so as to convince some parties that a fradurent will was an ok. Will. Great stuff, Tom Sharpes.

  3. of course sputnik had to go to a “carole lieberman”, the guaranteed reliable psychiatrist—just look at her, never mind biden’s eyes, look at her eyes.
    Empathizing, compassionate, knowing of human soul as only a child of holocaust survivors can.
    And to correct a small typo, surely without meaning but

    Fortunately, he is not the only one running the country.

    (nor Kamala, nor anybody in that crew)
    see? With this correction, Biden’s eyes no longer matter, nor his incoherence, his eyes could be sharply focused, speech crisp and coherent and it would make zero difference.
    Because the eyes that matter are lurking in that monolith behind Dr Carol, empathizing, compassionate, knowing … i can sleep well, secure in conviction that all is well.

    1. “….look at her eyes.”

      I did, Lobro. I saw where her left eye is higher than her right eye….. a very difficult face to fit for glasses!! Dad hated those faces before ‘contacts’….. and jews to boot, even after ‘contacts’. 🙂

      1. speaking of eyes, my lifetime of perfect vision is coming to an end.
        Just a few months ago while having it checked at local hospital for Thai motorbike license, was told that there is beginning of macular degeneration in one eye, even tho the sight is still 20-20 bilaterally—a sort of laser radar test to check on foveal deposits.
        And tru enough, vertical lines like lampposts are showing an outward bulge, an early sign.
        My father-in-law ended up blind that way and it kind of killed him, took away his will to continue (loved watching sports action on TV—where the heck is that puck?—what puck, Joe, we’re watching figure skating)

        1. Hey Lobro,

          Always ensure you have a second opinion from another eye specialist. Or a Third, or a Fourth.

          I stopped getting too trusty with Doctors when I realized that profit has become an overwhelming influencer to many of them. Look at their Macabre response to Covid. Take care.

        2. thanks for both concern and advice, Bigfoot, both appreciated.
          as for additional professional consultations, i will go one better: none.
          I have been around physicians, practicing, clinical trials and university-affiliated researchers long enough to have lost my faith in their skills and intentions and only trust them if and when they are actual people who still care (if they ever did, having my doubts).
          This particular conditions is poorly understood, without much of a consensus or common policy on how to proceed, so i will make my own decisions, share neither blame nor rewards.
          My free choice is paramount, the consequences secondary.
          Even if and when blind, i will scramble around on my own, not like this.

          1. Since you are in Asia, you ever visit Sri Lanka there is a local herbalist who treat eyes for many generations. My father benefited greatly from this for this exact condition.
            Many may ridicule this but even at my fathers’ advanced condition he managed to delay the process considerably.

            1. Mihiri, if you know how to contact the Sri Lankan herbalist, let me know. Probably a 3-4 hr flight.

              1. Yes I’d be happy to. The process requires some explanation as you may well understand how things work in Asia pertaining to local medicine. Probably best to communicate directly(email?) so I can give you a detailed account so you can decide for yourself.

        3. Lobro, I have had the precursor to macular degeneration being treated with injections by an ophthalmologist for over 5 years. It affects my right eye only. I have 20/50 in the right eye, and 20/20 in the left eye with glasses on. The label of the condition is “idiopathic(cause unknown) central serous chorioretinopathy” and looks like this inside the eye: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Central_serous_chorioretinopathy

          CSR is sometimes called idiopathic CSR which means that its cause is unknown. Nevertheless, stress appears to play an important role. An oft-cited but potentially inaccurate conclusion is that persons in stressful occupations, such as airplane pilots, have a higher incidence of CSR.

          CSR has also been associated with cortisol and corticosteroids. Persons with CSR have higher levels of cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone secreted by the adrenal cortex which allows the body to deal with stress, which may explain the CSR-stress association. There is extensive evidence to the effect that corticosteroids (e.g. cortisone), commonly used to treat inflammations, allergies, skin conditions and even certain eye conditions, can trigger CSR, aggravate it and cause relapses.

          In a study documented by Indian Journal of Pharmacology, a young male was using Prednisolone and began to display subretinal fluid indicative of CSR. With the discontinuation of the steroid drop the subretinal fluid resolved and did not show any sign of recurrence. Thus indicating the steroid was the probable cause of the CSR. A study of 60 persons with Cushing’s syndrome found CSR in 3 (5%). Cushing’s syndrome is characterized by very high cortisol levels. Certain sympathomimetic drugs have also been associated with causing the disease.

          **People who have irregular sleep patterns, type A personalities, sleep apnea, or systemic hypertension are more susceptible to CSR. (**ME!!)

          Lobro, I see the same conditions you described!! The intraocular injections with Avastin have helped MY vision. Avastin is a vaso-inhibitor – first used to decrease new blood vessel formations in colon cancer patients.

          Avastin is the brand name for bevacizumab, a drug injected into the eye to slow vision loss in people who have “wet” age-related macular degeneration (AMD). It blocks the growth and leaking of fluid from abnormal blood vessels in the back of the eye. Those blood vessels can leak and affect vision, causing vision loss from wet AMD and diabetic eye disease.

          Maybe this will help you somewhat. Fingers crossed. 👍

          1. Pat, et al
            Corticosteroids used in asthma inhalers can act like a narcotic, in the sense that they can create a dependency whereby discontinuing their use can bring on a serious attack, acting the exact opposite of the malady they’re designed to treat, if used long enough.

            This is what MANY pharmaceuticals do. The companies get filthy rich off of products which in the long run only treat symptoms until they won’t even do that. If you have asthma or COPD
            you can get hooked for life on the stuff, until eventually it loses its effectiveness, at which time the user is up Shit’s Creek without a paddle. Kind of like a junkie who after prolonging his heroin habit eventually shoots up just to get straight…..until it kills him if he keeps at it.

            Talk about yer no-win situation 💀💉💀

          2. Pat & Mihiri,

            Lotsa thanks to both, your insights give me much food for thought.
            I am on no medication at all, not even nutritional supplements or vitamins, bloodwork just about perfect, BMI ~20, SBP/DBP 115/70, sleep smooth, digestion just fine, PSA next to 0 … let’s see what might be on the minus side: probably do tense up too easily, too competitive and quick to anger (testosterone way above the top of the normal range), shoddy kidney function (eGFR~50), enlarged prostate (must wake up every 2 hrs), worry about family stuck back in Canada … I think my AMD is still at the dry stage but of course liable to progress to wet.

            Btw, the diagnostic test they gave me here locally looks exactly like the one in your link, Pat, for the right eye only, the left one has a dip instead of a bump, so it seems our cases are similar.

            I would line up for Avastin except that Bangkok is kind of sluggish these days owing to masking, distancing and general malaise, not many hotels open, top-end hospitals running low-staffed due to slowdown in medical tourism, whereas my town in the NE is totally normal, I might be forced to isolate on the way back.
            Mihiri’s suggestion also deserves merit, it would never do to deride the ways of the ancients, ayurveda and all that … I used to watch this old dude in Puri on the Coromandel coast of India, he’d hit the beach at sunrise, wade ankle-deep into ocean, scoop water into a pitcher and facing the sun, slowly pour it in front of his face … he told me that it was the morning sungazing and another at sundown without water—good for the eye health, he said.
            And I believe him, why not.
            All told, I am grateful for everything, it has been a good ride come what may.

      2. Her whole face looks like a mask. You gotta wonder what might be behind it. There’s more of that kinda thing going on, especially now. 👺

  4. Biden is a puppet of the zionists, just like all the potus since they had JFK assassinated in Dallas, since that time all have been slaves to the zionist new world order one world satanic government.

    Americans need to wake up , we are loosing the battle against the zionists.

  5. Notice Biden attempts to put the border crisis off on the kamel, but she’s not having it, laughs it off… neither one of them wants to be associated with it, though it is the dems policy to have it continue and build their permanent underclass demographic..
    and it’s going to get a lot stinkier in the next few months…
    The laughter is a nervous female reaction, when she has no actual response….
    They can do that, I guess… A man can’t…
    At some point the media people might break loose and start to demand some real answers, it’s possible…
    The Kamel is only here on the narrative bs anyway, female, colored person, various critical theory crap…
    She already refers to herself as “the Harris administration working with Joe Biden “…
    She must be uncontrollable, you see….
    That facade might all wear off pretty quick, if/when they get rid of Biden and everybody sees how stupid she really is – the first one kicked out of the primary….
    at least he’s got a good excuse, old age, general senility….

  6. The 64 Jamaican Dollar question, by what method will the Deep State retire Obiden? It would be surprising via the 25th Amendment, especially after two failed attempts to impeach the former President and current putative leader of the stupid party. Impeachment or via the 25th Amendment are two paths leading to the same result.
    First, the movers and shakers of the current dispensation will set down, if they haven’t already, and have a heart to heart talk with Jill Biden. In due time, with Jill on board, the Democrat leaders with China Joe in tow will announce in a nation wide broadcast, that President Biben is to address the nation. The President will then step up and announce in, his well rehearsed words that he is to resign because of health reasons. Jill then will step to the cameras and say something like “this is the best for Joe and the country.” Without skipping a beat VP Kamala Harris and Chief Justice Roberts will step forward and OHarris will be sworn in as the brand spanking new president of these United States of Dystopia. And like that, slam bam thank you ma’am you’re now Barrack’s third term.

  7. I think the bitch is related to the mfer, Obama..
    She looks enough lke him and her general manner when speaking seems a little more than mere imitation….
    That is the way the elite do things…
    It’s all about the bloodlines…

  8. Chlamydia Harris (thank you Willie Brown for giving it to her!) and her Edomite husband can hardly wait for the old POTUS SELECT aka Sleepy Joe to croak. But, even if that happens will it be any different (better or worst?) for the rest of us than having the Edomite Son-In-Law aka Jared Kushner in the White House for the last four years? I don’t think so! New Boss…same as the old Boss!?

  9. 62 to 65 is the usual retirement age. There’s a reason for that. This creature is 78! I look at myself now, at 63, and when I was in my 20’s, 30’s 40’s and 50’s. Of course I’m past my physical peak, but I’m unquestionably past my intellectual peak as well. Word recall and short-term memory are deteriorating.

    A president should be between 48 and 58 years old. Nothing older!

    The jews are going to manipulate this old man like Play-Doh.

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