UN Report:Taliban conducting ‘targeted door-to-door visits’

PressTV – Aug 20, 2021 — via Truthseeker
(Short video added by Darkmoon site)

Taliban fighters stand guard near an Ashura procession
along a road in Herat, Afghanistan, on August 19, 2021.

A secret UN document says Taliban militants now ruling Afghanistan are “intensifying” efforts to hunt down elements that collaborated with US and NATO forces despite pledges of general amnesty by the group.

The document provided by the UN’s Norway-based threat assessment consultants says the Taliban have “priority lists” of individuals they want to detain, adding that most at risk are people who had central roles in the Afghan military, police and intelligence units.

The Taliban have been conducting “targeted door-to-door visits” of individuals they want to apprehend and their family members, the document drafted by the Norwegian Center for Global Analyses, an organization that provides intelligence to UN agencies, said.

“We expect both individuals previously working with NATO/US forces and their allies, alongside with their family members to be exposed to torture and executions,” the center’s Executive Director Christian Nellemann said.

“They are targeting the families of those who refuse to give themselves up, and prosecuting and punishing their families,” he added

The UN document also alleges that the Taliban are “rapidly recruiting” new informers to collaborate with the ruling militant group “and are expanding their lists of targets by contacting mosques and money brokers”.

The militants are also screening individuals on the way to Kabul airport and have set up checkpoints in major cities, including the capital and Jalalabad.

‘US diplomats had warned of rapid Taliban takeover in July’

The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday that about two dozen American diplomats in Afghanistan had sent an internal cable last month warning Secretary of State Antony Blinken of the likely fall of Kabul to the Taliban as the withdrawal of US forces continued.

The confidential cable sent through a so-called dissent channel was signed on July 13 and offered recommendations on ways to mitigate the crisis and accelerate an evacuation as the Biden administration faced intense criticism over the handling of the Afghanistan troop pullout and its failure to evacuate Americans and Afghan allies before the Taliban takeover.

“I think the cable reflects what we’ve said all along, which is nobody had this exactly right in predicting that the government and army of Afghanistan were going to collapse in a matter of days,” White House deputy national security adviser Jonathan Finer said during an interview with CNN.

Amid the uncertain political and security situation, many governments have rushed to evacuate their citizens and diplomatic personnel from Afghanistan.

Taliban militants are patrolling outside the airport’s walled and fenced perimeter.

The situation was relatively calm at the Kabul airport on Thursday, witnesses said. However, the Taliban prevented people from getting into the airport compound on Wednesday, and fired into the air. An unnamed Taliban official said commanders and soldiers had fired into the air to disperse the crowd.

Original Source: PressTV

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35 thoughts to “UN Report:Taliban conducting ‘targeted door-to-door visits’”

  1. Targeted door-to-door visits???

    Sounds eerily similar to what the Australian “Authorities” are now doing to VaxTermination Refuseniks – found “Guilty of collaborating with The Truth!” – and something, if you reside in ZOG West, that will be coming soon – real soon! – to “a theatre near you!”.

    1. When the Saxon hates the Jew toasts!

      THE BEGINNINGS – Rudyard Kipling (?)

      It was not part of their blood,
      it came to them very late,
      with long arrears to make good,
      when the Saxon began to hate.

      They were not easily moved,
      they were icy willing to wait
      till every count should be proved,
      ere the Saxon began to hate.

      Their voices were even and low,
      their eyes were level and straight.
      There was neither sign nor show,
      when the Saxon began to hate.

      It was not preached to the crowd,
      it was not taught by the State.
      No man spoke it aloud,
      when the Saxon began to hate.

      It was not suddenly bred,
      it will not swiftly abate,
      through the chill years ahead,
      when time shall count from the date
      that the Saxon began to hate.

  2. The people of Afghanistan are the epitome of the phrase “between a rock and a hard place”

    One one hand the simple religious masses deplore the Westerners and their bought, bribed, coerced and manipulated philosophy of corruption and blatant blasphemy but on the other hand neither do they want or pray for strict Sharia which in its own way is every bit as brutal, perhaps even more so as per day to day life and living.

    As far as being estranged and isolated from the so-called international community, fat chance of that with Afghanistan’s immense wealth of natural resources. Especially their vast quantities of rare earth elements so vital to the modern electronics and computing (A.I.) industries. No longer are seemingly huge nations of rocks and desert considered ‘wastelands’ rather some like Afghanistan are treasure chests containing huge amounts of these resources so vital to 21st century industries.
    “We are at risk of the curse of plenty, [the] curse of resources.”
    — President Ashraf Ghani
    Ergo modern industrial nations like China, Russia, Japan, Korea, (U.S.?) etc., will be lining up to kiss, kiss, smooch, smooch the Taliban or whomever in order to procure these scarce and vital resources.

    As far as the innocent masses of people go they will either conform or be conformed, one way or the other as there is no such thing as collective peace on earth during the Kali yuga. There is only individual peace and this is even rarer than those rare earth elements, unicorns and hen’s teeth. Something which can’t be bought with Gold or Diamonds or Iridium, rather you have to pay with your heart which is a price only an honest fortunate few possess.

    It’s not turtles all the way down, it’s Karma with a capital K.
    (look it up)

  3. Going door-to-door, kicking out those who kiss jews’ asses in Afghanistan…. while they still can…. is a good idea.

    In the video, it is plain to see that Mohammad Naim is a ‘white’ man with a very dark beard…. like some German Amish in Pennsylvania. 🙂

    1. @ Patty Boy


      This has nothing to do with Sunni -vs- Shia right sure !
      You are an idiot of immense proportions:)

      1. Ralan,
        You’ve so shamelessly interrupted Donaldos party. He will, with disgust, rest his tequila shot and beer 🍺 glass to address you. You are a Jew totally contrary to Donaldo. You posses no redeeming qualities whatsoever. While he is a Jew full of life and spirit, you represent a spirit of backwardness and defeat…. constantly venting your anger and inadequacies on our esteemed Darkmoon website…. especially toward his mentor Pat. Please stop this nonsense. If not, he’ll petition Administration Tony to intervene. 🤨🤔🤠

    2. Pat, he looks very much like my Mennonite Bible summer school Reverend from all those decades ago.
      Except the Reverend was fiercer looking. Six decades later I can still see his blazing blue eyes.

      1. Careful, Homer! The whining, dyslectic, amaurotic idiocy afflicted jew, Ralan, will call you very bad names for pointing out your experiences….. when they coincide with my points. 🙂 🙂

  4. ‏تقول المؤرخة الألمانية مريام غيرهارد في كتابها(عندما أتى الجنود):
    بعد هزيمة ألمانيا في الحرب العالمية الثانية اغتصب جنود الحلفاء (الأمريكان والروس والبريطانيون والفرنسيون) 2 مليون امرأة ألمانية.
    مرتكبو هذه الجرائم يحاضرون الأفغان اليوم عن حقوق المرأة الأفغانية!!
    عالَمُنا ظالم.

    “German historian Miriam Gerhard says in her book (When the Soldiers Came):
    After Germany was defeated in World War II, 2 million German women were raped by Allied soldiers (Americans, Russians, British and French).
    The perpetrators of these crimes are lecturing Afghans today about the rights of Afghan women!!
    Our world is unjust!”

    I found this at Al Jazeera and wanted to share it. There was a big argument between commenters for and against the Taliban because one of them wrote that paragraph…
    It’s unbelievable that after all that’s happened you still find people from that part of the world defending the US…
    I translated it, and wow, no wonder.

    1. Because they aren’t the googly-eyed “we’re all the same” brainwashed fools; they know that removing the US threat faction means other factions are now in conflict that weren’t by virtue of the American presence. Many in the Islamic world know full well at least a third of their neighbors would devour them if given the chance and many would do the same to that third as well.

  5. Imagine if the Chinese came to free America and said, we want to build oil and natural gas pipelines across your country and we need you to agree to it. Then you the militia leader of free America said no way, we are free and do not want you to steal our resources so that you can maintain Communism and suppression of your people.

    So the leader of the Communists named Donald Rumsfeldchi says it doesn’t matter if you agree, we have the power to invade your country and take what we want. So Rumsfeldchi and his boys at the Chink Peoples Defense Department do a false flag against themselves and blamed it on the free Militia of America. They immediately crank up their propaganda organs and convince the slant eyes of Commie land that the free militia of America are the enemy, they say to the people of Chinkland, those people over there are plotting against us and trying to destroy our way of life.

    So the Chinks immediately start bombing militia mountain retreats and establish a 20 billion Yuan embassy and install thousands of slant eyed bureaucrats to lord over free America, so that they can steal the resources of the free nation, one that does not have a Rothschild central bank.

    Then after 20 years the criminal government Peoples Republik of Chinkland decides to withdraw, and since they are crazy psychopaths, they leave 40,000 of their chink people in the capitol. They don’t care either, they tell lies to the people of Chinklandia that the free Americans are “desperate” to “flee” their nation, because those free people want to live in Chinklandia which has televisions, electronic gadgets, and lots of whores.

    So as the Peoples Republik of Chinklandia retreats you immediately take back your free land from the imperial power, and you say you get to Sept 11 to be off our sacred soil, after that we will have zero tolerance of any Chink military personnel. In the meantime, the free militia of America go door to door to round up the collaborators and traitors that sold their souls to the Chink invaders. The militia of free America arrested these traitors and charged them with treason, and plan to bring them to trial for the crimes they committed helping the imperial invaders.

    Over in Chinklandia, the electronic televisions that maintain the police state screamed “wear your masks”, “Delta variant”, “non-vaxxers are an existential threat and are the enemy of the state”. In Chinklandia vaccinations became mandatory for all pilots, nurses, doctors, military, teachers, and postal workers. On the Chinklandia TV channels, soap operas showed how the beautiful people of Chinklandia screw each other to get more money, prime time programming shows like Fear Factor attractive young people eating worms to win 50,000 Yuan. on Saturday night Big Time Wrestling, actors in costumes pretending to beat each other up.

    Soon the peoples of Chinklandia forgot the war in free America, they were now being told they must invade and capture Taiwan, and the televisions pumped out 24/7 demonization of the Peoples of Taiwan, who like the peoples of free America, wanted nothing to do with Chinklandia.

  6. On rt.com there are reports of revolts against the taliban aka isis aka al ciada, in 3 districts, the giving of equipment and arms to the muhajeen is not going to be as smooth as the zionists wanted.

  7. Yes, the door-to-door Taliban invasions go hand in hand with the covid spike policy intentions the globo-corporate fascists have for everybody else in the world, who thinks he has power over his own life…
    And the Taliban was given control of Afghanistan on purpose so that there would be one less free country in the world… The Three Cities Empire hates free countries with constitutional rights, free enterprise and private property worse than anything…. You notice they have declared a moratorium on evictions….
    That pretty much deals the death blow to contract capitalism… And unless we flip this over we’re all headed for the Chinese brand of Commie Capitalism and Corporate Control over everybody… It’s absolute rule by an untouchable corporate elite occupying the halls of government…
    The monarchy class and big religion have been at war with the Republic since its inception…
    The Bush Cheney 9-11 hit put the corporate hierarchy into deepstate intel levels of power and immunity… You’re now seeing Big-Pharma exercise its weight in the covid plot…
    btw, if the spike prions reduce DNA to the point where humans lose their lawful individuality, that would be the open gate to the transhumanist society… And you might almost wonder if that’s what’s meant by the Deagel reduction in human population….
    Maybe it will turn out the Taliban refuse the spike and will turn out to be the champions against the whole globalist plot, not just another corrupt gangster state…. We’ll see…
    But now that the media power structure is turning on Biden it looks as if he may not survive the Afghanistan retreat debacle… And the situation could get a lot worse for the people, including Americans, left behind there…
    Hostages, beheadings, ransom….
    It’s all leading now to calls for Biden’s ouster across the board… The CNN types are already starting to turn on him… This will put the Kamel in the supposed driver’s seat…. Biden will go out to pasture, a sympathetic figure, maybe determined to have some brain disease…. The left media will go googoo over the first woman president and all that garbage… You will have to decide if you can take that spectacle of if it’s time to drink battery acid…
    But what will happen next?
    What’s planned for the Harris presidency?

    1. Bark –

      “What’s planned…?”

      The pharisee-jew bankers are not finished squeezing ALL the blood out of the goyim turnips just yet.

      BlackRock has partnered with the Federal Reserve to help with the squeezing!!

      Financial Takeover & Your Bank Account – BlackRock, Envestnet/Yodlee & The Fed Reserve….

  8. Great Video PAT….
    So apparently private property and free enterprise are now outmoded and archaic concepts in the face of the climate change peril… Those ideas have gotta go because the planet is being killed by 8,000,000,000 human termites… Climate Change is the catch-all phrase, but the real problem is over-population… Maybe it wouldn’t have to be, if the technological revolution really took place, anti-gravity, free energy, the next paradigm full-on… Apparently it’s an impossible job to get humans to stop killing the planet, would be impossible to make such reforms through the democratic process… If you got into that honest debate, all kinds of info could be exposed, anything might happen… Too risky for the Owners of Everything…. So they’ll come up with their own way to fix things… They really don’t much care what the public thinks anyway… 9-11 showed that…
    Black Rock…
    What’s that got to do with Little Rock, and the Rocky-Fellers?
    anybody able to get this video?
    Your Social Score will depend a lot on your Shot Card…
    Of course those who don’t plan to play along will be eliminated early on…
    Domestic Terrorists…

  9. While sitting here on the front porch, polishing my Model 70 Winchester, I try to imagine some “vaxxer” ballsy enough to come up the driveway. If we Americans stand our ground, very few will attempt to proceed. The bloodier the better! (Just make sure you’ve picked out a good spot to bury their rotting corpses.)

    1. Everyone, armed or not, can STAND LIKE THIS:



      -Hi, table for two, please.

      -Sure, and your name.


      -Great. And do you and your guest have your vaccination cards?

      -Hmmm… well first..Can you tell us who our server will be?

      -Um, looks like Brad will be your server tonight.

      -Great! Can you show us Brad’s vaccination card?


      -And also, can you provide me with proof that Brad is not a carrier of HIV, Hepatitis A or B, or any other communicable diseases? Same for you and the kitchen staff.


      -Also, we would prefer not to be served by someone who is on or uses recreational drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, meth, fentanyl, etc, so if you could provide us with Brad’s most recent tox screen, that would be great. Matter of fact, imma need to see all of your employees medical history.

      -Um. Let me get the manager for you.

      -That would be great, thanks. Make sure the manager has a vax card and medical records please.


      Here’s the thing, nobody needs restaurants. and other places. But they need us!
      Start standing your ground.
      Remember, we are Americans with a proud tradition of liberty and rebellion against tyranny.
      KNOW IT – SHOW IT!!

    1. It looks like these “Government” Goons are unaware that their criminality is now being FULLY documented…

      and, furthermore, that there’ll be Hell to Pay – by them! – “up close and personal”.

      tick… tick… tick…

  10. Afghanistan is fading fast in my attention span, I am sure in a couple of weeks the fall of Kabul will be a fading memory as my attention will be focused on some other big event that gets me to sit riveted to the “news”. Was this “failure” part of a strategy of goading China to invade Taiwan?

    What stands out to me is that the Taliban took back those provinces because the army was in on it with them, that all that money Uncle Sam threw at them was gladly received but they had no intention of ever opposing the Taliban, their blood brothers, that they were secretly supporting all along. NYTimes says we spent over 2 trillion in that nation. Why?

    So I also learned last week that ZOGmerika had installed 40,000 Amerikans in Afghanistan to control it, then on the empire retreat they left them there for some strange reason, one that I can not comprehend … and now everyone is blaming Biden for incompetence which is certainly is a possibly for the doddering old pedo political hack, and right hand man of Obongo our previous glorious president. Trump chimed in, of course, but when Trump was prez he didn’t get out of that nation. He had a chance to leave Afghanistan, and he said he was going to do it, give it first priority, blah blah blah. But Trump didn’t and Biden did so now Trump whines about Biden’s botched retreat .. and Trump pushes the vaxx.

    So the question in my mind were those “left behind” deliberate strategy of hoping the Taliban arrest them and we have another 1979 hostage crisis which drags on for years or do we suck that bad? One of my favorite movies comes to mind, (Shoot ‘Em Up) the protagonist Clive Owen is an expert marksman and shoots hundreds of opponents in a hilarious fashions as they mob tied to the senator tries to retrieve a baby that the senator wants to feed on to stay alive. The mob fixer opposed to our hero is frustrated how all his men are getting killed and says “My God, do we suck …”

    Well does our government suck that bad? Are they that incompetent? Or is the fall of Kabul are pre-planned ruse that leads to a bigger crisis or is an act in a larger drama? I tend to think they do suck that bad, as they proudly flew the rainbow tranny flag over the Kabul embassy. What kind of fruitcakes fly a rainbow fag flag while lording over a nation of Muslim fundamentalists who kill fags for fun? The US Government is patently crazy. They waste 2 trillion (which had to be borrowed) and fly faggot tranny symbols over their own embassy. That is nuts.

    So Biden, who won’t last much longer it seems, has, by accident, done two good things. First he is getting the hell out of Afghanistan that every sane person (unless you are an Israeli Zionist) thinks is a good idea. Stop the bleeding, just get out. Secondly he left behind all the Jews at the embassy. I hope they all die. Really, they had no business being there. Why in God’s name would we want to bring home these cogs of empire who do the daily dirty work of ZOG? Amerika had no business invading and bombing Afghanistan, it was not our resources, and we sustained the huge opium trade, as 90% of the world’s heroin comes from that nation we lord over. Obviously we were there to protect that crop.

    Thousands and thousands of Amerikan lives were ruined in that war. How many more people impoverished by inflation caused by overspending and overseas war mongering? How many heroin addicts died on the streets and slums in Amerika. How many soldiers with permanent injuries, and psychological problems from that war. The cost in incaluable yet ZOG marches on, no one was held accountable for this utter failure.

    We will forget and the system will continue until it can not. The only thing that will ever stop government overreach is the bond market, not until interest rates go up or the dollar falls that borrowing the next trillion becomes impossible. The real black swan IMO could be cryptos, if enough people lose faith in the dollar and switch then the state will reach a real wall in their ability to squander other people’s money.

  11. GIL
    “If we Americans stand our ground, very few will attempt to proceed.”
    That’s True…
    It’s clear Australia is being stomped under the boot of corporate facism…
    A medical emergency is not enough to excuse total suspension of human rights in the first place, but the covid virus is clearly a corporate media myth…
    The same is planned for the USA and the rest of the world, the White World anyway….
    Big Difference – the Ozzies allowed themselves to be disarmed…
    But SUCCESSFUL Resistance to Tyranny is a question of Organized Resistance…
    Yes you should defend your private property and your personal self and family with your life, the same way a policeman is supposed to defend his police car against antifa thugs with his life and a soldier defends his gun…
    But everybody in the countryside getting himself killed one at a time in a series of globalist SWAT thug attacks on private homes – Won’t Help… When it gets to the point where the state here is behaving like they are in Australia, then your friends and neighbors, the ones with character, will take the time to get organized and make a plan to resist the tyranny….
    The smart ones are already doing it….
    It starts with the local sheriffs and police, they are the key to the success or failure of the tyranny… Make sure you know what they will do… If the straight answers are not forthcoming, replace them with people who think like you…

    1. I like the way Pat explained how to handle those who want to see your vaccine proof. Good first step! Dollars are your best weapons. Quit visiting the restaurant, they’ll guit askin’.

    2. America is in a weird position. On the one hand, they can’t do to us what they are doing to Australia in large numbers because they don’t have the man power and we aren’t urbanized in an easily controlled group. It’s still possible to walk off into the wilderness and vanish in America. People are mostly ignoring any “2nd wave BS” and most, in spite of lying about the numbers, are not getting shots. Americans seem determined to ignore the authority figures and only push back when in a corner, preferring quiet, active rebellion to loud protests.

  12. Well Yes, except the plan is to put all small businesses out of business….
    The anti-nationalist globalists win either way…
    Unless the revolt happens and the whole corporo-commie trash and garbage covid boondoggle goes over the side….

  13. The PentaCon says they got till August 31 to vacate Afghanistan, how much you wanna bet they’ll need an extension? Then we will be approaching the 20th anniversary of 9-11-2001, what sorta of surprises do they have planned for us? And my next prediction, since the freedom fighters of Afghanistan have won, the MSM will soon figure this out and drop any mention of them in the near future, as soon as the left behinds (hostages) are out. The MSM does not cover freedom protests, nor will they cover the Taliban in the near future, but they will cover ISIS, the ISrael proxy army which hates the Taliban.

    Thus today’s headline ISIS RETURNS! on Drudge report.


    LD and staff and the readers here ought to check out this link:


    see pics of Angela Merkel, Theresa May, and Dalia Grybauskaitė – Then & Now


    By pure “coincidence”, the following photograph was taken at the Tavistock Institute around 1970 and shows the following trio in their teens as fellow members of the very same class in brainwashing-school for the London-NY-Axis (the English monarchy, the City of London, Wall Street and the House of Rothschild):

    Angela Merkel (now Chancellor of Germany),

    Theresa May (now Prime Minister of Britain), and

    Dalia Grybauskaite (now president of Lithuania)



    Here is a picture of Reagan and Nixon at Bohemian Grove (in the Redwoods, California)



  14. Anyways, the game around the Swamp now is political hacks selling themselves and the USA to the Chinese…
    There’s probably still a couple battalions of lobbyists working the Israeli angle for the contracts but lately it seems the jews are weakening…. The new wokeness pities the Palaestinians…
    The Bidens are up to their eyebrows in selling America to the Chicoms…
    The Chicoms work the Swamp paying off politicians to put them in powerful economic control positions…
    All kinds of scum like the Obamas, Maxine Waters were/are only in office to enrich themselves, and they’ve been doing a great job of it… The Clintons made out ok too…. None of them are there to really lead the country and the world into the next phase, be statesmen, do what’s right by humanity…
    The Bidens are probably top of the heap, when it comes to selling out the Republic….
    But it’s really just one big beltway feeding frenzy…
    So when Biden gives Afghanistan to the Taliban, he’s actually giving it to the Chinese, all the valuable resources… They’ll move in and make their deals with whomever big masonic gangsters running the caliphate… It’ll be just another sordid tale of crooked leaders getting rich selling their country off to mega-wealthy foreigners…
    I don’t know what part of the world you come from, but i can tell you your people’s history is no better than anyone else’s… That goes for everybody…
    This clip looked phony, didn’t it?

    1. Great video! There’s also one item, perhaps the main point which the narrator didn’t even mention. Where are the turbans, hats, loose clothing and maybe even people being sucked up into the engine intakes! I’ve stood in front of jets a lot smaller than that monster and they would suck your hat off, your scarf off and suck loose objects on the ground into those very expensive turbojet and turbofan engines.

      The A-6 jet in the video I supplied (sailor sucked into the intake) has engines with just a small fraction the power of the C-17 engine, ergo I also call shenanigans!

      This is why any flight operations land or sea always commences with a FOD walk to ensure not even a rock, a penny, a bottle, a ring, etc., etc. is on the runway. (I once found a nice cat’s eye ring on A FOD walk)

  15. Whining “Dogs Of Wars”

    In one of its VERY rare moments, Yahoo allowed this article to fissure in its Yahoo news. Guess the readership has gone so down, that they are sure most will miss it. https://news.yahoo.com/america-ignores-wars-soldiers-except-090212587.html

    The gist of the article lays the whole ugly truth of military men exploitation bare. The main three significant points are these;-

    (1) America was fighting more that one enemy in Afghanistan. It was fighting Afghanis, Pakistanis, and Chechens. This war, was therefore unwinnable.
    (2) Americans have been shielded from understanding the impact of America’s military engagement abroad, and they are clueless about the hostility the government is generating because of these misguided missions. War scathed men and women traumatized by war experience and the psychosomatic illnesses are given lukewarm treatment on return, both by the government and the public. Their sacrifice is pointless.

    (3) The only winners in this macabre evil is the Military Industrial Complex. Reading the article, one may wonder, “WHAT DID YOU EXPECT?!!!”They have told you to your face; “Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.” Henry Kissingerhttps://www.goodreads.com/quotes/218473-military-men-are-just-dumb-stupid-animals-to-be-used)


  16. I used to refuel airliners at the SF airport… I spent lot of time on an aircraft carrier in the Vietnam war…
    Jet engines will suck in whatever is hanging around close by, definitely including people…
    Airliners are often moved around with tractors… But the typical airport tractor isn’t visible in this video…
    In no case whatsoever can there be a crowd of people like this jammed around any big jet that’s moving under its own power….
    Fake planes are nothing new, made of plywood, etc., for various purposes… They’ve even been painted on tarmacs….. I didn’t know they had blow-ups, but it figures…
    The commercial media’s job is to keep the public in the dark about what’s really happening in the world…
    They took this fake film from their deepstate contacts…
    Between the blatant lies and what’s left out, it’s pretty much all Fake News…
    Notice how we haven’t seen any big school shootings lately….
    Funny how that comes and goes in waves, isn’t it?

  17. Bark, there must be 100,000 veterans out there who thought the same thing when they saw this video. And millions all over the world. Sure says a lot about the confidence of the diabolical miscreants in the depth and breadth of ignorance borne by the dumber than ever automaton masses not only here in the U.S but around the world. Why I was moderately surprised even the narrator missed this 40,400 lbs. of engine thrust incongruity.
    Perhaps it was TOO obvious.

    An illustration for PEOPLE, what to say of turbans, hats, coats, blankets, etc.
    “What is the safe distance to avoid getting sucked into an airplane engine?”

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