Vernon Coleman: ‘The Gates of Hell are Wide Open’ (21-minute video)

The Covid-10 Lockdown is permanent, Dr Coleman reports.  We are never going back to the past. From now on, you will be wearing a mask forever. Most of us will be under house arrest. No more hugs allowed! Even married couples will have to give up kissing. Only online sex will be encouraged.

You will have 16 hours  a day to sit in front of your computer, your only friend, and watch pornography until you go blind.

And if you get tired of watching porn, you can always join one of the internet’s exciting new suicide forums which will advise you the best way to kill yourself. Alarmist? Watch Dr Coleman’s 21-minute video and decide for yourself.

VIDEO  :  21 mins

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  1. Editor’s note. 

    Wikipedia says:

    Vernon Coleman (born 18 May 1946) is an English conspiracy theorist, anti-vaccination activist, AIDS denialist, blogger and novelist who writes on topics related to human health, politics and animal issues. Coleman’s medical claims have been widely discredited and described as pseudoscientific. He was formerly a newspaper columnist and general practitioner (GP).”

    Reader caution is advised. Only time will tell if Dr Coleman is correct.
    If we are still wearing masks a year from now, then maybe he has a point.
    If things have spiralled out of control, however, and are actually far worse than they are now, we can then be sure this is NOT a “conspiracy theory”.

    1. Wikipedia should be used only with the most extreme caution. It may give you information, but as often as not it gives you Jewish public-relations material instead. Beware!

      1. Is Wikipedia lying when it’s discussing Chinese pottery? What motive could Wikipedia have for telling lies about Ming vases? Your negative view of Wikipedia is based on two unproven assumptions or premises:

        (1) “All Jews are liars.”
        (2) “Wikipedia is written and staffed entirely by Jews.”

        Some people would question these assumptions of yours, but you accept them as axiomatic.

        1. Another weakness in your argument is that you would have no problem citing Wikiedia in your defence if it said something you wanted to hear. 🙂

        2. Not at all, but painful experience has taught me not to rely on Wikipedia. Use your judgement and take what it tells you with a grain of salt, that’s my advice, Saki. Cross-check with other sources that you have found to be reliable.

    2. The Wikipedia article is a great endorsement of Coleman as a man who holds independent thoughts. Whether all of his opinions can be shared deserves a question, but the fact that cozy establishment beneficiaries disapprove of them and feel that they need to disseminate their disapproval in a Wikipedia article is a good answer to that question. Wikipedia article must pass the bar of pc approval, hence the fact that Coleman is being honored by a smear in Wikipedia casts a bright, illuminating light upon his character.
      I haven’t watched the video, nonetheless, I the Wikipedia article as an invitation to do so.

      1. IMHO, it is best to be 50/50 neutral over Coleman, neither believing him nor disbelieving him at this early stage. The only sensibile policy, from an empirical point of view, can be summed up in three words: WAIT AND SEE.

        We’ll know for sure in 1-2 years if Colemam is correct or not. His predictions will either come to pass, vindicating him, or his predictions will be disproved, showing him up as yet another irresponsible conspiracy theorist.

        The Darkmoon site, unfortunately, has a readership which is heavily into conspiracy theories. To believe in weird and wonderful things for their own sakes appears to be an intellectual status symbol among this motley crowd of merry madcaps. 🙂

        Common sense, sobriety, moderation, these are qualities I value. But these are qualities seldom found on this website. Who in his right mind would wish to believe that Planet Earth was created (as per Yukon Jack’s vivid imagination) by a sex-crazed bunch of zombies from Outer Space known as the Anunnaki, intent on making human females their sex slaves? 🙂

        1. @ M.B. I stand by every word of my “mapcap” ideas and I 100% AGREE with you:

          “Who in his right mind would wish to believe that Planet Earth was created (as per Yukon Jack’s vivid imagination) by a sex-crazed bunch of zombies from Outer Space known as the Anunnaki, intent on making human females their sex slaves?”

          I for one, do not want to believe that humans were created for slaves. and sex slaves to boot. But I came to that conclusion by reading and studying the material very carefully, so even though I do NOT want to believe, I do.

          You know millions of women right now are sex slaves. That speaks volumes about the quality of the human specie. How many women right now are forced to wear hijabs (Muslim maniac face coverings) and how many western women right now are wearing face diapers to combat a make believe virus, and don’t forget no mask stops any virus. The best N-95 mask perforations are 1000x bigger than a virus.

          So if women are sex slaves to other men right now, then is it really a stretch to believe that Anunnaki (who are our fathers in heaven) made us with their own DNA, used our earth women for sex slaves? Not hard to believe at all is it?

          1. @ Yukon Jack

            I for one have no wish to silence you or censor you. I agree with Admin’s policy of broad tolerance for all sorts of weird ideas that Admin, like myself, cannot go along with or accept but nevertheless finds entertaining and amusing. After all, there may be a kernel of truth buried away in all your fantasy. SO, DREAM ON, my friend! 🙂

        2. Madame
          Get it straight, will ya? Nobody said Planet Earth was created by the Annunaki. The premise is that the Planet existed long before their arrival here. That’s another matter altogether 🙂

          1. Dear Brownhawk, I stand corrected.

            However, do try a bit hard to learn how spell “ANUNNAKI”. For someone who claims to be the world’s foremost authority on these extraterrestrial aliens — apart from Yukon Jack! — you would inspire more confidence in your abilities if you could learn to spell their names correctly! (“Anunnaki”, NOT “Annunaki) 🙂

            Let’s face it, what would you think of Lasha if she told you she had just written a book on Greek civilization with the title “The History of Ancient Grease”? 🙂

            1. Relax, Madame, both spellings are acceptable. And your sarcasm on me and Yukon being the World’s foremost authorities is duly noted 😆

    3. “Editor” on June 22, 2021 at 1:37 pm wrote: Editor’s note. Wikipedia says:

      OK, I see the problem. I don’t consider the “Wiki” to be reliable, as it has falsely identified others, for example,

      Paul Craig Roberts wrote: Yesterday (April 10, 2019) a reader alerted me to the fact that I am being smeared on Wikipedia as a “vocal supporter of the current Russian government and its policies.” The reader also reports that an article in the Daily Beast calls me a “Putin worshiper.” The reader says that he tried to edit the Wikipedia entry without success, and he urged me to give it my attention.

      I do not know whether the person who wrote my Wikipedia entry intended to smear me or is merely uninformed. However, dissenting voices do get smeared on Wikipedia. It is an ongoing problem for many of us. For years readers and people who know me would make corrections to my Wikipedia biography, but as soon as the corrections were made, they would be erased and the smears reinstalled.

      Today, there is an active campaign afloat to censor all unfavorable narratives not in accordance with the oligarch’s intentions. One must filter through all the nonsense to come to a realistic realization of what the truth is. Critical thinking has been silenced, whereas other discussions that deviate from truth (por puesto las mentiras) Critical Race Theory – (a lie of itself) is promoted as the gospel truth.

      This even goes for those, who upon observation and research, make conclusions and possible foreseeable outcomes to get people to think. They don’t want you to think, they want you to accept their narratives verbatim, no matter the outcome.

  2. Speaking of Hell :

    On this day of June 22, on June 22 1933, THE FUHRER bans political parties in Germany other than the NAZIS oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo… making it hell for the jews trying to start up innocent sweet JEW COMMUNIST political parties in Germany oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo….

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    And also on this day June 22, on June 22, 1941, under the code name Barbarossa, THE NAZI FUHRER invades the Soviet Union oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo stopping JEW Stalin and all the other jews of JEW COMMIE Soviet Union from taking over ALL of Europe and turning ALL of Europe into a JEW COMMUNIST Hell oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo…

    At “”, “today in history” section.

    oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo one of the worst days of the year!!! June 22nd!! It’s a bad luck day! oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo …. what the f*ck are we going tu du boo hoo hoo….,

  3. I fail to see how anything Dr Coleman describes in his tapes can be construed as “conspiracy theory”…

    1. Well, that’s exactly what you would say if you happened to share Dr Coleman’s views, isn’t it? Someone who says, “I don’t think it’s a conspiracy theory to think the Earth is flat is obviously a onspiracy theorist, no? 🙂

  4. Coleman proved COVID19 “was just the flu rebranded.”

    Trump said immediately that it was just the flu and would decrease in the summer….. as usual. He knew. Then he ‘fast-tracked’ a phony vaccine.

    The ‘Leader of the Republican Party’…. ‘fast-tracked’ opening the “Gates of Hell”, himself.

  5. Earth is hell, do you believe me now?

    There may be a rift with the airline industry and the covid hoax. At first Airline pilots and personnel were required to get vaxxed, but as time progresses and pilots die off this presents a huge problem for the airline management. Senior pilots, are old, and hard to find. I am sure, that if I were an airline executive trying to save my company, I would insure my employees and customers to be vaxx free.

    A vaccinated person is a huge risk for the airline industry, and thus they may be already breaking rank and doing the opposite of the MSM narrative.

    “A man claiming to be a friend with a British Airways pilot has stated that 3 pilots have just died within the past week shortly after receiving COVID-19 injections, and his recording has gone viral on social media. Here is the recording (let us know if Twitter takes it down as we have a copy.)

    This brought out the usual corporate media “fact-checkers” to try and debunk the man’s claims.

    Reuters responded with a “fact-check,” but in their own investigation and report they confirmed that not only did these three die, but a fourth one as well.”
    Jim Stone reports:

    COVID VAX: American Airlines is so short pilots due to the vax that they are cutting flights.
    70 – 80 flights per day canceled. That equals how many dead pilots?


    The military also vaccinated it’s pilots, a big mistake, as it takes millions of dollars and years to train. How long until we have aircraft falling out of the sky from dead vaccinated piliots? Better get your war on while you still can.


    Now they are seizing Arab websites – no doubt a prelude to a big war. Iran’s popular Press TV is gone as of today.

    No doubt about it, the sh-t is about to hit the fan. And if we use I, Pet Goat II as our guide, the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem is the prime target. Thus, if the Zionists are on the move again, and about to blow that temple away, they would surely seize Arab websites beforehand.

  6. Vernon Coleman and David Icke were among those “outed” by none other than Miles Mathis — who currently undergoes his own vicissitudes ( — in his deconstruction of the London demonstrations last year.

    For example (more at link below):

    “Ditto for Vernon Coleman, who they have been pushing on Youtube to warm us up for his Covid appearances. There, he has been careful to say everything right, to appeal to his audience, but his bio gives him away. He worked for the Sunday People up until 2003, and has had several books promoted by major publishers and The Sunday Times bestseller lists, despite allegedly being counter-mainstream. That doesn’t happen unless you are controlled opposition. You will never see the mainstream publishing my books or promoting me. Just the opposite. So when we see The Economist say “he is the Lone Ranger, Robin Hood, and the Equalizer rolled into one”, we know something is wrong. The Glasgow Evening Times has called him a “national treasure”. The Sunday Mirror has said he is “compulsive reading”. BBC World has called him “refreshingly sensible”. You may want to remind yourself who owns all those media outlets.”


    Who can you trust?

    1. Well, even if you’re “controlled opposition” the thing in your favor is that at least you ARE the oppostion

      1. Now I know why Lasha is a firm believer in euthanasia. You all are so old and your comments are so lame, so tired, you all need to retire. Lasha thinks the merciful thing to do is put you all down. It makes sense. It wouldn’t be painful, old mangy mutts don’t feel a thing when they’re put down and lovingly and gently sent their merry way over The Rainbow Bridge to doggie Heaven! Lasha really does want the best for all the mutts in her kennel. *grin*

        1. Do I need to enlighten you, Joe? Thanks for asking. Here’s how it works, when strictly adhering to the terms so applied. Within the context in question, that is.

          “Controlled opposition” implies that there is an opposition to liars who wish to impose their controlling freakism on people that want to live free, and let live free. “CONTROLLING opposition”, on the other hand, are those very control freaks THEMSELVES who are opposing the live free and let live free ones in opposition to THEM….hope that clears it up fer ya.😎

          P.S. You calling commenters lame gives new meaning to the pot calling the kettle black 😁

          1. ‘Controlling the Opposition’ Nu Yalk style… 🙂

            –NJ sports betting: Pennsylvania, NY gamblers cross state lines to wager here–

            Lenny Sciascia ponders as he looks at betting lines for the day’s sporting events before placing his bet in a parking lot just off the Bayonne Bridge, which divides New York and New Jersey. Sciascia, who lives in Staten Island, N.Y., commutes regularly to places his bets from New Jersey, where online betting is legal.

            In the time it takes for a red light to turn green, Leonard Sciascia can get his sports bets made, turn around and head home.

            The 39-year-old man from New York City’s Staten Island runs his own business selling advice on which teams to bet on. But when he wants to take his own advice, he needs to leave home and cross the border into New Jersey – the only place near him where sports betting is legal.

            He drives across the Bayonne Bridge, stops at the first traffic light, logs in to his mobile betting account with, make his bets, turns around and drives back home. The whole process takes 25 minutes, door to door. He considers the $6.50 toll part of the price of doing business.

            1. If Lenny insists on gambling, he should limit his sporting activity to handicapping racehorses while adopting a good money management plan. He could then bet on line and avoid the hassle of physically crossing State lines to place his bets…..he is then the only one in control of HIS own actions

      2. In the present CON-text, in a manner one might rationally expect, “CON-trolled opposition” relates to that which one supposes opposed — say, The Power$ That Be. Before getting down to brass tacks, I have one fun example to offer: The Washington Generals as that team related to the Harlem Globetrotters. For those of you too young to recall independently, “Founded in 1952, The Washington Generals are an exhibition basketball team formed to be routine opponents for the Harlem Globetrotters.” Note the ironic (?) names of the two teams! Guess who won ALL the games they played?

        Adding to his many other accomplishments and accolades, many attribute to Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov the saying “‘The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.’ He speaks of puppet movements and useful idiots.”

        Now we hasten to append yet another concept: “Anti’s” — NOT the kind, older women that helped Mom in times of need! For example, much to the horror of many on the “alt-right” — which also serves as “controlled opposition” [e.g., The Daily Stormer, Breitbart (Andrew’s idea of a “Huffington Post on the right”, which says it all)] — Miles Mathis coined the term “anti” and applied it to both Ezra Pound and Eustace Mullins!

        “Before my readers go ballistic, let me lead by saying that much of what Mullins said was true. That is the curious thing about an Anti. You really have to understand what an Anti is to understand my thesis here.
        “I first used the term Anti when outing Ezra Pound, which is apropos since Pound was Mullins’ mentor. In that paper, I described an Anti as someone who blackwashes the truth. They tell you the truth and then make it unpalatable to you, making sure you won’t or can’t accept it. Pound was an Intel asset back to college, at first assigned to the fake literature project. But after about 1925 he was reassigned, his job then being to attack Jews, bankers, and the US military. However, his method of attack was curious in that he was instructed to mainly tell the truth. He would be the created opposition, and all those who knew or suspected these truths would gather round him. Only after they had gathered round him would he be brought down. He would be shown to be crazy in any number of ways, and his fall would thereby blackwash the truth. After that, anyone who attacked Jews, bankers, or the US military could be lumped in with Pound, who was by then in a mental Institution rambling on about what a great guy Hitler was.”

        So, is Vernon Coleman “controlled opposition” or an “anti”? Or neither? Many telling the truth with a doom & gloom perspective — all problem, little reaction, no solution — serve just as well as “predictive programmers”. Therefore, I think it wise indeed to say, “Time will tell.” I hope eyes that see and ears that hear remain to grok the verdict.

          1. Not to belabor this much further, AND — as the epitaph on my gravestone will read, “No accidents in the Universe!”, fitting I think for one who pursued “risk analysis and causality” with particular vengeance (1989-2005) — Henry Makow broaches this very same topic today!

            Henry’s disclaimer: “Despite being an ethnic Jew, I am not false opposition. As an assimilated Jew, I put my country’s interests & humanity first. God is Truth. Truth is my religion. My books are all self-published; I get zero MSM attention.”

            Henry proceeds to publish a CON-tribution from J.B. leading with the assertion “The entire truth movement is false opposition.”


  7. On off-topic from the previous thread, now on topic:

    PS. Whilst on the subject of DNA … based on the fact that the technology is 10 years old and companies are marketing it, I now believe it more than likely that the kill jabs are based on SAM RNA – self amplifying DNA that spreads from person to person (thus, without consent). Look up “vaccinated causing sickness in unvaccinated”, Dr Judy Mikovits and others. Also lookup the 120 page Pfizer document inside which is a warning to data collection scientists to be careful to separate vaccinated from unvaccinated – implying a transmission issue.

    The German parliament have recently allowed SAM RNA in law.
    Is this done retrospectively in order to protect Big Pharma after the truth comes out?

    This means the “vaccinated” are the plaque. Suggest you all find a cleaning job in a Elitist bunker and wait out 2 years for the sweep to complete.

    Reply to NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH from that thread:

    The past 5 years has seen a revolution in biology around the subject of virome and exsosome. Exosomes, inter cell/ inter organism / inter species messengers are quasi synonymous with viruses but are part of a healthy response. It seemed to me from the outset of the Transmission issue that exosome mRNA messages would be excreted from the Jabbed and that this might explain Transmission. Is the alien mRNA from the Jab being excreted from Jabbed person cells by accident or design?

    Whatever, if this mechanism is real, then we are in Hollywood apocalypse global plague territory and the only way to survive it is a bunker for at least 2 years, probably 10, whilst the global “sweep” completes.

  8. Vernon Coleman is a gentleman and that is a strong indicator of solid content. I have listened to numerous videos and read his website and found nothing factually untoward.

    BTW on the subject of the first modern times Biblical scale event I have criticised organized religious “leaders” for being ineffectual and money grubbing. Roman Catholic Bishop Schneider is an exception.

    A very gentle man, widely experienced but with steely resolve to speak truth.

    1. @ ((( ADMIN ))) play-pretending to be a ” ‘Catholic’ ADMIN” [ and doing one hell of a lousy acting job I do have to say ] :

      Some info about pile of sh*t pacelli Darkmoon’s “Catholic” ((( ADMIN))) will greatly appreciate and LERV :

      “Pave The Way Foundation Reveals Surprising Documents That Show Pope Pius XII’s Role In Establishing The State of Israel”

      If link doesn’t work , use Search Term :

      “ + Pave The Way Foundation Reveals”

      Maybe pacelli was a jew, yet another jew in The Catholic Church. I’m doing research into his background. The more I learn about pacelli, the MORE of A JEW he looks like, and I don’t mean his physical features. Or, he could have been a half-jew . He certainly cared about jews and their well-being more than the cared about Catholics and the well-being of Catholics.

      The more I learn about pacelli, the more he turns my stomach. I used to like him, but I was severely brainwashed and I didn’t have all the information one needs to come to an objective conclusion about what I see now is obviously a pile of sh*t and we call the pile of sh*t “pacelli”. And that’s an objective conclusion about pacelli — now after there’s so much information about him available — unlike in the past when there was hardly any info about him. With all this information we have about pacelli now, the objective conclusion about him is : a pile of sh*t, yet another pile of sh*t in the Catholic Church ; with a very high chance he was really a jew crypto pile of sh*t in The Church , yet another crypto jew pile of sh*t in The Church. But jew or not, he was a pile of sh*t.

      ((( JDL ADMIN))) play-pretending to be a “‘Catholic’ ADMIN” and doing one hell of a lousy acting job should like this bit of news about pacelli –because ((( JDL ADMIN ))) ONLY cares about JEWS and about JEW ISREAL, right? Am I right?

      Answer : Yes, TROJ, you are RIGHT. You have THE CORRECT VIEW, TROJ.

      TROJ : Videre Licet on this day on THE CALENDAR, June 23, the Vigil of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist.

      Bring Us the head of St. John the Baptist damn it!!!! He’s TOO Catholic for Our liking! DM is really about what’s BEST for the Jews!!!! The more Crypto Jew Popes and the More half-JEW Popes and the more NOT Jewish BUT NONETHELESS VERY VERY JEW-LOVING VERY VERY JEWED-OUT POPES THE BETTER FOR US JEWS!!!!!

      I have no problem with acting, but if someone LERVS to act then really, one would strive to learn the craft of acting and try to put in at least a somewhat believable performance. half-ass acting never wins any awards and usually bores everyone to tears. DM : A whole acting troupe of lousy actors and they think they’re the best actors around, they’re Oscar winning actors, LOL! Yeah sure, DM is one of the TOP One Percent of websites in the world, of course it is, LMFAO!!!!! Though as comedy actors, you all aren’t so bad, *grin*. Did Mark Glenn send you all to acting school to learn how to do comedy? Sounds like that’s the case, lol…


    The airline industry is being seriously affected by the effects of the Covid shots. Pilots are falling dead left and right from blood clots. At first they mandated vaccinated flyers but it seems that strategy backfired, as it is being rumored that many flights have been canceled due to lack of pilots.

    Southwest canceled 3 days of flights. Why?


    Headline: Southwest Airlines cancels hundreds of flights for the third day in a row


    Airlines start shutting down service as degraded vaccinated become legal liability.

    Hospitalizations of the vaxxed after flights are increasing rapidly. Are airlines trying to head off major lawsuits and liability by banning vaxxed passengers?

    Low cabin pressure causing blood clots. Pilots who are vaxxed are being exposed to repeated low pressure cycles and are falling dead on their day offs. All 4 British Airwaves pilots died of blood clots.


    ABC World News Now
    FLIGHT CANCELLATIONS: American Airlines was forced to cancel hundreds of flights this weekend due to significant staff shortages and maintenance issues. The airline says it will continue to cancel 50 to 80 flights a day well into July. ABC’s Megan Tevrizian reports.


    Jun 17
    We are seeking confirmation on this right now. Wow.

    THIS IS HUGE!….. 4 British Airways pilots have DIED of the COVID vaccine in the past 7-days, and BA are now in crisis talks with the UK Government about whether or not their vaccinated pilots should be allowed to fly.

    Airlines are BANNING vaxxed passengers because of a high rate of inflight incidents and legal liability – lawsuits from dead passengers blamed on airline.
    Sky News: Airlines are addressing the problem of blood clots and are recommending VACCINATED people not to fly due to latest scientific insights and possible lawsuits.



    “American Airlines is canceling hundreds of flights through at least mid-July as the company strives to maintain service in the midst of massively increasing travel demand while the coronavirus pandemic continues to recede in the United States, according to a spokesperson from the airline.”

    “On Saturday, American Airlines (AAL) had 120 cancellations, and the company is projecting 50 to 80 flight cancelations per day going forward,”


    FAA in flight incidents piling up:


    Tim Truth covering vaxidents:


    Meawhile, as the world dies, economic hit man Klaus Schwab enjoys himself:

    warning : Nude Klaus Schwab (pervert) takes a stroll on the beach

    1. Pilots get the kill shot. Pilots fly the planes. Pilots form blood clots at high altitude. Pilots go home to die.

  10. I’ve never been able to follow this guy for more than a few minutes…
    But I don’t believe it’s because he’s completely FOS…
    He’s right that the masks, the whole bog-pharma chicommiecrat power move is never going away permanently…
    We may never be going to back to regular football in the USA…
    Not unless and until we completely reform our political system, in order to make this sort of corporate commiecrat boondoggle impossible in the future…

    1. @ Barkingdeer

      I’ve never been able to follow this guy for more than a few minutes . . .

      Is that a comment on his stupidity or yours? Please clarify.

  11. Dr. Coleman is in pretty good company. Listen to these mainline Docs. on line.
    Dr, Peter McCullogh
    Dr. Michael Yeadon
    Dr. Roger Hodkinson
    Dr. Sherry Tenpenny
    and many more!
    I think many of the Darkmooners get it. Some do not.
    Dr. Hodkinson thinks that thousands not reported to VAERS have been killed outright by the kill shot.
    We will all know within a year, most of us first hand, if the predictions are true. This may be serial killing writ large.
    Some of the aware now think that the nearly harmless so-called Covid19 virus was the means to roll out the Covid injection kill shot.
    And finally listen to the several Erica Khan interviews on

  12. JOE
    Not calling anybody stupid…
    Just saying I can’t take the guy’s style …
    It’s not just the bow tie either…
    I do appreciate his warnings and i do agree with him on most of it…
    The virus isn’t just about the virus…
    It’s about what kind of control and extraction plot the corporo-fascists can perpetrate upon the people of the whole planet… This thing is Global, they’re Global… It’s on the Bill Gates level, the Tony Fauchi, WHO, 3 Cities Empire level……
    He wants to vaccinate “the whole world”, he says with a gesture, as he throws up his limp little hands..
    And then he says he’s going to “reduce the human population by doing a really good job with vaccines”…
    Just who the hell do these gaddam people think they are?

    And he’s got ideas to vaccinate people against ‘fundamentalist religious beliefs’…
    That sounds both ridiculous and dastardly…
    But how feasible might it actually be now?
    Now they’re wanting to genetically engineer smaller people to deal with gobal warming food shortages…
    Can you really vaccinate people against their taste for red mead?
    The way some of these people talk so crazy, you get the idea the existing science is really beyond our understanding, and that those at that level probably don’t know the diff between people and lab animals…

  13. Although Dr Coleman doesn’t say anything that wouldn’t be glaringly obvious to a moderately intelligent 5-year old…

    ..for some “odd” reason, a not-insignificant number of the DM “intelligentsia” (cough! cough!) seem to having a particularly difficult time putting two & two together… and coming up with even an approximately correct answer

  14. TOEJAMICUS said: “This may be serial killing writ large.”

    Here ate the results of an EU based campaign group to keep vaccinations voluntary, that wrote up a test protocol to look at the magnetising of the human body in the vaccinated (see hundreds of internet videos ), “debunked ” by paid liars:

    A simple protocol. This is all that was needed to prove the videos showing magnets sticking to arms are correct.

    Did your local doctor, hospital, government perform this test? You know, the people who are interested in “saving lives”, who did not even bother to read the label on the Pandora’s box pharmaceutical bottle.

    This war against humanity is the greatest and most perfected killing campaign the earth has ever known. Here are the weapons in order of threat:

    – Mass media – mind control

    – SAM RNA, self amplifying RNA that passes to anyone in the vicinity of the injected and probably passes to the progeny of the injected, provided they are able to avoid sterility – see next point.

    – Spike protein, dispersed. shed or injected. This causes massive inflammation, particularly in the ovaries and testes. Qualified opinion says this is also shaping up to be a prion – an infectious protein that causes brain degeneration such as Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.

    -5G – a completely unnecessary technology (many reports say 4G has better performance) . Unlike 3G/4G that is omnidirectional and fixed in quality, 5G is a directional beam whose frequency, modulation, power and direction can be controlled . It will be used against magnetised “useless eaters” causing death, mass agitation, chaos and violence (against the unvaxxed); but only when critical mass of global 5G installation is complete, before this year is out.

    – Engineered plandemic and climate hoax lockdowns destroying economic production

    -Engineered food and water crisis, starvation. See

    There is a solution in God’s toolkit – coronal mass ejection that puts technology back to the stone age due to the Earths current very weak magnetosphere.

    That’s the memo.

    1. Too many links is counterproductive, Flan. I won’t explain why as I don’t have the time. 3-4 links is the most we can have at any one time. Otherwise the comment goes for monitoring. This acts as a deterrent to “linkitis”, the obsession with excessive link posting.

  15. @ADMIN
    Thank you ADMIN for your work. Not a complaint, just a query … would increasing the number of urls allowed in posts to say, 4 or 5 cause a problem? Currently, one is not allowed to reference more than 3 ideas or concepts.

    1. Flan O’Brien,

      If you have more than 3 links you want to share, let’s say for example you have 6 links you want to share with the readers, just write 2 posts with 3 links each. It’s not rocket science we’re dealing with.

      ADMIN is supposed to go thru all kinds of changes and spend a lot of time and energy and probably have to spend money to change the computer configurations to save you a little extra typing you have to do to write 2 posts with 3 links each? You don’t think you’re asking too much? Why do you think you deserve so much special consideration? Because you send in “great” posts? .. . Your posts are nothing so special that ADMIN should do cartwheels to please you! 🙂

      Just write 2 posts with 3 links each. You’d don’t have to be Einstein to figure it out. It’s easy to figure out, it’s not rocket science. 🙂

  16. This is correct: quoting toejamicus “It’s not going to end well. Period.”

    The vaxx jab is catastrophic as it is meant to be. But there other problems of equal severity like the massive bubble in stock prices. margin debt continues to record highs, and when the bust comes the plunge could be quite dramatic – and that will panic the politicians to lock us down like they did in 2019.

    Here is a good link for monthly updates on margin debt:

    The current bubble is bigger than all other bubbles combined, bigger than Tulip mania, 1929, South Sea shares, and Dot Com put together. Look at what just happened to the crypto mania or lumber prices. Well stock prices are in the stratosphere being fueled by 900 billion in margin debt!

    Remember what James Bullard (CEO St. Louis Fed) said, Covid was made up to put us in fear so they could lock us down. Well, what will they do to us next time if they lose control of the markets?

    1. Well, homer. The prejudiced A.I. chose a white robot – named Ai-Da!!
      It seems A.I. is a bigoted White Supremacist!! 🙂

      1. Pat, I can espy an uber-Amalgamate $upremacist Maximus fairly
        well disguised as a simple Chinese spy(cia) all the way from here to Uranus and hopefully at least half way back!
        (and you know what they say about them)

  17. The (Bill) Gates of Hell has been opened on the airline industry.

    The situation must be very dire for the airlines who get volumes of freshly printed bailout money yet are breaking rank and spilling the beans.

    I ask, do you really want to get on a flight with vaccinated pilots and stews or passengers and have an inflight incident? Do you really want to sit in the back of some aircraft when the pilot is getting a blood clot to his brain?

    There is no virus, there are no variants, it is a gigantic media staged hoax. There is zero risk flying with the entire cabin and flight deck NOT vaccinated but a giant risk if they are.

    This entire fiasco is “conjured out of thin air in a massive act of magic”. (see quote below)



    THIS A GIGANTIC BELIEF TRANCE JUST LIKE RELIGION, millions of people are masked zombies virtue signalling their cowardice, and now proudly wearing “I’ve been vaccinated” political buttons. You might as well wear a big button that says “I’m a retard”.

    Humanity is a broken specie. Yet Darwinian fitness in action, either you get it and stay away from the death jab or you don’t get it, lack the situational awareness, get sucked into the propaganda, enter a fear state from media mind control, and go along with the script the criminal politicians are being ordered to carry out and cave in to the agenda. That could be fatal.

    It will be a fatal mistake for many getting vaccinated. Those that do are most likely out of the gene pool forever. This is an all out war on humanity, a gigantic ruthless push to knock down the world population by billions. But people do not want to believe daddy government would be so bold as to outrightly kill us off. That incorrect perception will get you killed.


    “I know that the PCR test invented by Kary Mullis cannot test for the alleged virus or any virus and therefore all the numbers of cases and deaths are based on nothing. They are conjured out of thin air in a massive act of magic.”

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