WAITING: A Poem translated into Italian, French and German by Gian Franco Spotti

 ‘Waiting’ by XANADU 

Tradotto in Italiano


Aspettare che le cose succedano
Aspettare che le bombe cadano
Aspettare che la stanza si oscuri
Fissando la parete.

 Aspettare la fine del tormento
Aspettare a credere
Aspettare il giudizio finale
Aspettare la tregua.

 Aspettare il bacio della gentilezza
Aspettare che le cose si aggiustino
Aspettare il perdono
Aspettare la fine.

—    §     —

Traduit en français
par Gian Franco Spotti


 Attendre que les choses se passent
Attendre que les bombes tombent
Attendre que la chambe s’assombre
En regardant la paroi.

 Attendre la fin du tourment
Attendre à croire
Attendre le jugement final
Attendre une treve.

Attendre le baiser de la gentilesse
Attendre que les choses s’arrangent
Attendre le pardon
Attendre la fin.

—     §     —

Übersetzt ins Deutsche
von Gian Franco Spotti


Warten bis die Dingen passieren
Warten bis die Bomben fallen
Warten bis sich der Raum verdunkelt
Waehrend an die Wand starren

Warten bis die Qual aufhoert
Warten, um zu glauben
Warten auf das endgueltige Urteil
Warten auf einen Stillstand

Warten auf den Kuss der Guete
Warten bis sich die Dingen beruhigt haben
Warten auf die Vergebung
Warten auf das Ende

11 thoughts to “WAITING: A Poem translated into Italian, French and German by Gian Franco Spotti”

  1. Well done, Gian! Beautifully translated. How many languages do you speak? Have you actually lived and worked in the various countries whose languages you are so familiar with? Do you find watching TV or movies in those languages helpful?

    1. I hear that David Irving learned German by going to Germany as a young man, in his early twenties, and learning German by working in a car factory.

      His knowledge of German is now phenomenal. He speaks and writes it far better than most Germans nowadays, including German university professors!

      Some people have this rare gift, others don’t.

    2. Hi Saki,
      I can speak read and write french (my second language), english and german.
      I can speak and read spanish and some portuguese but I cannot write them. I tried to learn finnish but I had not enough time and I stopped it. I only know 45 or 50 words in finnish.
      French, english and german I learned in a school for foreign languages in the early seventies and then, starting from 1978 on, I had many opportunities to travel to many countries for professional reasons. From 1978 to 2020 I took 580 planes with 53 different air companies to 50 different countries.
      More visited countries were Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Sweden, ex Yugoslavia and Canada.
      Watching TV or movies in foreign languages is helpful but very difficult because they speak very fast and often with local slangs so you have to watch a lot of them before understanding a full movie.

      1. Excellently translated, Gian.
        Keep up the good work.
        I look forward to your translations.
        I adore comparing the different versions.

  2. Lasha,

    😀 From the illustration for “Attendre” it’s obvious you’re a cannibal ….. so EAT THIS,

    because this cannot be checked out on Admin’s computer.
    Message received:
    “This site cannot be reached.”

    Ummmmm yummy, a 👊 !!!


  3. I too have been WAITING — not for GODOT, GOD forbid! — rather for yet another opportunity to deposit a poem, this time a departure from my prior submissions, in an informal “Poet’s Corner” created by an official post, one that again mirrors in words of another language the exterior baggage and interior contents presented by a poem written in the “original” language.

    Eight lines is good, I would think! Taking “Waiting” and other, recent poems posted by Xanadu, promoters and assistants as an example, not a directive, of course, I dare to post the following. I constrained my enthusiasm to eight lines.

    Your Machine, the Latest Model, Awaits You, Sir
    [An Eight-line Doozy in a Vest’s Side Pocket]

    White to Black then back through infinite Shades of Gray,
    I lost my bearings long ago, albeit in a relativistic way.
    Extremes forbidden, though logically one and the same,
    I now ply my trade inside AI’s latest matrix games.

    Transhumanliness my watchword, all the rest twaddle,
    While I’ve circuitry in kind, wirings do differ by model!
    You thought flesh and blood, sinew and bone sufficed.
    You thought wrongly – or not at all, to be more precise.

    acd, 4 September 2021

    1. Well done, Alan! More poems from your inspired pen please. You are a better poet than I am and that makes me jealous. Your verse has depth. In comparison, mine is superficial, cos I’m just a dumb blonde. A clueless airhead. You can’t write immortal verse if you’re as dumb as me. I wish someone here could advise me where I went wrong.

      I sent Lasha some of my verse with a covering note: “Lasha, is this really bad? If so, tell me it’s bad . And I’ll stop writing poetry at once.”

      Her response, when it came — about 10 days later when I’d given up hearing from her — took the wind out of my sales. It stopped my chucking myself over Beachy Head.

      “Darling girl,” she wrote. “I adore your work. It’s pure genius! Don’t give up whatever you do, for mankind needs you.”

      Wow! Is that a compliment or something? I’m not so sure. It could be sarcasm. With Lasha you can never be sure if she’s being nice to you or stabbing you in the back.

      1. Oops, sorry for the typo!
        I wrote, “She took the wind out of my sales (sic)”.
        That should be “sails”, not “sales”.
        I guess I’m losing it.

      2. @ Madame Butterfly

        With Lasha you can never be sure if she’s being nice to you or stabbing you in the back.

        As Lasha’s protector on this site, I take exception to your comment. Lasha would never stab anyone in the back. She’s not Lucrezia Borgia.

        1. Your analogy is false. Because Lucrezia Borgia didn’t stab anyone in the back. She used poison to kill her victims.

      3. @MB
        So kind of you to comment on my lines!
        I thank you ‘specially for overlooking
        Faults in meter and in rhyme.
        Telling Truth suffers from overbooking:
        Tough to buy spots in time prime,
        Never, however, Darkmoon forsooking!

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