Waiting for the Angels [*POEM*]

By Xanadu

Jean-Jules-Antoine Lecomte du Nouÿ, Un rêve d’eunuque (1874)


Waiting for the Great Magician
to wave his golden wand;
waiting for the Wise Physician
to heal the world’s old wound.

Waiting for the Head Gardener
to grow the deathless rose;
waiting for the Grand Designer
to tell us all he knows.

Listen!—the doorbell’s ringing!—
Quick, to the bottom floor!—
See there!—the angels singing!—
singing at your front door.


16 thoughts to “Waiting for the Angels [*POEM*]”

  1. Dear Xanadu et alia,

    Matthew 25: 1-13. Let’s do keep our lamps full of oil, our minds “deep cleaned”.

    “Deep cleaned” is a phrase I learned from my wife of 30 years [marriage, not age]; my Dad called it “elbow grease”.

    “Angels at the door” one thing, the (re-)appearance of the MAN HIMSELF (aka “Savior”) may not occur for some time — even an Age later! Counting between then and now, I would not hold my breath, so to write. I like blue as color of the sky sans chemtrailing, turning blue would not make me a blueblood, only closer to Death than I find myself already.

    Hoping against hope here in Mexico,


    1. Take care, Alan. Mexico is a dangerous country. Swarming with “conspiracy theorists” ! 🙂

      BTW, this is off-topic but still “relevant” to the subject of Mexico. So I thought I’d mention it. I was reading an article in a mainstream newspaper the other day (‘The Daily Mail’) about Covid-19 and the paper supplied a beautiful chart with graphs, showing which countries had the most “conspiracy theorists” in them.

      The country with more conspiracy theorists per capita than any other country in the words was not the United States, as I’d expected.

      Believe it or not, it was Mexico! 🙂

      (It must be all those beans).

        1. Saki, in the world? The flat earth boundaries don’t end in Turkey, Arabia, Greece or Japan. Maybe the pollsters didn’t consider (or risk) the other half of this world’s teeming booboisie muddying up the waters of perception with their wild and crazy ideas.. You know, the old let’s keep it relatively relative to the story trick. My subconscious couldn’t help but notice.. (;>)

            1. @ Bigfoot
              (trying to pick a quarrel with Saki):

              No Saki, Mexico the country with “The Most Conspiracy Theorists” Is the most superstitious country. They pray to the dead.


              Since the dawn of history, from ancestor worship to the great World Religions, people have always prayed to the dead. That’s normal and how it should be. Only a fool prays to the living.

  2. Great! Thank you for this inspirational poem! I’m glad you changed the header picture! This one is much better than the previous one, showing angels sawing away at violins. Too much (if I may say so) like a soppy Christmas card! 🙂

    The new pic is is a French surrealist painting called “The Eunuch’s Dream”.

    The French have a thing about eunuchs. They love to fantasise about an effete eunuch in the Grand Sultan’s harem or seraglio, ogling an always unattainable and out-of-reach nubile young beauty — the Sultan’s favourite ‘wife’.

    I wish I knew more about this exotic subject. The “exotic” here, especially if French, usually means “erotic”.

  3. Boating down the river toward the sea, one passes foliage, whitewater, formations of strange, always very impressive shapes in stone, towering above the eddies we circle in frank admiration, all meriting remark and imaging!

    Jon Rappoport’s recent post, “The fixation on the One, and the obsession with a Virus; the Individual vs. the Collective Trance” [ https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/2021/10/04/the-fixation-on-the-one-and-the-obsession-with-a-virus/ ], deserves mention here in the poetic domain of Darkmoon, even though his essay more directly concerns the most pressing issue of our times. At the start Jon wrote “More than anything, this piece reflects my approach to my work. My work as a reporter, as a poet, as an individual.”

    I provide an excerpt I hope encourages you to read his entire essay. Among all the famous pundits and bloggers, I value extremely highly Jon Rappoport and his works. Yes, I do have his Matrix collection in hand and carefully archived, not yet completely reviewed and studied! Gads, I have my own ton of paper I produced as scientific papers and technical reports, my lifetime of work, though in comparison to your offering, worthless to humanity. FULL Disclosure: I get and will receive NO remuneration or other benefit from unabashedly adverting Jon Rappoport!

    “In a similar vein, in my work as a reporter, I was using up-against-wall logic to refute medical and political lies and cover stories. But then, when I was writing poetry, I was abandoning the traditional forms and thought processes (the “logic” of poetry) because they were stale and decaying. I wanted to take imagination to other places, without limit, and if the preferred hidebound internal connections in my poems were missing, so what?”

    “This distinction between my work as a reporter and a poet confuses some people. They want one or the other. Not both, side by side. But I say this confusion is good. It can be productive. It can stimulate readers to think along new tracks.”

    Thank you, Jon, you reached this news junky | debunker | wannabe poet.

      1. I have found the American Legion facility, which I thought fairly impressive. I have a knowledgeable informant, one who has lived here 15 years or longer. He did confirm that the bar and beer house has a reputation attracting a heavy drinking lot. I shall make discreet inquiries with the aim of meeting, day and time of mutual convenience. If and as appropriate, I shall have a more substantive update within the month.

  4. Lasha is such a “devoted Catholic” she changed the illustration for the poem from a Catholic image to an Islamic image on the very same day as the feast of her all-time Catholic Saint, Saint Therese of Lisieux “the little flower of Jesus”. Yesterday was the feast of Catholic Saint Therese of Liseux. Yesterday was the day Lasha got rid of the Catholic type illustration and replaced it with an Islamic type image. One would think a “devoted Catholic” would have kept the Catholic type image up on the feast day of her favorite Catholic saint instead of changing the illustration to an Islamic image.

    Today is the feast of the Catholic saint Saint Francis of Assisi. What is Lasha going to change the illustration to today? An image of the hindoo Kali? Or, an image of the jew qabalah night hag vampire “goddess” from Hell, lilith? Or, an image of the jew qabalah hermaphrodite from Hell, baphomet?

    I didn’t say anything yesterday about Saint Therese of Lisieux. i wanted to see what Lasha would say/ would do on the feast day of her favorite Catholic saint before I said anything. Well, “devoted Catholic” Lasha didn’t say anything about her favorite Catholic saint yesterday and she actually changed the illustration for the peom from a Catholic image to an Islamic image — on the very same day as the feast day of [ supposedly ] her all-time favorite Catholic saint, Saint Therese of Lisieux, “the little flower of Jesus”.

    Lasha is all over the map with religious matters. I have no problem she’s not a Catholic. I just don’t know why she can’t just honestly tell us she’s not a Catholic.

    1. @ TROJ

      Lasha cannot tell you she is NOT a Catholic for the simple reason that she IS one. Though not an Orthodox one. Thus Lasha thinks the Catholic Church is wrong to regard Euthanasia as a mortal sin, nor does she believe in hell as a place of everlasting damnation in burning flames for 90 percent of the world’s population. She also has a soft spot for Buddhism, Hinduism, and all the other great world religions.She believes in tolerance and kindness and living a good life, as sinlessly and as virtuously as possible. If this makes her a bad Christian, so be it.

      As for St Therese of Lisieux, Lasha totally forgot this year that it was Therese’s Feast day on October 1. How careless of her! But no matter. Lasha has two big portraits of the ‘Little Flower’ (as she is called) on the wall facing her desk. She looks at them every day with deepest veneration.

      This is a saint who lived a spotlessly clean life and died at the early age of 24 in the most agonising circumstances with TB, unable to breathe and gasping for breath in an ice cold convent. And after her death many miracles occurred. Which is why Our Holy Mother Church made her a saint on popular demand. Today, Therese’s Autobiography, ‘Story of a Soul’, is read by millions of devotees all over the world. Few books have had more influence on Lasha.

      Here are three pictures of the beautiful Therese
      at different stages of her short life (1873-1897):




    2. I think the correct description would be “cafeteria Catholic,” or in more traditional theological terminology, a heretic.

      As long as you keep praying your rosary, Lasha, and remain devoted to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, you will almost certainly end up a traditional Catholic before you die, and save your soul.

      Beautiful words from Our Lady of Fatima:

      “Jesus wants to establish in the world the devotion to my Immaculate Heart. I promise salvation to those who embrace it, and their souls will be loved by God as flowers placed by me before His throne.”

      And from the Fatima visionary Sr Lucia (before she was taken from her convent by the Church’s enemies and never seen again):

      “In these last times in which we live the Most Holy Virgin has given a new efficacy to the recitation of the Rosary to such an extent that there is no problem, no matter how difficult it is, whether temporal or above all spiritual, in the personal life of each one of us, of our families, our nations…that cannot be solved by the prayer of the Holy Rosary. With the Holy Rosary we will save ourselves. We will sanctify ourselves…and obtain the salvation of many souls.” (1957)

      Padre Pio (stigmatist and miracle worker) quotes on the Rosary:

      “The Rosary is the weapon of defense and salvation.”

      “The Rosary is the weapon given us by Mary to use against the tricks of the infernal enemy.”

      “Mary has recommended the Rosary at Lourdes and Fatima because of its extraordinary value for us and our times.”

      “Satan always tries to destroy the Rosary, but he will never succeed.”

      “Love the Madonna and pray the Rosary, for her Rosary is the weapon against the evils of the world today.”

  5. Conspiracy and joking aside, something for me akin to the 14th labor of Haricles, errrrr I mean Heracles, errrr I mean Hercules, methinks the myriads of angels (and others both high and low) exists right on the tips of our very own tongues.

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