Waiting [*POEM*]



Waiting for things to happen
Waiting for bombs to fall
Waiting for the room to darken
Staring at the wall.

Waiting for end of torment
Waiting to believe
Waiting for final judgement
Waiting fo reprieve.

Waiting for kiss of kindness
Waiting for things to mend
Waiting for forgiveness
Waiting for the end.

14 thoughts to “Waiting [*POEM*]”

  1. I really liked that poem. Basically sums up our time, our lives put on hold while we wait for the bombs to fall, but wish we were in love or doing some thing else besides enduring the madness of the world.

    I wonder how the New Agers will spin our time, what is the life lesson in waiting for the end? I hold such notions that we are here to learn lessons with contempt. We are being tortured plain and simple. There is no meaning to life, if we have souls and these souls are occupying our human bodies, then what is the point in this horrible universe where we have to endure endless torture, war, disease as found on earth. Why would any soul choose to incarnate on earth?

    Thus the logical conclusion is we didn’t choose to be here, we were put here against our will and this place is some sort of hell, a prison planet for souls some power did not want in their realm, space empire or another dimension. Thus we live out our lives in quiet desperation waiting for the end, or the reprieve from this cosmic jail. Perhaps if you demonstrate that you are a good little worker slave on earth, and you believe in heaven, then after death the powers that be in heaven (owners of earth) will let you incarnate the next level up as a good little worker slave in space empire. They only want Borg, worker bees not anyone who is a free spirit, artists, creative beings of any sort, no musicians, and no slackers.

    Thus going to heaven is not the goal of a free being, as in heaven (read heaven as the heavens above i.e. space) And to prove to you this is the case, all church steeples point toward the heavens above, but those under the spell think heaven is some other dimension, it is not, it is right above your head in outer space. And that realm is alien to your organic being because space is full of non-organic lifeforms, robots, Greys, EBE’s.

    Thus if we unwind the spell, we have been intentionally kept in the dark about our true condition and our origin. We did not evolve here, we were put here. We are not from earth, we are all from other planets and places, and captured and put here, erased of our memories and loves we left behind on our home planets of origin. Thus we long for our true love, our home world, our people, etc. They erased our precious soul memories as best they could, but the soul’s feelings linger.

    Heaven is No Better than Earth
    On April 28, 2018 By YUKON JACK

  2. Whenever I feel “It’s only me…”
    I grab my bottle of JD

    I clink my glass, I like the sound
    Even though a slug costs five pounds!

    I’ve said I’ll change, buts it’s a whim..
    ‘sides I can’t stand the taste of gin!

    So grin and bear it, don’t give up
    For t’day might be your final sup!

  3. We’re all waiting for something I guess, here on this prison planet where we’re trapped. As for myself, I’m waiting to be released from prison for “thought criminals” on this prison planet, a prison within a prison I’m in. I got a life sentence in prison on this prison planet and I ain’t getting out of this prison cell alive,


  4. Recall Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for GODOT. The poem by Xanadu is, mercifully, much shorter and thus quicker to the point. Hell for me is having to sit through that damnable play one more time.

    1. You have my sympathies. And “Waiting For Godot” was his best play! Did you know that Beckett was James Joyce’s secretary and drinking companion?

      1. No. A fascinating factoid! A search of [+”Samuel Beckett” +”James Joyce”] brings up this little tidbit from The Guardian, more than 11 years ago for those keeping count. [Twenty since 9-11, I remind all.]

        “Feb 21, 2010 An unprecedented glimpse into the hidden life of Lucia Joyce, adored only daughter of James Joyce, and the lover of Samuel Beckett, has revealed the loneliness of her final years in England.”

        Who knew? Who could have guessed? Dare we also ask, in a whisper, “Who cares?”

  5. The computer was a great invention and the development of the internet had great promise, but computers/the internet hasn’t changed much of anything for the better. The free exchange of information, the amount of information, all the information previously not available, and Mankind doesn’t have what it takes to turn a great invention into something that can actually benefit Man and improve life on Earth. The internet has improved life a little bit, but just a little bit. In the really important aspects of life, having the internet hasn’t made any difference — the world continues to rush into The New World Order. With all the information in the world at our fingertips we still can’t figure out how to save ourselves from the New World Order.

    Computers/the internet, it’s like Television. Television was also a great invention and originally had great promise, but Man turned the great invention of Television into a useless meaningless invention. Useless and meaningless in terms of benefiting Man and improving life on earth for Man and for all other living creatures.

    When I was a boy I thought Airplanes were the greatest invention ever. But now airplanes are used to poison the skies with Chemtrails. Man turning a great invention into something negative and harmful.

    I happen to think there is what the Catholic Church calls “Original Sin” , for Man is deeply depraved. Man turns everything good into something harmful, even his great inventions he turns into harmful things. Inventions which could greatly improve life on Earth for Man and all other living creatures, Man turns into harmful baneful inventions. We are not born pure , for if we were born pure life on Earth would be MUCH BETTER than it is and Man wouldn’t turn great inventions which could enhance life into harmful inventions which diminish Life. Now even medicine is being used to diminish Life. Man turns medicine into poison. It’s happening all over the world.

    The more Man uses computers the deeper Man falls into the New World Order. Instead of using computers to put an end to the New World Order Man uses the great invention to impose a horrible totalitarian system on the whole world. There’s a lot of truth available online and I appreciate that but all the truth online is not changing any government or any society/culture on earth for the better, things are getting worse in every aspect of life in every country — in spite of all the truth available online.

    There’s nothing about the way Man thinks and the way Man behaves to indicate Man is born pure and without sin. Almost everything Man does indicates Man is born impure and sinful. I’m sorry but I can’t come to any other conclusion . Man’s history on Earth is a history of evil and greed and stupidity and constant warfare. It’s true of all races and ethnicities and religions, all cultures. Sorry but that’s Man’s history on Earth. It is not a history of Life, a history of a species, born pure and without sin. It’s a history of a species, Man, born impure with a very strong inclination towards sin. IMHO.

    We can debate what it is that makes Man born impure with a strong inclination towards sin but considering Man’s history on Earth I don’t think it’s controversial to say man is born impure with a strong inclination towards sin. If the Christian explanation for Man’s intrinsic impure nature is wrong, then it’s something else which causes the inherent intrinsic impure nature in Man. The history of Man on Earth before Christianity also indicates Man before Christianity was born impure with a strong inclination towards sin [ or use the words “depravity” and/or “stupidity” in place of the word “sin”. ]

  6. uncle,

    Speaking of WAITING, I sent you a lot of posts this morning. I’m waiting for you to pick your 3 favorite of my posts and feature the 3 you like the most on the commentary board, I’m WAITING. As usual I have to wait to see if you’re going to live up to THE AGREEMENT or break your word, I can never be sure. I always have to WAIT and many times you leave me WAITING A LONG TIME before I find out what you have planned, whether the plan is to keep THE AGREEMENT or whether the plan is to break your word — which you have an inborn inclination to do. One can Rise Above one’s inborn inclinations and DO THE RIGHT THING. An inborn inclination can be overcome. Or maybe not. I’m not sure. With you one can’t be sure of anything, you’re so unreliable, *grin*

    1. Done. Your three “best” (???) comments posted.
      (Excluding the one above, which is the fourth).
      Whew, it’s hard work keeping up with you! 🙂

      1. uncle,

        Thank you. I won’t send in any more posts today so you can take the rest of day off, you worked so hard this morning you deserve a break. 😊

  7. I can not say I agree with the passive spirit of this poem. I appreciate it was translated to compare them, its succinctness and clear message.

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