Wandering in the Dark [*POEM*]



Expect the unexpected. History
Is the Unknown’s fiendishly plotted novel. 
Who would have forecast this Catastrophe
A year ago when life was liveable?
Lover met lover then, smitten at table,
Feasting on heaven bread and angel wine,
Smiling into each other’s eyes, unable
To tell if they were human or divine.

Where’s it all gone, the dream of love, the laughter
Frozen on lips that will never again
Kiss their darlings in the Great Hereafter?
Can this be hell, here, in this Pit of Pain?
—Tell me, my sweetly singing meadowlark,
What are we doing here wandering in the dark? 

11 thoughts to “Wandering in the Dark [*POEM*]”

  1. Nature will bat last.
    The compounding daily spray of aluminum, barium, and other pollutants like mold spores, mycotoxins, polymer fibers, and ethylene dibromide, are absorbed through the skin, inhaled, ingested from contaminated water, and foods on a daily basis.

    The romantics amongst us have gradually hardened after observing the increasing insanity of humans.
    “Can this be hell, here, in this Pit of Pain?”
    Pain is caused by the extreme discomfort from disagreement with one’s surroundings,
    an increasing lack of agreement or even compromise.
    “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”
    And oddly enough I take comfort from such reports such as in the following link.
    I would rather see the whole ship go
    down then to allow the collective, genetic psychopaths of the human species to obtain victory and enslave all of life
    for their own gain.
    This world is not the only game in the Cosmos, so don’t leave in a way that might tie you to this realm.
    When the actual time of death comes, be willing to let it all go. What happens after you’re gone, what happens to your stuff, what happens to the people and animals that you love.
    One of his most passionate pleas yet.

    1. Like your comment Bumpercrop!
      One can let “ALL” go long before death and still be in the world BUT is not OFF it. The body itself is nothing but a useful vessel, a “time capsule” – if you like, that can be utilised to understand the illusionary world and REALITY of thoughts of man in its life cycle or one chooses the flesh as ones own almighty GOD.
      A decision is to be made (again) in ones “life cycle” that will decide which “future” pathway to take when (or before) death arrives. Being too attached to ones own body will cause huge emotional PAIN and conflict as the body becomes home (throne) to an ego and death will become its ultimate threat.

      1. Bumpercrop
        I can relate to Golas with his need to refine what became the final result of a published book. I find myself in a hurry-up mode trying to finish my own. The toughest part for me, besides being very critical of my own writing abilities, is interpreting from various native languages spoken by elders I’ve met with over the years who’ve related their many stories. Definitely a labor of love. It must be, seeing that I see the act of writing to be a kind of curse that can make it so, how shall I say it……..painful! 😄

  2. Capturing the mood of the modern Western Heart in such a potent little nutshell is impressive for even the crude and unrefined among us, like me.
    I can almost taste it..

  3. We were all born into this cave built by others over the eons.
    We are victims of their construction, as we grope for the string to follow…. to light and fresh air.

    1. Pat
      A Creation story relates that this construct came about due to those who rejected Creator. One that we came to of our own volition. Not because WE rejected Creator, but because we strayed too far from the Godhead….it’s just a matter of getting back.

    2. “Others” did not build caves PAT. “WE” did it ourselves but try to blame “others” for it and call it intelligence. “WE built” a capsule/shell/body to separate as from what is “US”. “WE” are no victims. “WE” are useful idiots believing being greater (and smarter) than creation itself but victims sound sooo much nicer than idiots. As BH wrote “we strayed to far away” from our origin and all that needs to be done is to return – on ones own free will. Unfortunately (for idiots) there are other more important things to do like fictionized voting for Trump and Biden, arguing with anyone of different opinions and status and becoming an expert living in a fake reality and caring for a doomed piece of flesh that has become an mortal altar – for the immortal.

  4. The most logical explanation I’ve ever read on how the Universe sustains itself, is from the late, philosopher, Thaddeus Golas, in his seminal book, “Love and Pain”. When we observe what is around us, we note mass, energy and space. The smallest most indivisible entities, the building blocks of the Universe have the choice of being space, mass or the attempt to be both space and mass at the same time, energy. We are presently in the physical realm of energy. I can not do justice to this theory in a short post, but if your heart longs for an explanation to the madness of this realm in which we find ourselves, then the most you can lose is $16.95. It will either resonate with you and make logical sense, or it won’t. And you can donate the book to the local library, wherein someone will find the book and be grateful. This highly useful information, which took Golas most of his life to refine, has given me great comfort. http://www.evenlazier.com/shop/shopexd.asp?id=17&bc=no

  5. But for darkness, we would have no light at all.

    Mirror Work: A Meditation

    Fiery light on water,
    Water moved by air,
    held by earth,
    æther space,
    Time GOD’s rhythm,
    Jaundiced eyes blind,
    Self invisible,
    Mind invincible,
    Ego, a ruthless ruler:
    I watch reflections,
    Refractive deflections,
    Reality’s defections,
    Imaginary confections.
    Peering at silvered glass,
    I see distortion reign.
    Fiery light am I:
    Projectionist, projector,
    Focuser of lens, screen,
    Shining shadowlessly.

    acd, 15 February 2021

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