We Are Derek Chauvin

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“We are all Derek Chauvin. We all face persecution for doing our job and trying to preserve basic norms. Chauvin (pictured above) stands as a symbol of our plight.”

Officer Derek Chauvin was found guilty on all counts for the “murder” of the beatified George Floyd. The jury, consisting of only two white men among twelve, found him guilty within a matter of hours. It was a quick decision that sent a clear message to America: black lives matter more than yours.

Despite being denounced by nearly every law enforcement official in the country, Derek Chauvin is the face of American police. Despite him marrying an Asian refugee, he’s also a symbol of White America. All the alleged sins of police and whites were laid on his shoulders for him to suffer for. We all killed the innocent gentle giant George Floyd, who just wanted to breathe.

Chauvin may not be the ideal white man nor the perfect cop. But his trial was a trial for all of us and we were found guilty. If America did not worship blacks and hate whites, he would never have been convicted. If America had a serious legal system, he would not have been convicted. If America didn’t fear mob violence over a “wrong” verdict, he would not have been convicted. The case is obviously bigger than one cop putting his knee on a black man. It now empowers the system to put a knee on the neck of white America.

The prosecution’s arguments for conviction were beyond idiotic.

In concluding arguments, a white prosecutor argued that Floyd’s crime of forgery wasn’t a real crime, his drug abuse was merely a personal issue, and he was right to resist arrest because he felt the squad car was too small. His claims of claustrophobia should’ve been treated seriously, setting a precedent for every criminal to resist arrest on the same grounds. The prosecution essentially argued that Floyd should’ve never been arrested for committing a crime, doing meth is okay, and police should just let unruly suspects who claim dubious medical conditions go free. The prosecution even argued that Floyd’s severe heart problems and massive drug ingestion played no role in his death. The only fatal object was Chauvin’s knee.

The last prosecution argument, delivered by a black lawyer, was the cherry on top. “You were told, for example, that Mr. Floyd died because his heart was too big. You heard that testimony,” special prosecutor Jerry Blackwell said. “Now having seen all the evidence, having heard all the evidence, you know the truth. And the truth of the matter is — that the reason George Floyd is dead is because Mr. Chauvin’s heart was too small.”

Derek Chauvin was guilty of being the Grinch.

These silly arguments worked as Chauvin was convicted of two counts of murders and one of manslaughter. . . for the death of one person. According to our legal system, Chauvin both purposefully and accidentally killed Floyd. That makes absolutely no sense unless you’re a system bootlicker. But it’s the same for whites. We’re both intentionally and unintentionally racist and condemned to penance for eternity. Our intentions don’t matter — only our skin color does.

The defense team made ample work of Floyd’s background — to no avail. They were able to show he was sitting in his car with his drug dealer before his arrest. (The drug dealer was able to escape testifying.) They found evidence Floyd nearly had a stroke in 2019 when he ingested too many drugs right before an arrest. They were not able to focus on his past criminal background, such as him robbing a pregnant woman and putting a gun to her stomach.

But Floyd’s criminal side won’t be remembered.

He will be remembered as a big-hearted gentle giant who wanted to be a Supreme Court justice and was trying to turn his life around. He will be remembered as a great father, even though he barely knew any of his kids. He certainly didn’t take care of them. But he, a life-long criminal and drug abuser, is more valuable than any cop. Schools, streets, and maybe even military facilities will be named after him. He’s a modern-day Emmett Till, and you will have to kneel before his statues.

Chauvin will forever be a monster.

He represents American white supremacy stretching back to slavery and lynchings. He will stand alongside Bull Connor and the Ku Klux Klan. He’s the face of “systemic racism” and every other imaginary problem in this country. His actions will justify a veritable revolution within our nation.

The revolution will come from above. President Biden said the verdict was a step forward, but more must be done to eradicate systemic racism. He said George Floyd’s “I can’t breathe” should motivate the nation to do everything Black Lives Matter wants. The Department of Justice announced the day after the verdict that it would launch a thorough investigation of the Minneapolis Police Department to assess them for racism. This is despite the police department fully cooperating with the trial and its officials testifying against Chauvin. There’s no reward for collaboration.

The House of Representatives passed the “George Floyd Justice in Policing Act” earlier this year, but it remains stalled in the Senate. The bill would neuter police and turn them into glorified social workers. Many police takedown techniques would be banned. “Racial profiling” would be banned. And criminals would be able to sue officers with the elimination of qualified immunity. It would also put local police departments under greater oversight by federal bureaucrats through a national registry of “police misconduct.” Biden supports the bill, and some Republicans may back it to make it become law. Lawlessness would follow.

There’s also now the added effect of the public seeing every police shooting of a non-white as a lynching. This is evidenced by three shootings in recent days. In a Minneapolis suburb, blacks threw a fit after a man resisted arrest and was accidentally shot. The man, Daunte Wright, had a warrant out for aggravated robbery. In Chicago, protesters marched after a 13-year-old gang member was shot by police after he pulled out a gun.

In the most ridiculous case, politicians, entertainers, and media outlets are demanding “justice” for Ma’Khia Bryant. She was fatally shot by police after she swung a knife at another black girl. Several influential people now argue cops should not respond to knife fights in the wake of this shooting. LeBron James, the most powerful athlete in America, tweeted that the police officer who shot Bryant is “next.”

The new standard post-Floyd is we should tolerate all manners of black criminality. Just let the blacks stab and rob in peace.

The Ma’Khia Byrant shooting is obviously justified. If it occurred five years ago, the story would’ve died within minutes of the body cam footage’s release. Even liberal commentators would’ve accepted it as a warranted police action. But now the White House and other powerful forces want justice, and justice does not mean siding with the police.

In the new America, law enforcement’s only role is to police whites and enforce social distancing. “To protect and to serve the ruling caste and their favorite pets” is the new motto.

It’s understandable for Right-wingers to hate the police. They are the ones who will shut down our rallies and arrest dissidents for trumped-up charges. They do serve the corrupt system. But most of what they do is good. They are the thin blue line against chaos and criminality. They are the lone force holding back the massive tide coming for white Americans. Many cops are Right-wing themselves and hold dissident views. They spend most of their time arresting black criminals, not white dissidents.

But now they’re not even allowed to provide that good service.

Out of all the institutions, the police are the ones most like white America. They want to maintain order and stable communities. They believe in the rule of law and following the law. But, like many whites, they’re part of a system that is inherently opposed to these things. They’re trapped between the law and their own common sense. The new law tells them to impose anarcho-tyranny, but their common sense knows this undermines order. Some never resolve the tension and continue doing the job. Others leave the force, knowing it’s stupid to continue serving a system that hates them.



That’s why we are all Derek Chauvin.

We all face persecution for doing our job and trying to preserve basic norms. Chauvin stands as a symbol of our plight. He is a political prisoner of the anti-white regime. We won’t win until people like him are free and police are once again the protectors of our community, not oppressors of the Right or punching bags for the Left.

Whether we like it or not, we are Derek Chauvin.


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  1. Strange is it not, how the brownshirts appeared in the Weimar republic, seemingly for no reason at all….

    1. Donaldo just clicked on the link…(him marrying an Asian refugee) Did Mr. Chauvin marry a female Shaolin monk? Just thinking. 🤔🤠

  2. Oh no, not again! There we go. Robert Hampton is just a genius. “Us vs Them” Lets face it. Two wrongs will never make a right. Its wrong to drag the whole of the Black race as being victimized by Derek Chauvin, as it is wrong to claim that all white race is under attack, because Chauvin has been made to account for his professional misconduct!

    Whoever helps himself to it, whether it is the so-called “Black Folks” or “White Folks” victimhood is a very appetizing dish, especially because it tends to amplify non-existent moral superiority. That is why it leads to moral degeneracy!

    Whether it is blacks or whites or Asians or Arabs or little green men from outer space, moralizing victimhood is contrary to logic. Chauvin is a thug who murdered probably another thug. Should we take sides? Only with The Truth, Justice and Logic! Just because George Floyd was a criminal should not factor in this particular incident. His previous deeds/misdeed were irrelevant at this particular incidence of his arrest. Why is Robert Hampton interested in them? George Floyd was being arrested for using a fake dollar bill-not because of his previous criminal acts. Whether these historic acts of crime would have been relevant at his trial, is another issue all together. The fact, is Chauvin used inhuman method, to arrest George Floyd.

    The guy died under Chauvin knee-period! That is the issue. And he pinned him down with a smirk on his face! He enjoyed it! Which White folk would want to identify with this brute? Whether George Floyd. could have died because of his drug abuse is not an issue here. And what happened to Daunte Wright or Ma’Khia Bryant, or any other African American at the hands of any other police officer is a different issue, and it should be treated as such.

    To drag the whole of white race to the deeds and/or misdeed of individual white Cop (If there is anything such as “White Race” is just as ridiculous as dragging the victimhood of one black individual to the whole of all Black Americans,(If there is anything such as “Black Americans”) People are people. And they individually are either good, or evil. And they should be held responsible individually for their misdeeds.

    To see an attack on “White Race” because Chauvin was made to account for his inhuman treatment of another human being, also justifies “Black Americans” claim of victimization because of mistreatment of one black person. So, if you seek a blanket to cover the “White Race” because one white thug was made to account for killing probably a black thug, why are you angry when “Black Americans” seek a blanket to cover the “Black Race”. BOTH OF YOU ARE INDULGING IN THE SAME STUPIDITY AFTER ALL!

    Competing in stupidity is not intelligence. And that is why its probable that this guy, Robert Hampton, may not even be one of those who identify as “White Race” “The Chosen One” are known for provoking “Race War” and this case provides a momentous occasion for it. Can’t let is pass without putting it into profitable use.

  3. “I Am NOT Derek Chauvin!!” And I don’t know anyone who would do what he did. He deserves what a criminal thug deserves. I say… 50 years MANDATORY without parole options. In fact, a ‘life’ sentence would not off the table for me.

    1. @ Pat

      I don’t think Derek Chauvin’s actions had anything to do with George Floyd’s death. I think George Floyd died as a result of an overdose of drugs and underlying health conditions; regardless, Chauvin was entitled to a fair trial which he didn’t get, IMO.

      Considering the relatively much higher rates at which black people commit crimes (compared to other races) and considering that the population of Minneapolis is presently approximately 19% black, on a typical day, Chauvin et al. would be dealing with mostly black criminals all day long; so I don’t think it’s fair to condemn Chauvin without walking a mile in his shoes.

      1. HS –
        “I don’t think Derek Chauvin’s actions had anything to do with George Floyd’s death. I think George Floyd died as a result of an overdose of drugs and underlying health conditions; regardless, Chauvin was entitled to a fair trial which he didn’t get, IMO.”

        I agree.

        Other officers there – who HAVE “walked miles in his shoes” – asked Chauvin to roll Floyd over to his side. He angrily refused, “He stays right where he is!”

        Since Chauvin is that stupid, he is a dangerous man with a gun and authority to use it. He deserves what he got.

        1. Other officers there – who HAVE “walked miles in his shoes” – asked Chauvin to roll Floyd over to his side. He angrily refused, “He stays right where he is!”

          There it is. Maybe even just following orders but he sure doesn’t want to talk about that..

        2. @ Pat

          I don’t think Derek Chauvin’s actions had anything to do with George Floyd’s death. I think George Floyd died as a result of an overdose of drugs and underlying health conditions; regardless, Chauvin was entitled to a fair trial which he didn’t get, IMO.

          I agree.

          So you agree with me that Chauvin’s actions had nothing to do with Floyd’s death, and that Chauvin didn’t get a fair trial, but you feel he deserves life in prison for not rolling Floyd over onto his side?

          Other officers there – who HAVE “walked miles in his shoes” – asked Chauvin to roll Floyd over to his side. He angrily refused, “He stays right where he is!”

          According to Reuters:

          At one point, Lane asked, “Should we roll him on his side?” Chauvin responded: “No, staying put where we got him.” Lane then said, “I am worried about excited delirium or whatever,” to which Chauvin said, “That’s why we have him on his stomach.”


          According to a peer reviewed paper published in the journal Frontiers in Physiology:

          “The characteristic symptoms of ExDS include bizarre and aggressive behavior, shouting, paranoia, panic, violence toward others, unexpected physical strength, and hyperthermia.


          You apparently assume that Chauvin was acting “stupidly” (and/or maliciously) but given the conversation between Lane and Chauvin, and the characteristic symptoms of excited delirium syndrome (which Chauvin was apparently familiar with) it’s more likely that Chauvin was trying to prevent a worse situation.

          1. HS –
            “…..it’s more likely that Chauvin was trying to prevent a worse situation.”

            No one will ever know whether or not your guess is correct.

            A dangerous cop is gone. That’s good!!

            1. @ Pat

              No one will ever know whether or not your guess is correct.

              Perhaps not (especially in the era of “government” approved BLM/Antifa treachery), but under the circumstances my guess is more plausible than your guess.

              A dangerous cop is gone.

              Or so you speculate.

              1. HS –

                Yes. I am correct…..
                Felony stupidity carries a life-long sentence, for bad cops during BLM staged riots. 🙂

                1. Pat,

                  No, you are not correct; there was nothing “stupid” about what Chauvin did to restrain George Floyd under the circumstances.

                  1. HS –

                    You are WRONG because the cop was WRONG to use that method when cities were burning across America!!

                    1. Sorry but that doesn’t make sense Pat. Floyd took a fatal dose of drugs and died while being restrained by cops. Whether he died while lying on his side or on his stomach wouldn’t have mattered because the communists were out to make him a martyr; an innocent victim of an evil racist white man.

                    2. HS –

                      No need for you to be sorry for having a different opinion, or not make sense of mine.

                      You believe in nukes. I don’t.
                      You believe in an Armageddon destruction. I don’t.
                      You believe the word of god is written. I don’t.

                      No big deal.

                      A few words here will not clear up any deep points at all.

                      Bottom line: Many have suffered due to Chauvin’s stupid actions.

                      The decision of the court was Chauvin’s ‘code red’ if he were in the military. No trial, just deserved punishment, sending a signal to the perp and others to get their shit straight.

              2. All things considered, I doubt if Chauvin deserved to get 40 years in prison for what he did: a savage and totally disproportionate sentence for a man who, at the most, erred on the side of caution. As Harold Smith has argued quite plausibly.

                What Chauvin did, he did on camera, for all to see. There was no subterfuge. No attempt to cover up. He honestly thought he was enforcing the law against a man who was a cheap crook and a potentially dangerous drug addict. He expected to be exonerated for doing his job. A tough job exposing him to real physical dangers.

                In any case, it was a rigged trial. Nine of the 12 members of the jury were black or persons of color. The judge had his orders to find Chauvin guilty and impose a cruely disproportionate sentence to appease the bloodlusting BLM rabble. There would have been riots in 60 cities if Chauvin had been found innocent or given a slap on the wrist.

                Chauvin didn’t stand a chance. This was clearly a miscarriage of justice. Floyd has been turned into a hero, a martyr, and the financial rewards offered to his black family are staggering.

                The next thing we’ll know is that a shrine will be built to him. All we need now is to learn he was a crypto-Catholic. Pope Francis would then be able to canonize him.

                Saint George, slain by the evil dragon Derek Chauvin! 🙂

                The folly of mankind! Truly, it’s beyond belief.

      2. Harold,
        It does not matter, if George Floyd would have dropped dead in a day or one hour or a minute even if He were not arrested and manhandled. That’s not the point. Drugs or no drugs, the guy died under Chauvin ‘s knee.

    2. Yes, to what Bigfoot and Pat say. 95% of the cops out there are absolutely worthless welfare recipients to begin with. I haven’t ever needed them, and all they have done for me is issue traffic citations where I placed no one, not even myself, in danger. I’m too little to use them to protect myself or my property.

      1. Rich,

        There’s a debate as to whether the universe revolves around the sun or around planet earth. But one thing we know for sure and nobody questions it or debates it : the universe does NOT revolve around you. There’s traffic laws– and if you break a traffic law or traffic laws you run the risk of getting pulled over and issued a traffic citation. Deal with it. Again : You are NOT the center of the universe.

    3. Pat who is so Jew-Wise accepts the JEW mainstream media version of what happened between George Floyd and Derek Chauvin and totally ignores the video shown at the trial showing Chauvin’s knee on Floyd’s shoulder blade NOT his neck and Pat totally ignores all the evidence presented during the trial proving beyond any doubt that Floyd overdosed on fentanyl, the real cause of his death.

      The jury found Chauvin guilty because they were scared of BLM/ANTIFA , not because the evidence proved Chauvin to be guilty. The evidence showed Chauvin to be not guilty. Pat knows all this.

      Pat is usually honest but he’s not being honest with this Floyd/Chauvin subject matter. I’m confused as to why he’s willing to risk his good reputation for honesty to go along with the jew lying narrative. Is it worth it, Pat?

      1. TROJ –

        I’m glad you noticed.

        Floyd died of an overdose. I know. A knee on the side of the neck won’t kill any adult male. I taught judo & jiu jitsu for many years.

        Chauvin is guilty of felony stupidity.

        I would like to see all cops gone. They cause more crimes than they prevent…. which is NONE!! They don’t prevent crime, they cause it!! The good ones quit.

        When ya need a cop….. “Call 911 and DIE!!”

        BLM needs to be gone as well!!

    4. Pat,
      Come on hombre. “50 years mandatory with no parole.” Are you serious? Slipping in your old-age? Convicted rapists typically receive 6 year sentences for their crimes. (Ask iron Mike Tyson) BTW…. Donaldo has been your ardent supporter and admiror for years on this site. But your above-comment defies all logic. Perhaps you need some V-8 juice and a nap. No disrespect intended. Luvya. 🤔🤗🤠

  4. Chauvin was taught neck kneeling tactic by the Israeli secret service and this was also taught in other ZUS cities by the Israeli secret service, anyone who doubts this can google it.

    1. If Chauvin killed George Floyd using a deadly neck kneeling tactic commonly taught to (and presumably commonly used by) the cops, then where are all the other victims?

      1. I did not say that this was the total cause of Floyd’s death, but it may have been a contributing factor, and the main point is that it is a brutal tactic and was taught in the ZUS police departments by the brutal Israeli secret service, which is known for their brutality, just ask the Palestinians.

        Israel has complete control over the ZUS so called intelligence agencies via dual Israeli citizens and also over the pentagram and the ZUS gov via dual citizens and the privately owned zionist FED and IRS, and these are the type of cruel destroyers of humanity that we are faced with in our struggle for survival.

  5. Chauvin had his knee on Floyd’s shoulder blade, not his neck [ that came out in the trail, that his knee was on Floyd’s shoulder blade ]. Floyd died from a fentanyl overdose, not because of anything Chauvin did.

    I don’t care for the Jews and how they treat the Palestinians, but the U.S. cops using Israeli tactics on criminals in the United States has nothing to do with George Floyd’s death. He overdosed. Floyd’s drug dealer was with him the day Floyd died. Floyd had A LOT of fentanyl in his system. Too much fentanyl in your system cuts off oxygen to the lungs. Floyd died from fentanyl overdose, NOT Chauvin’s knee.

  6. If you don’t like the way the Jews treat the Palestinians then you should support the verdict and be happy Chauvin was convicted — because supposedly Chauvin used jew policing tactics on Floyd, that’s why Floyd died. Fentanyl didn’t kill George Floyd, JEW police tactics killed George Floyd, what a pile of HORSESH*T.

    1. Well said, TROJ.

      This comes from an article people here ought to read:

      Knee-on-the-neck is a standard technique used by the Minneapolis Police Department. According to NBC News, Minneapolis police have used that technique and variants thereof at least 200 times since 2015. They got it from the Israelis.

      Ultimately it will have to be admitted that Derek Chauvin did what he was trained to do, and, to the extent that George Floyd was not the cause of his own death, Israeli training of American police will be exposed as the problem. Chauvin at present is being scapegoated. A civil suit against the Minneapolis PD would make more sense than a criminal prosecution of Chauvin.

      Even then, the fact that George Floyd was a drug-abuser (high on fentanyl at the time of his death) and had a bad heart should be a mitigating factor. Anybody with such problems can die in a stressful situation. If you can’t take stress then don’t do crimes.


      1. @ Lorna

        Thanks for your invaluable link. Let me add this significant info from the article:

        Black criminality — based on hereditary aggressiveness, low intelligence, and poor self-control — is the main reason why Blacks disproportionately go to prison and have misadventures while committing crimes.

        But the cause of this particular crisis — the reason why suspects are dying unnecessarily in police custody and riots are resulting from it — is Jewish control of mass-media, and the Jewish influence that comes with it.

        There is a pressing need for Jewish influence to be recognized as a problem. Until we do that, White people will be taking the blame.


      2. Sardonicus, in the old days, not really so long ago, the police would often just plain pile on the designated perp and sometimes literally squeeze the life right out of him.

        Unlike Pat, I knew a cop (and friends) who years ago (80s) did this very thing to a known felon, a particularly nasty fellow who they were apprehending and putting under control. The cop was eventually charged with manslaughter and tried for it. The only cop to be charged of the three (or maybe four?) involved. He was found not guilty. The usual he was following standard police procedures arguments once again prevailing.

        This was 4 decades ago and the finer details are sketchy but the actual event is etched in living color. Pretty sure this was and has been more common than the citizens might know..

        1. Thanks, Homer. As you say, what Chauvin did was “standard practice”. So why all the fuss?

          If Chauvin does a 40-year stretch in prison — a ridiculously disproportinate sentence for trying to control an unpredictably volatile drug fiend on fentanyl — I’d be surprised. Maybe the next Republican president (Ivanka Trump?) will pardon him. If Jonathan Pollard can be pardoned, why not Derek Chauvin?

          1. “If Jonathan Pollard can be pardoned, why not Derek Chauvin?”

            Chauvin is white, not a jew. Pollard is not white, is a jew.

          2. Sardonicus, as with damn near anything which doesn’t concern them directly or extremely existentially (that they know of) the hoi polloi don’t really care one way or another even if they actually know what the question is and what it might mean. You know, what with the current uptick in human devolution and all..

            Been outside on any truthseeking / foraging missions lately? Maybe to the local college, lol. I have and I can name that tune in one word – Dammit!

            P.S. I did ‘run into’ one (cia) guy poorly disguised as a disgruntled former NASA / MIC man and we did have a fairly lengthy chat and a few laughs.
            C’est la vie, eh..

  7. A simple question: Were Floyd’s wrists AND ankles shackled? If not, WHY not? He coulda rolled around and around ’til the cows come home and he wouldn’t have been a threat to HIMSELF, let alone anyone else.

    Police work 101

  8. No way Derek should have been convicted of murder…
    The fact of Floyd’s medical conditions introduced reasonable doubt as to what he actually died of….
    What screwd Chauvin up was where he disregarded the other officer’s observation that there was no pulse…
    At that point he should have moved off Floyd…
    That was where his own self-preservation instincts should have kicked in, to save himself from charges…
    Now, if I’m on the jury I would have let him off the hook anyway, I believe a not guilty verdict was appropriate,
    The jury has the duty and the responsibility 🙄 to do what it thinks is right ✅….
    And the way I read the 7th amendment (yes I did read the constitution), it says the jury is the FINAL AUTHORITY that JUDGES EVERYTHING, including whatever is on hand from the legislatures, mayors, governors, presidents, judges, etc., and DOES WHAT IT THINKS IS BEST…
    The jury is supposed to be the boss of the courtroom, not the judge…
    George Floyd being the dangerous thug that he was, the state’s General Failure to protect society by dealing appropriately with thugs like Floyd and the pressure police in general are then placed under on account of that failure makes me think cops should get more slack.. Floyd should have been executed for his home invaision armed robbery, along with his accomplices…
    A lot more slack with people like Floyd..
    The BOTTOM LINE IS – innocent 😇 people have to be protected from thugs like Floyd and also from lame legislatures and governors…
    As the final authority over the rest of the state, the jury functioning as the Head of the Judicial Branch of the government in this case should have found Chauvin not guilty of murder and sent that message…
    In which case a corrective step would have been taken, focusing on the real problem behind crime in society, which is the state’s failure to deal with it…
    Don’t get me completely wrong – policing does need reforms… But systemic racism 😒 is not the main problem therein, as case in Columbus just pointed out…
    If the white cop who responded to the 9-11 call were a racist, he would have just waited until the blacks ⚫ on the scene had finished killing each other before he got out of his car…
    And the truth is – that’s just about what the democratic party generally does with the whole big deadly black on black crime issue …
    Is It Not?

  9. I’m glad we got uncle, who is Darkmoon’s cop, always on the beat. Protecting us from Flat Earthers, Hitler fans, Andy Ngo fans, ANTI-Antifa types, anyone who mentions anything about The Cristeros War, anyone who wants to discuss Franco, anyone who breaks The Rules Around Here, always on the beat always ready to use his nightstick on any “thought criminal” he comes across — and let me tell you, when uncle uses his cop nightstick on you you’re going to be hurting ALOT and feeling the pain, the stinging pain, for a long time. uncle is an old-fashioned cop, bless his cop heart, lol…..

  10. The only justice which will be realized out of all this is the justice inflicted upon the family of that black bastard tearing each other up over that $27 million dollar settlement. Wish I could witness it! 😄😂 (At least the local economies will realize a boost!)

    1. Which one would this wet eyes family pick If given one of these 2 choices..
      1- you get George back
      2- he stays dead and you get the 27 million…

    2. Gilb,
      Yep. The local economies will see a boost. Sales of Colt 45 malt-liquor and Black&Mild negroe cigars will sky-rocket. 🤣😎🤠

  11. Lawyers all over it, their idea in the first place…
    They’ll end up with most of the $27,000,000…
    The only people who win in court are the lawyers…

  12. Pat,
    Come on hombre. “50 years mandatory with no parole.” Are you serious? Slipping in your old-age? Convicted rapists typically receive 6 year sentences for their crimes. BTW…. Donaldo has been your ardent supporter and admiror for years on this site. But your above-comment defies all logic. Perhaps you need some V-8 juice and a nap. No disrespect intended. Luvya. 🤔🤗🤠

    1. Don –
      Thanks for the response. Mucho Garcia!! 🙂
      Chauvin’s dangerous dumb ass needs to be in a mandated prison social club. He aided the igniting of death and destruction all across the world.

      He has the looks of Jeff Dahmer, anyway. He can eat all the prisoners there. 🙂

      1. Pat,
        To say that Chauvin is responsible for “igniting death and destruction all across the world” is the height of hyperbole. Those responsible of this little dustup, the real death and destruction is to come, is the controlled media.
        As a side note, Chauvin had to be convicted of not one, no not two, but three counts of the murder of St. Floyd because the Saint was just too big, the big dope, to contain just one count. In fact he was so big and saintly that he must of been killed not once, no not twice, but killed three times with a conviction of manslaughter thrown in for giggles.

        1. TJ –

          You misquoted me, as many do here. 😨

          I wrote – with no hyperbole:
          “He aided the igniting of death and destruction all across the world.”
          “AIDED”… he DID!!
          I stand by my words.

  13. It’s been a while, so I thought I’d swing by to say “Bon Jour!”

    I must say it’s heartening to see that some things never change… and, just as I expected, the usual “know it all” bloviators are out in force – Oh! Hello Pat!!! – sucking every molecule of air outta the room. 😂

    But far be from me to have the impertinence to opine on the “Chauvin” issue in such august company… so I’ll just leave it at that for now and – with a tug of the forelock – bid you “Adieu!”

    Je suis Le Realist. Gracias!

  14. This one must have gotten lost earlier..

    And the judges allow cases to be brought that should never have been heard, civil cases…
    Civil case verdicts do not require a unanimous jury vote, only a simple majority…
    There are huge cash transfers based on ‘pain and suffering’…
    Because the judges are lawyers, doing what lawyers do…
    Making tons of money on shakedown lawsuits…

  15. Everyone knows what St. Floyd died from. There was a police cam video that shows Chauvin’s knee was actually on St. Floyd’s precious shoulder where the civilian video gave the false view that the knee was on the giant St’s neck.
    In hindsight the police should have released St. Floyd back onto the street. In his drugged stupor he would have wandered off for a block or two falling over dead. However, then the police detail would have been called on the carpet for releasing the giant St. and not packing him off to the nearest hospital where Saints go to die. A lose, lose either way.

    Here is one gal who is not going to bend her lovely knee to any of the hyenas of political correctness.
    Scroll down to Why We Should Never Apologize For Our Race. Frustrated with “white guilt?”
    All of her video’s are good (patriot) https://www.goodpatriot.com/videos-for-good-patriots

  16. I can understand a ‘negligent homicide’ charge and conviction but, 2nd degree murder? That is way too much! And, BTW, if jurors were afraid for their safety (as the stand-by juror said) …should’ve been declared a mistrial to begin with!

  17. ADMIN: Reader, beware! Another loonie on the loose. 🙂



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