What is QAnon?

“There is a worldwide cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles who rule the world, essentially, and they control everything. They control politicians, and they control the media. They control Hollywood, and they cover up their existence, essentially. And they would have continued ruling the world, were it not for the election of President Donald Trump.

Now, Donald Trump in this conspiracy theory knows all about this evil cabal’s wrongdoing. But one of the reasons that Donald Trump was elected was to put an end to them, basically. And now we would be ignorant of this behind-the-scenes battle of Donald Trump and the U.S. military—that everyone backs him and the evil cabal—were it not for “Q.”

And what “Q” is, is basically a poster on 4chan, who later moved to 8chan, who reveals details about this secret behind-the-scenes battle, and also secrets about what the cabal is doing and also the mass sort of upcoming arrest events through these posts.”

— Travis View, explaining the QAnon conspiracy theory in The Washington Post

The Oldie
January 22, 2021

QAnon is a far Right conspiracy theory that started with a 2017 post on an internet site by an anonymous person under the pseudonym ‘Q’ – thus the name QAnon.

It was on 28th October 2017 that this person, calling themselves “Q Clearance Patriot”, popped up on the anonymous internet messageboard 4chan. Q claimed to be an American government official. He (or she?) had important “crumbs” to share: President Trump was orchestrating a “countercoup against members of the deep state”.

The deep state? Oh you know, the Clintons, Barack Obama, Bill Gates, George Soros, various Hollywood actors. The ones who had recently orchestrated the massacre in Las Vegas that killed 58 people. The ones who had a secret plan to set up a sort of techno-dystopian global communist state. The ones who like to cut up babies and wear their faces as masks. The ones Trump was trying to sort out. The “storm”, said Q, was coming.

Thus began the QAnon phenomenon, the most widely believed and shared conspiracy theory of the modern age – a storm in and of itself. Q also takes in elements of pretty much every conspiracy theory ever. You know the sort of thing. Jews run the world. Black Lives Matter is run by Marxist paedophiles. Hollywood is a nest of Satan worshippers. Stuff about Atlantis and the Pyramids, too.

As Q issued more cryptic dispatches and his online followers racked up millions of clicks trying to interpret them, QAnon metastised. The death of Jeffrey Epstein was soon folded in; anti-vaxxers and anti-5G campaigners found common cause. Donald Trump, cast as the hero in this grand drama, gleefully fanned the flames. By 2018, supporters were showing up at his rallies wearing Q paraphenalia.

The social media hashtag #SavetheChildren began to be used by groups of Q-supporting (often heavily armed) parents on social media, aparently sincere in their belief that Hillary Clinton wanted to eat their children. Apparently, they were unaware or unconcerned that Q had emerged on a site notorious for child pornography.

QAnon is like Japanese knotweed, impossible to get rid of. Ridicule and persecution only entrench the belief. A common refrain of Q followers is “when I started doing my own research…”.

QAnon followers are also likely to be old. Young people tend to be more savvy when it comes to supposedly top-secret, classified, incriminating documents found online. They also don’t tend to use Facebook any more – which has been one of the main disseminators of the QAnon worldview.

Trump has never convincingly disassociated himself from QAnon. His refusal to accept defeat in the 2020 Presidential election has strengthened its core claims in its supporters’ views. Meanwhile, the Georgia Republican Marjorie Taylor Green became the first QAnon supporter to win a seat in the US House of Representatives.

And COVID-19 has provided optimal conditions for Q to go global. The Dominic Cummings Barnard Castle Episode was somehow folded into the British version.

The best advice if someone in your life is going Q? Listen respectfully. Be kind. Loneliness and isolation are the biggest gateways to believing in QAnon.


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  1. “The deep state? Oh you know, the Clintons, Barack Obama, Bill Gates, George Soros, various Hollywood actors. The ones who had recently orchestrated the massacre in Las Vegas that killed 58 people. The ones who had a secret plan to set up a sort of techno-dystopian global communist state. The ones who like to cut up babies and wear their faces as masks. The ones Trump was trying to sort out. The “storm”, said Q, was coming.”
    All of the above, yes, but it’s bit flip to dismiss the subject like this…
    The Deep State is a lot deeper than just the infamous celebrity types from Hollywood and Dirty City…
    They’re in place as the front cover…
    Somebody should come up with a definition of the Deep State, which, if it were known, would give considerable pause…
    Most likely, the Deep State is far bigger than just what gives with the USA…
    Basically, the world is owned by a relatively minuscule number of people, who are in control of all the politics…
    They work together from both sides to throw the wars for profit and control…
    They are probably primarily the ones who own the money system, controlled from the City of London and keeping safe havens for rich collaborators in Suisse (ISIS)…
    It’s generally considered to be the City of London, the Vatican and the Pentagon that have control…
    Of course Big Religion is right up ear the top of the power pyramid…
    As I understand it, the pope thinks he actually owns the corporeal world, definitely meaning you and me in the flesh, and he can pretty much do what he wants with it…
    But, closer to our level, it is the intelligence communities of the world that keep the owners in place, by controlling the politics, making sure the wrong people don’t get too uppity…..
    Like congressperson MT Greene…
    And they would be OK with it if everybody in power in Dirty City was in deep with some sort of despicable activity and blackmailable…
    Anybody who doesn’t think there are major pedophile rings operating among people in positions of power should think again…
    Of course it was perfectly logical for Ms. Greene to refer to QAnon, millions of people follow it…
    And if she had said the right words about the subject, expressed the correct logic, there would be no leg for the likes of Chuck and Nancy to stand on with this, another of their hysterical fits…
    These people are all starting to look like nutty Roman Emperors with lead poisoning…

    1. @ Barkingdeer

      AUTHOR QUOTE FROM ARTICLE: “The deep state? Oh you know, the Clintons, Barack Obama, Bill Gates, George Soros, various Hollywood actors. The ones who had recently orchestrated the massacre in Las Vegas that killed 58 people. The ones who had a secret plan to set up a sort of techno-dystopian global communist state. The ones who like to cut up babies and wear their faces as masks. The ones Trump was trying to sort out. The “storm”, said Q, was coming.”

      BARKINGDEER”S COMMENT ON THE ABOVE: All of the above, yes, but it’s bit flip to dismiss the subject like this…

      If you actually believe, as your comment seems to suggest, that the author quoted above is stating the truth and is to be taken seriously, then you are more stupid than I thought. The author is being ironical, you nitwit! He is dismissing the crappy QAnon conspiracy theory with typical British IRONY/SARCASM as a load of BS. And here you are taking him seriously! (“All of the above, yes.”)

      What is your IQ, blockhead! Can’t you detect irony when you see it?

      1. Barkingdeer is not the sharpest pencil in the box.
        You will receive no apology from him for getting it wrong.
        He’s not only a fool, he’s a fool convinced of his superior intellect.
        White Nationalist trash like this are two a penny.
        They bring disrepute on the entire White Nationalist movement.

      2. I take it very seriously that there are, there is some force that controls the state from behind the scenes in the USA and every other player on the geopolitical scene…
        Do you think not?
        And yes I believe there are pedophile rings operating from positions of authority in government…
        Not a joking matter, that is not unless maybe you’re trying to hide it…
        I think the whole pizza gate thing was real, the Podesta brothers and Jimmy Infants with Bucks Fishing and sporting Goods store functioning as a contact/relay point…
        I’ve read accounts from big city detectives about how pedophiles trade and sell children at impromptu locations called ‘juice joints’….
        And I don’t doubt there a hundreds of thousands of missing children, many lost through CPS…
        I know we were never told the truth of the Las Vegas massacre, who really did it then?
        Everybody by now understands these school shootings are hoaxes…
        Notice how there haven’t been any in a while… Funny that, no?
        Maybe the author’s attempt at irony or what, sarcasm?, is an attempt to discredit the whole QAnon phenomenon, like some SNL parody…
        You can react to it like that if you want to…
        I choose not to…
        As far as my IQ goes, it’s 140, which puts me alongside Abraham Lincoln, who was also 140, according to MENSA estimates of presidential IQs, at about 3/4 of the way up the relative presidential IQs ladder…
        My GCT-ARI-Mechanical score in USN boot camp was 166, if you even know what that means…
        That’s pretty good for a high school casualty, who had no idea of how to do any of the advanced math…
        So I’m proven to be probably twice as smart as you or the MANFRED ever dreamed of…
        Are you one of CIRCASIAN’S Basement Troll Camp Disciples?
        Look FOOLCATCHER, it’s OK if you don’t appreciate my take on the article, but calling people names and passing out personal insults demonstrates your own lack of depth more than it disparages the person you ridicule…
        i haven’t heard you or MANFRED either contribute anything original lately…
        Why don’t you guys stop sniping at others and try to think of something worthwhile to add to the commentary… It’s OK, you don’t have to be perfect… Give it a shot…
        I have no idea who Q Anon really is, but then I’m not sure who Joe Biden really is either…
        I don’t see QAnon as being any more dubious than Joe Biden and the Kamel, nor the whole democrat party and their steno media, and no more insidious in nature than Google, Twitter and You Tube….

    2. Darkmooners,
      Ok. Why the debate? Pedophilia and human trafficking is VERY much alive in USSA. Donaldo sees the evidence every day in truckstops. On the walls are pictures of children gone missing. Some date a few months while some date decades. Anyway. The victims are GONE. But what perplexes Donaldo is the CAMPAIGN. Why the CAMPAIGN? It’s as if the perpetrators are wagging the head of the 🐕 distracting them from the tail. And , yes indeed they are. But anyway. The LAST people that a person can trust are the government agencies entrusted with childcare. THAT’S where the crimes begin. The problem is rampant. No solution in sight. 🤔🤨

      1. 100 percent DC. Can there be any doubt that QAnon has come and is coming right out of the bowels of Langley? The psychopaths know that a good portion of the population will eat it up not realizing that they are being fed a little truth with a huge portion of fallacy. The psychopaths at all levels love to stick it right in our face and right up the ying yang.

    3. this wanker probably writes the same sort of bollocks to be found of late
      in the once genuinely satirical UK magazine “Private Eye”
      I recognise the same puerile “style” if that’s the word….
      almost an institution in the UK, the “eye” went to seed some years ago,
      the editor appears on the BBC quite a lot,
      ( which I’m sure has nothing to do with the decline)
      but I persevered on account of the great cartoons scattered amongst the dross.
      dross such as this wanker has churned out here in the “oldie”
      it became to much to bear,
      and after decades I shan’t be buying it any more.

      1. So what magazines are worth reading in the UK?
        What do you think of the New Statesman? Or the Spectator?
        I used to read the London Review of Books some years ago.

  2. Bark, whatever definition we would give to “deep state”, you could start with what men like Thomas Paine, Ben Franklin, and my own Iroquoian ancestors discovered in the Masonic lodges back in the day regarding the Protocols to see “deep”. Then work back in time to groups like the Knights Templar to the very origins of freemasonry and the mysterious “King Solomon” (but not regarding who he’s purported to be in the “Judeo-Christian” Bible). Mix in some Babylonian Talmudic ingredients in going even “deeper”, and back even further to our Annunaki “makers” to arrive at “deepest”, and VOILA, there’s your definition. 😎….😎….😎

    As for then giving considerable pause…….this is where the controlled opposition psy-op called “QAnon” enters the picture to shake up the “pause”.

    1. Good observation HAWK…
      It’s all about the bloodlines in any case…
      Most likely, the monarch class and the city bankers, the swiss ownership are egyptian pharaohs..
      moses was actually a pharaoh…
      he was found floating in a basket in the nile and adopted by the pharaohs, right?
      he led the jews out of eqypt….
      kicked them out is more like it…

  3. “QAnon” may not mention all the “Deep State” players…. which includes the Black Pope, the Superior General of the Jesuits. He controls the US Supreme court….. the most powerful controller of policy in the US! You know… the ones who refused to look at the evidence of election fraud last year.

    The thirty-first and current Superior General is the Reverend Father Arturo Sosa, elected by the 36th General Congregation on 14 October 2016.

    Jesuit Rule of the Supreme Court of the United States of America

    Chief Justice John G. Roberts is a member of an international popish brotherhood, a crusading Military Order with its first spiritual and political allegiance to the pope of Rome. The Jesuits, with their “Caped Crusaders,” control the finance, press, entertainment, intelligence agencies and governments of the world. And woe be to the Man who resists the ubiquitous power of that papal “Antichrist” in Rome unless that Man is clothed in the righteousness of the risen Lord Jesus Christ!

  4. “Prabhupada had confirmed that yes, it’s a fact, there are conspiracies and the whole material society is being manipulated by a handful of vested interest groups, demons, raksasas, who take birth on this planet just to control and manipulate.”


  5. “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

    ― Vladimir Lenin
    It’s not what they tell you, it’s what they carefully conceal from you.

    1. BC
      And while they’re at it, they always accuse the other guys of exactly what it is they’re up to…
      Schumer and Pelosi…

  6. Thanks for explaining the history of QAnon. Now I see it in a different light. Before reading this post, the term QAnon was imperious and foreign word to me.

  7. Don’t mean to be off-topic. I thought this would be interesting to readers.

    The Middle East Monitor reported recently about testimonies of Israeli tourists returning from the UAE, in which they describe Dubai as the Las Vegas of the Middle East. This is specifically in terms of the spread of prostitution and the sex trade that does not befit an Arab Muslim country.
    Reports from Israel suggest that 8,000 Israelis traveled to Dubai to celebrate the New Year. They apparently took hashish and marijuana with them to the UAE, despite its strict drug laws, with up to 20 years imprisonment and sometimes execution for convicted drug smugglers.
    Then I read today the shocking news about a 31-year-old British woman who. The woman is charged with telling her ex-roommate to ‘f— off’ in a WhatsApp message.
    Yet the government brings prostitutes from all over the world to provide service to Israeli tourists and

    So the outcome of the Trump Normalization plan is Sex and gambling tourism. Meanwhile Palestinian still have their homes demolished and children killed on a daily basis.

    1. oh well ,perhaps it will save the sauds and the other “rich” Arabs,
      millions of dollars flying to London every summer,
      and paying prostitutes there thousands of dollars a night!
      to go with the hashish and coke etc that they consume whilst partying!
      they can share with the israelis……..

  8. Q is a CIA front to keep the patriots pacified with the belief that something is being done, when if fact nothing is being done, and this keeps the patriots from doing the work that they should be doing, Q is based on the bolshevik operation trust in the 1920’s which trapped the Russia patriots.

    No one is going to save us from this communist takeover of America, we are going to have to do it ourselves.

    1. DF –

      You are correct.

      Rush Limbaugh has played that very same part since 1989. The concerned public cried, “Let ’em have it, Rush!!! Go get ’em Rush!!” And the people did nothing.

      Glenn Beck did the same, after he saw Rush’s success. I remember when he was just a whiny story teller on the air in 1990 who never mentioned politics.

      Same for jew Michael Savage…. and jew Lionel.

      It worked so well for them that others chimed in by the dozens…. too many to mention today!!

      And so, the American people have turned their fates over to the ‘talking heads’ on the air.

      The Tar & Feather brigades have gone the way of the buggy whips.

      1. Robert David Steele and others in the Q movement even went so far as to say JFKjr was alive, I sent RDS several emails that JFKjr was dead and that they were using this to push the Q psyop and they still kept at it, these guys are CIA in RDS case and MI6 in Charlie Ward and Simon Parkes case, ie it is a CIA and MI6 psyop.

        They are still at it, Beforeitsnews.com gives a lot of time to this psyop with updates, etc., it is all a deep state driven psyop. The Mossad and the CIA and MI6 operate jointly throughout the ZUS and are the cause of most of the false flags are are done in America.

  9. Henry Makow.com of Feb 6, 2012. Essential reading on the evil traitor, Trump.
    Hear Patrick Byrne give his account of when he met Trump in the WH on Dec 18, 2020.
    He explains why the Mason, crypto-Jew, Trump, did nothing to stop the Zio-Communist coup against the people of the USA.
    Trump was the main actor in implementing the coup.
    Now Donald junior will be promoted to take over the reins and the USA will be effectively in the hands of a “Jewish” Chabad family.

  10. Pure unadulterated Chabad, Kabbalistic, Zohar-driven, Zio-Communist evil, on a grand scale, has taken control of every facet of life in the English-speaking nations, that used to rely on long fought for Common Law practices. As I have said, “the rule of law” is gone. Criminals have been granted immunity.
    Australia is no different to the USA and Great Britain is emerging as a carbon copy of George Orwell’s totalitarian police state.
    People keep saying that the millions of armed Americans will fight back and eradicate the Communists. However, the White Russians were defeated by the Reds and I see the same thing happening in the USA.
    Sadly, when the mass gun confiscation commences, most Americans, like us stupid Australians, will hand in their guns. Then the mass genocide will commence.
    Will Gilbert enter the fray with his Winchester? I hope he does, but the Communist forces will soon eradicate him.
    I know I won’t last long in my rainforest, NE Australian heaven, but I will go out fighting, aka Rambo.

    1. Max –

      I’m afraid you’re right. Americans keep hearing “No excuse for violence” from the many talking heads – even Tucker Carlson and Rush Limbaugh – until they’ve come to recite that jibberish. Extreme violence is the ONLY way to overcome the commies and assorted idiots who have taken power. If we must do it one-at-a-time, it must be so. I have no illusions, but I have faith that there are enough of us to cause a severe dent in the enemy’s armor, even though we cannot act in concert. (Maybe the “death of a thousand cuts”??)

    2. Definition of terrorism in Australian law: “5.5 – Terrorism in Commonwealth law is defined as an act or threat that is intended to: – advance a political, ideological or religious cause; and coerce or intimidate an Australian or foreign government or the public (or section of the public ), including foreign public.”


        1. @ Jo

          I’m not sure what point you are making? Your link had to be deleted because it was damaging this website’s formatting, spreading the text over the edge of the page making it impossible to read, not because we have any objections to your link. Maybe Pat will explain to you that this is a technical glitch that is of frequent occurrence on this website.

      1. Jo –

        If you have a long link you can leave off the w w w portion and it will show up as ‘text’ only without any of the ‘html’ characteristics and will not skew the site. Then, a reader can highlight the ‘text’ link and right click to open … or copy & paste into a browser address bar.
        Here is an example:

        More Evidence Israelis Are Using Placebo COVID Vaccines — And Have Changed PCR Test To Prove Vaccines Are Working

        Dr. Anthony Fauci warned the public these COVID vaccines would not stop anyone from contracting the COVID “virus” — rather, the vaccines would merely help in lessening the symptoms of those who get infected — exactly what all vaccines are theoretically supposed to do.

        Yet, if we are to believe the Israeli “experts”, the Pfizer vaccine is miraculously stopping people from actually becoming “infected” or testing postive at all — which is in complete defiance of vaccine science.

        But when it comes to this pandemic, there seems to be a lot of “miracles” happening in Israel — like the complete disappearance of the seasonal flu.
        https://christiansfortruth.com/more-evidence-israelis-are-using-placebo-da-da-da…. this would be too long…. BECOMES harmless as this…..

        ‘text’ version to highlight:

      2. Thanks Pat! The link posted which became “a technical glitch” had highlighted text which obviously caused “formatting” at DM’s site. The plain link of the Parliament in OZ went through fine.

        Defiance of vaccine science? How about the origin trial that “vaccine science” run globally 100 odd years ago?

        “It would be much more difficult to maintain the marketing mantra of “vaccines save lives” if a vaccine experiment originating in the United States . . . caused the deaths of 50-100 million people. (and) “The American Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research and its experimental bacterial meningococcal vaccine may have killed 50-100 million people in 1918-19” is a far less effective sales slogan.”


    I have been reading and …
    I appreciate posters like >Troj >>Gilbert Huntly and Pat because they are Americans (white Americans, not that it matters) who openly love their country. They were born and raised in America; they are probably sixth or seventh generation, maybe even more. Its all they have: America, the land where their parents, brothers, neighbors, pals are -or were- and call home.
    nothing wrong with loving country.
    what I don’t understand is posters like mahmudi al Yosef and Circassian because they don’t possess the actual nationality.
    (Nationality has to do with traits and characteristics innate of a certain area, hence the root of the name ‘nation’….)
    the latter posters are, one, Arabian and Muslim yet despite the fact he wasn’t born in the u.s. he claims he is proud of being an American and that he serves the army that kills Muslims.
    the other poster claims he is a Muslim also but is proud of the Russian regime and its leader (Put on) who killed and still does kill hundreds of thousands of Muslims all over, Chechnya, Afghanistan and more recently Syria where they used chemical and biological bombs to slaughter little children.
    but Putin is such a cynic that instead of calling it ‘colateral damage’ like his ‘genocide for a hobby’ competitor George w. Bush did, he simply denies it…
    on top of it the latter were against Donald Trump, voted against him and gloated aplenty when he lost when actually wanted to stop the genocide….strange behavior by these people, yet sardonically they wanna be taken seriously.
    Regarding pat troj and Huntly I wouldn’t be proud of being an American if i was one; America never got to perfection, not even nearly. America is a country where the few active Christians love the entity who killed Christ. That or atheism.
    If and when America comes up with an invention it is to make money; not for making the world a better place, its all about money; a bigger car; a bigger house; a bigger boat; a larger c.card….just listen to their pop music.
    Immorality. greed. sex deviancy. hate. anger.
    Most movies have a black guy who is very intelligent and whites are the bad or stupid people- (dumbing down) they also make these movies where Jewish people are heroes, stars that make you cry.
    But many Americans like Huntly Pat and Troj don’t want America to be like that; they still dream of an America that saves the dolphins, an America where people stop the traffic to let the ducks cross the street on their way to the lake, an America that drops tons of food on Biafra and Somalia while warlords in those countries fire surface to air made in Russia Sam 7 missiles at the American Hercules planes; an America that doesn’t care about the challenge, they like helping the world.
    I blame Troj and Huntly and Pat for being soft on people who don’t have THE nationality, those who have citizenship, but definitely not the American nationality.


      us torture Iraqi at Abu Ghraib – Google Search
      The white soldiers were not passing candy to Children in Afghanistan and in Iraq. They were putting bullets in their bodies. Some were urinating on dead Afghan while others were posing with body parts of dead Afghanis. Note the images, they were not black and/or Latino soldiers as you falsely claimed.

      us soldier urinating on an afghani dead Taliban – Bing images

      us soldier urinating on an afghani dead Taliban – Bing images

      Do you remember 14-year-old Iraqi girl Abeer who was gang-raped by 5 white US marines then her parents and her 6 years old sister and Abeer were burned after they were shot dead to conceal the war crime?

      BTW, I never served in Iraq and or Afghanistan.

      US soldier admits killing family after raping girl | World news | The Guardian

      Lt. William Calley was charged with six specifications of premeditated murder in the death of 109 Vietnamese civilians at My Lai in March 1968. Calley was paroled by President Richard Nixon in 1974 after having served about a third of his 10-year sentence. Lt. Calley was neither black nor Latino. He was white.

      What is this with your three favorites (white commenters) Why does it matter if they were white or not? How do you Cass who lives in Russia is a Muslim? How is his religion relevant here? If you are trying to create a rift here, you failed miserably. I tell you why?
      First, I like Pat too. I used to fight with him like a cat and mouse. But he earned my respect. He is very knowledgeable and corrected me twice when I was wrong
      Secondly, TROJ is a funny guy despite his longer than the Nile river comments. I even told him once that Darkmoon will be boring and dull without him.
      Third, Gillberg Huntly is an eloquent commenter. Even though he is egocentric and hates me with passion. I can’t make him like me. No two people are the same.
      How come you skipped Donaldo? He is an American too. Did you skip him bc he has a Latino name?
      I am surprised you did not mention SAKI. Is it bc he posted in Italian the other day? Perhaps you assumed he is was not born on US soil, just like me.

      You confound me, even more, when you said, ” what I don’t understand is posters like mahmudi al Yosef and Circassian because they don’t possess the actual nationality.” That is an ignorant thing to say. There is no difference between American who was born here or outside the US. If you want to be technical, yes Pat, TROJ can run for the office of POTUS, but I can’t. That the only difference.

      How come you butchered my name but not Circassian?

      You made several bigoted remarks which are really difficult to respond to all of them in one comment.
      Let see if you could remember. For GH, PAT, and TROJ America is the only country they know. What is that supposed to mean? America is the only country my children know too. Why do you imply that non-US born citizen are not truly Americans? FYI, 90% of Arab Americans according to the Arab American Institute are US-born.

      The dumbest thing I read on this site is the part of your comment that said, ” I blame Troj and Huntly and Pat for being soft on people who don’t have THE nationality, those who have citizenship, but definitely not the American nationality.”

      Keep in mind, you do not speak for that three commenters and they do not need to be prompted by you. And ALL the naturalized citizens I know are loyal and patriotic Americans.

      Finally, I would like to add that your comment adds insult, subtracts pleasure, divided attention, and multiplies ignorance.

      Iche Bedanke Mich

      1. MEY,
        Being foreign-born doesn’t disqualify a person from being POTUS. Just look at the foreign-born arch-homo Obama. LOVING the USSA DOES quickly disqualify someone. If a person loves to rape children, urinate on the US Constitution and march to the orders of a totally corrupt and psychopathic Deep-State heirarchy than his chances of being POTUS are excellent. But while in office, the candidate must wear expensive sports-grade knee-pads as he kneels to 😘 a long line of money-boy asses longer than the Nile River. A wild animal such as a squirrel or raccoon possesses MORE power than POTUS. At least these LOWELY creaures can freely make their own decisions. POTUS probably can’t even go to the toilet without making a phone-call to Tel Aviv first. Sad but true. Anyway. Donaldo once again states that the USA has been dead for at least 💯 years. It now exists solely as a corporation designed to exact profit from it’s citizens regardless of their origin via income taxes as well as over-seas adventures called WARS. The 1% runs the show. Always has…. perhaps since the early 1600’s. Nothing has really changed until the present. AND if ain’t really a JEW thing. It’s a CLASS thing. Donaldo recently read a book about early 1600’s America. In those days AMERICA was referred to as the PLANTATIONS. Society was strictly divided between the plantation owners and the servants (slaves). Most of the slaves were Scots/Irish/English abducted from Britian and later sold as slaves. Their living conditions in the PLANTATIONS was horrible. They literally worked from cradle to grave under horrific living conditions. Some, after falling ill, were simply rewarded a shovel after years of hard toil by their arrogant and pompous plantation owners and instructed to feebly dig their own graves. This is how they died……less valuable than the plantation-owners family 🐕. Donaldo, a hardened individual, had actually she’d tears apon reading of the sad plight of white slaves of the plantation era. But anyway. MEY. Donaldo, though of Jewish ancestry, gives credit to the Koran which demanded humane treatment of slaves. Perhaps there is always something to be learned. Donaldo will be a grand 53 years old this March 26th and is STILL learning. Darkmoon is excellent. AND, despite his occasional mischief, Donaldo has been allowed to post as well as receive valuable knowledge. 😉🤠

  12. These “Jesuits” of the wealth-engorged Vatican City sound like the most undesirable scum.
    God’s so-called “emissary” on the planet Earth, the Pope, is apparently their leader.
    Is the Jesuit Order a Jewish created phenomenon?
    The Jews are over everything on our planet. It is estimated they have captured over 85% of the planet’s physical wealth, with their self-created buying power.
    Is the Pope the current “King of the Jews”?
    Is the Pope senior to the Rothschilds and their principal henchman, George Soros?
    Pat might know.

    1. Max – I would say the Rothschilds are senior today…… since their agents now directly control the Vatican purse.

      Fabio Gasperini, a well-known manager who is working for Ernst & Young, might soon be appointed the secretary of the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See (APSA). Gasperini would be the first layperson in the position.

      Gasperini leads the Ernst & Young EMEIA Financial Services Office Advisory Banking & Capital Markets and Ernst & Young S.p.A. Italian FSO advisory services.
      June 12, 2020

      1. Pope Francis names lay finance expert as secretary of Vatican ‘central bank’
        Vatican City, Jun 15, 2020

        Gasperini is well known in the banking and finance world, with 25 years’ experience advising financial services institutions across a broad range of areas, from retail banking to asset management, investment banking, insurance, and capital markets.

        For 16 years, he has been president of financial business advisory services at Ernst & Young, one of the largest professional services firms in the world.

        Very early in his career, after graduating from Rome’s La Sapienza University with a degree in business economics and commerce, Gasperini worked in the administration of Vatican City State.

        APSA, which operates like the Vatican’s central bank, oversees real estate holdings and other sovereign assets.


      I have addressed your false claim about former President Obama 13 years ago. For the sake of time, please read my letter below. The Delaware Gazzetta inhibits links unless you’re a subscriber.

      Obama is not a Muslim and never was

      By Mahmoud El-Yousseph
      October 25, 2007

      Sen. Barak Obama may have an unusual name, but contrary to what was reported in the news media, the presidential candidate is not a Muslim, nor was he ever.

      I was totally shocked to learn a few days ago that 7 % of Americans believe that Sen. Obama is a Muslim and only 6 % identified him correctly as a Protestant.

      Ever since he entered the race for the White House, the junior sen. from Illinois came under savage attack by right-wing radio talk show host personalities Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage, not to mention the nationally syndicated gossip columnists Ann Coulter and Debbie Schloosle. And why was that?

      It is simple: Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii to a black Kenyan father and a white American mother. His father chose “Hussein” as a middle name. Obama then spent four years in Jakarta, Indonesia where he attended school or “madrassa.”

      So hate-mongers and bigots in the media want to link his middle name to Saddam Hussein. Since Saddam was a Muslim and in their minds as an “evil man,” therefore, Obama is Muslim and must be evil also. Then came the issue of his being taught at an Islamic school or madrassa. That school supposedly poisoned his mind, therefore he should not be trusted. That is demagoguery and nonsense. I personally attended an American school in the Middle East and served in the U.S. military for two decades. No Muslim or Arab here or abroad ever accused me of being a traitor or a spy. So why make something out of nothing? Those are malicious allegations and irrational fabrications.

      I googled Sen. Obama to find out more about him before choosing a candidate. I discovered he and his wife Michelle have two daughters. He is a graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School.

      Historically, Americans don’t vote for a candidate based on their own religious beliefs. Otherwise, John F. Kennedy, a Catholic, would never have become the 35th president. The state of Minnesota made history last November for sending the first Muslim American Congressman, Keith Ellison to Washington. He even received a greater percentage of the Jewish vote than his Jewish opponent.

      To find out how much the mainstream media knows about Sen. Obama, I contacted major Ohio newspapers and posed one question: What is Sen. Barak Obama’s religion? Is he Muslim, Jewish, Catholic, or Protestant? Here is the outcome of my non-scientific survey: two newspapers answered “Muslim.” Five had no clue. One respondent asked if she could use her lifeline and wanted to ask the political editor for help. And I am happy to say that I got one correct response. The winner of my small contest is Liz Robertson, a staff writer from the Delaware Gazette of central Ohio.

      Finally, with 20 % of Americans believing that the sun revolves around the earth, it is easy to see how extremist groups and fanatics in the media can convince Americans that the earth is flat. All they need is to use is deception, fear, hate, and half-truths, which lead average people to the wrong conclusions. No America, Senator Obama is Protestant and not Muslim.

      You and the rest of Trump supporters should know that Obama released his birth certificate. Warren released her DNA results. Where’s Trump’s tax returns?

      1. MEY,
        You reveal yourself as an idiot. Who cares about Obama’s religion? No one. He was/is an arch sodomite. He never fathered children with Michelle. His mate was Michael, an x-football player tranny. Anyway. Donaldo doesnt have time for the FAKE Muslim who loves Biden. Adios. 🤔🤨🤠

  13. No hace falta leer al par de idiotas de Manfred y cazador de tontos,
    deverías tratar d6e cazarte ti mismo y de paso a Manfred por vulgares ofensivos e idiotas.

      1. “Manfred” is a commenter on this website
        who the foreign writer “Frank kein” disapproves of.

    1. Donaldo Dolina

      You revealed yourself as ignorant and dumber than dumb. You have no proof that Obama did not father his children.

      Mahmoud does not have time for Trump’s worshiper. Have a goof life, amego n don’t utter my name again!

  14. Where is America headed? Ask Stephen Kotkin, an American historian, academic, and author of the trilogy on the life and times of the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin.

    When I was younger, which actually wasn’t that long ago, we had Steve Jobs, we had Johnny Cash, and we had Bob Hope. Now – that’s right – no jobs, no cash, no hope.

    I know what we’re thinking: What’s going to happen if Kevin Bacon dies? That’s it… might as well give up completely!

    Stephen Kotkin


  15. I just wanted to register my support of Barkingdeer as I find his posts always worthwhile and very much on point. Not that he ‘needs’ it I am sure but I would not want him to be inhibited here by these 2 very wrong headed posts above…at least imho. Contrary to what someone said I think he IS about the sharpest tool in the box here. Well and “Pat” also especially his idea that nukes are faked.

    1. Thanks, Patrick –

      FYI – For years….. no one has collected the reward of €1,000,000 to anybody proving Anders Björkman to be wrong:

      He “does not believe in any atomic bomb information, because he lived and worked in Japan almost five years and found little evidence of atomic bombs, except propaganda (US Presidents and Department of War against Terrorism doesn’t like it because DoWaT loves terror and atomic bombs).”

      You can see for yourself in the VERY INTERESTING and fact filled 200+ pages:
      “My Atomic Bomb Findings – The grand manipulation 1945-2021”

      “An Atomic/A-Bomb is clearly not the only big manipulation since 1945. The space travel manipulations started 1955 and are still alive. Sending tourists to planet Mars 2020 is the latest bullshit. Like the 2001 911 manipulations – Arab terrorists attacking USA. No Arabs attacked USA. It was an inside job. Or the 2020 Covid-19 manipulations. Covid-19 is a mysterious virus killing all of us, if you believe it.”

      1. FYI – For years….. no one has collected the reward of €1,000,000 to anybody proving Anders Björkman to be wrong

        Folks, let me give you two different demonstrations of utter stupidity of the above statement by the old fart.

        (1) I will give this idiot €1,000,000 if he can prove to TROJ that the Earth is not flat. What and how long will it take for the old fart to collect the reward? I will tell you how long.

        The only way to prove to TROJ that the Earth is round is to take him to space and show that he has been stupid in his insistence that the Earth is flat (I am not quite sure that even that can do the trick, but let’s assume that it can). To date, orbital space tourism has been performed only by the Russian Space Agency and it costs about $20 million + plus few years of preparing the old fart for space travel. By the time the first old fart collects the reward he’ll be about $19 million in hole, but most likely dead.

        (2) I will give this idiot €1,000,000 if he can prove to the smartest donkey in the world that 2+2=4. How long will it take for the old fart to collect the reward? This will take roughly as long as it takes for the evolution to transform Pat to thinking and talking pet + a few more years of elementary schooling.

      2. “jew nukes circassian” –

        You have an insatiable appetite for hounding commenters!!

        YOUR aberrant condition stems from pushing the Manhattan Project’s jews’ lies about nuke weapons. And supporting the puny punk criminal ‘Put-On’ the thug dictator… with those lies.

        Without those jew lies the puny punk criminal ‘Put-On’ would have NO POSITION of power in the world!!!

        The fake wooden missiles in Cuba in 1961 hammered home the nuke missile lies for Russia.
        The ‘wooden missiles’ and his support of the ‘holohoax’ keep the puny punk criminal ‘Put-On’ relevant even today!!!

        See: “My Atomic Bomb Findings – The grand manipulation 1945-2021”

        Prove him wrong and collect the reward of 1,000,000 EUROS!! Then, you won’t need the $1400 stimulus from Biden.

    2. Well, I agree with you about Barkingdeer. But surely you are not asking for censorship? If Barkingdeer is given leave to speak, surely those who object to his views should not be silenced.

      I’d like to remind you also that Barkingdeer was in the wrong this time and showed himself in a poor light. He failed to detect irony/sarcasm in what the writer was saying and took it at its face value. He thought the writer was serious when the writer was pulling his leg. So how can Barkingdeer have an IQ of 140 (as he brags) and be “the sharpest tool in the box” if he doesn’t even know when someone is taking the piss out of him? 🙂

      Can you answer that question?

      1. There are too many people on this site who demand total freedom of speech for themselves but suddenly demand censorship when someone else dares to find fault with them! How odd! 🙂

        The biggest narcissists here are those who demand censorship for their critics and yet expect total free speech for themselves.

        The worst of these w*****s have been hounded off this site ignominiously and have found their way to other sites where their crappy comments receive no criticisms. They learn nothing and grow old in their delusions of grandeur.

    Thank you for your support…
    If we disagree, we should give our reasons, the real reasons…
    Whoever QAnon really is, I thought the article was an attempt to make lite of and therefore diminish the import some very serious matters… Who would want to do that?
    And bear in mind, if the Obidens have their way, the tranny secretary of whatever will be just for openers…
    “If Barkingdeer is given leave to speak, surely those who object to his views should not be silenced.”
    I agree 100% MADAME…
    However, I doubt very much though that the reactionary response had much to do with the statements I made about the article’s subject matter.. It was probably just another vituperative harangue consisting of personal slurs and insults, because the respondents had no logical rebuttal…
    If so, I’m glad the management sees fit to keep the discourse here elevated above such “infantile” stupidity…
    And you will notice there are always one or two others quick to jump in, if they think there’s a victim to be had…
    “So how can Barkingdeer have an IQ of 140 (as he brags) and be “the sharpest tool in the box” if he doesn’t even know when someone is taking the piss out of him?”
    If a person makes a true statement about some personal quality or accomplishment, it is not necessarily bragging, but could be construed as such by a jealous detractor… just saying…
    “Can you answer that question?”
    I don’t joke about pedophilia… I hope you don’t either…
    Unfortunately, there are people in power in government who find it entertaining…
    Pedophilia is a stop on the way to child torture and murder…
    I can’t say how true any of it is exactly, but if you read The Trance Formation of America and listened to the interviews of several other women claiming to be mind control victims, the details of how that’s done, you would have to agree it’s not comedy material… I hope this link works…


    1. @ johanmalkum

      Your longer comment has been posted above.
      2021/02/07 at 1:28 am

      We have no wish to stop the “infighting”
      (unless it gets out of control).
      This is known as “free speech”.

      Total agreement on all points
      is neither possible nor desirable.
      This would be a very dull site
      if everyone agreed with everyone else! 🙂

  17. What is Q-Anon? A LARP or a psyop are standard answers.





    Q-Anon pumped the false hope in Trump, who is now gone, yet his followers still believe he is working with the army on a secret plan, to arrest the deep state actors.

    Over at Before Its News they are still pumping the Q-Anon plan, trust the plan, here are some titles on that site tonight:

    **Epic!** Trust The Plan: Its Greater Than We Could Ever Know! Plus a *Must See* Prophetic Warning To Joe Biden & The ‘Two Presidents’ Prophecy!

    Pedophile Ring Investigation Centers Around White House, Capitol Building as Children Surface!

    US Under Military Law, Congress Arrested, War With CCP Won and No One Knows It

    Arrests Happenings! as Military Rescues Tortured Children From Tunnels Beneath Capitol Hill


    So what is Q-Anon? Hope. False hope that white hats are taking down the deep state, arresting the bad guys, rescuing children. Jeff Bezos forced to resign because he was arrested. Most of Hollywood actors were taken to Gitmo and executed, including Bush senior and Obama.

    What is the purpose of Q-Anon besides hope? To get patriots to stand down while Trump delivered the nation into the jaws of the Judah lion, now the demonrat Bolsheviks have taken over and the commies are finalizing their plans to purge the nation of any patriot resistance.


    Something weird is happening, Biden is not at the white house, and DC is in lockdown – expect for the latest antifa riot.


    At the top of Jeff Rense website:
    Biden Is Probably Not Living In The White House At All
    Green Screen Joe Caught With Different Window Views!
    This Is Inarguable – Look


    What the hell is going on?

    “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” — CIA Director William Casey.

    What is Q-Anon really? It is a Jewish Communist operation aimed at the heart of the patriot nationalists, conservative Christians.


    ‘Q-Anon’ Bears Striking Resemblance to Bolshevik Psy-Op From 1920s Known As ‘Operation Trust’

    “Operation Trust” was a Bolshevik counterintelligence operation run from 1921 to 1926 aimed at neutralizing opposition by creating the false impression that a powerful group of military leaders had organized to stop the communists’ takeover.

    1. Yukon,

      Thank you for changing your name back.
      “Yukon Jack” is how we all know you and it’s a great name! 🙂

  18. “A common refrain of Q followers is “when I started doing my own research…”.”The best advice if someone in your life is going Q? Listen respectfully. Be kind. Loneliness and isolation are the biggest gateways to believing in QAnon.”

    Jeezz! What a way to dismiss the awakening victims! Its an disgrace that this agent of the deep state must have a right to trash what is essentially the truth and to also see those who are figuring it all out as “Crap-heads” Its true that Qanon may have started as a genuine attempt to unravel the deep state. However, we know, that there are agents of Deep State who either take one conspiracy theory and race it with outrageous nonsense, but also they may bombard a authentic investigative site with crazy claims, to make it look bad. Let is be clear, “ Claiming that there is no conspiracy is as much a conspiracy theory as claiming that there is one” And those who call Conspiracy Theorists “Fools” “Tin-Head” “Nut-Cases” etc are just as much likely to end in that category when finally, the Truth becomes self-evident. So, dismissing Conspiracy Theorists is one of the MAIN duties of Conspirators and their agents. THIS IS WAR AGAINIST IGNORANCE

    “Every truth passes through three stages before it’s recognized. In the first, it’s ridiculed. In the second, it’s opposed. And in the third, its regarded as self-evident” (Arthur Schopenhauer) We are in the stage of ridicule and opposition.

    1. @ Bigfoot

      “Jeezz! What a way to dismiss the awakening victims! Its an disgrace that this agent of the deep state must have a right to trash what is essentially the truth…”

      Articles like this, however repugnant to you, allow us to gain in an insight in how other people are thinking. And these other people happen to be in the majority.

      Your comment gives the impression that you are an advocate of intolerant censorship and would like to silence all opinions that give you cognitive dissonance. Thank God this site has not made itself a site in which only the views of a small minority are welcome.

      I am totally neutral about QAnon. I’d like to hear both sides of the question and make up my own mind. The last thing I want is to have the views of an intolerant minority thrust upon me.

      Thank God this site believes in free speech and offers its readers alternative viewpoints.

      1. Bigfoot is merely defending his position – as anyone should who believes in his convictions (which I, also, share). The “majority opinion” is seldom very accurate, and is courted by those who rely on its cover for their mis-deeds.

    2. Sard, just because I said “It’s a disgrace” does not mean that I advocate censorship. And you are right.

      Gilby, Thanks.

      1. @ Bigfoot

        Yes, I overstated my case. Sincere apologies.
        I think you raise many important points in your comments.

  19. Biden’s communication team wants reporters asking for questions in advance, stating, “Our goal is to make the daily briefing as useful and informative as possible for both reporters and the public,”

    This is poppycock! It is unheard of even in communist countries or in rogue nations.
    I would rather watch Kayleigh McEnany showing her cross around her neck and telling lies.

  20. Israeli “Crime Minister” Satanyahu is facing Bribery, Fraud, and Breach of Trust charges on Monday.

    Bribery charges carry a jail sentence of up to 10 years and/or a fine.
    Fraud and breach of trust carry a sentence of up to three years.

    Would the Crime Minister borrow a page out of Trump’s book?

  21. funny thing – whenever i search this site out on firefox, i usually only get about half the total of the comments… just now it came in with 35…
    then i searched it out with safari and got about ten more… happens all the time…
    wonder why that is…
    also, if i might make a suggestion – i think there is plenty to be said about the superbowl, not so much about the sporting side of football, but about the politics now associated…
    the commercials were especially significant, from the white non-racist nationalist point of view… i wonder if any of the other commenters noticed anything and would like to express their opinions…
    “Crime Minister” – that’s a good one…
    I suppose you must admit Trump’s press conferences were real, whereas Obidens are a sham, like him..

  22. Instigator JOHANMALKUM wants Darkmoon to be Christian and white only.

    His last message indicates that no Muslims, no blacks, and no Latinos are allowed.

    That’s not the AmeriKKKa I love!

    1. Mahmoud,

      What is it that you love about today’s America? You have wished Biden for president and your wish has been granted. You still seem unhappy.

      Why would you think Biden becoming the POTUS will make things better in the first place? Don’t you know that presidents come and go without making a slightest dent in the nature of the USA? Why anyone in his right mind would expect that the advent of a half-alive-half-dead man could change somehow this ironclad pattern?

      Don’t you know the simple truth that Iranians have known for a long time: America is a big Satan while Israel is a little one? What does one accomplish exactly by bashing the little Satan in print while serving in real life the big Satan?

      Don’t you sense, brother, that something is really screwed-up in your way of thinking and acting?

      1. CIRCASSIAN,

        Why do love America?

        I could care less what Iranian officials say about the US. Unlike you, as a Muslim, I am grateful for living in America for those 13 reasons:

        1- America welcomed me with open arms and an open heart and gave me safety and security that no other country did.

        2- I’ll never forget the day when thousands of brave American men, women, and children shut down their airports in protest of the “Muslim Ban.”

        3- Muslim women in America are free to wear “hijab” and “niqab” at school and public universities but it’s not the case in many other western nations.

        4- America honored Muslim contributions by issuing “Eid Stamp” to commemorate the two Islamic holidays one month before 9/11.

        5- When Denmark closed “halal” slaughterhouses, America refused to follow suit and upheld the Muslim right to practice their religion.

        6- After Switzerland banned the construction of minarets on mosques, America courageously said, “No can do!”

        7- When a man drove his car into a Cleveland mosque at 95 mph, six days after 9/11, not only did he get both his legs broken but he also got 5 years in jail.

        8- When a 22-year-old Somali woman from Phoenix, Arizona was fired from her job after 9/11 for refusing to take off her “hijab,” she sued her employer and won $288,000.

        9- After an Indiana man was convicted of setting the Islamic Center of Greater Toledo on fire, he was sentenced to 20 years in prison for hate crimes.

        10- Two Ohio women were able to get their driver’s license photographs free of charge after a clerk wrongly demanded the women to remove the scarves for the photo.

        11- It was a moment of pride for me to see the first two Muslim women making history for being elected to US Congress during the last midterm election.

        12- It is heartwarming to see the world-famous Empire State Building lit in green every year during the celebration of Eid Al-Fitr, Islam’s biggest holiday.

        13- For allowing me to publicly challenge our government-misguided policy towards the Palestinians and defend Islam without any fear of retributions.

        Despite all the negative attitude Muslims face and the bad betrayal they are subject to by the mainstream media, America remains the most Muslim friendly country in the world. For that, I say, thank Allah I live in America. My mother gave me three pieces of advice before I came to America: 1 I can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, 2) be generous with praise, and stingy with criticism, and 3) Don’t spit into the plate from which you eat. Idiom meaning: Never bite the hand that feeds you.

        Since I take it you were born and raised in America and now live in Russia, what do you miss most about the US of A?

      2. Mahmoud,

        I was born and raised in Russia, not America. When I came to America in 1992 I was a grown man of age 35. First I have received my green card and then, after a few years, became an American citizen while keeping the Russian citizenship. My twin kids were born in America. When they turned seven, my wife and I have decided that we have to go back to Russia for we didn’t want them to be raised in the American culture. And none of us, i.e. myself, my wife and the kids, have any regrets or doubts that it was a right decision to make.

        Now, almost everything that I have disgusted so much in America – its consumerism and its dehumanizing culture, in particular, – is right here in Moscow where we live today. So, I came back to my country only to find out that America has invaded and colonized Russia – and I mean that literally – hell-bent on destroying its cultural identity. But I am absolutely convinced that Russia will sever this homicidal tie with the great Satan to break free in the course of next few years. I see signs everywhere in favor of that strong conviction of mine.

        If you are happy in the USA, God bless you, for you are my Muslim brother. My first job in America, before I got my papers allowing me to apply and get a decent and good paying high-tech job, was as grocery store cashier at a gas station owned by a Palestinian, who hired me (basically, an illegal alien at the time) only because I was a Muslim, and I will never forget that.

      3. Circ –
        Puny punk criminal ‘Put-On’ always goes for the money… $$$USD! He even has a casino in his $Billion mansion!! With him there…. You cannot go back to the good daze! 😜

      4. With him there…. You cannot go back to the good daze!

        A Useful Fool to be Used in Full –

        Yes, that’s what we are told – get rid of him, get someone in power like Gorby or Yeltsin, slice Russia into 50 more pieces, just like the USSR was sliced in 15 pieces, and you’ll be on your way to happiness as well-fed grunting pigs to be slaughtered when the time is right.

        And you know what the Russians say to that? Thank you for your advice, pindoses, but we’ll be better off claiming back the 14 pieces that were unlawfully sliced off of our fatherland for which we have paid heavy price in 27 million lives in the Great Patriotic war.

        And we are going to get them back – all of it, to the last square inch… with or without Vladimir Putin. Even if Putin gets assassinated, that will only strengthen the resolve of the Russian people… tenfold.

        The only alternative to Russia getting back what rightfully belongs to her is another big war in which America will be destroyed completely… with Russia coming out of it expanded even more. That’s what history testifies.

        The jig is up, brother.

    1. Pat, I peeked at the end. Instead of jumping for joy everybody goes all neurotic-psychotic.. Still jumping though!

  23. Off topic….or maybe not

    The Jew York Times are calling for Joe Biden and co. to appoint a “Reality Czar”. You can’t make this stuff up in the name of truth being stranger than fiction. That Dept. of “Truth” yet another example of the CCP model “Groupthink” transformation of America

  24. Brownhawk,

    You’re an Indian. You Indians own Gambling Casinos just like the jews own gambling Casinos and you Indians now are very wealthy. Wealthy Jew Gambling Casino owners give a lot of money to Jew chariries and Jew causes and to Jew Israel. Maybe you and your fellow Indians can start giving some money to the Palestinians to help them. Help out your fellow NON-Whites who really could use some help. You Indians are very wealthy now from owning so many Gambling Casinos. It’s about time you Indians start helping out your fellow NON-Whites who need help. In this case the NON-White Palestinians.

    The Jews use their money to help their fellow Jews. It’s about time you NON-Whites start using your money to help your fellow NON-Whites. Don’t you think so, Mahmoud?

    1. TROJ
      To say “you Indians are now very wealthy is ridiculous”. The vast majority are just as broke as the next guy. Sure, the casino owners contribute to their fellow Indians to help them out in various ways, but other than that most of them are sellouts just like any OTHER sellout. Having alot of money does that to people.

      1. Having alot of money doesn’t make the jews sell out their fellow jews. They help one another advance their goals with their money. The Jews are superior to us NON jews that way. They use their money to protect their interests as a people, as a culture, as a cultural force, and use their money to advance their goals. Even if you don’t like their jew goals you have to admit they use their money to advance their goals [ which always benefts all the jews ] and don’t use their money to undermine their fellow jews.

        Maybe in history there were some jews who sold out their people, but very very few — especailly compared to NON-jews with money . Throughout history, NON jews with money almost always sold out their fellow NON-jews. I can’t speak for NON-Whites, only Whites. When Whites have money they almost always use the money to help NON-Whites while they sell their fellow Whites down-the-river to all kinds of NON-Whites, but mostly sell out their fellow Whites down-the-river to *big surprise* the jews.

        Wealthy jews use their money to advance their jew goals — goals which always benefit all the jews. When it comes to how to use one’s money effectively to make life better for your people, the Jews are much smarter than us Whites.

  25. Mahmoud is perfect for the biden-KAMALA adminsitration “Reality Czar” job, he’s such a censorious totalitarian overbearing tyrant.

  26. Good Idea TROJ…
    Where i live we have a so-called Community Radio station… i used to support it but no longer do…
    In time it became painfully apparent that it was totally swarmed with jews, and the vast majority of them zionists…
    So their programming is a lot like Hollywood movies and television, pretty much everything has to go through the tribal filter before it gets put on the air…
    It’s supposed to be a free speech medium, with anybody in the community having the chance to speak, which is of course the only way democracy works…
    They never allowed anybody to speak one word of advocacy for DJT in the whole time he was on the scene, praised the cathy griff beheading. while they heaped him with as much mud as the could find, certainly ridiculing the idea that the election was stolen. So they’re a lot closer to totalitarian fascists than they are any genuinely benign community radio station…
    And they have pushed the covid hoax as hard as hard as possible, no questions asked….
    To your point – them in control of this radio station being ‘progressive’, they have one weekly program run by Indians, where those guys make know informative issues impacting the modern day red man, but also go pretty heavy on the suppressed history of the abuse suffered by the aboriginals during the migrant invasion from the time of the Plymouth Rock Boat People to when it finally stopped, not many Indians left, 100 years or so ago… the espouse tribalism… can’t say I’ve ever heard them dwell much on the Casio subject…
    Now, everybody knows the jews were up to their necks in all the slavery, genocide and the big land grab…
    But for some reason these skins remain silent about the j-Factor and have not even any opinion on the plight of the poor Palestinians, no advocacy, much less any real plan to help them… then again, The Pals don’t seem to get much help from the rest of the Arab world eother… i believe that goes to show there is a factor bearing more significant than racial solidarity…. Money, Power, Control.
    We know the jews cultivate the blacks, like as if they really care about their issues, and it’s pretty obvious both are using each other, with hatred for white people being leveraged in common… and i don’t know who would doubt the blacks will deep-down cut the jews to pieces when the time comes…
    I guess the jew tribe have the same thing going with the skins as they do with the blacks….
    Hopefully the day will come when the skins will finally get ‘woke’ on that…

    1. I like very much what high IQ barker says here which, basically, boils down to the following two points:

      (1) America is divided along the racial and ethnic lines and this division is beyond redemption;

      (2) Thus the only solution he, as a white American, sees is the whites taking over the rest of them in one way or the other.

      Excellent! This is the best and the shortest path to America’s self-destruction as a viable nation I could possibly hope for.

      1. Circassian
        As opposed to the jewish marxist that destroyed your country?? One thing I will say if the dumb, brainwashed americans had not been so stupid and gullible Germany would have destroyed your shithole ”motherland”…the Great General Patton said it best…after realizing our useful idiot role in the war, and it was to save international bolshevism…“Berlin gave me the blues. We have destroyed what could have been a good race, and we are about to replace them with Mongolian savages. And all Europe will be communist. It’s said that for the first week after they took it (Berlin), all women who ran were shot and those who did not were raped. I could have taken it (instead of the Soviets) had I been allowed.” also
        ”The stuff in the papers about fraternization is all wet … All that sort of writing is done by Jews to get revenge. Actually, the Germans are the only decent people left in Europe. It’s a choice between them and the Russians. I prefer the Germans.” and ”What we are doing is to destroy the only semi-modern state in Europe, so that Russia can swallow the whole.”
        so yeah maybe when your country can have a greater GDP than Italy or can produce of vodka that does not poison the consumer or working elevators, we will start shaking in our boots. Putin the Kissenger stooge?? Really?? About as far up Israels ass as Trump and every other USA president has been.

  27. QAnon mysteriously missed this!!!

    SEE!!!!! The Great Wall Nancy Pelosi Built!!!

    For YEARS Nancy Pelosi has told us that walls are racist, evil, and immoral. “It’s not who we are as a nation,” she preached.
    Because she felt threatened, Washington, D.C. has set up perhaps the greatest wall in America. They built it overnight. And it is an IMPECCABLE wall, truly.

    It’s so incredible in fact, YOU CAN SEE EXACTLY what makes a great wall, featuring Nancy’s barricade.


  28. @ madame Butterfly
    never been much of a reader of magazines to be honest,
    mainly because I’m a cheapskate and always baulked at the prices!
    but over the years I bought the “eye” on and off.
    it had satire “teeth” real journalism to go with the cartoons…

    the essence of one pulled from thin air
    a man is sitting begging on the street, a hat for change in front of him
    and a sign next to him.
    in front of him is hovering a grinning face attached to a single striped tentacle
    the tentacle is waving a five pound note!
    the beggar looks terrified!
    his sign reads,
    “hallucinating please help!!”

  29. HEY!! “Q”!! – Where are you??!!

    “Sabika Sheikh Firearm Licensing and Registration Act”

    H. R. 127 
    To provide for the licensing of firearm and ammunition possession and the registration of firearms, and to prohibit the possession of certain ammunition. 

    January 4, 2021 
    Ms. Jackson Lee introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on the Judiciary.

    1. You must  register and  get a license to own or possess a firearm and or ammo. 
    2. You must inform the Federal Govt where the firearm is kept. 
    3. Your information will be collected by the Fed Govt & published in a  PUBLIC database for  anyone to see.
    4. You must pass a  psychological exam which includes a shrink interviewing your  spouse / family members,  and any ex -spouse.
    5. You must pay the Fed Govt  $800 annually for liability Insurance on *EACH* weapon ANNUALLY.

    1. (c) Penalties.—Section 924(a) of such title, as amended by section 2 of this Act, is amended by adding at the end the following:

      “(11) (A) Whoever knowingly violates section 922(dd)(1) shall be fined not less than $50,000 and not more than $100,000, imprisoned not less than 10 years and not more than 20 years, or both.

      “(B) Whoever knowingly violates section 922(dd)(2) shall be fined not less than $10,000 and not more than $25,000, imprisoned not less than 1 year and not more than 5 years, or both.”.

  30. Disclaimer: The following is for LD, Sardonicus and few other intelligent individuals only. This is not for TROJ, Pat, BH, HP, HS and all other senior citizens of America that dwell on this site.

    Stephen Kotkin on “Trump and Putin? What in the World Is Up?”


    Oh, Kotkin, Kotkin… Democracy, rule of law, separation of powers? America is a plutocracy for God’s sake, and always was! If you do not know that by now (post-Trump era) then you are a stupid person, if you do – which is more likely – then you are a liar and a deceiver.

    Ostrich is not hiding its head in the sand – it shows us its ass.

    The jig is up, professor, and you know it in your ass. How many patriots are there in Russia with a resolve to defend their land and their way of life, and how many stupefied and dehumanized consumers are there in America willing to defend American plutocracy when it cannot deliver any longer the standard of living they used to? That’s the question, professor. Answer that question truthfully, and you will know that neither your money, nor your technology will matter a bit in the upcoming showdown between Russia and the West.

    If history is any guide, Russia’s cause is just, her enemy will be defeated, and the victory will be hers.


    1. ‘jew-nukes’ circassian –

      If history is any guide, no matter Russia’s cause, her enemy will be victorious, and the victory will be accomplished as easily as was the case by the 90% illiterate army of Afghanistan!!!! 💥 😜

      Your goal of punching commenters here is missing the mark. Your failure comes as a result of worshiping Puny Punk Criminal ‘Put-On’ who is propped up ONLY by fake nukes which you have invested all of your failing efforts.

      You have relentlessly pushed the Manhattan Project and their jews’ lies about having manufactured nuke weapons like good communists do. And I know why…….

      Without those jew lies the Puny Punk Criminal Communist ‘Put-On’ would have NO POSITION of power in the world!! He needs nuke lies to be relevant. He needs the fear porn as badly as jews need the holocaust lies. As badly as NASA’s jews needs the faked moon landings. As badly as the Federal Reserve Bank’s jews needs MORE $USD. As badly as Pharmas’ and Meds’ jews need fake vaccines. ALL FOR CONTROL BY jews!! 💥 😨

      The fake wooden missiles in Cuba in 1961 hammered home the nuke missile lies for Russia. That keeps the Puny Punk Criminal Communist ‘Put-On’ relevant even today!!

      That is very sad. A real shame. Shame on your communist ass!

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