What you don’t know will kill you

By John Kaminski
14 March 2021



Those who watch television
more likely to get fatal shot

In his voice was a certainty that to think otherwise was preposterous. “Of course we wear masks,” he exclaimed. “We don’t want to spread the disease, do we?” he insisted. “That would be irresponsible.”

At that moment there was no chance to mention to him that the disease had not been proven to exist and even if it did, the masks would not prevent the spread of it. Or that any talk of the death rate had to be irrelevant because the alleged disease had never been isolated, therefore never identified, therefore making it impossible to tabulate any death toll. More importantly, making it impossible to create an effective vaccine to prevent it.

Yet typical braindead Americans who listen only to mainstream media (newspapers and TV) generally believe the lies the government tells them and eagerly line up to receive this so-called vaccine. Despite all the cheating done in reporting the ever rising COVID death toll, an avalanche of fatalities from the untested, experimental mRNA injection immediately has began killing people in the most macabre and tragic ways.

If you watch TV rather than surf the Internet, you’re definitely more likely to die following government advice. And that’s just the way the big boys want it.

Regular Internet readers mostly refuse to take the shot because they have learned from many principled doctors that the shot is not a vaccine but really a nanotech installation that will one day permanently and irrevocably link you via your Smart Phone to the Deep State, constantly checking not only your health but also your bank account.

Also never mentioned on TV is that kids are absolutely not in danger from this glorified flu, but are being severely damaged psychologically and socially by the unending isolation from their friends.

None of that mattered to the naive noodleheads who had made up their minds to take the shot; not the fact that it wasn’t a vaccine, nor that Fauci said you’d still have to wear a mask and social distance even if you took the shot (and survived it!), and not even as they watched people dropping like flies after they received their untested, experimental poison penetration.

I fear to mention this in public lest I be deplatformed from the world for impugning the repugnant Dr. Fauci but I prefer honest doctors who don’t own their own vaccine companies such as Andrew Kaufman, Tom Cowan, Simone Gold, Sherri Tenpenny, Carrie Medej, Stefan Lanka, Rashid Buttar, Joe Mercola, Shiva Ayyudarai, Kelly Brogan and hundreds of other medical professionals of integrity who all tell me not to take the shot.

Yet another reason not to believe anything you read in mainstream media — they have become the publicity arm of the Deep State as they conspire to completely control the minds of every single person on the planet. This is why all those honest people are being banned from Facebook, Twitter and the other Jewish owned social platforms that are strangling the life out of the American mind.

Leading the way, America has now gone full Soviet Union.

In our lifetimes the exclusion of responsible voices from public dialogue has never been as extreme as it is now. When the President of the United States can be banned from the public’s airwaves, you realize two things: POTUS is in charge of exactly nothing; and the people who are really running the country from behind the scenes don’t give a damn about the U.S. Constitution or your individual rights as a sovereign human being. You are only a slave to them, a number on a computer screen to be blipped out at their convenience.

The darkness spreads

This next item certainly is a prime example of the level of absurdity authorities all over the world are inflicting on the beleaguered human beings they are supposed to be protecting.

Icelandic vaccine passports for the disease that can’t be proven to exist https://www.travelandleisure.com/travel-news/iceland-issuing-covid-vaccine-passports

As the shadows of our own insanity tighten the noose suffocating our minds, night falls on the human brain as cognitive dissonance paralyzes everyone.

World society being taken down by a fabricated panic for a disease that doesn’t exist. Or, what manufactured pox that does exist.

Who is it exactly is telling Joe Biden to destroy America, now that the American people are simply too stupid to see what’s happening to them?

Family problem

You must remember that every bit of information you have ingested throughout your life was provided to you by someone who did not and does not have your best interests at heart.

All the wars that have ravaged our families for many decades never needed to be fought.

Gutle Schnapper (Meyer Amschel Bauer Rothschild’s mother): “If my sons did not want wars there would be none.”

COVID-19 was actually a show designed for our benefit to distract us from the horrifying fact that our freedom is gone.

First and foremost it was the cover story for the excuse that allowed the big boys to install a total retard as president who would approve of anything the people paying him the big money told him to do.

Societal suicide by mask

It’s getting easier to prove that humanity already has reached an induced state of semiconsciousness by the number of people who continue to wear masks even after they know they are incubating bacterial pneumonia in their lungs.

Suicides are way up with the lockdowns and the fabricated panic is wildly succeeding with the stunting of children’s growth by their isolation from their peers in the real world.

It’s an extermination program. The formula is familiar. Reduce us into a slave state just like Africa where ignorant clans are unable to form functioning governments but do specialize in killing white people, which is why the Jews have tried so hard (and succeeded) to destroy the white countries of the Northern Hemisphere by using noble-sounding phrases to foul white cultures with African immigration.

The African government model imposed on more civilized countries works more easily to calibrate the world into permanently disrupted groups of warring tribes who kill each other to keep the population down.

People who control the money supply are pathological criminals who inflict their perverted constraints on what people think through their control of media.

And what everyone doesn’t realize most is who is running things as opposed to who they have convinced you is running things.

We have been lied to for so many years that when a truth finally does appear we fail to believe it and quickly consign it to whatever trash bins we happen to use. In our misinformed state the essence of it slips past our comprehension as we slip back into the familiar comfort all those fake facts we had previously ingested. Like the USA is the home of the free and the land of the brave.

You can’t depend on what you hear on TV. If you do you’ll take the shot. And if you do that, according to Dr. Tenpenny, you’ll likely be dead in a year or two. The big boys call this population control.

And to all those people who say nothing can be done about any of this so why worry about it, I would say without hesitation that you should go and get the shot as soon as you can.


26 thoughts to “What you don’t know will kill you”

  1. “…the American people are simply too stupid to see what’s happening to them”

    Ditto – in spades! – THICK Brits.

    At least in Europe there are mass anti-vax/lockdown demonstrations (never, God Forbid!, shown on tv to the plebs)… but since wilful stupidity born of cowardice is the m.o. – pretending not to see what’s staring you in the face – NEVER in these two nations of utter irredeemable servile lackeys & lickspittles.

    Thank You!

  2. Am not being an advocate for anybody, but may be The Devil’s Advocate. And being The Devil’s Advocate, I wish to show, that John Kaminski is really, not being honest, in what he makes appear as sympathy for “White Race” . In fact, he is very possibly, an agent of Deep State adding more fuel to the fire of race division!
    First, Totalitarianism of every kind, whether it sells itself as Communism, Fascism, Socialism, Nazism, , Zionism or whichever shade of “Ism” is a failed system. It takes time to fail, but when it does, what a glorious THUD!

    So, while not gainsaying Mr. Kaminski’s concern about the approaching darkness of Despotism of Global Communism it should not be assumed that its all gloom and doom. Communism failed in Russian, and Eastern Europe. The rest of the former Communism regimes such as China have been forced to reinvent it, for the very reason that it is a cumbersome system that enslave both the leaders and the led. That the world is in dare straights is beyond Argument.

    But the Masses, lethargic and sluggish as they may appear for now, are resilient. And they do not need years of well raid plans of communist dimwits to trounce the system. All that is required is a critical mass of resolute individuals. And these resolute Souls spring out, in the most unexpected moments.

    These Totalitarian systems take long, to build, and requires layers and layers of deceit, manipulation, confusion, terror tactics, and lies. And this is the principle factor that dooms them all. These totalitarian regimes carry with them, the seed for their own destruction. And when this seed matures, (as it naturally matures) they fall. So, serious as it may be, I would not accept that all is lost for humanity.

    Secondly, one can have issues with Mr. Kaminski’s apparent concern for the so-called “White Race” His can be interpreted as “playing the victim card” for the “White Race” and this is the reason.
    The fact is that one way of creating conflict between one group and another, is to make one group (A) appear superior, noble, dignified, cultures, intelligent, etc, etc, and Group (B) or (C) or (D) or all combined.

    Race Card can be as effectively used to manipulate the so-called “White Race” as it is used to manipulate “Black Race” or “The Chosen Race” So, it really does not matter whether it is the Jews one moment prancing like peacocks, and flaunting their fraud “Chosiness” and at then the other moment lamenting about “Jewish persecution” It can also be Black whining and grumbling about “Reparation for slavery” or women demonstrating against “Violence On Women” It can be anybody, Blacks, Whites, Mulattos, Asians, Women Men, etc. As long as a group accepts the lie of “Historical Injustices” real or imagines, it becomes a candidate for the manipulation machine.

    The So Called “White Race” is actually an illusion used to fan division between European Communities and the rest of races. Race Identity politics is one of the most powerful weapon available to the Deep State, for the reason that it is actually a double edged sword, that may harm your enemy, but it will also be used to harm you! The same way they are using “Human Rights” to “protect minority” which now, have been added in together with LGBTQRSTUV…etc etc.
    And that is why, one should very careful, when guys like Kaminski, build a throne on which he installs, “The Noble White Race” claiming that its being diluted by “Immigrants”

    For those who are buying the elusive identity of “White Race” I think that in this day and age of Science, to speak of “Superiority based on colour” is nonsense. This is not to deny the fact that dilution of “Race” is not in the works, by Deep State. I personally are mulling over whether it really matters.

    Then, Mr. Kaminski has played the race card, again, by denigrating Africans, who according to him, are
    “ignorant clans are unable to form functioning governments but do specialize in killing white people, which is why the Jews have tried so hard (and succeeded) to destroy the white countries of the Northern Hemisphere by using noble-sounding phrases to foul white cultures with African immigration.”

    But I think that given that Europe and America was taken over by the Bankers in 1668 and 1776 respectively, it is a fantasy to claim that they can “reduced” from some none existent level of “culture” We can argue all day until the cows come home about “Culture” and their superiority or otherwise, but if we examine European History, we do not see a uniform “Noble Culture”. Any claim to such, is still moot. It is Culture which the Bankers allowed you to have.

    For one may rightfully wonder when Europe ever had a “Functioning government” devoid of Jewish Bankers influence. One may wonder, that if these Immigrant African are from ignorant tribe who specialize in killing, white people, what were the “civilized, cultured, noble” etc, etc, “White Race doing during Austro-Hungarian war (1477–1488) the Anglo-French Wars, 1793-1803, the Anglo-Dutch wars, 1652-1674, the Anglo-Russian Wars 1807–1812, the 1st and 2nd World Wars?

    All these wars which were mainly engineered and provokes and fought in Europe, and many other wars associated with Europe and America, were they not by ignorant clans of “White Race” unable to form functioning governments but specialize in killing each other?

    As a White Man/Woman, before you step on Kaminski’s “White Race” throne, and drink in his Kool-Aid of “Superior White Race” remember that immediately you buy that, you have NO RIGHT, to accuse the Jews, of seeking the same acclaims and honour from everybody! Race Identity will be used against you. It is not only effective against “The Jews”

    Everybody is a victim in this madness, not just “The White Race”

    So let at least take Kaminski’s warning that ;

    “every bit of information you have ingested throughout your life was provided to you by someone who did not and does not have your best interests at heart” His could be one of them.

    My two cents


    MORAL: Mathematical tunnel vision expertism can be fatal. And lateral thinking outside the Jew
    John von Neumann entropy box can dispatch Bletchley Manor math Wunderkinder up entropy creek
    sans paddle. 16-bit binary metalinguistics could similarly send the Google all-seeing Cyclops Golem kompooter
    up the same creek. No need to throw two trillion dollars at this cyber snoopocracy turkey.


    1945: Ninety percent of the city Würzburg, Germany is destroyed in only 20 minutes by Allied firebombers, which deliberately target civilian homes, churches, and hospitals with over 300,000 incendiary bombs. The Allies intentionally create a firestorm in which the bodies of the innocent victims, including children, are swept up by the tens of thousands into a whirlwind of flame taller than the clouds, measuring over 3,000 degrees F, with velocities many times stronger than hurricane force. There is no escape from such an onslaught. Allied leaders openly brag of targeting civilians, saying the raid is intended to “break the spirit of the German people.” It takes until 1964 — almost twenty years — to clear the 96 million cubic feet of rubble from the city. The Allies would later claim that only around 5,000 people died in the attack (despite more than 50,000 unaccounted for), which would mean that more than 98 out of every 100 bombs dropped killed no one.



    There is no need to organize a top down consensus on the matter of countless computer users worldwide autonomously communicating via the exchange of discrete packets of 4096 unsigned short integers each over the internet at essentially zero cost. It could be a grass roots bottom up spontaneously diffusive process – pure anathema to the wannabe micro managing socetal all-seeing eye of Horus enamored circle jerking mutual admiration society control freaks.

    Top down digital communication consensuses resembles the mating of elephants: everything is done at a very high level in the context of much screaming – and it takes 22 months to get results.

    The spontaneous diffusion of 16-bit metalinguistic communcation over the internet would effectively introduce a purely informal eight layer to the formal OSI Model. The ghost of Ho Chi Minh would crack a wry smile in response to such a Viet Minh echoing digital peasant uprising.

    Call it the equivalent of the post modern digital Buddhist EIGHTFOLD PATH.

    7 Layers of the OSI Model Layer Responsible For: 7.) Application Provides Services to User Apps 6.) Presentation Data Representation 5.) Session Communication Between Hosts 4.) Transport Flow Ctrl, Error Detection/ Correction 3.) Network End to End Delivery, Logical Addr 2.) Data Link Media Access Ctrl, Physical Addr 1.) Physical Medium, Interfaces.

    1. What exactly are you aiming for, Forrester?? It sounds like techno gibberish.

    2. Robert, have you ever visited the website I link to below? With best intent I suggest you check it out. I won’t pretend to understand advanced math or that I even desire to but I do know like minds when I see and hear them and most folks like at least a little bit of alternative entertainment!

      You might get the Red Alert Warning! Don’t proceed! Stop! Etc. The boogie-man or the $hysters will get you! Baloney. It’s plainly and simply ‘things’ you’re not supposed to see and hear. The usual. But of course I say hear, hear!

      Link 1

  5. Stupid is as stupid does,the virus has NOT been isolated ,therefore the vaccination will just make the
    Pharmaceutical companies even more wealthy than they already are!


    @ Gilbert Huntley

    There is nothing “advanced mathematics” about 16-bit binary metalinguistics. It would not be much of a hill for a passably numerate 12 year old.

    My central rationale might be summed up with two observations. Herbert A. Simon’s notion of “bounded human rationality” is at the core of the defeat of the Axis in WW2. To wit: every single Axis punch was telegraphed by virtue of broken Purple & Enigma codes which were premised on conventional algorithms inherently vulnerable to Cartesian reductionism. It would have been trivially simple to implement binary metalingistically modulated Morse code with the tech available in 1920. Think gashes as ‘1’ and dots ‘0’. This reduced the axis to plainly visible trout swimming in a rain barrel ripe for sawed off Boeing shotguns.

    The Fukishima Stuxnet malware second nuking of Japan could have been mooted at the cost of pennies without the need to understand exactly how Stuxnet sabotaged the Siemens PLC’s or that a malware attack was in progress. In the context of 16 bit metalinguistics the burden of proof rests on the attacker not the defender.

    A pundit once opined that WW1 was the chemist’s war WW2 the physicist’s war and that WW3 will be the mathematician’s war. I contend that WW2 could have been the mathematician’s war in the sense that the bounded rationality of Turing could easily have been overtaxed without half trying.

    I ultimately contend that the overtaxing of the bounded rationality of quantum computers is a “no brainer” in the context of 16, 17, 18-bit etc binary metalinguistics. Sic transit the “gloria” of mega micromanaging Besserwisser Klaus Schwab & ilk.

  7. So – how about a quote from Henry Mencken?
    “Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance. No one in this world, so far as I know and I have researched the records for years, and employed agents to help me, has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the great masses of the plain people. Nor has anyone ever lost public office thereby.” 

  8. by the way, the same day the site was hit with the biblical 999 plagues (+wrote a brief alert to Lasha), i started receiving unasked-for and unwanted automated NIGHTLY calls both by way of skype and my local, Thai number, the sender numbers originating in the States.
    The rings come at irregular intervals, 10 minutes, 1.5 hours and from different numbers so when i block one, it does no good, it kills my sleep as i am on edge due to anger and anticipation of the next call.
    So persistent that i finally uninstalled skype even though there is a ~€20 (euros) credit and also a skype-in number for which i pay ~$50/y.

    The hell with them all, tentacles of judean metastasis reaching out across the ocean.

    Look for a bigger example next door: Is Soros Backing Unrest in Myanmar? Military Junta Arrests Open Society Director and Staff
    Military Junta? Axis of Evil? Third Reich? Populist Demagoguery? “Repressive Feudalist Monarchies“? State religions?
    Yes to all, my kind of people, people wanting to preserve their people in face of marauding slave raiders landing at the shores under flags of protestant proselytizing, NGOs, social media, skype, whatsapp, facetime, … no wonder they arrested daughter of Huaiwei CEO, WeChat is hundred times better than all of those and infinitely more honest, less invasive.
    (note how jew (incl. David nauseatingly-squirming-gnome Frum, GW Bush’s speechwriter) always uses the term “Axis” to portray enemies as monolithically welded together under the banner of antisemitism/islamofascism/white supremacism, whereas the freedom-loving shabbo mule train is always “Alliance” of freedom and democracy defending heroes)

    Just look at the face of the predatory trollop Aung San Suu Kyi, contorted in malice, no wonder she copped Nobel peace prize, it takes a seriously genocidal sociopath to qualify as shabbo champion of tikkun olam.

    1. Following the revelations Snowden) about society being corralled, surveyed, monitored by any device with a cpu, it is essential to avoid Bill Gates crappy and sinister software (Skype, Windows, …) and powerup with Linux:

      Search for “linux beginners windows user”

      For communications, I recommend Jitsi https://meet.jit.si and Signal https://www.signal.org/

    2. thanks Flan.
      Up until 15 years ago, I used Unix (Sun OS/X11) and was beyond satisfied ,,, then switched to MS Windows to align with people at work.
      I would go to Linux in an instant but for laziness and inertia, also have Win based software like SAS, R, PDFelement Pro, SPSS and it would take some expense to transition to Linux.
      Still, tempting …

      What I am wondering about is where has everyone gone‽
      So the site is in some trouble but people can still comment, right, I mean I can.
      Are they worried about privacy loss? They never had it to start with, who’s kidding whom.
      The only reason dem Joos haven’t outed a whole bunch of us or none for that matter is because that would PROVE to the whole world that we are monitored closely and have no right to any secrets or privacy—which is fine by me, what am I supposed to say, “I like Jews“? But it would blow their cover and pretense that it’s okay, go on posting, it’s safe, too valuable a deceit to waste.
      All my positions are out there in plain sight and I am not about to back out of any, let them attack and challenge all they want, doubling down is my specialty.

      But why doesn’t Admin come out and say something, are they all floating face down in some Cornish cove, in and out with tide and low ebb—what about TROJ, is there an AI to monitor him?

      1. No fear here, just nothing to add. I’ve been watching lotsa Peckinpah and Siegel…. and their derivatives who/which you know well…

        Peckinpah had REAL LIFE ‘hard bark’ as much as Newman did in ‘Hombre’…. and even wrote some ‘Rifleman’ and ‘Gunsmoke’ episodes.

        For those who wonder…..
        Sam Peckinpah: (WHEW!!)

        Don Siegel:

        Ahm still kickin’…. jus not quite as haah deez daze!! 🙂

        Likin’ dat 10 min edit, too……

      2. Still here, lobro.

        Looks to be some assholes thinking they’re being clever with an upside-down “666” and all the bleeped-up symbolism that’s supposed to represent.

        Some twisted internet cowards who I’d love to see running through the dreaded Iroquoian gauntlet and trying to survive it…..feeling brave are ya f***nuts? 😠

  9. Biden vs. Putin: Round One!!
    Puny Punk Criminal ‘Put-On’ the thug really hammered ‘Sleepy Joe’ by saying what I used in kindergarten 🙂 🙂 ….. “IT TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE!!”

    President Biden has landed the first punch in an escalating contest between a reviving America and a revisionist Russia by publicly affirming that Russian President Vladimir Putin is a killer.

    Biden could have gone even further by naming Putin as a terrorist for his complicity in the bombing of apartment blocks in Russia in 1999 and a war criminal for the slaughter of tens of thousands of civilians during Moscow’s attack on Chechnya that same year. Regardless of such charges, words have to be followed with deeds or Putin will not take the new U.S. administration seriously.

  10. Yes pat, when Biden was vice-president obama dron hussein ordered the marines to kill innocent civilians in afghanistan …
    But Putin is wayyyyyyy worse, like you mentioned, killed hundreds of thousands in chechnya and don’t forget Syria, all those children .. so far 600.000 civilians slaughtered by his cowardly air force … 5 million homeless …
    But when the israelis kill his soldiers he kisses netanyahoo’s asss.
    So the former (Biden, obama) will rot in hell for say, a thousand years, but Puton will be vip

  11. What Christians don’t know WILL KILL THEM…… especially about criminal Israel!!!

    The people who love Israel don’t get it. Jesus drove the moneychangers from the Temple. This was not just a physical act but a symbolic one. He was no admirer of the jews. The jews and their false religions are what is behind the trouble.

    “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.” ~ Matthew 10:34, King James Version (KJV)

    1. As the story goes however many centuries ago, the TRUE Moses reprimanded the people for their worship of “golden idols”. Fast forward to today and things haven’t changed with people’s preoccupation with material wealth. They didn’t listen then, and they still ain’t listening now.

      Don yer masks and take the jab. Do whatever (((they))) say, so long as I can get my stuff.

      We reap the whirlwind

    “…to install a total retard as president…”

    Who, might one inquire, is being referred to here?

    Judging by his record, it is as true of Trump as it is of Biden.
    Just want to be sure we are both referring to the same retard.

    “Robin a bobbin he bent his bow
    Shot at a pigeon and killed a crow
    Shot at another and killed his brother
    Did Robin a bobbin who bent his bow.”

  13. Hi, normally I’m just an observer here, but I had to get this off my chest.
    This crossed my mind: What do the reset makers want most? They want obedient slaves, right? Well, the people who are taking the jib jab, despite all the warnings, are the obedient ones who ask no questions. They are what they want. It would be somewhat pointless killing all those off and just leaving us behind so that we can begin hunting them. That would be counterproductive. We, the stubborn freedom fighters, who reject their reset crap and everything they have to offer, are the ones in the way of them taking over for good. So, when Billy-Boy and husband Melvin said “wait for the next one. That one will be noticed” and they both grinned like thieves, what did he mean exactly? You see, the jib jab might kill off the old and frail (planned) and occasionally some young ones, but maybe, just maybe this nanotech, GMO jab might actually save the obedient from what Billy and Co. are going to release next, leaving all the critics, the sceptics, the conspiracy crowd vulnerable. I know it may sound far fetched, but we need to look at this from all angles. Not just in linear form, because we know they’ve been planning this for a long time.

  14. Land of the Free ( Deep State of Lucifer)

    “Land of the Free”
    “Home of the Brave”
    Killer of children
    Maker of Slave

    Two faced, fork tongued
    Bold teller of lies
    Government of laws?
    Lord of the Flies

    Banker raped and busted
    O Land of the Spree
    Red, white, and blue,
    Star -Spangled penal colony

    Terrorist to the weak
    In cruel death you delight
    Crushing the downcast
    With all of your might

    Seducer of Nations
    Cankerous Sore
    Mother of Harlots
    Jaded Whore

    O Foundation of Sand
    Winds of turbulence come
    With thunder and lightning
    Like the roll of a drum

    How far you have fallen
    In delusion you rise
    With the hubris of Lucifer
    The Father of Lies

    Your judgement is set
    And comes in a flood
    With the Sound of a Trumpet
    And a river of blood

    Envy of Nations
    Your judgement is grave
    O Land of the Naive!
    O Home of the Slave!

    1. Love it! Oh love it! Give me more!
      Leo the Golden, Leo the Glad!
      Leo who sings the Babylonian Whore!
      Leo the Monstrous, Leo the Mad! 🙂

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