Why Countries Collapse

By Paul Craig Roberts
July 14, 2021

This articles has been slightly abridged


Dmitry Orlov and Vladimir Putin believe the US is failing, because the US government, in Putin’s words, is “making sure-footed strides directly along the path of the Soviet Union.”

These strides are, in Orlov’s words: “exorbitant debt, problems in the energy sector and unreformable political systems mired in corruption, their elites delusional in their feelings of omnipotence. And now comes a truly eerie analogy: the powder keg that detonated under the USSR was ethnic nationalism and separatism; and the powder keg that is currently detonating under the US is “woke” (anti-)racism: another brand of ethnic fascism but with American characteristics.”

I don’t deny that these problems afflicted the Soviet Union and afflict the US today.  Certainly, such problems, if not successfully dealt with, could bring about failure.  However, in my view the Soviet Union collapsed because the belief system collapsed.  The United or Disunited States is collapsing for the same reason, as is all of the Western World.  Whether Russia joins this collapse as well remains to be seen.

The Soviet Union collapsed because communism did not produce the plenty that it promised, or the freedom, and frustrated communist reformers were sick of the system.  Dissidents were punished, at times severely, and propaganda was used to control the narrative as it is used today in the US.  The remaining threads of belief were cut when hardline elements in the Communist Party placed President Gorbachev under house arrest.

In the Western world the destruction of belief has been underway for many decades.  The French novelist Jean Raspail captured the collapse of Western belief and its consequences in his novel, The Camp of the Saints, 48 years ago in 1973.  The collapse is clearly visible today. The French, the Germans, the British, the Scandinavians cannot resist the dark-skinned immigrant-invaders that are are finally conquering Western Christianity with Islam.

LD: The book predicted that Europe, and later America and all other White countries, would soon be invaded by endless hordes of Third World refugees. Whites had a choice: either to shoot the invaders before they arrived — or accept them as refugees fleeing from persecution in their own countries.
According to the subversive book, the invaders won, and managed to rape and kill their White hosts in large numbers. The rest of the White indigenous population were destroyed by the slower process of miscegenation and mongrelisation. In 90 years time, it is predicted, the darker skinned races will have taken over the entire planet. The few white people who remain will be slaves. [LD] 

German belief in themselves and their country was destroyed by American control of their educational system since 1945. Germans are indoctrinated with the belief that their country is shameful, responsible for heinous acts supported by the German people. Any manifestation of German pride or any defense of German ethnicity against immigrant-invaders is treated as a manifestation of Nazism.

In Britain assorted intellectuals and university professors have damned the British for their colonialism.  Generation by generation the attack has eroded away British belief in their country.  Today “the privileged few,” the students at Magdalen College, Oxford University, are “uncomfortable” with a portrait of Queen Elizabeth in their common room and have removed the image of the Queen of England from their presence.  Quite clearly, the disassociation of the privileged few from their country is extreme.  How must the down and out feel?

In France the only politician who represents French ethnicity is Marine Le Pen, but the French ethnics will not elect the only politician who believes in a French nationalist state based on French ethnicity.  When the Establishment is not trying to arrest her, they are calling her a nazi. So, if you are French and you stand for French people, you are a nazi.  If patriotism still exists, it has been removed from association with French ethnicity.

In the now throughly Disunited States, split not north and south but red and blue, in the blue states white Americans are regarded as systemic racist oppressors of blacks and perpetrators of genocide of the native tribes.  There is much talk of paying restitution, but the emphasis now is on eliminating “whiteness.”  For the extremists, this means killing off the whites.  You can see the flavor here.   For others it means eliminating Western culture.

Black studies programs in American universities and all blue state public school systems and some red state ones, although the red states are moving against it, teach that white people are racist by nature and naturally oppress “people of color.”  The effect of this teaching is to create hatred of whites on the part of “people of color” while destroying the confidence of white Americans to defend themselves from accusations, punishments, and violence.  The manifestations of the attacks on white Americans are everywhere.  Indeed, we drown in them.  Yet there is no public or political discussion of the official demonization of white Americans, which is being implemented as the official policy of the Democrat Party.  

As in Raspail’s novel the attack on French nationalists was led by the French themselves, so in the Disunited States the fierce demonizing attacks on white Americans are led by white American liberals.  Self-repudiation by white persons is the rule in the Western world.

In New Zealand there was or is about to be a vote to dispossess themselves and hand over part of the country that New Zealanders built to the descendants of the original native inhabitants.  There is similar intent in Australia and Canada.  The Germans for years have been paying billions of dollars to the “descendants of the Holocaust.”

Even the US military is being programmed to weed out alleged racist attitudes toward people of color.  If white US soldiers are guilty of oppressing blacks, they are also guilty of oppressing Arabs and Asians.  How then can US troops fight in the Middle East or against China? If blacks have been oppressed, the US has oppressed people of color in the Arab countries it has bombed and invaded for 20 years.  Is the US military being conditioned so that it can only fight white people? Are US sanctions against China, North Korea, and Iran racist?

Will self-denunciation spread to Russia and China?  Both are vulnerable.  Both stupidly welcomed Western influence and have a professorial class of academics imbued with Western thinking.  Think about the oppression under Stalin, the Kulaks and so forth, the gulag, the executions of “enemies of the people.”  Think about Mao and all those he eliminated.  And Pol Pot.

Is the answer that class oppressions are OK, but not racial oppressions?

In North America no one alive today has been a slave or owned a slave.  In North America slavery ended 156 years ago. If American white persons have to pay a price for what happened long before their time, how far back and how widely applied shall the punishments be?  What does Turkey owe descendants of Byzantium?  What do descendants of Barbary Pirates owe descendants of Americans they enslaved? What do descendants of Muslims who raided Italian coastal towns for slaves have to pay descendants of the slaves?  What restitution must Israel make for stealing Palestine from the Palestinians?  What do descendants of Normans have to pay descendants of Anglo-Saxons for conquering England?

The purpose of the New York Times’ 1619 Project and Critical Race Theory is to demonize the United States and destroy citizens’ belief in their country. Americans are now doing to themselves what they did to Germans.


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  1. Craig Roberts limits himself by approaching the tragedy befalling Europe and America from a rationalistic point of view. And he should, since we all are assumed to be rational.

    There is a caveat however, quite apparent when we add “assume” in the equation. We, “suppose to be the case, without proof” that we are rational. But of cause, we know, from experience, that rationalism, is more of a presumption, than a fact, especially, when we are dealing with a power that wishes to deal in secrecy, subterfuge, corruption, deceit, manipulation, and brutal power. So, reasoning away the effects of their policy, is as the scriptures state; “throw(ing) your pearls in front of pigs, or they may trample them and then turn on you and tear you to pieces.”

    So, we cannot reason with the globalists, about the policies they are adopting, which are inimical to everybody’s interests, even if for now, it appears that the “White Man” is getting “The short end of the stick”
    It would do well for us, if we were bold enough to question the origins, and importance of the identities which we embraced, which are now being used against us.

    Many of them have their origins, from these same globalists, but we have been beholden to these identities, that we have forgotten their dubious origins. Identifies such as “National Identity” or even “Race Identity” are more a creation of these globalists, than our own. And when we fight to retain or defend them, we are not being intelligent.

    They were not our creation to start with. Am not supporting these race destruction policies, but why do we have to mourn their demise, and make the globalists fill as if we are actually “loosing something” Its time we identified and reexamined our priorities for our individual survival.

    Like our money system, which is a religion of the Marmon masquerading as “money” conjured out of thin air, these identities are more of a “believe systems” which give our enemies tools to destroy us. You really do not loose anything by rejecting them. They were never yours to begin with. You only thought they were. And that is where you were wrong.

    1. Perfectly correct, but every natural living system has a membrane that it uses to protect internal structures. Agreed, discrimination based on superficial characteristics are stupid but a membrane must exist to prevent mass dilution of culture .

      Trashing of culture and trashing of life (DNA, 5G, trans-humanist fantasy) are the highest ideals of The Tribe.

      PS. Whilst on the subject of DNA … based on the fact that the technology is 10 years old and companies are marketing it, I now believe it more than likely that the kill jabs are based on SAM RNA – self amplifying DNA that spreads from person to person (thus, without consent). Look up “vaccinated causing sickness in unvaccinated”, Dr Judy Mikovits and others. Also lookup the 120 page Pfizer document inside which is a warning to data collection scientists to be careful to separate vaccinated from unvaccinated – implying a transmission issue.
      The German parliament have recently allowed SAM RNA in law. This means the “vaccinated” are the plaque. Suggest you all find a cleaning job in a Elitist bunker and wait out 2 years for the sweep to complete.

      1. Good comments on the Covid drama, Flan. Vaccinated transmitting the GMO plague is scary scenario indeed. Does Dr Judy Mikovits has another source of information other than Pfizer? The scale of this scenario is comparable to nuclear holocaust fear porn induced paranoia. Perhaps there are hidden motivations in it, like adding more division into the chaotic situation.

        Pfizer is the leading big-pharma making billions $$$ spreading the toxic serum. As Americans say in business they are making a KILL. The same Pfizer who said the serum is perfectly safe and effective against Covid, the same Pfizer who recklessly recommended it to pregnant women. That said, we shouldn’t take Pfizer’s 120 pages report at face value. As they say in Law Pfizer is infected with the poisonous tree of lies. Best case scenario they tell half-truths only.

        If an unfortunate brain-dead goy gets sick with the serum some of those diseases might be transmissible such as TSE (transmissible spongiform encephalopathy – in layman terms mad cow disease or “zombie” disease). However, airborne transmissible genetic therapy sounds extreme. They have to reinforce the therapy with a second intra-muscular shot.

        What Pfizer and sister Companies have to say about this:


        Usually they say this – the current evidence doesn’t suggest an increased risk of period problems following the jab. My favorite – there is no “scientific” evidence relating the jab to bla, bla, bla… I know how these pricks operate they will deny any scientific evidence no matter what. These are actors we are dealing with, those with integrity have quitted long ago. Isaac Newton is supreme, they can’t ignore a flying bullet.

  2. The real story is obvious…… communists always call others what they, themselves, are.
    Only bigoted racists call white people racists!!

    1. This jew knows….
      “Heathenism and Paganism were ploughed under to prepare the soil for Christianity; and so today, there are those who would plough under Christianity to prepare the soil for the seeds of Communism, a no better creed, but a different priesthood.”
      — Henry Binkley Stein – “The Axe Was God” (1996)


  3. Countries collapse for many reasons, our seems to be immigration on non-whites, but I think it is far more fundamental. We are collapsing because we abandoned the values we had during the rise to greatness. All you have to do is watch a western drama TV show or movie and compare such resolute spirits to today’s beat down self hating guilty attitude.

    For instance if you think you should curtail your lust for life because of environmental concerns you have made the environment greater than self. This is what hippies do, I have seen them unconcerned about a blood sucking mosquito on their arm. A righteous person instantly kills the parasite in interest to self. If you lack that self worth, then multiply that a hundred million people you have a society heading toward collapse as it is unwilling to defend itself.

    Obviously, the same can be said about any parasite, including human ones, like Jews and third world freeloaders. Does the original population have a right of self defense from millions who want a free ride on the backs of those who paid the taxes and built the civilization? In Jew infested Amerika the host population is doomed when it says it is fighting Covids, but allows in huge swarms of migrants in during a supposed pandemic.

    If you can’t stop migrants in a pandemic then can you at all? What happened? The resolute spirits of the founders has been replaced by the parasitic spirit of the Jewish nation molesters. Jews have taken over and are destroying the nation from within, and one of the primary ways is unlimited migration, that way the ugly Jew criminal parasite can remain hidden in a third world crime wave.


    HORRIFIC VIDEO: Puerto Rican Couple Yanked From Their Car and Shot By Mob of Black Men in Chicago



    Opinion polls show that Amerika is NOT a racist nation, regardless of what the anti-White Jew media says. But for Whites to survive, they must loose their modern love thy neighbor attitude and start defending themselves as Whites, and as the mongrel superiors. Whites do have moral superiority over blacks, just watch the video above.

    Chicago is a modern city, most blacks live a white lifestyle, but Chicago is also ruled by Jews, and Obama’s former chief of staff Rahm Emmanuel used to be the mayor.


    The Ex-Obama White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel case: Father Specialized in Bus Bombings of civilians in Palestine

    “Irgun, the army of Rahm Emanuel’s father, is short for Irgun Zvai Leumi– “National Military Organization” in Hebrew, was a terrorist Zionist group that operated in Palestine, killing innocent Palestinians and British soldiers; blowing up buildings.”


    The savior of whites Donald Trump is best buddies with the terrorists that have taken the nation, so Trump is no savior, but a pied piper leading whites to their doom. White people are obviously in search of an Amerikan A.H. but foolishly have chosen a false savior.

    Paul Craig Robert’s article fails to mention the Jews as the causal agent to Amerika’s demise, like Trump PCR will defend the Jews until his dying breath.

    So what is the real problem here? The lack of moral courage to mention the real enemy. so until one finds the courage to name the Jew enemy we will continue our slide into the pits of Talmudic despair. It should be obvious all Jews must be removed from monetary and political power, along with all their mudbrid allies. It must be recognized that Jews have infiltrated the nation with non-whites as a parasite survival strategy.
    Illustration of where courage is in relation to despair on a chart:

    Map of consciousness chart
    I think praise of Lasha Darkmoon and staff is in order for allowing the discussion of this. That IMO is the first baby step back to sanity. But L.D. and staff still haven’t figured out the moral relevance of A.H. in our situation, which is exactly the same as his time. We face the exact same problem and thus should be not so quick to condemn him as the Jews media would like us to. It should be obvious that if the Jew media bashes Hitler non-stop for the past 7 decades then he must of represented some problem for them and their rule.

    Why was Hitler the greatest of leaders? He named the enemy from the pulpit with great courage. He named them and then he did something about it, like round them up and isolate them from the host population. He was able to pull that off because of the homogeneity of the German volk, so it would be very difficult for Amerika or any western nation to do what he did in the 1930’s.

    Thus the “melting pot” Amerika is doomed, which is why coal burners (white women going for black men) are aligning themselves with the power structure knowing that white men no longer have the power to defend the race. The most beautiful German model Heidi Klum bred with the most black Seal. A sign of the times, or a road side on the super Jew highway to hell.



    Another side note. A long time ago I was a pilot in the USAF, at that time I did not have any racial awareness, but reflecting back, every single pilot in the numerous squadrons that I was assigned was a white caucasian male. There were other races, but they had not achieved the status of pilot, and in the US military is completely non-racist, it is a meritorious system of advancement. So, obviously, whites are superior is the degree of skill necessary to fly aircraft. In fact I would feel nervous getting on a commercial flight with a non-white pilot.

    1. All the puerto ricans I have ever met in NYC and here in Florida are very racist against Whites and don’t hide their hatred of Whites [ which is good in a way because you know who you’re dealing with] Also, to speak in general, puerto ricans really don’t like blacks as much as they say they do. If a White person is around and there’s a black and a puerto rican around, then the puerto rican will make a big stink about how he and the black guy are “brothers”. He will make sure the White person knows he and the black guy are “brothers”. When there’s NO Whites around, the puerto ricans don’t like the blacks as much as they pretend to do when Whites are around.

      What happened in Chicago is horrible, but I’m happy the victims were puerto ricans and NOT White Americans. The blacks actually did us Whites a favor. Two less ANTI-WHITE puerto rican enemies to White Americans in the USA. Light skin puerto ricans are just as hate-filled and racist against Whites as their darker puerto rican relatives. Puerto Ricans [ and Domincans who have the same exact sh*t traits as the PRs ] do NOT want any NON Puerto Rican of any race White Black Yellow Red in the puerto rican neighborhoods. They let you know they want you out , and they are not nice about it when they tell you to leave. They hate anyone who is not puerto rican but they especially hate Whites. It’s a virulent hatred they have for Whites. Same for the light-skinned puerto ricans. The blacks or any one else could exterminate all the PRs in the US and I wouldn’t lose a second of sleep over it.

      FACT : If the couple who was pulled out of the car and shot by the blacks was a White American couple the puerto ricans all over the country would be happy about the killing and they would say “the Whites deserve what they got”. That’s a fact. They would giving each other the “brother hand shake”, whatever they call it I forgot.

      if one is a White American wasting psychic energy over the PRs killed in Chicago it’s a total waste of psychic energy. NO puerto rican in the U.S. would be at all upset by the cold blooded killing if the victims had been a White couple. Let francis and cardinal dolan and whoever is the goddamned cardinal of Chicago pray for the dead puerto ricans in Chicago, I’m not. The Church, by the way, prefers the filthy violent dirty VERY HATE-FILLED AND RACIST puerto ricans over Whites. That’s A FACT.

    2. It’s like I said, YJ, Hitler’s views on Christianity are essentially meaningless. The hard core reality of it all aligned with what was started 80 years ago today with Operation Barbarossa. Defeating the Soviet military would have profoundly altered history, as everyone who was alive then understood.

      Hitler declared that the “World will hold it’s breath”, and had it not been for the complete undermining of German Intel, they WOULD have defeated them, and the Zionist agenda would have suffered a setback whose rekindling may never have occurred. Such was the magnitude of 3 MILLION Reich troops involved in the invasion on a front 3,000 MILES LONG…….virtually unfathomable, making the war in the West look like a local skirmish.

  4. “Vladimir Putin believes the US is failing, because the US government, in Putin’s words, is “making sure-footed strides directly along the path of the Soviet Union.”..”

    Putin wants the US down

  5. yo’ toby!

    countries be collapsin’ ’cause families be in collapse ‘n sheit, there be lot of single mothers around and a lot of de kids today don’t even know who be their daddy ….. even a lot single big mama hos don’t know who de baby daddy be… could be any number of bruthas yo! — yo’ toby! did you be findin’ out who your daddy be yesterday yesterday was daddy day in de ‘hood sheeeeiiiiit… de day we look for who be our daddys in de hood ….. who be your daddy be in de ghetto which brutha be de baby daddy of toby ? sheeeeiiiiitttt….. [ LMFAO!!!! ]

  6. Putin wears a Jew kabbalah RED string around his wrist to ward off The Evil Eye I guess, just like “Catholic” madonna and like so many other Hollywood celebrities who wear the kabbalah red string around their wrists and just like, LOL, Tucker Carlson, conservative hero wears the kabbalah red string around his wrist, lol.

    Tucker Carlson , the great hero truth teller for the conservatives, he calls those who question the government narrative about 9/11 “parasites” and he wears a religious talisman or whatever you call it from a Jew religion/tribe out to destroy the White Race and any traces of White conservative influence in the United States. One is never going to defeat any political or cultural agenda by wearing a religious talisman/symbol of the religion/tribe always very ardently promoting the political/cultural agenda you’re opposed to [ based on the premise Carlson is sincere and not controlled opposition. ]

    Carlson is yet another dead end street — just like Trump the dead end Trump who led White America into an alleyway with only one way and one way out but the way out is now blocked, White America now trapped — after Trump lured and baited his supporters to D.C. to be there on Jan. 6th. Like he didn’t know what was in store for his supporters. What a bastard Trump turned out to be. What a trap he set for his supporters, White America now trapped in by JEW die-hard COMMUNISTS. I now hate Trump with a perfect hatred, to use a Biblical phrase. I hate “gab” which promotes Trump. Now I hate everyone who promotes Trump. [ Don’t misunderstand : I still HATE the Democrats ]

    I saw a video at WorldTruthVideo about Putin wearing the kabbalah red string around his wrist. Seemed real, I don’t think it was CGI video or anything like that. I think Pat is right about Putin.

    Trump hired a private kabbalah teacher to teach him jew kabbalah mysticism about 10 years before he ran for the presidency [ I think it was about 10 years before but I could be wrong about that, but Trump did have a private kabbalah tutor, Rabbi Etian Yardeni ] . I bet Trump wears the kabbalah red string around his wrist also. Ivanka wears the red string around her wrist.

    They ALL suck, Pat has THE CORRECT VIEW. I think Sarita is right also, “Putin wants the US down”, sounds right. World Jewry wants the US down, so Putin wants the same thing as World Jewry, he wears the religious symbol of the JEW kabbalah so he wants what World Jewry wants.

    1. MY VIEW is… puny punk commie ‘Put-On’ the thug dictator needs the USA and USD and US companies for everything he does…. so he can build another dozen or so 30 bedroom mansions!!!!! 🙂

  7. “I don’t see much future for the Americans… Everything about the behaviour of American society reveals that it’s half Judaized, and the other half negrified. How can one expect a State like that to hold together?” (quote Adolf Hitler)

    If the vaccine is a depopulation strategy of the elite, and the dead continue to mount, then the leaders of the nations might face huge internal revolts as the public catches on, and a “melting pot” nation like Jew infested Amerika might see really gruesome civil war, a real civil war of every man for himself.

    It is hard for me to imagine any trust left in the state after they pulled this Covid hoax. I mean really, does anyone not know they are outright trying to kill us off now? The state and it’s presumed authority over us exposed as a great falsehood, and the metaphysical truth revealed that no human being has any authority over another. The holy books that establish this authority have caused this crisis.

    The claim that God establishes the authority of the State is a ruse. It is the priest, using the mind spell of holy text, to con you out of your right to exist as a free man. We are all free beings, and we made a huge mistake (a mortal sin if there ever was one) allowing others to con us out of our natural right to exist without being ordered by an outside authority to self.

    Just look to Nature for the truth, does a beaver have to apply for a permit to build a house? Does a deer need to wear a face mask? Human civilization is a grim joke, the control freaks have found a way to order us around by contriving a medical crisis based on a non-existent virus. Anyone dumb enough to get vaxxed has lost all their instincts of self survival.

    What should be done is this, any man claiming authority over another should be killed on the spot. All the Bibles which hold men’s mind hostage to authority should be burned. Anyone, like Jews, who claim special status based on words in the Bible, put in mental institutions and not allowed to breed.

    The belief in “God” is the greatest mental illness of mankind. Earth is not just hell, it is a lunatic asylum for the spiritually damned.

  8. There is no more “Camp of the Saints”. Unless or until the White Race learns that they must separate themselves geographically, socially and sexually from the other 90% of humanity they will disappear from the planet. Whites still have a tiny, very small chance to do what is needed. Otherwise is lights out. From 40 percent of the worlds population in 1900 down to less then 10% of the world’s population in 2021, guess where the white race is headed.

  9. The strategy is to slowly take away everything white people have acquired in this world…
    Their women and children, their wealth, their countries, their freedom, their racial identities and their very lives…
    Who’s doing it?
    The white people who do not call themselves white, but think they are another special race, the Gods Chosen, the Master Race…
    I guess, yeah… But it is more than a theory…
    There’s a reason Jews have been kicked out of every country in Europe at one time or another, and it’s plain what happened to Merry Old England after they were let back in…
    It took a while but the British Empire was gradually sold off and transferred away from the people who built it, with the crypto Weinstein Churchill pretty much finishing the process off out of WW2…
    Now England is another Germany and Russia…
    It’s this Davos Globalism… I guess we could call it ‘Critical Jew Theory’ or ‘Critical Globalism’…
    And until PCR includes references to Jewish power in the USA for consideration on the root of our decline, rather than just celebrating it, certainly the problem with the media, then he might as well be another of the Fox Jews News Crew, another one of their Anglo Shills (they like Irishmen), always the alarmist on the symptoms but never the real detective on the root cause of the rotten problem…
    The problem is the Jewish Zionist Faction has too much power in media and government…
    Roberts, sounds Jew-Ish to me, like the guy on the court…
    It will come to a violent head at some point in the great anti-white crusade, which may be when people refuse en masse to cooperate any longer with the tax system on account of the reparations scam…
    That will completely pit the colored against the whites, with the federal law on the colored side, against the White Supremacists…
    Refuse to pay reparations – lose your gun rights…
    According to the Biden administration – White Supremacists are the Number One Domestic Terrorist Faction in the USA…
    Who’s a White Supremacist?
    Everybody who doesn’t pay up and kowtow, and has a gun…
    Unless we’re all going Down the Deagel Tube with the virus in the meantime…
    You saw the Chicago blacks shoot the Rican couple… How much longer before that’s you?

  10. Alrighty, THEN…..
    ‘Mile High Club’ is readily available for all in USAF!! 💥 🤢

    Nellis Air Force Base Hosts Drag Queen Show – Essential to the Morale, Readiness!!!

    Nellis Air Force Base and the 99th Air Base Wing hosted its first-ever drag show Thursday, June 17, at the Nellis Club. The event was sponsored by a private organization and provided an opportunity for attendees to learn more about the history and significance of drag performance art within the LGBT+ community.

    Ensuring our ranks reflect and are inclusive of the American people is essential to the morale, cohesion, and readiness of the military. Nellis Air Force Base is committed to providing and championing an environment that is characterized by equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion.

  11. Pat, Bark,
    I guess most of the aware have seen the video of the young blond white girl getting the hell beat out of her by Obiden’s precious ones to the cheers of of the other precious ones. It’s not known if anyone came to her defense. Most likely not.
    This ignorant girl most likely educated in the public schools and/or at some Ivy League flesh pot was either on a date with a precious one and some female precious ones didn’t like it and took action. Or she “…wandered lonely as a [white] cloud…” onto the scene of precious savagery. It must be “white privilege” to be embraced with such love by the precious ones.
    Quite unlike the scene as depicted by William Wordsworth.

    I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud
    I wandered lonely as a cloud
    That floats on high o’er vales and hills,
    When all at once I saw a crowd,
    A host, of golden daffodils;
    Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
    Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

    Continuous as the stars that shine
    And twinkle on the milky way,
    They stretched in never-ending line
    Along the margin of a bay:
    Ten thousand saw I at a glance,
    Tossing their heads in sprightly dance.

    The waves beside them danced; but they
    Out-did the sparkling waves in glee:
    A poet could not but be gay,
    In such a jocund company:
    I gazed—and gazed—but little thought
    What wealth the show to me had brought:

    For oft, when on my couch I lie
    In vacant or in pensive mood,
    They flash upon that inward eye
    Which is the bliss of solitude;
    And then my heart with pleasure fills,
    And dances with the daffodils.

  12. [ *POEM* ]

    ” They Cry ‘UNCLE!’ To Receive My Mercy”

    by : Fr. Giuseppe Beppe

    I come on hard
    I come on strong
    I’m always Right
    I’m never Wrong *grin*
    I beat ’em up
    I punch ’em in the nose
    I kick ’em around
    I box their ears in *grin*
    I make ’em cry “Uncle!”
    and when they do
    then, and only then,
    do I show any pity for ’em
    I release ’em from my firm grip
    and set ’em free
    they run from me with their tails between their legs
    to go cry to mommy , no doubt
    and pray to God I took pity on them, *grin*
    They cry “UNCLE!” to receive My Mercy, Amen.

      1. ..I’m tired of trying to please ADMIN when 90- 99% of my posts get CENSORED. I’m one of the best commentators ever in the Darkmoon’s history. I really do deserve better — much better do I deserve. But ADMIN knows this already.

        Go jump in a lake, ADMIN, all of you ADMINISTRATORS are lousy ADMINISTRATORS, tired old farts — I thought I was getting old, you all are like lifeless corpses you all are so old… No wonder you don’t have anything to be happy about. Misery loves company.

        But I shall continue to send in fun humorous posts, also informative, also compelling, and the most important of all, THOUGHT PROVOKING. NOT all of us have alzheimers dementia yet…in some old ratty depressing nursing home that smells like a hospital for old sour pusses with one foot in the grave.

        Hey ADMIN! Thanks for reading what I have to say! *grin*

        1. Cheer up, Joe! I wish I could have posted
          your full comment without any deletions.
          What you had to say is only too true,
          but sometimes the truth is best left unsaid.

  13. In days of yore, they knew the score:
    Life was War, for evermore.

    It can’t be helped, it must be done.
    So keep your mouth shut, and pull out your gun.

    To all you pussies, filled with fright
    All YOU offer, is a long dark night..

    Away with you, the foe within..
    Which is perhaps, the greatest sin

      1. There’s a good girl… keep taking the meds Madame!

        I’d hate to see you end up back in the psycho ward – if you hadn’t jumped off a bridge first – not to mention that, in either case, The Commentariat would be devastated… or at least feigning to be so 😊

          1. “Reverse psychology” my dear.

            You know I hold you in high esteem, an esteem that would be even HIGHER…. if you weren’t such a pain in the A$$! 😂

  14. PAT
    I guess your chances of being next depend on where you live…. any and all the dem cities are lbeing turned over to lawless thugs….
    Cops won’t help you…
    Truth be known – they’re over it too…
    The Axe Was or The Axe Is?
    The Axe is the Ace….
    I thought it was ‘Craft is King’….

  15. I figure if I keep sending in the video “‘ Adolf Hitler : The Greatest Story Never Told’, Part 8 ‘Pearl Harbor'” about THE REAL REASON Hitler launched Operation Barbarossa in about 3 to 4 years Lasha will decide to feature it. If I’m indefatigable enough. Reminds me of the situation I faced with my Catholic video “Vidi Aquam” post which took 3 – 4 years of persistent tenacious tireless effort before “Catholic” Lasha would feature it. Anybody remember the “Vidi Aquam” video? Just in case anyone forgot. *angel face emoji*, lol :


  16. Admin quoted Paul Craig Roberts: The purpose of the New York Times’ 1619 Project and Critical Race Theory is to demonize the United States and destroy citizens’ belief in their country. Americans are now doing to themselves what they did to Germans.

    Congruent with PCR’s statement, the following was observed 56 years ago.


    1965 Due to friction between different races in Britain, the Race Relations Act of 1965 is introduced into parliament by the then Attorney General, Russian Jew, Frank Soskice. This act makes racial discrimination unlawful in public places.

    Introduction of different races into countries is the Jews’ most effective form of warfare yet against the Western World, and is known as the, “Silent War,” which has taken place at various times this century, primarily in the United States and the United Kingdom.

    This is generally done under the pretext of needing other races to fill a gap in the labour market in that country (although of course in America, Jews brought Africans into the country to sell as slaves), whilst the electorate of the countries concerned are never asked whether they want immigration into their country. The Jews support immigration into countries for the following reasons:

    1. In accordance with their most holy book, the Talmud, Jews see the world population as consisting of Jews and non-Jews (also known as goyim, goy, and gentiles). The only possible end result of immigration is the destruction of all races as they interbreed with one another and form one single race. That race will be the non-Jews.
    2. The Jews have always wanted a World Government, which co-incidentally they will control. By mixing up all the races into different countries, they can argue that as every country in the world now consists of many different races, national boundaries are obsolete and should be replaced with a single World Government.
    3. The Jews are fully aware of the danger a cohesive native population is to their dreams of a Jewish World Government, having had the experience of being kicked out of so many countries several times in history due to the natural reaction of a cohesive population against their evil and exploitative actions there.

    The introduction of people, foreign to a country, as citizens, removes the threat of the native peoples’ acting as a single cohesive unit. This is because the different cultures and customs of both peoples’, are hard for either people to accept. Whilst these two groups of people are pre-occupied sorting this out, the Jews have the benefit of invisibility to carry on as they please without question.

    Yet, they do not practise what they preach.

    They only ever seem to declare their race, when they speak of the great benefits in diversity, and anyone who doesn’t agree must be, a, “racist,” or a, “hater.” Yet the plan they are promoting will result in the ethnic cleansing of specific racial types that have been on the planet for thousands of years, which they do not regard as racist or hateful. Interestingly, the Jewish owned media throughout the world will go to promote diversity or political-correctness, whilst at the same time promoting the apartheid state of Israel, the only state in the world where you have to be of a particular race to emigrate to. Yes, you have to be biologically Jewish to be able to emigrate there, and it is forbidden for a Jew to marry a non-Jew.

    What PCR observed has been going on for a long while.

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