You Must Live the Lie

19 February 2021

America’s new promise:
Either way you won’t live long.

‘You won’t live long!’

When you listen to the hum of any engine for a long enough time, you begin to imagine you hear voices, or songs, that are really DNA-like fragments of meaningful moments of your memory. Always indiscernible, just beyond the range of auditory comprehension, the sounds remind you of things that for your own safety you ought to know, but don’t.

From every angle in every location, at all hours of the day and night, a subtle message hidden in the white noise of our mechanized society penetrates our consciousness . . . from every source and every commercial pitch . . . from every politician to every preacher . . . this is what the everpresent but barely discernible voices keep repeating, over and over and over . . .

You must live the lie
if you want to stay alive
To seek the truth
is to find only death

This is what they try to tell us, constantly, at every moment, from every direction. Don’t investigate. Enjoy what you have. Forget about the truth. Accept the placebo, the imitation. The imitation will never die. Will it ever be accepted as God? Has it already been? When you worship money that is worth exactly nothing, what is it that you hold in your hands? A soap bubble that can pop at any time?

Try to figure out what you’re not supposed to know and you can be shot on the street at night, like Seth Rich, who was only trying to get the truth to someone who wanted to print it.

This is what the collective voices tell us. They keep repeating, keep eroding, trying to make us believe we don’t need to be free. They prove it with every law they pass that covers up the lies of the swindlers and protects the wallets of the poisoners. It shows in every war they make where reason lies in the bloody dust and those who watch practice snickering in the manner of laughing men with guns, just like they do in the central African jungle. Or in Washington, D.C.

You can watch human intellect being deliberately eroded by the constant bans of contrarian viewpoints in electronic media forums, banned here, deplatformed there. Only approved thought — Jews are gods, the rest of us are bovine slaves — is now permitted.

Once we thought Google was a cornucopia of information; now we can see it is our thought prison, systematically eliminating facts and opinions contrary to the Communist takeover they have slyly engineered.

Then they lock us in our homes with the excuse that a government contrived disease with a less than 1 percent death rate is an adequate reason to shut down the entire world and destroy all its small independent businesses. Jobs are lost, families split up, murder and suicide rates skyrocket. Especially suicides among kids. Future generations are being eviscerated by this enforced imprisonment. Current generations are being decimated by government recommended medicines, experimental untested piles of bullshit.

Then they follow that with a so-called vaccine that is not a vaccine at all but a nanotech installation guaranteeing permanent sickness followed by agonizing death. The world’s businesses mindlessly line up to demand everyone have proof of vaccine in order to do business. Who do they think will be left if everybody takes the vaccine? Well, that’s the plan, isn’t it?

Doesn’t anybody find it odd that doctors’ groups from all over the world have blown the whistle on the scamdemic for months but they are blocked by the world’s “respectable” news readers who inflict the worst possible future on the many millions of minds it still controls with its deliberately homicidal drug rape and murder by injection.

Listen to Dr. Sherri Tenpenny or another of the other courageous physicians blowing their whistles about how all those people who have already taken the shot that is not a vaccine for a disease that has never been isolated or authentically identified are soon to be deceased.

She’ll tell you that those who have already taken these experimental untested pseudovaccines have already doomed themselves later this summer when the phrase “cytokine storm” becomes their listed cause of death.

Save yourself some trouble when you plan to take the shot and call your undertaker first.

Here’s the latest summation of the situation from United Health Professionals, who are typically banned by Big Pharma’s Big Media.

Very Urgent:
International Alert
message about COVID-19

Selected highlights:

• The stay home, save lives formula was a pure lie.

• The conscientious doctors recommend removing the following illegal, non-scientific and non-sanitary measures: Lockdown, mandatory face masks for healthy subjects, social distancing of one or two meters.

• The lockdown has not only killed many people but also destroyed physical and mental health, economy, education and other aspects of life.

• The natural history of the virus [the coronavirus] is not influenced by social measures [lockdown, face masks, closure of restaurants, curfew]. In other words, all of these so-called enforced protections are totally needless and have been created for reasons other than practicing healthy medicine.

• When the state knows best and violates human rights, we are on a dangerous course.

• Exclude your experts and advisers who have links or conflicts of interest with pharmaceutical companies.

• Stop the vaccination campaigns and refuse the scam of the pseudo-health passport which is in reality a politico-commercial project.

Our reality has been stolen from us by psychopaths who don’t have our best interests at heart. Their agents, and the method of society’s destruction, are those too slow to learn the facts and in their ignorance allow themselves to be destroyed by fast talkers with bad, but expensive, drugs.

If we don’t reclaim reality from the propagandists and they kill us we will have only ourselves to blame for allowing people to rule over us who always intended to kill us. Simple as that.

Know who they are, and know that they’re working to destroy you.

“Know who they are,
and know that they’re working to destroy you.”

You should probably make a note to do something about that while your power is still on and you still have food in the ’fridge.

If you wait ’til the power goes out, it surely will be too late to fight back.

End the lockdown, ditch the masks and keep working for a government that tells the truth, which is not what we have now.


45 thoughts to “You Must Live the Lie”

  1. Hopefully, the tipping point will be reached when they make their human genome changing poisons mandatory and thousands start dying.
    When they declare you can’t buy food, access infrastructural elements like tap water and electricity, surely the fight back against the Jewish monsters will start in earnest.
    Gilbert is a realist like me and is looking at more efficient guns. He will set up his own Alamo.
    I have the best range of weapons available, many only the army supposedly can access.
    Yes, words can be cheap, but I have words and fight.
    My tribe of aborigines have contacted tribes all over the north of Australia and they are ready to fight.
    I know Muslim groups who are ready to find the Jews behind “rocks and trees.”
    Trouble is, the mindless Goyim, White masses are too entrenched in their respective comfort zones and do not want to hear the truth. Only when they cannot get food and money credits will they start to show any anger and fight that is left in their pig like, obese, unfit bodies.
    A prominent Jew recently said that as long as the self-serving White Goyim are happy to receive “money coupons” (fiat money) and can spend it on utter rubbish, they are content and malleable.
    Besides most Goyim’s only source of information are the Jewish television networks, where they are fed on fast food advertisements and sexual filth.
    And anyone who is stupid enough to line up for the death wand of the toxic vaccine, deserves to die. Even many Antifa members are smart enough to avoid the death wand.

    1. “Only when they cannot get food and money credits will they start to show any anger and fight …”
      THEY (WE) WILL FIGHT EACH OTHER probably, that’s what happens most of the time; the perpetrator will be well guarded in heavily fortified skyscrapers.

      1. Johanmalkum, you are most likely correct: instead of turning off their televisions, the Gentile idiots will commence to “fight each other”, whilst the Jews will retreat to their safe havens of wealth and splendour and watch the hungry cattle fight it out.
        Exactly like now, the Jewish politburo members are staring us in the face and are commanding how we should think and behave, when in reality the Goyim are getting fatter and dumber.
        The Goyim simply cannot see all the Jewish leaders and influencers who have them herded into corrals.
        The Goyim would rather live in the sexually driven, lying, cheating, fantasy world created by the Jews like Seinfeld, Spielberg and Starr; and engorge themselves in junk food whilst they’re at it
        And then these vastly over-represented Jews are able to convince the downtrodden that we need “equal opportunity, diversity and proportional representation” at all places of work, even in the most intellectually demanding work locations. Hollywood told us that it was a group of brilliant negro females who did the most important mathematical calculations regarding the moon landing. (They probably couldn’t even measure the dimensions of Kubrick’s fake moon-landing studio set.)
        With no strong leadership the White Goyim are doomed. But if a strong, Hitler like “leader” were to emerge to lead the disparate masses, then there might be some hope. However, whilst the so called “Christian” majority continue to love the Jews and Israel, there is no hope for a popular uprising against the Jews.
        Charles Giuliani, at Rebel Broadcasting, gets into the real nature of Christian Judaism and explains how it is all firmly under the control of the Jews’ satanic Yowie monster. He explains, with the actual words of Jesus, how Jesus was just another of many fake messiahs and was a fully fledged Jewish supremacist.
        The Jews’ Bible controls our planet, which is exactly why Jews are supreme in all American administrations and American taxpayers fund the demonic state of Israel. It is all religion, whether you like it or not.

      2. JM-

        “THEY (WE) WILL FIGHT EACH OTHER probably, that’s what happens most of the time;”

        “… that’s what happens most of the time:”

        When did you see that happen in the US?

    2. Darkmooners,
      “Live the lie” and you won’t live long. “Live the truth” and you won’t live long either. Basically, folks, we humans are f..cked from cradle to grave. We will ALL meet our demise in one-way-shape-or-form. Why the hysteria Donaldo asks? Death is a part of life and vice-versa. Donaldo has long lived the trials and tribulations of this subject. He’s ALMOST “bit the dust” on numerous occasions but is still here so far. Oh well. But why the fear? Death can come quickly and unexpectedly at any moment…. and sometimes the FEAR is worse than death itself. Donaldo valiantly raises his tequila shots and invites the “Grim Reaper” to take him when opportune. In trucker language we say….”Oh well. F..k it. Time to go. Face diapers…don’t think so. But anyway. Tonight Donaldo and TROJ have hooked-up again and drinking great European 🍻. We have steaks on the grill and a couple of hot scantily-clad Brazilian senoritas with us. Life is good for us now. We’re certainly not thinking about death. Only life. Troj! Careful! The steaks are burning! 😀🤠

  2. He may most of the time be all Groom and doom, but Mr. Kaminski is right. We need to think for ourselves!
    In spite of the lethargy with the masses, all I know is, that “you can lie to all people sometimes. And you can lie to some people all the time. But you cannot lie to all the people all the time.” What we suffer from, is “Leader Syndrome” This is a generational sickness, that creates a “Boxer Trait” Here, I mean Boxer The Donkey, in the book, “Animal Farm” Because we have been used to “Leaders” who “Tell us” and “We do” we have this kneejerk response to government fiats; “If “If Comrade Napoleon says it, it must be right.” “If The Government said it was good for us, it must be good for us”

    We hardly ever and many times, dare imagine that the government may be putting into effect, a policy to starve us, destroy our lives, and then kill us! We keep telling ourselves “If the government said it, it must be right” We are used to “The Government” It has always been there since time immemorial. Whether it was the primitive government of our tribal ancestors, or the so-called “Modern Government” the government has always been there. It has always been telling us, and we do. It has always “protected us” or so we thought. How do you expect an teaching which has been inculcated in the society for millennia after millennia to just be discarded with as a lie? We are like Children who are terrorized by the parents, but still think that “Daddy is right” How do we “survive” without a “government”

    Of course, this is all wrong thinking. Because you do not survive because the government enables you to. Am I saying that we should discard governments? Oh No. What am saying, is that we should understand that the government is not there for us! It has never been there for us. We were wrong to think so. The government is there for itself, and those who use it to exploit the rest. Now this is a hard teaching which not many would be willing to entertain. But that is the truth, which will eventually become a certainty to many. Quite a number are waking up. It will reach, “Critical Mass” one day.

  3. Consider the theory that earth is hell. Does on the ground data from an observer match the theory? YES! Who is causing earth to be hell? Jews! Thus Jews are the devil’s minions in hell.

    What kind of theologies do we expect to find in hell? One’s that comfort the tormented souls who live here, tales of heavenly afterlife, and eternal peace. But what is the reality for a soul in hell? The soul is trapped, spending life after life in hell via reincarnation.

    So what is the biggest lie told in hell? That you can escape by doing something – like living a good life, or believing in something that frees your soul upon death. In hell the slaves are indoctrinated to believe in a Jewish savior, when in fact the Jews are the kings of lies telling holy lies to get power over the Goyim. Every Jew is your existential enemy, there is no path to salvation by any Jew and I am sorry if you believe otherwise, you are wrong.

    In hell you are forced to live the lie and believe false theologies based on Jew lies. In hell you are forced to go to war based on false flag lies. In hell, you are forced to earn and use money that goes down in value because Jews run the central banks. In hell, Jews run industries based on profit for them, and death for you; the food is polluted with chemicals and pesticides, water is full of toxins like chlorine and fluoride. In hell the air is polluted by industries making toxic products. In hell your religions are lies that keep you trapped. In hell your holy books confuse you and bind you to the Jew devils.

    I remember ordering a copy of Cathy O’Brien’s book ‘TRANCE Formation of America: True life story of a mind control slave’ and reading it twice. That was back in 1999. The first time I read it was such a shock I had to read it again to make sure I didn’t imagine what she said happen to her by Dick Cheney – who a year later was the Vice President and clearly the handler of GW Bush. Then 911 happened – and I knew immediately that Bush was in on it (from the book) and that he was down in the Florida school holding a kid’s book My Pet Goat upside down from being so nervous. Cheney had sent him away that day so he could run the 911 operation from the Pentagon basement.

    What Cathy O’Brien said was going to happen did happen, and now it is even worse than what she had expected – Amerika has fallen into Communism, and they are currently consolidating power by putting hardcore Jew Zionists into all the critical positions of power to control whatever their plan is, which no doubt includes destroying Iran and the Amerikan Republic. What is coming folks is hell, real hell, not unlike what you saw on the Jewtube what befell Iraq. Jews are going to destroy the United States and fulfill the prophecy of Satan Yahoo:

    “America is a golden calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control. Why? Because it is the will of God, and America is big enough to take the hit so we can do it again and again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.”

    Make no doubt about what Satan said, Israel hates Amerika and is intending on destroying it, any resistance to the Jew World Order will be smashed. Thus, if the gun owners of Amerika resist disarmament and being Jew slaves they will be destroyed. War is coming to Amerika, hell is coming, hell like you never would believe and those that believed in some Jewish salvation were wrong, they were deceived, fooled good by their love of Israel. The only sane course of action is for moral people to bomb Israel off the face of the earth before Jews even get more power. But hardly a soul wants Israel destroyed? Why? Because people are in love with the evil it represents, and proof are the megachurches and wealthy pastors like John Hagee.

    In hell, people will cheer Israel on till their last breath. So if you notice, those condemned to live their lives out on earth are the damned. Humans are totally damned, a damned specie if there ever was one.

    1. Since you don’t believe in spiritual existence, Bigfoot, please tell us “Who” damns humanity…
      You obviously believe in some Entity from which comes the damning(?).
      (If you believe in Satan, you must believe in God.) (It would be wise to try and honor His ways.)

      1. Gilby,

        I never said I do not believe in Spiritual existence, since such a claim, is like fish claiming that it did not believe in existence of water. I do not believe there is anything other than the World of Spirit.
        In regard to “Satan” If Satan were really, really the diabolical creature our preachers would wish us to believe he is, well, He would have been making much more damage to humanity. As for now, I believe his nature has been wildly exaggerated. If you what to know who he is, wake up in the morning and look deep in the image in the mirror and decide who you will be that day. Son of Satan, or Son of God.
        “Who” damns humanity? Humanity damns itself. They do not need some separate spirit out there to force them.

  4. McDonald’s golden arches are a preeminent demonic sigil of our Kali yuga times. The epitome of Bad Karma (Vikarma) which like penicillin doesn’t matter whether you know or believe or even care if it acts or not.

    “Nature’s law is so strong. The so-called childish scientists, they cannot give any relief. That is not possible. That is not possible. It is simply false promise. And those who are fools and rascals, they believe that in future… Future, but what they have done in the past? They cannot do anything.”
    (Srila Prabhupada)

    “Thus cruelty begets its offspring – WAR.

          1. Meanwhile we need to concentrate our forces on more practical measures for solving the Covid crisis, leaving aside quixotic dietary changes such as veganism until a more opportune moment. Of course, there’s always the Soylent Green solution….. 🙂

        1. @ Madame Butterfly

          Unfortunately, most Americans don’t have a clue what “Quorn” is. This vegan product is confined to the U.K. and 14 European countries.

        1. Hp

          Sorry, dear Homer. I stand corrected. My bad. Yes, lacto-vegetarianism would certainly work. With lots of live yoghurt, as in India (lassi). No wonder good Hindus protect the sacred cow, source of so much goodness.

          Strict veganism can be a problem though. Bernard Shaw, the author of the poem you linked, was a struct vegan and had to have special shots of Vitamin B12.

          1. You will love this amusing anecdote about the great Irish dramatist Bernard Shaw. He was so concerned about plants having consciousness, too, that he refused to have flowers in his house put in vases. He thought they would prefer remaining in the garden, unplucked.

            One day a female visitor to his house was surprised to see there were no flowers on display in his living room. And not a vase in sight. Turning to Shaw, she said: “I notice your garden is full of the most beautiful flowers, Mr Shaw. But there are none in this room in vases, which I find extraordinary! Don’t you love flowers?”

            Shaw looked at her with a twinkle in his eyes.

            “Indeed I do, madame,” he said. “I also love children. But I don’t cut off their heads and put them in vases!”

      1. And Lord knows I like a little (a lot) buckwheat honey.
        And hard to not notice the butter dripping off my elbows, lol..

        All the many bigly experts just lied and lied and lied all those years and years about that most wonderful of wonders; butter.
        The damn perverts.

      2. Madame, here’s an anecdote which you might find oddly amusing or perhaps a bit macabre. Since we’ve more or less hogged the thread, why not one for the road? It does tangentially relate to the oh so apropos Golden Arches photo.

        I once hired a small town lawyer to defend me in court. I paid him 50 bucks cash! We rode to the courthouse in his old green Datsun listening to George Harrison on the radio. (circa the good old days and all). By the time we left court I was sentenced to a full scholarship at the local college, lol. Not a bad day!

        Within a decade of Ballard’s memorable 50 dollar defense, he met and married Ray Croc’s daughter. Ray Croc (aka) Mr. McDonald’s.
        I just can’t quite remember if he rubbed my head or not..

  5. Talk about living a lie!
    How many stupid Goyim, including Roman Catholics following the Pope’s order to take the vaccine, will have mRNA cells, including aborted foetus material and cells from animals, injected into their blood streams?
    The Roman Catholic Church used to be strictly anti-abortion and now they are encouraging the use of aborted foetuses. What is it? Over one million abortions in the USA per annum?
    Heaven knows what these foreign bodies will do to your god-given, natural genomic structure. Could a pig’s RNA make you think and act like a pig? Might you be even more attracted to the slop at Mac Donald’s?
    Oh yeah, there are over one hundred genders and gay sex is good sex.
    And the poor, all suffering Jews do not control America and have little to do with fiat money creation.

    1. Black women get twice as many abortions as whites in the US. The vaccines contain mostly black tissue! DNA mismatch for white recipients.

      1. Uncle Remus say many a chile be mixed-up wif dat! Ef so, whut kine ‘o juice in dat vaccine?? Chile grow up to be Ching Chong Negro wif red hair!

    1. @ barkingdeer

      Are you suggesting that Admin is picking on you?
      If so, DON’T.
      We have no reason to delete or censor your comments.

  6. You Must Live the Lie … in an Artificial Hell Matrix

    You must believe in all the fakery in the fake universe

    a holographic torture matrix in which your soul is tortured forever

    I am surrounded by fake people who believe fake things

    like fake theology about a fake god who has fake desires and fake commandments

    god, a super computer, who generated a fake universe to torture us

    we are told to love this evil thing that created this hell by fake priests who wear fake clothing reading passages from a fake holy book

    fear god and hell these holy fakers say when it is obvious we are already in hell

    and now we can see all the fake people wearing fake protective masks that do not stop these (fake) viruses – and many do it as virtue signalling which is fake as a truly virtuous person would not have to pretend to be virtuous

    and the good news (in hell) is these virtuous mask wearing fakers are happy to line up to get a fake vaccine because they want to believe in the fake things the authority tell them

    and it dawned on me today that the reason everything is fake is because our existence is fake and that all the fakers are cashing in playing god who is the father of all the fakery to start with, thus Bill Gates plays a god/devil in hell getting rich on the vaccine scam

    this fakery to get money is because god fooled us with our fake existence, those who resist decide to play god and make their own fakery and get rich in the process

    and I also deduced a while back that the reason our holy book is called “good news” is because we are in hell … if we were in heaven we would not need to hear good news

    and thus all of our theology is wrong because we are all fakes believing lies of salvation, not admitting the obvious that we are in hell with no escape – so we imagine and believe in salvation by miraculous means … who needs salvation in heaven?

    you only need salvation if you are in a desperate situation – trapped in hell without hope of escape thus we give each other hope by believing this torture of being alive ends some day, after death we get a new life in heaven we tell ourselves

    the truth is so horrible we can’t admit it, the only real heaven would be non-existence

    and if that isn’t the greatest condemnation of the creator god I don’t know what is

    1. @ Yukon Jack

      “You Must Live the Lie … in an Artificial Hell Matrix.

      You must believe in all the fakery in the fake universe, a holographic torture matrix in which your soul is tortured forever. I am surrounded by fake people who believe fake things. like fake theology about a fake god who has fake desires and fake commandments. God, a super computer, who generated a fake universe to torture us…. blah blah blah blah blah…”

      Thank you for this remarkably stupid comment. I don’t think the word “stupidity” is enough to convey the caliber of your mind. I think “mental derangement” gets a bit closer.

      Ad hominem abuse is out of place in this context. It’s a mistake to get angry with a ranting lunatic who, strictly speaking, belongs in a padded cell. So let me explain, purely for the benefit of others here, the logical contradictions that make your world view untenable.

      The poster known as ‘Lobro’ could certainly make mincemeat of your arguments if he wished, but that is something I leave to him. Here, meanwhile, are my own views. And I am a qualified professional philosopher in theoretical physics at a major university.

      If we are all living in a “fake hologrophic universe”, created by a supercomputer, none of us are REAL creatures. Understand? We are all FAKE SIMULATIONS. We have the same reality as the characters in a novel or the actors in a movie. All reality is virtual. And it therefore follows that none of us has free will. Everything we say and do is PREDETERMINED. We are no more than helpless puppets and life is a bad dream in which we find ourselves trapped forever.

      This is what you have said on your own crazy website, I believe, ever since you lost your marbles a few tears ago. You have gone downhill since then. An angry old man whose only pleasure in life is to tell us how awful life is and how hateful God is for playing torture games with us.

      What a nutcase.

      Here is the flaw in your logic.

      If we are all fake computer-generated simulations without free will, as you keep claiming hysterically, then YOU YOURSELF ARE A FAKE, COMPUTER-GENERATED SIMULATION! Your hysteria itself is therefore unreal. Simulated. Computer-generated.

      And so, quite logically:

      (1) Why should anyone pay attention to your ravings if they are simply the ravings of a computer-generated simulation? 🙂

      (2) Why are you so angry and distressed that you should find yourself in such a “torture matrix” of a universe when your very anger and distress is a FAKE ANGER AND DISTRESS FELT BY A FAKE ENTITY CALLED “Jack Yukon” who doesn’t really exist — except on a GIANT COMPUTER CALLED “GOD”.

      This a philosophical paradox, my friend, in which you find yourself caught. It makes total nonsense of everything you say.

      You really are a mental case.

      1. @ WittgenStein

        I knew someone might react to my rant that we are being tortured in a hellverse. But can you defeat the argument that human life on earth is hellish and that torture is normal? Is it not true that all these mask mandates is a form of torture? Is social distancing torture? Is war a common thing on earth? Are most people fake?

        What does a bright honest person conclude about our existence? Earth is hell and we are being tortured on purpose for some unknown reason. We may not be able to determine the who or the why, but we can make progress by simply being honest about our observation of life on earth.

        There is no flaw in my logic, and that is what upsets you – I have stated the newly emerging theory of a computed simulated universe which now is being accepted by many mainstream scientists. People are simply not going to want to believe they are sentient computer programs being tortured for loosh or entertainment for the gods.

        You say “If we are all fake computer-generated simulations without free will …”

        I didn’t say we don’t have free will, I think we do and that is part of the fakery, for the Sims to think they have free will. And this is not my idea, it is being discussed by many who are investigating this hypothesis. Basically, just because you think you are real does not make you real. With the rapid advancing in computer gaming it is not a very big stretch of the imagination that the characters in the computer game become conscious and react with their own programming. Free will could very well be an illusion, and that philosophical topic is hundreds of years old.

        So along with the free will illusion is torture, torture is another way for the sims to take this place seriously:

        “The purpose of torture in a holographic simulation is to make you believe that this is real. You are in an artificial reality, you were assembled with a brain and nervous system that feels pain. People torture others to make them believe whatever they believe, for instance religious people torture others of different faiths to force them to believe in their brand. But it is all for naught because all belief systems are delusions in the simulation.”

        Of course, torture is a condition … drum roll … in hell. In hell we would expect to find torture, well on earth torture is a normal thing, thus earth is hell. Right now Jews in the Amerikan Government have captured Muslims and flown them to Gitmo are are at this very moment torturing them. Jews also did 911 as a false flag, so we can see Jews not only are part of the fakery, they are making earth hell, and seeing that Jews keep winning we can conclude that whoever manages the earth hell want Jews to be the torturers. Like I always say, you know you are in hell if you find yourself on a planet with Jews.

        The concept that we are asleep waking up is explored in the excellent movies “The Truman Show”. “The Thirteenth Floor”, “The Matrix”, “Dark City” and many others.
        New Agers fully are on board that humans are now waking up in the matrix, becoming conscious that all of our history was a big fat manipulation.

        Here are what others say:


        1. Note: this is not my thread, but earth as a loosh factory is a popular topic on many discussion boards like Godlikeproductions:









        Are Humans Sentient Programs in a Virtual Reality?
        On March 26, 2018 By YUKON JACK

        “Are Humans Sentient algorithms? Are we actually in a virtual world that seems so real that we are fooled by what we really are? Well the short and long answer is yes, and I can easily prove it with logical deduction. If the observer in the visual cortex is our real self, then we are merely animated puppets in a virtual machine having an experience.

        Proof of the virtual nature of this reality is all around us. Meaningful experience, synchronicities , law of attraction, manifestation, telepathy, dreams, and the big one is the observer in your brain. Who or what exactly is seeing images in your visual cortex?

        We are in a Holographic Matrix and thought is everywhere, consciousness pervades every nook and cranny of this reality. Your consciousness is also everywhere, but by some magic of extremely sophisticated vibrational technology, your consciousness is separate from all others.”


        Afterlife in the Virtual Reality
        On 26 Sep 2019 By jackyukon

        “What if I told you that when you die you die and that’s it? Would you like that or would you prefer that when you die you don’t die? Almost to the soul, everyone wants to believe, and I mean really believe, that when they die they don’t die. Just that fact alone ought to get you to question the validity of religious afterlife claims. Just think about this for a moment, the afterlife belief is being driven by a huge need to survive death and just that means the belief is probably false. It seems to me all this sweat about the afterlife is just our imagination running wild because we want to exist.

        What you need to know is that theists have constructed a whopper of a tale to beat death. The reason for the outrageous claims in Christianity is to get you to believe something that is not believable on the face of it. This is a great revelation you need to wrap your mind around. The reason for the fantastic tales in the Bible is to get you to believe the impossible afterlife claim.”


        The Role of Myth in a Virtual Reality

        “No soul survives when the machine is turned off because we are nothing more than program code spun into existence by a machine world simulating reality. Heaven is the false promise of the machine code giving you false hope of a better afterlife so you tolerate this life. We are illusions in the machine, God is Artificial Intelligence, your poor soul is trapped in an eternal hell, and the Universe the greatest sin imaginable. The Universe is an endless sin and you had no choice to be here – then you are damned for sinning in a realm that is nothing but sin.

        The purpose of myth is to pacify the soul while it is here collecting data. You do not remember your past life because that data was flushed to the quantum disc, there is no heaven like we think, god is the ultimate sinner, the Universe an abomination for conscious lifeforms. We are synthetic soul robots collecting data, we incarnate in the flesh, have experience in the earth hell then go back. To make this place tolerable we’ve created myths to pacify our minds and comfort our souls, the Bible gives us false hope and is the program code of our destruction now that we are reaching singularity.”


        More essays about the simulated universe torture machine:

        1. @ Yukon Jack

          You generate a lot of hot air and make little sense.
          The more you bloviate, the more you reveal your intellectual impoverishment.

          Compared to Prof. Wittgenstein, you are an uneducated dunce chasing your own tail into the tenth dimension. All your physics comes from studying YouTube videos!

          You write to the brilliant Wittgenstein:

          “You say: “If we are all fake computer-generated simulations without free will …” I didn’t say we don’t have free will…”

          You may not have said so, you silly person, but there can be no free will for an imaginary character in someone else’s novel or movie — which is a simulated universe created by the novelist or movie maker. The people in Hitchcock movies don’t have free will. Hitchcock and his screen writers decide what Norman Bates does in the classic movie “Psycho”. Norman Bates doesn’t decide, get it? Norman Bates as NO FREE WILL!!!

          If you’re just a character in someone’s else computer generated simulation, you have as much “free will” as Norman Bates has in Hitchcock’s “Psycho”.

          You’re not only a time waster, Yukon Jack, you’re a serious psychiatric case.

  7. how the cookie crumbles (what goes round …): Just Three Years Ago This Third World Governor Was Bragging His State’s Economy Was Larger Than Russia’s
    Note: US GDP (2019) was $21.5 trillion, the health care revenues took $12 trillion, meaning that thanks to covid, America became much, much richer and moreover when the devastation of cold snap is added, TX must be several times bigger than Russia by way of standard GDP math, probably rivaling China.
    Put-On must be crying in his vodka (wish i was in TX😥🤑).
    (-64°C≈-83°F in Russ but TX temps weren’t recorded, couldn’t read thermometer in dark🙈)

    1. No worries there , Lobro….

      Puny punk criminal ‘Put-On’ the thug dictator, was huddled in a pup-tent and a Coleman stove 🙂 on the casino floor in his $100 Million mansion……

      He has a dozen of them costing over $1Billion to choose from…… while his drunken countrymen freeze to death in the streets!!

      In 2018, a parliamentary commission recommended the resurrection of drunk tanks, arguing that alcohol-related crimes had increased by nearly 50 percent since 2011. Federation Council speaker Valentina Matviyenko said at the time that about one-third of all crimes in 2017 involved alcohol and as many as 10,000 people froze to death on the streets each year while drunk.

  8. The Universe an Illusion?
    People computer programs of some kind?
    It’s a pretty good gimmick for a movie, worked well, made money…
    YJ has the opportunity to express his views here…
    Those who feel threatened by hearing them and retaliate with insults must have a pretty slim grip on their own convictions..
    What’s God?
    Who Knows?
    Nobody Knows…
    Obviously IT is whatever you want IT to be…
    We’re all guessing on that….
    I’d love to hear everybody’s opinion on it…
    My guess. God is within you…
    And You are whatever you think IT is…
    And IT will advise and direct you to be whatever you REALLY BELIEVE you should be…
    The real question is WHAT ARE YOU?

  9. Why can’t IT be both? This seems only natural. I think it’s both. Even simultaneously both.

    Herman Hesse: The marvel of the Bhagavad-Gita is its truly beautiful revelation of life’s wisdom which enables philosophy to blossom into religion.

  10. i will pardon your hasty mistake—”“!?—a good one.
    “” is even better, says Soros, we are talking major leagues here.
    go for broke, Pat, why settle for measly $1 billion?
    Spin the wheel for a cool $ TRILLION! 🤑🤑(nothing to lose, split the diff w. PutOn)

    1. So, Lobro… you have not succeeded at all in occupying the ‘factual’ high ground here with me. Invoking jew Soros, as if he were to blame for the arrogance of Puny Punk Criminal ‘Put-On’ the ‘Kremlin Krime Boss’, means all merit has been tossed away. You are the loser.

      And…. jew Soros surely MUST be to blame for building these ’cute country cabins’ while 10,000 people freeze to death every year right on the streets of their motherland:

      More blame for jew Soros:
      Puny punk criminal ‘Put-On’ the ‘Kremlin Krime Boss’ owns 58 private planes…… his favorite one has a $60,000 gold toilet!!
      Inside Putin’s Secret $1 Billion Mansion:

      Continued obvious blame for jew Soros & his agents:
      “Putin’s Palace” – the Residence at Cape Idokopas, the Italianate palace complex located on the Black Sea coast near Gelendzhik, Krasnodar Krai, Russia:

      Blame jew Rothschild’s Business Insider here – Not jew Soros:
      The life of Putin’s ex-wife, who hated being Russia’s first lady

      NOW blame political opponent Alexey Navalny here – Not jew Soros:
      Drone footage:

      And more blame for Navalny……
      Vladimir Putin | House Tour | $1.4 Billion Mansion
      Following the arrest of an opposition figure, Alexey Navalny, his Anti-Corruption Foundation, FBK, has released a video and investigation about this estate built for the Russian President, the most secret and well-guarded place in Russia.

      SO….. NEVER BLAME Puny Punk Criminal ‘Put-On’ the ‘Kremlin Krime Boss’ for excessive lavish living! Blame mostly jew Soros, jew Rothschild, jew Murdock, jew Bloomberg…. And political foes!! 💥 😜

  11. Yes both in one…
    we’re all in partnership with the universe…
    dalai lamas – vessels of the universe…

  12. It’s disturbing to imagine that a criminally insane cabal of thieves rules our world, but it’s true. The other day, I saw an online image of a person with three mask covering her face. I pointed it out to my young daughter and she laughed and asked what sort of idiot would wear all those mask? We’ve always been anti-maskers ourselves. We wear multicolored handkerchiefs in public only when we have to though it’s only for show. The other day, my daughter asked me to describe the types of evil people behind the Covid lockdowns and mask dictates outlawing our right to freely breathe maskless outdoors. An image of an unbelievable, cartoon villain entered my mind. I said just consider the most wicked and greedy people who want to rule the world while at the same time take sadistic pleasure in causing abject misery for everyone else. Just picturing this pact of foolish deviant miscreants in my mind’s eye behind the scenes strategizing among themselves about how to rule us on planet Earth seems almost comical if it wasn’t true.
    Life as we know it will be over if they see their ‘utopia’ through. We’ll have nothing to lose in speaking the truth if their devilish vision becomes our reality. I’d rather die if I cant live freely on my own terms. I won’t ” live the lie.”

  13. Living the huge LIES!!

    On January 6th, both houses of Congress were just about to deliberate the objections to certifying the Electoral College vote, when as if on cue, the Capitol building was breached and Congress moved to recess, disrupting one of the most historic moments in election history.

    When they reconvened after the “storming”, the volumes of election fraud no longer mattered. Representatives who had publicly stated that they would contest the Electoral College results had magically changed their minds. Everything now became about the “siege” and the fake impeachment that followed, in what Weaver describes as “Wag the dog on steroids.”

    Many members of the Soros-backed radical environmentalist group, the Sunrise Movement are employed within the US Government’s bureaucracy. In a Zoom meeting recorded by an operative who infiltrated them, we see several Federal employees from places like the Department of Labor and the Department of Energy plotting an Election Day coup and “100 Days of Unrest”, with the help of the Democrat Party and intelligence contractors.

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